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January Exams

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"Park Jimin, you have been studying since midnight last night. You didn't even sleep before that, either. Go to bed." Yoongi says as he pokes his head into Jimin's workspace. He was worried for his boyfriend. College took a toll on the younger — he's too good at overworking himself. Jimin even goes days without eating just for the sake of studying. Even then, the younger still thinks there is some way that he could do more.

Yoongi has had it. He reaches under his boyfriends arms and tugs the office chair away from the desk. Jimin mumbles and groans (considering he hadn't slept in about fourty-eight hours), trying to push his seat back in, but Yoongi gives him a quick tickle and he gives up.

Yoongi grabs Jimin's hands and hoists him up. Jimin whines a little, eyes swollen with drowsiness and annoyance. "Sweetie, you need to go to bed. I'm worried about it for me?" Yoongi looks up to his eyes, pushing out his lower lip in a cartoon fashion. Jimin sighs groggily. "I'm almost done. Give me a minute." And with that, he tries to sit back down again, but yoongi kicks the rolling chair away and latched onto his boyfriend even harder.

"If I give you a 'minute', said minute is going to turn into at least 2 more hours." Yoongi says, mumbling in the crook of Jimin's neck. "We both know that, you turd." Pinching Yoongi a little, he steps back, sighing and hanging his head in defeat. "Fine. I'll rest for half an hour. Let me use the bathroom first" Jimin murmurs, pushing the elder back gently. Yoongi pats himself on the back for the victory.

Jimin comes back, seats himself on their shared bed. Yoongi climbs behind him, and snakes his arms around his waist. "You've been so good, Jiminnie..." he says, giving Jimin kisses up his neck that sends shivers down his spine. "But, you have to draw the line at some point. You'll be fine, you've been studying an ungodly amount of time. After you wake up, we should go eat somewhere."

Jimin rolls his eyes. Yoongi sees this, and sighs. "Look. If you fail, i'll cheer you up. You can go down on me. If you pass? Cool beans. You can still go down on me." Jimin rolls his eyes again. "I hope you pee your pants", he says in an overly annoyed tone. "You don't wanna go down on me?" Jimin rolls his eyes a third time. "Your eyes are going to fall out of your head, Jiminnie." Jimin rolls his eyes a fourth time.

Yoongi rolls his eyes back, and decides to let his boyfriend be. Jimin falls asleep almost immediately. Once yoongi notices, he sneaks in, unlocks Jimin's phone, and disables the alarm set for thirty minutes. He'd probably get scolded later, but his Jiminnie needed rest.

Over 11 hours later, Yoongi pretends he doesn't know what happened to Jimin's alarm.