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Hillary was sitting in her criminal law class, but her mind was occupied with thoughts of Bill, Scott, and her conversation with May. She had managed to keep these thoughts at bay for the majority of the day, but as she sat in her fourth out of her fifth classes she found herself unable to keep these thoughts locked away anymore.
First there was the matter of Bill. The thing she knew for sure was the fact that she was incredibly attracted to this mysterious boy. The rest of her thoughts surrounding Bill were ones of utter lack of understanding. Why was he so nice to her now? Was he attracted to her in the same way? She had never had an actual crush before, but her friends had and when they had crushes they would always fantasize them and their crushes together. Hillary had caught herself this morning as she had been combing her hair fantasizing of Bill. She imagined him watching her as she combed her hair and telling her how beautiful she was. She had shut down that thought quickly, it was best not to get one's hopes up.
Then there were her thoughts about Scott. He was handsome and kind to her as well and she liked him, but that paled in contrast to her attraction for Bill. Why couldn't she like Scott? He would be good for her, less confusion.
Her conversation with May had only made her overthink more. Her mind returned to that moment.
"No I'm not okay. May can I talk to you about something?" She had said. She had needed to vent and let someone know what was going on.
"Yeah, go ahead Hillary. You can tell me anything," May had replied and had sat on her bed. Hillary had remained standing, having felt too on edge to sit down herself.
"May, there's this guy named Bill I met him in the library. He was rude to me at first and tripped me. When he offered me a ride in his car I accepted since mine wasn't working and we went to an art museum together. He was nice then but after as we went out to some burger place he wanted to go to, he was rude again and embarrassed me by saying that it wasn't a date. I got mad at him and left and when I turned around and saw him talking with some girl in my absence, I walked away to the bus stop. I got a whole lot of blisters because I wasn't wearing proper walking shoes. He drove up alongside me and told me to get into his car and after he asked politely I did. He drove me back to campus and he seemed to regret his behavior because he apologized. He asked me to meet him the other day but I didn't show up," she had babbled out all her experiences with Bill. May had looked at her for a long time and had then let out a long impressed whistle.
"Wow and here I thought you have just been sitting in here doing homework," her roommate had joked. Hillary had almost wished for a second that she had only been doing homework in their dorm instead of getting attracted to a boy who most likely didn't like her back.
"Seriously though, Hillary. Does this Bill have brown hair and is super tall because if so he came here in the girl's dorm and started pounding nearly every door asking for you. Then he questioned me and asked me where you were," May had said. That had gotten her attention. Bill had went to look for her? She had hated how much giddiness that brought her.
"Yes that was him. What did you tell him?" She had asked her room mate.
"I told him you went out but he had wanted specifics so I told him you went out to a diner with Scott," May had answered. Again, Hillary had felt a weird sensation of flirtatious danger at the thought of that making Bill jealous.
"Oh. May there's more, earlier in his room after we ran into each other I kissed his thumb."
"You what!" May had exclaimed. So Hillary had proceeded to tell her of Bill's wall punching and their talk and everything in between.

"You like him don't you?" May had asked after hearing all this. She did, there was no use trying to deny it, at least not to May.
"Yes I do very much but I don't think he likes me that way," she had said. To this May had laughed.
"Hillary he was desperate to find you, I think he does like you in that way very much," May had said. Hillary hadn't responded.
"Gosh Hillary. Your week has been crazy all I did was go out with Chris to the movies and we're officially dating but I'm kinda jealous that he didn't punch any walls," she had said. To this the two had laughed and for a moment Hillary hadn't felt so bad.
Now as her mind returned to the present she smiled thinking of how Bill had gone to look for her. "Teacher's pet," someone scoffed from behind her. She ignored it as she was used to this but then she felt something hit her. It was a piece of crumpled up paper and it was stuck to her hair. As she went to remove it she noticed that something had been written on it. The note read: four eyes. Very clever, she thought sarcastically.
"Fucking bitch," the same voice said behind her. Involuntarily she swiveled around to see who would use such language. To her horror it was the brunette girl who had been giving Bill a blowjob in the bathroom.
"What are you looking at, bitch?" The girl spat. What was her problem? Did she know of what had happened between herself and Bill yesterday in his dorm room? Yet, even if she did it shouldn't matter to her, Bill said he didn't date. Maybe he just meant that towards you, her inner dialogue said. She shook that thought away.
"Are you still staring? Do those four eyes not help you see enough?" The brunette sneered viciously.
"Oh they help me see alright but unfortunately for you they don't enhance the appearance of all images," Hillary responded and turned around. Luckily, the professor announced the end of class and Hillary stood up to make her way out of class. As she was walking in the hall, she was aware of the rude girl and her entourage tailgating her. She was relieved when she saw Scott walking towards her and waving.
"Hey Hillary," he said putting his arm around her shoulders then noticing the girl and her group added, "do we have a problem here, ladies?" The brunette just sneered and shot Hillary a dirty look before her and her group turned and walked the opposite direction, already disappearing into the crowd.
"What was that about?" Scott asked removing his arm from her shoulder and falling into step alongside her as he had done before.
"Oh you know, my teacher's pet reputation," she said. She was over it, as Eleanor Roosevelt had said 'no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.'
"Hmm. Well, hey I came to invite you to this drag race we're having down near the lake. I could drive you there, if you meet me at the parking lot at seven," he said. Hillary thought it over. Should she go? Although it wasn't really her thing, she was leaning towards going. After all, Scott was being nice to her and it would be a good way to get her mind off things.
"Okay," she said and he seemed excited. She didn't tell him that she planned to bring May and even maybe Chris along.

Bill had went to all his classes in hopes that maybe he had one with Hillary. He knew that because of the times each class was set and the different professors tracing each class, that his chances were slim but he went anyways. At one point in his class, he thought for a second that he had seen her from the corner of her eye. On closer inspection he had realized it wasn't her, the girl he had seen didn't have her signature curls or eyeglasses.
Now as he headed out of his last class he thought about his next step. When could he see her? Of course he could always show up at her dorm room again but he didn't want to intrude on her or make her feel like she was being cornered.
He thought about her soft lips against his thumb and it drove him wild. It was insane how this small act made him flush and his heart race! He had done the most outrageous things with women! So why did Hillary's innocent act make him feel so flushed? As he came upon the boy's dormitory now he saw a group of intimidating but handsome looking guys dressed like greasers. Their black leather jackets had the law balance beam insignia and a crown sitting on top of it on the back. These must be the royals, he thought.
"Well if it isn't the mysterious Bill Clinton, we've heard a lot about you," the obvious leader with the pale blonde hair said. I bet you have, Bill thought bitterly. He hated groups, but he realized the importance of them and this was a very important group.
"Yeah, you've been talking to Scott. I've heard about you guys as well," he said.
"Then you know about our interest in this bet of yours? I have to admit it's an interesting bet. I'm Packer Fisher by the way," the blonde boy said outstretching his hand. Bill shook it.
He hated that this guy Packer had brought up the bet.
"Yeah I know. Scott said whichever one of us nails the girl first will get to join you," he said. He hated referring to Hillary as the girl, but he didn't want to give away her name just in case Scott hadn't yet.
"Yeah pickings are slim and you two seem like the only worthy recruits but the rule is the same: only one new member at a time," Packer said. Bill's mind was in circles again. He needed to be apart of this group to jump start his political career, to not be a loser, but Hillary, how could he go through with this now that his emotions were so high involving her?
"Look. We're meeting up down by the lake for a bit of fun, I suggest you come," Packer said and the group nodded and said formal "see you arounds" as they left. From the way Packer had said it, Bill knew it wasn't a suggestion but a request. He would have to go, like always for him there was no other choice.


"Wow! Hillary! Who would have thought? You being the one to ask me to go out somewhere! Are we in the twilight zone?" May asked as she got ready for the night.
"Haha very funny. Did you call Chris and tell him to meet us here before seven?" Hillary asked as she herself looked in her side of the closet for something to wear. She had never felt that she didn't have something to wear until this moment. She wanted to look different, ever since yesterday with Bill and his thumb she had felt a flirtatious version of herself rising within her. For once she wanted to be risky, to make up for her not being risky when she hadn't pulled Bill's finger in her mouth.
"May, can I borrow something of yours?" She asked. May's eyes bugged in excitement and surprise.
"Yes! Choose anything," she encouraged. After going through multiple articles of fabric, she had settled on a skin tight black dress that was sleeveless and short, well short for her, as it stopped two inches above her knee. She put it on and was glad she was wearing a strapless bra that wouldn't show.
"Holy crap Hillary. You have an amazing figure," May gushed in awe. She blushed, she wasn't used to compliments.
"Thanks, now how about makeup?" She asked and she laughed as May jumped up and down, her roommate was probably going to have a heart attack with all this.
When all was said and done her face had a natural glow from the foundation and highlighter May had applied. Her eyelids were lined by dramatic winged eyeliner and faint gray eyeshadow. She had refused to take off her glasses as she needed something to recognize herself by as the person in the mirror seemed so different. She was glad her and May shared the same foot size so she had been able to borrow black heels.
A knock at the door sounded and May answered it.
"Hillary, this is Chris Maverick," May said introducing her roommate and boyfriend to each other other. Chris was very friendly looking and also a bit owlish in the way May was. Hillary thought they looked good together.
"Nice to meet you," she said shaking Chris's hand. His eyes were bugging out of his head as he
looked at her.
"You look nothing like how May described," he said and the three had laughed and made their way down to the parking lot where they met Scott. The three made mindless chatter as they walked, talking about their classes. At last they came within view of Scott's car.
"Christ, Hillary you look beautiful," he said as he held the passenger door for her. She lingered outside the car.
"Um, I hope you don't mind. I brought my room mate and her boyfriend," she said. If Scott minded it, he didn't show it.
"It's perfectly fine. They can sit in the back," he said. Then they went through the formal 'nice to meet yous' before they all finally piled into his car and made their way to the drag race.


Bill was lingering with the crowd as the get together by the lake was starting to begin. Practically the entire school was there as they mingled on the field. There were lampposts that shone bright yellow lights alongside the trail path where the cars that would be in the drag race were. Although they called this a 'get together by the lake' he had yet to see the actual lake itself, he suspected it was probably farther off. He searched the crowd for one face, but he hadn't seen Hillary yet. Of course not, she wouldn't be at these things, he thought. Then as Scott's car pulled up on the trail he saw her. He was too stunned to even be mad at the fact that she was getting out of Scott's car. She looked fucking ethereal, fucking amazing. As the yellow lamppost light shone on her, her face seemed to glow gold, and her eyes were stunning, the blue of her eyes popping from her dark makeup. He had been right before, she didn't need makeup, and he liked her bare faced, but he still found her beautiful even with it. Then there was the matter of her body. Her dress clung to her skin as a second skin and showed off her hourglass figure. Her thick but slender thighs rubbed against each other as she walked, and he loved it. He was speechless.
"Okay I've just got word that all the cars entered in the drag race have arrived. Shall we start this?" Packer, who had stood on top of the table they had brought shouted into a microphone. The students yelled back in enthusiasm.
"Let's do this, then, drivers get your passenger if you would like one and get to your car," Packer said. Bill found that as he had been staring at Hillary, he had subconsciously gravitated towards her so he was close to her but still near the crowd. He saw Scott whisper something to her and then she nodded and started to follow him to the car. What the hell? Was she going to be his passenger? She didn't like speeding! What did she think this race was? And out here there were no speed limits, in drag races, it was anything goes and they could even drive up to the maximum limit the car was capable of! He had to do something. He went up to her and grabbed her arm. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" He asked. He saw the excitement in her eyes, so she got off on making him worry was that it?
"Let go, Bill. It's not your choice," she said. He knew that, of course he knew that, but he was worried she didn't know all the facts to make a choice. Plus she could get hurt! Guys crashed out in drag races sometimes.
"Damn it, Hillary. Are you trying to get yourself killed?" He asked. She didn't get to answer because Scott came up to him.
"You heard her, Clinton. It's not your choice," he said. Bill wanted to punch him, but he didn't want Hillary to think less of him. She pulled out of his grasp and got into the passenger seat. Bill continued to stare down Scott who looked straight back. He was aware there were onlookers, including Hillary's roommate, but he gave zero fucks, he only carried about her.
"Don't worry, Clinton. I know I'm carrying precious cargo, you know the bet," he whispered the last part and it took everything in Bill not to knock him out right there. He only carried about the goddamn bet and not Hillary's safety. All Bill could do was move back from the trail and onto the grass as he watched the race start.

Hillary was nervous now and a bit scared. At first she had agreed to being Scott's passenger in order to follow with her impulsive behavior of the night but she had just been about to back out. It was only when Bill had seemed worried and tried to stop her that she had decided to go along with it. She felt a sense of adrenaline watching him worry about her, she liked how he was no doubt thinking of her now.
"No seat belts," Scott said and she was shocked that he was completely serious. She gulped, and did what he said. He had done this before right? He must know what was okay.
She heard a loud 'drivers start your engines' and as the speaker started the count down, she looked out the window at Bill who had his hands in his hair and his face in utter concern. That image was soon erased and replaced by blurring yellow lamp post light and the dark blue of the sky. She saw that Scott was going at eighty five miles per hour and she was beginning to feel sick. Her head felt like it was going to burst and she nearly screamed as they went over a rock on the trail causing the whole car to bounce up in the air. Outside the window, it looked like Vincent Van Gogh's starry night. Scott didn't seem to feel any of the worry she did as he laughed like a maniac. The race seemed to go one forever and she was beginning to think it would never end. She looked out the front window and noticed that they were coming across a lake. He had to stop right? He would stop, wouldn't he?
"Stop the car!" She shouted as the lake came closer and he showed no intention of breaking. The lake was so close now.
"Stop the fucking car!" She shouted the fear of drowning or getting hurt causing her to break her no cussing rule. Scott finally stopped the car and she jumped out immediately, feeling nauseous. She noticed that several other of the cars were in the lake and that the finish line was on the trail across the lake. The cars behind Scott's began to honk and complain that they had stopped the race. She noticed that the student onlookers had followed the trail alongside the grass to no doubt watch the suicidal endeavor of attempting to drive a car through the lake.
"Hillary what's wrong?" Scott stupidly asked. She ignored him, she found Bill's face amongst the crowd and went to him placing her head on his chest. Somehow she knew she could trust him. "Take me home," she whispered knowing May would understand and get a ride with Chris or call a cab.
Bill gently stroked her hair.
"Alright, but there's something I have to do first," he said.


Bill had been outraged when he saw what the drag race had consisted of: driving through a fucking lake! Now the thing he had to do before taking Hillary back to campus was to chew out Scott for this.
"What are you playing at?" Scott said angrily as Bill approached him.
"I could ask you the same fucking question! Are you trying to kill someone?" Bill yelled back. Scott's jaw locked in anger and annoyance.
"No one was fucking going to get killed because it's a shallow lake you idiot!" He said. Bill scoffed, were these people that dense.
"Cars don't work in water no matter how shallow!" He said. The two stared at each other fuming, and he felt that he was going to punch the idiocy out of Scott.
"Bill, please take me home," Hillary said showing up at his side and taking his arm. He looked down at her, she seemed so frail and small and he felt a need to protect her.
"Okay, let's go," he said and they had followed the trail back to his car, leaving everyone stunned. After so long that the crowd of students couldn't see them, she paused to take off the heels she was wearing. He remembered the blisters she had recently gotten and he opened his arms.
"Come on I'm carrying you," he said and she didn't argue. Her head lay against his chest as he carried her the remaining way to where his car was. When they arrived, she got into his passenger seat shivering. He took off his black leather jacket he was wearing and gave it to her.
"Wear this, it'll help while the car heats up," he said. There was another thing he didn't do! He never let any woman he had been with wear his clothes but here he was willingly giving Hillary
his jacket and loving how it looked on her. As he got in the car and began to drive, he drove the speed limit for once, for her comfort. There was silence between them, and he didn't try to break it in order to give her space.
It was only when they reached campus that he said,"I'm walking you back to your dorm room." She nodded and carried her heels in hand walking barefoot. He offered to carry her again but she declined.
When they at last got to her room, she went in and left the door open. She was giving him the option to come in. He did and closed the door behind him. She sat on her bed and turned on the lamp. He looked at the posters behind her and smiled, she was a fellow democrat. His heart swelled looking at her, he hated it and loved it, it was complex that he could both love and hate how much she made him feel.
"Hillary why did you do that?" He asked her as he came to stand in front of her. She was silent. He hesitantly sat down next to her, and she didn't protest or move away, that was encouraging. He wanted her to talk to him, so he tried again and used a different approach.
"I'm sorry. I guess a better question would be are you okay?" He asked. She at last looked at him. "No. I humiliated myself. I tried to be a daredevil and embarrassed myself. The only good thing is that this will assure I never do anything risky again," she said. Her cheeks glowed gold from the lamp and he felt like a nervous virgin just sitting next to her.
"You didn't embarrass yourself the idiots driving their cars into a lake did," he said. He was glad that she laughed at his statement. As he watched her laughter lines and beautiful smile he was glad she hadn't been hurt. He had been so worried that she would get injured or possibly even killed and he would never see the light in those eyes again.
"Hillary, please don't ever do something like that again," he said. She saw that her smile was replaced by an annoyed face.
"For the last time Bill. What I do is not up to you," she said. Fuck so she thought he was trying to control her? Fuck no, he didn't want to do that.
"I realize that. I'm sorry I'm not phrasing this right but," his voice trailed off. Should he tell her what he feels? She had kissed his flesh yesterday after all.
"But what Bill?" She asked probing him to continue. Fuck it, he thought. His hands went to caress her face.
"But you need to understand I wouldn't be able to live with myself if something happened to you," he said. Her eyes went down, not looking at him. Damn it, what was she thinking?
"No Hillary look at me. I'm attracted to you and I know you're attracted to me too. You kissed my thumb, that was no accident. Why did you do that Hillary?" He asked. Her face was flushing that adorable pink and now her eyes were fixated on him.
He wanted to hear her say it, hear her say that she felt something for him, he needed to hear it. She was staring at his lips again and it was driving him fucking insane.
"Tell me what you want Hillary. Why are you looking at me like that?" He whispered his hands still clasping her face.
"I want you," she whispered. That was all he needed to hear and his lips were on hers at last. She moaned in pleasure and his hands dropped from her face to grasp at her body and lower back, pushing them closer. Bill guided her mouth, teaching her what to do, as he remembered that she had never been kissed before. She seemed to need no help, however, as her hands moved to his hair, her fingers interlocking between the strands and gently pulling on them.
"I want you. I want you. I want you," she repeated like a mantra between passionate kisses as she continued to yank at his hair. He grunted.
"Fuck. Damn it, Hillary what are you doing to me?" He groaned as his lips moved to her neck. The question was deeper than what he meant physically. It was emotionally, she was changing him, making him feel like he was experiencing this for the first time. He also more concerned with her pleasure than his, which was something that had never happened with any other woman he had been with. She moved herself so she was on his lap and his lips were still at her neck, beginning to leave marks there.
"Mmm. Bill, wait. I want to do something that I should have done yesterday," she whispered. He pulled back from her neck to look at her, intrigued now. His heart was pounding and he watched as she picked up his right hand, and took that same thumb from yesterday and put it in her mouth and began to suck on it. He was amazed at how much he enjoyed it and how fucking incredible she looked doing it. The fact that she said she had wanted to do this yesterday turned him on even more, it confirmed that she had been thinking about him. His free hand caressed her cheek.
"You don't need any of this makeup, Hillary. You look gorgeous with it, but you don't need it. Millions of women out there use this stuff to try to look as beautiful as you do without it and they still don't come close," he gushed at her as she continued to suck his thumb. He didn't care if she wore it because she wanted to, but he never wanted her for a second to think she needed it. A rosy blush rose to her cheeks at his sentiment. She at last let go of his thumb and curled up at his side. She was quiet and he wanted to know what she was thinking, to his surprise she seemed somewhat sad.
"What are you thinking? What's wrong?" He asked stroking her hair.
She was thinking that Bill's kiss had been the best first kiss she could have ever hoped for. He had tasted amazing and when he touched her she had felt like he was everywhere and his touch was the only way to soothe her burning desire for him. His confession of attraction to her had left her stunned, but even more pleased. What was wrong was that Bill didn't date. Her earlier 'I want you. I want you. I want you.' had been true, but she wanted him for herself and thoughts of all his other women came crushing down on her.
"Baby, what's wrong?" He asked again more concerned now. She loved the endearment he had used for her but she couldn't stop thinking about this situation, she didn't want to be his favorite play thing on the side.
"You don't date," she said. He was quiet for a long time.
"Oh," was all he said when he spoke again. She shifted away from him.
"Bill, I'm not like your bimbos. If all you think of me is as a quick feel then you better just leave me alone," she said. She saw that his face seemed hurt.
"No Hillary it's not like that. I don't think of you like that, please understand that. I like you because you're everything the other women I've been with aren't. You're smart, you're incredible and beautiful inside and out. In you I've found my equal, someone who challenges me," he said reaching for her hand. She didn't say anything. It was a nice statement and it flattered her and touched her heart but he still hadn't addressed what would become of them or what he expected from her.
"Bill, but you don't date. So this is temporary and I can't be caught up in this because it will hurt me when you move on," she said removing her hand from his. He didn't give up so easily though and went to her, wrapping her in his arms gently, she didn't protest. She loved his warmth. "Damn it. That's not what I meant when I said 'oh' . I didn't mean that I didn't want to date you. I do and I will if you let me it's just- I've never done it before and I might fuck things up. And Hillary don't you dare say I'll move on because you're the only person who has ever made me feel this way. That's why I lashed out at first because I didn't know how to react," he said kissing the top of her forehead. She felt elated at his words, he wanted her like she wanted him.
"Thank you for taking care of me tonight Bill," she said. He had been so kind with her and she saw now that his concern had been genuine.
"I will always take care of you," he said kissing her once more.
Bill looked down at Hillary in his arms. Already he was starting to feel new. For the first time in a very long time he was feeling like a good person. He couldn't stop himself from kissing her hair every few minutes, he just needed to show his affection for her always.
"Let me see you tomorrow, please. Come spend the whole day with me," he said. He wanted to be with her always, but not in a creepy way. Rather, he was so fucking enchanted by her and
adored her so much that her presence was a gift to him.
"Bill we have classes," she said. He rolled his eyes at the mention of classes, she was so diligent. "Ditch. Just this once, please baby, I have to see you," he begged. It was the first time he ever begged from any woman and she was the only woman he had used endearments with. She looked up at him, her piercing eyes studying his face.
"Okay. Just this once," she said. He was so overjoyed that he kissed her again and she laughed into his mouth. He loved the vibrations and he loved her smile.
" I'll be here to get you at around eight. Is that okay?" He asked.
She yawned and he realized that she must be exhausted by all of the night's events.
"Yes, that's fine," she said and yawned again but he could tell from the way she was scrunching her nose she was trying to fight the sleepiness.
"I'm gonna let you get some rest. I'll be here at eight," he said starting to get up. She began to shrug off his jacket.
"No I want you to have it, Hillary," he said. It was more than just giving her his jacket, it was giving her a part of him. She was changing him, making him want to give her things, making him want to share everything that was his own with her. He still felt surprised at how strongly he could feel over her, but he was starting to not fear it, rather he was embracing it.
"Goodnight Bill," she said softly. He tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear. She had such soft, blonde curls and he longed to bury his face in them.
"Goodnight, Hillary," he said. Then he lingered there a bit more but at last left her room. As he was walking to his dorm he thought over what had just happened between him. He wanted to date her and he supposed that now he was but he still felt like he would fuck it up. Then there was the bet. No doubt Scott was fuming and wondering about his behavior, Bill only hoped Scott wouldn't figure out how strongly he felt for Hillary. Scott was dangerous and he wasn't the choirboy he tried to present himself as. He was just like Bill in his playboy guarded attitude, except he hid that persona and put on the persona of a good choirboy in order to lure the girls he wanted to fuck. At the bonfire that night Scott had told him, "it's not just about the sex. It's about the heart break, that's the part that I get off on, seeing them cry for me."
Bill had laughed about it then, not caring. But now things were different. He couldn't let Hillary be hurt from the bet, Scott, over even himself. He was starting to think that the best way to do that was just to not tell her about it, what good would it do? And he was worried that if he did tell her then she'd lose her faith in him and hate him, he couldn't let that happen. He would think on this more, but for now his plan was to avoid Scott and to keep the bet as hidden as possible.


After Bill had left, Hillary had gotten ready for bed, changing into her pajamas, and scrubbing the makeup off her face, then quickly brushing her teeth. Now as she was lying under the covers she thought of Bill. She had agreed to ditching class in order to see him because she wanted to be in his presence more. His touch was still something she couldn't put into words. It felt so right when he held her, almost like he was her matching puzzle piece. She reached over to the end of the bed where she had placed his jacket and put it on again. She breathed in it's scent that gave off his familiar clean and natural aroma. Already she was missing him and she had read enough books to know what that meant. She rolled over onto her stomach and pressed her face against the pillow. She would need to get some sleep at least before May arrived, she would explain everything to her roommate in the morning. For now, she gave in to the world of dreams and that was the first night she dreamt of Bill.