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"He taught you how to what?" May shouted as they were walking down to class. The snow had melted enough for classes to resume a normal schedule but it was still a bit cold. Hillary shook her head in amusement at her roommate's reaction. This had been the reason she had saved the finer details of her day with Bill until after breakfast. She was sure that if she had laid the news to May at breakfast, then chocolate milk would be flying everywhere with chunks of cereal.
"You heard me," Hillary responded blushing. The thought of what her and Bill had done sort of sent a dangerous but pleasing thrill within her, she hadn't been able to stop thinking about him all night. She had gotten ahead on her work, but either way, her mind was always drifting to the boy from the library who was fast becoming an addiction to her.
"Hillary that's crazy, but good crazy if you liked it," May said mischievously. The two of them had gone over bit by bit what had happened between Hillary and Bambi and then later Hillary and Bill. She was relieved that May agreed with her and thought that Bambi was only being jealous. "Oh, I liked it alright," Hillary said her mind flashing to images Bill hovering over her as she touched herself to his words. They came upon the hall where her introduction to law class was. "May, this is me we'll talk later," Hillary said but her roommate stopped her before she went in. "Look Hillary I don't want you to take this the wrong way but there's something I need to tell you," she said. Hillary just nodded, but she did feel a bit anxious, she hated when people said things like this.
"Bill looks great and he does seem to care about you a lot but I don't want you getting hurt. Please be careful," she said. Her words surprised Hillary. Bill? Hurt her? Never.
"May I appreciate the concern I really do, but Bill could never hurt me, I'll be fine," she said. She was sure, she felt safe with Bill and he never seemed to want to hurt her.
"Okay. Are you sure you don't want me to meet you for your criminal law class later?" May asked knowing that, that was the class Hillary had with Bambi. Hillary was regretting telling her that as she didn't want her friend to worry, but at the same time it was nice to have a friend she could unload on.
"I'm sure. Look I'll be fine," she said and gave May two thumbs up before walking into the classroom.


Bill had woken up late and barley made it in time to his first class: divorce law. Truth be told, he didn't want to show up, but he knew that it was what Hillary would have liked him to do. Hillary.. She had looked so beautiful yesterday as she palmed herself at his words. He hadn't been able to bear it, he had wanted to take over, but he wouldn't without her permission. Still, he couldn't let her make herself come. No, he wanted to be the one to make her come, for him and him alone. That is why he had made her laugh before she could pleasure herself too much. A piece of paper was flung at his head. He turned around, fuck.
It was Packer. Bill took the piece of paper and opened it, it read: party at the lake house. Are you game? Bring your little blonde friend with you.
Bill clenched his fist at the thought of Packer even suggesting this after the nonsense at the drag race. Another important question was did these people ever get tired of their parties? Ironically, he had been an active participator at many Oxford parties, but things like that didn't interest him anymore, not ever since he met Hillary. He ignored the note and listened to the lecture for the rest of class, he even took notes.
"Bach bach, Clinton the chicken," someone snickered behind him. Fuck, Scott's posters. He hadn't been able to find the bastard but he doubted it would do much good. At long last, the class was over and he stood up walking out. A hand was on his shoulder.
"Bill, hey buddy. You didn't answer my note so what do you say?" Packer asked. What did he say? Fuck off is what he wanted to say, but he couldn't. Packer was the leader of the Royals and could make life hell for him, he had been through the hell that was bullying years ago and he wouldn't experience it again.
"I don't know," he settled for saying this neutral statement.
"Well you better figure it out. Scott has stepped up his game. I saw the posters he made to mock you in the dorm and in the men's restrooms," he said.
Fuck, now Scott was really going to get it.
"We don't want someone who is considered a chicken in our group. So I would suggest you come to our party, regain some status, and bring your girly friend. That is, unless you want her to show up with Scott again," he said in a offhand voice, but Bill knew that Packer was serious about this. He had known guys like this all his life, the type who craved competition and loved games. Hell, Bill had morphed himself into one of those guys in order to survive.
"She won't show up with Scott," he said. That he was sure of. Hillary was his and his alone. "Really? Well I'll make you a deal of our own. You bring Hillary and maybe you'll regain some status in my eye," he said. Bill thought this over, quite frankly he didn't give a flying fuck about what Packer and his bug eyes thought of him. Yet, if he was in good bearings with Packer, then he could convince him to call off the bet, or at least call off Scott.
"We'll be there," he said and then took off to look for Hillary.


She had forgotten that Scott was in her introduction to law class. That had been awkward, he had stared at her and he seemed almost angry. The whole class stared at her, no doubt remembering how she was the girl who had stopped the drag race. When that class at last finished, she tried to get out of there as soon as possible but she felt a tug on her arm. Scott.
"We haven't talked in a while," he said. His grasp on her arm was tight and it almost hurt her. "I've been busy," she replied. That was true, she had been busy, but not in the way he might suspect, she had in fact been busy with Bill. Discovering Bill in ways both emotional and physical.
"I wanted to apologize for the way I acted during the drag race I should have told you about the lake part," he muttered. She glanced down at his grasp on her arm and he seemed to get the message and loosened his grip, but remained touching her.
"Yeah you should have. Don't worry yourself too much about it," she said. To her, Scott seemed a bit odd and not genuine. Yeah, he was cute and even handsome, but if he was so worried about her and sorry for the way he acted why hadn't he called her? He had her telephone number.
"You didn't call me," she voiced this thought out loud not because she cared that he didn't call her but because she wanted to see what he would say.
"Well I guess I've been busy too," he said. They seemed to be talking about something more and she got the feeling that he knew about her and Bill. After all, Bill had taken her back to her dorm room after that terrible race. In fact, the whole student body who had been there had seen them, and she had gotten plenty of curious gazes from various girls. She could see it in their faces, they were all wondering what a boy like Bill could want with a girl like her.
"So you and Clinton, huh?" Scott asked. She crossed her arms for comfort.
"That's none of your business," she said but she knew her blush betrayed her. Scott's grasp on her arm moved to the small of her back and pressed her towards him. She didn't like that, he hadn't been hesitant like Bill usually was. Bill usually was hesitant while touching her, asking permission to try something new, and here Scott just without a second thought grabbed her how he wished. "He's not good for you," Scott said seriously. She was aware that Bill was her complete opposite and looked like a menace, but despite outward appearances and the way they may look to other people, she was certain of her feelings in Bill. Strange, she thought. Just a few days ago she would have agreed with Scott's words that Bill was bad for her and that Scott was better for her. Scott, who dressed cleanly and pressed like a good frat boy, and Scott who had never yelled at her how Bill had. These days spent with Bill had changed that, she suddenly became aware that as guarded and dangerous looking as he may be, Hillary knew more about Bill then she did about the supposed good boy here, Scott.
"Well that's not for you to decide," she said and pulled away from his touch. Maybe, Scott had real concern for her, but for right now and from what she knew, she didn't think this was the case. She began to walk away, to the library again.
"He'll hurt you. You'll see, and then you'll remember I warned you," Scott shouted after her. At that point in time, she thought he was being ludicrous.


Bill's stomach did flip flops when he saw her walking down the hall. She was wearing the pink sweater he had gotten her and some regular blue jeans. He also didn't miss the magenta scarf around her neck that covered all the various marks he had given her. When she saw him as well, her eyes lit up and fuck how he loved that. He breached the space between them until they were face to face in a now empty hall.
"Hey, sleep well?" He asked caressing her face gently. He had remembered that she had a free period this hour and that she would most likely be in the library again and he had been right to find her here in the library hall. He, on the other hand had his second class of the day at the moment, but fuck that, he wanted to see her.
"So well," she practically purred against his touch. He laughed and tugged at her scarf.
"Hiding my art I see," he teased and her face became hot while it glowed red. He could see it in those crystal eyes, that she was remembering what they had done.
"Well some art should be kept private," she said. His hands went to her hair, combing through the thick curly locks.
"Hmm, maybe you're right about that, or maybe you're just ashamed of me," he teased further. He knew that he was really procrastinating asking her about the party, but he also loved to tease her. "I'm not. You know how I feel about you," she said seriously. Oh, yeah I know, from the way you were grabbing at your pussy for me I know, he thought and smirked. Finally, he couldn't put it off any longer.
"You wanna go to a party tonight? At the lake house?" He asked. He saw her face become thoughtful.
"I don't know, Bill. I haven't had too good of an experience with those sort of functions ever since I got here," she said. He nodded, that was true.
"That's because you weren't with me. This time you'll be with me, I won't leave your side," he said. That was also true, if they did attend he would not let her out of his sight, not with the Royals there and who knows maybe Scott would come out of being missing in action.
"I don't know," she repeated. Fuck, as much as he hated it a thought had occurred to him: if he took Hillary to this party and showed everyone how much she was his, then the bet would most likely dissolve. Everyone would think of her with him and associate the two together that it would become pointless for Scott to continue in this endeavor as he would look desperate.
"So you're ashamed of me," he said sadly, he was faking it, he was guilt tripping her. It was ironic because he felt guilty tricking her but he kept thinking that this would dissolve all their, well his, problems.
"No! It's not like that!" She said falling for the bait of his guilt tripping.
"So why don't you want to go out with me alongside our peers? Do you think I won't protect you?" He said further guilt tripping her. He could see from the look on her face that she was about ready to surrender.
"C'mon, baby please. You can spend the night in my dorm room after," he said to sweeten the pot of his offerings. That had been a genuine offer and was not part of his guilt tripping strategy. He had thought to himself yesterday after she left, what it would be like if they never had to part ways or go to separate rooms.
"I'll go with you to this party if it makes you happy," she said. Fuck, there she was thinking of his feelings again, he didn't deserve her. He then realized that she hadn't said anything about staying in his room.
Realizing how it might have sounded he began to backtrack.
"Oh fuck. Hillary about the room thing, I didn't mean it in a perverted way. I just wanted to hold you and shit I didn't mean it like 'I'm gonna get in your pants', not that I wouldn't want to but-" his rambling was cut off by her finger against his lip and she was giggling again.
"Bill I know you didn't mean it like that. I will stay in your dorm room tonight on one condition," she said mischievously. What was she up to now?
"Anything," he said against her finger. He couldn't deny her anything, that much he knew.
"I want to wear your clothes to bed," she said.
Fuck, why the hell did that turn him on so much? The best part was that she seemed so blissfully unaware of what she was doing to him.
"You can wear anything of mine." He said and puckered his lips against her finger the way she had to his thumb. Except this time, the two didn't have to restrain themselves from touching the other. She removed her finger and replaced it with her lips giving him a quick peck.
"I'm going to the library want to come?" She asked. Oh he wanted to come alright, but it was a different meaning of the word.
"As much as I love you, I wouldn't be caught dead in that library again, plus I have a class right now," he said. Word was already getting around that he was soft and a chicken, and the last thing he needed was to be seen at the library, he would basically be giving Scott his next writing material.
"Well then you should go to class," she said and gently pushed him away laughing. She was so playful now, so full of light and life. He hadn't expected this much light and life from her the first time he saw her as he had found her dull, but he was starting to realize how wrong he had been. "Okay. I'll be at your dorm room at six tonight," he said and she simply nodded. As he walked away from her, he kept trying to ignore the voice in his head saying that this party business was a very bad idea.
The remainder of her classes had been a breeze, that is except criminal law. Bambi had sent her many looks that could kill along with her blonde clones who seemed to flank her everywhere.


Luckily, she had managed to find a seat far enough away from them with a buffer of students between her and Bambi, so she couldn't throw verbal abuse or pieces of paper at her. When that class had ended, Hillary had went along with her plan of avoiding Bambi by rushing out of that room. Bambi however, with her long legs, had managed to catch up with her and knock her over, sending her books flying everywhere. As she bent over to pick them up, she saw a faculty member approach Bambi. For a moment, Hillary had thought Bambi was going to get chewed out, but there had been no such justice.
"Bambi, your father wishes to see you," the professor had said. Bambi had followed him into the sea of students and that confused her. Her father? Had her father come to visit? Or did her father work at the school? It had all been so mind boggling and had bothered her for the rest of the day. Now, as she finished doing some last minute work in her dorm room, she waited for Bill to arrive. She had only agreed to this party ordeal since he had wanted to go so bad. She didn't want to go to another one of these things, but for Bill she would and besides, he had said he would protect her and so far that had held true. After all, he had been the one to protect her from the dangers of the drag race.
Now the matter of spending the night in his room.. well that was a matter she had been more than happy to agree to. He had been worried that his offer had seemed perverted or made him seem like 'one of those guys,' but to her it had seemed sweet. They had progressed from him yelling at her to leave his room to him now inviting her to stay the night in his room and she adored it. She was eager to see what that would lead to and she was more eager to see how he looked when he was asleep. People tended to look more peaceful when asleep and she craved to see Bill this way. She heard a knock at the door. When she opened it she was face to face with the boy she had come to care for so much.
"You ready?" He asked and he was a gorgeous sight leaning against the doorframe.
"Yes," she said and for moment she thought she saw a look of nervousness in his eyes but when she looked again and it was no longer there she assumed it was the light playing tricks.


Bill felt tense as he drove them to the lake house. It was by that stupid lake, of course, where the cars had nearly drowned themselves the other night. As they had been driving here Hillary had pointed to a red brick for sale house and mentioned how cute it was. It was cute and seemed very Hillary like and he tucked this thought in his mind. Now as thoughts of the party returned he hoped his plan of showing Hillary off as his worked, but somehow he still worried that things would get fucked up. When they at last arrived, he wrapped his arm around Hillary's waist and held her close. Fuck, he hated how he felt like he was using her, but it wasn't like that, he just needed to show everyone that she was his. The lake house was crowded with people and loud music played over a boom box. He led them inside. Someone offered them brownies but Bill declined.
"The food at these things are usually laced, they make you feel terrible," he explained to Hillary who seemed to be taking it all in. It was a typical party with people making out, smoking, getting drunk and playing beer pong. He just hoped Packer saw them so they could leave. As if on cue, the devil himself showed up.
"Hey! You made it! And who's this pretty little lady?" Packer asked as he came over to them. So he was playing dumb.
"This is Hillary, my girlfriend," he said putting emphasis on the last word. Packer didn't miss a beat and while he raised his eyebrows he was still slick.
"Well Hello, Hillary I'm Packer," he said.
"Hi," Hillary said. It was clear to Bill that she didn't like the attention.
"A bunch of us were going to play a game of truth or dare. Wanna play?" Packer asked and it was clear that he was asking Hillary only. Bill knew how those games usually went.
"No she doesn't," Bill said. He felt Hillary's gaze on him and before he knew it she was agreeing to playing.
"I'll play," she said and began to follow Packer. Bill cussed and realized that while he had good intentions, he hadn't explained to Hillary why he said no, he found that when he did that she usually did the very thing he was telling her not to do as an act of rebellion. He followed Hillary's small figure into a side room of the lake house.
Fucking hell, there were people sitting in a circle waiting to play and of course those fucking people had to consist of Scott, Bambi, and the golden retrievers.
"Hillary," he complained but she seemed determine now to do what he had said no to. She sat in between Scott and a golden retriever and Packer sat alongside Bambi. When Scott met Bill's eyes, he gave him a cold look. What the hell was this? Had Packer planned this? Somehow he felt that it was planned but that it was also accidental, besides Packer didn't know about what had gone down with Bambi the other day. Fuck it, Bill shoved himself on Hillary's other side between the golden retriever.
"The circle is only for people who are going to play," Bambi said cooly.
He rolled his eyes at the sound of her voice.
"Then I'm playing whatever," he said. He had played games like these before at many parties but now having met Hillary he saw how stupid they were.
"Okay I'll start, we'll make our way around the circle and you can ask anyone truth or dare," Packer explained for Hillary's sake. Bill hoped she would just chose truth every time because the dares could get nasty.
"Okay, Hillary truth or dare?" He asked her. Bill could see Bambi rolling her eyes no doubt jealous that she wasn't getting the attention.
"Truth," Hillary said.
"What is the farthest you've gone with a guy?" Packer asked. Bill felt Scott perk up. Bill himself wondered how Hillary would answer. Bambi said something under her breath about Hillary having done nothing with a guy. He could tell that Hillary heard that and that she was annoyed by it.
"A guy taught me to masturbate recently so I guess that's the farthest I've gone," she said. That shut everyone in the circle up. Packer and Scott briefly glanced at Bill, and well Bambi seemed on the edge of having a heart attack since her face was so red with anger. Bill tried to conceal his grin since he knew that Hillary took satisfaction in having proved the girl wrong.
"Wow, okay so now it's Bambi's turn ask someone truth or dare," Packer said. Oh no, Bill thought.
"Hillary, truth or dare, I know it's gonna be truth since you're a prude," Bambi taunted. Bill took Hillary's hand in his own. Fuck, why did he think bringing her here was a good idea?
"Dare," Hillary said defiantly. Bill knew she only chose dare to prove Bambi wrong again. Bambi had an evil look on her face,
"I dare you to kiss Scott."
Fucking hell no.
"She's not kissing anyone," Bill said protectively. But he had made the mistake again of speaking for Hillary and he found that she hated when he did that and would go out of her way to do what he had had forbidden.
"Bill it's fine. Trust me," she said. Fuck he hated this! Scott seemed to be beaming. Hillary pecked him on the cheek quickly then moved back to Bill's side,
"I meant kiss on the mouth," Bambi said.
"Well next time you should be more specific," Hillary said obviously proud of having found a loophole. Bill was relieved as well, he wouldn't have been able to bear it if she had kissed Scott on the mouth.
Now it was one of the blonde's turn.
"Bill, truth or dare?" She asked. He rolled his eyes.
"Dare," he said without thinking like he usually had when he used to play these games. People wouldn't get any truth out of him or know about his personal life. Now he realized too late that choosing dare might have been a mistake.
"I dare you to kiss Bambi on the mouth," the blonde said. He felt Hillary's eyes on him. Her words came back to him: 'I don't want you touching anyone else who isn't me either for whatever reason.'
"Hell no, choose something else," he said.
"Bill you know the rules," Bambi said tauntingly. Whatever, no one was going to make him do what he didn't want to.
"Shove the rules up your ass, Bambi. if you're not going to choose something else, Goldie locks, then it's my turn now," he said. No one questioned him or protested but he could tell that Bambi was furious, Scott was wondering, and Packer was just overall entertained. Suddenly an idea occurred to Bill, an idea that could accomplish why he had come here in the first place: to show everyone Hillary was his.
"Hillary truth or dare?" Bill asked. Her eyes seemed questioning, and Bambi again muttered something about being a prude. Good, Bill thought, for this idea he need Hillary to choose dare. "Dare," she said.
"I dare you to kiss me on the lips," he said. Hillary seemed confused for a second but leaned forward to give him a quick peck anyways, but this plan and idea of his required more than a quick peck. Bill pulled Hillary towards him and seated her on his lap. He then began to kiss her hard and passionately. Hillary responded to him like she always did by moaning and lacing her fingers in his hair. He then tore off her scarf, let them see, he thought revealing her hickey covered neck. His hands went to cup her ass all while still kissing her. Then, Hillary broke their kiss and shoved him away. Her face was red, but he sensed it was more of embarrassment than by being flustered from their embrace.
"That was hot!" One of the golden retrievers shouted. Hillary moved off his lap and stood up. "Excuse me," she said and scurried off. Fuck, Bill thought.
"Wow Bill nice job," Packer said but Bill didn't care for his approval or what any of them thought of him now.
He picked up Hillary's scarf and went after her. He found her outside sitting on the now empty porch as everyone else had gone inside.
"Baby?" He asked but she didn't turn to look at him.
"Hey I'm sorry are you mad at me?" He asked her. She now turned to look at him.
"No I'm not mad at you. How could I be mad at you for kissing me? It's just that was too much PDA for me in front of people," she said softly . He came closer to he and stroked her hair. He loved that about her, that she was so private like him and didn't feel the need to flaunt what they had. He, however, had wanted to flaunt what they had to annoy Bambi and to warn Scott to fuck off.
"Sorry baby. I only did it so Bambi could be annoyed. You should have seen her face it looked like she was having a heart attack," he said and was glad that the corners of her mouth flickered up showing a grin.
"C'mon am I forgiven? Are you still spending the night? I have some cool ghost stories I could tell," he said and earned a laugh from her.
"You're forgiven and yes I'm still spending the night. Jeez Bill is this like a slumber party to you?" She asked giggling. He picked her up and tossed her in the air effortlessly as if she were a small child, then caught her again. She was laughing harder now.
"It could be a slumber party. You can paint my nails too if you want," he said and threw her up again as she giggled in glee. This time when he caught her, he carried her bridal style to the car. "You're so silly Bill," she said still laughing.
"Only for you," he said. It was true, she brought out this playful side in him and he loved the feeling of being carefree. He carried her to the car not knowing that inside he had left a group of enemies who were now collaborating together.


Hillary had found Bill's behavior a bit strange at the party. First, he had been overprotective and while she found it comforting, she hated it when he said no and didn't give her an explanation. Hence, why she had defiantly agreed to playing the game just to annoy him. Still, he had acted kind of strange when he kissed her. Had it really just been to annoy Bambi? What more could it be? Was it Scott? Hillary hadn't mentioned anything about her conversation with Scott to Bill because she didn't want him to get mad. Now as she sat on his bed, he seemed back to normal. "Oh you said you wanted to wear something of mine?" Bill asked remembering her one condition. She was glad that it was dark in his room except for the lamp so he wouldn't see her face turning red like usual. She had wanted that to be her one condition as she wanted to be covered in his scent, she had loved wearing his jacket and she wanted to wear his clothes as it made her feel closer to him.
"Um yeah," she said and her voice came out squeaky. Bill raised a brow.
"You can choose something from my closet if you want," he said and began to move his book bag off the bed. He had been doing school work and his things were sprawled out all over the bed. Hillary liked that and she liked knowing that he was actually doing his work.
However, she didn't want to wear something from his closet, she wanted to wear something recent of his.
"I meant something you recently wore," she said and Bill paused in putting his things away. He looked at her as if he was trying to figure out what she was up to.
"Okay, uh, my laundry hamper is in the closet too if you want to go through that," he said and resumed putting away his school work. She nodded and walked over to the closet. She went through his laundry basket and settled on the black tee shirt he had worn the other day and a pair of black briefs. She had chosen the briefs as there was nothing else that seemed comfortable enough for bed as everything else was just jeans. She hid them behind her back as she wanted Bill to be surprised and went to change in the bathroom, his curious gaze following her the whole time. As she changed, she thought about what she was doing. She had never imagined herself as capable of this kind of behavior but with Bill she found herself always wanting to surprise him and be flirtatious with him. Once she finished changing she found that Bill had changed into his night clothes as well of a tee shirt and flanneled pants and was so sprawled out in the bed.
"Nice choice," he said as his eyes looked her up and down as she wore his clothes. She stood there blushing, he looked absolutely stunning laying there in the dim light with his hands behind his head. His eyes taking in her body up and down did something to her as well.
"You gonna come lay down? I won't bite unless you want me to," he said mischievously. She went over to him and crawled into the bed and immediately loved how the bedsheets smelled like him. Bill turned over onto his side to look at her and his finger lightly tugged on the end of the briefs she was wearing under the bedsheets.
"Any particular reason you wanted to wear something that I've worn recently?" He asked and continued to tug on the end of the brief's fabric. She looked down, not being able to meet his penetrating gaze.
"C'mon I'm dying to know. I won't make fun of you," he said. She knew that, but it was ridiculous despite everything she was still a bit shy with him. Still, she trusted him not to laugh at her so she gave him an answer anyways.
"I wanted the clothes to smell like you," she said in a small voice. Bill furrowed his brow then smiled while licking his lips.
"Yeah? Do you like how I smell?" He asked his voice low and teasing her. She felt her heart racing just by looking at him.
"Yes," she said. He smirked even more and moved closer to her.
"Do you like having me this close?" He asked.
Her heart pounded. She found that she liked when he got like this, more dominate, and suddenly she craved more. She knew that he would be hesitant to be dominate as he always was afraid he would come off as a pervert to her, but right now she needed him, and needed this.
"Mmm, I can see it in your eyes, you're thinking about me," he said. She felt her head practically pounding.
"Just shutup and kiss me already," she demanded unable to take the teasing. Bill chuckled but did as he was told and began to kiss her slowly. He was holding back, but she wanted more and she was going to get it. She reached for his hand underneath the bedsheets and placed it between her legs so it was holding her vagina.
"Hillary," Bill said seriously pulling his lips from hers but she wanted him to take control, to touch to feel.
"I want this, I want you to be dominant and touch me more. You won't scare me," she said as she saw that he was watching her closely. So much depth in those stunning gray blue eyes.
"I don't know, I don't know what I can or can't do with you. It's so confusing," Bill said. She moved in closer to him.
"We can do things like how we did yesterday I want to keep learning and I want you to be dominant Bill please," she pleaded. He gazed at her a while longer until his lips finally came down on hers again this time with more force..

She wanted him to be dominant and now she was going to get him, in full dominant mode. His lips were already overcoming hers as she could hardly keep up with him. His hand still remained gripping her sex and he squeezed it with a force. She gasped.
"You like that?" He smirked as he looked down at her and saw that her face was flushing every hue of pink and red.
"Do it again," she panted and he squeezed it harder than he had before and she began to giggle. "That was only the tip of the iceberg. You have no idea how good I can make you feel," he said. He wanted to show her and she had told him to be dominant after all. He tugged at the briefs and she nodded getting what he meant. He pulled them off and again he was greeted by the sight of her smooth vagina. He repositioned them so he was on top of her.
"I'm going to finger you, I'm going to swirl inside you," he said lustfully and her body was pulsating, she only nodded and he took his index finger and raised it up for her to see.
"This little piggy went to the market," he said and then shoved his finger in her. Her soft pornographic moans and little wet gasps made him feel hard. He moved his finger within her earning a yelp.
"Bill, oh god, so good, you make me feel so good," she said faintly.
He now lifted his thumb.
"This little piggy stayed home," he said and saw the look of disappointment in Hillary's eyes. She pouted. He chuckled and moved his thumb so it was against her lips.
"Suck it, with those pretty lips," he demanded still dominant and she was quick to comply. Her eyes were closed in a sort of euphoric passion as she sucked on his thumb, her rose petal lips wrapped around his finger and she looked amazing.
Bill, however wasn't done with his game.
"This little piggy had roast beef," he said and took his middle finger and shoved it in alongside his other finger. At this, Hillary bit down on his thumb, but he didn't mind.
Again he moved within her and his other hand, the right one, that wasn't doing the fingering touched the inner flesh of her thigh. Inside her, his fingers stimulated the g-spot and she gasped again, releasing his thumb in the process.
"Fuck, so tight and wet," he said and grunted as he repositioned his fingers. He was going to use the 'come hither' approach of using his middle finger and index finger to try to make her come, but first he need to finish his game.
"This little piggy had none," he said of his pinky finger which he quickly flicked across her vagina. Now, it was time for his ring finger.
"This little piggy went ... " he said as he used that finger to gently stimulate the clitoris from the outside.
Now it was time for the 'come hither' approach. Inside her, his index and middle finger were ready and his palm faced upwards towards her pubic bone, he made a 'come here' motion and she shouted in pleasure like he knew she would.
"Wee, wee, wee,
all the way home!" He finished his game as her ejaculation suddenly came flooding into his hands. It was warm and he saw her looking at him in complete awe and admiration.
"Bill Clinton, you'll be the death of me," she gasped panting for air.
He winked at her, and never breaking eye contact, he licked the come in his hands and then slowly went down on her so he could lick the edges of her semen stained pussy.
"I want to touch you," she whimpered. He continued to lick her pussy and when he was done he sat there giving her a dangerous look. He loved how vulnerable and desperate she looked for him and because of him. Now with this new permission of dominance, he wanted to tease her more. "No," he smirked. She raised her brows.
"What do you mean no?" She asked innocently. There it was again, that look of innocence despite having ejaculated for the first time and it drove him wild.
"It means you don't get to touch me until I say you do. I'm in charge right now," he said edging closer to her again and pinning her down against the bed by her wrists. He searched her eyes for fear or wanting him to stop but he saw only excitement.
"And right now I say you're gonna lay here and listen to what I want to do to you," he said. He would tease her, talk dirty until she was red throbbing for him and couldn't take it.
Hillary was under him, blood rushing through her ears and her head feeling like she might explode. She loved this side of him she had finally unlocked.
"I want to fucking mark every part of your body. Every part. Your neck, your back, even your sensitive little breasts. I would bite down hard on your nipples and when I was done I would move to your inner thighs, biting that tender flesh of yours," he said huskily.
White hot desire filled her.
"Bill," she panted. She wanted to tell him to touch her but she couldn't say the words, it was almost like she forgot how to speak. Then there was her throbbing vagina that seemed to beat along to every one of Bill's words.
"That's not all, though. I want to taste you. I want my tongue in that pink pussy and I want it to thrust into you, pleasuring you until you scream my name so loud that everyone in fucking New Haven knows you belong to me," he said now, still pinning her down. She was still amazed that just his words could make her fall all over herself and he looked so incredibly attractive looking down at her, his chiseled jaw tight. His lips moved to her ear.
"And if I were in you, I would never fucking pull out," he said. At this she let out an animalistic scream of desire.
"Bill, please," she panted, beads of sweat beginning to dampen her forehead.
"Please what? Finger you? Bite you? Spank you? Bind you? Take your pick, pretty baby," he said. Her eyes closed and then fluttered open again, she felt so incredibly on a natural high.
"Just touch me, touch my body," she moaned. He seemed to know exactly what she needed and his beautiful hands went up and down her body, caressing it. With this, he had released his grip on her and she was able to touch him as well. Her hands went under his shirt and she could see the exposed muscle. He trembled.
"You turn me on so damn much," he whispered in desperation. She took pride in his words and her hands slid from down his chest just right above to where his v-line was.
They gazed at each other, lust, love and amazement in their eyes. His mouth was pink, plump, and pouty and she wanted it on hers. That sinful mouth that from the moment it had touched hers had awoken this desire within her.
"Mmm, kiss me, kiss me with your beautiful mouth," she moaned. It was fast becoming her new favorite thing: kissing him. His lips met hers and it was a complete and utter firestorm. Her hands went to his back, under the shirt, so she could touch the well defined muscle there.
Her hands slid up and down his smooth back.
His lips were magic and pleasured her own by setting a fast pace.
"Your mouth tastes so good," she whispered as his lips moved to her jawline. She had never thought a mouth could taste so good but Bill's did. It was difficult to explain but it tasted like nothing she had ever experienced before.
"I love how you look in my underwear and my clothes," he said then groaned loudly and roughly as her hand moved to touch his bulge against his flannel pants.
She loved that sound, it was the hottest sound she ever heard and she would do anything to hear it again. She grabbed at the bulge again. This time, he groaned so loud that someone next door banged on the wall. They at last simmered down and were panting heavy. Bill was the first to recover and he stood up to get a wash cloth to clean her up. It was the same wash cloth that had cleaned her dress and he took it and clean her sex and inner thighs. He then, helped her put the briefs back on and went to lay beside her under the covers.
"Was that okay? I didn't hurt you did I?" He asked. She snuggled closer to him.
"No, it felt good. You felt good," she said and laid her head against his chest. He stroked her hair. "You felt good, too, so fucking good," he said his lips against her hair. She loved this, she loved that he could make her feel like if she was just as experienced as him.
"Is that the first time you had something up there? You don't use plugs?" He asked curiously and she laughed. Plugs? Who called them that?
"They are called tampons, Bill and no I don't," she said still giggling. He was so funny to her even when he wasn't trying.
"That's just a fancy word for plugs and so you use the diapers then?" He asked just as curious but he seemed amused by her laughter. She was in hysterics now. She loved that he could take her from panting out of lust to panting out of laughter.
"Bill they are called pads and yes!" She said and they were both laughing now. Bill shook his head in amusement as their laughter died down.
"You know I don't expect anything from you though right? That this wasn't the reason I asked you to come over right? Don't get me wrong I love, fuck, I love touching you but I don't ever want you for a second to think that, that is all I want from you," Bill said now serious. His words touched her heart, he was always so gentle with her and quick to remind her of this. She had never been the center of attention or have someone care about her as much as Bill does.
"I know that. You don't have to worry, I know that and I wanted this, I wanted you to touch me tonight," she said rolling over on her side to look at him. His arm went around her waist pulling
her closer and he looked at her in a way that made her stomach do flip flops. He was staring at her as if she was the most beautiful thing in the world.
"You are the best thing that's ever happened to me," he said and she felt herself blushing once again. She couldn't bear to meet his all too serious eyes and she looked down instead. His words touched her, but it was a little hard for her to believe them. Bill had been with so many women, experienced so many things, how was she the best?
"No. You are doubting what I'm saying but it's true. Let me tell you about more myself and then you'll understand what you mean to me," he said. She was attentive now, he was going to tell her more and she couldn't wait to hear it..

He was going to open up to her, more than he had before. Yes, he still wasn't going to unload all his dirty laundry on her, but he was going to take steps to tell her more. She deserved it and he needed to prove through actions that he was serious about their relationship and that it was not merely physical.
"Back in Arkansas, I wasn't always this bad boy asshat that people know me as now. I was bullied a lot for being overweight and that included swirlies, wet willies, and being punched," Bill said remembering those dark days where he had no one at school and also at home where his mother was working hard and held various jobs in order to raise him. Hillary hanged on to his every word.
"It was terrible. It stopped when I was sixteen as the summer before school started I began to run and exercise because it got my mind off the pain of being bullied. At this point my mother had married my stepfather Roger Clinton and he taught me to box," he went on. Hillary took his hand in her small soft one, offering support.
"That year, I fought the guys who had been bullying me and gained some respect and a reputation. I joined a group of tough guys at school and in order to fit in I had to be like them and do the things they did. I did drugs, I was with many girls, I stole things, all to fit in and I stuck with these guys until my senior year. Oxford was my way out, but at that point I had lost myself and I was too much like them so I just kept doing what I knew. My stepdad got well difficult I won't get too much into that right now and there was always tension in the house, I felt like I had no one," he said. He caressed Hillary's face now they had come full circle.
"Pretty baby now do you see? I've never had anyone who I could really spend time with or who wasn't scared of me. But now that I've met you, you've made me find myself again and you've shown me that
I don't have to continue to have that persona," he said and kissed her softly and slowly. He could taste her tears that had come from his declaration of love.
"I've never felt like I had anyone either. I was never anyone's favorite person either so thank you Bill," she said as their lips parted. He loved her, he loved this woman who was healing him, making him better.
"No, I should be thanking you and I love you."
"I love you too."


Bill was awakened by his telephone ringing. Hillary stirred in her sleep but didn't wake up and he took the phone and went into the bathroom to answer it. Who the hell would be calling him? Especially at this hour. He only called his mother every once In a while but no one had his number.
"What do you want?"he grumbled to whoever was on the other end of the call.
"Come outside in the quad ," Scott said. Fucking hell. How did he get this number? What did he want? Silently he slipped out of the room as to not wake Hillary. He had to find out what this was about and he didn't want Scott coming up to his room if he didn't come down and end up waking Hillary. It was cold and dark outside and he cursed. He was only wearing his tee shirt and flanneled sleep pants. He saw Scott and fuck he was joined by Bambi.
"What is this?" He asked angrily. The two shared a menacing book.
"Consider it insurance. Bambi and I have joined forces in order to each get what we want," Scott said. What the hell?
"Which is?" Bill asked angrily. He was sick of the riddles and the games which he had used to participate in with no problem.
"You see I know about the bet. Don't worry I won't tell on one condition," Bambi said. Fuck. Scott knowing about the bet was one thing but Bambi knowing? She would open her fat mouth and ruin everything. He couldn't let that happen.
"Bambi here wants you to be her boy toy like before whenever she wants, if not we'll tell Hillary about the bet," Scott said. What? Bambi must be crazy thinking he was going to touch her like before, he didn't want that, not after being with Hillary and knowing what real touch and feeling felt like. Then there was Scott what was in it for him?
"And you?" He asked Scott who just looked at him strangely.
"What I want will come in time," he said. Bill knew he was backed into a corner and just like when he was sixteen his first inclination was to go out swinging.
"So what's stopping me from kicking your ass and putting you in the hospital Scott?" He asked. He could beat Scott up easily and this would be over with.
"Like I said insurance . You see Bambi here is my insurance and her father is the dean of students. If you beat me up it'll be your word against hers. If you don't comply with our terms well I'm sure Bambi could make up an elaborate story of sexual assault and her father would have you out of Yale Law School before you know it," Scott said clearly enjoying this.
They had each found a common enemy: him.
He couldn't solve this, it all ended with him away from Hillary or her ending up heartbroken.
He felt defeated.
"It's okay, baby, this is how it's meant to be," Bambi said taking his hand. Her hand wasn't soft like Hillary's and it wasn't gentle or comforting.
"What do you want me to do?" He asked. There was no way out and he surrendered. I'm sorry Hillary, he thought.
"Well for starters we can go back to my room for a while. Don't worry I always hold up my end of the bargain, and I won't let Hillary know what I now know," she said. He followed her, if he got this done now he would be back in time before Hillary woke up. He felt Scott looking on.
'I don't want you touching anyone who isn't me either for whatever reason.'
As he went on to do the dirty deed he felt the chains from his past on him again..