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i think i'll shout

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 Hey, I was wondering...

You know that thing you were gonna shout today?

Were you really gonna do it?

>If it came to that.

>Of course not.

>Did you want me to?

Dude, no! !

That would have been so embarrassing!

And we don’t need that kinda attention right now.

We’re supposed to be laying low.


>Low as I can go.

So uh…

Dumb question.

You didn’t like, mean it, did you?

(What should I say…?)

>No way.

>I meant it.


I’m just curious! !

I mean, I know it’s dumb to ask.

We're bros, yeah? There's no way!

But like, you can't blame a guy for wondering, right?

>I didn't mean it.

>That makes sense.

>Would it bother you?

Dude, what's with the stalling!? !?

...Nah, it wouldn't.

Like I said, we're bros!

I wouldn't ditch you over something so stupid.

Besides, I don't think I'd mind.

>I'm glad to hear it.

>Do you like me?

>What do you mean?

I dunno?

You're pretty great, dude!

I think I'd take it as a compliment.

>Do you like me?

>I love you.


Um, you're welcome.


Hey, uh…

I didn’t make things weird, did I?

>Maybe a little.

>I love you.

>I’m the one who started it.

Hey, that’s right! !

Well, what do you think?

Are we cool?

>You’re my best friend.

>I love you.

>You’re never cool.

Geez, that’s cold!

If you were anyone else, you’d be dead effin’ meat!

Lucky for you I love you, man!

>I love you.

>Love you too.

>I’ve always loved you! Please date me!

(Maybe I shouldn’t say that...)

>[Don’t respond.]

Well, anyway, I'd better get to sleep.

See you tomorrow! !

>I love you.

>I love you.

>Good night.