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Night Ride

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“Welcome to Stop and Shop,” Jungkook deadpanned for the upteenth time that day, “did you find everything you were looking for?” He didn’t bother shifting his gaze up from the register as he scanned each item on muscle memory alone.

He tried not to break character as he processed the order, amused. A blow torch, baby powder, orange juice concentrate, a 3lb tub of butter, and fake plastic fruits. Jungkook wondered if any of the items were going to be used together. Then he wrung up a woodworking magazine. He couldn’t help but snort at the ideas of what the hell kind of contraption was about to be built.

“Surely that snort was not directed at my order?”

Jungkook, pleasantly surprised by the teasing tone of voice, looked up. His eyes met those of a boy, who, by the look of it was roughly his age. He was probably an inch or so shorter, with a smirk that looked as if it was probably permanently glued to his face, and lilac hair. Huh, Jungkook thought to himself, he’d never seen that on a guy before. Not a bad thing though, it suited him. Oh, it definitely suited him.

“Does my purchase of portable fire and plastic fruit puzzle you, Jungkook?”

“How do you-oh,” he looked down at his nametag after a moment of confusion. He really hated it when customers called him by his first name. A little too personal, if you asked him.

He cocked an eyebrow, “Kinda unprofessional to ridicule what I’m buying, no?”

“I wasn’t,” he tried not to snap back. Okay, Jungkook thought to himself, mystery boy was getting real annoying real quick.

“You sure about that? Not the best customer service, no?,” it was very clear that Jungkook was being fucked with, he realised, feeling irritation flare in his chest.

“I’m sure, Sir, my apologies for giving off the wrong impression,” he smiled fakely.

“You know, I could tell your manager about this…”

God, fuck this, Jungkook internally rolled his eyes, and held back a huff of annoyance. He had been at work for about six hours out of his eight hour shift, and put simply, he was not having it.


Jungkook raised his eyebrows, questioning.

“You could give me your number, you know, make it up to me”

Jungkook found that he was dangerously close to reaching across the cash register and throttling him, “With all due respect, are you fu-...,” he shook his head, “are you kidding ?”

“Not kidding”

“That stupid smirk on your face kinda had me convinced otherwise”

“Wow. Okay, rude”

Jungkook just rolled his eyes, deciding it was about time to get the asshole out of his place of work as quickly as possible before he burst an artery, “$28.97 is your total, cash or card today?”

“You could cover this bill for me,” he wiggled his eyebrows, “and I could make it up to you with a nice dinner. You seem like an Olive Garden kind of guy- no… Red Lobster”

“Outback. Cash or card?”

“Is that a no”

“It is”

“Fine,” he grumbled, pulling out his credit card and jamming it into the reader.

Jungkook caught a flash of the name on the tiny screen. Kim Taehyung, huh. Had he heard that name anywhere? He used the dwindling amount of mental energy he still had to attempt to conjure any information he might have had on the kid. Nope. Jungkook would have been surprised if he forgot a face like that. Regardless of how annoying Taehyung was, he was still one of the finer looking young men Jungkook had crossed in the suburban hell he had made a home of.

“Have a good day,” he said, turning his eyes back up to Taehyung.

He snorted, “Don’t say things you don’t mean”

And then he was gone, thank fuck.

“Welcome to Stop and Shop, did you find everything you were looking for ?”


The next time Jungkook crossed Taehyung, he was restocking the dairy aisle, mindlessly humming show tunes to himself.

“Excuse me kind Sir-”

He jumped and spun around. He hadn’t realised how zoned out he’d been. It was 8am on a Saturday after all. Upon processing who was standing right in front of him, Jungkook let out a groan. Why did he always run into assholes when he was dead tired and by no means in the mood to fake politeness?

“Jeez, harsh”

Jungkook realised that his noise of discontentment had been loud enough for Taehyung to hear, and he felt his ears grow red with embarrassment, “Sorry- I-uh… you surprised me,” it sounded like a question.

Taehyung rolled his eyes, smirk returning to his face. So Jungkook had probably been right about it being permanently stuck there, “How the fuck did you get hired into customer service?” At least he didn’t seem genuinely annoyed, he figured, he really did not need a complaint, his boss had been eyeing him in a rather weary manner all month.

Jungkook just settled on shrugging, still too exhausted to waste his energy on stringing together a sentence.

“Anyways,” Taehyung continued, “I need your help finding this vegan yogurt”

“Yogurt has milk, dude”

It was Taehyung’s turn to let out a lethargic grunt, “It’s made with almond milk?”

Ah, “RIght…”

“Oh, and I want this brand,” he pulled out his phone, and shoved it into Jungkook’s face. He had never seen it before.

“I don’t think we carry that”

“Isn’t it part of your job to help me look?”

Jungkook clenched his fists, “Yes, yes it is”

“Are you like… an angry person or what?”

“Excuse me?,” Jungkook narrowed his eyes at him, “It’s 8am on a weekend, I’m fucking hungover, you want me to find a brand of yogurt I pretty much know we do not carry, and the last time you saw me you threatened to complain to my manager if I didn’t go on a fucking date with you-”

“I didn’t, though”

“Didn’t what?”


Why was he such a fucking smartass, Jungkook asked himself, “Whatever, let’s go look for that yogurt that probably doesn’t exist”

As they scanned the yogurt aisle, Taehyung spoke up again, clearly unfazed by Jungkook’s bitter attitude, “So you from around here, or…”

“Oh my god are you hitting on me again?,” Jungkook asked, exasperated as he dug through to the back of the shelf, “Do you know what a social cue is?”

“I was just wondering,” he replied nonchalantly.

Jungkook rolled his eyes, not that the other could see it, but decided to answer anyways, “I go to college in the city”

“What, the state school?”

“Mmm-hmmm,” Jungkook snapped up, elated that he could finally get Taehyung off his back, “Looks like we do have it,” he presented the carton to the other boy.

Taehyung gave him an overly smug smile, “And you were so sure you didn’t”

“Yep,” Jungkook replied in an instant, eager to get him off his back, “well, now you have it so, uh, I’m gonna go back to working”


Jungkook’s stomach dropped.

“While we’re at it, I’ve got a couple more things I can’t really find, so”

“Can’t I just, like, call you one of my co-workers or something?”

“Nope,” Taehyung’s smirk grew into a boxy grin, and wow, he really did have such a handsome face, Jungkook thought to himself begrudgingly, “I want you”

“And why is that?,” Jungkook said, no longer trying to hide the displeasure in his voice, “Does my icy, and uninterested exterior not deter you in any way?”

“Nah,” he shamelessly gave Jungkook a once over, “You’re pretty sexy when you’re pissed, that eyeroll gets me-”

Jungkook drowned him out, not particularly wanting to hear the effect his facial expressions had on him, “Whatever,” he said, most likely cutting Taehyung off, “What do you need?”

Taehyung handed him a whole list.

“Are you fuc- you know what, whatever, come on”

Taehyung just chuckled behind him.

Jungkook, needless to say, was not facing Taehyung as he bent over the isle with the organic gluten free granola, but he could feel Taehyung’s eyes on his ass. This was to be expected, he figured, but it still made his face flush red. Because of the intensity, you know, he was just kind of annoyed. It wasn’t because he really liked the attention, god no. He stayed bent over for a couple seconds after he received the snack, though, it was just to stretch his back. Nothing at all to do with Taehyung.

“What’s next,” he turned around, and yes, Taehyung’s eyes were glued to the general area his ass was in. They were on his crotch now, “Can you at least try and be subtle?”

Taehyung shrugged, muttering an extremely insincere, “Sorry,” before checking his list again, “Um. Crystallised ginger”

“What the hell is that?”

“It’s ginger but crystallised, or something”

Jungkook rolled his eyes, “Okay can you not look at me like that”

“I already told you how that eyeroll gets-”

“Doesn’t matter,” he said, cutting him off. He still had no desire to hear what Taehyung had to say.

Taehyung’s shopping cart was… interesting, to say the least. It seemed as though Taehyung only wanted to buy the items that were either extremely niche, or wildly unpopular. Thus, it took them close to an hour, since Jungkook honestly could not find a single item with ease.

What this meant to Jungkook was about fifty minutes of having to put up with Taehyung’s odd idea of smalltalk, and an array of personal questions that Jungkook begrudgingly answered.

By the time they neared the end of the list, Taehyung knew that Jungkook had a family dog named Cloud, that he was a Lit major, that he lived a ten minute drive away, along with another array of seemingly useless information that Jungkook did not know what the other boy intended to do with.

“What the fuck is a Yuca root, Taehyung,” Jungkook groaned as he circled around the produce section.

Tae shrugged and pulled his lollipop out of his mouth.

The blue stain on his lips actually made his hair look really-

“I don’t know… a root from the Yuca plant, I guess”

“I’m starting to think that you literally compiled a list of the hardest shit in this store just to annoy me”

“I wouldn’t say annoy-”

“Ha!,” Jungkook pointed at him, “Are you even gonna use any of this shit? You realise you have to pay for this with money, right?”

“No comment”

God, the kid was frustrating, “You’re probably gonna get McDonald’s after this, aren’t you”

His brows furrowed in an act of false offence, “I’m not a fucking savage, Jungkook. Burger King”

“Of course you like Burger King, you goddamn menace”

“You just don’t know what’s good there, I could show you if you-”

“I will pass. Again,” Jungkook had never been so glad to only be half done with his six hour shift.


“I’m really starting to think you’re stalking me at my work, Taehyung,” Jungkook said, trying to hide the small, amused smile on his face as Taehyung approached him in the parking lot. He was wheeling the carts in today, and god fuck was that the worst part of the job, by far. It was too hot for him to be wearing jeans and pushing shit around on asphalt.

He was glad to be able to catch a breather, even if it was talking to Taehyung. He was pretty convinced that the other had somehow gotten his hands on his work schedule, considering he’d been in about four more times in the past two weeks. Which was a lot, considering Jungkook only worked part time.

He was starting to not loathe Taehyung, whether or not he really wanted to admit it (he most definitely did not), and the other had begun to be most palatable. Or maybe Taehyung had stopped trying to be as much of a fuckboy, recognising that Jungkook wasn’t into guys who were huge dickheads. He could only hope.

“I can neither confirm nor deny,” he raised his eyebrows and held up his hands.

“God, Taehyung, you’re so sus”

“Okay, actually, I work at the Chinese place over there,” he said, pointing to the other end of the strip mall.

Oh, no wonder Jungkook hadn’t recognised him. He hated Chinese, much too greasy for him. Wow, talk about a metaphor. Still, he did carts pretty often, he was surprised the wild hair had never caught his eye.

“Why are you so shocked, are you really that inobservant?”

There it was, that annoyingly sassy tone. Jungkook crossed his arms, “Did you come over here to fucking bully me or something”

“Not really planning on confirming or denying that either”

“Wow, you should like, be a lawyer, or some shit, you sure as hell talk like one”

Taehyung scowled at the sarcasm dripping from his voice, “And to think I was gonna help you with those carts…”

“Why would you ever do that, Taehyung? You literally live to make my job harder. Wait, you do know that’s actually beneficial to me right?”

“I can be nice sometimes”

“Key word being sometimes”

“Actually, yeah,” he paused, “How long you been out here?”

Jungkook wiped a rather thick layer of sweat from his forehead, “Do I look that wrecked”

“Not the kind of wrecked I want to see you, but, uh, you could put it that way,” Taehyung’s eyes filtered down to Jungkook’s chest, “Ya know, the way the sweat makes your shirt cling to-”

“Okay, too far,” Jungkook said, promptly turning back to the carts to hide his flustered expression. He hoped his voice had stayed as cold as he had intended it to. It probably didn’t.

Taehyung just laughed, walking across to the opposite row of cars to roll a stray cart over to Jungkook, “Here, come on, you straight look like you’re on the verge of heat stroke”

Jungkook never thought he’d be thankful to Taehyung, annoying ass, provocative Taehyung, but he really did help out. Even though Jungkook probably wasn’t allowed to let him.

So when the parking lot had been mostly rid of its stray carts, Jungkook decided to be a mature adult, “Thanks, Taehyung”

He looked a little too smug at the appreciative comment for Jungkook’s liking, but he decided that now wasn’t the best time for a bitter remark.

“You could really thank me by going to dinner,” he looked at Jungkook, still oddly hopeful.

Jungkook was normally annoyed by persistence, which seemed to be Taehyung’s thing, for whatever reason, but the idea of going out with him was starting to become increasingly less unappealing, “...Why do you keep asking?”

“Because you pause for a little longer each time I ask”

“Um,” Jungkook scoffed, “I absolutely do not!”

“Keep telling yourself that, sweet cheeks”

“Was that another jab at my ass?”

Taehyung just shrugged before turning to leave, “My shift is about to start, so I’m just gonna let you figure that one out for yourself. Later”

“Bye, dude,” Jungkook called after him, suddenly feeling a little lonelier than he would have liked to admit.


Taehyung proceeded to disappear for an entire week. Jungkook wasn’t disappointed, though. No, of course not! Why would he be? Taehyung was annoying after all. No, he didn’t miss his admittedly funny jokes, or his hot ass smirk. What the hell. Why would anyone even think that?

He hadn’t realised how much he’d hated his job, though, not until he had someone to entertain and distract him from the horrendous monotony of scanning out diapers for soccer moms, and protein powder for muscle heads. He remembered Taehyung’s shopping cart from the day they’d met, and chuckled. Now that had been entertaining. He was ready to admit that, at least.

It had been five days since he’d seen him, and Jungkook was sort of starting to forget what Taehyung looked like. So, when he was on his break, he pulled out his phone and opened instagram. What had his last name been, again? Jungkook thought back to the credit card scanner. Ah, right, it was Kim.

Holy shit, Taehyung was photogenic. He cleared his throat to himself, uncomfortable at the way the artfully taken portraits took his breath away.

He wished Taehyung’s cocky expression hadn’t slipped his mind, because Jungkook wanted to remember him like that. Annoying, extra, and out to get his goat. Not like this, because, god, without Taehyung yapping in his ear about something he didn’t really care about, Jungkook was able to see just how objectively attractive he was.

It was a photoset of two headshots. One of Taehyung’s profile, and another of a pose that gave him the chills. He wore an intense gaze, his lips parted as he stared directly into the camera.

He was wearing a white shirt, and was leaning against a white wall, demanding the onlookers attention be drawn to his delicate features. His wet bangs hung across his forehead, swept to the side just enough to expose his thick brows, and his lips practically glowed an eye-catching strawberry red, leaving Jungkook unable to decide what to focus on. It was just striking, for lack of another word.  

He begrudgingly zoomed in on his mouth, licking his own lips. Was he actually thirsting after Taehyung right now? The answer to this was yes, and it backfired almost instantly as his co-worker walked up behind him and slapped his shoulder. Naturally, Jungkook flinched, causing the arm hovered over the picture to hit the screen, liking the picture.  

Jungkook spun around, “Jin! What the fuck!”

Jin, seeing what he’d just done threw his head back and let out a loud laugh, “Shit!,” he coughed a little. Ah, he was stoned, naturally. “Isn’t that that kid that keeps showing up to your work that you hate?”, he asked.

“Yeah,” Jungkook grumbled. He scrolled to the bottom, “Dude, you fucked me over that post was from three fucking months ago”

Jin started laughing again, “Doesn’t really look like you hate him all that much right now”

Jungkook ran his hands down his face.

“He’s fucking hot though, dude,” Jin said, grabbing a cookie and a cup of water on his way out of the break room, “I’d fuck him two ways to Sunday, or whatever that saying is”

Jungkook decided the least awkward thing to do would be to follow Taehyung.


If the last week had been bad, this week was horrible. Not only did Jungkook have three 8 hour shifts in a row, he’d fucked up at the cash register, and had also dropped a particularly expensive 12 rack of beer, causing it to explode everywhere. As a result of his mistakes, Jungkook had to take on even more hours to mop, and the store’s loss was going to be subtracted from his upcoming paycheck.

The last day of the three shifts, Jungkook had gotten caught in a torrential downpour while he was doing carts, soaking him to the bone within minutes. And that had only been about three hours in, leaving him shivering and wet for the remainder of the day.

He could already feel the cold coming on. Jesus, was his boss a dick. You’d think if your employee was caught in such a situation, he’d at least be given a new shirt, courtesy of the store, or be sent home. But no, Jungkook was forced to hold back his near homicidal urges as he rode out the rest of his shift.

And then things got worse, which Jungkook could not believe was possible. Jin, who had opted to eat a weed brownie as opposed to smoking a joint during his lunch break as a result of the rain (why couldn’t he have just smoked in his car?, Jungkook had asked), had nearly greened out and the shift supervisor decided to let him go home since he had really thought he was sick. Jungkook wondered why the hell Namjoon showed him so much partiality.

This meant he had no ride home. He wanted to cry out of frustration as he paced up and down the sheltered strip, wondering what the hell he was going to do. He had pretty much stayed until closing, making it so nearly no one was even there any longer. No one going in his direction, at least.

Jungkook was just so fucking sick and tired after the past couple of days that, in a rare moment of impulsivity, he stepped out onto the road and started walking. He was going to hitchhike, because, fuck it, if the universe was just going to keep screwing him over he might as well embrace it. Time to get kidnapped, he thought to himself as he jogged onto the start of the freeway and stuck his thumb out.

10 minutes passed, then 15, and not a single car passed Jungkook. Great. The universe actually was out to get him. Jungkook felt his phone buzz against his leg. He pulled it out of his pocket, ah yes, a flash flood warning. Realising the absolute shittiness of the situation, he decided to let his tears flow. It wasn’t like the rain wouldn’t cover them up.

He closed his eyes, and perched on the railing beside the usually busy road, hanging his head. He was minutes from getting up to continue his journey home when he heard an engine stall next to him. He squinted at the harsh headlights, taking a moment to adjust before he recognised the person behind the steering while.

Jungkook was so happy to see Taehyung, that he actually laughed through his tears, rushing to the door, which Taehyung swung open for him.

“Thank you,” he blubbered, wrapping his arms around him, forgetting the fact that he was absolutely dripping.

“Rough day?,” Taehyung asked at him, with a surprising amount of concern.

“Rough week,” Jungkook said, trying desperately to stop crying. Knowing Taehyung, he’d probably use it against him, his brain reminded him.

He cleared his throat, “...Ah”

They didn’t talk for a while, Jungkook just staring out the window as the radio played softly over the pelting rain.

“Um, Jungkook?”

“Yeah?,” he was thankful that he had steadied his voice.

“I need your address”

He wiped his hands on the seat to dry them, and got out his phone to open Google Maps.

When they pulled up to Jungkook’s apartment building, Taehyung opened his mouth, “So… this is you”

Jungkook was too tired to fight with himself, and realised, that, okay, maybe he wanted Taehyung to come upstairs. He sort of needed comfort. “Yep, it’s me,”

They looked at each other. Jungkook made no effort to get out of the car.

“Uh… I guess I’ll see you later-,” Taehyung said just as Jungkook blurted out, “Come inside”

“I-wait-huh?,” he gave Jungkook a shocked look, “Are you serious?”

“Don’t make me change my mind,” he tried to snap, very embarrassed.

Taehyung tentatively shut the engine off, looking like he was expecting Jungkook to change his mind.

They trudged up the stairs in silence, and only when Taehyung stood in his well lit apartment could he tell how wet he was. Jungkook knew it was because he had hugged him. He cringed. Why was he so weak! He was supposed to be manly, stoic, Jungkook.

“Come on, let me get you a change of clothes,” Jungkook grumbled, defeated after his miserable week.

He headed over the the dresser, which sat in the corner of the small studio, and pulled out a couple tee shirts and pairs to sweatpants. He threw Taehyung his set, which he caught.

“Do you- should I change in the bathroom, or?”

Jungkook pulled his shirt over his head, and sighed, “I don’t really care,” in a way, he knew what he was doing, and he also knew that he may or may not regret it. Whatever, he figured.

After he had shrugged it off, he became very aware of Taehyung’s eyes on his chest. He just let him look, attempting to stall a little before replacing it with the dry one.

Taehyung followed suit, and Jungkook found himself drawn to him. The way he was looking at Jungkook, with his bangs damp from the rain reminded him of the portrait on his instagram. He looked down at his mouth, and yes, it hung open in that same oddly mesmerizing way.

He gulped, and Taehyung must have somehow read the lust that Jungkook was pretty sure he had been able to control, because the other boy started walking towards him, and shit, Jungkook realised, he actually wanted this.

Deciding to just go with his gut, he didn’t protest as he found Taehyung inches away from him. He was so much better looking up close, Jungkook thought in disbelief, when he could see the freckle on his nose, and the slope of his cupid’s bow.

Taehyung paused, and it felt like a question, one along the lines of ‘is this alright?’. It dawned on Jungkook that he was expected to make the first move, so he did. This time, for whatever reason, there was no voice in his head scolding him for his actions.

He bent down to press his lips to Taehyung’s, and felt the other boy lean in almost instantly. Taehyung’s lips were so sweet, and his thick eyelashes tickled Jungkook’s cheek as began to press back against him, flicking his tongue out to trace Jungkook’s bottom lip, begging for entrance. He complied, almost hesitant, because, god, was he really doing this right now?

The thought melted away as Taehyung’s tongue slid against his. He found himself sighing as he explored the inside of Taehyung’s mouth, licking the taste of cotton candy, and spearmint gum from the inside of his cheeks.

He backed Taehyung up against the floor to ceiling window, almost missing his soft moan as his back hit the cold glass over the rattling of the rain.

Their bare chests were pressed together now, Jungkook all but squishing Taehyung as his kisses turned rough, and he was filled with a newfound sense of vigour. He realised that he wasn’t quite sad anymore.

No, that’d been replaced with irritation, anger that he felt flare in his chest at how hard of a time he’d been given at work, and quite frankly, at how much Taehyung had annoyed him over the past few weeks.

His lips left Taehyung’s, and the other let out a whimper, which promptly turned into a rather lewd moan as Jungkook slid them down his neck. He bit into it, a little harder than he intended to, but Taehyung hissed with pleasure, curling his arms around his shoulders to pull him closer.

“You like that?,” Jungkook growled into the hot skin below his pulse point.

He was not surprised at the lack of shame in Taehyung’s voice when he replied with an enthusiastic, “Fuck. Fuck, yeah”

“I can tell,” he chuckled, moving his head up to nip at Taehyung’s ear. That's when he realised he was almost fully hard, his length pressing stiff into his thigh, “God, you want me so bad, don't you? Why are so so desperate, huh?”

“Have you looked in the fucking mirror?,” Taehyung gasped as Jungkook moved one of his hands to pinch at his nipple, “you're so-nng- so sexy”

Jungkook slid his other hand down past the waistband of Taehyung’s pants, and gave his throbbing erection a squeeze, “Tell me what you want”

“I want you to touch me”

“Do you need it?”

“Yeah, I fucking need it, god I need it,” he groaned, jamming his hips up, trying to fuck Jungkook’s hand.

But the other tightened his grip, “I don't think so”


He didn't let Taehyung finish, spinning him around by the shoulders, and slamming him against the window frame.

With little to no stealth, Jungkook tugged down his pants and underwear, “God,” he murmured, “your ass”

“What about it?,” Jungkook had no idea where Taehyung was finding the gall to act like a cocky piece of shit, but he certainly did not like it.

It was then that Jungkook decided it was his turn to make him scream in frustration, to turn the tables on Taehyung. They were at his house after all, not at his work where he had to keep his irritation under wraps in fear of losing his job.

He hastily unbuttoned his own jeans, kicking them off, and letting his cock spring free against his stomach.

And then they were suddenly shrouded in darkness.

“Did your power just go out?”

It had, but he ignored him, grabbing a handful of Taehyung’s perfectly round ass, and squeezing, earning a hitch in the smaller boy’s breath.

He let it go, taking a second to admire the way Taehyung's laboured breaths fogged the window.

Biting his lip, he pulled his hand back, and slapped it as hard as he could, the sharp noise stinging his ears.

“Again,” was the only thing the he could manage.

Jungkook, having planned to do so anyways, complied as soon as the word slipped from Taehyung’s mouth.

He then repeated himself a third time, until he himself was dying for friction. He groped Taehyung’s ass cheeks again, spreading them open and sandwiching his cock between them, beginning to grind his hips up. He was almost blinded by how good it felt, muffling a moan by burying his face into the nape of Taehyung’s neck, and sucking a purple mark into his unblemished skin.

The feeling of Jungkook's cock grazing over his hole, coupled with that of his teeth sinking into his shoulder caused Tae to choke out, “Fucking touch me, what are you doing ?”

“Giving you a taste of your own medicine,” he grunted, trying his hardest to focus through his own pleasure.

“What the- oh - fuck?”

“Taehyung… you… are… so… annoying,” he said with each thrust of his hips, his breath hot and heavy on the other’s neck, “you drive me- shit - you drive me crazy”

“What are you gonna do about it?,” a manic laugh left his throat.

“I'm gonna reduce you to a fucking mess, I'm gonna piss you off until you're begging for mercy, annoy the shit out of you like you do to me”

Taehyung moaned, and Jungkook pressed him harder against the window.

Now absolutely desperate to be touched, Taehyung attempted to rub his cock against the glass, smearing precum across it.

“You don't move unless I give you permission,” he snapped at him, curling his hand around his throat, and tugging it backwards, so that the older boy’s head was leaning on his shoulder. They made eye contact, and Jungkook dipped in to pull Taehyung into an open-mouthed kiss.

Admittedly, he was a little bit hornier than he had expected to be, and looking at Taehyung, sweaty and red, with his eyes rolled back into his head clearly wasn't doing him any good.

So yes, Jungkook’s thrusts became sloppier as the other’s moans got louder, and he slipped up, feeling the head of his cock slide into Taehyung.

They both sucked in a sharp breath in unison, and Jungkook tipped his head back, pushing further into Taehyung with ease. “Did you finger yourself today?,” he said in an almost mocking tone.

Taehyung just whimpered as he bottomed out.

“Huh? Did you?”

Finally showing some form of embarrassment, Jungkook heard him mutter out something under his breath.

“Louder,” he demanded, “Tell me, and I’ll touch you”

“Okayyeahfine,” he admitted begrudgingly.

“Yeah, what? What did you do, you little slut?”

“I fingered myself to you… now god, please god damn-”

Jungkook cut him off by pulling back and bucking into him again, much harder this time.

“AGH,” Taehyung screamed, “ please just touch my cock, you teasing motherfucker”

Jungkook let out a rather evil laugh, and began to push into him at a pace he knew would be far too slow for Taehyung, “Might wanna think twice about the name calling”

“Okay I’m sorry, please, I'll do anything”

“What about ceasing to show up at my work to piss me off?”

“What, do you want me to show up at your apartment, instead?,” he replied, trying, and failing to keep his tone even.

“Actually,” okay, maybe Jungkook had never been as turned on as he was right now, “if you let me fuck you like this you can show up anytime you want,” his hand trailed down from where it still gripped the other’s neck to his groin.

Taehyung’s breath hitched in anticipation, and Jungkook felt his ego flare. This was where he wanted Taehyung, painfully desperate to the point where he was completely compliant to each of Jungkook’s demands.

Sadistically, he traced his fingers over Taehyung’s throbbing head, simply grazing at the precum which had collected atop it.

Taehyung involuntarily jerked forward, his body starved for the right kind of touch.

“No,” Jungkook said, stopping him by moving his nails to dig into his waist, knowing very well he had been rough enough to leave bruises. Good, he thought to himself, Taehyung needed a reminder of the lesson he was teaching him.

“This isn't fair,” his voice was shaking.

“Oh, but it is”

“You’re torturing me”

“Now you know how I feel at work”

Taehyung was now scratching at the window, desperate to grip anything to keep him grounded.

Jungkook decided to take mercy, picking him up, and quite literally throwing him onto the bed, eliciting a soft, “Oh,” from Taehyung as his back hit the sheets.

Jungkook was back on top of him almost immediately, allowing Taehyung a few quick strokes of his cock that had him arching against the mattress as his fingers tangled themselves in Jungkook’s comforter.

But as soon as Taehyung found it in himself to let a hoarse, “Finally,” Jungkook pulled his hand back, leaving him whining under him.

“I gotta say you’re really pissing me off right about now,” he said, voice trembling.

“Good,” he replied, leaning down to bite Taehyung’s nipple, “you wanna cum, baby?”

He nodded, a tear sliding down his cheek.

“You wanna cum for me that bad?”

“Yes, please, I'm begging you”

“Do you like it when I fuck your ass nice and slow?”

He nodded again, faster this time.

Jungkook licked his lips as he pushed back into Taehyung, “You’re so tight, Jesus, still so nice and wet from fingering yourself”

Jungkook went even slower this time, but pressed up into Taehyung’s prostate as best he could, earning a plethora of screams and incoherent babbling.

One word he was able to make out was, “Faster”

“You want me to go faster?”

“Need... it”

“Okay,” Jungkook said, barely waiting a second before returning his hands to Taehyung’s waist and pulling him down as he slammed his hips up into him.

Tae shrieked.

“God can you… like shut up for a single second?”

Tae screamed again, clearly trying to piss Jungkook off.

“Alright,” Jungkook shrugged over him, slowing back down.

“No, please, I'm sorry, okay, pleasepleaseplease, Jungkook”

“It's not enough that you have to be a dickhead 24/7,” he said, picking up his pace again, but this time purely for himself, “you have to get me a fucking... noise… complaint-god,” his eyes snapped open as he felt Taehyung clench around him.

“Seriously, Jungkook, I need to cum, I mean it,” Taehyung cried.

“Have you learnt your lesson?”

“Y-Yes, Jungkook, it hurts, touch me”

“Do you understand how fucking annoyed you get me now? Do you see how bad you rile me up?”

He didn't wait for an answer, wrapping a fist around his cock, admiring the sight of Taehyung unravelling beneath him, eyes shut tight, jaw clenched, and groaning as he jerked into Jungkook’s loose fist. He let out a final shudder before releasing himself across their torsos.

Jungkook wasn't quite done though, and within seconds, he sped back up to his brutal pace, Taehyung’s whines about sensitivity inching him closer, “I’m gonna cum down your throat, you little brat,” he seethed, pulling out and getting on his knees, “are you gonna let me fuck your mouth? Are you gonna let me choke you with my thick fucking cock”

Taehyung, clearly still seeing stars, just gave him a dazed look and nodded, crawling over to Jungkook, and licking a stripe up his cock, before taking the tip in his mouth. Jungkook almost choked as Taehyung slid his head all the way down, not letting a single gag escape his throat as he buried his nose in his pelvis.

Jungkook’s hands found the back of his hair, and he started fucking into his warmth, letting out animalistic grunts as Taehyung hollowed his cheeks around him.

Though Jungkook had actually planned on cumming in his mouth, the sight of Taehyung starting up at him with wide eyes gave him a better idea.

He pulled his cock out, letting it slip from Taehyung’s lips with a pop, and wrapped a hand around himself, giving his dick a few slow tugs before three thick, white ropes landed across his face.

“Shit,” Jungkook grunted, dumbstruck at how… pretty Taehyung looked like that, the dim streetlights outside highlighting the cum slowly dripping from his eyelashes and parted lips.

Jungkook reached down to wipe it from his lip with one finger, and gently from his eye with another, and stuck them into Taehyung’s mouth.

He opened his eyes at Jungkook, and swirled his tongue around them, eagerly licking them clean.

They just stared at eachother for a second, as what they’d just done sunk in.

Then, just as Jungkook fell back against his bed in utter disbelief, Taehyung burst out into a (weak, and shakey) fit of giggles.

“I can't believe how bad I piss you off,” he snorted, “am I really that annoying”

“Oh… definitely,” Jungkook managed, still struggling to catch his breath.

Taehyung rolled over, grabbing a wet tee shirt off the ground to wipe the rest of the cum off their bodies, “What time is it?”

Jungkook checked his watch, “Uh, shit, it's like past two,” he cleared his throat awkwardly, “you got work tomorrow?”


“You can like… sleep over if you want”

That annoying grin was back, Jungkook realised, as Taehyung spread out, intruding into Jungkook’s space and let out a deep breath, “Don't mind if I do”

“Don't make this harder than it has to be”


Jungkook slept like a log that night, better than he had in a long time. He didn’t have any nightmares, either, something that usually came along with a good night's rest for him.

But he damn near thought he did when he woke up to Taehyung strolling around his kitchenette buck ass naked, making his imported Colombian dark roast coffee. He rolled over, hoping for the apparent dream to change, but seconds later, he felt a presence hovering over him.

He opened his eyes, and groaned, “Can you please not shove your dick in my face first thing in the morning?”

“Well, it’s past noon, so it’s not technically ‘first thing in the morning’”

Jungkook disregarded the comment, and looked up at his face, “That better not be my expensive ass coffee that you have there, Taehyung”

He shrugged nonchalantly.

“Fine,” he grumbled, accepting the it into his hands, “you better enjoy your $15 drink, dickhead”

“I picked you up in a literal hurricane, I think I earned this, Jungkook”

“About that,” Jungkook said, taking a sip, “why were you driving around in the middle of a flash flood at 11pm?”

“I was coming to get you,” he shrugged.



“Wanna explain?”

“Your coworker Jin is like, my childhood friend-”


“-so he texted me and told me he was too high to give you a ride so I should pick you up”

“Did you mean to be a solid half hour late?”

“Well… no, I was preoccupied”

“You were fingering yourself, weren’t you?”

Taehyung wiggled his eyebrows, “You never know”

“Oh, but I think I do,” Jungkook narrowed his eyes at him.

“Whatever, at least I saved you from literal death”

“I wouldn’t go as far as to say that,” Jungkook snorted, “but… thank you, Taehyung”

“You’re welcome,” it was a perfectly normal reply, but he could hear the smug satisfaction dripping from each word.

Another round of thunder cracked, and Jungkook shivered, pulling the covers tighter around him and taking another sip of his coffee. He turned his eyes to the window to admire the stormy weather, but something else caught his eye, “Did you seriously fucking get cum, drool, and tears all over my window?”

“Hey!,” Taehyung turned a bright red, “Look at what you did to me!,” he motioned down at his neck, shoulders, and chest, before turning around to show Jungkook his back, and ass, “I look like I was STONED, you douche, like, with real rocks. Not weed”

Jungkook actually did feel bad, he had known Taehyung was going to wake up with a couple bruises, and maybe some bite marks here and there, but it really did look like he’d been attacked… or no, the marks were clearly sexual. Which, in retrospect, was much worse, considering a fair amount of them would probably be visible if Taehyung was wearing a tee shirt.

That being said, the sight of Taehyung’s golden skin bathed in purple and red splotches as a result of his own actions had him fighting to keep his blood from rushing south. He reached out to run his fingers over the bruises on the other’s waist, feeling a rush of satisfaction as he saw goosebumps rise across his torso, “It suits you,” he traced his finger up Taehyung’s torso to a bite mark right below his clavicle, and pressed.

Taehyung jerked away snapping, “Ouch,” but Jungkook could tell he was trying to hold back a smile.

“You like them”

“Fine,” Taehyung said, rolling his eyes, “busted. But you still literally Ted Bundy’d the shit out of me, is that not alarming?”    

“Welp,” Jungkook cleared his throat, getting out of bed, and stretching, “better get used to it”

Taehyung’s eyes widened, and Jungkook was fairly sure the other boy was physically salivating, “Does that mean-”

“As long as you quit threatening my job,” he shrugged, turning around, and padding to the shower.

“Deal,” Taehyung called after him, as the bathroom door swung shut.


Chapter Text

“Well you seem a lot less filled with pent up angst and hatred for the world than usual,” Jin remarked as he passed Jungkook a joint during their lunch break.

Jungkook just shrugged, averting his eyes from Jin as he picked it out of his hand and took a hit. He coughed a little as he replied, “I guess”

In fact, Jungkook was a lot less filled with angst than he’d been since he first started working. And, yes, Taehyung, or Tae, as he now insisted Jungkook call him, was a direct cause. Jungkook did not intend on admitting this, though, especially not to someone who turned out to be close to Tae.

He still was in semi-denial about their relationship, now willing to admit to himself that Taehyung was an extremely attractive young man with a very tight ass, but admission to not hating him? Absolutely not. No, that was still way in the future for Jungkook.

“You actually smiled at a customer yesterday, Jungkook, and it reached your eyes , your dead, cold eyes,” Jin widened his own at him for emphasis.

“Why do you literally love to make me sound like a school shooter in the making?”

“You ooze that ‘dripping with homicidal rage’ vibe which people think is sexier than it is alarming, for whatever reason”

“I’m not always like that,” Jungkook huffed.

“Aren’t you? Because based on the information I’ve been getting from Taetae-”

“Of course he told you,” Jungkook buried his head in his hands. He really was not a fan of people knowing his -ahem- business, “That little bitch”

“First off, rude,” Jin snatched the joint back bitterly, “He’s my friend, secondly, you should really loosen up, and finally, Tae really thinks you’re fucking godlike, so”

“Why? Shit’s personal-”

“I’m fucking Namjoon. There. We’re even”

Jungkook, who was taking a sip of water, nearly spit it out. “You what ?”

“Yeah, since like, my training. He was supposed to be in charge of that, remember”

“Oh,” he blinked, feeling his head start to cloud, “Duh. Is that why you literally leave work early all the time?”

“....So anyways, I hear you’re quite the sadist in bed,” Jin wiggled his eyebrows.

“Still not having this conversation!,” Jungkook stood up, glad his break was about to be over.

“Hey, wait for me!”


“Did you really need to tell Jin of all people about the other night?,” Jungkook snapped as he got in the car, and aggressively slammed the door behind him.

“Well,” Tae started, “good evening to you, too, Jungkook, you’re welcome for the ride”

“I don’t like third parties involved in my sex life,” he looked out the window.

“Listen, Jin lowkey orchestrated the whole situation, he deserves to know”

“Yeah, but not… details”

“You can’t like,” he shook his head, veering slightly to the left, “leave me looking like I was thrown into a pool of leeches, and expect people not to ask, dickhead”

“Watch your fucking driving, what are you, 15?”

“No, and luckily for you, otherwise you’d end up on the sex offender list for the rest of your life”

Jungkook suddenly had the urge to open the car door and fling himself out of it. Clearly he hadn’t been good enough to bang the annoying out of Tae, but he made a vow to himself to try the best he could.

He felt a hand on the inside of his thigh, and he rolled his eyes, looking back at Tae, “Really, right now?”

“Did you actually just call me to drive you home?”

“Um? Yeah? My text literally said, ‘can i get a ride home if ur around at 5’,” he faced his phone towards Taehyung to prove his point, “Wait, don’t look, you’re gonna crash”

“Can you throw me a couple bucks for gas money, then?”

“Are you serious right now?”

“Well I drove all the way down here from-”

“I didn’t ask you to! Oh my god! Yes. Fine, okay how much do you want?”

“Jeez, overreaction of the year, and to think I was gonna give you a handie on the way”

“We can make out before I go inside,” Jungkook negotiated. Tae did live in the other direction, and he remembered what Jin said, about Tae liking him. He wasn’t enough of a dick to totally take advantage like that.

As soon as they pulled into the parking lot behind Jungkook’s building, Taehyung was on top of him. His seatbelt had been discarded at record speed, and he hopped over to straddle him, wrapping his arms tightly around his neck before pulling him into a kiss.

It happened so quickly it took Jungkook by surprise, and his breath hitched, jumping a little when he felt Tae’s warm mouth envelope his own. He smelt like fresh cut grass, for whatever reason, and he couldn’t help but smile a little when he felt Taehyung’s lashes flutter right below his own. It was just because he was super ticklish though, yeah, it just tickled him.

Jungkook wondered if his tongue still tasted the same, sweet and minty, and he wasted no time in trying to find out, tilting his head to the side, and moving his hands to press little bruises into Tae’s side. Responsive as always, Tae gasped into Jungkook’s mouth, and he took the opportunity to slip his tongue out to meet the others.

He tasted tangy this time, like some sort of tropical fruit that Jungkook couldn’t place. The feeling of Taehyung surrounding him, his hands on either side of his head, his chest pressed against his own, and legs wrapped around him were enough for the previous intent on a simple makeout session to slip his mind.

He reached under the seat, and pulled the tiny lever to lower it to a more or less horizontal position, unable to find it in himself to break the kiss despite his fumbling.

Taehyung moaned appreciatively, placing a hand over Jungkook’s to guide it up the back of his thigh to his ass. Taking the hint, Jungkook grabbed a handful, and kneaded, pulling Taehyung harder down onto him.

He bit Taehyung’s lip, the friction causing him to roll his eyes back into his head.

That’s when Taehyung pulled away, smirking at the glare Jungkook shot him. He slid back into his seat, and put his seatbelt back on, “Well, better get going!,” he gave Jungkook a fake smile.

“Taehyung. Quit. Playing,” Jungkook dragged his hand down his face.

“We settled on a makeout session, did we not?”

Jungkook had never regretting saying anything so much in his life, “I guess we did”

“You were getting a little handsy there, weren’t you?”

“You put your hand on my ass, dude. Are you seriously blue balling me right now?”

“I’ll see you later, Jungkook”

“Fine. Whatever,” he grumbled, straightening his seat before getting out.

Taehyung waved. He didn’t wave back.


“You work at a restaurant, do you really need to get food here?,” Jungkook said, glad to break the vicious cycle of the store greeting.

“Can you imagine if I ate Chinese food every single day? I’d have a heart attack before the age of 25!”

“Taehyung, you are buying fried chicken, fries, a slurpee, and mashed potatoes, you’re probably going to have a heart attack by the age of 25 anyways”

“That’s dangerously soon. Aren’t you gonna miss me?”

“Is that a joke? And do you really need two whole kinds of potato in one meal?”

“Have you ever dipped a french fry into mashed potatoes and gravy?”

“Have you ever tried having self respect?”

“Your loss”

“Cash or card?”

“Wait,” Taehyung grabbed a Red Bull from the mini fridge before Jungkook’s register.

“16 bucks,” Jungkook said, motioning Taehyung to put his card in the scanner.

Jungkook handed Tae his bag, which he took, but pulled the energy drink back out of, “This is for you”

Jungkook made an attempt to protest, his pride too great to accept the other’s charity, but he stopped him, “No, dude, really, Jinnie told me you have like… another five hours to go”


“You look beat, man”

Jungkook looked away, but took the drink anyways, grumbling a low, “Thanks,” to Tae before he headed back to work.


Jungkook realised he needed to make more friends, more specifically, ones with cars when he found the only ride he could get into the city was from Tae. The idea of asking him hadn’t even crossed his mind, until his last hope, Jin turned him down.

“You should text Tae, he goes down a lot”

“At this point I’m just using him for rides, Jin”

“Suck his dick before hand”

“It’s my cousin’s baby’s first birthday party, I’m not gonna show up with my breath reeking of Taehyung’s cum”

“Bring breath mints”

So he texted him, and Taehyung replied in an instant, for whatever reason, confirming that, yes he could take him.

As the day of the party neared, Jungkook found himself sitting on his bed filled with dread. He hated kids, god, he hated them so much. Messy, loud, annoying. He shook his head. And there would be no one his age there either. Just old aunts and more children. He had originally figured the free three course meal would have been enough to keep him happy, but the reality of the situation had him wondering if even food wasn’t enough of an insensitive.  

Oh, and he had to put up with Tae, who was equally annoying in a totally different way on the ride there and back.

Jungkook buttoned up his dress shirt, and pulled on his slacks, straightening up his hair one last time before he left the apartment.

Tae was late, which was more or less routine at this point, and Jungkook didn’t even mind. The later he got there, the less time he had to spend at the function. Taehyung had actually done him… a solid. And it wasn’t even on purpose.

Well, of course it wasn’t.

“Why are you listening to Queen at such a loud volume?,” Jungkook shouted over the music as he got in besides Tae.

“Because I want to break free”

“Wow, you really are Jin’s best friend”

“Was that really that cheesy… you know what. No don’t tell me,” he turned up the music as they peeled out of Jungkook’s lot, whipping his head back and forth as he yelled along to the lyrics.

Jungkook wished he’d never heard Taehyung’s singing voice, because it was a little too sexy for his comfort. Rough, dominant, boner inducing. Jungkook was bitter.

But he couldn’t help the laugh that escaped his throat as Taehyung pulled up to a stoplight and spun his head around to Jungkook, screaming, “It's strange but it's true, I can't get over the way you love me like you do, but I have to be sure when I walk out that door-"

Jungkook was in splits at Taehyung’s animated performance, clutching his chest, and closing his eyes as he dramatically serenaded Jungkook. He fell back against the seat, holding his stomach as a horn cut Tae off, causing him to slam on the gas jerking the car forward.

Seeing the horrified look on Taehyung’s face as he sped off set Jungkook into another round of laughter, and he rolled down his window, throwing his middle finger the driver behind them.

Jungkook forgot he was supposed to hate Taehyung the rest of the ride there. They didn’t make too much conversation, but seeing Jungkook’s surprising reaction to his mini concerts seemed to encourage Tae to keep doing them.

Jungkook’s laughs began to fade once he recognised how close they were to the banquet hall.

“Wow, you just failed to laugh at my Elton John impression. Is everything okay?”

Jungkook crossed his arms, and shot Taehyung a cocky smirk, “Maybe you’re not as good as you think you are”

“You’re entire face is bright red from laughing the whole way here,” Tae pointed out, “Do you really hate family that much?”

“Yes, but also babies”

“I’m starting to see why Jin thinks you’re a serial killer”

“Whatever,” Jungkook grumbled. He thought about his baby cousins, and the last time they’d all been in the same room. Jungkook had almost died, having exhausted the socially appropriate amount of bathroom breaks fairly quickly, leaving him stuck with a handful of screeching children.

He shuddered.

“I love kids”

“What is this?” he wiggled his finger at Tae, “What are you trying to do here?”

“Let me come with you”



“Tae, you and mini demons? That’s my real actual personal hell”

“I wanna meet your baby cousins,” he pouted.

“We’re barely even friends, dude”

“I’ll suck your dick after?”



It turns out that the only appropriate person to bring to a family gathering at Jungkook’s age is a significant other.


They had made their rounds, Jungkook introducing Taehyung, forcing himself to call him his friend, but as soon as Jungkook headed to the corner most chair in the huge room, the other sped off to play with the kids. Leaving Jungkook alone. Great, he thought, he had agreed to let Tae come in hopes he could entertain him in some way, shape, or form. That was probably on him though.

He smelt mothballs, and felt a bony hand on his shoulder, and jumped, spinning around to face a nameless old aunt. “Relax, it’s just me!”

Yeah, Jungkook thought to himself, precisely why I got scared, “Hey,” he plastered on the smile he gave his customers everyday at work, a very fake one that didn’t reach his eyes.

She didn’t seem to notice though, taking a seat beside him. Jungkook wanted to bury his head in his hands and groan. He decided to do so, standing up, “One second, I’ll be back from the bathroom in a second”

“Sure, sweetie”

So he headed out into the hall and did just that, squeezing his eyes shut and letting out a slow, drawn out groan before staring at the ground for a couple of minutes, dreading the thought of having to go back inside.

That’s when the door opened, and Taehyung stepped out, a glass of apple juice in his hand.


“You,” he narrowed his eyes at him, grabbing him by the wrist, and pulling him off into the bathroom.

Once he shut the door behind him, he spun around to Tae, “Can you please stop ditching me for a bunch of 4 year olds?”

“With that attitude? No,” he rolled his eyes, turning to check his reflection in the mirror, “I didn’t realise just how unpleasant you were to be around until I started to hang out with people who aren’t filled with dread and angst”

Hang out , Tae? They’re kids!”

“Plus, I only came to play with them? I literally told you that, remember?”

Okay, fine, he had, but Jungkook was annoyed and jittery, and did not want to put up with Tae’s bullshit.

So he pulled a total Jungkook move, and snatched the juice from his hand, shoving his back against the tile wall, pressing into him, and swooping down to kiss Taehyung in one fluid movement.

Tae tried his best to mutter something along the lines of, “Okay, Edward Cullen,” but Jungkook wasn’t listening, trying instead to take out as much of his pent up energy as he could on poor Taehyung.

Soon, though, his kisses began to match the desperation of Jungkook’s own, and he clawed at his chest, pulling him closer as their tongues reached out to intertwine.

Taehyung propped his leg up on the sink, reaching down to the small of Jungkook’s back to pull him between them.

Jungkook grunted as the crotch of his pants hit Taehyung’s, he grabbed his thigh to pull him closer, obviously forgetting that there is a time and a place for everything, and this was not it.

They learned their lesson instantly, or they should have, at least. As soon as he began to grind his hips deeper into Tae, the door burst open, and two of his 40 year old cousins strolled through. Now at the angle they were standing, they could have jumped away from one another in time to, you know, not get caught dry humping in the unisex bathroom.

However, both boys, aside from being generally dumb, were too caught up in each other to even notice the whooshing sound of it swinging open, or the clicks of high heels, and missed the opportunity.

In fact, they were so wrapped up in one another that they didn’t even notice they had company until Jungkook felt a third hand on his shoulder. Wait a second, he thought to himself in a panic, unless Taehyung had another retractable limb, they were in big trouble.

He spun around, immediately regretting his choice to wear such tight pants, and did his best to meet their eyes, trying to conceal Tae behind him.

“Jungkookie! Long time no see!,” one of them exclaimed, somehow not uncomfortable at the softcore porn she had just witnessed in action.

“Hey,” his voice cracked. He felt Tae snicker behind him, “Yeah, good to see you guys!”

The other aunt was a little less pleased, peering over his shoulder at Taehyung, “This must be the boyfriend that everyone’s been talking about. Grandma thinks you guys are adorable together”

Oh right, that’s who the old bitch had been. But wait, “B-boyfriend?”

The less annoyed looking aunt, who Jungkook now realised was pretty drunk, spoke up again, “It’s okay, hun. We’re all with the times,” she winked, “I was a kid once, too”

The other grabbed her wrist, dragging her out of the bathroom, “We’ll see you two in a few, yeah?”

There was an awkward silence, both boys staring at the door shutting behind them before Jungkook turned his eyes to the mirror, and muffled an irritated shout.

“Yeah, that was awkward”

“Yes it most definitely was, but also,” Jungkook pointed at his shirt, “You wiped fucking… what is this? Is this finger paint?”

Taehyung gave Jungkook a guilty look, and nodded.

“You wiped finger paint all over my one nice shirt, you fucking dick! I work at a supermarket, I can’t afford another one”

“Dude, really, chill, it’s kid’s paint, it’ll come off in the wash”

“Yeah but it looks like I just got back from murdering someone! And my entire family thinks we’re like, in love or something,” he grabbed at his hair.

Tae slid off the counter, and began neatening out his hair and clothes, “You brought someone of the same age that matches your sexual orientation to a family gathering. Of course they do”

“You knew this was going to happen?”

“You didn’t?,” Tae shrugged, turning around to leave the bathroom, “come on, Jungkookie

Jungkook wrung his hands in annoyance one last time before following Tae back to the party.


Tae, clearly loving the attention he was getting as a result of being Jungkook’s supposed man candy, clung to his side for the rest of the evening, eagerly answering (read: lying) every question anyone had about their relationship.

Jungkook tried to push away the thoughts how warm Taehyung felt as he perched on his lap, making small talk with anybody and everybody as Jungkook tried to sneakily use his phone behind him. When they got a moment to themselves, Jungkook leaned into Taehyung’s neck, and mumbled, “Thanks for saving my ass”

The goosebumps that rose of Tae’s neck didn’t go unnoticed.

The final thing on the night’s itinerary was dinner, leaving Jungkook thanking his lucky stars he was about to be able to finally just eat, and then go home and sleep. He was past the hard bit, now all he needed to do was eat his meal in peace, and go on his way.

Taehyung had other ideas though.

Obviously, they were seated together at the long, oval table. Why wouldn’t they be, they were a couple afterall. Jungkook shifted in his seat uncomfortably at the idea.

Taehyung either misread this, or had had other plans in mind from the start, because, once again, he felt the older boy’s hand creep up his thigh.

He tried to ignore it at first, hoping that he would just get the message and fuck off, but come on, he was talking about Taehyung here.

Ignoring the problem was stupid for another reason, too. Jungkook couldn’t help his body’s reaction at the small circles Tae was tracing farther, and farther up the inside of his leg until it was too late, and he realised he was starting to get hard.

“Mmmph,” he mumbled around his fork as he felt Tae’s thumb graze his half-stiff cock.

“Enjoying the food?,” his aunt smiled at him.

“O-oh,” Jungkook prayed he hadn’t actually moaned as Taehyung grabbed his bulge under the table, “Better than anything I can make at home,” he shot her a fake smile, and she returned it with a genuine one. Good.

He stepped down on Tae’s foot as hard as he could, but the other just raised his napkin to his mouth to cover up a giggle. It was enough to stop him, though.

Well, momentarily, at least. After a few short minutes, as soon as Jungkook could feel himself begin to soften, Tae’s hand found it’s way back, and he curled his fingers around Jungkook’s dick, giving it a squeeze.

Jungkook choked on his pasta, and his legs twitched.

“Everything okay, babe?,” Tae looked over at him with wide eyes, “Burn your tongue?”

Jungkook could hear gossiping about how cute they were together. Fuck this entire situation. If Taehyung hadn’t looked so good standing in that nasty fucking bathroom-

He put a little more pressure, and Jungkook sucked in, “Yeah. Bit it too,” he hoped Tae could see the anger in his eyes.

Tae pouted, cueing a round of “Awh’s,” from Jungkook’s family, and he leaned in to press a mock kiss to Jungkook’s ear, whispering, “Just trust me”

Why, Jungkook wanted to scream at him, on earth should I trust you? But god, the way Taehyung was rubbing his thumb along the head of Jungkook’s cock was enough for his brain to, once again, forget how unwise of an decision he was making. So he just nodded a little, looking over at him.

He bit his knuckle as Tae began to palm him through his pants, slowly at first, but quickly picking up speed. Jungkook’s vision was starting to blur, and the only thing he needed in that moment was to get the hell out of the rest of his clothes, and feel Taehyung against his bare cock. Whether it was his hand, his mouth, his ass, whatever.

He coughed into his hand, muttering out a “Harder,” to Tae.

He didn’t acknowledge him verbally, in fact, he was still facing away, making conversation with Jungkook’s grandma's sister. Or something.  

He did, however, knead his hand down harder onto Jungkook’s bulge. He tried to keep his breathing even, as he shakily raised his food to his mouth.

“Jungkook, sweety, you don’t look so hot,” someone cooed to him from across the table.

“Yeah, I bit my tongue again, really bad, it just hurts when I eat”

“You’re all red!”

Taehyung took his hand off of Jungkook’s lap, and placed it on his forehead, “Aw, babe you’re getting a fever, do you not feel well?”

“Uh, actually, yeah,” he stuttered, still too focused on how good Taehyung had been making him feel to come up with an elaborate answer.

“Well,” Jungkook’s grandma smiled at him, “You two can go on home whenever you’d like”

Jungkook almost sighed in relief, in fact he began to, when Tae replied, “We’d love to stay for dessert, and we’ll be on our way”

Jungkook gritted his teeth, mentally willing Taehyung to either drop dead or to return his hand to Jungkook’s crotch.

To his luck, Tae did the latter as soon as the table’s attention turned away from him. He allowed his eyes to roll back into his head for no more than a second as Taehyung sped back up, listening for Jungkook’s queues over the conversation that he was somehow keeping up with incredible ease.

A pang of panic flared in his chest when he felt heat begin to pool in the bottom of his stomach, and he had to hold his breath to keep from gasping out loud.

Tae giggled maliciously beside him, and Jungkook figured he had caught on.

“I’m… wearing… mh…. Black pants,” he whispered, barely able to keep his voice under control.

“I’ve got this,” he gave him a final squeeze, his voice even softer than Jungkook’s “come for me”

Jungkook couldn’t hold it in, shivering lightly as he came, muffling his moan with a loud cough.

Tae turned back to him, his hand flying to his cheek, “Are you okay?” His tone was convincing, but the look in his eyes was smug and triumphant.

Jungkook met them with his own, placing a hand over Tae’s and squeezing a little too hard, “Yeah, babe, everything is fine,” he flickered his eyes down to his pant leg, and naturally, there was a stain where Jungkook had cum.

Tae’s eyes followed his, and Jungkook saw him bite the inside of his cheek to hold back a smile. His expression made him want to beat the shit out of him, he realised. Or maybe the word he was looking for was kiss, you never know.

“Then let’s just have our ice cream, and we’ll leave, okay?”

Jungkook just nodded, and Taehyung turned around to the waiter standing on the other side of the table (thank god), “Could we get two bowls of vanilla ice cream?”

“I’m lactose fucking intolerant-”

“Will you relax? Are you supposed to loosen up after you-”

Shut the fuck up”

Jungkook realised what Tae had been trying to do when the white, creamy substance arrived at the table.

“Open up, sugar,” he smiled, shoving his spoon towards Jungkook’s face a little too hard, and ‘mistakenly’ letting it slip from the spoon onto Jungkook’s lap, “Gosh, I am soooo sorry”

Impressed by Taehyung’s quick thinking, Jungkook threw Tae a fake eye roll, “It’s fine…” he let out a fake cough, “can we just head home? I’m a little tired”

“Oh of course,” the host smiled at them, “Thank you two for coming!”

They bid their goodbyes and booked it back to the car, not talking until they had slammed the door shut behind them, “‘Gosh’, Taehyung? Really?”

Chapter Text

Jungkook figured he was gonna get a call from his mother, but he didn’t expect it to be while Taehyung was on top of him.

He cut Taehyung off mid moan, hissing, “Dude shut up, my mom’s calling”

Taehyung started bouncing faster, “Take it later”

“Dude, no, just get off, I’ve been dubbing her all month”

He came to a halt, and crossed his arms over his chest, looking down at Jungkook, “Well? Take it”

Resisting the urge to reject the call just to spite Taehyung, he picked up, “Hey, mom”

“Jungkookie, my love, how are you?”

Jungkook cleared his throat, awkwardly shoving Taehyung off of his quickly softening dick, much to the other’s disappointment.

“Good, mom, how’ve you been?”

“Good,” she paused. Jungkook looked at Taehyung, who was now texting Jin beside him. He knew what was coming, “So you didn’t tell me you had a boyfriend?”

Jungkook internally groaned, “Yeah, mom, it’s pretty recent”

“How did you end up taking him to the party?,” Jungkook could tell she was hurt that she was the last to know the fake news.

“Oh, um, it wasn’t planned, he asked if he could meet Soo-min’s kids”

“Ohhh… I see, and his name is Taehyung?”

The boy in question perked up, hearing his name.  


“He’s Korean, I hear?”

Jungkook rolled his eyes, “Yeah”

“Good. You know, everyone seems to really like him”

Jungkook could sense something coming.

“And your father and I are going to visit the Lake Superior house next weekend for Labor Day, remember the one I used to rent for us when you and your brother were kids?”

Of course. Now he just had to pray that Taehyung wasn’t listening, “Yeah”

“Well, we were thinking, since Junghyun is coming down from Washington, that you and Taehyung could join us-”

Jungkook began to open his mouth to spew whatever weird lie he was going to use to skip out on the event, but Taehyung, with his lightning reflexes, snatched the phone before he got the chance.

“Hey Ms. Jeon! Yes, this is him!....Oh I’ve heard so much about you!... Next weekend? Yeah! I don’t have anything going on, why?,” Taehyung’s face lit up with a grin so big, it made his eyes squint shut. Jungkook’s heart palpations were as a result of anger, he didn’t have butterflies as a result of Tae’s smile. Taehyung was being a cunt, right? Jungkook looked away, pushing his inner turmoil aside.

Jungkook didn’t dare look back at him til he hung up the phone, “Your mom-”

Taehyung, what is wrong with you?,” he jumped off the bed, grabbing a fistfull of his own hair, “That wasn’t your decision to fucking make! I do not want to go to fucking Michigan this weekend! Did you forget that I need to be included in the decision making process, too?”


“Why are you trying to throw yourself into every aspect of my life?,” he rolled his eyes, slumping against the wall.

Taehyung was silent for a second, before he let out a small, “I thought it’d be fun”

“We aren’t even friends, Taehyung-”

“Really, Jungkook? We aren’t friends? Name one fucking person you hang out with half as much as me”

Jungkook opened his mouth, but he couldn’t come up with an answer.

“If you really hate me that much, I’ll just fucking leave, okay?,” he bent down to pick up his clothes, probably waiting for Jungkook to move to stop him. But Jungkook was too full of pride, and still very angry at Taehyung for making such a decision for him, so he just sat back down on the bed and shrugged at him.

“God,” Tae shook his head is disbelief after he had gotten back into his clothes, “You really are a true, honest to god jerk, you know that?”

Jungkook kept ignoring him, letting him snap, “Have fun telling your mom you dumped me for wanting to meet her,” before he slammed the front door behind him.

Jungkook stared at the door for a couple minutes blankly before dread crept into him. He knew he’d fucked up, that he’d finally been enough of an asshole to make Tae snap, and he felt bad. He wasn’t the way he was on purpose, he was just inherently volatile and impatient.

He didn’t have a filter either, which, in situations like this, was an awful characteristic to possess. He looked down at his hands. His words had come out dripping with venom, much more so than he’d intended.

And it was time to accept that he and Taehyung were friends once and for all. If they weren’t, he wouldn’t feel this horrible for kicking him out of his house. Well, Taehyung had left on his own, but-

His phone buzzed, and he scrambled for it, knocking it to the ground before he was able to get a solid grip on it. His heart fell when he saw it wasn’t Taehyung.

“I’m going to ki-”

“I know,” he sighed, cutting Jin off, “How do I fix it”

“Well he just showed up at my house sobbing because you can’t get your head out of you ass enough to even call him your friend, dude. He thinks you’re cool, and hot, and all you do is jerk him around, and then get mad at him when he tries to be nice and good friend, and do shit for you”

Jin was right, Jungkook thought back to everything Taehyung had done for him. The rides, the Red Bulls he slipped him on off days, the fact that he’d gotten himself into a whole fake relationship just to make Jungkook like less like a slut in front of his family, “I know-”

“Jungkook, I need you to take what I’m saying seriously, okay?”

“Okay, what?”

“If you’re only in it for the sex, get out of his life”

“No, he’s my friend, dude. I fucked up, and I feel like shit for it”

“Are you sure? Because it may not look it, Jungkook, but I am stronger than you”

“No, no, dude, come on, can’t you tell how depressed I sound?”

“Well compared to the crying mess that just burst through the door you sound like you’re over the moon”

Jungkook gulped in an attempt to push down the lump in his throat.

“I think the past month of you snapping at him, and doing nothing positive but slam him against walls is starting to get to him”

Jungkook pursed his lips guiltily, “Help me, like how do I apologize?”

“Stop being a total fuckin douche, maybe?”

“Jin. You know this is just my personality, and he provokes me too! It’s not like I just bully him for fun”

“Fine. He can be a little… overbearing at times, but making him feel like a total waste of space-”

“You two love to demonise me-”

“Shut up. Show up at his work tomorrow, he gets off at like 9”

“And do what?”

“Apologize? Fuckass,” he mumbled under his breath.

“Should I ask him if he still wants to come to my parent’s lake house?”

“Oh is that what he was talking about?”

Jungkook frowned, “Probably”

“Where is it?”

“Lake Superior”

“Well no fucking wonder”


“Didn’t he tell you how that’s his favorite Great Lake”

“He-what? I didn’t know you could have a favorite Great Lake”

“I don’t know… you know how he is. It’s like the biggest one or something”

“Fair,” Jungkook knew better than to waste time trying to understand why Taehyung liked the things he did. They were always odd, and ill fitting, and Taehyung never had any real justification for why he liked them so much. Jungkook realised that this applied to him, too.

“Um, but yeah, no, ask him”

“Okay,” Jungkook nodded, hanging up the phone and flopping back down on his bed. All this drama because Jungkook couldn’t just grow up and accept his feelings. All this drama simply because he was confused.

He really was a jerk.


So he showed up at the Chinese place at 8:30 instead, determined to catch Taehyung as soon as he got off.

He appeared at 9:15, looking tired in a grease stained apron.

Jungkook jumped up from the bench he had almost just fallen asleep on, “Taehyung!”

He turned around, deflating when his eyes met Jungkook’s, “I’m tired, right now, man, can you come yell at me later?”

“No, Taehyung, what? Why would I show up to yell at you?”

“What the fuck else do you ever do to me?”

“Taehyung, please listen,” he said in an attempt to reason with him, “I was way harsher than I should have been, okay? I made a mistake, I was mean, and I feel really bad,” he put a hand on Taehyung’s shoulder, “Come on, you know I don’t hate you”

Taehyung didn’t look so sure about this, and Jungkook’s heart dropped.

“For real, I’m sorry, Tae”

He narrowed his eyes at him.

“You’re my friend,” he pleaded, “I shouldn’t have acted like you weren’t, alright?”

His expression lightened a little, and Jungkook relaxed himself, glad he hadn’t completely butchered yet another relationship.

“Fine,” he could tell Taehyung was trying to hold back a tiny smile, “but can you at least treat me like your friend and not some incompetent liability of a sex doll?”

“Am I that awful?”

“Yes. Oh yeah, absolutely,” Taehyung said with a playful smack as they headed to the back of the lot where he had parked his car.

“So now that we’re on good terms again…,” Jungkook gave him a questioning look, to which Taehyung nodded, “Good. Yeah, so I never called my mom back about the trip-”

“Oh hell yeah,” Taehyung cheered. Jungkook let himself outwardly smile at Taehyung for once. It didn’t feel half bad.


Just like most upcoming events, Jungkook was dreading the trip to the lakehouse. It was a solid 10 hour drive, which they collectively decided to split into a couple days since they had a long weekend, what with Labor Day, and all. This meant a two day road trip with Taehyung, followed by having to be fake in-love with Taehyung for two days, followed by yet another two day road trip with, you guessed it, Taehyung.

Not to be crass, or anything, but Jungkook was going to have to fuck him an awful lot to make sure he kept his temper in check. This was something Jin had pointed out when he lamented about having no control over his irritation during their lunch break a couple days before they had to leave.

“You know, you’re so much more palatable after you give someone a good dicking down”

“You really have a way with words, Jin”

“No, for real, I mean think about it. This isn’t just about Tae-,” Jin held a hand up, when it looked like Jungkook was about to cut in, “No, admit it, you’re so much nicer after you cum. I mean, I’m not judging, to each his own, I guess. But it could help, and I’m pretty sure Taehyung won’t mind your, uh, stress relief technique”

“Stop winking, ew”

“So I’m taking you’ll try it”

“I don’t really like how well you can read me, dude”

“Two words,” Jin called after him as he headed back to his register, “road head”


The fateful day of the trip had arrived, and Jungkook was sat on his shitty excuse for a couch picking his nails, and waiting for a very late Taehyung.
When he finally texted Jungkook to tell him he'd arrived, Jungkook dragged himself out into the hallway, then down the stairs, then out the door to Taehyung's car.
"Wow, who died?"
"I've never seen you look this depressed, and that's saying something"
"Family shit is just... boring and frustrating"
"Are you sure that's all?"
Jungkook wondered how Tae thought he had the right to ask in the first place, but decided not to fight, "Yeah, that's all," he said with a defeated sigh.
And It actually was. As had been demonstrated, Jungkook was by no means a people person, and would opt to spend a night alone watching TV or going for a run over most any social event.  
"Okay, I believe you," he replied as he started the car and backed out of the lot.

"Taehyung, seriously, who issued you your licence. Let me see it. Is it fake? Do you have a fake license?," Jungkook snapped as they narrowly missed the third small animal in about an hour and a half.
"Dude, it's like, almost hibernation season, the animals are getting slow and tired"
"That doesn't make you a decent driver, though, you keep veering to the left"
"Fine," Tae held his hands up, looking to Jungkook, "fucking arrest me"
"I won't need to, you're about to get pulled over"
Now this sobered Tae up, and he whipped his head around in horror.
Jungkook laughed, "No, dumbass, not now, but you're sure as hell about to"
"Why do you love to scare the hell out of me like 24/7"
"Because it's cute," Jungkook snorted without thinking, turning his eyes to an orange mustang tearing down the highway, “Look, that guys even worse at driving than you are"
He missed the pink that that spread across Tae's cheeks at his words, and they fell into a short silence. Until Jungkook snapped at him for changing lanes without his using his directional.
"Jungkook. Stop backseat driving," Tae rolled his eyes.
"You need to be directed," Jungkook snapped back.
"And where'd you get the authority to do that? Can you even drive"
Jungkook scoffed, "Of course I can drive, Tae, I'm an adult"
"Well I'd like to see you do better, then"

Except driving was on the very long list of things that Jungkook wasn’t particularly a fan of, right under rectangular glasses. Except those stupid red ones Tae owned, those were… yeah, fine, they were cute. Not because Tae wore them though, obviously.

He was pretty good at driving though, or better than Taehyung at least, and by far. The only problem now was that they were stuck behind the mustang. Jungkook smacked his palm down on the steering wheel in irritation as the jackass cut in front of him. He slammed on the brakes, slowing down so they didn’t collide, “Do you see why directionals are important to use, Tae?”

He crossed his arms, “You just gave me fucking whiplash”

Jungkook pointed in front of him, “No, he did”

Sports car guy reminded Jungkook why he had such an aversion to driving. It was just… holy shit, it was so frustrating, having to sit at the edge of your seat and take extra precaution to make up for the other’s total disregard of it.

“How mad are you right now? Like on a scale of 1-10?,” Tae laughed as soon as the asshole finally took the exit to get off the highway.

“I’m about three seconds away from screaming”

“You already did scream, though, like, five times”

“Does my road rage really surprise you?”

“I thought it’d be worse, in all honesty”

“Gee, thanks,” he grumbled, finally at peace.

“I’m bored”

“Wanna take the wheel”


“Then it sucks to suck”

“...Well actually, that sort of gives me an idea”

Wait, Jungkook narrowed his eyes, ‘suck’, hm. Jin’s words ran through his mind, ‘road head’.

“And what’s that, Taehyung?,” he tried to keep his tone as flat as usual.

“A game”

“A game, you say?”

“It’s like, level two of something we’ve done before”

Jungkook let himself smirk, and shifted in his seat, “Care to elaborate?”

“Well,” Tae reached into Jungkook’s lap, sliding his hand against the crotch of Jungkook’s pants.

He sucked in a breath and shifted his hips forward, flicking on cruise control, “Well?”

“Remember how I jerked you off at your cousin’s birthday party-”

“Please choose your words carefully before my dick shrivels up and falls off”

“And you had to try your hardest to finish your meal normally?”

“I do”

“Well this time I’m gonna suck your dick, and you’re gonna have to drive normally. You lose if you either crash, or need to pull over. Please make it the latter, I really wanna see this lake”

“And if I win?”

“Ummm,” he thought for a second, “You can cum in my mouth”

“I always do that”

“Huh. Okay. Dinner, then. Winner picks”

“Fine, what do you want?”

“Wait, are we doing fast food, or like real meals?”

“We can do a real meal if you want,” Jungkook was admittedly pretty hungry already.

“Alright, if I win, I want Olive Garden”

“Dude, Olive Garden is so shitty, I don’t know why you’re so-”

“Yeah, so the point is that you lose, and I get what I want, and you don’t”

“Oh, word. Uh, what do you not like?”

“It doesn’t have to be something I hate”

“Okay, let’s get Benihana if I win”

Tae gave him an unenthusiastic look.

“Perfect, two birds one stone”

“I can feel you getting hard,” Tae smiled, pleased that his palming had payed off.

“Yeah, at the idea of teppanyaki and inconveniencing you”

Tae just rolled his eyes, shoving Jungkook’s seatbelt up to fumble at the buckle of his belt.

He sucked in a sharp breath, feeling his heartbeat speed up as the cool air hit his half hard dick.


He gave him a sarcastic look, “No, Tae, hold on let me just get up and grab a beer from the frid-uhhhhhoooo,” Tae cut him off by sticking the tip of his tongue out to flick at Jungkook’s head.

“Are you done?”

“Yeah, yeah, dude, come on”

“Good,” he smiled sweetly up at Jungkook, who, wait, did he blush ?

He didn’t dwell on this, in fact, he wouldn’t have been able to even if he’d wanted to, because that’s when Taehyung unbuckled his seatbelt, so he could move closer, licking a slow, meticulous stripe up the underside of Jungkook’s length.

He reached under the seat to move it back for easier access, and spread his knees as wide as he could.

Tae turned to him, probably because he could feel Jungkook’s eyes burning holes in the back of his head, “Hey, eyes on the road”

“Oh, right,” good thing Jungkook had already forgotten he was driving in the first place. He looked back up at the road, and Tae, now assured that he wasn’t going to drive the car into a tree, took the head of Jungkook’s now fully hard cock between his puckered lips.

They were soft, and smooth, and slightly greasy from the chapstick Tae had put on not even fifteen minutes prior, and it was heavenly. Jungkook’s hands tightened around the wheel, and he held his breath, doing his best to pay attention to traffic over the feeling of Taehyung’s wet warmth enveloping his dick at an unbearably slow rate. Impatient, he tried his best not to buck his hips up, get deeper into Taehyung quicker, the idea of having to eat Olive Garden being the only thing holding him back.

Taehyung hollowed his cheeks, and pulled back up quickly, letting Jungkook slip from his mouth with an echoing pop, “How’s it going”

Jungkook clenched his jaw, “It’s going, alright”

“Tell me what you want”

Jungkook could feel his dick starting to throb, and he was desperate for Tae to get back to the task at hand. Already exasperated, he sighed, looking down for a split second “Babe, come on , you know what I like. Go faster”

Tae paused as a look of confusion flashed through his eyes. Jungkook realised he’d never called him that, not since they’d been pretending at the banquet. He held his breath, praying that he wasn’t going to bring it up.

Thankfully, he didn’t, choosing instead to focus his attention back on Jungkook’s cock. He slid back down to where he’d left off, and added a fist to Jungkook’s base, jerking him in rhythm with his mouth. He pulled it out again, this time dripping with saliva, and smacked it against his puckered lips.

Jungkook’s knuckles were now white against the black patent leather of the wheel, but his face had grown a bright red.

“You like that, hm?”


He rubbed it against his cheek, looking up at Jungkook, “You like the feeling of your wet cock rubbing up and down my pretty little face? Look at me”

Jungkook did, and for a second too long, because the car veered a little to the right. His eyes snapped back to the road, and Tae snickered.

He ran his tongue up and down Jungkook’s length a few more times, tracing the curved line of his vein before nuzzling into his v-line, and sucking a hickie so close to his dick that he could feel Tae’s hot breath against it. He shivered, and moaned, glad that this time, he could be as loud as he wanted, even if he did have to drive.

It really was a challenge, though, keeping his eyes on the road, steering around the sharp turns, avoiding ramming his car into other drivers. But he liked it, he’d always been a little too competitive for his own good.

Tae sunk back onto his length once he was satisfied with the purple mark that stood out against his hip, earning a short, “Ah” with each bounce of his head.

Having now adjusted to multitasking, Jungkook allowed a hand to find it’s way to rest on the other’s scalp.

He didn’t push his head down like he usually did, though. No, that just didn’t feel right this time. It wasn’t rough, or angry, or desperate, like it usually was. It was just… well it felt normal, natural, if you will.

Instead, he simply slipped it into his hair, enjoying the silky feel between his fingers as he mindlessly combed through it, “You’re doing… mmmph, Tae, you’re doing so good ,” he drawled, his shoulders relaxing as he leaned back farther into the seat.

Tae came up for air, smiling smugly as he pumped Jungkook a few more times, momentarily reaching to tongue his balls.

Jungkook’s thighs began to tense up, and he could feel the veins in his neck starting to bulge, “Mmm close,” he breathed, trying to keep his eyes focused.

Without warning, Tae wrapped his lips back around Jungkook’s cock, pushing himself all the way down to his base. “Ah, shit,” he couldn’t help his hand tightening in in Tae’s hair, “Why didn’t you do that before?”

Tae just let out a pleased grunt around his cock at the praise, bobbing his head up and down rapidly as began to claw the inside of Jungkook’s thighs.

“Oh. Oh, god, yes, Tae, yesyeysyes-,” a car honked, and oh lord, Jungkook had really had had his eyes closed. No, he could do this, he was so close to getting his Benihana.

Tae sat up for a second to laugh, but quickly returned his focus, cupping Jungkook’s balls with one hand, and squeezing his girth lightly with the other, before he took the tip back in his mouth, and began to swirl his tongue around it.

Jungkook’s hips stuttered, and he all but shouted Tae’s name as he came down his throat with not nearly enough of a warning. Tae took it like a champ though, Jungkook thought, weirdly proud of how well he had avoided choking on the cum that must have splattered out against the back of his throat.

Tae sat back up, wiping his mouth on the back of his hand, and accepting the gum that Jungkook offered him, before sighing, “Benihana it is, I suppose”

Jungkook looked over at him after he had straightened himself out and refastened his pants, smiling at the mock annoyance on Tae’s face. “Ooop,” he reached behind the other’s head, giving it a couple pats.

Tae gave him a questioning look.

“Your hair was all over the place”

“I can’t believe you’re making me get fucking teppanyaki, dude, it’s literally just overpriced stir fry”

Jin had been right about Jungkook significantly less strung out after he came, because he shrugged, “You know what? Let’s just do Olive Garden”

Jungkook was lucky he didn’t see Tae’s face light up, because if he had, he would have had to have fought back a confusing bout of butterflies all night.

Chapter Text

The problem with Jungkook’s post orgasm bliss was that it was relatively short lived. It was enough to give Tae a break probably, and enough for Jungkook to forget how annoying everything was, but it seemed as though it disappeared as quickly as it arrived.

Jungkook vowed to himself never to agree to anything Tae suggested when he was in such a state as soon as they strolled into the packed Olive Garden, and the smell of old people and congealed alfredo sauce assaulted his nose.

“Tae, it smells like shit in here,” he hissed once they’d been seated.

Tae looked confused, “Weren’t you in an okay mood literally when we pulled into the parking lot? You’re the one who wanted to roll up at like 6pm, it’s the early bird special, of course it smells like a goddamn nursing home,” he shook his head as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Jungkook rolled his eyes, “What’s even good here?”

Tae listed off a solid seven pasta dishes, all in some sort of cream sauce.

“You know I’m lactose intolerant, fuckass, what are you trying to do, here? I’m hangry”

“Hangry? I thought this was your default mood. Also, you never told me you were?”

“Yes I did, Tae, at the family thing the other week”

“Huh,” he thought for a second, “I guess you did”

“I can’t believe you forgot. And I’m the shitty friend?”

“Wow. Overreaction of the year,” he huffed, looking back at the menu, “Sorry I don’t remember every single thing you tell me about yourself”

“Well I remember everything you tell me about yourself ,” he pursed his lips at him.

“Oh, really?,” Tae asked, disbelieving, “I’m sure you do”

“Actually,” Jungkook put his glass of water down, “I fucking do. I know about your fucking dog Soonshim, and how she has diabetes, I know your favorite sushi place is the one on Madison and Third, I know you played soccer until you were like fifteen, I know you’re allergic to pineapples, for fucksake! I know your favorite episode of Doctor Who, which you’re lame for watching, just by the way, is the David Tennant Christmas Special-”

“Okay, okay, I get it, I’m neglectful,” Tae’s voice dripped with mock annoyance, but Jungkook wasn’t able to read his facial expression. He paused for a second, and opened his mouth, looking as if he had something to add, but he was cut off by their waiter showing up to take their order.

Jungkook got spaghetti and meatballs. It was as nasty as he’d expected it to be, but he didn’t complain, scarfing the huge portion down. Turns out road head’s a really big appetite booster.

They drove another couple hours after dinner, Jungkook opting to nap as Tae took back over the wheel.

When they rolled into the shitty motel that Tae had deemed clean looking enough, Jungkook awoke with a start, jumping as the engine cut.

“Dude, chill, what?”

“Nothing,” Jungkook grumbled, depression filled expression returning to his face. He’d actually had a nightmare that he was on a road trip with Tae, but after waking up to find it a reality, he decided it was best not to share.

He stretched as he got out of the car, grabbing their bags out of the trunk while Tae headed to the front desk to get a room for the two of them.


Throwing his hoodie and tee shirt off onto the queen bed, Jungkook headed straight for the shower, leaving the other lounging to scroll through his social media.

The warm water was much welcomed, and he took his time, singing along to his Spotify playlist as he scrubbed Tae’s spit from earlier in the day off his torso.

Jungkook was fairly sure they were done fooling around for the night, so what he didn’t expect was to walk out to Tae laying spread eagle on the mattress, panting as he inserted a second finger into himself.

Jungkook gulped, and stupidly dropped his phone, attracting the other’s attention as it hit the ground.

He looked up at him, and bit his lip, causing Jungkook’s blood to immediately rush south. He wordlessly removed his towel from around his waist, and fisted his quickly hardening cock a few times, before approaching the bed.

He was close enough to touch Taehyung before the other placed his free hand on his chest to stop him from coming any closer.

“And what do you think you’re doing?,” he asked, voice thick with pleasure.

“Fucking you?,” Jungkook asked, confused, “What else?”

“Who told you you could do that?,” Jungkook could tell he was trying to sound defiant, but he must have hit his prostate, because his voice went up an octave as the last word left his mouth.

Jungkook, thinking he was just playing hard to get, attempted to push back against him, lean in for a kiss, maybe, but he held his ground, “You were a jerk last week, Jungkook”

“Wait, seriously? I thought we were past that,” he groaned, hungrily eyeing the fingers Tae was sliding in and out of himself. They were slick with something wet, and Jungkook smelled strawberry. He licked his lips, “Come on, let me eat you out”

Tae actually looked very tempted, but after a second, the determined look returned to his face, “No, no touching, you’re a bitch, and I’m making you pay”

“But I ate Olive Garden for you”

“I cried for like, over an hour”

He had a point, “You’re the. Fucking. Limit. Tae. Hyung”

“Take a seat, why don’t you?,” Tae motioned to the settee that sat facing the bed.

Jungkook moved towards it, and sat down, turning his body towards the TV in the corner as opposed to Tae. He crossed his legs, too full of pride to let him see just how hard he already was, “Don’t mind if I do” He made sure Tae was looking when he leaned over and grabbed the remote, switching the TV on.

“Oh is that how you’re gonna try and play?”

“It is, Tae”

“Good luck,” he snickered in response. Jungkook could tell Tae had added another finger by the way his breathing changed. Fuck, he thought to himself, he really knew his body well.

He would have figured it out even if he hadn’t been able to pick up on such a minute detail, though. It didn’t take a very long time for Tae’s moans to get louder, and deeper, as he pumped his fingers in and out of himself, the wet, squelching sounds drowning out the audio of whatever Jungkook was supposed to be watching.

Tae started to hit his prostate again, leading Jungkook to curse the gods above at just how irresistible he was without even needing to be seen. He whimpered, each breath growing shorter, and Jungkook tried not to imagine the wrecked expression that he knew he was wearing.

Then he heard a slapping noise, and swallowed, willing his heartbeat to slow, even if just for a second. Each time he blinked, he could imagine it, Taehyung spread open for him to see, one hand on his cock, and the other inside him as he arched his back against the shitty bedsheets.

Jungkook could feel his cock leaking, sticky beads of precum beginning to dry right below his belly button where it stood, rigid and swollen. He needed to touch himself. But then again, letting Tae win would be… not good. For his pride, that is. Jungkook was a sore loser.

“How’s your rainforest documentary going?,” Tae asked.

Jungkook jumped a little. Oh, was that what was on? He’d been a little too preoccupied to pay attention. Forcing himself not to turn to Tae, he stuttered, “Phenomenal. I’m really learning a lot”

“That was the least convincing lie you’ve ever told me”

Jungkook shrugged, genuinely unable to come up with a snarky reply. The kid was barely breathing.

“You should look at me”

“I’d rather learn about Toucans”

“They’ve been talking about reptiles since you turned it on, fake ass”

Jungkook didn’t reply.

“I’ve got three fingers in, you know”

“That’s nice”

“It is. Almost as nice as you cock, almost fills me up just as good. Almost”

Jungkook took a deep breath.

“You feel so much better, though,” he started, voice low, “your cock is always so warm, and thick, and it curves just right, Kookie, fuck,” he let out a long moan at the memory.

He wasn’t even looking at the TV anymore, just at the wall, putting all his focus into holding his ground.

“I just love how it...ugh… it always hits the spot so good,” he continued, “or maybe that’s you. You take such good care of me when we fuck, god, Jungkook. I can tell you love to make me cum, don’t you? You love how I look when I’m right about to- fuck ,” he gulped, pausing for a second to regain his breath before opening his mouth again, “And the way you mark me, Jesus, how you sink your teeth into me, you know just how to bruise me the way I- oh - the way I like it. Wanna know what I did after the first time we fucked, when you gave me all those bites, and hickeys, and bruises?”

“What’d you do?,” he asked reluctantly.

“I just stared at them in the mirror everyday and fucked myself to the memory, it was all I even needed. I’d never cum that hard by my own hand, you know. My favorites were the bruises on my hips, god, baby, you left entire fucking handprints. Look at me”  

Jungkook, still trying his best to act unaffected by Tae’s words, shifted on the settee, but his action backfired. The miniscule amount of friction was enough to make him let out a rather sharp gasp against his will. Fuck his entire body for its betrayal.

“Cut the act, we both know you’re hard enough to fucking cry”

Jungkook decided that the carpet design was more deserving of his attention.

“Jungkook! Look, a spider!”

He whipped around to Tae on reflex. That split second was all that was needed to lock him in, because once his eyes met Tae’s he knew it was over.

“That’s better,” Tae gave him a smug smile, speeding up his fingers, “Spread your legs, let me see how hard you are for me”

Jungkook wondered why he even tried to look irritated as he uncrossed them.

Tae’s brows scrunched when his eyes landed on Jungkook’s dick, and he gasped, returning a hand to his own, “I can see it throbbing,” he groaned, tipping his head back against the pillow, “Fuck, I’m gonna fucking cum. Say my name, please, Jungkook”

Now whipped into compliance by the breathtaking scene before him, Jungkook let himself wrap a fist around himself, tugging lazily, trying to ingrain the image into his memory, “Taehyung,” he moaned, biting his lip, “Oh, Taehyung, fuck, Taehyung”

“Ah ah ah ah,” was the only sound Tae could seem to make as he bucked his hips up into his hand, coming across his torso.

It barely took a second for Taehyung to rush over to Jungkook, crawling onto his lap to straddle him, and sinking down onto his cock. He started to ride him, but Jungkook slid his hands under his thighs, and picked him up, carrying him over to the bed, and laying them down. He began to buck his hips sloppily into Tae, finding his own orgasm no more than a minute or two later, letting out what sounded an awful lot like a desperate whimper as he came inside him.

He pulled back, but not out, just far enough to lean down to lick the drying cum off his belly, before coming back up to kiss him hungrily, trying his best to cure the dull, unexplainable ache in his chest with Taehyung.
Taehyung and his pillowy lips, his nimble fingers, his smooth, hot skin. Jungkook shivered, pressing himself as tightly against him as he possibly could.
Taehyung replied by wrapping his arms and legs around Jungkook, locking him into the embrace as their kisses turned tired and slow. Jungkook pulled out after what felt like hour, and sighed into his mouth, “God, Taehyung, what the hell are you doing to me?”


“So how long have we been dating?,” Jungkook asked the next morning over breakfast. They’d gotten up, and checked out of their room fairly early since Tae wanted two full days at the lakehouse.

He choked on his sip of coffee, “I-What-huh, don’t-”

Jungkook didn’t bother to turn his attention from the Vice article he was reading on his phone, “I mean fake dating, you dumbass, my extended family wouldn’t have really plied, but my mom? You’re the first person I’ve brought home”

Sounding a little dejected, Tae organised his thoughts, “Oh. Oh right”

“Yeah, so-”

“Wait, did you just say I’m the first person you’ve ever taken home to your parents?”

“I don’t… I’m bad at all kinds of relationships, dude, shit never lasts for obvious reasons,” then, under his breath, “I have no idea how you’ve put up with me for this long”

“Oh. So you’ve never had like a boyfriend, or anything?”

“Why do you sound that confused?”

“Jungkook. You already know how hot I think you are”

“Yeah, but I’m like, unbearable,” he chuckled, almost sounding sad.

“Are you good, dude? You literally haven’t made eye contact with me since we woke up”

“Just,” he shut off his phone, and looked down at his hands, “Just family shit”

“Are you sure? Even fake relationships need communication, dude”

“Yes, Tae,” he rolled his eyes, “I’m sure”

He wasn’t though, and he hadn’t been since he’d rolled off of Tae last night, for reasons unknown. Mildly depressed would have been the term, but he couldn’t put a finger on what exactly was the problem. He just felt like an undeserving, mean person. Whether or not this was true was more subjective than anything else, but one had to wonder why it was suddenly bothering him right now.

He realised Tae hadn’t said anything in a minute, so he spoke up again, “Dude, do you remember anything about our relationship that you told my family at the party?”

Tae snapped out of what seemed to be deep thought, “Huh? Uh, kind of, I think I told them we’ve been seeing eachother for like three months, or something”

“Okay, yeah, I don’t think we need to have it down to a T, but as long as we have the story straight for the most part, I think we’ll be okay”

Tae nodded, pulling a pen out of his pocket and uncapping it, holding it to a paper napkin, “So let’s brainstorm, try and get our shit together”

Jungkook nodded grimly, “I feel like we probably should have thought this through before the literal day of”


“What about like skinship?,” Tae asked as Jungkook handed their bill back to their waiter. He wished he’d paid last night, instead, because Tae had ordered a huge, extravagant breakfast, claiming that it was the only meal that truly mattered.

“Uh… everything you did at the party was good, and I’ll just play along. Like, everyone knows I’m not super touchy, my family will think that’s normal”


“Yeah, sure, we can kiss, they’re pretty liberal, and my mom is probably going to be all over this anyways, what with the implication that I’m not completely anti-relationship”

“Are you?,” Tae asked, oddly tentative. Jungkook figured it was probably since he didn’t want to provoke an inherently angry person that was in a bad mood.

“Am I what?”

“Completely anti-relationship”

“Ye-,” he started, as if it was the most obvious answer in the world, but then he looked up at him, and he suddenly wasn’t so sure, “Well, I-I don’t know,” he tried to shrug nonchalantly.


The majority of the car ride was spent in a comfortable silence, Tae staring out the window and humming along to the music while Jungkook fought back a series of mildly confusing intrusive thoughts, most of which were about said boy.

“Why do you look this excited?,” Jungkook asked, licking his teeth as he got off the exit.

Jittering beside him, Tae turned to Jungkook, and smiled, “Lake Superior is like… well it’s superior, Jungkook, I don’t know what else to tell you”

“And why’s that?”

“It looks like a face”

“Excuse me?”

“Yeah dude, pull over, let me show you”

“Do I really need to pull over for this?”

“Yeah, you can’t be looking at a screen while you’re driving”

“Tae. I literally drove through a solid twenty five minute blowjob yesterday”

“Yeah, but not very well”


“Whatever, here, look,” he showed Jungkook an aerial picture of the lake, “it’s a face”

“Tae, what?”

“No, here,” Tae insisted, “it looks like an angry little troll”

Jungkook snorted, momentarily returning his attention to Tae’s phone.

“Eyes, nose, and mouth, see?”

“Huh,” Jungkook, somehow genuinely amused, muttered, “It does look like an angry little goblin”


“Fine. Troll”

They arrived at the lakehouse about a half hour later.

It was just as Jungkook had remembered it. Huge, gray, dramatic, on top of a hill.

“This looks, well this looks haunted, Jungkook”

“What, are you scared?,” he smirked, popping the trunk before cutting the engine.

“I.. no”

“Pussy ass,” Jungkook teased, circling around to get their bags.

“Here,” Tae stuck his arm out, motioning for Jungkook to hand his over.

But Jungkook shook his head, “Nah, I got em, I’m supposed to be your prince charming or whatever for the rest of the weekend, remember?”

Tae fake swooned, “Oh my god, has boyfriend mode been activated?”

Jungkook realised he had no idea how a ‘boyfriend’ was actually supposed to act. Past kissing, at least. Flustered, he stuttered, “Shut up, Tae”

“Shut up, babe , don’t you mean?,” he wiggled his eyebrows.

Jungkook looked back at the front door awkwardly, and mumbled, “Sure, babe”

Tae linked his arm through his as they strolled up the walkway, and they were lucky they’d started… pretending so early, because the door swung open before they had even reached it, and Jungkook’s mother spilled out into his arms.

“Oh, Kookie,” she beamed, peppering his cheeks in kisses, “I’ve missed you so much, sweetie, come in”

“Yeah, you too, mom,” Jungkook grumbled, mildly embarrassed.

She let go of him after what was too long of a time for his comfort, and turned to Tae, “My, you must be Taehyung!”

“Speaking,” he let out an all too natural sounding chuckle, and pulled his mom into an embrace, “It’s amazing to finally meet you, I know Kookie here is as stoic as ever, but trust me, he’s told me so much about you”

Jungkook had never seen his mom smile so big, “Oh, I’m so glad,” she reached out to pinch his cheek, but Tae seemed by no means bothered, “You’re a handsome young man, Jungkookie chose well”

Taking the in, Jungkook looked at Tae, and felt a very (not) fake smile spread across his cheeks, “I really did, didn’t I?”

The two of them just looked at eachother for a second before Jungkook’s mom cleared her throat, “Come on, your father, and Junghyun are already inside”

The two of them were just about as stoic as as Jungkook was himself, regardless of the fact that this  as supposed to be a happy family reunion. Oh well, he figured, him and his mother had always gotten along better, for whatever reason.

They seemed to like Tae a lot, though, but once he thought about it, it seemed as though everyone did. Taehyung just had a way with people, Jungkook realised, he knew how to cheer them up, engage them, interest them. This was something he lacked.

He wondered why Tae was such a pain in the ass to him and him alone. Or maybe he wasn't and Jungkook just had a horribly low tolerance for things not going exactly his way.

They were due to head out for a picnic a little ways down from the house overlooking the lake soon after they had been shown their room. They'd given Jungkook the double bedroom with the bathroom, he thought to himself smugly. It had usually belonged to Junghyun, but as was already becoming clear, bringing Tae really did have its perks.

As they lazily unpacked some of their belongings, Jungkook noticed Tae chuck a pair of red swim trunks in his direction.

“What's this?”

“Put them on, we gotta go swimming”

“Says who”

“Says me”

“Tae, if these are yours, they're not gonna fit”

“They aren't”


“I knew you were gonna pull some smug shit and try to avoid swimming so I got you your own. You can pay me back later”

“Dude. I just spent $40 on your fucking breakfast and I'm already late on rent,” he said, annoyed at the way Tae just… did things without asking him, “plus you don't even know what size I am”

“Do you know how much time you've spent on top of me? I figured it out on my own”

Jungkook let out a melodramatic groan.

“Come on, it'll be fun”


It really wasn't. Like most events involving Jungkook’s immediate family, it was sort of boring. The men of the Jeon family didn't talk much, so the conversation centred around his mom and Tae, chattering away about anything and everything as the other three simply grunted out one word answers when prompted.

Tae didn't seem to too bothered though, resting his head in the crook of Jungkook's neck and humming appreciatively at the feeling of his arm wrapped tightly around his waist as the two of them conversed. Their relationship didn't even really come up in all honesty, and Jungkook wondered how much of the story Tae even remembered as he tactfully steered the conversation more towards his own life and Jungkook’s family whenever anything too in depth about their dynamic came up.

He was pleased though, though, talking to his mom, he was able to learn plenty more about Tae, something he didn't really do on his own because, well, he was Jungkook.

So he sat in relative silence, focusing on nothing more than the rumble of Tae’s deep voice against his shoulder as he blabbered on about the vacation he took to India in 2011, and his views on globalisation.

After they had finished their sandwiches, Tae invited remainder of the Jeon family to come to the lake with him and Jungkook, but they refused, wishing the ‘couple’ well.

“We’re going for dinner at around seven,” Jungkook’s dad said as they turned to leave, “so be ready to go around then, yes?”

They nodded, Tae enthusiastically, Jungkook not so much as the two groups went their separate ways.

They watched them trek up the hill for a second before departing themselves, hand in hand, as they made their way down the hill to the rocky shore (only because Jungkook’s mom could have turned around and seen, of course).

“I didn't know there were three Jungkooks,” Tae said as he broke away, walking ahead of him straight into the water.

Jungkook rubbed his hand, missing the warmth of Tae’s wrapped around it, “I literally never know what you're talking about, like, ever”

He pursed his lips, holding back a chuckle, “It’s just…,” he shook his head, “Junghyun is like a mini version of your dad, and you're like a mini version of him. Have you ever noticed that you guys eat the exact same way? Like, you hunch your back the same and everything. And that those little grunts you make are all identical? I have no clue how your mom can tell the difference”

“Maybe a solid 20 years of having to deal with us,” he replied, neither confirming or denying Tae’s allegation.

“It’s just funny,” he called back, wiggling his toes into the smooth pebbles.

“How are you not cold, Tae?”

“Psht,” he turned around to Jungkook, pulling his shirt off and tossing it to him so he could go deeper, “it’s like bath water. Come join”

“I know for a fact you're lying because I came here like every summer for my entire childhood,” he caught the shirt, and crossed his arms, “So I think the fuck not”

Tae jutted his lip out, and Jungkook scoffed and looked away.

“Please, Jungkookie?”

“You are absolutely not allowed to call me that when we aren't around my family”

“Come onnnnnnnn, Jungkook



“I know what you're trying to do, and I'm not falling for it”

“Fine,” Tae snapped, getting out of the water, “I gotta piss”

“Thanks for sharing”

Jungkook strolled down to the edge of the water, allowing himself to admire the landscape. It was as gorgeous as he’d remembered. Crystal clear turquoise water, rocky cliffs dotted with evergreens, and oaks which were now turning orange and red as a result of autumn approaching. It looked even more dramatic as a result of the stormy weather, he noted, smiling to himself.

His moment of peace was rudely interrupted, however, by Tae, who had decided to run full force at Jungkook from behind and football tackle him, knocking him over into the water. Jungkook had no idea how the other had possibly managed it either, he was a solid guy, and Tae, in all honesty, was not.

He sputtered, and coughed as he choked on a mouthful of water, sitting up to glare at Tae, “You fucking bitch! What the fuck are you doing!”

“HA! Got you, dude,” he snickered, standing up from where he had landed beside Jungkook.

“Not fucking funny,” he groaned, wiping the water out if his eyes, “It’s literally freezing. Like, 0 degrees celcius freezing,” he paused, adding “Fuck you,” for good measure.

“This is AMERICA, Jungkook, we don’t use celsius”

“That is totally besides the point”

“Well now that you’re already wet, and adjusting to the water, you should swim with me”

“No, go to hell,” Jungkook was pretty annoyed, “I’m going back to the house”

“Well now you’re being a wet blanket, come onnnnnn, I won’t make you do it again tomorrow, I promise”

“I’d be a dry blanket if you hadn’t pushed me into the god fucking water


Jungkook stood up.

“No, come on”

Jungkook turned back to him, “Oh, you want me to stay?”

“Yeah, Jungkook, just for like half an hour, for your fake boy-,” Tae was interrupted by Jungkook scooping him up over his head and catapulting him into the water.

It was Tae’s turn to gasp for air as he sat up, “What the hell was that ?”

“Payback,” Jungkook smirked, advancing towards Tae at an all too rapid rate for someone who was by now about waist deep in water.

“I guess I had that coming,” sighed. Then he noticed Jungkook coming straight at him, “Nonononononononooooo,” he shrieked playfully, doing his best to escape Jungkook’s wrath, “Someone play the Jaws theme song, that’s what’s about to happen”

Of course, Jungkook was faster, wrapping his arms around him, and picking him up, presumably to throw him once more.

Tae was smart enough to catch this, and he wrapped his legs around Jungkook’s waist as tight as he could.

“Hey, let go”

“I think the fuck not, Jung kook,” Tae let out an evil laugh.

So Jungkook just leaned over, dunking him into the freezing water for a couple seconds. Only when both of their torsos were submerged in the water, did Jungkook appreciate how nice and hot Tae’s skin felt against his own. He shivered, before he remembered not to drown him.

“Bitch!,” Tae yelled playfully, throwing his head back.

“You, like, definitely had that coming, man”

He shrugged cutely, flipping an imaginary ponytail over his shoulder, “Yeah, you’re right”

Jungkook didn’t think before he leaned up and kissed Tae, but it didn’t seem like he really gave it much thought either, because he returned it in less than a second. Jungkook felt Tae smile against his lips, and fine, he smiled back, and a little too wide, bearing his teeth to clash against Tae’s. It was nice though, Jungkook thought, tightening his arms around the other as he reached his hands to cup Jungkook’s face, their tongues slipping out to intertwine.

There was a sharp wind, sending a shiver through the boys, and Jungkook lowered them farther down into the water before he moved to press his lips against the delicate skin of Tae’s neck.

He felt Tae’s chest rumble, and he leaned back, looking up at him, “What?”

“You’re all wet it tickles

Jungkook cocked an eyebrow, “Oh, it tickles, does it?”

“That tone always gives me a bad feeling”

Jungkook leaned back into him, peppering short little kisses up and down Tae’s neck. “Oh… it… should,” he replied between them, grinning against the older boy’s throat at the fit of giggles they elicited.

Tae tried to push back against him in an act of defiance, but it just backfired, leading Jungkook to nuzzle his whole face into Tae’s neck, giving him eskimo kisses in addition to his real ones to tickle him harder.

Tae was gasping for air by the time Jungkook got tired, and sighed, thankful and winded, murmuring a breathless, “Finally,” as Jungkook removed his face.

Tae leaned down to kiss him sweetly once more, and Jungkook still didn’t give it a second thought, didn’t feel the need to before he put him down, “Can we go now?,” he asked.

Tae nodded, grabbing his wrist and pointing at his watch, “We gotta get ready to leave for dinner soon”

He didn’t let go, leading Jungkook all the way to the front door.

Chapter Text

Jungkook's mom was in the kitchen when they got back, "We're going to the seafood grill downtown tonight, Jungkookie knows the one, so dress a little nicer, kids"
They nodded, returning to their room to take their respective showers, and get ready.
Once they started to get dressed, Tae said, "Your family is awful loaded for you to be living in squalor, Kook"
"Okay, first of all, rude," he pointed at him, mildly annoyed at his choice of words, "secondly, I support myself, dude"
"Why's that?"
"I mean, you know I'm not a super big family guy, so it's like....," he sighed, looking for the right words, "I guess I'd rather be poor and stay out of their business as much as I can so I don't have to use them and talk to them, like, all the time"
"That's awfully moral of you"
Jungkook shrugged, not trying to dwell on the topic, "You're really fucking lucky the paint washed off my nice shirt," he said, inspecting it for damage.

So yeah, a bored Jungkook may or may not have had a glass too many of wine at dinner. I mean, it was really nice, and expensive, meaning that Jungkook most definitely would not have been able to afford it otherwise.
Head in his palm, he tapped his fingers against the table, extremely impatient and very tipsy as Tae (unbelievably) engaged Jungkook's dad in conversation, and one that he seemed to enjoy, too. This meant it was about the most boring thing he had ever had to listen to. How the hell did Tae know that much about the stock market, anyways?
He sighed, before an idea came to his mind, and he smiled a little to himself. Yes, what a genius he was, he thought smugly.
He pulled out his phone, and plastered on a shocked expression. He then interrupted them, "Um, Tae, we need to talk outside"
Tae looked up, concern clear on his face, "What's up? Is everything okay?"
Trying to keep his voice full of urgency, he replied, "Not sure, can you just come out with me for a second?"
"What's wrong, sweetie?," Jungkook's mom asked.
"I'm don't know right now, we'll be back in a minute, okay?"
Everyone nodded, and Jungkook grabbed Tae's hand, leading him out to the parking lot.
"What's wrong?," he asked.
"I'm horny"
"Are you seri-," he shook his head in disbelief, "are you drunk, Jungkook?"
"If you think I'm gonna give you an honest answer, you are wrong"
"Okay, yeah, let’s go back inside," he turned around.
"No Tae come on, I'm just like... buzzed, I swear"
Tae scanned his eyes, "Okay, I believe you, but a), we're in an extremely public space, b), your dad has the car keys, and c), your family is waiting for us"
"We'll say Jin got into an accident and they couldn't get through to his mom, or something"
"That's an awful big lie for one orgasm"
"I’m so bored in there"
"You sound like a child"
"This is a really well lit parking lot, you know"
"What are you getting at?"
"I can see your boner"
"Okay, well, you of ALL people should know I literally pop a boner within a minute of even thinking about sex, okay, so that doesn't really mean all that much"
Jungkook stepped closer, leaning his head so that his breath tickled Tae's neck when he said, "Come on, there's a wooded area back there"
Tae sounded a little less set on his stance than he had before, looking past Jungkook as he shivered, "This is the most classless thing I've ever done, and for us? That's saying something"
"For us?," he snorted, "don't you mean you?"
"This.... was your idea?"
"So is that a yes?"
Tae paused for a second, looking back to Jungkook, then to his very obvious hard on, and then again to the woods behind him, "...We need to be quick incase they come out to check"
Jungkook let out an extremely uncharacteristic whoop of joy before he grabbed his hand, all but yanking him behind the parking lot. He spotted a rather thick tree, and smirked to himself, spinning Tae by the shoulders and slamming him into it as hard as he could.
Tae whimpered, and bit his lip, "I'm not gonna tell you that wasn't hot as fuck, but if you get shit all over my shirt, Jungkook."
Jungkook grunted in response, barely processing what he had said, much more focused on fumbling with the buttons of said article of clothing so he could nip at his chest.
He grabbed Tae's ass with his other hand, and pulled him into the outline of his dick, kneading his hand to prompt Tae to grind into him.
Head now resting back against the tree trunk, he complied, sucking in a breath at his tight grip.
"God, you're so thirsty, were you really that bored?"
"Tae," he mumbled into his skin, "you're the one that brought up the stock market," he dragged his bulge slowly across Tae's, biting down just above his nipple.
"You said that like I laid down on the table holding my asshole wide open for you to- mmmmph- god, baby
"Shhh," he said very half heartedly, "the parking lot is like 10 feet away"
Tae just hummed, sliding his hands down Jungkook's torso to his belt, and blindly fumbling with the buckle.
"Should I text my parents saying we're on the phone?"
"Mmhm," he agreed, pulling his hands back momentarily to let Jungkook fetch it from his pocket.
He sighed as he wrapped his fingers around his length, "Just feeling your dick in my hand gets me so wound up"
Jungkook slipped his phone into his back pocket, and turned his hands to the waistband of his trousers, "I think I know how you feel"

And he really did, unable to get his hands on Tae nearly as quickly as he felt he needed too.
Pants pooled around their knees, they shifted back towards one another, looking down at their pulsing cocks, already out of breath.
Tae, whose hands were bigger, wrapped a fist around them, and moaned.
Jungkook muttered incoherently, basking in the pure pleasure he was getting from simply staring at them, joined by Tae's hand. The delicate skin of his dick felt even better to Jungkook like this, when it was sliding against his own, sensitive and smooth.
Tae's grip loosened, much to Jungkook's confusion, and he looked up to find him just staring him in the face.
He was too wrapped up in arousal to question him, but he still kept his gaze, unable to look away. He was so captivated by the way he met his eyes, in fact, it was that very same gaze that had driven him up the wall the first time they fucked, eyes fixed, lips parted.
"Did your cock just twitch?," Tae practically whispered. Jungkook hadn't truly realised how close they were until he realised he could taste his breath on his tongue.
"How could it not?," he answered mindlessly, jerking his hips up between Tae's fist.
He shut his eyes, much to Jungkook's disappointment, and brought his free hand up to grip his shoulder tightly. He then mirrored the action, alternating his own with Jungkook's.
He started to let out a long, drawn out moan, but he was cut off by Jungkook smashing his lips into his, his hand reaching to wrap itself around the back of his neck not only in an attempt to muffle their moans (Jungkook had realised that he was being loud as well), but because he needed to be as close to him as he could possibly get.
Their mouths opened immediately, and yet again, the older boy mirrored Jungkook, moving his hand up from his shoulder to his neck as he tilted his head to the side to deepen their kiss.
He found he liked the way his nose dug into his cheek, and how he could feel the hardness of his teeth through his lips as a result of them being mashed so closely together.
The element of pure desperation, the hunger of the kiss, the fact they were doing it in the parking lot of a nice restaurant while Jungkook's family sat and waited for them to get back gave him an incentive to speed up against Tae's hand. He let himself moan into his mouth one last time before he broke away, "How close are you?"
"I'm," he gulped, furrowing his brows,"I'm there"
"Shit, babe, me too," and his lips were back on Tae's in a second, open mouthed and sloppy as their teeth knocked together.
Jungkook could feel the heat beginning to pool in his stomach, and, not exactly knowing what else to do, capped a hand over their heads. It was no more than a last ditch effort to keep cum from splattering everywhere, but the pressure of Jungkook's palm over one of the most sensitive parts of their bodies had them groaning in unison as, in a moment of rarity, they came simultaneously.
Jungkook stood stock still for a second afterwards, needing to catch his breath, only moving when Tae grabbed his wrist and lifted his palm to his mouth, laying his tongue flat against it as he licked Jungkook's hand clean.
Jungkook had to fight his body, urge himself not to get hard again, as he pulled Tae in for a final kiss, licking the inside of his mouth. "We taste so good together," he murmured as he leaned back, suddenly exhausted.
"That just might be the hottest thing you've ever said to me," Tae smiled, breaking away from Jungkook to button his shirt before moving on to his own.
In the meantime, he reached down for their pants, pulling them up, and buckling them.
They walked out into the parking lot and exchanged looks, "We look bad, dude"
Tae nodded solemnly.
"Your, uh, hair," he motioned towards it.
"You always leave me looking like I got hit by a train, Jungkook, I swear to god," Tae shook his head.
"Let's just pray they won't notice"
"Yeah, the dim lights just might cover it up"
"Everything alright, bro?," Junghyun asked as they returned to the table.
Jungkook cleared his throat, "Yeah, we finally got in touch with his mom. Jin got into a hit and run, but he’s luckily gonna recover pretty soon, so," he looked down, feigning sadness in an attempt to hide his swollen lips from his parents.
Unlike the last family gathering they'd hooked up at (Jungkook wondered if that wasn't a little jacked up), this time, they had avoided getting caught.

Spent from the combination of their mid dinner hook up, the wine, being up way too early, and swimming around in the lake, Jungkook all but passed out in bed, barely making it into fresh boxers before sinking into the comforter.
Tae wasn't far behind, and Jungkook held back a drowsy smile as he immediately reached out to throw an arm over his waist, and tangle their legs together. He felt so comfy and toasty, his legs pleasantly sore, as he let the rise and fall of Tae’s chest rock him to sleep.
"Jungkook, Jungkook, wake up," Tae said, smacking his arm around one in the morning.
Jungkook grunted, annoyed.
He rubbed his cheek into where it was lying on Tae, praying he would let whatever it was go.
He didn't, though, "Stop rubbing your drool into my chest"
"Shut up," he croaked, embarrassed, wiping his hand across his cheek before flopping back down.
"No just wake up, come on"
"Jesus, what?," he snapped now feeling his tiredness begin to fade.
"I heard something in the other room, I think it's a ghost"
"Please tell me you're joking, Taehyung"
"No, dude, I'm scared"
Jungkook sat up, and glared at Tae, hoping he could see his angry expression in the dimly lit room, "What the fuck do you want me to do about it? Go back to sleep"
"I haven't been to sleep this house is so scary"
"You're a pussy"
"You're mean"
"You woke me up in the middle of the night with some fucking BS story when I finally actually got the opportunity to sleep soundly"
"Oh my god, I'm sorry, okay?," Tae said, exasperated, "I'll just get my ass possessed, then, and you know it'll haunt the shit out of you too"
Letting out a frustrated groan, Jungkook threw the covers back all too dramatically, making sure Tae could see just how bad he was inconveniencing him, and stood up, "Where's the fucking monster. Hurry, I wanna get this over with. Where'd it come from. What room," he snipped, "chop chop," he snapped his fingers.
"The room across the hall," he said in the same small voice he always used when Jungkook got angry enough to scare him.
He recognised this, and felt bad. It really did seem like Tae was scared of the "ghost", and his tone of voice was clearly just making him more uneasy.
Still, he had been woken up for something fucking ridiculous, so he stomped across the hall, and switched on the light. He looked around the room, which, obviously, was empty, and not haunted, before circling back to the doorway and staring into their room at Tae, "There's nothing-," he cut himself off mid sentence, and whipped around to the corner with a wide eyed look on his face.
"J-Jungkook?," Tae whimpered, pulling his covers up to his chin.
"Just kidding"
"That was a dick move," he pouted, dropping the blanket, and hurling Jungkook's pillow straight out the door right into his face.
Jungkook picked it up off the ground, "It's the least I can do for the major fucking waste of time you just put me through"
He switched the lights off, shutting the door behind him as he reentered the room.
Crawling back into bed, he yawned, less pissed off now that he'd gotten back at Tae, "What did you hear, anyways?"
"Creaking, like, really loud. It was like footsteps"
"Ohhhhh," Jungkook shook his head, "have you never stayed in an old house before?"
Tae threw his hands up in defence, but Jungkook wrestled them down, "Lay back, I need to get back into sleeping position," though it was bony as all hell, Tae’s chest had proven extremely comfortable, and Jungkook tried not to read too deeply into just why.
Tae cleared his throat, and Jungkook wondered why he sounded so flustered. Probably the supposed ghost.
"Well, anyways," he sighed once he had settled into Tae, letting out a deep breath onto his chest and closing his eyes, “the wood that old houses are made of get mad creaky when they're old, and basically they just make noise when heat rises through the house. And naturally, we're on the top floor, so it's noisiest up here”

“Are you sure you're not just trying to get me to go back to sleep?”

“Positive,” he yawned yet again, “go to bed, Tae”


But not ten minutes later, he called his name again, rousing Jungkook from his light sleep.

“Do I need to sleep on the couch downstairs?,” he snapped, “I'm fucking tired”

“I can't sleep”

“How does that concern me?”

“You're using me as a pillow and it's making my chest all sweaty, plus, you have a have a heavy ass head, plus, aforementioned drool”

“That's too big a word for me to process right now”

“Aren't you a lit major?”

“Doesn't matter… we need to, like, wake up at a reasonable time”


“Tae. Please. Go. To. Sleep,” Jungkook lamented, throwing his arm across his waist to pull him in even closer, in hopes that it would help the smaller boy settle down.

“I just don't sleep good in new places”

“You slept fine in the motel yesterday, and at my place the first time you stayed over. And I literally like did not like you at all at that point”

Tae blinked for a second, opening his mouth to speak, then closing it again before he settled on what he wanted to say, “Things are different now though, right?”

“Yeah,” Jungkook admitted, pausing for a minute himself, “they're much different”

In all honestly, had he not been half asleep, he wouldn't have so readily admitted it, but as soon as the words left his mouth, he smiled a little into his skin. Huh, getting things off your chest felt good, didn’t it? This was a big step for Jungkook, though he didn't understand the weight of his discovery in that moment.

There was another brief moment of silence, and Jungkook listened for his breathing to slow, praying he’d finally gotten him to bed.

Nope, just as his head began to cloud again, Tae shook him, “Holy fucking shit, do you not understand English? Leave me be”

“If you’re gonna be a dick, then get off me,” Tae retorted, trying to shake Jungkook off him.

“No, I’m holding you in place until you go the fuck to sleep. Do I need to read you a bedtime story, or what?”

“I’m not a baby”

“You’re acting like one”

“You were, too at dinner earlier”

Jungkook rolled his eyes, not that Tae could see him, “Whatever. What is it that you want this time? I did not hear a single creak, so there are absolutely no ghosts, if that’s your issue”

“Let’s do something”

“What on earth-”

“Please,” he reached the arm Jungkook had been laying on to the back of his scalp, probably in hopes that he could get on his good side with a nice head rub.

If you asked Jungkook to his face, he wouldn’t in a million years admit it worked. It did, though, “What could you possibly want from me at this hour?”

“Come to the lake”

“Are you mad? Taehyung, I wanted to kill you when you made me go across the hall, what makes you think I would haul ass all the way down into the water right now?”

He rubbed firmer circles into Jungkook’s hair, leaning down to press his lips into the crown of his hair, mumbling, “For me?”

Jungkook only paused to prove to himself he wasn’t whipped, even though the feeling of Tae’s lips in his hair had him changing his mind immediately. Trying to sound as displeased as he could, “If I let you drag me down there, none of this bullshit tomorrow night, understand?”

“Okay, mom”

“Knock it off,” Jungkook said, pushing himself out of bed, and pulling his cargo shorts off the chair to slip on, “Hurry, I want to go back to sleep, ASAP”

He wished he hadn’t thought he was too macho for a shirt, because as the night had sunk in, the already tepid weather had gotten cooler, and he shivered as a gust of wind tickled the small of his back.

Tae passed the towel he’d brought with them to Jungkook, and he appreciatively wrapped it around his shoulders.

They didn’t speak as they approached the water, Jungkook simply half asleep, and Tae having enough respect not to bother him with his rambling.

As they reached the water, Tae pulled off his shirt, then his shorts, soon followed by his boxers.

“You’re gonna get hypothermia”

“It’s a beautiful night to die”

“Gotta give you that one,” Jungkook sighed, deciding it wouldn’t make much of a difference whether or not he was wearing his bottoms as he stripped down, and met Tae at the edge of the water, “And we absolutely have to do this right now?,” his watch read 3:15am.

“Yeah, usually when I can’t sleep, I take a shower, but I feel like this will be even better”

Jungkook wished he had opted for the former option as they padded into the water, shivering as it rose past their shins, then their waists, until the two of them were chest deep.

“Fucking cold,” Jungkook’s teeth were chattering, and he wrapped his arms around himself, desperate for warmth.

Tae was right there, turning around, and backing into Jungkook, who just sighed, and wordlessly slung his arms around his waist. To conserve body heat. Not because this was the most romantic situation that Jungkook had ever seen himself in, and he maybe liked it just a little bit. “That’s better,” he hummed, yawning into Tae’s shoulder before resting the lower half of his face against it.

A shiver ran through the smaller boy’s body, and (incorrectly) assuming he was still cold, Jungkook pulled him tighter against him, and began to rub his hands up and down his chest in an attempt to warm him up.

One part of his brain told himself that he was just acting like… this (whatever ’this’ could be classified as), and so naturally, too, because he was super tired, and just wanted to go along with each of Tae’s demands to avoid conflict. That he was going out of his way to comfort him, even if he did so without being asked, just so he could go inside and get back in bed.

The other part of his brain had him wondering why the hell he even bothered to make up excuses anymore.

Tae let out a deep breath against him.

“What’s up?”

“It’s a full moon, Kookie, look”

“Sure is, babe,” he murmured, lacking the energy to raise his voice past a whisper. He genuinely had not realised what he’d called Tae, somehow. Or maybe he did, and his already puzzled, and drowsy brain just chose to ignore it.

Tae turned around, and kissed him slowly. Jungkook could tell he was getting sleepy judging by the lack of effort he was putting in, and he thanked his lucky stars, the idea of settling back into his warm bed, causing him to smile into his mouth.

Things never really heated up at any specific point in time, per say, and Jungkook wouldn’t have been able to tell you exactly when the kisses turned from just kisses into an invitation to something more (wait, wasn’t it always supposed to be the latter?).

But they did, and Jungkook loosened his arms for a second, letting him resettle before he began to feel the familiar sensation of Tae’s erection pressing into him.

He broke away, “So is it a shower that helps you sleep, or is it taking it up the ass?”

“Wow, Jungkook, you always know how to set the mood,” he noticed Tae hadn’t answered the question, but he’d figured it out himself. Both the night at the motel, and the night he’d first had sex with Tae he had slept like a baby.

Jungkook hadn’t even needed anything else, most probably since he was tired (right?), but when did he even pass up on an opportunity to get inside of him? The answer was never, and he was hard in no time, though his main focus for once was the way their tongues mingled, and the pleasant, warm buzz he felt in his chest as Tae’s lips slid against his own.

“How’s this gonna work?”

“Hm?,” Jungkook asked, blinking a couple times. God, he was so sleepy.

“I need to prep”


There was a moment of silence, “Well?”

“Thinking,” he leaned up to kiss Tae again, for the fuck of it, but he got carried away as he so often did recently, and the older boy had to pull away once again to repeat himself. “Oh, um. I,” Jungkook shook his head, “It’s too late at night for this shit”

Tae just stared at him.

He squeezed his eyes shut, “I’m pretty sure my wallet in still in my shorts from when we got here, I, uh, probably have a little thing of lube, unless we used it at some point”

“We used mine last time we needed the mini ones, I think?”

“Uhhhhh, you’re right, so yeah, I should have it,” he pulled at his hand, motioning for him to follow him out of the water.

“I, um,” Tae yawned, “wanted to fuck you in the lake, kind of”

“Dude, if I try and prep you while were like fully submerged in the water, it won’t work”

“Oh. Duh. We’ll come back though, right?”

“If that’s what you want”

“It is”

Tae leaned down to spread the towel over the rocks, and Jungkook strolled up behind him, gently inserting his cock between his slightly spread cheeks.

“You really like doing that, don’t you?”

Jungkook slid his hips up lazily a couple times, closing his eyes, and breathing out a, “Yeah, I really do”

He stepped back after a second, and allowed Tae to lay on his back, legs spread in the air.

He went to retrieve the packet, which, to their luck, was in fact in Jungkook’s wallet, and returned to Tae, squeezing some out between his fingers before asking, “Ready?”

He caught his expression in the moonlight, “What’s with that look?”

“You’ve just never asked me if I was ready before”

“Sorry I’m too tired,” he allowed an on queue yawn to escape his throat, “to be the dom asshole you know and love”

Tae gave him an amused eye roll, before saying, “To answer your question, yes I am ready”  

Jungkook nodded once before pushing his index past the tight ring of muscle, slowly sinking it in to the knuckle, letting Tae adjust for a second before beginning to move it in and out of him. He licked his lips, taking delight in the pressure his unstretched hole put on his finger, before inserting the next one, and repeating himself, this time scissoring his fingers. He turned his attention to Tae’s face, twisting his fingers up, and finding his prostate with ease, grinning at the look on his face when his fingers brushed over it.

“Third,” was all he bothered to say.

Jungkook nodded a little, complying, and letting Tae get used to the increase in size for a second before his clammy hand grabbed at Jungkook to signify that he was ready to move back into the water.

He picked up the remainder of the packet of lube, and scissored his two fingers once more, squirting the remainder of it directly into his hole.

Tae hissed at the ice cold fluid, “What the hell?”

Jungkook shrugged, “I think it’ll stay in place better”

They waded back to where they had stood before, facing each other for a moment, Jungkook appreciating the moonlight miraculously highlighting each and every ethereal detail of Tae’s delicate face, before dipping back into kiss him, lifting him by the waist to line him up with his hole.

Jungkook lost himself the moment he entered Tae, closing his eyes, and burying his face in his shoulder, adding hickies to the small patch of them he’d cultivated earlier in the evening.

Judging by the tiny, “Oh,” that had escaped his throat as Jungkook’s cock pushed into him, the lube had made a difference to both of them. He was now wet in more ways in one, the two differing feelings complementing one another, sending both boys into sensory overload. Jungkook arguably more so, as a result of Tae’s warm walls heating it up inside him, making it feel to the younger of the two as though he was fucking into a warm pie.
The soft rock of the cool, lazy waves, the breeze blowing over the water, and the smell of rotting leaves being carried from the trees had proven enough for him, and he moaned Tae's name wantonly into his skin as he let the water guide his hips gently into him.
Tae was moaning at the top of his lungs now, grabbing Jungkook's face and pulling him in for a hungry kiss. Tae grunted into his mouth, bouncing himself up and down harder in sync with Jungkook's own thrusts.

“Wait,” Tae breathed, and Jungkook looked up to him, “are we gonna get arrested for public indecency?”

Jungkook let out a mellow laugh, “No, it’s a private beach,” he pecked him again, “scream for me?”

Tae nodded, excitedly reattaching their lips. This was the first time they’d be able to be as loud as they wanted, no longer fearing either a noise complaint, or to end up on the sex offenders list for the rest of their lives if they were messing around in public.
In an attempt to feel more of Tae against him, Jungkook squatted down so that Tae was sitting on his lap.
He broke the kiss, dipped his head under the water, moving back down to Tae's shoulder, locking his teeth into the soft flesh, and biting down hard.
Tae responded with a gasp, which quickly turned into a whimper when he stuck his tongue out to soothe the red mark, disregarding the saltiness that assaulted his tastebuds as he opened his mouth.
Tae shifted closer to him, intertwining his fingers in his hair, probably for something to hold onto before grinding his cock into Jungkook's torso.
Jungkook let him, understanding his need for friction, and in all honesty, itching to hear the other’s unrestrained yells. He wanted to be able to enjoy them for once, before they were forced back into the thin walled apartment buildings they each lived in.

After a second, he got what he wanted, a lewd, and to Jungkook’s pleasure, almost offensively loud groan escaping Tae’s throat.

He shuddered, and moved a hand down to Tae’s cock. He wanted to see just how loud he could be. So he first gave it an experimental squeeze, studying his face.

He laughed through what had now turned into a series of grunts, which echoed off the surrounding cliffs. “What are you trying to do?”

“I wanna hear just how loud you can get”

“Then fuck my ass harder, I’ll deal with my dick”

Jungkook nodded, returning his hands to Tae’s waist to slam him into him, making sure to press his hands nice and deep into his plush skin, keeping in mind how he’d told Jungkook just how much he’d liked the bruises. He had too many hickies, anyways, needed to add variety.

“That’s good,” Tae closed his eyes, nodding, his voice rising in volume with each word, “Yes, Jungkookie, that’s, yeah

“What is it?,” he prompted, “I want Jin to be able to hear it back home”

“It’s, oh, fuck… It feels so...GOOD,” he threw his head back, looking almost as if he was howling at the moon, “How do you always know where my prostate is?”

Jungkook shrugged, “Touch your cock for me, I want to see you melt”

“Good idea,” he grabbed it, giving it a sharp squeeze, drawing out a high pitched whine, which had Jungkook seeing stars. He had another thing coming, getting about no time to recover before Tae began to jerk himself off, essentially screaming his name as Jungkook used what little energy he had to thrust upwards to grind his hips pointedly into his sweet spot.

In opposition to the way Jungkook had simply been brushing over it, this, to Tae, was a whole nother world, and he let out the long moan that Jungkook had cut him off from completing more times than he could count as he came, unable to hold on as he pumped himself over the edge, thick globs of white dissolving into the water around them.

Now that Tae had been satisfied, a still exhausted Jungkook slowed back down, relaxing his muscles as he once again synced himself with the current, doing nothing but silently bucking into him before letting go with sigh.

He pressed his lips to Tae’s neck for a few seconds, too wiped to put effort into really kissing, before pulling back, “Can we go back inside before I fall asleep in the lake and they never find my body?”

Tae fell asleep before Jungkook did himself, both too lazy to shower before racing under the sheets.

Chapter Text

Jungkook was surprised that Tae was already out of bed when he woke up to a cold pillow beside him.

He turned over, and grabbed his phone, checking the time. It was 10:27, not bad considering their long night. He laughed at the memory of how scared Tae looked when he’d thought he was about to get slaughtered by some sort of demon before unlocking it, and checking his notifications.

His mom had texted him, he found. Odd, since she was literally in the same house. It was five pictures. He opened it, and felt his face turn a bright red. They were taken with his mom’s nice camera, probably from the picnic table yesterday afternoon while Jungkook and Tae were swimming.

Jungkook zoomed in on their figures, and let a dopey sigh escape his throat as he felt his heart flutter just the slightest bit. They were at an angle where Jungkook could see both of their profiles, Tae being held up by his legs around Jungkook’s waist, huge grins spread across their faces. He flicked through them, before deciding the first one, the one in which his head was buried in the other’s neck, tickling him with little kisses, while Tae laughed up at the sky, was his favorite. His second favourite was the one in which their mouths were locked together. Jungkook would have used the term kiss had they not been smiling wide enough for their lips to disappear completely.

Then, in a logicless moment, he set the first one as his home screen, and saved the other. It’s not like anyone was going to find out. His family, and Tae, for that matter, were far too smart to dare look at Jungkook’s phone, especially while he was using it.

He was only doing it because they looked hot, though. Purely for the aesthetic. Nothing else. They were good quality too, and Jungkook liked art (was he referring to Tae or the photo itself?).

Just then, the smaller boy strolled in, bidding goodbye to Junghyun in the hallway before shutting the door behind him. Jungkook shut his phone off suspiciously fast, and Tae cocked an eyebrow, but opted not to say anything, settling instead on, “Salutations”

“Why are you already a more significant part of my family than I am?”

“Yeah, your mom wants to know whether we’re getting married in a church or at the beach”

Jungkook was glad he wasn’t drinking any water, because he would have spit it out all over the place, trying to sound unaffected, he replied, “Did she actually? What’d you say?”

Tae laughed, “I told her I’m more of a beach kind of guy. Oh, also, she said she sent you some pictures she took of us yesterday, can you send them to me if they’re any good?”

“I’ll look later, I don’t see any,” he lied with a shrug.

“Weird, I thought I saw her check, and she said she did”

“You know old people and technology”

“Dude, shes young, like 50s”

“Are you hitting on my mom?”

Tae looked at him in disbelief, “I-Jungkook…”

Jungkook laughed at his reaction, “I’m fucking with you, dude, you’re pretty fuckin gay”

“Cockslut is my middle name”

“Good one,” he yawned, getting out of bed, “Are there any plans for today?”

“Your mom suggested we go down into town, or something,” he disappeared into the bathroom to grab the hairbrush, “We aren’t doing anything until the evening, I think. Your dad’s got a work thing, and Junghyun is going down to visit a friend from college that lives like, 45 minutes away. He said he’d drop us in the village if you want”

“Sure,” Jungkook shrugged, “I mean the lake and the village are about the only places to go around here, anyways, so”

“You should shower, Kook,” Tae pointed to him, as he tried to shrug on a t shirt “You smell like moss”

“And that’s totally on you because you’re the one that dragged me down to fuck in a lake in the dead of night”

“Shhh,” he winked.

“Anyways,” he rolled his eyes, “When’s Junghyun leaving”

“Like an hour, so you got time”


“You don’t have to sit that close to him,” Junghyun teased, looking back at them in the rearview mirror, “He isn’t about to get deployed to Iraq”

“Yeah, dude, why are you so obsessed with me?,” Tae laughed cockily, reaching out to high five Jungkook’s brother.

“So when did you guys decide to team up and bully the shit out of me,” he snapped, crossing his arms over his chest, and scooting off of the middle seat, where, yes, he realised, he had been sitting pressed against Tae. Weird, he hadn’t even really noticed.

“The bomb ass feast of a breakfast mom made this morning that you so rudely slept through. Also, get back over here, I’m cold now”

Jungkook pretended the reason he moved back was for Tae, and not himself, “Did you just call her mom ?”

“She told me to”

“Well I’m glad I’m slowly being phased out and replaced with Taehyung,” he replied wryly.

“Yeah,” Junghyun snorted, “Us too. Best decision we ever made. In fact, while we’re at it, why don’t we stop at the town hall and get your name changed to Jeon Taehyung?”

“Hmmmmm, I kinda like that”

So did Jungkook, and a little too much.


Jungkook had to admit he’d missed the quaint little setup of the town. It had cobblestone streets, and was lined with antique houses, which had been turned to stores, each painted a different vibrant color. And they were all locally owned too, his favourite being a salt water taffy shop that him and Junghyun had often visited when they were kids.

They bid the older of the Jeon boys goodbye, and stepped out of the SUV into the rather chilly September air. Taehyung shivered.

“You dumbass, did I not tell you that it was going to be cold out?,” Jungkook rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, but- wait what are you doing?”

Jungkook shook his head disappointedly, like Taehyung was the biggest liability in the world as he shrugged off his hoodie and chucked it at him, “Just take it”

Tae looked a solid 50/50 mix between confused and flattered, and decided not to question the act of kindness as he slid it over his head. It looked cute, the once stretched fabric now loose over his narrow frame.

“Aren’t you gonna be cold, though?”

Jungkook hadn’t thought that far into the future, “If I get cold, I’ll buy a new one”

“Wouldn’t have made more sense for me buy one, though?”

“Do you wanna give it back?”

Tae shook his head.

“Then come on,” Jungkook grumbled, annoyed, as he grabbed Tae’s hand and began to drag him up the main street.

“Where are we going?”

“That’s a good question”

“So just walking around?”

“Well,” he shrugged, “you like candy?”

“We haven’t even had lunch yet”

“Wow, you’ve been hanging around my mom way too much. We’re adults, we can do whatever we want”

Tae narrowed his eyes, “I literally… you know what. Whatever, yeah, let’s get candy and then we can grab lunch after”

“See,” Jungkook smiled back at him, “now we’re on the same page. Come on”

He hadn’t realised he had never gotten around to letting go of his hand until they entered the shop, and Tae pulled it away himself to inspect the chocolate selection. Jungkook looked down at his now empty palm and blushed. What was getting into him?

He didn’t have time to come up with a suitable answer because Tae called to him.

He looked up to the general direction in which the other was standing, and blinked, “Yeah?”

Tae held out a half eaten piece of candy towards him, “Try this”

Jungkook walked over, and wordlessly bent to snatch the piece out of his hands with his teeth, making the other jump,

“Why are you always moving like you’re coming to attack me”

“So when I do decide to attack you, you won’t see it coming”

“Are you a college student or a trained assassin?”

Jungkook didn’t bother to grace this with an answer, “Is this peach?”

“Yeah, isn’t it good? Peach is my favourite”

“We’ll take half a pound of the peach, then?,” Jungkook looked over to the cashier, who nodded. Wait, hold up, what was that? Jungkook didn’t really even like peach. Whatever, he shrugged to himself, he was in a good enough mood. It was probably that.

Jungkook tried not to shed a tear for his quickly dwindling net worth.

He found that he was glad that the next thing on the itinerary was lunch. His stomach growled, “What are you in the mood for?”

“What, to eat?”

He nodded.

“Is the seafood around here any good?”

“That’s a good fucking idea, actually,” Jungkook said, intertwining their fingers yet again, deciding that dragging Tae places by the hand was the best way to do things. Cut out a lot of that unnecessary chatter that Tae loved to partake in.

Once they had ordered, and sat down at their picnic table facing the beach, Jungkook began to shiver. The cool wind blowing off the already chilly water weren’t doing him so good, and the small amount of body heat he’d collected from walking around was quickly beginning to dwindle.

Tae noticed this, and opened his mouth, “You want your hoodie back?”

He tried to look unbothered, shrugging, and turning his eyes back towards the water behind him.

“Are you sure?,” he asked, a look of genuine concern clear in his eyes, “you look really cold, baby”

Jungkook bit back the smile that, for whatever reason, Tae’s words had elicited. He was really going soft, he realised, sighing to himself, “No, we only have one, so-”

Tae got up, and circled around to his fake (was that word even appropriate to use anymore?) boyfriend, plopping down on his side of the table, and sliding over to him.

“What are you doing?,” Jungkook didn’t want to look down at Tae, because he could clearly see his expression in his mind’s eye, and didn’t want to subject himself to the internal confusion he knew would rise in his chest if he did.

“Conserving body heat,” he replied, nuzzling up to him, “C’mon, put your arm around me, it’ll help”

Jungkook kept his eyes trained on the lake, but complied.

“Jesus, Kookie, you’re so cold,” Tae laughed, smacking him, “you need to drop the manly man act before you literally contract hypothermia”

“First of all, who gave you permission to call me that, and secondly, it’s really not even that bad, so”

“All of your muscles are so tense right now, dude. Like you’re past shivering now you’re just jamming up and freezing to death”

“Well did you come over here to call me out, or help?”

“Two birds one stone,” he snickered, but snuggled into him nonetheless. Jungkook felt his entire body relax. At the warmth, that is. It was only because he wasn’t shivering anymore. That’s all.

To his luck, Tae stayed when their food arrived, feeding Jungkook some of his fries, and, in turn, snatching little morsels from Jungkook’s plate.

“Hey, knock it off,” Jungkook tried to snap as Tae absconded with his last piece of shrimp.

“I gave you some of my food, though”

Jungkook rolled his eyes. He still grabbed the bill in an instant, all but wrestling Tae to the ground for it as he shoved $20 at their waitress.

They didn’t really do anything too special after, just walked around, dipping in and out of shops when Jungkook got too cold, or when Tae saw something he wanted to look at.

They came across a little art gallery, too, and Jungkook had to force himself to act as stoic as he usually did, strangely charmed by how much Tae knew about art, and it’s analysis.

He sounded horribly facetious when he remarked, “Wow, Tae, so cultured,” at him, but in actuality, he really did mean it.

And things kept on like that, until Tae got pickpocketed, that is.

They had just left an old antique store after Tae bought a vase that looked very haunted (Jungkook was confused, wasn’t he supposed to be terrified of ghosts?), when someone shoved into him, nearly knocking him to the ground.

It only took Tae a second to straighten up, and his eyes widened, “Jungkook, he has my wallet”

Jungkook broke into a sprint immediately, smiling smugly to himself as he caught up with the kid at light speed. Working out four times a week really did pay off. He pushed him towards a wall, flinching a little at the sound he made when he hit it, and spun him back around.

He was about their age, but much lankier, “Give it back,” Jungkook barked.

Clearly not having expected to have been chased down, the kid looked up at him with wide eyes, and gulped, pulling it back out of his pocket, and tossing it on the ground besides them.

Deciding not to make a scene, Jungkook loosened his grip, and he was gone in an instant. He looked down at it, amused at the Cars design, before picking it up, and tossing it towards Tae, who, by this point, had made his way over to them.

He caught it, and stopped in his tracks in disbelief, “Wow. I. Shit. Jungkook, that was so fucking hot, oh my god,” he leaned against the wall, and fanned himself dramatically for emphasis.

Jungkook, quite pleased with himself, and said nonchalantly, “It was nothing”

“I’m gonna suck your dick so good later,” he promised loudly, ignoring the looks they were now getting from passers by.

“Speaking of which, when’s our ride home getting here?”

“He said...,” Tae checked his phone, “Well, we have an hour to spare”

“Okay,” Jungkook curled an arm around his waist to lead him down the road, “Wanna get ice cream?”

“You’re lactose intolerant”

“That was a test, glad you passed it”

“Wait, really?”

“No,” Jungkook laughed, “it wasn’t. I’m gonna get their sorbet, instead”

Junghyun was late, of course, but Jungkook didn’t mind, and neither did Taehyung. They settled on walking their ice cream down to the beach, which, for whatever reason, was empty, regardless of it being Labour Day weekend to wait for him.  

And there they sat, Jungkook’s arm wrapped around Taehyung as they licked at their quickly melting cones in relative silence.

Once they reached the house, it began to become apparent that Taehyung’s late night and early morning were catching up with him.

“We should nap”

“Why?,” Tae asked through yet another yawn.

“You’re tired, and I’m bored”

“Don’t you wanna hang out with your family?”

Jungkook really didn’t. Not when he could lay in bed for a couple hours and listen to Tae’s snores instead, “It’s cool, we’re having dinner with everyone tonight, anyways”

“But-,” he paused, before shaking his head, and reaching to pull off his clothes, “Actually, yeah, let’s nap”

Jungkook sighed contentedly, and followed the other’s lead, hopping into bed, and motioning him to get in.

“Patience,” Tae rolled his eyes playfully, sliding in next to him, and letting Jungkook curl up into his chest, “Never would have guessed you would be the little spoon”

“We aren’t spooning,” Jungkook deflected.

“Never would have guessed you were the cuddling sub,” Tae corrected himself.

“Okay, I think I like ‘little spoon’ better”

Tae sighed in response, tangling their legs together before, “Goodnight, Jungkook”

“Goodnight, Taehyung,” he reached up to peck his jawline, “See you in two hours”

“Oh is that how long the nap is going to be?”

“It’ll be much shorter if you don’t shut the fuck up”

“Wow, okay, I think I much prefer the Jungkook that kissed me goodnight, thanks very much”

Jungkook hoped Tae didn’t feel his face heat up against his chest, but realistically, he probably did.

Though he was tired as well, he did, in fact, wait for the other’s breathing to slow, then turn into soft snores before he allowed his own eyes to droop shut.


This would be the first time Taehyung kissed him awake from a nap, and Jungkook would never once in his life forget it.

He wondered why he even bothered to try to enjoy any other activity, as his brain regained consciousness to the feeling of Tae’s plush lips moving against his. At first, he figured he was just dreaming, reminding himself that him and Tae really were not together, so what would prompt him to do such a thing? But he started to kiss back, not being one to deny such a beautiful dream, even if it wasn’t real.

The facade was soon shattered, though, as Tae hummed happily, and in turn, Jungkook felt his chest rumble beneath him. He broke away, and looked up at him, grumbling something along the lines of, “More sleep”

“I have no idea what you’re trying to say, but I’ve been awake for a solid half an hour, and my arm is completely numb, so I’m gonna require you to get off me”

Dejected, Jungkook smacked his lips, “Okay, fine, I get it”

“Also we have dinner in like an hour, so”

“Can we kiss for like, twenty minutes?”

“Am I dreaming? What the fuck,” he spun around, “Did they replace you with a different person while I was sleeping?,” he called out into the corner of the room, “Jungkook! Come out! Jokes over”

“Forget it,” Jungkook muttered, embarrassed, but also mildly confused at himself, “I was just fucking around anyways”

He was not. At all.

He tried to get out of bed, but Tae pulled him back, “Twenty minutes is a little ambitious, but I’ll give you ten”

“What’re you doing?”

“Setting a timer”

“Tae you’re so-”

“Responsible? Mentally stable?”

Jungkook didn’t answer him, feigning an annoyed look before leaning up to reattach their lips. He scooted up, so that him and Tae were directly facing one another before coaxing his mouth open, and slipping his tongue in.

Tae sighed, reaching to wrap his arm around his shoulder, and tilting his head to the side to deepen the kiss.

Jungkook took the opportunity to roll on top of Tae, and settle between his legs, smiling a little bit as the other immediately wrapped them around the small of his back.

Once the alarm went off, Jungkook felt Tae reach out to shut it off, but he caught his arm, stopping him, and pinning it over his head.

He gave in easily, not even attempting to break loose, instead moaning into Jungkook’s open mouth as he continued to kiss him.

They only broke apart, when they heard Junghyun knock on the door, and he remembered that he was a room over, “Guys?”

Jungkook considered just ignoring him, but Tae broke away, clearing his throat, “Y-yeah?”

His voice cracked, and Jungkook snickered, earning a whack to the back of his head.

“You’re alarm has been going off for almost like… ten minutes”

“Oh. Um. Thanks for letting us know!,” Jungkook called out, eyes still fixed on Tae.

It was obvious that, in part, he had figured out more or less what was going on behind the door judging by his tone, when he said, “Well, um, dinner’s soon, so…”

“Yep,” Jungkook called impatiently.

“Don’t be late”

“I know , Junghyun”


“Damn, dude, your parents really love their fine dining”

“Well, today is my birthday, so”

“Wait, wait, wait. What?,” Tae asked.

They had just gotten to the nice ass steakhouse, dressed to the nines in clothes that Junghyun, and Mr Jeon had leant them.

“It is September first, right?,” Jungkook frowned


“Yeah, no, I’m 21 today”

“No one ever mentioned it, like, not even your mom”

“Yeah, because they know I’ll beat their asses. That’s why they got everyone down here. To celebrate, and presumably, fool me into thinking it’s some random reunion”

“You hate your birthday that much?”

“More like all the unnecessary attention”

Jungkook had to thank his lucky stars his family respected him enough to keep the birthday thing under wraps, and had been so good about it that they hadn’t even mentioned it to Tae. That was the kind of present he was pleased to get.

There was no specific reason that Jungkook wasn’t really a birthday kind of guy, he just wasn’t. He wasn’t a fan of being doted over, and he wanted his space and privacy. Plus, Jungkook was definitely not a high energy person, and that’s what birthday parties usually were. High energy.

This was more his scene, a nice, quiet dinner with people he didn’t hate, who weren’t noisy, and who understood him, in part, at least.

The dinner went well. In other words, it was uneventful. No one broke into song and dance, he let (he used the word let as if it wasn't him who had reached out) Tae hold his hand under the table, and the conversation revolved around his life, meaning it was subdued and rather quiet.

They even had Jungkook’s favourite cake especially made, carrot cake. For lack of a better word, the entire day had gone seamlessly. Jungkook wondered if the universe was trying to do him a solid for once.


Both boys were fuller than they'd been in a very long time, and Tae collapsed on a the bed the second they got home, slipping off his shirt, and groaning as he patted his bloated stomach.

As it turned out, Junghyun’s flight had been moved back to that night, so soon after the two settled into their room, he appeared to hug the them goodbye until Christmas, or that's what Jungkook guessed, at least.

“Yeah, dude, I'll DM you about that XBox game,” Taehyung called out to him as he swung the door shut behind him.

“You like Junghyun a lot, huh?,” Jungkook cocked an eyebrow in surprise. He hadn't seen that from Tae, considering that Junghyun was, for the most part, even quieter than Jungkook.

“I like your whole family, actually,” Tae shrugged, opening his phone to scroll through Twitter, “they're all so nice, dude”

“Yeah,” he grumbled, wondering briefly why the idea of Tae getting along with them made his insides warm.

He padded into the bathroom to brush his teeth, and shower, excited to just be able to relax, maybe watch a movie or two before they got to leave first thing in the morning. Jungkook could not wait to settle back into his own sheets.

He didn't really notice how lost in thought he’d been until he felt Tae reach around him and pinch his nipples.

“Agh!,” he yelled, choking on his mouthful of toothpaste, and dropping his toothbrush in the sink, “Tae, what the fuck?”

Tae snickered, and bounded back into the room, waiting for Jungkook to follow him. He didn't, instead he carried on brushing his teeth, hoping to god he wasn't planning on repeating himself.

But he was Kim Taehyung. Of course he was. Not a minute passed before he snuck up behind Jungkook and did it again.

“Knock it OFF, Taehyung,” he snapped looking at him in the bathroom mirror.

Tae wiggled his eyebrows.

“What do you want?”

He didn't say anything, just grinned up at Jungkook.

“Are you like… possessed, or what?”

“Yeah, that ghost you refused to catch last night took over my body”


“It wants me to torture you”

“Well tell it to fuck off”

“He says no”

“Oh, it has a gender now?”

“Yep. His name is Ted”

“Taehyung, I am tired , please?”

“So what you’re saying is that you don’t want me to taser you?”

“Well, yeah?”

“Well I guess you’re just gonna have to wait and find out whether or not I’m done”

“Did you literally escape out of hell to come to Michigan and torture me on my birthday?”

“Oh so now you wanna pull the birthday card?”


He shrugged a little too nonchalantly for him to believe he was done. He still turned on his heel to leave, though. Jungkook stood still for a couple minutes, just to make sure he wasn’t on his way back over.

After he figured he was safe, he continued with his routine, tossing off his clothes to hop in the shower.

And it was a good shower, a great one, actually. The water was just warm enough, and the soap Jungkook’s mom had gotten for him smelled like almond and rose, and lathered like butter over his skin.

This moment of bliss was rudely interrupted by, you guessed it, Tae, who had gone as far to strip naked to jump into the shower and taser Jungkook once again.

“TAEHYUNG,” he roared, spinning around angrily, still covered in soap, “I WILL KILL YOU”

Tae shrieked, and booked it out of the bathroom. Jungkook was fast, though, and he caught up with him effortlessly, and tackled him to the bed, disregarding how wet he was probably getting the sheets.

He pinned his arms over his head, and looked down at him, “You really should not have done that”

Tae gulped, but tried not to let the cocky look fade from his face, “What are you gonna do about it?”

That was a good question. Jungkook looked around the room, scanning the floor. Ah, he had an idea. It was his turn to smirk at the other, “Actually,” he bent his free hand to grab a couple of their dirty t shirts off the ground, “I’m gonna make sure you physically cannot do it again”

“Oh no,” Tae’s eyes widened as he registered what he was about to do.

“Oh yes,” he retorted, moving to tie each wrist to the bedpost, enjoying the way Tae was squirming beneath him.

He lifted a leg to kick Jungkook’s back.

“Are you stupid, Taehyung?”

“No, what, why would I- okay shit,” it only took him a second to piece together Jungkook’s next move, “No, not my legs too, please, Jungkookieeeeee”

“Say Jungkookie one more time, and I gag the shit out of you”

Tae made a point to purse his lips shut.

Jungkook backed off, and admired his work. Clapping his hands together, he said, “Welp, now that you’re not going anywhere, I’m gonna go enjoy the rest of my nice, hot, shower”

Tae pouted.

“Hey, you literally brought this on yourself, I don’t know what you’re making that face for,” he didn’t wait for his response, returning to the bathroom to remove the soap that was now beginning to dry on his skin.

Jungkook was not, in all honesty, surprised that Tae was extremely hard by the time he got out of the bathroom.

It was still satisfying to see though, his cock standing an angry red against his torso, his face equally as bright, flushed with a mixture of shame, and arousal.

“Naturally you like being tied up”

Tae whimpered.

Jungkook discarded his towel, circling around to the other, and running a finger down his cheek, “You’re so pretty, Tae, especially when you’re all flustered, and riled up,” he leaned in to press a kiss to his mouth, but pulled away as soon as he began to kiss back.

“How long did it take you to get this hard?,” he asked, trailing his hand down his torso, turning his attention to his cock.

Tae didn’t respond.

“Hm, not so high strung now, are we? Come on, baby, tell me”

“Like,” he cleared his throat, “a couple minutes?”

“So I’ve kept you waiting, have I?”


Jungkook’s hand was mere millimeters away from Tae’s throbbing head, “You wanna be touched, don’t you?”

“Oh,” he whined, “Jungkook, not this again”

He sobered up for a second, “Are you being serious?”

Tae scoffed, and rolled his eyes, turning an even brighter red, “No, of course not”

Smugly, “Yeah, didn’t think so. You fucking love my cock, Tae, when would you ever pass up on an opportunity to feel it deep inside you?,” he was whispering in his ear now, “So deep inside you, sliding against your sweet spot. You like how well I hit it, I know that for a fact” Jungkook kissed his neck, smiling as he felt goosebumps rise.

Deciding he liked the way they looked, how they added texture to the collection of hickies, he moved farther down, tracing the tip of his tongue from his collarbone, over his nipples, down to his vline, “Wanna feel my tongue on you cock, baby?”

“God, yes,” Tae groaned, his hips bucking up against the restraints.

Jungkook hummed, and licked a stripe up from the base to the head, enjoying the way Tae’s abs tremored at the much needed feeling. He repeated himself once more before moving farther down, mouthing for a moment at his balls before running his tongue between his cheeks to tickle at his hole.

Tae was unable to control the way his body jerked without anything to grip to keep him grounded.

He placed his each hand on one of Tae’s thighs, and pushed them apart gently, not wanting to twist his ankles. He sighed, licking his lips as he was faced with the pretty pink ring of muscle. He flicked his eyes up, meeting Tae’s, before blowing cool air over it.

“Agh,” Tae cried, his entire body clenching, “Jungkook”

“Do you want it?”


“That’s nice,” he paused, “Do you need it, though?”

“So bad”

“Beg for it”

“Please eat me out, babe, I want you so bad”

“What do you want?”

“I wanna feel your tongue licking me, I wanna feel it in me, Jungkook, please,” he whined, “I want it to stretch me out, get me ready for your big fucking cock”

“What do you like about it, huh? What do you like about my tongue, you little slut?”

Tae moaned, and Jungkook saw his hole clench again in anticipation, “I like it, so wet, and warm, and soft, Jungkookie, fuck,” he shook his head, seeming almost unbelieving that he had the privilege of experiencing such a sensation.

“You want it to coax you open, baby?”

“Yes, so bad”

“What about your cock? You wanna feel me touch you cock, too?”

“Gooooooooooooood, Jungkook,” it twitched, almost to answer the question for him, “please, fuck”

Jungkook grinned sadistically, tracing a finger lightly up his length, “You’re being so good right now, baby, but I want you to do something for me first, okay?”

Tae nodded, swallowing.

“Will you do anything for me, TaeTae, hm? Will you do anything for this cock, huh?”  

He nodded again.

“Say it”

Jungkook shuddered at the way his voice cracked when he stuttered out, “I’ll do anything for you”



Jungkook was now about as hard as Tae was himself, and that's saying something, “I want you to suck me off, yeah?”

Tae nodded, opening his mouth for him in an instant.

Jungkook crawled up the bed, and straddled Tae’s chest, the head of his dick tickling his cherry red lips.

Tae looked up at him to signify he was ready, and Jungkook shuffled closer, sliding himself into Tae’s mouth. He held it slack for him, not letting a single complaint escape his throat as Jungkook sunk into the base, relishing the gone look on the other’s face.

“I love the way you look like this,” he hissed, studying him, “So compliant, so desperate, do you like the way my cock feels on your tongue?,” he began to jerk his hips, “Do you?”

Taehyung struggled to nod around him, and Jungkook threw his head back, moving a hand to grip the smaller boy’s jaw, “You’re so good, Tae,” he huffed, “So… good”

Tae squeaked, and Jungkook sighed, “I know, baby, your cock probably hurts now, doesn’t it?”

He pulled himself from Tae, biting back a smile at the wet pop that echoed across the room, “Yeah”

“You want me to go down on you now?”


Jungkook was glad Junghyun was gone. If he’d been bothered by the alarm going off for ten minutes, he probably would have taken them to court for this one.

He got off Tae, and repositioned himself so he was face to face with his length, “Are you ready?”

“Mmhmm,” Tae was biting his lip in anticipation, and his nails were digging into the t shirts that held him in place.

Jungkook began to swirl his tongue around Tae’s hole, and wrapped a hand around the base of his cock, tugging lazily in an attempt to relieve some of the pressure he was feeling.

He shrieked with pleasure, pulling harder at his restraints. Deciding to take him by surprise, Jungkook stuck his tongue to push into his hole.

If Taehyung had been gone before, he was about as good as dead now, each and every muscle in his body tensing, as he uselessly tried to grip at anything to keep him grounded.

“Hands off,” Jungkook growled, looking up to where Tae was trying to wrap them around the fabric of the shirts.

He was either too wrapped up in his own pleasure, or simply chose to ignore Jungkook, so he pulled back, “We do things my way, or we don’t do them at all, sweetheart,” he purred at Tae, reaching up to caress his face, get his attention, “You hear me?”

Tae didn’t open his eyes, but nodded.

“If you’re a good boy for me I’ll make you feel amazing, baby, alright?”

“Yes, Jungkook”

“Good,” he smiled, leaning up for a second pull him into an bizarrely chaste kiss.

Tae kissed back enthusiastically for a second before muttering, “I need you to touch me, please ,” into the other’s mouth.

Jungkook, not quite wanting to break away from the sweet taste of his tongue as it played with his own, just grunted in acknowledgement, moving a hand down between his legs to grip his cock, giving it a short squeeze.

Taehyung gasped, and Jungkook took the opportunity to bite down hard into his bottom lip, and pull, “You like that?”

He nodded.

“Yeah? You like the pleasure with the pain? Feels so good, doesn’t it?”

“Jesus Christ,” was all he said in response.

This was close enough to a suitable answer for Jungkook, and he gave Tae another squeeze before beginning to pump him, moving to bite at his shoulders. After forming a fair few marks, he leaned back, slipping his fingers into the other’s mouth.

He swirled his tongue around them without even needing to be told, “God, Tae, look at you, so good for me. I don’t even need to ask you shit anymore, you know exactly what I like, fuck

Tae smiled around his fingers at the praise, and Jungkook replaced them with his lips, hungrily licking into his mouth, as he moved his now wet fingers to Tae’s entrance, “I’m gonna prep you a little less tonight, baby, is that okay? I want us to really feel each other. I wanna feel you stretch nice and tight around me, alright? I’ll be so good, Tae, I promise, you’ll love it so much. You like it when it hurts a little, don’t you?”

“So much,” Tae sighed, “You’re gonna fill me up so good tonight, Jungkook. Can you kiss me, please?”

Jungkook hadn’t even touched his cock since it had left the other’s mouth around fifteen minutes prior, but he was genuinely scared he was about to come on the spot, “Of course, baby”

He dipped back in, and pushed his finger into Tae slowly, relishing the breathy moans that were escaping his throat. Jungkook knew that eventually he would have to fetch the lube from his toilet kit, but for now, the mixture of their spit was enough for him to slip in a second finger with ease. He gently began to scissor them, stretching Tae with care, since he knew it would hurt when he actually began to fuck him.

He then grabbed the lube out of the baggie it was packed in, and allowed his fingers to continue to stretch Tae, making a point to avoid his prostate.

“Curl your fingers, Kookie,” Tae pleaded.

Jungkook sucked a hickie into his hip as he continued, “No, babe, I want that feeling to be reserved for my cock, okay? I want my cock to be the only thing that can make you feel as good as you possibly can”

“Then fuck me, baby, please, please, please,” Tae begged, voice trembling.

“Are you ready for me?”

“God, yes, I need to feel you big fucking dick deep inside me, jesus, Jungkook, I want you to fuck me until I forget my god fucking name”

Jungkook chuckled, “Wanna get me nice and wet one last time, baby? Wanna get my cock nice and slick with your spit so it slides deep inside you?”

He nodded impatiently, “Yes, please”

Jungkook moved up yet again, but this time, he let Tae bob his head at his own pace to leisurely suck around his girth. After a minute, he moved away.



“What do you want me to do to you with my cock, huh? How do you want it, babe?”

“I want you to give it to me nice, and slow, Jungkookie,” he moaned, “I want you to fuck your cock right up into my sweetspot”

“Anything else?”

“Can you choke me?”

Jungkook was drooling as he nodded.

“Mmmm,” Tae bit his lip, and smiled, “And bruise, me, baby, and bite me more,” he shut his eyes, “The way your teethmarks look on my skin, fuck, Kookie”

Jungkook poured more lube onto his cock, fisting it to spread it with Tae’s spit before lining it up with his hole.

Tae’s breath hitched in anticipation, and the look of desperation he wore all too clearly on his face made Jungkook groan. He held the head of his cock to press right into the ring of muscle, but not through it, watching as the other’s chest began to rise, and fall rapidly.

Jungkook smiled, “You want me so bad, don’t you? So needy,” he leaned down so his lips were hovering right above Tae’s, “You want to feel it press all the way into you? Nice and hard, and throbbing, are you ready to feel just how stiff my cock is for you? It fucking hurts, Tae, my cock is aching to be inside you”


“Are you gonna think about this next time you finger yourself?”

He nodded, lips quivering against Jungkook’s.

“Are you gonna think about how much I love fucking my cock into you, baby? You’re so beautiful. So beautiful,” he pressed a quick kiss to Tae’s lips, “Are you ready?”

“Yea-ohhhhhhhhhhfuckkkkkfuckfuckJungkookie, god,” he groaned, as Jungkook pushed all the way into him, not stopping until he bottomed out, “I’m so full,” he shook his head, tears now falling from his eyes, “So full, I can’t”

Jungkook felt momentary panic flare in his chest, “Are you okay?”

Tae gulped, hands still fumbling aimlessly around his restraints, “I-I like it, I just. I want,” he tried to steady his breathing, “Need a second”

“Of course,” Jungkook relaxed, leaning down to slip his tongue into his mouth to kiss him deeply until Tae was ready for him to begin to move.

Jungkook could feel Tae trying to reach out, out of reflex, of course, to wrap his arms around his shoulders, but to no avail. So he did his best to make up for the other’s lack of grip by running his hands up and down his body, to squeeze, and knead his flesh in an attempt to distract him from the tight burn of the stretch.

Once Tae’s breath had steadied as much as Jungkook figured it was going to, he asked, “Can I?”

“Yeah,” he muttered into his mouth, pulling Jungkook back in as he began to slide his hips slowly in and out of him.

Jungkook’s head was spinning as a result of how tight Tae was around him, and he rolled his eyes back in his head, pausing in an attempt to keep himself grounded, “You feel even better than I thought you would,” he smiled, raising a hand to wrap lightly around his throat, shuddering as Tae clenched around him, “Oh, fuck, baby, that felt so-”

He did it again.

“Shit, Taehyung,” Jungkook was beginning to lose himself, unable to decide whether to focus on the way he was whimpering into his mouth at each deep thrust, the way he could feel his heart hammering through his chest, or the smooth, sweaty skin of Taehyung’s that he was digging little crescents into with his nails.

He buried his face in his neck, making no effort to do anything past lick at the saltiness, as he panted, “Your body was made for me. Shit , you’re all mine. We fit so perfectly, Taehyung,” he began to speed up, enjoying the little hiccups that escaped the other’s throat with each jerk, “So tight around me, so good to me. Taehyung, Taehyung, Taehyung, you fucking angel ,” he forced himself to stop, finding he felt so good that he couldn’t allow himself to cum, not just yet.

Taehyung was barely coherent by this point, all but sobbing in ecstasy, each and every muscle tense under Jungkook’s touch.

“How close are you, my sweet boy?”

Tae could only nod.

“Do you want me to touch you, huh? Do you want Jungkookie to make you cum, baby?”

“Yes, god”

“How bad?”

“So bad, please, I need you”

“Will you say my name?,” he asked.


“That’s good,” he removed his hand from where it still gripped Tae’s neck to his cheek, wiping away a tear, “You want me to bite you, baby? Kiss you? Bruise you when you come, huh? Which would you like? You’ve been so good to me, I’ll give you whatever you want”

“B-bite me”

“You do like that don’t you? Those are my favourite too, the bites. Where do you want them?”


“Your wish,” he sucked at his neck, “Is my command”

Tae broke into a wave of ‘Oh Jungkook’’s, and moans as he proceeded to snap his hips forward, picking up to a rather rapid pace, locking his teeth down wherever they could reach.

“Jungkook, I need something to hold onto, I’m g-gonna, fuck ,” he groaned, “Please, Jungkookie, please, I’m gonna come, please”

“Can’t you hold on, babe, for me?,” Jungkook encouraged into his gaping mouth, “You’re doing perfectly”

“Okay, c-can you just touch me, then?”

Jungkook nodded, pulling Tae into a final kiss as his hand wrapped itself around his length, enjoying the way it pulsated in his palm. Jungkook began to tug it in sync with his thrusts, shushing, and pecking Taehyung’s face as he bit his lip, holding back a scream as he came.

Once Tae had come down, he clenched around Jungkook, just the way he liked it, and met his eyes, “God, I can’t wait to feel your cum fill me up, baby, are you close?”

Jungkook was close, so close, in fact, that he didn’t even find time to reply, instead opting to buck into him roughly as he felt himself fill Tae to the brim.

“Mmmmm, fuck, Jungkookie, you came so much, didn’t you? I can feel it all inside of me, gooey and warm,” he grinded his hips up and down Jungkook’s softening shaft, “It’s spreading all over your cock, isn’t it? Is it all wet and white now? Can I see it”

It was Jungkook’s turn to be rendered speechless, and he pulled it out.

“Yeah, come here, lemme see it”

He shakily slid off the bed, and circled around so it stood right in front of the other’s face.

“God, yes, look at all that,” he licked his lips, “Let me suck it, lemme lick the cum off your cock”

Jungkook shifted closer, so Tae could reach out to take it in his mouth, and he did just as he said, cleaning it of each and every drop, “You taste so good, babe”

Jungkook let himself slip from Tae’s mouth, and they simply stared at each other for a minute, clearly lovestruck, though neither was self aware to recognise it as such.

“Can you… untie me now?,” Tae asked.

“Oh,” Jungkook cleared his throat, “Um. Yeah. Sorry. I just,” he reached out to shakily fumble with the knots, taking, in all honesty, an embrassingly long time to free the other.  

Tae rubbed his wrists, analysing the bruises left behind, “This,” he nodded approvingly, “This is pretty fucking hot, Jungkookie”

“That nickname is totally innapropriate right now”

“So I can only call you Jungkookie when we fuck”

“I mean TECHNICALLY I guess you could word it like that-”

“Isn’t that what your mom calls you?”

“Okay, shut up before I tie you up again, and leave your ass here while I hit the couch”

“You wouldn’t”

“Wanna bet?”

“Actually, I’m gonna pass on that one,” Tae grabbed one of the t shirts to clean his belly, “Why don’t you come cuddle instead?”

Chapter Text

Considering their rough, but relatively early night, both boys were up at a completely decent hour, and took little to no time to get ready and get on with the third leg of their trip.

They had, by now, reached the point in their relationship (whatever you could actually classify it as) in which they were able to sit in completely comfortable silence for long stretches of time, so that's what they did.

Jungkook chose to drive, probably because Tae wouldn't stop whining about having to do it at breakfast, but Jungkook didn't really mind as much as he figured he would.

This could have either been because he was still basking in the post orgasm bliss from the night before (this was a new record, he’d never been this… okay such for such a long period after), whether it was the idea of finally going home, or if it was no more than the way Tae softly sang along to the music the whole ride, and rested one of his hands on Jungkook’s leg, mindlessly picking at the lint that it seemed to be covered with.

They stopped once, for a late lunch, and Jungkook let Tae pay this time. He was far too broke, something he had damn near cried about upon checking his bank account balance before they left the house. Tae had laughed at his reaction, but reached up to give him a pitying pat on the cheek nonetheless. He could tell him mom was already planning on grandchildren.

Jungkook hadn't realised he’d driven all the way home until he looked at the clock on the dashboard around 11, then to Tae, who had been asleep for far too long, and then at his own street sign.

He pulled into his parking lot, and gently shook the other awake. Not before taking a sly picture of him, though, snickering at the drool dripping from the corner of his mouth, “Tae, Tae”


“Were home”

He drowsily sat up, and looked around, “Did you really just drive 12 hours on your own, Kook?”

He shrugged, “I guess I did”

“Well,” he sighed.

“Well,” Jungkook repeated. He really didn't wanna get out of the car. Which was odd considering his back and knees were now killing him.

Taehyung seemed to not really want to leave either, so they just stared at eachother for a minute.

“I'm still giving you a ride home on Friday, right?”


“We have a pretty busy week”

Jungkook groaned, “I'm not gonna see you much, am I?”

“No,” Tae’s face fell a little, “we can still text, though?”

“Yeah. Can you uh…,” Jungkook cleared his throat awkwardly, “Wanna give me something to like… remember you by”

“Why are you such an uncomfortable person,” he yawned, but unbuckled his seatbelt nonetheless, sliding over onto Jungkook’s lap, “This weekend was fun, Jungkook, thanks for letting me come”

“It was your idea,” Jungkook grumbled before pulling him in, dying to feel Tae’s lips against his.

It was everything he’d hoped for, of course, and Jungkook hummed contentedly into his mouth, moving to run his hands up and down his sides.

Just as Jungkook had asked, Tae moved down to his neck to begin to nip at his delicate skin, “Is here okay, or do you want me to move somewhere a little more subtle?”

“No,” Jungkook let out a breath he wasn't aware he'd been holding, “I wanna see them every time I look in the mirror, babe”

So he leaned his seat back a little as the other got to work, raising a hand to rest lazily on his neck, to play with the baby soft peach fuzz that grew there.

Tae sat back after god knows how long, and bit his lip as he admired his work, running his finger along the tender marks.

Jungkook shivered, and guided him back in for one last gentle kiss before, “Friday?”



It was only when Jungkook flicked the lights on in his now foreign apartment, and he caught sight of the beautiful mess Tae had made of his neck, that he crashed.

God, he'd fucked up.

And that was the beginning of The Worst™ week of Jungkook’s life.


What made it so bad, you ask? Well, long story short, his depression reached the peak of a lifetime.

And of course, said depression was directly caused by Taehyung. Well, not him specifically, Jungkook realised. He couldn't really push something this big off onto an unknowing third party.

No, it was the nature of the relationship, how Tae made him feel. Which was, in a word, phenomenal. Outstanding, even. That, and Jungkook also began to truly loathe himself, the way he was, the way he reacted to things, his personality.

Why was he such a bad person, he wondered? Especially compared to near angelic Tae who was so kind, and sweet, and likable? Jungkook, next to this, felt like he was a fucking bitter troll that just put a damper on everything, and everyone he touched.

He was rude, and snappy, and had a plethora of godawful mood swings that did nothing but hurt him and the people around him. And there was no way he was just being paranoid, he kept telling himself, thinking about his life. He had next to no friends, frequent customers at the market almost seemed to avoid him, and, shit, even his family got on so much better with Tae than they ever had with him.

And he was so confused, too, and emotionally either devoid, or constipated to the point where it affected his (few) relationships. Namely, Tae.

He was going to hurt him, and soon, if he hadn’t already. He had just complicated things so much. This weekend was supposed to be fake , they were supposed to be pretending just around Jungkook’s parents, maybe his brother. And look what he’d gone and done.

It was his fault, after all. He figured he had probably given Tae everything he’d wanted with him, and more too. But where did they stand now? Where were they supposed to go from here? Jungkook didn’t know what he wanted, not clearly, at least, not enough to not jerk Tae around.

The only ‘logical’ (read: completely stupid) place to go from here in Jungkook’s mind, was back to ground zero. This meant things needed to end. He was never going to see Taehyung again, he decided, or at least not on purpose. It was the only way. The only way to pull himself out of whatever the hell he was making him feel, and the only way to save Tae’s feelings.

And how was Jungkook going to pull this, you ask? He was just going to up and ignore him, ignore him until he got the point, and left. Jungkook couldn’t force himself to face the look in Tae’s eyes if he were to tell him directly.

He imagined the way his bottom lip would quiver, and the way he would try to blink away tears when he delivered the news.

So that’s what he did. He started to ignore his many texts, and willed himself to erase him from his memory.

Did it work? Of course the fuck it didn’t!

Taehyung was everywhere. He was on his neck, the angry purple bruises which were once a comfort, now a painful momento, he was all around Jungkook’s apartment in little receipts from takeout they’d gotten together, and trinkets and tokens he’d left behind, he could hear him, in his mind, singing along to all his favorite songs, the way Jungkook loved.

Jungkook swore it was his voice he heard in the porn he watched, his hair he could see a flash of when he checked out people at work, his smile spread across the faces of the characters of the shows he watched. He couldn’t bring himself to change his homescreen either, the image of them laughing and kissing becoming a rather cruel reminder to himself that he had ruined so much, that he was supposed to have been pretending.

Obviously, this affected his work life. It would have affected his social life, too, had he actually had one. He was even grimmer and shorter with customers and higher-ups, and work was even more boring as well. Jin, having quickly caught onto what was happening had started giving him icy looks, and no longer offered him a hit or two of his pot during breaks.

Things peaked on Thursday, when an enraged Jungkook was doing carts. First thing’s first, it was his fault. He was listening to his music (already against the rules), and had most certainly not been watching where he was going, thinking instead about how miserable his life had become, trying to mark it up to anything other than the sudden lack of a certain lilac haired boy in his life. Being in a busy parking lot, this was a very uniwise way to operate, and it backfired, a car pulling out of nowhere, straight into Jungkook’s side.

It was not hard enough for him to sustain any real injury other than a wicked bruise which would show up the next morning, but it was enough to knock him over. Having been caught off guard, and already furious, he hopped up, whipped around, and promptly threw the customer, not one, but two middle fingers.

Namjoon pulled him aside not ten minutes later, “Hey, Jungkook, can we talk in the office, real quick?”

He nodded grimly. He was already well aware that he was going to get in trouble, had pieced it together by the look on the driver’s face, and besides, he was already just hangin’ at rock bottom. There wasn’t a whole lot that could make him feel worse.

“I don’t need to explain to you why you’re here, what with the driving thing just now, right? You know what you did, and know why it’s wrong, yes?”


“You aren’t allowed to be wearing headphones, either, which we’ve already spoken about, too”

“I know”

Namjoon nodded, and sighed, “Listen, Jungkook, Jin has briefed me on your situation with Taehyung, so I, uh, I get it, you got personal shit going on, but this is your job, I’m sorry, but you can’t behave like this at your place of work, is that clear?”

“Yeah,” why did Jin have such a big mouth? Jungkook figured this was not the time to ask.

“We’re um,” he looked down at his hands, “I’m sorry, but we’re gonna have to suspend you for a couple days. And, um. And it has to be unpaid, dude”

Jungkook didn’t answer him.

“I feel bad, man, it’s just,” he pursed his lips, “manager’s orders, and shit, you know. You haven’t been performing super well over the last-”

“No,” Jungkook shook his head, “It’s okay, please don’t explain it, dude, I get it”

“I’m sorry,” he apologised again, “I wouldn’t have been this harsh had it been my decision, just want you to know that,” he reached a hand to rub at the back of his neck, “I have my lunch break in 10, I can drive you home, alright?”

“Wait, I have to leave right this second?”

“Yeah,” it was Namjoon’s turn to avoid his eyes.

Jungkook shrugged, genuinely defeated, “Okay, I’ll be out by your car, dude”


Jungkook wanted to cry, who are we kidding, Jungkook did cry when Tae texted him the next day to ask if he still needed a ride home from work. He read it over guiltily. He was still being considerate, even though Jungkook had blatantly been avoiding him. He decided to reply, only because he didn’t want him to just wait around the parking lot for him. He still cared about him, still liked him, he admitted to himself. That was normal though, right?


Why not?

I got suspended from work

Huh. Why ????

I don’t wanna talk about it

Im sorry dude :/ lemme bring u pizza after work i kno u hate chinese

I dont know man

Please jungkook i miss u


His heart dropped at the last three words. He was a weak man, for Tae, at least. “Just one more time won’t hurt,” he repeated to himself outloud a total of five times before agreeing.

Jungkook literally just stared at the clock until Tae texted him to buzz him into the building. Well technically, he’d been watching TV, but his eyes rested on the clock on his cable box the entire time instead.

He let Tae throw himself into his arms as he entered his apartment, but made the extremely difficult decision not to hug him back, even though it felt like a glass of ice cold water on a boiling summer day. He still buried his head in the nape of his neck, though, still breathed in the scent of grease and soy sauce he probably shouldn’t have liked that Taehyung always smelled of after work. And it felt so good. Why did it have to feel that good? Why was Jungkook able to completely forget about his depression the second he felt Tae’s heartbeat against his?

He should not have let him come over. He was back to square one within minutes of plopping down on the couch next to Tae, the hug catapulting him into confusion, and very heavy reminiscence. He avoided his eyes as they munched on their pizza in a mildly tense silence, unable to bring himself to meet them.  

After they were done eating, Tae cleared his throat, “You look beat”

“I am,” he kept his eyes fixed on the TV.

Tae reached out to touch his thigh, “Bet I could make you feel better”

He could feel Tae leaning in, and he wanted absolutely nothing more than to meet him halfway. He wanted taste him, pull him onto his lap, and reacquaint himself with the feeling of his eyelashes fluttering softly against his cheek and the warm rumble the resonated throughout his whole body when Tae moaned into his mouth, but that right there was the problem. Jungkook was basically dying for it. So he shifted away uncomfortably, swiping Tae's hand off of his leg, "I, um, not-I'm not in the mood"
Tae clenched his jaw, pausing a second before saying, "We need to talk. Right now"
"About what?," Jungkook feigned ignorance.
"You know damn well what, dude. You. Us. This"
"What about this?"
"You are impossible," he groaned, standing up, "you fucking ass. On the 2% chance you're not just trying to wiggle out of this conversation, let me spell it out for you. You keep tugging me around like a fucking dog on a leash, and you know what? I'm not gonna keep letting you"
"Wait, what?," Jungkook asked, confused.
Tae laughed humorlessly, "You take me to see your parents fucking summer house, and quite literally act like my real, actual boyfriend when we're supposed to be pretending. You kiss me when no one is watching, you snuggle me to bed, you hold my fucking hand, whisper all these sweet nothings into my ear, make me feel special. And then, right when I start to let my guard down, and think, hey, maybe Jungkook is actually going to treat me good, ask me out, confirm what I thought we both felt, you kiss me goodbye and then ghost me. That's not fucking fair," he pulled at his hair, "It's rude, and you're playing with my feelings! I feel used, do you not understand that?

“You know what it feels like? I'll tell you what it feels like. It feels like you took me, you exhausted me of all my resources, used me to make your parents happy, and to get off an obscene amount of times, and then you discarded me like a fucking candy wrapper.

“And then, when I try and come here to figure things out, you're the same old cold, emotionally absent person you were before. You can't just treat me the way you did out of the fucking blue, and then act like it never happened with no explanation as to why things are different when you get bored, or whatever the fuck is going on. Even if you are just confused about what you want, and this whole thing is me misunderstanding, you still aren't treating me the way I deserve to be treated. You're being inconsiderate either fucking way. I'm not some rag doll that you can snap at, stick your dick in, and use solely for your own entertainment"
"Wow," Jungkook scoffed, suddenly on the defence, "you really do not know me at all. Like whatsoever, how can you even call us friends if you think that-"
"You always fucking do this, Jungkook! You ALWAYS, always, always pull that 'we aren't friends I don't even like you' fucking BULLSHIT whenever there's some sort of threat that you're gonna let me see who you really are, and build any kind of fucking relationship.

“You wanna know what I think?," Tae asked bitterly, "I think you love to do that because you're an emotionally closed off person who has never been close to anyone before, so you don't know how to read your own feelings, and you're scared to open up because you want to stay the same, unaffected macho guy you've always been. And you're comfortable with that, you don't wanna get hurt, so your instinct is to push people away, I get it. But you know what? Welcome to the real world. Everyone is scared of getting hurt, Jungkook, myself included, but it's cowardly not to take a chance when there’s potential for something great," he motioned his arm between them, seeming certain that Jungkook would misread him otherwise, "What you're doing is being a coward" He blinked back tears, "All this to save yourself from something that could make you so happy. Do you ever think about how much you're hurting me too?"

He let out a deep breath, looking to the ceiling to collect his thoughts before he continued, "And I know you're gonna snap back at me with some bullshit about how you didn't ever actually care about me, and that I'm the one reading too much into it, but save it, okay? You might not know this, but you are the single most transparent person ever. You looked at me like I was the fucking sun, moon, and stars, you remembered all these little useless details about me, you kissed me so... you kissed me like you meant it, Jungkook. Did it not feel good? Did you not feel happy when had that tickle fight in the lake, and you smiled into my mouth so fucking wide I thought you were trying to swallow my face? Or what about when we fucked later that night and you were so wrapped up in just kissing me that you forgot we were even supposed to have sex?

“I felt so good about us, I thought we were on the same page. So unless you're an Oscar worthy actor, which I doubt you are, you need to remove your head from where it's shoved so far up your ass it's reached your colon, and come to terms with what's going on here. Or what went on, who knows? Maybe you're just over it, seen what you needed to see"
It took Jungkook a second to recognise that Tae had, for the most part, hit the nail on the head, but when he did, he immediately burst into a fit of tears, burying his head in his hands as his sluggish brain tried its hardest to process everything he had just laid on him. Once he had, his sobs grew deeper, guilt overcoming him as he began to recognise how selfish he'd been. He'd known Tae had been interested in him the whole time, but hadn’t given it much consideration, not even giving his feelings the time of day, prioritising his own peace of mind.

He was right, he really did care, and god did he wish he didn't, the ache in his chest now tripling as he imagined Tae, sweet, funny, Tae sitting alone and confused as he waited for a text from Jungkook.

He wanted to throw up the very small amount of food he’d been able to feed himself, but he desperately needed to apologise, even he recognised that. And he needed to do so before Tae got sick of his crying and stormed out the door, and Jungkook had to face the risk of really losing him. "I'd never use you," was all he could choke out over his tears, "You're right, Tae, it's all right. A-," he coughed, "aside from the using thing. You're right," he tried desperately to come up with some sort of grand apology, or at least something meaningful, but he blanked, wishing pathetically only for Tae to rush back to his side and help him. Like he always did. And Jungkook hadn't even thanked him once for any of it.
He felt the opposite end of the sofa sink in, and he let himself feel better, though only slightly, glad that at least Tae had stayed.
He willed himself to stop crying, regretting having let his depression simply build the way it did as the tears failed to stop, the emotions he'd be trying so desperately to just will out of existence suddenly flooding out of him, "I'm sorry, Taehyung," he muttered, hoping he had conveyed the amount of sincerity he felt, "I'm so confused"
He listened for Tae to do or say anything, and he did, feeling him begin to shift closer.

Almost as if this counted as consent, Jungkook scrambled over to his side, jamming his face into his shoulder, and wrapping his arms around him, "I'm so sorry," he said again, nuzzling into his neck.

It was comforting, and though he hadn't moved to put his arm around him, or even say anything, being so close to him was enough to help his cries slow, "I was being selfish, and how you might have felt never even occurred to me. I just," he shamelessly wiped his runny nose on Tae’s shirt, "I don't like feelings. I don't like them, and I wanted them to go away. Everything at the lake house felt too good," he hiccuped, "too good and I forgot that things between us were ever any other way until I got back home and realised that it wasn't real, and that I got carried away, and the only thing I thought would work was if I just decided to sever ties, but I'm so sad, now Tae. It made me more sad than I've been in forever"
"Can you admit that you care about me, then?"
Jungkook nodded, still too ashamed at his behaviour to meet Tae's gaze, "Yeah"
"Then say it"
"Look me in the eye and tell me you care about me, and that you're sorry"
I essentially already did, Jungkook wanted to argue, but he was too smart for that. He looked up, suddenly feeling all too insecure as Tae's eyes bored into his own, "I care about you, Kim Taehyung, and I am so sorry for putting you through all this"
Tae just nodded, "I accept your apology, Kookie, I can tell how fucked up you are over this"
Jungkook just let the term 'Kookie' slip, dragging himself up off of the couch to collapse on his back on the bed, "Can you come lay down with me?," he felt self conscious asking such a question, and jittered, fearing rejection as Tae paused for a second before replying.
"I won't sleep with you right now"
"I just... I need a," he cleared his throat clumsily, glad that at least now he didn't have to face him, "I need a hug"
Tae just sighed, shuffling over, and laying down beside him, letting Jungkook make the first move to cuddle up to him, before he curled his arm around his shoulder. Judging by his body language, Tae had not yet forgiven Jungkook, and he would probably be mad for another while, Jungkook figured, but for now, this was enough. He knew deep down he could make this up, he was good at doing things he set his mind to, he always had been.
"Can you please just tell me next time you're having a problem? I don't even need to like come over or anything, it just would have saved me a whole lot of angst had you at least told me what was up"
"I didn't know how to word it up until about right now," he admitted, “but I feel like I might have depression, or something”
“I can see that,” Tae nodded, giving him a pitying look, "I would have accepted a simple, ‘I need time to think’, though"
"I will next time," he sniffled.
"Do you promise?"
"Yeah," Jungkook stuck out his pinky.
Tae let himself laugh a little, intertwining his own, "There's probably a more adult way to make promises"
"Yeah, there's a more adult way to deal with shit like this, too, and I didn't opt to take that path either, so"
"Do you feel better now that you've let some of it off your chest, and things are more out in the open, at least?"
"I don't know, it feels weird, but yeah, I guess I'm relieved, too"
"I'm glad we had this talk"
"Yeah," Jungkook yawned, the past couple sleepless nights catching up to him.
"Keeping things under wraps like that gives you major insomnia, doesn't it?"
"Is that what that is?"
"Wow. I almost don't blame you for being a total piece of shit, you really are oblivious"
Jungkook's face fell at his words, and yet again, all he could think about was how right Tae was about him mistreating him.
Looking down at him and seeing this, he sighed, "Hey, it's okay, dude, I forgive you, alright? All you needed to do was be honest, and you were, so I respect that"
"Are you still mad?"
"I am"
"Oh," and then, "I guess I understand"
"Just give me some time," Tae hummed, "Go to sleep, Jungkook"
"Can you-"
"Yeah, fine, I'll stay"

Chapter Text

For once, Jungkook was awake before Tae, and he couldn't have been happier.

Well, no, he still wasn't happy, per say, but grateful. Grateful that Tae had pushed to come over, grateful they had had whatever argument they'd had last night, grateful he'd spent the night. Grateful things had potential to go back to the way they were.

Ignoring Tae was such a stupid, idiotic, incredibly dense choice, Jungkook finally realised, because holy shit, had he believed in heaven, this, he decided, would be it.

The first rays of sun were leaking through the half shut blinds, falling in stripes across the tiny mole on Tae’s nose, and his long, thick lashes. The steady rise and fall of his chest, and the soft, deep snores that were escaping the back of his throat felt like home to Jungkook.

It felt like a much needed reunion, like a breath of fresh air after swimming underwater, like a nice, heated room on a frigid winter's day.

He thought back to what Tae had said last night, about how getting things off one’s chest was a huge release, and begrudgingly admitted to himself that he was right.

There were more conversations to be had about their relationship, more negotiations, explaining, more awkwardness, and Jungkook knew he would have to fight to regain Tae’s full approval, but for now, he didn't have to worry about any of that.

For now, he could do nothing more than enjoy the way their skin felt pressed against each other’s, and how much less miserable he was when he was by his side. There were no problems at 8am, not today, at least.

Jungkook shut his eyes, and pretended to be asleep when he felt the other begin to stir below him. Tae, in a half conscious state, rubbed his face in Jungkook’s hair, and sighed. It was a happy sigh, Jungkook thought to himself, relieved, crossing his fingers on the off chance Tae would kiss him awake the way he had after their nap on the weekend.

In all honesty, that’s what Jungkook wanted to do. Kiss him awake, that is, gently coax him into consciousness in the sweetest way possible, but he knew that that would be overstepping his boundaries. Admittedly very afraid of setting Tae off (for once), he kept to himself. He remembered last night, how Tae had accepted his apology, but was still mad. Jungkook knew he deserved it. In fact, he probably deserved much worse. He hadn't an idea in the world what had possessed him to even agree to sleepover, to agree to spend the night with someone who had done him so wrong.

After a second, though, Tae seemed to recognise the situation he was in and stiffened, presumably in panic.

Jungkook decided to swap being fake asleep for the other’s comfort, “We didn't sleep together, don't worry”

He sighed, “I told myself I wasn't just going to keep forgiving you, man”

“Oh,” Jungkook tried not to sound as depressed as his comment had made him feel.

He started to move away, wanting to give the other space, but he tightened his arm around his shoulder, keeping him in place.  

They didn't say anything for a couple minutes, Jungkook just staring at the unsteady rise and fall of the others chest before speaking up, “Why did you come?”

“Jin told me how exactly you got suspended, and how your homescreen was literally us kissing… I wasn't going to, I was just gonna leave it alone, give you what you wanted ,” Jungkook froze in shame, “but, ugh,” Tae shook his head, “I don’t know. I just… I know how clueless you are I couldn't simply leave it. I felt like there had to be something else to it”

He blushed. Of course Jin had caught sight of his homescreen, “I'm… I'm happy you didn’t, Tae”

He hummed in agreement, “Things need to change, though”

Anxious, Jungkook all but cut him off, “Yes. Yeah, okay where do you wanna go with this?”

“I'll give you three options”

Oh no, Jungkook felt anxiety in his bubble chest, “What?”

“First, we just be friends. But that's it. No sex, no date type things, no random kisses, no hand holding, oh and certainly no cuddling. No… none of that”

“That's all the good stuff, though”

“Well, yeah, duh”

“What are the other options?”

“Well… we can just end things altogether. You know. Just call it qui-”

“No. Tae, no,” Jungkook interrupted, “this past week has been literally the worst one I've ever lived through”

Tae was quiet for a second, “No offence, Jungkook, but you're so dumb”

Jungkook normally would have snapped at him for this, rolled his eyes, at least, but this time he just agreed, “Very dumb. But what’s option three?”

Jungkook knew damn well what option three was, but he wanted to hear it come from the others mouth.

“Hear me out, okay?”

Jungkook nodded.

“I mean Jungkook, all weekend, like, the way we were acting was like we were like actually dating. Like in a relationship. And I liked that. A lot, actually. And… and I feel like you liked it too? You know the kissing and cuddling, and in town you know all that shit we did. That's like boyfriend stuff”

Jungkook nodded again.

“So you know, if you're not super against it, maybe we should try…. it. Like, dating, I mean. It doesn't have to be like a long term commitment, like we can obviously break things off whenever if you don't- if you don't like it,” he gulped nervously, “but, um, I think that… well, I think we should see where it takes us, Jungkook”

Jungkook wanted to answer him immediately, had planned to, but still, hearing the words out loud raised mixed feelings.

“Tae, I uh, I just wanna make one thing clear, okay?”


“I want you in my life, regardless, alright? Like no matter what I want us to know and see each other, and be on good terms”

“But?,” he could tell Tae was already losing hope.

“Hey, okay, I'm not saying yes or no to anything, okay, don't… don't feel bad right now, alright? It's just,” he sighed, “you gotta admit this is happening super fast, Tae”

“I…. I mean I guess”

“Well for me it is, at least, it's only been a couple months, and I've never really,” Jungkook thought for a second, being sure to chose his words meticulously, “had… a thing with anyone before, so I'm just a little. I'm just,” okay so choosing words carefully clearly didn't equate to eloquence, “it's new for me, is all, and I just don't wanna give you an answer until I'm sure”

Tae nodded, “What happened last weekend, though, Kook?”

“What do you mean?”

“We sorta... we left the house, and suddenly you pulled a complete 180, and turned into this sweet, doting, person”

“Turned into?”

Tae ignored this, “No, really, did something happen?”

Jungkook was quiet for a second, “Remember in the motel room when you-”

“Yeah,” Tae cut off, his chest heating up against Jungkook’s cheek. They both shifted their hips away from one another. This was not the time nor the place to pop a boner.

“When you… when you started talking to me, I just,” he gulped at the memory, “I realised that I had never wanted anything that bad in my entire life. And. And, I, like, I thought it was just lust at first, like, I thought it was just me wanting to fuck you, you know?”


“Then when you came over and touched me- and I’m not talking when you started riding me, like, I remember your hand touched my shoulder first and it was- I don’t know Tae. I don’t think there’s a word for it. But suddenly everything was so different”

“Is that why you said, ‘God, Taehyung, what the hell are you doing to me,’ after?”

“I said that out loud?”


“What’s with that tone?”

Jungkook felt him shake his head.

“No, come on, I’m telling you all this personal shit. Which you know is something I do not do, like it’s hard and uncomfortable for me, okay? So can you please give me the same treatment?”

“Okay, I understand,” Tae said, arranging his thoughts, “It’s just. Jungkook, what you’re describing to me is like… I don’t want to sound like a self obsessed asshole right now, but if you’re accurately describing your feelings, it sounds like you like me, and a lot. I just don’t get why we can’t just date? It’s not that different from what we’ve been doing, dude, and you clearly like it, so?”

“I’m just new to this, Tae”

“We all have been at some point, though. It’s a pretty regular part of being human. Like people get in relationships, fall in- fall for eachother, you know? It happens, and it’s fun”

“Yeah, but I mean look at how much I’ve been fucking with your head, without even really noticing it, too. Like, and we aren’t even together. How are you not paranoid about me totally screwing you over?”

“No offence, Kook, but I know you’re going to hurt me. Like you’re going to keep hurting me. And most of it will be forgivable, and some of it won’t. And I’ll probably hurt you too, and confuse you-”


“No, let me finish,” he stopped him, “We already spoke about this last night, you need to be ready to take risks, Jungkook, you need to have the courage to try, and accept that relationships are hard, and scary, and sometimes people can get hurt. That doesn’t mean they aren’t worth it, though. So many beautiful things, memories, jokes, whatever come out of relationships, and they can make you so happy. Just imagine last weekend, but better, but with less confusion. Jungkook, I could make you so happy. You could make me so happy, come on”

“I still want to think, Tae, please respect me on this one. I just don’t want to make things worse, like I always seem to do. I do… I do like you as a person, genuinely,” he blinked, “That felt good to finally say”

“If you weren’t so emotionally unstable, I’d be kind of offended by that last part”


Tae reached to fiddle with Jungkook’s hair, “Do you really think you could just be my friend, though? We’re really attracted to each other, Jungkook, sexually, if nothing else”

“Ideally I could try my best to make it work, I think,” it was only a half lie.

“We can’t like, cuddle like this if we’re friends. Like all this shit you do, holding my hand, you know, all that shit, you do realise that, right?”

“Don’t take this question the wrong way, I’m not… like I just wanna know your reasoning here, alright?”


“Why isn’t just sleeping together an option?”

“I can’t, Jungkook, I really like you”

He allowed himself to smile a little.

“It just is a little too much for me. I’ve felt like it was a bad idea for a while now, but I just can’t, this is gonna sound tacky,” he chuckled, “Can’t resist you”

“That does sound tacky,” Jungkook snorted, “But I think. I mean, let’s be honest, I have no idea if I can hack the friends thing, either. Like this,” he motioned at how they were lying, “I can’t imagine a world where Tae and Jungkook don’t… do this”


“Fine, cuddle”

“I’ll give you time to think, if you really need it”

“I do, Tae, I’m sorry, I know I’m disappointing you, but-”

“No, I’m kinda being selfish, I’ll own up to that. I’ll give you a week, how’s that sound?”

Jungkook nodded, “That’s reasonable- wait, why are you moving?”


“Oh,” he breathed, “Are you opening today?”

“Sadly. Can you, uh, move?”

Jungkook begrudgingly complied, “Can I see you before next Friday?”

“Not to hook up. Or cuddle. Just as friends. Unless you make up your mind sooner, that is”

Jungkook grimaced.

“I will never understand you, Jeon Jungkook”

“Why’s that?”

“You just told me you aren’t sure you wanna date, but then looked like you’d rather die than just chill as strictly friends. Yet you claim you don’t need to hook up with me to have me around”

Jungkook just blinked at him.

“Are you gonna try and explain yourself?”

“No, because I don’t get it either”

Tae shook his head, grabbing his keys off the coffee table, “Okay, I’m off. Stop ignoring my texts, please, and I’ll see you hopefully before Friday”

“Can I have a kiss, Tae, please, before this week of whatever this is starts?”

Tae clenched his jaw, “I really shouldn’t. I should hold my ground”

Jungkook’s face fell, “That’s okay, I guess”


He raised his eyebrows in hope.

“I already admitted I literally cannot resist you, so,” he was back by Jungkook’s bedside in a minute, climbing to straddle him, and pressing his lips to his, permitting Jungkook to kiss back for an all too short 15 seconds before pulling away, “Goodbye, Jungkook”

The smaller of the two had to pry his hands off his waist as he muttered, “Goodbye, Taehyung,” unable to tear his eyes away from the boy above him, “Thanks for being so understanding”  

Jungkook swore to god it got a solid ten degrees colder, and it got a little darker the second the door slammed shut behind him.


He thought for a while, doing nothing but staring out the window as he considered his options, and what he wanted to do. He already knew the answer, kind of, but still, this felt like it was the biggest decision Jungkook ever had to make.

What Tae had said earlier had been correct, he was confusing, and very much so. The obvious answer to Jungkook should have been to just start dating. I mean, the more he actually thought about it, imagined it, the idea of being just friends with Tae? Unfathomable. Not when he knew what it felt like to be inside him, to hold his hand, to kiss him sweetly. He knew he would probably never be able to see him any other way, because that was his ideal image of him. Tae as his… well, the word was boyfriend.

If Jungkook was the best version of himself, he could totally make friendship work. But he was not, not by a long shot. No, if they tried to be friends, it could just make things tense. Not being able to be affectionate towards him made him antsy, like it had last night. Until they’d touched, that is.

Tae was right, he realised, sighing to himself, he was being a coward. A coward that couldn’t just face his feelings head on, a coward that was too afraid to let himself be carried into something that could potentially make his life so much better.

He needed to talk this out with someone, but who? Jin was certainly not a viable option, and obviously, neither was Namjoon (they were barely even acquainted, in all honesty), and he didn’t really feel like coming clean to his parents for advice.

That left the only other person he knew well enough, Junghyun. He mulled it over for a minute. As far as he knew, if he asked his brother not to rat him out, he probably wouldn’t. Plus, he had had a fair few girlfriends, so he knew much more about relationships.

Jungkook, being a millennial, was originally planning on texting Junghyun, but his anxiety soon got the better of him, and he called instead.

It was already very clear to him that his decision would be made much before Friday.


“Junghyun, hey”

“What…. what's up, dude, is everything okay? Are mom and dad hurt?”

“What? No? Why would you think that”

“You never call”

“I uh… need advice”

He snorted, “Shoot”

“It's about Tae-”

“Oh, Mr Perfect Relationship having troubles now, is he?,” he slurred into the receiver.

“Are you hammered or what?”


“Are you fucking kidding me,” he groaned.

“Dude, it's like the middle of the night here, give me a BREAK”

Jungkook flinched, “Jesus, you're loud fucking drunk, aren't you?”

“You're an assssssshoooollllleeeeee. Do you want advice or not?”


“Then stop. Dissing me. You slut”

Jungkook disregarded this, “Anyways, Tae wants to start dating and I'm not-”

“Wait, What? Jungkookjungkookjungkook, stop”

Oh, Jungkook remembered, he needed context, “Uh, right, so basically we lied about dating we were just hooking up, and shit happened at that family thing and then we had to lie-”

“Wait, what happened at the family thing?”

“It's not important”

Junghyun snickered, “I feel like it probably is if you want my advice”

“Asshole,” he grumbled, “fine, Mina and Soon-Yi walked in on us hooking up in the bathroom”

“That's pretty trashy, dude”

“Okay, yes, Junghyun,” wow, he was annoying when he was fucked up, “can you help me now, please?”

“Wait, no, this is too good. You weren't together this entire time?”


“Todd,” he yelled, not bothering to remove the receiver from his mouth, “TODD. TODD, come here. Yeah, no remember that guy I told you my brother is TOTALLY embarrassingly dick whipped for? The one he follows around like a goddamn puppy? They weren't even together. He's just like… obsessed or something,” he guffawed, and Jungkook heard whoever Todd was do the same. Junghyun caught his breath, “right anyways-”

“I heard all of that”

“What's your point?”

“Doesn't matter,” Jungkook rolled his eyes, “help me”

“Dude I thought yall were like secretly engaged or something. Wait. Are you joking? Like did you call to prank me? Is Tae with you? HEY TAE,” he screamed, “can he hear me? Did he say hi?”

“No, Jesus, shut up, he's not here, fuckass”

“RUDE. But anyways, if you're serious about all this I have NO clue what your problem is you're like in love with him obviously you transparent ass bitch

“Is this actually Junghyun?”

“What? Why? Yeah, no shit”

“You don't usually talk like this?”

“You haven't seen fun Junghyun”

Figuring that he'd got about as much out of his brother as he was going to he said, “Whatever. I'm out. Uh. Don't get alcohol poisoning, I guess”

“Thanks for the kind words, fam”

“Did you just say fam?”

Junghyun had already hung up.

In the way of solid advice, Jungkook had gotten next to nothing, but on the other hand, he had more or less gathered the reality of their situation from an outside perspective, which was helpful.

Not that it didn't tell him anything he didn't already secretly know, though.

There was only one thing left that Jungkook could think to do to finalize his decision.

Yo Tae


Yo Jungkook


Wanna go like grab a meal as friends or something




Test run on friendship


….I guess


When u get off work then

Uhhhh like 7ish I think?


Can we do dinner plz ?????


Sure I'll pick u up when I'm out




The few hours Jungkook did have to wait felt like a whole entire lifetime.

And then so did the dinner. Considering he had to treat Tae differently, that is.

It was near unbearable, much worse than he'd thought it'd be. You see, he genuinely had not noticed that every single thought, impulse, urge that crossed his mind had to do with touching Tae somehow, or treating him in a flirty way.

When he got into the car, he wanted to kiss him hello, when laid his hand on the table, Jungkook wanted to grab it, when they walked through the parking lot, he wanted to curl his arm around his waist.

And Jungkook had poor impulse control, making it so that he had to all but physically place an arm on his leg from reaching out to play with Tae’s under the table.

Tae was really going through it, too, or so it seemed. He was very obviously, with lack for a better word, thirsty as all hell for Jungkook, practically drooling at him from across the table the entire time. Not sleeping together for a week (which was admittedly a pathetically short amount of time) really wasn’t treating either of them all too well.

In a painfully cliche moment, Tae got pasta sauce on his face, and Jungkook wanted nothing more than to lick it off. Which he couldn't stop thinking about, eyes fixed on the little red spot on the corner of his mouth.

“Lost in the sauce, Kookie?”

“What?,” he blinked, snapping out of his trance. He registered what he had said, and laughed at the unintentional pun.

“You're looking at me like I've got something on my face”

“You do”

Tae didn't make a move to look away from Jungkook.

“Can I wipe it off?”

“Yeah, but like, not in a gay way though, okay? Remember the rules?”

Jungkook nodded, but mentally noted that it looked a lot like Tae was saying all this out loud more for himself than Jungkook.

Tae scooted forward, and god, all Jungkook could think about was kissing him, just leaning over the table and grabbing his face to bite and lick at his lips.

But he (somehow) kept his self composure, deciding that, fuck the napkin, he’d just use his finger. Jungkook planned to “mistakenly” touch Tae’s lips. I mean, he only wanted to graze them, just see whether they were as soft as they usually were.

So he did. Touch them, at least. The term ‘graze’ was sort of an understatement, being as he quite literally held his thumb to them, going as far as to press in a little, feel the plush, pillowy texture, before their waiter came over to ask if everything was going okay. Everything was not okay, Jungkook wanted to tell him, but he just nodded and smiled instead.

Jungkook almost felt bad for cheating, breaking the rules, but god had it been worth it. The look in Tae’s eyes enough to have his heart hammering in his chest.

“Jungkook,” Tae sighed, sounding an awful like he'd just run a marathon, “I thought I said no homo?”

“I know,” he looked down, feigning guilt, “I didn't mean to…”

Tae narrowed his eyes, almost as if to say, ‘I feel like you totally did,’ but ultimately kept his mouth shut.

Jungkook offered to drive on the way home, mostly because Tae had somehow managed to have had a whooping five (5!) margaritas at dinner. As a result of him being inebriated, he must have either let his guard slip, deemed his actions totally appropriate, or simply stopped caring, because he ran his hand up and down Jungkook’s leg the whole time, staring at, you guessed it, his crotch.

A part of Jungkook was very excited at the prospect of a potential quickie, but the other part, the part that knew that showing Tae the respect he deserved was much more important than cumming, helped him keep his head on his shoulders. Jungkook needed to be smart enough to realise that if he actually made a move tonight, it would probably be the end of everything, and he would have solidified himself as a borderline predatory fuckboy. He still let his hand be, though, that wasn't really doing any harm.

When they pulled into Jungkook’s parking lot, something dawned on him, “You can't drive home, Tae”

“Who says?”

“Um, the law, maybe? Me, definitely? Drunk driving is dangerous, dumbass”

“I'm not that-” he hiccuped, “you know what fine, but I'm not a lightweight, okay? They really dumped the tequila in this time. Like, dude, I've had their margaritas, they used to be weak as shit that's why I got so many”

“I'm not… doesn't matter. What now?”

“Friends can have sleepovers, Jungkook”

“Yeah, but Tae, can we ? Like honestly, is this a good idea?”

“Since when are you suddenly all self aware?”

“Since I decided I don’t wanna ruin our relationship, maybe?,” he meant it as a joke, but it rang all too true, and Tae’s smile faded.

“You’re right, Jungkookie”

“You still can't call me that”

“But it's cute”

“That's not very platonic of you, Taehyung”

“Hey! I'm not the one that just wants to be friends, okay?”

“I can drive you home, and then just like… drive the car over tomorrow”

“That's work, though”

“If you wanna spend the night just say it”

“Fine. I wanna spend the night”

“Fine,” Jungkook cut the engine shakily, genuinely unaware of where he was going to find the self control to keep his hands off Tae, “let’s go”

Tae leaned on his shoulder as they stumbled into the bathroom to get ready for bed. Now, for obvious reasons, this was rough for Jungkook, and he tried not to snap at Tae nervously as he shoved his toothbrush out at him.

“Aw, you kept it?”

“Kept what?,” Jungkook asked, very focused on applying paste to his toothbrush.

“My toothbrush, that's so cute”

“Tae, stop flirting with me, I'm serious, okay?”

“How am I flirting with you?,” he asked, holding a hand to his chest in mock offence.

“You called me cute twice in less than 15 minutes”

“I'm just being honest,” he sighed dejectedly, finally moving to brush his teeth.

“Hey, where are you going?,” Tae asked Jungkook as he grabbed his pillow and chucked it at the couch.

“To bed, Tae”

“Why so far away?”

“Because were strictly platonic guy friends”

“Yeah, this is normal for friends, though”

“Tae,” he pinched his nose, beginning to feel irritation at the games the other was intent on playing, “we can't do this. We both know we can't do this, and if we do you're gonna be pissed in the morning, and it'll be all my fault because I'm the sober one here, so please do not put me in this position, alright?”

“If you agreed to date me-”

“Stop, Tae, I really am not in the mood to have this conversation right now, alright?”

Reading his admittedly harsh tone, Tae closed his mouth, “Fine. You're right, I guess,” he rolled his eyes, as if Jungkook was being the biggest buzzkill in the world, “I'll take the couch”

“You don't have to-”

“I'm sure,” he threw the remaining pillow at Jungkook, “come sleep”

“I'm not getting in that bed until you're out”

“Why are you being this stuck up?”

“Because you're trying to seduce me, Taehyung”

“Whatever,” he huffed, rising from the bed, and making his way across the room.

“Oh my god, Tae, see you literally have a boner right now!”

Tae turned bright red, and tried to stutter out some sort of comeback, but failed miserably.

“Goodnight,” Jungkook sighed from where he had settled into his own mattress.

“Night, Jungkook”

Jungkook had suspected that Tae had been so adamant on taking the couch so he could sneak back into bed once he assumed the other was asleep, so he tested it, waiting around ten minutes before letting out a couple fake snores.
He was right of course, and not 90 seconds after he did, he heard him tiptoe over, and surprisingly stealthily peel back the sheets, before crawling into bed with him.
Jungkook hadn't really planned on kicking him out, though. No, in fact he pretended to shift in his sleep to move closer, and 'stretch' his arm so it fell 'by chance' over Tae's waist.
The lilac haired boy hummed happily, and gently wrapped his palm around his neck to guide him closer.
If Jungkook knew one thing, it was this: this entire situation was definitely pretty fucking gay.

Chapter Text

“How’s the hangover?,” Jungkook yawned as he woke up to Tae staring down at him.

He tried to look away casually, “Why would I-,” he cleared his throat, “Oh, yeah, this headache is killing me”

“Wait a second,” Jungkook sat up and narrowed his eyes, “Did you almost just ask why you would be hungover?”

“And why would I do that?,” he chuckled nervously.

“Where’s the receipt from last night”

“I don’t think we took it-”

“Nope, I have it,” he grabbed his jeans off the floor and pulled it out of his pocket, “Okay, Tae, says here you ordered five virgin margaritas, care to explain?”

“Hey, honestly, the bill was pretty reasonable-”

“Tae. Hyung”

“Fine. Whatever. I faked being drunk so I could stay over. You wouldn’t have let me otherwise. Sue me”

Jungkook found this very cute, and let an out an amused laugh before laying back down, “You’re right, I probably wouldn’t have”

“That’s um, that’s really good of you to like respect my space last night, though”

Jungkook hummed.

There was a moment of silence before he spoke again, “We can’t do this, Jungkook”

“I know,” he bit his lip.

“Do you really still need to think about it? I mean there really aren’t too many other options, here”

“I know, man, you’re right,” Jungkook looked over at Tae, who was lying on his back beside him, and studied his face, his lips, he slope of his neck, and his delicate collarbones which stuck out of the shirt Jungkook had lent him. Jesus fucking christ, was he so blindingly beautiful.

He looked back up at the ceiling, “I think… I think I’m ready to do this, Tae”

Tae stopped breathing, “Please tell me you’re talking about what I think you’re talking about”

“Let’s… let’s just start dating. Let’s do it. I can’t really think of any better way to have you in my life”

“THANK FUCK,” Tae screamed, taking no time to literally jump on top of him, and attack his mouth.

Jungkook reacted immediately, wrapping his arms around his chest to pull him so he was laying down on top of him, and pressing back with equal vigour.

And holy shit was it refreshing. Jungkook had missed it so much, missed the way Tae kissed him so hard he couldn’t tell where he ended and the other began, missed the feel of his heavy breath blowing hot against his cheek, missed the fireworks in his chest he always felt when Tae reached up to cup his face.

“I’ve wanted this so bad, Jungkook, god,” he moaned, voice trembling as he met Jungkook’s eyes.

“Fuck, Tae, me too, jesus,” Jungkook replied. He tugged at the hem of his shirt, “Off, I wanna feel your skin against mine, baby”

Tae complied, giggling at the pet name Jungkook loved to call him, “You too”

Jungkook pulled off his own shirt before yanking him back down, and relatching their lips.

The kiss was so thirsty, and deep, both boys having been absolutely starved, and they took no time to open their mouths, enthusiastically licking into one another’s in an attempt to refamiliarise themselves with something they’d missed so much.

Jungkook didn’t mind his morning breath, in fact he enjoyed it, enjoyed his dry tongue and the hoarse noises that escaped him, because it felt real. It felt like they didn’t need to care about anything other than getting as caught up in one another as they possibly could.

He didn’t even try to turn his attention down to Tae’s neck like he usually did. No, he realised, he had wanted his mouth so bad, and still did. Wanted his warm tongue, and big lips, wanted his face pressed to his, wanted his lashes to tickle his cheeks, and to feel the vibrations of Tae’s satisfied grunts resonating through his skull.

He ran his hands up and down his torso instead, kneading and massaging him in order to remember each bump, crevice, and scar on his body. Then something dawned on him, “Taehyung, wait”

“What?,” he sat back, very clearly dazed.

“Does this mean you’re mine?”

“What kind of question is that?”

“I don’t know. You feel like… I don’t know. Forget it,” he muttered, as per usual, perplexed by his own words.

“Yes, Jungkook, technically I am yours, not your property, but in a way, I gue-”

These words elicited a wave of joy in Jungkook, and he cut him off, pulling him back down into him, “Fuck,” he muttered, “Fuck, Taehyung,” he slipped his tongue into his mouth, letting out a plethora of barely decipherable mine ’s between kisses.

Tae also seemed to be very pleased by this idea, his own confusion melting away as he grinned into his mouth, and guided his hands back up to his sides, “Keep touching me, baby”

Jungkook was planning on doing so anyways, and began tracing his hands up his back, enjoying the goosebumps that rose under his fingertips.

And that’s how they stayed, doing nothing more than kissing, last night’s lust totally forgotten in favour of the concept of finally being together. They had all the time in the goddamn world! Jungkook laughed.

And so did Taehyung, wordlessly understanding the root of his delight. Jungkook went to pinch Tae’s sides, making him squirm, and taking advantage of his ticklishness to flip them over so he was on top.

Surprisingly gentle, Jungkook continued kissing him, savouring him, and this new feeling. Well, no, it wasn’t quite, new, not by a long shot. It had just recently surfaced, had just come to a head. It felt amazing to accept. It wasn’t at all scary, anxiety inducing, or nerve wracking, like Jungkook had thought it might be.

It felt quite natural, actually, felt like the next step that the two of them were supposed to take. Jungkook wondered what exactly he had been so afraid of. Wondered why he would even think there would be any negative connotations to something like this.

He broke away, and just stared down at his boyfriend for a little too long, prompting said boy to ask, “What is it?”

Jungkook shook his head, “What’s wrong with me? Why did I wait so long, babe, god, I’m so dumb

Tae laughed, “See, I told you”

Funny how a label could make such a difference.


Taehyung stayed the entire day, going as far as to call in (love)sick from work to do nothing but lay in bed together and catch up, joke around, and fill each other in on what they had missed since they’d stopped talking.

And Jungkook found himself genuinely interested in everything that left his mouth, regardless of whether it was a briefing of the Game of Thrones finale (which Jungkook didn’t even like), or it was a simple overview of his shift at work the previous day.

They just couldn’t seem to stop touching either, their fingers constantly tracing over each other to study the different parts of the their bodies, or simply intertwining to hold hands. Jungkook decided he liked Tae’s smooth tummy the best, the soft, flawless honey skin feeling like velvet under his palm.

“Where should we go on our first... d-date?,” Jungkook asked as they sat crisscross on the floor, feeding each other sushi.

“What’s a ‘duhdate’, Jungkook, enlighten me”

Jungkook rolled his eyes, “Keep roasting me, why don’t you. But actually, I want to take you somewhere you’ll like”

“Aren’t you dumb broke?”

“Miserably, yes, thanks for reminding me”

“Then let me take you out”

Jungkook started to protest.

“No, babe, what’s the difference? You usually pay for meals, and shit anyways”

“Yeah, but I’m the asshole that kept you waiting for like 10 years. I wanna make it up to you”

“Not to sound cheesy or anything, but doing little things, things that don’t necessarily require money mean a whole lot more to me”

“Like what?”

Tae shrugged, “We have time, Kookie, you’ll figure it out”

Jungkook was paranoid he wouldn’t, but decided to try not to dwell on it, “I think the fair is still open until the weekend?”

Tae’s eyes widened, “YO, I love the fair!”

It felt good to be able to say, “Tae, you’re so fucking cute,” and lean over to kiss his nose without a second thought. It felt good that all of that was suddenly normal.


Tae left after dinner, much to the other’s despair. Jungkook had tried to get him to stay another night, begged him, in fact, wanting to be able to shamelessly cuddle him to sleep, but the other had insisted that if he did decide to stay, he would most definitely sleep with him.

Jungkook didn’t see a single solitary problem with this, but Tae wanted to start over the right way, and wait until their first date to do anything. What this meant to Jungkook was that he was planning on going to the fair as soon as he possibly could.

They settled on Tuesday, which was the next day Tae had off. In retrospect, they really didn’t have to wait very long to see one another again, no more than a couple days, but Jungkook wanted to die.

Or more accurately, he felt like he would die if he didn’t see the other, like, ASAP. Being suspended from work really didn’t help him either, leaving him to do nothing but laze around his apartment and wallow.

So he ordered some Chinese food. No, not because he actually wanted to eat it, but because there was a pretty big chance that Tae would be the person to deliver it.

Luckily, he was, and about twenty minutes later, Tae texted him a question mark, to which Jungkook snickered to himself and shot back a winky face.

Jungkook raced for the door after he buzzed Tae in, holding it open as he waited for the other to appear out of the stairwell.

When he did, Jungkook wordlessly rushed over to crudely knock the food out of his hand, and kiss him, pulling him into his apartment before pushing him up against the wall.

“Hey, your food-”

“We both know I didn’t actually order from your restaurant to eat your food, Tae,” he rolled his eyes before reattaching their lips.

“I got another delivery in the car,” he tried to protest weakly.

Jungkook began to trail wet kisses down his neck, “Just a couple minutes, baby, tell your boss it was traffic”

He sort of expected the smaller boy to protest, but he didn’t, instead tangling his fingers in his hair to urge his teeth farther into his neck as he sucked hickies below the collar of his work shirt.

Jungkook pressed closer, grinding into him, and relishing the little groans that escaped the back of his throat as he did. Tae let him continue to suck purple marks into his skin for another few minutes before he felt his head being pulled back up.

He was sure for a second that he was going to push him away, insist that he had to get back to his deliveries, but he did the opposite, deciding instead to kiss him again, sliding his tongue into his mouth, and beginning to grind against him.

Jungkook, mildly worried that they were taking too long, decided to speed things up a little, reaching down to undo the buttons on his pants.

“Jungkook, I said I didn’t wanna fuck until after we officially went on a date, though,” he panted, head tipped back, eyes half shut.

He still make do effort stop him when Jungkook fumbled with his zip, though.

“Tae, I just wanna make you feel good,” he pecked around his adam’s apple, “Come on, babe, please?”

“Wh-what are you going to do?,” he gulped.

Jungkook had, by now, gotten his pants around his ankles, and freed his mostly hard cock, so that it stood flushed red between them. He wrapped a hand around it, and Tae’s knees began to shake as he buried his face in the nape of his neck.

“I wanna rub your cock. Want me to rub your cock?”

“Oh my god”

“Huh? Do you? Do you want me to make you moan, my sweet?”


“Have you wanted it bad this week? Have you been thinking about how hard I make you cum?”

“Yes, god”

Jungkook let out a grunt of satisfaction as he began to pump him, guiding Tae’s chin up with his free hand, “Look at me, I wanna see your expression”

Tae’s lip quivered as he met his eyes, and he lifted a hand to rest on Jungkook’s cheek, mindlessly rubbing at his skin as a series of whines escaped his throat.

He began to speed up, and Tae silently opened his mouth, eyes rolling back into his head, “That’s right, baby. Do you feel good? Do I make you feel good?”

“A-amazing,” Tae choked, a thin layer of sweat beginning to collect on his brow.

It only took another minute or two for Jungkook to push Tae over the edge, the broken noises he was making turning into Jungkook’s name as he bucked up against his hand.

He leaned back down to kiss him, yanking his shirt to the side just in time for two lines of cum to shoot from his cock.

Spent, Tae dropped his head into his chest, and regained his breath, letting Jungkook pull a dirty tissue out of his pants pocket to clean him off, “Oh my god, Jungkook”

He bit back a cocky grin, “You better get back to work, baby”

It was clear by the look on his face that Tae had forgotten he had even had a job in the first place, “If they suspend my ass too, I’m gonna choke you”

“I think I’d rather choke you instead”

“Okay, fuckboy,” he rolled his eyes, and laughed, “I’ll pick you up tomorrow at like three for the fair, so be ready”

“Oh, you bet,” Jungkook pulled him in for a peck on the lips, letting go in order to very blatantly stare at his ass as he redid his pants.

“You want your food?”

“Nah, you can have it, you probably need a snack now anyways,” he passed him a ten dollar bill, “this covers it right?”

Taehyung just took it, and opened the door, “Bye, Kookie”

He waved, smiling as the door closed behind him.


Jungkook had never been so nervous for anything in his entire life. Seriously.

Not applying to college, not declaring independence from his family, not even coming out of the fucking closet.

What was he so nervous for, you ask? Well, his first date with the boy of his dreams, Kim Taehyung.

Jungkook had more or less come to terms with how whipped he was by this point, especially after officially slapping a label on what his feelings actually meant.

And yes, Jungkook realised, he had been made nervous, or more accurately jittery, by Tae before. But this? This was on a whole nother level.

For a normal person, the anxiety could have been rated a measly four out of 10, meaning it was totally bearable. However, the problem was that Jungkook really was a generally emotionless person, making it so that a rush of… anything was understandably overwhelming to him.

He changed his shirt four entire times before he settled on a plain black one, and took a solid 10 minutes trying to figure out whether chinos or skinny jeans were a better bet. This was not the kind of person Jeon Jungkook generally was. No, in fact, Jungkook could usually care less if he went out for the day in his PJs.

But this was Tae. This was…. well this was their backwards ass relationship, and Jungkook wasn't ever quite the person he thought he was when it came to their dynamic. Not that it was a good or a bad thing, though. It was admittedly kind of refreshing to blush, and shake, and bite back grins at nothing more than the thought of him.

He spend the first half of his day daydreaming in bed. Thinking about how much fun the lake had been, and fantasing about all the cute little moments that could take place between the two of them.

The second half of the day was spent nervously calculating the ways he was gonna make his shitty behaviour up to Tae. (Who even was he anymore?) The kid had seemed to have forgiven him for his douchiness, but Jungkook liked to go the extra mile, especially when he actually cared about something.

So what did his completely clueless ass do? Wikihow’d the shit out of it. ‘How to Impress Your Date’, ‘How To Be the Perfect Boyfriend’, everything. He even read a fucking COSMO article, of all things, though he did have the dignity to promptly erase it from his history the second he exed out the tab.

The fair had been a good idea, according to the internet. Apparently that shit was super duper cute. He smiled smugly to himself, maybe he'd be better at this than he thought.

Tae was a solid 15 minutes late, for no reason, as per usual.

Jungkook usually didn't care much, had decided early on not to waste his energy on such a trivial issue, but this time, it really did get to him.

His palms were embarrassingly clammy, he noted, as he rung them together, eyes trained on his clock. And he couldn't stop shaking his leg, either, or clenching his jaw.

Should he call Tae? Or was that too desperate? What if he’d decided he was done with Jungkook’s bullshit after all and- oh, wait. He blinked. He had just texted him. Good thing he'd just nearly gone into cardiac arrest for no reason.

Jungkook put on a couple extra (read: too many) squirts of cologne before he left the house, you know, just so he didn't show up at the car embarrassingly fast, before heading out the door, fixing his hair one last time before locking the door behind him.

“Fuck, Jungkook, did you pick up a second job at Abercrombie?,” Tae coughed as he got in the car.

“Hello to you too”

“Really you smell like a-”

Jungkook, deciding the best thing to do in this situation was steer the conversation away, leaned in and kissed him chastely for a minute, enjoying the warmth of the other’s mouth.

“Mmmm,” Tae sighed as he broke away, “You really take my breath away, baby, between your spontaneous ass kisses and that sickening perfume”

“Dick,” he muttered, looking away, but smiling out the window nonetheless.


Jungkook fiddled with Tae’s knee the whole forty five minute drive there, and constantly snuck looks at him, namely at his beautiful side profile, and hair.

Taehyung had bleached it a dirty silver-blond, his tousled bangs falling haphazardly across this thick brows, and eyes. It had nearly rendered Jungkook breathless.

Jungkook took a strand between his fingers as they pulled up to a stoplight, “I like this,” he tugged on it loosely.

Taehyung bit back a smile, “Figured since I’m starting something new, I'd switch it up a little, celebrate, ya know?”

Jungkook trailed his hand down to his cheek, and sighed, “Maybe I should change something too”

“Like what?”

He shrugged, “Any suggestions?”

“You could dye yours too, maybe?”

“What color would look good on me?”


“Okay, you answered that suspiciously quick”

Tae chuckled, “I don't know why, I just imagine you with jet black hair in my head, ya know”

“Is that Jungkook hotter than I am?”

Tae held his fingers together, “Mayyyyybe just a tiny bit”

Jungkook playfully slapped him before returning his hand to his lap, “Rude. But… but maybe I'll do it, you'll just have to wait and see,” Jungkook was very much whipped. I mean, he was willing to dye his whole entire head, something he'd never really even thought much about doing after his emo phase in Sophomore year, for Tae.

“You'd look like a sexy demon gangster”

“Do I not already?”

“Nah, but you totally act like one”

“A sexy demon gangster that holds a job the the local Stop and Shop?”

“What can I say, you're a complex person,” Tae leaned over to peck him on the cheek, to which a flustered Jungkook stuttered, “Light turned green”

Chapter Text

How the hell had Jungkook forgotten that fairs had rollercoasters? And a follow up question, why wouldn't he think Tae would be obsessed with them?

Tae really was, obsessed, that is. So naturally, that meant Jungkook hated them. He wasn't exactly scared per say, moreso weary and filled with dread.

“You look like you're gonna straight faint, baby”

Jungkook bit his lip, “Yes, of course I do, fuck rollercoasters, Taehyung”

“Hm,” he smacked his lips, “Taehyung? Taehyung ? I see how it is”

“Okay, sweetiepie , fuck rollercoasters I'm gonna puke all over you”

Tae ignored his biting tone, and smiled, tugging him towards the line.

Jungkook dug his heels into the ground, and groaned.

Tae rolled his eyes, “Let’s gooooo, Jungkookie”

“I feel like you're actively trying to push my limits right now”

“Nah, I'm saving that for tonight”


Tae winked.

“Come on, baby,” Jungkook cooed, voice dripping with false sweetness, “let’s go on the Ferris wheel, it'll be super romantic,” he tried to lean in to kiss his temple, but Tae ducked.

“If you think I don't know exactly what you're attempting to do here…,” he shook his head, “we are going on this roller coaster, now come on”

He let a dissatisfied noise, but gave in, nonetheless.

The way Tae rubbed little circles into his hand calmed his hammering heart as the unsettlingly creaky car lurched forward, signalling their slow climb to the top.

Around 50 feet up, Jungkook pulled his hand out of Tae’s and slid it through his elbow instead, shamelessly cutting off circulation in his arm. He didn't really care, though, not when he was about to face death itself.

He didn't really find it in himself to care about screeching at the top of his lungs when the roller coaster dropped, either.

Tae screamed too, but it was one of joy, his eyes squeezed shut as he laughed at the rush of adrenaline. Jungkook found this weirdly admirable. But then again, it felt like he found literally everything he did to be admirable now that he thought about it.

“LOOK at my arm!,” Tae said dumbfounded as they strolled, or practically limped in Jungkook’s case, off the ride.

“What?,” he asked weakly, genuinely fearing that he would projectile all over the other boy.

“You squeezed it so hard it turned like… purple, look”

“Shut up, Tae,” he scoffed, grabbing it despite the other’s complaints, and dragging him to the closest bench.

“What are you doing?”

“Sitting the hell down, you little bitch”

“Salty much?”

“Would you rather sit here for 10 minutes or outside the porta potties?”

“Aw, Kookie, do you get motion sickness?”

“I'm not a baby,” he huffed.

“No, come here,” Tae stuck out his bottom lip, and pulled Jungkook into a hug, patting the back of his head.

“I'm not dying, dude,” Jungkook muttered, but sighed into his shoulder at the comforting smell of his detergent nonetheless.

“I know”


“Let me coddle you, that's what boyfriends do”

Jungkook figured that made sense.

Tae’s slender fingers felt so nice combing through his hair, and the light breeze paired with the beautiful early fall weather had Jungkook all but nodding off.

“Aye,” he smacked his head after a second, causing Jungkook to snap away and give him a disappointed look.

“Way to ruin the moment, Tae”

“Sorry,” he giggled, “I thought you fell asleep”

Jungkook didn't want to admit he pretty much had.

“Okay, my turn”

“Hm? Alright, sure where to”

“You'll see. I'm about to charm your pants clean off,” he muttered smugly, thinking back to the research he had done earlier.

“You've quite literally been doing that for the past couple months already”

“Well then this is about to make you straight drop dead”

“OH, are you gonna win me something?”


Taehyung let out a less than manly swoon, “Ohmygosh, Jungkookie, man of my dreams”

Satisfied by his reaction, he smiled, “I'm about to get you the biggest prize they have, okay?”

“Sure,” Tae rolled his eyes, “do you know just how difficult that is to do?”

Jungkook did, but he was also known in high school for being able to throw a baseball around 100km/h.

They strolled up to a booth of Tae’s choice, Jungkook’s arm resting protectively on the small of his back as they chattered about nothing in particular.

“Here,” Tae raised an eyebrow, “This one is supposed to be the hardest”

Jungkook gave him a look, “I find it a little odd that you called me a demon earlier, babe”

“You’re supposed to be, like, winning my heart here, Jungkook”

He sighed, he could still probably hack it, it’d just take a little more effort than usual. So he pecked his cheek once before stepping up to the vendor, and handing him five bucks.

He turned back around to Tae, “Which one do you want?”

He narrowed his eyes as they scanned the shelves, “Ummmmm….. Get me…. The Jake the dog one”

“Done,” Jungkook spun back around, and tossed the ball casually, somehow still managing to land it right on the target.

The vendor, a pimply teenage boy raised his brows, impressed, “If you can pull that off like two more times, that toy’s yours, guys”

“Only two?,” Jungkook scoffed, admittedly showing off a little too much in order to impress Tae, “You want the Finn one too, babe?”

“Knock it off, you’re gonna jinx it,” he felt Tae whack his shoulder from behind.

“How many times do I need to hit the target to get two of the biggest toys?”

The kid considered this for a moment, “I’ll cut you a deal”

“I’m interested”

“I usually make people play two separate games, but if you can get it on the target four times in a row, like the next four balls, I’ll give you two”

“Is that hard?,” Tae asked, now standing beside Jungkook.

“I mean, I really don’t see people get it on the first try, to start, but yeah, it’s fuckin- excuse my language, it’s pretty hard”

Jungkook wiggled his eyes at Tae, “Watch this”

And he did it, with ease, even. In fact, he was a little surprised that other people couldn’t do it. I mean, it wasn’t that difficult, all he had to do was aim for the little red dot in the centre of the bullseye and throw it.

The vendor blinked at him for a second, “Wait so, uh, which ones did you say you wanted”

“He wanted the Jake and Finn ones,” Jungkook reached out again for Tae’s hand, who also stood speechless beside him.

After they began to walk away, each boy carrying a toy, considering they were each about the size of a grown German Shepherd, Tae finally opened his mouth, “How the fuck did you do that”

Jungkook knew it was a question, but he framed it like a statement. He just gave him a self satisfied shrug.

“No,” his lips curled into a smile, “really, that was so good”

“It wasn’t that hard, babe,” he said with a roll of his eyes.

“Kookie, for real, that bullseye or whatever was like literally two centimetres across, it was like, clearly made to scam people”

“It’s not even a big deal”

Tae ran his hand up and down his arm, “You’re so strong, Jungkookie,” he muttered into his neck, “Your muscles? God”

“Are you like… horny right now?”


“You really do have a poor concept of timing,” he chuckled, pulling Tae into a short kiss before they continued their date.


“Tae, literally one more roller coaster, and I return these toys,” Jungkook raised his brows threateningly as he realised the direction in which Tae was leading him.


“No, dude, come on this is gonna be like the fourth one today, you can’t use all your turns on roller coasters”

It was evening now, the two of them having had canvassed the majority of the grounds, checking out stalls, and rides, and playing even more games. Jungkook very much enjoyed the ego boost he got when he won them, which he did nearly every time. Not because he’d actually, you know, won, but more because of the way Tae fawned over him when he did, rubbing his muscles and whispering to him as they ignored the questioning looks of passers by. And okay, maybe Jungkook liked it to the point that that he went a little overboard, and Tae had to buy himself a backpack to contain all the shit Jungkook had gotten him.

“I’m gonna have to, like, build a whole entire shelf for all this shit when we get home,” he sighed rubbing at his shoulders.

“Is the bag that heavy?,” Jungkook asked him, concerned at the way he was wincing.

“Probably not to you, since you’re gay Korean Hercules, but yeah, it is”

Jungkook tried not to burst out laughing at the comparison, “Here, lemme take that for you”

Tae handed it over, and he slung it over his shoulder, “Huh, who knew a bunch of stuffed animals and trinkets could weigh this much?”

“I know right!”

Jungkook didn't actually know, nope, the bag was about as light as a feather to him, but he wanted to save Tae’s pride, “Do you wanna get dinner here, or?”

“What and have another five dollar slice of shitty ass pizza,” Tae scoffed, “I’m already gonna be late on rent after this, dude”

“Well you could switch it up a little and eat some fried pickles,” he snickered, pointing over at the stand which sold a deep fried version of literally everything under the sun, “or some…. wait,” he squinted, “how the hell of you fry Kool Aid?”

“Okay, I know this shit is marketed at our age group, but ew, okay? Let's just cop Burger King on the way home”

“Burger King?,” Jungkook wrinkled his nose in disgust, “We’re over, Tae. I think I'd rather indulge in some fried okra”

“There is no way you really mean that”

“Isn't there?”

“Remember when you strung me along for-”

“Oh my god, there is no way you're allowed to pull that card over a 7 dollar meal!”

“Fine, but still, doesn't a whopper sound good right now?,” Tae pleaded.

“I’d honestly rather get kicked in the dick, babe”

The blonde pouted, and turned away.

“Fine. Fine, we'll get Burger King. But you're staying the night tonight, right?,” okay so maybe when Tae turned around Jungkook remembered how juicy his ass was, and in turn, how bad he wanted to fuck it. If that meant some of those annoying ass chicken finger things, he guessed he'd have to cope.

“Of course I'm staying the night, abstinence is so fucking overrated. Quite frankly, I'm very sick of it”

“Good,” he whispered into his ear, giving one of his cheeks a sly squeeze, “Can we go like… soon”

Tae shivered against his back, “Yeah, I just wanna see the Ferris wheel really quick”

He kissed his temple, moving his hand up to his back to guide him in the right direction, “Good idea, babe”

The view from the Ferris Wheel was almost as beautiful as Taehyung was himself, Jungkook thought as they neared the top, and the entire area came into view, lit by warm yellow lights.

“So pretty at night,” Tae sighed, nuzzling into his shivering date. The temperature had dropped a fair amount, leaving the smaller of the two boys curled up in Jungkook’s arms to preserve body heat. As if they wouldn’t have done it even if it was a roasting hundred and ten degrees out.

Jungkook inhaled into Tae’s shoulder as he examined the view, tightening his arms around his waist, “Yeah, it’s pretty… it’s pretty romantic”

Tae hummed, “The word romantic coming out of your mouth will never not sound alien to me I don’t think,” he twisted around, and laid his lips lightly over Jungkook’s, kissing him in a way that was warm enough to heat his entire body.

And it continued like that for… a period of time before Tae broke away, “I feel like we should have moved by now, no?”

Jungkook frowned, partially because, yes, it had sure been a while, but also because of how cold he suddenly felt as a result of the absence of his lips, “Yeah, what time did we get on again?”

Tae checked his phone, “Yeah, I mean it looks like it’s been almost fifteen minutes since we got on”

“Do you think it’s like broken?,” he chuckled, “Or watch as they deadass just forgot us up here”

Tae whacked him, “Don’t even joke about that, babe, okay?”

“Hey, at least we’re right at the top. Should I like call down or something?”

Tae nodded.

Jungkook scooted the two of them over (Tae still had not left his lap) to the edge and called down, “HEY! What’s going on up here?”

It took about ten whole seconds, but a voice replied, “System malfunction”

“Of course,” Tae muttered.

“How long until it’s back up?,” Jungkook asked, again, yelling down at the top of his lungs.

“Probably another fifteen minutes, sorry!”

Jungkook rolled his eyes, and planted his chin back on Tae’s shoulder, “You want my jacket, baby? You’re not too cold, right?”

“Why are you pretending that you’re not way more sensitive to the weather than I am?”

The answer was simple. Jungkook cared much more about Tae’s own comfort than his own. He wasn’t about to say that, though.

“I got an idea,” Tae continued a little too quick.


“How quick can you get your dick hard?”

Jungkook cleared his throat, “I think I like where this is going”

“You should,” Tae purred, grinding down into Jungkook’s lap, and twisting his head back to kiss him.

Jungkook moaned into his mouth, prompting it open instantly, and sliding his hips upwards in rhythm with the other’s.

“We don’t have much time,” Tae breathed, breaking away for a second.

“What’s your plan?”

“Just,” he thought it over, “It’s a surprise, just go with it, okay?”

Jungkook could feel the blood rushing down to his cock, and cursed the way his pants tightened around his girth, hopeful that the other’s plan somehow involved liberating it from it’s cloth prison.

It did, and Tae slid off his lap to undo his pants not seconds later, subconsciously licking his lips as he freed Jungkook from the restraints of his jeans, “That was… quick”

Jungkook shrugged, “You know better than to present me with a challenge”

Tae nodded in agreement before straightening up, and tugging off his pants, his own cock only slightly harder than Jungkook’s. Then he turned around so that his back was facing Jungkook, and reached between his cheeks, pulling out a decent sized black rubber butt plug.

“What the- Tae, oh my god,” Jungkook groaned, wrapping one hand around his cock, as the other reached out to grope his ass.

Tae spun back around to face him, his blush visible in the low lighting, and giggled, “You like it, baby?”

Jungkook yanked him into his lap, eyes fixing on the his, “Fuck, I love it”

The younger of the two boys fumbled through his wallet for a packet of lube, handing it to Tae, “Can you do it for me, babe, I wanna feel your fingers slick up my cock”

Tae slid his length against the other’s stomach, biting his lip as he fumbled to tear it open, and squeeze some into the palm of his hand.

He then did as he was told, giving Jungkook no warning before lining himself up, and sinking down slowly onto him.

The buttplug had been a little too small. This was the first thing he noticed, and he couldn’t help but feel as if the wind had been knocked out of him when Tae’s tight ring of muscle began to swallow him up. He shivered, resting his head back against the rusty metal as the smaller of the two fully seated himself.

Understandably, it took Jungkook a second to comprehend that the other could be in pain, but when he did, he tightened his grip on his waist to stop him, “Are you- if you need a second, tell me, okay?”

Tae was sweating, despite the chilly temperature, and his jaw was clenched tight, but he grunted, “I. I like it”

Jungkook waited for him to sit down fully before gingerly wiping the sweat from his brow, and pressing a kiss to his jawline, “Oh, did you like it last time, babe? Did you like how much bigger my dick felt in you? Did you like the way it burned?”

“I loved it, Kookie, fucking hell, I loved it,” he gulped, before beginning to meticulously slide up and down on Jungkook’s cock, careful not to hurt himself in a way he wouldn’t like.

“You are heaven, Taehyung,” Jungkook panted as a wave of pleasure practically blinded him, face now stationed in the hot, sticky skin of Tae’s neck, “I needed to be inside you so bad, baby. How did I think I would be able to live without you making me feel this good?,” he massaged his fingers up and down Tae’s side, “Jesus, you make me feel like a god, Taehyung. Make me feel invincible when my cock slides in and out of you. You’re so tight, my angel , so... so tight”

Jungkook had to clap a hand over Tae’s mouth at this point as a direct result of his own words, the sound of them triggering a fairly loud moan. All Jungkook could think about was how lucky they were that the ride was practically empty.

“Is the toy why you were so horny today?,” he growled into Tae, beginning to bite and suck at his hammering pulsepoint.

Tae slid his fingers into his hair before replying, “Oh god yes, but even if I hadn’t had it in, you were so sexy today, baby, so perfect. God, all that junk you won me? Your arms? Your chest? Fuck, and you treat me so well. You’re gonna be an excellent boyfriend, shit ,” he gasped, adjusting his angle so that the head of Jungkook’s cock rutted up into his prostate, “You already take such good care of me”

This made Jungkook’s chest warm, and his original lust blossomed into something different, encouraging him to move his arms to, instead of grope, curl around Tae’s waist to pull him into a hug, “Come here, my sweet, give me a kiss”

Tae cooed, compiling instantly, sliding his lips against his nice, and deep.

Jungkook felt like his heart was about to cum, rather than his actual dick.

However, the former is humanly impossible, “Tae, baby, how close are you?”

“Rub my cock, Jungkookie,” he whined in reply.

This moment, to Jungkook, was unbeatable, he would even go as far as to say this was the best public sex they’d ever had, and he wanted nothing more than for it to last for eternity, peering at the tiny villages scattered below them as if the only thing that could touch him was Taehyung. Taehyung’s warm hole, his soft, full lips, his honey skin. But he knew that their fifteen minutes was almost up, and nothing would ruin the moment like getting caught.

So he removed a hand from around his torso, moving it down to pump him in sync with his bounces, staring up at Tae, astounded for the upteenth time by how ethereal he looked when he came.

Once he did, the hot white lines shooting against the palm of their now joined hands, Tae leaned back down to mold their lips back together, slow and hungry, the way Jungkook liked in an attempt to push him over the edge.

It worked, of course, and just as the Ferris Wheel began to lurch downwards, Jungkook gave a final sloppy buck as he filled his partner.

Tae, with incredibly shaky knees, jumped off Jungkook, and rushed to clean up what little they could, and make themselves out to appear as though they hadn’t just had a quicky at the county fair.

The carney gave them a questioning look as they quite literally stumbled onto the platform, horribly out of breath, but said nothing.

They walked to the car in a pleasant silence, joined at the hip. It wasn’t until they got in that Tae laughed, “I think I forgot the toy up there”


Jungkook, surprisingly wiped after the ordeal atop the Ferris Wheel, didn’t bother asking until they were seated at Burger King and munching on their below average burgers, “So, uh, are you gonna explain the butt plug thing?”

Tae, as if he wasn’t the one that had been actually wearing it, choked on his bite of food, “Um. Jungkook, shut up, this is a family establishment!”

“And the fair isn’t?”

Tae shrugged, swallowing his bite before continuing at a near whisper, “Well if you must know, I was uh, saving it for later, let’s just say that”

Jungkook shifted in his seat, “What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

“Keep coming at me with that bitchy attitude, and you won’t find out”

Jungkook didn’t like surprises, “Oh, come on, tell me”

Tae pretended to zip his mouth shut.

The younger boy reached out across the table for Tae’s hands, fiddling with the ring on his index, “Baby, tell me,” he coaxed.

Tae slid his hand away, “You need to stop with all this flattery shit, also, this is a Burger King, can you, like, have some respect, please?”

Jungkook was mildly surprised by how good Tae’s fingers had felt in his, and he wasn’t super keen on the fact that they’d been yanked away. So he got up, and hopped into the other side of the booth, slinging an arm around Tae’s shoulder.

Tae jumped, “How do you move that fast?”

Jungkook sighed at the immediate relief that the contact provided, and grabbed his burger to slide it across the table over to him, “The gym? I don’t know”

“This little public display of affection isn’t gonna get an answer out of me, Jungkook, I just want you to know that”

Jungkook had forgotten that was in even in the picture, but he faked a disappointed expression, and leaned his head against Tae’s, “But I will find out when we get home, right?”

“Oh, definitely,” Tae replied, wiping the ketchup on his hand off onto Jungkook’s leg.

“You are… obnoxious, Taehyung, really,” he rolled his eyes. He didn’t make an effort to move away, though.


Needless to say, Jungkook was all over Tae the second he cut the engine, not even waiting to enter the apartment building itself opting instead to slam him against the car door, and kiss his neck.

It was Tae who remembered that there were security cameras planted just about everywhere, and had to physically pry him off, and drag him upstairs, stumbling right into Jungkook’s bed, not bothering to even slip off their shoes.

Jungkook, who had been hard since about fifteen minutes before they’d even gotten home was essentially plagued with the curiosity that had arisen in him as a result of the buttplug, and found that he wanted to get things going as quickly as possible.

So he ground down into Tae, concentrating on the way the outline of the other’s bulge helped release some of the tension in his own.

The boy in question was, of course, squirming below him at the pressure with which he was rocking into him, clawing at Jungkook’s shirt, trying to keep his bearings in check enough to grind back up against him.

And yes, the situation did, in fact, have Jungkook forgetting that there was supposed to be a surprise in the first place. His itch to figure out what was going on was suddenly discarded in favour of how natural the flow of events always felt, “I missed you so much, Taehyung,” he murmured into his mouth between kisses, “I needed you, baby, shit”

Taehyung had attached his lips to Jungkook’s jawline, and had begun to suck hickies into it, humming in satisfaction at the way he tensed above him.

Jungkook reached down between them to fumble with the buttons of their jeans, deciding that, Christ, he absolutely had to be inside of him as soon as he possibly could.

His pants slid off easily, as did Tae’s, and he took him in his hand, reveling in how nice and warm the velvet skin felt in his hand, pumping it purely for his own pleasure.

That didn’t mean it didn’t drive Tae crazy, though, and the smaller boy arched his back, tangling his hands in the back of Jungkook’s hair.

Jungkook bit down into his collarbone, letting go of his length to reposition himself, lining his cock up with Tae’s entrance.

Tae broke away, “Hey, wait, stop”

Jungkook did, though it took literally every last drop of self control he had to say, “What is it?,” impatiently, “Oh right, our shirts”

“No? I had a plan, remember?”

“Oh, but babe, I,” Jungkook was a little embarrassed to admit it, “I need it. Like, now”

Tae chuckled, and Jungkook reluctantly opened his mouth again, breath hot against the nape of Tae’s neck, “No, babe, really, I actually need it”

“Wow, look at you,” Jungkook didn’t like the look in Tae’s eyes, “Couldn’t even undress yourself,” he kissed him, “So desperate. Roll over, Jungkookie, get on your back”

Mildly confused, but willing to take whatever steps necessary to fuck him, he complied, and watched as Tae pulled handcuffs out of his jacket pocket. Jungkook shivered. He wasn’t all too sure how to feel. I mean, it was pretty clear Tae wanted to tie him up, but was he going to let him? Jungkook needed to be able to release all his pent up energy and frustration during sex, that being one of the main reasons he liked it so much. But what if he wasn’t able to do that? What would he do if he couldn’t squeeze bruises into Tae soft flesh, or choke and bite him when he wanted to?

“T-Tae,” he gulped a little, trying to concentrate over the way his cock was absolutely aching to be touched, “I don’t know about this”

Tae stopped what he was doing, and circled around the bed to lean in and kiss him, his hand tracing its way down his torso to stroke his cock, “It’s okay, baby, come on, trust me? I’ll make it so good, I’ve been wanting to do this so bad since the lake house”

Jungkook broke away from Tae, and clenched his jaw. He still didn’t feel fully confident about it, but the way Tae’s hand felt wrapped around his girth, and how warm his mouth felt on top of his had him in heaven. “Okay, but just this once, alright?”

Jungkook internally swooned at the way Tae’s face looked as it lit up, illuminated only by moonlight. He pulled him down into another kiss, his hands canvassing Tae’s before they were bound to the bed posts, “Okay, hurry up before I change my mind. And, Tae?”


“Please touch me, okay? I fucking have to have you. Like, ASAP”

Tae moaned, biting back a smile, as he went to straddle Jungkook’s chest and fasten the restraints in place. From the angle at which they were positioned, Jungkook found the head of Tae’s cock to be close enough for him to reach out and lick, so he did just that, feeling his ego flare at the sharp breath the other sucked in. He shuffled closer, “Jungkookie, that felt so good”

He didn’t reply, just took him farther into his mouth, enjoying the salty taste of his skin as his tongue slid along his vein.

Now being completely preoccupied, Tae dropped the cuffs, and his nimble hands found their way to Jungkook’s hollowed cheeks, “Fuck, baby, yes, suck my fucking cock,” Tae began to snap his hips forward, and only then did Jungkook really notice how big he was, choking as precum grazed at the back of his throat.

Tae pulled out shakily at Jungkook’s reaction, and shook his head, his voice returning back to a rather cute giggle, “Fuck, okay, I got distracted”

Jungkook just looked up at him, studying the little details of his body, biting his lip, as he locked the second cuff in place.

“Okay,” Tae clapped his hands together, moving back to admire his work, “Shall we begin?”

Jungkook already wanted nothing more than to reach behind Tae, grope his ass, pull him down against him, feel him on his cock, which was now so engorged and so stiff that Jungkook found himself unable to focus on anything else. He then said a silent prayer for himself, begging a god he didn’t even think existed for mercy, “Yeah, Tae, hurry”

“Relax, baby, we have all night,” he reattached their lips, licking slowly into Jungkook’s mouth, not bothering to break away as he swung a leg over to straddle him, and grind down slowly on his cock.

Jungkook hissed at the much needed sensation, his arms tensing, as he did his best to reach out and grab at Tae.

Tae, not bothering to stop the pace at which he was sliding against him, moved his lips to his neck, biting down harder than he ever had before, not that he really bit Jungkook much anyways.

He should start doing it a lot more, was the first thing that came to Jungkook’s mind, and he slid his hips up haphazardly, trying to ignore the tears that were starting to prickle his eyes, “Tae, ride me,” he tried to bark, forcing out the rough, demanding voice that usually came naturally.

“Mmmmm, baby, you really want it, don’t you,” Tae cooed, his fingers massaging their way up the crevices of Jungkook’s six pack, “God, look at you, you’re so strong, Kookie, so hot,” he nipped at his ear, “You’re so tense,” he squeezed his arm, “I can see every single muscle, you’re literally bulging under my touch”

Jungkook quite literally whined out, “Taehyung”

“You really do need to be inside me, don’t you? Fuck, that’s so hot, Jungkookie, honey, you’re so thirsty for it”

Usually Jungkook was the one to taunt him, praise him, dirty talk him, whatever, but tonight he simply couldn’t, having to put all his energy into doing no more than keeping his breathing in check, “What do you want, Tae, baby, I’ll do anything, please sit on my cock, please”

“What do I get out of it?”

“Tae, I’m begging. I don’t beg”

“Will you let me suck you cock first, huh? It’s been awhile since I’ve tasted your precum on my tongue, baby, you always taste so good to me”

Jungkook didn’t really trust the way Tae jumped at the opportunity, but decided he’d take what he could get.

He was right to be weary, because instead of moving right down to lick at his length the way he had been dreaming about for the last week and a half, he began to suck big, dark hickies over each defined muscle down his stomach, starting with each of his pecs before leaving nearly black marks on each bump of his abs. He ran his hands up and down him, spreading the spit as he nuzzled into the dip of Jungkook’s hip.

“You’re so hot, Jungkook,” he pecked his way down his to cock, “So sexy, and masculine, and fuck, I love fucking you so much”

Jungkook, unsure as to whether he was more pleased or annoyed stuttered out a, “What the fuck are you waiting for?”

“Nothing,” Tae gave him a sly smile, “it’s just refreshing to turn the tables on you every now and then, see how riled up I can get you”

Jungkook clenched his jaw, his arms tugging at the cuffs, “Taehyung, I am so whipped for you. We both know it, now please, god, suck my cock. Ride me. Rub me, I don’t care I really fucking need this, baby”

Taehyung blinked at him, as he processed his words, “I know you, Jungkook, you’re really gonna regret admitting that tomorrow”

“What? That I’m whipped?”


“Fuck it, babe, who even cares anymore,” he said in defeat, trying not to think about how right Taehyung was.

“You must be really fucking horny to admit something like that”

Jungkook lifted his hips up in a very deprived fashion, desperate to feel anything against his dick, “I thought I’d already established- FUCK, Kim Taehyung. FUCK. FUCK,” Tae had finally given in, taking Jungkook’s tip in his mouth, and readily sliding down to the base.

Jungkook bent his knees, and without thinking, began to fuck up into his mouth, “Fuck, baby, fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck, you’re so warm, and wet, fuck,” he bucked up again sharply, “FUCK”

Tae purred, his deep voice sending vibrations down his length as he ran his nails up and down his thighs.

“Tae. Tae, stop,” he heard himself himself blurt out.

Tae, who seemed to be genuinely enjoying the feel of Jungkook in his mouth, didn’t hear him.

“Babe, stop,” he was practically wheezing.

“Hm?,” Tae hummed from around him.

“Come back up. Now. I’m gonna cum if you don’t”

Tae got off the bed, “Can’t be having that, now, can we? I gotta feel you inside me again, once today just couldn’t cut it” he stroked his cheek, “Are you crying, Kookie, are those tears?”

Feeling more than just a little emasculated, Jungkook tried to whip his head away, but Tae stopped him.

“No, baby, let me see how bad you want me, lemme see how good I make you feel. You can’t control yourself around me, can you?”

“No,” Jungkook confessed, “I’ve never been so into anyone in my life. Kiss me, Tae, you always taste so sweet”

“You’re really going through it tonight, aren’t you?”

Jungkook nodded, angry he didn’t have the ability to tug Tae’s neck down to join their lips himself, “I’ll do anything, I’ll give you anything, I need you so bad,” Jungkook wasn’t just talking about the sex. He wondered if Tae understood.

“I want it to last, Kookie, this is so good. God, we fuck so good,” he leaned in to lick into Jungkook’s mouth, “We’re just gonna kiss for a bit, okay?”

“Me too,” he moaned in agreement, craning his neck to press his lips harder against Tae’s. He was right. He was always so sweet, no matter what. Today he tasted like vanilla, and was that buttercream frosting? “Touch me, touch my body,” he panted into Tae’s mouth.

Tae didn’t respond, just began to rub circles up his arms, and belly, twisting his thumbs into his pebbled nipples.

Jungkook gasped.

“Do you like that?,” Tae asked, mouthing at the corner of his lips.

He just nodded.

Tae smiled, and shifted so he was closer to them before swirling his tongue around one, and taking it in his mouth, his eyes trained on Jungkook’s as he bit down.

Jungkook practically shouted, twisting his hips up in hope they would come into contact with literally anything. They did, lightly grazing the supple skin of Tae’s ass, “Yes,” he groaned, “Tae, move down so I grind into your cheeks, baby”

Jungkook was starting to notice that Tae himself was getting awful impatient as well as he breathed, “Can I just ride you now inst-”

“Yes,” he cut it, nodding rapidly, “Yeah, oh shit, Tae, yeah”

Tae fumbled through Jungkook’s drawer for the bottle of lube (he’d gotten strawberry, pretty much for Tae, and Tae alone. He was more of an unscented kind of guy) and poured an almost obscene amount onto his hand.

Jungkook gave him a questioning look.

“It’s just… I’m sore after earlier”

Jungkook nodded smugly, pleased at the effect he had on Tae’s body, “Don’t worry baby, do whatever you need, I want you to feel good”

“I don’t know if you’re hotter when you’re rough and pissed off, or when you just do this. When you take care of me,” Tae’s eyes rolled back into his head when his palm met Jungkook’s length, “Fuck it’s throbbing,” he leaned down to give in an impulsive lick.

“We got time, baby, I’ll give you so much of both, just wait”

This seemed to be enough for Tae to decide he too needed Jungkook, because he went to straddle him, sliding down onto his cock with relative ease.

Both boys groaned at the sensation, and Tae leaned to rest his chest against Jungkook’s, biting at his lips. He gave the other a second to adjust before bending his knees for leverage and thrusting up into him, smiling against Tae’s lips at the little ‘oh’’s that he let into his mouth.

Tae broke away after a few minutes, leaning back so his hands rested on the bigger of the two’s knees, “Stop, I want to do this”

Jungkook had absolutely no complaints, relaxing as much as he could as Tae began to ride him, slow and deep, grinding his hips in circular motions as he arched his back, breathing Jungkook’s name with each strained breath.

Jungkook was able to settle back a little at first, let his now aching muscles loosen, but they soon tightened up again, as Tae’s moans got a little more lewd, and he picked up, begging to bounce on top of him.

If there was one thing Jungkook wanted to do, it was knead and bruise at the skin of Tae’s ass and waist. It was all he could think about, the way his fleshy sides indented when Jungkook dug his fingers into them, the way they left red and purple marks the next day, the way Tae whimpered in pleasure at the sensation.  

He hadn’t noticed just how hard he’d been pulling at the restraints until one snapped clean in half, his hand flying down surprisingly hard to land a tight, yet unintentional slap on his left cheek.

Tae, who was lost in his own world, gasped in surprise, and nearly jumped right off Jungkook’s cock, “Wh-What the fuck did you just do?”

He too blinked in shock, “I. I guess I broke the handcuffs”

“How the fuck?,” Tae asked, dumbfounded.

“I just needed to feel your ass, babe,” he replied, moaning as he pressed his fingers into it, squeezing and massaging it as hard as he could.

“Oh, fuck, that’s so hot, Jungkookie,” he leaned down again, so he was resting on his chest, nuzzling into his neck, “I can’t believe I thought you didn’t want me”

Jungkook reached for Tae’s face, tracing his fingers surprisingly gently along his features, “You’re so silly, Tae, so silly for even thinking that”

Tae kissed him, and his hand found it’s way back to his ass, gripping it to guide Tae up and down on him.

Tae ran his hands through his hair, “My cock…”

“Yeah, babe, tell me”

“It just fits…. Oh fuck ,” he regained his breath, “Slides perfectly between your abs, baby. Shit. Shit. I’mgonnacum”

“Go, Tae, let go,” Jungkook muttered, bending his knees again to thrust into Tae, “Cum for me”

And Tae did, screaming Jungkook’s name so loud that they earned a knock on the wall from the neighbours.

Jungkook didn’t care, though, no, he was happy at how hard he’d made Tae cum. The warm, slimy substance making a mess between their bellies as Jungkook embarked on his own final sprint, biting down hard into Tae’s shoulder as he added to the cum that had already pooled inside him earlier in the night.

They laid like that until they caught their breathing steadied, Tae curled on top of him, his face pressed against the slick skin of his chest while Jungkook rubbed circles into his back, finding the his heavy heartbeat to be calming.

He realised after a few minutes, when he began to hear little snores escape the back of his throat, that Tae had drifted off, understandably wiped out. He kind of, no, he really wanted to stay like that, his softening cock still wet, and deep inside Tae, and his long lashes and soft lips tickling his skin. However, his arm was starting to cramp from where it was still bound to the bedpost. He unenthusiastically shook his shoulder, “Tae, baby, wake up”


“No, my sweet, just undo the handcuffs, and you can go back to sleep, okay?”

Tae nodded, opening one eye to grab at the bedside table for the key, which, much to Jungkook’s luck, he was able to find, and undo the cuff with without even really moving off him.

“Thank you, baby,” he moved his newly freed hand to run over Tae’s bottom lip as he settled his head back into his chest.

Tae just pressed a kiss right above Jungkook’s nipple before falling back to sleep.

Chapter Text

Following the day at the fair, Jungkook’s regular life seemed to resume to the way it was supposed to be before the 10 day absence of Tae.

His suspension ended on Thursday, and school started the following Monday, meaning he was able to sink into a life of normalcy, and moderate uneventfulness, just the way he liked.

Except it was even better, God, was it so much better. Why, you ask? Well the answer to that is obvious. It was because much like the sun, Kim Taehyung had the ability to radiate light if he chose to do so. And for Jungkook? He did, and like never had before.

Jungkook was now able to shamelessly fill his days with Taehyung. Taehyung who kissed him on the nose every time he sneezed and muttered jokes in his ear, Taehyung who annoyed him constantly, but never really in a way he didn't sort of like, Taehyung whose lips were always so sweet and welcoming, no matter the situation. The blond had parked himself right in the centre of Jungkook’s heart, and he really had no desire to kick him out.

It was almost as if the universe had stopped everything in its tracks in order to force the two back together, almost as if to restore order, and now that order had been restored, things could continue on as intended.

The way it was intended, apparently, was for the two boys to be attached at the hip. The problem being that Jungkook was well…. Not an expert in the relationship department.

This didn’t affect him in the way you’d think, though. It wasn’t awkward, or uncomfortable, and somehow Jungkook more or less knew what to do, and when. Nothing felt forced, and the way he treated Tae was genuine. For example, when he asked the smaller boy how work had been, he genuinely was interested, it wasn’t like he was just asking because a good boyfriend was supposed to.

No, in fact, the problem was the opposite. Was it normal for Jungkook to like someone this much after such a short period of time? Was it normal to feel angsty when he had to spend the night alone, or when he had to have his lunch break without Tae shoving overly oily fried rice into his mouth? What about when he went to the gas station, and every single thing he saw somehow reminded him of Tae? He’d never actually bought anything for anyone spontaneously before, in fact, he barely even got his family Christmas presents, yet it felt as though he always threw in either Funions or pretzel M&Ms when he picked up anything just for his boyfriend.

Was he falling in love with Tae? That was the first question that raised red flags in him for no logical reason. I mean, what was so wrong with that? Every moment he spent with Tae, of which there were many, made him feel as though he’d been swaddled in the warmest blanket imaginable, and his kisses felt like little bursts of heaven, whether they were on his lips, or his stomach (as Tae liked to do for no reason), or anywhere else.

It was the majority of what Jungkook thought about, the other boy, that is. If he wasn’t simply fawning over him as a person, he was planning where he wanted to take him for dinner, or what movie he wanted to watch with him later, or, more crudely, how he wanted to fuck him when they got off work.

As it turned out, Tae was getting his Masters at the same University Jungkook was trying to finish his Bachelors at, leaving them to spend even more time together. Tae was often kind enough to leave his library study sessions in order to get a quick bite, and maybe an even quicker hookup in between classes just for Jungkook.

Essentially, the only thing they didn’t share was a house. Although that, whether or not Jungkook wanted to admit it, may not have been too far in the future, considering Tae spent about half the week at his place, already.

And their relationship had evolved from one that was purely lust based into something entirely different. Though this would have surprised the Jungkook that had first met Tae mid-summer, a fair amount of the nights that he spent at his house didn’t even really involve a whole lot of the incredibly rough sex Jungkook had originally found necessary to have in order to be around him.

No, these days, what was more bound to happen was that Tae would text him saying he’d been locked out of his Hulu, or some other false excuse, and Jungkook would waste no time in inviting him over, often too wiped from either the gym, or classes, or just work to do anymore than kiss him goodnight before cuddling up in his chest.

There was still a ton of passion there, and that was to say the absolute least , but when it had initially been based off of how good Tae felt around his cock, it was now about how good Tae felt when he hugged him, and kissed his cheek, or simply when he checked in on Jungkook at work.

Jungkook, all of a sudden, only was interested in anything that involved Taehyung. Google said he was probably falling in love. He deleted the page from his browser history, and pretended he’d never seen it in the first place.


“We’re going to Providence for the weekend, baby,” Tae said, one night after they had finished watching their third consecutive episode of the X Files.

“‘We’ meaning you and I?”


“Whenever did I agree to this?,” Jungkook sighed, leaning into the way Tae kneaded at his sore shoulders.

“You’ve been on your feet too much recently, babe, you got all these knots in your shoulders,” Tae pouted, kissing Jungkook’s cheek as the next episode cued up.

Jungkook, in typical Jungkook fashion, just shrugged nonchalantly like Tae wasn’t right and he wasn’t in a whole world of pain.

“You need a hot bath”

A hot bath with Tae, he wanted to correct, imagining how good it’d feel to have Tae’s long, gentle fingers caress his skin, and massage his scalp. He settled on, “We do”

“‘We’ as in you and I?,” Tae repeated Jungkook, humour clear in his voice.

“Only losers bathe alone, my sweet,” Jungkook sighed, twisting his head to plant a quick kiss to Tae’s lips, “Now what’s this about a city trip?”

Did Jungkook want to haul ass all the way to Providence? Hell no. Would he do it in a heartbeat for Tae? Absolutely.

He still wasn’t used to living life so selflessly, but after their first date, he had decided to tell himself that this was normal now, and that yes, it was new, and would confuse him, but to constantly question and make himself anxious over just about everything was not worth it. So he had to just start going with the flow, to loosen up a little. It was very refreshing, and after a while, he didn’t mind it all too much.

“Well,” Tae had replaced his hand on Jungkook’s shoulder with his chin, snuggling back in as the opening credits started to roll, “Namjoon turned 21 like, maybe twoish weeks after you did. Wait,” he frowned, “maybe less, I think it was-”

“Tae, it doesn’t matter, just get on with the story”

“Oh right, it was the 12th. Thanks for rudely interrupting. But yeah, since everyone has Columbus Day off, we were thinking of going clubbing down in the city”

Clubbing. With a whole entire gaggle of people. That Jungkook didn’t really care for. Even Tae’s very heavenly ass wasn’t nearly enough for him to actually want to join.

“Well,” he blinked. It was excuse time, “Um, I have work that day”

“Kookie, baby, you do know Namjoon makes your schedule right? I had him give you the day off”

“But Taehyu-”

“Do not throw another tantrum, Jungkook, we are adults”

“Ugh, but Tae, there are probably gonna be hella people there, god fucking damn it. And alcohol. And loud ass music,” he ran a hand down his face, “Can’t you just tell everyone I’m like sick, or something”

“Jungkook, I am not your mother, and you aren’t in middle school, you can’t just call in sick”

“I don’t even like... most of these people, though”

“Come on, Jungkook, Jin is just barely starting to trust you, again, and Namjoon really does like you”

“You sound like you sure hang out with them an awful lot”

“Oh come on, why do you sound jealous, baby, I’m literally third wheeling with them, we  both know that, there’s nothing to be jealous of”

Jungkook still seemed wildly unhappy to say the least.

“You can meet my other best friend from high school, too. He goes to Juilliard now he’s an awesome dancer, his name is Jimin”

“I bet he’s hotter than me, isn’t he”

Tae groaned in annoyance, “First off, he’s a strict bottom, and secondly he has a boyfriend named Hoseok, who is also super chill”

Jungkook looked away.

“You are being impossible right now, Kook!,” he exclaimed, “Come on, can you please show a little more interest in my life? Don’t you care about my friends, and social circle?”

“Tae, you know I care about your life, don’t do this, okay?”

“Please come”

Jungkook, in an admittedly bitchy fashion, rolled his eyes.

“Really, Jungkook? Are you gonna pull that card where you act like a fucking pre schooler?,” he clapped his hands on his knees, “You’re so exasperating when you wanna be, you know that?” He stood up to leave, “Text me when you’re ready to either agree or reason with me like an adult, alright?”

Jungkook clenched his jaw, and stared even harder at the TV set.

However, as soon as Tae had shut the door behind him, and Jungkook realised for the millionth time just how much colder the room felt without him there. So he threw his pride away, and bounded out the door, catching Tae as he unlocked his car.

“Fine,” he panted, not waiting for Tae to turn around and see him, “I’ll come to the stupid fucking club for- I mean with you, headass”

Tae was already smirking when he turned around, “Come here, baby”

Jungkook knew what was coming, because this was just how they operated, however dysfunctional it may have been. Jungkook would always pull some unnecessarily petty shit, for which Tae would storm off, only to be chased down, and kissed like no tomorrow by the offender. History had repeated itself, now all the remained was the final step.

Jungkook grinned back, immediately forgetting what stupid idea Tae had just made him agree to, as per usual, and closed the distance between them. He let his lips hover over Tae’s for a second, smiling a little at the way the other’s breath always hitched in anticipation right before they met.

Tae closed the distance between them, placing a palm on Jungkook’s stubbly cheek, and guiding him in to close the few milimetres between them. And it felt as good as it always had, Jungkook pressing Tae to the door of his car, and slipping his tongue right past his teeth, toying and playing with the other’s.

“You always know how to win me back,” Tae said, pecking his lips once again, before taking his hand to guide him back inside.

“I don’t think I really even needed to, baby”

“Why’s that?”

“You left your socks and shoes at the apartment”

Tae didn’t respond, but Jungkook saw the tips of his ears flush bright red.


Jungkook didn’t feel nearly as positive when they chucked their backpacks in the trunk of Tae’s car and set out for Providence, though. No, though Tae’s kisses were extremely enjoyable in the moment, and cured any ache or pain far better than even the fattest of  blunts, they were not enough to make Jungkook feel positively about taking a whole entire overnight trip to get shitfaced with a bunch of people he didn’t really care for.

I mean, it’s not really like Jungkook had a problem with Namjoon or Jin, in fact he missed being buddies with Jin, and Namjoon had always been understanding at work. It was the prospect of the other strangers, the loud, claustrophobic environment, and DrunKook. Who was DrunKook? DrunKook was, as you may have guessed, Jungkook’s drunk alter-ego, lovingly named in Sophomore year of high school, after the first time he got proper shitfaced.

Now DrunKook, much to everyone’s luck, didn’t surface all too often, but Jungkook knew himself well enough that a night at the club would definitely trigger such a character. Tae had never seen that side of him, not that it was awful. I mean, the closest they’d come to having contact was when Jungkook had gotten bored in Michigan during that annoying steak dinner, and demanded Tae hook up with him in the woods.  It was more just the needier, more angsty, and more possessive version of the boy in question.

The prospect of other men being around though, that didn’t make him feel too easy. Sober Jungkook understood that people could just be friends, whether or not he really liked it, that positive attention wasn’t usually inherently sexual, that Tae was allowed to have other male friends (duh, he was a guy). But push came to shove, he was a little jealous. Luckily, he was always good at covering it up, and in the end, Tae really was infatuated to say the least.  

But what about if Tae was super drunk? What if, because they were in a city, at a club, that Tae would find someone hotter, that fucked better, that never bickered with him, and treated him perfectly. Was Jungkook being paranoid? Yes, more so than ever. And for what? The answer was nothing.

These thoughts had still tainted his mind going into the trip, though, kept him up the night before, Tae’s snores keeping him awake instead of rocking him to sleep.

Tae placed a hand on his knee as they approached the exit, “Are you sure you’re good babe?”

Jungkook didn’t look at Tae, opting instead to just grunt, and swallow his anxieties.

“You know, we can just make our own night out of it if it bothers you that much, you’ve barely said anything the whole ride here”

Jungkook needed to man up, stop being such a paranoid pussy, so even though he was most certainly not good, or however Tae had put it, he found it more important to try (key word being try) to be mature about it. He let himself look over at Tae, who was wearing a slight frown, his eyes still glued to the road. It was very clear he wanted to go, Jungkook remembered that he was going to get to see Jimin, too, who he he probably hadn’t seen in forever, either. “It’s- Tae, baby, don’t worry, okay?”

“Alright…?.” Tae did not seem all to convinced, “Um, lemme know if you change your mind, babe, okay? You don’t look happy about this,” he gulped, “I-I’m sorry, I just, I wouldn’t have made you come if I kn-”

“Taehyung,” he snapped, “Just. Just, can you drop it, please?”

“Well how the fuck am I supposed to have a good time if you’re just gonna make me feel like a fucking asshole all night!,” he sniffled.

Jungkook shifted so he faced out the window pointedly.

“Jungkook, just tell me what the problem is, we can go home, please don’t be mad at me”

“Oh my god, Taehyung, are you crying? Seriously? We’re going to this event, I already agreed, now stop making it worse”

“Jungkook, you’re really being a jerk to me right now”

Jungkook, in the midst of his internal confusion and inability to properly communicate, had set the night off to an awful start.

They didn’t talk as they changed in their motel room. I mean, Jungkook, already regretting his words, stared at Taehyung sadly from the corner of the room as he got dressed, knowing that he’d be lucky if he even got the couch, but no words were really exchanged past simple demands.

Further, the Uber ride was quiet too, and Taehyung didn’t crack a single smile until they entered the club, and he grabbed his hand, leaning over to hiss, “Just because you’re being a complete overreacting cunt right now, doesn’t mean I want Jin to hate you for eternity, so behave”

Jungkook nodded guiltily.

And he really thought the night was about as miserable as it was gonna get until Jimin rolled up. Of course he was so much hotter than Jungkook was himself, and of course, Tae’s hand slipped from his the moment the two old friends locked eyes, and they bounded into each other's arms from across the room in a fashion that was a little too over dramatic for Jungkook’s liking.

Jungkook had never been in the same room with anyone that was better at catching Tae’s attention than he was, and he didn’t quite like it. He might even go as far as to say it made him uneasy.

Too awkward to barge into what looked like a very jovial and animated conversation between the two of them, Jungkook, third Long Island Iced tea in hand, trudged across the dancefloor to the booths, where Namjoon, and Jin were sat, along with someone that introduced himself as Yoongi. Not that he was really paying attention to anything the three of them said, much more interested on trying to read the body language between Tae and the…. Intruder.

Was it just friendly, or was it something else? Tae kept squeezing his shoulder, and poking his side. And Jimin kept covering his mouth playfully with his glass, and staring up at Tae with wide eyes as he sucked on his straw.

Yes, Jimin was, for sure, a bottom, but could Tae also be a top if he so chose?

Jungkook gave his own straw another unnecessarily violent slurp. Huh, he could have sworn that the now empty glass had been at least three quarters of the way full, just a minute ago.

Namjoon clapped him on the back pretty hard, to which Jungkook coughed a little and spun around. Oh no, DrunKook was out to play.

“What?,” he hissed at the person who had given him the day off work, and had kindly invited him out clubbing on his birthday, probably as no more than a favour to Tae. Tae who was over there just about ready to bend that little shit Jimin over the-

“Woooooooooo, someone’s angsty,” Jin giggled, “What’s wrong, Charles Manson?”

Jungkook just pointed at Tae and Jimin, having the time of their lives. Tae, laughing, lightly hitting Jimin’s shoulder.

Jungkook squeezed his glass so hard he could feel it starting to crack. He let it go.

Jin burst out laughing, “You’re mad about Jimin and Tae? You’re shitting me! Those two love each other in the same way you love your baby brother, dude that’s the least of your worries”

If he was sober, he would have found some solace in that. He wasn’t, however. He stood up, rocking on his heels a little, “I’m getting another drink,” he burped, “Rounds on me, who’s in”

Jin, and Yoongi raised their hands.

Jungkook’s next drink was down the hatch even quicker than the last one.

Tae now had his hand stationed around Jimin’s neck. What the fuck. And Jimin was guiding him by the… it looked in the dim lighting to Jungkook like Taehyung’s ass, towards the dancefloor.

Jungkook had been clubbing once before in Canada, and if he’d learned anything from that trip was that dancefloors were an amazing place to make out.

He narrowed his eyes, and slammed his drink down against the table a little too hard, cracking his knuckles. He was, by now, well past the point of reasoning, the cocktails having been made surprisingly strong, and his already shitty mood doing absolutely nothing to help.

“Did you see where Tae and Jimin went?,” he asked, cutting into whatever conversation Yoongi, Jin, and Namjoon had been having.

“Over by that weird taxidermy deer thing, I think,” Yoongi replied, giving Jungkook a rather judgemental look.

“Jungkook,” Namjoon put a hand on his shoulder, “You need to trust your boyfriend, dude, he’s crazy about you, he’s not gonna do anything with Jimin”

The question was not at all about trust to Jungkook, no, it was more just pure insecurity. He considered himself to be self aware enough to recognise that he had continuously screwed Tae over, so who could blame the other boy for looking for something that actually made him happier, and without all the drama.

This logic could have made sense in the context of some other relationships, but in the context of Jungkook, and Tae’s? It was absolutely preposterous.

Jungkook still shook Namjoon’s hand off of his shoulder, and charged in the direction that Tae had disappeared with his so-called ‘friend’, though.

It took little to no time to find them, and were they even doing anything inappropriate? Of course they weren’t. No, rather they were salsa dancing, and laughing at how odd they definitely looked in a crowd of people that were bumping and grinding against one another.

For whatever completely illogical reason, this also failed to comfort Jungkook, and angry as he had been when he’d left the table, he approached them, and placed a hand on Tae’s shoulder.

Tae stopped laughing, understandably still mad at Jungkook for his shitty behaviour earlier, and yelled over the music, “What do you want?”

“Why don’t you dance with me , Tae”

Tae was always good at reading Jungkook, and tonight, regardless of his drunken state, was no exception. He saw the jealousy in his eyes, and must have decided to make a play on it, because he responded, “Fine, if I have to. Just one song, though, you’re sort of interrupting me and Chim, here?,” he raised his eyebrows, as if Jungkook was being severely burdensome.

Jungkook didn’t like the way he was being spoken to, didn’t like the feeling of Tae treating him like he wasn’t the only person he wanted around.

He was going to change this, now determined to dance on Tae so good that he’d be begging to stay by Jungkook’s side instead. So when the next song came on, he tugged him into him, sliding a hand right around his waist to grope at his ass, guiding their hips together.
Over the thumping bass, he heard Tae take in a sharp breath, and watched as his head leaned to droop against the younger boy’s shoulder, but Jungkook guided his chin up with his free hand, so their eyes met.

Tae bit his lip a little, his smug expression telling Jungkook that he thought he was being sly enough to keep the pleasure the bigger of the two was giving him under wraps. Jungkook found this sort of cute, giving him incentive to lean in, so that his lips were hovering over Tae’s.

He’d been drinking strawberry daiquiris all night, so it seemed. Jungkook could tell how sweet he would taste, if only he could reach out, and- No. Jungkook was supposed to be teasing, and it looked to him like his boyfriend wanted that kiss just about as badly as he did. Which meant he had to stay strong, and move his head away, forcing out a moderately convincing snicker to taunt Tae. He still ground down on him a little harder, though, keeping his rhythm until the song changed, though he barely noticed when it did.

It was Tae that broke away cockily, shimmying right back over to Jimin, who was in hysterics at how thirsty his friend was.

Jungkook misread this reaction from the apparent threat as him being mocked. It also didn’t help that Tae was dancing back over to Jimin was a bulging hard on. A big one, and everyone’s words suddenly echoed in his ear. Jimin was a bottom. He let his eyes train shamelessly on the rather thick outline of Tae’s cock. Who wouldn’t want that? Hell, he really wanted it, and he wasn’t even one to take it up the ass.

Tae wasn’t done with the whole jealousy thing, so it seemed, because he turned away from Jungkook, so he was at an angle where the younger really could not tell his proximity to Jimin, and began to shake his hips. In the eyes of DrunKook, this was about as good as cheating, and he reached out, grabbing his arm, “We’re going home”

“You can go home if you want,” Tae shrugged nonchalantly, trying to turn back to Jimin.

“No. Look at me,” he waited until he had Tae’s attention, “We are going home, Taehyung”

This sobered him up a little, and he just nodded, turning back to Jimin, “I’ll text you, okay, I gotta deal with my child of a boyfriend”

Jimin, despite how horrendous Jungkook had been acting, still gave him a friendly smile, and a wave before they went to say goodbye to the other three.

The Uber home was quiet too.


“You said you were mine,” Jungkook slurred as he shut the door to the shitty motel room.

“I said I wasn’t your property though, and that how you treated me tonight,” Tae slurred back, equally as drunk.

“How!,” Jungkook already knew the answer, he was just aggravated.

“You watched me like I was a fucking brick of gold you left in the middle of the slum, Jungkook, like I can’t fend for myself”

“Oh, well you were getting real close to Jim-”

“IT’S JIMIN,” Tae yelled, “How many times do I need to reiterate that I. Will. Not. Fuck. JIMIN”

“Yeah, but you were acting like he was so much better than me, weren’t you?”

Tae looked mildly confused, “What the hell are you talking about, you delusional dickhead?”

Jungkook began to back him into the corner of the room, “Dancing with him, not me, you were all over him, Tae, come on”

He saw Tae’s adam’s apple bob, and Jungkook let his eyes flicker down to the crotch of his jeans for just a second. Yeah, he was hard. He bit back a smile.

“Is it him you want, my sweet?,” Jungkook purred, his voice suddenly dropping an octave, “Is it his cock you want burried deep in your ass?”

Tae looked like he was about to respond, but Jungkook cut him off, running a finger over his bottom lip.

“Is it his thick fucking cock that always hits your sweet spot? Can he make you scream at the top of your lungs, huh? Can he eat your pretty little ass the way I can?,” he reached behind Tae, groping him and ramming their bodies back together, harder this time, panting as he bucked his cock against Tae’s through the thick fabric of their jeans. He bit down on his shoulder as hard as he could, only sticking his tongue out to soothe the newly formed mark after he tasted blood.

Tae winced at the sheer force with which Jungkook locked his jaw into him, but he felt his member twitch from where it was pressed flush against his, “I want everyone to see this, Tae, see what happens when they try and lay a hand on my baby. Do you need another one you fucking slut?,” he momentarily wrapped a hand around his throat, giving it a sharp squeeze, “Just incase someone approaches you from the other side? I don’t blame them, I mean, shit, you’re fucking irresistible,” he clamped his teeth down a bit higher this time, where the purple indents would be clearly visible above the collar of his shirt.

“You’re awfully quiet tonight,” Jungkook noted as Tae’s cry at the pain turned to no more than heavy breathing, “Is it because you know you deserve it, huh? Do you know you deserve to be punished? You’ve been a fucking brat, making me feel like shit”

Tae just bit his lip, attempting to reach down and free one, if not both of their stiff cocks, “Hands off,” he slapped them away, “Where are the cuffs, Tae, you’re such a whore, I know you’d be one to pack them”

Tae just blinked, causing Jungkook to charge back over to him, and pin him to the mattress, licking, and sucking at the newly formed welts, “You know you had this coming, baby, come on, you can’t behave like that all night and expect me to just let it go, do you?”

Tae whimpered, “Toilet kit”

Jungkook quickly shed his clothes before he went to retrieve them, pushing Tae farther up the bed, and flipping him onto his stomach, fumbling with his shirt before binding his wrists to the headboard. He then reached around Tae to unbutton his pants, tugging them off, and massaging at the already bruised skin of his ass, “You’re never going to want to play around with anyone ever again, Tae, I’m gonna remind you that there’s only one cock you’re allowed to be a slut for. Whose is it, tell me?”

He spanked Tae, watching the handmark blossom a rose red.

He repeated himself, “Whose cock does you tight little ass belong to?”

“Y-yours,” Tae gasped, voice trembling.

Jungkook spanked him again, moving now so Tae’s bottom was positioned over his lap, “You didn’t sound so sure about that, baby”

“Yours,” his voice was a little steadier this time, but his breath was heavy with arousal, and Jungkook could feel precum rubbing off Tae’s cock onto his bare thigh where it was sandwiched between them.

“Say my name, baby, tell me your ass belongs to me, and me alone”

Tae paused.

“What, you dirty boy, do you want me to spank you again, is that what it’ll take?,” he meant it as a threat, but Tae kept his mouth shut, “Oh you do? My little slut likes being spanked nice, and hard, does he?” He spanked him, harder this time, reaching down to grip his ass immediately after for a second before letting go, “Now tell me, baby?”

Tae cried out, “My ass belongs to you, Jungkookie, it’s all yours”

“Oh, fuck, Taehyungie,” Jungkook’s mind, intoxicated with arousal as well as the many mixed drinks he’s consumed earlier in the night, found that it needed a moment to process the pure lust that his words sparked in him, “Say it again”

“You own my ass, baby, Jungkook, fuck, ” his voice went up a pitch as Jungkook landed another tight slap on it.

“You want Jungkookie’s big fucking dick tonight, baby, huh?”


“No,” Jungkook slid out from under Tae, fisting his length as he stared at the red mess below him, “You were a brat tonight, Tae, acting like I’m not the only one that can reduce you to a mess. You can’t call me by my name, tonight, you don’t deserve to be able to scream it, not until I’m sure I’m the only one,” Jungkook knew he was going overboard, knew, in the very back of his mind that the smaller boy was just trying to be petty earlier, but DrunKook was out to play, and DrunKook was very hard to reason with.

“W-what do I call you?,” Tae hiccuped, very obviously resisting the urge to grind his cock into the bedspread.

“Sir. Call me Sir”

“Yes, Sir”

“Now do you want my cock, slut? I’m gonna fuck into you so good tonight you’re gonna forget it’s even possible for another man to please you. You’re gonna forget you’re anything but mine,” Jungkook was laying flat on top of Tae, grinding his member between his cheeks, and sucking at the bites on his neck, determined to make them as apparent as possible. He reached to yank his head to to slide, and slide his tongue into his mouth, hungrily licking out the strawberry cocktail he’d wanted to taste so badly at the club.

“S-sir?,” Tae asked.

“What is it you fucking bitch?,” Jungkook seethed into his mouth, biting down hard on Tae’s bottom lip.

“M-my cock”

“You want me to touch it?”

“Yes, Sir”

Jungkook laughed, “Fuck, no, not until I want, I’m gonna make you need it like I needed you tonight, and,” he bucked roughly between Tae, “Fuck, you ignored me,” he bit his shoulder, “Such poor treatment” He momentarily backed off, jamming a finger down his throat without warning to slick it up before pushing it into his hole in one fluid movement. “For someone that treats you so good, that makes sure you get fucked the way you like it, you obnoxious … spoiled... brat,” he grunted, pumping his finger to make his point.

He spit on his second finger, shoving it into the knuckle in one slide, and swirling his tongue around Tae’s stretched hole, and grinding his own cock into the bedsheets at the sound of Tae’s desperate whimpers.

“You don’t deserve lube tonight,” he muttered, “Get on your knees”

Noticing the way Tae trembled as he scrambled into position, Jungkook, was reminded that, yes, he did actually care for the other’s safety and he said, “Pause. You want a safeword?”

Tae nodded, and though his drunken envy, Jungkook found it in himself to press a gentle kiss to Tae’s shoulder, just to remind him that he didn’t actually, you know, want him dead, “Is tomato okay?”

He let out a shaky laugh below him, “Yeah, tomato is fine”

Now that Jungkook no longer had to worry, he snapped out of it, smacking Tae’s ass again, “Spit in my hand,” he ordered, waiting for Tae to do so before doing it himself, and slicking his cock up.

Both of them seemed to enjoy the resistance that came along with not using real lube, and they moaned in unison as Jungkook slid in about half way, digging his nails into Tae’s hipbones to keep grounded over the tightness.

Then he rapidly pulled out, eyeing Tae’s hole as it clenched around the emptiness that he left behind.

“You don’t like that, do you?,” he taunted, “You greedy little whore, you need my cock all the way in your ass, you need it fucking you nice, and deep, don’t you?”

“I-I do, Sir”

“Why won’t Sir give you his cock? Tell me? What did you do, you little brat?”

“I was trying to make Sir jealous,” he whimpered, trying to move his hips back to come into contact with the head of Jungkook’s dick, which was still lined up with his hole.

“Nuh uh uh, not yet baby, who did you try and use? Did you try and use someone Sir didn’t want you to?”

“Yes, Sir, I used Jimin”

Jungkook speared his length quickly in and out of Taehyung, throwing his head back at the second of tight warmth that surrounded him.

Tae let out a sob.

“You want my cock rocking into you, you brat? You don’t deserve it tonight, you don’t deserve Jungkookie’s cock tonight”

“B-but, Sir, I want it so bad”

“Do you want anyone besides me?,” Jungkook pressed the head of his cock against Tae’s hole.

He clenched in anticipation, “No, Sir”

“Tell me you're mine, and I’ll shove my cock right up into your spot so good, baby, I’ll take mercy, I’ll make you forget everything but my name”

“I’m yours, Sir”

“Say my name. Just this once,” Jungkook didn’t have it in him to stick to the rules he’d created, not when Tae’s voice sounded so broken, and desperate for him.

“Jungkook, I’m yours

“Fuck, baby, you meant it this time, I can tell,” he grinned, letting out a satisfied sound before plunging back into him, nearly cumming on the spot at Tae’s lewd cry.

Jungkook spit more into his hand, slicking up the part of his cock that wasn’t inside Tae before bottoming out, and sliding his hands down the perfect arch of his back, “Fuck, angel, you’re so perfect. And mine , all mine, shit, I can’t believe I get to have you,” he leaned so his stomach was resting on Tae’s back, and twisted his head around, molding their mouths together, “Anyone else touches you, looks at you, I kill him, Taehyung, I need you so much”  

Tae cooed, both boys seeming to have forgotten about any type of punishment the second Jungkook started to fucking him, “I-I wanna feel you more, Sir”

Jungkook, still panting into his mouth muttered, “Call me by my name again, baby, I believe you”

“Touch me Kookie”

“Yes, my sweet,” he shut up any further requests by kissing him deeply, their teeth clashing as their groggy brains tried to drink in as much of the other as possible.

Jungkook ran his hands along the other’s torso, each finding its way to hover, one under Tae’s hardened nipple, one over his dripping cock, “Can you do one thing for me?”


“When I thrust into you, baby, tell me who you belong to, tell me you’re mine”

Tae just nodded into his mouth, and Jungkook pulled his hips back, attaching a thumb to tweak at his nipple, and a fist to tug at his cock. He snapped them forward, “Who do you belong to, my sweet?”

Ugh , Jungkookie, I’m yours”

He repeated himself, “Whose?”

“I’m yours”

As Jungkook sped up, the dialogue more or less disintegrated to a babble of, “Yours... Jungkookie,” until Tae came into the sheets, tears streaming down his face as he struggled to catch his breath.

Jungkook reached over him, and unlocked the cuffs.

Tae rolled over slowly, his eyes turning to Jungkook’s still red, and very swollen cock,

“You didn’t cum yet”

“I know, my sweet, I want you to look me in the eyes when I fill you up, I want you to know the look on my face when I mark you as mine”

Tae’s jaw dropped open, and he spread his legs for Jungkook, who wiped the cum pooled off the bed to help get his cock a little wetter before wordlessly slipping back into Tae. They didn’t kiss, no, Jungkook didn’t want to have his eyes shut when he gave a released into Tae, clenching his jaw, and choking “Look at me,” as he felt his cum fill the other.

Tae did, and for a solid few minutes until Jungkook, dizzy and exhausted, rolled off of him, “Can you please get me some water, I’m a little too…”

Tae wiped the sweat from his cheek, staring up at him for a couple more seconds before getting up, and stumbling to the bathroom.

He collapsed back on the bed after handing Jungkook his glass, which he finished in seconds before pulling Tae into him, and kissing him sweetly, his spinning head wanting to convey to Tae that he wasn’t mad, not anymore at least.

Tae only broke away for a second to wipe the cum off their bodies, and switch off the light before leaning back into him, whispering no more than a simple, “Goodnight”


Tae was staring at Jungkook when he woke up, his head pounding, “What got into you last night, Jungkook?”

“Last night- oh,” shame. That was the word that pretty much summed up the emotion Jungkook felt, “I went a little overboard, didn’t I?”

He nodded, “It’s not- You didn’t do anything I didn’t like, don’t worry, but, Kook...”

“I was just,” Jungkook, though he was still not too keen on opening up, knew he needed to explain himself, “I know, that sometimes I’m lacking, like, as a boyfriend, I’m bad at relationships”

“Yeah? Even if I thought that, it’s not really directly related to what’s going on, is it?”

“Well it is, like, I just. I’m scared. Like I feel like everyone is better than me, and will treat you better, and shit, and I have to fight to have you”

“But you don’t. I don’t want to, but if i did, I could leave you, nothing is keeping me here except the fact that I like you . Not Jimin. Not anyone else. You,” he poked his chest. “Jungkook, you need to start communicating with me better, because you were in the wrong last night, okay? And it could have been avoided”

Jungkook was quiet.

“I asked you if you wanted to ditch and just go for dinner, or something, and you snapped at me when I was trying to make you happy. I was trying to communicate , Jungkook, but it works two ways, alright? If you are bothered, tell me, don’t shut me out. Do you understand?”

Jungkook sighed against his chest, “Yeah”

“Do you want to explain what happened after we got to the club?”

Jungkook forced his mouth open, trying to ignore his hangover. Tae really could have chosen a better time to talk, “Tae, I, I just… all I could think about was how you looked happier with Jimin, and I was drunk, and when I get that drunk, I just get more….”

“More Jungkook”

“Yeah, I mean I guess. I just, I was scared, and jealous so I thought I had to do… all that. I just. I didn’t realise how overboard I went,” he traced his finger over one of the bites on Tae’s neck, causing the other to shudder, “Did I go too far?”

“No, I was just shocked. They’re hot, just, like, can you buy me makeup to cover them up, or something?”

Jungkook ghosted his lips over the mark, careful not to hurt him with his kiss, “Yeah, of course”

“Do you wanna fuck me like that again, Jungkook, did you like it?”

Jungkook cleared his throat, “I… I kinda forced how rough I was, um, but yeah?,” it sounded more like a question.

“What about like, as roleplay?”

“What, just like super rough sex?”

“...Yeah,” now Tae was beginning to sound a little sheepish.

“I mean,” Jungkook rubbed the back of his head, trying to bite back a tiny pleased smile, “If you’re okay with me treating you like that...”

Tae hummed in approval, “it’s only like a step up from when we’re rough usually”.

They were silent for a moment before Tae spoke up again, “See, Jungkook, this wasn’t that hard”


“Imagine if we had had a conversation like this last night, if you’d just been honest and open with me. I wouldn't have pretended to flirt with Jimin to annoy you if I knew how much it bothered you, and I know the night would have ended differently, too. You act different in bed when you have a lot of pent up angst, it was clear you needed to just get shit off your chest”    

“Yeah, you’re right”

“I know it feels intimidating, Jungkook, but come on. You would really have liked Jimin had you given him a chance last night, and you would’ve been happy drunk, and we could have kissed, and grinded, and had fun. And we could have come home, and had rough sex anyways, you didn’t need to throw a fit for that to happen”

Jungkook was actually very embarassed right now over what Jimin’s first impression probably was. Jungkook did actually care about Tae’s life outside their relationship, including his friendships, and life before they met.

“About Jimin, um. Can I meet him. Like, I wanna apologize, he probably thinks I’m such an asshole”

“You were last night, babe”

“I do feel bad, Tae, really”

“We talked it out, didn’t we? Just learn from last night, okay? Jimin’s probably the kindest person I’ve ever met, he’ll give you a second chance to introduce yourself”

“Is he still here?”

“Lemme check”

Chapter Text

Jungkook felt a little guilty all morning. Especially since his eye kept catching the welts on Tae’s neck, and further, because he really liked seeing them. Tae seemed okay though, readily helping Jungkook deal with his queasy stomach. Which made him feel worse, because, come on, did he really deserve such nice treatment after what he’d done?

He was also still confused. The way Tae had responded to how he'd acted last night made it seem like the whole thing was Jungkook’s fault, but he felt like Tae could have handled the situation at the club better. But then he felt like if he brought it up to him, it might seem like he was trying to deflect blame, and also, Jungkook just didn’t really know how.

Tae had probably ditched him the way he did because Jungkook was being quite the unenjoyable companion, but still, he had felt like chopped liver. He decided to forget about it, for now at least.

“Wait, so what time are we meeting Jimin, again?,” Jungkook asked, trying to tell himself to get over his bullshit.

“Ummmm, like a late lunch, so maybe 2 or 3?”

“When’s checkout?”

“Around the same time”

“What do you wanna do until then, babe?,” Jungkook looked up from his phone.

“I mean, the room has a pretty nice bath, and I know for a fact that I’m sore as all hell, so”

Jungkook tried not to think about how that was totally on him, “Am I invited?”

“Aren’t you always?”

Jungkook smiled, and leaned across the mattress to peck Tae’s cheek, “Good. I have that nice soap, the one my mom got me on my birthday”

“Oh shit, that almond rose one?”

“Mmhmm,” he nodded.


For the price they'd gotten the room for, the bathroom was pretty nice. Admittedly, Jungkook had been a little sheepish about bathing in the tub of a room that cost under $250 a night, but this one seemed to be hygienic enough. Plus, the feeling of Tae’s fingers leading him to the bathroom was very inviting, and not something Jungkook wanted to resist.

He stared at Tae’s ass, palm resting on his cheek as the smaller of the two bent over the tub to fill it up with warm water.

“Soap- oh my god, could you be any less subtle,” Tae laughed, as he spun around to, you guessed it, Jungkook’s eyes glued to his bottom.

“It looks so good like this Tae,” he sighed, resisting the urge to reach out and grab it, admiring the purple and red marks scattered across it, “It looks like a...a supernova or something, kinda”

Tae reached behind, and ghosted a hand over it, shuddering as goosebumps rose over the tender skin, “I like it, too, baby”

Jungkook stood up, and approached him, pulling him into a hug from behind, nuzzling into his shoulder, “Almost done?”

Tae leaned his head back on his shoulder, and hummed, twisting his head to press a kiss to Jungkook’s jaw, “You get in first”

Jungkook did, staring up at Tae with stars in his eyes as he sunk into the water between his legs, and settled into Jungkook’s back. The water was nice, and steaming, taking the tension from both of their muscles at once. They sighed a little before sinking in chin deep. They were quiet, Jungkook doing no more than running his hands up and down Tae’s chest, ghosting his fingers over the bites on his neck every now and then in an attempt to soothe them with the warm water.

Tae fumbled for his phone, switching on a mellow playlist, and looking back at Jungkook. He thought for a second that the other was going to kiss him as he watched the way he his parted lips, but at the last minute, he turned back around.

Jungkook didn’t mind, though, instead dipping in, pressing his lips to Tae’s neck, and shoulders, making sure to be extra gentle as his he met any marks, or bites. He felt Tae smile, and lean his head back on his shoulder, his hand finding it’s way to Jungkook’s cheek to guide his lips up and down the delicate skin.

Deciding to return the favour, Tae grabbed one of Jungkook’s hands out of the water, and looked at it for a moment, muttering something under his breath as he kissed the pad of each finger.

Once the both of them were done, there was a moment in which they stood stock still, very clearly thinking the same thing. Jungkook opened his mouth, “Tae, turn around, would you?”

He wasted no time, immediately flipping over, and kissing him. Tae’s lips, as always, were so pillowy, and enveloped Jungkook’s perfectly. He raised a hand to the back of his head, and tilted it to the side, so Tae’s nose pressed into his face the way he loved so much.  

Tae broke away after a second, “Before you… I don’t wanna fuck right now”

Jungkook shook his head, his eyes not leaving Tae’s, “Me either,” he wiped his bangs off his forehead, smiling as he studied his face. He traced his finger along the slope of his nose, down over his mouth before rejoining their lips, just as gentle as before, lapping at the little drops of water that had gathered on his chin and lips.

He never tried to slip in past them though, never tried to deepen the kiss, wanting to stress to Tae that there was so much more about him he appreciated, and loved in a nonverbal way, or, more accurately put, a way in which he wouldn’t fuck up.

Maybe it was just the intimacy of the moment, the way they sat naked together in such a cozy way, with no hunger, no ulterior motive, that caused Jungkook to blurt out, “Tae, you really are the light of my life”

Tae didn’t respond, instead gave Jungkook a smile that he’d never seen before. It wasn’t the smirk he’d worn when they’d first met (thank god), and it wasn’t his trademark boxy grin, but something different. It was almost bittersweet, and certainly stunning, and Jungkook suddenly just couldn’t, for the life of him, remember how to breathe.

He paused for a second, attempting to collect his thoughts before continuing, “You just. You’re so comforting, and understanding, and so good to me, Tae. I mean, I always say that when we fuck, but it’s not even just like that, you’re just. I don’t know, there’s so much you make me feel that I can’t find the words to express. You’re one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Have I ever even said thank you? I’m so stupid, Tae, thank you. Thank you so muc-”

Tae, having heard all he needed to hear, had crushed their mouths back together, somehow softer and warmer, but firmer this time.

Jungkook was almost offended he didn’t get a response until something salty tickled his top lip, “Babe, are you crying?”

Tae broke away, looking up, and wiping his nose, laughing, “I just. I don’t know, Kookie, you just make me so,” he shook his head, “I don’t know. Happy? I feel so warm inside. I feel so good when we talk like this, babe,” he kissed him for a solid minute, “When we do shit like this, it feels so good to me, you feel so good to me. I just,” another kiss, “I really can’t get enough of you. All the bickering, and all the bullshit just feels so worth it to me”

“I’m trying to get better, Tae,” he whispered, “I’m working on it”

“Jungkookie, I fe-,” he shook his head. Jungkook felt a pang in his chest, trying to pretend he didn’t know what Tae was about to let slip, and further, trying to pretend he wasn’t didn’t sort of feel the same way, “I like you for you, I like the way we are, it’s not always fun, but we make it work. It just makes me feel like if we can be happy together, I can make anything happen”

“I know, my sweet, and you’ve helped me so much, you’re helping me grow, Tae, and you don’t even need to, I don’t understand”

“We just have so much potential to be so perfect. It feels like we’re already halfway there”

Jungkook didn’t need anymore explanation, pulling Tae in yet again, coaxing his mouth open this time, knowing that the other would understand it was full compassion, rather than lust.

Of course he did, and he moved up to straddle him, wrapping his arms around his shoulders, and massaging at the knots Jungkook had cultivated since god knows when. Jungkook moaned into his mouth, and grabbed blindly at the soap, using it to begin to lather up Tae’s back. He put it down, and took the opportunity to rub slow lines up and down his back, caressing, rather than kneading at his honey skin.

As his hands found their way to map the remainder of his body, Jungkook almost laughed into Tae’s mouth, confused at how new, and pleasant it all felt. They’d never done something like this, been pressed flush together, naked and panting without groping or biting chasing pleasure in any other way.

Why hadn’t his overly horny ass come up with this idea before? He wanted to do it all the time, just touch, and feel, and memorise Tae’s naked body. I mean, it was, hands down, the prettiest thing he’d ever seen, each scar, mark, appearing to him as a blossoming flower, or a milky white constellation that only added to his beauty, “Do you have a single, solitary flaw, Kim Taehyung?,” he asked in wonder, gazing up at Tae, whose head was tipped back, and was shuddering at the sheer gentleness with which Jungkook was cleaning his body.

His hands were even softer as they wiped at his bottom, Jungkook noticing the way he tensed up when he lowered his hands past the small of his back, “Don’t worry, my sweet, I’ll be careful, okay?,” he reached to press a series of kisses to his chest to distract him.

Tae was swooning out loud by this point, and pulled his head up to rejoin their lips, “See, Jungkookie, this is why I hardly actually get mad for very long, I know how sweet you are deep down”

Jungkook grinned.

“Let me do you, now, Kookie, baby,” he sank back down into the water, grabbing the soap, and beginning to rub it in circles across Jungkook’s chest. His eyes fixed on the way Tae’s slim fingers massaged him in order to release the tightness in his muscles.

“Such good care of me,” he sighed, sneaking a look up at Tae, who had his lip bit in concentration, “You take such good care of me, baby”

If Jungkook thought Tae’s hands felt good rubbing over his skin, the shampooing he was about to get was bound to blow his mind.

It did. They switched positions so Tae was behind him, and his digits soon found their way to his scalp, pressing, and massaging into it.

Jungkook was moaning in a way that, to their neighbours, must have sounded extremely sexual, but he didn’t care, fighting to keep his eyes open as Tae hummed along to the music, the vibrations reaching between their chests and ricocheting off Jungkook’s heart.

Every now and then, Tae would run his slick, soapy hands down to his chest so he could reach around and kiss him, causing Jungkook to squeak (yes, squeak) happily into his mouth each and every time.

There was something about how skin on skin contact felt in water, too, that evoked a deep satisfaction in Jungkook. After Tae had finished, he pulled him back so they were laying flat against each other, doing nothing but mindlessly rubbing at one another’s backs in embrace until Tae’s alarm went off, signifying that they soon had to check out.


They met Jimin outside a Diner downtown. And he was, in all honesty, anything but a threat.

He was wearing no more ripped jeans and a hoodie that was just a little too big, but he still somehow managed to glow. Jungkook wondered what he must look like when he wasn't in the midst of a hangover.

He pulled Jungkook into a koala like hug the second they were introduced by Tae, and Jungkook couldn't help but note how…. cute the other was.

Not in the way Tae was, snarky, and filled with quirks, but in a kind, almost babyish way. He was not a baby, though, Jungkook thought to himself, but a dancer, each move he made somehow reflecting grace and poise.

“You two look a lot happier than you did last night,” Jimin raised an eyebrow once they settled into their booth.

“It um,” Jungkook smiled, “we had a misunderstanding last night, but we talked it out so uh”

“You talked?,” he giggled, “Is that why Tae can't sit right?”

Jungkook turned a bright red, and coughed, but Tae, understandably shameless as he  was with his best friend blurted out, “Jungkook has good spanking hands”

Jimin laughed again, his eyes disappearing into his face, “Ohhhhh, lemme see!”

Jungkook, being the private person he was, wasn't entirely too keen, but Tae raised their joined hands above the table, and forced his palm over for Jimin to look at.

“Oh, wow”

“Are good spanking hands even a thing? That’s not even a thing, guys”

“Is too,” they snickered in unison, exchanging glances. No wonder they were best friends. Jimin was literally just the sweeter, more subdued version of Tae. It was nice to see, Tae’s face lit up for an entire two hours straight, unable to stop talking, sharing anecdotes regarding all the shit the two of them had gotten up to in high school.

Much like the night before, the two were drawn to each other, and granted, Jungkook was most certainly third wheeling, but the opportunity to learn so much about Tae? Well, it was something he couldn’t really pass up.

He just loved it so much, loved imagining Tae breaking the bed at a department store, or getting caught with weed in his locker in Junior year, or how he’d gotten drunk and thrown up in his friend’s dog’s cage at the senior prom after party.

He liked Jimin, too, and thought to himself that maybe if Tae had acted more like him when they’d met, that Jungkook wouldn’t have found him so irritating at first. That wouldn’t have been any fun, though. Things wouldn’t be the same, wouldn’t be so good now if they hadn’t begun the way they had.

It was meeting and spending time someone comparatively normal that made Jungkook genuinely appreciate Tae. He really was starting to believe they had been made for eachother, there to compliment one another’s personalities, and make up for their shortcomings. I mean, what fun was a passive, uneventful relationship where no one learned or grew? He was perfect for Jungkook, and the more he thought about it, the more him and Tae made sense.

“So you’re going to Juilliard, I hear?,” Jungkook asked as they finished their appetiser, figuring it probably made sense of the conversation to turn to Jimin at some point.

“Yeah, I uh, go for contemporary dance”

“New York is pretty lit, dude, I kind of wanted to go to school there, but where I’m going now has a better literature programme”

Jimin giggled, “The opposite happened to me, actually, I didn’t think I was really a city person, but nowhere rural had a good enough programme. And I mean I hate to brag, but they cut me a damn good deal. Wasn’t even planning on going to my audition, in all honesty”

“But you like it now?”

“Ugh,” he rolled his eyes back, “I love it, dude, it’s so me, you know? Especially like Hell’s Kitchen area”

“Glad to hear that dude,” Jungkook nodded, “I’m thinking of maybe going down to like Fordham for my mast- Tae, we’re in public

Tae had leaned over to quite literally French Kiss a dollop of whipped cream that had come off Jungkook’s pancake and smeared across his cheek.

“Oh so now you’re worried about us being in public? Jimin let me just indulge you real quick on Jungkookie and I’s recent sexual escapades if I might”

“You really do not need to at all, Taehyung”

“No,” Jimin cut in, “Please share”

“I’m going to the bathroom, I cannot be here for this,” Jungkook groaned.

“You gotta own it, sweetheart,” Jimin said.

He was right.

“So anyways,” Tae began, “Let’s see, where to begin. First was your family banquet thing-”


“No, I only palmed him, during dinner, that’s the least of it-”

Only ?”

Jungkook had his face buried in his hands, “Do we have to do this?”

“Yes,” the two friends chimed at the same time.

Usually, Jungkook would be livid at the way Tae was so openly talking about something he took personally, but Jimin was such a kind and welcoming person, that this had luckily just been cut down to discomfort. And yeah, fine, mild arousal at the memories.

“Yeah, no Jungkookie here gets really horny when he’s bored or annoyed, man his parents took us to a nice ass steakhouse and we jerked each other off behind the fucking parking lot. Jungkook told them Jin got hit by a car to explain why we were missing so long. Okay, but yeah, like, you’ve seen the plaza thing where we work right?”

“JIN!,” his eyes were bulging out of his head, “Fuck, That’s like. Possibly too much. But, yeah, what about the plaza?,” Jimin said, extremely intrigued.

“You know the pavilion-”

“Dude, that’s pretty much just like…. Open”

“Well it was like midnight, we both had closing shifts. Oh, and obviously in the car in the parking lot more times than I can count. And in Lake Superior, too,” Tae’s voice lit up at the last part.

“No. Way,” Jimin’s jaw dropped, and he reached across the table to high five him, ”Wasn’t that like, on your bucket list, or whatever?”

“Not officially, but pretty much, yeah”

“What is this. What is this conversation. Where am I?,” Jungkook was dumbfounded.

“Which time was your favourite, Kookie?,” Tae asked.

“You’re not gonna leave me alone until I answer the question, right?”

“Yeah, basically”

He felt both sets of eyes boring into him in curiosity, and he looked down, probably turning a bright red as he muttered, “The, uh, Ferris Wheel”

“Oh, wow,” Jimin said, “Damn, guys”

“Awwwwh,” Tae cuddled up to him, wrapping a hand across his chest, and kissing his ear, “That was our first time after officially getting together”

Jungkook let himself smile, and reached up to lay a hand over Tae’s, leaning his head against his.

“Waitdon’tmove,” Jimin whipped out his camera at light speed, and snapped a couple pictures. Grinning down at them for a second before handing them the phone.

Jungkook didn’t realise he’d whispered, “Damn,” out loud until he heard Tae hum in agreement.

Jungkook didn’t want to brag, but, well, they were really an attractive couple. Quite the aesthetic, if you asked him. And they looked so happy too, Jungkook’s smile, though tiny, radiated contentment. Tae looked no less blissful, his eyes half shut, lips in a half smirk, hovering right under his earlobe.

“You might have finally taken a picture of us that rivals your homescreen, baby”

“What’s his homescreen?,” Jimin asked, grabbing his phone back, and texting Tae the pictures.

“Show him babe,” Tae grabbed at his jean pocket for his phone, “Nice chub, babe”

Jungkook turned red once again, “Who brought up our sex life, here? Was it me? No”

“Whatever,” Tae said, pressing his thumbprint into Jungkook’s phone, and handing it to Jimin, “That’s before we started dating at Jungkook’s parent’s lake house”

“Did you say before ?,” he asked in disbelief, “Sure about that?”

“Yeah,” Jungkook agreed. He himself was in equal disbelief as time went by, in fact it was growing by the second. How had he been so dense? The more he looked at the picture, the clearer it was that he saw an angel rather than a person whenever he looked at Tae, and had since that weekend, “If I have one talent, it’s being in denial”

“It’s almost ironic that that’s the one thing you’re self aware about,” Tae noted.

Deciding that it was about time to turn the conversation away from himself, Jungkook said, “So I hear, you’re in a relationship, too?”

“Yeah,” Jimin beamed, his hand flying to his chest, “His name is Hoseok, he’s in my programme, and he’s literally, like, a ray of sun, not even kidding”

“I can confirm,” Tae chimed in, “You think Jimin is a cutie, wait til you meet Hoseok”

“You know, you two should come visit sometime. Y’all need another cute couple to put you in your place. Namjoon and Jin are wayyyy too domestic, they operate like they’ve been together for 50 years”

“Oooooo, yeah, Jungkookie, baby, wouldn’t that be fun?”

Jungkookie baby did not think it would be fun. I mean, last night had been a mess. On the other hand, a trip to New York sounded nice. His parents had a pretty nice condo right off Columbus, and well, Tae was just really convincing. Objectively not so much, but to Jungkook? Oh boy. Plus, the luxurious setup of the apartment would be a sweet treat to give Tae. He deserved it, and Jungkook could probably make it really romantic if he did a little research first.

“I mean, we’d have a place to stay if we did, my parents-”

“Great!,” Tae squealed, “When can we come down, Chim?”

Jungkook expected Jimin to need a minute to adjust to how quickly the two of them had responded, but then he remembered that Jimin had grown up with Tae, “Ummm, literally any weekend. But honestly next weekend might be cool, because I got my first solo at the Lincoln Centre”

“Oh my god, Chim, seriously?,” Tae’s eyes looked like they were going to bulge out of his head, and he scrambled over to the other side of the table to envelope him in a huge hug, “When were you going to tell me? Kook, Jimin had wanted this for years! Isn’t that so awesome?”

Tae’s reaction was actually what made Jungkook grin ear to ear, “Dude, that’s amazing, good job, Jimin”


“I’m so excited for next weekend,” Tae said, jumping on Jungkook’s back the second they parted ways.

Jungkook slid his hands under his legs to hold him up, and sighed, “Yeah, I mean it worked out pretty well, my parent’s apartment is really nice, plus have you ever been to the Lincoln Centre? The stages are really nice, and it’s wicked artsy Tae, I think you’ll really like it”

“So sexy when you act all cultured, baby,” he reached to kiss his cheek, making Jungkook blush, “What do your parents do anyways?”

“Dad’s a lawyer for a bunch of the Wall street fuckers. Which also means I’ve spent a lot of time in the city”

“Oh, shit for real?”

“Yeah, mom doesn’t work”

“Mmm, I doubt she even needs to”

Jungkook shook his head, and they headed towards the car in silence, Tae still on Jungkook’s back before he spoke again, “You know, Tae, if you had just introduced me to Jimin properly last night, I would have felt so much better. I just… I don’t think it was fair of you to just ditch me and expect me to magically understand, you know?”

Tae sighed into the back of his neck, “Yeah, babe, you know what, you’re right. I’m sorry. I’ll give you an apology kiss when I can reach you”

“It’s okay, Tae,” he sighed, putting the other down, “Come here”


Chapter Text

Jungkook and Tae had decided to put a hold on the butt stuff for the time being. I mean, this was understandable. Over the past few months, Tae had taken quite the, uh, beating, topped off with spanks, and gropes, and bruises that never really had the proper chance to heal.

It was Jungkook’s idea. I mean, he wasn’t really super keen on the whole thing, but he had remembered how sore and tender Tae had seemed when they’d been in the bath together, and had gotten the chance to properly examine the damage when his vision wasn’t clouded by lust.

They still did more or less everything else, but to a limit, as a result of Jungkook’s mild guilt. Was he really that rough? But then again, Tae said he liked it at least, which was of great comfort to his conscious.

They laid on Jungkook’s mattress in their underwear the night before they were due to leave for the New York, having just finished an entire large meat lovers pizza (Jungkook knew there was a euphemism in there somewhere). They were side by side, chatting lazily, and half-watching whatever the hell was on TV, when Jungkook rolled into Tae.

“What’s up?”

Jungkook sighed as he rubbed his cheek against the smooth skin of Tae’s belly, “Does anything need to be up?”

Tae’s fingers found their way into his boyfriend’s hair, and he began to twirl his fingers around the newly dyed black strands.

“Hey! If you get Buffalo Sauce in my hair, I will kick you out”

Jungkook felt Tae’s stomach tighten as he laughed beneath him, “You’re the one that licked my fingers clean, if you didn’t do a good job, that’s not on me”

Jungkook made no effort to argue, just wrapped an arm around Tae’s waist, biting back a pleased squeak at the way he massaged his head as they returned their attention to the TV.

After a while, though, Jungkook got bored, and his eyes flickered back to Tae’s abdomen. He ghosted his fingers across his skin, watching the goosebumps rise. His finger fell across an indent in his hip, and he paused, “What’s this?”


“This scar on your hip”

“Oh,” he chuckled, “remember how I told you I used to play soccer?”


“Well during a game, me, and some other kid went for the ball at the same time, but like, I slipped in the grass a little too soon, and fell right next to the ball”

“Oh, fuck, did he miss the ball?”

“Nope, two birds one stone. It happened so quick,” he shook his head, “And that kid had some strong ass shins, or whatever, his kleat just like… punched a hole right into me”

“Did it hurt”

“I cried in front of like, the entire school, yeah- hey not funny”

Jungkook tried to stop laughing, reaching to press his lips softly to the mark.

His eyes travelled further up, and he found a shiny pink scar, “What about this one?”

Tae ran his thumb over it, “Oh, that was in middle school, I tried to jump off the swings when I was really high, and my skinny ass literally flew and ate shit. That’s where my shirt tore and I got scraped”

Jungkook ran his own thumb over it before pressing a slightly longer kiss to it. He scooted up, pointing out the brown mark on Tae’s ribcage, “What about this?”


Another kiss.

Jungkook, deciding he quite liked doing… whatever he was trying to do, propped himself up on one elbow, and frowned down at Tae’s body, picking out each, and every birthmark, and scar, and deciding to kiss it, simply pecking some, but really pressing his lips into others.

He made his way over his arms, turning his wrist over to kiss the scar he’d gotten from falling off his bike two summers ago, and the one he’d gotten from a dog bite, and then over the two little freckles that Tae liked to make an elephant out of with his fingers.

He did no more than skim the tip of his nose over his healing bruises, and bites, instead concentrating on the way Tae smelled, slightly of aftershave, and the coppery sweat that had accumulated from the jog they’d been on earlier.

Tae was almost trembling under how gentle his touch was, and as Jungkook finally came face to face with him, he realised that his eyes were shut. He opened them once Jungkook was mere millimetres away from his face, and Jungkook gulped, breathless before whispering, “Wanna know which one’s my favourite?”

Tae nodded a little.

Jungkook didn’t answer, just kissed the tiny freckle on Tae’s nose gently before leaning back, and pressing their foreheads together, “Tae, everything about you takes my breath away,” he confessed.

Tae didn’t really need to even move much to finally connect their lips, not bothering to wait before coaxing his mouth open, and slipping his tongue through his parted lips. Jungkook smiled a little at how effortless it had become, their mouths moving in perfect sync powered by no more than muscle memory

That didn’t mean Jungkook didn’t pay close attention to each and every detail, though, like the soft pants Tae was letting into his mouth, and the way his shaky fingers were reaching to claw at his shoulders, causing the hairs on his arms to stand up. He didn’t realise the other was hard until he grabbed at the small of his back, tugging him ontop of him.

Jungkook smiled, feeling his own member begin to and tighten, and Tae tilted his head to the side, his hands finding Jungkook’s face, his impossibly long lashes tickling the younger boy’s cheek.

Jungkook broke away, head still held in Tae’s hands, and muttered, “How are you real, my sweet?”

“What’s going on with you tonight, huh?,” he smiled up at him sweetly.

“You’re so beautiful, Taehyung, an angel on earth,” he leaned in to kiss him again, “Your lips, they’re so warm and welcoming, and your eyes, babe, and your lashes, too, so long, and dark? Holy shit, I sometimes can’t believe you’re real, seriously”

Tae had blushed a bright red, unsure of what to say.

“You’re so delicate, my baby, so smooth, and pure,” his hand rested atop Tae’s, “And I love your fingers, too, your touch is so soft when you run them through my hair, over my skin,” he paused for a second, “You glow, baby, your skin shines like fucking gold no matter what,” he kissed his nose again, “Fuck, I want to give you the world, Taehyung, I want to give you everything”

Tae squirmed and cooed beneath him, looking deep into Jungkook’s eyes.

“I want to make a home out of your chest, Taehyung,” he continued, running his hands across Tae’s nipples with his fingers, admiring the healing, now yellow hickies scattered around them, “The closest thing I think I’ll ever get to heaven is when I lean my head into it, when you let me curl up against you. I used to sleep so poorly, did you know that? I used to be a fucking insomniac, but you,” he laughed, “What are you? You fixed me. You’re fixing me, I sleep like a baby when I’m with you”

He moved to kneel between Tae’s knees, urging his hands back to his face, “No, my sweet, your touch is always so pleasant”

He then lifted Tae’s feet, resting them over his shoulders, beginning to trail kisses along the little marks, and freckles scattered across his legs. He sucked on the sweet spots behind his knees, this time consciously avoiding leaving any type of mark or sore for a minute before lifting his head, “Are your knees darker than the rest of your body?”

Tae looked away, “Y-yeah”

“You’re so precious, my angel, look at you,” he leaned in to press another chaste kiss to Tae’s parted lips, realising that he had never felt this warm, and safe, and happy in his life, “I adore every little detail of your body, I can’t see a single thing that doesn’t astound me about you”

Tae whimpered, “Oh, Jungkookie,” still clearly rendered speechless by the pure affection Jungkook was showing him.

“I’ve never met anyone like you. I never will again, you’re really something else, my love,” he let a soft smile play on his lips, liking the way the term sounded coming out of his mouth, “My love, my Taehyung, so kind, so funny, so smart,” he kissed his jaw, “Flawless”

Jungkook took a few minutes to sit back, Tae’s calves still resting on his shoulders, tracing his hands lightly up and down his sides, his legs, his arms, studying before something dawned on him, “Tae?”

“Yes?,” he replied, almost seeming skeptical.

“I-I,” he took a deep breath, “I think I’m in love with you”

They stared at one another blankly, as both of them processed the words that had just come out of his mouth.

“Jungkook, I-,” he shut his mouth for a second before opening it again, “Do you really mean that?”

“Yes. Yeah, Taehyung, I love you,” and suddenly he couldn’t stop laughing, tipping his head back as he gaped at the ceiling, probably in an attempt to figure out where the ten ton weight that had been residing on his shoulders for god knows how long had suddenly disappeared to.

He hadn’t been entirely sure, had been torn between muffling the little voice in the back of his head telling him he just might be, and actually confronting it, but once the words left his mouth, he realised it was the truth, “Holy shit, baby, I love you. Oh my god,” he looked back down at Tae, “I love you. I. God, that feels so good to say,” he leaned in to kiss him, and it was spectacular.

Jungkook didn’t know Tae could kiss any sweeter, didn’t think it was humanly possible until their lips met, and the smaller boy pressed into him with so much warmth, and well, love, that it rendered Jungkook dizzy.

They broke away after what could have been either hours, or just minutes, before Tae gave him that same bittersweet smile he’d seen in the tub last in Providence, and said, “I love you, too, Jungkook, so much, and for so long”

Jungkook was near ecstatic tears as he giggled, “So long? We’ve known each other for like three months”

He just shook his head, his eyes glassy.

Jungkook just hummed in understanding, breathing into Tae’s mouth.

Tae let him for a while, before he began to buck his hips up into Jungkook’s, and he remembered he was turned on. Granted, he could start to feel himself get harder as well, but he still muttered, “We don’t have to do anything, Tae, I didn’t tell you to get in your pants”

“I want to. I want you to fuck me, Jungkook”

“Doesn’t it still hurt?”

“A little, but just be gentle?”

“Of course, my love”

Tae laughed.

“What? Not a fan of ‘my love’?,”

“Quite the opposite actually, I’ve been hearing it in my head for ages, it’s just weird to finally hear coming out of your mouth”

Jungkook began to pepper little kissed over Tae’s face, and ears, repeating “My love,” between each peck.

“Oh my god, I love you so much,” Tae said again, sounding quite unbelieving, in all honesty.

“I love you, too. Why does that feel so good to say. I love you, Tae, my sweet,” Jungkook grinned as he tugged Tae’s boxers down, beginning to pump his length the second he freed it as the other fumbled with his though his moans.

All Jungkook could think about was how good Tae felt it his hand, big, and long, and solid, and without thinking, he blurted, “Do you wanna, um. Like. Tae, do you wanna top tonight?”

“Are you for real?”

“Yeah, I mean, I just, I want you so badly right now, and I don’t wanna hurt you. And. And this is a big thing for me, to say, you know? I think tonight… I want it to be special”

“I can take it, you don’t need to do this”

“I want to Tae, I want to feel you inside me,” they both shuddered in unison as the words escaped his mouth, and they began to envision the act they were about to commit.

“Have you ever done anything like this?,” Tae’s eyes were losing focus, and he kept biting his lip.

Jungkook just shook his head.

Tae reached down to touch himself, but Jungkook knocked his hand away, and replaced it with his own, tugging slowly at his twitching cock, as he leaned in for a kiss.

“It’s gonna hurt, baby,” Tae panted, gulping, “If you. If you need to switch, tell me, okay?”

“Why do you sound even more nervous than I am?”

“I’m not nervous, I’m just so, fuck , Jungkookie, I can’t believe this is real”

“Me too,” Jungkook responded, laying back on the mattress so Tae could get on top of him.

“Safeword... is still tomato, okay?”

“Yeah, Tae,” he nodded, “I know”

Tae grabbed the lube, placing it on the bed next to him before kissing Jungkook deeply for a few minutes, their hands on each other’s cocks as they prepared themselves for what was about to happen.

“O-Okay, Tae, you can, uh, start now”

Tae broke away, not opening his eyes as he nodded, moving his lips down to Jungkook’s jaw, then to his neck, all the way down his torso. Jungkook’s muscles were tight in anticipation as Tae licked a stripe up his cock, before moving even farther down.

“You’re sure you’re okay with this, right, babe?”

“Yes, Tae,” Jungkook said, admittedly sounding a little anxious, “Come on”

Tae hummed, biting his lip, and spreading Jungkook’s cheek’s, the tip of his tongue reaching out to tickle Jungkook’s hole.

He bucked his hips up, and Tae looked up at him in question.

Jungkook tried not to smile as he said, “It tickles, okay?”

“I know it does, he laughed, moving back, this time licking a stripe along his crack, tightening his grip on Jungkook’s ass as he squirmed beneath him.

He spit over the hole once or twice, eliciting a gasp from Jungkook, the younger of the two beginning to relish the wet warmth in the foreign area.

“Stick your tongue in,” he panted, attempting to grind his hips down onto Tae’s mouth.

Tae complied, and Jungkook’s hands tightened in his hair, his puny brain trying it’s best to adjust to him.

“Can I start to prep you?,” Tae asked after a couple minutes of Jungkook jerking, and groaning, trying to get Tae’s tongue deeper inside him.

“Oh, god, yeah

Tae drizzled a copious amount of lube over his fingers, running his tongue back up, taking each of Jungkook’s balls in his mouth before he wrapped it around the head of his cock.

Once Jungkook began to lose himself in the feeling, Tae’s index found it’s way to slip past the ring of muscle, slowly entering Jungkook. It hurt. No, it was more a discomfort, actually, but Tae made sure to be gentle as he sunk in to the knuckle, and began to gingerly slide it in and out of him, pausing every now and then to listen for any sounds of discomfort.

“You can...,” Jungkook was very out of breath, “Second finger”

Though he was making little to no sense, Tae got the idea, and let Jungkook’s length slip from his mouth with a pop, “This one is gonna hurt a little more, but the third one might actually be painful, alright?”

“Tae, it’s okay

“Okay, but stop me if there’s a problem. My first time,” he shook his head, “He was too rough, and it fucking sucked”

Oh. Jungkook blinked, now all his apprehensiveness made sense, “I’m sorry, Tae,” he pulled him up to kiss him for a second, before letting go, and allowing him to resume.

He was right, and Jungkook bit his cheek when he felt Tae’s middle finger push in next to his index.

Jungkook felt a little weak and embarrassed when he heard himself say, “Can I hold your hand?,” but it paid off, Tae’s intertwining with his own to give Jungkook something to concentrate on.

Tae really was good at multitasking, Jungkook noted. His mouth had returned to his dick, and he was enthusiastically sucking at it, each bob of his head as precise as ever, his fingers very stealthily beginning to scissor Jungkook farther open.

“Can you do more lube before the next finger, babe?”

He nodded around him, his hand slipping from Jungkook’s for a minute to apply more to his ring finger before it found it’s way back. He didn’t immediately insert it though, the way Jungkook expected him to, rather waited for his queue, staring up at Jungkook with wide eyes, as the bigger of the two stroked at his bangs and cheek with his free hand.

Suddenly, a pang of pleasure shot through Jungkook, and as a knee jerk reaction, he pulled Tae’s hair, and hard, causing the other to groan around him, “I think you found my sweet spot, Tae, holy shit, do that again”

He bent his middle finger, massaging at it as Jungkook arched his back against the sheet’s, choking, “Third finger, Tae, shit, ohmygod”

Tae smiled, and did as he was told. Jungkook was able to ignore the burning almost completely, the feeling of his prostate being stimulated rivalling most anything he’d felt before. I mean granted, Tae deepthroating his cock did help too.

“I think I’m ready,” he said, tugging at Tae’s hand once the little pain he did register began to fade.

A pop echoed across the room as Jungkook slipped from his mouth, “Okay, are you sure? It doesn’t hurt that much?”

Jungkook shook his head, “I mean, kinda, but I like it,” he tugged at him impatiently again, “Come on, baby, I want you in me”

Tae moaned, licking his lips, and pouring lube over his dick.

Jungkook’s hand met his to spread it, and they shared a wet kiss, Jungkook licking as far into the other’s mouth as he could go, chasing the need to get himself as tangled up in Taehyung as he could manage.

“Okay, lay back,” Tae instructed, and Jungkook did, resting his legs on Tae’s shoulders, studying his concentrated expression as he lined himself up, and began to push in.

Should Jungkook have asked for another finger? Was it normal to feel this stretched, this full? “Tae, wait, it’s so much,” he gasped, his short nails clawing at the other’s shoulders as he desperately reached for something to grab.

“Should I pull out?”

“No, no, just, um, just go super slow”

He nodded, clenching his jaw, clearly resisting the urge to roll his eyes back into his head so he could see the expression on Jungkook’s face.  

“God you’re so big, Tae, I always- ugh- ,” Tae had slid his hips a little farther in, “Always saw it, but it feels, oh shit

“Tell me how it feels, Kookie, do you like it?”

“Fuck. I love it. I love you,” he tightened his arms around his shoulders, pulling him down so their chests were pressed flush together, “Touch me, Tae, help me get used to how well you stretch me out, I wanna feel you start to fuck me, baby, I wanna feel you thrust into me”

Jungkook thought for a second he might have made Tae cum, judging by the look on his face, but after a second, he recovered, kissing Jungkook hard, his hands squeezing their way up Jungkook’s thighs to his torso, “Want me to touch your nipples, baby? They’re so sensitive, I always see them nice and hard under your shirts, always wanna feel them, make you feel good”

Jungkook nodded, not bothering to open his eyes.

They did shoot open when he pressed his fingers into them, twisting hard in a further attempt to turn Jungkook’s attention from the slow burn of Tae’s cock, which was now around three quarters of the way into him.

Once Tae bottomed out, he froze, and his head dropped into the crook of Jungkook’s neck, “You’re so tight, I can’t believe it, Kookie, I’ve never,” he shook his head, his hair prickling Jungkook’s sweaty skin, “Never had it so tight, shit, I need a second”

Jungkook was pleased at this, pleased at how Tae looked like he felt so good he was gonna pass out, and played with his hair, letting him catch his breath, he himself slightly relieved by the break he was getting. The pain had, for the time being, resided completely, and Jungkook now felt satisfied instead at just how full he felt, how blissful it was to have someone he loved surrounding him in so many ways.

Tae didn’t say anything when he started to buck into Jungkook, his panting getting heavier, as the pain returned to Jungkook’s ass, and he keened unintentionally, choking out an “Oh my lord”

Tae let a manic laugh into the nape of Jungkook’s neck, which was now quite wet with a combination of their sweat, “Are you good?”

“Taehyung,” he moaned, “Yeah, so good, shit, just kiss me”

This one was much hungrier, and sloppier by far, both boys beginning to lose their bearings, their teeth clashing painfully. “I’ll never be able to get enough of you, Tae, my love,” he grumbled into his mouth, “My love , I love you. Shit, ” Tae had pulled out a significant amount, and angled his hips up, to stimulate Jungkook’s sweet spot, “I’ve never felt this good, Tae, fuckshitugh

“I love you too,” Tae broke away to pepper kisses all over his face, sucking light hickies into his jawline, “you’re so amazing, Jungkook, I. Oh my god, everything about you. I love it, fuck”

Jungkook didn’t realise that there were tears dripping down his face until Tae wiped them away, “Sure it doesn’t hurt?”

“Kind of but, fuck, your cock is so good, makes it feel like a kiss,” he pressed his head back into the pillows, “Bite me, Taehyung. Bite my neck”

Tae did, nice and hard. This caused his grip on Tae to tighten to one he had been trying to avoid, but he couldn’t find it in himself to do anything else, needing to keep himself grounded over the pleasurably alien feeling.

It felt so much more intimate, more personal to let Tae inside him, let him touch a part of him no one else ever had, including himself, and in a way, he felt exposed, and a little insecure.

But it was Tae, the love of his life, and Jungkook realised that if he was going to give anyone permission to see him like this, make this much of a wreck of him, he’d want it to be Tae.

He was surprised at how long he was able to hold on before his muscles became impossibly tense, and each breath turned into a loud, broken moan, heat pooling in the bottom of his stomach, “Tae, I’m gonna cum, baby”

Tae let out something that almost sounded like a laugh, “Thank god, I’ve been trying to hold on forever now”

“We get to cum together?”

“Oh, fuck , yeah we do,” Tae realised, groaning, his hand flying to Jungkook’s cock, “Give me a couple seconds warning, okay?”

Jungkook was too overwhelmed by the combined feeling to do anything but nod, it only taking him a second before he squeezed at Tae’s arm.


Jungkook bit down rather hard on his own lip, and nodded, his eyes locking with Tae’s as they both fell over the edge, a jumble of ‘I love you’s slipping their mouths as Jungkook clawed at him, nearly sobbing at the blinding stimulation. The feeling of Tae’s hot cum flooding into him only added to the intensity, and he came incredibly hard, the sticky white mess shooting from his aching cock so hard that it hit the bottom of his chin.

Jungkook just looked at Tae blankly for a second his eyes following him as he lapped Jungkook’s cum off his chin, and where the sizable amount of it was beginning to drip down onto his neck.

“I’m-I’m sensitive, Tae, right now,” he whimpered begrudgingly, wanting desperately to feel him inside of him a little longer, but bothered by the discomfort.

Tae looked a little disappointed as he pulled out too, his own mess dripping from Jungkook’s stretched hole onto the sheets as he did.

Jungkook didn’t care though, just leaned up to kiss Tae gently, understandably quite spent. Tae was there to caress his chest and neck though, to soothe him as his brain came down from the high it had been on, and a wave of soreness took over him.

After a while, he tried to sit up, and winced. Each and every limb felt like rubber, and and he flopped back down in defeat.

“Are you okay?,” Tae asked, frowning down at him.

“Yeah, I just, it kinda hurts”

“I’m sorry,” he kissed his temple, “Do you need anything?”

“A beer”

Tae chuckled, and got up, stretching, and padding over to the fridge. He opened them, and settled back into bed, pulling him into his side, and they sat in silence, Jungkook’s head on his chest as they sipped at their drinks.

They fell asleep like that, empty bottles discarded on the rug, too exhausted to settle under the covers, naked despite the rather chilly temperature. I mean, they were all bundled up in one another instead, who needed a blanket anyways?

Chapter Text

Much to Jungkook’s pleasure, Taehyung kissed him awake. And so gently too, his mouth doing nothing more than ghosting over his, somehow finding the perfect balance between touching him softly, but firmly enough to wake him up.

He hummed into his mouth, not bothering to open his eyes before reaching upwards to grab at his hair, moulding their mouths even harder together, and scooting up on the bed.

The friction suddenly reminded him of the past night’s events, and he winced a little, breaking away from Tae, and grinning at the memory.

“You sounded like that hurt you, but you look…?”

“Like I’m in love with you? Yeah, got that right,” he croaked, leaning in to kiss him again, still revelling over how good it felt to say out loud

“I was almost afraid that part was a dream,” Tae mumbled into his mouth, “But really, does it feel okay?”

Jungkook sat up fully this time, putting pressure on his ass, “Hm….,” he leaned side to side, “Not amazing, but I can certainly bear it”

“Good, I didn't wanna have to miss the city trip”

“Nah, I'll just lean the seat back, this is nothing”


Jungkook made sure to take a hot shower on their way out, at the advice of Tae, and well, since they both smelt like shit.

Tae invited himself in, too, just for the hell of it, and Jungkook welcomed him with open arms and innocent kisses as they lathered each other up. But this time, it was Tae’s turn to be gentle with him, humming as his hands rubbed gently over Jungkook’s body.

And okay. Maybe they jerked each other off a little. But that’s irrelevant.

The car ride was spent in comfortable silence. Well it was comfortable for Jungkook, at least. Tae kept looking over at him, and giggling in a questioning manner at the fact that he just couldn't seem to stop looking at him.

His inner monologue, for once, was nothing but a series of optimistic thoughts, thoughts about how he'd made the right choice last night. Thoughts about how far they'd come. Thoughts about how Tae had finally gotten a chance to see a side of Jungkook that no one else ever had, and he liked how it felt. He liked the comfort he got out of confiding in him like that, and further at how Tae was treating him no differently, with no judgement in his eyes. Not that he thought he would, anyways.

By the time they arrived to the city, Jungkook was in a much more lively mood, and he grinned at Tae as they took the elevator up to drop their bags in the condo, wondering if this was the honeymoon stage he had heard so much about.

They had some time until Jimin’s performance, and it was around lunch time, so they parked the car, and took the subway down to Brooklyn, wandering around, Jungkook genuinely appreciating the scenery before him, especially with Tae’s arm wrapped so tightly around his waist.

They did bicker in the same way they always did a little, this time because Jungkook wanted Italian, and Tae, as usual wanted sushi.

Tae let Jungkook win, and show him some “real Italian food,” as opposed to the bullshit Olive Garden that Tae kept trying to drag him to.

“Do I get sauce on my face everytime I eat pasta?,” Tae asked in wonder, this time recognising the look on Jungkook’s face.

“Yeah, but it's okay, babe, you're turning it into a concept, its cool”

“Come on, wipe it, won't you?”

Jungkook, now actively thinking about the last time Tae had gotten sauce on himself, and bound by the restraints of the label “friends”, was unable to kiss it off. He could this time, though, and he did, his tongue flicking out across his cheek, “You sure love your marinara sauce, babe”

Tae looked like he was so happy he was about to cry.


As they traipsed around the urban borough, they alternated between relaxed conversation, and silence.

Naturally, as soon as Tae saw they were approaching a sex shop, he visibly perked up.

Jungkook, since they were in direct contact, noticed this, “What is it- oh my god, Tae”

“Oh come on, we'll just go in for a second, don't you wanna turn the condo into a crime scene?”

“I'm starting to think that this whole including my family life in fucking is more your thing, not mine”

Tae shrugged, “Don’t you wanna find out what I have in mind?”

“Well. Yeah, okay, I do”

Jungkook slipped his hand into Tae’s back pocket as they entered the store, earning a warm hello from the cashier as they were directly faced with a wall of dildos.

Jungkook imagined how juicy and puckered Tae’s hole would look stretched around one, and shuddered, “So? You gonna tell me what's up?”

“Two words”


“Vibrating dildo”

Jungkook, without thinking, clenched his hand, groping at his cheek, causing Tae to shudder, “I’m interested”

“Which one would look good in me, do you think?,” he whispered into Jungkook’s ear.

Jungkook genuinely considered this, frowning as he studied the collection for a minute.

“What about that purple one?”

“Which purple one?”

“Third shelf, far right”

Tae laughed, “That pretty much just looks like your dick, babe”

“What? And you think my pride won't be hurt if a dildo fucks you better than I do?”

“There's so much more to sleeping with you than just your dick, love,” he reached to peck his cheek.

“Do you mean that, or are you just saying that because you want a bigger one?”

“Oh trust me, I mean it”

“Can you not moan in a sex shop, please,” Jungkook said, trying to hide how flattered he felt, “they'll think I'm actually fingering you, I bet”

“Have you ever been in one of these?”

“Not really”

“Everyone is always mad chill, babe, they know a real moan when they hear one,” he frowned at the wall, “What about the red one?”

“That's so textured, Tae, shit,” it was clear, rubbery, and deeply ribbed.

“Yeah, but think about the look on my face when you use it on me”

Jungkook got goosebumps, making his decision immediately, “Okay, yeah, go for it”

Tae left Jungkook to keep staring at the wall as he fetched the cashier to ask for a packaged one.

Once they approached the register to pay, and the cashier saw them together, arms intertwined as Tae pulled out his card, she remarked, “You two really are quite the attractive couple. And trust me, I see quite a few”

Tae said “Thank you,” the second Jungkook blurted out, “I know,” without thinking.

He earned an elbow in his rib, and he quickly realised what he'd said, correcting himself, “T-thanks, I mean”

The cashier just laughed, handing them their little black bag.

“Shall we head back to get ready, Kookie?,” Tae asked, checking the time on his phone.

“Damn is it that late already?”

Tae shrugged, “I just don't wanna be late, ya know? And we gotta dress nice, this is really important to Jimin, he's always been a little insecure about his talents for whatever reason, it's a big step for him to invite people he knows”

“Have you never seen him dance?”

“Oh, of course I have, Kook, and he's phenomenal, he doesn't really know you very well, though, so”

Jungkook nodded in understanding.


Tae basically got Jungkook ready himself, and for no real reason, either. It wasn't like Jungkook was being too slow, or didn't know what he was doing. Tae, however, helped him button his shirt, and tied his tie, his lips dangerously close to Jungkook's the entire time.

He put on his cologne too, and fixed up his hair. The only thing Jungkook really did himself was tie his shoes.

“I really like this flat, babe,” Tae sighed, leaning into Jungkook as they stared out the huge window. It was floor to ceiling, and covered the entire wall, exposing Manhattans stunning skyline in the setting sun, “Your parents have taste”

“They really do,” Jungkook said, turning them to face the other wall, which was covered with a mirror. He paused, noting how good they looked. Well groomed, Jungkook standing behind Tae with his hands on his hips, and his chin in the nape of his neck, “that cashier was right”


“We’re so hot, Tae”

“You're shameless”

“You're not denying it”

“I'm not a liar, Jungkook,” he smiled, winking at him in the mirror.

Jungkook dragged his mouth up his neck, the feeling of Tae’s goosebumps enjoyable under his lips.

The majority of the marks had now healed, he noticed, tasting a little less concealer than he had recently as he licked his lips, and broke away. There were still, small raised bumps for the harder bites Tae had received last weekend, but they were invisible, nothing but a nice reminder to the two of them alone.


Jimin had gotten them pretty good seats. Front row, actually. Jungkook figured this was a result of his director probably giving him and Hoseok a handful of tickets for friends and family.

When Jimin got on stage, it was almost like they weren't in a crowded venue anymore, but one on one, his powerful movements nearly seeming intimate, as he danced out his solo.

And Jungkook thought that that probably was going to be the highlight of the performance, but was he wrong.

The second Hoseok entered the stage for the next song, the entire vibe changed, and Jungkook could feel the chemistry tangible in the air between them.

He looked over at Tae, whose eyes were teary with pride, and leaned his head on his shoulder, intertwining their fingers as they continued to watch.  


Jimin and Taehyung enveloped each other in a big hug the second they met, and they all exchanged hellos, one couple congratulating the other.

As they settled in, Jimin spoke up, “You two seem even more lovey-dovey, which I didn’t really think was possible,” he narrowed his eyes jokingly at them, “Are you trying to one up us, or did something happen?”

Tae looked at him, giving Jungkook the boxy grin he adored, “We said ‘I love you’ last night”

Jimin cooed.

At the beginning of the dinner, Jungkook was…. not the most keen on Hoseok as a person, finding him to be a little too energetic for his palette, but after a couple glasses of wine, he changed his mind a little, laughing along with Tae and Jimin at the weird facial expressions and jokes he was making.

Tae was right, they were like two rays of sun, and now able to empathise with the way they felt, he found himself to be happy for them.


Jungkook was very understandably excited to get to the apartment, the wine he drank reminding him of the vibrator waiting for them back home.

Although they were both desperate to get on top of each other, there was no slamming or pushing, or hunger the second they got there.

No, Jungkook knew Tae should probably save his energy, so he laid him down on the bed instead, resting on one elbow to lean in and kiss him, sucking at his lips while his hand slowly traced its way down to the buttons of his pants.

“Tae, you're always so nice and hot in my hand,” he murmured into his mouth, “Your dick is so pretty, especially when it’s hard, babe”

Tae moaned at the praise, and bucked slowly into Jungkook’s loose fist a little before breaking away, “Let's break out the toy, no?”

“Best idea you've had today next to actually buying it. You're sure you're good to fuck, right, it doesn't hurt still?”

He shook his head.

Jungkook pulled it out of the box, and ran his hand along it, switching it on. “Tae, you're really gonna feel this, baby,” he said sadistically, palming himself through his trousers, “Fuck I can't wait to see your face, see the way your knees are gonna shake. I don't think I've watched you since before we went to the lake house, have I?”

“I don't believe you have”

Jungkook grabbed the lube on his way back to bed, and cracked it open, pouring some out to warm up in his hand. Then he leaned back in, and kissed Tae, waiting a second before his first finger crept into him, soon joined by the second one to help scissor him open, “You feel so tight, baby”

“Nothing's been in me since Providence”

“Not even a single finger, huh?”

“No,” Tae blushed, “I was waiting for you”

Jungkook grinned, “I’ll make sure to make you feel so good tonight, Tae, I can’t wait to make you cum, try and make you cum as hard as you made me last night. You fucked me so good, Tae, I’m not sure it’s possible” he nipped at his ear, his hot breath eliciting little moans from the other’s throat.

Jungkook was careful with his third finger, or a little more so than he had been in the past at least, now understanding the burn that came along with being pried open, “Tell me when you’re ready for the toy”

“I’m ready,” Tae moaned, bucking his hips down onto Jungkook’s fingers.

“Can I tie you up, baby? Just for this part, I wanna see the way you shake with nothing to hold onto”

Tae nodded, and realising he’d not brought the handcuffs, for whatever dumb reason, said, “We gotta use our shirts”

That was the last of Jungkook’s concerns. He just nodded, asking, “Do you want it on your back, or bent over the sofa?”

“Back, I-I wanna look at your face, Jungkookie, it makes it feel so much better”

Jungkook hummed, “Fuck, you’re right, I wanna see your expression when you feel it buzzing inside of you. The walls are super thick here, my love, feel free to express yourself”

“So I can scream?,” his brows raised in excitement.

“Preferably my name, yeah”

“Worry not, Kookie, you’re gonna hear a fair amount of that”

Jungkook grabbed Tae’s shirt off the floor, where it had been discarded, and slipped off his own as well, bending Tae’s knees and pulling his hands so they laid against his ankles to bind them together, “You look so good spread open for me like this, ready for whatever I have to give you. Christ, you take everything so well, Tae, my fingers, my tongue, my dick, I know how well you’re gonna take this toy, baby. Are you ready to feel the ridges stretching and moving you open, huh? Are you ready for me to press it right into your prostate, and turn it on? You’re gonna be screeching, Tae, I can already hear it, grabbing at your ankles, arching your, back, I can’t wait,” he licked his lips.

“Jungkook, you’re gonna make me feel so good tonight,” he cooed, as Jungkook finished, and his eyes focused on the toy, which now had a copious amount of lube poured over it.

“I know, angel. Do you want me to turn it on right now, or when it’s inside you?”

Tae mulled it over, “Inside me”

“Oh, baby, you’re gonna explode when I do,” Jungkook looked up at the ceiling in disbelief that he had the opportunity to witness such a thing.

His pants, he decided, were now uncomfortably tight, so he hastily unbuttoned them, tugging them off with his underwear.

And holy shit, he hadn’t realised how hard he’d been, the sight of his red, twitching erection earning a desperate whimper from Tae, “Kookie, your- oh fuck , come on, babe, I need something in me”

Jungkook just nodded, fisting himself, trying to get rid of at least a little of the pressure that his built up in his own length before he lined the slippery dildo up with Tae’s hole, and slowly pushed it in, trying to insure that he experienced each and every bump that he’d been so keen on feeling.

He was already making a series of broken noises as Jungkook pumped it in and out of him, going deeper each time, “Tell me when you want me to turn it on, love”

“D-Do it,” Tae inhaled, biting his lip as his eyes flicked back and forth from Jungkook’s cock to his face.

Jungkook didn’t say anything, just made sure it was stationed well before he switched it on, immediately to the highest power, and stepped back, jerking himself at the gorgeous sight before him.

Tae was screaming, his head snapped back against the pillows as he dug his nails into his ankles, desperately looking for something to keep him grounded over the acute jolts of pleasure that Jungkook knew were wracking his body.

His eyes were rolled back too, and Jungkook, seeing he wasn’t paying much attention to the outside world, took the opportunity to dive in, and swirl his tongue around Tae’s swollen hole.

The other snapped his jaw shut so hard at the surprise that Jungkook heard his teeth clash over the buzzing, and the screams turned into choked groans.

Tae let this continue for a while before he snapped his head up, and he gasped, “TakeitoutorI’llcum”

Jungkook barely understood his words, but got the point, switching it off, and slowly pulling it out. Kissing Tae to distract him from the emptiness he probably felt, he prompted “You want my cock, babe, is that how you wanna cum? The toy not do it for you?”

“N-no, Jungkookie, I need you”

He kissed him a little longer to help him come down enough to last with Jungkook inside him, gently untying the restraints, and rubbing at his wrists and ankles to sooth them.

Then, Jungkook scooched to the side of the bed that faced the mirror, and beckoned Tae over, pumping his cock as he said, “Come sit, my sweet”

Tae’s eyes were trained on said seat, and he was drooling, scrambling to the other side of the mattress to kiss Jungkook again. Once he broke away, he asked, “Facing it?”

Jungkook just nodded up at him, rendered speechless at his flushed cheeks, and mussed hair.

He was almost sad that he couldn’t face Tae, until he remembered he could look his reflection in front of them instead, “My love, put your arm around my shoulder, I want to see this clearly”

Tae leaned a little towards the side, doing as he was told, and lowering down onto him. Jungkook dug his fingers into his sides, originally to help him position himself, which turned into Jungkook just gripping whatever he could in a desperate attempt to keep himself from dropping back into the mattress in ecstasy.

Tae had been stretched well by the toy, and was still so wet, and he slid right down onto his cock in one go, causing Jungkook’s heart (and probably Tae’s too) to skip a beat at the speed with which it swallowed him up.

Since there wasn’t too much in the way of resistance, Tae found himself able to grind and bounce atop Jungkook easily, doing no more than panting heavily as their eyes locked in the mirror.

Once Jungkook was able to collect himself, get used to the feeling of being inside Tae again, he groaned, “Fuck, Tae, look at us, we look so good,” biting at his neck.

Tae hummed in agreement, concentrated on making sure his prostate was hit with each stroke.

Jungkook moved them a little farther back on the bed, and traced his hands from where they still dug into his sides down his hips to his inner thighs, spreading them so his feet were on either side of his his lap .

Tae gasped at the sudden new angle, and threw his head back, but Jungkook continued, “No, baby, look, look at my cock going fucking your ass, look at how hard I am, how swollen it is. Can you tell how good I feel? Can you tell how good you make me feel, babe?”

“Oh, god, Jungkookie,” his voice was trembling as he turned his attention downwards, “Fuck that’s so hot, seeing your cock is- ugh ,” Tae closed his eyes and slid his hips back and forth against Jungkook.

Jungkook’s fingers found his nipples, and he reached around to lick at one, and tweak the other, his free hand going to move Tae up and down on him.

“Babe, this is so much, holy shit,” he said, clearly overstimulated at the visual before him, “Do you always look at me like this?”

“Always, angel,” he said, moving his head back to look at them again, “Every time. Can you tell how much I love you? Can you tell?”

Tae bit back what sounded like a sob, “Oh fuck, I can, Jungkook. I love you so much, we’re so perfect together”

“Mmmmm,” he agreed, pecking at Tae’s slick, musty, skin, “This is my favourite feeling in the world, Tae, you know that?”


“You,” he whispered into his ear, enjoying the way his words made Tae look like he was about to combust. He started to buck up in sync with Tae, “You, Tae, the way you say my name, how warm you feel around me, how sweet you kiss me, the way your mouth feels on my cock, your skin, your fingers, the way you moan, I just-”

“Jungkookie, I’m gonna cum,” he cried, beginning to tremble as his eyes searched for something to grip onto.

Jungkook moaned, “Get up, babe, this is my favourite part”

Tae complied, but gave him a questioning look.

He dragged a chair up next to the mirror, “For better access”

Tae understood, and pressed his chest flat against it, putting his foot up on the chair, and reaching behind with one hand to spread his cheeks, “C’mere, baby”

Jungkook allowed himself just another second to appreciate how good he looked, how ready for him he was before closing the distance, cock in hand, as he lined himself up, and plunged into him with no delay.

Tae squished his cheek against the mirror, instantly fogging it with his heavy breath, but Jungkook pulled his head back by his neck, whispering, “Tae, you are the most beautiful person, and when you cum, you look like heaven, my sweet. This is my favourite way to see you, when you cum from my touch, your face…. I want you to see it, baby, I want you to understand why I’m so fucking obsessed with you”

Tae opened his mouth in what looked like a silent scream as Jungkook angled his hips to buck into him properly. He licked his lips at the broken noises escaping his boyfriend, and moved his two hands to massage up his arms, joining them, and pinning them above his head.

Then he moved a hand down to hover over Tae’s cock, “Tae, open your eyes for me, look at yourself. And listen to me, listen carefully, okay?”

Tae tried, and failed to nod steadily.

“Just kiss me once, my sweet, I want to taste you”

Tae twisted around, kissing Jungkook until the younger broke away, and his hand wrapped tightly around his cock, beginning to pump him, and studying his reflection to look for the signs he knew so well that would tell him Tae was about to orgasm.

It really didn’t take more than a moment of Tae rasping incoherently before he snapped, “Open your eyes, Tae,” knowing he didn’t have a whole lot of time left.

He let go of his hands, where they still held them above his head, “Look at the veins on your neck, how they jut out,” he planted a kiss to the pulsing area, “And see how you always get goosebumps on your chest?,” his mouth was now millimetres away from his ear, analysing Tae’s reaction, “Now your lips,” he dragged his thumb across them, “See how red they are, how swollen, baby? From me ? The way they hang open?”

Jungkook knew he probably had about thirty seconds left, at most, judging by Tae’s almost grotesquely strained expression, so he started to speak faster over what had turned into sobs from the other, “Your nose always flares, too, darling, so cute, and you always start to drip sweat from under your bangs,” he pulled them back, kissing his wet temple, “Just a few more seconds, baby, okay?”

Tae made a noise of acknowledgement.

“This is my favourite part, babe, look, the way your brows scrunch, but your eyes go wide, your beautiful eyes, fuck, Tae, I love you so much. Cum for me, baby, cum for Jungkookie”

He did on demand, and hard, letting out a high pitched shriek first before all but weeping Jungkook’s name as he clawed behind him, desperately trying to reach his lips.

Jungkook kissed him, the broken way he breathed into him driving him over the edge, stuttering, “Holy fuck, I love you so much, Tae,” into his gaping mouth before letting go.

Jungkook didn’t move to get out of him, and the smaller made no attempt to push him off, just continuing to kiss him for a minute before breaking away, and leaning his cheek against the mirror as his heartbeat slowed.

Jungkook peered at them again in the mirror, noting he didn’t look much better than Tae, slowly pulling out, and pecking Tae’s shoulder, “You good?”

Tae nodded, but didn’t look so hot, leaning his entire body against the mirror, eyes drooped shut.

So Jungkook moved back to peel the sheets off, and scooped Tae up, gently laying him down on the bed, and wiping his stomach clean.

“You’re so extra, Kook,” he giggled weakly.


“The bed and the mirror are like… five feet away, I could have made my way over”

“Really? Could you have actually?,” Jungkook narrowed his eyes in lighthearted disbelief, reaching down to play with his hair, “Are you sure? You look really wiped. Do you need something?,” he stood up, turning to leave the room without an answer, and returning a minute later with two glasses of juice.


“You need sustenance, baby, seriously, you look like you’re dying,” he laughed, rolling his eyes, “You need to get your blood sugar in check. Orange or cranberry?”

Tae gave him that same bittersweet smile, which he could now identify as lovestruck, and sighed, “Orange,” shakily accepting the glass as Jungkook settled in beside him, and pulled him into his side.

“Kookie, do you have, like, a dual personality, or something?”

“What do you mean?,” he asked, sipping at his glass.

“I don’t know, the snarky asshole thing you do… it’s so different than how you are around me? I don’t know”

“I’m not like this around anyone else”

Tae just smiled up at him, clearly flattered, pecking him on the jaw, “I’m so glad this happened. I’m so glad we’re together”

“I know,” Jungkook sighed, “You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, Tae. Have I said that? Whatever. It’s still true”

Jungkook switched off the light, and Tae cuddled further into him intertwining their legs.

“Oh wow,” Tae whispered, looking out the window, “The view, Kookie”

It was stunning, the skyline now lit up with bright yellow and white lights against the inky background.

They stared out the window in silence, Jungkook mindlessly rubbing Tae’s back until he realised the younger had fallen asleep, his glass still in hand.

Jungkook smiled down at him, and removed it from his hand, placing them on the bedside table, and wrapping his other arm around Tae, returning his gaze to the window until his own eyes shut.

Chapter Text

It had been a couple weeks since New York, and Tae didn't look too hot as Jungkook let him into the apartment. Well, of course he looked hot. He always looked hot, Jungkook thought. No, he more meant down.
“Is everything okay?,” he asked as Tae made a beeline into his arms.
He just shrugged.
This was an anomaly. That was usually Jungkook’s role. Tae, on the other hand, could not shut the fuck up to the moment they exchanged hellos.
“No, babe, really”
“I'm getting evicted,” he sulked, and Jungkook felt a tear leak out of Tae’s eye through his shirt.
He brought his face up by the chin, and gave him the warmest kiss he could while he thought of another way to comfort him. He came up empty, and pulled away, leading Tae to the bed, and laying him down before cuddling up to him. He'd like that, that'd make him feel better, he knew. Also himself. Yeah, fine, really liked it too.
“What happened?”
“I've been late on rent the past five months, apparently,” he groaned, running a hand down his face, “Plus, I just can't really afford the place, I thought I'd be making more money when I originally rented it, and now my savings are like drying up, and god, Jungkook, I really am bad at spending money. Do you know how much that dildo cost me?”
“How much?”
“Um, well I can give you $70 if you want, I mean we do share it, and it's at my place a lot anyways”
“No, it's not about that, that's just an example. And now I have to go apartment hunting. Which is a load of crap, I suck at bargaining shit down, and I suck at picking places, too”
Jungkook mentally fumbled with the figurative ball for a second, before saying, “I can help”
“What? Coming apartment hunting? You don't have to, babe, it's so bor-”
“No. No, I mean,” he took a deep breath, “you just. Like you live here pretty much anyways…”
“Oh. Oh,” and Jungkook thought Tae might have understood, “So like, I can stay here until I find somewhere?”
I guess not, “No, jackass,” he shook his head, “Just move in. Live with me”
Tae fell silent, and Jungkook’s heart started to beat a little harder, suddenly fearing rejection. They had admittedly been moving very quickly. 3 months to fall in love? That was fast, already, and moving in was a pretty big step too.
“Babe, you don't have to, I mean, I wasn't that serious. Um. Like. It was just a suggestion I totally get it if you don't want to, like, I can be a little much, I get that, I just-”
“Jungkook, slow down, I'm just thinking, okay?”
“Okay. Yeah, sorry”
Jungkook anxiously picked at the lint on Tae’s shirt in the meanwhile.
“I think we can make it work, but we might have to get a storage unit, I have a lot of shit”
“Really?,” Jungkook’s voice cracked. So much for trying not to sound too excited.
“Yeah,” Tae sat up, a playful smirk suddenly spreading across his face, “really. Let's do it”
Jungkook's heart palpitations turned from ones of anxiety to ones of excitement, and he pulled Tae in for a kiss.
“I love you, Taehyung,” he smiled into his mouth as he coaxed his lips open, reaching to caress his pink cheeks.

Jungkook had only really been in Tae’s house a handful of times. It was a nice apartment, and was definitely in a much better part of town.
It was well lit, and had more than one room (a luxury they couldn't afford, apparently), a bathtub, and was overall pretty cozy. But it was messy, like gross. This was to be expected from Tae, though, his car was admittedly nothing short of fresh hell.
“Tae, you can't like fuck around with my apartment like this,” Jungkook raised his eyebrows at him expectantly as they started to pack up the flat.
“I know, Kookie, obviously I'm gonna gonna pull shit, it's not my house”
“Why do you keep acting like that? Yes it is, Tae, I literally spoke to my landlord, like, you're on the contract”
“Wait when?,” Tae asked in surprise.
“Um. I… this morning?”
“What, before I woke up? Kookie you asked last night,” he giggled.
“Well, I was just up so I, uh, wanted to get it out of the way,” actually, Jungkook had woken up at 8am, filled with excitement at the idea of Tae moving in, finding it to be a great motivator to actually be productive.
Jungkook had offered to come over and help Tae pack up, even though he had a strong inkling it was going to be him doing all the heavy lifting and sorting as Tae sat back and drooled over him.
That's exactly what happened. Jungkook didn't really mind, though. No, though he bitched at Tae for being so unhelpful, he felt good under his very obviously thirsty gaze, liked the little comments he made about how his arms and back looked when he lifted the heavier boxes, and certainly enjoyed the little kisses of thanks Tae couldn't seem to stop giving him.
That first night was heaven. I mean it wasn't even the sex, not saying they didn't have any, but it was, once again, the idea of officializing something Jungkook already felt was real. His apartment always felt more like home when Tae was over, when he woke up to his toothbrush next to his, when he bent to pick something up off the floor, and realised it was Tae’s. It was why he couldn't bring himself to throw his shit away after they got back from Michigan, he realised.
And when Tae said to him, “Let’s go home, baby,” as they pulled out of the storage lot, it felt like things couldn't go any smoother.

The end of term was quickly approaching and Jungkook wasn't handling it so great. I mean, it was a little better than it usually was, because, you know, Tae was there to help and calm him down, whether that meant a little peer editing of his papers or kissing him to sleep after he finished a particularly rough day.
He had had to go on leave from work for the time being to focus, meaning he was shut in the tiny apartment an awful lot, raging with cabin fever as he scribbled down notes, and tried his hardest to perfect his work.
Tae, on the other hand, seemed to work best in coffee shops and libraries. This was a little unfortunate, because he was never around. But Jungkook couldn't find it in himself to be mad, school was school, and granted, Tae’s workload, as he was in a masters programme, was much heartier than his own. That didn't mean he didn't feel lonely when days would pass, and all he would get was a kiss on the forehead, half asleep, as Tae collapsed into bed beside him, and started snoring pretty much immediately.
It wasn't like they never ever spent time together, they definitely did, just not as much as Jungkook needed. They made a point to eat together every Wednesday and go out, even if it was just for Burger King (Jungkook still wasn't a fan, but he’d learned to adjust), and the level of affection Tae gave him hadn't really faltered since they'd come down from their first “I love you”.
If anything had changed, it was that Jungkook had gotten a lot better at communicating. This ended up working in his advantage, and had cut down on the amount of arguments they usually had by a large amount.
Deciding he'd need to work for something he wanted, he forced his eyes open one night, making sure to drink an extra cup of coffee to ensure he didn't drift off before the other came home.
Jungkook was almost worried for a second, but at 1am, he finally returned, dragging his feet through the door, and dropping his bag on the couch before wordlessly making his way over to him.
He barely gave Jungkook a second look, just let him watch him change into his pj’s before getting into bed, and tugging at Jungkook to snuggle up to him.
“Are you alright, babe?,” Jungkook asked with genuine concern.
“No, come on, let's talk, we haven't really spoken about anything important recently,” this was true. The conversations were kept light, each of them trying desperately to concentrate on not thinking about anything too heavy that would stress them out farther.
“Do you have something you need to talk about?”
“Yeah, actually”
“I just. I miss you, Tae, and I know you're busy, but you make me feel a lot better when we hang out, like, less stressed”
“Jungkook, we only have a couple weeks left and we're out of school for like, nearly a month. You can have me all you want then, okay?”
“Tae, but you help me when you're around, I feel better and I usually work better too”
“Come to the library”
“Too many distractions”
“Well I get distracted at home, Kookie,” he could tell that Tae was trying to keep his patience.
Jungkook ran his hands through his hair in an attempt to calm his stressed partner down a little, “By what?”
“Obviously you”
“I…. sorry….?”
“You can't help it,” he grumbled.
“Tae, I miss you, really,” he just kind of blurted after a minute of silence.
Tae didn't respond for a second, and Jungkook thought he might have fallen asleep, but he sighed against his chest, “I miss you, too, Jungkook. There's just. It's a lot going on right now, you know?”
“Let's try and figure something out,” Jungkook pleaded, “I’ll do something for you”
“Let me top again,” he joked.
Jungkook smacked his head, but was glad that Tae seemed to be in a bit of a better mood since he'd gotten into bed, “No, like a real thing, like a sacrifice”
“Like a goat?”
“Tae come onnnnnnn,” he tried not to laugh.
“You come up with something I'm genuinely braindead, babe”
“Okay, if you study at home twice a week, I'll come to the library twice a week. How's that sound?”
“Sounds like a whole lot of gas money to me”
“Where are you getting the energy to be a little bitch right now?”
Tae gave him an eye roll, “Yes, fine, we can try that”
Jungkook leaned over to shut the light off, pleased with how easily he was able to resolve the problem. He still wanted to be with Tae 24/7, yes, but this was a good start. Plus. Tae was right, he’d have him all to himself over break.

One of the interesting things you learn when you live with someone else is how they react to and handle different events, and emotions. Stress is one of those things.
They chose to start with a day in the apartment. And it didn't work out so great. Well, not in the way Jungkook had expected it to, at least.
They were sitting side by side on the settee, both focused on the screens of their laptops, when Jungkook groaned.
Tae looked over, and his eyes glued to Jungkook’s mouth, and said, “Can you, like, not make noises like that”
“I’m trying to express my inner angst,” he snapped, his eyes never leaving his essay.
Tae shut his laptop, and Jungkook felt his hand trace it’s way around his shoulder.
He leaned in, almost whispering in his ear, “Watcha working on”
“Fucking term paper. Fuck,” Jungkook threw his head back, “I wish Voltaire would just go to hell and leave me alone”
“I bet I can help”
“Tae, I know that tone,” Jungkook was trying to stay strong, keep focused, “I need to work”
“Nothing wrong with a study break, you just need to relax a little, and you'll work so much better”
Was Jungkook starting to get hard? Yes. It'd been awhile, like maybe a week. Or could it have been ten whole entire days? It just felt like they were never home at the same time, and now that they were, Tae’s presence was… well, magnetic.
The other side of his brain was on a whole different page, “Tae. Hyung. We go to the same school, you know they'll knock 5% every day I'm late, dude”
“I'll help you after, Kookie, come on,” his fingers were dragging their way up and down his chest, “What’s it on”
Jungkook couldn't let himself look at him, “French Philosophy”
“Why would you take that?,” Tae snorted, breaking character.
Actually, Tae was the reason. While picking classes, a whipped Jungkook, knowing he liked that sort of thing, had picked up the class in order to impress him, “I don't know, I just did”
“I can do it for you later”
“That’s cheating”
“I know you're hard right now”
“How? My laptop is on my dick, anyways,” Tae was right, though.
“Your voice gets thicker”
Jungkook disregarded this, looking back to his notes, and typing out another line or two.
“Jungkook, it’s been a while, especially for us. Don't you wanna fuck me? Don't you wanna relieve some of the stress you're feeling right now? We both know you'll think so much clearer once you get it out of your system”
There was no denying that, but Jungkook needed to hold his ground. For his own pride, screw the essay.
Jungkook gulped, unable to look away, “Go use the vibrator, I don't know”
Seeing he was going to try and ignore him, Tae got up, and stood in front of the coffee table, turning around to shimmy down his shorts as slowly as he could, “Why don't you use it on me?”
Jungkook tried to act like it didn't suddenly feel like Christmas, “Fine, but will you, like, let me work?”
He clapped his knees, discarding his laptop, and heading for the bedside table.
He returned not only with the toy, but lube, and rope as well.
“What's that for?,” Tae asked.
“It's so you don't try and pull some shit once I put this thing in you, because you always do, and I need to get this in by the weekend”
Tae shrugged, clearly excited, “Guilty”
“Bend over the sofa”
“Oh is that how we're doing things?”
“Yep- what are you laughing at?”
“You look like you're hiding Pinocchio in your fucking pants, dude”
“What the hell?”
“Your dick, babe”
Jungkook felt his face grow hot, “Shut up”
“Hey, listen, I told you I get distracted when we study together”
“That's literally the BIGGEST understatement of the year,” Jungkook rolled his eyes as Tae pulled his clothes off, and bent over the way Jungkook had asked.
Jungkook knelt down to tie his ankles to the sofa legs before binding his hands right in front of his face.
He lubed up his fingers hastily, trying his best to get the toy in Tae before he got too wrapped up in what he was doing, and slipped one in with ease.
“Why are you stretched, Taehyung?,” he asked.
“It’s been a while,” he cleared his throat.
“Yeah, and?”
“Don't act like you haven't been jerking off in the shower, too, okay”
Jungkook let out a sigh of relief, his mild anxiety fading. Of course Tae wouldn't cheat, why would he?
“And you still needed this right here right now?”
“Y-yeah,” Tae faltered under his mildly condescending tone.
“That's so slutty, Tae, couldn't even wait for me to finish my essay, huh? Does the desperate little whore need to cum that bad?”
Tae moaned a little, and Jungkook realised that on reflex, he had slipped his second finger into Tae.
He made a noise of agreement, and Jungkook pulled his fingers out to spank him, “Shameless, Taehyung, you're shameless”
“I've needed your cock so bad, Kookie, that's why I didn't wanna study here, it's all I can think about when we're just sitting together like this”
“Do you need it?”
“God yes, Jungkook”
“You're so thirsty, so thirsty for my cock, you whore,” he shook his head, “I've never met anyone that wants it as bad as you do”
Tae keened as Jungkook slapped his ass again, harder this time.
“I bet you liked how much that hurt, didn't you?”
“Yes, Sir”
“That’s so dirty. You’re so dirty, Tae. Is that what you want? You want me to give you the punishment you deserve tonight?”
Tae nodded.
Jungkook smirked, “Well, since you've kept me waiting up for you these past few weeks, I'm gonna do the same to you, how does that sound?”
Judging by the way Tae’s voice changed, it was clear he was under the impression he had locked Jungkook in, that he was about to get fucked ASAP, “What do you mean?”
“I told you I was gonna hand this paper in on time, Tae, I've never turned in an assignment late so far, and I don't plan too”
“Well,” he gulped, moaning as Jungkook impulsively spanked him again, “What are you gonna do?”
“I'm gonna finish my fucking work,” he greased up the vibrator, and without warning, began to slide the head in, angling it up into Tae’s sweet spot, salivating as he turned it on to the lowest setting, and stepped back to the sight before him. It was always nice to see how red he could get Tae’s ass to look in comparison to the cherry red rubber.
Then he circled back around, and sat down, “Can you keep it down, please?,” he raised an eyebrow at him.
“Kinda…,” he gasped, “hard”
“Well, do your best”
In Tae’s defence, he did keep his voice down pretty well, it was the buzzing that was driving Jungkook crazy. The way it reminded him of how good Tae must have been feeling. The way he wished it was him making him feel like that.
Tae’s voice had dropped low by the time he choked, “Lemma suck you- ugh- Kookie, let me suck your dick”
“I thought you were gonna call me Sir?”
He rephrased his request, “S-Sir can I please suck you cock?”
Jungkook raised his eyebrows, “That’s pretty nasty, you slut. What is it? Is a huge vibrating dildo in your ass not enough, you need even more?”
Tae looked down in shame, “Yessir”
“You can't just be pleased in your pretty little ass, can you? You need to get your throat fucked too? Used?”
Tae whined at his words, flushing a maroon red, “I just have so much work, Sir, I need a distraction, I need to take my mind off it”
“By being a fucking whore? By taking from both ends?”
“Call yourself a slut, baby, admit what we already both know”
“I'm a slut, Sir, I'm your dirty fucking slut”
“And what is it my slut wants again?”
“I-I wanna feel your cock in my mouth, Sir”
It was the way he said it, deep, but needy that made Jungkook tug his sweats down without thinking.
He sighed like it was him doing Tae a favour, not, on the low, the other way around.
Jungkook needed it too, and bad. He knew that, knew once he felt Tae’s sweet mouth around him, once he was able to fill him with his cum, life would become much easier. For the moment, at least.
That was enough to drive him to fling said shorts across the room, and lay down on the sofa, so Tae was between his legs.
Tae was about to take him in his mouth, when he said, “I- Sir, I… can you turn the toy up, just a little?”
“Wow, you’re so spoiled, aren't you? You just keep wanting more and more. When will you be pleased, Tae, when will it be enough? Don't you feel dirty, baby, at how greedy you're being?”
“I do”
“And yet here you are”
“I need it, Sir, please,” his lips were parted, and he was drooling in the least subtle way at how close the pink head of Jungkook’s cock was to his face.
Jungkook got up, and switched it up a notch, earning a sharp cry, which turned into more of a sob as he pulled his arm back, and spanked him across both cheeks.
“You’re so strong, Sir,” he hissed, struggling to catch his breath.
“Think so now? Wait til I fuck up into your mouth”
“Oh my god,” he tried to buck his hips against the couch.
“You know I don't like it when you do that, when you get off without my permission, do you want another spank? I think you need one. Do you?”
“I do, Sir”
He complied readily, watching the way his cheeks jiggled as a result.
Then he laid back down on the couch, and got his laptop out, propping one leg up against the wall for better access.
He knew Tae really liked praise, liked the way Jungkook groaned, and threw his head back, and tangled his hands in his hair, so he decided not to give him any of it.
No, he just opened up Google Docs again, and started typing, actively trying to finish his essay.
Except that it was really fucking difficult because he'd been imagining Tae’s lips instead of his own hand for what felt like an eternity, and now that he had gotten what he'd been dreaming about, he could feel himself slipping.
Tae was an expert at what he did. He always used just the right amount of suction, always moved his tongue just right, and bobbed his head nice and deep for Jungkook. This was exactly what he was doing. Licking stripes up his vein, and slurping happily, clearly relishing the weight of him in his mouth.
The buzzing, obviously, was louder now, too, and Tae was unable to hold back his moans as the vibrator did its job, the deep noises echoing through Jungkook’s dick. It also didn't really help that his eyes kept catching the bright red end of the toy sticking out of Tae’s raised ass over the screen of his laptop.
However, considering the circumstances, he was able to keep his mouth shut pretty well, and though the muscles in his legs were as tense as ever, he doubted Tae even noticed over his own high.
He pulled Jungkook out of his mouth with a belated pop, and caught his breath for a moment before he heard him ask, “How’s the essay going?”
“Is it really? Because you've only typed about three lines, I can hear the keyboard”
“Tae, do you want me to choke you out?,” he should have thought his words through just a little more carefully, because as soon as they came out of his mouth, he realised that Tae most definitely wanted that. And what that meant was that he was going to try his best to piss him off into doing so.
“Can you just pull your shirt up a little? I wanna see your abs”
“My laptop is on my stomach anyways”
“Well pull it up”
“Who’s the one bound to a couch right now? Do you really wanna be a smartass? Do you think that’s a wise idea, you goddamn brat?”
“I just wanna see how muscular you are, you know how well it gets me off, come on”
Jungkook doubted he was that desperate to see him naked. Judging by how sly his voice sounded, at least.
But he had had enough. So put his laptop on the coffee table before he whipped it off, and scooter further down on the couch in one go, fucking up hard into Tae’s mouth without warning.
Tae yelled around him, and Jungkook, who now had about 110% of his attention on the older boy rolled his eyes back into his head, “Fucking…. slut…,” he growled, “you shouldn't be able to take cock this well, especially with a thick fucking dildo up your ass. You're so bad, Tae, but you know that don't you? You know good boys choke on cock, not get off on swallowing it like you do. You’re always so ready for it, aren't you?”
He held Tae’s head down at his base by his hair, the idea of how well he handled it almost dizzying to Jungkook as he sloppily fucked his throat.
As soon as he felt precum beginning to trickle from the head of his cock, the pent up exhaustion and stress flooded out of him, and he looked up at the ceiling, letting out a gruff, “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck,” as he tangled his hands deeper in his hair.
Then, deciding it was about time he actually fucked Tae’s ass instead, slid out from under him, pulling him into a quick, open mouthed kiss. He pulled back, and spit into his mouth before getting up. Tae bit his lip to hold back a manic laugh.
He yanked the toy out admittedly quickly, causing Tae to yelp, and wordlessly replaced it with his now painfully hard dick, leaning over Tae to bite hard into his shoulder, and pull, leaving a reddish purple mark.
“How did you like that, slut? Did you like it, huh, did you like how quickly Sir switched up on you?”
“Y-yes, Sir”
“What are you thinking about?”
“How hot your cock feels in my ass, how long I've been waiting for this”
“Mmmmmm, that's good, you’re desperate for me, aren't you? You'll do anything to feel me inside of you”
“O-o-oh, fuck yes,” he panted, stuttering with each rather rapid buck of Jungkook’s hips.
Jungkook was hammering into him with essentially all his might. One hand had now found it’s way around his throat, squeezing, while the other was gripping his asscheek to spread him as far open as possible, and bruise his skin.
By now, Jungkook was fucking his hatred for French Philosophy, too, ramming so hard, and quick into Tae that the entire couch began to jerk back and forth.
Jungkook kneaded at Tae’s sides to help clear his mind, slowing down for a second as an idea occurred to him.
“You’re going to get us a noise complaint, you fucking whore, going to get us in trouble. Does Sir need to shut you up himself?”
Tae didn't answer, so he wrapped a hand around his throat, squeezing, “Do I?”
“Yes, Sir, fuck I can't keep my mouth closed when you're fucking me like this. Fucking me so good”
“Didn't think so,” he grabbed the dildo, still wet, and tasting of strawberry as a result of the lube, and reached it around to slip it past Tae’s lips, “You were so intent on taking it from both ends, babe, is this what you wanted? How does it taste, how do you taste baby, do you like it?”
Tae hummed in agreement, and Jungkook spanked him again, hard, continuing to relentlessly fuck him, and shove the toy down his throat, alternating how he pumped his arm and hips.
He bottomed out, letting himself breathe for a second before pulling out, watching the way he looked sliding out of him, his cock immediately flying back up to slap against his stomach.
Then he replaced it, yet again, with the toy, doing exactly what he had been doing before, planting it in him, and stepping back, this time turning it on to the highest setting.
A sob was all he could manage at the sudden change in sensation, and Jungkook saw the muscles in his back and ass clench.
“Are you desperate enough to take another finger, slut?,” he asked sadistically, licking his lips as Tae tried to bend and move his knees, liking the way the other had to fight his body’s natural reaction as he quaked under the restraints.
“D-do it”
“Oh you want it? Buzzing against your walls not enough? Want a finger in you, rubbing, and massaging you, huh? You're so indulgent, fuck, you just want it all, don't you?”
“Yes, fuck, Sir, I wanna cum so hard, god”
Jungkook rubbed his cock against Tae’s vibrating ass cheeks a couple times before squatting down, and spreading him farther open to wedge a finger into Tae.
The toy wasn't a joke, he realised, and if Tae hadn't verbally asked for it, Jungkook would have felt bad about how hard it was buzzing inside of him. He was actually impressed at how well he was holding it together.
Tae literally screamed when his prostate was hit, and Jungkook began to wiggle his index around, trying his best to stimulate it.
Once he realised he no longer needed to put thought into positioning or finding anything, he leaned back to bite down into Tae’s soft ass, and suck, repeating himself as the smaller boy tried his hardest to buck his cock against the sofa.
He was very literally incoherent, sniffling, and letting out broken up versions of Jungkook’s name as he continued his work.
Once he could tell Tae was getting close, he pulled the toy, and his finger out at once, forcing Tae to fixate on the sudden, still emptiness.
“J-Jungkook, please,” he sobbed.
“Jungkook?,” he spanked him.
“Sir, I need”
“What do you need, you god fucking whore? You're so dirty, I don't know if I'll give it to you”
“Oh, not so specific now, are we? What happened to when you wanted something shoved up both ends? You remember saying that right? And so confidently, too. You’ve been thinking about it, haven't you, been thinking about being treated like this? Humiliated?”
“Sir, I need to cum”
“I'm not so sure you deserve it tonight, babe. You're too indulgent, too greedy. I should teach you your lesson, and just leave you here all night. I should put the toy on low and just go to bed, leave you on the edge, give you something up the ass like you were so fucking desperate to have while I was trying to work”
Tae was just whining now, his hole clenching around nothing.
Jungkook, as always, took the opportunity to sandwich his cock between Tae’s sore cheeks, and grind between them as he so loved to do. Except it was even better tonight, because of how bad he knew Tae needed him, close, yet not close enough, and completely unable to do anything to change the situation. Well, other than beg.
“Sir, please”
“Please what?,” Jungkook didn't stop as he leaned over to get the lube, drizzling some over his cock to help him speed up.
Tae shuddered at the cold, and choked, “I need it in me”
“Need what in you?,” Jungkook’s eyes were fixed on the way the muscles in Tae’s back rippled, his nails running themselves up and down the wrinkling skin.
“Your cock, please, I'm beg- FUCK,”
Jungkook had managed to slide right into him, never stopping his rhythm, even as he entered Tae, “Sir, it's so slippery”
“Do you like it wet and messy, do you like me making a total fucking mess out of your asshole? I'm gonna cum in it so hard, Tae, fuck,” as it turned out, the whole ordeal, how wet he was, how broken he sounded, the way his body was jerking and spasming in reaction to him, was a little too much for Jungkook, “Are you ready to take my hot fucking cum, Tae? There's gonna be so much of it, it's gonna get so sloppy. Is that what you like? Is that what my dirty boy likes? Hot, white, thick fucking cum? Huh?”
“Yes, Sir”
“Tell me how bad you want it, and maybe I'll let you have it. Wouldn't it be so unfortunate if I came on my own? If I pulled out? You wouldn't want that, would you?”
“No, Sir, please fucking cum in me, cum in me so deep, Sir”
“What do you like best about Jungkookie filling your little hole, slut”
“It’s so hot- y-your cum is so warm”
Jungkook yanked him up, and turned him around by the neck in order to kiss him as he released, an incredibly large amount flooding poor, already soaked Taehyung.
Jungkook was a little embarrassed that, for the first time, he hadn't been able to outlast Tae. But what are dildos for?
“Should I let you get off, slut, or not? Do you think you deserve it?”
“Y-yes, Sir”
“You sure?”
Jungkook slid two fingers into him, massaging the cum into his sweet spot, and licking his lips.
He took them out, “Taste us, I know whores like you love cum, don't they?”
Tae just nodded, and Jungkook reached to stick his fingers into his mouth, letting him suck on them as he slid the vibrator back into him with this free arm. They both shuddered at the obscene squelching noise that came with it, Tae too full of cum and lube for it to be avoided.
Tae bit down on his fingers, and he hissed at the surprise, retaliating by shoving the dildo all the way into him, “That was supposed to be a punishment, Tae, fuck, but you took that like a porn star, you loved it. Suck on my fingers how you'd suck my cock, baby” Jungkook really couldn't believe his boyfriend as he switched it on to low.
He started pushing it in and out of him, shushing Tae so he could listen to the wetness as he did. There was something about how the diluted cum caught in the grooves of the toy, though, that screwed with his head, and coupled with the sounds Tae had resumed making as he sucked on his fingers, he began to feel his still swollen member become completely hard once again.
He didn't question it. He didn't see the point, really. I mean, he knew his stress levels had something or other to do with it, but what was more important was the surprise the smaller boy was about to receive.
See, this hadn't ever happened to Jungkook before, especially not with Tae. Hell, he usually needed at least half an hour, maybe 20 or so minutes if he was drunk and Tae was dirty talking him. But tonight? Fuck, they were both in for a treat.
He could hear Tae’s yell of surprise in his head already when he fucked back into him, could imagine how hard he would cum with two loads inside of him.
“Tae turn around to face me, and close your eyes,” he demanded, “Let me see your face”
“Yessir,” he replied as Jungkook took his fingers out of his mouth, and he did as he was told.
Pleased he’d get to see his face, he pulled the toy back out, noting Tae’s mild confusion before he lined himself up, and pushed all the way in, leaning on top of Tae so their faces were no more than a few centimetres away.
Tae’s eyes had shot open, and his bottom lip was trembling uncontrollably, eyes filled with tears as he let out, “I th-thought you came”
“I did. See, Tae, see how dirty you are? See what you do to me?”
He groaned, trying to push his hips back in sync with Jungkook. And it kind of worked, the speed with which he had been fucking him earlier had loosened the knots, giving Tae much more mobility.
Jungkook was slower this time, he was tired, and plus, the way he could feel his own cum, still warm and fresh, catching his girth as it slid in and out of him was unreal. He leaned up to assess the sight before him, Tae all red and bruised up in all the right places, his back a perfect arch as he lay, limp, and exhausted from the relentless stimulation across the sofa, Jungkook’s cock, now coated in a layer of slick white, sliding in and out of him.
The second he leaned back in, and started to nip, and kiss at his neck, Tae whispered, “I think I'm gonna cum”
“Quiet now, all of a sudden? What happened to the bitch that couldn't stop screaming not ten minutes ago, huh? Finally had enough?”
“You f-fucked it out of me, Sir,” he groaned.
Jungkook didn't know how he was going to touch Tae, now that he thought about it. He was a creative guy, though, and settled with just standing them up, and reaching down for his cock, barely grazing it before the feeling of another person's skin against it drove the Tae over the edge, crying out as he finished across Jungkook’s couch.
Jungkook leaned them back down again, enjoying the feeling of being able to rest on Tae as he felt his own, already sensitive cock begin tingle, the all too familiar heat pooling in his stomach once again. He practically chanted Tae’s name as he licked at his sweaty neck, cumming with two final, meticulous thrusts.
He laid on top of him, both boys completely wiped, Jungkook’s nose pressed hard into his neck as they fought to steady their breath.
When he did, he pulled out of him, crouching down again.
“Jungkook. If you're hard again, it will kill me. It will ruin my body, okay?”
Jungkook let out an unsteady, almost awkward laugh, “I just wanna see”
“O-okay,” Tae said, and Jungkook could basically hear him blush.
He scissored his two fingers, earning a soft “Ow,” from Tae, and watched as the mess he'd made quite literally drizzled out of him onto the floor below.
“Was that…?”
“Yeah. Yeah, it was”
“Holy fucking-oh my god, Kookie”
Jungkook stuck his tongue flat against his hole, readily lapping it up, and letting out a rather lewd moan for already being severely fucked out as he tasted the light bitterness in combination with the artificial, candy sweet taste of the lube.
Once he was satisfied, he stood back up, nearly falling as he stumbled to find the scissors, cutting Tae loose.
The other stood up, somehow even more exhausted and unstable, and they were lucky at the close proximity of the bed, because the armful of him he immediately received was enough to knock him back onto it.
They fell asleep like that, Tae flat on top of Jungkook, feet still hanging off the mattress as their tired bodies forced them to rest.
When it comes to handling stress, JK fucks to get it all out, and Tae fucks to distract.

Chapter Text

“Hey, um, remember my cousins that caught us hooking up that time at my cousin’s party?,” they were laying side by side in bed, each boy doing their own thing when Jungkook spoke up.

“Not their faces, no. Why? Are you just trying to like…. make yourself cringe at how horny we are?”

“What? No?”


“The drunker one is getting married pretty soon”

“Oh really? She looked a little too old to be like… marrying age, no?”

“Yeah, and I think it's her second husband? Possibly third, not entirely sure”

“I feel like I know where you're going with this”

“Where do you feel like I'm going with this”

“Were about to fuck in a shed behind some random wedding”

“You really could have put that a trillion better ways, babe,” Jungkook rolled his eyes, turning on his side to face Tae.

“Where is it?”

“What, the wedding?”

“No, my sense of dignity. Yes the wedding”

“Literally all the way in hell,” Jungkook groaned.

Tae flipped on his side too, “Do I get a guess on where exactly it is?”

“Yeah. Sure, if you want,” it was always fun to watch Tae’s banter.

“Okay, so Jungkookie’s personal hell, right? I'm gonna say Miami”

Jungkook raised his eyebrows, “Wow, you really do know me well”

“I mean besides living with you, I'm like 100% obsessed with you. Who would I be, like, as a person if I couldn't even figure that out?”

“Well, okay, it's not Miami, it’s Ft. Lauderdale, but you’re like incredibly close, like, okay, we know how the bachelor party’s gonna go”

“We don't have to go to that, do we?”

“Thankfully the fuck not,” Jungkook scrunched his nose in distaste, “Imagine a whole night of drunk straight guys and female strippers”

There was a moment of silence, “Hey, you know, you'd be an award winning stripper, you know that?”

“Tae, what the fuck”


“The reason we've been living holed the fuck up in a studio apartment for like four months is because we travel too damn much,” Jungkook grumbled as they headed towards the airport.

He was right, though. I mean, regardless of how busy the last semester had been, Jungkook felt like him and Tae had been all over the east coast. Well, it was mostly New York, actually. Jungkook had gotten very close with both Jimin, and surprisingly, Hoseok, which had them down there an awful lot. They did see quite a lot more though, Tae seemed to be filled with an insatiable wanderlust, and of course, wherever he went, Jungkook gladly tagged along.

Tae narrowed his eyes, “Babe, didn't you tell me explicitly that you didn't spend a single penny on these tickets? That your parents got them for us?”

“I… uh. Um, this can be that birthday present I never gave you,” seeing as Tae and Jungkook spent most of their time together, Jungkook had given up on trying to lie to him. There was no point anymore, the older had always known when something was up without even needing to ask.

“I didn't want a present in the first place,” he frowned, “Kookie, baby, how much did they cost?”

“Tae, honestly, I wanted to do this for you, okay? It's fine”

“You should have asked me first. What about rent?”

“It's figured out, babe, we have enough”

“Yeah, but you wanted to go out to that nice French place for our 7 month, how are we gonna do that now?”

“Tae, that was before we found out we were going to Florida, we can celebrate there,” he reached out to touch the other’s bangs, watching a small smile spread across his face.

“Okay, Kook”

Jungkook had felt bad when he had hopped online to check flight prices. Yeah, he'd maybe tapped into his savings, but it was kind of whatever.

Jungkook hadn't originally noticed this, but Tae was very paranoid, and constantly stressed out when it came to money. Like, no matter what, regardless of how much either of them could afford to spend that much, he always seemed to feel as though it wasn't enough, that they were going to barely scrape by.

This had only been the case the first month they'd spent together, and yeah, things had been a little tighter, but Jungkook didn't really have the heart to tell Tae that if he was so worried, all they would need to do was stop travelling so much. No, he liked that a lot, too, liked the times where it was only him and Tae, surrounded by no one they knew, in a world of their own. Oh, and New York was always a great time.

Nah, he'd rather take a loss himself than give up even one bit of any of that.


Florida was… balmy. And damp. Not really Jungkook’s thing. Tae liked it though, being the literally ball of sunshine he was. This made Jungkook feel more than a little bit better about his situation.

The dread rose in his throat once again when they arrived at the hotel, though. He reminded himself it was just one night, that he would just have to down a couple glasses of wine, suck it up, and just hoping that Tae might palm him a little again through his pants to help him get through the night.

Tae held his hand all night, of course, and chatted casually with Jungkook’s family as if he was the Jeon here instead of Jungkook.

And all Jungkook could find himself thinking about was how different it all felt since they’d first crossed into the idea of romantic territory at his cousin’s party 7 months ago. How quickly things had changed, he smiled to himself, looking down at their interlaced fingers. Taehyung was like a generator, like his fucking sun, radiating light into a rather emotionless existence that Jungkook hadn’t ever really tried to improve. And god, he loved it. He loved him so much, loved his laugh, loved his dumb jokes, loved him when he was hangry, and kept snapping, and when he kissed Jungkook goodnight, and whenever they ran into puppies on the street, and Tae looked like he was about to explode.

So yes, Jungkook was really clingy that night, and probably looked like he was trying to take away from the newlywed’s night, but the hell with them. This was about him. It wasn’t just Jungkook’s life anymore, it was theirs, it was them, it was Jungkook and Tae, and he never ever wanted things to change.

And when the bouquet was thrown, and it somehow landed right in Tae’s arms, all Jungkook did was grin, and pull him into a kiss in front of everyone, knowing all too well that maybe another wedding wasn’t too far in the future.