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these two girls are really in love with each other no matter where you put them

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I trust her.

I trust her.

I trust her.

Lying alone in her bed, Historia couldn’t let herself think beyond that point. Ymir would come back. Ymir would come back safe, and then everything could be okay.


That was going to happen.

None of the awful possibilities would become real.


Are you sure about that? Cause there’s a good chance she’s dead already, you’ll never get to see her smile again, or hear her voice-

Historia rolled over, blocking out that other voice in her head. Damn, she really did hate herself sometimes.


Ymir was gonna come back, and they would be together again, and maybe Historia could be okay for the first time in her life.


She needs me to come back.

I have to-


Ymir never did come back.

Historia never really trusted anyone besides herself again.

That could be seen as living for herself, right?

Ymir would be proud of her.