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Sweet Treat

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It started with little things. Helping Matsuyo with snacks and cookies. First his mother had been so shocked at his request to learn to cook and bake, but she still smiled at him and started to teach him everything she knew, starting from how to boil water. Soon, maybe too early, he was confident enough to try to make something simple just by himself.

Yes, Osomatsu had indeed found the joys of baking and making desserts himself. It was the most convenient this way; if he wanted something sweet he could go and make it himself, his mom kept the kitchen full of all the necessary ingredients for… almost anything, really. He could save money, enjoy the sweets and bask in the compliments of his little brothers and rope them into owing him favours. Or so he hoped.

In the beginning the results were horrifying. Osomatsu used his little brothers as guinea pigs, making them taste-test everything. This resulted in horrible stomach pains, vomiting and in worst cases, food poisoning. Soon almost all of them absolutely refused to eat anything that Osomatsu had made, except for Jyushimatsu and Karamatsu.

Jyushimatsu liked all things sweet, or what at least should be sweet. He also could stomach almost anything, so when everything went horribly wrong he would still be fine, usually.

Karamatsu wasn’t as lucky. He usually ended up suffering stomach pains and feeling sick all over. But he still smiled at Osomatsu and endured everything with a strained smile and praises even if his face was stained with tears as every cell of his body screamed at him to run. Oh, the things he was ready to do for love.

But today would be the day. Osomatsu was sure of it! Today, he would make something edible, something that would taste good. He had, for once, actually spend time with this, reading the recipe and preparing everything oh so carefully. And now, it was time to test it.

“Oi, Karamatsu, come here for a second!” He yelled at the kitchen entrance to the living room, where all his other brothers were lazing around.

Karamatsu froze as he heard Osomatsu’s voice. He knew what would happen. He felt goose bumps raise on his skin, he was a bit afraid what Osomatsu would make him eat now. Others, for once, threw him a sympathetic glance.

Karamatsu rose slowly from his place and started his death march towards the kitchen. Every step felt so heavy, every second was pure agony, but he would still do this. He couldn’t betray Osomatsu’s trust. Even if it’d kill him, Karamatsu would greet the sweet embrace of death with a smile.

Osomatsu was waiting in the kitchen, wearing a frilly red apron, a gift from Karamatsu. He was holding an innocent looking white bowl, smiling proudly.

“C’mon Karamatsu! Hurry up! I’m sure it’ll be reeeally good this time. Don’t you trust your big brother?”
“A.. Ah, sure! I-I’m sure it’ll taste heavenly, like the sweet kiss of an angel!”
“Yeah, okay, well, sit down already!”

Karamatsu took a seat, proud that his hands shook only a little. The kitchen looked fine, he couldn’t smell anything burning. That was a good sign. No dark smoke, no explosions, no fire, no cursing. Maybe he would survive this round. He really did hope so, from the bottom of his heart.

“Okay, here we go! Open your mouth for big brother, will ya?” Osomatsu approached Karamatsu, armed with a spoon and the mystic white bowl full of… something.

“Close your eyes and say aaaaaa!”
“….A-…. Aaaaaaa…” Karamatsu closed his eyes tightly, opened his mouth and started to pray for whatever god that would be willing to listen and hear his plead

‘Please let it be edible oh god I don’t want to die today, oh no oh no oh..’

Suddenly a spoon was thrust in his mouth. He could feel the slimy texture before he tasted it. It was.. It wasn’t.. actually bad at all. The rich taste of chocolate filled his mouth, the feeling of relief washing over him. Karamatsu opened his eyes in surprise, meeting Osomatsu’s waiting gaze.

“Well? How is it?” Osomatsu asked eagerly, pulling the spoon slowly from Karamatsu’s mouth.

“I um…” Karamatsu fumbled, this had to be the best thing Osomatsu had made to this day.

“It’s.. It’s.. actually really good! Chocolate pudding, right? Oh, Osomatsu! You have made it, my dear brother. This sweet taste is worth writing songs about!” Karamatsu beamed at Osomatsu, eyes sparking. He wouldn’t die today! And Osomatsu had finally made something edible and it even tasted pretty good. This was turning to be a great day.

“Ahaha, I’m glad you like it. Do you want another spoonful?” Osomatsu snickered and scooped another spoonful of the pudding.

Karamatsu opened his mouth expectantly, eager to get another tasty treat. Osomatsu fed the pudding to him, smug with satisfaction.  

Karamatsu licked his lips, wanting to savor every bit of the pudding his brother had made. He didn’t want to waste any of the best thing Osomatsu had made.

“Aww, looks like you missed a spot” Osomatsu grinned as he put the bowl on the kitchen counter
“Let me clean that up for you, yeah?”

Suddenly Osomatsu came closer to Karamatsu. He stopped to look straight at his eyes before he gently caught Karamatsu by his chin and licked the pudding from the corner of Karamatsu’s mouth. Karamatsu made a surprised noise, but it was soon silenced as Osomatsu claimed his lips with his own, turning the teasing into a real kiss.

Finally, Osomatsu pulled his head away, licking his lips and smiling smugly at the blushing Karamatsu
“Yeah, you were right, it IS pretty sweet”

Karamatsu sighed dreamily and caught Osomatsu’s hand with his own, rubbing circles on the backside of Osomatsu’s hand gently
“You really did it Osomatsu. I’m proud of you, love”

Osomatsu snickered and tried to hide his embarrassment by rubbing a finger under his nose.

“Jeez, Kara, you’re drowning me with compliments today”
“And you deserve every one of them”
“Aww… Hey, what do you say, should we eat all of this pudding together. Just the two of us?”
“That sounds like a lovely plan, my dear”