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In the following months, they grew even closer, it amazed them both to see how much closer they could get. They had caught up on their schoolwork, often sitting in front of the fireplace and pulling all nighters just to get the work done. They would often make flashcards and quiz each other, Bill often snagging kisses in between each question.
And they had met in Autumn, they had a fallout in winter, and now they had been falling in love all over again in Spring.
It was a season of love, a season of blooming, and with every rebirth of a flower, it was a rebirth of their love; Bill often bringing her freshly cut flowers when he came home from work.
His stubble had grown to a full on beard now, and she had loved burying her face in the brunette red beard.
He on the other hand, had fallen in love with the rays of spring sun on her skin, and the way the flowers he brought her looked tucked into the back of her ear, and falling through her blonde hair. And he wasn’t alone this spring.
She had given him friends.
Her friend group had taken well to him, even Peter who after some hesitation had decided to embrace Bill. Somewhere along this spring, new love had bloomed in New Haven.
Peter was now with Bambi, which was strange but pleasing. Strange because they seemed like an odd couple, but pleasing because Bambi was slowly but surely starting to change. In a way, they reminded Bill and Hillary of themselves. “Who knows? Maybe Peter is her person the way you were mine and she’ll change,” Bill had said.
Then there was Lola and Dig. They were a lovely couple, and being one of the few interracial couples on campus, they were admirable and showed that love transcends skin tone.
Then there was Luna and Sunny. The two girls were just so fun together, no one could deny their love for each other. Often times when Hillary dropped by Bill’s work, she would go upstairs to Luna’s room and the two would prank call Sunny on the phone.
Then of course, there was May and Chris.
Their wedding was tomorrow, and Hillary had helped with the final touches. She had fun at the bachelorette party where she, Sunny, Luna, Lola, Bambi and of course May, had hired a bunch of male strippers but instead had sent them over to the bachelor party; the looks on Chris, Dig, Peter’s, and Bill’s faces had been priceless.
Now as the bridesmaid of honor, Hillary had one final job: get Bill to shave.
She had fallen in love with that beard, even if it had given her several tiny pimples and had startled her when it was by her ear in the morning. She also really wanted to see Bill’s face, her favorite face.
So now, she waited for him to come home from work. She thought of how excited the children had been when Bill had come to work with her, and they had called him a young Santa Claus. Even Cody had drawn a beard on himself using a brown marker.
“Pretty Baby?” Bill asked, arriving home and locking the door. Her heart still soared at hearing his favorite endearment for her. Even after all these months, it still felt like the first every time he called her it.
“I’m in the bathroom, come here,” she said from where she waited. She was sitting on the bathroom counter, scissors and razors at the ready. She knew that she would have to take him by surprise or he would put up a fight.
“What are you doing?” Bill asked showing up at the doorway, then entering the room fully. She used her foot to kick the door close before he could bolt for it. He saw the scissors and razors and immediately began to protest.
“Hills come on, I can’t shave. I like this beard,” he said whinging. It was a nice beard, truly, the problem was that he didn’t keep up with it. It was a forest, a soft comforting forest, but still not appropriate for a wedding.
“You need to shave, Bill. The wedding is tomorrow and you’re going to be the only guy there with a beard,” she said. He only pouted, though it wasn’t affective since his mouth was barely visible through the beard.
She did have one trick up her sleeve.
“Shave and I’ll let you make love to me again,” she said. It was a dirty trick on her part. They still hadn’t made love since the first two times. She hadn’t known exactly why since they had gone back to doing everything else, but she now realized that Bill had been waiting for her to bring it up, like he always did.
He was always so careful about giving her what she wanted, even now.
“It’s a deal, but I want you to shave me. The whole reason I stopped shaving was because the last time I was shaved, you did it. I didn’t want to lose that memory so I just didn’t shave. Then once I had you back I grew attached to the beard and,” his voice trailed off, because she knew the rest. And that beard had led to very ticklish kisses in front of warm fires.
Still, his words of wanting her to shave him touched her.
“Okay. Sit down and I’ll get everything ready,” she said. He went to sit on top of the closed toilet seat and she dug around to find the shaving cream. Then she came up to him, juggling everything she needed in her hands. Then she began to lather his face, and trim the beard first.
He seemed very at peace watching her work, and she often got distracted staring into his eyes.
“I love you so much, you know that? Every day with you just keeps getting better,” he said, his voice was almost a sigh.
She blushed, she could still blush when it came to him.
“I love you too, William. Now sit still before I cut that beautiful face on accident,” she joked. They went on like that, her shaving his beard and pausing to stare into his eyes.
Deep eyes.
Sky colored eyes.
Eyes that reflected home.
When she was at last done, she paused and looked at him. He looked so young, so bright, and very handsome. And all hers.
“What? Did you cut me? Cause I didn’t feel it,” he asked misinterpreting her gaze. She simply shook her head and took his chin in her hand and kissed it, soft and smooth like a baby’s bottom. “You’re just so handsome,” she said to him. Then it was his turn to blush.
That’s how they had started, blushing, and trying to figure out what they meant to each other, but now they knew.
One particular night when spring rain had been pouring so hard that it had begun to thunder, she had grown frightened. Bill had chased that fear away by telling her a story of two angel soul mates who caused the fall of heaven just to be with each other. It was a wonderful story, and she had wondered if Bill had read it somewhere, but at the end he had revealed it was a story he was working on inspired by her.
“It turns out I can do other things besides paint. I can write, and I want my first story to be about you, my little soul mate,” he had said nuzzling her nose.
Now, he picked her up in his arms like so many times before and carried her to their bedroom.
“I was promised love making, and I want to love you beautifully, pretty baby,” he said. She only nodded, she wanted that very much as well. He plopped her on the bed and closed the door.


And for the third time in her life she was under him, bare to him, and completely vulnerable. She wasn’t afraid however, because she trusted him with her life. He was big, tall, and stronger than her, capable of hurting her if he wanted to, but they both knew he wouldn’t.
This was love.
This was the feeling of being completely vulnerable to someone and knowing without a shadow of a doubt that they would never hurt you.
He entered her and she was complete.
Flesh upon tender flesh, and eyes locked onto each other.
Each stroke and each grunt was a blessing, a symphony in itself.
Each stroke and each grunt was a blessing, a symphony in itself.
This was her Bill.
The Bill who had never wanted to hurt her, the Bill who would never hurt her. He felt so warm, and they clung to each other in an effort to be closer despite being completely intertwined.
It was their souls, grasping at each other through their flesh, and it was her mouth on his, healing him, always healing him.
“I love you. Words can’t describe how much I love you,” he panted through thrusts and she couldn’t respond, though her moans were enough. Her hands went up to his thick hair, lacing her fingers through it.
Now she knew why Bill’s story had been inspired by their love.
Because it made sense.
Who wouldn’t risk heaven itself for a love this rich?
She remembered how the story had ended, it was very much like theirs.
Heaven had fallen, and the Earth had been in ruin, but the angels had been able to thrive because of love, always love. So as his lips moved to her neck, pressing her head back against the pillow sheets all she could think about is how well they fit together.
Her body had been made for him, and his for hers.
“You feel so good,” was all she managed to say, but she knew he would hear the meaning behind her words. Because he was feeling the same. Before meeting him, she had been alive but only just. Yes, her life had been enjoyable and she had many beautiful experiences, but Bill had revamped the whole world.
He had made everything seem more real.
Likewise for him, she had added color, life, vitality to his world.
This was heaven for them, nothing else.
So after, when they laid there, bodies slick with sweat, she laid her head on the crook of his shoulder. He cupped her face gently and she kissed his fingers softly.
No words were said.
But feelings were felt.
She once again noticed the bronze ring on his finger, with the little flower itched on it.
“Bill why do you wear that ring?” She asked, finally breaking the silence. He still felt so warm, and she loved it. She loved that another human being could bring her this much warmth and comfort. His eyes softened at her question.
“It’s a promise ring. When you left me, I promised that I would live like you would live. That I would be the person you would want me to the be, the person who was worthy of your love. So I bought this ring when I went to a flea market with Luna. It reminded me of you. I don’t know if I’ve ever told you this but you’re my little flower, they always remind me of you. It’s still a promise ring, but the promise has also taken on new conditions, and those are that I will continue to love you right and treat everyday like the first time.”
She closed her eyes to keep her tears of joy from falling.
He wrapped his arms around her all the same, bringing her closer.
He loved her.
Oh how he loved her.
In these past few months, whenever they would go somewhere he would introduce her as his better half, his soul mate, and even his pretty baby.
She had even overheard him on the phone telling his mother about how he had his girl back and she had been able to hear that he had been trying to hold back tears.
“You’re so emotional, but I love it. I love that you feel deeply and that everything touches your heart,” he whispered into her hair. Now she let the happy tears fall, tears of bliss. She kissed his naked shoulder, and buried her face in his neck.
“I’m glad you’re the one that gets to touch my heart the most, and the one who protects it,” she replied and kissed his naked shoulder again. She loved that their smell was mixed. Her strawberry smell with his rainy scented cologne.
Her words had been true, he was her protector.
It’s not that she was weak, because she wasn’t. She had always been fierce on her own, but even the strongest people needed someone to lean on. He was her shoulder to cry on, the one who guarded her heart from the evils of the world.
The world could be such a cold place sometimes, but with him by her side, she felt safe. She would thrive because of love, always love. She pulled back to look at him, then rested her head on his chest.
This was her happy place.
He squeezed her gently then kissed her hair.
Her words had touched him because it showed that he hadn’t been let her down. He could still protect her, and she still trusted him with her heart. He needed her as much as she needed him. So many people searched the world trying to find a love this deep and pure. She was not judgmental and she had been the one to finally get him to open up about his step father and his past, she had saved him.
She kissed his naked torso with her soft lips and he looked down at her.
She was a blessing, a gift, and he would make well on his promise to always love her how she deserved.
“Bill I want you to make love to me again, if you want to. I just never want to stop discovering you,” she whispered, her face turning pink. He could agree to that, he would never want to stop discovering her either.
“I always want to," he said, then he kissed her lips once more and they didn’t stop..not until much later.


“I can remember there was a time when I was the one doing your makeup,” May joked as Hillary painted her friend's face. Soon the wedding would start, and she and the other bridesmaids were adding the last details.
“Well. It seems like we are in the twilight zone now,” Hillary joked, using her friend’s language from months before.
Hillary was grateful that she had met May.
Yale had not only given her the love of her life,but a lifelong friend. May looked stunning in a white dress and her black hair had been curled. She still wore those glasses and looked very much like an owl, a nice owl.
“I’m nervous,” May said as Hillary finished with her makeup.
“Just think of Chris waiting for you, and it will all be better,” she said. Hillary herself would certainly be thinking of her greatest comfort: Bill.
Since he was one of the groomsmen, he would be there with the others, and she would look at him for comfort instead of the prying eyes.
“Hillary, thank you. You were my first friend at Yale and I really don’t think any of this would be as special if you weren’t here,” May said embracing her in a hug.
“May you’re like a sister to me now. You’ve always been there for me, and I want to thank you for that as well.”
They stood there hugging.
“Knock, knock,” Bambi said from the door and entering. She had changed, physically as well. Her once long brunette hair had been cut short and dyed light brown, and she didn’t have that sneer on her face anymore.
“May you’re needed out there in the hall. There’s only a few more minutes left until the wedding starts,” Bambi said. May only nodded and smiled before rushing off, no doubt still anxious.
Then there was only Hillary and Bambi.
Over the course of the last few months, Hillary and Bambi had been around each other more. Hillary had found that Bambi could be good company when she wasn’t angry, and she was changing. Hillary had often caught her blushing with Peter. They hadn’t exactly discussed what had happened between them, however.
“You look nice in your dress,” Bambi complimented awkwardly. It was still strange seeing her like this. Where was the sneering girl who had been out to get her a few months ago?
“Thank you so do you,” Hillary replied. Bambi seemed to be hesitating then she spoke again. “Hillary, I’m sorry for how I acted when we first met. I was going through some things of my own. I felt unlovable and I guess that manifested into rage and jealously that I took out on you,” Bambi said, surprising her even more.
It was a genuine apology.
“I forgive you. I guess it’s okay. Besides you’ve changed now,” Hillary replied. It was hard to forgive, but she did anyways. There was real change in the world, people did change and deserve second chances.
“Bill told me you’d be this nice, a while ago. He really loves you know. He used to tell me about it all the time back when he had been trying to help me,” Bambi said.
That touched her.
Bill speaking about her to other people always sent her heart fluttering.
All previous fears of what he had or hadn’t done with Bambi were gone now, that was the past. That Bill and that Bambi didn’t exist anymore, they had each changed and found someone to love. “We should get out there,” Bambi said breaking through her thoughts. Hillary nodded, and followed, the wedding must go on.


Bill knew that he should be respectful and maybe not try to think about Hillary so much as the wedding was going on, but he wanted to see her. It irritated him that the bridesmaids had been separated from the groomsmen.
Then the doors open, and May came walking in.
She looked nice, and Bill was happy for Chris, but his eyes were searching for Hillary.
Then he found her. Lingering behind with the rest of the bridesmaid, he caught her eye and smiled at her. He loved how the color of the bridesmaids dresses had been chosen to be pink. The color looked lovely on Hillary, and he just continued to stare at her.
At last when the bride was standing with Chris in front of the altar, and the rest of the bridesmaids were standing opposite the groomsmen, he continued to stare at her. She was so small compared to the other women, and it made him chuckle a bit. He could hear her voice in his head, ‘I’m not small, Bill!’
She was looking back at him, and they both tried to listen to the ceremony, while gazing at each other. This would be them one day, he was sure of it. Hillary was the girl he was going to marry. At last the vows were said for May and Chris, and applause and cheers rang out.
They both clapped as well. When it was appropriate to, Bill went over to his pretty baby.
“You were staring at me the whole time,” he teased, but knowing he had done the same. He kissed her on the ear as they followed everyone outside the church to where the afterparty and celebrations would be.
“It’s your fault because you’re so handsome in that tuxedo,” she teased back, knowing that he hated his ‘monkey suit,’ as he called it. Before he could respond, someone came up and grabbed Hillary. He would have knocked their hand away if it hadn’t been May’s mother. He didn’t take kindly to people randomly grabbing at Hillary.
“We need to get pictures of you and the other bridesmaids,” May’s mother explained. Hillary only shrugged apologetically at Bill and went with the woman.
“I’ll see you later,” he told her and winked. He would make up for this lost time.
Now he lingered there feeling awkward and wanted to avoid taking pictures himself, so he wandered near the outskirts of the church, near where the fence was.
For once in his life, he was alone, but he didn’t feel alone.
He had friends now and he had a home.
Suddenly, a big white van pulled up. And out came Chubby himself.
“Bill is that you? I hardly recognized you,” Chubby said as the rest of his family unloaded from the car.
“Yeah it’s me. What are you guys doing here?” Bill asked but went to hug Chubby all the same. It seemed that somehow all his favorite people were just coming together. It really was a small world.
“We’re catering the wedding. Hillary recommended us. Now help us with the food,” Chubby said. Bill went to help and he smiled, Hillary had once again made things better.


After many pictures and talks with strangers, she was on the lookout for Bill. Currently, everyone was dancing and lingering casually. The official meal wouldn’t start until another half hour. “Have you guys seen Bill?” She asked the groomsmen as she passed them. They shook their head and mumbled ‘no sorry’
Darn, she thought. She decided to check in the church and as she was passing the storage room, two hands pulled her into the room. She was startled but only for a second since she recognized the feel of those two hands.
“Looking for me, pretty baby?” he purred into her ear. It was dark in the room and she began to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all.
“Were you really in here the whole time waiting for me to come find you in the dark?” She asked still laughing. The light flickered on and she saw that he was also amused.
“Yes. I wanted to be alone with you,” he confessed. She laughed again and he caught her laugh in a kiss. She gave herself to the kiss and loved the feeling of his familiar lips on hers.
“What if you had pulled in the wrong person, silly?” She joked, both of them panting from their passionate embrace.
“I think I did. We’ll have to make sure I stay away from May’s grandmother as I nearly pulled her in here,” he joked.
“How scandalous of you, Bill Clinton,” she answered. He licked his lips. Then he looked her up and down.
“Want to get even more scandalous? Lift your dress up,” he said. She bursted out laughing and he frowned. “Hills it’s not funny,” he said but his lips were staring to flicker up in a smile of his own. “Yes it is! We’re in a church and you want to get frisky?” She asked.
“Yes,” he replied, not missing a beat. She laughed some more and eventually he joined in. She did want to get scandalous with him however. Throughout the whole service, she had been looking at him and admiring how handsome he was. She had been thinking about what she would do to him if they had been alone. Now they were alone. She lifted her dress up like he had said.
“I love that we can be playful like this again,” he said unbuckling his belt. She giggled.She agreed so as well, and as he pressed her gently against the door and kissed her cheek he looked at her with so much love.
Love that if she bet were in a cup it would overflow.
He entered her, and the rest was history....


They were now at the meal with everyone else, and she hoped that their hair didn’t look too frazzled. Thankfully no one seemed to notice and as maid of honor, when it was her turn to give her speech, she was glad that she had gotten herself together.
“You know when I first met May June, I had my doubts. She is extroverted, I’ve always been more introverted. We started off as room mates but then best friends. I remember thinking that perhaps the universe was trying to punish me by giving me a room mate that was so extroverted,” she paused here since people laughed at her joke on cue.
“But then I realized that I had been blessed. I was given a friend who took me to parties where I experienced many things and eventually met everlasting friends because of May. I remember when she was first begging me to go to a bonfire with her she said, ‘I promise once I make other friends I won't bother you about things like this.’ Well May I’m glad you took me to that bonfire and I never want you to stop bothering me ever. I love you,” she said her voice cracking a bit. She gazed at her friend across the table who was also teary eyed and they smiled at each other.
Things had come full circle.
After the meal, and making polite conversation. Bill had asked her to dance. They did. It was like before in the dorm room, and he gazed into her eyes. They danced to The Way You Look Tonight, and in his eyes she saw a million stars. Even Luna and Sunny were dancing together, and Hillary was glad that no one was throwing hateful looks their way.
Their was no room for hate at such a lovely occasion.
Love trumps hate.
At last, when it had been appropriate to leave and after saying goodbye to all their friends, Bill and Hillary walked off to where he had parked his car. He opened the door for her and she got in. When he himself was in the car and he begun to drive, she noticed that they weren’t heading towards the house.
“Bill where are we going?” She asked.
He only smiled and didn’t answer. Instead he took her hand in his own and continued to drive. At last they came to a boardwalk. It was completely empty which was strange for boardwalk, but along the sides of the boardwalk, there were blue christmas lights lighting it up.He gently led her out of the car to the boardwalk. It overlooked a lovely lake and the moon was shining over them. “I wanted to bring you here, because I thought you would like it. I had to pull a few favors to be alone but I wanted it to be special,” he said. It was so beautiful and when she turned to look at him, she saw that he was standing there with a little black box in his hand.
“Bill?” She inquired, with him there was always a new surprise.
He opened the black box and in it was the most beautiful copper ring, similar to his with a flower itched onto it as well, but clearly much more expensive.
“I wanted to give this to you as a promise. A promise that I’m yours forever. I’m offering my whole life to you, and whenever the time is right and you want to, I will marry you. I will start a family with you. I will give you everything you want and more, Hillary Diane Rodham.”
She stood there, her lips shaking as she felt so overjoyed.
Who was he?
She had asked that same question so long ago, but she now knew the answer: he was Bill Clinton the love of her life.
“I love you, I want you and I promise to love you too,” she said. He slipped the ring on her finger and then held her hand in his own.
“Now we match,” he whispered.
Then they stood there on the boardwalk, and watched the moonlight over the water.


And Spring turned to Summer, Summer into fall, and eventually it had been a year since they had met. Everyone on campus knew now that their love was real. Often times an upperclassmen had to tell an admiring on looker, “Oh that’s Bill, he’s with Hillary Rodham. Don’t get your hopes up.” Or vice versa in the form of, “that’s Hillary Rodham, and she’s with Bill Clinton. She's very pretty, but don't get your hopes up."
Hand in hand they went through the rest of their second law year, often making the dean’s list. There were no more threatening fraternities like the royals.
There were no more mean Bambis.
And there was no more Scott, he had moved away.
There was only Bill and Hillary, and their friends.
There was only warm nights by the fire and constant love making on the weekends. There was only saxophone performances by Bill and more scrapbooking.
He held her now, as they laid in bed, and she thought of all that they had experienced together. He had finally met her family and they had taken well to him. She had also taken to wearing his dragonfly necklace again, because change was real she had seen it, and lived it.
She felt his lips at her hair, like she had so many times before. It was all still so sensual, exciting, and amazing.
This was the best feeling on Earth and on any other planet she was sure. To love and be loved. Bill, the southern, greasy food loving, saxophone playing, classic novel reading, love of her life. This is who he was.
So as he bent to kiss her once more, she paused and said, “I love you more than anything,” and his lips came down on hers, and she was grateful that a year ago she had entered that room that had smelt like ash.