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January Exams

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Just as Yoongi suspected, Jimin aced all of his January exams. He's really annoyed at the fact Jimin has the gall to say he could have done better. However, he's not annoyed at the fact that Jimin actually did go down on him the night the results came back.

"Wanna go get food?" Jimin nudges his dazed boyfriend on his exposed stomach.
Yoongi shoots him an irritated glare, and rolls over. "Jiminnie, you're not even going to give me like...five minutes? It's January, right? It's snowing outside. I'm cold. And really freaking sore." Jimin chuckles and scoots towards the older one, and brushes hair off of Yoongi's sweat-covered forehead, while pressing a couple of kisses onto his cheek. "It's been twenty minutes. I'm hungry, hyung. Am I just that good in bed?" Yoongi whines at his response. Now that he wasn't stressed anymore, Jimin was back to his old preppy self.

About an hour later, Jimin comes back with fast food in hand. He places it on the counter, and runs to their shared room where Yoongi has long-since drifted off to sleep. "Hyuuung...wake up!" Jimin scoops his elder up in his arms. He cradles him; nuzzling into his cheeks and the crook of his neck. Yoongi groans as he twists to avoid the kisses Jimin is trying to place all over him. "I brought food, Yoooooongi, wake up!"

Yoongi swats him away as he stands up on his own, seeing post-coital stars as he stumbles his way to the kitchen, wincing at the bright lights above. They sit down together, and begin splitting up the food Jimin bought. Yoongi's still a little too groggy to eat, so he sits with his head down for a few minutes. "Hyung, your food's going to get cold. Don't make me go over there and eat it for you, because I will."

After they finish eating, they curl up on the couch together; lazily flicking through TV channels. Yoongi breathes in Jimin's soft fragrance, enjoying the circumstances as he curls in closer. His boyfriend was soft and warm — Yoongi thought of himself as the exact opposite of that; almost like the frigid snow outside. He thinks that the younger is perfect, and that in reality no one deserves the angel that is Park Jimin.

"Hyung, do you want to go to bed?" Jimin silently asks when he sees the black-haired boy dozing off. "I have to shower still. Don't you?" Jimin sighs. Right, he totally forgot he just randomly slipped on sweats and ran off to go get food without even washing up first. "Uh. Yeah. Do you want to shower together?" Yoongi yawns and stretches. "Mm...Sounds nice. Let's go."

Their shared shower was calm and short; they helped wash each other's hair and enjoyed the extra warmth added in by the other presence. Afterwards, they dried their hair and got into cozy clothes, with a few extra blankets to combat the January snow falling outside. They quickly hurry to bed, burying themselves in the soft warmth of each other.

"Jimin, for real though..." Jimin opens his eyes to meet his Yoongi's briefly. "You did so well on your exams. I'm proud of you."