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You Deserve It All

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Kara doesn’t know what she’s expecting when she walks in to Lena’s penthouse, but it certainly isn’t a waterfall that pulsates with bright, almost neon lights.

Especially not one so... well, gaudy. Garish in a way she would not expect from her new strange friend. It’s massive, flowing at least two floors high in her foyer.

“It came with it,” Lena says behind her, likely seeing Kara’s surprise. “All the more elaborate fixtures came with the place, actually. The only things I picked out are the furniture and the wall color.”

Despite its size there doesn’t seem to be any spillage; just insane amounts of water falling repeatedly in time with lights. It’s so ugly and Kara’s already a bit in love with it.

“Have you swam in it yet?”

Lena laughs.

“Well, considering that would never occur to me in a thousand years, no I have not.”

Kara’s brain is already running through strategies of how to get the both of them into that fountain as soon as possible. Definitely coming back to that one.

Lena’s home is similar to her new apartment but on a grander scale: bigger windows, nicer designs etched into the molding, buttons and touch screens within reaching distance at all times.

Most glaring of all, however, is the color pattern. Or lack thereof, really, as everything is a variation of white. The floors, the furniture, even the small notebook sitting on the side table all fall in the same families of greys and neutrals. Kara wonders if, when the sun hits the windows just right, the room reflects back with the same intense glare of new fallen snow.

In fact the only color in the entire room isn’t even in it; it comes from the skyline clearly displayed through the glass that makes up the two external walls of the living room. That at least provides some variety to the almost oppressing white.

“I bet I can guess your favorite color,” Kara teases.

“I find it calming. Don’t be an ass.”

Kara laughs and turns a corner, stumbling immediately into a strange man holding a giant meat cleaver.

At that point instinct takes over.

With a piercing battle cry she kicks up catching him hard between the legs, and as he falls forward to clutch at his private bits she shoves the palm of her hand up into his nose. The clang of his knife dropping to the floor sounds in time with the crunch of cartilage cracking.

“Oh my god!” the man screams, bent over, one hand clutching his crotch and the other trying to stem the bleeding.

“I’m armed, asshole!” Kara yells, pulling Lena behind her and dropping into a pseudo fight stance.

“You’re what?!” Lena exclaims in surprise, trying to get around Kara.

“You broke it, oh my god,” the man says.

“Lena, call the police!”

“Kara, it’s - calm down, it’s okay! This is Hector! He works for me!”

“What? Why is he walking around with a giant knife?”

“I was preparing your dinner,” he says through his bloody hand, voice distorted.

He shuffles his way over to the sink to try and wash some of the blood away. Lena hovers a foot away from Hector, looking like she wants to touch him but won’t. She glances nervously back at Kara.

“Kara, do you really have a weapon?”

“What? No! I just said that so he’d be afraid of me.”

“You broke his nose and possibly ended his ability to have children. I think he’s afraid of you.”

Based on the watery glare Hector shoots Kara’s way it may be a bit too soon for jokes. It hits her then that she just assaulted this stranger, that she could go to jail or get sued for that. Ah, shit.

Lena meanwhile is typing away on her phone, unfazed by the bleeding man or Kara’s impending lawsuit. Just then Hector’s phone dings with a cha-ching! and his expression goes from pained annoyance to pleasant surprise when he sees what has apparently been transferred to him.

“Thank you, Miss Lena,” he says through his bloodied cloth.

“Thank you for your understanding here, Hector. And your discretion. please, go downstairs, have one of my drivers take you to the Luthor clinic on fourth and have that taken care of.”

He nods, mumbles about there being food set out on the table, and stumbles away. Kara just stands there slack-jawed.

“Did you just pay him off?” she finally says, feeling a confusing mix of horrified and amazed.

Lena gives her an odd look.

“I compensated him for his troubles.”

“Yeah, so that’s super messed up, but thank you? I want to make him an apology card. Or a painting or something.”

Lena just smiles at that and guides Kara to what could possibly be the set of a 19th century aristocrat’s dinner party. Set at a table large enough to serve thirty is a plethora of foods with two seats set at opposite ends. Kara spends a few uninhibited moments straight lusting after the feast before her before moving to grab the plate she’s decided is hers. Moving along the table, she piles it high with fresh fruits and some pasta dish and at least four different kinds of meats before going to set her plate right beside Lena’s seat. If Lena thinks anything of it she doesn’t share.

“Is this what you eat everyday?” Kara says with food still held in her cheeks much like a chipmunk.

“Not usually, no, but I told Hector I was having a guest over and I suppose he got excited.”

“I don’t think he’ll be this excited next time I come over.”

“Perhaps not,” she says with a smile.

After enduring a half hour of watching Kara eat, Lena suggests they retire to the living room to watch a movie.

Kara quickly discovers Lena’s couch is in fact the most uncomfortable piece of furniture in existence and, after some minor finagling, she manages to get a solid pile of pillows on the floor for them instead. The exhilarated look in Lena’s eyes suggests this might be the most unorthodox thing she’s ever done. Kara can’t wait to change that.

Lena pulls up her digital library, clicks on the playlist titled Girls Night Sleepover. The collection reminds Kara of middle school, though she keeps that to herself.

“So is this your type of movie?” she asks, scrolling along.

Lena shifts uncomfortably.

“Not necessary. Truth be told I don’t watch movies; I had my social manager compile this list for us.”

There is a lot to unpack in that statement, and Kara fully intends to do so in the near future, but she can’t fully get past that first statement.

“What do you mean you don’t watch movies?”

Lena shrugs, curls her arms around herself.

“We never watched them when I was a child and at this point I don’t really see the point. But from what I’ve read I know movies are an essential part of a girls sleepover,” she says, like some sort of alien. Kara’s mind is reeling.

This might be Lena’s first movie experience. This could be a majorly defining moment in both their friendship and her life. It’s so obvious.

“So you haven’t seen Waterworld before, right?”

The confused look shot her way tells her all she needs to know and she immediately goes to pull it up on the system.

“Is it a good movie?” Lena asks hesitantly, and Kara snorts.

“Oh it’s not, it’s horrible. One of the worst by far. We have to watch it!”

Lena clearly didn’t understand the joys of consuming trash media, but Kara is more than happy to show her the way.

“Wow,” Lena says as the credits roll.

“Yeah? What did you think?”

“That was... pretty unpleasant.”

“Uh huh.”

“Just overall I did not care for any of that.”

“Yeah that’s kind of how you’re supposed to feel.”

They lay around the living room for a long while after the movie ends just talking. Part of Kara was worried before about spending the night here. It’s one thing to spend time going and going, it’s another to sit in a room together alone and try to connect. But she’s quickly finding silence with Lena is not so painful, and the words she does share are surprisingly funny and smart. They talk of everything from favorite foods to the existence of an afterlife, sprawled out on blankets staring at the ceiling high above.

The only distraction from this moment is Lena’s phone, which keeps buzzing right by Kara’s head. When Lena finally scoops it up Kara is able to make out “DIE BITCH” and “KILL YOU” before Lena swipes them away and she immediately freaks out.

“Oh my god, Lena!” she says, sitting up in a hurry. Lena follows, looking sheepish.

“I know, my next security upgrade is taking a minute so some keep getting through. It’s ridiculous, I should be able to update sooner.”

“That’s not the ridiculous part of this!”

Lena shuffles a bit, clears her throat.

“It’s not a big deal, I promise. Can we just not talk about this?”

This is without a doubt something that needs to be talked about, but Kara can see the pain in her eyes and decides to let it go for now.

Besides, she’s exhausted and kind of excited to see the guest room because finally, after so many months, she can sleep in a bed.

And God what a bed it is.

Kara can stretch out all limbs as far as she can and still not reach the edges. After months of scrunching on Alex’s couch this bed is a spiritual experience. She manages to sleep four blissful hours before her bladder demands attention, and she stumbles down the unfamiliar hall half-asleep. It’s more quiet than she’s used to, quieter than she’s ever experienced even, and it’s that alone that lets her hear the faint sobs coming from Lena’s bedroom.

She hesitates for all of three seconds before approaching the door, pressing her ear against it. She can hear Lena mumbling something unintelligible, hear her sniffles and groans. It sounds like she’s in the thralls of a nightmare.

Kara’s knocking before she can even stop to think and all at once the sounds stop. She waits a few seconds but Lena says nothing, so Kara whisper-yells, “Lena!”

“Yes, Kara?” Lena calls back, voice rough from tears and sleep.

“I can’t sleep! Can I come in?”

There are a few more moments of weighty silence before she hears a hesitant yes.

Kara makes a point of not acknowledging the tear stained sheets or the red eyes blearily gazing at her.

Lena seems to be folded in on herself. Shaking like a Chihuahua in the rain, ringing her sheets between her hands. Kara doesn’t know a lot about Lena at this point, but she knows what someone on the verge of a breakdown looks like. Slowly, she pats Lena’s leg just to test. The tremble tapers off at least, but she can see Lena zeroing in on her hand. She gives her a comforting squeeze and Lena lets out a slow sigh. Kara knows exactly how to fix it.

“Scoot over,” she whispers, ignoring the immediate stiffening of Lena.

“What?” Lena whispers back.

“Scoot your boot,” Kara insists again, nudging at her leg. With the jerky movements of a newly born deer, Lena slides aside to make room that Kara waits no time to take. Kara gives her a moment to settle - she can practically hear the racing pound of Lena’s pulse - before finally whispering,

“Big spoon or little spoon?”

Lena makes a number of small confused noises and in the dark Kara can only imagine what kind of look she’s giving her. Time to make the decision for her, then.

“This feels like a little spoon kind of night, don’t you think?”

Kara repositions Lena with ease, her hands carefully pushing and tugging until she’s got Lena curled up in her arms. The effect is immediate; all the tension seems to slip from Lena’s body like ice melting in the summer heat, and Kara pulls her closer with a firm hand around her stomach. Lena gives just the barest bit of resistance, mumbling,

“I’m sorry if I’m sweaty. I was having a bit of a bad dream before.”

“That’s okay,” Kara says. “it happens. Sometimes I get sweaty when I eat potatoes.”

Lena genuinely laughs at that, a delighted sound Kara wants to hear again and again. It takes her a moment to settle after that, but when she does she lets her entire body press back against Kara, pulls her arms just a bit tighter.

“I’ll remember that next time I feed you.” she says sleepily, settling in.

“You’re gonna feed me again?” Kara can’t help the wonder in her voice. Her mouth is already watering thinking about it.

“Of course!”

Kara sighs happily.

“Gosh, Lena, I think I love you.”

If Lena says anything in response Kara is already too deep into sleep to catch it.

Kara wakes to the sound and feeling of Lena crashing to the floor, dragging the covers with her.

“You okay?” she mumbles, one eye open. She can make out the blurry image of Lena popping up and wrapping the blanket tight.

“Yes! I am fine! I’m not used to waking up next to someone. Sorry for waking you.”

Kara sits up with a smile, more awake by the second as the cold seeps in.

“Did you sleep okay?” Kara asks, slipping her glasses on. Now she can clearly make out Lena’s embarrassment.

“Yes. Thank you so much, I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable in any way.”

“Lena, please. There is nothing I love more in this world than cuddling. Really I should be thanking you.”

Lena gives her a small smile - the kind of smile where it’s obvious she’s trying to hold back and not seem to obviously delighted - and tucks a strand of hair behind her ear.

“Well. Would you like some breakfast? Hector sent over some pastries this morning.”

Kara stretches languidly, her body relaxed from her luxurious sleeping space.

“I’ll have to grab one to go. I promised Lucy I’d help her with something, plus I have the party tonight.” Kara’s eyes go wide, “Wow! I almost forgot! I’m having a party at my place tonight and you have to come!”

“I, uh, I don’t know-”

“Lena, it’s Saturday, if you tell me you’re going to work I’m gonna freak. This is a house warming slash welcome home Lucy party! A few friends I haven’t seen in a while are coming, plus Alex and Lucy. It’ll be fun and it’ll be a way for us to work on this whole social thing.”

“You’re gonna hold me to that now, aren’t you?”

“Absolutely. I take my work very seriously.”

They stare each other down for a few moments before Lena finally concedes with a sigh.

Party setup is a bit difficult when you’re broke.

Lucy and Alex buy pizza and booze, and James used his Real Job money to buy them a few handles. Winn brings his extensive collection of board and card games.

Kara has no furniture because prior to this week she had nowhere to live. But luckily for her Eliza sent her to National City with a backpack full of medication and approximately thirty million pillows and blankets, so Kara is able to arrange some semblance of a living room.

In the portion of space she’s decided will be her living room she lays out a bed sheet on the floor, on top of which she piles pillows and blankets in cozy piles. James sprawls his long man legs out across Kara’s body pillow in a Titanic-esque pose while Winn sits upright, propped on all sides by a pillow throne. Alex and Lucy tut around the kitchen space with Kara, ooing and awwing at the insanely sleek features. Lena is set to arrive any minute, and everything is perfect. Really, it is.

“Hey,” Lucy says, bumping her hip against Kara’s. “Why do you look like someone sneezed in your oatmeal?”

Kara bites her lip, wonders if this is something she should keep secret, but ultimately blurts out,

“Lena told me this thing that’s really bad."

“Oh my god, she killed someone too.”

“No, not- wait, what do you mean too?”

“Nevermind. What did she say?”

“Just that people send her death threats. Isn’t that the most horrifying thing?”

“Definitely, but I mean - it’s not surprising,” Lucy says with a shrug.

“What do you mean it’s not surprising?”

Kara is a bit horrified by Lucy’s casual response to this.

Lucy just looks confused.

“Uhh, probably because she’s related to-“

A sudden knock on the door cuts her off, and they both smile at the loud KARA YOUR GUEST IS HERE that bellows musically from the living room cuddle puddle. It takes her a minute to figure out how to unlock the damn thing - this building is more high-tech than Kara can handle - and her struggle is highlighted by the soulful singing coming from the living room as James and Winn duet in their improv show.

There Lena stands, a nervous twitch in her eyes and a bouquet of flowers in her hands. Lena is wearing a different silk pajama set that is still incredibly similar to the one she wore the night before. Kara can’t help but wonder just how many of these things she has. Still, she’s here and that alone is enough.

Kara immediately throws her arms around Lena in a tight hug, nearly smushing the flowers between them. Luckily Lena has learned what to expect when around one Kara Danvers, and she manages to navigate them out of the way just in time. She hugs Kara back and laughs a bit.

“I saw you a few hours ago, you know,” she says even as she pulls just a little tighter.

“God has it really been that long?” Kara teases, grabbing the flowers from Lena then taking her now free hand. “Thank goodness you’re here then.”

Lena just rolls her eyes, lets herself be led into the living room. Kara can feel the grip tighten as everyone comes over to meet her. She clears her throat.

“Hello, everyone. I am Lena,” she says with an unnecessary air of formality, one made worse by her reaching forward to shake Winn’s hand. The dope looked for a moment like he might have been going for a hug, which caused the both to do an awkward arm open-close shuffle dance before settling into a half-hearted hand-touch back-slap situation.

Thankfully James offers her a hand and smile the second she turns her bright red face his way.

All in all it’s a great start that really sets the tone of the evening ahead.

So it turns out Lena doesn’t know how to play games.

“I grew up in boarding schools,” she says as way of explanation, “I know chess and poker, and how to hide the smell of gin on my breath when the house mother comes by.”

“Well look at you! Rebel child,” Lucy says with an approving grin and a high five. Lena blushes, ducks her head.

“I had my moments.”

None of those moments equipped her for a game night, though. Lena doesn’t know the rules at first but then takes them too seriously, becoming so competitive and intense they have to switch games twice. She gets too excited at times and then goes silent for a bit, her hands clenching.

Kara can see the clench in Lena’s jaw, the whiteness in her knuckles. Casually, without even looking away from the ridiculous display, she reaches over to rest her hand atop Lena’s own and gently pry her fist open. It takes a moment, but Lena does relax into her touch with an almost sigh of relief, the tension draining from her frame. Kara keeps her hand there for who knows how long just rubbing her thumb against the back of her hand.

Things pick up just a bit after that, with Lena mostly sitting in silence while everyone else catches back up. Topics switch to their spring break trips and soon they’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of nostalgia leaving Lena far behind. James makes a joke referencing their particularly memorable trip to Daytona senior year and everyone bursts into laughter.

Lena laughs then as well, louder like she’s trying to compensate. This has the unfortunate effect of causing everyone else’s laughter to quiet down to an awkward stillness.

Lena clears her throat, grits her teeth.

“Pardon me,” she says after another awkward moment of silence, voice tight, before quick- walking to the restroom.

Kara gives her thirty seconds before following.

She can hear her sniffling through the door. One gentle knock and the sniffles stop.

“Lena,” she says quietly, “wanna let me in?”

“Give me a moment,” a shaky voice says back. Kara can hear water running in the sink before the door unlocks and opens just enough for her to slip inside. Lena smiles at her, small and trembling.

“Sorry, I just needed a moment to-” she trails off, clears her throat.

“Cry?” Kara offers. Lena looks horrified, almost like she might argue, before looking down in defeat. She laughs a sad little laugh.

“Yes. It’s silly, I know. I should have outgrown this sort of thing by now.”

“Outgrown what? Crying? Dude, I cry all the time! I cried this morning thinking about foster puppies!”

Lena’s eyes are glassy but her smile is sincere as she giggles out,

“Foster puppies?”

“Yes! They are so small and alone and they just want to be loved and just,” Kara trails off as she feels like she might genuinely start to cry. Lena coos a bit at the sight of it and reaches out towards her only to pause, reconsider. Kara is having none of it, though, and immediately steps in to pull her close.

It takes a moment but Lena sinks into her embrace, presses her face to where Kara’s shoulder meets her neck. It’s so strange just how comfortable this feels for Kara, how relaxed Lena always is with her. All the anxiety slips away from Lena. All the scattered thoughts constantly circling Kara’s mind fades. Everything feels warm.

“Hey love birds!” Lucy calls from the living room, pulling them both out of their shared bubble. “Are we playing Apples to Apples or what?”

Lena clears her throat and gives her a much more sincere smile.

“Shall we?”

In the end game night is marked as a success, the gang gliding past Lena’s idiosyncrasies as smoothly as can be expected. By the end of it Lena is relaxed, leaning into Kara’s side, making jokes with Winn about some nerd nonsense Kara barely cares about.

Winn and James leave around eight with Lena not far behind them, leaving a keycard for Kara to come up to her apartment after cleanup. Kara really needs to get a bed soon; she runs through some options in her mind while putting paper plates and empty bottles in boxes to recycle.

Lucy sits on the counter and kicks her feet happily, munching on one of the few pieces of pizza that escaped their earlier carnage.

“Damn, Kara, I’m honestly impressed. I didn’t think you had it in you.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know, all this,” she gestures to the apartment as if to explain. “I never saw you as the kept woman type, but I respect it. Very Pretty Woman.”

Alex spits out the sip of vodka she had just started to take and Kara can’t help stuttering as she says,

“That is not what’s happening! Oh my God, Lucy! We’re just friends!”

“Friends don’t give friends million dollar penthouses.”

“This apartment is a million dollars?!”

“Maybe, I don’t know. Point is you somehow became Lena Luthor’s favorite and that is a really big accomplishment. Kudos,” she lifts her pizza crust in a toast.

Kara scoffs, tossing the empty pizza box she held aside.

“Being friends with someone isn’t an accomplishment. I think-“ she freezes, face scrunching in

confusion, “Wait, what did you just say?”

“I said you’re a sugar baby,” Lucy teases, but Kara just shakes her head.

“No, I mean - did you just say Lena’s last name?”

“Yeah.. Luthor. Was it supposed to be a secret? I know I’ve been out of the country for a while but I do watch the news. Honestly knowing you got her attention just makes it more impressive.”

“How do you know her last name? Why do you know it?”

“Are you making a joke right now? She’s Lena Luthor. As in the sister of Lex Luthor?”

Kara just gives her a blank stare.

“Kara, come on. Lex Luthor.” Still nothing. “The serial killer!”

She’s not sure what facial expression she’s making but based on how quickly Lucy deflates it’s not a good one.

“Wait,” Lucy says slowly, “you seriously didn’t know?”

All Kara can do is shake her head, numb. Lucy looks horrified.

“Ahh shit,” Lucy says.