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Caught Looking

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By 7:30pm, the training hall is quiet save for the heavy but regular breathing of Midoriya Izuku and Bakugou Katsuki. Heaven only knows neither of them would have chosen the other to be the last one in the room with, but they also happened to be the two most tenacious- the two most determined to improve.

Katsuki had come in about four hours ago with Kirishima and Ashido, and Izuku just after that with Uraraka. Everyone else, however, had gotten their fill of working out much earlier, leaving the Worst Wonder Duo alone together.

They hadn’t thought it would be a big deal, the pair had been considerably less antagonistic around each other ever since their fight past curfew the month before. It wasn’t a big deal, really, it was easy enough for both to stay occupied with their own workouts and not acknowledge the other.

At least, that’s what Izuku had assumed.

He hadn’t really meant to watch- really, he was just spacing out in that general direction, taking a quick breather, and his eye lingered a moment too long on Katsuki- the shift and roll of the muscles in his back, the slick, shiny smooth bulge of his shoulders and biceps-

He hadn’t meant to look, but once he did, he couldn’t stop. Izuku always knew Katsuki was attractive, in a sort of removed, passive way. He’s obnoxiously fit- with good posture and clear skin and those sharp, dangerous eyes.

Really, it’s a wonder Izuku hadn’t stopped to stare sooner.

Well, maybe it’s not, actually. There’s something to be said for the slow but steady improvement of their relationship- back when school started Izuku wouldn’t have been caught dead staring at Katsuki for this long- he surely would have gotten his head blown off.

Now- well. Izuku isn’t afraid of Katsuki anymore. If he wants to stare, he’ll stare. And if Katsuki has a problem with it? Well, it won’t be the first time they’ve been caught fighting, and he doubts it will be the last.

Katsuki hefts the barbell back to the ground with a resounding thump. Izuku thinks, distractedly, that he should return to his own workout, but the soft shift of muscles under Katsuki’s skin and thin shirt as he cools down is too nice to look away from.

Resting his chin on a hand, Izuku takes a self indulgent moment to thoroughly rake his eyes up and down Katsuki’s form. He has his back to Izuku, facing the mirror, so when he lifts up his shirt to wipe at the sweat on his hairline, Izuku silently drinks in the reflection of his sweat moistened, perfectly chiseled abdomen- like a roman marble statue on a dew-damp morning.

Katsuki pulls his shirt back down to pick up his water bottle and Izuku gives the softest sigh of disappointment.

Sharp eyes snap up, and a narcissistic smirk curls Katsuki’s lips. Katsuki’s eyes are wine-red and Izuku is drunk in them, drunk on him, it doesn’t even register that he’s been caught, really. All he can do is watch- the soft bob of Katsuki’s prominent adam’s apple as he drinks, down to the smooth drag of a rough hand up his torso that lifts his shirt again along the way.

“Like what you see, dipshit?” Izuku’s brain is gone- melted- mush- it’s all he can do not to let the drool pooling in his mouth not spill down his chin. His eyes are stuck on the sharp jut of Katsuki’s hip bones, the narrow V leading to the hem of his dangerously low-hanging sweatpants. He gives a slow, distracted nod.

Katsuki chuckles- chuckles, a deep, reverberating thing that seems to simmer in the back of his throat. Izuku has never heard anything like it before- it snaps him out of his trance completely. He shakes his head, blush rising to his face, as Katsuki lifts up his barbell and continues his workout as if none of it had ever happened.

Izuku drags a weary and embarrassed hand down his face and stands up, turning away to go back to minding his own business.

Nothing else is said between the two of them, and about an hour later they independently decide they’ve had enough. The trek back to their dorm building is spent in silence, as is the elevator ride up, until Izuku leaves first on his floor without a word. It wasn’t even tense, really. Just quiet. There was nothing to say, Izuku supposes.

Izuku doesn’t know how it happened. He was sure, sure, that Katsuki would say something- make fun of him, get mad at him, taunt him, something- but no. Just the smirk, the line, and the laugh- which still rings in the back of Izuku’s mind like some twisted sort of white noise. He gathers his supplies for the shower and wonders who kidnapped Katsuki and put this gorgeous, charming imposter in his place.

(He wonders if Toga Himiko had thought up a particularly creative, surprisingly successful plan to convince Izuku to screw her. He certainly wouldn’t put it past that crazy bitch.)

Sure, it’d certainly been a while since they’d fought, since they’d spoken at all really, but could Katsuki- angry, spiteful, cruel Katsuki- really have changed that much?

(No, Izuku figures it’s just that Katsuki’s enormous ego enjoys being preened so much that he doesn’t care who’s appreciating him, so long as someone is.)

Izuku gives a despairing shake of his head and takes the elevator back down to the first floor, heads into the communal shower area. It's blessedly empty. He strips down and wraps a towel around his waist, and is folding his clothes to set neatly on the bench outside his chosen shower stall when Katsuki walks in.

They lock eyes- of course they do. Izuku freezes, breath abated, and watches Katsuki watch him. Katsuki’s eyes are dangerously narrow and wavering- until the tension breaks and they slip down, over his lips, his chest, his waist. Heart pounding in his chest, Izuku watches silently as Katsuki closes his eyes. It’s painfully slow, and somehow he makes it involve his whole face- his eyebrows pinch up in the middle, his nostrils flare, and his tongue slips softly between his lips.

All of the breath caught in Izuku’s lungs rushes out in a burst as Katsuki’s eyes snap back open. They’re steely with determination, and the soft slap of Katsuki’s bath bag hitting the floor is inconsequential as Katsuki tears his shirt over his head, as he stalks forward with bold conviction.

Izuku is frozen in place- a deer caught in headlights- as Katsuki’s pants hit the floor. He’s not wearing anything under them, he’s naked and a mere two paces from Izuku and he thinks he must have fallen asleep on the floor of his bedroom- there’s no way this is real.

He stops just before he touches Izuku, looming over him, centimeters away- Izuku can feel the heat of his well- worked muscles radiating off of him like the sun in summer when it reflects off of dark tarmac.

“Punch me if you don’t want this.” Katsuki breathes, lips just barely brushing over the words- over Izuku’s own lips, before he’s everywhere.

Izuku knew that Katsuki was intense, in just about everything he does, really, but no literal nor abstracted understanding of that fact could have prepared him for this . Katsuki’s kiss is an assault, a full-body, full-throttle attack on his every sense. His hands grip and grope and touch- his shoulders, his sides- they pull off his towel without hesitation and go for his ass, his thighs. His lips are bruising on Izuku’s- he presses and pulls back and bites and licks.

Katsuki has only had his hands on Izuku for about fifteen seconds but already he feels ravaged , consumed- he doesn’t know if he’s aroused or just terrified.

Then, out of nowhere, Katsuki backs off, frowning. He didn’t back off far, mind you, just enough to look Izuku in the eye- disappointed and slightly concerned.

It’s then that Izuku realizes that he hadn’t actually moved, at all, that entire time. He was so frozen, so overwhelmed, that he hadn’t reacted at all. Gosh.

“Sorry-” he whispers, blinking rapidly, and Katsuki must take it the wrong way because he scowls, pulls away- and no, no, Izuku doesn’t want that-

He grabs for Katsuki, desperate- “No, wait, that’s not what I-” his hands are in his hair, Katsuki’s eyes are wide, confused- “You caught me off guard, I-” He kisses him, a soft, sweet peck- “I want you , Kacchan-” Kisses him again, sucks his plump lower lip into his mouth, lets it go with a wet pop- “Please, I-”

And Katsuki is back, but different this time- more measured, careful. His kisses are softer, sweeter- he doesn’t violate Izuku, he holds him, like he’s precious, and oh, Izuku likes that quite a lot.

It’s not long before that’s not enough, however. Izuku wants more, he wants the intensity of their first kiss, the raw, primal power of it. He tugs on Katsuki’s hair, kisses him harder, insistent.

“Come on, Kacchan, I’m not going to break- ” And Katsuki snarls, deep in his throat- it sends a heady jolt of arousal right to Izuku’s dick. Katsuki picks him up- entirely, by the thighs- and Izuku yelps, clings to him, as he’s carries him into the stall, kicking the door shut behind him. Izuku has one hand on Katsuki’s bicep for balance and it’s thick and rippling with exertion and shit- that’s hot-

Katsuki slams him against the shower wall, and it hurts a little but their dicks are hard and rubbing together just right so Izuku can’t really work up the nerve to care. He wraps his legs around Katsuki- whose hands are everywhere, gripping with bruising strength, and this time Izuku is ready and it’s so good- Katsuki is so good, so warm and solid and strong, Izuku thinks if he could stay in his arms forever he would be content.

With a perfectly sensual roll of his hips Katsuki releases Izuku’s mouth, allowing him to gnaw sloppily on his neck as he grinds their dicks together harshly. Izuku throws his head back, lets out a long, unsteady moan. It echoes in the quiet bathroom and Izuku quite abruptly remembers that they’re in public, fuck, anyone could walk in at any time.

All of a sudden the wet, erotic sounds of Katsuki’s mouth on him, of their heavy breaths in the air, are far too loud. Izuku releases Katsuki’s hair with one hand and scrabbles clumsily at the wall to his left, looking for the handle to turn on the water, and- fuck that’s cold--!

What the fuck, Deku--!?” Katsuki screeches, dropping Izuku and reeling back out of the spray, and Izuku stumbles, disoriented, until he regains his balance against the wall. Katsuki is giving him this enraged look trimmed with utter betrayal, and wow, Izuku fucked up, he killed the mood so bad, killed it dead. It’s deader than their dicks, which have both gone limp and sad from the sudden icy shower. That sure does suck.

“Oh my god, Kacchan, I am so sorry- it was just really quiet and what if someone walked in you know? Like they would have heard everything, so I thought if I turned on the shower it would like mask the noise a little but I forgot about the whole temperature thing and- I am so, so sorry-” All of the anger melts out of Katsuki at Izuku’s embarrassed, rambling explanation and he’s left with the fondest look of disdain Izuku has ever borne witness to.

“Goddamnit, Deku, all of this shit and you’re still a useless fuck, I swear.” Katsuki walks over to the handle and fixes it so that the water begins to warm up, and suddenly the utter absurdity of the situation hits Izuku like a goddamn freight train. Here he is, buck-ass naked, in a shower stall with Bakugou Katsuki, of all people, who he was just frotting with against this very wall, and with two limp dicks and a mood that’s deader than dirt. And Katsuki didn’t even yell at him, just gave a casual insult with this unimpressed yet oddly affectionate little smirk on his face.

Izuku lets out a small, hysteric giggle- it’s just too funny . With a hand over his mouth and an arm around his waist Izuku laughs, honestly laughs, even to the point of letting out a tiny, aborted snort.

And then Katsuki is laughing too, this warm, honest, ringing laugh, and when Izuku looks up it’s like the world falls away, all that’s left is Izuku and Katsuki and the warm patter of water on their skin and the walls of the shower. Izuku looks up and thinks, wow, look at him, he’s beautiful, the most beautiful thing Izuku has ever seen- there with his hair plastered messily to his forehead, with clear rivulets of water running down his lightly flushed cheeks, and this pure, unrestrained smile stretched across his face.

Izuku looks up and wonders just what the hell he was looking at, every time before this one, when he was looking at Katsuki and failing to see the perfectly gorgeous boy that stands before him now. He wonders how he possibly could have been seeing Katsuki and missing this image of absolute perfection-

It’s obvious, he supposes. He had been looking at Katsuki, not seeing him.

Izuku thinks that it’s really quite fortunate that he had never truly seen him before this moment, because Izuku is absolutely, irrevocably, head-over-heels in love with Bakugou Katsuki.

(And they’re only just now getting on good enough terms to have a civil conversation- maybe once a week.)

Izuku kisses Katsuki again and it’s weird, because they’re both smiling, and they can’t really stop- and all Izuku wants to do is look at Katsuki, spend some quality time really seeing him, now that he can, but there’s water droplets in his eyelashes and he’s too close to see anything other than some blurry skin and part of an eyebrow anyway, so he ends up just kinda sweetly nuzzling Katsuki’s face with his own as their giggles wind down.

Katsuki’s arms wrap around Izuku and it feels like coming home. Izuku looks into Katsuki’s eyes and they’re bright and mirthful and Izuku wants to live in them.

“What the hell, Deku.” It’s not really a question, just a very Katsuki-esque statement of hopeless affection, and Izuku rolls his eyes.

“Shut up and kiss me, Kacchan.”

He does, and maybe that mood isn’t as dead as he thought it was, because these kisses are the perfect balance of playful and rough and hot, and the slide of hands over skin is slick under the spray of the shower. Their bodies are pressed together thighs to shoulders, and Katsuki is hot and wet and firm against Izuku, and Izuku wants to be closer, to be one with him, he wants to curl up in his chest cavity and never leave.

The column of Katsuki’s neck tastes like sweat and tap water, and it’s kind of a gross thing to realize, that they’re both still nasty with sweat from their workouts, and the rinse from the water isn’t doing much in the way of making them clean. Katsuki smells like a dirty man and it makes Izuku want to laugh again, briefly, but he resists the urge and just grins against Katsuki’s neck instead.

The slip of lips against lips, of skin against skin, has finally worked to revive the heat in their cocks, and Izuku wants to be picked up and pressed against the wall again, because the friction was too good when Izuku had his legs wrapped around Katsuki’s waist-

And Katsuki reads his mind, or something, and wow, there’s something overwhelmingly sexy about being lifted up entirely that Izuku hadn’t really appreciated the first time. Their dicks are pinned between their bellies, rubbing together just right- and Katsuki’s hips should be illegal they move so perfectly, so sensually.

Katsuki’s hands are big and strong on Izuku’s thighs, holding him up, and Izuku can’t resist the urge to rub and squeeze at his neck, shoulders, arms- he wants to feel those powerful muscles tense and quiver with exertion.

The friction between their pelvises is good but it’s a cruel tease, just enough to be overwhelming but not enough to get them off, and Izuku wants to wrap his hand around their dicks and stroke them both that little bit farther over the edge- but he doesn’t want to push Katsuki far enough away to fit his hand between their bodies.

Katsuki must be thinking the same thing however, because he rests his forehead against the crook of Izuku’s neck, curls his spine back far enough that there’s space between them, and takes both of their dicks in one hand to give a long, satisfying stroke. Izuku lets out a moan that’s simultaneously despairing and thankful, because he misses the warm press of Katsuki’s chest on his- but he has a hand on Katsuki’s bicep and the paired sensations of the way his calloused hand feels around his cock and the way his muscles roll under his skin as he pumps are perfect, they’re too much, and Izuku is gone .

Katsuki follows not long after, and he’s physically shaking with the effort of holding Izuku up. Izuku has his fingers tangled in his damp hair, petting softly as their heavy breaths slow. Carefully, Katsuki lets Izuku back to the ground and steps back, pushes his wet bangs out of his face. Izuku just kinda stares, dazed, as the cum on Katsuki’s chest slowly gets washed away by the streams of water.

“Wow.” Izuku says, dazed, and Katsuki’s lips quirk up into a smirk, he huffs out a slight laugh.

“Come here, shitty Deku.” Izuku steps into the main spray, and Katsuki takes Izuku’s shampoo and pours some into his hands. He rubs it into Izuku’s hair and Izuku’s eyes fall shut, content.

Katsuki’s lips on his are a surprise, but not an unpleasant one. When he doesn’t stop kissing, however, Izuku nudges his chest- if they don’t stop getting distracted they’re never going to actually get clean, after all. But Katsuki is insistent, corralling Izuku once again against the wall, attempt at hair washing forgotten.

Izuku obliges him for a moment, appreciating the soft, wet kisses, but after a few minutes he works a hand between their mouths and shoves Katsuki’s head gently away, eyebrow quirked up.

“Seriously, Kacchan, we need to actually shower.” he points out, chuckling a little, and Katsuki pouts, wrapping arms around his waist. “Come on, let me go-” Izuku wiggles out of the other’s hold, snickering, and snatches his soaps before dashing to another stall.

As he finally manages to clean himself, he hears Katsuki grumbling, having to walk out into the cold air to fetch his own shower supplies.

They each finish up individually, and as Izuku shuts off the shower he realizes that he left his towel just outside Katsuki’s stall.

“Hey, Kacchan, can you bring my towel over here?”

“Why should I? You made me run out there into the fucking cold to get my shit!”

“Aw, come on, please? It’s not my fault you dropped your things on the floor the second you walked in!”

“I actually think it is.” Izuku flushes and splutters, but before he can come up with a comeback, Katsuki swipes the curtain aside and thrusts Izuku’s towel into his hands. He fumbles with it, before turning away shyly to dry himself off. He half expects Katsuki to leave, but he just leans against the wall in nothing but a low-hanging towel and watches.

Izuku towels down his body and rubs dry his hair, trying not to be awkward or self conscious, but ultimately failing a bit. Katsuki’s eyes are heavy on Izuku, he can feel them, even turned away. He wraps the towel around his waist and turns back around.

They lock eyes again- it seems inevitable. Izuku wonders how much longer they’ll be able to fool around in the bathroom before they get caught, if it’s worth the risk of getting walked in on. Katsuki’s gaze is dark with lust- it’s as if their finish not fifteen minutes before had done nothing to sate his libido. His eyes are eating Izuku alive, and somehow he feels more naked than even when he actually was naked- he wonders if this is how Katsuki felt under the weight of his own gaze.

They both start towards each other in the same instant- meeting in the middle. The pull between them magnetic, irresistible. Their lips and bodies and hands know exactly where they want to be- on the other. Katsuki’s kisses are deep and desperate- like he had gotten a taste of some delicious, addictive nectar, and now he can’t get enough. Izuku returns with equal vigour, thinking if Katsuki’s mouth isn’t addictive, he doesn’t know what is. They kiss each other frantically, and Izuku’s hands roam Katsuki’s body- while Katsuki’s tangle in Izuku’s drying curls.

Their heavy breaths and smacking lips are once again unbearably loud in the silence, and turning on the shower to muffle the noise isn’t really an option anymore. Izuku’s conscience screams that they’re pushing their luck, that there’s no way someone won’t show up wanting to shower, brush their teeth, something , any time now.

But Izuku desperately doesn’t want to stop. He doesn’t know what this means for them, what will change in the light of morning, when they’re both rested and dressed and the magnetic pull between them has had time to fade.

He desperately doesn’t want it to fade. He doesn’t know if he can go back to the way they were before, always hovering on the edge of hateful, antagonistic. He doesn’t want to lose the Katsuki he found tonight, the one who looks at him like he’s gorgeous, who kisses him like he’s wanted. The one that laughs with him instead of at him, the one who holds him like he’s adored and smiles at him like he’s cared for.

When the door to the bathroom opens, they both freeze in their tracks. Katsuki lets out a low curse under his breath. The curtain is wide open and they’re standing in the middle of the large stall, utterly wrapped around each other with their towels just barely managing to hold onto their hips. Izuku prays that whoever it is doesn’t need to shower- as they will inevitably be caught. They hear a toilet stall close and let out a unanimous sigh of relief. Katsuki looks at him, face close, and bites his lip like he’s considering something.

“Meet me at my room in ten.” Katsuki whispers into Izuku’s ear, before pulling back. He leaves Izuku with a meaningful look before leaving the stall and collecting his things.

Oh. Izuku stares after him, dumbfounded. Katsuki dresses himself quickly and shoots Izuku one last look before leaving the bathroom entirely.

Izuku’s brain stalls, trying to wrap around the concept of being invited to Katsuki’s bedroom . That’s not spontaneous or impulsive- they won’t be limited by time, luck, or what they can do in a bathroom stall. Izuku will likely wake up in Katsuki’s bed. There won’t be a buffer between them in the morning- Izuku will have to look him in the eye after the fact, will have to ask him what has changed. That or he’ll have to pull himself away, before Katsuki even wakes up, and leave without a word, knowing he will have to face Katsuki in public only hours later and pretend nothing happened.

“Uh, Midoriya? Is that you?” Kaminari pokes his head into Izuku’s stall, looking vaguely concerned. Izuku jumps, sputtering. “You’ve been in here muttering for like five minutes, I was getting kinda worried…”

“Five minutes? Oh shit-” Izuku scrambles for his things, shoving past a bewildered Kaminari to pull on his pyjama pants and pack up his things. He’d stood there for five minutes, muttering about whatever, and he still has to drop his things back at his own room! What if he’s late, what if Katsuki doesn’t let him in-

He dashes out of the bathroom, only half dressed, and sprints up the stairs, not wanting to risk the possibility that the elevator would stall or something. He drops off his things just inside his own door and continues in his rush up to the third floor. By the time he stops outside of Katsuki’s door he’s winded, not necessarily from the running but from the nerves. His face is flushed and his hands are shaking at his sides, ever so slightly- Izuku wonders what he’s doing here, why he even came-

The door swings open and Katsuki is there- half naked and gorgeous, a chiseled Adonis of Earth, looking at Izuku like he’s the only thing he wants to look at for the rest of his life- and oh, that’s right, that’s why he’s here . Katsuki’s mouth quirks up into a tiny smirk and he pulls Izuku in by the waistband of his pants.

“You’re late.” He growls, pressing a quick kiss to Izuku’s mouth, before pulling the door closed behind him and leading him into the room.

“Sorry- oh wow, Kacchan, I’ve never seen your room before-”

“And you’re not going to now.” Katsuki pulls him to the bed, pushes him down, straddles his lap, “Eyes on me.” He says it like Izuku could possibly look away.

Katsuki cradles Izuku’s head in his hands and kisses him deep and firm. Izuku lets his eyes fall shut and kisses back, resting his hands passively on Katsuki’s hips. He lets out a small, content sigh.

Katsuki pulls back, breath measured. He looks serious, holding Izuku’s face in his hands and rubbing a thumb softly across his cheek. Izuku is confused, doesn’t know if he should be concerned- Katsuki’s eyes are narrow, searching, oh so slightly hesitant. It’s unusual. Izuku doesn’t think he’s ever seen Katsuki hesitate.

“Can I fuck you?”


Katsuki whispers it against Izuku’s lips, soft and yet ringing in the silence of the dark room. Izuku intakes a sharp breath, eyes blowing wide.

His first impulse is to panic, to refuse on principle- they’re young and there are things like diseases and Izuku has never done anything like that before what if it hurts and-

“It’s okay if you want to say no.” Katsuki murmurs, eyes sipping shut. He’s not moving, save for the subtle shift of his thumb over Izuku’s cheek.

Izuku doesn’t want to say no. He has every logical reason to refuse, and yet he doesn’t.

He wonders if he needs a reason to say yes.

Izuku looks at Katsuki, at his lightly furrowed brow, his eyes calmly shut. He’s waiting, face ever so slightly pinched with apprehension. Biting his lip in indecision, Izuku squeezes lightly where his hands rest on Katsuki’s hips, lets his head fall forward onto Katsuki’s collarbone. He wants to say yes.

He doesn’t know what it will be like between them, after this.

He does know that if he refuses, he’ll always be wondering what he missed. Izuku has always been naturally curious, he wants to know- but more than that, he wants to be close to Katsuki now while he can , because the future is too hazy to predict.

Izuku lifts his head, takes a deep breath.

“Yes.” Katsuki’s eyes snap open, a slow grin curls over his cheeks. “Fuck me.” Izuku’s eyes fall half lidded as he purrs it into Katsuki’s ear. Katsuki responds with a dark growl as he surges forward, pressing Izuku down into the bed.

“I’ll make it good for you, Deku.” Katsuki murmurs, grinning, before moving in to kiss him deep and rough. He drags his hands from Izuku’s hair, down his neck and chest, before hooking his fingers in the band of Izuku’s pants- tugging them down too. Izuku lifts his hips obligingly,  mouth still occupied by Katsuki’s, and shoves impatiently at the hem of Katsuki’s own sweatpants.

Katsuki pulls Izuku’s pants off first and his own follow, before he wraps an arm around Izuku’s waist- lifting him off the bed and moving him up to lay properly on the pillows, all without releasing Izuku’s mouth.

Izuku runs hungry fingers over Katsuki’s shoulders, his back, lower- Katsuki’s muscles roll hot and hard under his skin as he breathes and shifts above Izuku. His kisses are all teeth and suction, leaving Izuku’s lips raw and red- and he finally pulls away to kiss down Izuku’s neck, down his chest. Izuku’s fingers thread into Katsuki’s hair and he lets out a shaky sigh as Katsuki’s mouth works its way closer and closer to his dick, leaving a trail of marks in its wake.

Izuku is hard and wanting by the time Katsuki’s head is level with his dick, and he’s struggling to resist the urge to shove Katsuki’s head manually where he wants it. Katsuki has paused, hovering, with a look in his eye that says he has an idea that he isn’t sure how to voice. Izuku hopes it has something to do with sucking his dick- he has this really prominent mental image of Katsuki’s jaw stretched wide around the girth of his cock and he really wants to know how the real thing compares.

“Hey Deku, are you still obnoxiously picky about being really thorough when you bathe? Like, really thorough?” Katsuki asks, and Izuku doesn’t know what that has to do with anything. Sure, maybe he’s been a bit particular about hygeine, even since they were kids, but why is he bringing it up now? Surely Izuku isn’t the only person who takes the time to clean everywhere, and yes, that includes between his toes, behind his balls, and up his butthole.

“Um- yes? But why--?” Izuku looks down at Katsuki, confused, and Katsuki looks back with a mischievous grin.

“Flip over.” Katsuki demands, and Izuku frowns, raising an eyebrow.

“What- why?”

“You heard me. Just do it, you’ll see.” Izuku pouts just slightly- no blowjob :( - but rolls over anyway. He folds his arms in front of him and tries to look back at Katsuki over a shoulder, but when largely unsuccessful he just pillows his head on his hands and stares at the headboard. He can’t see what Katsuki is doing back there, he can just feel his weight shifting around as he does something or another. His dick is caught uncomfortably between the mattress and his belly, and Izuku shifts his hips around trying to more comfortable position-

“Damn, Deku, stop wiggling around like that or I’ll be tempted to do something impulsive-” Izuku yelps as Katsuki grabs his hips, yanking them up off the bed. Izuku blinks as he is pulled back, spine curved up more than he knew he was capable of, dick dangling between his thighs.

“Um-- mmm mmmm? ” Izuku squeezes the pillow, startled, and lets out a confused sort of half-moan as Katsuki grabs two large handfuls of ass, spreads his cheeks wide, and licks a bold stripe from the spot behind his balls up over his asshole.

Izuku was not prepared for this, never thought Katsuki would do something so degrading as literally kissing his ass , but as Katsuki’s hot, wet tongue presses and rubs over his tight opening he warms up to it, cheeks flushing hot.

When it first nudges inside, Izuku bites the inside of his cheek, unsure as to whether he likes the sensation or not. The stretch is uncomfortable at first but as Katsuki’s tongue starts to press in and pull out with a better rhythm it starts to feel really nice. He can feel Katsuki’s face pressed deep between his asscheeks- nose to chin, and he wishes there was some way he could watch. He wants to see Katsuki’s eyes- either half-lidded with lust or narrowed in concentration- he wants to see his nostrils flare as he struggles to breathe from within that crevice, his face flushed with arousal and exertion, his lips- red and wet with his own spit as he pulls away.

Suddenly it’s nowhere near enough- Izuku is squeezing the pillow in a deathgrip, his toes clench and press into the mattress as he rocks nearly his entire body back into Katsuki’s face- he wants something bigger, thicker, deeper- his cock is heavy and throbbing for attention-

Katsuki pulls away and Izuku lets out a despairing moan-

“Fuck, Deku-” Katsuki’s voice is dark with lust, his breaths are short and sharp, and before Izuku can form any words in reply there are fingers at his entrance- cool but slick. Two press in and they’re bigger than Katsuki’s tongue, firmer, and much, much longer. The stretch is more satisfying than painful, and Izuku unashamedly ruts back against Katsuki’s hand as he pumps his fingers in and out a few times.

It’s so, so good but there’s something missing-

“Kacchan-” Izuku grits out, and Katsuki curls his fingers and hits something deep inside Izuku, something that sends white-hot pleasure shooting up his spine- his prostate , some barely rational part of his mind supplies- and Izuku is momentarily distracted, letting out a long moan. Katsuki hits that spot again before slipping in a third finger, and the stretch burns but it’s so good, and Izuku turns his head on his arms just enough that he can see Katsuki’s shoulder out of the corner of his eye-

“Kacchan please I-” he can’t get the whole thought out, his brain short-circuits every time Katsuki’s fingers brush him there, “I want to-”

“What’re you mumblin’ about down there, Deku?” Katsuki asks, and Izuku can hear the grin in his voice as he presses relentlessly at Izuku’s prostate, rendering him completely unable to speak. He opens his mouth and nothing comes out but a desperate moan, and Katsuki chuckles deep in his throat, “Come on, Deku, spit it out.”

He’s doing it on purpose, the bastard, asking him questions and scrambling his brains before he can answer-

“I want to see you, Kacchan, please-” Izuku finally grits out, and Katsuki pulls his fingers away no, no no no- before he’s suddenly flipped to his back. Izuku’s eyes are wide, he’s panting, his dick is so hard it hurts- having gone entirely untouched, and his entrance is ready- stretched and slick, practically begging to be stuffed full. Izuku blinks and his vision focuses, and oh- yes.

Katsuki is kneeling between his splayed legs- his skin is flushed and shiny with sweat, his chest rises and falls with every measured breath. He’s gorgeous- hair clumped up with sweat in some spots, lips curved up into a tiny smirk, eyes half lidded as he surveys Izuku with just as much intensity as Izuku does him. His dick is already wrapped and slick- Izuku wants it inside him, he wants it now -

Fuck, Kacchan- Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me please-” Izuku’s eyes roll back in his head, his fists clench in the sheets with frantic need and Katsuki hoists his legs up by the back of the knees, presses them down into Izuku’s chest, and when the tip of his dick brushes against his entrance Izuku is practically vibrating he wants it so bad-

“Since you asked so nicely-” Katsuki pushes in gently at first and then all at once- the stretch hurts so good and Izuku looks back up in time to see Katsuki’s hips roll up to meet his body. They both release hitched moans as Katsuki’s pelvis presses flush against Izuku’s ass.

Katsuki stops there for a moment, overwhelmed by the tight heat of Izuku’s body, and Izuku feels so full, so complete- Katsuki’s flush is bright red and has traveled down his neck, his fingers squeeze at Izuku’s thighs.

Finally, he pulls back and slams in, making the bed frame clatter against the wall- he does it again and again- building a rhythm- the slap of skin-on-skin pierces the air and Izuku wants to fling his head back but he can’t tear his eyes away from Katsuki’s body, he can’t look away because he’s beautiful, the way he moves-

On the next thrust Katsuki absolutely hammers Izuku’s prostate, his back arches off the bed with the force of it- he loses the last trace of control he had and his eyes squeeze shut- he shouts out a moan.

Katsuki fucks him positively stupid - he can’t move, he can’t think, he can’t breathe.

A hand wraps around his dick just as it becomes nearly unbearable- it might be Katsuki’s, it might be his own, he doesn’t know, but he's so close, and he has been for so long that all it takes is two good pumps before his vision goes white and he comes harder than he thinks he ever has in his life .

Katsuki must have come somewhere in there too, because by the time Izuku has access to his brain again Katsuki is slumped over him and panting. After a few minutes of the two of them just panting between one another, he pulls out carefully and wow that’s gross . When he sits up to pull off the condom and drop it in the trash, he looks absolutely wrecked and Izuku just, stares.

Katsuki stares right back.

“Like what you see?” Izuku murmurs, lips quirked up in a small smile. Katsuki barks out a laugh- it’s clear and honest and just as perfect as the first time Izuku heard it.

“You fucking bet I do.”




At some point they must have fallen asleep, because Izuku wakes up the next morning all wrapped up in Katsuki, and the first thought in his head is that he feels like he tried to singlehandedly take down a train- before All for One.

The second thing is that it’s Saturday, and he told Uraraka that he’d meet her for training at eight.

He doesn’t know how his phone ended up so easily accessible- on the bedside table and plugged in, but Izuku hardly has to move to reach it.

To Uraraka : hey, I stayed late training last night and some other stuff happened but basically I’m too sore to move, I’ll tell you about it later. Long story short, I’m not gonna make it to training this morning.

From Uraraka : Deku, honey, the whole dorm knows why, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be expecting all the dirty deets later.

From Uraraka: Also, thank you, if you’d waited any longer I’d have lost 2000 yen to fucking Mineta, of all people.

From Uraraka: you just have a nice morning with your new boyyyyfriiiiiind ;)c mkay? ((finally!!))

Izuku… honestly isn’t awake enough to think about most of that, but- boyfriend?

He quite likes the sound of that. He doubt’s Katsuki will like it nearly as much, but that’s a discussion for many hours from now. In the light of morning, having woken up warm in Katsuki’s arms, Izuku is optimistic.

They’ll be alright.

He sets his phone back down and curls back up in Katsuki’s arms, content, for now, to sleep.