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The Bet

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The room smelt like ash and the walls were a burnt amber, it seemed like a scorched forest. That didn't stop her from being excited to arrive at this prestigious law school. She would turn this room into a revived forest with her political posters and other personal items. She would make the best out of the situation as she always had, for her there was no other way to go. She was after all, Hillary Rodham. She had been accepted into Yale with open arms as the faculty had been impressed with her work ethic and resume from wellesley college. The faculty adored her and she was on first name basis with many of them and classes hadn't even started yet! Her peers were another matter. She supposed it was her appearance as she didn't conform to beauty standards and often let her hair fly natural and frizzy while her brown spectacles framed her eyes. She had always been different in this way. It wasn't that she looked down on other women for wearing makeup or taking time to their hair, rather it was the fact that she had always felt she had no time for these things. Her family had often called her a ticking time bomb and that she was always racing to do the next thing or reach the new frontier. This was true, she had always been ambitious. It was her ambition that drove her to become a lawyer because she was up for the challenge and was intrigued by law and politics in general. Even now with no homework of any kind to do, she felt the ambition, that burning need, to do something. She wanted to go out and speak at a rally or go on a mission trip to a third world country but she was getting ahead of herself as always. There would be a time for these things in the future but for now all she could do was hang up her posters on the wall and be excited to have arrived in New Haven, Connecticut.

He wiped the red lipstick off his cheek left from the brunette who was currently straddling his thighs.
"Good lord you sure love to leave your mark don't you," he said. Not that he minded, he liked to be branded. He loved to show that he was always with a beautiful woman of sorts, a new one everyday! The brunette was his flavor of the day and what had started off as a brief introduction on the Yale Campus had turned into an animalistic public display of affection that they had took back to his new dorm room. He hadn't even set anything up into the room and as they had entered and closed the door behind them they had moved to the floor to continue what they had started.
"Only on what's mine for the night," the brunette said continuing her game. He rolled his eyes as he enjoyed the feeling. That's all he ever did, enjoy the physical touch but not get invested in the person for who they were. Sure, the brunette was beautiful but his attraction to her was purely physical. After all, on his way to New Haven last night he had met a pretty redhead on the bus and convinced her to rent a room with him. The funny thing was he didn't even remember her name. As a matter of fact, he didn't even remember the name of the brunette who was currently sucking at his neck. What was a name after all? After all the women he had been with the hair color, facial features, and details seemed to blur together. Was it last week that he had slept with his landlord's daughter or was it the daughter of his boss? Details like these blurred and disoriented his memory and in no doubt after tonight with the brunette he would be wondering next week if it had been a blonde he hooked up with on his dorm floor! No, none of that mattered. All that mattered was the feel of flesh upon flesh and the high that came with intercourse. He had been reluctant to come to Yale at first, he loved law and the idea of being a lawyer but the area seemed so barren. He had been adored in Arkansas and been with many British women back at Oxford, but he had worried that New Haven would have no beauty for him to pluck. Of course, he was wrong and the lipstick stains at his neck could attest to that. The brunette had mentioned something about a bonfire that incoming students were throwing tonight and he had decided to go. It would be a good opportunity to scope out some beauties and begin to build his Yale status. As his hands moved to cup the brunette's breasts, he thought to himself that New Haven better watch out because Bill Clinton had arrived.

Hillary had already planned out what was the best way to get to each of her classes, decorated her room, and organized her binders. She was an overachiever and now she was bored and pondering what book to read when she heard a knock at the door. Upon answering it, she found herself face to face with a young girl who had the darkest hair she had ever seen and big clear glasses.
"Can I help you with something?" Hillary asked politely.
"Yeah you can help me get settled in. I'm your room mate. My name is May June and yes that is my real name," the girl outstretched her hand and Hillary shook it politely.
"Room mate?" She asked as she looked down at the giant brown duffle bag the girl had. It wasn't that Hillary didn't want a room mate but truth be told she was more of an introvert and valued her space and free time. In fact, the only time Hillary spoke to anyone was when the conversation was about politics or she had something to say. She hated small talk as she didn't see it serving a purpose.
"Yes. I see you've taken the left side of the room. That's fine, I'll take the right. Did they really not inform you that you were having a room mate? Must have been a last minute change, I hear Yale over enrolled this year," May said dumping her duffel bag on the right bed that Hillary had originally planned to get rid of.
"Probably. No one told me I had a room mate so I'm sorry I already put all my things up," she said. She hated awkward moments like this! May, however, seemed very unbothered.
"That's fine. I don't have anything that I would want to put up on the walls. So you're a democrat? That's cool so am I," May said looking at Hillary's posters of Franklin Roosevelt and the democrat emblem. She hadn't always been a democrat, she had been raised as a republican. Still, she was always a product of her own mind and had forged her own opinions and converted to a democrat because she supported civil rights and an end to the Vietnam war.
"So I guess since we're room mates I don't want there to be any awkwardness between us," May said plopping herself down on the bed.
"Neither do I," Hillary said hesitantly.
"So I guess we should break the ice. I'm May and the reason I want to be a lawyer is because I love criminal law shows and the whole idea just seems glamorous to me. What about you?" She inquired. Hillary was starting to get the sense that this girl was more of an extrovert. That was fine by her, a girl as outgoing as May would make plenty of friends as soon as classes started and most likely would not be in the dorm as much.
"I want to be a lawyer because I'm really interested in law and politics and want to help make a change in the world," she said truthfully. May nodded.
"Was Yale your first choice? What other law schools accepted you?"
Hillary blushed at May's question. Only her family and some of the faculty knew that she had received acceptance letters from all of the top Ivy League law schools. Yale hadn't been her first choice, she had been thinking about Harvard, but ultimately she had chosen the former out of a simple game of eenie meenie miney mo. It had been one of her reckless moments, or reckless for her anyway.
"Yale wasn't my first choice I was thinking about Harvard but ultimately decided on Yale just out of the blue. I was accepted into a lot of other law schools," she said leaving it at that.
May wasn't letting her off the hook so easy.
"Did you get accepted by Princeton?" May asked. Hillary smiled.
"Fuck Princeton."
Hillary was taken aback but laughed anyway.
"Why bleep Princeton?" She asked. She always used bleep as a substitute for curse words, she had never cursed in her life and she didn't plan on starting to now. The way she saw it, intelligent people didn't need to cuss because they had many words they could use instead.
"Because they didn't accept me and they were my top choice, I'm from New Jersey you see. It's fine though because Yale was my second choice but more importantly did you really say bleep
instead of fuck?" May babbled on. By now, Hillary was finding the girl's chatter a bit comforting. She shrugged her shoulders not really up to explaining why she didn't cuss.
"Wow. I mean that's fine and all I just never heard someone do that before. You're probably a virgin too huh?" May asked. Hillary's face turned red.
"I don't see the correlation between not cussing and being a virgin," she said crossing her arms. She was in fact a virgin but it didn't bother her much. She had received some attention from boys but they were just that: awkward boys that she wasn't attracted to. Quite frankly she couldn't remember being attracted to anyone except Elvis Presley and hugs were the extent to which her experience with boys went.
"Hey I didn't mean to offend you. It's okay if you are. I didn't lose my virginity until last summer with this guy I dated for a bit," May said. Hillary nodded and sat on her bed. She didn't care much for romance or that sort of thing. She liked reading about it and the idea of it was nice, but she always felt detached and indifferent about it.
"Hey well look. There's this bon fire tonight for incoming students and I think we should go. It would be nice to have one last free night before classes begin tomorrow," May said excitedly. Hillary sighed, her idea of one last free night was getting ahead on her laundry and finishing her book she was interested in.
"Come on please. I really want to go but I don't want to go alone and I don't know anyone here yet. I promise once I make other friends I won't bother you about things like this," May begged. Hillary took a closer inspection of her room mate. The girl was very nice if a little too peppy but so far she had done nothing except be nice to Hillary.
"Alright I'll go," she said. After all what could possibly happen at a bon fire?

"Stop doing that," Bill complained to the brunette who had to remind him that her name was Bambi as she grabbed his butt. They were on the way to the bon fire and the last thing he needed was for any on lookers to think they were a couple.
"Fine. Fine. Look I get it, you're all macho and you don't want to be in a relationship. That's fine, but you're mine tonight and I want to make the most out of it," she said as they arrived to where a large group of people was. There was a table filled with all kinds of snacks and Bill sent Bambi over to get him something. He wasn't hungry, but he needed a break from her. The sky was already turning indigo and he inspected the crowd. There were no girls he found incredibly attractive and instead he focused on the growing flames of the fire.
"Hey are you Bill Clinton?" A voiced asked. Bill turned around to find that it was a guy around his own age that was wearing a stylish leather jacket.
"Yes. And you are?" He asked never having met the stranger before.
"I'm Scott. I don't think we ever talked but we went to Oxford together. I remember having you in one of my classes," he said. Bill grinned.
"No I don't remember you but it's great to have another Oxford man here," he said. The two got along like peas in a pod and began to exchange stories about England. Bill then found himself sitting between Scott and Bambi as the bonfire officially began and students sat around the logs of wood. He had fit in easily as he knew he would. He had that gift, the kind that could make anyone like him.
"So is that your girlfriend?" Scott asked in reference to Bambi who was gossiping with some girl she had met.
"No. I don't do girlfriends," Bill said laughing. Scott nodded and seemed to understand.
"Yeah neither do I. I like to just roam free. Back in England the boys and I would play this game to see who would nail a girl first. We usually would choose the shy type because that makes the challenge more fun. Want to play?" Scott asked. Bill chuckled in good humor. He didn't see anything wrong with the game after all they were just making a girl feel good and as long as they got the girl's consent then that was fine.
"Only if there's a worthy candidate," he said. Scott looked around the crowd for a while before pointing a girl out.
"There. You see that blonde one with the glasses? I bet I could nail her before you," he said. Bill followed Scott's eyes to find the girl. She had thick bushy blonde hair and glasses. She looked like she didn't spend much time in front of a mirror since she was wearing a gray sweater and a long black skirt that hit the floor. The girl was okay and even a little pretty as the firelight glowed on her cheeks. She would be a challenge.
"You're on," he said and he and Scott shook on it.
"We'll start tomorrow," Scott said. Bill nodded as his eyes stayed fixated on the mysterious girl.