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Falling For It

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Back on the cathedral spires, amongst the gargoyles. It was almost exactly like last time, as Batman’s eyes followed the target. Except, this time? There was not a glimmer of doubt in his mind. This was it. It was about time that Batman found out the truth about the ‘death’ of the Joker. His mind told him that the facts were undeniable, but his heart…

Then again, when had he ever trusted his heart?

There was no point in stealth. The GCPD would be alerted anyway if one of their officers was brought down, and Gordon would know who’d done it. Better to get this over with quickly, before the GCPD were able to react.

Batman aimed his harpoon at the pole above the full-length windows, and after pulling it taut, leant back, before swinging forwards full force, feet first as he crashed into the living space. The man screamed, fumbling about for his gun. It only made him angrier. Someone who kept a gun in their desk was full well guilty in the sins they’d committed. The man spun around.

“B-b-batman? What are you doing he-” The Dark Knight grabbed him by the collars of his shirt.

“Cut the crap. You know why I’m here. For answers. It’s in your best interest to talk.” He threw the trembling man down onto a chair. The man gulped.

“Okay, I…I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I’ll answer any questions you have. Just…don’t hurt me.” Ha. Hurt him? Batman was mad enough to kill him, unless the evidence proved otherwise. But he wasn’t going to let the officer in on that.

“Good. Glad to know that we’ve come to an understanding. Now, did you or did you not kill the Joker?” The change in the man’s attitude was unbelievable. He stopped trembling. His face took on an almost smug look. Worst of all, he started laughing.

“Oh! That’s what you’re here for? For a moment, I thought you were…never mind. I guess you are as smitten as they say. The Bat, crazy for the clown. Who would’ve figured?” Batman struck him across the face, hard. It may not have done much, but at least it shut him up.

“I am not smitten with some…criminal. I just believe in justice for everyone, citizen, rogue, or official. It makes no difference to me.” It’s what he told himself, anyway. There was no way that he was investigating it for any other reason. He just wanted what was fair. “Now, answer the question, scumbag.” It felt good, throwing the insult back in the officer’s face.

“Hehe. The Joker? That bastard got what he deserved. No, he got better than he deserved. I’m surprised I haven’t received an award for blowing his pasty face to bits. That little-” The man didn’t finish his sentence, as Batman had hit him square in the face. He twisted his gun hand back, cracking his wrist and wrestling the gun out of his hand. He then proceeded to throw the bastard across the room, ignoring the man’s cries.

He ran across the space, picking the officer up along with a shard of broken furniture that the man had crashed into. Batman pinned him down, putting one foot on his chest to restrict the man’s movement. He lifted the broken table piece, glass pointing towards the petrified officer’s heart.

“This?” he growled at the man. “This is for my nemesis.” But before he could do anything, the door came crashing down, Commissioner Gordon behind it.

“Freeze!” The rage exploded in his voice. “Batman, you are under arrest for attempted murder. Drop all weapons now or we will be forced to shoot…” He said more, but Batman had tuned out. The words played over and over in his head. Attempted murder.

He…he had tried to kill someone.

Batman stumbled backwards, tripping over something that sent his hurtling further over the edge, through the window.

The vigilante fell from the high-rise building, doing nothing to slow himself.

I’m done for. I almost murdered someone. I’m done for anyway.

Suddenly, out of the dark, Batgirl swooped down, grabbing Batman before the helicopters could get to him. She huffed under his weight.

“Bruce, you gotta help me here. I may be strong, but I can’t carry you forever. Here.” She took out another grapple gun, shooting it so the end landed beside her own hook. “Take this. We gotta get you outta here, and that roof has a good vantage point. The satellite dish should hide us from view.”

Reluctantly, Batman accepted the help. He still felt numb.

“Now hurry up!” she continued. “As of now, you’re wanted for attempted murder.”