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She didn't know what to do except rush to his side despite his protests.
"Billy, are you okay?" She asked as she saw that his face was already beginning to swell.
"Get back behind me, Hillary and don't draw attention to yourself," he commanded sternly. She knew he was being like this because he was worried about her. For good reason as well. Scott grabbed her from the back of the sweatshirt she was wearing and tugged her to him. She struggled and her hands were reaching for her Bill. Thankfully, Bill caught hold of her hand and yanked her back to him. Her heart was beating fast out of fright. Bill shoved her behind him again and she saw that he was calculating their chances of making it back into the diner.
The odds weren't good as Packer and the other boy were standing on either end.
"C'mon Clinton. Just give her up," Scott said, his words still slurring from his intoxication. "Never," Bill replied through gritted teeth and he punched Scott smack in the face as well.
It quickly turned into three against one, but Bill was holding up his end.
She didn't know what to do.
It was dark and there seemed to be no one around except the five of them.
She saw Bill struggling and that his face was getting bloodied.
That beautiful face, she loved so much.
He had told her not to draw attention to herself, but that wasn't likely. She wasn't just going to stand here and watch him get pummeled to a pulp. She looked around for anything she could use as a weapon, but there was nothing.
"Use your head, c'mon think of something, use your head," she muttered to herself.
That was it!
Her head!
She unhooked the helmet, it was rock solid, Bill had obviously been worried that she would hurt herself and thought this could protect her.
Ironically, she would now use this to protect him. She ran up to where only Scott and Bill were now fighting one on one with the other two breathing heavy and looking on. She saw Bill look at her in worry and wondering what she was up to, his nose was bleeding and between his white skin, dashing blue eyes, and bloodied face he looked very patriotic. A wave of anger came over her for someone having the audacity to hurt her Bill. Like a protective mother bear she used the helmet and whacked it in the back of Scott's head roughly. The sound of metal against his head was loud in the night.
"What the hell?" Scott asked stupidly and turned around to look at her. A bump was starting to form on where she had hit him but she wasn't through yet, if he wouldn't leave then she would hit him again and again until he did. Packer and the other boy started to walk towards her but Scott stopped them by raising a hand.
"No one touches her, except me," he said.
"Like hell," Bill said swinging for him again. Scott turned around and punched Bill's limping figure effortlessly.
"Leave him alone!" Hillary shouted and whacked Scott again with the helmet. She hit him everywhere she could with that thing but it was when she gave him another fatal headshot and he began to appear frail that Packer and the other boy came and tried to get Scott away from her. She was still mad however and was beginning to swing the helmet at all of them now.
"Let's get out of here," Scott mumbled through his own bloody nose she had given him. He was giving her a look like he thought she was crazy and they stumbled off. She threw the helmet at their retreating figures out of anger. Then she quickly went back to Bill who was slumped on the pavement.
"Billy?Billy! Can you hear me?" she asked frantically as her hands cradled his face.
"I'm fine. I told you to stay behind me. You could have gotten hurt," he said faintly obviously not fine and out of breath. Instant concern overtook her and she started to think of ways to help him.
"We're going back into the diner. I'm going to use their phone to call an ambulance," she said gently trying to lift him up. He helped her carry his strong weight even though it was clear that he was barely holding on.
"No. Don't call an ambulance, it's not that serious and the hospital bill will be ridiculous," he protested but groaned as they entered the now empty diner and she sat him down carefully. "Seriously don't call an ambulance," he repeated. She inspected him, he looked dazed, hurt, and on the verge of collapsing.
"But you look really bad. I don't want anything to happen to you," she said stroking his matted hair.
"I know. I'm not that inconsiderate to allow something to happen to me because I know it'll make you feel bad. I'm telling you though, I'm in pain but it's nothing too bad, believe me I would know. I've had worse. Just take me home. Take me home," he said repeating the words she had said to him when he had rescued her from the drag race.
"Okay, fine," she said agreeing to him. Still, she needed to call someone to give them a ride. "Excuse me, can I use your telephone?" she asked the woman at the counter who upon seeing Bill's condition just nodded.
"Hill, what are you doing?" he asked.
"Calling someone to pick us up. You are in no condition to be out on the road right now," she said. Then a thought occurred to her, who would she call?
She didn't have the number for the cab company memorized and in Bill's condition, she doubted anyone would take them anyways.
"Hillary, I can drive the motorcycle. It's fine," he said. She doubted that. He was obviously tired. "No you can't. Look stop arguing, if you're not going to agree out of concern for your safety, then do it for concern of mine," she replied and began to punch in the only number she had memorized. Bill didn't argue with her as she knew he wouldn't, she had used his caring about her card against him.
As the phone dial rang, she worried.
Would she even come?
"Hello?" A tired voice answered.
"I know I don't have any right to ask this of you, but Bill and I need help," she said.


To her surprise, May had come for them despite it being late and despite the fact that they had fought the last time they had seen each other.
"Thank you for coming. I really appreciate it," Hillary said now as she was in the passenger seat of May's car. Bill was in the backseat ,surprisingly asleep. They had packed the motorcycle and helmet into the trunk.
"Yeah, well you're welcome," May said. She didn't sound angry but more awkward. Hillary had tried to explain to May what had happened but her former room mate had stopped Hillary telling her that it didn't concern her. May was driving them back to the house and Hillary felt like she needed to apologize and break the silence between them.
"May, I'm sorry for what I said. I was wrong and you've been nothing but a good friend to me, even now," she said. It was incredibly dark outside now, not even the stars seemed to be shining. "It's fine. I guess I shouldn't have been telling you things like that to begin with. I just wanted to look out for you," May said. She turned and the house came within distance. It was still incredibly cute to Hillary and she still couldn't believe Bill had bought it for her.
"So are we okay?" Hillary asked as she unbuckled her seatbelt to get ready to leave. She was anxious to get Bill cleaned up and safe, but she wanted to make sure her and May were on good terms.
"I guess so, Hillary. Look if you need me or ever want to talk I'll be there, but I don't want to talk about him," she said in reference to Bill. Hillary only nodded. It was probably due to the fact that the last time they had discussed Bill they had gotten into a fight.
Still, he was part of her life now and not talking about him seemed difficult. "I'll see you then. I'm going to get the motorcycle out of the trunk then I'll wave to you once I'm done."
"Okay," May said simply. Hillary first moved to open the backseat door and get Bill out. "Billy, we're home," she said stroking him awake.
"Hmmm. Hey what's with the seat belt?" He complained unbuckling it. She laughed as he stumbled out. After he had fallen asleep she had reached behind her to put his seat belt on as she remembered he never liked to wear it. Now she went to the trunk and while struggling managed to get the motorcycle out along with the helmet. She waved to May and the girl waved back and drove off.
"Hillary leave it, you're gonna hurt yourself," Bill complained as she dragged the motorcycle so it was on their sidewalk pavement.
"You're hurt and as soon as I'm done here we're going inside and I'm taking care of you," she said. She at last managed to get the motorcycle upright in between their cars and she put the helmet snuggly next to it. Bill seemed to be looking at her in awe.
"What? Come on, I meant what I said I'm taking care of you," she said interlocking their hands together.


He was sitting on their couch in the living room as Hillary was using a wash cloth to gently wipe away the blood from his face. She had lighted the fireplace and despite the pain he was feeling he was enjoying the view. She was on her knees in front of him, with a wash basin at her side. He loved how the orange and yellow flames reflected in her blue eyes making them appear sea green. Her cheeks were glowing and her hair looked like spun gold.
"You're so beautiful. This fire makes you look even more stunning," he said as she continued to pat him down. She smiled a little.
"The fire is to keep you warm, Bill. Stop getting distracted," she said and rinsed the wash cloth in the basin. When she was done she caressed his face gently now with her hands.
"I'm so glad you didn't get hurt too bad," she said her thumb stroking his cheek. His heart melted at her words. No one had ever given a damn about him before, except his mother and that was because they were blood. He thought it was adorable how careful she was being with him and how she had insisted on taking care of him. He had protested at first but she had shut him up. "We both know if it had been me who had gotten hurt, you'd be doing the same," She had said. That was true, if it had been her, he wouldn't have been able to contain himself from caring for her.
Now, she took her hands away from his face in order pick up an aspirin and bottle of water that was on her other side from the basin.
"Here, take this with water, it'll help," she said offering them to him and he took them. Once he had swallowed the pill, he reached for her.
"Sit on my lap," he said wanting her close. He had been so worried when he saw Scott reaching for her.
"Bill, no. You're hurt," she said to his annoyance.
"You're the best medicine. C'mon we both had a fright tonight, let's go to bed and cuddle," he said using his purring voice that he knew she couldn't resist. She bit her lip and he saw that his purring tactic had worked.
"Okay," she agreed and she used the left over water from the basin to put out the fire before her little hands were grasping at his body trying to help him up. He let her help, knowing that she needed to in order to assure herself that he was okay. When they got to their bed she went so far as to help him get into the bed. She even tucked him in to his amusement.
"You spoil me too much," he said as she was now getting in bed next to him. They both laid on their sides to face each other and she snuggled up to his torso. That had become her snuggle spot within these past few days and he was starting to get accustomed to her being there. He felt now that if he were to try to sleep without her curled up there, that it would be a failed endeavor. "Are you sure you're okay? If not I'll take tomorrow off and stay here with you," she said. Fuck,
he was so spoiled. Still, he wasn't that hurt and if he lied and told her he was then she would be mad when she took the day off to only find herself pinned against the wall with his mouth on hers. "I'm fine, baby there's no need to miss class," he said taking in her sweet smell. She had surprised him tonight yet again. Here he had been worried about her getting hurt, but she had in fact saved him. As he had been on the ground watching her, blonde mane flying everywhere, as she had held her ground against Scott and the other two.
"Why did those guys want to hurt you? I've never seen Scott act like that before. You also said you didn't know Scott so what was that about?" She asked now looking up at him.
What could he say? Those guys wanted to hurt me so they could get to you for some sick bet that I don't even want to be apart of anymore?
No, the truth was too complicated and he couldn't lose her. He would try to give her an answer that was partially true.
"Scott and I didn't know each other. We both went to Oxford and he must have heard of me but I didn't know him until we got to campus. We aren't friends," he said.
Lies mixed with truth.
"But why would he want to hurt you?" She asked innocently. The way she asked it, it was almost like she couldn't understand why anyone would want to hurt him. She obviously held him in high esteem.
There are a lot of reasons why someone would want to hurt him, but still her admiration made him feel good.
"Hillary I don't think it was me they were after. Scott said he wasn't leaving without you and I couldn't let that happen," he said now wrapping his arms around her waist to pull her close. He needed her to understand the seriousness of what had happened and what could have happened. The thought of Scott hurting her or forcing her to do anything terrified him. She was so small, kind, and trusting and he needed her to be careful of people like Scott.
"Oh," she said seeming to understand. Her face fell a little.
"Hey, look at me. I wouldn't have let anything happen to you. Ever. You're safe with me always," he said with conviction. He didn't want her to live her life out of fear because of freaks like Scott. "I know. Thank you for trying to protect me. I love you," she said. He never got tired of hearing those fucking beautiful words. It was silly that those little three words could make him feel so much.
"I love you too. Always," he said and began to pepper her face with kisses.
"My sweet warrior. My little Athena," he said comparing her to the goddess of war. He was still in awe of how she had protected him; it showed how much she loved him. He doubted any of the bimbos he had been with would have risked themselves for him.
"I'm sorry I didn't listen to you. I just couldn't stand there and watch them hurt you."
"Hillary you have nothing to apologize for. You're the one who ended up protecting me and I should be thanking you for that," he said and kissed her softly. Like always, her mouth opened underneath his allowing his tongue entrance. He licked the roof of her mouth and her teeth, wanting to taste all of her. When he pulled away he saw that she was looking at him in complete and utter admiration.
"You always tell me how beautiful I am, but I feel like I never tell you how handsome you are in return," she said.
"You're so handsome and wonderful to me, Bill. Your eyes and your mouth just do it for me. You don't even have to be doing anything except be looking at me and I'm melting," she went on. He felt himself blushing, damn it before her he had never blushed. Then again, no one had ever told him these things. Yes, he knew women found him attractive but in the sexual sense only. They wanted him to fuck them and that was about it. Hillary humanized him, made him beautiful in the sense that she saw him as a person.
"You're the only person who has ever made me blush you know that?" He asked. She seemed to take pride in that.
"Well I could go on. I could talk about how you have the most beautiful hands, a to die for smile, and how your eyes look like they fell from the sky," she said clearly enjoying the affect she had on him. She nestled closer into him, her little body feeling warm against him.
"You're too good to me, sweets," he said simply. Words felt short of what her compliments meant to him. They meant more to him than he could say. He was thankful that they were now able to be this intimate with each other and that he now knew that he hadn't been the only one who was feeling this attraction at the beginning.
"We need to talk about what we're going to do next about Scott and those guys," she said breaking the silence.
He didn't want to talk about that now and he didn't want Hillary involved. Yet, he knew that was ironic since she was at the core of all this.
"Hillary, I don't think we should do anything except ignore them," he said.
"But, they hurt you. We can't let them get away with that! What if they come back? We can go to the dean of students," she said completely oblivious to the many foils in that plan. They couldn't go to the dean, that was Bambi's father and the last thing Bill needed was more drama.
"I wasn't hurt too bad, give me some credit. Everything will be fine, I promise you. Let's not talk about this right now, besides you hurt those dudes pretty bad I don't think they'll be coming back soon," he joked at the end to relive the tension. She sighed and because of how close they were, he felt her chest rise and fall.
"I'll let this slide for now," she agreed at last and turned over on her side facing away from him. Was she mad? He stroked her hair for a while.
"Come snuggle back here, I need your warmth," he said a bit a amused at how she was behaving. No reply.
"Come here and let me tell you how beautiful you are," he said stepping up his game a little bit. Still no reply.
She was driving him insane again and he suspected that she knew exactly what she was doing. "Damn it, Hillary. Come back here please I'm losing my mind," he begged now and as suspected she began to giggle. She came back to her snuggle spot on him and he protectively wrapped his arms around her so she wouldn't get away this time.
"You're so bad. What was that about? Making me beg like a fool," he said shaking his head as he looked down at her. She was clearly proud of herself and very much amused.
"I like hearing you beg. Promise me one thing though or I'll move away again," she said. His grip on her playfully tightened but she rolled her eyes, both of them knowing that he would never actually force her to so anything.
"I'll promise you the fucking moon if it makes you stay," he said.
"Tomorrow morning, we talk about what happened tonight and what we're going to do about it." Fuck, he just wanted her to forget about it, but he knew she wouldn't. She was apart of this now and in many ways it was his own fault.
"Okay. I promise, we'll talk about it in the morning. Now let me tell you how beautiful you are I wasn't bluffing," he said but yawned a little. He could still feel the tension in his muscles from where he had gotten hurt earlier. She saw right through him.
"Go to sleep, Bill. You're exhausted," she said closing her own eyes. These days sleep had become somewhat of an enemy to him, it meant he wasn't fully with her
"But I wanna talk sweet to you and touch you," he said but his words were already slurring and his eyes closing.
"I'll be here when you wake up," she said sweetly and that was the last thing he heard before he went to sleep.

She woke up to the feel of kisses on her neck. A sound that sounded like a mixture of a moan and yawn came out of her mouth and she heard that familiar chuckling.
"Good morning," Bill's husky voice said as he continued to kiss her neck gently. Her eyes slowly fluttered open and she turned her head a bit to see him curled up right alongside her, his hair once again that auburn from the morning light. She touched his hair gently, fingers locking in the laces. "Your hair is always red in the sun. I love it," she said. Her fingers unlocked from his hair and slid
down his chest.
"Thank you. I knew being a secret red head would pay off," he said smirking. Despite his bruises, he still looked beautiful and handsome.
"You're extra perky this morning," she noted. He was in an especially good mood despite what had happened to them last night; she found it refreshing.
"Because you were here when I woke up. Now I can talk sweet to you all morning and love on you," he said gently flipping her easily so she was under him. She felt her heart begin to pound in the way it usually did when he touched her.
"Bill we have class. As much I want to lie here playing hanky panky with you we have to go," she said as he began to suck on her neck.
"Did you say hanky panky? Fuck I never thought I would find that saying so hot," he said pausing in his kisses. She tugged on his hair.
"I'm serious," she said but she loved his touch so early in the morning.
"So am I. I find it hot," he said still playful.
She narrowed her eyes at him trying to remain serious, but she wanted to smile at him. It was impossible to look at him and not want to smile.
"Have you checked the time? We have two hours until we're actually supposed to get up," he said obviously smug.
"Did you plan this?" She asked though not mad. He licked his lips as he smiled.
"Maybe," he replied shrugging his shoulders. He then buried his face in her neck and began to nuzzle her.
Her fingers now began to stroke his hair.
"You know when I first met you, I never imagined this much affection could come from you," she said.
"Hm? Yeah neither did I. I was such a dick to you at first huh?" He said a bit regretful and extra tender as he pulled back to look at her.
"A little, but it's okay now," she assured him. He seemed thoughtful for a while and she now knew how he felt whenever she would think.
After a few moments he finally looked at her again and smiled.
"It's in the past now, Bill. It's fine, now come here and kiss me, you said you were gonna touch me or was all that just talk?" She teased. He repositioned himself on her again.
"I'm not all talk when it comes to you, I'm all about action," he said wagging his eyebrows and making her laugh. His lips came down on hers mid laugh and she gave herself fully to the kiss. She moaned overdramatically like how she imagined his bimbos would in order to make fun of him. He seemed to get it and his elbow nudged into her breast playfully hard. She could also feel his lips turning up in a smile.
"Stop making me laugh, or I won't be able to kiss you," he said obviously on the verge of more laughter. She widened her eyes so they were extra big and she spoke in mock innocence.
"I don't know what you mean," she said. She was taking pleasure in making him laugh like this and their playful behavior.
"Fuck! Stop you're making me hard now. Seriously Hillary you should come with a warning," he said exasperated but obviously enjoying their silly ordeal.
"If I did it would say: warning slippery when wet," she joked wittily. He really got a kick out of that one and began to laugh whole heartily. He laughed so hard that he began to wipe his eyes and his face turned red. When his laughter finally died down he caressed her face.
"Fuck, if only you knew how much I love you," he said. She loved him as well, it was still so surreal that a part of her felt that he completed her despite their time together having been brief so far.
"I have a pretty good idea of how much you do," she said leaning into his touch on her cheek. He bit the inside of his cheek as if in thought.
"You can get even more of an idea if you take a shower with me," he said tenderly. Her cheeks grew hot.
Shower? With him? The idea seemed pleasing but she felt a little shy about it.
"It won't be a sex thing. I just want to take care of you," he said softly, eyes full of love. She thought about it. He had already seen her naked so that wasn't an issue and seeing him naked would even out the score. Plus, she trusted him.
"Okay, but you're washing me with your body wash," she said much to his amusement.

The water was boiling hot as they both liked the heat and the mirror was starting to steam. She had undressed first and stepped into the shower, the water raining down her. She waited for Bill now as he finished undressing himself.
"I'm coming in now, baby," he said. She got the impression that he was trying not to scare her, but she wasn't scared.
"Okay," she replied and the shower curtain was pulled back as he stepped in.
He was glorious to her, lean, muscles exposed. He was a healthy, lean type of muscular and he still looked human and not like those men who go on steroids. Then there was the matter of his well, little not so little Bill.
Sure, she had seen pictures of the male body in her anatomy books, but to see it now in person was a different thing.
"Hey you okay?" He asked gently now having approached her slowly.
"I'm okay. It's just so big," she said trying not to stare. He laughed.
"Oh, I understand. You'll get used to it," he said shrugging. She just nodded and turned to grab her bath sponge in order to lather it with soap.
"Give it here, pretty baby. I said I was going to wash you wasn't I?" He said his hand outstretched. She gave it to him, truth be told she had only grabbed it just so she would stop staring at his member. He took the pink sponge and lathered his body wash onto it. Immediately she could smell his signature scent turning into vapor and mixing in with the steam.
"Turn around and I'll do your back first," he said still just as gently. She did as she was told and he began to rub the soap-filled sponge across her back. It was pleasing, and relaxing. He was right, it wasn't a sexual thing. He was cleaning her gently and with careful strokes. It was clear that he wasn't trying to do anything else other than wash her body and she appreciated that. He didn't try to grab her, or have the sponge linger in the more intimate parts of her lower body like most men would.
"You can turn around now, sweets. I'll do the front," he said his voice full of love. She turned and they were face to face. As their eyes locked he gave her a small smile.
"Is this okay?" He asked as he began to rub the sponge across her upper chest to where her collarbone was.
"This is perfect," she replied.
It was.
The water was shooting jets of hot rain that sent vibrations of warmth within her body and she loved it. This warmth mixed in with his soothing washing was amazing, euphoric really. The sponge now moved lower to even more gently graze across her small breasts. She closed her eyes in pleasure. He was being incredibly light in his strokes with the sponge, the soft lathered soap covering her breasts and nipples. She felt when he moved the sponge now to clean her torso and stomach.
"You're so beautiful," he impassionedly stated. His warm impassioned voice along with the warmth of the water was all too blissful and delighting.
"I'm moving on to your vagina and inner legs now, baby. If it doesn't feel good or you want me to stop just tell me," he said and slid the sponge to her inner legs. She gasped in delight, she never knew the sponge and soft soap could feel so good. It must be Bill's touch, when I wash myself I never feel this way, she thought.
"Are you okay?" He asked. She at last opened her eyes to look at him. He was crouched on his knees in front of her parted legs, eyes full of praise. She loved that look. He was looking at her as
if she were the most enchanting thing he had ever seen. He himself had also gotten a bit wet from the water and his hair was even more dark as it clung to his forehead. His lips were dripping pink and she could see the individual water droplets on them. Even with the bruises he had gotten last night, his skin still seemed radiant; white against purple; and even without her glasses, he was close enough so she could see all these beautiful details of him.
"I'm okay. It just feels so good," she answered and he continued to clean her inner thighs. When he was done with that he briefly stroked the sponge over her vagina.
"I assume that's how you clean it right? If I recall correctly the vagina cleans itself so you don't have to do much," he said as he moved on to her front thighs.
"Yes you remembered right," she answered as she watched the top of his head now since his eyes and face were focused on cleaning her thighs and legs. She thought that his scalp would never be in danger of going bald; he had so much hair on his head that even wet, it was nearly impossible to see a hair parting. Darkened by the water, his previously red hair looked like ebony.
"You have so many cute freckles you know that?" He asked as he was finishing cleaning her feet now. It suddenly occurred to her that he was seeing every part of her and she didn't mind.
He had been right last night, with him she was safe.
Safe from physical danger and safe from judgement.
So yes, he was seeing her freckles, her stretch marks on her bottom, and the dimples on her back. Yet, try as she might, she couldn't bring herself to feel self-conscience.
"Go ahead and rinse off and then I'll get started on your hair," he said and she stepped further under the shower head so the soap dissolved under the water.
Like she always did, she ran her fingers through her wet hair in order to comb it out. He was watching her and the look in his eye was of utter awe.
He wasn't looking at her as if she were a sexual object, he was seeing her, for who she was. "Are you sure you want to do my hair?" She asked as she stepped out from under the shower head.
"Of course, you know I love this hair," he said gently turning her around so her back was facing him so he could begin on her mane. She heard him open the cap of her strawberry shampoo and she heard it squirt into his hand.
She giggled a little at the noise.
"You're so silly," he said his voice full of sheer amusement of his own. His hands began to gently massage the shampoo into her hair and she once more closed her eyes. He was so light and tender with his fingers that it was relaxing. He wasn't rough like the women at the hair salon who would scrub at her head with force.
"You're so good at, this. You could have a future in being one of those ladies who wash hair in salons," she said voicing her thoughts out loud.
"You know better than anyone that I am not a lady," he said but she could hear the smile in his voice. He turned her around again and she opened her eyes. He was holding her gently so she was in his arms as he ever so gently tipped her back so her hair was under the shower head again. His fingers combed the shampoo out of her hair and he never broke eye contact with her. His fingers and ,his whole hand sometimes when the shampoo was being stubborn, massaged her scalp while the water rinsed away the soap.
"Your hair is longer when it's wet," he noted.
"Cause it's not as curly," she explained as he pulled her out from under the shower head.
"I like it both ways," he said as he turned her around to repeat the process with her conditioner. "You weren't kidding when you said you liked strawberries huh?" He asked as his fingers wove the strawberry conditioner in her hair.
"It smells nice," she replied. He caressed the tips of her hair between his fingers.
"Hey wait a second. If you use strawberry hair products how come you always smell like peaches?" He asked and she laughed. He sounded so confused and the fact that he seemed to pick up all her scents was laughable. Granted, she did the same thing with him, but she hadn't thought he paid that much detail to her.
"It must be my lotion then. I use a matching lotion and perfume that is peach scented," she said. "Oh. Damn, babe, you trying to smell like a fruitcake or something?" He teased as he turned her around in his arms again to rinse out the conditioner.
"It smells nice," she said a bit defensively. Only a bit, she knew he meant no harm.
"I never said it didn't. If I could smell only one scent for the rest of my life, it would be yours," he said truthfully gazing into her eyes.
She was grateful for this and for the fact that they could be naked this way without being sexual. Sex was something she was sure she would want with him, but not right now. Right now, she was discovering more of herself and her sexuality. He gently pulled her out from under the shower head again but she was still in his arms.
"Now you're all clean," he said as he cradled her in his arms.
"Thank you," she replied as they gazed at each other. She noticed a freckle of his own right above his Cupid's bow and she wanted to kiss it desperately. So she did. She leaned in and placed a soft short kiss on that tender spot. When she pulled back she saw that Bill was looking at her happily. "So, do I get out now? Do I clean you or what?" She said beginning to flush even more pink from all their intense gazing.
"You're welcome to stay if you'd like. I'd prefer it if you did. I'm going to clean myself though since that was my gift to you and you don't have to return the favor," he said his wet lips kissing the top of her equally wet hair. She didn't argue with him, by now she knew that he liked to do things for her without expecting anything back. She thought it best to get out of the shower and dress herself so she could start on breakfast.
"I'm going to um-go," she said gently breaking free from his grasp.
"Aw, Alright. I left a change of clothes for you on top of the counter next to the sink," he said beginning to lather his own sponge with soap. He wasn't as gentle with himself as he was with her and she found that a bit endearing; it showed that he had been tender on purpose with her. She stepped out of the shower onto the shower mat and took her towel to pat herself down. Once she was dry, she skipped her lotion for today and began to dress herself in her underclothes Bill had laid out for her. He has chosen a cream colored sweater he had bought for her at the mall alongside a long maxi skirt that was adorned with monarch butterflies. She put the outfit on and liked it very much. He could definitely also be a fashion stylist if he wanted to, she thought. She then went through the rest of her morning routine and began to giggle when Bill started singing in the shower.
"Oh, I forgot you were still in here," he said which only made her laugh more.
"You're so funny, seriously I think you've made me laugh harder than anyone else," she said.
She had put her glasses on and could now see that her reflection was clearly happy. She also braided her hair but little strands of curls still hung loose.
"Good. I like your laugh," he said from inside the shower. A second later he dropped a bottle of soap or something because he cursed but she still found that funny. She sighed, she loved him deeply. She knew that without a single doubt now. She exited the bathroom and headed for the kitchen to start on breakfast, his singing echoing through the halls.


As he finished getting dressed, he thought about what a wonderful experience it had been to shower with her. She had looked so ravishing and stunning while the water had rained down on her. He had been glad that she trusted him fully and he had shown his appreciation by being extremely careful with her.
Fuck, if only she could know how beautiful she had been. Her hair had been long and darkened brown by the water. Her eyes had seemed to grow even larger and each eyelash had been framed with water droplets.
So beautiful.
All his.
She was beautiful to him in ways no else had ever been before. He had been with many attractive women but Hillary was special. She was beautiful in the sense that she was real. She wasn't a super model but her beauty surpassed that. She was kind, warm, and always in good spirits and he
valued that. She was never cruel, and he had never heard her day a bad thing about anyone.
This showed that her very soul was beautiful and to him that meant more now. Any bimbo could have big boobs or a curvy body, but it took someone who was truly beautiful to have a kind soul. Fuck, he was so in love.
He checked himself out one last time in the mirror before he followed the smell of her cooking. She was pouring coffee into a mug when he walked in. The sight of her warmed him. Just like he had thought, the outfit he had chosen for her looked artistic.
"I like how you did your hair," he said going to lean against the kitchen counter. She jumped a little at the sound of his voice and he smirked smugly.
"Oh, thank you. I didn't hear you come in," she said as she finished making the omelets she was working on. She handed him his plate and he took it gratefully.
Before her, his meals had consisted of takeout and frozen food items. Now, she kept him well fed and that only made him love her more. They both went to sit at the table across from each other; picking up the plastic utensils she had laid out the night before. As he bit into the omelet, he tasted the delicious mixture of cheese, peppers, and ham.
"This is delicious, baby. How did you learn how to cook so good?" He asked over another bite.
"I took cooking up as a hobby the summer before my senior year of high school started. It was just something to do and I think I went through a phase of reading cookbooks then," she said shrugging. She was so damn interesting; like who just takes up cooking as a hobby and reads cookbooks?
"Tell me more about your reading phases. I want to know them all," he said quite interested. She seemed a bit embarrassed and that only peaked his interest more.
"Huh, well some of them were pretty weird," she said shakily. He suspected as much, but with her weird was good.
"You can't scare me darling, I'm yours for life," he said only half joking. She seemed to like that statement.
"Um, well let's see. I don't remember the timeline of these quite well but I remember the phases. I went through a comic book phase, a Shakespeare phase, a phase on books about witches, a phase on self-help books, and as you know cookbooks," she said listing them all.
He nodded, it was like with everything he learned about her, he still found her more captivating. "Self-help books? What was the reasoning behind that one?" He asked. She flushed for a moment, looking so innocent that he wanted to hold her.
"It's kinda dumb, but I just wanted to be the best person I could be," she replied.
Fuck. She was such a good person.
"It's not dumb. I like it, maybe if more people did tried to help themselves, the world wouldn't have as many problems," he said truthfully; believing every word of it. She nodded in agreement and seemed to be staring at his lips again. He decided to have some fun with her.
"Have you read any romance novels?" He asked, raising one eyebrow. She seemed hesitant.
"I've read several, yes," she answered, clearly wondering what he was playing at.
"You know how they always have the perfect romantic guy? Do you think I'd measure up against them?" He asked. She put her hand on his knee under the table and stared right into his eyes. "Bill, you would completely crush any romantic perfect book guy. You're so darn handsome," she said squeezing his knee.
There it was again, that soft-pleasurable feeling that rose within him when she complimented him. "Come over here and let me kiss you before I flip this table over," he said. She complied and rushed over to sit on his lap.
"Only for the table's sake," she joked and he began kissing her. Her lips were extra soft this morning; most likely still moist from the shower and the taste of their lips, peppers, and cheese, tasted so good. After a little bit, she pulled away and rested her head on his chest.
"We need to talk about what happened with Scott," she said. As he had suspected, she hadn't forgotten about fucking Scott and the disaster that had happened last night. He had promised her they would talk about it, and he knew he would have to keep this promise.
"Okay so let's talk about it," he said, stiffening a bit. He hated it, but obviously when Scott was the subject, he would have to be discreet and couldn't risk exposing the bet.
"He said something I didn't like, something about old times," she said. He knew exactly what she meant.
"Sweets, that was bullshit. I have never shared a woman with Scott I don't know where he got that from," he said. That was true, Scott must have been spewing random shit because he hadn't even known Scott until arriving to Yale.
"Did you share a woman with anyone? And why would he say that?" She asked a bit suspiciously. Fuck.
Now was one of those times where he wished he had been better in his past so she wouldn't have to ask things like this.
He was tired of the deceit, since this had nothing to do with Scott, he would tell her the truth. "Yes, Hillary. At Oxford, some guys and I would pass the same girl around, but it was consensual. I'm not some pervert who forces people to do things they don't want, you have to understand that. That was probably what Scott was referring to," he said. She was quiet for a while. Fuck, had he scared her? He was always expecting that one of these days he would unload something on her that was too much to bear and she would take off running.
"Baby? I'm sorry if what I said upset you. I'm sorry, I know it's difficult to hear but you're making me better," he said.
" I'm alright, Bill. It's okay. I was just processing it," she said and he was relieved that her voice seemed calm and non judgmental.
Everyday he was reminded more of how much he didn't deserve her.
"So what are we gonna do about
Scott?" She asked. He sighed.
"We're not going to make the situation worse. It's like you said with Bambi. We'll ignore him, besides he was drunk. I doubt he'll try something like that again and he must be worried about what we're gonna do so that will keep him in line," he said and he even convinced himself.
"I don't want him to hurt you again," she whispered. That touched his heart deeply, she was always worried about his well-being.
"He won't, I promise. I'll take care of myself for you, but that gives me an idea. Come on, stand up I'm going to teach you some self defense moves," he said; gently helping them both up on their feet.
"I've taken self defense classes before, Bill," she said. Good, he thought, it made him glad knowing she knew how to protect herself. Still, with Scott on the loom, he thought a review was in order.
"This will be a refresher then. Come on, baby girl, do it for me please," he begged. He noticed that she seemed to melt in delight at being called baby girl, and he made a note to keep that in the back of his mind.
"Bill, is this really necessary?" She asked trying to sit back down but he stopped her.
"Yes it is. Show me what you know. Where are the best places to hit a guy?" He asked. She rolled her eyes. Silly girl, he thought.
"Well there's obviously the groin, they tell you to jab the eyes, and to hit the nose with your palm fronted like this," she said showing him.
"Good girl. Now put it to use," he said grabbing her tightly from behind.
"Try to get away," he said. She only began to giggle more.
"This is serious, Hills. If a guy tries to hurt you, I want you to do more than giggle," he said but tried not to smile.
"I only giggle around you," she said and proceeded to do so.
"Bill," she imitated how they had spoken earlier. He tightened his grip more.
"Try to get away," he repeated. Her little feet began to kick against him but it didn't hurt. She whinged a bit, obviously annoyed at having struggled. She began to kick harder and she finally managed to kick him in the groin. He stumbled and she took this opportunity to bite his arm; and he released her.
"Ow, damn it. That hurt, so good job, sweets," he said at last sitting back down to recover from having his groin kicked.
"I told you I knew how to protect myself. Now try to catch me," she said mischievously. He shook his head in wonder. She was always so playful with him.
"Hillary I just got my groin kicked and you want me to chase you?" He asked amused. She took off running as a way of response. After a few moments he went after her. He caught up with her just as she was running into their bedroom. He managed to catch her by grabbing onto her skirt. She shrieked in pleasure as he twirled her around to face him.
"No more running. You've proven your point, you're a fast runner too," he said nearly out of breath. She laughed and her whole face lit up.
"Can't keep up with me despite your giraffe legs huh?" She asked smugly, she had learned that from him. Fuck, he loved that she was taking on little attributes that he had.
"Yeah, yeah. Finish getting your things and I'll drive us to campus," he said gently and playfully pushing her towards their bedroom.
"It's okay Bill, maybe when you finally run as fast as me they'll write a book about you called the little giraffe that could," she said laughing as she went into the room.
"Just get your things, girlie," he said but a smile was plastered on his lips.


She had been nervous about going to her introduction to law class, and now she knew she had been right to be nervous. She had arrived late to class since on their way here, Bill had driven around the traffic circle several times just to make her laugh and nearly throw up. As a result, her usual seat was taken by none other than Scott and there were no other seats available except the one next to him. She was about to just leave, but the professor had spotted her and told her to take a seat. So reluctantly, she sat next to Scott but pulled the seat so it was as far away from his as possible. Luckily, he hadn't spoken to her so far, but she didn't think this was good given that his nose was still bruised from where she had hit him with the helmet. Her fingers went around the necklace Bill had given to her on there way here. She had spotted it around his neck poking out of his shirt; as they were going around in circles and she had mentioned how lovely it was. As a result, he had given to her and placed it around her neck. It was silver and had a small dragonfly. She had protested against him giving it to her but he had stopped her.
"Dragonflies symbolize change, Hillary. A change in perspective and an emotional understanding of a deeper meaning of life. I got it at a garage sale a while back because I liked the idea of wanting to change. I never could figure out how to change and I was discouraged and stopped wearing it. I only started wearing it again recently now that I met you, but I've kept it hidden under my shirt. I want you to have it," he had said as he had placed it around her neck then kissed her head.
She twirled it around her finger now. It was lovely and it reminded her of Bill; making her feel safe.
Her attention was brought back to the present now as the professor announced that class was over. She grabbed her bag and hurried out quickly in order to avoid Scott. She thought she had outpaced him, but then she felt a hand on her elbow.
"We need to talk," Scott said. He was clearly sober now but she didn't care. She pulled her elbow from his grasp.
"I have nothing to say to you," she said roughly and turned to walk away. He blocked her and she was basically pinned against the wall behind them with him cornering her.
"What if I told you I know something about Bill you don't?" He asked. She couldn't figure him out. Who was Scott Brown? At first he had been nice and occasionally he still was. Yet, that kindness no longer seemed genuine in the way Bill's was. Scott always seemed on edge now, like he was forcing himself to be nice.
"What if I told you I don't care? You hurt my boyfriend last night and now you expect me to just listen to you?" She asked. She didn't care what he had to say. Truthfully, she did have small doubts about Bill. For instance, when he had been answering her question about Scott, he had seemed reserved. Still, she trusted him.
"Hillary, Bill is not good for you. That's what I was going to tell you last night. He's playing games with you. Don't believe me? He probably told you he doesn't do drugs anymore or smoke right? Well he does weed now, and from what I hear, it's pretty heavy. Look into it and you'll see I'm telling the truth," Scott said all this with a sort of glimmer in his eyes.
Weed? Was that the weird smell she had noticed the other day? She hated the look on Scott's face and she pushed him away.
"Just stay away from us," she said heading off; all the while she was twirling the silver dragonfly while trying not to give into doubt.


"What are you playing at?" Bill asked angrily as he paced back and forth in Bambi's room. He fucking hated having to see her but he needed to know if she had been involved with the shit that had gone down last night.
"I'm not playing at anything. Why are you here? Did you need to resupply or something?" She asked powdering her face heavily. The makeup didn't even match her skin tone and he felt sick watching her.
"You look like a drag queen," he muttered turning his back to her.
"That doesn't answer my question. Why are you here yelling at me? I didn't do anything," she said.
He rolled his eyes, he doubted she wasn't involved in some way.
"Scott and Packer fucking attacked us last night," he said turning to see her reaction now. She seemed kinda surprised but was blushing under her gray face powder.
"What? You have a thing going with Scott now?" He asked. She shook her head.
"Packer? Really Bambi?" Quite frankly he didn't care, the two assholes deserved each other, but it was still gross.
"What you jealous?" She sneered. In your dreams, he thought.
"Whatever. So did you know about this? What was Scott's play anyways ?Cause all he did was insure that Hillary will never look at him the same again," he said. She shrugged.
"I doubt it was plan. No one told me anything about it. Actually it makes sense. Packer skipped out on our date last night," she said almost sounding sad.
What the hell? What was with her lately?
"You know maybe if you were nicer and presented yourself better a decent guy would like you," he said. He had no idea why he said that, he didn't care about her, but it was true. Maybe being with Hillary made him more empathic to women's feelings.
"You think I don't know that. You ever stop and think that I don't want a nice guy? That I deserve this?" She was suddenly emotional.
"What the hell?" He muttered as he turned to leave, he had, had his share of psychotic chicks. "Don't act like if it's some strange concept. I deserve this pain because of what I've done," she said but not offering more. He didn't ask. He didn't necessarily care. He did offer her some advice, however.
"Just because you had a bad past, it doesn't mean you can lash out at everyone; and put yourself in painful situations. You don't have to keep living like this," he said. Hillary had taught him that. Before her, he had thought the same as Bambi, but now he knew.
He was once blind, but now could see. He left the room with that thought in mind; closing the door.


She knew Bill had told her not to do anything about Scott and the others, but she couldn't do that; not after how they had hurt him.
"You can come in now, Miss Rodham," the Dean of students said opening the door. She followed him into his office. She wasn't exactly sure what she would say or if she would get in trouble herself; she had after all bruised up Scott with the helmet.
"What is it you'd like to talk about?" He asked. He was familiar in a way, he had brunette hair,
fine wrinkles and an ever present sneer. She looked at the nameplate on his desk in order to address him.
"Mr. Clark, I want to speak to you about an incident that occurred last night," she said. She glanced around at the rest of his desk; feeling a bit guilty that she was doing what Bill had told her not to do. She noticed a picture frame, a picture frame that had Bambi's photography.
"So what was this incident about?" He asked.
"Who is the girl in the picture frame?" She asked instead of answering the question. It was strange and she felt a bit sick. She needed to know what the dean's relationship to Bambi was before she went on.
"Oh that's my daughter, Bambi. She goes here. Do you know each other?" He asked neutrally but he seemed weirded out by her behavior. His daughter? Now she knew why he looked familiar. "No. I'm sorry, Mr Clark. Something came up, we'll have to reschedule," she said getting up and practically fleeing the room. She now agreed that this was a bad idea; who knew if Bambi had told her father anything about her? She tried to compose herself and took a peak out the window in the hallway overlooking the student parking lot. Bill was waiting for her where he had said he would; leaning against her slugbug. He had been reluctant to drive it at first but she had insisted on her car being used at least half of the time. He looked so attractive there, staring off into the distance, and his jaw locked. She sighed and walked outside to meet him. His face instantly lit up when he turned and saw her.
"Hey!" He said excitedly and gave her a hug.
"Mmm. You're so snuggly," she said trying to sound normal and take her mind off Bambi and her father. She seemed to pass for normal as Bill didn't say anything and held open the car door for her with one hand.
"So are you. C'mon you don't want to be late for your first day of work do you?" He said. She got in and he bent down and gave her a quick kiss before closing the door. As he got in the driver's seat, she turned and noticed the motorcycle in the backseat.
"After I drop you off I'm returning it. Then I'll catch a cab back to the house," he explained as he started the engine. She only nodded. She tried to not think about what Scott had said and she sniffed the air. She didn't smell anything.
Was Scott lying?
He must be, she thought.
"You're really quiet over there. You're gonna do fine at this job, baby," he said putting one hand on her thigh. She shook Scott's nonsense from her mind, he was the one playing games not Bill.
"I know. It'll be okay. Hey, did you skip class to go get the motorcycle? It wasn't in the bug this morning," she said now noticing. It wasn't that big of a deal, but she preferred that he didn't skip classes.
"I didn't skip. I left my last class early to go get it. Did you eat lunch yet? If not I put a bean and cheese burrito in the glove compartment," he said. She suddenly realized how hungry she was. Besides breakfast, she had only eaten half of a granola bar. She opened the glove compartment and sure enough a sliver wrapped burrito was there. She took it out and began to undo the wrapper in a hurry.
"Really Bill? 'Chubby's burritos?" She asked as she caught the name of the restaurant on the wrapper. He laughed.
"They have good food. I'll take you there some time," he said.
She bit into the burrito and her mouth filled with cheese. She nodded vigorously.
"This is good," she said agreeing with him and he laughed. She finished her burrito the rest of the way there as she and Bill talked. He asked her about her day and she asked him about his. They even got into a light hearted argument about who had better music taste.
"The Who is better than Queen," he said.
"That's such a lie. They call themselves The Who because no one knows them," she retorted. "This is coming from the girl who likes Elvis Presley," he said rolling his eyes.
"Well, you can't cook!"
"Babe, what does that have to do with this?" He said laughing. She didn't know but at this point started laughing too.
"Just say it. Say that you love me and I'm right about everything," she said.
"I love you and you're right about most things," he replied smugly. The daycare came within view and he parked the car.
"I'm walking you in," he said. She nodded as he got out and went to open her door and offer her his hand. They walked into the daycare with interlaced fingers.
"Hi. I'm Hillary, the new employee I'm looking for Olivia," she said to the lady at the front desk. The daycare was set up so there was a gate behind the huge desk and in the gate there were children playing. That was the waiting area, for children who were going to be picked up soon as the sign said 'pick up.' She suspected that the rest of the children were in the back rooms.
"Ah! Yes! That will be me then, dear. It's a pleasure to have you on board," the woman who now identified herself as Olivia said. She had long mousy brown hair and light brown skin as well. She looked only a few years older than Hillary but still very pretty.
"Well I'm glad to be working here," she said and glanced up at Bill. He was looking down at her as well and she blushed upon making eye contact with him.
"You can come here behind the counter with me for starters and I'll show you the ropes. I'm currently on pick up duty," Olivia said and turned around just as some kids began to chase each other. Hillary herself took this opportunity to say bye to Bill.
"I guess I'll see you at home," she said hugging him.
"I'll be there, unless you beat me home. I'm gonna run a few errands," he said kissing her forehead softly. She stepped out of his embrace and with one last goodbye, she joined Olivia behind the counter.
"Wow you're pretty!" A small boy said to her as she sat down. She gasped. He looked like a mini version of Bill. Same brown hair, big blue eyes, and he was even wearing a black shirt.
"Thank you! What's your name?" She asked.
"I'm Cody," he said. She noticed that Bill was still within distance.
"Bill look! This boy Cody looks like you!" She said and he turned around and smiled.
"Who's that? He looks like me!" Cody said excited. Even Olivia now noticed the resemblance and commented on how cute it was.
"That's my friend Bill. Wave bye to him with me," she said and they did until Bill left smiling from the building; and waving back. She looked down at young Cody and a strange feeling came over. She imagined what it would be like to carry Bill's child. To have a little boy or girl that had his blue gray eyes and heart-warming smile...

He had decided to take the motorcycle for one last ride before returning it to the junker. He was driving it past the diner him and Hillary had gone to last night. When he stopped at the red light, he noticed Packer was in there. He quickly turned around and parked the motorcycle.
He entered the diner angrily.
"Packer!" He somewhat shouted causing the few old people in the diner to give him dirty looks. Packer turned around and there was a man next to him.
Shit! It was a senator. The senator of New York to be exact. It was obvious from the resemblance that this was Packer's father and he wondered how he had never noticed before.
"Sit down, Bill. Dad, this is Bill, my friend I was telling you about," Packer said as he sat down across from them. It was strange but he had always been in awe of the senator's work.
"Bill, Packer here tells me that you have a bright future in politics," the senator said. Bill glanced at Packer who was grinning ear to ear.
"Um, I guess so," he said. He was glad Hillary had managed to hit Packer a bit with the helmet last night, because of the way he was looking all superior.
"Well, listen. Packer says you went to Oxford, and that is a very good school. Plus with your law degree here, that will make you a top candidate. It's just like I tell Packer, it's all about the status," he went on. Bill only nodded. He didn't really know what to say as he was still stunned.
"Bill is gonna be part of the royals soon, Dad," Packer chimed in. It took everything in him not to
glare at Packer because he was referring to the bet.
"That's really good. I look forward to hearing more about you, Bill," the senator said and excused himself to use the bathroom. As soon as they were alone, Bill turned on Packer.
"What the fuck was that last night?" He asked. Packer didn't get the chance to answer though because the waitress came to fill up his coffee.
"Do you want anything?" She asked Bill. He shook his head. As she left Packer grabbed her ass. "Dude, leave her alone," Bill said shaking his head. Seriously, could any of these guys keep their hands off people for one second? Sure, he used to be the same, but he never randomly grabbed people who didn't want it.
"Whatever. Look, about last night. We were drunk. I know Scott got mad seeing Hillary with you. Anyways don't sweat it, I know he won't try something like that again. Hillary was pretty scared huh?" He said almost laughing at the end. That annoyed him, he was basically making fun of Hillary's fear.
"Whatever. Look, I'm tired of this. Why can't you guys just call off the bet?" He asked. Packer just shook his head.
"No can do. Scott's like dead set on this now, it's kinda scary," he said. Bill took his wallet out from the back of his pocket and called the waitress over to order his own coffee. As soon as she put it down he took a sip of it, he would clearly need the caffeine to deal with Packer's bullshit. "How would you even prove to see which one of us nailed her first or whatever?" He asked. He hated using that terminology now, but he couldn't get sappy with Packer; it might only make things worse. Instead of answering, Packer grabbed his wallet.
"I need to borrow some cash to tip the waitress," he explained. Bill didn't mind the money part. What bothered him was that Packer was loaded but apparently didn't carry any of his inheritance with him.
"Would you look at that?" Packer said now taking out the Polaroid picture of Hillary. Bill clenched his fist.
"She's such a pretty little thing. I'm jealous," he said only causing Bill to get more angry. Packer didn't deserve to see Hillary's beauty.
"Hey, calm down Bill . I think two dudes after the same girl is enough for now. You know what, this gave me an idea. Bring me intimate Polaroids like this and I'll know you nailed her first," Packer said sliding the picture back into the wallet.
What? Intimate Polaroids? He didn't like the sound of that too much. He didn't want anyone seeing Hillary like that except him.
"Hey they don't have to be really dirty or anything. Just enough to prove you nailed her," Packer said shrugging. At this point, the senator came back and asked Packer if he was ready to go. Packer said he was and the two headed off but before they left they said 'Catch you later, Bill." He sure hoped they didn't.


Her first day of work had been a success. She had gotten to know several of the children and was getting accustomed to the daycare. Her duties included teaching, entertaining, and of course guiding. It was all fine by her, she adored these things. Her salary was also modest but favorably high due to her bachelors degree and prior experience with children.
Now, as she drove her car back to the house, she noticed the tank was on low.
She would need to fill it up. So she changed routes and headed towards the nearest gas station. As she was filling the tank, a thought occurred to her. She had never seen a porn magazine in her life. What did they even look like? Curiosity was looming over her and before she knew it; after filling the tank, she went into the gas station convenience shop. She felt herself feeling awkward and a bit dirty, but her curious thoughts probed her on. She found the magazines hidden in the back under a sign that said adults only. She pulled out the first one she reached for, and without looking at it; she went to pay for it. She felt her face going hot and she tried to avoid making eye contact with the cashier. He didn't say anything and let her pay for it in peace. Once that was done, she grabbed it and ran to her car that was now in one of the parking spaces. Upon entering the car, she looked at the magazine for the first time and her face grew even hotter. Still, she was interested to see the things Bill had seen, and she began to turn the pages...


After the whole meeting with Packer, and returning the motorcycle, he had taken a cab back to the house. The day was coming to a close as late evening overtook the sky. After paying the cab man, he saw Hillary's small car in the drive through. She had beaten him home. He was eager to see her, and he walked with a purpose. After unlocking the door to get in, then relocking it behind him, he called her name.
No answer.
Nearly all the lights were off, except for the one in their room. He followed the light and when he entered their room, he saw her sitting there waiting for him on the bed.
"Hello, Daddy," she said. He did a double-take.
"Where did you learn to talk like that?" He asked, but it did do something pleasing to him when she called him that.
"Does it matter, Daddy?" She asked and wrapped her arms around his neck. Still, he noticed her eyes flicker to the bed. He noticed a magazine sticking out. He was familiar with that publishing name.
"Hillary, you bought a porn magazine?" He asked and the thought made him giddy. She never ceased to surprise him and he got a kick of imagining her innocent-self buying it.
"I was curious," she said in a whiny voice and jumping up and down. He knew what she wanted. He picked her up in his arms.
"Curiosity kills those kitties you love so much dear," he said teasingly.
"Don't you mean pussy cats?" She asked giggling at the dirty word she had used .
"Are you gonna be naughty now? Is that it?" He teased and his hands moved to her ass. She seemed to be enjoying this as well. She moved her lips to his ear.
"I want you to hump me," she said. He couldn't believe he was hearing her right.
"The sooner, the better, daddy," she said giggling still. He placed her on the bed and did as she asked. He began humping against her sex, but still clothed, their fabric causing more pleasing friction.
"Is this something you read about in there?" He asked through gritted teeth as he saw her writhing beneath him in pleasure.
"Yes amongst several other things. Don't get your hopes up, I'm throwing that magazine away," she said her hands going to his back. She seemed to be pink and nearly out of breath.
"You're so jealous. Even when I'm humping you," he said. He still found it adorable.
"Yeah, well, you belong to me," she panted. He went on for a little longer until they were both out of breath, then he stopped. He was lying down on top of her now, and she gently played with his hair.
"How was work?" He asked. She then went on to tell him all about the children she had met and duties she would soon have. The joy in her voice made him happy as well. They laid there for a while, listening to each other's breathing. She had been spontaneous tonight and now he felt that it was his turn.
"You want to go on a late night drive, in my car this time? Don't worry, it won't be in town like last night."
She agreed.


They had parked the car as they had decided to walk in the open clearing. He had driven them to a meadow, a hill top actually and while there were hiking trails, there was no one else in sight. He looked down at their interlocked hands. Hers was so small compared to his, and also very soft. After a while they heard music and he suggested they go check it out. Hillary was more cautious, saying that it wasn't a good idea. He won her over however, by saying that the music didn't sound menacing. It really didn't. It sounded like folk music and ukuleles and banjos were being strummed.
To their surprise, they came across what looked to be like a concert going on. There was a stage and a fence that was in the clearing. Stage lights and the whole getup was there, including a crowd.
"Must be some college band. Have you ever snuck into a concert before?" He asked playfully.
"I don't think sneaking in will be necessary," she said.
"It's the fun part," he replied. He pulled her gently alongside him to where the fence was.
"Can you climb?" He asked. She gave him an incredulous look.
"I've never climbed a fence before and I'm wearing a skirt," she whispered. He looked down, ah yes, that beautiful skirt.
"No problem, climb up on my back," he said. She did and he began to climb effortlessly. After they jumped the fence, he helped her get down.
"Really, climbing the fence wasn't necessary, there was an opening right there," she said pointing to a opening in the fence that would have allowed them to slip through.
"What fun would that have been though? Now come on," he said. They joined the crowd in watching the band perform. He wrapped his arms around her waist from behind and cradled her as they listened to the music. The band was good and they sang several popular songs. He swayed Hillary and his own body back and forth in time to the music and he could see that she enjoying it. Every once in a while, when a song he knew was played, he would sing into Hillary's ear and she would blush. After a while, the crowd began to die down and the band played one final song. He noticed Hillary was on the verge of sleep.
"I'll carry you to the car," he said and scooped her up in his arms. Like before, her fingers held onto his shirt and she began to close her eyes. He looked down at her, sleeping in his arms, and it was so fucking incredible. The fact that she trusted him enough to sleep in his arms was everything to him. The dragonfly necklace he had given her, was shining in the night and he loved how it looked on her.
His mind went back to her at the daycare and how quickly the children had taken a liking to her. The child that looked like him had caused a stir within him. To see her there, talking with a child who could pass for his, made him think of what it would be like to have a child with her. It was so fucking insane as he had never wanted such things before. Yet, the thought of Hillary with full rosy cheeks and a round pregnant stomach carrying his child did something to him. He fucking loved her. Maybe someday, maybe a few years from now, they could start a family and for once he was thinking of the future in optimism; not knowing that his days with her were numbered.