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Kisses Are Complicated

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Mary Margaret, no, Snow White Emma corrected herself, looked furious as she stepped inside Regina's house. "Come now dear, surely I've done worse things to you than slam a door in your face. Why are you so upset?" Regina asked with a smirk.

"I don't know, twenty-eight years of being cursed might have something to do with it." David (Emma was not going to call him Charming) growled. Regina rolled her eyes.

"Ah yes. I kept you from aging for twenty-eight years and gave you electricity, indoor plumbing, central heating, constant sources of food and employment, and a greatly increased life expectancy in general. Tell me again, how was that a curse?"

"What about taking away our memories and our happy endings?" Snow demanded.

"Well..." Emma interjected, shifting nervously. "Technically, you two were the only ones to get a happy ending. Cinderella lost her prince, Kathryn never got married, Ruby was a werewolf, Mr. Gold lost his son and his True Love, the Blue Fairy made Leroy give up his True Love, and Archie was a cric'ket that could easily have been killed on accident without anybody even noticing." Regina smirked triumphantluy, and Snow and David looked at her incredulously. "I'm not saying that the curse was a good thing." She said quickly. "Losing your memories and having the whole thing forced upon you kind of outweighs the benefits. It's just that you can't really say that Regina took away all your happy endings when you two were really the only ones to get happy endings." There was a pause as Regina, Snow, and David tried to figure out who exactly Emma was chastising.

"Speaking of True Love." David started.  The three women all looked at him with raised eyebrows, but he ignored them. "Do you have any idea who broke the curse? I mean, it had to be True Love's Kiss, right? And True Love's a lot rarer than you think. It's the purest thing there is, it's the strongest form of love, tied only with a mother's love for her children, and it has to be completely mutual." As soon as he said that, something clicked for Emma, and she turned to look at Regina.

"Only True Love's Kiss huh? You forgot to mention that." She said with a grin. Now Regina started to shift.

"I was going to get to it later." The older woman said weakly.

"No you weren't." Emma said, detecting the lie.

"Wait a minute..." Snow said slowly, shifting through the memories of two lifetimes. Her eyes widened. "It was you two that broke the curse, wasn't it?" Emma nodded still grinning at Regina, who was looking distinctly uncomfortable. David let out a startled yell as Snow fainted, running forward to catch his wife.

"What was that?" David demanded, picking her up bridal style.

"Apparently the knowledge that her daughter's True Love is the Evil Queen was too much for dear Snow." Regina said, the opportunity to snark at the target of her hate calming her down.

"...Wait, what?" David asked slowly. Regina groaned.

"This you stupid man." She snapped, grabbing Emma and pulling her in for a deep kiss. Emma winced into said kiss as she heard a second thud that was David fainting. She broke the kiss and looked at her unconcious parents.

"We should probably..." Emma started to say, but trailed off as Regina began nibbling on her earlobe.

"Yes?" Regina asked.

"We should prob..." Emma lost her train of thought again as Regina began trailing kisses down her neck.

"I'm waiting." Regina purred.

"We should..." Emma gasped as Regina bit her pulse point. "Go have sex and move them when we're done."

"Excellent idea." Regina said with a smirk as Emma dragged her up the stairs.


Thirty minutes later

"Moms!" Henry yelled as he opened the door. He stopped as he saw Snow White and David passed out in the entry hall. He'd rushed home when Red (apparently the curse had been broken. For some reason the young woman had been smirking when she told him that True Love's Kiss had broken the curse.) had told him that she'd seen both Emma and Regina heading home to the Mayoral Mansion. His mothers rushed out of the master bedroom, their clothes and hair looking rather messy for some reason.

"Henry!" Regina said, running downstairs and hugging him. "I'm so sorry I forgot to pick you up."

"It's okay Mom." He said, hugging her back. The 'Great Defrosting' had done wonders for their relationship as well, even if Regina had still refused to tell him the truth about the curse. He paused, then said seriously "The curse broke." Regina took a deep breath, then nodded.

"I know." She said.

"We...uh, kind of broke it." Emma said sheepishly, rubbing the back of her head.

"They didn't take it well, your grandparents." Regina said with no small satisfaction. Henry frowned thoughtfully, putting the puzzle pieces together. Then he grinned.

"True Love's Kiss?" He asked. Emma grinned and fist bumped him.

"True Love's Kiss." She confirmed. Regina groaned and looked away, blushing.

"You can move them onto the couch yourself Miss Swan." She said, standing up and walking to the kitchen. Emma winced and hurried after her. Henry looked down at his grandparents, sighed, and grabbed Snow's ankle, dragging her towards the family room.

"Alright, what's wrong?" Emma asked.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Regina said shortly, pulling out a knife and beginning to chop up an apple with a bit more violence than was necessary.

"That apple might have a different opinion." Emma said gently. Regina glared at her and grabbed another apple.

"This apple is annoying, loud, and insists on bringing up things I'd rather not talk about at th'e moment." Emma sighed and hugged Regina from behind.

"I'm sorry  that I'm making you uncomfortable, but I'm not sorry that I'm so happy about this. I mean come on, how many people actually get True Love? One in ten?"

"One in a hundred." Regina corrected, relaxing slightly.

"One in a hundred people have what we have." Emma said, planting a light kiss on the back of Regina's neck and squeezing  her tighter. "How can I not be happy about that?"

"I have...history with True Love." Regina said slowly. "It's nothing I want to talk about, didn't end well." She stared down at the cutting board. "I've spent the years since then building walls to keep people out. And then you came along and tore those walls down, faster than I could put them back up. And now..." She started to turn around in Emma's arms, and Emma quickly loosened her hold to let her. "I've let you in, and I can't let you go." Regina put a hand on Emma's cheek. "I won't let you go."

"I'm not going anywhere." Emma promised, kissing her gently. "Ever."