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The next morning as Hillary woke up, she was pleased to find that New Haven was covered in snow. She loved snow and any sort of winter weather in general since she grew up in Illinois. "Hillary! It's a Snow Day!" May yelled excitedly having woken up really early to go to the bathroom and had ended up staying up when she saw the snow to listen to the school news on the radio in order to hear if classes had been cancelled.
"That's nice," she replied although she did feel a bit upset since she had been looking forward to returning to her classes. May, on the other hand, seemed to not mind the idea of a day off from law school.
"Yeah! It's great! Chris and his friends and I are planning a snow ball fight you should come!" She said enthusiastically. Hillary thought about it, a snow ball fight did sound a bit fun, but ironically she didn't like the cold. She loved winter weather and snow but only in appearance, her experiences of getting way too much slush in her boots as a kid had steered her clear of loving the actual cold itself.
"I think I'll get started on my overdue laundry instead. You have fun though," she said and started to get ready for the day. She chose a thick thermal auburn sweater and her orange jeans.
"Hillary, I love you but those jeans are awful," May said trying not to laugh. Hillary shook her head as she finished slipping into the outfit. As a last minute thought, she threw Bill's leather jacket on over her sweater.
"No they aren't. They are comfortable and I like the color," she said moving to the bathroom to finish her morning routine.
"Well, as long as you like them. Hey tell me if anything happens with Bill today I love hearing your stories! I'll catch you later," May said pulling a knit cap over her black hair and leaving in her usual May June whirlwind. As she brushed her teeth, Hillary's mind turned to Bill. She wished she had asked him for his number as well because she now realized she had no way of contacting him herself. Yes, she could go to his room, but she hated how that would look and she didn't like the idea of going to his room unannounced, she didn't want to seem clingy. So, she would do the only thing she could do: she would wait for him to call her. As she finished brushing her teeth, washed her face, and quickly took a comb to her hair, she grabbed her laundry basket filled with clothes and headed down to where the laundry room was. The laundry room was on the first floor of the dormitory and was located near the back of the lounge room. She was glad to find that the washing machine and dryer were unoccupied so she had it all to herself. After she finished putting the small load of clothes in the wash, she turned to make her way to the bathroom in the corner of the laundry room. She had eaten a lot of Bill's brunch snacks the other day and she was just now starting to feel it wanting to make a reappearance.
"Hey, Bitch," a voice said behind her. Hillary grew stiff, it was the voice of that brunette girl. She turned around and saw that the girl wasn't alone as she had brought two of her blonde friends with her. The brunette girl held a hamper of her own clothes filled with laundry. Great, so she is going to fight me over the washing machine, Hillary thought.
"I know you're not mute, you had a whole lot to say the other day when you ruined the drag race!" The brunette said setting her laundry hamper down and moving closer to Hillary. Hillary herself stepped back, realizing that she had ended up in a corner.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to," she stammered but she got the sense that no matter what she said this girl hated her.
"Bambi, we should go we're gonna be late for breakfast," one of the blondes said to the brunette. So her name was Bambi? If she wasn't so scared she would laugh. She wasn't exactly scared of Bambi but she was more scared of what they might do to her.
"Fuck breakfast, food will always be there. Right now I want to teach this little orange whore a lesson!" Bambi shouted. Someone sounded as if they were trying to get into the laundry room, but the blonde who had spoken earlier stood in front of the door, guarding it.
"I'm not a whore," Hillary said defensively. She hated being called that when she knew darn well she wasn't.
"Oh yeah? How would you explain all your little escapades with Bill. Let me tell you something about Bill Clinton. He doesn't date he just fucks and he's fucked me several times. Wanna know what he told me? He told me in bed that I'm his sexual soulmate so don't go getting your hopes up! I bet he's calling me right now, he did three days ago," she said. So this was about Bill? Hillary had known this girl had been with him but she had thought that she was only one of his side girls that he didn't care for. Had he really said that this girl was his sexual soulmate? Then the comment about seeing him three days ago, that would have been the day she had ditched him. Bill had claimed to be so hurt by her ditching him, but if what Bambi said was true then Bill had plenty of company that day.
Bambi seemed to be enjoying the look of hurting in Hillary's face.
"Yeah that's right, whore. It's Bill and Bambi, that's how it's been since we arrived and that's how it'll stay," Bambi said now having come up right to Hillary's face. She was taller than Hillary and almost as tall as Bill. Hillary calculated her chances of running but with the blonde blocking the door and three against one she knew she wouldn't be able to get far. Bambi snatched off her glasses and shoved her into the bathroom slamming the door shut. Everything was blurry and then the lights were shut off.
"Let me out!" Hillary shouted banging on the door and trying to reach for the knob, but it was no use the door locked from the outside. There were no windows in the bathroom either.
"Bye Miss Overbite, I think I'll go talk to Bill," Bambi sneered and Hillary heard her and her friends laugh then some more noise. She heard the washing machine stop and she figured that they were messing with her clothes. That made her more upset, she barley had any clothes to begin with! The washing machine started again, most likely with Bambi's clothes. Then at last, there was silence. She continued to bang on the door for a while, but it was no use, with the sound of the washing machine it was likely no one could hear her. Her fists were starting to hurt and she slunk to the ground. Her eyes stung, but she told herself not to cry. Her mind went over what Bambi had said about Bill. Was Bill being serious when he said he wanted to be with her, or was he playing her like a fiddle, or in his case, the saxophone. She sat there in the dark occasionally hitting the wall with the half-hearted hoped that someone would hear. She felt uncomfortable without her glasses, they were her comfort trait and Bambi had hit at one of her insecurities: her overbite. Growing up, she had hated it. No one really ever bothered her about it, but she hated it. It was minor but still noticeable but as her parents didn't have much money they didn't find it worth the cost of braces.
"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent," she whispered to herself, willing herself to be strong. After what felt forever she heard noises and someone enter the laundry room. She braced herself, thinking it might be Bambi back for more of her sick games.
"Hillary? Hillary!" May's voice was a complete relief to her. She banged on the door.
"I'm in here!" She shouted banging on the door. The door was opened and she was greeted by May's blurry figure.
"Oh, Hillary. I heard some girls boasting in the court yard about what they had done to you and I had to leave the snowball fight to come check on you! Chris must have been so confused as I took off running but I needed to know you were okay! Where are your glasses?" May babbled, her voice was full of concern.
"They took them, I can't see anything," she complained. Then she remembered her laundry.
"May I think they took my clothes," she said.
"They did, I heard them talking about it, they were planning to dump them in the lake or something. I'm sorry, Hillary I don't think you're getting that clothes back," May whispered full of sympathy. Hillary simply nodded, she felt numb and upset.
"May can you guide me back to our dorm room?"she asked.
May took her arm in her own.
"Yeah sure, Hillary, come on," she said. They left the laundry room and Hillary was able to recognize the dorm main room despite the blur and then the blur of the snow outside. As they were walking she heard someone call her name.
"Hillary! Hey Hillary!" It was Bill. She didn't want to talk to him right now. What Bambi had said had made her a little distrustful of him and she also just wanted to go back to her room.
"Don't stop May. Just walk faster," she said. May did her bidding, but Hillary knew her roommate was confused. She would have to explain to her what Bambi said.
"Hey why are you ignoring me?" Bill's voice was close now and she felt his arm grab her and spin her around.

Bill was looking down at Hillary, her eyes were red and her glasses were gone. Instant concern grew in him, had Scott done something? He didn't doubt that Scott would take things he wanted by force, and his grip on her arm grew tender as his thumb stroked her arm. He had been calling her all morning but she hadn't answered and now here she was ignoring him. Had she found out about the bet?
"What happened to you?" He asked softly. He was aware that Hillary's room mate had a protective arm of her own on Hillary and that she was watching him closely. That annoyed him, did she think he was going to hurt Hillary? Again Hillary was doing the thing where she was quiet but now it only drove him insane, but not in the good way. He didn't care that snowflakes were falling down and most likely making him look like he had dandruff, he only cared about her. "What's wrong, pretty baby? Are you going to talk to me?" He asked. A single snowflake fell on the tip of Hillary's nose making her look more childlike. She looked over at her roommate.
"May it's okay, I want to talk to Bill alone. I'll see you later okay?" She said reassuring her roommate who still looked at Bill suspiciously.
"Are you sure, Hillary?" She asked. Of course she's sure she just said it, Bill thought annoyed. "Yes, I'll be fine," She replied and her room mate at last took off with one last look at Bill. As soon as she was gone, Bill took Hillary in his arms.
"Bill I can't see. You'll have to guide me," she whispered. He stroked her hair.
"Okay, okay, yeah. You want to go to my room? I got rid of the school provided heater and added my own, it gets really warm," he said noticing her shivering. He also noticed that she was wearing his jacket, that touched his heart.
"Yes,please," she said her voice was still soft. He guided her, putting one arm around her shoulders and holding her close as they walked. He kept an eye out for Scott, still convinced that he might be the cause of her frail demeanor. When they at last reached his room, he helped her sit on his bed and then turned to close his dorm door and turn on the heater. When that was done, he went to sit beside her.
"Tell me what happened," he probed gently.
"Your sexual soul mate that's what happened," she said angrily. What the hell? Sexual soul mate? "Hillary what are you talking about?" He asked utter confusion coloring his voice. She looked at him her face distrustful. He hated that! What had happened? He wondered if she could even actually see him without her glasses.
"Bambi told me about your great love affair! She was pretty peeved off at the thought of me being with you so she attacked me with some blonde clones while I was doing my laundry! She took my glasses, and my laundry clothes, and locked me in the bathroom with the lights off!" Hillary said furious now. Bill himself was also furious now. So it hadn't been Scott, it had been that bimbo Bambi! He wanted to go find her and yell at her for what she had done to Hillary.
"Fuck, babe. I'm so sorry that happened to you, but you need to understand there's no love affair with Bambi and she was just another bimbo I was with before I met you. She's nothing to me," he said truthfully his hands cupping Hillary's face. For a second, she melted into his touch, but then as if a thought occurred to her she pulled her face back.
"She told me that she was with you the day I ditched you," Hillary said resentful. Fuck. Damn, Bambi to hell with her big mouth. He had been with her that day, but it wasn't anything to him, he had only been with her to try to take his mind off Hillary.
"Pretty baby, it wasn't like that," he said reaching for her but she moved away from him and his touch.
"Were you with her?" She asked. Fuck, did he deny it? No he couldn't, he had to be honest with her, if he wasn't going to tell her about the bet he at least had to be honest about this.
"Yes, but Hillary let me explain. I only called her up because I needed to get you off my mind. It didn't work, the whole time I was with her I was thinking about how much I would rather be with you instead. You have to believe me, she's nothing to me, but Hillary to me you are everything. I called you all morning but you didn't answer I guess now I know why," he said. Hillary didn't say anything and she was difficult to read, but he knew she was thinking, she was always thinking. "Did you tell her she was your sexual soul mate?" She asked her voice less angry now but still upset.
"Fuck no. Hillary that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. I never talk during sex. I told you every women I've been with has only been a quick fuck, no talking, no aftercare, nothing," he said truthfully. It was the whole truth and nothing but the truth. He didn't talk during the sex he had with those women before Hillary because he had nothing to say to them, what was the point of talking to someone he wouldn't see again?
"But Bambi sai-"
"Bambi pulled that out of her fatass Hillary. Do you really think so low of me to think that I would say someone like her is my soulmate of any kind?" He asked. He was pleased when he saw the edges of her mouth flick up involuntarily.
"No," she giggled.
"What's so funny?" He asked reaching out to stroke her hair and he was glad when this time she didn't pull away. She amazed him, after what had happened to her here she was giggling.
"You said she pulled it out of her fatass," she said laughing harder now. He rolled his eyes, she was such a child sometimes.
"She did and the next time I see her I'm gonna tell her to cram it back up there," he said as she leaned into his touch more.
"No, Bill you'll make it worse," Hillary protested as her laughter died down.
"But what she did to you was wrong," he said. He couldn't let her get away with what she had done to Hillary, to Hillary who was sweet, loved kittens, and laughed at cuss words.
"Yeah, but I wasn't hurt really and it'll be best just not to encourage her. Bill can we stop talking about this?" She said. He kissed the top of her soft hair.
"Okay, but just to make sure this doesn't change anything between us right? You still want to be with me right?" He asked cautiously. He couldn't bear it if he lost her because of Bambi.
"I want to but I need to know you aren't in this to hurt me," she said. He pulled her back a bit so he could look her in the eyes. He never intentionally wanted to hurt her, she needed to know that. "Hillary I don't want to hurt you, ever. I care about you deeply. I know I'm fucked up and that I'm not perfect and hell you could do better but no one will ever care about you like I do," he said passionately. He believed every word of it. He cared about her in ways he had never thought he could care about a person, hell, he didn't even know that it was possible to be this invested in a person.
"I don't want you touching anyone else who isn't me either for whatever reason," she said solemnly. Fuck, that was so cute, she looked almost jealous and even though she was being serious he found her adorable. Yet, he knew he had to let her know that he had no interest in touching anyone else besides her, fuck he doubted if he could ever do that again.
"I want to touch only you I want you only," he said just as solemn. At last, she fully relaxed into his touch and seemed appeased.
"You're okay though right? What about your glasses and your clothes?" He asked as he played with her curls. Fuck, how he loved those curls! Before her he didn't have a preference but now he could honestly say that he was completely a curly haired fan.
"I'll have to get new clothes since that was most of my wardrobe and I have an extra pair of
glasses thankfully since I always used to lose the other pair," she said. That bothered him, fuck Bambi like what the hell was her problem? He made a mental note to tell her to shove her sexual soulmate bullshit back up her ass even if Hillary didn't want him to.
"How about I take you shopping?" He offered. He had worked a few jobs back in England before coming to Yale and had made a large amount of spare money, but he didn't like his line of work, now that he had met Hillary, thinking of what he used to do made him feel bad.
"Bill, no that's a nice offer but I hate when people buy me things it makes me feel bad," she said. He rolled his eyes again, she was so thoughtful of others, but for once she would have to let him give her things, he wanted to buy her things.
"Don't feel bad I'm offering. I have money that's not a problem," he said but he hoped she wouldn't ask him about how he had earned his money especially because of the conversation they just had. She was quiet again.
"Come on baby, with those awful jeans you have to let me take you shopping," he teased. She jerked her chin up.
"Why does everyone keep saying my jeans are terrible I like them!" She said defensively. He laughed and kissed her between the eyebrows.
"Because they are awful but it's okay because I love you either way," he said. Her eyes grew wide at his words.
"You said you love me, Bill," she said. So he had. That surprised him as well. What he had been feeling had finally been said aloud. At first he had struggled giving a name to what he was feeling, but it was love, it had to be, what else could it be? It went beyond lust and the physical, she had awoken everything within him and caused him to want to be a better person. It was love, even if some might say it was too early love had no time limit just like other emotions.
"I did is that okay?" He asked. Fuck, now what if he was the one who was seeming to be taking things too fast? What if he made her uncomfortable?
"It's fine, it's fine but do you mean it? Or did you just slip up?" She asked her eyes still wide. He meant it. There was no slipping up when it came to her.
"I mean it. I love you I love you I love," he said now with more confidence.
"I love you too," she said back and it warmed his heart. Fuck anyone who thought it was too early, it was never too early when you meant it and for them he knew that they each meant it, that they were different than most people. He kissed her long and hard loving her shy giggles that sounded under his mouth.
"So will you let me take you shopping?" He asked. She nodded.
"And I'll get jeans even worse than these just to bother you," she said jokingly.

Hillary was going through the rack at her favorite department store as Bill looked on. They had stopped to get her spare glasses that were identical to her first and she was glad she could now see. She had decided not to hold what Bambi had said against him and had decided to continue their blooming relationship. Bill had seemed very sincere when telling her that what Bambi said wasn't true and she believed him, after all if all Bill wanted was to get her into bed, he could find plenty of other girls who would be willing to accept him. No, Bill didn't simply want that from her and his actions proved it. He had been hesitant to touch her the other day for that very reason as he didn't want her to think that's all he wanted with her. In the end it was all this and the fact that she was completely head over heels in love with him that she decided to stay with him and not let Bambi's words affect her.
"Hey, Hilly look at this one," Bill said turning her attention to him. He was holding up a light pink sweater. It was lovely and looked like something she would wear.
"Let me see it," she said. She glanced at the price tag, it was twenty five dollars. To her that seemed like way too much money to spend on only one item and she put it back on the rack in front of her. So far she had only decided on getting two short sleeve shirts that were plain blue and gray and were on clearance for two dollars each. She didn't want Bill to spend too much money on her. The only reason she had even agreed to his offer was she knew that he wasn't going to let it go ,she needed a ride as her car was still unusable, and she had even planned to just pay for her clothes herself once she got to the checkout line. This didn't go unnoticed by Bill.
"Didn't you like it?" He asked. She continued to rake through the rack for a cheaper alternative. "No," she lied though it sounded unconvincing to even herself.
"Yeah you did, it's your favorite color and you like sweaters. I saw you look at the price tag. It's not expensive and I'm buying it for you," he said taking it back off the rack. She was somewhat embarrassed now as she would always get whenever anyone bought anything for her. She hated how she was like this but she just couldn't stand it when people gave her things and she didn't have anything to offer in return.
"Bill just put it back," she grumbled. Bill, however wasn't backing down so easy.
"No. Why won't you let me buy you things? I want to it's seriously no problem," he said his voice sounding the tiniest bit sad but mostly just confused, She sighed and looked up at him.
"It's embarrassing and it makes me feel like a brat when people buy me things. Plus I also feel guilty that I'm not the one getting you something in return," she explained. He looked at her for a while then licked his lips.
"You don't have to feel like a brat or embarrassed or guilty, not with me. I want to buy you things because you're my girl and isn't that what people do when they are dating? You don't have to be getting me anything in return either I only want you to get me things when you want not out of guilt or to even the score just cause I gave you something. I don't expect anything back, Hillary," he said and placed the pink sweater into her arms alongside the two shirts she got. She didn't argue as his words did make sense and relieved her a little of the guilt she had been feeling.
"You said that was most of your wardrobe so I expect you to get a lot more clothes, Hillary. Don't try to argue with me or I'll just pick and buy the clothes myself and then you'll really be embarrassed," he said winking at her. She turned red and he laughed.
"Naughty girl, I was thinking of a chicken suit or something," he said but they both knew he hadn't been.
"No you weren't," she shook her head in amusement and continued to look for more clothes with more purpose as she didn't want Bill to end up picking her wardrobe.
Bill watched as Hillary chose her clothes. He was glad he had convinced her to just accept his offer. Normally this sort of shit like shopping bored him as when he went shopping for himself he just grabbed something and went, but he enjoyed watching Hillary. Already he was getting a taste and feel for her style. He noticed that she liked loose fitting clothes, not too baggy but loose enough for breathing room, and that she loved sweaters and sweatshirts. When she got more spring time and summer clothes, she tended to go for more modest choices like plain colored short sleeves that had a high neck cut, and dresses and skirts that would would either stop right at her knee or hit the whole floor. Even her jeans were bootcut and loose fitting. As for the colors, he noticed she preferred warm hues of light yellows, reds, pinks, and of course that orange. She also loved neutral colors but she tended to get those colors in sweaters. All her colors whether they be warm or neutral weren't bright or super dark but pale and subtle. She wasn't much of a pattern or design sort of girl as most of her choices were plain and one solid color, the only exception she made were for her skirts that were often flowered. Fuck he never thought he would notice this much about how a girl dressed, but here he was. He must really be in love with her.
"I think I'm done," she said as she hauled a bag full of clothes in one of those black complimentary bags that were available for shoppers to put items they intended to buy in.
"You sure? You don't need any underclothes or socks or anything?" He asked. She blushed at the mention of underclothes.
"I can buy those myself, Bill," she said. Here she goes again, he thought. Then a thought occurred to him.
"Why are you embarrassed or something? I'm not," he said. He didn't care about being in the women's undergarments section as when he was young he had to wait for his mother on the very occasional times they went shopping.
"A little," she admitted. He raised a brow, it was just underwear he wore them too, what was the big deal? Unless..
"What you wear thongs or something you don't want me to see?" He asked although he didn't peg her as the type to wear those or other intimate garments. She flushed even redder.
"No, I don't, I just don't want you knowing my bra size," she said surprising him. He hadn't thought of that. Did she think he was one of those guys who all they cared about was breast size? He loved the female body and he had been with quite a range of women, he didn't discriminate against bra size or anything else.
"What? Hills, come on. What do I keep telling you? You don't have to be embarrassed about anything with me. I don't care about your breast size I care about you," he said. She looked at him for a bit, doing that signature thinking.
"Okay," she said. So he found himself following her to the women's section. He was right, she didn't wear thongs. Instead she wore bikini briefs which she chose many cute designs from. Some she got had hearts on them, others included triangular and geometric shapes, and the one he found most appealing had little watermelons on it. Watermelons were his favorite fruit. He did notice that the underwear size was quite small compared to others but he found it cute. As she was picking them out, he had taken a good look at her ass for the first time. It was small, but obviously very round, and toned, and sort of formed a heart, it was adorable. Next, she moved on to her bras. She wore a modest size 34A cup and picked out several neutral colored bras.
"Okay now I'm done," she said a little rosy when she turned to him. He tried to contain himself as well as he never knew that watching a woman buy her intimates could turn him on so much.
"No you're not, you forgot socks," he said. She nodded and he followed her to a sock rack. She chose low cut socks in black, white and gray and then one fuzzy purple pair with yellow polka dots.
"You know I always thought Socks would be a good name for a kitty,"she said as they walked to get into the checkout line.
"Yeah?" He asked interested in anything and everything she had to say.
"Yeah you know how some have the little white paws? Well it's cute" she said.
"You're cute," he replied and went up to pay for the clothes as the check out person called them forward.
Hillary was sitting in the food court eating some deep fried chicken Bill had ordered for them along with some watermelon slushies. After paying for her clothes and the blush had died down from her cheeks when the cashier told them they made a good couple, Bill had suggested getting something to eat. She let him pick since he had paid for her clothes and she wanted to know more of his taste.
"It's good isn't it?" He asked licking grease off his fingers. She loved his fingers and seeing him lick them made her stomach do flip-flops and made her imagine licking them herself.
"Yeah it's good, I didn't think you were the type to like greasy food," she said recovering from her fantasy. He was full of surprises it still surprised her that he was so easy going and a fun person when at first he had been so cold.
"What did you think I ate?" He said intrigued and took a sip of his watermelon slushy.
She tried to think but nothing came up except ice for his old cold behavior and cigarettes for the bad boy behavior.
"Um ice and cigarette butts?" She said. He laughed and shook his head in amusement.
"I don't smoke and I like greasy food because I grew up in Arkansas and greasy food is a favorite there," he said. She was intrigued, he had mentioned he grew up in the south but now he was getting more specific.
"Really?" She asked wanting him to go on.
"Yeah. One of my neighbors would always have this big cookout of greasy food on opening day of baseball and everyone came since it was a small town and everyone knew each other," he said reminiscent. Bill, the southern, greasy food loving, saxophone playing, classic novel reading, bad boy. It sounded like a fictional character description but here he sat real even if he did seem too handsome for life.
"Did you like living in Arkansas?" She asked. He nodded as if it were obvious.
"Yeah. Small towns were great and the weather was nice and warm you didn't have any of this snow day crap over there. We also grow the biggest watermelons in Arkansas and they make for good drinks in the heat," he said motioning towards the slushy.
"So you could imagine it was a bit of a culture shock when I attended Oxford in England after I got the Rhodes scholarship," he went on. That got her attention even more, he was definitely smart then and suddenly she remembered Scott had went to Oxford as well.
"So did you ever know Scott Brown? You know the boy I was with the other night? He went to Oxford too," she asked innocently. She didn't expect his reaction. His jaw clenched and the smile was gone, happy go lucky Bill was gone and in his place cold Bill had returned.
"No I didn't," he said firmly as if he didn't want to talk about it. She knew it was better not to press the issue more but his reaction surprised her. What was his problem? Was he simply jealous that she had been with someone else briefly?
"That's a pretty strong reaction for someone you claim not to know," she said playing with the straw of her slushy so it was moving up and down.
"Just fucking drop it! Okay?" He snapped and she stopped playing with her straw as his snappy tone both surprised and hurt her. She didn't say anything more and stared down at the table giving him a chance to calm down. He breathed heavy.
"Baby, I'm sorry. I just don't want to talk about some guy, okay?" He said softly. She nodded simply but didn't say anything else. She didn't like how his cold side had come out and her gut was telling her there was more than just 'not wanting to talk about some guy.'
"Pretty baby, seriously I am sorry I shouldn't have snapped like that," he said. She looked at him and saw his gorgeous clear eyes looking at her clearly apologetic.
"It's okay I guess, I just don't like when you get like that. It reminds me too much of how you were before," she said. He sighed.
"I'll work on my temper, I promise. Finish eating so we can go back to campus, I'll be back, I'm going to the restroom," he said. She chewed on the last bit of her chicken as she watched him head to the bathroom at the end of the food court, still wondering about his attitude.

Bill had washed up and had cleaned his hands in the restroom as he mentally cursed himself for snapping. He hated Scott's name coming from her lips but it wasn't her fault, she knew nothing of the bet or how Scott was really cruel. He had lied and said he didn't know the other man so she would drop the subject. Now as he drove them back to campus he was aware of Hillary watching him, she was always watching him. He tried to be playful in order to make up for losing his temper and smirked mischievously.
"Like what you see?" He asked placing one hand on her thigh. He didn't need to look at her to know she was blushing, he just knew, and he could feel the sexual tension.
"Yes, very much," she said her voice somewhat hitching. He glanced at her and saw that she seemed lustful again like she had the day before. He knew that she wouldn't tell him what she was thinking unless he pressed her.
"What are you thinking over there, baby?" He asked. She was silent as if pondering what to say. "I want to touch you, more, like I did yesterday," she said referring to when they had made out. He felt himself harden a bit at the thought.
"When we get to my dorm room," he promised and to show he was serious he sped up a bit. She didn't protest.
When at last they reached his dorm room and had escaped the cold outside and were behind closed doors she sat on the bed and he joined her. Where was this going to lead? He doubted it
would lead to sex itself, at least he wouldn't initiate it, he had said he wanted to go at her pace and that was true so when it came to sex he would let her decide whether they would engage in it or not. Hillary seemed to be in heat for him, her eyes incredibly round and glossy and her breathing somewhat heavy.
"Baby, anything you want. I'm yours," he said simply. It was true, he felt now that his body was a canvas for her and her learning process with romance and desire. The hickey she had left was only the first mark on her canvas.
"I want you to kiss me, but kiss me hard like you did last night and I promise I won't slip away this time," she joked. As the memory of her soft tongue in his mouth came flashing back he did her bidding his lips coming down on hers with force and passion. Her own soft lips moved in motion with his, she was a fast learner and she was starting to mimic his occasional lip biting. Her hands moved against his chest with a slight force as if to push him down. He got the hint and laid down on his back as she crawled on top of him. their lips never breaking motion. She was a beautiful sight on top of him, her blonde curls framing her face and the ends brushing his own cheeks.
"fuck," he cried out as she bit his lip hard. His hands went to cup her round ass and he could tell she loved that. When their lips broke they were both breathing heavy and a little surprised at where this had led.
"Fuck, Hillary. You're so good at this you know," he said. She giggled in that adorable way of hers.
"Well I've been learning from the best," she said. He raised a brow.
"Really? well I'm flattered but you said I'm the only person you've been with how would you know if I'm the best?" He asked. She seemed mischievous now.
"I wasn't talking about you," she giggled out.
"Oh really?" He said confused. What was she up to?
"I was talking about Elvis Presley the king of sex appeal," she teased. He rolled his eyes. He then effortlessly flipped her so their positions switched and she was the one under him. Her eyes seemed to light up with excitement.
"Naughty girl, bringing up another man while we're sucking face," he said and kissed her roughly forcing his own tongue into her mouth. He licked the roof of her mouth and he felt her body tremble. Her hips moved up under him and he got the hint and began to grind against her. Her hands went to his hair and he moved his mouth to her neck using one hand to pull down a bit of her sweater and began to suck roughly at the skin there all while still grinding against her. He was going to mark her more than he had before. She was his, and he was going to make sure everyone knew it. Underneath him, she seemed to be enjoying herself, her face seeming like she was experiencing a high and her little fingers combing through his hair. She let out a little yelp when he bit her neck and he softly placed a kiss there.
"Bill, you have no idea how good that feels," she moaned as his lips laid a trail of kisses down her throat as he used one hand to pull her sweater down more to reveal more skin for him to mark. "Better than Elvis Presley?" He teased as he kissed her neck with force.
"So much better. I wish there was a way I could feel this good all the time," she said and he could only imagine how wet she was for him. Her words made him think.
"What if I told you there was a way you could feel this good even when I'm not with you?" He asked looking at her now. She stroked his hair.
"I don't know. I guess I'd be happy but I doubt it, is there really such a way, Bill?" She asked. He was cautious as he didn't want to scare her but he felt that earlier with their confession of love towards each other they had crossed a milestone.
"What do you know about masturbation?" He asked.
She didn't know much except for what she heard from other people and the occasional vague reference on television. Truth be told before Bill that sort of talk would be sickly to her but she was intrigued in the idea that she could feel this good even when he wasn't around. "Not much, it's where you like touch yourself I think?" She asked. Bill nodded.
"I can show you if you want. Only if you want Hillary you can say no and I won't be mad," he said sincerely. She thought about it, she liked learning new things and she trusted Bill. The small distrust Bambi had tried to conjure had disappeared by Bill's confession of love. She couldn't think of anyone else who would be so patient in teaching her as Bill was and he was also not pressuring her to do anything as most boys probably would.
"Okay," she said. Bill seemed surprised.
"Yes, I want you to show me," she said. He moved off her so she was lying down and he was at the end of the bed but still close so her toes were touching him.
"You're gonna need to take off your pants and underwear, Hillary. Are you still okay with this?" He asked. She nodded, she didn't want to back out and wonder what could have been. She pulled down her pants and her underwear tossing them to the other end of the massive bed. She was surprised that she didn't feel too embarrassed, maybe it was the arousal or those pesky hormones or simply because she trusted Bill, but she felt comfortable there. Bill's clear eyes filled with lust as he stared at her vagina, he gulped.
"Okay baby, you're gonna take your hand and touch yourself. You're gonna lightly touch your clitoris. Do you know where that is?" He asked. She nodded. She knew from her anatomy classes but finding it was another thing, she knew she found it when she touched something sensitive and instantly felt it begin to throb.
"You gotta be gentle baby. The clitoris is very sensitive. Spread your legs wider so I can see," he said. She did, still feeling herself throb and it felt strange but it felt good at the same time.
"So fucking pink. It's fucking gorgeous, Hillary," he said. She felt herself get moist at his words. "Take your finger and lightly touch yourself," he said. She did and this time she didn't feel as sensitive but the throbbing sensation continued and it felt amazing.
"What you basically do Hillary is you rub the clitoris. Find your pace, babe, you can always speed up or slow down," he said. She did and went at a middle pace. She was feeling smooth sensations within herself and her vagina as a whole, she swore she trembled, but she needed something to get off to, that much she knew.
"Bill talk dirty to me," she panted out. He seemed to understand and did as she commanded. "Fuck, you're so tight and so wet I bet too," he drawled out huskily. She increased her speed now. "So fucking hot, baby. I bet you're sweating you don't need that fucking heater now do you baby? Imagine if my lips were on that pussy," he went on. At this she let out a cry of longing. Bill had been right, this did feel good so good and her mind was now consumed with images of Bill's lush lips at her vagina.
"I wish you could see yourself, so flushed and pink and vulnerable. I wish you knew how damn good you taste and feel and maybe then you would touch yourself thinking about fucking yourself," he said coming closer to her now so he was leaning over her but not actually on top of her. His handsome face loomed over her and her head pounded at his words. She increased her speed some more.
"I swear if I were you I would touch myself all the time. In private, in class, in the bathroom. I'd take that little hand and slide it down my pants into my tight pussy and play with myself," he said. She was panting now, practically out of breath but Bill wasn't holding back.
"I'd swirl around that beautiful pink clitoris until it was red and throbbing and I would touch myself thinking of no one other than," he paused for affect.
"Elvis Presley!" He shouted in a silly voice and she bursted out laughing despite being out of breath and she stopped touching herself.
"Bill what the heck?" She asked although she was still in hysterics because although she knew he was narrating as her and teasing her he himself had said the words 'and I would touch myself thinking of no one else but Elvis Presley.'
"I had to get back at you, babe," he said also laughing and coming to lay beside her. She turned over to look into his handsome face. From here she could see every detail. The intense blue gray gaze of his eyes and the smoothness of his white almost porcelain skin and the indent above his
lips on his Cupid's bow.
He was so incredibly radiant and striking and she couldn't believe he was hers.
"I love you," she said and it was true. She had read enough about love to know that this was the feeling. He cupped her cheek and pulled her closer.
"I love you too," he replied and kissed her softly. She accidentally nicked him with the top of her teeth and his lip began to bleed. That hadn't been intentional, when she bit him earlier it had been because she wanted to but now this mishap reminded her of her dreaded overbite. She felt a bit down cast at it.
"What's wrong?" Bill asked noticing her change in mood. She shook her head it was stupid. She knew in the grand scheme of things that she shouldn't be insecure about this minor overbite, some people had it worse and in the end looks faded so what did it matter if someone had bad skin, bucked out teeth, or weight problems? She knew these things but she was still human and got insecure sometimes.
"It's just Bambi she pointed out one of my insecurities which is my overbite and it's being bothering me since. It's always been an insecurity of mine," she explained. Bill stroked her hair gently.
"I didn't even know you had one until now baby that's how unnoticeable it is. It's cute now that I look at it. You're cute, you're damn beautiful Hillary. Bambi is just being jealous because she knows you're beautiful and she'll never be as beautiful," he said. She didn't know about that, Bambi was tall and had big breasts, which was why Hillary had been embarrassed of Bill knowing her small bra size. He seemed to know what she was thinking.
"Your beauty is unmatched, baby girl. It goes beyond physical it's spiritual and that's why you're the loveliest woman alive to me. Your eyes light up and are always kind and your soft hair is so sexy. Don't even get me started on those fucking lips and the things they can do. You're beautiful every part of you including your overbite and I wouldn't change a damn thing," he said passionately. His words comforted her and this time it was her who kissed him softly.
"Thank you, for everything," she said.
"It's my pleasure," he said and winked and they laughed.

Bill was a little upset when Hillary had to leave. She was persistent in saying that she needed to catch up on work for tomorrow although he was sure she was ahead. So they had made out a while longer until they were both sweating and had to turn off the heater and then she had tidied herself on and changed into some new underwear, Bill had encouraged her to change into the watermelon ones, and she had put on those awful orange pants again and left taking her new bag of clothes with her. He himself had taken a shower then went down to the main room to watch some TV. He noticed that some of the other guys, younger ones especially seemed to be looking at him differently like if they weren't scared of him. He supposed that should be a good thing but he wondered why. He soon found out when he saw the flyers posted all over the dorm kitchen. They read:
'Clinton is a chicken and Belongs in the fridge'
'Clinton has gone soft.'
He knew that Scott was behind this and he intended to find him. He stormed out of the dorm intending to search the snow covered student quad since he knew Scott was always outside. Instead he ran into none other than Bambi who was flanked by what Hillary had called the blonde clones.
"Bambi!" He shouted and it was obvious he was angry as he came up to her.
"Send your golden retrievers away I want to talk to you privately," he said furious. Bambi turned to look at the blondes.
"Leave us. Seems like Daddy wants some alone time with mommy," she said winking and the blondes shimmered off.
"You have some real fucking nerve you know that?" He asked.
"Whatever do you mean?" She pretended to act innocent but with a bimbo like her it failed. "What you did to Hillary was wrong and uncalled for! And nothing like that will ever happen again you understand?" He shouted. Bambi was practically his height and they were staring each other down eyeball to eyeball.
"Why do you care so goddamn much about her anyways? She's wrong for you! She's nothing like me! She can't suck you good the way I can not with that massive overbite-" She was cut off by Bill grabbing her wrist. He was angry at the mention of Hillary's overbite. This bimbo had been the reason for Hillary's earlier insecurity.
"Just shutup and leave her the hell alone," he said. Bambi rolled her eyes.
"I heard you and Scott talking last night! There is more to this than you're letting on and I intend to find out!" She threatened and forcefully pulled her wrist from his grasp.
"You know where I am if you need a real woman," she said and sauntered off. He let her go, he didn't want her around. Her words worried him. What if she found out about the bet? The bet that he himself wasn't even taking part in really not anymore, his feelings for Hillary were real but now he was linked to this bet and he didn't ever want her finding out or she might think he had been lying. The snow around him did nothing to cool him off as he walked back to his dorm, worries on his mind.