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The Deteriorated Turnabout

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Defending Lana Skye was never on Apollo Justice's to-do list, but that never meant he was to refuse it. In the short time he'd known her so far, she'd become almost like a mother figure of sorts. So when Iris Hawthorne was fatally struck while on a visit to Khura'in, with Lana as her traveling partner, Apollo simply had no choice but to defend her.

"Well, it's been about a year since anyone's last seen one, so I think we're due for a Payne brother to show up," Klavier said. He had just returned from the airport, marking the start of his visit to Khura'in, which in itself had little to no explanation except for "I wanted to see my darling Herr Forehead again."

Klavier had rushed his arrival just to be there for Apollo's latest case, arriving just in time to hog up Apollo's investigation time, leaving him virtually unprepared for the upcoming trial. But when he arrived, he met up with Maya and Datz, who seemed to have collected all the evidence he would need.

"Hang on, Ms. Fey, didn't you already head back to your village?" Apollo questioned as Maya handed him Iris's autopsy report.

"Ah, I decided to stay a little longer after all. Figured I'd oversee Nick's star student!"

Going into court was as cheerful as ever, only now with Klavier on Apollo's side. Klavier had previously offered to be Apollo's co-council, and he obliged, on the condition that actual helpful contributions to the case were made.

Apollo and company (mostly Klavier) were rather disappointed that Klavier had been wrong about the arrival of a Payne brother, with Nahyuta taking up the prosecution again instead.

"Is the defense ready?"

"The defense is ready, Your Magistry!" Apollo saluted the Judge.

"And the prosecution?"

"Ready as I'll ever be." Nahyuta grinned faintly.

The judge nodded. "Alright, then let us hear the prosecution's opening statement."

"This case is very straightforward indeed. The victim, Sister Iris of Hazakura Temple, died of blunt force trauma," Nahyuta began. "She was struck while waiting to speak to Queen Amara in the royal residence, and her traveling partner, Lana Skye, has fallen under suspicion. Skye carried an umbrella that could plausibly be the murder weapon, and had no alibi as she was reportedly making a phone call."

Maya sat in the wings looking heartbroken.

The judge glanced faintly in the directions of the muffled sobbing, but chose to ignore it.

"Our first witness is the royal priestess. Your Benevolence, if you will."

Rayfa coughed loudly. "Now, Braid Head, Horn Head, I shall perform my duty as Royal Priestess by means of the Divination Seance."

Klavier was almost leaning all the way forward in excitement. Rayfa began the Seance with only a cursory glance towards Apollo. "O Holy Mother, we hold this Divination Seance in your name. Let the eyes of everyone here be clear, and our ears be unstopped. O Dance of Devotion! Guide the victim's soul to me, so that we may receive their final memories in the Pool of Souls!"


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I sat on the pristine chair, shocked by the quality, having accustomed myself to a dirty prison floor.

The guard stood there menacingly, and I felt their gaze poking daggers into my neck every second.

I shuffled once, shuffled twice, shuffling and turned to the guard.

I attempted to make small talk, conversation but she grew angrier by the second.

I apologized and turned my head. I saw the guard walk away. footsteps


I collapsed.

The world was spinning. Everything was confusing.

You can give a cat a manicure, but can you give a man a caticure? That's how every it gets. Grass tastes bad. Number nine.

The dor opend nd hat my in tee fcae, kockning me bak a litle.