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Naughty Baby

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"don't pretty things like you know it's not good to be out past twelve without your boyfriend ?" the man asked sliding in the seat next to taehyung. The blonde smile as he downed the rest of his liquior. It was a game, and the prey was just as ready to play as the predators were.

"who said I had one, now are you here to buy me a drink and take me home or talk about how good I look?" taehyung mumbled and that's all the male had to say.


taehyung loved to play games. he loved to see people hurt and cry and bleed. it was sick but it was fun. he caught jeongguk's eye right from the first glance, and ever since then, the blonde had him wrapped around his pretty finger. the elder didn't know it yet either, but jeongguk had him wrapped around his too. they had the same twisted wicked mindset and Taehyung decided this is what love felt like. they would play their games together.



"stay still bitch," the man yelled yet again as he slapped the younger across his cheek. a small giggle slipped out his mouth at the hit, the slap no doubt making a mark that would bruise. he loved this game. the man, kisung, was his name struggled to tie the boy up. kidnapping wasn't exactly easy.

"crazy bitch, want me to hit you again? i don't see what's so funny?" kisung said clearly getting pissed at taehyung's attitude. the blonde looked up, face slightly bloody from so many hits, bruises already starting to form on his soft skin. it was always so funny because the prey never knew, until it was too late. kisung clearly thought he was in control, taehyung wanted to give him that illusion. to see them so powerful one moment, then begging for mercy the next was a sensation taehyung would never get over. letting out a loud laugh, he asked his next question without hesitation.

"why do people feel pain ?" taehyung asked but the question only seem to piss the man off more. he sent another blow to taehyung's stomach. it hurt. hurt like a bitch, but the pain soon turn into a euphoric feeling, a small moan escaping his lips.

"now baby how long are you going to stay there and let that dirty bastard hit you?" a voice came from the corner of the room and taehyung didn't even have to look up to know who it was. jeongguk just had to crash the party so early. he wanted to have some more fun.

"who the fuck is there and how did you get pass my security, show yourself," the man yelled clearly freaked the fuck out now. kisung had even pulled his gun from his pocket, holding it out towards the darkness where his boyfriend's voice was coming from. he was clueless, and this was taehyung's favorite part.

"daddy you ruined all the fun, look how pretty this man made me, he was just about to hit me again," the blonde mumbled with a pout as he gave the kidnapper another smile when he turned around to face the boy on the ground. taehyung had made no move to defend himself, he didn't need to yet.

"y-you tell me what the hell is going on right now, bitch or i'll kill you no matter how pretty you are ," kisung said suddenly, yanking taehyung's lithe body off the ground and pressing the gun to his temple. another laugh escaped his mouth, eyes bright with glee.

"i'll ask you again, baby, how long are you going to keep letting this bastard think he's in control?" jeongguk spoke up again, still watching from the shadows. he wouldn't have to do anything yet, this was taehyung's part of the game and he wouldn't dare ruin his fun.

"fine fine, okay," he mumbled quietly and as quick as a shadow reached his leg over to kick as hard as he could in the man's knee. he fell back, a pained grunt leaving his mouth but taehyung had already slipped out of the poorly tied rope and grabbed kisung's gun. the man looked up at the crazed male with clear fear in his eyes. he knew that whatever was in the shadows had to take out all of his men before he got back here. he had one of the best security teams out of all of the gangs in korea. well that was besides jeonggu-. and then it clicked.

taehyung recognized the look on the man's face. so it had finally clicked? jeon jeongguk was the most powerful gang leader in all of korea and almost everyone knew that. everyone knew he was cold and heartless. everyone knew he had enough money to cover his murders and everyone knew anyone that put a hand on taehyung would end up dead. most people just kidnapped the elder for fun, or out of sheer stupidity. it seemed this man didn't know taehyung at all. he did now, but what a shame really. a loud bang went off in the room, kisung screaming out in pain as the bullet tore straight through his kneecap, and then the next one.

the blood ran freely and so did his cries as taehyung clapped his hands in excitment. god he could almost feel himself getting turned on.

"oh no baby, you made such a mess," jeongguk said with a chuckle, walking out of the darkness. if taehyung didn't think he was the sexiest thing that existed jeongguk could easy win first place. his daddy had his brown hair styled as it usually was and on these special occasions he dressed up. jeans, button down black shirt and he even wore dress shoes instead of those timberlands taehyung always complained about. he walked up to his boyfriend, paying no mind to the man down on the floor, too busy screaming in pain to say anything about the two.

"and what's this, you're already hard too? so dirty today, princess," the brunette mumbled before taking taehyung's lips in a kiss. kisung just watched, maybe since their backs were turned he could escape? another shot went off, this time hitting kisung right in the foot. taehyung didn't even have to look to know his aim was perfect, the loud cries were enough.

taehyung was deifiently riled up now, the cries only getting louder as he kissed his boyfriend back roughly, bitting at his lips just to sped guk up. he seemed to get the message because pretty soon he was reaching down to palm taehyung through his pants, wanton moans already starting to pour from taehyug's lips. it was just a simple touch but taehyung had been waiting long before this.

"daddy don't tease me," he mumbled with a pout as jeongguk moved on from his now swollen and bruised lips to suck and bit marks into his skin. guk could be quite possessive every now and then. out of the corner of tae's eye he watched as the man observed the two, still in obvious pain but almost hypnotised by their movements.

soon off came taehyung's shirt, jeongguk moving on to suck and bite at his nipples. they were just terribly sensitive and jeongguk always used that to his advantage. the male bit down on the first one, and taehyung immediately groaned from the pain, pulling at his boyfriend's hair for more. the same treatment was given to the second nipple, then repeated till taehyung was a sobbing mess, complaining about just needing to cum.

"i love it when you cry, you just look so pretty, even prettier than you usually do princess," jeongguk said finally granting taehyung request and getting on his knees. it didn't take long till taehyung was in his underwear, erection rock hard from all the teasing.

"look at the dirty bastard, practically getting off to the sight of you in his head. you like it when dirty men watch you huh princess? want him to fuck you instead of daddy?" jeongguk asked pulling his shirt off as he watched his boyfriend squirm trying not to touch himself.

"please no daddy, i just want your dick filling me up," he whined out tears pooling in his eyes from how needy he was. "i know so lay down for me and take your underwear off, daddy's going to give you what you need,"

kisung was beyond gone now, the blood loss making him dizzy but the sight before him making him horny. he didn't know how to fell as he watched the two but jeongguk sure did give him a perfect few of taehyung.

taehyung laid out on the ground, the blood covering his back as he did so. the blonde had his legs propped open needily, still crying out for jeongguk to just do something before guk was shoving his face in between the elders cheeks. he immediately arched his back, hands going to grab his boyfriend's brown hair. "good god, daddy right there," he moaned out as jeongguk's tongue pushed in and out of his rim, teasing before he was hitting the spot that almost had tae coming before it was time.

"more please more, " taehyung said trying to push jeongguks head deeper. the male just smacked his thigh harshly before adding two fingers. taehyung could take it. "stop being such a greedy baby and take what daddy gives you," he said working the fingers in and out quickly, avoiding taehyung's prostate on purpose. the last finger was added, taehyung still crying out for more as jeongguk pulled the wet digits out.

jeongguk was so hard, the combination or taehyung's moans and the gang leaders groans of pain were almost enough to push him over the edge. quickly he unbuttoned his jeans sliding them down his legs along with his underwear. he wasted no time in gripping taehyung's hips harshly and slamming into his entrance, the blonde moaning out in pain and pleasure. he didn't give the elder a chance to a just either, he knew how his boyfriend liked it, fast and rough. that's exactly what guk gave him, taehyung climaxing not too much later with a load moan of daddy.

guk came next, inside of taehyung with a groan. kisung was hard now too, the sight so fucking erotic it almost had him cumming in his pants and forgetting about the pain.

once taehyung and jeongguk were cleaned up, the blonde glanced over the man with joy in his eyes. now for the really fun part.

"beg for you life, and maybe i'll let you live," taehyung said stepping on kisung's knee. a loud fuck you echoed in the room and taehyung pouted. that didn't sound like begging.

"well, since you won't do that, there's no use keeping a rat like you alive, guk, daddy will you do the honors, i don't much want to waste my last bullet on him," taehyung mumbled dropping the gun at kisung's reach. he scrambled to get it but jeongguk's bullet was faster, right through the middle of the skull. the blood trickled down the side of his face, eyes still open, false hope filling them.

"do you think he looks prettier than me daddy?" taehyung asked curiously as he watch the blood stain the white shirt kisung wore. jeongguk shook his head.

"no one looks prettier than my baby,"