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She was panting and her face was a bright pink as she was pressed against the bathroom door. It had been two days since they had moved in together and everything had been wonderful.
That is until now.
It's not that something bad had happened, but rather something awkward. She had been coming out of the shower and patting herself down with her towel in the bathroom when Bill had accidentally walked in on her, and he had seen her. Naked. His face had turned red as well.
"Uh, oh. I'm sorry. I'll go," he had said but his eyes had scaled her body and she had seen his hard on in his pants. He had seemed flustered and left the bathroom quickly and that's how she had ended up closing the door and pressing her back to it. They slept in the same bed and continued to kiss frequently and longer, but they hadn't done much more than kiss and the occasional fingering. So he hadn't seen her naked until now, and although she loved the way he had looked at her naked body, she was still a bit shy and embarrassed when it came to sex or anything too sexual. Still, she had gone on birth control, just in case. Just last night when she had been making dinner, as she had found that Bill usually ate frozen food, he had came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist and put her on the counter.
"Billy!" She had yelped putting down her stirring spoon stained with spaghetti sauce on the counter beside her.
"What are you making, little lady? You spoil me too much with your cooking," he had said flirtatiously as his hands had went to grab each side of the counter so he was leaning in towards her. She had rolled her eyes, she had made him steak and potatoes, chicken and rice, and so much more of her mother's recipes, and he had loved them.
"Spaghetti. Here, try," she had said picking up the stirring spoon and pressing it up to his lips. At this he had opened his mouth and sucked the sauce off the spoon, never breaking eye contact. "Mmm, tastes almost as good as you do," he had said continuing to lick the spoon seductively. She had felt an overbearing white-hot need for him. She had whimpered and he had placed one hand inside her skirt so it was hoisting up her vagina, and her sex was in his strong palm. His other hand had taken the spoon from her hand and placed it back on the counter.
"Do you want it?" He had purred into her ear and she had dissolved into putty at his seductive way of asking for consent.
"I want it," she had responded and his grasp on her vagina tightened and his other hand went to the back of her neck, pushing their foreheads together.
"Mmm, wish you could see how innocent you look. How hard it makes me," he had said before bringing his lips down on hers. Then, they had exploded. She had wrapped her legs around his waist and he had helped her, letting go of her vagina and moving both hands to cup her ass. They had collided into the kitchen table and he leaned against it, never breaking their embrace. Her hands had went to his bulge like she had before, and but this time she had begun to undo the zipper and she had been able to feel his immense throbbing for her. At that moment she had wanted him, sexually. It was an entirely new feeling and although she had felt desire for him before, the fresh idea of him pounding into her had been something new to her mind. So she had broken their embrace as she had been too surprised by her sudden want. He hadn't done anything wrong, it was just that she was still iffy about taking the plunge and having sex with him. Would he even want to? She hadn't said anything after breaking their embrace and had instead continued to make dinner. Bill had seemed confused but he had given her space. They had eaten dinner together and after doing some school work they had gone to sleep. They had cuddled in bed but she had felt the awkwardness between the two of them. She had felt Bill's worry about perhaps overstepping her boundaries. They hadn't said anything as they fell asleep and she hadn't seen him this morning as he had left a note saying he had gone to campus to finish filling out the paperwork of moving out of his dorm,
So they hadn't seen each other.
Until now.
Still flustered, she finished patting herself down and putting on her underclothes then her sweater and jeans. She methodically combed her hair and put on her glasses before stepping out into the hall. The house was small and had only the essential furnitures so far including, one couch, their bed, a small kitchen table, and their telephone. She had pulled from some of her savings to buy a fridge, despite Bill's protests. He hadn't wanted her to buy anything because he wanted to be the one to buy her things.
"You already bought the whole house, Bill. Let me contribute to it to," she had said.
So she had bought it and had enjoyed watching Bill set it up.
"Damn thing is bigger than me," he had complained making her giggle.
Fortunately the last owners had left the stove and oven as a courtesy and although it was old it still worked and she had been able to make them her mother's recipes, much to Bill's delight. She had been able to buy a month's worth of groceries for them from her bank account as well, but she knew she would have to get a job even if it bothered Bill. They had a small argument about it when they had moved in the first day.
"But I want to get a job, Bill. It would be fun and I like to work," she had said truthfully. She had been planning to get a job at some point anyways since even if she hadn't moved in with him, she would still have to buy essentials.
"Yeah but I'm supposed to be the one to provide. Hillary, I saw my mother work so hard because my stepfather was lazy and I don't want you to go through that," he had said seriously.
"I understand that, but it's not the same. I want to work and how about a compromise? I can work for groceries, you can work for the electricity bill and we can spilt the monthly bill and take turns paying the water bill," she had said. It had taken a bit of coaxing but he had agreed so they had gone job hunting and applied to various places.
So it was small, compact, and cozy, even if it wasn't much. She loved moving in with him and these past two days had been filled with moving into the house, finishing this week of classes, and shopping, and job hunting. It was now the weekend thankfully, and she was looking forward to what the day held, but now given the fact that Bill had seen her naked and they both felt awkward about it, she was hesitant in entering their room. Her thoughts went back to her argument with May as she had been moving her things into boxes to leave the dorm.
"Hillary, I just don't think it's a good idea to move in with him. Maybe you should wait," May had said still trying to convince her that she had seen Bill with Bambi.
"I told you I'm moving in with him and there's nothing you can say to stop me. So please stop before I get mad again," she had said. She had been annoyed with her roommate, she wanted to be her friend but she didn't like that May was pinning herself against Bill.
"Well, fine. I'm just saying you should take it slow," she had said. At this Hillary had grown more annoyed. She had been taking things slow her whole life and she had waited. People always say that good things came to those who waited, well now a good thing had come to her and people wanted her to continue waiting? Not likely.
"Look just because you and Chris aren't moving fast enough for you doesn't mean you can pin this on me," she had said angrily. She had immediately regretted it but the damage had been done. May had left the room and that was the last the two girls had spoken since.
Now as she lingered in the doorway to her room with Bill, she missed her friend. It still didn't change the fact that she was mad at her for accusing Bill of being with Bambi. She hadn't bothered to ask Bill about it because it was so preposterous! They had been joined at the hip for two days and he had made it clear that he had no interest in Bambi.
"Hilly?" Bill's voice broke her concentration. He was sitting on their bed with a school notebook open in his hands. She realized that she must look ridiculous just standing there and zoning out. "Huh? I'm fine, sorry just thinking," she said pushing her glasses back onto to her nose as they were falling towards the tip again. She then moved to put her pajamas and clothes she had taken off before her shower into her laundry hamper. Unfortunately, they didn't have a washing machine so she would have to do her laundry on campus, even though she didn't want to be there ever since last time. "Are we okay? I'm sorry if I did something," Bill said softly. She turned around to look at him, he had been more tender and affectionate recently and it was strange, not a bad creepy strange, but it felt like he was trying to make up for something.
"We're okay," she said and walked across the room and busied herself with arranging Bill's books in alphabetical order just for something to do and to hide the blush on her cheeks. She thought it was funny how he had complained about moving the fridge but not his huge bookshelves. He came up to her and gently took the book she had out of her hands and placed it on the shelf carefully.
"Talk to me, are we really okay?"


Seeing her naked had left him flushed and embarrassed after her pulling away from their embrace last night. One minute she had been so beautiful, completely wrapped around him and pulling down his zipper, the next she had ended it without another thought. It had left him wondering if he had done something.
Then his dumb ass had gone and opened the door on her while she was naked.
That had been a sight.
She was so fucking beautiful, rosy pink and porcelain skin covered with small almost invisible freckles and still soaked from the shower. Still, he hadn't looked for too long because he had entered uninvited and he realized how awkward the situation was.
Now she stood there, pink pouty lips and youthful round eyes, thoughts always in motion.
"If I did something wrong or hurt you in any way you need to let me know so it won't happen again," he said taking her small hands in his. His hands were four times bigger than her own and he completely covered them.
"You didn't do anything wrong," she said but she looked down and bit her lip. Fuck, she always managed to arouse him in some way even when she wasn't trying to.
"But?" He probed knowing from the way she seemed to be flushing that there was more.
"It's just I'm still getting used to this, you know discovering my sexuality and everything. Last night was just something new that I discovered about myself, I never knew I could feel that much sexual desire and it was surprising," she said. That made sense to him. Despite how much of a natural and quick leaner she was, she was still that shy girl from the library and all this was new to her. That was fine with him. he could remember how he had felt the first time he had been sexually attracted to a woman, he had been confused and overwhelmed. Most people felt that way, but most people dealt with it alone, Hillary wouldn't have to do that, she had him.
"That's fine, baby. I told you we can go your pace and whatever that means I'm fine. This is new, I get it everyone's felt that way, but if you ever have any questions or want to know anything you can ask me," he said bringing up their joined hands to kiss hers. She was looking at him so gratefully and he felt a bit of shame, she trusted him so much, and he knew he didn't deserve it, not after what he had done.
"So you'll be like a teacher?" She asked giggling.
Fuck, who was he kidding? Despite all his experience, with her, he felt like he was feeling everything again for the first time, in the way things are supposed to be felt.
"Yeah, your sexual teacher and you better not leave me a note telling me I stink or you'll be punished," he said playfully to which he earned another giggle.
"So we have the whole Sunday to ourselves, what do you want to do? We can study, read, play a game, anything you want," he offered.
He could tell that her mind was turning and she was once again thinking.
"You know what you said about binding me the other day? I want to do that," she said completely taking him off guard.


Her wrists were bound tightly with Bill's belt onto their bed frame and once again she was panting
although Bill did nothing but sit and watch her quiver. She wanted this, she wanted to touch him and do more with him and even though she was discovering her sexuality and finding out things about herself she never knew she wanted; she knew without a doubt that she wanted him.
"So is this all binding is?" She asked innocently making Bill chuckle.
"No baby. There's usually more touching involved which is why I was gonna ask what do you want me to do to you?" He said still sitting on the edge of the bed watching her closely with that piercing gaze.
What did she want him to do? Everything.
Yet, she wanted to continue the pace they were at, pleasuring each other but slowly.
"I want you to touch me, in any way you can but I still want to keep my clothes on," she said implicitly saying she didn't want to have sex, at least not yet. Bill raised a brow.
"Okay, I can do that, pretty baby," he said and came up to her so he was hovering over her but not touching. He lifted the top of her shirt just enough so he could gently touch the bare skin of her stomach. His touch was so light and comforting against her flesh. He then pressed an incredibly passionate and warm kiss on her stomach that sent shivers through her body.
"So beautiful," he whispered and she trembled again and he laughed.
"I'm barely doing anything to you," he said obviously taking pleasure in how she melted at everything he did.
"I know but you're so wonderful, everything you do is just so hypnotic," she said and at this he came up to her more so he was hovering right over her face. He licked his lips and she desperately wanted to touch his face and pull it to hers. She now understood the reasoning behind the binds and while it send an erotic thrill in her she wanted to touch him, but she guessed that was the whole purpose. She struggled against the belt.
"Silly girl you wanted to be bound up," he said still biting his lip and driving her crazy.
"You want to touch me huh? Want to grab me and mark me as yours?" His lips were so close to her own now that she could feel his breathe against her face.
"Well you can't but I can sure mark you," he said and his lips came down on hers. He wasn't quite kissing her, instead he was sucking in her lower bottom lip and he bit it roughly. She whimpered but that only earned her another bite. He then moved onto her neck and she so badly wanted to wrap her fingers in his hair like she usually did. She pulled her wrists roughly against the bind causing the whole bed frame to shake.
"Patience baby," Bill said pausing from his necking. He then continued to mark her flesh which was never free of hickies these days since she had met him.
"You're having all the fun it's not fair," she complained but he only moved on to kissing her collarbone, pulling down on her sweater so his lips could make contact with her skin. At this point, she was fed up and wanted to touch him so incredibly bad, even though she was enjoying his kissing, she wanted to do some kissing of her own. She realized that her feet weren't bound and brought up one foot and playfully kicked him in the head. He paused from his kissing and looked at her.
"You kicked me," he said somewhat amused and his lips tugging up at the end ,almost revealing a smile.
"I want to touch you and if you won't let me I'll get creative," she said kicking him again. Bill seemed to like this game and his eyes danced with competitive danger.
"Shouldn't have done that, sweets. Now I'm gonna have to tie your feet down too," he said and he stood up to do the bidding, retrieving something shiny from his suitcase. She on the other hand was thinking of her next move as he revealed what looked like very provocative leg cuffs and bound her up more.
"Why do you have those?" She asked giggling as he came back to her and resumed his kissing on her collarbone, rougher now.
"They're sex toys," he mumbled against her skin. His hands now went to her hair, fists grabbing tufts of curls as he slid his tongue into her mouth and grinded against her. At last her mouth could touch him in some way and she bit his tongue now.
"Fuck, naughty girl," he said and yanked at her hair gently but still with a bit of force. "Fuck naughty boy," she said copying his language and now moving her hips up in an attempt to still touch him in some way.
"Don't curse, Hillary," he said but shook his head in amusement. He didn't like cuss words coming out of her mouth, it wasn't like her. He still thought it was funny however. He began to grind against her hips faster so she couldn't keep up her little shimmy against him.
"So fast," she whimpered and he glanced down to make sure he wasn't hurting her. He wasn't. In fact, Hillary's eyes were closed and her mouth was open; her face a clear expression of pleasure. He increased his grinding speed, the hard on in his pants smacking against her thick thighs. Then something happened.
All this physical contact, the heat, the erection, it all reminded him of what he had done with Bambi. He felt sick with himself and began to slow down. Hillary didn't seem to notice his change in mood. "I wanna cuddle," she complained almost like a little kid; her voice high pitched and whiny. Her eyes were pleading. She wanted him badly, he could tell. Would she still want him if she knew what he had done?
"I want cuddles, Billy," she whinged again, lips plump and rose colored; swollen from his biting. He untied her and unbound her feet and kissed her wrists gently. Instantly she curled up next to him like a kitten.
"You okay? Your wrists don't hurt too bad do they?" He asked positioning himself so he could wrap his arms around her small body. She nuzzled his side.
"I'm fine you worry about me too much. I'm not a baby," she said but he could tell she liked his worrying. Fuck his worrying had been part of the reason why she had agreed to the drag race, she got off on it.
"You're my baby," he said and kissed the top of her hair. Fuck how he loved that hair. It was so soft, springy, and smelled so good. What he really liked though was the fact that her blonde was more subdued, a cream color, rather than a cheap bimbo platinum. He felt her body shift, even though it was the slightest shift.
"What's wrong?" He asked. She was quiet and her little fingers clenched at his black sweatshirt. "May and I had a fight," she said. Her room mate? Fuck, what had she said?
"Oh. Really, what about?" He asked; hoping his voice didn't betray his worries about May and the discussion he had with her where he had told her to keep her mouth shut.
"You," Hillary whispered. He pulled her back a little so he could look at her. Her blue eyes were so vulnerable.
"What about me, sweets?"
She looked almost fearful.
"May said she saw you leaving Bambi's room the night I slept over."
Fuck. He had told her to keep her conspiracy theories to herself. Except, they weren't conspiracy theories. It was true and deep down he knew he shouldn't be mad at May. He should be mad at himself.
"I don't think I could bear it if you hurt me. I'm scared of what I would feel, you mean so much to me," Hillary went on.
His heart was breaking. She shouldn't have to be feeling this.
"I was with you the whole night. Believe me there was no other place I wanted to be that night than curled up with you," he said. The first part was a lie, the second the truth. He would have much rather have been with her.
"That's what I told May, but why would she say that?" Hillary inquired a little more at ease now. How easily she believed him! Fuck he didn't deserve any of her trust.
"I dunno. I don't know how chicks think, except you and even then I still struggle. Probably jealous is my best guess," he lied through his teeth again. Hillary wrapped her arms around his waist;making good on her plead of wanting to touch him. She snuggled up against his torso. She felt so good.
"You wouldn't hurt me," she said confident now and he died a little more on the inside.
Still, one hand went to her hair; gently combing his fingers through her tresses.
"I don't want to hurt you," a truth. Everything he said to her was either a truth or a lie now. She
began to kiss his neck and his body automatically relaxed. His mind, however, was still worried and ashamed. She was mimicking his necking; moving her lips in the same way he would do to her, and making the smacking noises he would. Now, she added something of her own. Her little fingers went to the nape of his neck and stroked the skin.
"Fuck. Hillary you have no idea how good that feels," he moaned. She had no idea the affect she had on him. She had become his drug and he couldn't get enough of her. It was insane. It was fucking unprecedented. Most of all it was real.
"You're mine," she said all of a sudden sounding a bit possessive and biting his neck. Holy hell, he had no idea she could get like this. Perhaps she didn't either; not until now.
"Say it. Say you're mine," she demanded. He remembered how jealous she had gotten the first time she had found out about him sleeping with Bambi when she had ditched him. She had seemed to have held back then, but now she wasn't.
"All yours. All yours," he assured her. Damn it, everything he was belonged to her now and he loved it. She nipped at his neck some more, her lips were turning and she seemed to be trying to spell something on him.
"Say your body belongs to me," she said pausing in her nibbling.
"This body belongs to Hillary. Only Hillary," he groaned out. Her little hand wrapped around his neck now and pushed it forward so his face was buried in her hair. Whether it was intentional on her part or not, her sweet scent engulfed him. She was everywhere. In his thoughts he had all the images he had experienced of her: the first time he saw her, her reading in the library, cleaning her dress, watching her at the art museum, her tight dress and glistening cheeks at the drag race, and the first time he had kissed her.
"All yours. Only yours," he said now, no longer needing her to demand him. He kept repeating it, he couldn't stop.
It was only when Hillary pulled back and looked proudly at what she had marked that he stopped, mouth dry and out of breath.
"What? Why are you smiling? What did you do?" He asked curiously. She gave him a finger, telling him to wait and stood up to retrieve something from her own suitcase.
A hand held mirror.
She gave it to him and he raised it so he could see his neck.
He now knew why she looked so proud.
She had given him hickies on his neck that formed an 'H.'
"What the hell do you need me as a teacher for? You do just fine on your own," he said genuinely impressed.
She mock bowed, like a little dork.
Fuck, how he loved her.
Still, he caught a bit of sadness in her eyes. What was that about?
"Hillary are you okay? You seem a little sad. You're trying to hide it, I can tell. Are you happy here?" He asked. Like he had said, he was able to tell what she thought at times but he still struggled.
"I'm happy here with you. I just miss May, she was my first friend I made at Yale," she said. He had no answer for that, it was his fault she was arguing with her friend. He pulled her closer and kissed her softly, channeling all his feelings for her in that kiss. Still, it didn't change the fact that if it weren't for his wrong doings, the girls would still be on good terms.
"You know Halloween is coming up. Did you want to go to that carnival the campus is putting together?" he asked. He felt guilty that she had fought with her friend because of him and his actions. The worst part was that May was right and had been telling her the truth, but she had trusted him and believed him. He wasn't going to keep her here in the house without giving her the opportunity to make new friends or try new things, that's not who he was and he loved her so much that he wanted her to have every opportunity the world had to offer. Plus he had seen the all the fucking flyers over the campus. It looked very G-rated, and appropriate for innocent Hillary. "Student council is in charge of that right?" she asked hesitantly. He knew what she was thinking, like she had said before she hadn't had good experiences with the regular student held parties. "Yeah it won't be like the things we've been to, since it's run by administrators and student council. We can dress up too if you want, there's a costume contest," he said adding the last part in more for her benefit. Truth be told he didn't want to fucking dress up but like he said he wouldn't deny her anything, not after the nonsense he had done with Bambi.
"Yeah we can go it'll be fun and the costume contest sounds cute we could do a couple match," she said the excitement in her blue eyes was adorable and fuck he wanted to beat himself up for being so snappy with her at first and for betraying her and her trust.
"We should go look at costumes soon before they run out and we get stuck with something ridiculous," she said laughing a bit.He rolled his eyes she was probably imagining him in some stupid get up. She was right the last thing he needed was to be stuck in some spandex or shit. The thought of spandex scared him.
"How about we go now?" he asked.


She was going through the racks at a small seasonal Halloween shop and Bill was at her side anxious to see what she would pick. He was just hoping she wouldn't choose anything that would make him look dumb.
"You can relax you know I'm not going to choose something embarrassing," she said seeming to read him. He chuckled a bit and put his arm around her waist; sniffing her peach scented hair. "Was I that obvious?" He asked. She did that little girl giggle and he kissed the top of her head. He was sure that he would never want to stop touching her.
"How about these?" she asked pulling out two Mickey and Minnie mouse costumes. It seemed okay, they both looked casual with matching black shirts. The Minnie one came with the signature red and white polka dotted skirt and the Mickey one came with overalls. He was about to tell her it was fine when he noticed that a see through bag came attached with the outfits. It came with huge costume white gloves and mouse ears.
Fuck no.
"Aw come on I'd look stupid in those ears," he complained.
"I think you'd look cute," she replied. She would look cute, he on the other hand would look like an idiot.
"I'd wear it without the ears or gloves," he said trying to compromise.
"But then we wouldn't match. You would just look like some guy in overalls."
Sounded fine to him.
"That's who I'll be then some guy in overalls," he said. She just sighed and put the costumes back on the rack and continued searching. Fuck, that's exactly what he meant! She didn't even look too upset but just knowing that he had denied her something made him feel guilty. He couldn't believe he was about to agree to this.
"Alright we can wear this and the ears and the whole get up," he said taking the costumes back off the rack. She looked at him surprised.
"Are you sure? If you don't want to we can wear something else really it's fine," she said but he could tell she had really taken a liking to the costumes.
"We're wearing this. Who knows maybe having four ears will give me super sonic hearing." he teased. She laughed at his corny joke. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder as they walked to pay for the equally corny outfit.


She was making chicken Parmesan for lunch when the telephone rang. She went to answer it as Bill was now in the shower himself. On the way back from the costume store he had stepped in dog poop and had decided that his shoe getting cleaned wasn't enough to get rid of the smell. She had thought it was funny and the fact that he had driven her slugbug, as it was now useable thanks to his mechanic skills, with no shoe on was funnier.
"Hello?" She asked her finger messing with the curly cord of the pink phone. Like most of their furniture and accessories, they had gotten the phone at the Goodwill.
"Is this Hillary Rodham?" A woman's voice asked over the line.
"Yes, it is," she said. The woman sounded older so she doubted it was one of Bill's old play things.
"I'm Olivia. I'm calling in regards to your application to work with us at the children's daycare. We'd be glad to have you as part of our staff. When can you start?" the woman asked.
Hillary was happy at being accepted for the job since she loved children.
"I can start as soon as tomorrow. I'm actually free to work any day of the week between two thirty and five," she said. Her classes ended at two and she didn't mind working. She had meant what she told Bill earlier, working was stimulating for her.
"Fantastic! I'll tell you what why don't you come by tomorrow at two thirty and we'll decide on your schedule then," Olivia said.
"Sounds perfect," she replied and hanged up after exchanging 'see you thens.'
She then returned to the kitchen to finish making lunch. Just like last night, she felt his presence at her back. He wrapped his arms around her waist and she loved it. He smelled divine, a mixture of aftershave, sultry charcoal, and his natural clean smell.
"You smell nice," she complimented as she finished with the Parmesan. She would have to move out of his arms to get the paper plates and plastic forks they used, but she didn't want to move out of his arms. Soon when she got her first paycheck she would buy real plates.
"Yeah, well I had to scrub extra hard to make sure I didn't smell like fucking ass," he said bringing his chin to rest on her head.
"It was poop Bill," she said laughing at him again. He had been making her laugh a lot, he was just so naturally funny to her.
"And where does poop come from?" He retorted.
"From asses," she answered and tried to get out of his arms to get the plates but he pulled her closer.
"Where are you going?" He asked gently tugging her to him again. She was suddenly aware of how big he was. So leanly muscular and incredibly tall. He was also very strong, but that didn't scare her. She trusted him.
"I was going to get the plates for lunch," she said as if it were obvious. Where else would she have gone?
"But you feel so good against me," he said lips on her hair.
"I'm hungry," she complained but her heart was thudding in it's usual 'I'm a heart and I love Bill Clinton' way.
"I have something else you can eat," he purred into her ear and her face grew hot. He did let go of her however and she was able to serve herself a plate. She was going to serve Bill too when he stopped her.
"You already made the whole meal, Hilly. The least my lazy ass can do is serve myself," he said and began to do so. She didn't argue and went to sit down.
"I got the job at the daycare," she told him as he munched on the food.
"Yeah? That's great, baby. You said you really wanted to work with children. I'm glad for you," he said and stood and up to go to the fridge. She could tell he was genuinely happy for her and it made her feel appreciated.
"You want a beer?" He asked as he grabbed one for himself.
"No. Water is fine," she answered and he grabbed a bottle of water for her.
"You're twenty four and you've never had a beer before," he said as an observation. She watched him. He remembered so many things they had spoken about over these last two days. He had asked about birthdays and when he had found out hers was only a few weeks away he had made a big deal out of it.
"It's going to be your best birthday yet, watch. It should be a national holiday," he had said with such conviction she hadn't been sure if he was joking or not.
"Don't be ridiculous and I missed your birthday so don't worry about mine," she had replied. His was in August and since they had met in the last week of September they had indeed missed his. "I'm serious. The day the light of my life was born should be a holiday. We're celebrating and you only missed mine because we didn't know each other then," he had replied. The light of his life.
She liked that.
"You're thinking hard about beer or something?" Bill now asked looking so gorgeous, hair still wet, and taking a sip of his drink.
"No. I don't know. I just don't really see the need to drink. I wouldn't want to get drunk," she said. He just nodded.
"So when do you start this job?" He asked.
"Tomorrow after class. I'll be going there at two thirty and working out my schedule when I get there," she replied eating more of her Parmesan.
"Nice. If you want I can drive you there," he offered.
"Yes that would be okay," she said. He again took a sip of his drink and his full lush lips wrapped around the bottle. He caught her looking and winked at her as he finished taking a swig. Her eyes went to the H she had left on him. She didn't know what had come over her but the thought of him with anyone else who wasn't her had made her so mad and jealous.
"You wanna do something tonight?" He asked still penetrating her with his gaze.
"Like what?" She asked. He licked his lips and oh god she felt herself dampen between her legs. "It's a surprise," he replied. So he had something planned? What was it ?The anticipation was killing her.
"Come on baby I'll take care of you," he said in that deep seductive southern accent.
"Okay, okay fine," she agreed. She needed to see what this surprise was anyways.
"Just one request. Wear something comfortable," he said making her interest peak more.


After lunch, he had gone out and told her he would be back later. He had arranged everything he needed for this surprise and now as he was driving his mustang back to the house with something extra in the trunk, he thought of what else he had done.
He had gone to arrange this surprise but along the way he had stopped to see Bambi. This time there had been nothing physical or anything of the sort. He had simply went to pick up some weed from her. He hadn't realized how much he had missed the stoned feeling until he had taken it the second time when he had done the dirty deed with Bambi as a deal for her to leave him alone. The drug had helped him get what he was doing off his mind in previous situations and in the situation with Bambi it had helped. It wasn't a complete fix, he had thought it would have taken everything completely off his mind.
That of course hadn't worked. He thought of that night now.
"It's a deal," she had said and he had began to unbuckle his belt.
He had pulled down his pants and underwear a bit so he had been still wearing them but his member was visible. Truthfully it had been soft, he hadn't been able to get hard, Hillary was the only person that could get him hard now. Bambi on the other hadn't had a problem and had removed her whole pants revealing her sex. She hadn't been wearing underwear and he had thought that gross. So she just sweated pussy sweat into her pants?
"If we're gonna fucking do this you better relax," she had said and pulled some weed from the inside of her bra. She had handed him the pipes and everything he had needed and he had held the joint back and blowed it.
Instantly it had taken affect and he was starting to feel more at ease.
"I go first," she had said and begun to palm him and give him a hand job. It hadn't done much for him but on the physical scale it hadn't been terrible. When she had been done her greedy bimbo ass had basically thrown herself at him.
"Your turn, pleasure me."
And he had.
Fuck those same fingers that had been in Hillary had been in that Bimbo and the weed had calmed him enough to get the job done.
It hadn't erased Hillary from his mind, however.
He had been certain that when he died he would still find a way to think of Hillary.
So he had put a stop to what he had done with Bambi, but he hadn't stopped it fast enough. "Okay you've had enough. It's time to keep up your end of the deal," he had said removing his fingers from her. It was strange but her fluids were more slime-like and cold. Hillary's had been warm and seductively slick.
"Fine. I will," Bambi had shot back and it had been obvious that she had seemed pleased. He was good at what he did, he had enough experience and the pleasure he brought women had been followed by commission that had allowed him to buy the house for Hillary.
Still the guilt, several years of guilt and all his dirty secrets Hillary still had no idea of, had begun to haunt him.
That is why he had gone to see Bambi for more of the drug, he needed it to calm him down. These past two days he had been using it without Hillary knowing and it did relieve some of the tension in his body.
One down one more to go.
The Bambi problem seemed solved for now but there was still fucking Scott.
Hopefully buying the house would solve that as Hillary wouldn't constantly be on school grounds. It was with all this guilt and past memories in mind that he now pulled to the shoulder in the road and took out the weed from his glove compartment to smoke another joint.
This was calming but Hillary was his true drug and medicine so after a while he began to drive again back to the house to see her.


She had been staring at their closet ever since he had left and she still had no idea what to wear. Bill had only said to wear something comfortable. What she was wearing now was okay to her, but maybe she could find something more comfortable.
Comfortable was subjective, for example when one goes skiing then comfortable would be a winter jacket.
She compared their wardrobe.
Hers was light while Bill's was mostly dark. As a matter of fact, most of his clothes was black except for a few gray sweatshirts.
She felt more comfortable in his clothes. It gave her the feeling of having his body on hers all the time.
She pulled out his long black sweatshirt that said 'Oxford' on it. She would wear this. As for bottoms, she was feeling mischievous. She pulled out a pair of his black jeans. They were really long, but she would make them work. She stripped down and changed into the outfit. As expected the pants were too long and she rolled the bottoms up and used one of Bill's belts.
Where even was he anyway?
What kind of a surprise was this?
She went to look at herself in the mirror.
She really looked at herself, long and hard taking in all the details.
Bill had said his favorite things about her were her eyes, lips, and hair.
She inspected them.
To her they were okay, but nothing beyond ordinary.
To Bill, they were his biggest weaknesses; he had told her that much when they had been curled up together the first night they had spent in the house.
"These fucking eyes. I would know them anywhere. Those fucking hypnotic eyes could take away my will and force me to do anything," he had purred into her ear.
"And these lips, those pink fleshy lips. I'm never going to get enough of kissing them. From the moment I noticed how fucking pink they were at that museum, I wanted to pin you against the wall and kiss you long and hard. I wanted to hear your sweetly innocent moans of pleasure," he had continued his hands going to her hair.
"Then there's this hair. This soft, thickass mane of yours that other people spend millions to get. I love it. I love feeling it's smoothness and when we're making out I love how it covers us."
All his words came back to her now as she looked at her reflection.
"Pretty baby?" His voice echoed from the hallway where he had just arrived.
She rushed to him. Something was different about him.
"You smell different," she said as he looked at her in awe. It wasn't a strong smell but she could tell that something was amidst about his signature smell that was unusual.
"Oh I stopped at a gas station," he said simply.
It didn't smell like gas.
Was he lying?
Why would he? It would be such a ridiculous thing to lie about.
Gas stations. She remembered what he had said about porn racks at the gas stations and again she felt that jealousy stir within her. Was she not enough? Was she going too slow to meet his needs? She felt her eyes begin to water and it was stupid. She wasn't sad but the mixture of emotions she was feeling was so intense.
"Hey. What's wrong?" Bill said tenderly coming up to her taking her in his arms.
She didn't say anything.
She was embarrassed that her face had betrayed her.
"Talk to me. Tell me what's wrong, tell me how I can make things better," he cooed softly stroking her hair.
She felt strange, why was she so easily jealous over nothing? She pushed him away and he gave her an incredulous look.
"What did I do?" He asked a hand running through his hair in distress.
She knew she was probably being unfair. She tried to calm down. His face was breaking her heart, she saw that he looked hurt.
"I'm sorry. I'm sorry I don't know what came over me," she said going to him now and taking his big hands in hers.
She needed to work on this jealousy she was feeling. She needed to allow herself to feel it but not to act out in a way that would hurt him.
"Did I do something?" He asked cautiously.
She didn't answer. Although she trusted him, there was the fear that he would cheat. Still, it wasn't fair that she had acted out over something he had said before they were together.
"Hillary please tell me," he said sounding desperate.
She looked down, she was too embarrassed.
"Remember what you said about porn racks at the gas station?" She said her face glowing red. He seemed to understand.
"Oh. Baby, no. I did not go buy a porno or a porno magazine if that's what you're thinking. Seriously, Hillary why would I need those now that I have you? Plus we don't have a TV," He said amusement in his voice. She felt a little silly for having worried about it now.
"But I thought maybe you did because I don't know as much as you and I can't keep up," she said and he picked her up, tossing her in the air and catching her like he had before.
"You're fine. Everything you do is perfect and you don't have to worry about things like that," he said this time pulling her to his chest when he caught her.
She relaxed into his touch. She still had one more question she had been thinking about since this morning.
"Bill what did you think when you saw me naked earlier?" She asked not looking at him again. He nuzzled her hair, he was always so affectionate like a puppy.
"I thought you looked stunning. Honestly. So sexy and those curves, holy shit," he said still nuzzling.
Sexy wasn't a word she would use to describe herself but coming out of Bill's mouth she embraced it.
"I guess we'll just have to make sure we never get a TV then," she joked and began to nuzzle back. He laughed.
"You're such a jealous little girl aren't you?" He teased and she could tell he liked her getting jealous.
Her little fists hit against his chest.
"You're mine," she said and even to herself she sounded like a defiant child. Bill, however, seemed to like her that way.
"All yours. Always. Now quit being silly and let me show you that surprise," he said and cradled her once more.


The sun was setting and as he took Hillary outside to where this surprise was he kept glancing down at her. She had been so cute when she had gotten jealous earlier, but it had only made him more sure of one thing: she could never find out about what he had done with Bambi and the bet. Seriously, if that's how she reacted to the thought of him engaging in porn, he could only imagine the reaction she would have to all his dirty deeds.
"Bill there's nothing here," she said as they stopped where their cars were parked.
"Are you sure there's nothing?" He asked knowingly. He followed her blue eyes as she tried to figure out the puzzle and just like her clever self she solved it.
"Bill why is there a motorcycle here?" She asked curiously.
"Cause we're going for a ride on it, baby girl, come see," he said taking her hand in his and guiding her. He had borrowed it from a junker who owed him a favor a while back.
"It's pretty," she said admiring the fire engine red color.
"Bill I don't know, about this," she said a second later; snapping out of admiration and becoming more cautious. This is exactly why he had thought of this. He had remembered how she had tried to be risky once and it had gone astray for her, but he wanted to mend that.
"I know you didn't have a good experience with speeding the last time, but I want to fix that. This way you can be risky and be safe at the same time because I'll take care of you," he said and handed her the red helmet. She automatically took it but it was obvious she was still thinking. "Do you know how to drive a motorcycle?" She asked but she was already strapping on the helmet. She was having difficulty and he guided her small fingers and helped her put it on.
"Yes. I've been going on these things since Arkansas. Now come on you're gonna have to sit behind me and hold on real tight," he said and she obeyed as they positioned themselves on the motorcycle.
"Wait. What about your helmet?" She asked from behind him. He rolled his eyes. He wouldn't wear one of those fucking things ever. He looked stupid in them.
"I don't need one," he said and began to make sure everything was in place before they would take off.
"What if you get hurt?" She asked concern in her voice.
That was fucking cute. The thought of her behind him, wearing his clothes as they were about to ride on this motorcycle turned him on so bad.
"Baby I've never gotten hurt. Don't worry about me. Now don't argue and wrap your arms tightly around my waist please. Don't let go," he said. She did as she was told and even nuzzled into his back. So fucking aroused.
"Okay. You ready?" He said and at her word they took off.
She was holding on to him tightly like he had told her to and as the sky passed them quickly it was wonderful. She yelped out an excited glee and her heart was racing like crazy but in a good way. The setting sun had caused the sky to be blurs of red, orange, and blue.
The wind blowed her hair back and she felt ironically completely at peace.

Bill had been right, after the disaster that the drag race had been, this was what she had needed to not fear the speed again. Bill directed them into town and the lights of many shops zoomed past them. Sometimes they would have to stop for traffic lights but she took this opportunity to nibble his ear and tell him how much she loved him.
After a while they stopped and he parked the motorcycle at a local diner. It had a feeling of the fifties to it. They ordered burgers, fries, and one strawberry shake that Bill had insisted they shared.
"Don't get creeped out but I've always had this fantasy of sharing a milkshake," he said as they ate.
"That's cute, Bill," she said and took a sip of the milkshake. His eyes stared at her lips on the straw and she felt herself blush.
"Stop doing that," she said but only half heartily. She loved when he looked at her but it always made her squirm out of shyness.
"I'm just looking at you," he said and winked. He picked up his burger and she watched his big hands practically cover the whole thing.
"Big ass hands," she giggled out. He raised a brow.
"You're so naughty and you love my big ass hands," he said but she could see that he was blushing as well.
For a second, it was like she was having an out of body experience and she could see them, young and blushing; each looking with admiration at the other.


Once they paid and finished eating, they walked back to the motorcycle.
"Come here," he said helmet in hand to help her strap it on. He put it on her snuggly and kissed the tip of her nose.
"You look so cute in this," he said.
"You'd look cute in one too," she said but he only rolled his eyes. She had been glad that he had seemed to know what he was doing and had not busted his head open.
"I'm fine. Nothing can touch me-"
"Hey Clinton!" A voice shouted.
She turned. It was Scott. What was this about? From the pale look on Bill's face she could tell he was tense as well.
"Get out of here, Scott," he warned and went to wrap an arm protectively around her.
Scott wasn't alone, he had brought two other guys with him. One of the guys was the boy who had introduced himself as Packer the night of the party. They were drunk.
"Nope. You can't tell me what to do, not after running away from campus," Scott said and the two other guys seemed to get a kick out of that even though it wasn't quite clever.
"Scott what are you doing?stop," she said finding her voice again and upon speaking Bill drew her closer to him.
"Hey Hillary. You're looking good, but what's with all this baggy clothes? You have a great figure, show it off baby," Scott said piss drunk and walking up to her.
"Scott I think you should go," Bill said ice cold and stern. She looked up at him, his face was lined with am intense gaze. Scott, however wasn't leaving.
He began to reach for her and he tugged on the shirt she was wearing. It scared her, there were three of these big drunk guys and only her and Bill.
"Don't fucking touch her," Bill said angrily and swiped Scott's hand away. He shoved Hillary behind him but she looked around his shoulder.
"Aw c'mon Clinton don't you want to share the pretty thing like old times?" Scott teased maliciously.
Like old times?
"No. Shut up and get the fuck out of here," Bill said angrily and his hands were behind his back. The left one was obviously searching for her, fingers reaching. She took his hand.
"No. I'm not leaving without her," Scott said roughly. For a moment she thought he was joking, but that changed when he came up and punched Bill right in the face.