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He was surprised to find Hillary waiting outside his dorm room the following morning. She looked lovely, so beautiful in a red frock dress with matching red heels . Her lips were also a dainty doll ruby and her long straightened hair was being held in place by the clip he had given her.
It touched his heart.
He felt like he must be dreaming.
"Good morning, Hillary," he said naturally, always happy to see her. She was still confusing him, but less now. The pin in her hair and her smiling red lips seemed like testimonies to her wanting to be with him. There was also the fact that they had gotten along well yesterday, almost sensual in the end when they had begun dancing.
"Good Morning. I was wondering if you wanted to walk to class together?" She asked, her eyes shining.
His heart began to beat rapidly at her words because her sentence was even bigger testimony, it was a flashback to how things were before when they had used to walk to classes together in the morning.
"If that's okay with you?" She probed further, misinterpreting his silence, and her voice trailed off as she began to frown.
"No- I mean no you got it wrong, it is okay with me, it's great actually," he answered stammering and running a hand through his hair. He felt like an idiot, a lovesick fool, just standing there stuttering and blushing. Her smile returned and she giggled at his obviously flustered demeanor. "Okay well we can go when you're ready. Have you eaten breakfast yet? I'm sorry I did kinda just show up here uninvited."
She blushed a rosy pink and bit her lip in slight embarrassment. It only made her more beautiful to him.
"We can go now. Don't worry about breakfast I've already eaten," he lied about the last part, but food seemed so uninteresting now compared to her. He grabbed his school bag and exited his room shutting the door, and coming fully face to face with her in the hall.
"And you're always invited anywhere I am okay?" He asked needing her to know that she was never an intruder to him.
"Okay," the word fell from her glossy rose colored lips and he couldn't stop looking at them. He always wanted to kiss her, always. It had been so painful yesterday when he had been about to only to be interrupted by Cotton. He made a note to himself to have words with that cat later.
At the moment, however, he still craved her touch so again taking a leap of faith, he interlocked their fingers so their hands were clasped together. She didn't pull away, rather, her eyelashes fluttered as she looked away from him shyly. She had changed in so many ways. She had grown more confident, independent, and fierce, but when it came to him she would still have a hint of that youthful shyness she had met him with.
They began to walk out of the boys' dorm and when he noticed how the other guys looked at her, he moved his hand away from hers so it and his arm wrapped around her shoulders protectively. She was his. Although the drama with the pictures and the bet had ended, he still hated how now everyone noticed her. She had been beautiful before with her frizzy hair, coke bottle glasses, and conservative outfits; but no one had paid her any mind then and it bothered him that now they did. They were shallow and wanted her simply for her physical beauty, and he detested it.
They didn't know how she would snort whenever she laughed really hard, or how her sneezes were a cute little hoot.
They didn't know her how he knew her.
She leaned on his touch as they now walked outside the school grounds to enter the main building. In the sunlight, her hair glowed and her occasional glance up at him would greet him with a million sun rays.
"Your hair is doing the thing I like where it shines red," she said admiringly. He smiled a bit. So she was admiring him as well, just as he was admiring her.
"You're doing the thing I like where you're existing," he said then felt incredibly cheesy and stupid. Since the beginning, she had made him become poetic and cheesy, even when he had used to have his bad boy persona.
"You're welcome I suppose?" She said awkwardly but she again giggled.
She seemed so real now and no longer cold like she had been.
It seemed like that had melted away, and her natural warmth radiated through. He wondered if this joyous feeling he was experiencing at this realization had been similar to how she had felt watching his transformation from cold to warm.
"I'm serious. Thank you for letting me be around you. I really do love you," he said as he pressed his lips into her soft downy of hair. She didn't answer, and she still didn't say she loved him back, but she did smile.
So there was some progress, and he couldn't complain with that. What he could complain about were the stares the student body was giving them. The whole news of the bet had been a big deal, and he could only guess what they were thinking.
It was strange, he didn't care what they thought, but at the same time he did.
He didn't care because his love for her surpassed that, but he did care because he didn't want anyone thinking less of her. They could think whatever they wanted about him, but the second anyone came after her, there would be hell to pay.
While more gentle now, that did not mean he was weak. He was gentle in the sense that he refrained from harming others and starting conflicts, but if need be he would still protect his own. They came upon the door of their class now, and he paused their stride outside the door.
He looked at her to make sure the stares and whispers hadn't affected her. She was still smiling wonderingly at him, and he felt relief. Whenever she was happy, all was right with the world.
"You really do look beautiful today, pretty baby, and that pin looks just as lovely on you as I thought it would," he said stroking a lock of her hair in between his fingers. Her eyes softened at his words and he loved that he could still make her feel.
"Thank you," she responded. He knew her well enough to know that her thank you meant more as just thanks for the compliment. It meant 'thank you, Bill. Thank you for letting me be confused and for being there for me yesterday.
They stood there, his thumb caressing the soft strand of hair until eventually they both knew they needed to go into class. So flushing, they entered the classroom, each still sneaking looks at the other.



After yesterday, she had decided to give Bill a chance. She had wrestled with it all night, but had found that there was only one clear answer that her heart had wanted, that she wanted to keep locked away.
That answer was that she did desperately still want to be with him.
After their dance, and the way he had made her smile like a fool, she had known that she would need more of that with him.
Because like before, she couldn't put a stop to it no matter if she wanted to.
Her pride and reservations were still there, however, so she was moving forward with caution, forcing herself to take it slow.
So she still didn't tell him how much she loved him and how much her heart still sang for him. She wouldn't tell him that, because she wanted him to know that she wanted to be with him, but slowly. Maybe their problem had been jumping in too fast?
Only time would tell, and she felt like they would have plenty of time. This class, for example, seemed to dragging on in agony. She enjoyed the content and the professor, but it was agony because she couldn't talk to Bill while the professor was lecturing.
They were sitting next to each other again, this time their desks closer. So close in fact, that she only had to reach out if she wanted to touch him.
She wanted to, but she felt like if she did she would never stop.
He was so handsome today. He was wearing a light blue dress shirt that matched the color of his eyes minus the gray. His pants were dark casual jeans that seemed freshly ironed.
But the real handsomeness came from the things that were just his naturally, and not material things.
His stubble on his face for instance made him seem more mature and wise beyond his years, yet the sensitivity and gentleness of his eyes balanced that maturity out.
Then there were his hands.
They were large yet elegant and she couldn't stop herself from sneaking glances at them as they busily jotted down notes.
Take it slow, she thought.
As of now she wanted him, and while not entirely sure about the future or where they went from here, her thoughts were slowly becoming clear like the bath water she had been in yesterday. "Psst," he called to her. She looked back at him and he lifted up his notebook a bit so she could see.
On the margins of the paper where he had been writing his notes, there was a special note for her: You look so adorable when you're pretending not to look at me.
Her face blushed and he smirked.
Two can play that game, she thought.
She began to write in the margins of her own notebook paper. When she was done, she lifted it up to him in the same manner he had used.
She watched him as his he mouthed each word: 'Well in that case I've seen your hand slip down between your legs a few times.
This time he blushed at having been caught, and he quickly looked away.
She smiled smugly at their mischief, but then grew serious.
Sex was still a touchy topic for them, they hadn't really discussed or alluded to anything sexual until now.
While Bill's occasional palming at his bulge through his pants was innocent, it reminded her of one thing: she had lost her virginity to him.
This wasn't a bad experience nor could she bring herself to regret it as she remembered the smooth stroked and gentleness he had given to her.
Still, she was still hesitant and taking things slow. So anything sexual was off the table for now. She spent the rest of class listening to the lecture and trying not to look at him again, feeling a little awkward.
It wasn't innocent awkward anymore, because she was no longer innocent. He had introduced her to the exploding world of sex, and she did find sex and other sexual acts pleasing. At times when she had missed him desperately, she had craved for the physical contact between them again.
So the awkwardness was more of having that part of their relationship sealed off and undiscussed. It would have to remain like that for the time being, as she didn't want to confuse herself more. When class ended, she finished putting her books back into her bag then waited for him.
He seemed to be taking his time, not knowing what to do with himself. Poor thing, I probably confuse him so much, she thought, I show up outside his dorm room and I'm friendly with him only to ignore him the rest of class.
Feeling empathic, she placed a hand on his arm.
He gave her a slight smile, but it didn't reach his eyes.
"I'm hanging out with May today at the mall, so I can't hang out with you today during free period," she said suddenly remembering her arrangement.
"Okay," he said simply with no remorse. He was giving her what she wanted, like always.
"But I do want to spend time with you. When do you think I can see you later?" She asked, retaining her slight grip on him as he finished putting his books away and headed out the door. He pulled her along with his long strides and she felt out of breath, and he slowed down, then finally stopped for her convenience.
They stood in the hall.
He ran a hand through his hair and sighed.
"I don't know. I don't work today and my classes end at three thirty so whatever works for you," he said shrugging his shoulders.
She thought about it, then a thought came to her.
"Shit!" She muttered out and he looked taken aback at her cursing. She had never cursed before, but upon having her heart broken for the first time, she had often coped with her anger by cursing into her pillow.
"Everything okay?" He asked warily. She sighed.
"Yeah it's just I have this student council thing later today and it might last a few hours."
He seemed disappointed for a moment, but then recovered, giving her a sad smile.
"It's fine. We'll hang out some other time then," he said passively.
No, she thought. If they went back to waking on eggshells around each other it would make her more confused and drive her insane.
"It's actually a bowling competition, you'd like it. Please come, you can join our team," she said the full details of the event coming back to her.
His eyes still seemed sad, but his smile became genuine.
"You're gonna be bowling?"
She rolled her eyes at the ever constant teasing of her inept bowling skills.
"Yes me. I've been practicing. Does that mean you'll come? I really want you to be there. I want to spend more time with you," she said, but then stopped herself there.
She couldn't go on and tell him how she wanted to make up for lost time, not yet.
"I'll be there. What time do you want me there?" He asked his eyes now lighting up at how she had expressed her need for his presence.
"Five thirty. I'll meet you there okay? I need to be there early to help set things up, but you'll be bored with that so just come at five thirty," she blabbered now.
Yes, she would need to set things up, but she would also have to explain to her friends that Bill would be joining them, she hoped that would go over well.
"Okay. I'll see you then," he said simply but his eyes seemed to penetrate her with his loving gaze. She felt incomplete, like there was something missing. So she went up to him and hugged him lightly. He sighed and he hugged her back, squeezing her gently. When she pulled back, she could feel her head spinning. It was like the beginning, when they had first been falling in love and every touch from him would cause her body to react.
"I'll see you then," she said but made no effort to move out of his arms completely. He smiled and cupped her cheek tenderly.
Kiss me, please kiss me, she thought.
No, take things slow. With him it was never just a kiss, and it would lead to more befuddlement. She looked down and gently turned her face so his hand fell from her cheek. She moved out of his arms now and began to walk away, blushing. She could feel his blue gray eyes watching her retreating figure.


“ I mean, he's not my favorite person, but if you want him there I'm fine with it. The problem will be Peter and maybe Dig," May said as she dragged a fry through ketchup. They were in the food court, and after a few bites of their burgers, Hillary had spilled the beans on her reconnection with Bill and how she had invited him tonight. She had been hesitant to share this with May or any of her other friends at first, since she didn't want to seem weak, but May had shown no judgement. "They'll have to deal with it. They don't really know him," she replied. She knew that maybe Peter would be a problem due to his feelings for her, but he had made no mention of his feelings other than the first time and she hoped he would remain passive and friendly
As for Dig, he had become her protector in some ways. When they had been out putting flyers all over campus together, he had warned off the trouble makers that had been jeering at her.
"I guess so. I just hope things go well, I haven't seen you this happy in so long," May noted. She
felt the ever rising blush run through her cheeks again.
"I've been happy," she said. She had been in good spirits in many moments with her friends, especially when they had taken the trip to New York City.
"I suppose, but not in the same way. You're glowing, only he gives you that glow. I've noticed it." Glow? Maybe that's what she felt, the pleasing aura that always seemed to linger after being in his presence.
It had always been there in the fond memories she had made with him, but she had always just written it off as simple joy.
"I feel like we talk about me too much. How are things with you and Chris?" She asked now, shifting the attention away from herself. She always felt a bit embarrassed talking about the affect Bill had on her.
"Good. I'm meeting his parents for spring break," she said. Hillary felt like there was more.
"And?" She probed. She loved that her friend had such a simple joyous relationship, sometimes she herself wished for something that simple.
"Hillary do you think it'd be weird if I said he's asked me to marry him?"
She jumped out of her chair in excitement.
"Holy shit, May! Why didn't you tell any of us? It's not weird at all! It's sweet," she said bouncing with excitement.
"Hillary sit down," May said laughing a little but her face was flushed red.
For her friend's sake, Hillary did sit down.
"I didn't tell anyone because I don't want people to think it's a shotgun wedding. You know Chris and I haven't been dating long, but it feels so right," she explained. Hillary nodded, that was understandable. People could be so judgmental. She knew that from the stares Bill and her had gotten this morning, only their history had pulled her through the stares.
Because no one knew their history, the way she did.
No one knew them.
"I think as long as it feels right you should go for it. So have you said yes?" Hillary asked, shifting her attention back to her friend.
"Yes. We're gonna announce it at the bowling competition tonight, so don't tell anyone," May replied. Hillary nodded and made the sealing her lips motion.
“I won’t tell a soul,” she said still feeling giddy. In this moment she was excited for her friend, and for a moment all her own confusion was swept aside, because there was still joy and hope in the world.
They continued to eat then compared the items they bought. Hillary herself, had bought a late Christmas present for Bill and she couldn’t wait to give it to him tonight.


He had decided to go on a walk around the campus to clear his head and for the exercise. It was mostly to clear his head, but his attempt proved pointless as his turns around the campus soon became metaphorical for the circles he and Hillary were going through.
She had been so carefree with him only to shut down at bringing up how he had palmed himself, and she had been the one to bring it up! Why would she mention it if it was going to make things awkward? Then she had invited him to hang out with her and her friends! This was more complex and he thought that perhaps he should just stop trying to make sense of it. He was grateful for how she wanted to be near him more, as he would have never expected that a few weeks ago when she had been yelling about how much she hated him.
Already he was missing her, he always missed her, it had become an inherent trait of his, unchanging. When he closed his eyes, the curl of her perfectly painted lips and her big blue eyes haunted him.
Those perfectly painted lips.
For a moment he had thought she wanted him to kiss her and he would have done it too if she hadn’t pulled away. Was he reading the signs wrong? All his life he had been able to read the signs and charm women, but now he doubted himself. But after all, Hillary was different. She had always been different and that’s why he had fallen for her so fatally and fatefully.
He sighed in frustration and ran a hand through his hair again as he walked another loop around the student quad. He knew he probably looked like a nut, but he didn’t care.
Maybe it was his fault for palming himself to begin with, but he hadn’t thought it was obvious. It barely qualified as palming himself as his hand had only lingered at his crotch for a few seconds each time.
Still, he should have known that with her observing eyes she would have noticed, she noticed everything.
He hoped that he hadn’t made things awkward between them but he hadn’t been able to help it! He meant what he told her, she did look beyond beautiful today and his need to be close to her grew. It wasn’t just sexual it never was with her, but he did long to make to love her again and show her once and for all how much she meant to him. Again, he felt the cruelty and irony at the fact that after making love to her everything had gone to hell.
He needed her, and he needed her closeness. So when she had told him to come tonight to the bowling alley, he of course had agreed.
“I don’t like that. Stop,” a girl’s voice brought his attention back to the actual world and not the world of his thoughts. It came from across the student quad where on one of the benches sat a girl and Scott. He sighed, and began to walk over. The way he heard it, Packer had completely forgotten about Scott. Scott on the other hand, continued to try to nail innocent girls as if the bet were still somehow on. What a sleaze, Bill thought. He noticed that this girl was one of the innocent type, she was plain and bookish. He didn’t find her particularly pretty however but he knew not to judge. This girl could be someone’s Hillary. Not exactly the same, but what he meant, was that just as Hillary had seemed plain and bookish but had turned out to be the most beautiful and precious thing to him, this girl could end up being that to someone one day. All Bill knew was that if Hillary was being harassed by some sleaze, he would want some decent guy to try to step in and help. So that’s what he was doing now.
“Is he bothering you?” Bill asked the girl as he finally reached them. When Scott saw him he rolled his eyes in sheer annoyance.
‘No I’m not,” Scott answered.
“I wasn’t asking you,” Bill told him then turned his attention back to the girl, “cause if he is you can go now and I’ll make sure he leaves you alone.” Bill glanced down and saw that Scott had a hand lingering on the girls thigh, it was too provocative. Jesus, was he trying to finger her in public? What a sleaze.
The girl gulped, then nodded and got up rushing off.
“Very noble, Bill. I bet you feel real good, but you know there’s a million others I could get,” Scott said folding his hands behind his head. Bill just shook his head. Scott was a loser. For the longest time, Bill had thought of getting revenge on him, but that idea had been short lived since revenge wouldn’t have given him what he wanted: Hillary back.
Karma had come to Scott since he had no one now and was literally just creeping on any girl he could find. Bill didn’t want to waste anymore time with this sleaze and was about to walk off when Scott’s voice stopped him.
“You know Packer is out for revenge on you? Yeah, he’s really pissed how you joined the royals and used their influence to stop the pics from getting around. He says no one uses the royal and right now you have them looking bad so you should watch out,” Scott said. Bill didn’t care about Packer, what was he going to do? He could hold his own in a fight and he didn’t care if it came to that.
“How do you know about this?” Bill asked. Frankly, he knew Scott was deceptive so this might just be a lie and he was buying time to mess with his head.
“i heard him and the royals talking about it in the arcade yesterday,” he said shrugging. Bill shook his head, Scott was just trying to be relevant and he wouldn’t stand here wasting his time. As he was walking away, he heard Scott mumbling,
“be careful, Bill, be careful.”


Hillary finished getting the final touches in the bowling alley done with anger. Her friends had all taken to the news of Bill’s presence well, all except Peter.
“You’re back together with him?” he had asked pulling her aside after she had told everyone.
“it’s none of your business,” she had replied. She didn’t know exactly what was going on between her and Bill, but if she couldn’t understand it how could an outsider who knew nothing about their relationship?
“I know. It’s just he hurt you, and I don’t want you to be hurt again,” he had said. She knew that maybe her reaction had been too brash, but she hadn’t wanted this to be awkward.
“Look even if I wasn’t with Bill I wouldn’t be with you so piss off!” she had shouted so loud that all their friends and some of the bowling alley employees had heard.
That had made everything explode in awkwardness, and now as she at last finished, she stood by the door and waited for people to show up. Her mandated job was as greeter to the four teams that had signed up to be in the bowling competition, and to have them sign in. They had pulled a few strings, so it would only be the four teams and any students who paid entry. The proceeds would go to a charity that supported helping under privileged high school students pay for college.
As people began to arrive, she waited in anticipation for him to arrive. She wanted him to come and make her not feel awkward, because despite everything, he could make her feel so at ease. She clenched her teeth as Bambi and her clones, now matching redheads, filed in. They were followed in by the royals, and although Hillary had expected them to be here, she was still annoyed. None of them had bothered her, but they were all always checking he out. She didn’t pay attention to them though, they had only now noticed her after makeover. Bill on the other hand, had seen her beauty all along.
“Hello pretty baby,” she heard his voice at her ear and she jumped and turned around to see he had arrived.
“Did I scare you?” he teased. She felt dizzy just looking at him, his hair was tousled almost looking like cotton candy and she wanted to touch it.
“A little. I’m glad you’re here,” she said. She wished people would finish signing in so she could be alone with Bill, but that didn’t seem to be happening any time soon.
“I’m glad I came. You look lovely,” he noted. She had changed into a gray sweater and black jeans since she didn’t feel comfortable bowling in a dress. This had been the outfit she had gotten her first strike in, so she had worn it tonight despite her friends teasing her about it.
“This is my lucky bowling outfit,” she said. He simply nodded, smirking a bit.
“Well you’re gonna need all the luck you can get,” he said. She shook her head in amusement and once people finished signing in, she passed the information on to May, then returned to where Bill was sitting at one of the tables.
“You’ll be part of the student council team. Each team has four members so it’ll be You, May, Peter, and me. Lola and Dig didn’t wan to play but if you ask me it’s cause I think they have a thing going for each other,” she explained. Bill only nodded while stroking his stubble, she wished she could stroke it.
“If they were smart they would have let you sit out. Don’t they want to win?” he teased again.
“Piss off, Clinton,” she said laughing, “they needed me to balance it out because if the student council team wins it’ll seem rigged.”
“sure sure,” Bill said playfully, but Hillary was no longer listening.
From behind Bill’s head, she could see now that Peter was talking to Bambi. She didn’t like that. Of course she had no feelings for Peter, but she thought Bambi was a bad influence.
“You okay?” Bill asked waving a hand in front of her face. She nodded. Then May was announcing for the teams to line up at their designated bowling lane. She and Bill went to join May and Peter.
“Is Chris sure he wants to sit out?” Hillary asked just for something to say as they began to put on their bowling shoes. May had gotten it all set up so the shoe sizes and pairs for each team member of every team was waiting for them.
“He’s busy keeping score, why?” May replied. Hillary shook her head, she didn’t really feel like playing now as she didn’t want to be near Peter.
“Hey you’ll do fine, and if you don’t at least you had fun right?” Bill said positively from where he sat on the floor putting on his size elven shoes. His optimism brightened her spirits, she wasn’t going to back out, especially when she had been practicing.
“Right,” she said and offered her hands to help pull him up. Once all the teams had their shoes on, Chris came on the microphone introducing each team and then going over very basic rules.
The teams consisted of student council of course, the royals, Bambi and her clones (including a random girl), and a bunch of guys who looked like your typical nerds.
So they began to bowl, each team sending their members off for the first round.
Bill managed to get a strike of course, Bambi picked up some spares, Packer getting a strike, and one of the nerdy guys did as well. The pressure was on and Hillary was glad she got to go last. “You know I always liked you in bowling shoes,” Bill said coming up behind her placing his hands on her shoulders. She blushed and placed one of her hands over his.
“Even if i’m bad at bowling?” She teased.
“Oh especially if you’re bad,” he said and kissed the top of her hair. Their team was in second place right now, but this was only the first out of ten actual full rounds.
Peter finished his turn with a strike, and Hillary watched glumly as May now got ready to go. It would be her turn soon and she was nervous, but Bill’s light caresses seemed to be helping.
“I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable today,” he said. Her thoughts went back to how he had palmed himself. He hadn’t made her uncomfortable, her own thoughts and confusion had.
“You didn’t. it's fine, you’re fine,” she assured him, “the only thing that is going to make me uncomfortable is having to bowl now,” she continued as May finished her turn.
Bill laughed.
“Make me proud,” he said as she walked up to get a bowling ball. She rolled it in the way she had been practicing, and was glad when she hit three pins. It wasn’t a lot but she had been worried about not getting any at all. She picked up an additional two as spares. Then, she watched as everyone else one by one also took their turns from each team.
“Three out of ten? New record!” Bill said excitedly and coming to hug her tightly from behind. She couldn’t help but laugh out how supportive he was being despite her not being as good as everyone else. He nibbled at her ear and that’s how they went on for the rest of the rounds. Bill and Peter continuously got strikes, and May got Strikes a majority of the time as well. Hillary’s average was about three to five pins, but with how well everyone else was doing, they were just behind the royals in second place. Now it was round ten, the last round, and as May finished bowling Bill muttered into her ear.
“So the others don’t want me to tell you this because they think it’s unnecessary pressure but if you get a strike we win,” he said into her ear. She now felt unnecessary pressure.
“Bill why would you tell me that? I’m nervous now,” she said and he laughed.
“Because I believe in you. I know you can do it, pretty baby,” he said then kissed her ear. His confidence was convincing and once it was her turn, she went up and took a deep breathe. She glanced over at him and he gave her two thumbs up.
What a dork, she thought lovingly.
Then she rolled the ball.
Everyone watched in anticipation and then all ten pins knocked down. She had gotten a strike, her first in this game and her second overall. Everyone cheered, but watched as the rest of the teams one by one took their turns as well.
As Bill had said, her score had given them just the leverage they had needed to put them over the royals since they had fumbled the last round.
Chris began to read off places of first, second, third, and fourth, but she wasn’t listening. She was only looking at Bill who was smiling at her.
“Good job, Hillary,” she said hugging her before scrambling off to find Chris. Then came Peter, he seemed awkward, not knowing what to say.
“Why were you talking to Bambi?” She blurted out before she could stop herself.
“You know you told me she was such a bitch, but right now she is nicer than you are,” he said and walked off. She felt hurt, and she stood there until Bill came and wrapped his arms around her waist.
“Hey are you okay? Did he say something to you?’ He asked kissing her neck. She didn’t want to tell Bill because she knew he would get mad and right now things were so much better.
“No, I want to sit down,” she said and he led her to table. He then went to bring them their normal shoes and they changed back into them.
“I’m so proud of you baby. You should have seen everyone’s faces they were so surprised, “ Bill said reaching from across the table to take her hands in his. Again he kissed them, just like he had before at the restaurant and she shivered. She gazed into his eyes and he gazed back. For a moment she wanted to throw everything away and just lean forward and truly kiss him.
Then Chris’s voice came on the microphone interrupting her thoughts.
“So I just wanted to say that I’m the real winner tonight because May June has agreed to marrying me.”
Everyone began to clap and holler.
May and Chris went on to talk about how Yale had helped them find each other and suddenly Hillary felt strange. Yes, she felt glad for her friend, but she felt awkward listening to this while Bill sat across from her holding her hands in his. It seemed like May and Chris were everything they weren’t and had everything they didn’t. She knew she shouldn’t compare, but it only served as another factor of confusion. Eventually May and Chris stopped talking, and she was forced to look back at Bill. He seemed somewhat sad as well, not meeting her eyes and only looking down at their joined hands. She didn’t like when he was upset, she never had, even when she had been mad and trying to make him feel the hurt she had felt, she had always hated seeing him anything other than his usual charismatic happy self. She remembered the gift she had got him and pulled her hands from his. He seemed even more upset by that so she rushed to explain.
“I have something I want to give you. It’s in my car. I’ll go get it and be back okay?" She said excitedly then darted off.


He sighed and looked at his empty hands waiting for Hillary to come back. Tonight had been so fun with her and he was in fact still proud of her. He was sad however at the fact that Hillary’s friend was getting married. Of course he was happy for them in a way, but he was upset because he felt like that could have been him and Hillary some day if he hadn’t messed things up as usual.
“Good game Clinton,” Packer said thumping him on the back as he walked by. Scott’s words came back to him, but he wasn’t left to think on this for too long as Hillary came back with her purse.
“Okay. Here it is,” she said handing him a little white box she had dug out of her purse. He opened it and found that a silver locket was in it. It was lovely and seemed just right for him, unisex but still delicate to show Hillary had bought it.
“Open it,” she said practically bouncing in her chair.
He unclasped the locket and found a photo they had taken together a while ago.
“I love it,” he said already putting it on.
“I know it may seem kind of girlie, but i wanted you to have something of us,” she said slightly embarrassed. He grabbed her hands again kissing each one.
“It’s not girlie, it’s fine. Anyone can wear a necklace. I really do love it,” he said. She flushed rosy pink again like she had so many times before and he loved being here with her. He wanted to memorize her everything about this moment as if it would be the last time.
“You mean so much to me, Bill,” she whispered.
That was the closest she had gotten to saying she loved him, and it made his heart flutter. She could still make everything feel new.
“I love you too and you mean everything to me,” he said and for a moment, as they held hands he didn’t think anything could possibly go wrong...