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Fragment of the Saga of Bilbo Ring-Bearer

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Barefoot from Belegost / came Bilbo Ring-Bearer
Heartsick and homesick / but deadly determined
The villain to vanquish / who cursed his king’s mind.

Came with him companions / wise ones and warriors
Keen-eyed and cunning / the world to win free:
Young and untested / Gimli the guardian
Followed him fiercely / the prince to protect.
Dis the undaunted / daughter of princes
Slayer of Shelob / stood by his side.
Primrose the axe-maid / princess in waiting
Came with her cousin / to save the Shire.
Kili of Durin’s line / gate-guard of Gondor,
Lover and laugher / upheld his honor.
Daughter of Dunedain / Gilraen the glorious
Mother of monarchs / Wraiths she destroyed.
Gandalf, Grey Pilgrim / bane of the Balrog
Founded the Fellowship / guided and guarded.
Even elves attended: / aided him Arwen
Venom she vanquished / heroes she healed.
Far from his forest / Legolas Greenleaf
Drew in the darkness / spider’s-bane bow.

Came from the Council / nine for the questing
Marched into Moria / doom of the dwarves
Balrog they banished / a high price they paid.
Down into darkness / fell the Grey Pilgrim:
Lost to his allies / was the wise wizard.
Deep in the darkness / moved there a monster
Precious it promised / to grasp and to grab.
Fellowship followed / by creeping creature
Safety and succor / left in Lothlorien.
Rivers and rapids / braved in elf-boats
Brought to the barren land / eight heroes remaining.

Across the grasslands / to stinking swamps
Full of the fallen / forged the Fellowship.
Legolas Keen-Eyed / spied Sauron’s forces
Guarding the Gate / they had hopelessly hoped for.
South to the Spider / marched from the marshes
Eight of the bravest / Middle-Earth ever bore.
Passed on the pathway / an army of orc scum
Nine dreaded Nazgul / driving through daylight
Night-haunting monsters. / Then proclaimed Gilraen,
“Gondor must not fall! / I go to guard it
Though I there lose my life.” / Kili of Durin’s line
Brave as a boar-hound / swore to die defending
The city of Men. / Primrose the Axe-Maid,
Loyal and loving, / followed her heart-lode
Fast through the Fields. / Warning they brought,
But treason forestalled them.