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Would You Adam and Eve It?

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Napoleon and Illya stared, in a state of confusion, as Mark’s informant spoke.

“I ‘eard a dicky bird that the geezer you want will be in the rub-a-dub across the frog and toad tonight.

“Are you sure?” Mark asked.

“I don’t tell no porkies. Now, I ain’t got time to rabbit, I need a Jimmy.”

“What on Earth did he just say?” asked Napoleon, as the man wandered away.

“He said he’s heard the man we want will be in the pub across the street tonight. He then said he hasn’t got time to talk because he needs to urinate.”


Cockney Rhyming Slang

Adam and Eve – Believe
Dicky bird – Word
Rub-a-dub – Pub
Frog and Toad - Road
Porkies – (Pork pies) Lies
Rabbit – (Rabbit and Pork) Talk
Jimmy – (Jimmy Riddle) Piddle