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No One But Me

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Title : No One But Me

Characters : Natsuki Serizawa/Takashi Itoigawa

Genres :  Romance, Friendship

Summary : “I don’t mind people admiring my body, but I’m not okay if others admiring my boyfriend’s. I don’t share what I have, you know. I’m very possessive.” Natsuki/Takashi

Disclaimer : My Heavenly Hockey Club doesn’t belong to me.


                “I’m terribly sorry, Senpai,” Ginta timidly apologized.

                Takashi still froze.

                “I should’ve caught the bottle sooner,” Kinta hastily added. Both of the twins had identical expressions on their freckled faces: scared and horrified.

                Calmly Takashi Itoigawa pulled off his glasses and swept his fringe. His right side –started from his hair until his upper uniform- was wet. Water was dripping from his hair.

                Ginta had thrown his bottle to his twin, who hadn’t caught it fast enough. Its content was out, splashed onto Takashi, and made him partially drenched.

                  “You careless fools,” Takashi growled menacingly. He intended to scold the twins, but since his glasses weren’t perched on his nose and without them his eyesight was bad, it was Natsuki who received his wrath.

                “It’s me,” Natsuki replied. He snatched the thin towel from Ginta and started to rub Takashi’s hair, ignoring the taller boy’s protest. “It’s not much but if you don’t change your uniform, you’ll get uncomfortable,” he said.

                Takashi inhaled loudly. He put on his glasses and this time glared dagger at the right target. Ginta and Kinta visibly trembled. “Now get out from my class! Don’t fool around here again!” he sternly commanded.

                “But we just wanted to have lunch with the other members of Hockey Club,” the twins protested.

                Takashi’s glare amplified. In less than a second the twins darted to the door and out from his sight.

                The tall boy looked around his class. There were only some girls watching him in awe. Honestly Takashi didn’t get why he was popular. His facial expression was always serious. He also constantly frowned. Not nice at all to attract girls. But apparently they had their own ideas.

                “What are you doing?” Natsuki asked incredulously when Takashi took out his spare T-shirt from his bag and started to unbutton his upper uniform.

                “I’m changing,” Takashi nonchalantly answered.

                Natsuki narrowed his eyes. “Here?”

                “Where else?”

                Natsuki grabbed his arm and dragged him to the Hockey Club’s room. Despite being smaller and shorter than Takashi, Natsuki could manhandle him without much effort.

                “You don’t have self-preservation, do you?” Natsuki reprimanded him once they were secure in the club’s room.

                “Hey! There were only a few people in the class,” Takashi indignantly defended himself. “Besides, I wear undershirt. I don’t intend to take it off too.”

                “But you’ll show your skin and I don’t like it when your fangirls look at you as if they want to eat you on the spot.”

                Natsuki helped him took off his uniform. When he refused Natsuki’s help, Natsuki swatted his hands and buttoned his spare uniform. The T-shirt Takashi had intended to wear was forgotten somewhere.

                “I know you look good enough to eat,” Natsuki continued.

                Takashi was always embarrassed every time Natsuki told him that. “You’re the exhibitionist one,” he reminded him.

                The beautiful boy chuckled. He patted Takashi’s cheek affectionately. “I don’t mind people admiring my body, but I’m not okay if others admiring my boyfriend’s, especially when it’s in display.”

                “That’s very hypocrite.”

                “I don’t share what I have, you know. I’m very possessive.”


The End