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Hillary had woken up extra early much to May's chagrin. Classes did not begin for another three hours but being the early riser and over achiever she was, she had decided to take a hot shower and begin her day.
"You know I've always been a bit jealous of people who could wake up so early without seeming tired," May said as she sat on her bed watching Hillary. She thought that May looked very much like an owl without her glasses as her eyes were very round, a night owl.
"Well I'm never tired," She said as she grabbed her book bag. It was true, her parents had often told her that she had more energy than her brothers combined.
"I'll be off now. Maybe I'll see you in one of my classes," She said and May just nodded already turning to crawl back under her covers.
Hillary, however, was covered by green leaves as she walked out of the dorm and into the student lounge outside. The weather was beautiful, not too cool or too hot, and the sky was still somewhat dark as it was still early in the morning. She pulled out her textbook and began to read chapter one. She became so invested in her book that she didn't notice the sun had practically come up and the sky was no longer dark. It was only when she finished chapter two as well that she looked at her watch and realized it was almost time for her first class of the day: introduction to law. She stood up and began to make her way to that class while she chewed on a granola bar that she had stuffed into her bag. When she arrived to the hall where the classroom was she peeked into the door and saw that students had already begun to fill in, she did so as well. She opted to sit in the front row and while a strange choice for an introvert it made sense. She liked sitting up front because she was able to have her full attention on the professor without having to worry about other students being noisy or trying to talk to her. After about ten minutes of waiting the class begun.

Bill had spent the rest of the night with Bambie and when he had woken up he was glad to find she was not there. He always told the girls he hooked up with to leave as soon as he was done fucking them. He didn't want them to stay over night and begin to think there was something intimate or real between them and himself. He had woken up late and had not been to his first class but that didn't bother him so much, he was always quick at bouncing back and getting all the work done on the syllabus before they were due. It was because of this that he decided not to head to any of his classes today. He knew it might come off as lazy but with his charisma and charm he would win over the professors when and if he decided to go to class. He took his time getting ready and put on a black tee shirt with black jeans. He looked good and he knew it, Scott would definitely not win this bet. He left his dorm and walked outside, he still didn't plan on going to class but he did have to find this girl before Scott did. He wandered the grounds before deciding to head to the library because he had decided that a girl that looked that studious would most likely be there.

Her introduction to law class had went splendid. She had been the only student to have read through the first chapter and Professor Redwood had been impressed with her. The Professor was a veteran of the Second World War and his praise made her flattered. Still, the other students had been shooting her envious glares and she had turned pink. It wasn't that she was scared of them, quite frankly she didn't care what they thought. It was more of the fact that she didn't want to appear to be a teacher's pet or a kiss up, she simply just enjoyed learning and her professors responded well to that. Now as she had a free period she decided to check out the library. She felt a tap on her shoulder and turned around to be face to face with a tall blonde boy.
"You're Hillary Rodham aren't you? We have introduction to law together and I just wanted to say you were amazing today. I'm Scott Brown," he said smiling and falling along into step beside her. Hillary felt bad because she hadn't recognized him as being from her class but truth be told she was too busy avoiding malicious gazes and focusing on the lecture instead.
"Oh yes, that's me. Thank you it's nice to see that someone wasn't giving me looks that could kill in that class," she said and he followed her lead as she turned the corridor in the direction of the library. After the bonfire last night, she had studied the map and now she knew the campus like the back of her hand.
"Well I'm sure it's just cause they are jealous. Most of the people here are your typical Ivy League hotshots that are trying to climb up the social ladder," Scott said still following her. She at last stopped as they reached the entrance to the library as she didn't want to be rude and leave him talking.
"And you're not trying to climb up the social ladder?" She asked. Scott smiled at her.
"No cause I'm already at the top." They laughed and his eyes followed her lips. She noticed this, but brushed it off.
"Well I'm going to go study. You know I have to keep that reputation of teacher's pet up," she said leaning towards the library entrance.
He leaned closer to her.
"Well you know a bunch of us are having a party in the guy's dorm building you should come," he said. Hillary tried to stifle a laugh. A party in the guy's dormitory? Not a chance. Still she didn't want to be mean or disappoint Scott who was looking at her very puppy like.
"I'll think about it," she said and turned to go into the library definitely not thinking about it.

Bill had been about to leave the library when he saw the girl enter in and laid back down on the sofa that was placed in the middle of the room. He laughed to himself silently as he had been right, a girl like her would be in the library. He watched as she looked through the bookshelves no doubt looking for something to read for pleasure. She was wearing a thick tan sweater and blue bootcut jeans. Bill sighed, the girl didn't have much fashion sense but he had to admit at least it wasn't over the top like most girls he knew. He thought of how to approach her but she disappeared further into the bookshelves and he cussed. Although there weren't many people in the library, the last thing he needed was for people to think he was some kind of bookworm. He was a private bookworm, but private was the keyword and he didn't need people knowing it. He waited for a few minutes but the girl still didn't appear and he at last got up and went to look for her behind the bookshelves. He found her sitting on the floor with a book called 'the catcher in the rye' in front of her face. He hadn't read that book and he figured if she was reading it, then it must be a boring book. He stood there watching her and she didn't notice him until she looked up and jumped.
"poop," she muttered out of fright as she stood up with the book still in her hands and her glasses going lopsided. Bill hated to admit it, but she looked kind of cute like that.
"Did I scare you?" He asked. Her face was pink and he could tell she was trying not to stare at him.
"Yeah, but don't worry about it. It's my fault for sitting back here," she said then began to walk away. He stood there getting annoyed. This girl was making it even more difficult for him to talk to her and he wasn't used to being ignored by women. He caught up with her as she was checking out the book. She didn't seem to notice him as she picked up the book and shoved it in her bag. At this point, he had had enough of being ignored and he resorted to sticking his foot out and as she headed out of the library she tripped over it. He heard her say poop again and he figured that she didn't cuss, that was to be expected. She got up from the floor and glared at him with her mouth seeming to pout out of it's own accord.
"You tripped me," she said. He had, and it had gotten her attention so he didn't regret doing it. Her bright blue eyes seemed to grow behind her brown lenses, staring him down in fury.
"No I didn't," he said simply. She scoffed and turned on her heel, this time nearly tripping over her
own two feet and walked out of the library. He watched her go, a smile growing on his lips as he knew she would remember him now.

Hillary had returned to her dorm room exhausted from the day's work. Yes it had only been the first day of class but she had already started on several assignments and was looking forward to getting some sleep. As if on cue, May entered the room in a whirlwind making all kinds of fuss about her day and a professor she found attractive. Hillary rubbed at her temples as she laid down on her bed listening to her room mate and hoping she would tire herself out.
"And there's this big party going on at the boy's dorms and I thought we should go," May rattled on. That got Hillary's attention. She figured that the universe was trying to punish her for all the high school events she had skipped out on by giving her a room mate who insisted she go to these get togethers.
"I went to the bonfire with you last night, May," she groaned. She liked May but Hillary herself always felt awkward at social events such as these. Besides, she didn't want to run into the rude boy from the library.
"I know I know and I'm sorry but tomorrow is Saturday so you have nothing to lose. Plus there's this guy that I really got along with in my criminal law class that is going to be there and just think about it, he'll be my boyfriend soon and I'll leave you alone," May begged and continued to chant please please please over and over.
"Okay okay fine," Hillary gave in at last mostly just to stop her room mate's babbling. May had brought up one good point, tomorrow was Saturday so there would be no classes and she was already ahead on work in her classes anyways.
"Yes!" May shouted fisting the air in victory and then she headed for the closet.
"What are you gonna wear?" She asked Hillary who shrugged.
"Probably this," Hillary responded not feeling the need to change. May looked her over once.
"No you're not. Come borrow one of my dresses," May said already hanging several on the knob of the closet. Hillary stood up and went over to inspect her roommate's choices.
"These are all too short. I have a dress I can wear but thank you anyway," she said heading to her own side of the closet and taking out a long alabaster dress that went past her knees and had long sleeves.
"Well at least let me do your makeup," May complained as Hillary changed into the dress.
"I don't really like wearing makeup it takes too long to take off," she said inspecting herself in the mirror. She liked this dress, it was modest and she had bought it back when her family had taken a trip to New York City.
"Please Hillary," May began to say again and Hillary laughed.
"You're not going to stop until I say yes right?"
"Nope. Not until you say yes."

So Hillary had found her eyelids covered in sparkly white eyeshadow and her lashes curled with mascara as they walked over to the boy's dormitory. She was glad her dress was long and wondered how the other girls, May included, did not feel cold in their short spring dresses. As they entered the dorm Hillary found that it had been transformed to look like one of those nightclubs she saw on TV shows. The room was dark and lit only by a neon blue light affect and the furniture had been moved so that there was room to mingle. She looked around nervously and hoped the boy from the library wouldn't be here as his behavior earlier had stunned her. He definitely had looked to be the type of boy her parents had warned her about and she did not want to get involved or be near him ever.
"Let's go get a drink," May said motioning to the table at the back of the room that had refreshments. Hillary followed May just not to lose her and declined her offer for a drink as she noticed all of the drinks were alcoholic.
"You don't drink either?" May asked clearly astonished. Hillary shook her head.
"Hey you made it," Scott said cutting in her line of vision and he was smiling excitedly at her. Hillary smiled back out of politeness, at least this boy wasn't rude to her.
"Oh yes my room mate forced me to come," she said motioning to May. Scott kept his eyes on her however.
"Well I owe her one you look beautiful tonight," he said and she was glad the room was dark so no one could see the blush that was filling her face. At that moment a random guy tripped and crashed into her spilling a drink all over her beloved dress.
"Crap! Hillary come here I'll show you where the bathroom is so you can get cleaned up," Scott said taking her arm and leading her into a hall away from the party and the lights. She looked back for May but her room mate had disappeared amongst the crowd.
"Here. First door on your right. I'll be waiting here for you," Scott said. She just nodded and was grateful that she was away from the strobing lights that had begun to hurt her eyes. She followed Scott's instructions and came to find the unisex bathroom. She knocked on it as the door handle showed it was one of those one toilet only bathrooms and when she got no response she opened the door. What she saw made her face turn more red than the wine that had been spilled on her dress. It was the boy from the library getting a blow job from a brunette girl on her knees in front of him.

He looked up into the eyes of the girl from the library and saw that she was turning red. If he hadn't been so out of breath he would have laughed as this was no doubt the first time she had seen something like this. Bambi , who was on her knees in front of him, noticed that he was no longer looking at her and turned around.
"Um this bathroom is in use," Bambi said crudely to the girl from the library.
"Um yeah I can see that. I'm sorry, I tried to knock," she stammered.
"Well bye," Bambi said and the girl nodded and walked away down the opposite way of hall. Bambi tried to resume what had been interrupted but he shoved her away as he was distracted now. He zipped up his pants and thought about the girl. She had been wearing makeup and that bothered him, he thought she looked better without it and her ridiculously conservative dress had been stained.
"What's your problem, Bill?" Bambi said standing up and going to the mirror to wipe his semen from her mouth.
"I'm tired of you that's what," he said trying to get rid of her. He had been looking for someone new to hook up with but had settled for Bambi when he had gotten tired of waiting.
"Fine. You're tiny anyways," she said as she walked out of the bathroom and slammed the door. He didn't care if she was mad, he didn't care about her or any of the other girls he had been with. He fixed himself up and walked out of the bathroom intending to find the girl from the library and see what was going on with her, he tried to convince himself that it was only because of the bet and not because he cared about why her dress had been ruined and why she had looked so distressed.

Hillary hadn't gone back to meet Scott at the end of the hall as she didn't want to explain why she hadn't cleaned herself up and instead just continued down the hall. She hated the wet feeling all over her dress and it was starting to get sticky so she decided that she would find an empty dorm room and use their bathroom to clean up. She came across the first one she saw and knocked, no answer. She desperately did not want to walk into another situation like the one she had just ran away from so she knocked louder, still no answer. She opened the door and thankfully found that it was empty. Her breath was taken away as she entered the room and closed the door behind her. Whoever occupied this room did not have a room mate as there was only one king size bed in the middle of the room. What caught her eye though were the giant book cases that adorned each side of the bed. They looked antique and were made from black wood and from where she was standing she could see that the book cases were filled with classic novels, and included some of
her favorites. She went to a case and took a book off the shelf, telling herself she would just glance through it, but her mind drifted and she was caught up in the world of words.

Bill hadn't been able to find the girl back at the party but he had run into Scott who was at the end of the hall.
"What are you doing?" Bill asked. Scott looked around Bill's shoulder.
"I was waiting for Hillary," he said.
"Who's Hillary?" He asked and Scott started to laugh.
"Seems like I'm already way ahead of you in that bet. Hillary is the girl we are betting on. She went to the bathroom to clean herself up but I haven't seen her come back," Scott said still laughing at Bill's expense. Bill didn't care though, he was too busy thinking of how he now had a name to put with a face. He usually forgot names, but if he wanted to win this bet he would have to remember this one. Hillary. He had never met anyone with that name before and he kind of liked it.
"Well maybe she snuck past you. A girl like her is so used to being ignored that she's probably invisible too," Bill said. Scott nodded thinking it over.
"You're right. I'm going to get back to the party, after all it's not like she's going to get nailed by either of us tonight. Are you coming?" Scott asked. Bill looked back to where the strobing lights were and saw Bambi in the crowd. He didn't want to risk her trying to get with him again so he shook his head.
"No, I'm just going to go to my room. I'll see you tomorrow," he said and walked back down the hall.

She had gotten so invested in the book she was reading, Leaves of Grass, that she had even sat on the humongous bed as she continued to read it.
"What the fuck?" A voice shouted. She turned to see that the boy from the library was at the door and he seemed furious. She dropped the book and stood up. This couldn't be his room, she thought, she couldn't picture him reading these books.
"What are you doing in my room?" He continued to shout. Her eyes began to brim with tears involuntarily as they always did when she got yelled at.
"Well I still needed to find a bathroom to get cleaned so I went into a random room. I'm sorry I didn't know this was your room," she said her voice shaking. She was usually confident but the fact that this random stranger seemed to hate her for no reason bothered her deeply. She was used to not being liked, but she had always known the reason.
"I don't care! Get out!" He shouted. She bent down to pick up the book from the floor to put it back where she found it out of politeness but he told her to "leave it." As she walked past him to leave he stopped her.
"Wait. You still haven't cleaned your dress," he said his voice somewhat softer now. She looked at him and saw in his face that he seemed to be thinking.
"Are you crying?" He asked as he saw the wetness of her eyes.
"No. Look, it doesn't matter, I'll just go back to the my dorm and get cleaned up," she said trying to pull her arm out of his strong grasp.
"No wait. Use my bathroom to get cleaned up I insist," he said. She looked at him and saw that his face looked guarded but he didn't seem as mad as he had before. She stood frozen that way staring at him and he sighed pulling her so she followed him into the bathroom. She didn't fight his grasp because she didn't want him to get mad again and watched mesmerized as he put a wash cloth under the sink and began to clean her dress. She stood there quietly and took the opportunity of him being busy to take off her glasses and wipe her eyes. She had been crying and it was obvious to the both of them, but the boy didn't say anything as he continued to clean her dress. She put her glasses back on and stared down at the stranger knelt on his knees cleaning her. Who
was he? He had been so mean and fierce earlier but now his face seemed more relaxed. She at last took in his appearance as she had been too mad and distracted in the library to actually notice the details of his demeanor. His hair was a dark chocolate brown that was longer than most boys' hair but did not go past his ears. His shoulders were incredibly broad and she could see the lean muscles that stood out against his black tee shirt. He looked up at her and she saw that his eyes were the most interesting shade of blue she had ever seen and had specks of gray.
"What's your name?" He asked softly as she looked away from him, scared that he would yell at her for staring at him.
"Hillary," she whispered and he stood up. He was tall, much taller than her five feet five inches.
"I'm Bill," he said. She nodded and continued to look at the floor even though she could feel his gaze on her.
"You might want to get going. It's getting late," he said his voice still soft. She nodded again and walked out of the bathroom. As she was walking to go out the door of the room itself, she felt a hand on her elbow. She turned around and looked up into Bill's eyes. He didn't say anything and neither did she as she didn't want to annoy him. He took his thumb and wiped away the remaining wetness from her eyes. When he was done he let go of her.
"Goodnight," he said. She walked out the door, her head spinning from all his mood changes, and before she shut the door she whispered back, "goodnight."

Bill didn't know what had come over him. One minute he had been angry that his privacy had been invaded and he had wanted her gone but when he saw her eyes brimming with tears he had felt bad. That was what was strange. He had made countless girls and women cry and hadn't cared but when he saw her bright eyes dim in tears he had felt ashamed of himself. After all, she hadn't exactly done anything to him.
He supposed what made her tears different was the fact that she had tried to hide them and was silent about it, unlike most of the girls he had been with who had been loud and dramatic to get him to feel bad. She hadn't wanted him to feel bad, and that made all the difference. As he had cleaned her dress he had noticed how she stared at him and looked away quickly when he caught her. She was probably scared of him, most people were in some way. Now, as he picked up the book she had been reading from the floor he saw that it was open to the poem of 'o captain my captain.' He put the book back on the shelf and sighed as he laid down on his bed trying not to think of the girl named Hillary.