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When Bill knocked on Hillary's dorm door the next morning he was instantly greeted by the sight of her beaming at him. She looked well, her hair still darkened and damp from the shower she had taken, her glasses on the bridge of her nose as they framed her bright eyes, and she was clothed in a simple outfit of an oversized burgundy sweater and dark jeans.
"Good morning," he said. He had stayed up last night anxious for what would be their first actual date. Many questions had ran through his mind, what if he did something wrong? What if he hurt her? What about Scott and the bet? In the end, he decided that his best course of action was to be polite. As for the bet, it could wait, today belonged to the two of them alone.
"Good morning Bill," she replied naturally, if she had worries, they seemed well concealed, Bill thought.
"Are you going to give me a good morning kiss or are you going to stand here thinking about it instead?" She asked and her words surprised him. She was getting better at reading his emotions and thoughts and fuck how he loved it! Normally someone knowing what he was thinking would make him mad, but with her it was different, it was strangely comforting.
He leaned in and kissed her softly, and she received him with a small moan. She smelled like peaches and her lips were incredibly soft. Their embrace was short but very sweet and when he pulled back to look at her he saw that she was rosy pink again. He cupped her blush filled cheek with his hand and he was amazed at how tender he could be with her as he had never been tender with anyone before.
"I'm sorry for being hesitant, I want to be close to you and I want to touch you but I don't want to scare you or come off as a fucking pervert who only wants one thing," he said his thumb from the hand he was using to cup her cheek stroking her skin. He watched as she looked down and her eyelashes fluttered. Fuck, it was so innocent yet it drove him so insanely wild.
"It's okay, that's sweet. I want you to touch me though, I don't think I'd be able to bear it if we went back to just being strained acquaintances and I wasn't able to touch you freely," she said and he could tell from her eyes that she had been feeling it too, that burning desire for physical contact. That desire that had been fueling between them ever since they met and they had finally given into with their first kiss last night.
"Neither could I, fuck I'm so glad you said that," he said. They stared into each other's eyes for a few moments and he felt himself getting lost in the fucking blue ocean that were her eyes. It was only when her stomach began to grumble that their intense gaze broke.
"I'm sorry, I'm keeping you from breakfast. I have a picnic brunch planned for us if that's okay?" He said suddenly remembering how proud he had been with coming up with the idea.
"Yes, that would be perfect," she replied and interlocked her fingers with his.

Hillary was impressed and amazed by much thought Bill had put into this brunch. He had brought a thick fleece blanket for them to sit on and a basket filled with all kinds of breakfast items including muffins, yogurt, and some egg sandwiches he had cooked himself. He had also driven them to a lovely field away from campus so they could be alone together, as he had put it. She was stunned that this all came from the same boy who had tripped her and had been so vicious just days before. As she laid back in the sun and chewed on one of the sandwiches he had made, she thought about Bill and her feelings for him. She had meant what she said earlier about not being able to bear the thought of not being able to touch him. She was attracted to him in a remarkable way and she now could see that, the attraction had taken root on the night he had cleaned her dress and was tender with her. There was no reversing what she felt now and even though he seemed to be her complete opposite and the illogical choice, she trusted him.
"You think a lot don't you?" Bill's husky voice broke into her thoughts. She looked at him sitting across from her and saw that he was watching her closely.
"Yes, I do," she said simply. He twisted one of her curls with his finger.
"Do you think about me?" He asked and she could hear the fascination in his voice.
"Yes, I do think about you," she replied. He let go of her curl now and it fell against her nose. He leaned in closer to her.
"How often do you think about me?" He whispered. She gulped, his eyes were huge and clear and his mouth was so beautiful in that it was so pink.
"Are you thinking about me now?" He asked. She put her sandwich down on the napkin next to her as it was now long forgotten and could not hold her interest the way Bill was.
"Tell me what you're thinking," he practically begged but it wasn't whiny rather it was desperate yet very intrigued.
"I'm thinking that you have the most beautiful eyes and mouth I have ever seen," she said truthfully and she was glad when she saw that for once it was finally his turn to blush.
"I think about you often, I have ever since I've met you. At first I was thinking about how mean you were but later on when you were tender with cleaning my dress I began to like you more," she said giving him what he most craved: her thoughts.
"More, Hillary, tell me more," he whispered hanging on to every word she spoke. It was almost like if he were a child and she was his teacher providing him with knowledge of the world, except the world was that of her mind.
"I didn't understand you at first. I thought you were disgusted by me as you seemed to get along with every other girl who wasn't me. That's why I left your room after kissing your thumb. I was humiliated because I thought you didn't want me that way and that you only wanted to be friends," she said. He moved even closer to her so they were still sitting across from each other but their knees were touching and his hand moved to the nape of her neck.
"Why did you ditch me that one day then if you liked me?" He asked his hand stroking the curls at the back of her neck. Again, she felt that electrifying feeling that came with his touch and she loved it.
"Well you had been rude to me the day before and I had gotten all those blisters trying to get away from you. I guess my thoughts then were that you weren't good for me." She saw his eyes fall a bit at her last sentence but he quickly recovered.
"And what do you think about me now?" He asked. There he was again, guarded Bill. The question was a vulnerable one but he hid his vulnerability underneath the guarded expression she was used to seeing. She was getting better at breaking through that guard and seeing what he really felt and now she sensed that he was worried about what her answer would be.
"I think you're incredibly handsome. You can be extremely tender and kind. I really like you but I still want to know more about you," she said truthfully. He seemed satisfied with her answer and continued to stroke the skin and hair at the nape of her neck.
"Tell me what you think about my kisses," he said sensually. She felt her face glowing red again as she automatically looked at his lips at the mention of kisses.
"Your mouth is so beautiful and warm and when you kiss me I don't want you to stop," she said in a breathy voice already overwhelmed just by looking at those plump pink lips. He seemed to know exactly what he was doing to her and he leaned down so close as if he were going to kiss her but he stopped with their lips almost touching but not quite yet making contact. She couldn't bear it, she felt her arousal for him, it was something she had never in her life felt before but she felt that if he didn't kiss her she'd die.
"Please, Bill," she panted and he finally brought his lips down to hers. Instinctively she felt that electrifying feeling again and she wrapped her arms around his neck in an effort to be closer to him. What was this? Were these those pesky hormones her parents had warned her about and she had laughed at thinking she would never feel them or feel any sort of sexual desire. Yet, here she was making out with a boy she had met a few days ago and ditching class. She couldn't explain it and maybe a feeling such as the one she was experiencing didn't need explaining but it just needed
to be felt. Bill had awakened something in her that she never knew she had and it was all so new. When they finally separated their lips again and they were breathing heavy she felt that she wanted to do something for him and she had just the idea.
"Bill I want to give you one of these," she said pulling down on her sweater so it revealed the mark he had left on her the night before on her neck. His eyes burned with lust.

"You want to give me a hickey?" He asked in disbelief. Here he had expected her to be more shy and in a way she still was, but not in the way he had expected. Perhaps he was changing her just as she was changing him. He had never let any woman mark him before, at least not in a semi permanent way such as a hickey. Lipstick marks were usually his go to as they were easily removable when he wished. Fuck, if he had to be marked by anyone he wanted it to be Hillary. Already he felt himself falling for her more than he had originally thought possible. He had felt an extreme euphoric ecstasy when she had been revealing her thoughts to him.
"Okay, go ahead," he said running a hand through his hair.
"I don't know exactly how, you'll have to guide me," she whispered and he got the sense that she was embarrassed at her lack of experience.
"That's fine, Hillary. Don't be embarrassed not with me," he said. He wanted her to feel comfortable with him in every way possible.
"Come here, sit on my lap so you won't have to strain yourself reaching for me," he said and she complied. He rested his hands on her hips.
"You're gonna basically suck my skin but you want your mouth positioned in a kissing shape," he said and she proceeded to doing the first step. Her soft lips rested on the sensitive skin of his neck. "Partially open your lips in a sort of O fashion and begin to suck. The sucking has to be hard to leave a mark, babe," he said. She did what he told her and he felt immense pleasure at what she was doing to him. He was also so turned on by the fact that he had to guide her through it. She had been embarrassed for no reason and she was doing amazing. She began to bite on his skin and his hands moved from her hips to grip her hair.
"Fuck, Hillary," he whimpered and tugged at her damp curls. At last she seemed satisfied and she pulled back to look at his face. Her glasses were lopsided and there she was looking so incredibly innocent even after what she had done.
"Was that okay?" She asked.
He laughed it was better than okay. He felt an urge arise within him, a sort of sudden excitement to unburden himself and let her know more about him. He knew just the thing, it was a part of him and his past that he had locked away. She was giving him the strength to recover it.
"It was perfect. You said you wanted to know more about me right? You wanna go somewhere?" He asked.

Hillary found herself in a music shop down town that Bill had insisted would reveal more about himself to her. She still didn't know how but she followed him throughout the shop either way and he stopped proudly in front of a display of saxophones.
"You can play one of those?" She asked. It suddenly occurred to her that he was a mystery. Here he was looking like a typical bad boy but yet he was a bad boy who read classic novels, planned brunches, and could play an instrument.
"Yeah, I played in high school too. It was one of my greatest joys," he said his voice becoming melancholy. She didn't miss the past tense.
"Was? Is it still not one of your joys?" She asked going over to look at the saxophones. They were beautiful, some golden others appearing more platinum but still a lovely sight.
"I haven't played in years. It's kinda a long story, it all boils down to a fight I had with my mother but I don't want to bore you with that," he said. She glanced at him, he was guarded again. She thought it was best not to push him as she didn't want for him to completely shut down. Besides, he was already revealing things about himself, slowly.
"I brought you here cause I thought maybe I could play for you. I left my sax at home," he said picking up one of the platinum tenors. She could see that this was a big deal for him and that his vulnerability was hiding behind his guarded appearance. She watched as he positioned himself expertly and began to play a familiar tune. The melody was of Clair de lune and she recognized it from her old music days when she had dabbled in playing piano. She had quit and moved on to other things as young children often do but Bill on the other hand was an expert. To Hillary, it seemed as if he remembered everything there was to know about playing the instrument. It was almost sensual how he played it and never broke his gaze with her. When he was done with the tune it seemed to Hillary as though a weight had been taken off his shoulders.
"That was beautiful," she said and he came up to kiss her.

His arm was wrapped around her neck as they walked through the down town area. He had been right in thinking that taking her to the music shop would help him reveal more about himself to her while being able to face one of the pieces of himself he kept locked away. He had been truthful when he told her he had left music behind because of a fight with his mother, but he had left it at that. He had appreciated the fact that she had been so understanding and didn't pressure him to reveal more. This process of opening up to people was very new and he needed time and he didn't want to scare her by revealing his fucked up past too soon. After leaving the music shop they had looked through other stores as well. Hillary had insisted on buying a Polaroid camera in order to take pictures of him. He had refused at first but her little pleas of "please Bill, please," had won him over, he had the feeling that he couldn't deny her anything if he tried. So she had taken her little pink Polaroid camera and snapped several pictures of him as they walked, when they were in a shop, or sitting down. She would look at the photos in awe and then slip them into her wallet. He liked that, it meant she was liking him more as well. Then of course they talked while they did all these things, and he had fallen more infatuated with her. He had learned that her favorite color is pink, she loves animals especially cats, "not cats, I call them kitties, Bill," she had said, and that she adored strawberries. Then there were the more complex things he had learned about her including how she was inspired from her mother's difficult upbringing and how she herself has always felt like an outsider.
"What do you mean?" He had asked. Sure, when he had first met her he thought she was innocent, and a bit prudish, but he hadn't pegged her for an outsider. He had thought she liked being alone.
"It's just that most people don't seem to care about the things I do. It sounds like I'm trying to be special or different but I'm not and it sucks. There have been times I've felt something was wrong with me because I was too bookish or an intellectual snob as I've been called. Sometimes I wish that I could just have simple non complex thoughts and could just think like everyone else seems to so I wouldn't be so awkward," she had said. That only endeared her to him more. She was different, even it she didn't like it, it was what had drawn him to her. In a way he understood her feelings. He had this persona that he put on but underneath he felt misunderstood and just like if he were going through the motions of life.
"I'm glad you're not like anyone else, that would be boring. I like how you think and I love that you always keep me guessing," he had said truthfully.
Now as they walked past a water fountain that was placed in the middle of the downtown square, he stopped walking.
"Lend me your camera, I want to take a picture of you here in front of the fountain," he said. She handed it over to him and went to sit on the edge of the fountain. He could tell she felt a bit awkward and out of place so he made a ridiculous face in order to make her laugh. It worked, her whole face lit up and he snapped the picture.
"Bill, you should have seen yourself. You looked so funny," she said coming over to him. He smiled in acknowledgment but was focused on shielding the developing Polaroid from the light so it would develops properly. He hated how fucking long it was taking because he really wanted to
see the image.
"Bill, come sit down. The picture isn't going anywhere," she said tugging on his arm and moving him towards a bench that was in the shade across the fountain.
He sat down next to her and handed her the camera.
"Bill, how would you feel about me giving you a nickname?" She asked. He glanced over at her. Her hair had dried and her little gold blonde ringlets framed her face. She had still been shy with him today as she would still turn rosy when he touched her, but she was also becoming more playful. She had begun to crack jokes with him and giggle, and fuck how he adored it.
"Depends on what the nickname is," he said looking down at the still developing picture that had now formed a silhouette.
"I was thinking maybe Billy?" She said. He rolled his eyes, it sounded so fucking country.
"I don't think I like that one very much," he said. She huffed.
"Why not? I think it's cute," she protested.
"I mean yeah if we were fifty," he said peering at the photo closer . It was almost done developing. When Hillary was quiet he turned his attention to her. Fuck, had he hurt her feelings? He knew he would fuck something up! She was gazing at the fountain.
"Hillary? Hey I take it back you can call me Billy," he said. How can you be complaining? You're lucky she even gives you the time of day, he thought to himself.
"But you don't like it," she said fiddling with the camera.
That was true, he wasn't too fond of it but if it made her happy then he would let her call him whatever she liked.
"How about a compromise? You can call me Billy if I can call you Hilly," he said. The corners of her mouth grew into a grin.
"Deal, Billy," she said and he rolled his eyes but leaned in to kiss her.
He pecked her lips softly then pulled back.
"Deal, Hilly." He looked back down at the photo and saw that it had fully developed. It was ethereal and completely beautiful. In the photo, Hillary was beaming and revealing her white teeth in a full radiant smile and her little laughter lines and dimples detailed her face. He took out his own wallet and slipped the photo into one of the clear sleeves.
"Bill, we should go back to the car. I want to be alone with you," Hillary said breaking his trance. He glanced up at her, she was reflecting back his own feelings of amazement, happiness and perhaps even the same infatuation he was feeling. The sky was starting to turn a bit darker. They had spent the whole day talking, walking, and looking at the statues, flowers, and many other aspects of the downtown area.
"Okay, let's go back to the car," he said also feeling that need for the two of them to be alone.

Hillary was staring at Bill as he drove them back to campus. The day with him had been beautiful and she had been surprised and pleased to find that he had meant all his words from last night when they had kissed and that he no longer lashed out at her. That Bill seemed to be gone and was now replaced by a Bill who was caring and patient with her. She liked that. She no longer had to worry about him getting mad at her and already she was starting to feel more comfortable with him. He didn't mock her for her inexperience and she was grateful for that. While they had been walking in down town Hartford, he had asked her about her experience or lack of with men, but it had been out of curiosity and he had been gentle when asking.
"So you've really never dated anyone? Ever?" He had asked surprised.
"No. Honestly, Bill do I look like the type of girl who dates a lot?" She had asked. She was aware that girls like her, introverted ones who didn't want temporary flings didn't get asked out much. "Well no, you do look shy, but I always thought you were selective or uninterested. I guess what I'm trying to say is I doubt no one has never asked you out, you are lovely and I find it hard to believe people wouldn't be interested," he had said. She had nodded in understanding. What he said was mostly true, there had been a slim amount of guys who had propositioned her, but none of which she could see herself with.
"Well, there have been some guys but I just wasn't interested. They seemed like good people, but I just honestly felt nothing for them," she had said. Now, as she admired his hands on the steering wheel and his focused look, she felt everything and more for him.
"You're staring at me again," he said but she could hear the smile in his voice. How could she not stare? He was striking and she had loved taking all those photos of him. Even May knew that Hillary was incredibly head over heels for him, before she had known it herself. Their conversation this morning had proven that.
"He kissed me last night after taking me home from the lake and it was my first kiss," she had told her room mate everything about what had happened between the two of them.
"Hillary, you two are definitely both drawn to each other. I saw it the day he came here looking for you and I saw it last night when he was worried about you. Honestly you should have seen it, Hillary he looked like he was in pain." Her room mates words were true. For whatever reason they were drawn together and there was no stopping it, she had tried to stop it by leaving his room the day she had kissed his thumb and by trying to focus on Scott instead when she took up his offer to go to the drag race. Scott didn't hold a candle to Bill in her eyes, especially after the mess last night.
"You're doing it again. That famous Hillary thinking. You know that drives me insane yet I love it. What are you thinking?" Bill asked cutting into her never ending stream of thoughts. How could she explain all of what she was feeling into words? Suddenly despite all the books she had ever read, she realized there were no words that would ever be adequate enough to describe all of what he had made her feel in the days since they had met.
"I'm thinking that you make me happy," she said. It was an understatement, but it would have to do.
"Yeah?" Bill asked.
"I don't know if you're feeling it too, but I just feel so great around you. It's weird I guess since we just met a few days ago but it doesn't change how I feel," she said thinking out loud. He placed one hand on her thigh while the other gripped the steering wheel.
"I'm definitely feeling that too, Hillary. I told you that before you I've never felt this and I meant it," he replied. She sighed, how could one person make her feel so much?
"So you don't think we're going into this too fast?" She asked. She didn't want things to be awkward or for each of them to be hiding their attraction as she had told him this morning, that would be unbearable. Yet, she didn't want to appear too intrusive on him and be rushing things. "No, I don't. I want us to go your pace and whatever you want to do is what I want as well, Hillary. I just want you to be comfortable." The campus came within view and he drove into the parking lot and parked the car. She dreaded having to leave him again.
"I want to be able to give you things, Bill. I want to be able to touch you but I'm still learning how. You'll have to guide me like you did this morning," she said. She didn't mind the pace they were going at, she enjoyed it! She just wanted to make sure that he knew that she was still not as experienced as him. Bill cupped her face in his hands.
"I know that, baby. I don't mind it all," he cooed and brushed her hair back from her face.
"I guess there's no way to convince you to ditch tomorrow as well huh?" He asked his voice still soft. As much as she would like to, she was aware of the need to attend classes. After all, she wasn't paying tuition to blow off classes.
"Sorry but I'm a good girl," she giggled. She had never giggled before him. Yes she had laughed but these shy giggles of giddiness were something new.
"Well then when can I see you?" He whined now and she found it adorable. She thought about it, she would attend classes tomorrow and her laundry was overdue for a cleaning.
"How about I give you our telephone number and you can call me?" She offered. He nodded and she gently turned her face away from his grasp in order to find a piece of paper in her bag where she could jot down the number. When she was done she gave it to him and he slipped it in his wallet.
"Did you have fun today?" He asked. She had and she was glad she had learned so much more about him including how his favorite color was blue, he adored dogs although he himself had
never owned one, and that his favorite snacks were almonds. Then there was the deeper stuff she had learned about him. He had still been a little guarded but he had revealed to her that his biological father had died before he was born and that he had a step father.
"Hillary did you have fun today, silly girl?" He asked exasperated at not knowing her thoughts again. She smiled.
"Yes I did. It was a very nice day thank you Bill," she said. His hand went to the back of her neck in the way she was becoming familiar with, pushing their foreheads together.
"Thank you, for giving me a chance," he said and his lips came down on hers like they had so many times today. She put her fingers in his thick hair in an effort to pull him closer to her. His mouth opened underneath hers and she slipped her tongue into his mouth. In the back of her mind, she was surprised at herself as she had never done this before, but she was doing what felt right. She was rewarded with a groan from Bill that vibrated throughout his body. Her hands moved from his hair to his chest slipping underneath his shirt to touch the bare skin. His own hands moved to caress her lower back.
When their lips parted and they were both breathing heavy, she continued to let her hands rest at his bare skin under his shirt.
"Fuck, Hillary. Are you sure you've never done any of this before?" He asked, he was flushed from their kiss and she thought he looked even more alluring than usual.
"I'm sure," she said mischievously. Her fingers lightly stroked the naked flesh of his chest and he trembled.
"You're so damn beautiful, Hillary you know that? And your tongue is like bubblegum, so fucking soft," he moaned out. She felt herself take a sense of pride in the affect she had on him. Reluctantly, she slipped her hands out from under his shirt. She would have to say goodnight eventually or they would be here all night.
"I really did have a good time today, Bill. Call me tomorrow okay?" She said starting to lean away from him despite her whole body wanting to be closer to him. Bill, still flushed, reluctantly started to let go of her as well.
"Ugh, okay I see how it is, get me all worked up then slip away. I'll call you tomorrow, babe. Sleep well," he said. She got out of the car and smiled.
"Goodnight, Billy," she said. He laughed. "Goodnight, Hilly."

It had been a good day and as Bill himself returned to his dorm he thought of Hillary. In those last few moments before saying goodnight and with her tongue in his mouth, he had felt such a great urge for her. It was more than lust, it was avidity, it was vehemence, and it was passion. He decided against walking her to her dorm room as he knew it would take even longer for them to part and he did not want to keep her from sleep. He felt the blush in his cheeks that had been caused from her finally begin to go down. Fuck, he had never blushed before her! As he was about to enter the dorm building he heard a cough.
"Hey, Clinton," Scott said. Bill turned around to see Scott sitting on one of the benches and lighting a cigarette.
Bill felt annoyed at seeing him, but his guard instantly went up. It was strange how fast things changed! Only a few days ago he had considered this guy an acquaintance and maybe even a friend, but now he saw him as a bother.
"What happened to calling me, Bill?" He asked a bit irritated at how Scott was trying to act like he was the shit.
"I usually reserve first name basis status for people I like," he said blowing out smoke. So that's how it was gonna be?
"Look Scott. I don't know what your problem is and to be honest I don't care. You don't fucking intimidate me and I'm over this," Bill spat out and turned his back on him.
"You're the one with the problem, you started this problem. What have you gone soft, Clinton? Has the big bad Bill Clinton I heard of back at Oxford gone soft? For what, for Hillary? Has she made an honest man out of you?" Scott said mocking him and standing up now crushing his cigarette underneath his boot. Bill wanted to punch him for even mentioning Hillary but he restrained himself, he didn't want to start a fight that could get him kicked out of Yale and away from Hillary.
"Shut up," he said simply but his voice was cold. Scott however had no intention of shutting up. "Why cause my words hit you where it hurts? This was only supposed to be for a bit of fun but you made it personal now! Well, Clinton. Let me tell you one thing: I'm going to be the first to fuck Hillary's tight little pussy and I'm going to come all over her and-"
"Shut up! Shut the hell up!" Bill yelled interrupting Scott and grabbing him by the collar of his shirt. Bill was fuming with rage. He couldn't take the thought of Hillary, his Hillary, the sweet and innocent girl from the library being touched by anyone else but him especially for personal gain! "You listen here you little shit! You're going to stay the fuck away from her and you're going to keep your hands off her or I'll beat you so fucking hard you won't know right from left," he shouted his voice seething with rage. He let go of Scott by the collar and the other man dropped to the ground coughing. The coughs soon turned to light laughter.
"Seems like big bad Bill is still alive and kicking and it'll be an honor to beat him at his own game," Scott said before finally picking himself up and going into the dormitory. Bill himself stayed out there in the dark for a while longer, still seething with rage. He was so filled with anger that he did not notice that a brunette had been watching him from the shadows of the dark the whole time.