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where's the next haikyuu chapter?

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“come on! come on!” nishinoya’s practically dragging azumane through the mall to get to the mcdonald’s by the other entrance.

“hey what’s the big hurry anyways?”

nishinoya had shown up unannounced at his door that morning with a big smile on his face and a convincing speech fill with reasons why they should go to the mall. however, none of those reasons had detailed nishinoya’s fixation with getting to the mcdonald’s as fast as possible.

the pulling stops as they near the entrance to the fast food restaurant, but before azumane can even breathe a sigh of relief, nishinoya’s pulling him down by the collar so he can glare directly into his eyes.

“what do you mean ‘what’s the big hurry?’ you know what today is right?”

azumane searches his brain for clues but comes up blank, “uh… no?”

“today’s the day they release the naruto toys for kid’s meals!” nishinoya rolls his eyes and jabs a finger at the toy display aggressively, “and obviously all the naruto ones will go first so hurry up! i’ll go order you find us some seats!”

by the time azumane processes his little speech, nishinoya’s already in one of the long lines for the cashiers.

“kids and naruto, huh?” azumane turns to see a middle aged woman beside him, “your nephew there is just like my son, can’t shut up about that damn anime.”

“huh?” he’s not quite sure who the woman is talking to.

“your nephew?” she gestures to where nishinoya is waving at him from inside the restaurant.

azumane buries his face in his hands, “sorry ma’am you’ve got it all wrong.”