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Long May He Reign

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Sindria, where the earth is often barren and plagued by winters that could last for five years before the first signs of spring. Their royal line known to have adapted greatly with the monotonous season that has been considered as the country's main characteristic and as if built from the cold and ice, the rulers of the kingdom were known to be strict,cold and calculating. Doing whatever it takes for the entire country to prosper even under such harsh conditions.

Jimin is born on the sixth year of the seemingly endless winter. On the day of a harsh blizzard that almost wiped out half of the capital's population. Sindria's capitol was always known to be the strongest part of the entire country. With houses made from the toughest stone that can withstand any hail or snow. Windows tightly shut and bolted into hooks inside the house built specifically to serve their purpose, the entire Kingdom was not aware of how the queen struggled for almost a full day in labor. The pain more excruciating than anything she has ever felt before. 

A healthy boy with wisps of hair that resembled spun silver and disarmingly bright blue eyes that shone like crystals even in the dark hour. He has been the king and queen's joy from the first moment they had laid their eyes on him. The kingdom's seer proclaiming him to be the first born of the royal house, and the official heir to the throne.

 Park Jimin has been successfully delivered into the world.

Only when he raised his arms as if reaching towards the sky that the blizzard came to pass. First only calming it but eventually completely clearing everything. The black clouds that overcast the entire kingdom shyed away from his presence and the first sunlight's ray cascaded over the castle, signaling the end of the six years of winter that Sindria has experienced and from there onward, the seer has once again proclaimed that prince Jimin of the royal house posessed the power and control over ice. A power that is passed unto pure descendants of the Royal Sindria line. A sign that he would be a great ruler one day. 

Everyone rejoiced and a celebratory ball was even held in honor of the prince's birth and also of course to celebrate the end of Winter as the ice slowly melted away. Leaving the earth to be useful once again. Grass became abundant and everything bloomed right after.

Little did everyone knew that as much as they praised and coddled the young prince, someday he will be the greatest disappointment of the kingdom that his birth has once saved.

Park Jimin grew up to be the most entitled, capricious and materialistic crown prince in all of the realms. Accepting love from anyone he deemed 'beautiful enough', inviting them into his private chambers and humiliating his parents day after day. It never helped that he had the gift of ice. He used it to his advantage and exploited it to his heart's content.

What happens when one day everything familair to him is taken away and he is forced to live a life that he has yet to get used to? When he finally finds his match. The young king of Valeria, Min Yoongi. With raven black hair,pale skin and intense red eyes that could pierce right through one's soul.


A/N: It's about time that I write something about Yoonmin. A royal au fic because I've never done something like this before. Also, I love the idea of spoiled brat Jimin so I will try as much as possible to incorporate that here. 


XO, Juri

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It was unusually bright outside the castle as the spring sun cast it's strong rays of light on the etire realm of Sindria. The unwelcomed warmth deeply annoyed the young prince who is still slumbering. Half on his bed that he shared with another nameless vixen he has been courting and bedding for weeks now. Her dark locks scattered against the pristine white sheets which they had completely sullied from last night's rather intense rump. A raging headache had him sitting up and immediately regretting his decision once he did so. Sharp pain immediately made him slump back into the bed.

The cold was nothing to Jimin, in fact he felt nothing even when he's outside the castle walls. Even when it's snowing. But the warmth deeply irritated him and gave him discomfort. He preffered the cold, harsh weather that kept Sindria cold for millenias. 

"Mmm~ you're awake?" Said the unknown girl, turning towards him so he could see the masterpiece that he laid upon her skin the night before. She had the blanket up to her chest to cover her body from the cold despite the heat that came from the fireplace right beside the bed. Unlike Jimin, she was ordinary even though she was of noble origins. She is nothing special except for her curves and her abundance in the chest area. One that simply turned Jimin's interest towards her. 

That same asset now carried Jimin's marks. Red marks against her smooth skin. One that her mother had genuinely praised her for. She had always clamored about how she is going to be a perfect wife to the most suitable suitor that her parents would choose for her. Little did they know that her virtue was very much non existent from the moment her and Jimin began meeting secretly. 

"Yes, and this headache is annoying. I just want to lay in bed all day. Forget about everything." He places an arm over his closed eyes. Hoping he could go back to sleep but the female's soft yet direct caress on the outline of his define abs then her hand slid down towards his lower region.

Crown prince Jimin knew he wouldn't be able to go back to sleep now. 



The color black decorated the entire castle and the rest of Sindria for today they grieve for the death of their king. King Ahjin who ruled over the entire country for almost thirty years. Unlike most royals he is one of the softer rulers. More benevolent than others so the kingdom is stricken with grief from his passing. Black curtains hang, the flag that represented Sindria is replaced by a black velvet garment. White flower hung from every household's front door as they showed that they're with the royal family in this dark hourt.

King Ahjin's body is displayed for public viewing in a glass casket that emulated an ice crystal. Something he wished for when he waas still alive. The royal committee made sure to follow his will without any fault. He wanted his followers to see him one last time before he is buried and returned to the earth.

Every important individual is now present for the morning rites as his burial will be held the evening after.

Everyone except crown prince Jimin who entered the room in his usual attire only it was in black. Black pants,black long sleeves made from the finest fabric with silver embroidery. Topped off with black coat and a cape. On his right is the insigna of the crown prince. A single ten pointed diamond snowflake.

He scans the crowd until he found his queen mother, Queen Daria. Ever beautiful yet cold. Of his parents, she is more calculating. Leading Ahjin into the correct yet sometimes questionable way. If one would describe her characteristic. She would just be like Sindria's weather. Harsh and cold to unwelcomed outsiders who aren't prepare of the wrath. Only today she looked ten times more exhausted than how she usually is. Her black ball gown that is embroidered with silver acted as her armor when the bags under her eyes appeared to be deeper than that of yesterday. Her dark red hair that had silver streaks is styled in an up-do with the silver crown she wore that was adorned with diamonds resting on top of her head like an impossible weight and burden she had to carry her entire life as a queen regent. Now that her husband is dead.

She looks at him with mild disappointment crossing her lovely aging features as he walked towards her.

"Your trouser buttons are open my dear. Are you late because you went riding again? At this hour in the morning? With your father dead?" With each word, Daria sounded more disappointed than before.

"Sorry mother, but I won't stop my habits just because father passed away. Mind you, he died a hero." He says before turning side ways to check on his trousers and button them up properly this time. Finally clearing his throat and facing up front once more.

"Yes he died a hero. Now I don't know what will happen when you become king." She says, heaving a deep sigh. 

"I told you, I never wanted to be king. I thought I made it clear since I was able to speak, at age four to be specific." He says,running a hand through his silver hair as he looked around the usual boring crowd that gathered whenever something important happened. The only people Jimin really cared for is his family and of course himself. Putting himself as number one in every situation. One could say that he is the crown prince who never meddled ith anything. Giving the nobles more power in court to freely do what they desire. Controlling everything behind the scenes especially now that the king has died.

The bishop walks in and starts the rites, prayers for the dead and prayers for the country of Sindria. Jimin found himself yawning most of the time.

When the prayers were said and done, he lets everyone leave first. Staying behind with the reasoning that he needed to have a private word with his father. A time for him to bid his farewell.

Queen Daria left with Jimin's twin brother and sister. Little princess Freya and prince Jinan who were only five. Both confused and sad at the same time. They both took after their mother, with their fiery red hair and blue eyes with chubby cheeks and such innocence that Jimin sometimes wished to go back to his own innocent years when he wasn't corrupted with the bad habits that he has now came to terms with.  

Once left alone the spacious chapel by himself, Jimin once again approaches his father's casket. Now the bored expression gone from his face. He looked solemn and if one looks closer, a hint of sadness can be seen breaking the facade he had.

"Father, why leave at such an important time? You have yet conquered the western isles. Didn't you promise me that we'll travel there together? We'll conquer the lands with as little violence as needed but why are you here? In this damned crystal casket? What blasphemy is this!?" He exclaims in an anguished tone as he placed both his palms against the clear glass, head bowing in defeat as he knew that all his questions and demands fell on deaf ears as his father's soul is long gone.

"Why leave the entire kingdom to me? You know I don't want it. You know I've always wanted my freedom. Myself before everything else." He says in a smaller broken voice as he started sobbing. The tears that he has long kept to himself from the moment he has heard of his father's passing up to now, he has finally let go of the emotions that he has bottled up deep inside. Numbing the pain of his role model by sleeping around or drowning in alcohol first thing in the morning. 

He gazes upon the kind and humble king's countenance. Even in death he still looked regal, kind and benevolent. It seemed like he is only sleeping. Only this sleep is eternal. King Ahjin very much resembled Jimin with hair as white as snow and everything else almost identical to the younger. It was as if Jimin is now staring at his future self, though he hoped that he would live much longer than the current king.

Jimin stayed in the moment for what felt like forever until he is able to pull himself together once again. Taking his hands off the crystal casket's surface and staring at his father one last time before he turned around,wiped his tears and took a deep breath. Nothing about today changed his uninterest towards the throne.

Wars, endless wars plagued Sindria and it's desire to expand. As winter seemed eternal in the country, they needed somewhere else to grow grains and vegetables to feed the people. However that is not possible if they don't invade another country or make various alliance with nobles who owned foreign land and the former is easier than the latter even though the latter seemed more feasible. From the moment that the crown prince was exposed to the life of a ruler, he knew right away that it isn't the life he's willing to live.

He walks out of the room, foot steps echoing in the empty corridors except for the guards that were ever present. Their armors always polished and gleaming under the illumination of lamps.

Breakfast sounded nice for the silver haired male and so he re routed his steps towards the royal dining hall instead of going back to his room to check if the nameless vixen has left him so he can have some alone time with a good bottle of rum. Maybe later that day he would call upon the royal seamstress to have her design another pair of suit and trousers for him and do her right after. Jimin had a lot of plans in his mind but the thought of attending his father's funeral is non existent. Not even on the last of his mental list.


"My queen, pardon the intrusion but this is urgent business." Queen Daria's most loyal advisor enters the dining hall. Disturbing the queen's four course meal as he walked towards her with such urgency.

"The nobles are pushing for more rights to certain lands and chateaus now that the King is no longer here to decide what is best for the people, they think that they can control most of the palace." He said, sounding so nervous that he may wet himself on the spot.

However, the queen merely dabs the napkin on her lips as she casually put the knife and fork aside,leaving her pudding half way touched as she looked up at the advisor.

"Nonsense, the king is right here. I know that he can decide for the best of this kingdom." Queen Daria motions towards Jimin who scarfed his meal down, barely listening on their boring political talk until the mention of his name came up.

"And the King would like to say that he is not interested in such matters. You may both discuss it with yourselves but leave me out of it. In fact, leave me out in everything." He says,sending a sweet smile towards his mother who just rolled her eyes on him. 

"It's been a week Jimin, You have never issued a royal edict since sitting in the throne much less signed any official business that required the king's decision." She says refusing to drop the topic and staring at him directly making Jimin lose his appetite altogether as he reached for a napkin to wipe his lips and hands with.

"Mother, you're doing just fine as the Queen regent. We both know that the title King that has been given to me is only for decoration. So the nobles will be muzzled from their incessant barking." He says making the Queen raise both her eyebrows.

"You are talking politics now, the strategy that I never told you about. You pointed it out." She said in a mild yet triumphant voice. A wise smile decorated her lips making Jimin scowl. She is truly unbeatable. Someone who can play the throne game and triumph at the end.

"Enough, sign using my name and make royal edicts. Stick to your original plan." He says,standing abruptly and walking towards the twins who were playing with their food, ruffling both their hairs making little Jinan giggle and little Freya pout because 'a maiden shouldn't get her hair played with' is what she told Jimin,making her brother laugh lightly at how adorable and grown-up she seemed to be.

"You can never run from the crown that is already in your head so stop wearing the crown prince's inisgnia and wear the crown that rightfully belongs to you." 


And with that, Jimin walks out of the dining room, ordering his servant to bring him a fresh set course in his chambers and that he will just eat there instead.

"My queen, I don't think this plan you have will have a good effect in the Kingdom." The advisor sounds weary.

"The future is never predictable. If it were, I wouldn't have sent Ahjin out to the west. He would have never died if not for the inside spy who worked with Kou Kingdom's King. One thing is for sure, this is my husband's most important will and his will be done."

She said the words with such conviction that her advisor could only nod his head and hope for the best.


Crown prince Jimin dreamt of sailing the stormy seas towards an unknown destination that night. It was as if the voyage was endless that he still felt the waves of the water under him even though he is already half awake. The strong smell of salt and the uncomfortable feel of a bed that clearly wasn't his goose feather stuffed bed suddenly felt very realistic. 

Very realistic to the point that it's almost scary.

It was when he felt his stomach lurching that he finally found out that he isn't just having a very seemingly realistic dream but it was actually happening in reality. Jimin sat upright with a hand on top of his queasy stomach. Suddenly the breakfast he had this morning wanted out. He looks up, trying his best not to throw up however the wild waves rocking the ship he was apparently in became even wilder as he regains full control with his consciousness.

After a few minutes of inner struggle, Jimin was finally able to regain his senses he gets up,reaching for the edges of the ship. Slowly but surely, he made his way out of the decent sized cabin that he stayed in. Apparently, his cabin is at the lower deck of the ship so he had to blindly make his way out of the hallway. Everything seemed to be a challenge to him at this point and the fact that he is being shipped off to an unknown destination, he could only think of one person capable of such a feat. 

Queen Daria.

He is sure of it. With the tone she had last time they had a conversation, he should have caught on the fact that she is up to somethiing. At the moment she left him worrying but now he is really enraged. Jimin focused on what's in front of him for now. He tried reaching the captain's chambers to get some answers at least and maybe bribe the captain into taking him back home instead of pushing towards their destination.

There seemed to be a lack of people present as nobody guarded the captain's chambers. Well it's either that or everyone is locked up in their own cabins, sea sick and are waiting for the storm to pass. Jimin walks across the narrow hallway, reaching a cabin door unlike any other. It had a silver anchor symbol placed on the dark wooden door that arched. Nothing about it was enamoring however Jimin was sure that this is the chamber that he was looking for.

Jimin reached for the door knob and surprisingly, it was unlocked. He makes his way inside where a man met him. He sat comfortably on the chair with a bottle of what looked like liquor in his hand.

"The sedative your other placed in your food is supposed to let you sleep until we give you the antidote but I'm not surprised that you managed to fight it off." He says, offering Jimin a kind smile.

Nothing about the man screamed danger so Jimin let himself relax despite the rage that bubbled deep inside him upon the mention of his mother. He lets out a soft sigh and decides to take the seat right in front of the captain. 

"Captain Kim Junmyeon~" the man says before crossing his leg making Jimin rekax in his own seat. Just by being in the later's presence he felt somewhat safe. Almost as if the sea calmed with them. 

It was then that Jimin was able to put two and two together. Kim Junmyeon, the name sounded familiar.

"King Junmyeon of the water clan, west of Sindria? Water, you control water." Jimin says,pointing a finger towards the latter who only chuckles and shook his head.

"I remember your mother said you had no interest in politics but here you are naming me like how a king would. I'm pleased to meet you King Jimin of Sindria." He says,raising his bottle towards Jimin before taking a swig from it. 

"Now that we're past pleaasantries, can you please turn this ship around so we can go home. Or turn it wherever you need to as long as the route we're taking is towards Sindria." He says with such finality that he made it seem like it was a command.

"Fortunately, we're equal in status so I don't really take orders from you. Your mother promised an alliance to my Kingdom in exchange of the wedding of Princess Freya and my brother, Prince claude. Just like how she arranged your marriage with your long time betrothed, King Yoongi of Valeria." He says, giving Jimin a light shrug before standing up and walking towards the ornate desk that had various scrolls on top of it. He picks up a white scroll from it and handing it towards Jimin who was eager to read whatever edict his mother has written in there.

But it wasn't his mother who signed the edict. Under the fine print of his name, King Ahjin's signature as found. It was very irritatingly visible.

Despite everything, Jimin read the marriage edict out aloud.

"Once King Park Ahjin the benevolent passes away, Crown prince Park Jimin is to wed the Crown Prince/King Min Yoongi of the Kingdom of Valeria. Forming a strong alliance between the South and the North in order to protect mutual interests and the realm. Both will never have disagreements and both kingdom shall prosper from the union." Jimin almost wanted to rip the wretched edict with his bare hands but he knew that there is another original copy in Valeria. After all it wasn't just a mere arranged marriage. It is a strong alliance that has never been seen before in the entire history. Two completely different countries, joining together to form a solid bond through the marriage of leaders. Two kings joining together. Jimin knew how severe the situation is. One wrong move from him could launch a war towards Sindria and his kingdom cannot afford to experience another tragedy just when the strong king has passed away and Jimin barely had any ties to the throne except for the title that the nobles have been wanting to gain for themselves. 

Jimin held the parchment tightly in his hands before reaching towards Junmyeon's liquor.

"I need some. I think I'm going crazy."

He says and the King willingly lends his bottle letting Jimin take a huge swig, gulping almost half of the bottle's contents.

"I should warn you, this is an alcoholic sedative that I am immune towards, I just so happen to like the taste." 

Jimin wasn't able to hear the rest of Junmyeon's words after the word "alcoholic." He slumps back in his seat immediately. Steadily breathing. 

"Have a good night sleep King Jimin, tomorrow we arrive at Valeria, I hope you like the seemingly eternal summer. 

Junmyeon says, before leaving his cabin to look for guards to carry Jimin back to his own room.


Valeria is known for the heat and the constant presence of the sun so much that it has been the Kingdom's symbol for as far as civilization dates back. 

Today everyone prepared for the arrival of a very special guest, to whom the country's young king is going to be married off to. The streets are lines with flowers that only blooed in Valeira, withstanding the immense heat of the summer and staying in full bloom even for days. 

The sweet scent wafted throughout the entire capital as the castle gave out extra provisions and food for the commoners thanks to Sindria who sent it as a gift. 

Everything seemed to he very bright and colorful for the specific occasion. Various talks about the king of Sindria spread throughout the commoners. From them giggling about the King's rumored handsome apearance to talks about how he is gifted much like their King. It was truly a day to rejoice.

Except for King Yoongi, the one person who should be celebrating it the most. He is back in his study room, with piles of scrolls and edict petitions that needed his approval. Trully,one king can never catch a break even with the arrival of his fiancè. Despite the stress, the young king looked forward to meeting the latter. It has been five long years since they had last seen each other, Yoongi wonders if he still had his attitude with him. If he ever grew taller or if his chubby cheeks has gone away. He chuckles as he signed the papers,rejecting the ones that needed to be rejected. A rare motivation kept him going today. If he finished early he would be able to meet King Jimin in time.


Waves calmer than harsh torrent that rocked King Suho's ship greeted Jimin as he awakes, now he just feels as if he's in a carriage and is steadily making his way towards the king's road. Back in his cabin where the dark brown ceiling of the ship. "When will this trip come to an end." He groans impatiently until he heard a knock on the door. 

"Jimin, are you awake now?" Junmyeon says from the other side, his voice muffled by the door.

"Yes. One moment please." He says before getting up and stretching. The sea sickness finally gone as he walked towards the door and opened it for the later with a small smile. A small fake smile.

"F*ck you and the generations after you." He says, clearly in a bad mood. Something that Suho only tolerated as if he has been taking this kind of attitude for so long. Jimin did remember that King Junmyeon of the West has eight younger princes as his sibling. Giving their line the title of the /irreplaceable royals/ in all the realms for they seemingly had no shortage of possible heirs once the present on perishes.

"I'm glad that you're finally awake. We're minutes away from reaching docking in Valeria. I suggest you change into the clothing that is prepared on the cabinet right next to your bed." He says,motioning towards the fine suit and trousers that are carefully laid out. Even his crown was there.

"Valeria's weather is the complete opposite of Sindria so it would be wise to dress like how they do in here. Those layers you have on will cause you a huge discomfort if you don't change." Junmyeon leaves Jimin after he explains that they're about to arrive and dock soon. Jimin takes the latter's advice and began undressing. He notices how there are only two layers of clothing compared to Sindria where it's always requried to wear at least six. Though he only needed four for appearance purposes since he never gets cold.

"I hate the heat." He mutters to himself as he put on the navy blue matching suit that was prepared. It made his silver hair stand out more and the cold crystal-like eyes he had pop more. Jimin finishes off with placing the crown on his head and although the materials used were meant for it to be light and wearable, Jimin felt the weight of his nation along with the crown's own weight when he is finally staring at himself at the tall mirror. The reflection of a young king stared back at him.

"I hate being king." 

Jimin turns away from his own reflection before leaving his cabin. He has been there for far too long that he might go crazy if he stayed there for another second. Jimin walks towards the upper deck where he felt how hot and humid it was for the first time in his life. The humidity seeped inside his silk clothes and the brightness of Valeria's summer sun almost blinded him. Everything seemed to be a hundred times more vivid in color as the sun shone properly. Blanketing the lands with it's ethereal golden glow. Ahead them, Jimin saw the docks of the capitol. And the tall castle looming in the distance. His new home. The things he saw were all alien to him but the only thing that he 

"You will have to get used to this since you will be spending a long time in Valeria." Junmyeon almost sounded triumphant as he told Jimin making the younger king roll his eyes at the latter.

"Junmyeon, do you love your wife?" He asks out of the blue as he stared into his literal future. Things started to pop in his mind as he tried to picture his future. Can he still continue his capricious life? Jimin knows he still wanted to but with the crown resting in his head now, he knew that it would be such a task to even try and get leisure time.

"I didn't at first if we're going to be really honest. Our marriage is much like yours. To secure an alliance and make our kingdom stronger but as the years go by, the heart was taught and now my only thought is to go home to her safely and as soon as possible." He smiles,staring into the distance just like Jimin. 

He knew something so special, like the way Junmyeon talked to him about his wife will never be Jimin's.

Because he hated the man that he is going to wed.


The sound of trumpets lingered in the air as King Park Jimin of Sindria set foot in Valeria for the first time in his life. He has never imagined that a time would come that he will leave his home country and yet here he is, eyeing the festivities that were set into motion just for him. The crowd consisted of the capitol's commoners and nobles. Everyone's eyes and attetnion was on him and so he did the best that he could to represent himself and where he is from. A high noble looking man approaches hi with several armored soldiers behind him. Jimin assumes that he is a man of high stature given his envoy.

"King Jimin, we officially welcome you to Valeria. I am prince Jungkook his younger brother and in behalf of our King, I'd like to you to the palace where he awaits." He says. Jimin's eyebrows rose in surprise. He hasn't heard of a younger brother to his betrothed but he is rather the eye candy. Tall in stature with broad shoulders and brown hair match with gentle brown eyes. Jimin grins to himself,already scheming in his mind before he follows Jungkook to the carriage that was prepared for him. He truly is rotten to the core.

The short trip to the castle wasn't boring at all because aside from the attractive prince who accompanied him, Jimin's eyes couldn't help but wander towards the surroundings. Unlike in Sindria, there was an actual canal that was wide enough to surround the capitol, the outsides of each establishment were very lively as well and everyone is out basking under the sun despite the very warm temperature. Something that never happens in Sindria because it's too cold for normal citizens to stay outside of their houses for more than half an hour and so one can rarely see the market to be busy. Valeria's capitol is hustling and bustling with different new sights for Jimin to see. He definitely needs to sneak outside the castle some time so he could explore more.

All the time he was busy looking around to notice that the prince who was sitting right in front of him had taken such interest in him as well. His brown eyes never leaving Jimin's countenance as the Sindrian king exudes something about him that made Prince Jungkook, curious and a tad bit interested despite the fact that he is to marry the King, Jungkook's own brother.

Valeria's castle loomed ahead. Casting a shadow against the carriage as they approached it. Jimin feels a sense of excitement mixed with annoyance as he knew that he would be living in a more strict court. All eyes on him to see if he is worth marrying Valeria's king. Although deep inside, Jimin secretly thinks that he's too good for Yoongi.


Armored soldiers with their country's sun insignia lined up in the entrance in a neat and orderly fashion, then after them were important nobles that were invited to court that day. Everyone's faces seemed foreign to Jimin as he didn't know a single soul amongst them until he hears a familiar deep voice.

"Your majesty!" 

"Kim Taehyung!" Jimin almost wanted to jump into his bestfriend's arms as he finally saw someone familiar to him. He has been surrounded by new faces for god knows how long. 

His noble friend and assistant in court approaches him with his usual handsome boyish smile,familiar brown hair with blonde accents beautiful naturally tanned skin. They were wearing similar colored clothing, only Taehyung's has lesser accents on it. They matched quite well and even though the latter looked really good, never once has Jimin thought of him in /that/ way. He's more like a brother to him,someone who is able to tolerate him even in his worst moode. A true friend in every way. Taehyung pulls away first to stare at Jimin from head to toe in wonder.

"It feels like it's only yesterday when you received your crowned prince insignia and now you are getting married to join our kingdom with Valeria. You're even wearing Sindria's crown now." He says in an exaggerated voice and mannerism that made Jimin laugh and ease up a little bit. The elder is still nervous but now he isn't so nervous that it showed whenever he faced the nobles and his future husband. 

Sindria's young king gives his friend a last smile before continuing his path towards the entrance of the castle, in the steps in which Valeria's king awaited for him.

There he was,standing in the midst of everything. King Yoongi, a young ruler with strong ideals enough to control his whole kingdom without being manipulated behind the scenes. A strong dragon in the guise of a beautiful deer.

Yoongi had the darkest raven black hair that Jimin has laid his eyes on, pale skin that could rival his own, and cat like eyes that observed him like he observed Yoongi. His red eyes are just as bright as Jimin's and although the former hated to say it, Valeria's king is the most beautiful creature he has laid his eyes upon. A fact that Jimin will never admit to himself and especially never towards his future husband, Yoongi as the events from the past five years still haunted him up to this day. Causing him to hate Yoongi more than ever.

Valeria's king wore a black suit that had burgundy accents to it, his crown forged from platinum and the finest fire diamonds mined from Valeria. The patterns resembled entwined flames, giving importance to Valeria's origin just like Sindria's as the crown that Jimin wore had the pattern of snowflakes and icicles with blue diamonds and crystals adorning it as well.

At long last, Jimin arrives in front of the castle door's steps where Yoongi met him half way by descending down the steps and bowing to him out of courtesy. A manner that Jimin returned, even though he hated him he couldn't be childish nor show his true colors in front of all of Valeria's important people. Personal matters could wait.

Yoongi reaches for Jimin's hand and kissed the back of it, a gesture of acceptance towards a royal that is equal to him. More specifically, his husband. Making the young Sindrian king's cheeks appear flushed. Something that made Yoongi grin, he's quite glad that he still had that effect on Jimin. After all these years. How easy it was for him to fluster Jimin beyond words are one of the things that Yoongi looked forward to them meeting again. 

"Welcome to Valeria, it's never cold here except for the slight breeze of spring but I hope everything else starting on this point will please you." He says with his low voice before holding Jimin's hand gently but with subtle firmness as he guided Jimin to the steps of the castle.

Once they are inside, Jimin takes the entirety of the palace in. He really needs to stop comparing everything to home, Valeria seemed more open and spacious, the architecture prioritized in building elaborate windows and tinted glass to decorate them. Each window showcased a different art painting to which Jimin finds fascinating even though he grew up with riches. His natural eagerness and curiosity got the best of him most of the time as he completely ignored Yoongi and freely roamed around the castle.

"Your room is at the same floor as mine and is literally right across mine." Yoongi says,making Jimin turn around right at that instant.

"Excuse me?" 

"You heard me loud and clear unless of course you'd like to move into my chambers right away." Yoongi gives him his famous lopsided smile making the butterflies in Jimin's stomach flutter causing him to of course spout the opposite of what he really want.

"Marriage of convenience hmm? Is that the best you can do to see me again? If you're that desperate then you could have just went back to Sindria, I would have been glad to welcome you to MY chambers" He says, tone dripping with spite to which Yoongi just dodged like it was nothing. He walks towards Jimin, more confident than ever until he stood a few inches against the younger. Since when did he become taller? The Sindrian king catches himself staring back as Yoongi's crimson red eyes stared deeply into bright blue ones.

"There is but little convenience for my kingdom here, we're talking about Sindria, a rich but barren land that is only a gold mine every few years but is for the most part a snow afflicted wasteland. Your parents arranged this marriage Jimin so like it or not you are stuck with me for until I deem you're useful." He says, talking back to Jimin and calling for his servant.

"Bring King Jimin's noble assistant and direct them towards their chambers. It has been a long journey and I think both of them are tired from the trip. Make dinner preparations as well. Don't invite everyone from court. It's only me, Jimin, his assistant Taehyung and prince Jungkook." Yoongi says before turning his back against Jimin.

"Where are you off to now?" Jimin asks, a frown etched upon his forehead.

"To attend to important matters now that I finished talking to my future husband who's clearly acting like a future wife because unlike you, I actually run my own kingdom." Yoongi proceeds to walk away leaving a flabbergasted Jimin behind. His mouth parted slightly before scowling.

Yes, there is nothing appealing about Min Yoongi at all once he opens that mouth of his. Now Jimin has to deal with him on top of adapting to his new environment. The silver haired male looks around the castle once more, taking in the details of it. From the pillars to the grand staircases, to the hallways and the unfamiliar faces of servants and soldiers alike.

"Home sweet f*cking home. May the deities bless us all." He muttered to himself, already hating the court life when it barely has just began.


Chapter Text

Shortly after being escorted to his chambers, Jimin was given his own servants by Yoongi's assistant, giving orders to them to set up Jimin's already tidy room. The young king looks around his new chamber. Pristine white sheets lined with the most comfortable material and stuffed with the finest goose down was what greeted him as he sat on the large four poster bed draped with the finest silk fit for a king such as himself. His new chambers have the general color scheme of white and navy blue with gold accents such as his own dresser and a walk in closet with new suits that are custom tailored for him from his own kingdom and some of them were gifts given by his not so gentle betrothed. 

"Leave me, I would like to rest before dinner. Send for Taehyung to fetch me later since only us are allowed in the dining hall apart from Yoongi himself and prince Jungkook." He says,dismissing the servants who just finished the last tidying process. They all bowed politely and exited his chambers,leaving him. Somehow, Jimin felt like Yoongi arranged for his chambers to resemble home and that the latter succeeded.

As now he is starting to miss the cold,his mother's nagging and his adorable twin siblings. 

"I never thought I'd ever miss mother's nagging." He chuckles to himself before tossing and turning on the bed, his body just now adjusting to being in land once more as he felt a tad bit of motion sickness strike back once again. No, he didn't think he'd be spend his first night in Valeria sleeping in peace. Jimin groans so he decides to get up to take a bath instead, he gets up at once to call for a maid and have her prepare a bath for him. Specifying the fact that he has no desire for a hot bath and room temperature water will do. The maid heads towards his bathroom that is so readily connected to his room through a door right beside his dresser.

Mere minutes passed and the maid leaves the room with news that his bath is ready and so Jimin peels his garments off his body,leaving a trail of clothing behind as he entered the bath. 

Splendid tile work and of course the tinted glass that decorated the walls for aesthetic greeted Jimin. A large mirror is propped towards the mini pool where his bath awaited him. The room was about half the size of his chambers,leaving plenty of space for a bathroom.

Jimin's bath consisted of flowers that only bloomed in Valeria. Their scent is sweet and tangy at the same time, making the young king sigh as he could already feel himself relaxing. He dips his foot in to test the water and though he specifically requested for room temperature, Jimin almost forgot that he isn't in Sindria anymore as the water felt hot to his touch, making him wince as someone sensitive to heat. His bright blue eyes glowed as he dipped his foot once again,freezing the water mildly and drastically cooling it to the point where the whole bathroom became covered with a thin blanket of ice except for the pool that now had iced water in it.

However, the smell of the flowers became more mild as they were frozen as well, Jimin realized that the aroma is only released to it's full potential when exposed to heat. Something interesting, he picks up one frozen flower to study it in the palm of his hand. Slowly, he could feel the grime and the stench of salt water leave his body as he submerged himself in the freezing water. Peace has been regained for a few seconds,minutes or what felt like hours to Jimin lingered until he hears the door of the room opening and making him immediately rise from the water and there he sees the last person he wanted to see at the moment, surveying him with his impossibly bright red eyes that alerted Jimin.

A puddle formed from where he stood and vapor rised from it, the water soon disappearing and Yoongi stood on completely dry tiles an annoying reminder that Yoongi repelled Jimin's gift with his own. Jimin stares at him for a moment before he realizes the state that he is in then he quickly wraps his arms around himself.

"Have you no shame!?" Jimin exclaims, throwing a glare towards Yoongi's direction. The latter's reaction didn't seem to show much, he just stares at Jimin like how he would stare at anybody at court. 

"I'll see it sooner or later, who cares. I'm your future husband. I was supposed to you to the dining hall after you take a bath, I wasn't informed that you'll be sleeping in the bathroom instead." Yoongi says,making no effort to leave the bathroom or stray his eyes elsewhere. He wouldn't admit it either but he did rather enjoy the sight of Jimin like this. Beautifully enraged, and wet in the bath pool. 

"Oh is that so?" Jimin breathes out as even in such a distance, he could feel heat emanating from the latter's presence. As if the sun is Yoongi himself. His peaceful bath time interrupted and so he rose freely, and he could feel Yoongi's intense stare as he took in every inch of Jimin so shamelessly so Jimin made sure that he met it with a stare as cold as Sindria's ice. Jimin walks towards the towel rack to dry himself up and wrap it around his waist.

"Show's over. Leave me be, I will meet you in the dining room." Jimin says, sending Yoongi a death glare in which just the latter shrugged off.

Until Jimin's bright blue eyes shone like crystals and suddenly the bath pool's water slowly rose and hardened into icicles. Icicles that soon pointed towards Yoongi and without even thinking twice, Jimin launched them at full speed. The ice daggers aiming for the raven haired male who's red eyes shone just as bright. Just as the daggers were almost inches away from the Valerian king, they melted and evaporated into smoke, disappearing in thin air without leaving a trace. Yoongi sends Jimin a triumphant smile.

"I'll be expecting you then." He says, shoving his hands inside his trouser's pockets and leaving a frustrated and angry Jimin alone in the bathroom. 

Soon everything within his reach froze and broke just as the tall mirror in front of the bathing pool that fogged up before breaking completely,leaving a fine glass particles in it's wake as Jimin exited the bathroom to hastily get ready for dinner. Something he surely wouldn't enjoy.

One of the reasons that Jimin refused to bow down to Yoongi is because the latter repelled his gifts making him feel lesser than the Valerian king. He had too much pride for to accept that fact since his whole life, people has constantly made him feel special and important until the day he met Yoongi and that day has become his undoing.


Jimin dons a black suit and brushed his hair down. Nothing fancy since it was only dinner and frankly, he felt hungry since he hasn't eaten all day. A servant knocked on his door once he's done.

"Who is it? it better not be Yoongi again or else---"

"No Jiminie, it's me." Taehyung says from the other side and Jimin practically runs towards the door.

"Taehyungie!" He says, his scowl pretty much replaced with a wide smile, his eyes disappearing into slits as he hugged his best friend.

"You wouldn't believe what that king did earlier!" Jimin says,huffing and pouting. Something he only does infont of the people who are close to him.

Taehyung's eyes practically sparkled in interest, he loved listening to Jimin talk about his adventures as he never had any romantic or interesting exploits of his own. Nobles preserve dignity because nobody will fend off for them when malicious rumors spread. As a noble, one must be VERY discreet as anything can make you lose status. Taehyung can't afford that.

"Tell me! what happened." He says enthusiastically as he sat on Jimin's bed.

"He dares walk in on me while I'm taking a bath!" Jimin says, too annoyed to notice the frost that has started to take place on the tile that he stood on making Taehyung gasp and point at it.

"Your temper Jiminie~" Taehyung teases him with a boyish grin.

"So what, you enjoy company while don't you?" He continues, pushing Jimin farther making Jimin walk towards the bed and reach for a pillow to hit his bestfriend with.

"Certainly not King Yoongi's. He's just an arrogant tyrant who is going to make my life a living hell." He rolls his eyes before sighing.

"Which reminds me, we should attend dinner now. I don't want to make him wait since he might make tomorrow harder for me on my first day in court." He says, pulling Taehyung up who bit his lower lip lightly.

"I-I heard that prince Jungkook will be there as well." He says, almost blushing. Something that Jimin noticed right away.

"Do you fancy him?!" Jimin exclaims, knowing Taehyung's patterns all too well just like how the latter knew his.

Taehyung couldn't lie to his king and so he gives a rather shy nod.

"A little bit~" He mumbles making Jimin gasp and approach him to undo at least two of his dress shirt's buttons.

"Then we need to make him notice our Taehyungie." Jimin chimes with a wide smile. Nevermind his previous interest for Jungkook's broad shoulders and strong beautiful frame. What Taehyung wants is more important and what he wanted, Jimin will grant him. He loved the boy as his own family.

"You think he will?"

"I'm positive! Even though you don't know how to flirt. You have a natural charm in you." Jimin grins before leading Taehyung out of his chambers and letting a servant guide them towards the dining hall where Yoongi and Jungkook awaits.

Minutes later, they arrived in the dining hall. The table was made smaller for their convenience since nobody else from court will be joining them tonight. A small table was best for them to converse if that were ever to happen of course.

Yoongi sat at the head of the table of course, looking annoyingly handsome from Jimin's point of view. Gold candle holders were the table's center pieces and at least half a dozen kitchen staff quietly stood by the shadows to honor their very commands.

Jungkook sat on the right side of the table, smiling at Jimin when he has arrived until he noticed the Sindrian king's . A handsome young man with a boyish smile, innocence in his eyes that Jungkook knew was genuine. Instantly, he felt himself drawn towards the mysterious noble as well.

Jimin takes a seat in the other head of the table, making sure Yoongi knew that he intends for the former to treat him equally. Just like another king because he really IS king.

Taehyung sits in front of Jungkook who busied himself with studying the golden candle holders little did the noble knew that Jungkook secretly stole glances at him when he wasn't focused.

The meal courses were served and it was rather quiet for a while until Jungkook broke the silence. An attempt to ask for the noble's name so he turns towards Jimin who silently stabbed at his steak, having Yoongi's picture in his mind as he sliced through the meat. 

"Your majesty, I didn't know that you brought a friend to court." Jungkook says politely, making Jimin turn his attention towards the younger. Finally puttin the steak knife down. This is his chance to bring the two closer to each other. A start.

"I couldn't bear to part with my beloved bestfriend so I brought him to court. The court at home could be very boring and there was nothing in Sindria to explore since I was told just this afternoon that our country is a snow plagued wasteland." He glances at Yoongi who seemed to pay no attention to him until now. 

"Who dare speak ill of your country?" Of course Jungkook didn't know that it was his brother, the king who said such things.

"Nothing important to me. I could care less." Jimin says, emphasizing his last statement. Making Yoongi's eye twitch in mild annoyance. 

"Anyway~" Jimin enthusiastically turned towards Taehyung who was now fidgetting with his cutlery. Avoiding anyone's eyes as he became very shy. 

"My bestfriend right here is Kim Taehyung, a noble from Sindria and is of high status." He says.

"Kim Taehyung, I'm pleased to meet you." Jungkook smiles and for the first time Taehyung meets his gaze with a warm boyish smile of his own.

"The pleasure's all mine." He says,daring for the first time making Jimin feel proud for him on the inside.

After that, a brief exchange has happened between the three but Yoongi was quiet for the most part until he finally spoke.

"It's your first day at court tomorrow. There will be many things to do so don't even try to escape. Your mother informed me very well of your tricks and thirst for exploration. I'll send someone to go out with you after the court meeting." He says, looking at Jimin who only mocked him by using childish facial expressions.

"I know, I've been briefed by your servant your majesty." He says in return.

"Don't humiliate me or yourself tomorrow. Important nobles are going to be there. Prove to them that having Sindria as an ally is actually a benefit to Valeria." 

"Yes father." Jimin says before downing his goblet in one go and requesting for another. One after the other, taking more interest in the wine than the rest of the courses that were served.

Taehyung grew worried since he knew that even though Jimin indulged in liquor, he couldn't hold it very well so he tried stopping Jimin halfway however he started acting strange and ....well drunk. Then before anyone could notice it, Jimin had already gone through two bottles of Valerian wine. 

"Don't tell me what to do. I'm your king." He says, grinning towards Taehyung who only rolls his eyes and shake his head lightly. Feeling embarrassment for Jimin's behavior. And in front of his king's future husband too, no less.

"That's right. I'm a king too so no one should dare make me feel less about it." He says, jutting out a finger to point at Yoongi who only looked at him with an amused expression. 

"You really try to insult me at every chance you get huh. Ever since that day." Jimin says glaring towards Yoongi who dabbed his lip with the napkin.

"That's it. King Jimin should rest, tomorrow is a big day and we can't have him walking around with a hang over. That's not good for his image or for Sindria." Yoongi says with finality before getting up and walking towards Jimin's side where Taehyung was already on his feet ready to assist his king but Yoongi insisted that he take Jimin with him instead.

"A duty to my future husband." He says before helping Jimin up because he could barely stand and while all of the chaos unfolded in front of Jungkook, his eyes can only drift towards Taehyung. Wanting to talk to him more after this but that could probably wait until tomorrow. He didn't want to look pathetic in the noble's eyes and since he is a prince, he still had reputation to carry with him.

"I don't need help. You're too hot to the touch." Jimin whines but relents anyway since he absolutely had no control on whatever is going on so he just lets Yoongi assist him anyway.

A few servants follow them back to their chamber, using a secret path towards the north staircase where a few eye witness that could be easily silenced frequented. Rumors of the Sindrian king shouldn't spread on his first day right away and Yoongi is careful to make sure that Jimin is seen with him. A literal pain in the . Taming Park Jimin would be a challenge that of course he would be willing to take. 

"You're arrogant and insufferable." Jimin murmured as they carefully ascended on the staircase. Jimin's weight was now on Yoongi making the elder groan in mild annoyance.

"Are you sure you are not describing yourself princess?" Yoongi says, mocking Jimin making the younger frown in protest.

"I am no princess! I am a king!" Jimin says, making Yoongi dismiss the servants when they safely reached the second floor where it is off limits. The hallway towards their chambers was silent except for their unstable footsteps as Jimin made a beeline towards his own chambers, literally pulling Yoongi with him.

At long last they arrive in front of Jimin's chamber.

"Insufferably handsome and charismatic." Jimin says looking up at Yoongi and the latter could tell that the former probably had no idea what he's saying by now.

"I hate you." Jimin spouted.

"I know." 

"I really hate you Min Yoongi." Jimin says before tipping his toes and leaning to kiss Yoongi. Something that caught the raven haired male completely off guard. Though he wasted no time as he wraps an arm around Jimin's waist to pull him closer as he leaned down to return the kiss.

Jimin's lips felt like ice itself though they were soft ,full and felt oh so wonderful against his. A new sensation that awakened something inside Yoongi. Something he knew that has never existed before and before both could go any further, Jimin pulls away with a devilish grin on his face.

"pervert." He says,giggling and pushing a confused Yoongi away as he turned around and closed the door,locking it and leaving Yoongi staring blankly at Jimin's door. A hand on his lips, touching where Jimin's lips had been just recently.


Chapter Text

Dreaming, Jimin wished he was only dreaming when he recalled the happenings from the previous night as he got ready. With maid servants as his disposal, they made sure his outfit for the day fit his first day in court as he is to sit beside Yoongi in the throne room and observe how the young king managed the Valerian court. Although Jimin hoped that he wouldn't have to be there. He wished he could just stay in his quarters or roam the capitol freely. 

However, he knew that the first day in court is one of the more important agendas that he should pay attention to, so whatever shame he had in his throat, he needed to swallow it and man up. If anything he could just pretend that he did not recall anything that happened except for the dinner. Jimin could lie and say that he was too drunk to recall anything. 

How Yoongi's warm and soft lips came in contact with his ice-cold ones and how different the kiss felt like in comparison to the previous kisses he received. As if the kiss ignited a passion in him that he did not know he had. 

"It's officially day one and I'm already losing my mind." He says,turning towards the mirror where he studied his suit carefully. Pleased with how presentable he looked even in Valerian clothing. Jimin seemed to be adapting pretty well with the big changes that started to take place. Beginning with the way he dressed to the way that he must conduct himself. Gone were the days when he could publicly acted petty and childish for now, he walked the path towards the throne room with grace. Exuding an air of dominance and authority that only kings such as himself were allowed to bear. 

"You're thirty minutes early. I'm impressed." Yoongi states. Clearly not greeting him or talking to him about the kiss or as how Jimin would like to put it, "an accident."

"More than impressing you, my aim is to impress the nobles. First impressions tend to last." Jimin retorts before taking the seat right beside Yoongi's. A throne made lavishly from the purest of gold. Jimin was told that his throne back at Sindria is now next to Yoongi's. A showcase of how the two nations are joining together for an alliance that would last their lifetime or hopefully, even more once they decide to conquer larger lands. 

"Good. I'm glad you have a knack for politics because your mother informed me vicariously through mail that you had no interest in such."

Was that supposed to be a compliment or an insult? Either way, Jimin felt mildly irritated with the tone that Yoongi used to address him.

"Just because I had no interest in politics back then, I wouldn't know a thing or two about ruling. I was still the crown prince when my father was alive and I received royal education first hand." He says, quickly defending his cause, which only made Yoongi chuckle.

It seemed rather strange that Yoongi still wasn't talking about the kiss. Almost as if it did not matter to him when it was Jimin's first thought right after he opened his eyes. He might even have dreamt about it as well. Maybe it was best for it to not be discussed and if Yoongi was not a tad bit interested then that would be advantage to Jimin. He could go back to fooling around like he always did back home. The young monarch shakes his head and focused as soon as the first batch of nobles walked through the room.

King Jimin looks around the circular room that had high ceilings. Their thrones are elevated after a few flights of steps and the center of the room was cleared out,allowing for people to stand before them while the rest sat on chairs that are further back. A few Kingguard stood by close to Yoongi and Jimin, while the rest guarded the room and the entrance. Both kings are never seen without their loyal guards or at least one of their stewards.   

The first problem presented was quite easy to solve, It was about a disease that spread through the eastern Valeria's cattle. One that's easily solved by Jimin agreeing to send half of Sindria's live stock in order to replenish Valeria's dead ones. Yoongi looked impressed by Jimin's quick thinking since the live stock isn't much-needed especially when Sindria's lands are still barren. In exchange, Yoongi is to send lumber to repair homes that are destroyed by the previous snow storm and materials as well as grain for Jimin's nation. 

"Good. This matter is settled then." Yoongi says after signing the edict that he had his royal secretary write-up for him.

"Your highness there is another important one. The nobles of Sindria are threatening to dissolve Jimin's throne in there. They refuse to receive Valeria's help because they think that you are ruling in King Jimin's stead." Yoongi's loyal scout reports with his head bowing to his king and Jimin.

"They say they would rather dissolve the throne than be invaded by us, Valerians." He says with both humility and fear for how Jimin might take the news since it was uttered in his presence. 

The whole court went silent afterwards with Yoongi thinking of a solution and Jimin already mentally murdering the high nobles of Sindria. They are indeed stubborn just like their ruler. Of course they wouldn't believe that the orders are coming from him since he barely participate in court and their royal meetings when his father was still king. 

"Then I shall prove my worth to them as their king which is quite ridiculous if I may sa so myself since they are my people." Jimin says, trying to prevent himself from lashing out in public.

"And how are you going to do that?" Yoonngi questions him, Jimin could almost detedct the challenging tone in his question.

"By sending a royal decree for them to withdraw their troops from the west and focus them in SIndria's borders instead. We shouldn't focus on trying to invade other lands when the nation itself is divided. I need to unite my own country and prove to them that I am able to rule even when I'm away. With the help of the queen regent." He says,motioning for Taehyung to write an edict for him as well that he signed along with his royal stamp. 

Yoongi raises both his eyebrows. 

"Fast thinking but wouldn't that leave the other countries thinking that Sindria is getting weaker since you are withdrawing troops? Troops that your father himself installed in those strategic areas?" He says,pushing the topic quite further and even though Jimin hated it, he had a point. 

His impatience can no longer be contained as slowly but surely, frost gathered on the foot of his throne making the majority of the nobles present gasp when it was confirmed that he indeed had the power that was rumored to be King Yoongi's counter part.

Yoongi immediately waves his hands towards the frost. Melting them before it could spread any further.

"Jimin, watch your powers, it's fluctuating." He quietly said making Jimin snap out of his irritation so he could take long breaths in order for him to not freeze the entire court with the exception of Yoongi since he could take care of himself. Insted, he tried thinking of how to counter such negative thoughts.

"Well, let them think that and let them come at us instead. The army will retaliate and it will even be quite advantageous in our part since they are attacking foreign lands while our army knows every terrain and forest of Sindria. They can try. Once they fail, word will spread on how the strategy saved Sindria from a greater loss. We will invade lands that are rightfully ours when the time is right. After our marriage."

Bold move. Jimin mentions their marriage. Once again, taking Yoongi by surprise.

"Does that mean that you fully consent in this union now?"

"It doesn't seem like I have a choice. Your country will be a powerful ally to mine as we can both give each other what each of our countries need. But that does not change the fact that I am my country's ruler even after our marriage. Nothing will change. Sindria will prosper under a Sindrian king. Same goes for Valeria. The benefit will be mutual but fret not for I don't intend to interfere on your decisions here." Jimin says, as if suddenly maturing. Forgetting his childishness for once and taking a page from his wise father's book. 

"You heard king Jimin. Him being here is no less than him being present in Sindria. He will continue to rule as his nation's rightful king and he will have Valeria's full support in doing so." 

With that, the court is adjourned and Yoongi takes his leave without glancing at Jimin who glared at his back.

Taehyung rushes to his king's side.

"So, what happened last night? You got so drunk. Please refrain from doing that Jimin. You've only been here for half a day and you already caused great inconvenience to King Yoongi." He says,almost whispering since he did not want information about his king's misbehavior to spread around the castle.

"Well, things didn't go as planned. I wasn't able to humiliate him and instead, I humiliated myself." Jimin says,balling his fist in annoyance.

"What did you do?" Taehyung inquires as Jimin called for a servant to prepare a recreation for him and Taehyung. He wishes to practice his arhcery skills. But both him and Taehyungknew that archery is his form of release from the frustration that he felt.

"I kissed him." He says in a small voice making Taehyung gasp in surprise.

"I thought you despise king Yoongi!" He exclaimed making Jimin glare at him.

"I do. For some reason I did what I did. I was drunk okay!" Jimin defends himself. 

"They say, when you are drunk you only do what you truly want to do so maybe you don't hate king Yoongi that much." He says,nudging Jimin slightly resulting to Jimin momentarily freezing his friend's mouth shut. An angry Taehyung glares at him while he explained.

"Oh shut it, anyway so I kissed him. Please tell me why I did not get any reaction this morning? Not even awkwardness. Min Yoongi proceeded to acknowledge me like usual. Like it was nothing for him." He demands before releasing the ice that kept Taehyung's mouth shut as they descended the flights of stairs that led them to the courtyard where two targets are now ready with their bow and quiver propped against seats. A small table with tea and snacks are also on the side for them to enjoy while they shot arrows.

"Maybe it is nothing to him. As it should be to you as well. So what you kissed him. It's not like it should be a big deal. You are to marry eventually anyway." Taehyung said as he picked up his bow and loaded it with an arrow. With a sharp intake of breath he proceeds to draw the bow-string, one eye closed as he aimed for the red mark on the target before exhaling as he released it.

The arrow goes straight into the middle of the red mark. Direct to the point, just like his last statement that should make sense but it only served as an annoyance to his king who glared at him before picking up his own bow and loading it with an arrow. 

"He looks at me as if he actually wants me. As if this was something that he has long been waiting for but then his actions prove to be the opposite. How frustrating!" He says,drawing the bow-string. His glare almost froze his clean target but instead of aiming for it, he aims for Taehyung's target.

"Min Yoongi you scoundrel." He murmurs under his breath before releasing his arrow. The arrow piercing Taehyung's perfectly placed one and taking its place at the center of Taehyung's target.

Taehyung groans in defeat.

"You know I hate it when you do that your majesty." He complains.

"But there's nothing you can do since I'm your king." Jimin stuck his tongue out childishly. Pointing out the obvious. 

"So when me and Yoongi left, what happened to you and your young prince? Surely with his built he could last more than two rounds~" Jimin shamelessly imagined into which Taehyung glared at him.

"Stop fantasizing about my man when yours could barely acknowledge your icy kiss." Taehyung scolds him making Jimin laugh even more.

"Really, tell me what happened." 

"Well, there was no sex...or touching involved okay. We just met." He counters before continuing.

"He asked me about myself and about Sindria. Although he might seem like the experienced lover, he was cutely fidgetting the whole time. It was nice to see actually." Jimin didn't miss the blush that spread across Taehyung's cheeks when he said the last sentence.

"Or maybe it's a rouse to get you to bed, maybe he read that you like gentle men outside the bedroom but in truth you like it rough~" He leaned to whisper into Taehyung's ear before hopping away when Taehyung gasped at his naughty suggestion.

"Your highness!" He exclaims.

Soon they hear the sound of horse hooves pounding against the dirt road, entering the castle walls. It was prince Jungkook followed by a few soldiers behind him. He spots Jimin and Taehyung making him smile immediately as he rode towards the two.

"Oh speak of the devil, here's your prince. Time to make a good impression." Jimin sounded like a mother, ready to sell her daughter to the high lord who's visiting.

"Stop sounding like you want to sell me off."

"I want you to get a good riding at least." Jimin winks at him before turning his back on Taehyung to gather his bow once again and practice. The annoying picture of Yoongi's beautiful stoic face crossing his mind once in a while. By the time he shot three arrows he had a solid picture of Yoongi being the target.

Meanwhile, prince Jungkook reached Taehyung's spot, stopping his mare right in front of the noble man. 

"Sir Taehyung, it's nice to see you here this morning." He says in a delighted tone.

"The pleasure's all mine since I didn't get to see you in the dining hall this morning." Taehyung says,trying to hide his blush and the fact that he noticed Jungkook's absence from the breakfast table.

"Ah yes, I had to leave early if I wanted to get a good catch." Jungkook replies.

"You went hunting?" Taehyung says, his tone quite flat and a small pout can be seen on his angel-like features. Making Jungkook wonder why he is making such a face. 

"Yes I did. It's my hobby actually." He admits.

" that so?" Taehyung sounded more disappointed this time.

"You, you don't like hunting?" Jungkook asks, dismounting from his mare and letting the palace guards take his horse back to the stables.

"I hate hunting if it's for fun." He says absentmindedly before bowing towards Jungkook and walking back to where King Jimin was.

"What's with that?" Jimin says,watching Jungkook as he retreated to the castle, he could almost see confusion and sadness on the young prince.

"He said he liked hunting. He said it's his hobby." Taehyung sulked as he pulled the bow-string,releasing an arrow that went off the mark right away. 

At that moment, Jimin remembers the fact that his best friend hated harming animals as much as possible even though he enjoyed eating game anyway. If it's not for food, Taehyung refused to acknowledge a kill. He truly is a softie.

"Maybe if you tried explaining to your prince your belief then you might change him. Like how you change me." Jimin says,smiling and encouraging Taehyung as he eased the bow off of Taehyung's hand and walked him where the snacks are.

"Come to think of it, I wasn't present in the breakfast table either. Why did you only notice him?" Jimin says, faking hurt when he turns to Taehyung to give him a saucer of a small cake in which the younger snatched in his hand right away, smiling brightly before taking a forkful and shoving it to his mouth.

"I know you already. If something embarrassing happened the night before, or if you have a bad hang-over you wouldn't dare show up for breakfast since you're too scared that people will see your swollen face." He sticks a tongue out at Jimin who nearly spat the tea that he's drinking.

"That's not too nice of you to say!"

"Your highness, I am but a loyal servant. Pledged to be honest with you at all times." Taehyung grins at him.

Jimin and Taehyung lost track of time as after they got tired of games involving the bow and arrow they started roaming the halls of the castle. From the kitchen where the servants were so surprised to see them up to the stable where Taehyung brushed Jungkook's mare for him, earning another tease from Jimin who unconsciously searched for his husband to-be's ride.

Until they're back inside the castle again, walking ever so carefully in its corridors. Jimin and Taehyung comes across women who look like they are preparing for something. They looked expensive. Gathered to win someone's favor but who could that someone be? Jimin pulls an older woman towards him. She seemed experienced enough to be the leader and the stewardess of the attractive ladies. 

"To whom do I owe the pleasure of meeting the young Sindrian king?" She says, bowing politely. Clearly she is not some uneducated wench as even her diction seemed to be perfect.

"To me." Jimin says before getting on with what he wants to ask.

"Who are these women?" He asks,motioning towards the ladies who wore such elegant and almost racy dresses. Complete with fine jewels and heavy perfume .

"Your highness they are a part of King Yoongi's harem. I suppose you don't have this kind of custom back in Sindria?" She inquires, almost looking qute confused herself since she's probably so well accustomed to kings having large harems of beautiful women with big bosoms.

For some reason, the fact that Yoongi had a harem irritated Jimin. He finds himself clenching his fist.

"And what are they doing in the castle? I'm informed that only nobles are allowed to reside in court?" He tries to remove the bitterness in his tone.

"They are noblemen's daughters. Carefully selected by the king's advisors." The madame replies,oblivious to Jimin's impending wrath.

"Oh is that so?" Jimin trails off before offering her the fakest smile he could ever muster.

"Then they must be prepared for the king. If you need anything in the near future, be it funds for jewels or even imported perfumes and silk, please write to me and I will be more than happy to assist." He says before bowing curtly and leaving at once. His footsteps faster than ever that Taehyung had to take long strides to keep up.

"Why did you offer to help?" He asks, not understanding the situation.

"It's reverse psychology Taehyung. Reverse!" 

"So you really meant that they better not show their faces again? But what if they're just like me? What if the madam didn't get the message?" He inquires further until they reach the bottom of the staircase where Jimin left him by himself.

"Taehyung, you're one of a kind and I'd like you to stay the way that you are ok?" Jimin says,patting Taehyung's shoulder before leaving him to ponder on what Jimin just said. 

Once left alone, Jimin thinks back to the overly attractive women that was gathered all for Yoongi's sake. Now he felt mildly insulted to have his lips on Yoongi's when god knows how many lips have been on Yoongi's. 

Well it's not like Jimin is a pure and innocent angel either but he sure only had one woman at a time. Not a full harem.

He was lost in thought, staring at the carpet until he reached his room. Or whatever he thought was his room. He absent mindedly opens it. The first thing he noticed was the colors.

Dark cherry red and black interior. Completely opposite to his navy and silver interior. Although the bed is the same. 

That's when Jimin froze completely. He realized that he stepped foot inside Yoongi's room and that he's trespassing. The Sindrian king tries to back out but he was a moment too late since the door to Yoongi's own bathroom opens. Steam poured into the room as if the latter came from hell himself. 

If devils looked like Min Yoongi then Jimin is in for a treat in hell.

His damp raven hair was tousled, while a towel wrapped around his waist. Exposing his body for the younger king to shamelessly stare at. Not only did Yoongi have the fairest skin that Jimin has seen but he also surprisingly had definition in his upper body. His chest and abdomen were sculpted as if he was fine art. The younger didn't have strength to look at Yoongi's burning red orbs when the latter looked at him with such bewilderment. Yoongi clears his throat after what felt like forever.

"If it isn't my fiance. What are you doing in my bedroom?" He asks.

Even before Jimin could answer, a female walks out of the bathroom. Although she wasn't wearing just a towel, she looked much like a member of the king's royal harem. Irritating Jimin.

"Give me a reason why I shouldn't freeze her right now." He says, a smile playing on his pretty mouth and Yoongi finds himself shrugging in response.

"Because she's a servant?" 

It might as well have been a lie to cover his shamelessness. Jimin raised a finger. White frost immediately shooting out of his index finger, freezing the woman who only stared at him wide-eyed in shock.

Yoongi didn't budge however.

"I was never informed that the king has his own royal harem. Until today when I saw them for myself." He said with much annoyance. Yoongi only raised his hand to unfreeze the poor woman who hurried out of the room looking pale as a ghost once she was defrosted by her king.

"I didn't think it was needed. Harems are normal in Valeria and as a king I am entitled to one." 

"Then what do you need me for?" Jimin pushes the subject, boldly stepping closer to Yoongi who didn't take a step back. As if waiting for Jimin to meet him halfway.

"A marriage partner? For the alliance. A proper equal who will meet me halfway in every decision that might benefit both our nations."He spoke just like everyone else. At the end of the day they are one and the same. 

"Is that why you treat me oh so lightly. Because you only view me as such?" Jimin sounded offended.

"Didn't you treat me the same way? Sooner or later your eyes will wander around court. Just like it did in Sindria. Random people going in and out of your room every month at least my harem is composed of noble women with good status. I can use them for the country's gain. Unlike you. You sleep with whomever you like. Who ever earns your favor." Yoongi retorts.

"All of you, you only view me as such. Even when I am trying to adjust to this tiresome life style at least. The least you can do is treat me with respect." Now Jimin didn't regret barging into Yoongi's room uninvited.

"Jimin, we all know you couldn't care less about what the people thought about you so cut to the chase and tell me why you are so upset like this." 

Why is he mad? Like Yoongi said, Jimin didn't care about other's opinions. Then what is all the rage for? Did it hurt his pride that he gave in so fast when he just arived in the castle. It was his own responsibility that he kissed Yoongi without knowing the consequences but he just couldn't help the irritation that he felt upon knowing that others have claimed what is promised to him. He couldn't get the picture of Yoongi kissing another. Let alone bedding them.

Silence enveloped them for quite some time until it was Yoongi's turn to advance in on him. A playful smile on his lips.

"Are you perhaps mad that I have a harem and the fact that you caught a girl in my bath?" He said, amusement evident in his tone.

"I actually thought you wanted this marriage. That you haven't forgotten about me since five years ago you irritable man." Jimin says. Quietly glaring at Yoongi who only chuckled in return.

His next actions took Jimin by surprise. Like an unpredictable tempest Yoongi pushes Jimin into the bed and quickly pinned both of his wrists beside his head as he hovered on top. The younger tried to break free but Yoongi is stronger despite him not looking like much especially when dressed. 

"Is one woman not enough for you? I will call for your harem." Jimin tries to struggle but the scented oil that was on Yoongi's glistening skin was all too pleasant for him to refuse. Yoongi grins in return.

"So Park Jimin has the ability to get jealous? It's a possibility with you?" He said, ignoring Jimin's struggles and curses.

"Park Jimin doesn't appreciate being pinned to the bed by a busy man who has several women waiting for him downstairs. Don't waste the madam's time. Hurry up." Jimin says,his breathing hitched when the elder gently brushed his knee against Jimin's crotch. 

"Y-you idiot hnghh--" Jimin huffs slightly, a soft moan escaping his lips when Yoongi applies more pressure.

"So you're the only one allowed to do whatever he liked with me then?" Yoongi says,tilting his head to the side as he used his other hand to hold Jimin's chin so the younger looked back at him with his beautiful blue eyes.

"What are you talking about." Jimin lies, pretending not to know what Yoongi is trying to get at.

It's when Yoongi leaned down to trail wet kisses on Jimin's open neck that the younger moans a bit louder. His cold skin felt like it was being set on fire by Yoongi's burning kisses and he hated how he still imagined Yoongi kissing someone just like this. Now this will feed his insecurities as much as it pleasures him.

"You mean that kiss...that kiss that y-you didn't give two shits about." Jimin says through gritted teeth as he continued struggling under Yoongi. The elder only kept him down with his own strength.

"I paid no mind because you seemed like you wouldn't care about it either. Plus you were drunk so I thought you had forgotten."

"You insolent,insensitive idiot." Jimin curses at him.

"At least now I know you care about this marriage." 

Yoongi murmurs against Jimin's skin before leaning in to finally capture the younger's lips with his own.

With that, all strength left the younger as he unconsciously succumbed into the elder's sweet scent along with his fiery kiss that made Jimin weak. As if ice, he melted under Yoongi,reciprocating the elder's kiss with his own even when he is sober. The younger tilts his head to deepen the kiss. One that Yoongi generously grants as he swiped his tongue along Jimin's lower lip as if asking for permission. Jimin groans against kisses before opening his mouth so the elder can gain access inside. Their tongue intertwines with each other for a deep and sloppy kiss. One that made Jimin's head spin. Yoongi's other hand soon left the younger's wrist to snake inside the linen shirt that Jimin wore, his delicate touches felt wonderful against the latter's skin with the added sensation of his knee that brushed against Jimin's crotch. Soon the younger finds himself grinding against it. Eager for more friction but their brief dalliance is soon cut short by an unwelcomed visitor.

"My king your harem is here once again for your monthly visitation. Do you finally wish to see them now?" 

It is the madam from earlier. The one that Jimin saw and briefly spoke to. Jimin imediately pulls away and Yoongi regrettably withdrew his lips from Jimin's soft luscious ones. He refused to get off Jimin however.

"No, as usual I do not wish to see nor speak to them. You may tell thm to leave. Just appease them with jewelry or whatever. It's your choice." Yoongi dismisses her leaving Jimin to piece the puzzle altogether causing a power surge.

The woman leaves and so Jimin finally successfully pushed Yoongi off him. Standing on his own and glaring at Yoongi although the blush in his cheeks said otherwise.

"You called for your harem to enrage me! You did this on purpose you scoundrel!" He says, accusing Yoongi and pointing at him in fury.

Yoongi grinned at sat up on his bed.

"You are so cute even when you are enraged. My sweet future husband." 

In annoyance, Jimin walks out of Yoongi's room. Leaving a frozen trail on his wake,not caring about his blatant display of power fluctuation.

For Yoongi once again won the round.

Not long after tha, Jimin sent out Taehyung to investigate and look into the king's harem. 

And just as he thought. The king was never interested in such shallow affairs. He only kept his harem to maintain the public's favor as it has been a long tradition in Valeria for kings to have women in handy for their own pleasure especially when stressed. Yoongi calls for his harem every month only to let them leave as soon as they step foot in the castle. They never really live with the king and whatever the madam told Jimin was also a lie concocted by Yoongi to enrage Jimin even further and drive him to contront the Valerian king.

What Yoongi didn't plan for was when Jimin accidentally stepped foot in his bedroom. The woman who exited Yoongi's bathroom happened to be a servant who Yoongi called for to bring fresh towels and scented oils for his bath. It only looked the way it did because Jimin suddenly barged in without prior notice. That worked for Yoongi's favor once again. 

Jimin felt annoyance and reassurance that his husband's interest is only set on him. Though he still refused to speak to Yoongi in private. Avoiding Yoongi's room in particular has been Jimin's developed talent. The shame from their previous encounter still burned on the back of Jimin's mind as much as it excited him.

A week after the incident, Yoongi sends a letter through Taehyung.

"Dearest Jimin, I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me. If you decide to read this letter instead of throwing it away, I sincerely hope that you take time out of your busy schedule,whatever you may be doing to meet me tomorrow afternoon for tea in the royal garden. I know you haven't been there because it's been close for renovation since you got here. Regardless of your decision. I will be waiting.

PS. look down from the balcony of your room.

Your fiance, Min Yoongi of Valeria"

He was weak. Undeniably weak as he indeed rushed to his balcony upon reading the letter.

Jimin looks down to see a large portion of the royal courtyard decorated with white Daisies. A known symbol of purity,love,chastity,youth and innocence. Yoongi never forgot him. The flowers sent a clear message no matter how annoying the Valerian king might be.

Jimin wasn't able to hide the blush he had on his cheeks as he walked back inside his room to a squealing Taehyung.


Chapter Text

After weeks of ignoring, Jimin finds himself heading towards the castle's royal garden with the elder male's letter in his hand. He's getting tired of avoiding Yoongi and ignoring him. Although the elder didn't seem to bother him in private. Publicly though, they had to show everyone how good they got along. The Valerian king never called for his harem again and Jimin didn't see any female servants coming in and out of Yoongi's room from that day when Yoongi was able to trap the Sindrian king under him.

The memory of that day still haunts Jimin. How wonderful Yoongi's caresses felt against his ice-cold skin. A sensation that he unconsciously wanted to feel once again. But could he be mistaking the elder's gentle yet burning caresses for someone else's? Someone he truly craved. Jimin wasn't sure either if the emotions he started feeling deep inside him was just a longing that dated way back when he was truly innocent. When he still believed in love. Regardless, he wanted to try. For the sake of his kingdom and himself. Even though it is on this same day, six years ago that his heart died along with his ability to love and to fall for another. 

"Jiminie, why don't you try at least? You don't have to open yourself fully to him. Just like me, I will try to understand Jungkook. And not turn him away because of one thing that I know we can talk over. By the way, happy birthday your majesty." Jimin remembers what his best friend and steward advised him a few hours ago when he still couldn't find the courage to face Yoongi after what happened between them in the elder's bedroom just one week ago.

"My best friend...he's really something else." Jimin mutters to himself as he followed the servant that led him to the garden that was located on the back of the castle.

Truly he has never been to that part since it was blocked off a few weeks ago when he arrived. The reason being is that the king is having it remodeled. Getting rid of the old architecture and completely rebuilding it from scratch. Jimin heard whispers amongst court that the garden was a gift from his father, the late king of Valeria to his Mother for their marriage and it was tradition that the royal garden to be passed unto the next bride or groom to-be of Valeria. 

The mere thought instantly gave Jimin butterflies in his stomach. He didn't know what to expect however. What if this is one of Yoongi's schemes to advance in on Jimin again? Exploiting the younger's weakness seemed to be his specialty as of the late.

Just like the castle's front , the back was also grandiose. Displaying Valeria's wealth up to the gold-plated fountain that had a cherub holding a vase as it's centerpiece where the water freely flowed from its vase down to the crystal clear pool of water that surrounded the round fountain. The gold glistened under Valeria's scorching son. Jimin had to thank whoever planted the trees in the courtyard for it provided shade for him as he walked towards the garden that is now within eye sight's reach.

The front had a brick wall and an ornately carved gate to allow passage in where two guards stood side by side. Not moving as they guarded whatever's inside. Jimin wasn't able to see what's in there yet but when he walks in, he couldn't help but gasp in surprise.

When the whole kingdom was painted with bright red or sunset orange, the warmth seemed like it had no place here in this garden. It looks like Yoongi brought Sindria to Jimin once again. Just like how he did with the younger's room. The lush green bushes that served as a guide on either side of the marble walk way was adorned with white lilies and baby's breath in full bloom. Of course flowers rarely grew on Sindrian soil and Yoongi won't be able to bring in the snow in here either due to the natural hot climate but Jimin thought that he did a wonderful job using the baby's breath to mimic snow somehow. The wide marble walkway extends to a large domed marble gazebo in the center of the garden. Jimin couldn't help but roam his eyes around the breath-taking scenery. It's like nothing mattered to him. Feelings of belonging there and being at home flooded through his home-sick self. The Sindrian king breathes in the fragrance that the flowers gave off as he closed his eyes. A smile made its way to his lips and for the first time in what felt like forever, he felt relaxed.

"I'm going to assume that you liked the garden?" Yoongi says, walking out of the marble gazebo to greet Jimin. Walking towards him and stopping just a few inches so that the younger sees him after opening his eyes. 

Jimin gasps and takes a step back instinctively. Yoongi held something on his back. Who knows, it might be a weapon meant to exploit the younger's weakness. The latter wore his signature black suit that brought out the paleness of his skin and the redness in his eyes. Yoongi looked like the most beautiful mistake that Jimin has ever laid his eyes upon. It's an unchanged fact from five years ago to present.

And it was.

Yoongi holds a single white carnation flower towards Jimin. His knowledge of flowers proved to be effective. Jimin reluctantly accepts and concedes to answer Yoongi.

"Happy birthday."

This is their first private talk ever since that /incident/ that had Jimin walking out of Yoongi's bedroom with mixed emotions. It was especially thoughtful of him to have remembered Jimin's birthday because to be honest, the younger didn't know when Yoongi's birthday was.

"It is heart-stoppingly beautiful. I especially love the baby's breath. I love everything of course." Jimin replies before following Yoongi to the gazebo where the elder pulls a chair for Jimin to sit on before he goes to sit on the chair on the opposite side of the younger's.

It was strange how a cold individual can be so gentle at times. Yoongi didn't fail to surprise Jimin much like how he had the same effect on the elder.

There was a small matching marble table where a beautiful teapot sat in the center, two cups for the each of them and tea treats that Jimin particularly liked were laid out. Yoongi pours Jimin a cup before he began speaking again. Jimin can only watch him as he did so.

"I know my words have been unkind. Since the beginning. I said what I said as the king of Valeria. Not as myself." Yoongi says, making Jimin stare at him in the eyes.

"Then if you are not the king of Valeria and just Yoongi. What would you have told me upon our first reunion after five years?" 

"That I am very happy to see you. To see that you have not yet lost the fire that burned in your soul. You are just as beautiful from the day that I laid my eyes on you." Yoongi says,directly. Without hesitation nor flinching.

It caught Jimin off guard. So sudden that he had to avert his eyes. Feeling that he might melt from the latter's genuine and sincere but sudden words. Jimin finds himself staring at the white carnations that were planted to cover the appearance of the brick walls. The garden was so wide that he could catch a glimpse of what looked like a carnation maze at the back of the gazebo. The most interesting thing about it was that the carnations that were planted had different colors.

Yoongi knew that Jimin avoided his stare.

"And that I ignored the kiss you initiated because you were drunk. I thought it would have meant nothing to you. Since you seem so far away all the time." 

"What do you mean so far away. I'm right here?" Jimin says, crystal blue eyes finding Yoongi's crimson red ones.

"Is your heart here as well? Or perhaps you left it in Sindria?" Yoongi pushes, making Jimin think.

He wanted to say it is present right there with Yoongi but he knew all too well that his heart have died six years ago. Even before him and the Valerian king met. Instead he gives a genuine smile.

"I am happy." Jimin replies. Without an amount of sass in his voice this time. He truly gave Yoongi a chance to redeem himself and even though nothing is clear yet about this push and pull, he is now certain that there is some sincerity left behind Yoongi's scheming against him inside the court.

"That you are not yet fully tainted by politics and have become completely selfish like those old rulers." 

With that, Yoongi witnesses the most genuine smile that melted his heart right on the spot. If Jimin is capable of showing such smile, why did he seem to be so bitter all the time.

"Don't smile at me like that Jimin-ah." He says before sipping on his cup. The Jasmine tea tasted especially good because his mood brightened a thousand-fold.

Jimin tilts his head in curiosity. He wasn't sure what Yoongi meant nor was he aware that he's smiling the entire time. 

"What do you mean by not smiling like this?" 

"It makes me want to know you more, It feeds my curiosity and I end up craving for more in return. I want to know you. The reason behind your every frown, fake smile and why you seem so distant at times." Those were words that came out of his own heart. Since in this garden made for his soon to be king-consort, their statuses didn't matter. It was only the two of them.

However, Jimin places his tea-cup down. Upon hearing Yoongi's honest words for as much as they thrilled him. An unknown fear crept up in his ice-cold heart.

"Don't come to close Yoongi. Nothing good comes from trying to know a capricious and spoiled brat like me." Jimin smiles wistfully while he watched the beautiful carnations that swayed when the gentle breeze passed. 


Whatever's going on with Yoongi and Jimin greatly affected Jungkook and Taehyung's interactions as well. The less that Jimin saw Yoongi, it meant lesser chances for Taehyung to see the young prince as well since Jungkook seemed to be attending more closely to his brother now. 

Taehyung gave that advice to Jimin earlier when the elder hesistated if he should ignore or accept Yoongi's invitation but the younger hesitated more than anything now. Because when he thought back weeks ago when he and Jungkook ast talked, he turned down the younger as soon as the topic of hunting was brought up. Never giving Jungkook a chance to explain himself or never explaining himself to Jungkook. He just let everything drop right there and then. 

Now Taehyung is on his own chambers,sighing to himself in annoyance because he couldn't stop thinking about the young prince's boyish grin that he has grown to be fond of.

"Should I talk to him, or should I not?" Taehyung asks himself.

Unlike Jimin, Taehyung isn't a king nor is Jungkook his betrothed so who knows if the young prince has already found someone within those weeks that they haven't talked at all. 

The closest that the both of them got to each other were stolen glances during dinners where Taehyung would look away the moment that Jungkook catches him staring. After that, Jungkook would never stare back at him again. It would greatly upset the latter but he wouldn't tell anyone. Except for his best friend and king who easily saw right through him. 

Taehyung was lost in his own thoughts until he hears a soft knock on the mahogany door of his chambers.


He could have been imagining things but he swore to god that he heard Jungkook's voice outside his door. His voice might be muffled but he could instantly recognize that voice from anywhere. So he rushes towards the door. Nevermind his shoes but Taehyung was just too excited that the younger actually came to him so he opens the door with his dishiveled bed hair from tossing and turning too much. 

"Taehyung-ssi. I hope I'm not disturbing you?" Jungkook says, placing a hand on his nape as he shyly inquired. To which the elder responds with a firm shake of his head.

"Not at all? come in." Taehyung says absentmindedly. He seems to have forgotten what he learned in Valerian etiquette that only lovers are allowed to enter an unmarried man or woman's quarters if it's not servants or the monarch that they served directly. 

Jungkook was neither of the three exceptions so he awkwardly stayed where he stood despite Taehyung clearing the way for him so he could walk in.

"Ah..about that. I don't know if your servant informed you about the..well. The Valerian custom?" He says,bringing Taehyung from wondering once again. He felt heat spread across his cheeks in mild embarrassment.

"I'm sorry." He says,smiling sheepishly.

"What brings you here?" Taehyung asks him before walking back in to find his shoes, locating them under his bed before putting them on. He then catches a glimpse of his own reflection on his peripheral vision making him gasp and quickly run towards the mirror so he could fix his hair.

Jungkook witnessed all of this and he couldn't help but smile at the sight of Taehyung running around trying to make himself look presentable. On that, Jungkook wanted to comment that the latter still took his breath away by the sheer purity and innocence in his eyes but the younger kept it to himself for now as he patiently waited for Taehyung to present himself again. Now he is fully prepped and ready.

"I was wondering if you want to ride with me to the woods? I have something to show you." Jungkook says,remembering the sole reason why they haven't talked for weeks. Because Taehyung seemed so disappointed by the fact that Jungkook hunts so when Taehyung's smile faded, replaced by almost the same crestfallen look he gave Jungkook in the past, the younger was quick to follow-up.

"I don't hunt for fun. Although it has become my hobby. I have a purpose and I can show you if you're willing to come with me." The clear conviction in his voice made Taehyung certain that he will give Jungkook a chance. He will give whatever crush he has on the younger a chance just like how he advised Jimin to open up to Yoongi somehow. 

"Alright let's go." He says,stepping out of his room much to Jungkook's delight.


 Six years ago...

"It's cold out here your highness why did you bother?" His smile was enough to melt even Sindria's thickest block of ice as he himself was a walking Sunshine. Jimin immediately runs to the love of his life. Wrapping his arms around the taller male with a stubborn smile.

"You know I never get cold, plus how can I take my lessons when my favorite tutor isn't there with me." Young crown prince Jimin retorts,not letting go of the latter. 

"Highness,if someone hears you--" His sentence was cut off by Jimin's lips on top of his. Silencing him with a sweet kiss. 

"Jung Hoseok you're mine. All mine." Jimin pulls away as he looked up at the male who smiled right back at him.

"All yours even though I can only hope to have you just like how you have my heart." There's a ghost of a sad smile in Hosoek's expression as he said the words making Jimin whine and look up at him.

"When I'm king, I will abolish the Sindrian rule that a monarch must only marry another monarch and then when that happens, we'll get married in the spring." Jimin said, filled with confidence.

Although his royal tutor was only two years older than he was, Jung Hoseok is very wise. He knew far too well that the rule will never be abolished. Not soon. Not ever. 

Those were the last words they told each other that day. A fruitless promise coming from the young and naive crown prince to the wise and relenting tutor that loved him whole heartedly nevertheless. 

For that night, right in front of Park Jimin, Jung Hoseok. The love of his life has sacrificed himself in order to save Jimin from an assassination attempt in his own birthday banquet. It was to serve as a trap for Jimin to die right before he reaches adulthood for his curiosity in politics and active duty posed as a threat to the usurpers within the kingdom. Snakes with nothing in their minds but to dissolve the monarchy in Sindria. 

Present time..

Yoongi had to leave earlier than intended due to urgent court matters so he had to leave Jimin alone to contemplate by himself. However, before leaving. Yoongi made sure to walk towards Jimin and carefully hold his hand to kiss the back of it. 

"No matter how much you push me away Jimin, I will make a way for you to open up. Which is why you must take extra precautions." He says, smiling at the younger who only blushed at his words.

Though no matter how much Yoongi confused his heart, he couldn't deny that there is a special place in there that Yoongi will never reach with whatever effort he will exert. 

He's reminded once the elder is gone that he is all alone again. In a sanctuary built for himself by the king who is his husband to be.Truly, he wished that he could try and give his everything in the union but he knew that he can't. Not when the pain and injury of the past still haunts him. Surely Yoongi wouldn't understand how painful it is to lose the one person whom you want to share the rest of your life with. Your soulmate.

"Surely he doesn't understand...." Jimin trails off, pouring himself another cup of tea as he wistfully thought back on the happy memories he had with the one that he truly loved.

"Your highness, sir Namjoon has arrived. With his husband. Sir Seokjin of Mida."

The sound of the news felt like razors in Yoongi's ear and nomattter how much he tried to mute the pain that he felt in his heart, he couldn't help but ache. Like an old wound re-opening. Or perhaps his wound that the former has inflicted has never closed. 

"And so? are preparations for the brief stay in the castle due? Did you make sure that they have all the amenities that they need?" Yoongi put the welfare of his people first before his interest and he was very good at putting on a poker face. Somoething that his young king consort to-be needs to learn and master in order for him to survive court later on.

"Yes your highness. Like you ordered, everything is spot on. Not a single ignored order to be fulfilled." His steward replies.

"And Jungkook? make sure the prince doesn't try to engage in a heated discussion or even come near sir Namjoon and sir Seokjin. The couple just got married. We don't want any drama in court. Especially now that he's basically next in line after me." Yoongi says, fixing himself consciously before he presents himself in court again. Jimin didn't need to witness this or be present. For the Valerian king did not want to show his sole weakness to Jimin who had just arrived in court. He doesn't need to be bothered by this single old flame when they were just starting to be in better terms due to his past reckless actions. Yoongi wanted to be a better man and it's probably wiser to keep Jimin out of the matters of his past.

Yoongi walks in his court room where two figures greeted him. One of them was familiar. His dimpled smile and tall stature as well as the way he lankily carried himself was familiar to the Valerian king. All too familiar if he were to be honest.

Beside Namjoon was an unfamiliar face. Seeing him, Yoongi could feel the bitter taste of defeat in his mouth. This Sir Seokjin looked everything that Yoongi was not. He was taller but not as tall as Namjoon, he had almost feminine features that would make even females in Yoongi's harem shy from his beauty and his warm smile that held no malice in was basically a slap in Yoongi's already injured pride. 

The couple bows in front of Yoongi in respect and the king should feel pride as always since he liked commanding presence and respect from others but he only felt the under lying insult that his dark conscience made him feel.

"King Yoongi." Namjoon says in a formal tone as Yoongi walked ahead of them to sit in his throne as he awaited for the reason why the couple wanted to see him. Namjoon's voice didn't change at all. The way he said the latter's name has changed quite a lot however. There was no endearing tone nor the sweetness in his deep voice when he said Yoongi's name. Sweetness that only Namjoon allowed the king to taste.

"Sir Namjoon, Sir Seokjin. I'm honored to have such distinguished guests here at court." Yoongi smiles curtly,nodding in return and motioning for the couple to stand up.

"It is our honor my king." Seokjin replies in his husband's stead."

"What brings you here on official court business? I thought you just finished your honeymoon?" Yoongi inquires. Shameless for having known so much from the pair. 

"Ah. Though our honeymoon is over and we are newly weds. We couldn't ignore work." Namjoon replies this time,meeting Yoongi's crimson eyes with his onyx black ones. 

"So you wish to be brought back to work?" Yoongi asks tilting his head to the side. In mild irritation and surprise. 

Surely he added one more week to the couple's vacation for he did not ant to see their faces just yet. Namjoon hurriedly left the castle only a year ago in search of a husband and now he's already eager to get back to work as soon as they finish their honeymoon? Only a month after their marriage?

"Didn't I give you an extended vacation?" Yoongi says.

"Yes and we're grateful for that my king. However, we can't neglect our duties and give it to someone who can barely keep the job." Seokjin reasons out and fair enough Yoongi has been having headaches since Namjoon is his head chancellor and ever since the younger left, he has taken more duties since the next chancellor that was appointed after Namjoon did terrible at his job which only frustrated Yoongi even more. He feels as if Namjoon has truly fucked him over. 

Sir Seokjin however, was painstakingly perfect. He was loyal to the monarch despite probably knowing Yoongi and Namjoon's past. Not a flaw can be seen and that's what irritated Yoongi even more.

"If that is your wish then you both are always welcome in my court." Yoongi smiles. And although it was fake, the smile was perfect enough for the couple to believe that it was genuine. 

"And one more thing your highness." Yoongi looks at the couple.


"We wish to get your approval to adopt a child."

That was the moment when Yoongi felt like he wanted to burn the both of them right there and then. From now on, Yoongi will have to live with seeing Namjoon and Seokjin raise a child. The pain of having to witness a plan that he once had with Namjoon slowly crept up in his chest. Effectively hurting Yoongi to render him speechless.

"Your highness?" Of course Yoongi didn't realize that it had been a few moments since the couple uttered their humble request and it had been a while since he had said anything since his brain seemed to not be able to comprehend what's happening. 

"yes...oh yes you may. Just give the formal letter to my steward to be delivered to me later today. Now if you may excuse me I will have to check on my king consort to-be. He doesn't like being lonely you see." He says, smiling at them once again as he rose up from his seat and hurriedly left the throne room ins search of Jimin. 

The only person he had in his mind. If there was one person who will be able to see Min Yoongi, king of Valeria break down in tears then it would be his future husband. He only prayed to the heavens above that Jimin didn't need to experience such pain in his life. Although Yoongi will be keeping the end of his bargain by trying to be the rightful husband to Jimin and hopefully fall in love with him, Yoongi will never be able to give himself fully for the man that he had just spoken to still held the broken pieces of what once was the Valerian king's heart.


He had contemplated for so many times whether it would be wise to move and finally do something that would be productive. Maybe bother Taehyung or read up more books about Valeria to educate himself further since he is only familiar with the basics of the country but Jimin just didn't have the energy to do so. Especially not today that he's mourning. It's supposed to be a special day as well. But, not a single soul in Valeria knew of course. 

"Maybe mother sent for presents." Jimin says before standing up, his feet felt numb from sitting for hours in the garden but it's where he was most peaceful and he was away from everyone's eye sight. Nobody could stare at him from here. So he could shed the facade that he's been wearing since he arrived in Valeria.

Jimin lets out a soft sigh as he began walking back. Retracing his steps and trying to remember the way back so he won't need a servant to guide him next time. He was positive that he will be visiting the garden more often from then on. 

The setting sun painted Valeria's sky orange, showering Jimin's surroundings with a warm and soft hue. Truly, Valeria looked different on different hours of the day. Unlike Sindria's monotonous weather. One can easily know the time just by looking at the sun here as well. Which fascinated Jimin even more as they relied heavily on clocks over at his country. 

He was almost to entering the castle when he stops at the sight of maids walking towards his way. Jimin wished to be alone for the rest of the day so having maids insist on assisting him would be a pain in the ass so instead of walking towards their direction, he decides to hide and wait for them to walk past. The young king did not miss their joyous and excited chatter as they walked by.

"Sir Namjoon is back at court! With his husband nonetheless!" One maid exclaims, making the others gasp. As if the mention of the two names piqued their interest.

"I heard Sir Seokjin is so beautiful that he rivals the king's harem at any day! That is probably why his highness looked very distraught upon leaving the throne room." Another voice chimes in making the ladies giggle. 

"Shut it! You're not supposed to talk about the king in that manner! As well as his issue with Sir Namjoon. It's been a year. I'm sure the king has already moved on especially with his king consort to be who recently moved here."

Jimin had no idea what the ladies have been talking about but they came to a halt right in front of the wall where he hid behind so he could hear what they're saying very clearly. So instead of showing himself, the young King decides to hide for a little longer. 

"About that! King Yoongi shouldn't be worried for I think his royal highness Jimin is even more beautiful than Sir Namjoon's husband." 

Pride swelled in the slightly narcissistic king's chest upon hearing those words. 

"It's not about appearances however, the fact that Sir Namjoon is still able to affect the king worries me. As Sir Namjoon is the only one who can break our king's poker face and bring his walls down. The whole castle knows that much at least."

He wanted to hear more however, a much older woman's voice interrupted the maids' conversation.

"Why can't you girls be as diligent as your tongues when it comes to work?! What are you doing here when your break has been over for nearly an hour ago?! Back to work!" He assumes that it's the head maid talking and with that, the maids hurriedly abandons their place of chatter to return to their stations. 

Jimin breathes a sigh of relief before stepping out of the wall. 

Completely unaware that all this time, he wasn't alone.

"So you heard the rumors before I got to you." It was a low timid voice.

Coming from no other than King Yoongi himself. Jimin froze before turning around to the owner of the voice.

"Is that why you hurriedly left the garden?" Jimin inquires and Yoongi could only gravely nod.

"So this Sir's true then? You were lovers?" The younger wasn't certainly mad. He didn't have the energy nor the right to do so when he barely knew anything about his fiance and vice versa.

"Yes." For the first time since Jimin arrived, he finally sees what could probably be inside Yoongi's cold smiles and poker faces this whole time. 

A shell of a broken man as the elder smiles at him with such melancholy in his crimson red eyes. The sadness and loneliness that Jimin thought only he cold feel clearly reflected in Yoongi's orbs that desperately seeked familiarity within Jimin's crystal blue ones.

For a moment they stood facing each other, almost completely baring their souls to one another as they mutually understood what the latter could be feeling at that time. Perhaps what they shared is more than what was written on a completely old parchment. Although the way they found that out was a bit ironic. 

Yoongi takes the initiative this time as he walked towards Jimin to close the distance.

Jimin could only close his eyes. 

But what he felt next wasn't the unfamiliar but pleasant sensation of Yoongi's lips against his but warmth. Warmth that he found himself fully submitting into. Perhaps Jimin needed this even though he was not ready. The younger wraps his arms around the elders and just like that, both of them detached themselves from the stress and the burdens on their hearts even just for a moment. When everyone weren't looking. Jimin and Yoongi are just themselves. No heavy crowns,responsibilities or heartaches. Just two vulnerable individuals.

"Let's stay like this...for a moment." Jimin was tempted to look up. To see if Yoongi was crying for he could feel the latter shaking ever so slightly. But he didn't. He only breathes in and responded with a small nod as he tightened his arms around the latter.



Chapter Text

With what Jimin witnessed and felt outside the castle walls, he was inclined to not leave Yoongi alone and so he insisted to at least walk the latter back to his room.

"Is this what you want to be doing for your birthday? To baby sit your husband to-be because he can't pull himself together in front of his ex?" Yoongi asks jokingly making Jimin glance at him as they climbed the staircase that which led to their rooms.

"So you aren't just stoic after all. You're a real person" He says,stopping for a moment to observe Yoongi who continued ascending to the stairs. Step by step until he noticed that Jimin stopped and fell behind to watch his back.

"And you're not just a spoiled brat." It was a retort but for some reason it made Jimin smile.

"This and the garden. Ironically are the best birthday presents that I received in a long time." Jimin says before catching up on Yoongi who smiled in return and shook his head.

"You enjoy my suffering. What can I do?" He says.

"No. Idiot. Not that. What I meant is seeing this side of you. The side who's not putting up his poker face. The maids say that only one person can break through that solid facade. I would like to prove them wrong." He replies before stopping in front of Yoongi's room. The last time Jimin entered the elder's chambers, he ended up being pinned down in the bed. 

Yoongi notices Jimin's hesitation so he reaches down to ruffle the younger's silver hair.

"Relax. I'm not going to try anything. Not anymore until you want it yourself." he pauses before continuing with a thoughtful smile on his lips.

"Though it might take quite a while because of your pride that doesn't let you to succumb to what you really want." 

This time the elder male sees a ghost of smile on Jimin's lips.

"I better freshen up for the night banquet." 

"Jimin, could you kindly wear the suit that I had the royal tailor-made for you?" Yoongi says. From his tone Jimin figures out that he's already scheming once again so the younger puffs his cheeks out.

"Back to scheming again aren't we? If the suit rips or if the pants magically comes apart as I sit on the dinner table, I am coming for your arse."

"I'd like to see you try." Yoongi gives a lazy smirk followed by a wink that left Jimin speechless and slightly blushing as he hurriedly walked towards his own room.

As of late, it has been Yoongi's knack to make Jimin anticipate what he's going to do next. Of course he noticed the small things that the elder sent. Like the single white carnation he makes his servants leave on Jimin's bed every evening when the younger comes back from exploring the city or attending to his Valerian tutoring session. 

This night wasn't an exception either, he sees the single carnation that was perfectly laid on his made bed. Jimin walked towards it. He picks it up to caress the soft petals of the flower. Perhaps there is something good out of this forced union. Where his own mother had him abducted just so he could be shipped off to Valeria. Now that Jimin looked back to that ordeal, he couldn't help but laugh at how childish he has been. Especially when he asked King Junmyeon to turn the ship around just so he could come home to Sindria. Jimin shakes his head before walking towards the large crystal vase that he had the servants set up in a table adjacent to his bed. Jimin carefully places the carnation beside the other carnations that now almost filled the vase. Although they didn't talk until today, Jimin felt the elder's presence through the carnations. At first he thought that it was just one of Yoongi's tricks to bed him. Again, after that incident five years ago. However, seeing his true colors today. Jimin was sure that the elder held true intentions deep within his wounded heart. 

It was when Jimin's eyes saw something on his peripheral vision so he cranes his neck to look at his ornate dresser. A beautiful white three-piece suit and pants has been carefully placed and hung so he could see it right away. The set was completed by a white pair of leather shoes. Jimin approaches and he begins wondering why would Yoongi give him a precious suit to wear for tonight's banquet? Because it was his birthday? 

Nevertheless, Jimin will definitely be wearing this beauty for this evening. 

Before he could go into the bath himself, servants knocked and went in without his permission but he was in such a good mood to nag at them for entering and breaking his train of thoughts. They bowed to him respectfully before proceeding to prepare his bath for him. By now, the servants knew how Jimin liked his bath but today's seemed to be extra special as they mixed scented oils into Jimin's regular jasmine infused bath. So when he submerges himself, he instantly felt relaxed as the aroma seeped into his skin making his complexion glisten when he emerged from the water. Unlike the first time he bathed, Jimin actually kept track of time. He didn't want to make everyone wait just like last time either. So he finished bathing quickly and dressed himself. The Sindrian king styles his hair and brushes it to the side for a more mature and monarch-like look. If he is to dine in the same table with Sir Namjoon and Sir Seokjin he would have to sit beside Yoongi and help the elder hold his ground. For they are to be each other's support from now on. 

Jimin didn't call for Taehyung to accompany him to the hall either. He figures out that the latter deserved a break from being with him all the time. Perhaps it would help the younger to figure out his situation with Jungkook as well. If Jungkook wasn't like his older brother then things wouldn't be too complicated since Taehyung is more honest with his words and actions unlike Jimin.

Sometimes the king wondered how Taehyung manages to survive beside him and still call him best friend at the end of the day apart from him being the younger's king. He's thankful nonetheless. That he had a Taehyung beside him. Otherwise he wouldn't be able to talk to Yoongi today and catch a glimpse of the elder's true self.

The young king makes his way out of his room and surprisingly there was a full entourage of dressed servants who waited in his front door patiently for him to follow them.

"What is this all about?" He says,quirking a curious brow towards the servants who only smiled politely, the head steward answers his question.

"King Yoongi gave very strict orders for us to escort you to the main ballroom your highness." He says before leading the way for Jimin to follow.

"Main ballroom? Didn't they serve dinner where we usually dine?" He was rather oblivious to what Yoongi had planned for the evening so he continued bombarding the servants who politely refused to answer his questions.

"I guess you're more scared of Yoongi than me huh." Jimin sulks when the servants didn't give anything away. Even a clue as to why they're leading him towards the ballroom and not to the dining hall. Come to think of it, he has been out of the castle the entire day and in a secluded garden that was given as gift from Yoongi. 

It was when the young king hears an orchestra playing faintly in the distance that he realized how much of this was Yoongi's scheme and that his intentions were to keep Jimin out of the palace for as much as he can so that preparations could be made. 

Jimin takes a deep breath before pushing the door open and witnessing a grand Valerian ball unravel before his eyes. All highborn nobles of Sindria gathered to either flaunt their wealth or to simply attend Jimin's birthday. 

But he couldn't care less. Right now he only cared to see one man. The man responsible for all of this. Min Yoongi. Jimin's eyes scanned the room for signs of the king until he sees him.

Standing a few steps above the ballroom and the orchestra in his immaculate clothing that surprisingly matched Jimin's making the younger's heart skip a beat.

"Oh Yoongi." He says,clenching a fist against his chest. Everyone claps upon Jimin's arrival as they bowed to their kingdom's king consort to-be. 

The Sindrian king motions for them to rise and once again the orchestra begins playing. Jimin could only think of one thing at the time. 

To run. 

And so he did. He ran towards Yoongi with no holds barred. Even when the latter is faced with heartache, he didn't forget the former's special day and that's what made Jimin feel welcomed and adored even in a foreign land. 

When he reaches Yoongi's spot, standing right in front of the Valerian king, Jimin gives him one of his most genuine smile that made Yoongi melt on the inside. 

"Oh Yoongi!" Jimim repeats before wrapping his arms around the elder tightly.

"You've done so much yet here I am with only my hug to offer in return." He says,slightly pouting when he pulls away from the hug.

"Just you agreeing to let me do this would be payment enough." Yoongi retorts making Jimin puff his cheeks out. 

"Why do I feel like that's a lie and that later on you are going to require some form of payment from it?".

"Good. You're beginning to learn the trade." 

With that, Jimin elbows Yoongi who only evades the attack and stealing a peck on the younger's cheek to make him visibly blush.


Yoongi only winks at him before taking him by the hand and leading them to the long table to their right where a grand feast is laid out for them and the noble. Yoomgi pulls a chair for Jimin to sit on.

"Isnt this a bit too much?" He asks but Yoongi only shakes his head in response.

Servants soon walked in to assist the nobles and the kings who gathered to celebrate. Jimin saw new face and familiar ones. Taehyung too was present and surprisingly, he is sitting beside Jungkook on the opposite side of the table and judging by the way he smiled, the Sindrian king deduced that things went well for him today.

"About time." He quiestly says to himself but Yoongi seems to have heard.

"For what?" He asks so Jimin answered.

"Well you see. Your brother, crown prince Jungkook and my steward and lord chancellor seems to have something going on but they stopped talking to each other for weeks." Jimin explains. Making Yoongi hum in deep thought before grinning.

"Oh is that why he stopped accepting women in his chambers?"

Yoongi's statement made Jimin gasp.

"I knew it! he's a sly man just like his older brother!"

"Hey, I'm not. I have control over my carnal desires unlike my little brother." 

"Says the man who pinned me down his bed so shamelessly after using his harem to enrage me." Jimin huffs, remembering the reason why he began avoiding Yoongi again. It was more because he's scared of himself. Throwing himself towards Yoongi and asking him to do things that would hurt Jimin's pride for he has never had to beg for anything before but the case with the elder is that if given a little more push, he might. Beg for the first time. 

Yoongi leans to whisper against Jimin's ear. Like his statement would be something that would humiliate Jimin if said out loud.

"If I had no control then I have already fucked you the first night after you arrived. Over and over at that." He whispers. Sending shivers down Jimin's spine as he felt himself melt a little bit. A vivid blush spreads across his cheek as he leaned away from Yoongi. Muttering curses under his breath until a loud yelp caused him to look towards the direction of the sound.

"Namjoon-ah. You need to be more careful next time. You're like a big baby aish." Said the male beside the man who apparently spilled his soup on the floor. Breaking the soup bowl in the process. A servant rushed in to assist in cleaning although Namjoon  insisted that he should do it since he's the one responsible for dropping the soup.

"Just let the servant do her job." The latter scolds him again and this time the man named Namjoon conceded. Listening to the latter who looked concerned.

"It's just soup." Jimin mumbles.

However, he realizes something.

"Namjoon? isn't that--" Jimin trails off and Yoongi cuts him off. Thank heavens tha man named Namjoon and the latter who scolded her were sitting a few chairs away from where the kings sat.

"Yes. My ex lover who left me." Yoongi says bitterly as if saying the words /ex lover/ left a bitter taste in his mouth.

"For starters, he doesn't look very cute." Jimin says,voicing out his honest opinion.

"He sure is a lot taller than you though." Yoongi retorts as if defending Namjoon from Jimin's eyes.

"Oh shut up, I'm much more handsome and at least I'm not a klutz." Jimin says,glaring at Yoongi who chuckles and shakes his head before paying attention to his food instead.

Jimin's first mission is complete. He promised himself that Yoongi wouldn't have to show such sad expression if he could prevent it. It might sound cheesy but since they will be life companions, he could at least save the elder from future heartaches. 

Yoongi's eyes might have averted the couple but Jimin kept stealing glances from Kim Namjoon and Kim Seokjin who were sickeningly affectionate towards one another. It almost made him throw up the delicious meal that he had just eaten. 

After the feast, they were led to the grand ballroom once again to dance and drink the night away. Jimin could already see Yoongi downing a goblet full of wine. Making him frown.

"If you don't slow down, everyone present will catch on that you haven't moved on yet and is still in pain for what happened a year ago." He says, stealing Yoongi's goblet from the elder's hand to finish Yoongi's wine for him instead.

"It seems that when it comes to him, I lose all my reason and my cool." Yoongi replies.

"Don't we all though? Do stupid things. Act like a fool in front of the people we love the most." Jimin smiles in the distance. 

It was one of those smiles that weren't intended for Yoongi or for anyone. Whenever he saw Jimin smile like that he couldn't help but wonder why Jimin looked so distant when he's doing so.

"Left a lover at home? Someone has managed to capture king Jimin's heart despite his fickle affections?" Yoongi teased,making Jimin sigh and stare at him.

"No. Actually. I've been loveless for six years now." He explains. 

Yoongi only frowns at the impossibility of Jimin's statement.

"No way." 

"Yes way, however don't ask any further. I won't say it over a party. So don't push it." Jimin dismisses any further conversation about the topic. It was his turn to fill his own goblet with wine that surprisingly tasted sweet. 

"Oh no, the wine tastes so good I might get drunk unintentionally~" He says but he notices Yoongi's eyes drift from him to the couple who's currently dancing merrily in the ballroom. 

There were a few couples who danced in the slow tune of the romantic song that the orchestra played but Jimin is certain that Yoongi's eyes only followed a certain pair and for some reason, it irked him. To his core. 

"Can you at least pretend that you're trying hard to ignore him?" He says,stepping in front of Yoongi so the elder's attention turns to him again. Yoongi blinks once. As if trying to bring his focus back on Jimin.

"Don't tell me you get drunk easier than I do?" A small pout forms on Jimin's lips. Now he was trying hard to divert Yoongi's attention and it seems like it worked. Quite well.

"It's my birthday banquet. So at least act. If not for you then for me."

Then a plan hatched in Jimin's brain. He bit his lower lip gently before downing the goblet of sweet wine in his hand and putting it down as he gathered all the courage he could muster. He's never asked a man to dance before. Ladies are a different story. But males? It has always been others who approached Jimin. 

"Guess that's going to change today."

He mutters to himself as he walked towards Yoongi and stood in front of him before bowing in such a grand and maybe a bit overly dramatic manner as he extended his arm and asked for Yoongi to dance.

Taking the elder male by surprise. With the evident blush that spread on his cheeks.

"My king, would you give me this one dance as an addition to all the gifts that you have bestowed unto me today?" Jimin says, looking up at Yoongi with a hopeful smile even though deep inside him he wanted to just melt into a puddle due to the butterflies fluttering in his stomach for inviting someone to dance was rather embarrassing on his part. 

On Yoongi's part. He was surprised, embarrassed and secretly pleased that Jimin asked him to dance although it was supposed to be him to do the asking. He guessed that he might have been a tad slow.

"Come now, don't make me wait or I'll withdraw my offer." Jimin slightly puffs his cheeks out. An act that has always granted him everything that he wanted. 

Yoongi smiles before shaking his head and taking Jimin's hand nonetheless.

"It would be my honor to grant you this dance my king consort to-be~" He says,letting Jimin lead the way to the dance floor where Jimin makes the first move of wrapping his arm around Yoongi's waist and holding Yoongi's hand, interlacing their fingers together as the music changed into a tempo that was just a bit faster than the first song. Though it was also a love song. Only more passionate. A song that reminded Jimin of their little encounter at Yoongi's bedroom a couple of weeks ago.

That definintely triggered his want for the latter's fiery touches once again. And the wine that he just had didn't help him either. Jimin smirks as he led Yoongi into the dance. Effectively distracting him from whatever bittersweet thought he had in his mind. 

"So, they're cute together? It's whatever. You're cuter than that Seokjin." Jimin leans against Yoongi's ear to whisper the toxic thought he had making the latter chuckle then shiver because of what Jimin did next.

The younger king shamelessly places a soft kiss just under Yoongi's earlobe. 

"What did Namjoon did to you that you can't forget him?" Jimin asks. Although he probably knew what it was since it's the same reason why he's here right now. Helping another when he can't help himself forget the one man he loved the most.

"Like you said, it's your birthday banquet so let's just enjoy this together. Ok?" Yoongi says, quickly changing the topic. Not wanting to discuss any further and since he respected Jimin's wish not to discuss his loveless state earlier, he expected the younger to not inquire any further. 

"Ok~" Jimin says before focusing on the dance instead, showing Yoongi that he could also lead with how firmly he held unto the elder's waist. Surprising the crowd and leaving them in awe with how the kings practically owned the dance floor. As if it was only made for the two of them at the moment. Nobody else. 

However, little did they know that they both had different individuals in their mind as they danced their silent heart aches away.

The crowd was taken by Jimin's silver hair, his fluid movements and how well he matched their king. Soon, they became the talk of the nobles. Noting how strong their union is especially now that they decided to be showy about their affection for each other. 

"Truly, the king consort to-be is something else." Seokjin says as he watched both of them from afar as he danced with his husband Namjoon who in turn, diverts his attention to the couple who danced as if they've been already dancing with each other for a while. Even the happily married couple couldn't help but watch them.

"I'm quite glad that King Yoongi is happy in this union." Namjoon says before returning his attention to Seokjin who smiles and cups his cheek gently with one hand. 

"Now you can stop worrying about him. I know you're still guilty about the heart ache you caused him. But he's now healed. We can all move on with our lives my love." He gives his husband a gentle smile making the younger sigh softly.

"Yes my love, what did I ever do in my past life to deserve you?" Namjoon returns the smile although in his heart he is still worried about what his sudden arrival did to his past lover. And he knew that he fully loved Seokjin with all his heart and soul but there's some part in him. Somewhere deep that still longed to see Yoongi's smile. Yoongi's smile that was only for him. 

As the song ends, Jimin returns Yoongi to where they sat. Leaving the elder to continue drinking.

"I'll leave you for a bit then ok? I must warn my high chancellor." Jimin winks at Yoongi who continued pouring his wine on his goblet. 

"Make sure to be back soon though ok? I get lonely easily." He sends the younger a pout. One that made Jimin make a gagging face.

"It's only cute on me. So you better return to your former self." Jimin says before chuckling and walking towards his best friend who was a couple of feet away from them. Finally Jungkook left him to probably go fetch a drink.

"I see things are going well between you and the prince?" Jimin winks at his best friend before nudging on him. 

"Aye aye~" Jimin follows up making Taehyung blush and nudge him back.

"Says the one who actually gathered enough courage. Enough to invite a man to dance. A king nonetheless." Taehyung says and it was Jimin's turn to blush this time. 

"I only did it to divert his attention." Jimin lies and Taehyung quickly caught on.

"Oh shut it. I saw the way you looked into the king's eyes. It's like you're sending a signal to him. Much like how you send signals to other guys that you want to bed. I've seen that look one too many times." Taehyung scolded him. It was his best friend who knew him more than anything else so of course Taehyung always spoke with so much honesty.

"Maybe I was. I don't know. But I'm certain that he didn't get it because he's still clearly thinking of someone else." Jimin says, watching Yoongi whose eyes still lingered on Namjoon and Seokjin who now merrily shared drinks with one another and by the looks of it, they're only minutes away from publicly making out. Which almost disgusted Jimin as it irritated him. 

"Why would that be? You look so handsome in your suit. No man will dare think of another while dancing with you!" Leave it to Taehyung when it comes to boosting Jimin's morale but it did little to no boosting at that moment. 

"His ex lover returned to court and they just broke up a year ago. Yet here is his lover. Flaunting his new husband." Jimin spoke with such venom in his voice that he felt like attacking the man named Namjoon. Possibly because of the jealousy he felt. The younger hates it when someone doesn't give him their undivided attention. That's exactly what Yoongi is doing to him right now. 

"Ex lover?" Taehyung had to whisper lowly so that nobody hears them. 

"Yes. Remember that clumsy guy who spilled soup? That's him. I mean if you were paying attention and not being so lovey dovey with your prince you would have noticed. It was quite a scene." Jimin says making the taller male slap his shoulder.

"Yah. I saw that. Even prince Jungkook. So that's why he has been glaring at the man ever since he saw him walk in. I thought it was a past rivalry."

"No, apparently, Jungkook loves his brother so much that he was ready to go out in a mission and hunt Namjoon just a year ago." Jimin says making Taehyung smile. Jimin thought it was quite creepy but of course, love is blind. 

"That's so nice of him~" Taehyung almost gushes and the shorter couldn't help the next words he uttered.

"Taehyung-ah. I'm happy for you and all but never forget to be careful okay? If he does anything that would make you cry I'm freezing his ass and crushing him into fine ice." At that, Jimin's azure eyes glows for a brief moment. A sign that he's indeed serious. The pacifist inside Taehyung naturally comes out.

"Relax Jiminie. I won't give him everything. At least not yet. But let's hope for the best okay? Try to see the good in everyone." Taehyung says, placing both hands on either of Jimin's shoulders as he smiles. 

"I will warn you too though, not to mess too much with a man whose heart hasn't fully moved on yet. It's dangerous." 

Jimin sees Jungkook who's walking towards the both of them with two goblets in his hands. Jimin noticed that his suit and Taehyung also matched in a way. This seemingly brief dalliance might be more than what meets the eyes. 

"Aren't I also a broken soul? Who knows. Me and him might have something more in common. We'll have to experiment and see. Now, your prince is approaching and my king awaits." He says,motioning Taehyung to turn around. Jungkook was standing behind Taehyung, smiling brightly at him. 

"Now I entrust my best friend and lord chancellor to you. I tasked him with deepening our alliance with Valeria. I hope everything goes well~" Jimin says suggestively before sending the both of them a playful wink.

The Sindrian king finds Yoongi's seat empty making him wonder why the elder was suddenly not present so he beckons the Valerian king's steward and asked him where his king might have been.

"Your highness, King Yoongi left when he noticed that you haven't been keeping an eye out for him. If I might add, he also finished quite a lot of wine." His steward explains before continuing.

"He doesn't like to retire to his chamber right away however. Especially when he has been drinking. He would often visit the throne room to contemplate before returning to his chamber." Jimin dismisses the steward after thankin him and he declines the offer of assistance to go there because he knew where the throne room was at least. 

Without another thought, Jimin leaves the banquet that was made for him. Walking away from all the grandiose. The beautiful bouquets of white carnations that adorned every pillar that was displayed went unnoticed. Because if the reason why the celebration was made possible is gone, then why would Jimin want to stay. Especially when he knew the reason why Yoongi left.

Now it was more than his hate of being ignored. What Jimin felt was a sense of understanding. For the burden that Yoongi carried and the painful wound in his chest that has been opened. 

If Hoseok was still alive, Jimin would have fought for their love. He knew that the latter would also stand beside him no matter what. That was a luxury that he younger king had. Something that Yoongi didn't have. Jimin lost his love knowing that Hoseok loved him until his last breath. But Yoongi lost his love knowing that despite Namjoon being present, he could never have him. 

Jimin's uneasy fast paced steps were soon filled with urgency that he couldn't help but run. It was ironic that it was Yoongi who made him feel truly alive ever since he arrived. Despite hating the elder's cold yet spiteful nature at first. Whenever he's with the elder, he feels like he could forget everything and start a new. 

Hoseok will forever hold a special place in Jimin's heart however, the younger knew that he is now willing to embrace a part of Yoongi as his own. With that conviction, Jimin runs towards the throne room. The torches blazed and burned, illuminating the wide hallway until Jimin found the right way towards Yoongi. 

The Sindrian king pushes the wooden doors with urgency, unconsciously leaving a frozen trail in his wake as his powers fluctuated along with his emotions. His heart beats faster upon seeing Yoongi's broken image as he sat on the throne. Face buried in his hands, his posture slouched. It was the second time on that same day that Jimin witnessed Yoongi crying. He realizes how much he hates seeing the elder cry. When there's something he could do to help.

"Yoongi~" Jimin says the king's name. His voice echoing in the empty throne room. Because apart from the guards who stood outside of the throne room, there was only the two of them there. 

Yoongi looks up from his hands. Despite from the tears that now stained his beautiful face, he still managed to smile at Jimin. A smile that tugged on Jimin's heartstrings. 

"You're here? What are you doing? you should be back in the banquet." He says, sitting up straight. Wiping his tears on the sleeves of his suit. 

"Oh shut it. You were the one who left me in there." Jimin carefully approached Yoongi. Though his heart still beats unevenly on his chest, the younger thought of other alternatives other than throwing himself straight into the elder's arms. Which might be unwise in their situation.

So he decides to open up instead. If he could share his pain with the other than they might come to an understanding. Jimin places his hands on his back before drawing an unsteady breath.

"Remember when I told you that I've been loveless for six years despite my dalliances here and there?" He begins, and Yoongi finds himself listening.

"Jimin, you don't have to pity me---"

"I don't pity you idiot. So let me finish." Jimin cuts Yoongi off. 

"His name was Jung Hoseok, a noble and high-born. Though he's the most beautiful man in the realms, his smile rivals the sun. Even here in Valeria." There he goes again with that distant smile of his. Now Yoongi slowly realized whom those smiles were for. 

"Although he was the most capable royal advisor and my tutor, he wouldn't be fit to marry a future king like me. Our worlds were still very different despite being very close. I loved him very much and he returned my love with his every being. He loved me so much. Too much." His voice started to waver from saying his thoughts out loud. It has been the very first time that Jimin talked about Hoseok since his passing. 

"I was a very active crown prince back then you see--" Jimin chuckles bitterly as Yoongi listened to him.

"I wanted to be a king soon so I could abolish the law that required Sindrian monarchs to marry another monarch, because I fantasized that me and Hoseok would have a future." 

"But it never happened." Yoongi finishes for him. 

Jimin was now at the bottom of their thrones steps and he looked up at Yoongi. Both of their eyes held immeasurable loneliness that no one but each other would be able to comprehend.

"No it didn't. Because he died on my nineteenth birthday." Jimin's eyes welled up and tears freely flowed but he didn't take his eyes off of Yoongi. Baring all of him to the king as they have reached this point. There was no return. Jimin opened his wounds one by one and it hurt. It hurt him very much.

"It was also a surprise banquet. Hoseok planned it all by himself, of course he had help from other nobles. That's how news got around. The usurpers hated the fact that I was strong-willed like my father. And because I was a very active crown prince, they feared that once I am king, I would leave them no chance to rebel and dissolve the monarchy on their own. So they sent out assassins to kill me that night. But they failed." Jimin slowly walked the steps leading to Yoongi and stopped when he was infront of the latter.

"They failed because Hoseok jumped in front of me. Shielding me from the arrows. I watched him die. My first love. My first true love died in front of me. Yoongi it hurt. It still hurts me up to this day." Jimin says. Now his face is also tear-stained. Much like the elder's who looked at him with questioning sad eyes.

"Jimin..why are you telling me this..if it hurt so much." It was more of a statement rather than a question that came from the elder. 

Jimin answers him by cupping his face gently with both of his hands.

"Because you don't have to be alone. I want you to know that I understand your pain. That I can bare it with you." Jimin says, looking down at Yoongi who now looked up to him.

"You are my king now. Even though we are only promised to each other. Soon, we will spend the rest of our days and when that time comes, I want to be able to do whatever I can in my power so you don't experience such pain again. I realized that much." Jimin says.

"We can be each other's comfort. We don't have to move on right away. That is just impossible. and I'm not asking you to do the same with Namjoon. But at least share your pain with me and I will do the same to you."

Now it was Jimin's turn to take Yoongi by surprise again. He straddles the elder in the elder's throne, loosely wrapping his arms around Yoongi's neck.

"Let me comfort you." Now it was both the wine and his heart speaking. As he willingly offered himself to Yoongi who in return wrapped his arms around Jimin's waist.

"And let me comfort you." Came his deep voice as his crimson red eyes shone in the dark. Much like how Jimin's azure eyes shone. As if their affinities reacted with each other. 

The frozen wake that Jimin left slowly melted away as Yoongi's lips claimed Jimin's. His warm embrace easing the younger's pain just like how the Sindrian king's ice-cold tiers numbed the Valerian king's broken heart. It was a soft and gentle kiss. Nothing more but Jimin had other plans in mind. The fact that Yoongi ignored his signals earlier still irked Jimin. Adding it up to the roller coasted of emotions that he felt at that time, he tilts his head to the side to deepen the chaste kiss that they shared. The younger nibbles on Yoongi's lower lip as he playfully grinded against Yoongi's crotch. Groaning against the kiss when he felt the elder's erection brush against his own so he continues. Adding more pressure this time as his finger tips caressed the back of Yoongi's neck.

"Mghh~ Yoongi--" Jimin pulls away to breathe but the elder almost didn't let him. Yoongi sucks on Jimin's luscious top lip while Jimin sucked on his lower tier. Soon, he penetrates Jimin's mouth with his tongue, finding the younger's own wet muscle. Leading the pace of their sloppy kiss while his hands that were on Jimin's waist slides down the younger's pants, pass his underwear to cup his bare ass. Making Jimin whimper against Yoongi's mouth. The fiery touches making him slowly lose all reasoning. Jimin finds himself grinding harder against the elder who returns it just as much. Like two souls who desperately seeked refuge on each other. Both of them found it hard to stop. Yoongi pulls away from the kiss to let Jimin breathe. A trail of saliva connects their tongues as both pull away making Jimin blush and giggle just a tad bit but Yoongi was relentless. It was as if his frustration from the evening is being let out in the act. One that Jimin fully accepted as he too, let his own pains out. Yoongi trails hot and sloppy kisses along Jimin's perfectly smooth neck. Marking the territory his with every red mark that his lips left.

"This is now mine..." he whispers against Jimin's soft skin, making the younger whimper at how wonderful his lips felt against Jimin's.

"Mine...mine and mine~" Yoongi continues moving southwards. Unbuttoning Jimin's suit as he did so. Cursing the royal tailors for making such detailed pieces it was almost hard to take them off.

"You're such a possessive man." Jimin says before releasing a throaty moan when Yoongi gropes his ass from inside his trousers.

"After what you said? Like hell I wouldn't be. Fuck that're mine now." Yoongi says, tracing his tongue on one of the fresh marks that he had just made when both heard footsteps approaching.

"Yoongi?" It was the voice that Yoongi would recognize anywhere. But what was he doing there? In such a wrong time too. 

Yoongi couldn't help but pull away in order to see for himself if he wasn't just imagining things. He would have the wine to blame. 

"N-Namjoon?" He couldn't believe his eyes.

His ex lover was there. 

He could clearly see what him and Jimin were doing until he interrupted which explains the stunned expression on his face. It was a face with disbelief as his eyes widened in shock. Namjoon would never imagine Yoongi, such a reasonable and level-headed man to be doing this sort of thing in his throne room, nonetheless.

The next thing shocked him even more. 

"Focus on me when I'm right in front of you. Idiot Yoongi." Jimin says, blocking both Yoongi's ears with his hands so he wouldn't be able to hear whatever it is that Namjoon has to say before he turns his head to the side, not fully looking at Namjoon but acknowledging the male.

"We are in the middle of something. Can that wait for tomorrow? Leave us." He commands. Making Namjoon snap from his daze and hurriedly bow to both kings before he turns around. Almost tripping on his own feet in the process. Jimin smirks before turning back to a stunned Yoongi. 

"That's who you fell inlove with? I can say that my Hoseok was ten thousand times better. What a loser." Jimin says before leaning in to kiss Yoongi who openly accepts it anyway.

Both drowning in the comfort that the other has to offer. 

For tonight they reached a mutual understanding. And a non-verbal promise was made.

No falling inlove~

They had no idea that they had the same thought right at that moment.

But more than that, the kings didn't think that they would later regret their non-verbal promises.


Chapter Text

Jimin remembered grinding his hips against Yoongi's own rather shamelessly. He remembered the passionate kisses and the way Yoongi handled him like the elder already knew where to touch to make him feel like wonton. What he didn't remember was how they got to the Valerian king's chambers. From the empty throne room to Yoongi's four postered bed. Now he's on top of the elder, his hands pinning Yoongi's wrist on the side of the elder's head as they shared another lust and passion filled open-mouthed kiss. Luscious lips molding against each other in a manner that made Jimin lost what little control he had of himself. He was able to tell that Yoongi is also drunk or at least under the influence of the alcohol that he drank in the banquet because he let Jimin hover on top of him when just a few weeks ago, it was the opposite.

Yoongi's strong citrus scent, coupled with Valeria's spice scented oils that the elder wore and was all over his room almost made Jimin extra sensitive. He finds himself guilty of being almost addicted to the elder's scent when he breaks their kiss to nuzzle against the crook of Yoongi's neck to inhale more of it and to create an angry red mark that his Valerian suits wouldn't be able to conceal on the next day. Jimin briefly smirks at his masterpiece. A mark that would clearly send a message to Namjoon and the rest of the court who openly gossiped about Yoongi still not being over a married man whom he couldn't have. Or was it because Jimin wanted to claim Yoongi for himself. Maybe it was the hidden loneliness inside of him that he found in his betrothed. Something that they mutually carry. The burden of a broken heart. 

Which led Yoongi to think that there might be more to Jimin than his sullied reputation. Now he is more compelled to get to know Jimin even better. They can start physically. 

Jimin could hear Yoongi's faint chuckle when his tongue traced the red mark that his lips had left in the elder's pale and smooth skin just seconds ago. The younger smirks against Yoongi's hot skin before surprising Yoongi with a hard grind. Clothed erection against another, the fabric of their trousers didn't help much either as it was the finest silk. It only added pleasure. The slippery surface combined with the delicious friction left Yoongi groaning, making him grab Jimin by his perky behind and pushing him down his clothed bulge to press their hard ons even harder. 

All the teasing was almost too much for Jimin but the night wasn't about him. He's here to make Yoongi feel good. Who would have thought that this would be his way of "comforting". It was mutually beneficial, earning Jimin more points in the spoiled rotten category. 

"I want to make you feel good but how am I going to do that?" Jimin whispers against Yoongi's ear before dragging his own tongue against the shell of the elder's ear to send shivers down Yoongi's spine. 

Jimin's cold tongue felt wonderful on anything that it touched. Everything about this challenging brat has been driving him to the brink of losing it as of late. And only giving Jimin space after the similar encounter a few weeks back had made Yoongi want him even more. Even going as far as providing his body as a distraction to relieve Yoongi off his burden. Something that others would frown upon but Jimin completely understood him at the first try. Yoongi should be careful in the future. He need not to break their already broken hearts even more and he knew that both of them are not ready for another wild emotional ride. 

"I believe you already know what to do~ Unless being given orders is a kink of yours? I won't mind." Yoongi teases. Choosing to now distract his mind as he took a hold of Jimin's wrist, bringing it down so his hand would lay atop Yoongi's clothed erection. The mere feeling of his tent against Jimin's palm made the younger shudder, his own cock throbbing at the prospects of exciting activities that he had in his dirty mind. So Jimin decides to add pressure unto Yoongi's crotch, palming the outline of his cock on his silk trousers. 

Jimin's attention and focus were all on Yoongi's nether region so he didn't bother meeting the elder's burning gaze. He was so sure that Yoongi was staring at him intently at this point with his beautiful crimson red eyes. 

The Sindrian king was already about to unbutton Yoongi's trousers. 

Until he hears soft snores and the sight of Yoongi's chest heaving up and down in a steady pattern. It was until Jimin cocked his head up that he finally saw Min Yoongi's sleeping face. The bastard fell asleep! In the middle of something. His pink and plump mouth was parted ever so slightly making it almost so tempting for Jimin to bite Yoongi's lower lip just to wake him up and finish what he started. He needs to take responsibility for arousing Jimin so much! 

Jimin decides to leave it be with a huff and an angry erection as he gets off Yoongi. The younger frustratingly stares at the bulge on the elder's pants. Oh how he secretly wanted the latter to be inside of him again. Jimin secretly thought of this, his dirty thoughts fuelled by his current intoxicated state.

"I can't sleep like this." He groans to himself before deciding for an alternative instead. Tonight he is going to stay in the elder's chambers with a nasty idea in his mind. "Payback will be a bitch." He whispers as he glared at Yoongi's surprisingly vulnerable looking sleeping face. His soft features appear to be much softer without his seemingly permanent scowl. No face of pretensions, only what he naturally looked like. The most beautiful yet miserable man he has ever met. 

Jimin peeled his eyes away from Yoongi's sleeping form, deciding to be good just this once so he helps the elder off his jacket so he sleeps more comfortably, undoing a few of his dress shirt's buttons before helping him off his trousers. And the younger had to fight his own self in order to not jump the latter's bones. 

"Fuck...that was hard." Jimin finishes as he put Yoongi's clothes away and heading straight to the elder's bathroom with the sole purpose of not waking him up. The younger makes it a point to lock the door in case of an embarrassing situation takes place. The first thing he noticed afterwards the distinct difference of Yoongi's bath to his. Both were spacious and fit for kings with the same sized bathing pool but the colors of the tiles and just the interior. Everything screamed Yoongi and Valeria. There was also an abundance in scented oils kept in vials in a large glass cabinet right beside the massive mirror in front of Yoongi's bathing pool. 

Jimin immediately removes his own clothing until he is stark naked, not minding the fact that he's going to have to prepare his own bath, he turns the gold-plated faucet on,letting Valeria's naturally warm water fill the shallow pool half way before turning both faucets off. The crystal clear water would draw anyone who wishes to dip themselves amd relax sore muscles that were used for the festivities that night. Jimin would have prefered a different kind of relaxation but his intended is deeply asleep. Taken away to lala land. 

The younger male decides to fiddle with the elder's precious crystal cabinet of scented oils,feeling the ornately carved knob before pulling it open to see which scented oil he could have with his bath. 

"I'm sure he won't mind since he dare to rudely slept in the middle of something." Jimin still couldn't let that away. Never has once in his life that his partner has fallen asleep before anything happens. This was indeed a first for the Sindrian king. The mere though making him scrunch his nose in distaste as his delicate fingers skim through the various vials. Every clear vial held a different colored liquid inside. Having no knowledge in scented oils himself, Jimin assumed that they are one the same. Despite the obvious color differences. He was through with the first two rows. Nothing drawn him towards any vials since they pretty much looked the same. Different hues of purple. The ones that his servant brought in to be used in one of his baths earlier that week looked like those. meaning he had them already so Jimin avoided anything that he could have smelled. He wanted something new so he skimmed until he found a vial that contained a red colored scented oil inside, The hue was almost as similar as Yoongi's crimson eyes but nothing ever comes close to Yoongi's undescribably beautiful ones. Jimin reached for it anyways. 

What made the vial stand out was that it was crudely shaped. Unlike the finer vials that held the purple scented oils. So Jimin thought this one was interesting. 

Without a thought, he opens it and pours it into the bathing pool before dipping himself right after. Jimin thought a bath would help him and his problem down there. It had always appeared to help him in the past so why not now. 

Plus the red scented oil's aroma was very pleasing. It almost smelled like Yoongi except it was milder. Like he could only smell the spice part in the elder's self. Not the citrus that was also pleasant of course. As soon as Jimin dipped his foot in the lukewarm water, it almost instantly became cold under his touch. Making it the perfect temperature for him finally. The Sindrian king finally relaxed when his body was fully submerged in the cold and pleasant smelling water that was infused with Yoongi's special scented oil. Jimin enjoyed being submerged in the cold water until he feels something. 

The once perfect temperature changed. A first it was only a touch warmer than Jimin's ideal cold temperature. Until he finally feels it rose up to at least two degrees hotter so he emerged from the pool, with his whole body soaking wet. Small droplets of water spiked his silver locks and Jimin found himself gasping for air. He suddenly feels very hot which is impossible because he had just cooled the water down several minutes ago before he fully submerged himself.

The young king finds himself panting and he almost didn't have th strength to get up from the bathing pool as his legs felt wonton. Thank the heavens that he only filled the pool halfway otherwise he would have potentially drowned. He didn't want Sindria to suffer another loss of a king. no matter how insignificant he may be for the vast majority.

Jimin suddenly reaches for his throat as it first felt uncomfortably hot. Suddenly his whole body felt extremely sensitive. Even the way the water caressed his whole body felt alien to him. The parts where the water touched burned pleasantly. That in no time, Jimin's hands left his throat but he finds himself reaching for his problem area. His nether region. His delicate fingers wraps around his still hard shaft. even the feel of his own fingers felt foreign to him that the mere act of wrapping them around his aerection felt unbearably pleasant to him. He arches his back, as he rested his head on the cold surface of the pool's edge. Half of his body still submerged and Jimin struggled to find a good position in such an uncomfortable place to lie down. The hard edge of the pool made his neck sore quite a bit but it was a pleasant contrast against the unbearable and almost insatiable lust that he started to feel. It was a reminder that he's not dreaming since the most action he got ever since he arrived in Valeria were his wet dreams that he had with Yooongi staring on them. A painfully embarrassing secret that he didn't even dare tell his best friend and high chancellor Taehyung. 

"Mhhh Yoongi~" Maybe because Jimin was thinking about the Valerian king that he uttered his name in a moment of heat. But it felt right as he began  to stroke his member in a slow and steady pace. His breath hitching as he felt the water become warmer again but this time it wasn't uncomfortable. If anything it felt pleasant against his skin. Something that has never happened before since heat bothered Jimin. Especially hot water in his bath. BUt now his brain is a mush and he was having sensory overload. He didn't know if it was just him or the heat reminded him of how gentle yet dominant Yoongi's caresses were. Which led him in imagining that Yoongi was the one touching him. Jimin whimpers at how pathetic he was at the moment. Helplessly wanting to be held by the latter but his pride will never allow him to beg so he would have to resort to touching himself and wishing that it was Yoongi's fingers that were around his member instead. His throbbing erection was pink at the tip begged for more attention when the younger felt like he wasn't doing enough to satisfy his own lust. There must be something that was on the scented oil that fuelled Jimin's want to grow even more because in no time his legs were wide-spread as he stroked his rock hard member fast. The water splashing everywhere but Jimin did not give a care. His moans might have been too loud to wake Yoongi up but he could care less. Right now it was all about him and the insatiable lust he felt as he touched himself and moaned the Valerian's king shamelessly. 

Now the feeling seemed to be unbearable, coupled with Jimin's impure thoughts of the Valerian king fucking him into submission just like how he did when they first met. Oh how Jimin would give everything that he can to feel the elders cock stirring up his insides once more, the elder's hips that moved like no tomorrow as he aimed to please Jimin and himself and most of all, the intense and burning gazes that Yoongi gave them as they share the intimate and lust filled moment.

"Yoongi~ yes~ please.. please please!~" Jimin was almost completely unaware of the heavy begging tone that went with his words as he only stroked himself faster and faster until he came, throwing his head back in pleasure. His chest heaving up and down faster than usually as he felt spent but high with the orgasm that had just occurred. It was the best orgasm he's had in a while but if Jimin could be sensitive like this, how much more pleasurable would it be to finally be able to do it with Yoongi. Thick white ropes of cum mixed with the scented oil infused bath, and Jimin rode out his orgasm by slowly stroking his cock that slowly turned flaccid after he was spent. He decides to lay there for a few moments as he regained his sanity and breathing. Jimin gazes towards the empty high ceilings and engulfs himself in silence now that his moans didn't echo in Yoongi's bathroom. He must be some kind of a sick pervert to masturbate in his intended's own bath pool. The mere thought itself made Jimin blush and suddenly snap him out of his trance like state so he quickly drained the bath pool and seriously cleaned after himself right after. Making sure that the bathroom didn't look like anything was out-of-place except for the crudely made vial that contained the mysterious scented oil that made a mess out of Jimin. 

After Jimin finishes, he dries himself off with a towel and puts his loincloth back on. He never bothers to put his whole outfit back and opts for the old school style, rummaging through Yoongi's walk in closet for a comfortable cotton sleep wear and he finds one. Easily fitting into it since him and Yoongi were about the same height. Now he had the option to whether leave Yoongi alone to sleep and move to his own room, or spend the rest of the night beside the oblivious Valerian king who has not been woken up by his extremely loud moans that came from the elder's room as Jimin masturbated. 

The Sindrian king opts for the latter as he slipped beside Yoongi in his large bed that suddenly felt so comfy against Jimin's sore back from leaning against the hard edge of the bathing pool. Jimin shifts into a comfortable position after a few tries and he finds himself staring at Yoongi's sleeping figure once more. Smiling for to himself that towards the man who slept beside him.

"Who knew that this fucked up relationship could also be beneficial?" Jimin mused to himself before yawning softly and closing his eyes. The last memory he had before drifting off to sleep was Yoongi's beautiful and seemingly innocent looking sleeping face. 


Of course it was Jimin who woke up first the next day. Even though he wasn't a morning person. Yoongi was worse.

If Jimin disliked mornings, then Yoongi loathed them with a mighty passion as Jimin watched him sleep. A sight that the younger won't get tired of anytime soon. 

The events that took place last night were still wild and clear inside Jimin's mind. From the garden gifted to him to the banquet, the make out session in the throne room, Yoongi falling asleep in the middle of their continued making out in his chambers and finally, Jimin masturbating out of frustration in the Valerian king's bath pool. The last memory still made him blush and surprise surprise, would you dare look at that. Jimin felt his member awaken. As faint heat from last night still lingered deep inside him. Waking him up as well as his senses. The sense of frustration back and it didn't help that the source of his frustration was right there beside him. 

Light hit him in all the right angles making him glisten under its golden rays,from his delicate nose to his soft yet pronounced cheek bones and jaw. Just like Jimin towards the cold, Yoongi didn't seem to be bothered by the warmth as he didn't dare move from under the sun. His sleeping form looked like he was glowing from within ashis lips were still parted slightly, emiting soft breathes. Yoongi would occassionally frown in his sleep. As if someone or something in his dreams are causing him displease and Jimin would worry that he might wake up but the Valerian king slept like a log. Which led him in wanting to test just how deep Yoongi's sleep was.

"You slept on me last night, leaving me annoyed. So now you should receive the aftermath of your actions." Jimin says before gently poking Yoongi's cheek to no avail when the elder didn't respond. 

So Jimin begins to stealthily crawl down and manuever south to pull the elder's underwear down and to his surprise, Yoongi was just as erected as he is. His member stood straight, pressing against his stomach as it lightly throbbed. As if wanting to be held. And that is just what Jimin is going to do. 

The younger teasingly blew cold air towards the tip before he darts his tongue out to taste Yoongi. Ever so slightly dragging his warm tongue along the slit on the tip of Yoongi's member. The action drawing a sharp intake of breath within Yoongi's sleeping figure. At best he would think that he's only having a very realistic wet dream and hopefully don't wake up just yet. Thank heavens he remained asleep. 

There was something about pleasuring Yoongi this way that made Jimin excited. Wanting to wake him up with a blow job and most likely getting caught in the middle of the act even added to the lust that clouded Jimin's mind at that time. Just like last night when he for sure felt something inside him was heightened by the red scented oil that he mixed in his bath. Jimin begins palming his own clothed erection as he gently held the base of Yoongi's cock with his other hand. Now he is crouching down with his back arched as he fought his urge to dry hump Yoongi and surprise him with fellatio instead. 

Jimin opens his mouth wide enough to take the Valerian king's girth and length. Yoongi is king for a lot of reasons and clearly, he is a royalty in this part. His girth alone was enough to make Jimin's mouth water as he eagerly took the head of the elder's erection into his mouth. Groaning at the mildly sweet taste that he will be exploiting more from now on.  The Sindrian king moans against the head of Yoongi's cock as he applied more pressure into palming his own erection before he slowly took in more of Yoongi's length inside of him. Hollowing his cheeks to make Yoongi feel the tightness and cold sensation around his member. His tongue eagerly played with the underside of his shaft as he completely took him inside his mouth without gagging because his gag reflex has been long gone along with his innocence. Something that Jimin was proud of. Jimin was able to take in all of the latter's length inside of him and he holds it inside his mouth for moments as he eagerly sucked on what he could before releasing it all at once, a satisfied sigh escaping his lips before his tongue lapped against the base of it once more, tracing the veins that protruded on the Valerian king's throbbing member. Jimin delightfully licks the juices that oozed off the elder's erect cock before looking up to see if his actions had finally awoken the latter. 

It was then that Yoongi's eyes opened. Squinting as he readjusted at the brightness of the room. The last thing he remembered from the night before was that he passed out in the middle of making out with Jimin. The Sindrian king's upset face lingered in his mind. Making him groan in annoyance. Annoyance targeted towards himself for he was the one responsible for ending their fun prematurely to the point that it haunted him in his dreams. A dream that he almost wanted to go back to for inside of it, Jimin and him continued their passionate encounter. Yoongi dreamt that Jimin was giving him fellatio. The younger's skillful tongue on his erected length that was wet and covered with Jimin's saliva as he used his delicious mouth to pleasure Yoongi. Strange how everything in his dream felt so real. So real that even though he is clearly awake, he could still feel Jimin's cold and wet tongue lapping at his erection.

It was when he looked down that he saw Jimin crouched on the bed, his beautiful face right in front of Yoongi's needy erection. His sinful mouth was parted wide as Yoongi caught him in the act of taking in Yoongi's cock inside his mouth again. Yoongi cranes his neck in confusion and surprise. A husky groan escaping his lips as he watched the younger take him inch by inch until his whole cock is inside of the younger's warm cavern. Yoongi reaches to run his fingers along Jimin's silver hair that shone under the ray of sunlight that had spilled through Yoongi's open windows. Judging by how bright it was he could only guess that it's almost noon. Which also meant that the both of them are already late for court. But he couldn't care less. Right now. Running the country is not his top priority. 

Jimin feels Yoongi's slender fingers running along his scalp, the sensation felt good and he liked the act of Yoongi not completely freaking out with the way he woke him up. Jimin sucks unto Yoongi's member harder before releasing it with a loud,audible pop.

"You're awake~ finally~" He says, voice heavily laced with flirtation as he stuck his tongue out towards Yoongi's direction before licking the underside of his cock. Dragging his tongue slowly from bottom to top where he once again licks the tip knowing that Yoongi is sensitive in the area when the elder's breath hitched and his back arched at the contact.  

"Yes. I was having a very interesting dream until you woke me up lovely." Yoongi's voice were a few octaves lower and it only made Jimin even hornier. Hearing his deep voice that was only for him. Urging him to do more. 

"Would you rather go back to your interesting dream?" Jimin feigns innocence and almost succeeds with his adorable pout. But it just doesn't work when he started moving his hand that was previously at the base of Yoongi's cock. Now stroking Yoongi slowly as if to taunt him. Making Yooongi tighten his hold unto Jimin's hair. Grabbing a fistful of the younger's soft silver locks in his palm. The act eliciting a moan from the younger as he liked being manhandled even when he tried to be in control. He was a natural submissive for special people who knew how to get him on his knees. 

"No. I'd rather you put that sinful mouth into work because I'm intentionally missing court for this." There it is again. The dominance that made Jimin's legs feel like wonton. His desires flaring up once again when he eagerly took Yoongi's cock in his mouth. His hand still stroking Yoongi from the base but his mouth did most of the job this time. His head bobbing up and down in a steady rhythm before gradually increasing his speed every time Yoongi tightens his hold on Jimin's hair. As if urging him for more. A silent command that Jimin followed like a good boy. His other hand that wasn't busy with Yoongi slid inside of his underwear as he now stroked his bare skin, he's almost desperate for action that he bucks his own hips into his hand as he sucked the elder off. Cheeks hollowed and head moving to the rhythm that made Yoongi arch his back and continuously moan Jimin's name like a mantra. 

"Fuck. I'm so near princess~" Princess, Yoongi called him princess and oddly enough, Jimin is completely okay with it. Even going as far as seretly loving the nickname that the elder king gave him. He pulls out to briefly speak. 

"Cum in my mouth. Give it all to me~" He says, commanding Yoongi this time and he is surprised when the latter didn't counter him on this particular order. Instead, Yoongi holds unto either sides of his head to keep him in place before bucking his hips upwards . Setting his own pace as he fucked Jimin's mouth. The younger could only moan against the latter's cock when it entered and exited his cum deprived mouth. Jimin bucks his own hips into his hand faster and faster. Feeling a familiar warm sensation around his stomach. An indication that he too was near orgasm so he matched Yoongi's pace, simultaneously moaning with Yoongi until the elder came in his mouth. Spilling his hot semen inside and not letting a drop go to waste. Jimin makes sure to eagerly await until Yoongi is finshed before swallowing his sweet and mildly salty load in one big gulp. Parting with Yoongi's cock and letting some of the elder's juice drip on the corner of his mouth. A sight that was so sinfully bewitching to Yoongi as he watched Jimin wipe it with his own thumb and lick the remains of his cum clean from his finger. He then proceeds to lap up Yoongi's juices from the elder's member. Making sure that he gets the last drop and that Yoongi is clean before smirking up at him.

"That was the best breakfast that I've had for a while~" Jimin says as Yoongi collapses back to the bed. Still in cloud nine after his orgasm. Something he has never done before was to receive a blow job as soon as he wakes up. Jimin is trully a surprising man. He catches his own breath.

"Let me guess, you're not yet /full/." Jimin is surprised at how intuitive Yoongi can be at times, making his cheeks heat up in embarrassment as how needy he is coming off as. 

"Let me take care of that for you since we already missed court anyway." Yoongi chuckles lowly before rising from the bed and positioning to sit himself on the side of the bed. Jimin notices how he intentionally sat in front of the large mirror that was vaulted into the wall. It was rather simple. It even vaguely resembled the mirror that was in the elder male's bathroom. 

"Come here princess~ you can sit on my lap." Yoongi gestures for Jimin to sit on his lap and the younger male obeys. For some reason, all his sass disappears when he is inside the Valerian king's chambers. He didn't feel the need to put up any walls when there was only the two of them present. 

"Do I face the mirror?" It was a stupid question. By the way that Yoongi sat right infront of it in all of the places he could sit clearly indicated that he wanted Jimin to face the mirror.

Instead of a smart remark, Yoongi patiently nods as he awaited Jimin to sit on his lap. His raven black hair was tousled and messy. He was almost adorable until Jimin looked at him in the eyes. He can tell that Yoongi is serious and so he swallows lightly before comfortably settling himself on the elder's lap,facing the mirror that only reflected him sittin on Yoongi's lap. Jimin finds the entire situation almost embarrassing as he could see himself. He's suddenly so self-conscious until the elder nuzzles into the crook of his neck,leaving soft kisses as he helped Jimin get comfortable in the idea of watching himself in the mirror. 

"Focus more on what I'm doing to you and how it feels. Alright?" Yoongi's voice was like a soft caress on Jimin's cold skin as his hands begin to disappear inside Jimin's borrowed shirt. He closes his eyes as he sighed contentedly when Yoongi's fingertips began roaming his defined abdomen before he feels a hot and wet sensation tickling his earlobe. 

"The mirror would be pretty pointless if you don't look at it no?" Yoongi whispers against Jimin's ear as he slowly dragged his finger tips upwards until Jimin felt his index and thumb finger on the younger's nubs, erecting them as he trapped both nubs in between his fingers. Gently rolling them at first before he pinches at both making Jimin moan shamelessly, his eyes trying to stay at both of their reflections. Yoongi stared at him through the mirror and he can't help but blush at how kinky the whole situation seemed to him yet the elder seemed unbothered as he continued his ministrations. Jimin could now clearly see Yoongi's kiss and bite marks that littered the skin on his neck. He looked like a mess. A shamelessly moaning mess as Yoongi gave him further instructions to unbutton the shirt that he was wearing. 

"You look good in my shirt by the way. But I like it best when you're wearing nothing." Yoongi compliments him. 

"You're so full of yourself. I see you're back on your feet~" Jimin retorts but he obeys anyway, undoing his buttons until the cotton material pooled around his waist when he shrugged the shirt off. Now he can clearly see what Yoongi is doing inside of his shirt. Earlier he could only feel the hot touches but now that he's seeing it. Everything hit him twice as hard. In no time, he begins rutting his hips against the elder's lap.

"Yoongi..aaah~ you tease too much. Just what do you want to do?" Jimin whimpers as he continued to helplessly grind his almost painful erection against the elder's lap. 

"Patience is key but I'll let you off easy this time. After all this is just a trial to see if exposing yourself like this arouses you or not." Yoongi answers him before the elder's right hand travels down the Sindrian king's nether region. slipping inside his underwear to wrap his fingers around Jimin's throbbing member and without further notice he begins stroking Jimin starting from painfully slow to incredibly hard and fast. The younger moaning in the unexpected pleasure because he thought Yoongi is going to drag it on. He struggles to balance so he hooks his arm loosely around Yoongi's nape as the elder continued kissing on his neck while his hands worked their magic on Jimin's now burning body. The effects of the scented oil slowly wore off as he began to feel his orgasm near once more. 

"Faster. Faster Yoongi~!" Jimin commands as he began bucking his hips towards the elder's hand that stroked him faster and faster until he reached his orgasm. Spilling his hot load on the elder's hand as he watched them in such a lewd position through the mirror. He pants, trying to catch both his breath and reasoning as Yoongi helped him ride out his orgasm. Jimin has never done anything like this before but he certainly liked it even though he was too shy to admit.

They stayed in the same position for a moment before Jimin tilted his head sideways to give Yoongi an open-mouthed kiss as a thank you for giving him release. One that Yoongi accepts and reciprocates by sucking on the younger's lower lip.

Yoongi pulls his hand out of the younger's underwear after making sure that Jimin is spent and is properly taken care of down there.

"Look at the mirror princess." Yoongi murmurs against Jimin's lips as they kissed. 

Jimin did so, and what he saw made him blush and hit Yoongi on the chest. It was Yoongi's hand. Covered in Jimin's juices and he childishly waved it for Jimin to see and be embarrassed at.

"Yoongi you stupid jerk!" Jimin hits Yoongi on the shoulder making the elder male guffaw at how adorable Jimin can be even after such a sinful act.

Both monarchs are clearly in for a wild ride.

"But if we miss court then what are we going to do?" Jimin says. Refusing to look back at the mirror as he shifted his position. He still sat at Yoongi's lap. But now he was facing the latter. Both arms hooked around the elder's neck. Blue eyes staring at red ones in question and curiosity. 

"Would you like to tour the city? I can do that for you today." Yoongi suggests.

"That would be lovely. How about we plan Namjoon's demise while we're at it?" Jimin responds. A small wicked smirk in his handsome face made Yoongi chuckle in amusement. 

"Now that seems like a really good plan."

"See? you're not so bad when you're not cocky."

"I'm only in a good mood when I get blow jobs in the morning to wake me up." He retorts, sticking  his tongue out making Jimin tempted to bite it off.

"You should ask your harem ladies to suck your dick for you then." Jimin rolls his eyes at the Valerian King who only laughs in return.


Chapter Text

Life in Valeria was quite challenging to get used to. That is what Kim Taehyung, age twenty five and Sindria's high chancellor. The title was solely given to him so nobody would question queen Daria's regency as both of the most influential men in the kingdom will be in another country. Giving her power to rule. If not for Taehyung's influential family then he will have to be Jimin's steward. Even though he essentially is a steward, given how many times he proved to be crucial in keeping Jimin from straying on the path to becoming a king worthy to rule all of Sindria without the constant threat of being dethroned. 

So far, after a month into the Valerian palace and Jimin has already matured in some ways. It relieved Taehyung to see that his best friend and king is doing so well despite being in a different environment. He remembered a time when Jimin despised being in the place although in the high chancellor's opinion. Being in Valeria helped Jimin forget that a hole in his chest existed sometimes. A hole that Yoongi is able to heal. Taehyung can only hope for the best. 

As for now here he is. Waiting in the stables for his very own budding romance. Well Taehyung wouldn't exactly call it romance especially when him and Jungkook hasn't really talked about anything. They just hung out a lot. Jungkook would come to his chambers everyday. Staying out of the door politely because it was Valerian custom. Oh how Taehyung wished that he just crossed the threshold already and step foot inside his chambers. It was as if his doorway served as an invisible barrier between him and Jungkook.

With Jungkook, he just felt free. Free of the hectic messages that he receives everyday from his family. Asking if he has found a potential partner in marriage yet. And of course letters from queen Daria asking if Jimin is alright, what are his moves and if he is embarrassing himself in Valerian court. Because turns out, Jimin never answered a single letter from the queen ever since she had him shipped off to Valeria. 

Despite being the country's crown prince, Jungkook is still able to freely move as he liked, even going as far as owning his own stable where he kept horses. The younger male loved riding and adventures. Sometimes he would go out of Valeria's capitol to patrol the country's boarders and King Yoongi would approve of the trip despite knowing that it is rather perilous to go on quests outside the country's capitol. 

The Sindrian high chancellor was so lost in thought that he didn't sense someone walking up behind him. Footsteps light as air as the other person approached Taehyung who jumped on the spot when he felt hands on his shoulders. His action startles the horses making a few of them neigh in shock and displeasure.

"Prince Jungkook!" He exclaims with the very same tone that he use to chastise Jimin when he turned around to face the taller male. 

Jungkook as per usual looked strikingly handsome with his boyish smile that almost didn't seem to match the manly built he had hiding under the few layers of clothing that he wore. Taehyung notes the stark difference from Jungkook and his brother, King Yoongi.

While Yoongi wore dark clothes almost everyday in his life, resembling a mythical creature called a vampire, his brother Jungkook wore light-colored clothes and is almost always seen in white. A pretty strange color considering the fact that he often goes on hunts and patrols. 

"Nice to see you too Taehyung, also. You know you can just call me Jungkook." The younger male narrows his look at Taehyung who defiantly calls him by his title anyway. It's something that he will never get used to especially when his mother back home taught him strict royalty manners when he is still young. "This will save you later in life." She would say at every lecture that she would give to Taehyung to make sure that he will be the perfect court official that is him up to this day. As one would dare say, Kim Taehyung resembled a pure flower. Untouched and all it's innocence remains intact. 

"Even when riding you are always in perfect clothing aren't you? Always the strict and uptight noble that you are." Jungkook teases him with a ruffle on his hair. Making Taehyung scrunch his nose up and follow Jungkook when the younger male led him to one of the mares.

"Today I'll let you ride Keelin. She's a gift from the king of the western islands. King Suho when I turned twenty last year." Jungkook reaches out to stroke the Lipizzan mare's soft white mane to which the horse responds to by leaning into Jungkook's touch.

"She's gentle unlike tempest. I'm sorry about that last time." Jungkook gave him an apologetic smile as the younger recalled when he first took Taehyung to the forest where he showed him why he hunted. 

Taehyung gave him a chance back then. To prove himself that he didn't hunt for leisure. Turns out, Jungkook didn't. He hunted wolves that grown too many that they now go for from their original habitat to prey on livestock so the young prince made sure he helped out by hunting and reducing the wolf infestation in the estate. On their way, they he even helped a rabbit trapped in what looked like a device made by a child. Jungkook abruptly stops his stag but Taehyung's stalliom went ahead and galloped even without the elder's command. Taehyung is not as experienced as Jungkook with riding since he is more of a scholar raised inside a strict household so in situations like that he could only have hoped for the best but Jungkook quickly jumped to his horse and rescued not only Taehyung but also Tempest from falling off a cliff and into the open waterfalls and rocky river. Jungkook rode fast and was able to intercept the elder male's stallion by cutting in its path and blocking it. The move was risky and Taehyung could have fallen off his horse but Jungkook would rather risk that than losing Taehyung from a more than a hundred feet drop.

"Alright. I trust you." Taehyung is a simple man who gives his trust to the people who has earned it. He knew how to play the monarch's chess as his family made sure that it's ingrained in his brain but Taehyung didn't need manipulations and deceit especially when he is already very intuitive. He smiles at Jungkook when the younger male guided him towards Keelin, his large callous hand holding Taehyung's rather delicate ones. 

"Wow, even your hand is pretty. With pretty fingers as well." Jungkook says almost casually. Not wanting to sound flirty but still having th urge to compliment Taehyung who had to look to the side in order to avoid Jungkook's gaze by hiding his blush.

"Are you practicing on me so you can see if this pick-up line works?" Taehyung almost stuttered but he didn't want to seem so obvious so he rides the mare without Jungkook's assistance. The elder male had a feeling that Jungkook would cath on his feelings sooner or later but he didn't want to confess. He never had the courage to and even if he had, he wouldn't do it in a stable. He steps on the mount and settles himself on Keelin's saddle. Taehyung could already feel that this particular horse is calmer than the rest of Jungkook's horses so he feels even safer now. Especially when he almost developed a phobia for riding right after that incident. The Valerian prince made sure that Taehyung is properly settled on the horse, adjusting the saddle and the mount if needed be before he walks to Taehyung's side. Now the elder is very much taller than him in stature because he's perched on a horse but Jungkook still craned his neck to meet the latter eye to eye.

"No. I'm really complimenting your hands. It's not a bad thing for a man to be delicate. It makes you rather special." Jungkook gives yet another heart stopping boyish grin before he guides Keelin out of the stable. Letting her free once they're out so he can ride Tempest who's already waiting outside. Looking rather impatient as the stable boy could barely keep him from trotting all across the yard.

"I'm sorry my prince, he seems distressed lately." Jungkook frowns slightly. Tempest has always been a rowdy horse but never for long. The horse also only seemed to calm down in the presence of the crown prince.  

"Here here." Jungkook says, calming the mare as he stroked its main before he mounted on the leather saddle. And Just like that Taehyung found himself staring once more.

"I'll take you somewhere that you've never been to before. I often go there especially as a child when I'm trying to evade my royal tutoring." Jungkook gives a mischievous smile before urging tempest to lead the way. With Taehyung riding closely behind him. 

While Taehyung is one of Sindria's most skilled bow men, Jungkook is second only to his brother in the field of swordsmanship in Valeria. So wherever he was, he made sure that he had his sword with him. Just like Taehyung with his personal bow,quiver and arrows. 

"I'll make sure that Tempest doesn't go too fast and try to keep up as much as you can. Yes?" Jungkook gives him one last glance before riding faster than the steady pace that they set as they leave the courtyard. Taking the dirt road that led into the forest instead of the capitol. 

It was almost the end of summer which meant that the temperature was supposed to be getting a little colder but it just seemed worse for the past few days. Taehyung learns that it only gets hotter before it cools down for a bit in Valeria. 

The flowers that littered the side of the road are on their last blooms as fall is almost upon Valeria. This is also Taehyung and Jungkook's last summer trip out of the castle since things are going to start getting busier inside of court as the colder months approach. Which is probably why Jungkook wanted to take Taehyung to a special place. And as much as the elder didn't want to assume, he unconsciously already did. 

Maybe the younger noticed but he slowed down even more so now he's riding side by side with Taehyung. 

"Taehyung-ah?" He asks because the elder male seemed like he wasn't really present.

"Be careful, you might fall off your horse if you don't pay attention." The crown prince warns before riding ahead once they reached a fork in the woods. Two paths opened up. A path going up to the valley or the path going to the forest. And it seemed like the path going to the valley is more preferred by the past travelers before them as the road is much more worn out compared to the seemingly perfect and intact forest path. Had it not been for the few horse hooves prints, Taehyung would've thought that there wasn't a path at all. 

If he was to judge Jungkook by his personality so far since he has met him? Taehyung would guess that the young prince would choose the latter. 

That he did, Jungkook rode his horse towards the forest where tall trees arched over each other, forming an entrance for travelers. They had been to the forest countless times now since Jungkook has told him about the reason on why he hunted. But they've always used a different path. The king's road. Only noblemen and monarchs such as Jimin, Jungkook and Yoongi are allowed to use King's road due to the high level of security placed upon the said pathway.

"Why aren't we using King's road today?" Taehyung had to raise his voice just a tad bit so Jungkook would for sure hear him. The elder male struggled to keep up since his mare wasn't best suited for speed while Jungkook's tempest was a thoroughbred built for racing and war. 

"What fun is it to keep on using the same path over and over? If you're scared, don't worry. I know the forest more than any soldier in Valeria." 

There was confidence in Jungkook's voice and the elder trusted him. Afterall, he came here in his own will anyway. It wasn't like Jungkook forced him. 

The crown prince disappeared first into the woods before Taehyung decided to ride faster, gently tapping Keelin with his riding crop to egg her on. 

Taehyung looks around the forest as soon as they entered it. This part was not like anywhere he has seen before. Unlike any of the parts they have explored when Jungkook was hunting. 

There were no cottages, nor traps. The greenery spread everywhere and the Sindrian noble could very much see that everything co-existed peacefully. There were various birds chirping and the sound of the crickets suddenly sounded soothing. He spotted a deer drinking by a nearby stream that freely flowed like liquid crystal against the rocky river floor. Taehyung looks upwards and all he could see are the leaves of the trees whose branches almost interlocked with each other. The Valerian sun barely able to glare at them from inside the forest. It was as if the trees provided sanctuary to all the living beings there. 

Jungkook looks back to see if the elder male is keeping up and he didn't even notice the smile that crept on his own lips as he watched the Sindrian noble be amazed by what he is seeing first hand.

"First time seeing an untouched forest?" He asks before getting off tempest and letting the stallion drink from the stream and Taehyung did the same before answering. 

Jungkook's horses were incredibly loyal and smart. Able to answer to Jungkook by him simply whistling to them whenever he needed them nearby so both of them didn't worry about the horses running away.

It has been quite a trip for Taehyung at least so he had to stretch his legs that have been quite sore from riding as he sat under a tree and looked up at Jungkook who seemed like riding for that long wasn't a big deal to him. 

As soon as Taehyung looked, Jungkook caught his eye and saw his current situation. His boyish grin was now replaced with worry as he quickly scooted down and sat beside the elder.

"I'm so sorry. Does it hurt? How careless of me. I was so used to riding alone or with soldiers. I should have thought about it first or asked you if riding for this far is okay with you." His worried voice was also laced with guilt when he began blaming himself and Taehyung could only chuckle lightly at the younger male.

"Silly, I'm not a fragile thing. I didn't break okay? My legs are just a tad bit sore since I've never ridden this far before. There was no need in Sindria for riding especially when we spent the majority of our days inside establishments. Due to the cold weather of course." He explains before reaching one hand to massage his thigh. Sighing in relief once he has straightened the knot in his muscle. Jungkook on the other hand continued watching for a little bit before he gently removes Taehyung's hand from his thigh, replacing it with his own. 

"I'm the reason why you're hurt so at least let me do this for you?" Jungkook says. Now in other situations it might come off as him trying to flirt with Taehyung and it's what he has been wanting to do since the first time they met but right now all he cared about is he elder's comfort so he mimics the actions that Taehyung has done earlier and he could only watch as Taehyung heaved a sigh of relief when he felt that Jungkook was doing it the right way. 

The Sindrian noble grunts lowly when Jungkook soothed the sore spot on his thigh. The sound came off just a tad bit lewd so Taehyung found himself blushing and looking away. 

"I'm sorry." He mumbles.

"For what?" Jungkook asks, though he clearly knew and heard the way Taehyung grunted.

"For making a bad sound." Taehyung says before boldly placing a hand on top of Jungkook's.

"Before anything else. I kind of already know Jungkook. That you're not inexperienced. In fact, I know that you are /very/ experienced. So you don't need to treat me like I must be kept in the darkness and unaware of that side of you." Taehyung continues. This is now or never. It's either he is correct or he is severely mistaken and assuming will just make his friendship with Jungkook more awkward.

"I was hoping you wouldn't see me like that. To be honest." Jungkook's tone changed from playful to serious. Taehyung looks at him and he could see Jungkook's hazel brown eyes staring right back at him.

"I'm Valeria's carefree crown prince. Nothing more to my name. My brother gives me all the freedom and anything that I desire. I never really worked hard for anything that I have. Even though I'm fairly good at most things. I just never had to try hard to get them. Until I met you Taehyung. When I met you, that night at the dinner. I told myself that I will do my best for you to like me. Not just to get you in my chambers." Jungkook confessed. Confirming Taehyung's day dreams of them having mutual feelings for each other at least.

"Then why don't we speak of all your sides?" Taehyung asks, tilting his head to the side although the blush in his face is clearly evident and Jungkook even found that adorable for the elder male. 

"Because I'm afraid that once you learn all of me, you wouldn't even want to be seen with me anymore and that scares me." It came as an honest confession in Jungkook's part. Unlike his brother who never really shared what he feels, Jungkook is pretty much an open book.

Instead of responding, Taehyung only gave him his brightest and sweetest smile. His lips forming into a rectangular shape. A rather odd yet cute trait that the elder male had. 

"Jungkook, as long as you are willing to be serious then there is nothing to be afraid of. Have you seen my bestfriend Jimin? He takes the cake in all departments. And I still love him to bits and pieces not just because he's my king and I serve him." Yes, his bestfriend was a fine example of how Taehyung doesn't judge right off. 

The only way the elder is able to clearly tell that Jungkook is indeed younger is by age when he started pouting ever so slightly at the mention of Jimin. 

"So you like him too?" He asks and Taehyung laughs lightly before placing either of his hands on the sides of Jungkook's handsome and chiseled face before squishing the almost non-existent baby fat.

"I like him Jungkook. We've known each other since we're babies but we don't like each other like that. Not one bit." He says, blushing when the younger holds on his right wrist,gently removing it from his face and kissing Taehyung's forearm.

"That's good then. I won't have a rival with you." Jungkook pauses when he realized how close both of them are. Their faces were only a few inches apart and from this close, the crown prince is able to see the little mole that was on the tip of Taehyung's nose. As well as the mole on the waterline of Taehyung's left eye. 

The elder male seemed to notice their close proximity and just like that. Both of them got lost into each other's eyes. The world around them coming to a halt and only the two of them mattered in their own little sanctuary. 

Jungkook swallows the lump that formed in his throat as he slowly leaned in to Taehyung who didn't move to withdraw nor hesitate. So the younger took the moment to close the gap between them.

He placed his thin,sculptured lips on top of Taehyung's beautiful and plump ones. The chaste kiss sent electricity coursing through his veins and he could feel his heart beat racing at the simplest touch. It wasn't even open-mouthed or intense like the past kisses he shared with the women he brought in his chambers before but it made him feel something he has never felt before. It made him feel alive. The crown prince slowly withdraws before kissing Taehyung's forearm again. 

When he looks up at the latter to gauge his reaction, the elder had the same flush as he had earlier. Only this time his cheeks were redder. The small pout on his lips made Jungkook want to kiss him again but he had to control.

"I would like to take things slowly and court you properly. In both ways of Valeria and Sindria." Jungkook explains before standing up and offering his hand to the Sindrian noble. Taehyung holds unto the outstretched hand and hoists himself up from the ground. 

He wanted to say thank you and that he will look forward to it but their brief moment was interrupted by the approaching sounds of horse hooves. Jungkook quickly looks side by side to asses their current situation. Because by the sound of what's happening around them, it could only mean trouble.

There were at least four horses running towards their direction. If they don't hide to observe then it might put them in great danger. Jungkook alone can take four men but now he's with taehyung and he can't risk the elder getting hurt because of him so he quickly moves, shoving Taehyung in the nearby shrub, following right after and it was only a matter of time until the horses galloped in their direction. Shouts of men were heard and one of them fell from his horse. Jungkook peeks to see who fell and what was going on. 

There he sees three mercenaries. One of them was the fallen man, laying on the ground and is clearly dead. They bore no royal crests nor clan insignias in their clothing so Jungkook could only assumed that they were hired to chase what looked like a foreign messenger. One of them advances towards the messenger with his arrow at the ready but before Jungkook could jump into action and help,he needed to make sure that Taehyung is safe. However, when he reaches beside him, the elder male was already gone. 

Causing panick in the young crown prince, he grabs unto the hilt of his sword, ready to draw it when he hears two more bodies fall from their horses. Jungkook jumps from the shrub to witness Taehyung holding his bow, aiming straight towards the foreign messenger that was still mounted on his horse but is now on a halt in front of the Sindrian noble. 

He bears the crest of a complexly shaped snowflake on the right side of his shirt. The embroidery work was unmistakably Sindrian but Taehyung needed to confirm if the an is trustworthy enough to know him as Sindria's high chancellor. There are many enemies in Sindria even his own kind cannot be trusted. Not with Jimin's life at the stake. If Jimin falls then so does the rest of his country. Taehyung was trained to protect his best friend and king no matter what it cost him. Gone was the gentle and seemingly harmless Taehyung. Replaced by a man who had a  sharp gaze, hand firmly gripping on the bow with no hesitation. This isn't like hunting. This is safe guarding the future of his country. He had no room for mercy. 

The man on the horse however looked harmless even though looks could be deceiving. It was fair to say that the Sindrian messenger is halfway dead. His head was almost drenched in his own drying blood as he struggled to keep himself alive to deliver the important message that Queen Daria personally tasked him with. 

"High chancellor. Thank heavens. I thought I wouldn't be able to make it. These past few weeks have been rough." He says fearlessly even as Taehyung's arrow is aimed directly towards his heart. Even his borse sensed the hostility coming from the Sindrian noble but he couldn't blame him either. He knew that it was protocol. So with shaky hands, he reaches for the inner pocket of his dirty uniform. 

"Taehyung. He isn't here to fight." This was Jungkook's first time to see this side from the elder. He never expected Taehyung to be so ruthless when it came to his duties as high chancellor. 

"Stand down prince Jungkook, this is Sindrian matter. I don't want you to get involved." Taehyung's deep voice almost echoed on the empty forest. 

The messenger took his time until he finally proccured a brown envelope that was slightly crumpled. Sealed in wax with the Queen's seal. Snowflake with a crown perched on top of it.

"Please make sure that this letter reaches his highness. This letter contains the blood,sweat and tears of all the Sindrian nobles that are supporting him from afar. Let him know that he is not alone in this fight. Also, the enemy is closer than you think---" The man looked he had more to say but was cut short when an arrow went through his heart from behind. Alerting Jungkook to quickly pull Taehyung who had the letter securely shoved and tucked inside his inner pocket. They were careless to think that their only enemies are the ones that now lay on the ground. Cold and lifeless.

If Taehyung and Jungkook didn't hurry up, they might find themselves in the same predicament. So with a sharp unique whistle that Jungkook used to call his horse, Tempest and Keelin galloped towards their direction. Whatever the situation is, they are both in grave danger. Now that they carry the Sindrian message for its King.

"We have to hurry up and deliver this to Jimin at once!" Taehyung shouts before mounting on his horse and galloping ahead of Jungkook. He knew that the younger is probably more capable of taking care of himself than him so he let Jungkook ride in his own speed. 

Which is probably not a wise decision since after a few seconds of head start, Jungkook is already riding right besdie him at almost full speed. Only tempest slowed down to keep up with Taehyung's horse who is now at its full speed.

Riding horses wasn't Taehyung's specialty so he began feeling a little sick when everything started to look like a blur. The vast greent trees blended together in a mean green streak on the sides of Taehyung's vision but right now he is solely focused on one thing. While Jungkook constantly looked at their rear, his excellent riding abilities let him do so and he made sure that they weren't being followed before shouting towards Taehyung who seemed to mute everything around him. eyes filled with determination at the newly found duty.

"I know a short cut! It should take us half the time we used to get here." He shouts, regaining Taehyung's attention as he now listened to his information. 

Both the Valerian crown prince and Sindrian high chancellor rode at full speed back towards the castle with mixed emotions and slight disappointment but a sense of duty as they now carried a great deal of news.

"I don't care if it's Sindrian matter. Valeria and Sindria are now allies so I will do everything in my ability to assist you in every way that I can. Besides, what good am I as crown prince if I can't do this much." Jungkook was persistent and stubborn but what he didn't see was the smile of relief in Taehyung's stressed face.


Music, the scent of rich food, flowers and festivities. 

There's always something to celebrate in Valeria's capitol and today Jimin is being a first hand witness to what appears to be like the "market festival." An open flea market celebration where anyone from an y part of Valeria can open up shop in th various stalls that littered the entire street that was provided for the event. Various merchandises are spread out in small tables and rich colored rugs. From food to trinket. Name it and the store merchants will have it. 

It was an eye feast for Jimin and it certainly distracted him from remembering how shameless he was for his birthday as well as the morning after. The young Sindrian king hasn't done much ruling nor learning about Valeria's customs ever since he arrived at court and there seemed to be a problem with communications in Sindria for he barely got letters from his mother (although he never bothered opening the letters she sent.) or the few nobles that he trusted when he was still there. Whatever it was, the young king would blame it on Sindria's bad weather. There could be a hail storm that could last for an entire month. Jimin just wished that the harsh weather conditions wouldn't do much damage to his country this time. 

He heaves a deep sigh as he strolled a little further than intended. Yoongi of course opted to stay inside the carriage. Saying that festivities weren't really his thing. 

"He's such a buzz kill." Jimin rolls his eyes as he mumbled to himself. As per usual, he is lost in all the rich culture that surrounded him. Unlike in Sindria where people almost looked alike, Valeria was diverse. Different beautiful colors, depending on how long they have been under the Valerian sun and despite the differences, they all still got long well. This impressed the younger. TOo think that Yoongi is behind all the success of his country at the young age of twenty-seven. Jimin still has a long way to go. Especially for a King who has avoided politics for as much as he can in the past five or six years.

Just then, he feels a something soft bump against his leg. It wasn't crowded at that part of the bazaar but that doesn't mean that Jimin wouldn't be as careless as ever. That something yelped a little bit. 

Jimin looks down to see a little boy sitting on the ground. The boy appeared to be in the same age as his younger brother. 

The king squats down to meet the boy in eye level. He had chestnut-brown hair, big curious brown eyes that was about a few shades lighter than his hair color. Jimin notices his dirty clothes and immediately felt pity for him to be wandering around town in such dirty clothing. He might have been another peasant and Jimin could pretend all day that he didn't care but he always had a special spot in his heart for children. Maybe because he had little siblings and he would give everything just so they don't live a miserable life. They were a part of why he wanted to be a good ruler for Sindria. 

"What are you doing out here alone little one?" He asks, reaching out to ruffle the boy's hair but Jimin notices that the younger flinched so he retracted his hand even before touching the latter. 

The boy holds up the basket that looked twice his size from beside him. Inside were different kinds of flowers. Both wild and cultivated. The boy ether grew some of the flowers and picked wild flowers to sell. Hoping that people will take notice and buy but by the looks of it, he hasn't had much luck. Especially with so many more interesting things being sold around. Especially since he was a child. Nobody took children seriously. Even Jimin is sure of that. 

"I have to sell this or we won't have dinner tonight." He says, jutting his lower lip out.

"Would you like to buy one mister?" He offers shyly, holding a daisy out to Jimin and the young king couldn't help but remember Yoongi's generous act towards him the other day when he gifted him with an entire garden that is only for him to see. 

"You know what? I'll buy the entire basket. " Jimin says making the boy beam in happiness. His smile was so wide that it almost reached his ears as he made a thumbs up towards Jimin who reached out in his pocket. Producing a velvet pouch that costed a fortune if sold alone. Inside were gold coins that was able to buy a small cottage and a few live stock to start over with. 

The boy stares at the pouch with wide eyes. He knew that surely his flowers didn't cost even a single gold coin so he shakes his head rapidly.

"Mister, my flowers don't even cost one gold coin." He says honestly. His mother taught him that honesty is the best policy so he lived by it.

"Then shhhh don't say anything. Don't tell anyone okay?" Jimin places an index finger in front of his lips a gesture of hushing and keeping a secret but the child still looked hesitant. Now he looked left and right. Looking cautious. 

 "B-but...but when you leave the bad guys will come and take it from me." The boy tries to reason out and maybe bargain to just get one gold coin. Maybe the good mister can just give him one.

But Jimin insists.

"Then big brother will make sure that you get home safely okay?" He says, returning the genuine smile that the child gave him. 

With this, the boy smiles brightly once more. Now he enthusiastically nods. 

"Mother won't be happy that I wasn't honest but this will help me buy her medicine." The boy says. Clutching unto the pouch that contained gold tightly. His clammy fingers almost sullied the velvet but Jimin didn't care. He just wanted to help at this point. 

  "Let's go ok? You can ride with us and just tell us where you live." Jimin says carrying the small boy who is about the size of his brother in his arms. Not caring about the dirt that was smeared on his own clothes from th boy's clothing. Jimin lets his servant carry the basket of mixed flowers to the carriage where Yoongi awaited. 

Upon opening the carriage door, he was instantly greeted by Yoongi's endearingly sarcastic compliment. 

"Out of all the things you wanted to buy in the market, you wanted a kid." He says, lazy gaze fixed upon Jimin and on the little boy who only clung to Jimin. For some reason Yoongi scared him. The boy sniffles.

"Yah Yoongi." Jimin glares at Yoongi before soothing the boy by rubbing his back gently and telling him that it's going to be okay. 

Yoongi couldn't help but not be fond of children but he can't forget the fact that once upon a time he wanted to raise children with Namjoon. Ever since their separtion, he finds it harder to be fond of them. Now that he's seeing Jimin, he's starting to hate himself for thinking that the he looked extra adorable, smiling at the boy like that.

"I didn't buy him. And he has a name. It's Jihoon~" Jimin glares at Yoongi before settling down the couch seat that was in front of the grumpy king. 

Now that Jimin is finally noticing the reason why he is utterly drawn to the adorable child. His chubby cheeks and eye shape reminded him of someone. He couldn't put together the facts until now that the certain someone is staring right back at him. His crimson red eyes was a stark comparison from his unusual light outfit. From this angle and by the way the gentle reays of sunlight hit random spots of his clothing, Min Yoongi looked like a vampire. A mythological creature that Jimin read up from books as a child. A very attractive vampire at that and he might as well be one due to the fact that he loved staying indoors and hated mornings with a passion. 

"Then why is he here?" When Yoongi began speaking, the child in his arms trembled again, Jimin couldn't help but embrace the younger a little bit tighter to offer a sense of safety.

"Cause I'm bringing him back to his home okay? No more arguments. I don't want to hear anymore. Plus I already ordered the coach man to take us to his village. He said it's nearby." Jimin says with finality. Making the elder roll his eyes.

It was also another opportunity for Jimin to see more of Valeria. Not just within its merry capital. The Sindrian king vaguely remembered the last time that he was outside of Sindria's capital city and into the outskirts since it was always either too cold for his servants to accompany him, or they just simply didn't allow him out of their site. Afraid that he might pull some ridiculous stunt or that assassins sent by those who despise him lurked within the outskirts of Sindria. 

So Jimin carefully opens the small latch from the carriage's door to reveal the scenery outside their vehicle. Yoongi on the other hand just sighed.

"You're way too careless. What if an arrow flew through that opening?" Yoongi offers a disturbing scenario that Jimin had to place his hands on either sides of the boy's ears as Jihoon sat on his lap. Still scared and silent. 

"What makes you think that?" Jimin challenges.

"Oh nothing. It's just the fact that there's two kings riding one carriage and is heading out of the city where by the way, majority of our guards are positioned at doesn't bother me at all." His tone dripped of heavy sarcasm that even Jimin couldn't ignore.

"Then why did you let us leave then? You could have easily stopped the carriage with your word. Afterall, this is your country." Jimin was starting to become irritated with Yoongi and it seems to him that the elder male had the talent to make him feel all sorts of things. Including intense annoyance.

"Because you look like you really want to help the lost child and now seeing you curiously peek from that small window opening, it makes me think that this short trip is worth the hassle." Yoongi says honestly, without a change in his facial expression. Jimin's strong offense quickly back fired as he felt his cheeks burn with such intensity at how Yoongi's eyes didn't waver from holding his crystal blue gaze.

Jimin thought that the world stopped right there and then. But it was only the carriage that did. He looks outside once more. To see if they have already arrived. A mixture of confusion flashed across his face and the boy in his lap stirred quite a bit.

"We're not yet there." Little Jihoon says as his tiny hands held unto Jimin's arms. He quickly grew fond of the Sindrian king. Liking how cold he was against Valeria's heat. It was somehow refreshing with the elder's body temperature and there was something about the king that made the boy felt secure and safe. Unlike when he looks at King Yoongi. So the rumors were true. That their king had crimson red eyes. Jihoon didn't want to confirm the other rumor that circulated with the former. The boy most certainly did not want to test if Yoongi could burn someone's eyes by merely staring at them so he made sure to behave and be a good boy on Jimin's lap.

"Yes little one, I don't see any village nor houses." Jimin says, frowning gently.

"I'll go check to see what's going on." It was the elder who stepped up this time. He knew that if they were in danger and te guards aren't able to stop the threat then he would be more than capable of protecting Jimin and Valeria's alliance to Sindria. Plus he can't let Jimin face it alone. Not when he's right there to protect the younger. 

Jimin on the other hand as stunned. Unable to say anything but just watch as Yoongi opens the carriage door. Pushing it forward and letting the brightness from the outside world seep into the carriage before plunging it back into dimness when he closed the door.

"Be safe." Was all Jimin could say as he peeked into the latch once more before the elder closes that latch too. 

"It's fine. We'll be alright. Yoongi won't let anything happen to us. Even though he looks scary, he is a good man. I promise." Jimin smiles reassuringly at the boy who looked wary.

"He keeps the whole country safe. I always hear my mom and dad say good things about the king even though he has red eyes." Jihoon replies. It makes Jimin smile for some reason as they sat there and waited for what felt like forever.

Silence ensues before the door of the carriage was opened once again. Thank heavens it was Yoongi. But there was something in his expression that told the Sindrian king that he's not bearing good news with him.

"Taehyung and Jungkook are outside. With what looks like a very important message that can't wait. It's for you so get your ass out here. Now." Yoongi's tone was grave. And here Jimin had thought that they can finally get a day off their hectic lives as kings.

"What about Jihoon?" He asks. Jimin has clearly grown attached to the chubby cheeked boy who got off his lap and sat beside him instead. As if he read the situation despite his young age.

"I will wait here. But please be safe out there?" He asks, holding up his pinky finger in the air.

"I will." Jimin replies before completing the pinky finger promise then hopping out of the carriage where both a disgruntled Jungkook and Taehyung greeted him. They were still in their horses. Both short out of breath and it's Taehyung who spoke first.

"A royal envoy has been ambushed. But we managed to receive this letter before he died. I think it's urgent. From Queen Daria and all the nobles who support you. News from home."

Jimin gingerly takes the brown envelope that has been crumpled under stress of being passed unto one hand to another. He opens it, mildly hesitating at first since he thought it would be best to open it in the castle.

"Are you sure it's fine for me to receive such important letter on a random road side?"

"This is the king's road your highness. The royal guards are everywhere and I made sure that me and Taehyung aren't being followed." It was Jungkook who reassured him before doing another scan, deeming that there was no threat since the castle guards were practically positioned and were moving along with them. The impregnable defense unbroken.

So Jimin exhales sharply. Knowing that thisletter indicates the fact that he will never be able to escape the life of a monarch. His hands carefully lifted the wax seal that easily separated from the brown envelope. Inside was a pristine white parchment and Jimin unceremoniously threw the envelope to the ground before rolling the parchment open. Inside was a letter from his queen mother. In royal blue ink. A secret code that means that the letter was not to be ignored. 

"My dearest child. I hope that this letter reaches your hands as I have carefully instructed any envoys to try and get it your way. Should it not arrive to you safely, then it means that our country will most likely fall to the threat of the East. As you know, Aerondei has been trying to invade Sindria for centuries. Battles never stopped and Sindria did the same except until your father King Ahjin put an end to the wars. Temporarily of course. Signing a treaty of cease fire to last until his last breath. And now that he is dead, it is safe to assume that Aerondei is going to want Sindria once more as we are the gate way to the west and the south eventually. Should the west fall under their rule as well. 

There is news from our spies in Aerondei that their old king who previously made the pact with our father has suddenly fallen ill. Making the council choose another King to success him. They of course chose the first prince. Crown Prince Wonshik. I'm sure the name rings a bell? He was among your many suitors but your father forbade you from ever meeting him. It seemed to be engraved in his mind as he has signed the petition to call off the treaty just in time for your father's burial. The same night when I shipped you off to Valeria to your betrothed. 

Now I am writing to you in hopes that you consider helping your own country as Aerondei has started sending troups in Valerian border. They are pushing as back. Wanting our forces to retreat closer and closer to the capitol with aims to storm the castle and dissolve our monarchy once and for all. My son, I will do my best as Queen regent here but please. Please I, your mother is begging you to make stronger alliances out there so they will be able to help us fight and win this war that is now brewing. Always remember to trust no one but yourself. Trust Kim Taehyung your high chancellor and if your intuition allows it, trust Min Yoongi. Him and Valeria are our only hope in times like this. 

Sincerely, Queen Daria"

"Let's...let's go back to the castle first." Jimin said, suddenly feeling dizzy with the amount of information from the parchment paper until Yoongi snatches the letter from his hand to read it for himself. Jimin didn't stop him for he had the right to know. 

"Those Aerondei bastards again. Thinking that they can invade all the countries for their dream dynasty. They should know full well that it's never going to happen. Not in my reign." Yoongi crumples the parchment in his hand.

"Since this is a letter coming from your mother directly then we must start making preparations. She is right. If Sindria falls then they will gain more bravado to invade the west and then my country is next." Yoongi said, his eyes gleamed at the slight annoyance towards the bit that he read.

"You're right. But we must return the boy to his village. He doesn't deserve to be entangled in all of this."

Jimin says, his crystal blue eyes shone as well. But the emotions displayed on his face were annoyance and a sense of fear. Fear for his family that was left in Sindria especially for his mother and siblings. Without his father, he knew that they were easy targets should anyone start a rebellion.

A moment of silence past as Yoongi tried to asses the situation further. 

Until they hear sudden screams from nearby.

"What was that?!" Jimin questions. Yoongi holds his wrist and pulls him behind as a crowd of people coming from the boy's village start running towards them. Or at least they were on the way.

Smoke billowed from the nearby village and a guard has managed to capture one fleeing villager to question him. Fear and panic was painted across his face. The villager tried to run but the guard's hold to him was firm and he was presented to the two kings who were still confused with what's happening. 

"Tell me. Why is everyone fleeing the village?" Jimin asks. The villager refused to stare at his bright blue eyes out of fear.

"Y-your highness. Someone set the whole village on fire. Mercernaries suddenly attacked us and burned everything! We can't do anything but run in hopes that we'll live. Please your highness! Please save us!" It was a desperate cry but as soon as Jimin met the latter's teary gaze he knew right away that he should do everything in his power to save the small village. 

Yoongi on the other hand kept his poker face. His serious facade is on display as he pried Jimin out of the villager's potential grasp. 

"Escort him away." He orders the guard before the guard drags the hysterical man away who continued to beg for help along with the other villagers who tried to get to them.

Taehyung and Jungkook were given orders to return to the castle to make advanced preparations since their horses would take them there faster than Yoongi and Jimin's carriage.

"Jimin we don't have time. The royal forces will be on the village soon enough to deal with the mercenaries. As for the casualties, the crown will give them enough compensation to start anew. At this point there is nothing more that we can do." Yoongi tried reasoning out to Jimi who fought back as naive as he can. 

"But Yoongi the people! YOUR PEOPLE ARE DYING!" Jimin shouts desperately as he too started feeling alarmed and scared. With the news that he had just discovered and this accident happening. Jimin starts fearing that he is far from enough to rule his own country. Let alone ruling it far away from home.

It was Yoongi's turn to drag him into the carriage. 

"Look if you're scared that the kid is going to be in danger then we will bring him back to the castle with us until we find out if his family survived the fire. But that's it. We can't risk you too! You're Sindria's ruler. Don't take your position lightly." Yoongi scolds him before opening the carriage door.

The kings dead panned at each other when they realize that the carriage is empty. The boy is gone. 

With that Jimin shoves Yoongi away with all the strength that he had before running towards one of their guard envoy's horse. Using his power to freeze the guard and render him immobile as he was pushed from the horse. 

Jimin looks at Yoongi one last time.

"I'll be back." And with that, he rides towards the burning village.


Chapter Text

Surely Jihoon wouldn't have gone far with his short legs and small stature as a kid so Jimin was in no rush. However, the adrenaline kept him alert and wide awake as his eyes scanned the surroundings. He couldn't help but be attached and feel responsible should anything happen to the child so he searches until he is almost near the burning village. 

Smoke and ashes scattered. The Village stood in front of Jimin like a blazing field of wild fire. The tongues of fires rising to the heaven as every establishment was burned to the ground, what looked like a small and peaceful village outside of the Valerian capitol was now gone. Replaced by a burning field of nothingness. There were ashes and debris everywhere and the burnt village was now basically a ghost town as everyone had fled from it. There at the Village's gate was the child, slumped and crying as he watched everything be consumed by roaring flames. He was sobbing to himself, unaware of the dangers that lurked behind him.

A mercenary crept behind the child. Probably thinking that he still could take Jihoon with him to sell him as a slave in order to fetch a decent price. As if burning and pillaging the village wasn't already enough. Jimin felt the anger boiling inside him but he didn't want to startle the child since he is already traumatized. So Jimin with all his strength aimed his right hand towards the man. Focusing solely on his blood and everything about him that consisted of water.

"Die die die die" Jimin whispers under his breath as he witnessed the mercenary freeze from where he stood until he is no longer able to stand. He fell face first to the ground, startling Jihoon who helplessly moved back while sobbing loudly.

Jimin then dismounts his horse and moves towards the boy. 

"Jihoon-ah." He says softly but the boy only shook his head as he cried. 

"My mama. My mama can't walk and she's alone in our house. I'm scared. My mama is still out there! Please mister. Help me save my mama!" The boy wails, slowly walking towards Jimin and meeting him halfway as he sobbed. Hands reaching for Jimin and tugging on his trousers in hopes that the elder would understand how urgent his situation is. But Jimin can only shake his head pitifully. To lose his mother at such a young age. How can the child live on? No Jimin wouldn't be able to live with himself knowing that he let this happen to the younger. So he scoots down and pulls Jihoon into his embrace.

"I'm so sorry baby." Jimin says as Jihoon cried on his shoulder. The younger's tears soaked Jimin's clothing but the Sindrian king could care less. 

He was late. Nothing is left to be salvaged and the boy's mother has certainly burned along the house that they lived in. 

"My mama. I want my mama!" Jihoon wails and Jimin could only gently rub his back up and down to soothe him as he soon coughed from crying too much. The elder could clearly tell how Jihoon loved his mother. Enough to want to run into the flames just to search for her.

"I'm sorry baby.. but..I know I can't be your mama. I will never take her place. But I can't leave you here alone. Do you have any relatives that you know?" Jimin asks as he turned away from the fire. Not wanting little Jihoon to see more of it.

He pulls away from the hug and it seemed like the child slowly calm down although he sobbed occasionally. 

"None." He shakes his head sadly as he looked down his feet, trembling. 

"Then would you like to go home with me? I promise I will take care of you. No one will be able to hurt you there either." It might sound like a selfish whim of Jimin to go ahead and take the child under his wing but he just can't abandon the child here. Especially knowing now that the younger has nowhere to go.

Jimin didn't wait for the boy to respond as he took his jacket off and draped it around the boy's frame. Jihoon looked confused and distraught by everything so the only words he was able to say was.

"Can we look for my mama later? please?" before nodding at Jimin and holding unto him.

The Sindrian king on the other hand looks at the boy pitifully before patting his head gently and uttering a soft "yes". He will have to explain to the boy later that if ever the fire was put out, there was no way that his mother would have gotten out alive in that state if according to Jihoon that she can't walk at all.

Adrenaline still run through the young king's veins so when he hears a horse approaching, he automatically assumes that it was another mercenary out to possibly get him and Jihoon. He stands in front of Jihoon protectively. Just like how Yoongi reacted earlier with Jimin being the one who's protected. His eyes shone like icy crystals as his power fluctuated, sending a big wave of ice towards whoever was approaching. Jimin's powers are raw and sometimes wild so with his intent to protect Jihoon and will to kill whoever the threat is, a huge ice wall towards the horse.

An ice wall that was easily melted, leaving whoever approached them unscathed. 

Nobody else could evade Jimin's attacks. So he knew right away that it was Yoongi. The elder king hurriedly jumps off his horse and runs towards Jimin. He clearly wasn't built for running unlike his younger brother, Jungkook as he was already panting when he met up with Jimin and Jihoon who still silently cried as he clung unto Jimin's leg.

"Jimin you fool! Are you alright?!" There was a tone of anger in Yoongi's voice and Jimin couldn't help but flinch at the menace that the older male directed towards him. 

"I was worried Yoongi! And they burned a village right under our noses. While we're out there exploring the capitol! How could we be so careless to let them get away with this!" It was Jimin's turn to reason out as Yoongi inspected him for potential injuries. The elder seemingly concerned about his well-being more than anything. 

"They're not getting away. I've sent my best trackers to find the and bring them back to the castle to be tortured and questioned before they die a slow and painful death." Yoongi says coldly without a sense of remorse for whoever's responsible for this arson.

After making sure that Jimin and the child were alright, Yoongi walks towards the flames that threatened to burn the forest and even the path that led to the capitol. Wild fires were practically unavoidable in Valeria. So citizens take extra caution but a large-scale fire like this will be very hard to put out. Even though Yoongi has already issued orders for the servants to gather everything they could to stop it, they would take a very long time to gather enough water and transport it to the village so the king takes the matters upon his own hands. 

Yoongi's red eyes glowed with power as he holds both his arms out, he closes his eyes before breathing in deeply. Compared to Jimin, Yoongi has full mastery of his gift. Thus giving him the power to bend fire and all heat sources according to his will. This time he becomes one with the wild-fire as he took in all the malice and bad intentions that went into the flame. The despair of the souls who died made it even harder to will the flames to calm down but Yoongi concentrated. Face contorting to a deep frown as he communicated with his gift and soon, the tongues of fire became smaller and smaller. Starting from the ones the circled the whole inferno. Wild fire slowly being tamed and willed to be smaller and eventually only the smoke remained. A constant reminder throughout the years that a whole village was charred.

Jimin scoots down to carry Jihoon in his arms. The boy wrapped his arms around Jimins neck. he stopped crying only because he has passed out due to heat and emotional exhaustion. Jimin supports him on his arms as he carried the younger easily while watching Yoongi in awe. Jimin has a long way to go before he could even call himself Sindria's king. With the news that was broken out to him, he panicked while Yoongi handled the situation calmly. Already planning one step ahead of everything. Sometimes Jimin would wonder what's going on inside of the latter's mind whenever he puts his usual poker face. 

Once finished with his task, Yoongi turns around. His eyes still bright red and Jimin's eyes strangely reacted to the display of power. His own ones shone. The elder seemed to notice that as well, he tilts his head to the side out of curiosity as he stared at Jimin, the younger doing the same. Just like all the gazes they shared prior to this, it was as if both of them tried to read what the other is thinking. Lost in the moment in each other's eyes with the world seemingly coming to a halt before Jimin broke the eye contact. Blue eyes finding the ground suddenly interesting. Anything but Yoongi's red orbs. 

He clears his throat.

"I would like to officially adopt Jihoon if he allows me to in the future." Jimin blurts out before looking at the boy in his arms who slept soundly. He didn't want to force everything especially because he would start living in a castle now but Jimin did want to care for the boy in the long run. For some reason, Jimin is inclined to care for the orphaned child more than he should.

Yoongi's response only surprised Jimin more.

"Then we better be on our way back to the castle." Yoongi says, his usual poker face is back in display as he rode his horse, waiting for Jimin to ride the carriage when it arrived. Jimin settles the boy inside first. Making sure that he is not awaken before sitting beside his sleeping figure. Jihoon unconsciously scoots close to the younger king. Laying his head on his lap as he mumbles 'mama' in his sleep.

Yoongi decides that it would be better if he rode to the castle to join Jungkook and Taehyung in preparing for what's to come now that Aerondei has informally declared war against Sindria.

"Yoongi. Be careful." Jimin says before closing the carriage door. 

"I will." Yoongi replies curtly as he made sure that the door was shut securely before riding towards the castle in full speed. Having confidence at the doubled security that his royal kingsguard provided for Jimin on their way home as well. 

Little did both kings know that a spy lurked among the shadows of the forest. Where no man would dare look.

A spy who would then inform Aerondei's king that the rumors about King Min Yoongi of Valeria were true. He possessed the affinity for fire and has great control over it. Their little experiment was a success. 

"Tell the king that I succeeded in my first mission. He can send my mother home now." There was desperation in his voice and the foreign envoy only looked at him with disdain before nodding and putting on the Valerian kingsguard disguise.

"Our King Wonshik sends his regards to you, traitor." The foreign envoy gives the man a slight nod before disappearing through the lush greenery. Leaving the man to stare at the space where a peaceful village once was. 

"Nothing is more important than my family."


"Jihoon be careful in the garden maze okay? take your butler with you." Jimin says as he fixed the boy's clothes, making sure that it was buttoned up properly this time. Jihoon only gives him a shy smile at the mention of taking his butler with him.

"But doesn't sir Ahn have other important things to do?" He pouts cutely,melting Jimin's heart in an instant. He smiles on the little angel.

"His important thing to do is to make sure that you don't get lost in the garden and the garden maze since you love playing there." He pokes Jihoon's cheek gently making the younger huff.

"Okay. I'll be back soon." Jihoon says before leaning towards Jimin and giving him a peck on the cheeks before running off towards the garden with his butler tailing behind him. The Sindrian king only looks at the boy's retreating back with a soft sigh followed by a smile.

It has been a couple of months since the arson just outside Valeria's capitol and ever since, Yoongi has had a bigger work load. Jimin rarely saw the Sindrian king as plans of making new alliances and strengthening the ones that Valeria already had has begun. If he was lucky, Jimin would occasionally run to Yoongi in the hallways of the castle and the only place they've ever been together for longer than ten minutes was the throne room for their rare court sessions.

Valeria's castle has been thrown into an uproar by Aerondei's sudden change in monarch. Many nobles agree with Jimin's mother that King Wonshik is not a good option for his country as a ruler even with his strong claim due to the fact that he is the country's first-born son and that they honor hierarchy more than anything in there.

"I want to do something for my country too." Jimin blurts his thoughts out loud before letting out a sigh as he flopped on the bed right beside his best friend who happens to be Sindria's high chancellor too.

"Believe me Jimin, we share the same sentiments. However, with our current situation we can only hope for the best. Besides, Queen Daria isn't as fragile as you think. Are you forgetting that she is your mother?" Taehyung says, Nudging Jimin on the shoulder and Jimin responds by nudging him back, he cranes his neck to look at his best friend. 

Taehyung's usual cheerful disposition is always there but whenever they talked about policy it was Taehyung who have opinions that make more sense than Jimin.

"Just focus on not being a nuisance for now." 

Or not. Jimin rolls his eyes at Taehyung. 

"Taehyung, I've never even talked to Yoongi about anything other than politics and what my country needs. All he asks is if I have enough soldiers on my boarders? Would I have enough provisions for them should another hail storm comes? Do we have enough fire power to push back the rebels and the invaders altogether? Ahhhhh it's so frustrating!" Jimin pauses to kick his feet up in the air. Almost throwing a tantrum that only made Taehyung laugh at how childish his king can be at times.

"Well I mean, those are important matters Jimin. We can't ignore the inevitable threat." Taehyung reasons out but Jimin only glares at him.

"But what about me Taehyung!? What about my needs!?" Jimin whines this time. Turning to the side so he can seriously meet Taehyung's hazel brown eyes. 

"I bet you get it so good from Jungkook. Every damn night when he visits your room." He throws a nasty look at Taehyung who instantly blushed at how indecent Jimin's words were. He reaches for a pillow to hit his king's face. Honor to his king be damned. 

Jimin only laughed before repeating his accusation until Taehyung finally cracks and shares a bit of info about what's going on with him and Jungkook.

"We haven't done anything more than kissing really. He says he wants to take things slowly and is willing to wait. You know I'm not prepared for such things. Unlike you who's actively seeking it right now. You vile lust-ridden human being." Taehyung jabs a finger towards Jimin's cheek.

"You better not corrupt our innocent Jihoon by teaching him such things." Taehyung adds and Jimin stares at him with wide eyes.

"I would never do that to my son! He's already so traumatized!" Jimin gasps before pouting.

It's true. He refers to the boy as his son now. It was kind of amusing that Jihoon and Yoongi looked so much alike that the day that Jimin and Yoongi brought him back to the castle and introduced him to be their adopted child, people instantly assumed that he's Yoongi's bastard from one of his harem ladies and that Jimin was a martyr for being so caring towards the orphaned boy when in reality they had really just adopted him since he has nowhere to go.   Even Jungkook upon their arrival was flabbergasted by the boy's appearance after he was washed and given proper clothes. Had the situation not have been grave at that time then Jimin would have laughed his ass off becaause it as truly ridiculous.

"But Jimin, you know... ever since we arrived here you already changed so much. You didn't give a horse shit about Sindria's well-being when they gave you an emergency coronation after King Ahjin." Taehyung pauses,recalling how Jimin strongly refused the crown that his mother basically forced him to wear. 

"Aside from the fact that I'm not a boy anymore and I am well capable of taking care of myself, Min Yoongi that cruel man is a magnificent leader. Even though I hate to admit it. I am here now. My mother sent me here to marry him for a reason. Also. I might have acted that I couldn't care less about Sindria for five years but in my heart. I love my country. I don't want it to fall to ruins. I'm sure you love Sindria too." Jimin says reaching out to hug his bestfriend. He has always been clingy to Taehyung to him.

"You know, today might not be so boring. I'm visiting your chambers for a purpose. Chalcia sent four of its princes today to make a trade with Valeria and Sindria too I believe. They have grain, foot soldiers and an entire fleet to offer in exchange of gold and Valeria's timbers. Sindria can trade precious gems and several mines for them to use. King Yoongi actually sent me to tell you that there would be a court session. You know Namjoon and Seokjin will be there too since they're also high officials." Taehyung adds in the end and Jimin's initial response was to grin so wide that it scared Taehyung a little bit. 

"The question is do they look good?" Jimin smirks like he has an underlying agenda. Taehyung pushes him away, hard enough that Jimin almost fell from his bed with a yelp.

"Yes they do, you sick pervert. You know Chalcia is well-known for their good-looking princes. Not only that but they're also young like us. Their eldest prince is just about prince Jungkook's age. He's the kingdom's representative and it's rumored that he has the king and queen's seal with him so Chalcia can personally sign the contracts that needs to be fulfilled here right away." Taehyung adds, making Jimin sit up. A bright idea in his mind. 

"Chalcia well-known for their grain and abundance of foot soldiers yes? They're in the middle of all these territories meaning that if war really does ensue, they will need to side with the winning faction. To top it all off, they have handsome princes." He says, his pink tongue darting out to wet his lower lip.

Taehyung looks at him incredulously.

"I take that back. You haven't changed one bit your majesty. You're still a cunt." Taehyung says,making a disgusted face towards Jimin who only rolled his eyes and stood up.

"Let's go Taehyung, we have a royal court session to attend today." He grins,sending a suggestive grin as he headed for his dresser to pick out an outfit that would stand out and get him the attention that he wants today.


There were more palace guards than usual and royal guards in golden uniform with the insignia or a laurel crown on top of a five-pointed star were positioned along side them. Jimin took notice of the mild increase of security as he walked towards the throne room with Taehyung right beside him and his servants just tailing behind him. The Sindrian king is not like other monarchs who liked having many servants walk with him. He'd rather have them do something productive than display them as a sign of his status.

"I heard that the king and queen of Chalcia adored their princes more than their princesses but I never imagined that they would send out this many royal guards as their envoy." Jimin openly observed as his eyes lock with one particular good-looking guard. Jimin sends him a flirty smirk. The soldier's solemn and calm facial expression changes quickly as a flush spreads across the latter's cheek before he turned away. breaking eye contact first and making Jimin laugh in the process.

Taehyung sighs on his side.

"Are you really that sexually deprived that you would stoop so low to seduce a mere loyal foreign soldier?" He asks as he opens the door to the throne room where Yoongi and a few other nobles gather. Yoongi is handsome as usual with his silk red dress that had two buttons undone to give others a peak of his milky white-collar bones and his black velvet jacket that made his shoulders appear even broader. Jimin fought the urge to jump unto the said king's lap again and repeat the hot make-out session that they had a few months back in Jimin's birthday. He looks at Yoongi briefly who appears to regard him with the same look that he gave everyone else. A lazy stare that held no interest or whatsoever. Jimin did his best to give Yoongi just the very same look as he walked towards his own throne and sat there promptly.

His outfit today was much different from the simplistic wardrobes that he had been wearing. Jimin hated wearing accessories and overly gaudy suits due to Valeria's heat but today he looked like he dressed for a royal banquet. He had on a silver matching suit on top of a low collared shirt so not only did he exposed his pronounced collarbones, the Sindrian king also gave everyone a sneak peek of his chiseled chest,leaving the rest to everyone's imagination. Jimin also wore tight pants to let his curves show especially his perky behind. 

Upon sitting down, the Sindrian king crosses his legs and awaited the guests.

"Yoongi, I heard that Chalcia sent very important guests today." He initiates th conversation although his eyes weren't on Yoongi's but the door. Waiting for their visitors of course. Jimin was usually late for royal court sessions but he planned to be earlier than usual today to leave a good first impressions to their guests. Who knows, it might get him what he wants.

The Valerian king did just the same. Eyes never even darted towards Jimin's way as he silently anticipated the arrival of the princes.

"Yes Jimin, they sent four princes. Only three will be meeting us since the youngest prince have no business attending court. He is far too young. About Jihoon's age." Yoongi says,musing to himself. He wasn't really sure since he hasn't been talking to the child that him and Jimin adopted. He was just never good with children and little Jihoon seemed afraid of him often times so he never really tried. But he would Jihoon and Jimin playing by Jimin's garden from the balcony of his chambers. The child radiated the same kind of light that Jimin illuminated. Together they were too adorable. But Yoongi would hide that fact to himself. 

"I heard Chalcia is well-known for their handsome princes~" Jimin starts but the elder has already interrupted him before he could even say his plans.

"Don't even think about fucking any or all of the princes Jimin. We need to leave them a good impression if we want new allies. You will behave if you want to earn a new ally for Sindria." Yoongi replies with the same monotonous voice that surprised Jimin. 

How was he able to read the younger's mind without even interacting with him? That wasn't just fair. If he's not giving Jimin anything then why would he forbid the younger king to engage in dalliances? Jimin pouts at Yoongi, finally turning his head towards the elder king and pulling his best puppy eyes.

"But Yoongi~" He whines. Thankfully, the nobles are seated far from the dais of and the steps towards the thrones that were slightly elevated. Giving Jimin and Yoongi the freedom to converse without fearing the empty threat of being overheard.

"No buts Jimin. That's not even morally right anymore. Considering that you're already betrothed. You live in my castle for fuck's sake." Yoongi just turns to Jimin and stared right at his soul. He wasn't disgusted nor disapproving. He just wanted less issues and more important businesses to go on as usual.

"I am engaged but the man I am betrothed to never invited me back to his chambers or just plainly refused to see me. It's rather annoying really." Jimin says, his tone bitter before he turned away when the royal Chalcian envoy announced the arrival of the three princes. 

"The royal highnesses enter. Prince Kim Wonwoo, Kim Seungcheol and the crown Prince Kim Mingyu." The envoy's voice was loud and clear. His voice echoed against the throne room's hollow interior and high ceilings. 

Three men entered. Two of them wearing identical pink suits that were heavily adorned by golden embroidery on the jackets. As for their visuals, which Jimin heavily observed of course weren't disappointing. All three of them were tall. Easily towering over the Sindrian king if he were to stand up side by side. 

The prince of the left had a smile on his face,slightly showing his gums which reminded Jimin of Yoongi's own gummy smile that is so rare yet so beautiful at the same time. He had sculped cheek bones, jawline and broad shoulders. What stood out about him were his extremely captivating eyes. Light hazel colored almond eyes and long curled eyelashes. Jimin can stare at him all day but the prince beside him was just as captivating. Though he looked uninterested with what's going on, a permanent expressionless yet handsome face and seemingly eyes stared back at Jimin. What caught the king off guard however was how he still managed to look mysteriously handsome despite the hostility that he displayed towards Jimin. He has slightly long eyes, dark brown hair and a strong jawline. Compared to the prince on the right, he was much more slender and lithe. 

"Mmm not so bad. But we can't ignore the main course." Jimin murmurs just enough for Yoongi to hear his words. 

Pertaining to the crown prince who had a burnt orange color, adorned with golden embroidery as well. But compared to his brothers that were walking behind him, he seems under dressed. Although there was no need for his tailors to go over board as his presence alone commanded attention and respect. His black pants were just the right fit. Not too tight nor snag on his long legs. He was the tallest of the three and the way he walked and carried himself itself was enough to make the currently sexually frustrated king Jimin stir in his throne. 

"I told you Jimin, behave." Yoongi seemed to have sensed the younger's excitement so he warns him again with a stern tone and a grave expression. 

Jimin only rolled his eyes in response. 

"Maybe if you paid more attention to me then I would behave." He retorts. Of course it was a lie. Jimin will never know how to behave especially in the presence of Yoongi.

The elder bit back a response since there was a more important matter at hand.

"Your highnesses." Crown prince Mingyu along with Prince Seungcheol and Prince Wonwoo bows politely and the royal pair stood up to return the greeting. 

"Princes." Yoongi regards them while Jimin started his little game by giving Mingyu his flirtiest smile hidden under a polite bow and a seemingly innocent look. 

When Mingyu smiled back,specifically towards Jimin's way, it's when the laatter knew that there would be some form of interest involved between them and that today would be an interesting day.

Yoongi and Jimin each took their seats in their respective thrones while the three princes stood in front of them. Seungcheol seemed alert and involved as he listened carefully to the important details that Mingyu began discussing with Yoongi. While Wonwoo looked uninterested as his eyes driftede from the most important men in the room to random places like the seats of the noble ladies who attended court just to gossip and listen on Valeria's most important news live before they run their awful mouths later in the afternoon tea. But however foul their mouths might be, it couldn't be denied that they have beautiful faces and bodies that would never match their rotten mouths and personalities.

"So Wonwoo prefers women~" THe thought amused Jimin since Mingyu, the crown prince clearly had his full attention towards Jimin although he was curretnly discussing trade with Yoongi. His eyes would find Jimin's who are focused on him and him alone. 

Despite their flirtations, the royal court session has been fruitful.

"So the grains can be expected next month yes? We'll send out lumber and Sindria's precious gems right after you launch your ships containing the grain and more provisions for the Sindrian troupe stationed in each of Sindria's boarders. Queen mother Daria would like to send her heartfelt thanks to Chalcia for agreeing on this trade despite the nation's grim situation." Yoongi says,lightly brushing on the topic of forming an alliance.

It was when Mingyu caught on and gave his full attention on Yoongi. The subtle glances towards Jimin who instantly pouted stopped and his expression became more serious. His youthful appearance became hardened just like everyone else who has been paying attention to the exchange of words between Valeria's king and Chalcia's future ruler.

Yoongi didn't waver though. There was still confidence in his words.

"I'm sure that the Chalcia's queen and king would rather put their full support on the winning side and what better side to take than Sindria and Valeria's?"

"Sindria's defense had been impregnable since the ancient times,even then each generation of the Aerondei monarchs tried invading Sindria and they have never succeeded. Not once. I won't give them that satisfaction now. Not with the worst ruler in Aereondei in power." It was Jimin's turn to reason and even Wonwoo listened to what he had to say. Yoongi turns his gaze towards Jimin.

"Let me handle this okay?" Yoongi says. He has been prettyy calm despite witnessing Mingyu and Jimin flirt right in front of him which irked him somehow. Of course the not so subtle exchange of glances from the two are caught by Yoongi who tried and stayed on the topic. He'll have to discuss with Jimin later about this other matter that secretly irked him of course. 

"I think not. This also involves my country. This revolves mainly around my country since if Sindria falls then the east is next. After the east, they would want to also invade the heart of this continent. Which is Chalcia to cut off the other country's main source of grains. Then..they will ride south to finally finish with victory." Jimin says. Voicing out what everyone thought but what's unexpected is that he will be the one to say the truth without beating around the bush. Everyone expected Yoongi to do that instead. Even Yoongi seemed taken aback with Jimin as he raised a curious eyebrow.

"There you have it crown prince Mingyu. I'm sure that the king and queen expected this when they sent all four of you to trade with us instead of coming here personally. They wanted to asses the situation without being involve in it personally. So they sent their beloved princes to trade. With hopes that talks of alliance should rise. That's exactly what we're doing. Bringing up the topic that your parents would be more than interested in hearing but that's all too easy." Yoongi headed straight for offense without offending Mingyu and the other princes of course. He is very good in things like this. Reading people and playing with their weakness.

"Prince Seungkwan and Prince Dokyeom are probably in Aerondei right now. Discussing similar terms with King Wonshik and his brothers. It's a rather smart strategy from your parents. As expected from the Chalcia." 

There was surprise in Mingyu's face that he wasn't able to mask when Yoongi read right through him and his plans but he regains composure after a few eerily silent moments. He straightened his back and shoved his hands inside his pockets before he begins to speak in a more relaxed and casual manner this time. 

"I shall give it some thought. Seeing as how strongly allied Valeria and Sindria is that's already two major empires uniting against Aerondei. But I need to hear from my brother's first. And then we'll make a decision from there on out." Mingyu says before turning his back on Jimin and Yoongi briefly and discuss something with his brothers.

"We were set on leaving back for Chalcia right after this discussion as mother does not want her sons out of the country for far too long but because of your warm welcome and good offer, we'd like to extend our stay for another day. After all, the guards and all our men need the rest that they could get to travel back to Chalcia without delay." With that, it could be safely assumed that discussions about alliances are finished. For now.

"You're always welcome. Please, make yourselves at home. I'm sure that you will love the castle and the town even more so. Ever since the unfortunate arson in the small village. Everyone in Valeria has been extra careful and extra precautions have been made so please don't be scared to venture out of the castle walls." Jimin suggests with a smile before he stood up and personally escorted theem out of the throne room with Yoongi remaining seated in his throne. Carefully watching Jimin's retreating back and noticing how Mingyu has basically wedged himself in between Jimin and prince Seungcheol who were just talking casually.

"Too bad I never share what is mine." Yoongi murmurs under his breath with an amused smile painted on his face.


Court session has officially finished and it as just time for lunch. Yoongi didn't expect Jimin to join him since even in the dining table, he had a large stack of documents being read to him by Namjoon since he's Valeria's high chancellor after all. 

Jimin showed up however, with Taehyung right beside him. 

"Oh you're here. I would think that you're in Mingyu's chambers by now." Yoongi casually says as he stabbed his knife through the roasted pheasant on his plate. His first actual meal for the day since when he woke up he has literally started working. There were obvious bags under his eyes that made Jimin irritated and worried at the same time. 

"You're overworking yourself." Jimin didn't even retort as he sat on his usual place on the rectangular dinner table, right across Yoongi on the opposite end with Taehyung sitting close by. 

"Welcome to the world of wars and ruling." Yoongi gives him a dry smile in which Jimin frowns at. 

"I really don't like that you're almost drowning yourself with work. Namjoon please, leave him be?" Jimin says, glaring at Namjoon who only nods curtly.

"If your highness wishes it then I will do so." Namjoon directly refused an order coming from Jimin which only annoyed the younger king even more.

"It's fine Namjoon, you can leave to have lunch with Jin. Just arrange my afternoon papers and deliver them to my chambers." Yoongi dismisses him and only then that he stepped out of the room to give Jimin and Yoongi privacy as they silently ate.

"How are you faring with him back by your side?" Jimin asks subtly but what he really wanted to say is that it greatly irked him that Yoongi's ex lover works so close with him. God knows what is happening whenever they are alone in Yoongi's royal work room. What matters of the country they discuss. And what activities the might be doing.

The mere thought of it, had Jimin cutting way to harshly into his own food as Yoongi watched.

"If you're worry that I'm going to jump on Namjoon like you want to jump prince Mingyu then worry not. I have impeccable control and what's between us have been over for a year and a few months now." Yoongi says, bringing Mingyu in the topic again.

"Why did you have to intervene like that? I was going to get directly to the point. With you running your mouth off like you did, the crown prince probably now thinks that siding with Aerondei and its moronic king is a better option thatn siding with us." Yoongi didn't mean the words however. He was just a tad bit upset that Jimin blatantly flirted with Mingyu right in front of him.

Jimin frowns at the accusation towards him. 

"You know what Yoongi, if I didn't say anything. People would think I'm weak. That I'm only here to depend on you. What would Sindria think of me when they hear that the Valerian king sealed the important alliance with Chalcia? They will deem me as incopetent and the opposition against me will just become stronger." Jimin's voice rose from irritation and frustration. Deep down he knew that maybe Yoongi didn't mean the words that he said but he was also hard-headed and refused to be the matured partner.

"Then maybe they are right. Maybe you are weak. Ever since the arson all you did was do walks and play with the child that you took under your wing. Where were you when I was signing loads of paper work. Some of them addressed directly to you?" The argument is starting to rise. Even Taehyung flinched at the harshness of Yoongi's tone and Jimin couldn't help but tighten his grip on the silverware until his knuckles turned white. Frost began surrounding his seat and it slowly crept towards Yoongi as his patience began running thin. Stretched by Yoongi's bad attitude. 

"Let's not forget that you specifically told me to stay out of this. Stop coddling me Yoongi. Stop coddling me and then blaming me later for my lack of participation. You may be a good ruler but your attitude towards the people who might show slight care towards you is rotten. Not every ruler is perfect and I am now seeing that. I will save Sindria. So you can fucking sit your know-it-all arse down. I hope ou fucking choke on your food." 

With that sudden outburst, the frost reached Yoongi, icicles stopping midway as his own gifts negate Jimin's. There were practically two seasons in the room when Jimin left. Leaving a trail of frost behind him.

Taehyung on the other hand was so shell-shocked that he stopped eating mid-way just to stand up and run after Jimin. 

"Fuck!" Yoongi cursed out, melting the frost all together in one heat wave. His frustration let out with the heat wave that made even the silverware in his hand melt. Making a metallic mess on the table that the royal servants would have to replace later on.

He didn't mean to be too harsh but Jimin is right. He needs to work on his attitude and expressing what he truly felt to the people who knew him outside of his monarch character.


"Jimin wait up!" Taehyung yells out as he ran after Jimin who never stopped despite hearing his bestfriend's pleas. He was still mad, the evidence is shown with the frost trail that he left behind as he walked away from the dining hall towards anywhere that his feet would take him. And when he finally stopped, he finds himself in the middle of the receiving area of the castle. 

The very same spot where he stood to admire Valeria's palace on his first day. Jimin sighs softly, letting the frost trail behind him vanish and the glint on his eyes to return to normal. 

"Like you, I think Yoongi doesn't have a filter on what he says. Also, he might be upset because you're basically eye fucking Prince Mingyu." Taehyung narrows his eyes at Jimin who just shrugged his shoulders.

"Why would he be mad? we're not even in /that/ ind of relationship." Jimin reasons out weakly, almost guilty that he had been wanting the foreign prince.

"Oh you're not in /that/ kind of relationship when you gave him a blow job for breakfast once? Come on now, don't play dumb. That's my forte." Taehyung chastises Jimin and the elder could only groan and pout.

"But he's being extra mean to me Taehyung-ah! did you see how he even neglects himself now? Those bags under his eyes mean that he's not getting enough sleep!" Jimin whines and Taehyung could only grin at him.

"You know, you fuck around but I get the feeling that you're starting to care for ol' grumpy Valerian king." He says thoughtfully, making Jimin walk towards him and smack him on the shoulder. 

"Stop saying such non sense. I'm too good for that. Plus, I don't feel such things. It died..six years ago." It was a lie that Jimin wasn't aware of. As of late, whenever he happened to see Yoongi's stressed face, he couldn't help but care for a bit but he refused to actually talked with Yoongi since th latter basically shut him away so he kept his pride and carried on. 

His pride was a dangerous little thing that has become his flaw since it greatly affected his decisions. Now he is about to do something that he might fully regret later. But he is desperate to prove Yoongi that he too can participate in this war to save his own nation even with different means. A small smile made its way to his lips. The same smile that gave Taehyung the feeling that his king is up to no good.

"Taehyung, can you find out where prince Mingyu is right now?" He asks and with his suspicious request taehyung's hunch was confirmed.

"You're up to no good aren't you?" The high chancellor asks and Jimin could only grin at him.

"It's time for dessert." Jimin walks towards the nearest servant with a special request to guide him towards the royal patissier's area since according to the inside information that he has gathered prior to meeting the princes, prince Mingyu has a liking for foreign sweets.

"I don't think this is a good idea. Are you going to bribe him with sweets? He's not a child!" Taehyung walked with him nevertheless. If only there was an award for the most loyal subject then Taehyung would have won the award a thousand times over. He has been beside Jimin during his stupidest decisions. Questioning them to the point that Jimin would get mad but still stayng and seeing the consequences through with his king and bestffriend beside him. They have been partners in crime since childhood and that much will never change even now that they both can move nations at one single command. 

"Taehyung, sometimes I question the maturity of your mind in these matters." Jimin says, letting the servant guide them towards the less pleasing parts of the castle that they haven't seen before. Even though the decor slowly faded into something more decent and humble, the marble tiles slowly becoming hard asphalt as they reached the inner parts of the southern castle, everything else was clean and well-kept. There was no bad odor in the air, only the dizzying sweetness of the pastries and bread that is being made in the patissier's work place. 

Then it slowly dawned unto Taehyung what Jimin has been meaning when he said that it was time for dessert. An incredulous expression on his face as he turned towards his king. Stopping midway.

"Yah Park Jimin you idiot!" 

Monarch formalities be damned.

"It's the most effective method Taehyung. I'm a million percent sure that we will get ingyu to stamp the royal seal on those papers after I'm done with him." Jimin scolded him.

"Plus this might just solve my grumpiness if Yoongi won't give me what I want." He says, finally revealing the underlying motive in this plan that he has.

"You're too horny for your own good your highness." Taehyung sighs as he stopped walking. 

"I'm afraid that I'm only bothering your monarch duties so I'm going to go find our little Jihoon and make sure he's safe okay?" taehyung says, finding every excuse that he can just so Jimin would let him go. Now that he has walked Jimin safely to the patissier to request god knows what, his duties as a royal chancellor is pretty much done. Taehyung wouldn't be able to bear the consequences of walking Jimin into the chambers of prince Mingyu. He'd rather not be on Yoongi's bad side. 

"What happened to partners in crime forever?" Jimin pouts at him, feigning innocence.

"Yoongi happened. I don't want to die by the hands of your betrothed your highness, if you will excuse me. Little Jihoon needs my guidance." Taehyung says, sticking his tongue out at Jimin before turning around and walking away as rapidly as he could.

"Tch, Yoongi again. It's all Yoongi's fault." Jimin puffs his cheeks as he entered the patissier's work area where all the servants hurried to greet him. offering to escort him out of the /filty/ place and that how they weren't deserving to be graced by his presence. 

"Have they always been this scared of Yoongi that they started treating me like how they treated him?" Jimin frowns softly before declinging the servants' offers. Saying that he's alright and that they don't have to worry as he made his way towards the humble patissier who was currently working on a cake for tonight's feast in honor of the Chalcia princes.

"What brings you to my humble work shop your highness?" He asks humbly, and Jimin beams at him.

"Can you assemble me a basket filled with Valerian pastries that you would personally recommend to foreign visitors?" He said, his blue eyes shining with a glint of mischief.

"I will assemble one for you at once your highness. You can just wait in your chambers. It will be delivered as soon as possible." 

The patissier replies,making Jimin smile and give him a polite thank you before leaving the work area to wait in his chambers. 

He walked back to his chambers alone, passing by the royal garden on his way to the large staircase that led him to part of the castle where only him and Yoongi are allowed to. Where their chambers are. However a commotion was on his path and he could hear taehyung's frantic voice amidst it all.

"Jihoonie stop crying~ I'm sure prince Soonyoung didn't mean to startle you yes?" 

Several servants hover over the pair as taehyung tried his best to comfort Jihoon to no avail. The boy just continued crying.

"Jihoon-ah?" Jimin says softly, sending a glare to the servants who were hovering on the scene.

"Return to your work at once. you're just making the situation worse." Jimin tells them,making the servants practically run from the commotion and back to their work station. Now only Taehyung and Jihoon are left. the boy still in tears as his cheeks were puffy from crying. If he wasn't so cute then Jihoon would be Yoongi's perfect doppleganger. 

Jimin walks towards the pair and scoots down so he could be in Jihoon's eye level.

"What's wrong love?" He asks, pulling the crying Jihoon to a hug and rubbing his back gently to soothe him and hopefully make him stop crying. It has always worked on his brother and sister back at home and it sure did work on the child on his arms as he instantly stopped crying, the moment that he wrapped his small arms around Jimin, small sobs still coming from him as he tried speaking. 

"T-There was a boy who went to the maze...a-and he was lost too. I-I tried talking to him b-but he ran up to me and hugged me like this." Jihoon pouts and Jimin sighed in relief. So it wasn't really something serious. 

"You're not hurt anywhere baby?" Jimin asks, frantically checking on the boy for any injuries. He wouldn't be able to forgive himself if anythign bad happens to Jihoon. He was now Jimin's little baby boy and Jimin will never let anything bad happen to him. 

Jihoon shook his head gently.

"No.. he didn't hurt me. But I-I was just shocked. I didn't know what to say." Jihoon whispers the last bit to Jimin making Jimin chuckle softly.

Jihoon on the other hand only pouted and began throwing a small tantrum out of embarrassment.

"D-don't laugh at me papa~"He pouts, snuggling his small frame against Jimin's as if wanting to disappear right there and then but it didn't work that way in real life. He just can't disappear whenever he want to unlike in the books that he loved to read.

Jimin looks up to Taehyung who only shrugged.

"It was prince Soonyoung from Chalcia. The prince who was absent from court not because he wanted to be absent. Because he's too young to participate. Apparently, he escaped from his steward and headed straight for the royal garden since he heard that it was very beautiful in there." Taehyung explains, pausing briefly before continuing.

"Hey, don't look at me like that. Jihoon only stopped crying when he saw you. I don't think he lieks anyone else as much as he likesyou...very similar to King Yoongi I see." Taehyung lightly jabs at Jimin with his last statement. Making Jimin glare at him even more.

"I'm sure prince Soonyoung didn't mean to startle you baby~" Jimin explains what Taehyung has been trying to tell Jihoon since before the Sindrian king's arrival.

"He didn't. I was just shy..I didn't know what to say. So I cried and he ran away, I didn't want him to run away." Jihoon pouts and looks at Jimin with his puppy-like expression. The young king smiles at Jihoon.

"Did you want him to be your friend?" 

Jihoon didn't look at him. Instead, the boy looked away and fiddled with his fingers before nodding shyly.

"Would you want to talk to him again tonight? What if I said that you can talk to him? Papa will find away." Jimin proposed and he could see the visible flush on Jihoon's face but he shook his head stubbornly.

"What if he doesn't want to be my friend because I cried and he ran away?" Jihoon reasons out before reaching to tug on Jimin's shirt.

"Well, then we'll have to see okay? Prince Soonyoung is going to be at the ball tonight so if you want to talk to him again you'll have to be there too. Don't worry. The people are nice. I'll make sure that no one will make you cry love~" Jimin says before ruffling Jihoon's hair. Ultimately making the child smile brightly again, the same kind of brightness that Jimin used to radiate when he was still pure. The brightness that he intends to protect for as long as he can. 

"Thank you papa~ you're so nice to me." Jihoon says before giving Jimin another smile and hugging him tight.

"I wish the papa Yoongi is nice like you. He's a little bit scary." Jihoon confesses. 

The boy is naturally silent but wih Jimin he could be quite vocal with saying what he wants to say. At least he opens up to Jimin somehow. The first few weeks of him being in the palace was tough. he refused to eat or talk to anyone until Jimin personally made it a mission to see him everyday and try talking to him despite his strong refusal. Until he finally got Jihoon to talk and eat normally again. Somehow, he started calling Jimin and Yoongi papa. But he would never call Yoongi 'papa' when he's around. He's too scared to drop formalities.

"Well, papa Yoongi is a nice person too. He's just too serious. I agree with you. He needs to smile more." Jimin chuckles,like he just shared a secret joke with Jihoon who giggled in return when he picked him up and began walking back towards Jihoon's chambers to get the boy bathed and ready for tonight's event. This will be his first banquet ever since he arrived in the castle. Ever since he mustered enough courage to start slowly leaving his shy shell behind and talking to people. At first it was Jimin, and then he would talk to his 'weird uncle' aka Taehyung. Then Jungkook whom he's always shy around. Jimin and Taehyung secretly thought that Jihoon had a crush on Jungkook and they would laugh about how cute it is.

Their adopted child now resides in the same restricted floor where both Jimin and Yoongi's rooms are located at. Jimin ordered the servants to furnish the empty room at the end of the hall so Jihoon would be able to stay close since the by is practically glued to Jimin ever since the arson in his village occurred. The room is smaller than both Jimin and Yoongi's room but according to Jihoon, it was already twice the size of him and his mother's small house back in the village. Jimin couldn't help but witness how sad the younger was as he would tell Jimin that he dreamt of sleeping in the palace with his mom and how now he wants none of it. He only wants his mama.

Not even the well ventilated room with white interior and lightly colored decoration along with the stuffed dolls that decorated his bed were enough to wash away the sadness that Jihoon felt for the lost of his mother for the past few months and Jimin is sure that the scar runs deep that he may never get over it ever. The only thing that Jimin can be certain of at this point is that he'll do his best to lessen the child's pain. 

"What if the prince tell people who I'm mean or a cry baby?" Jihoon was nervous and scared for no reason. 

"No he won't. I'm sure he would like to be your friend as well. You were just shocked that's all. There's always a first time with everything. You know your uncle Taehyung tackled me when we first met." Jimin says,recalling the funny way in which he met his bestfriend and now high chancellor.

"Really?" Jihoon says, listening attentively to the elder's story as he obediently got into the bath that was prepared by Jimin's servants upon the king's request.  

"I can do this by myself papa, I know you're also busy like papa Yoongi." Jihoon says thoughtfully as he began to wash himself. Showing Jimin that he is completely capable of finishing his bath. Jimin smiles at him.

"Aigoo my baby boy is already slowly growing up?" He says making Jihoon splash the water.

"I'm not a baby boy anymore." He puffs his cheeks out cutely. 

"Alright if you say so love~" Jimin says,standing up and dusting himself. 

"I need to get ready for tonight as well. I'll stop by here later so we can go to the banquet together yes?" Jimin says making Jihoon nod happily.

"I wanna go to the banquet with papa~" he says before washing himself diligently as his assigned steward watched over him from afar.

"Make sure that he's dressed with the finest coat that I had made for him." Jimin commands before leaving the chamber when his servant went in to whisper an important news to him.

"The royal patissier wants to tell your majesty that the pastry basket that you requested is finished."

Jimin's bit his lower lip softly. How could he be a doting parent just a few moments ago and then suddenly turn to this at the prospect of finally getting what he wants? He is such a complicated man. 

The Sindrian king shook his head with a light chuckle as he made his way towards his own chamber where the special basket was dropped off.

He needs to make a special stop before preparing for the royal banquet to be held for their guests' honor.


Chapter Text

With the basket filled of Valerian dessert and him being the main treat himself, Jimin readily made his way towards Mingyu's quarters which was quite a walk from where his own chambers were located at. It was at the opposite side of the castle. Where most of the court members reside. It was a way for Yoongi and him to have their privacy and of course to differentiate themselves as they are kings.

Speaking of Yoongi, Jimin have never heard of him even with the incident with Jihoon and prince Soonyoung. A soft smile comes upon Jimin's lips as he recalled the innocent and adorable way that the Chalcian prince greeted his adopted son.

His expression quickly changed as he neared Mingyu's chambers. Jimin stops right in front of the wooden door before adjusting his shirt. Undoing the first two buttons before he raked a hand through his silver locks. Lightly messing the seemingly perfect side swept hair style he had for court in order to impress the same person earlier. He wanted to look different now. More seductive. Like his aim was for Mingyu to eat him up. 

That was the plan. 

Jimin's tongue darts out to wet his lower lip, he's confident about himself and his good looks. There's no doubt that he can make the Chalcian crown prince fall for him and his skills but he's never slept with anyone with an underlying intention before. And frankly, he would prefer being under Yoongi at any day and any given time. Hence the slight hesitation and inner struggle at the very last moment but Jimin refused to waver. If the elder king wanted him then he would have made himself clear. Not avoid Jimin to the point where he's basically using his country's 'need of alliance' as an excuse to try to satisfy the insatiable lust he started feeling right after the nights when Yoongi didn't call for him nor so much as acknowledged him.

The Sindrian king finally decided that there's no going back now that he has his hand on the cold door knob and twisting it open as he released a deep sigh before pushing it forward and opening the chamber door himself. Mingyu has already been informed that Jimin would be coming in his chambers to extend Valeria's hospitality according to one of Jimins servants. The Chalcian prince remained in his room after the prior notice so that's a sign that he too anticipated this. 

With the sweetest smile that he could muster, Jimin faces Mingyu who seemed busy as he sat in front of his desk, a small stack of papers by him and he held a quill. The younger prince appeared to be in the middle of signing papers when Jimin walked in. Brows knit together in concentration. What's with handsome men and work that they get so focused they almost forget that there's more to life than working? Again Min Yoongi popped up in his mind and Jimin tried his best to put the thought of the Valerian king on the back of his head as he cleared his throat.

Jimin looks around, the room is certainly not as big as the royal chambers however it was impressive and any guests who stayed at the room would clearly say the same. Nothing was left out. The bedding was the finest bedding cloth in all of Valeria, customized to fit the assigned prince's taste. In Mingyu's case it was burnt orange. A rich color that reminded Jimin of the illustrations in Autumn books that he read as a child. Not that he's ever experienced Autumn. This was the closest that he could get before Summer passes in Valeria. Nothing will change about the climate though. It was still hot as hell. 

Mingyu on the other hand looks up from the document that he just finished signing. He had thought that it was another of King Jimin's servants. Announcing the arrival of the king but not. It was the beautiful king himself. 

Now he could see why Wonshik is so ready to wage a war against Jimin who had previously rejected him. In Mingyu's eyes. Jimin's beauty is second to no one. His silver hair and blue hair made him stand out from the common crowd and the way he smiled like he knew what exactly he wanted without any reservation made Mingyu fall deeper into his charm although they had literally just met hours ago in the throne room for the royal court session. 

Nevermind the fact that Jimin's betrothed was right there in the room as well. Mingyu is fully aware of that but the Chalcian prince secretly liked rebelling. He wouldn't mind a bit of fun. 

The younger prince stands up and makes his way to where Jimin stood. 

"Your highness." He regarded Jimin and Jimin returns the greeting before insisting that they can call each other by their first names.

"Jimin." The elder male's name rolls off Mingyu's tongue effortlessly despite the accent that he had. Back in Chalcia, they still carried the ancient tongue. Most of which was lost in translation as people of this day has already incorporated the ancient tongue of the realm in their own country's native language but not where he's from. 

So when Mingyu called Jimin by his name in that strangely sexy accent of his, the young Sindrian king couldn't help but bite his lower lip in want. But he didn't go straight to his point as he walked past Mingyu to set the basket of Valerian dessers in the large desk instead. 

"A good host must know how to impress his important guests and according to my sources, you enjoy sweets. Particularly those of Valeria's. So I had the royal patissier make you a sampler of the best desserts that Valeria has to offer." Jimin chimes. He wasn't facing Mingyu instead the glorious sight of his behind greeted the younger who of course stared much to his heart's content. Loving the view that the Sindrian king unconsciously gave him. Jimin's tight pants accentuated his perky ass. The fabric hugging Jimin's curves and even flaunting his thighs. An additional turn on to the already horny Chalcian crown prince. 

"But the best dessert in all of the realms isn't from Valeria." He adds the last sentence quite suggestively before turning around. Crystal blue eyes meeting Mingyu's emerald ones.

With that statement, Mingyu's mouth formed a soft "o" as he placed the pieces together. At first he only covet Jimin in his mind. Knowing that the younger king was already engaged to another king nonetheless, he didn't stand a chance. But now that Jimin suggestively stared at him the way he did, Mingyu was filled with false hope.

However in Jimin's mind, Mingyu will only ever be a momentary dalliance. Nothing permanent, just another handsome face. Another cock to ride.

"Will you tell me where I can find this rare delicacy? Because I would love to have a taste." Mingyu dares. This time it was his turn to gravitate towards the shorter male. 

He was petite but not too fragile. Mingyu could tell that the older male is very well experience and was able to hold his own ground. If he came here out of his own desire then he is not one to be shy nor squirm when Mingyu towered over him. The height difference became obvious when Mingyu finally stood in front of Jimin. The younger male looked down at Jimin who didn't dare flinch even though he had to slightly crane his neck upwards to meet Mingyu's eyes once more.

Jimin made the first move when he pushed Mingyu back into the chair where he sat. He was done teasing. It's time to get into the act. Mingyu is no different from his other dalliances. There was no challenge. The young king was able to read him like an open book. No air of mystery or any struggle in his part to figure what the younger was thinking because all he saw in Mingyu's eyes were lust. Lust that could only be satisfied if he had Jimin right there, right now. So he straddles Mingyu but when the younger reaches to cup Jimin's cheek and bring him down for a kiss, the young king stops him. 

"The dessert is sweeter if you let me serve it to you instead of tasting it on your own hmm?" He says, placing his index finger on top of Mingyu's tiers in a gentle manner before he reaches inside of the basket right by the desk where he pulls out a small cake. Almost like a finger cake but the icing over powered the cake itself. Almost making a mess on Jimin's fingers but the elder male was quick to lick the icing before it dripped further down. 

His tongue quickly worked into lapping the trail of icing and Mingyu's eyes were quick to catch on how sensually he did so. Suddenly the treat seemed so appetizing. The prince wraps an arm around Jimin's waist to pull him closer and Jimin lets himself squeal just a tad bit with the sudden action. 

"So no kissing?" Mingyu says with his deep voice as his green eyes calculated Jimins blue ones. His hands so dangerously close to Jimin's ass.

But it was Jimin who guided Mingyu's hand to cup the Sindrian king's perky behind.

"No kissing~" Jimin confirms before placing his lips upon the expanse of Mingyu's neck. His tongue darting out to lick the skin just below the Chalcian prince's ear.

"But that doesn't mean I can't kiss /you/" Jimin whispers. Emphasizing the word 'you'.

The younger male chuckles at the statement before squeezing Jimin's ass playfully and then smacking it right after, urging JImin to grind against him in response,making the young king drop the treat on his hand unto the floor.

"Oooops~" Jimin mutters, not relly feeling sorry for the mistake as now his hands stated to work on undoing the front buttons of Mingyu's dress shirt all while grinding his crotch against the younger's obvious erection under his trousers. 

Jimin was at the last button when the door suddenly flung open. Distracting Jimin from the task at hand and making him crane his neck when he saw Yoongi standing in the door. He had a smile on his face but his crimson red eyes said something different. 

Now it was Mingyu's turn to say "oops" as he truly was caught in a sticky situation. 

"Well well, I see you're receiving the best hospitality that Valeria has to offer." Yoongi says, clasping his hands together before walking towards the pair. His eyes were on Jimin's and they never left the younger's whose eyes now shone along with Yoongi's. Crystal blue orbs reacting with the crimson red ones as per usual.

"You're no fun." Jimin said, refusing to leave Mingyu's lap even though the male underneath him struggle to get him off. The moment he saw Yoongi, his hand left Jimin's ass. Making the Sindrian king pout and glare at Yoongi for interrupting his fun. 

Yoongi on the other hand kept his composure. His powers in check as he tried his best to avoid burning the whole room, if not the whole palace itself. 

Jimin got the message. He wouldn't want it to be such a big scandal. It would be bad for all three nations involve and they can't have that especially when they're about to go in a war with Aerondei so he reluctantly stood up, allowing Yoongi to hold him by the wrist and basically drag him out of Mingyu's temporary chambers. Jimin didn't even look back as the couple left a disgruntled and confused Mingyu alone as the door shut behind them.


"Yoongi!" It was probably the tenth time that Jimin called unto the elder male as he was practically dragged back towards the part of the palace that only belonged to them.

The Valerian king had been quiet the whole time that they walked. Even the servants whom they passed by looked away at the scene that the two kings were causing. Afraid that they might get on Yoongi's bad side. But Jimin is quite fearless.

So he dared using his ice affinity to slow them down. Making it harder for the older king to drag his arse back to their chambers. 

But as soon as the latter felt that the temperature around them drop significantly and looked down to see the ice that seemed to wrap around him and Jimin's feet, his grip on the younger's grip tightened and in an instant, Yoongi let out the second heat wave of that day. Melting Jimin's ice right away and returning the palace's floor back to normal. The only change this time is that Yoongi isn't dragging Jimin with him but he stopped, turned around and instead, he scooped Jimin up in his arms. Princess style and all before beginning to walk again as if it's not embarrassing for Jimin to be seen like so. 

Jimin protests, constantly moving about and almost screaming at Yoongi's ear just so the elder would let him go but his protests fell on deaf ears and soon they approached Yoongi's chambers. The Valerian king was still quiet, his crimson red eyes shone with an almost murderous glint that Jimin didn't fail to catch. Making him gulp and send a silent prayer to whoever's listening out there. 

Yoongi kicks the door open. Revealing his now overly familiar chamber to Jimin who started feeling like it's been ages since he last entered the room. It seems that he's only ever there to do something with Yoongi. Not that he's complaining. But Jimin has never been there for anything other than sexual acts. It made him wonder if one day, he'll be able to enter that door with a completely different purpose than getting into Yoongi's pants. 

His train of thought was broken when his back hit the soft mattress of Yoongi's bed as the Valerian male dropped him unceremoniously. Dumping him in the bed like some old rag that Yoongi needed to discard. 

Jimin lets out a yelp, glaring at Yoongi.

"Was it really that bad Jimin? your lust? That you'd so desperately approach a foreign prince in his chambers without regard to your position and who you are? All for the sake of a cock in your ass?"

Yoongi's tone was harsh but it was true. Jimin's lust was almost unbreable despite the real intent behind the visit. The intent that will never be possible since he didn't succeed in getting what he wanted this time. Jimin only flinches before nodding his head in defeat.

Why is it that in Yoongi's presence, Jimin is always at his mercy. He can easily turn the tables around with everyone except with Yoongi. The crimson stare that the Valerian king only gave him held so much intensity. Enough to stir the pit in his stomach and make him squirm in the sheets.

"Yes Yoongi. Yes it was that bad. You've been ignoring me. Almost avoiding me after the arson in the village." Jimin explained while he undid his own clothes. Not caring if Yoongi is going to judge him for doing so.

"What made you think that I'm going to touch you right after you let that petty Chalcian crown prince touch and grind on you like that?" The elder's tone was still cold and nonchalant as he regarded Jimin who in return pouted at him and whimpered. He has successfully removed his shirt and is now undoing his trousers.

"T-then--" Jimin struggled to come up with a solution.

"Then don't do anything! Just watch! It's not like I can leave the room anyway. You wouldn't let me." Jimin protests as he undid the last button of his trouser and unzipped his trousers.

Yoongi raised a questioning brow when Jimin continued undressing even with him telling the younger that he may not touch him. He got his answer to his unspoken question soon enough when the Sindrian king revealed his erection underneath his trousers that he didn't fully remove. As if that could save him from the embarrassment and arousal that he's been starting to feel ever since Yoongi lifted him up in the hallway as if he was a fragile thing. 

A little fragile and horny thing he is. 

"Just watch--" Jimin trails off as he wrapped his fingers around the base of his own cock. Breath hitching at how surprisingly sensitive he is this time. It's not as if it's his first time masturbating and touching himself. But this is indeed his first time doing it in front of someone and that someone happened to be Yoongi this time. 

"And if I don't want to?" Yoongi pushes Jimin further, only making Jimin hornier. He didn't knew things like this aroused him until today. The way Yoongi's eyes stayed on his, they way his piercing gaze almost peek unto what's inside Jimin's soul. Strangely, it made him feel like he is starting to melt into the bed. Making him feel temperatures higher than normal.

"Please. Please watch me if you don't want to touch me." Jimin says, completely succumbing once again into Yoongi and his games. He didn't care at the moment. He only wanted release from his frustrations so he begins to stroke his member ever so slowly, letting his hand wrap around the thickness his cock nicely while Yoongi peeled his eyes away from Jimin. Letting his gaze lower into Jimin's chest, his chiseled abs and down to where the real action was. In his southern region. 

The younger lets out a soft moan, hs breath hitching as he doubles the pace. 

"It's been so long Yoongi, I miss your touches. Your hot hands all over me and your even hotter lips against mine. I love your tongue, how you seem to know how to work me up and then bring me down to tease. I miss it. Oh I miss it all." Jimin lets out a shaky breath as the words seemed to spill from his luscious wet lips as a form of prayer while he stroked his member. The tip leaking with pre-cum. Jimin brings his free hand into his chest so he could toy with his also erected nub. Adding more pleasure and sensations to his alread sensitive body.

Yoongi urged himself to not give in to the temptation who was Jimin but how could he when the younger practically begged him to. He so badly wanted to replace the touches that Mingyu gave him just moments ago with his burning touches. The places that Mingyu potentially kissed to be replaced by his own sloppy ones. Just watching Jimin pleasure himself was not enough. 

Who would have thought that the sight of his fiance stroking his own cock while touching himself could be so arousing to the point that Yoongi could already feel his own erection throbbing under the confines of his trousers. As if wanting to break free and enter Jimin to only fuck him over and over until he couldn't walk anymore. The royal banquet for Chalcia be damned. 

"Continue princess~ What do you want me to do?" Yoongi asks, his voice thick with lust now as he started palming his clothed crotch in front of Jimin. Making the younger moan at the sight. Beads of sweat rolled down Jimin's forehead as he stroked himself, stopping to rub the circumference of its head with his thumb as he confessed all the things that he wanted Yoongi to do to him. His pride was absolutely gone by the time he finished confessing. 

"I want you to spread my legs open and ram into me. No preparations. I want to take you raw Yoongi~ ever since we started doing these things. I've wanted you to fuck me completely. Over and over. One round is not enough. After you come, I want you to bend me over. Let me stand on all fours~" Jimin whines,biting his lower lip seductively as he imagined the scenario being fulfilled in real life. 

"I want to take your thick cock from behind to hit my pleasure spot from various angles and then come inside me over and over again please~" Jimin now stroked his cock faster and faster, feeling the familiar warm and pleasurable sensation on the pit of his stomach as his own orgasm threatened to break free. 

But he wasn't done. He wanted Yoongi to know how bad the Valerian king affected him. Might as well spill it all out while he can.

"And then when you think that you're already spent and tired, you can lay down and then let me ride you. I'll do my best to make you feel good~ If you let me...Yoongi..please~." 

Yoongi has never seen such lust in a person's eyes. But Jimin looked irresistably horny as he laid there. Touching himself and letting Yoongi watch him come undone as he came in his hand. Thick white ropes of semen squirted out from his cock while he grinds against his hand. Riding his own orgasm as he soiled his hand, some of the white liquid rested on top of his defined abs. 

His chest rose and fall rapidly as he tried catching his breath. His head was dizzy from his unexpectedly mind-blowing release. If he felt this way by just having Yoongi watch him,how much more if Yoongi already is touching him and fucking him against the bed? 

Jimin felt embarrassed at the realization that he just spilled his darkest secrets in the height of pleasure. He wasn't even drunk but he shamelessly begged for the elder male to fuck him.

"But you misbehaved, don't you think that it's just right for me to punish you?"

Yoongi says as he looked down on Jimin's flushed body.

"And my sweet princess, did you forget one last thing?" The elder said as he places one knee on the bed before the other. Crawling to the bed and letting his nimble fingers ghost against the expanse of Jimin's waist. 

"What did I forget? I've been very good at learning since I got here." Jimin says,wanting to be praised and rewarded somehow. But Yoongi only flips him over so Jimin is laying on his stomach. Yoongi whispers on his ear. 

"That we can't consummate the marriage since we're not yet technically married." Yoongi teases,drawing his tongue out so he can lick the shell of Jimin's ear, earning a shudder from the latter. A shudder that was soon followed by a whine. 

"Since when did we start following customs? We made out on your throne room for crying out loud." Jimin protests but he was silenced when Yoongi's palm came in contact with his ass.

"Aaaahhnngggg!!" A sharp stinging pain registers right after the loud slap of Yoongi's hand that turned a soft shade of pink. A desirable color on Jimin, based on Yoongi's observance. 

"Princess, get on all fours. Not only did you try to fuck another man, but you also shamelessly touched yourself in front of me without my permission." Yoongi explains all while his index finger gently outlined the pinkish mark that he made just moments ago.

A string of complaints came from the younger king although he complied at the end. 

"Good boy~" Yoongi compliments him,naturally making Jimin happy along with the soft peck that the elder gave him on his cheek.

"Praise me more~" Was Jimin's reply as he readily stuck his ass out high up in the air for Yoongi, arching his back so the male can properly see. The younger king was never into such things until today. It might just be Yoongi as well since only him can stir Jimin up this much to the point where his pride was basically non-existent and he's just a puddle of pure horny under the elder.

"Oh what is this? My princess is actually enjoying his punishment? Yoongi chuckles in amusement. He has never tried such thing either but it strangely turned him on. Seeing Jimin beg for more. 

So without him knowing that the tables have turned and he is now saying yes to Jimins' every whim and basically giving the younger what he wants, Yoongi lands another slap on the latter's perky behind, this one stronger than the former. Making Jimin moan a little louder than before.

The elder king didn't miss the way Jimin squirmed and whined in pleasure whenever his palm made contact with Jimin's ass. The younger couldn't help but want to touch himself again. Turned on by such act while Yoongi on the other hand was just as horny as Jimin. Yet he did a very good job in concealing. 

"Yes. But can we please break the rules just this once?" Jimin pouts, craning his head sideways so Yoongi could properly look at the false innocence that he had on display with his plush lips and blushing cheeks. The face he gave the elder male did not match his body language at all. 

"Just the tip Yoongi~ I want to feel you at least." He protested, backing himself slightly so his ass pressed against Yoongi's palm that currently rested on the younger's raw and warm feeling skin that was now slowly turning into a desirable crimson red shade. He knew that if he didn't stop, Jimin wouldn't be able to sit properly on the next day so he stopped there for now. 

Instead of answering the latter's pleas, the raven haired male moved. Kneeling behind Jimin with his clothed erection rubbing against Jimin's naked behind. Without a word said, Jimin grinds against Yoongi's clothed crotch. Feeling his size under the confines of his trousers and underwear was nice but Jimin would have prefered to have the elder's hard erection buried deep inside him. The tip brushing along his pleasure spot at every thrust. But Yoongi is a man who never broke the law that he strongly imposed in his own kingdom. He is a rightful ruler in every way. Unlike Jimin who looks like he wouldn't be able to live without a cock in him if he needed to wait until gods know how long for him and the elder king to consummate their wedding that has yet to happen. 

He would break rules for Yoongi. 

"Steady princess~ I'll give you something if you behave." Yoongi says suggestively and with that, Jimin stops grinding and rubbing his ass against the latter's hard on. The obedient action made the elder think that he can tame the sassy and needy Jimin with the right training. 

Being a man of his words, Yoongi did give Jimin something.

He slid his trousers down along with his underwear so now his erection that was dripping of pre-cum stood against his stomach. Jimin wondered how Yoongi is able to conceal such lust when it is very obvious with the way his cock twitched that he was just as horny as Jimin. 

"Don't look, keep your head forward and just focus on feeling." Yoongi commanded with a stern tone, making Jimin instantly comply while he anticipated the elder's next actions. 

And he wasn't disappointed at all when he feels the rounded and hard tip of Yoongi's erection against his puckered entrance. The precum felt warm against his cold skin and he could almost fel Yoongi inside of him. Jimin grips on the sheets a harder until his knuckles turn white as if preparing for the raw penetration that he was wanting since earlier when he so shamelessly spilled all his inner desires in a moment of heat. Jimin's cheeks turn bright red at the sudden wave of embarrassment that hit him. But it's too late to back out now. He was just glad that Yoongi couldn't see his face.

Jimin closed his eyes and waited for the sweet pleasure of penetration. He takes a deep breath and prepares himself as he arches his back even more for Yoongi. A needy young king indeed.

But he just hears Yoongi's silent chuckle from behind as he once again brushed the tip of his erection against Jimin's entrance. Making Jimin whimper, a sound that was somewhat close to a moan was elicited from the younger's lips but just feeling him outside wasn't good enough although it was stimulating.

Then Yoongi repeated the action over and over. Jimin whines in protest but moans at every time he felt Yoongi's member against his ass. The elder king's fingers made their way to the younger's own throbbing erection. Letting him know that although this was a punishment for him desiring another man openly, he still would take care of him. Who can even resist how adorable and sexy Jimin looks when he makes that face and whines every time he doesn't get his way in bed? The elder king was sure that nobody would be able to resist Jimin's charms but there was a strange feeling in his gut. A feeling that's almost telling him that he only wanted Jimin to make those faces and beg for him. Only Yoongi. 

The Valerian king wraps his nimble fingers against Jimin's erect member and proceeded to grind his bare erection against the younger once again. The pace matching the way that Yoongi stroked the younger's cock. Making Jimin grip on the sheets even harder as he struggled to keep his knees that felt like wonton at the moment to maintain their balance.

"Y-Yoongi you're so m-mean aahhhh~" He says in the midst of pleasure. 

Jimin didn't know that something other than penetration and blow job could make him feel this way. The combination of Yoongi's hot fingers wrapped around his erection and the elder's rock hard cock that brushed against his pink entrance were enough to drive him to the edge once more because soon enough Jimin came again. For the second time on Yoongi's hand. Making him extra sensitive from the sensations that he felt. 

His mouth was agape as he grinds against Yoongi's hand and his ass on the elder's rock hard cock before he completely collapses on the bed, panting and catching his breath from the seemingly intense moment that him and Yoongi just shared. This way they could physically engage with each other but not break the ridiculous Valerian practice that the elder wanted to follow for their marriage. 

Yoongi still knelt behind Jimin's sweaty body. Watching the younger as he too finished off soon after. Thick white ropes of cum shooting from his cock and spilling into his hand as he continued stroking it while Jimin caught his breath but soon enough, the younger was sitting up and facing Yoongi so he could help the elder finish off. He props himself on both his elbows as he positioned himself in between the elder like he's done when he waked the elder up that one morning.

But the difference this time is that he asks for permission before initiating the act. 

"Can I?" He looks up with Yoongi with no hints of pretention, only what looked like pure innocence and want. The former seems more impossible than the latter but that's exactly what Yoongi saw on Jimin's eyes and Yoongi curses himself deep inside for giving in to his adorable fiance's request. 

He nods silently before cupping Jimin's cheek with one hand.

"Go ahead princess~" He says, giving the younger the go signal that he so happily took as he opened his plush red lips until they formed an 'o' shape before he took in all of Yoongi's length inch by inch until his cock was buried deep inside Jimin's mouth. Yoongi groans as he ran his fingers through the younger's silver locks. And Jimin happily complies when he hollowed his cheek to make it feel tighter around Yoongi's member. The lewd sounds produced by th way Jimin used his tongue and mouth on Yoongi made it easier for the elder to come without a fore warning into Jimin's mouth. His milky white juices spilling inside the younger's mouth, the excess dripping down on Jimin's lips.

Jimin on the other hand swallowed his load in one go before releasing his softening member to lap up the excess rather enthusiastically all before laid back down the bed and pulled Yoongi along with him who was still high from the orgasm he just had. 

There was a comfortable silence that followed right after as Jimin only snuggled closer to Yoongi who didn't push him away this time. 

"I don't know why but I don't like seeing you overwork yourself like that. You can't die before we get married. Sindria needs you." Jimin said although what he really wanted to say was 'I need you'. Like always, his pride prevented him from doing so. 

He could feel the rise and fall of Yoongi's chest when the elder chuckled and wrapped his arms around him. An action that he secretly liked. He missed the elder's warmth and how nice it is to be in the latter's embrace. He spent his life seeking faux comfort in the temporary warmth of others but right now here he is. Seeking and receiving comfort from someone whom he will eventually share his life with. 

"What is this princess? Are you getting attached?" Yoongi jokes, although it was him who tightened his embrace on the younger. 

It is true that he has been overworking himself to the point that he barely had time for Jimin and when he did, he'd rather avoid the younger. Simply because if he let himself get distracted then he'll never want to return to work. Focus is important in these circumstances. Especially when the peace of his country is at stake. However, he doesn't only want to protect Valeria and it's allies. He is also working hard to build a world where Jimin can be who he truly wanted to be without having to hide under the pretense of being uninterested in his own country's affairs when he is in fact a king like Yoongi. 

Jimin on the other hand frowns and looks up with him. A false certainty in his eyes simply because he thought he was sure of the fact that he's saying. 

"No. I only want your cock. Because you're the only bastard who can make me beg in the bedroom. Don't get too full of yourself. Also...because you're so warm it's nice to be embraced like this." Jimin says. Nodding more to himself than Yoongi.

"And you're cold. Naturally cold however hot Valeria could be. Your body is still unnaturally cold. I hate cold but I don't mind you." Yoongi retorts. They were in a position where they face each other. Faces only a few inches apart and so like usual, he takes in all of Jimin's details up close. 'How adorable' he thinks to himself for what seems to be the millionth time. 

The younger king closed his eyes after stifling a yawn. 

"You do know that the royal banquet for Chalcia's princes are only a few hours away from now yes?" Yoongi asks. Earning a lazy nod from Jimin before he replied in a tired voice. 

"A few more hours. Means I can take a nap before going back to my chambers to prepare." He says, already making plans in his mind although he badly wanted to spend the night on Yoongi's bed. Cuddled with him. 

"If you say so princess, just don't take too long later. I wouldn't want to be late."

"Don't call me princess outside your chambers, understood?" Jimin says with finality as he adjusted himself in Yoongi's embrace one more time to find the perfect position for him to fall asleep in. 

"Why, scared that the people won't take you seriously as a Sindrian king? I think being a Sindrian princess suits you better. A damsel in distress." Yoongi teases. Knowing that it would rile Jimin up.

But he didn't get any response. Instead, he hears Jimin's soft snores. Meaning that the younger had fallen asleep ahead of him. 

Quite rare since he had always been the one sleeping first. Yoongi smiles softly before pulling the sheets to cover the both of them.

"Let's rest for a few hours and forget the stress of the outside world." Yoongi says before leaning to softly kiss Jimin's forehead. Dozing right after him due to his lack of sleep and fatigue doubled by their intimate session.


"You said the Valerian king indeed has affinity for fire? What a pleasant surprise! It seems that this generation's rulers will surpass any other known generations before it." 

Came a low voice. Though it held amusement, there's something about its tone that makes anyone who heard it shiver with fear. 

King Wonshik sits on his throne forged from obsidian metal and black crystals. It looked very uncomfortable and it contrasted oddly with the white empty throne room in which it is the center piece. 

"Yes your grace, I've seen it with my very own eyes and even the Valerian spy confirmed it. He extinguished the flames all by himself without needing the help of anyone from the castle. There was also another one who wields an affinity for another element. His soon to be king consort." The squire was already blabbering at this point. Eager to spill all the information he knew and get out of the dreadful place as soon as he could. His hand was already shaking in fear but he dared not to show it in front of his king. Otherwise his chances of leaving the room alive would be thin.

"Ah yes! My sweet Jimin has the affinity of ice." King Wonshik smirks as he stared in a distance, the image of the young Sindrian king still vivid in his mind's eyes. As if the thought of Jimin brought about a tiny spark in his seemingly hollow black irises. His white hair made him stood out in the crowd. Rightfully so since he is a king and he is meant to stand out in his own way. Tales of the white-haired king with dark eyes have spread out all through Aerondei. Everyone began fearing the new monarch along with the many changes that he has made ever since he sat on his throne that was also included in the changes. Out with the old and in with the new he had said.

"Your grace..i-if I may ask--" The squire did his best not to stutter but the mere fact that he's standing in front of the scariest man in Aerondei right at the very moment was reason enough for him to do so. But nevertheless he still continued on his question. 

"Why did you need to confirm the rumors that's surrounding the Valerian king?" He asks but never dared to look up at his king. His greatest mistake in life would be to gaze upon his majesty's countenance and he values life too much to do that.

"Why?" Wonshik responds. Still with the same amused tone in his voice even though his next actions didn't match. He lifts his right hand and opened his palm. An action well known to those who are forced to attend his royal court sessions.

It was when he slowly closed his fingers that the squire started to feel dizzy and light-headed. Before he knew it he was already gasping for precious oxygen that seemed to be escaping his body instead of being let in. He falls on his knees. Gasping and wheezing.

"Y-your Majesty." He says in between gasps and Wonshik briefly halted his action.

"Oh right, I need to answer your question before I kill you." He says, a smile plastered on his lips.

"Of course I had to confirm if the rumors that circulated about King Yoongi were true. I had to make sure so I can take necessary precautions and arrangements. I can't afford to lose a war that would last for a while don't you think?" The smile leaves his face instantly as he rapidly closed his palm. Clenching it to a fist so tight that his knuckles turned white.

With that, the lowly squire who had been gasping for air clawed at his throat, as if desperately fighting off an invisible rope that's coiled around him so tight that it's almost fatal and in fact it is as he falls to the ground after a couple of seconds. His corpse creating a faint thud on the palace's cold floor. 

The nobles who are forced to attend his royal court session looked away with pained expressions on their faces. While King Wonshik on the other hand just smirked and began laughing all by himself. 

"Guards!" He called out for the king's guard who were stationed outside of the throne room. By now they are already used to their king's whims and another dead body is just another problem for them to deal with. As long as it's not them, they won't even bother asking. 

"Yes, your majesty." The two guards said in unison after placing a hand on top of their chests and bowing respectfully. Wonshik motions for them to rise as he gave his new orders.

"Throw his body from the royal balcony to let everyone below know that they shouldn't question or even ask about their king's plans when they're not even worthy of knowing such complicated agendas." He says before standing up and stepping down his throne to walk out first. Signalling the end of yet another fruitless royal court session. However, he didn't leave the room at once like he always did after 'solving' at least one problem.

"Hakyeon, send a raven to King Junmyeon of the east. Tell him his king summons him." He orders his high chancellor. And the chancellor looked at him in eye level. He was shorter than Wonshik and a lot lower in ranking since he's only the high chancellor but he dared look at King Wonshik in the eyes and not die because of it. 

"Of course King Wonshik, I will do it at once." He says, bowing curtly right after. Leaving Wonshik pleased and in a good mood as he walked out of Aerondei's throne room. 


Night fall arrives and so the celebration for the honorable guests of Valeria started taking place. The main hosts of the event, both King Yoongi and King Jimin haven't arrived despite everyone gathering in the castle's courtyard that was transformed to a grand pavilion by Valeria's finest artisans. Pillars carved from marble lined the grand space where a ball room was set up and lanterns lit up one by one as fresh flowers adorned the marble stones and tables were lined up starting from modest looking ones to ones that have gold gilded draping. Chefs constantly walk to and from the castle's royal kitchen bearing piping hot dishes that were carefully selected by Jimin and Yoongi prior to receiving their guests or knowing who they're preparing for. The kings are always prepared for any event that may take place. Especially Jimin since Yoongi described the events to be dull and boring with the constant attendance of the fakest nobles in court. 

Even young Jihoon is out and ready for his first royal banquet but refuses to go out and greet the people without Jimin and so he patiently waited in front of the Sindrian king's chambers. He shooed his butler and servants. Still uncomfortable with the idea of having people serve him and follow him around. 

Jihoon takes a deep breath, mustering courage since Jimin is not coming out of his room and it's been a while since he started waiting but at the same time it always feels so long whenever he had to wait for anything. 

The boy raises his hand, his arm's reach was barely above the door knob as he knocked on the door three times. Making sure that he didn't knock too hard. With his other hand he clutched a carnation that he picked before heading towards his room. He wanted to give it to the prince who invaded Jimin's garden and hugged him out of nowhere. But at the moment, he didn't know if he should apologize for crying or just give the carnation to the prince and run back to Jimin as soon as possible. For that, Jihoon would have to consult his papa.

A door opens, Jihoon hears the silent creak of it. But it wasn't Jimin's door. The faint sound that the boy heard came from the room adjacent to Jimin's. So he gulps nervously. Expecting that it would be Yoongi. His other papa who was strict and frankly, scary. Still, Jihoon turned around to greet Yoongi. Even kids in his status know that they must respect the higher-ups. Especially when the higher up is actually the ruler of the country where he lives in.

Instead it was Jimin who came out of Yoongi's chambers, making Jihoon sigh in relief. 

He himself was already dressed up in the navy blue suit that looked like the mini equivalent of what Jimin is wearing. He notices the bright smile that was on his papa's lips. Automatically making him smile in return. As if the happiness is contagious. 

"Papa you look nice~" Jihoon beams at Jimin, running to him and hugging his leg. Jimin chuckles before gently patting Jihoon's head. 

"And you look really handsome little love~" Jimin says, complimenting Jihoon in return. 

"Yoongi, we're running late could you please hurry up?" Jimin looks back into Yoongi's chambers and Jihoon's grip on Jimin's trouser tightened. Making Jimin instantly notice his reaction to the elder.

"You're still scared of Yoongi?" Jimin says carefully. Not wanting to make Jihoon cry incase the boy is sensitive in that department. Crying one time is plenty enough for a day.

Without hesitation, Jihoon nods.

"Yes, papa Yoongi is scary too. Especially lately. He doesn't even talk to you much." He knows this simply because him and Jimin spend the most times together when Jimin is not out learning more about Valeria and it's customs as well as monitoring Sindria from afar. Even in dinners, him and Jihoon are basically inseparable. 

"Yoongi is just really busy so he can ensure that we are all safe. You know, papa Yoongi is actually a very nice person once you get past his mean face." Jimin replies with a mischievous smile that made the both of them laugh.

They both agree that Yoongi has a rather mean resting expression. 

"Jimin, are you making me sound bad in Jihoon's ears again?" Yoongi asks as he stepped out of the door. He is wearing a more lavish version of his regular dark red suit. His hair is styled similarly with Jimin and both look just as good. Jimin whistles at him and Yoongi only rolls his eyes with a small smile playing on his thin lips. 

Jihoon on the other hand couldn't help but look at Yoongi, as if imagining himself as that person when he grows up since everyone including his butler tells him that him and the Valerian king look very much alike. Yoongi notices Jihoon's stare so he thought to himself that it's about time he redeems himself. Maybe if he approached Jihoon, the little boy wouldn't be too scared of him and s he did.

"Let's go to your first royal banquet?" Yoongi says, extending his hand towards Jihoon who looked surprised that Yoongi would talk to him first so he looks at Jimin as if wanting to ask if it was okay to take his other papa's hand. 

"It's okay sweetie." Jimin nods at him and Jihoon thought it was amazing how his papa Jimin could read his mind. Must be another super power of him. 

So with that, Jihoon takes Yoongi's hand carefully holding it and he's surprised at how warm his papa Yoongi's hand was. Unlike his papa Jimin who had cold hands.

Jimin invites himself to the scene as he took Jihoon's other hand making them look like a complete royal family as they descended the staircase and made their way to the courtyard where the banquet is being held.

"I'm scared...they might not like me a lot. I'm not a real prince." Jihoon blurts out nervously and Yoongi could tell that he is indeed nervous based on how his tiny hand was shaking in the elder's hand so he reassures Jihoon when he squeezed his tiny hand gently with his own.

"They already love you. You're basically Valeria's little prince now. Well your uncle Jungkook is a prince too but he's definitely not little anymore. Ever since you arrived in the palace, everything's more cheerful."

He says and he wasn't lying about any of that. He's not the type to sugar coat things and that applies to children as well.

"Really?" Jihoon says, looking up with a sparkle of curiosity in his bright brown eyes. Yoongi never thought children were cute. Until Jihoon. 

"Yes munchkin." Yoongi reassures him one more time and it made Jimin's heart beat a little faster than he would like.

Not that he'll ever tell Yoongi that.

As soon as they stepped foot in the royal courtyard, pleasant music greeted them and the loud chatters of the select high nobles were muted as if everyone's eyes are on the royal couple and their adopted son. It made Jihoon who's not yet used to the attention self-conscious once again.

"It's okay baby. We'll be here. Just don't talk to strangers especially the creepy kind and if any of them make you uncomfortable, let me or Yoongi know. Yes?" They stop when they reached the table that was designated to them and Jihoon knew that he can't hold unto Jimin and Yoongi's hands forever since his dads are the most influencial people present there. They probably have to go and greet other important people as well. The little boy didn't want to be a burden so he let go of their hold.

"I'll find prince Soonyoung. I have to give him the carnation and ask if he wants to be my friend." Jihoon says, smiling slightly at both his dads.

Yoongi knew that Jihoon understood that they can't keep holding his hands for the rest of the night but Jimin on the other hand was worried as he watched Jihoon walk towards prince Soonyoung who wore a bright orange suit that complemented his rather bright and enthusiastic personality. 

"Look at Jihoonie, if this happened a month ago he wouldn't be able to muster the courage to talk to a stranger again. For the second time after he cried in front of said stranger." Jimin chuckles before picking up a goblet of wine from a servants tray. 

They have it all down for the occasion. From the pillars to gold gilded goblets. Jimin couldn't help but wonder.

"Yoongi, does the Valerian royal treasury ever run dry? Could we really afford such lavish occasions when there's an impending war?" He asks and Yoongi just waves a finger at him.

"You know Jimin, war is costly but so is gaining allies. If we want Chalcia on our side, we better show them that we are best at everything we do." 

"That's what I did!" Jimin teases earning a serious glare from Yoongi who instantly placed an around his waist to pull him closer.

"Never do that again." 

The music drowned out what Yoongi said since he spoke in a tone that was barely above a whisper so Jimin had to lean in and ask again.


Instead of answering, Yoongi leaned over and captures Jimin's lips,shutting him up effectively.

In front of everyone who's watching. Even the honored princes from Chalcia, including Prince Mingyu who was effectively dumbfounded and a little bit ashamed for the lack of control that he has displayed with the King of Sindria earlier. It suddenly felt like he's looking at something that he's not supposed to be looking at so the younger prince quickly averts his eyes elsewhere. Just then, it lands on what looks like a young Valerian lord. With long and silky hair. Another beauty in the foreign country. The young man appeared to have high cheekbones and a set of soft and subtle pink tiers that slightly pouted. 

Mingyu thinks that he might be able to forget the shame that he has brought upon himself for that night. Especially with the crazy stunt that he is about to pull right before the night ends. He has already sent a raven to the rest of the royal family in Chalcia and with the knowledge that the rest of his brothers are safe at home from Aerondei, he shall deliver the news with a lighter heart.

It was Jimin who had to pull away  first even though he wanted to linger in the kiss for a little longer. But since everyone including young prince Soonyoung and their very own Jihoon started gawking at them, he had to slightly push Yoongi away who looks untethered by all the attention that they were receiving.

"Look who's getting clingy." The moment he opens his mouth, his words ruin the moment. Yoongi's expression returns to his usual bland one.

"Look who's pretending that he didn't enjoy the kiss at all." The elder king retorts as he pulled a chair for Jimin to sit on so that their dinner could formally begin.

The royal banquet began as soon as everyone was seated and everything went well except for the orchestra that played louder than Jimin would have liked to so he had to tell his steward to inform the orchestra to turn their music down or else Jimin will personally cut their pay in half.

Jihoon sat in the middle of Yoongi and Jimin with blushing cheeks. The boy refuses to speak saying that it's too embarrassing for him and that he would just tell the Sindrian king later. Resulting to Yoongi visibly pouting at Jihoon. A sign that the elder is slowly opening up to their adopted child. It was rather strange that it would take Yoongi and Jihoon so much time to finally connect with each other since they already share an almost identical image.

"I'm sure papa Yoongi would like to know as well little love~" Jimin urges Jihoon and Yoongi cuts the best part of his own steak portion to place it on Jihoon's plate as a silent bribe. Jihoon gratefully accepts and places the best piece at the center. Poking at it with his fork as he spoke and made sure to avoid eye contact with both his fathers.

"Well...I talked to him and said that I wanted to be friends." He begins with voice a little higher than usual. It was like tone he used when he's excited about something.

"What did he say? Did he say no?" Yoongi was already frowning and ready to give Chalcia's youngest prince a lesson on how to talk to other people especially their Jihoon.

"No papa it wasn't like that." The boy replies, a bright red blush showing up on his face.

"Then what is it?" Jimin asks, already impatient but he knew that with Jihoon, everything takes time.

"He said I look pretty. Earlier when he saw me and right now....." If it was possible, Jihoon would have ran away but he couldn't. Just imagine the shame that he would bring his papas if he ever did so. 

With their newfound information, Jimin and Yoongi looks at each other. Stunned. Their eyes wider than the saucers that held cups of hot chocolate in them. Jimin decides to push further. Knowing that Jihoon have more to say.


"He will comeback when we grow up like you and papa Yoongi. He says he'll marry me." Jihoon says, releasing the fork from his grip and burying his face in his hands like it would make him magically disappear. But unfortunately he doesn't and he knew that if he were to turn his head to the right, he would see a young prince in orange suit, grinning at him stupidly. 

Jimin beams brightly. While Yoongi frowns.

"He'll have to be a capable man to be worthy for Jihoon." He says to Jimin. 

"I told him he can't marry me though. Because I'm not a Valerian prince. I'm just...Jihoon and he's prince..Prince Soonyoung." Jihoon says with firm resolve. Nodding to himself yet Jimin didn't miss the way he slightly looked down and pouted.

Yoongi wanted to say something along the lines of 'then I will make you a Valerian prince. Who the hell said I couldn't. I'm the king.' but was interrupted when Prince Mingyu from the other table stood up. 

Holding what looks like a royal scroll in his right hand and a goblet filled with wine on his left.

"May I have your attention please. Ladies and gentlemen. Kings~" He finally says. Turning to Jimin and Yoongi.

"I have an important announcement and a toast to make." Says prince Mingyu with a serious expression painted on his face. 


Chapter Text

"As crown prince of Chalcia and next in line to the throne, I Kim Mingyu officially announce the union of Chalcia with Sindria and Valeria along with the other alliances that come with this strong bond that will lead the realm to prosper in the long run."

Mingyu's voice was loud and clear. So clear that Jimin's mouth was wide agape after the Chalcian prince's opening remarks. But he wasn't done just yet as he holds up the goblet filled with sweet Valerian wine up in the air and motioned for everyone present to also do the same as he proposed a toast.

"So cheers for prosperity and a stronger bond between our nations." He says, boldly smiling towards Jimin's way. The Sindrian king on the other hand had no words for this, he even looked slightly confused by the situation but it was Yoongi's warm hand on his right under the table that assured him and brought him back to the moment.

"I was so sure that I failed there in that room with the stupid stunt that I was about to pull." He says, mouthing towards Yoongi who only smiled back at Mingyu as if nothing terribly awkward has happened within the span of a few hours prior to the banquet. And in the midst of all this, young Jihoon looked even more confused as the crowd began lifting goblets so he mimicks them. Only his goblet had water instead of wine and he's a bit jealous that his water isn't crimson.

"I'll explain my theory later princess, for now just smile for the prince~ come on." He says, urging Jimin with a gentle squeeze of his hand.

Jimin smiles towards Mingyu's way but their eyes didn't lock longer as he would have anticipated since it was Mingyu who broke their eye contact. His orbs resting on a certain male within the crowd. One who doesn't look particularly interested in the affairs that are on going.

"Cheers!" The crowd said in unison before everyone took a sip from their goblets and everyone settled back down. Even prince Mingyu returns to his seat in order to tend to his very energetic youngest brother who kept on pointing towards Jimin's table. Prince Soonyoung presumably wanted to ttalk to Jihoon more but then Mingyu whispers something to him and the palyful expression in his face falls. Replaced with a serious one, making Jimin remember how his father would discipline him back when he was just a wee lad just like Soonyoung and Jihoon. Mingyu, despite being young might have leadership traits afterall.

So Jimin turns to Yoongi with the same questioning look he had earlier prior to the toast.

"Mingyu probably fell for you more, that sick idiot is probably signing this alliance in order to offer Sindria way more than what Valeria can offer. That's where he is wrong however." Yoongi says, placing a hand on Jimin's thigh, a spot that's incredibly near the younger's crotch. Jimin squirms in his seat though he secretly liked the hand on his thigh. Especially because it was Yoongi's.

"Why? You're not giving me and Sindria away to Chalcia? Even if they ask nicely?" Jimin teases, a small smirk playing on his lips. A smirk that Yoongi only returns with his own.

"No, Chalcia or any other nation can fuck itself. I'm not giving my princess away." He says, and Jimin is surprised at how possesive Yoongi sounded although he was definitely just being playful.

At least that's what Jimin thought.

Until Mingyu gets up from his seat and made his way towards Yoongi and Jimin's table. The tall crown prince has little prince Soonyoung in tow.

"I'd like to personally deliver this letter with my both my queen mother and king father's seals on them. The official paper that merges Chalcia and Sindria. From now on supplies of grains and provisions as well as trades with Aerondei will be frozen until they give up their claim to the lands." Mingyu says, sounding very much leader-like.

The funny thing about the whole ordeal was that he was staring at Jimin the whole time and Yoongi personally felt like burning the new member of their allied nations union. It was Jimin's turn to hold Yoongi's hand since he could practically see the malice seeping out of his fiance.

"Thank you prince Mingyu, your nation's decision to ally itself with Valeria and Sindria will prove to be very crucial in the impending war. Although I wish there was another way around to avoid such tragedy." Jimin stands up to accept the paper with the royal seals. He calls his most trusted advisor and high chancellor, Taehyung to retrieve the document and safeguard it. To which Taehyung gladly does so before returning to his own table with Jungkook and some nobles that Jimin didn't even recognize or didn't cared much for.

"I heard that your parents are searching far and wide for a proper engagement partner for you before your ascencion. There's no shortage for heirs but Chalcia likes to stick to tradition just like Valeria?" Yoongi says, like he does not wish to beat around the bush and just go straight to what he really wants to say.

"Keep Jimin out of the candidates. Or the war might start earlier than intended. I'm sure Aerondei will be very pleased when that happens. Not something that we all would like to come to pass."

Yoongi's voice was icy and distant despite the faux welcoming smile on his face, urging Mingyu to back up. Soonyoung and Jihoon looks between the two. Equally just as confused.

"Jihoon, will you see me tomorrow when I leave?" Soonyoung breaks the silence.

Jihoon on th other hand looks up from his plate, the first face he searched was Jimin's and he looked uncertain yet just a tad bit eager.

"I'll accompany you tomorrow to see prince Soonyoung off if you'd like." He offers. Making Jihoon visibly blush and puff out his cheeks as he turned to Yoongi next, as if afraid to ask for permission.

"If your papa Jimin is going then I definitely am going as well." Yoongi says,not tolerating another opportunity for Mingyu to swoop in and attempt to make moves on Jimin again. Although it was Jimin who approached him first.

Mingyu chuckles.

"I wouldn't dare to take Jimin away from you and Valeria. You both are the perfect match and I realized that as I watched you two walk out of my chambers earlier." He says, shaking his head in slight amusement before bowing curtly.

"Then we'll see you tomorrow on Dragomir port." He says before lightly tugging on Soonyoung's hand. Indicating that thy need to return to their seat.

"I heard Chalcia is abundant with snakes. Such pests." Yoongi says, glaring daggers on Mingyu's retreating back and Jimin just couldn't help but laugh.

Then there it is once again. The odd pit in Jimin's stomach along with a question if both of them can afford to care for one another in more ways than sexual. Something that they can't even begin to think about at times like this. Times of trouble and war. He sighs, looking away as he pushed the thought back into the dark place in his mind.

"Are you really going to accompany us to Dragomir port tomorrow Yoongi?" Jimin asks, deciding to change the topic. Not wanting to delve deeper into the whole Prince Mingyu ordeal for it was already embarrassing enough for him.

"Of course. I hate mornings but I would hate Chalcia breaking the alliance for a piece of your ass." Yoongi says sarcastically making little Jihoon look up at him with a questioning face. Clear confusion present in his eyes. Jimin frowns at Yoongi.

"Not in front of Jihoon!" He exclaims, suddenly making up white lies in order for Jihoon to not question any further.

"Not in front of me why?" Jihoon's curiosity could rival his sometimes and Jimin truly wandered how it is possible that he's the splitting image of Yoongi and yet he has Jimin's personality.

"Nothing hmm? Just finish your cake little one~" Jimin smiles softly at Jihoon,patting his head gently as he urged him. Thankfully the boy let go of the conversation and he just focused on finishing the small piece of cake that was left on his plate. It wasn't hard seeing as the young boy had quite an appetite.

"Yes pa~" Jihoon says obediently making Jimin release a sigh of relief.

"It's almost time for our traditional dance." it was Yoongi's turn to groan in complaint.

"You don't want to show everyone who I almost belong to?" Jimin teases him.

Honestly to Yoongi, it should be clear to Jimin why he's so possessive. How can someone be impure and naive? It was just that they happened at the wrong place. The wrong time.

Just like that, the pair danced the night away. Making everyone in their presence dull with their blinding light it was almost impossible to tear one's eyes from the engaged kings that even Taehyung and Jungkook had to look at them and make them the topic of their talk.

"They're so oblivious that they're already so inlove. Look at how hyung looks at King Jimin." Jungkook addresses Yoongi informally quite possibly the only person apart from Jimin himself who's free to call Yoongi without addressing him with his title.

"Should we push them to confess to one another?" Taehyung gave him his signature boxy grin that Jungkook adored on him.

"Hyung might burn my ass off if I even so much as try to make him admit his emotional turmoils but it's worth a try. It's been a while since he stopped thinking about the country and prioritize himself. I don't want him suffering like last year when that jerk left him." Jungkook said, clearly still despising Namjoon. So much that he clenched his fists under the table. Taehyung hesitantly reaches for his hand. Sensing his sudden discomfort.

"Sorry, it's just that I haven't forgiven Namjoon for what he did." Jungkook eases at Taehyung's touch.

And although the elder is from where Jimin was from, he couldn't sense any coldness. Only pure warmth and a surprising calming effect that he feels everytime he talks with the latter or they accidentally touch each other while walking. He wouldn't tell Taehyung just yet but his touches were enough to calm Jungkook even in his most troublesome days.

"I know, I'm childish." He sighs in defeat. Being two years younger than Taehyung annoyed him most days especially now that he just acted like his age. He didn't ant Taehyung thinking that he was a child.

"No. I think it's just natural to hold unto grudges. I know Jimin still holds a grudge against me." Taehyung says nonchalantly before removing his hand that was placed on top of Jungkook and the younger almost pouted when the warmth was gone.

"What did you do?"

"I stole his apple when we were five." Taehyung says, giving Jungkook another boxy grin.

Everything seemed fine as they danced and drink the night away. For tomorrow they would have to face the upcoming war that drew nearer as days pass. The royals excused themselves first. Yoongi and Jimin along with Jihoon with the reasoning that Jihoon shouldn't stay past his bedtime hours. The esteemed guests didn't take it to heart for Prince Soonyoung also had to go, escorted by his brothers. Soon only the nobles were left to finish the celebration.


Jimin tucked Jihoon that night and went to bed with a full heart. Even though his and Yoongi's small mishap has been solved, he couldn't help but wonder if they really are ever going to get married. It's been months since he was sent to Valeria and yet there had been zero talks about their marriage or event he slightest bit of preparation. He knew that the marriage is only a facade to strengthen both their nations against a common threat.

Once they get out of this mess, just like any other strategic alliances, they will most likely drift apart. It seemed like it would be a plausible outcome for both parties since both of them are males and are required to continue their line of monarchy. To pass it on the next generation. Queen Daria always had a back up plan for her back up plan so she might even have a name for Jimin's future queen.

It almost seemed like the royals are only tools in the grand scheme of the power game.

The gray haired male fell asleep with the heavy thoughts filling his mind.

Next thing he knew he was already running.

Bare feet padded through a frozen pathway. Although this time he actually felt the chill of the cold against his feet. Rendering him shocked and momentarily speechless since he was not aware of the fact that he was only dreaming. It all felt real except he felt lighter. Like he could run faster and so his instincts told him to run faster.

The bone chilling wind hit his face but instead of feeling normal just like any other man would do, Jimin loved feeling the cold against his face and on his soles. He felt like he was at home and he continued running until he reached a clearing.

Jimin looks around to see nothing but snow covered trees that bore no leaves. The typical Sindrian setting where everyone looked dead. The sky ahead was overcast. Something gets caught in his peripheral vision however. It is the image of someone he knows all too well. Someone whos face frequented his subconscious.

Min Yoongi.

But he wasn't facing Jimin. His back was enough for Jimin to instantly recognized him for who he was. Yoongi wore mundane clothing. Nothing special,no silk shirts or the grand monarch wardrobe that him and Yoongi had to wear for the sake of appearances.

He had on a simple white cotton shirt,making his raven black hair stand out even more than it already does against his pale skin. His trousers were made from the simplest materials as well. Jimin almost wanted to laugh at how simple the latter appeared. He wanted to ask why Yoongi didn't feel cold when Jimin himself felt the chill of the frozen patch of grass where he stood on in his soles but before he could call out the other male's name, everything faded to black.

"Great...Yoongi even managed to appear in my dreams. Are you sure that he only has the affinity for fire and not the affinity to dream walk and annoy the horse shit out of me?" Jimin says, disgruntled over breakfast and Taehyung his most loyal subject and bestfriend placed his index finger atop his lips.

"Be thankful Jihoon is not yet awake because if he heard what kind of vocabulary you prefer, he would be royally disappointed." Taehyung says,childish as ever before continuing.

"Maybe that's just you. Your wishful thinking led to you dreaming of him." He supplies and Jimin only groans in annoyance, almost giving up on the current topic because he knew deep down that Taehyung is right for the most part.

His wishful thinking might have led Yoongi to appear in his dreams.

"Who appeared in your dreams?" The elder male pretended that he wasn't able to catch Jimin's sweet high-pitched voice as he walked in the private dining area. Jimin on the other hand blushed red. Thinking how embarrassing it would be should Yoongi ever found out that he dreamt of him.

"But you just saw me yesterday? How come you're already dreaming of me?" Yoongi grins, countering his previous statement. He has obviously heard everything by the way Taehyung looks at Jimin.

"You're so annoying." Jimin is back to his childish attitude, picking up his butter knife and carelessly throwing it at Yoongi with full force. Knowing that the elder would set it ablaze anyway but he still did for the hell of it.

So Yoongi did. The knife stops midair before it started melting into a puddle of metal that soon hardened on the dining table. Just a few feet away from him.

There's always some sort of fiasco happpening over breakfast and Taehyung had to thank his lucky stars that their baby Jihoonie isn't a morning person. So he doesn't see the two men that he looked up to being petty just like this.

"Are you going back to your work chambers right after we see the Chalcian representatives off?" Jimin suddenly asks as he casually picked up a beignet and started picking off bits and pieces of it.

Yoongi looks at him with apprehensive eyes. As if challenging Jimin on what he really wanted to ask.

Taehyung's gaze flicker from Jimin and Yoongi and he thought why they haven't made any marriage plans yet since they're already acting like a married couple. It was also the fact that Jimin hasn't even admitted to his own feelings yet.

"Do you want me to?" Yoongi casually asks before selecting fruits and carefully placing them on his plate. Truth is, he never liked eating brreakfast or the idea of eating at such an early time of the day but he developed a habit of attending breakfast in the private dining area because somewhere deep down he is eage to see Jimin even though they are only two doors apart.

"It's not a matter of what I want. If you wish to work, remeber to take breaks." Jimin says with a flat tone but underneath the cold words, Yoongi was able to decipher that he's actually telling the elder to slow down.

"If I don't see you tonight on the dinner table I will raise a snowstorm. In this heat-stricken land" He adds before standing up after he almost shoved the remainder of his beignet in his mouth and dabbing his lips with the napking before urging Taehyung to hurry up and leave.

"Alright alright. Why are you so demanding?" Yoongi asks with a clear smile in his annoyingly handsome face, according to Jimin.

"I'll see you downstairs in ten minutes. Jihoon already had breakfast delivered to his chambers. He should be getting ready to join me downstairs by now."

Yoongi had no time to reflect lately as matters of the state became more pressing at each passing day. Although he knew deep within him that his problems seemed to lighten up a bit whenever he catches a glimpse of the Sindrian king's beautiful face. Teasing and flustering him made Yoongi feel like running one and a half kingdom seem more bearable.

However, their positions as their country's head are very fragile because they haven't gone through the extra step of unifying each of their countries.


Can they really afford to hold an event that would bind them to each other for as long as they live?

Yoongi has long since accepted the fact that he would not be able to wed someone that he chose. Even before his past relationship with Namjoon. But as he fidgeted with the fork in his hand, he knew that he would eventually wed the then-crown prince of Sindria and more to his surprise, no matter how hard he tried to escape the fate that would soon befall him, he found himself falling deeper and deeper into the cold void created by his betrothed. Even what he had with Namjoon started as his act of rebellion towards his set fate that he despised.

The younger Yoongi would try his best to defy order and do things his own way. He was never one to bend and obey the rules. But destiny had different plans for him when suddenly he is left to fend for himself and his brother with Valeria's sudden fall and his sudden rise to power along with his return.

Which changed everything for him. The way he looked at the world and how he perceived his inescapable fate. Yoongi grimaces at the mere flashback of his memory.

He could almost smell everything burning from the capitol to the castle and as powerful as he was, he is but a child at the time. He watched how his father, the king was killed by a masked man.

Yoongi experienced way more than what information about circulated. He is more than the youngest and most responsible king of a prosperous country for he had to do the unimaginable in order to reach the position that he is in. Which is why he is so passonate to keep peace and order in his country and tothe countries that he is allied with.

But when it came to what he wanted, he comes back to being the confused child that he was about fifteen years ago.

Right now what he wanted is to sit down with the Sindrian king. Over tea just like how they did when he first gifted him the private garden and talk about what they feel or do not feel towards each other. If Jimin deserved a wedding ceremony in the midst of a brewing war. Because to Yoongi he didn't. He deserved a ceremony where he could be happy in the moment and not fear for what's to come tomorrow. That was Yoongi's main purpose of brushing off the topic even before it came during breakfasts,luncheons and dinner. He never dared to bring anything related to it even in th rare times that they talk to each other in or out of his chambers because Yoongi wanted to bring permanent peace. Before formally asking Jimin for his hand because the silver haired male deserved all the happiness and whatever freedom as a king that he could have.

Yes, preferably after they send off their guests from Chalcia.

Yoongi might have clenched held the silverware too tightly that he started to feel his hand cramp from holding unto it way too hard. It's just that the mere thought of a certain Chalcian prince annoyed him more than he wanted to.

"I wish that turd looking crown-prince would never step foot in Valeria ever again." Yoongi grumbles as he stuffed another piece of grape into his mouth before getting up and finally letting go of the silver so he could head downstairs.

There he was greeted by Jimin who had his back faced Yoongi and in front of Jimin was their adopted child, Jihoon. All dressed up in noble garments like he is born to wear them. It was a process especially getting him to wear a royal tunic because the boy would complain how his 'neck can't breathe' with it on.

Jihoon easily spots him first and normally the boy would avoid his gaze but today, even with his cheeks puffy and eyes swollen from sleep he manages to give Yoongi a shy smile to acknowledge him before raising his arms up so Jimin could carry him.

And if there's one thing Yoongi knew is that the Sindrian king could never resist Jihoon's charm so he easily picks the boy up and the latter would happily latch unto him for as long as he can. Yoongi walks towards the two and he saw Jihoon lean towards Jimin as if to whisper something. Jimin's shoulders visibly tensed for a second before loosening again to his former relaxed position as he turned around to greet Yoongi.

"Good. Didin't take you too long."

"Couldn't keep my betrothed waiting for too long. And of course this cute child." He says, leaning to gently squish Jihoon's cheek earning a whine from the younger before he continued.

"God knows where you might go if I let you out of my sight for longer than an hour." Yoong teases, giving Jimin flashbacks of the events that took place just yesterday and how stupid he acted.

The younger king played it off. Trying his best not to flush under Yoongi’s gaze as he rolled his eyes at him.

As usual, the sun shone brightly. Casting it’s golden glow unto the castle and the capitol. The carriage for Yoongi, Jimin and Jihoon is ready and waiting outside of the castle entrance with the carriage for the Chalcian princes behind.

“Must we send them off personally?” Yoongi asks again because the idea of seeing Jimin be friendly with someone whom he almost fucked yesterday didn’t sit well with him.

“We’re doing this because our little love wants to send off his new found friend in a light note. Not because of anything else so don’t fret my king~” Jimin said. Unknowingly reassuring Yoongi with his words and the elder wouldn’t tell him how he liked it when he was called Jimin’s king.

“New friend? The prince who made you cry anyway?” Yoongi says, talking to Jihoon who jutted out his lower lip as he clutched tighter unto Jimin. One would think that he got this specific trait from Jimin.

“He’s nice. I just didn’t know how to talk to him.” Jihoon explained and as if on cue, the Chalcian princes all walked towards them in an almost perfect line.

Today all of them wore one color, though the intricacy depended on who’s the higher ranked prince. That leaves prince Soonyoung, the youngest to don an almost simple clothing.

He beams upon seeing Jihoon who silently asked Jimin to put him down.

“Jihoonie!” Prince Soonyoung momentarily forgot etiquette lessons when he unceremoniously ran towards Jihoon who in turn waited for him with his hands on his back. Looking as bashful as he was yesterday but showing no signs of fear or wanting to cry this time. He only smiled back. As shyly as he can and Jimin wondered that if he had met Yoongi as children, would they have been like this? Or would Yoongi not have the same childish innocence that prince Soonyoung have?

“Did you sleep well last night?” the Chalcian prince inquires and Jihoon replies with a small nod before asking him the same question in a softer tone.

“Yes but I’m sad I couldn’t spend more time here. Your country is so niiiiice~” He says as he ambiguously spread his arms and twirled around, making Jihoon laugh.

“It’s not my country. It’s both of my papa’s though.” He says, pointing towards Jimin and Yoongi.

“Same thing!” Soonyoung dismisses the fact and it was only moments until Mingyu’s handsome smile greeted them. Much to Yoongi’s disappointment.

It was around that time that the elder king wrapped one arm around Jimin’s waist to pull him close. The younger wanted to squirm but Yoongi’s grip was tight around him. Bringing his cool body close to Yoongi’s abnormally hot one.

“It’s a regret that we would have to leave sooner. We would have stayed more if it was just really a friendly culture exchange among Chalcia and Valeria but now since we’re allies we need to work twice as hard and make use of this alliance to protect both our countries. “ Mingyu says and he’s right.

Yoongi might have to ignore Jimin for more than a few weeks now that his workload have most likely doubled.

“Indeed.” Yoongi agrees only out of courtesy as he let the servants lead them out of the castle and into the carriages that awaited them outside.

The heat didn’t bother him as much as it did to Jimin so he made sure that the younger king was always followed by a servant holding up a parasol to shade Jimin from the harsh ray of the sun. A simple act that the younger probably didn’t notice. Something he thought that the servants did out of protocol as he continued carrying Jihoon until they reached the front of the carriage.

“After Soonyoung leaves I won’t have any friends again.” Jihoon says with a small pout. Making Jimin’s heart clench a little bit. He understood Jihoon’s predicament very well. It’s the same with every royal child except when they have a lot of siblings whom they could play with.

But Jihoon is not a prince. He is not used to the kind of upbringing that he is going to experience from then on.

“Papa will try to play with you as much as I can yes? But I might be a little busy at days too. Papa Yoongi can’t be the only one working. That’s mean for me to just let him run both of our countries.” Jimin said softly, in hopes that Yoongi won’t hear him and tease him for it when he just wanted to be the responsible king that the latter was grooming him to be.

His foot steps felt heavy as he heaved Jihoon up with the sudden realization that with more allies comes greater responsibility and he can kiss what’s left of his freedom goodbye.

Yoongi follows right after them, easily stepping inside the carriage and sat adjacent to Jimin and Jihoon. Surprisingly, Jihoon hops off his seat and makes his way to sit beside Yoongi.

“I always sit beside papa Jimin.” He says before looking out of the window, swinging his feet in anticipation. Yoongi looks at the younger king quizzically but Jimin only gave him a soft shrug and his gentle smile.

The carriage finally moves after the coach man made sure that everything was ready to go. From the bolts to the straps of the horse’s reins. He peers at the small rectangular hole right above Yoongi and politely announced that they are departing.

Travelling from the castle to the Dragomir port was rather pleasant as Jimin couldn’t go out on his own because of the threat that had ensued a few months ago. Kingsguard followed his every movement as per Yoongi’s orders and he couldn’t truly blame Yoongi for it because he knew that it was his betrothed’s duty to keep him safe. If Jimin’s then so is their alliance.

That’s what Jimin thought. He missed the way that Yoongi looked at him like he as the most fragile thing. Like he would break from the slightest touch.

Capitol trade is still as lively as Jimin could remember but there’s something about the way the villager’s cleared the streets when they passed that the younger king could tell that they are more alert than ever. If he thought that they respect Yoongi as their king fully when he first arrived, he thinks that they respect him even more now that he has proven once again how good of a king he is. Jimin felt the same respect being shown to him too because instead of not meeting his gaze when their eyes come in contact, the villagers would smile and lightly dip their heads at him in acknowledgement. It made his heart warm. Knowing that someone out there don’t just think of him as a decorative piece beside their king. That he could also be equal with Yoongi in terms of respect and authority.

“I just know that once you learn what it takes to be a king, you’d be able to rule Sindria even without my guidance.” Yoongi says, breaking the silence as their carriage neared the port. Jimin could smell the salt water and hear the calm waves hitting the rocks by the shore.  A reminder that they would be stopping soon. He also saw two massive ships that were docked by the port. The sail was the color of Chalcia with it’s gleaming insignia.

“Is this something close to a good bye?” Even Jimin was surprised at how he sounded disappointed. Even a little sad.

“It’s not.” Is all that Yoongi replied him before Jihoon looks back and forth between the two kings.

“I’m sorry to ask..but can I ask something?” It was more of a question towards Jimin but they both answered anyway.

“You can ask us anything Jihoon-ah.” Jimin answers first and Yoongi grunts in response.

“When will you marry each other? Can I go to the ceremony?” He asks, quickly following it up with another question.

Jimin’s eyes widen and his cheeks burned at the question. Yoongi on the other hand searched Jimin’s features. Like he wanted to ask the question as well.

“It’s up to your papa Yoongi, I don’t call the decisions. I’m his betrothed but it’s his choice if he…he wants to marry me.” Jimin subtly says. Answering the question but not really.

He didn’t give any answer if he wanted to marry Yoongi and maybe. Just maybe, it irritated Yoongi that he didn’t get the answer that he was hoping for.

“Give me two years, little one.” Yoongi says before placing his palm on top of Jihoon’s head.

It was as if on cue that both Jihoon and Jimin pouts.

“Two years is a long time what if another king like papa Jimin? What will you do then if you don’t marry him soon?!” Jihoon whines and Yoongi glances from him to Jimin. The younger refuses to meet his eyes when he kept his icy blue orbs on the nearing sea. But he knew that he was listening anyway.

“Your papa Jimin will be free to marry whoever he wants. I vow to that. But I’m not lying. I will marry him in two year’s time okay?” He says. As if reassuring Jihoon who only clutched at his arm.

“But papa Jimin only likes you…right? Right papa Minnie~”

Jimin didn’t know why their little Jihoon is being so curious but Jihoon’s pout was his weakness so when the child used it on him, he couldn’t help but embarrassedly admit that yes, he only likes Yoongi. Jimin nods softly more towards Jihoon.

“Yes Jihoonie, I only like your papa Yoongi.”

There should have been more spoken words right after that but Yoongi felt content enough at the younger’s response that when the carriage came to a halt, he opens the door to leave first. Assisting Jihoon and then Jimin who’s still madly blushing. Still refusing to meet his scarlet eyes.

All the Chalcian princes were lined up and the mass has gathered around them.

So many people wanted to send the good princes off with their full support and of course a great majority of them were young ladies and gents who hoped to gain favor of either one of the foreign royalties.

The sea scent reminded Jimin of his first day in Valeria. It was both comforting and nostalgic at the same time. Even the Chalcian ship vaguely reminded him of Junmyeon’s ship that served as a vessel to transport him from Sindria to Valeria so when he looks up, all he remembered was the way there.

“I’ll write you letters in a secret code that my servants have been trained on. Hopefully you decipher it fast enough before it’s too late.” Mingyu blatantly teases Jimin who’s frankly over him at this point.

“No thank you.” He says, but Yoongi is quicker than his mouth because the elder’s warm arm was around his waist once again quicker than he imagined the elder male to be since he’s painfully lethargic at times.

The dirt under their soles crunched as they walked towards the ship. Each prince was escorted one by one to climb the ship but Mingyu and Soonyoung remains so the youngest prince could bid his new found friend good bye.

“I’ll write you letters too! But I won’t promise any secret codes for now because I haven’t learned it. You should study well so you can figure out a secret code for us.”

“Me? Why meeeee?” Jihoon whines. Though he enjoyed studying, he’s behind the regular royal in his age because it’s only been a few months since he entered the castle and there is much to learn before he could hope to catch up with Soonyoung.

“It’s k. I will make our secret code. Until I return please don’t court another prince or princess. Or any other human!” Soonyoung pouts before leaning in and stealing a kiss on Jihoon’s cheek.

“When I return, I will marry you!” He boldly exclaims before hurriedly clambering off to where Mingyu was. Both of them boarded the ship, leaving a blushing Jihoon with wide eyes and mouth shaped in an O.

“Papa…Soonyoung…He…” Apparently, forming coherent sentences wasn’t Jihoon’s forte at the moment and Jimin had to scoop him up and hug him close so he can momentarily hide his burning face on the crook of Jimin’s neck.

Until the ship moved and all three of them looked up to see the Chalcian princes looking down on them from the deck. Soonyoung, the youngest prince was waving furiously at Jihoon.

“Don’t forget me!!!” He screams and Jihoon peaks from his hiding place that happened to be Jimin’s neck.

“I won’t” He whispers and Jimin couldn’t help but squeal and giggle at how cute everything is.

His eyes finally met Yoongi’s at that split second.

“Two years is a long time.” He repeats.

They remained in the port until the two Chalcian ships were far into the horizon. The once massive structures now looked like dots in the endless azure of the calm ocean. Allowing for safe passage and smooth sailing.

The breeze wasn’t so bad either. It’s almost as if Jimin wants to stay there in the port. To bask in the sun but his body can’t stand a lot of heat. Because of the conditions in where he was brought up in so he beckons Jihoon to board the carriage so they could go back to the castle once more.

A wild thought crosses his mind as the coach man urged the horses to trot. Now in a slower pace. Their hooves hit the dirt path in a steady rhythm. Announcing that they were no longer in a hurry and that the trip might be longer than their first. Jimin’s fine with it, it means more resting time for Yoongi before he locks himself in his study room on hours end trying to run his country and Jimin’s tirelessly.

“Will you ever sail with me to Sindria?”

He asks, voice hopeful. Although he wasn’t so sure why he had asked the question.

Jihoon on the other hand still looked sleepy from waking up so early in the morning just to watch his newly found friend depart. So the silver haired male gently motions for the boy to lay his head on Jimin’s lap. His hands unconsciously strokes Jihoon’s hair ever so softly and the younger looks so relaxed. Even going as far as closing his eyes in attempt of taking a nap. Jimin didn’t seem to mind.

“Of course. How else would I meet your family? I can’t inconvenience them to sail here to meet me instead. I might have pride Jimin but I don’t lack manners.” Yoongi says in a matter of fact tone, following up with a shrug.

Jimin couldn’t help his heart that beat almost too fast for his liking. A soft smile made it’s way to his full lips and he didn’t know how his softest smiles could warm the Valerian king’s almost stone cold heart.


“Jungkook. This is bad---” Taehyung says, reading yet another secret message that came from Sindria this morning right after Jimin and Yoongi departed for Dragomir port.

This time it came to him in the form of a disguised castle guard. He looked like he could fit right in the midst of the Valerian guards but there was a hard and cold look in his eyes that made Taehyung distinguish him as a Sindrian man right away. The man carefully instructed Taehyung to read it whenever he’s alone. Though he’s never really alone since he always found himself in the company of the Valerian prince whether it was time for his menial chancellor duties or when he’s poring over books in regards to Valeria and it’s tradition.

Something that Jimin hated but he enjoyed.

This time the two of them are sitting on the balcony in Jungkook’s room on the second floor. Jungkook’s room is located on the opposite side of Yoongi and Jimin’s wing. It’s called the crown prince’s chamber and Yoongi once used the very same room when he was still being groomed for the crown. It was just as big as Jimin’s room though most of the interior is black and silver plated. His gigantic bed was covered in black velvet, the drapes were also black velvet. So luxurious that whenever the slight breeze blows, they sway ever so softly, light catching on the slight shine the polished velvet gives off. The interior is dark but glossy. Not at all matted. Even the flooring was black tiled. Shined to perfection every morning by one of the castle’s many keepers.

Today he was invited by Jungkook to have tea on his balcony and on the way, he had picked up the letter from the secret envoy that he was able to distinguish in the myriad of castle guards present when the royals left for Port Dragomir.

Jungkook said it would be nice to have tea right after breakfast as they pore over books. Jungkook’s favorite reads are books about historic battle strategies and classics depicting how battles are won and history is made. While Taehyung’s is more on enriching himself some more on Valeria’s history while sorting the few letters that he needed to stamp in Jimin’s stead.

The Valerian prince stopped reading the rather interesting chapter in his worn, leather bound tactics book to look at Taehyung with round eyes that displayed worry.

It’s when he does this that Taehyung is reminded that the latter is younger than him. The hardness in his face disappears altogether. What’s left is curiosity and worry on the frown he displayed.

“Nobody is hurt but the Queen and the princess were almost taken from the castle. By King Junmyeon and a private army—King Yoongi’s army came in just in time to stop the hostage and reclaim Queen Daria and Princess Freya.” Taehyung interprets the carefully crafted code that only he was trained to read. Him aside from Jimin who was currently away of course.

Jungkook’s finger’s curled, balling into fists as he heard the other King’s name.

“Their country was the first country to join Valeria and Sindria I don’t understand why he suddenly wanted to take the most powerful woman and the current in person ruler of Sindria along with the innocent princess?” Jungkook asks out loud before putting the pieces together in his mind.

“I think it’s deeper than mere jealousy towards Sindria, my prince.” Taehyung’s politeness comes out as second nature and Jungkook is still not used to the honorifics when it came to the people he likes.

“We need to inform them at once. Especially King Jimin.” Jungkook agrees as he tried to shake off the bizarre feeling in his chest.

He still wanted Taehyung to acknowledge him as he is. Jungkook, the person. Not the crown prince that he is.

“I feel like we’re always the messengers to King Jimin and my brother.” Jungkook tries to lighten the mood by jesting before he stood up and offered his hand for Taehyung to take. The elder takes his hand with his infamous adorable boxy grin on display.

“How can they live without the two of us doing their work for them?” He says almost a bit over dramatically.

Jungkook knew he shouldn’t

Jungkook knew they had more important things to do other than courtship. But he just couldn’t help it. Taehyung looked so beautiful when the sunlight hit his sun kissed skin. Making it glow even more, highlighting his sharp features. Jungkook couldn’t help that he had to pause and look at Taehyung from his eyes, nose down to his lips.

Taehyung felt it. The way Jungkook’s gaze slowly shifted to something else but they had an important matter to attend to. He couldn’t let his wants get in the way of his duties.

They need to hurry. Time is being wasted the more they stood there. Taking each other’s appearances in. Looking at each other in a way that people might assume that something more is going on.

Is there really something than the constant want for heat that they feel when they’re near each other?

Taehyung didn’t want to think.

More like he couldn’t, when Jungkook slipped his arm around Taehyung’s waist to pull him close and lean in to capture his plush lips.

The elder tasted like the sweet jasmine tea that he had previously sipped in between flipping the pages of the books that he was reading. Jungkook’s kiss was reciprocated at once when Taehyung moves his lips under the younger’s guidance. A soft sound escaped Taehyung’s throat, making Jungkook smile in the kiss before pulling away to nuzzle at the crook of elder’s neck.

“We just wasted five minutes…kissing.” Taehyung says, followed by breathless laughter that bubbled from his chest. Nothing in his tone sounded condescending. It was rather playful, different from the formal tone he used in public and Jungkook liked to think that the tone was especially for him.

“They’re not yet here. We can’t always rush to them like fools. Let’s give them time. It’s the only moment that they really have before brother holes himself in his study for days.” Jungkook gives an excuse that was rather valid because it was true.

So maybe they stayed there, holding each other for more than five minutes. Relishing the quiet time before they head outside. Where Taehyung would have to address him formally once more.

“Can you maybe not call me with such honorifics?” Jungkook asks, voice small and Taehyung raises both his eyebrows. They’ve had a similar conversation in the past. When they first ventured out in the forest.

“I will try and do so in private. But the people will crucify me if I ever dare call you by your first name without the honorific in public.”

Of course--- Jungkook knew, still he tried.

“I shall crucify them in return.”

“You fancy me that much my prince?”

Taehyung teases Jungkook with the honorific but this time, the younger didn’t seem to mind.

“I fancy you so much that sometimes I have impure thoughts when I lay down that bed at night, alone. I wish you’re there to keep me company during those hours too.” Jungkook whispers against the elder’s ear. Making Taehyung completely flush red.

“Jungkook! You’re so filthy! Your mind is pure filth!” Taehyung forgot all manners at the instant. Never has any man made him flush like how Jungkook easily did. He hits Jungkook in the chest before huffing and pulling away but the younger’s arms were strong. Every muscle flexed when he kept Taehyung in his arms.

“And you’re pure. So pure and beautiful. We make a great match.” Jungkook proceeds to wink at him making Taehyung groan and roll his eyes.

“Jimin was right, you are sly. Just like your brother.”

“You dare slander Valeria’s king?” Jungkook questions and Taehyung only stuck his tongue out at Jimin.

“I’d slander anyone who dare impose themselves on my king. It’s not like Jimin asked Yoongi to come in the bathroom while he was naked.” Taehyung blurts out. Releasing way more information about the couple than he should making Jungkook’s eyebrows shoot up, disappearing in his fringe.

“I thought you said you would try and take things slow?” Taehyung whines at Jungkook and the younger suddenly felt guilt dawning to him. He might have forgotten in the spur of a moment that Taehyung is the most innocent virgin he’s came across. Jungkook shows apology by pulling away and distancing himself.

He bows curtly, formally.

“My apologies.” He says but when he finally rose from his bow, Kim Taehyung stood there with a triumphant boxy grin in his lips.

“I win~” Taehyung announces in a sing song voice before hurriedly walking towards Jungkook to steal a quick kiss on the lips before marching off. Leaving a slightly disoriented and confused crown prince behind.


Luncheon wasn’t eventful but Jimin, Yoongi, Jihoon, Jungkook and Taehyung were present and it was the first time that all of them gathered at the same time because no, eating together wasn’t really a thing except for breakfast when they all happen to catch each other around the same time because their servants wake them up at seven o’clock sharp.

Still Taehyung tasted the food like it was lead on his mouth and he had to force a few more bites in before he started feeling nauseous. The truth burdened him so much that Jungkook who was sitting beside him had to nudge him with his knee, making Taehyung look at the younger in a disgruntled manner.

“Just say it.”

Everyone was silent except for Jihoon who diligently ate whatever Jimin placed on his plate.

The Sindrian king on the other hand didn’t eat much. He instead chose to pick on the roasted pheasant that grew cold the more he picked on it.

“Say what?” It was Yoongi who spoke. Judging by the looks of his plate, he was almost done eating and looked like he’s about to leave the table to hole himself in his study. The work pile kept getting taller the more they laze around.

“I received another letter from a Sindrian envoy. King Junmyeon attempted to take Queen Daria and Princess Freya about a fort night ago.” Taehyung says solemnly. Completely feeling as if he would vomit at any given moment.

Jimin stopped picking at his food right at his instant. Crystal blue eyes shining bright as he put all his focus on Taehyung. Yoongi appeared to do the same while Jihoon only looked at all of them with wide eyes. As usual, he did not understand a word on what’s going on. So Jimin turns to him first telling him how he could go to his daily lessons in the royal library and how he will meet him there after talking about a grown-up matter with the rest of the men present.

Thankfully, the child did not question him any further. It was as if he had developed an understanding to not insist on something after he hears the word “grown-up matter.” So he hops off the chair that looked ridiculously large for him in comparison before making sure that Jimin would catch up to him, even going as far as promising that he would remember all the lessons for that day. Jimin smiles fondly at him, but the Sindrian king couldn’t help but reflect worry and anger in his eyes for this King Junmyeon had supposedly betrayed their alliance by going against Sindria in the lowest way possible.

When Jihoon was out of sight, Jimin slams his hand on the table. Hard enough for the silverware to clatter. Instantly, the waters on each of the cups were frozen solid and there was a steady frost that started to gather where Jimin sat.

“How dare he! After striking the alliance with my country to turn around and betray us just like that! And for what? For riches?! We give his country more than enough!” Jimin was blind with rage. Ready for blood and it took Yoongi’s hand in his wrist and the immediate warmth for him to realize that his powers were already fluctuating once again.

“I don’t think that this is only about riches and the never drying mines that Sindria possessed. If me and Jungkook’s hunches are accurate then I would dare say that King Junmyeon has allied himself with Aerondei. The reason why we did not meet you half way from Port Dragomir was because me and Jungkook analyzed what we could analyze from reports of the water country’s deals and trade with Aerondei. There’s an abnormal growth ever since King Wonshik rose to power. As far as what the available documents proved to us.”

Taehyung is in his element once more. This is the reason why he is Jimin’s right hand. To remind Jimin to keep a cool head in situations like this but he couldn’t blame his king for reacting the way he did because if it was his family, he would have moved heaven and Earth to be with them now.

“Those bastards. I will have them killed for this. I will have both of them killed if I don’t kill them myself.” Jimin announced, seething in his seat. The frost forming in his feet disappeared maybe because Yoongi kept his reassuring hold on him.

“One more thing.”

Taehyung says, wetting his lips before dropping another heavy announcement. As if the day couldn’t get any worse than it already was.

“Jimin, your queen mother is calling back for you. Sindria needs her king.”

Jimin’s mouth almost hang open upon hearing what Taehyung had to say. Beside him, Yoongi visibly tensed. Assessing the situation in his own mind while Jungkook observed Taehyung beside him. Still trying to figure out how he could easily go from the seemingly naïve and innocent man that he is behind close doors to this serious, high chancellor character that he is witnessing right now. For Jungkook, he’s always one and the same. Transparent about everything that he felt. But it seemed that everyone else present in the room were surprisingly unique. He suddenly feels like he shouldn’t be there.

“You mean to say--- That Queen Daria wants Jimin to sail back to Sindria at this fragile time?” Jimin feels Yoongi’s hold on his hand tightening so he opens his fingers to interlace it with the Valerian king’s. This time it was an attempt on his part to comfort Yoongi in a way.

“Yes. It’s all the more reason for Jimin to comeback. He’s learned enough from Valeria during out short stay and has made both wise and stupid decisions. It might be premature but he’s needed back home. In his country.”

“What about the marriage?” Yoongi feels foolish that he’s only thinking of what he wanted at the moment. But thinking about Jimin leaving him almost felt similar to the heart ache he felt when Namjoon left him. Only this could potentially be more painful because he knows that it is inevitable. The hand he didn’t use to hold Jimin’s clench in a fist under the table. Knuckles turning white as his nails dug to his palm.

“We shall discuss further arrangements once Sindria’s political stability is ensured.” Taehyung spoke firmly.

“So that’s it. They shipped me off to a country I’ve never been to in hopes that I learn what I can and they can recall me whenever they wished?” Even Jimin was unfamiliar with the bitterness in his tone, making Taehyung feel sympathetic all at once while trying to weigh out the few options that they had.

“Taehyung and I actually thought of a possible solution earlier but you might not like it brother.” It was Jungkook’s turn to speak since he’s the one who came up with the plan as they pore over Aerondei’s past trading history.

“You sail with Jimin to Valeria and have the ceremony there.” Jungkook says firmly. Suddenly the atmosphere in the dining room felt so suffocating and Jimin thinks that the temperature has risen quite considerably since the first time they stepped into the room.

“Are you out of your damn mind Jungkook?” Yoongi says in an authorative tone. But Jungkook refused to back down.

“Look, everyone in the kingdom knows that the only way to truly solidify the union between our countries is the marriage between you and King Jimin. The marriage that you have been putting off ever since King Jimin arrived here. Several months ago, now we’re faced with a dangerous situation. This puts the alliance into a fragile state. How do we convince more states to join us in war when you and King Jimin aren’t wed?”

 Jungkook is making sense. It was partly Yoongi’s fault for not holding the ceremony with Jimin earlier but he blamed it on his selfish desire to only give Jimin the best that’s why he put off marriage and thought of how he could strengthen the growing alliances in other ways than marrying a certain silver haired male right away. But now they were thrust into a predicament into which the only choice of going out victorious was to marry Jimin.

“You know we’re not marrying out of want. It is a duty to our people.” Jimin proceeds to loosen his hold on Yoongi before completely pulling his hand away.

“I don’t know why you despise the idea of marriage with me. But Yoongi we’re talking about the well being of two countries and more. The marriage will rally the armies. Give them courage to fight in the battlefield with renewed spirit. It will make nations see how strong of an alliance we have that they would vouch for us instead of Aerondei.” Jimin spoke, now level headed and in tune with his high chancellor.

“But that means that I would be leaving Valeria, my country alone and defenseless.” Yoongi spoke. Not surprised when Jimin misunderstood him for the thousandth time.

“Welcome to my world Yoongi. I left my country and my comfort to be shipped here. At least you have knowledge that you’re leaving Valeria. I was drugged and shipped to here.” Jimin remarked sarcastically. Eyes glowing as he seemed to glare at Yoongi.

“Can we save the couple bicker for later? I mean no disrespect but are you forgetting that you’re not leaving Valeria alone and defenseless? I’ve been beside you ever since you rose in power. Learning the ropes in case an unfortunate event happens thank heavens that its not the case this time brother.” Jungkook says,giving a hopeful smile towards Yoongi who sighed.

Of course Jungkook is just as capable in running Valerian affairs while he was gone. Because he personally taught Jungkook what he knew. All the wisdom that was passed unto him as a king were shared with his younger brother and crown prince, Jungkook. Should anything happen to him.

“You are more than capable to run this kingdom. Brother, I don’t need proof that you can. I just know. I’m sorry to not have acknowledged you sooner.” Yoongi gives him a soft smile. The elder male has always been soft towards his younger brother. In a way, it makes him more human for Jimin. Not that he’s not already human. But he has always held Yoongi in that regard that he’s a step above human. Being able to handle politics so easily that all problems fell through the gaps in his finger tips. It’s almost as if he admired Yoongi in a way.

Admired, hated, liked and pined for. Jimin felt it all for the black-haired male. It’s almost scary at how he could feel so much emotions for a single person.

They finished luncheon in silence. No one else wanted to eat more than they already did and it was Jimin who got up first. His excuse was that Jihoon waited for him in the royal library.

Yoongi left right after, now that they were to depart to Sindria he had even more chores to do. To ensure that Jungkook wouldn’t be left with a mountain of duties to attend to, Yoongi is going to try his hardest to finish the ones that he had already piled up and leave the menial task to Jungkook so as to not stress him out.

“I think that went well…” Taehyung trails off before heaving a deep and relieved sigh before Jungkook gapes at him.

“Taehyung, you’re scary. How can you have two personalities?” The crown prince still stared at him with his wide round eyes and Taehyung only chuckles. There’s relief in all this turmoil. And to him, it’s with the young prince. He leans it to steal yet another kiss on Jungkook’s cheeks. Just because no one was around at the time.

“It’s a secret.”



It wasn’t until evening when Yoongi and Jimin saw each other again. At the dinner table. There was only the two of them and they finished quick because they mirrored each other. Both exhausted from the day’s ordeal. Jimin took on more documents and read through more files than his usual load while he supervised Jihoon’s education. He also made sure that the child was well fed before tucking him and bidding him good night. So when they had dinner tit was already late.

Yoongi didn’t do anything physical but one can tell that he’s mentally drained by the sluggish movements and the disinterest in his eyes.

But the fact that he was there, sitting down in front of Jimin made the younger remember of their childish deal just this morning. He kept his promise after all.

“Were you scared that I was going to raise a snowstorm if I didn’t see you?”

It was Jimin who broke the silence. He did not feel like eating the succulent pork dish that was in front of him, instead he opted for the vegetables. Yoongi wasn’t as picky for he ate from both dishes.

“No. I’m more scared that you misunderstand me often.” Yoongi confessed with a huff. And Jimin truly did not understood what Yoongi had wanted to say.

“At lunch, I did not mean that I don’t want to wed you at all. Or that marriage with you is something I despise. I fully understand my duty to my people and to you, my betrothed.” Yoongi says, taking a sip of wine. Hoping for courage from the alcohol that did not come.

Jimin was taken a back, his plump lips formed an “o” from Yoongi’s sudden confession.

“You make me confused yet sure at the same time. I’m sure that I’m not capable of loving anyone in the way I have in the past anytime soon but I’m also confused because I know that you deserve way more than me. Way more than I can offer. Perhaps if you married that Chalcian prince, Sindria’s status will rise for the better but I’m selfish in a way that I am willing to leave my beloved Valeria to marry you in your country. In whatever the fuck type of rushed ceremony. It confuses me greatly as to why I’m willing to go through such lengths for you.”

Blood rushed to Jimin’s face and suddenly he couldn’t peel his eyes away from Yoongi. The elder finished eating and was certain that Jimin was the same so he stood up to walk towards the opposite end of the table where the younger was seated.

“Yoongi. Oh Yoongi” was all Jimin could say before standing up to wrap his arms around the elder’s neck loosely. Yoongi looks down at him as if studying him.

“Why do you have to be a very confusing fiancée? Nobody told me engagements were burdensome in this sense.”

There he went on again, complaining. Though his actions contradicted his words when he wrapped both his arms around the younger’s waist.

“Sleep in my room tonight. I won’t try to do anything I promise? Just sleep. Beside each other. Maybe kisses. But that’s it. Please?”

Yoongi’s confession made Jimin more brazen with what he wanted.

“No consummation before marriage.” Yoongi repeats what he had said the night before and Jimin only rolls his eyes at his strict and equally confusing fiancée.

Chapter Text

Voyage that took days had not been easy, on top of finishing any existing engagements to make taking over for Jungkook easy. There was a lingering sense of dread and excitement within Yoongi that he couldn’t describe or put a finger on. Ever since his ascension to the throne, he’s never left Valeria. Except for that one time when he first met Jimin in their engagement dinner about five years ago. The very same event that Jimin refused to talk about, out of embarrassment of course. Well Yoongi hated the cold but had the fondest memories of the Sindrian castle. It was almost part of the reasons why he’s agreed to sail to Sindria with the younger king. To spite him about the incident.

The feather pen almost zipped through the documents that he signed. His wrist hurting after hours of scribing and signing files and mountains of scrolls. Yoongi had set a quota for him to finish within the day and Namjoon, his high chancellor helped him through it all. The Valerian king learned to be accustomed to the fact of working with his ex-lover and looking at him as nothing more as someone below him. It was strange but not strange in a way that when Yoongi looks at Namjoon, his heart didn’t ache nor did he want to look away He could finally look at Namjoon like the taller male had never gave him unimaginable pain at one point. Yoongi is thankful but he wonders why.

Namjoon on the other hand noticed that Yoongi is staring at him longer than he’s supposed so he couldn’t help but meet the latter’s scarlet gaze.

“Is something the matter your majesty?” He asks in a polite tone, not trying to rile Yoongi up when they’re almost done for their quota that day.

“Nothing, I just realized how suddenly you look just like everyone else. Mundane.” Yoongi comments with a click of his tongue that sounded more childish than observational. Maybe he isn’t over the bitterness but he’s almost certain that the feelings are gone. Washed away by something that he’s not yet able to fully comprehend even if he sat there all day and tried to discern it.

Namjoon, in reality looked good. Dressed to the nines as a noble. He was the head of his family. The Kim clan held power in Valeria which helped him get to his position. But he’s not all background. He had talent to match his family’s power. Which is why Yoongi took notice of him right away. There’s a clumsiness to him that he didn’t dare show in council meetings but the king noticed it anyway. Namjoon is very tall in stature. Handsome sharp features and slanted eyes that had a wise gaze to them.

The taller male’s chuckle was like music to his ears. But not the kind of music that would make his cold heart sing. Not the kind of music that warmed him enough to want to pull the latter into a hug and almost never let go. His chuckle was nothing like Jimin’s beautiful breathy chuckles.


The feather pen snapped in two as Yoongi realizes what he had been mentally doing the whole time when he paused his activities.

He had been comparing his past lover to Jimin. And the knew that the younger deserved more than that.

“Okay good work today, mundane. Go back to your husband.” Yoongi motions for Namjoon to leave and the taller male looks at him apprehensively like there’s something in his mind that he wanted to voice out but Yoongi absentmindedly shoos him anyway. It’s not childish. In fact, Yoongi didn’t feel anything when he told Namjoon off. It almost felt normal in a way that he would ask his servants to leave.

“Then I shall be taking my leave.” Namjoon said, irritatingly polite. Like nothing that Yoongi said could grate him at this point. He stands up from his seat and takes his leave.


“So you’re telling me that Yoongi spent the day with Namjoon in his study. AGAIN.” Jimin deadpans as he stepped in the castle’s royal showroom with Taehyung who tailed him with the report that his king insisted was more important than choosing what gifts to take home for his beloved mother and siblings.

“Could you hold your horses and remember what Namjoon’s position is?” Taehyung explains with a small frown as he picked up one of the trinkets laying on the table. It was an incense pouch that he brought up to his nose for a quick sniff. He might have brought it too close for his liking for the strong scent of vanilla immediately shot up to his nostrils making him grimace and make a face before dropping it back to the pile of rather expensive trinkets.

Jimin does the same, but this time making a note to distance himself from the incense pouches, he carefully examined the details that were put to each. The embroidery and how different Valerian art craft was compared to what him and Taehyung were used to. There was a lingering irritation in his mind that made him extra indecisive when it came to choosing colors for his favorite princess sister.

“I know but they were lovers at one point. It’s grating me.” He says, not bothering to turn his voice down a notch so the servants don’t hear a word on their conversation. It’s not like he cared to be the topic of the castle since he had already been ever since they stepped foot in the sun castle.

“They’re not anymore. How many times do I have to tell you that Namjoon has a loving husband who awaited his arrival everyday and he basically broke King Yoongi’s heart in to pieces a long time ago? Surely you won’t comeback to someone who broke your heart yes?” Taehyung felt like he was convincing Jihoon not to cry because his favorite toy broke at this point. Him and Jimin are stubborn to a certain degree.

“I’m almost certain that Yoongi doesn’t feel for him anymore. But what of Namjoon? What if suddenly he decided that Seokjin is not enough and he wants to get back with Yoongi. It ould ruin everything for Sindria and Valeria—” Jimin trails off before Taehyung cuts in.

“You mean for you and Yoongi huh.” Taehyung pokes a finger into his cheek and Jimin jerks at the touch before whining.

“We spent the night together.” He says before pointing at an intricately structured gown that he’s certain his mother would adore. The servant girl nods in understanding before carefully picking it up and folding it delicately to store in an equally expensive looking box that would be stored until the day of their departure. All the gifts are being paid for in gold by Valeria of course. This would be a part of Yoongi’s gift towards Jimin’s family in return for marrying him.

“Taehyung he’s still playing by the rules. Refusing to consummate before the wedding.” Jimin presses his lips in a thin line.

He might have worn an almost transparent sleeping suit for Yoongi to see the previous night but but the raven haired male only held him close and kissed him ever so delicately before falling asleep comfortably with Jimin in his arms.

“I wish he stopped pretending that nothing happened between us yet.” Jimin bites his lower lip. A sign of insecurity that only Taehyung was aware of.

“Are you certain that you haven’t fallen inlove with him yet?” Taehyung questions Jimin with a  quirk of his perfectly manicured brow.

“I’m certain that I would never /love/ again after Hoseok.” Jimin said his deceased lover’s name in a whisper.

“But it’s nice if I could try and make this marriage as smooth as possible don’t you think? Which brings us back to my point that Namjoon and Yoongi shouldn’t be in the same room together. In almost every day of this week until our departure next week.” Jimin says, a rather playful smile dancing in his lips.

“And you’re telling me this because?” Taehyung didn’t like his bestfriend and King’s playful smile especially when he sounded like he was plotting. Gods know what’s in Jimin’s mind during those times. Whatever it is, it’s never the best idea.

“This is where you come in!”

“No Jimin,I don’t think a Sindrian man other than you should be present in the Valerian King’s study.” Taehyung immediately shuts Jimin’s proposition down without hearing the rest of it first.

“Not you silly! But your heart eyed lover will. Valeria’s crown prince. And you know he will only listen to you so you should definitely take this opportunity to tell him that it’s good to be there. To observe how Yoongi runs things before he’s thrust into the very same position. He could learn a bit more with his dear brother by his side. It’s a win win situation!” Jimin exclaims. Almost breathless at how fast he spoke. But there was fire in his eyes and Taehyung thinks that it might not be so bad to suggest this to Jungkook.

“I’ll have you know that he’s not my lover.” He denies Jimin’s statement but Jimin on the other hand only gives him a hard shove.

“So kissing so passionately in the hallway when you thought that nobody’s watching happens to be a high chancellor and a crown prince’s normal doing? Is this another way of you working effectively together?” Jimin teases and he swore that he saw how quickly Taehyung’s face turned red at his comment.

“You should watch your own man more than you observe others!” Taehyung gasps, looking around. Suddenly aware at the amount of servants present. How they could easily hear him and the Sindrian king’s discussion.

“Then don’t be so scandalous. At least save your sessions for when you visit his chambes~” Jimin says in a teasing and sultry tone. One that made Taehyung blush a deeper shade of red.

Turning tables around were one of Jimin’s fortes but the next thing that Taehyung mutters made him completely lose in the childish banter that both of them were engaged in.

“Says the then-crown prince who slept with his fiancée on their first night of meeting? It was a big scandal back then yes? All of Sindria’s nobles and commoners heard about it the day after the winter solstice ball! You weren’t able to step out of the castle for one month after!” Taehyung triumphantly dished out his tramp card that ultimately made Jimin’s shoulder’s slump. His face just as equally red as his high chancellor’s.

“I was young! It was a mistake!” Jimin pathetically whines making Taehyung’s laughter even louder than it already was until it turned to full blown guffaws.

“Ok Taehyung, I get it. I get it. It was so embarrassing so can you please ask our dear prince Jungkook this once? I promise I will owe him forever.”

Jimin declared.

“MY prince Jungkook.” Taehyung quietly interjects. Making Jimin raise both his arms in the air.

“Alright, alright Taehyung. Your prince Jungkook.” He chuckles softly before they continue their day. Picking trinkets to bring home as well as studying deals made by Sindria and the water country. Revoking the special privileges that Sindria had given the water country to cut off their trade route towards Aerondei.

It was a hard task. To pick wonderful gifts and wage a war at the same time. Though they took care of the political aspect and never even bothered with the military because Jimin has yet to learn how the whole deal goes. It’s a topic that him and Yoongi never really brushed upon. Something that Jungkook mostly specializes in.

“But do you think that in the history of Royal engagements that someone else have committed the same sin that you and Yoongi did that night?” Taehyung teases Jimin when they were finally done and were on the act of walking to the courtyard where Jungkook was located. He was having a meeting with the generals. Relating military information that they will later relay to their troupes.

“No Taehyung, didn’t you think that I never researched on that when it was the one thing that bothered and embarrassed me the most for a year and a half!?” Jimin says, making laughter bubble up from his best friend’s chest once more.


5 years ago: Then crown prince Jimin and King Yoongi’s royal engagement ball in Sindria that was disguised as the annual Winter solstice ball.


It had never occurred to him how cold Sindria truly was until they neared its capitol. How the water never froze under their ship greatly amazed Yoongi. However, he is fairly certain that whatever sinks into the endless azure will turn into ice in mere seconds. He did not want to test that no. It was his first time to venture out of his kingdom. The command came in a golden scroll that was to be kept until the right time. Yoongi was no stranger to the fact that Kings never wed who they wanted. It was a luxury that they will never have so when the head noble reads his late father’s will to him, the instructions were clear.

Sail to Valeria, meet the crown prince who is now almost of age for both their countries to seal the alliance and formally introduce the soon to be couple to each other. He did not have much to say in the matter. Except for a slight nod of acknowledgement. It had felt more of a duty rather than a burden to him but as soon as their ship left Port Dragomir, it had been hell for Yoongi.

The young Valerian king realizes that he preferred land to sea. Not that he was ill due to the motion of the ship but he liked knowing that he stood at a stable ground and a vessel that freely floated in the ocean to gods-know-where. Everything went smoothly and Yoongi finds himself accustomed to the way the ship gently rocked from the waves. Not until the last day when the ship’s captain announced that they were nearing Sindria’s territory. The air slowly became chilly until it reached a point where it was too cold for Yoongi and he had to wear several layers of special clothing that were specifically made for his journey to Sindria.

“It’s so fucking cold.” He complains to the captain who only gave him a sympathetic smile.

“It’s just going to get even colder at this point your highness.”

It did not sound comforting at all and if Yoongi didn’t know any better he would think that the captain would have been threatening him with those words.

He was not lying.

As they approached the winter country, the Valerian king had on three layers of clothing and a scarf made from fox fur draped on his neck to keep him warm. Under all the garments was also his affinity for fire to control his body temperature otherwise he would have frozen to death even before they reach the port.

“It’s wise that you decided to heed the advice of your royal tailors, Your highness but what are you doing up here?” The captain asks when Yoongi stepped into the deck. Cold air biting at his skin, his lips becoming dry the instant he’s exposed to the extremely cold temperature.

It was the time when he realized that he could use his affinity to regulate his body temperature. Yoongi wills the never dying warmth within him to circulate throughout his body. Trapping the heat inside of letting it out as a heatwave. The heatwave stayed inside him although it took Yoongi awhile to get used to circulating the heatwave inside of him. The thin sheet of ice that covered the deck, making it slippery to walk in melted in every step that Yoongi took. Ice melting into puddles of water until he reached the captain of the ship who was very much shivering. With only his lighted tobacco to provide warmth to his mundane body.

“By gods! They weren’t jesting when they told me that you really are gifted.” He says, whole body jerking in surprise when he felt the warmth radiating from the Valerian king’s body as he stood in close proximity. Yoongi wills it to calm. 

 “They really weren’t.” The king comments dryly as he looked ahead. They neared the port.

And if he could compare it to his home in one word, which is Valeria and Port Dragomir---  he would say that Sindria and Port Luna is ‘dreadful’.

A massive chunk of land that’s plagued with eternal winter and half of spring as it’s only seasons. Everything’s stark white, covered with a thick blanket of snow and ice but as the ship neared the port, Yoongi was finally able to make out shapes that aren’t just trees and massive boulders.

The slight fog however clouded Yoongi’s vision so he could only make out the light that was coming from the capitol and Port Luna. After that, there appeared to be two massive arcs and a few ginormous ships that could rival the Sun voyager—the ship in which Yoongi sailed in.

“How many times have you been to this dreadful country?” Yoongi asks, tilting his head to the side so he could look at the captain who was now, finally not shivering.

Old and wizened, the captain’s leathery face that’s decorated with wrinkles formed into a grimace as he thought deep. Counting with his hands as he tried to remember the times that he’s been into the territory.

“Out of my fifty years sailing the seas, I have only been to Sindria for ten times. Not exactly a beautiful country to go to. Never mind how hard it is to sail here. The gods have definitely blessed out voyage for it has been nothing but smooth sailing.” His eyes crinkled even more as the corners of his mouth finally lifted up. Indicating a ghost of a smile in his features.

The captain takes another long drag from his tobacco.

“I wonder what the Sindrian ancestors have done that their land has been cursed to eternal winter. I can never imagine myself living in a winter wasteland such as this.” Yoongi gestures around.

“Your highness, I wouldn’t judge Sindria right away since the few times that I’ve been here had only been for trades. But legends have it that this country is more than what meets the eye. The mines never run dry and there are places that are worth braving an snowstorm for.”

Truly, the captain was a man of adventure, for his eyes almost sparked when he enthusiastically talked about a possible adventure. Another go at life.

And Yoongi wishes he could be just as optimistic as the captain is for he could see nothing. Both literally and metaphorically.

It was until he stepped foot unto the grounds of port that his stereotype of the country has been shattered altogether.

It’s true, the country is outrageously cold. But it’s nothing short of lively. For every citizen, dressed in at least three layers of winter wear if not more has flocked the port just to witness the arrival of the honorable guests who arrived. Led by the Valerian king, Yoongi.

Before even boarding the ship, Yoongi already studied bits and pieces about Sindria and its traditions and he learned that the day he’ll be arriving is the same day of winter solstice and naturally it is celebrated by the whole country. Especially the capitol.

The castle conduct festivities for its commoners to enjoy while the nobles and royals hold an exclusive ball in the castle.

And this is where he comes in.

Today is him and the crown prince’s engagement announcement day, disguised as the winter solstice’s ball. To be kept as a secret until the announcement according to Sindria’s king Ah jin.

“Sly old man.” Yoongi mutters under his breath. Remembering the words in the king’s letter along with the scroll that was delivered for him to read.

Sindria’s capitol is nothing like Valeria’s. It isn’t lined with street vendors or stalls that sold different trinkets and anything imaginable. Instead, it is humble and clean. With only large brick establishments in which one needs to walk inside in order to shop for the specific trade that they wish to purchase.

All the buildings almost looked identical with the signature dusk color that made the capitol look even more stark and orderly save for the signs that indicated what they were for. And these establishments were lined just beside the main road towards the castle before it further expanded into grand mansions of the nobles that resided within the capitol and more humble brick homes beyond which housed the capitol’s workforce and a few travelers who made a stop in the country to further business or to visit.

The citizens aren’t as diverse as the population in contrast to Valeria’s. Most of the citizens had pale skin that could almost rival the snow that surrounded the lands, hair colors that range from orange red, red to light brown and finally, platinum blonde. The reason for their pale skin could be the lack of sunlight for the sun barely shone directly into the capitol and so it always looked overcast. Yoongi even hears than when the rare phenomenon happens and the sun happens to shine down, the people liked to go out of their homes and enjoy the wonderful sensation of the sun’s warmth into their skin.

It was the one of the million times that Yoongi wished he could bring Valeria’s  into his mysterious fiancée’s country.

Yoongi had no chance to further admire how different their architecture is because he was quickly whisked away into a carriage that barely had a window and a built in heater powered by coals under the cabin. Sindria’s carriages always operated with the built in heater that was invented solely for the purpose of providing the citizens’ comfort as they travelled in their winter plagued land.

It’s not like the young king had the need for it of course. He could easily warm his body by regulating a heatwave inside his body but his companions aren’t capable of doing the same so they needed mundane comfort. It greatly fascinated Yoongi even when it is useless for him.

The way that the people had become so crafty in order to live under such circumstances. If he valued something in Sindria’s citizens, it would be their resilience and wit. They never abandoned their country or tried to invade other countries so they could move. Instead, they made the most out of what they had and prospered through extreme conditions.    

There was something about the uniformity of the capitol itself to the surroundings that set it above anything else that Yoongi has ever since before. There is a cold grandeur that surrounded everything and the festive air added more to that. Maybe Yoongi’s first visit to his betrothed’s country isn’t as bad as he had predicted when he received the decree.

“How much farther?” Yoongi questions the coachman through the small opening just above his seat. In his mind, he has already counted up to fifteen minutes but he couldn’t trust his impatience that much. The steady crunch of snow under the carriage as it passed by the brick road almost irked Yoongi in a very unpleasant way.

“Not much longer your highness. We’re entering the first gate towards the castle’s estate.” Came a voice from outside, and as if on cue, the carriage lurches to a stop.

Yoongi wasn’t able to hear much when he tried to eavesdrop on the on going conversation. Their calm voices were muffled by the thick interior of the carriage that he rode.

“I’m in charge of the Valerian King’s carriage straight from Port Luna.”

There was a loud noise coming from the outside world and Yoongi tried deciphering what’s going on but he could only hear a series of chains clicking and something heavy being lifted off the ground. The sound went on for a moment before it stops and Yoongi’s carriage begins moving once again.

“From here on is a short five minutes travel.”

“Thank heavens. I feel like I’m about to rot in this moving prison.” Yoongi didn’t mean any insult towards the Sindrian carriage of course. It’s wonderfully designed to withstand the climate but he disliked being in it. The feeling of being inside an enclosed carriage and not seeing what lies ahead greatly troubled Yoongi that he was tense and alert the whole ride. The carriage stops for the second time.

This time, it’s not as sudden as their first stop. It was slow and carefully executed. The way the horses slowed down from graceful and steady gallops to slow trots until the crunching of snow and the sounds of hooves stopped altogether.

What Yoongi saw next was light when a servant opened the door for him to step out. It had been dark inside the warm carriage.

There he was, in the middle of the spectators. Their garments clearly indicated their status. Various noble men and women have gathered in a line. Everyone poised with elegance while the air was filled with curiosity and excitement. Most of them have never seen a single portrait of their crown prince’s betrothed so it was understandable that they flock the castle’s entrance like this. Yoongi left his brother back in Valeria because he didn’t feel comfortable in taking Jungkook with him to a long voyage that will probably not be comfortable for the latter so he only brought a few trusted officials with him but even then, they weren’t close so the king couldn’t help but feel slightly melancholy.

“Right this way, your majesty.” Yoongi has been guided by a Sindrian servant as they made their way towards the path that had been cleared by the nobles for them. A neat line that went all the way towards the grand door of the castle and now that Yoongi had been scanning the surroundings, he can clearly see that the castle is just as grand and magnificent as Valeria’s. Although both can’t be compared since each had their own charm. If his castle back in his country radiated warmth, he would dare say that Sindria’s castle had a cold elegance to it. The shapes and the design of the magnificent architecture made him admire it even more as he walked closer and closer to it. His winter boots crushing the thin snow that he walked on when he made his way to the royals who waited for him.

Beside the tall figure, whom he assume is King Ah jin, was his wife. Queen Daria. The king, despite being old has aged gracefully. His handsome face held a few wrinkles here and there. His lips are curled upwards as he smiled and whenever he did, his eyes would crinkle. The queen right beside him had an ethereal beauty that he could only hope to see in his betrothed. Wouldn’t it be a bonus if his fiancée could also look half as good if not better than his queen mother? Not that Yoongi cared of course. Handsome or not, their fates were already sealed.

“King Yoongi, I offer you my sincerest apologies if you already dread the climate here in our country but with that, I welcome you to Sindria.” King Ah Jin announced, smiling even wider. And Yoongi finds himself smiling back and taken the hand that was outstretched towards him.

Usually, the young king is good at reading people and his intuitions were almost always right so when he sensed that the elder king had no intentions of faking courtesy with him, he was almost glad to do the same. Return the courtesy as genuinely as King Ah Jin did.

“I hope your voyage was not unpleasant?” Queen Daria’s tone was friendly but her voice did not quite match up with what Yoongi had in mind. He expected nothing but gentleness. However there is a firmness in her slightly husky voice that took the raven haired male aback and it took him a split second to process everything before responding and taking her hand to kiss the back of it, as per royalty custom. He needed to make a good impression so the king and queen would fully entrust their son and the alliance with him. Yoongi needed to do this for his country. She smelled of roses. The two of them.

“Not at all, the gods have blessed me with a smooth voyage. Even the captain is impressed at how calm the sea was as we sailed through it.” Yoongi humors them and both royalties beamed at him before finally leading the way in.

“Come, let us not stand in the cold for much longer. You must be getting uncomfortable.” King Ah Jin says, walking ahead and the kings guard finally opens the grand doors for them.

“I learned a very useful trick with my affinity so it’s not so uncomfortable.” Yoongi replies. Knowing very well that the king and queen had already been informed about his affinity. Somewhere in his mind, lies the information that his betrothed too possessed an affinity.

“But I must say, the obvious difference between our two countries presented itself the moment that our ship entered Sindrian territory.” Yoongi trails off as they entered the castle and although he was regulating a heatwave within him, he couldn’t ignore the sudden change of temperature when they were finally inside the grand structure.

It was definitely warmer inside and the king wonders where the source of the heat was. But he decided to discard the thought briefly after it came into his mind for everything else in the castle greatly amused him.

The dominant theme it seemed was marbles. The dark castle is bright inside with all the light from the hanging illuminations bouncing off the polished marble interior. Even the furniture were a mixture of marble themed design and white dominated the castle. As if emulating the snow outside but here, there is warmth and Yoongi liked it.

“You just got here but I’m already apologizing to you twice. You see my son. He’s not quite matured in mind even though he is of age. He escaped his guards this morning.” Yoongi could almost hear the disappointment and utter defeat in the face of the Sindrian king.

“So he’s a mischievous one.” Yoongi couldn’t help but chuckle at the childishness and stubbornness of his husband to be.

“I just hope that he attends tonight. Since it is after all, a celebration for the both of us masked in the excuse of a winter solstice ball.”

Queen Daria’s expression softened from her previous tensed posture. It was as if she waited on how Yoongi would fare with the idea of being betrothed to a stubborn crown prince who refused to show up and greet him.

Yoongi however, is perfectly fine with the way things are going.


“How did he look? Interesting enough? Do I have to spend my life with a man with the face of a beast?” Jimin casually asks as he beckoned his usual maidservant to lather his hair. There he was, sitting on his icy bath tub like it was just a normal day.

Like he wasn’t supposed to be out there, in his full crown prince attire and greeting the young Valerian who sailed all the way to Sindria just to meet him.

“What’s so special about him anyway? A lot of royals from different countries will be here before dusk. He’s just like one of them.” The maidservant was thankful that crown prince Jimin had his back against her. For her expression showed great exhaustion from listening to the latter’s constant ramblings and complaints. What she wanted though was to keep her job. And that means she needed to keep her mouth shut.

“Have you suddenly gone mute? I was asking if he had the face worthy of marrying me.” Jimin demands, his tone raising a pitch as he cocked his head to the side as if waiting for a response while his servant continued massaging unto his scalp. The comfort it brought him made the crown prince relax and loosen up once more.

“He looked every bit as worthy of marrying you my prince. The king had raven black hair, fair skin that was unexpectable because I heard that in Valeria, the sun always shone the brightest. He has a handsome yet beautiful face at the same time.” She tried not to gush over and describe more than necessary so as to not annoy Jimin.

The silver haired male only snorted at this. He never really cared about appearance, no. It was all a part of the show.

“Thank you for your service Fara, you may return to your station.” Jimin says, finally dismissing the maid servant who hurriedly left his side rather enthusiastically. Like she was relieved to finally not be in the same room as he was.

Once he’s all alone, Jimin sighs to himself and slumps his shoulders.

“So he’s here…huh.” There was not much to be said since the crown prince’s train of thoughts overcame any words that he needed to say verbally.

After what felt like an eternity of soaking and wallowing in self-pity, Jimin finally arose.

He had time before the ball. Plenty of time but he had nowhere to go so since it was the only place in his mind since he’s heard about the engagement ball, he just had to go.

Unlike the normal citizens of Sindria, Jimin need not to dress warmly for the outdoors. He could handle cold in whatever form. So he wore a simple black black long sleeves that hugged his waist and black trousers to match. Everything in his ensemble looked uncharacteristically him. Jimin is known to wear colors. Navy blue especially for it matched his eyes the best.

Planning his escape was the easy part. But executing it is another story.

Every guard is on the look out of a certain silver haired crown prince who’s supposed to meet his betrothed today. Though Jimin himself had no idea what his betrothed look like. Not that he cared.

He takes a deep breath before sneaking out of the secret chamber that he had ever since he was old enough to sneak around. The Sindrian castle is older than most of the castles within the realm so hiding behind it’s grandeur are a lot of tunnels and secret passageways that lead to different places outside of the castle. Jimin did not like being predictable so he would explore them all and change his pattern every time he made his grand escape. To either check on capitol or to simply wander around when he didn’t feel like sitting through the royal discussions about the power shift and both important and irrelevant issues within the realm. He tried to stay away from politics as much as he can. After all, it’s the sole reason as to why he’s suffering up to this day.

There were kings guard flocking the entrance way to one of the tunnels that he had in mind for today. Her mother must have predicted that he would use that route since it looked like the most unused one. Perfect for another grand escape. The thought of his mother predicting his moves made Jimin scrunch up his nose. They really wanted him to stay.

All the more reason for him to go.

“For fuck’s sake.” The crown prince mutters under his breath.

If they stationed that many guards on each possible entrance to the tunnels then there would just be as many guards outside and he can’t be caught. It would be embarrassing.

Jimin retreats to the shadows for the time being. Calculating every next move he should take. Today, he didn’t have his best friend and steward by his side. Making the escape much more harder. Taehyung was just simply too busy entertaining guests from different kingdoms. Unlike Jimi who avoided contact at every chance that he gets.

What he disliked about festivities such as the summer solstice is that the castle becomes much more alive. Filled with the constant excited murmurs of the servants and nobles alike. The hallways were never empty until the midnight when all activities around the castle dies down. And it lasts for a few weeks until the festivities are over.

How Jimin hated the music. The festival, how the castle seemed to move on and he can’t.

So he had to get away.

After minutes of racking his brain for a possible tunnel or passage way that won’t have as much guards posted on it, Jimin finally thought of one. It might not be as easy as what he initially assumed, still it would take him out of the palace and into the woods.

All in one go.


So Jimin bounded up the winding staircase until he reaches the top floor where no lights were lit. Where the warmth couldn’t reach. It was almost a forgotten part of the castle for all it’s grandeur did not reach the sad looking dark walls and dusty floor that Jimin navigated in ease. He didn’t need light in the darkness for his feet took him exactly where he needed to be.

Once he reached the end of the corridor, the crown prince opted for the door on the left and turned the icy cold door knob, pushing forth to reach the unused chamber. An audible creak resonated throughout the empty walls and Jimin only wished that the kings guard wouldn’t hear it or his escape plan would be short lived.

Though the room isn’t being used, being the farthest chamber in the top floor, it is still well maintained upon the crown prince’s orders. He liked taking his work there and considered it as his safe haven within the palace. Jimin surveys the room.

The interior is made from a mixture of the usual marble and dark wood. It’s not as grand as the crown prince’s chambers but was still big enough for one person, there’s a king-sized bed that had clean navy-blue sheets with matching pillow cases. Clearly indicating that the silver haired male has already claimed it as his own.

Being the coldest room in the castle, there was the obligatory fireplace that was adjacent to the bed, it’s metal was polished and one could clearly tell that it hasn’t been put to use for a very long time. The tools to tend to the fire that were just right beside it looked very much un touched as well.

Aside from that, there wasn’t much in the room. Jimin liked it that way. Simple and not personalized for he didn’t want his parents or anyone else to find about his little secret chamber.

The young crown prince makes his way towards the bed. But he’s not there to lay down. He stops when he reaches the right side of it, when he’s right in front of the small oak wood cabinet beside the bed. Jimin pushes it aside easily to reveal a trap door the size of the oak wood cabinet that was camouflaged well with the dark wooden floor. The only indication that it’s a door was the small latch on the upper right corner. Jimin reaches down and pulls on it and unlike earlier, the trap door didn’t make any audible creaking noise.

What lies underneath when he closed trapdoor behind him were darkness and a flight of stairs descending to the first floor’s secret passage ways. So this is probably the longest way for Jimin to get out of the castle but he is determined to make his way out. If he’s lucky enough, his parents will be too busy entertaining guests that they won’t feel the need to check on him he could have the whole night to himself. But seeing as it’s only morning, the king and queen would have plenty of time to think about a missing crown prince for his own engagement ball.

So, with determination he begins his descent. This particular part of the castle is chilly enough for any normal human, cold wind blows from the first floor up to where he’s currently at.

Jimin did not dare look down because even though it was dark enough for him to only see what’s close to him, it was still a long way down and looking to where he might possibly fall won’t do anything good for him.

The staircase was made of metal that had become slippery due to the thin ice that formed over it. Jimin learned this when he first discovered the secret staircase. There were two handles and the staircase isn’t big enough for two people to descend side by side. So, it was perfect for him because if ever the kings guard discovered him, they wouldn’t be able to make the trip down the rabbit hole. Jimin’s affinity to ice made him not only immune to cold but also immune to ice itself. He found out that ice clings to the sole of his boots to act as a glue rather than the usual slippery surface. Making everything a breeze for him, still one can never be too careful so he took his time. One step at a time until he could finally bear to look down at the last set of stairs and into the passage way that was only faintly illuminate by the rows of lamps that lined the walls.

The passageways and the tunnels of the castle isn’t as grand as what’s for display in public. Forgotten passageways and tunnels are hidden away, oftentimes forgotten so they are rarely maintained. Something Jimin is secretly thankful for.

If only the queen and king actually paid time to learn every passageway, they could have implemented the guards in every exit that there is. But the Sindrian castle is so complex that if one is not knowledgeable enough, they might get lost and eventually not see the light of the day trying to find their way out.

Jimin on the other hand though, happened to be the master of escape so since childhood, he started wandering off. Discovering new ways to sneak out of the castle just to enjoy the outdoors.

His adventures even served as a way for him to meet his one and only love.

At age sixteen, Jimin figured out almost half of the castle’s secrets but one day he got caught. By the most beautiful man he’d ever seen. The worst part is that Jimin did not look as every bit as dashing as he’s supposed to be. He was in a servant’s uniform. Wearing three layers of ridiculous clothing just to disguise himself and hopefully blend with the townsfolk.

A ghost of a smile passes by Jimin’s lips as he placed a palm against the cold brick wall. The crown prince heaves a sigh before continuing his way out of the dark maze.

If his memory served him right, the path that he’s taking at the moment should lead him out into the back doors to the woods. Jimin walked ahead with sharp senses. Trusting his intuition rather than logic as he made a left after a right.

On the final turn that he made, he finally comes across what he’s been on his mind since he decided to take the long route to escape.

A marble door with brass knobs. Jimin smiles triumphantly as he wasted no time in opening the door, welcoming the icy cold wind that hit him in the face as soon as he stepped out of the castle.

“Ahhh freedom~” Jimin smiles to himself. The particular door that he exited from was the one on the west part of the castle, near the stables where the Royal family’s horses are kept.

It was next on the agenda. Jimin needed his horse in order to reach the certain destination he had in mind. So, with the utmost carefulness, he begins to run towards the stables. A mere fifteen meters away.

Surprisingly, there weren’t any guards at that particular part of the castle. Maybe they were spread out. More of them stationed on any of Jimin’s favorite passageways that he didn’t get to use today. A lot of them stationed in front of the castle to welcome the unending flow of guests that are in for the ball later that evening. Either way, Jimin is thankful to his lucky stars that he won’t have any problems from there onwards.

The royal stables is small in comparison to the castle that loomed in front of it. It was big enough to house ten stallions. All of them snow-white in complexion and fur. The only thing distinguishing them from the other is that their manes and tales were different shades of blonde. Jimin’s stallion named Arion had the darkest shade of blonde amongst the horses.

“We’re going into the woods~” Jimin excitedly announced as he prepared the saddle and made sure that Arion will be good enough to ride through the woods for the day. Because aside from his family and Taehyung, Jimin only had his horse. Royals aren’t exactly allowed to mingle with the common folk so Jimin the “spoiled crown prince” valued anyone or anything that’s been there for him.

Arion was a gift from his father on his sixteenth birthday. And back then, the massive stallion had only been a pony. Only slightly taller in stature than Jimin who’s considerably short if they’re going by Sindrian standards.

As if the horse understood what his master was trying to say, he lowers himself down. Almost kneeling for Jimin to climb on to the saddle. It makes the lightest chuckle bubble up from Jimin’s throat.

“Arion~ you know I am not a boy anymore. I know how to ride properly now.” Jimin carries on talking to the horse anyway as he climbed unto the horse’s saddle and proceeded to ride into the pathway that led into the forest.

As much as Jimin knew the tunnels and secret passageways of the Sindrian castle, he could also say the same for the forest right behind his home. Because as a child, he spent a lot of his time getting lost in the massive maze of snow covered trees. Along with his best friend and partner in crime of course.

So even with the light snowfall that obscured his view, Jimin is able to navigate around. As long as he stayed on the path that led him further into the forest. Going into the heart of it.

The formation of trees along with how the path split into two were all too familiar for Jimin even though he’s never been to that particular part of the forest for at least two years now. He’s still able to subconsciously steer Arion into the right path until a small cottage can finally be seen up ahead.

There were no lights, no welcoming warmth or smoke coming from the chimney.

The cottage looked dead.

So is Hoseok.

Jimin hops off the horse, letting him go anywhere he pleases but the stallion remained by his side, setting under the shade of the cottage when Jimin walks inside.

The place looks like it had been deserted. Everything looked relatively dusty but there was one thing that the young crown prince couldn’t deny. It was the fact that from the silverware set up on the table, to the bed that was situated right in the middle of everything, the cottage is untouched.

Left alone for two years and Jimin only finds himself gathering the courage to visit the place today. When he’s supposed to be back in the castle, preparing to meet his future husband whom he has never seen before.

“I-I’m back.” It was hard for his voice to not break as he spoke to no one in particular, and as if to mock his sadness even more, his empty words echoed against the four walls of the wooden cottage.

 If the Sindrian castle is the epitome of hard and cold beauty along with elegance then Jimin’s wooden cottage that was situated in the heart of the forest had been cozy, simple and quiet. It used to be his escape place with his lover who died two years ago, from protecting him.  Up to that day, the younger still couldn’t forgive himself and so he refused to visit their safe place.

But now he’s there to ironically seek comfort.

“Hey, it’s been two years. I don’t know what’s going on within the castle anymore. I tried to stay out of politic as much as I can.” Jimin continues despite knowing that he will never get an answer even if he talks on straight for hours. However, talking to Hoseok or just speaking his thoughts out loud seemed to lifted some of the pressure off his shoulders. Like it made him feel better at least.

“You would always make fire first and make a fuss about how I’m not wearing three layers especially because it’s snowing.” He says as his gaze wandered to the fire place and before he realizes it, his hands had already started working on a fire. Not that he needed it. Just that it was familiar for him. Nostalgia hits Jimin when he gets flashbacks of Hoseok teaching him how to make fire. He hated the fact because he didn’t need warmth but when the elder put his big warm hands on top of his, in order to guide him his protests grew weaker and weaker until he ended up complying instead.

Jimin successfully made fire that day. He starts kindling his tinder in the grind, already knowing that he would ultimately fail for tears started blurring his vision and he ends up giving up. Throwing the flint across the room weakly as he collapsed on his knees. The silver haired male ultimately gives up and sits back down with his knees tucked to his chest.

Never has anyone seen him so weak after the accident. Everyone saw the changed Jimin, the spoiled prince who would indulge in all forms of leisure especially behind closed doors but nobody saw the frail and broken young man underneath all the pretention.

“You said you would never leave me…you promised.” Jimin sobs in a broken voice before taking a deep breath and trying to collect himself, wiping his tear stained cheeks with his sleeve.

He never meant to not care about the castle and the country, but his assassination attempt was a clear message from the people behind the scenes that they didn’t appreciate his natural leadership skills. His open mind and ideas that would make Sindria rise to more power.

It costed him the life of his love.

But he can’t keep on running away from his responsibilities. He’s going to have to wear the crown sooner or later. Though he preferred the latter option. And when the time comes, he can’t afford to pretend like the spoiled and bratty prince that he is as of now.

It was supposed to be an escape from the pressure that the castle reeked but it seems like his thoughts just can’t leave him and the constant anxiety is bringing him down once again no matter how many miles he has put in between him and the cold and imposing structure. Jimin sighs at this.

“I hope it’s still here.” He mutters under his breath before slowly standing up and dragging his weight towards the bed and crouching down when he’s in front of it.

If the cottage has been untouched for the past two years then the rum stash he had tucked underneath the bed would still be there. Maybe frozen, but still there.

His short arms blindly reach out for it until he feels a cold box, lying exactly where he placed it.

“Bingo~” He says with a faint smile.

If there’s anything that could at least numb his mind from such things and the pressure of it all, it would be alcohol. So the silver haired male pulled the box from underneath the bed and though dust has gathered on top of it, he opens it anyway. Revealing soft velvet underneath covering and underneath all the cloth is a full bottle of rum.

Jimin makes a face when his predictions proved to be true. The once golden liquid turned into solid ice trapped inside the sleek transparent bottle.

“What do I do now?” A soft whine escapes his lips before he realizes something, making his crystal blue eyes glow brighter.

If he can freeze anything, he could also reverse it’s effects. Maybe his affinity is the ice but it involved him creating and unfreezing ice in his will.

He closes his eyes, at that age the young crown prince could barely control his gifts and having no one within the country who could teach him to control and hone his affinity so he could only rely on himself.

“Concentrate. I want to fucking drink this. So bad.” Jimin mutters as he reaches within him. He doesn’t exactly know what he’s looking for but there’s always that familiar tug in his gut that he mentally grasped unto.

 As if on cue, the frozen liquor slowly unfroze until Jimin feels the bottle become room temperature and a light sloshing sound came from the transparent bottle. When he opens his eyes he sees that the once iced rum has now returned into it’s liquid form and he might have just done more than defrost it but also somehow realized that it’s moving from the bottle, little bubbles started surfacing from the bottom of the bottle.

“Holy fuck.” Jimin says,taking a sharp intake of breath and holding it until he’s forced to exhale due to what he just did.

He’s probably that desperate because he uncaps the bottle, throwing the cap randomly before taking a full swig of the alcohol that hit him strong on the first gulp. The rum definitely aged nicely despite being frozen for two years.

Jimin decides that he liked the feeling of being tipsy and feeling like the world is shifting under him when everything is in fact, normal. So he decides to sit down on the bed, this time unfolding his legs to stretch them on the slightly soft but definitely old and unused surface. The springs let out a creak as he sits, his back leaning on the headboard as he mindlessly looks up the ceiling that was just as equally dusty as everything else in the small cottage.

Everything looks like it could crumble down at any given time, like it only waited for Jimin to visit again before collapsing and it would most likely collapse after he left.

He would very much like that, he thinks as he takes another full swig from the bottle. Making a face at the strong taste that it left his mouth but nevertheless drinking more anyway.

From the small table and two chairs to the vase that had withered flowers on it, to the bedside cabinet that contained his and Hoseok’s secret letters to one another that they decided to lock there. Jimin wants to forget it all.

But he just couldn’t.

So he takes another swig from his bottle. Hoping that it would numb the ever present pain in his heart as he effortlessly freezes and destroys the lock from the bottom drawer since he has long since threw away the key at the very same lake that him and his lover used to visit.

The prince thought to himself that it would be nice to re-read every letter that they have exchanged from beginning to their last ones, addressed to one another and hurt himself even more when he just didn’t want to be crying over the same dead lover every night.

Seconds, minutes and hours ultimately passed and Jimin has entirely forgotten about what time it was but the fact that the bottle is close to empty and his back started to ache from being in the same sitting position probably meant that he needed to head back soon.

But at his current state, no such thing will happen. He will have to most likely stay in the cottage and wait until sunrise to make the trip back to the castle. Which means he will also be missing the ball and he won’t be meeting his future husband. Everything might just work out in his favor for once.

Nothing ever works in his favor.

Because the moment he threw the bottle to his side of the bed, the door of the cottage also opened.

“Your majesty, Park Jimin.”

He knows this voice. And the fact that this voice addressed him in his full name meant that the particular person whom the voice belonged to did not have time to deal with him.

Taehyung stood outside of the cottage with a bright glowing lamp in hand, face extremely solemn as he judged Jimin coolly with his brown eyes.

“The King and Queen have been looking for you since morning. How did you even escape when I specifically stationed the guards in the entrance that you liked using?!” Taehyung sounded formal but there was a scolding tone in his voice.

“You forgot the top chambers’ staircase. Loser Taehyungie~” Jimin giggles. Clearly wasted from finishing one bottle of rum by himself.

“The ball is starting in two hours. Heavens! Jimin did you drink all THAT by yourself?” The taller male gestures to the bottle that has managed to roll off the bed and into the floor.

Jimin could only nod with jaded eyes and an extremely wide smile in his face.

At least he could still respond.

“Let’s go home and get you washed. Hopefully we could sober you up for a bit. Your fiancée is there too. Really patient if I may say so. He hasn’t asked for you since his arrival.” Taehyung informs Jimin although he knew that the shorter male could care less.

“Ok. Let’s go home Taetae~” Jimin replies with the same ridiculous smile before finally moving but stumbling the moment he tries getting up. The crown prince falls on his ass but instead of complaining, he lets out a fit of giggles.

“Ooops. I can’t get up.” He announced, stating the obvious.

“I know that. Here. I’ll help you up.”

“What would I do without you, my dear best friend.” Jimin holds out both of his hands towards the taller male who rolled his eyes but approached him nevertheless.

“You would most likely die.” Taehyung dryly answers, knowing that Jimin would only complain if he didn’t answer his drunken questions.

“You’re right. You’re right.” Jimin repeats, holding unto the taller male as Taehyung places Jimin’s arm around his shoulder so he could help him walk to the carriage that awaited them outside of the cottage.

Silence followed them, only the crunching sound of the snow under their steps could be heard before Jimin breaks it again.

“Arion, who’s going to take Arion home?” He finally says when Taehyung managed to make him sit inside the carriage. A visible pout was visible in his plump lips.

“A kings guard will bring Arion home, your highness.” Taehyung answers before sitting on the opposite side of Jimin. The carriage begins moving, in a pace faster than the usual travelling pace. A clear sign that they are hurrying to make it back to the castle.

Jimin closes his eyes for a second.



“Send guards tomorrow to burn the cottage. I don’t care how you do it. Just burn the cottage.”

One thing that made Taehyung Jimin’s closest ally is that he knew how to read the silver haired male. And from the look in his crystal blue eyes, despite it being blurred by the alcohol in his system, Taehyung knew that Jimin is dead serious on what he had just asked him.

“I will make arrangements tomorrow as soon as I am freed from my duties.” Taehyung replies curtly. Though he could only imagine how much it hurt Jimin to burn the last bit of his memory with his first and probably last love, he knew that it was necessary if Jimin ever wanted to move on and function like a normal monarch.


The moment Jimin returns to the castle, now half-sober. He is tossed into his ridiculously enormous bath. Taking a bath twice a day is a norm with him along with bathing in ice cold water because he preferred it over hot water.

But he was not prepared when Taehyung orders his servant to toss him into the steaming hot bath that smelled like citrus mixed with vanilla.

His senses are instantly awakened as he yelped. Almost in pain.

“Taehyung! What in heavens!” He exclaims, now almost fully awake although his vision is still quite blurry from the rum.

“I’m trying to sober you up as much as I can so don’t fight it. You know you don’t want to disappoint the King and Queen too.”

Jimin did not reply. Or maybe his action spoke louder than words because he didn’t make any effort to fight the heat by freezing the water. He just sat there and let his skin soak in the heat and the scent of the bath. Cleansing him from the grime he has accumulated from riding out in the forest.

“That’s what I thought so too. So if you would excuse me, I have preparations I have to attend to. I shall see you tonight though. Yes?” This time Taehyung smiles hopefully. His genuine boxy grin. And Jimin knew how he only wanted the best for his crown prince and best friend.

“You know you’re my best friend, right?”

“Shut up, you’re disgusting.”


“I received reports that the Sindrian crown prince has been found.” Yoongi’s adviser walks into his guest room when the king gave him the permission to do so.

“What was his name again?” Yoongi asks, readjusting the coat that has been draped around him. He’s still very much not used to the climate in the country since he has arrived only a few hours ago.

“Park Jimin, sire.” The adviser replies courtly.

“I saw a portrait of him in one of the gallery rooms earlier. Is it true? That he possesses blue eyes. Crystal blue eyes like ice. Piercing.” Yoongi is every bit as curious.

“Just as yours are like a burning fire, his is as cold as ice your majesty. He’s the only known ice affinity possessing individual in the entire Sindria. Just like you’re the only one who’s gifted with fire.” It was an excellent description and Yoongi couldn’t agree anymore so when he’s done with his questions, he finally asked.

“Has the raven from my brother arrived? How is he?” Yoongi is aware that his brother isn’t a mere child anymore but he couldn’t help but worry when he left his one and only blood relative behind.

Though Valeria has been steady since his rise to power three years ago, he still couldn’t help but worry over the smallest things when it involved Jungkook.

“The raven has not yet arrived, your majesty. It should arrive tomorrow at dusk.” Yoongi mentally curses but instead, he asks that the adviser leaves him.

“I’ll be in the hall in a little bit. You lot can head over. No need to wait for me.”

“As you wish.” The adviser heads to the door. Stopping to bow formally before he leaves Yoongi to himself.

“This is it. Huh. Well, at least he looks good.” Yoongi shrugs softly at the reflection in the mirror.

His raven black hair is pulled back, revealing his forehead and softly arched brows. He wore black and maroon. Representing his country as always. A three-piece suit that consisted of a maroon undershirt, black vest and a black shirt that had slight maroon accents to it. His dress pants are ironed to perfection. It wasn’t an overly flashy choice of clothing. After all, Yoongi is not the type to lord over everyone else because of his status. One of the reasons why he is widely respected in the realm. Regardless of whether they have met him or not.

The formal long coat that he wore to top it all off had mild gold accents and is long enough to extend go a little past his knees. Coats made Yoongi appear more intimidating than he really is so he decided to replace his crown that rested on a plush red-velvet cushion with a brooch with Valeria’s royal insignia. With that final touch, the Valerian king heads out to the royal ballroom where the feast awaits.

An hour and a half into the celebration and Yoongi already lost all hope that the evening is ever going to be at least slightly amusing. Though there were reports that his betrothed has already been found and is surely to attend the ball, Jimin is still nowhere to be found. The king knew that the crown prince might despise their set up just as he initially did. But not to this extent.

He finds the lack of the younger’s presence highly disappointing. Already predicting Sindria’s downfall had it not been for both of their country’s alliance.

Everything was set up beautifully, he can give Sindria that. And it was significantly warmer for the guests to have the utmost comfort. The elegant tables have been draped with white covers and faux fur. Table arrangements consisted of a crystal vase with light blue roses in contrast with the white and Yoongi could really feel why the country was given the title of ‘winter country’ in oppose to his summer country. An orchestra steadily played to amuse the guests who chatted merrily. Old acquaintances from different countries and nobles alike discussed various things over dinner and the Valerian king watched with pure boredom from where he’s seated. And as if Sindria couldn’t be even more festive, they managed to replicate snow. Servants on the balcony of the second floor poured light, fluffy particles over the entrance to the ballroom to emulate the snow that wasn’t present outside of the castle at the time. Various guests find the act very fascinating and have come to the king and queen to personally tell them how entertaining everything was. He’s sure that the wonderfully looking feast in front of him tasted as delicious as it looked but Yoongi just didn’t have the appetite for it. 

He finds the comfort slightly annoying. He did not sail from the other side of the realm to only be ignored by his betrothed. He couldn’t believe how Sindria’s crown prince is so irresponsible. Thinking that he could just let Yoongi wait like he did. Because in the first place, it was Sindria who proposed that both their countries build an alliance that would change the realm for the better.



“Is anything not up to your taste, sire?” His adviser whom he doesn’t even remember the name after his fourth glass of wine asks him. Genuine concerned in his relatively young face.

“I’m alright. Just getting a little bored. If the crown prince doesn’t show up soon, I might just retire to my quarters early to get much needed sleep before tomorrow’s formal meeting.”

The men in Yoongi’s table are all equally high-ranking officials that aren’t even supposed to be sitting with him. But due to his request, he had the men join him on his table otherwise he would be alone. Without his betrothed who was supposed to join him.

He waits patiently, for what felt like an eternity before walking up to the king and queen to excuse himself. By no means did he wanted to offend them when all they wanted was to make sure he enjoys the festivities at least but the event is pointless when the person he’s supposed to meet isn’t even there.

Before leaving the ballroom hall, he quickly gulps down another glass of wine that left a bitter and tart taste on his tongue. The king didn’t care when the visitors’ attention was on him as he left the ballroom hall when the festivities have just begun.

Of all things he forgets to collect before leaving is a servant who would lead him back to his room.

With the wine that he had and the annoyance that kept nagging at him on the back of his mind, Yoongi definitely got lost as the hall he’s walking towards did not seem familiar at all.

There were no kings guard or any soldier at all yet the hall looked like it could be of importance.

Short marble pillars lined each side in an alternating pattern and on top of each were the same crystal vases that served as center-piece on the tables back in the ballroom hall. Uniformed lamps that served as lighting illuminated the corridor and Yoongi could only hear his footsteps echo throughout the vast hall.

He keeps walking though, despite all the warning signs in his head to not proceed, his gut feeling who’s sometimes responsible for his affinity goaded him to continue walking leisurely. Taking his time to stroll the area until he stops on a large staircase on his right.

What’s more interesting is sitting there, on the first staircase was none other than his fiancée. The elusive and spoiled crown prince of Sindria. Park Jimin. Who looked more beautiful than the portrait in the galleries. His crystal blue eyes seemed to hold their own glint in the faint darkness. At first he was slouched, with a crystal flask at his hand but once he meets Yoongi’s eyes, he lets out a dreamy smile. He must have had too much to drink. Just like Yoongi who regards him coolly. Irritation still bubbled up inside of him but he allows Jimin to speak first anyway.

“What, a handsome gentleman. Are you one of the visitors who came from a different country?” He asks, gesturing at him loosely before taking a big gulp from his flask.

Yoongi is stunned for a moment. Unable to speak.

Did this Jimin ever bother asking for descriptions on what he looked like? Did he care for even the slightest bit?

Then Yoongi looks down and notices that Jimin is dressed for the occasion. Wearing a white dress shirt that currently had three buttons undone under a navy-blue jacket and slacks. The clothing looked formal enough, he’s just missing a coat. That or he’s unbothered by the terribly cold climate.

“I am, visiting for the annual winter solstice.” It was not entirely a lie per say. But not entirely the truth either.

“Join me? I’m sure you left the ballroom hall because it was extremely boring.” Jimin rolls his eyes and uses his hand that wasn’t holding his flask to push his hair up. Yoongi had to wet his lower lips a tad bit after witnessing such act.

“Only if you share some with me.” Yoongi gestures towards the flask.

The silver haired male pats the space beside him and the staircase felt cold against Yoongi’s behind, making him instantly hiss as he sat down.

Suddenly it feels like the temperature dropped in the room, like the heat that came from the ballroom hall was long gone. But Yoongi realizes that it’s only half of his body that felt like it’s colder than the usual. The side that is closer to Jimin.

“Are you cold?” Jimin seems to point out the obvious as he offers Yoongi the flask and the elder male takes it, gulping down at it before giving it back to Jimin who does the same.

“Yes, cold and slightly irritated.” Yoongi replies, the liquor instantly loosening him up. Making him relax against the steps.

“Irritated? I can assure that the ball is boring but your irritation seems deep-rooted.”

Jimin’s voice is like honey. With a soft sound and high pitch that sounds like he’s giddy all the time and Yoongi is even more irritated that he liked the sound that matched the face and body that’s equally just as beautiful.

“Well, my fiancée decided it was a good day to run away.” Yoongi chuckles, hinting towards the latter who just seemed oblivious when he places a cold palm on top of the raven haired male’s shoulder.

“Funny, I ran away from a prior engagement.” Jimin says, genuinely unfazed.

“But it must annoy you because you actually had feelings for this betrothed.” The shorter male likes to think that he had all the answers in the world whenever he spoke when drunk.

“Not really, which is more annoying. It’s more like responsibilities.”

“Oh, are nobles heavily burdened with that too?”

This time, Yoongi takes the flask without Jimin offering to drink and almost finish all the contents.

“Yes, we are every bit as important as royals. You know.”

He chuckles bitterly at how disappointed he is with the beautiful stranger.

“You know, I don’t really talk to strangers especially when they’re not from Sindria but strangely, it’s so easy to talk to you.” Jimin chuckles and Yoongi wanted to punch himself at that time because Jimin’s light and airy giggles were enough for some of his irritation to go away even for a little bit.

“I feel the same way.” And it’s the entire truth.

“Maybe it’s because I’m drunk.” Jimin dismisses the strange fact, blaming it on the liquor and Yoongi just shrugs for he too was equally intoxicated. So much that the ground beneath them felt like it was switching and he starts feeling a slight buzz inside his cranium.

“Well…since, your fiancée fled from you and I fled from mine, you think we could just get married?” Jimin proposes first before leaning in. Their own unique scents blending with the strong scent of liquor. The remark makes Yoongi burst into laughter. He may be drunk but he’s still aware of the fact that his betrothed is right there.

Jimin’s crystal blue eyes seemed to glow in response to Yoongi’s scarlet gaze. Leaving Yoongi to wonder how Jimin have not yet found his eyes strange. Maybe the younger was too drunk to care or he thought that some random noble would posses such rare colored orbs. Right at that moment, both of them though unconsciously felt a pull towards the other. Like an invisible force was waiting for the both of them to collide.

And it was only a matter of time until the other completely closes the distance. Jimin’s breath hitches, his head feels even more buzzed than just a few minutes ago, causing him to hold unto the latter’s broader frame. Yoongi jerks upon contact for Jimin felt cold. His arms almost felt like ice against his clothed shoulders but it was more than the regular icy sensation. It felt exhilarating, as if a lightning struck him from within.


“No, but I think we could do this.” It took Yoongi a while to respond because both of them got lost in each other’s eyes. One staring at the other and the other staring back.

But when Yoongi did reply, it was him who closed the distance. His hand gently rests on Jimin’s nape to pull him close and press their mouths together.

Yoongi’s touch felt warm. Warmer than a regular human’s touch. Jimin didn’t even ask for the latter’s name and vice versa but there they were, molding tiers. His touch felt warm and his lips felt like fire. Jimin knew he hated anything warm or hot but the feel of the latter’s touch on his bare skin and his lips against Jimin’s own is fairly addicting.

It was the elder who pulled away, distancing himself right after the kiss if he had any manners left but the silver haired male pulls him right back for a more passionate lip-locking.

“What’s your name?” Jimin murmurs against kisses, arms automatically wounding around Yoongi’s neck as he pulled the elder closer. It was welcome when Yoongi responded with equal fervor. The kiss was so passionate that when Jimin nibbled on the elder’s lower lip, he drew blood. Playing roughly but the elder didn’t mind. If anything, it only drove him to haul the younger up almost rather clumsily but Jimin ends up straddling the handsome stranger with raven hair and beautiful eyes.

“Yoongi—” The raven haired male’s voice was raspy from all the kissing but he managed to tell Jimin his name before licking the blood off his lower lip. Now he’s looking up at Jimin who was expecting him to be asked with the same question.

“And what’s yours?”

“Jimin.” Both of them omitted their last names but neither of them cared.

Not at the heat of the moment when Jimin begins teasing the latter. Grinding down against his clothed member with a suggestive look on his face.

“I think Jimin is a pretty name.” Yoongi responds with a groan.

Had he been sober, he wouldn’t be making out with his attractive, oblivious and equally drunk fiancée who had no idea who he was at the moment. On the bottom of the staircase, in public out of all places where anyone could walk in on them and ruin both of their reputations. But his body responded to Jimin’s touches and so did the younger to his and something on the back of his mind urged him to continue.  

 “And I think we should go somewhere before the king’s guards see us. They’re about to be on patrol….soon.” Jimin leans against Yoongi’s ear to whisper before letting out an airy giggle with the voice that Yoongi started to like.

“You’re a brave one aren’t you?” Yoongi remarks before agreeing.

It wouldn’t be good for Valeria’s king to be judged as a leader who had no control over his sexual drive and ended up fucking his fiancée in public for the guards to see. But he didn’t want to stop either.

“I am, I hope you can handle me because you’re not going anywhere. Not after you kissed me like that.” Jimin looks at Yoongi coyly like he could feign innocence. Complete with his plump red lips that were slightly agape as he looked at the elder through his thick lashes before getting up.

“No intentions of going anywhere.” Yoongi says, swallowing down hard when Jimin offers him a hand to get up.

That he did, but once they were standing up he traps the younger with Jimin’s back against the wall, kissing him again, this time his tongue swiped along the younger’s lower lips as if asking for access. Making Jimin moan softly against his mouth.

If Jimin’s giggles sounded pleasing to Yoongi’s ears then his moans sounded like music that he just wants to hear over and over.

“Yoongi~” Jimin drawls his name


“Yes Jimin?” It was a short and breathy response from the latter because right after they broke the kiss, Yoongi’s skilled mouth worked it’s way from Jimin’s jawline down to his exposed neck, making the younger elicit soft moans.

“We really need to leave, as much as I like teasing people, I don’t like giving free shows.”

Jimin tried being convincing but his voice and body betrayed him, only yearning for the latter’s warmth.

Maybe it’s the liquor, maybe it’s his loneliness and despair or a mix of both, but Jimin did not want to let the latter go. Not tonight so he gently pushes Yoongi off who at first looked confused as to why they’re doing it, but one quick kiss on the mouth reminded him of who he’s exactly doing it with and it’s not love at first sight.

“Let’s go to my chambers~” Jimin says and before Yoongi had the chance to ask what chambers he’s talking about, the younger had already wrapped his cold fingers around the elder’s arm, dragging him up the staircase and making him slightly stumble at the process.

Climbing three flights of stairs wasn’t exactly easy for two drunk and extremely lust driven individuals for they had to stop mid-way for a longer lip-locking coupled with the delicious friction that the silver haired male made when he began grinding against Yoongi’s hips.

“You wear too much layers, it’s hot.” Jimin says when they both pulled away for air, gazes still locked with each other and lips slightly swollen from all the activity.

“And you wear too little.” Yoongi retorts, kissing Jimin again to effectively shush him up.

The couple decides to move after Jimin began taking Yoongi’s coat off, leaving it on the floor and the Valerian king did not give a single care.

It was quite a struggle but they managed to make it to the chambers that Jimin used as an escape this morning. Ironically, he started his day through this room and now he’s ending it there too.

Yoongi squints once Jimin turned the lamp on to illuminate the chambers, he immediately knew that it wasn’t the crown prince’s quarters but he didn’t comment on that particular matter. Instead, he focused on the one standing in front of him, crystal blue eyes glowing in want as he almost practically begged Yoongi to do more but the king did not need to be told for he instantly pushes Jimin down the soft mattress of the bed in the middle of the room, the younger bouncing ever so gently with a giggle that was quickly replaced by a moan when Yoongi’s kisses went south as he undid each one of the younger’s buttons until he’s bare from the waist up.

“Pretty, prettier without the fancy clothing.” Yoongi smirks, making Jimin reciprocate the action by getting rid of the elder’s jacket first, and locking the elder in place when he wrapped his strong thighs around Yoongi’s waist to pull him closer.

“I’m sure you are too. You’re so hot to the touch Yoongi.” Jimin says almost impatiently, eliciting a low chuckle from the elder male as he drew a line starting from in between Jimin’s chest down to his navel. His warm touch automatically makes Jimin squirm.

“Undress me.”

Jimin need not to be told twice because in no time, he managed to reverse their position, now straddling Yoongi on the bed, grinding down on him while he managed to undo all the buttons from the elder’s vest and dress shirt.

While Yoongi’s touches were fiery to Jimin, the silver haired male’s touch felt ice-cold. Yoongi’s member is hard as rock underneath all the confines and Jimin is too, they could feel each other whenever Jimin grinded down, moaning softly as he too repeated what Yoongi did to him earlier to show the latter how much of a tease he was.

“I can’t wait anymore.” Jimin demands as he undid the elder’s trousers as well right after he tossed his own to the floor, Yoongi raises an eyebrow when he realizes that the latter was not wearing anything else underneath.

An expression that Jimin did not fail to notice.

“Like what you see?” He asks and Yoongi found himself nodding.

Unlike Jimin, Yoongi preferred wearing undergarments especially in such weather. But even with his undergarment confining his erection, the younger could clearly distinguish it’s outline from the fabric.

“Oh Yoongi~” Jimin almost moans at the sight of it when he pulled the cloth material down, his mouth was slightly agape as he stared in wonder, saliva unconsciously dripping from the corner of his lips but he did not care. All he knew was that he couldn’t wait to taste the elder and have him inside of Jimin.

Jimin’s lips were soft and perfectly plush to take in all of the Valerian king’s length, the boy had skills for he had Yoongi groaning everytime his tongue brushes against Yoongi’s sensitive spot in which he found out to the the underside of his cock.

“Mmmhhh Ahhhh~” Jimin moans while sucking and bobbing his head up and down for the elder’s member, the extra sensations almost driving Yoongi to the edge but he refuses to come not when it means that Jimin won’t be satisfied. If they’re both doing a sinful act then he would rather Jimin feel pleasure from their wrong doing.

“Come here beautiful.” Yoongi pulls Jimin for a sloppy kiss, slightly tasting himself through Jimin’s tongue, not minding it one bit especially when he uses both his hands to cup the younger’s firm and rounded ass.

“Fuck—” Jimin whines when he felt the elder’s big hands cupping either of his bottoms.

“Fuck me.” Jimin announces and Yoongi is more than willing to comply.

The position Yoongi chose almost surprised Jimin if not for his extreme lust and disorientation for having too much to drink.

Jimin had his back on the bed so he laid comfortably with his legs parted and Yoongi slides easily in between his legs as if he’s meant to be there and fit so perfectly which is absolutely ridiculous when they have just met in the most unlikely place.

“You’re making me shy~~” And it was true, if only the couple were fully dressed and not in such a position, Yoongi would have actually believed that Jimin is blushing and shy when he covered his eyes with his arm while he bit his own lower lip.

“Shall I stop?” Of course he did not want to, but he just wanted to make sure that the younger wanted pleasure at the moment as much as he did.

“No no. I asked you to fuck me.”

Jimin removes his arm on his eyes and looked at Yoongi despite the blush that was clearly evident of the apples of his cheek.

“You’re so fucking cute.” Yoongi whispers unto Jimin’s ear as he slowly guided his spit slicked member into the younger’s hole. The process makes the younger widen his legs apart, to allow Yoongi more room to move.

“And so fucking tight.” The elder says in gritted teeth and Jimin could only moan breathily as he was steadily filled by Yoongi’s hard length until he felt full to the brim. It felt too good, Yoongi’s warmth buried deep inside him, making him crave for even more.

“Yes, please…make me feel good aaaah~” Jimin practically begs as he move his hips against Yoongi’s to signal that it’s alright for him to move.

Yoongi begins in a slow pace, taking his time to pull out and push right in Jimin’s entrance, making the younger throw his head back in pleasure at the over stimulation caused by Yoongi’s body heat. Their body temperatures complemented each other’s and it just felt so wonderful to be filled with the raven haired male’s thick and hard length.

“More…faster~” Jimin teases Yoongi as he embraced the man’s neck close to him so he could whisper this time.

“Fuck me like you mean it.”

Yoongi did not take challenges well, he ended up abiding by Jimin’s orders, moving his hips into a faster and steadier pace, this time eliciting louder and more high-pitched moans from the younger that he loved to hear. His lips found their way around Jimin’s exposed neck, down to his collarbones and into his rosy nubs, licking and sucking at his right while his long fingers toyed with the other as he slowly increased his pace until he was practically fucking Jimin unto the bed. Pistoning his hips so fast that the bed underneath them began creaking, releasing a mixture of giggles and moans from Jimin who found the situation hot and yet funny at the same time.

“Yes! Yes Yoongi!” Jimin is now repeating the elder’s name like a mantra and he’s a devoted pilgrim.

Jimin moaned every time that the tip of Yoongi’s cock brush against his pleasure spot, his own untouched erection leaked pre-cum that the elder just wanted to taste so he brings one free hand down to wrap his fingers around Jimin’s cock to pump it, matching it with the pace in which he fucked Jimin in.

Wet skin slaps echoed throughout the small chamber mixed with Jimin’s moans and Yoongi’s groans and soon both were on the brink of their orgasms. Jimin gives up first, coming  with tears falling down his eyes due to so much pleasure and over stimulation as he screamed Yoongi’s name as loud as he could, breathing rapidly before he shoots white ropes of semen from his member unto the elder’s hand who’s still stroking him, causing over sensitivity that made him moan even more but slightly weaker than earlier.

Yoongi wasn’t quite down however as he only part s Jimin’s legs even wider before pulling his member out of Jimin and slamming right back in.

“Kiss me~” It was always like that, Jimin felt clingy right after orgasms and he’s thanking his lucky stars that Yoongi, the man on top of him was a beast in bed, taking care of his needs while making him feel good at the same time. Too bad the man isn’t staying in Sindria for long. He would miss his thick, long and hard cock that was currently buried deep inside of him, pounding unto him relentlessly. Making him feel things he has not felt before with a sexual partner. Everything felt so good with Yoongi.

“Jimin, fuck..fuck..I’m about to come!” Yoongi says through gritted teeth and Jimin only wraps his thighs around the latter’s waist to pull him in, making sure that he doesn’t escape what he started.

“Come inside of me. Give it all to me!” Jimin says greedily as he grinds against the elder’s cock, making Yoongi’s tip hit his sensitive pleasure spot once again.

The Valerian king pounds unto Jimin, beads of sweat rolling from his forehead and down his face, his gaze never leaving Jimin’s who only looked at him with an equal amount of want and maybe an underlying need.

“Fuck…shit! Ahhhhh.” Yoongi stills right after a few more hard thrusts, burying his cock as deep as he could into Jimin and spilling all his cum right inside the younger to make him feel fuller than he already is.

“Yoongi aaaah~ it feels so warm. I’m so full—” Jimin stutters, still breathless when the elder collapsed right on top of him, catching his breath as well from the intense rump that they just had.

Yoongi lifts his head to look at Jimin and smile weakly.

“You did wonderful…Jimin-ah.”

There was something about the way the elder praised him that made Jimin want Yoongi to praise him again.

Then again, they were both drunk and they probably made a very big mistake that both would regret when the sun comes up.

Jimin was even too tired to notice that the stagnant looking fireplace adjacent to the bed on the room burst into flames, creating steady warmth for him and Yoongi at some point of the night. That and how suddenly there’s a snowstorm occurring right outside Sindria’s castle.

Yoongi pulls out of Jimin to rest right behind him, Yoongi’s cock’s absence made jimin whimper quietly. Both secretly wanted more but both their bodies and minds were spent. Thus equally making them slumber and probably make them think that what had happened between them had been a dream.

A wonderful dream.

Unfortunately, it is not. For the moment the sun came up, Jimin is awoken by numerous footsteps and judging by the sound of it, they’re the king’s guard and they have broken into his chambers, making him jolt awake.

He felt sticky and sore all over and when he looks right beside him, the raven-haired male was indeed there. Had he always been that good looking or his mind is starting to play games with him because when the king’s guard broke into his chambers, they weren’t wearing Sindria’s usual uniforms- blue and silver uniform with black lining. Even the shape of their helmets were off.

Instead, the set of king’s guard who came in were clad in fiery red garments matched with gold and black. The red in their uniforms reminded Jimin of a specific shade of red.

His recollections were unreliable from the past night but he clearly remembers that him and the beautiful stranger beside him had passionate sex that he would have loved to do again.

“What are you doing here!? And who gave you the permission to barge into my quarters uninvited!?” Jimin practically shouts at them and thank heavens for the foreign guards never once looked his way for only the blanket provided cover for the blushing crown prince.

“They are here to retrieve their king, he has been missing since last night when he left the ball. I wouldn’t have thought to look at this place but we might as well, given that the search party led to nothing and we practically scourged the whole castle, looking for you as well.”

The voice came from a voice that Jimin would recognize from anytime and anywhere.

“Mother!?” He exclaims, hiding under the covers from Queen Daria when she stepped into the room with an incredulous look on her face.

“Jimin, I knew you are very open about your wants, but to violate tradition like this and consummate on the first night? Unbelievable.” There it was, the scolding tone in his mother’s voice. But everything she said is not making sense when he remembered that Yoongi introduced himself as a visiting noble from another country.

Unless Yoongi was actually lying. Horror itself was painted on Jimin’s face as he turned to his side to look at Yoongi’s now waking figure. The sight of the queen nor the guards didn’t faze him one bit. He looks right back at Jimin’s face who’s currently staring at him with what looked like disbelief and embarrassment. He could do nothing but smile at the younger before getting up and gathering his clothes to dress himself up.

“I see you’ve already met your fiancée, King Min Yoongi of Valeria.” Yoongi smirks at Jimin who only blushed and looked anywhere else but him.

“That’s for making everyone worry about where you are in the morning of my arrival and for making me wait when you planned to not attend our engagement ball, princess.”

Jimin couldn’t believe his ears and wished that the bed would just open up and swallowed him whole.

                                                                                                                end of flashback

Chapter Text

Jimin and Taehyung’s scheming had been successfully executed the next day when Jungkook shows up in Yoongi’s study instead of  his usual high chancellor. Yoongi looks at him with a confused expression but made no complaints. Jungkook is dressed to the nines, wearing his elegant day crown-prince suit that he rarely wore since he’s always in hunting gear or something else that would allow him more mobility. He even took the time to brush his hair out of his forehead, revealing a more matured look to himself. Yoongi is surprised, his younger brother is truly maturing. Just as he is aging.

Jungkook however felt the need to explain himself.

“I told Namjoon that he is not needed for today or any future meetings anymore. No brother I did not do it because I still hate him, but because I thought it would be good if I actually learned the trade instead of me letting them do everything for me while you’re gone.” Jungkook explains, almost a little too fast making Yoongi squint his eyes in suspicion.

“Is this a suggestion of your noble lover?” Yoongi teased, instantly making Jungkook flush.

“And that.” Jungkook can’t really lie to his brother, the king knew him like the back of his hand so such excuses were easily discerned.

“If Taehyung suggested this then I believe my beautiful betrothed is to blame, ultimately.” He laughs to himself before beckoning for Jungkook to join here.

“Well, since you’re here. Come and let me refresh your memory on how to rule a kingdom.”


Almost everything in Jimin’s chambers are already packed and hauled away on the unmarked ship that they are boarding. With how the alliances are, they really can’t sail on a Valerian or Sindrian ship so another ship will leave a day after they sent the Sun Voyager on it’s way. One can never be cautious according to Yoongi so Jimin laid in bed, contemplating whether he should visit the elder or not. They will see each other over dinner but he just wanted to see if Jungkook successfully replaced Namjoon as the Valerian King’s assistant.

But he was feeling lethargic, the idea of a long voyage did not sit well with him and his first experience wasn’t exactly pleasant when he was in deep slumber the whole time and now he finds out that the very man who delivered him to Valeria betrayed his alliance with his mother, Queen Daria made Jimin even more restless. Dreading the voyage but wanting to be home right at that instant. He swears to himself to personally end the water king’s life one he finds out that his mother and sister are hurt. To torture him personally just because he attempted to capture them in order to lure him to the water country.

Jimin starts feeling anxious and maybe a tad bit suffocated by the events that began taking place around him, how his seemingly big problem of meeting his fiancée back then escalated to a war of the great countries in the realm and he’s somehow thrown in the middle of it all. He reaches for his chest, feeling his heart beat abnormally fast, hammering against his ribcage as emotions started rushing to him and suddenly he felt dizzy. No voice comes out when he tries calling out for help.

It’s never happened since he arrived in the country but Jimin had always had instances where he finds it hard to breathe when he’s overcome by emotions and thoughts that he couldn’t control. The only way he would calm down was when someone is in the vicinity, watching over him and talking to distract him from his own thoughts. But no one is in the chambers or outside at least for another hour. His mistake.

He didn’t know what to do, so he sits up and frantically paces back and forth, back and forth until the soft knocking on the wood of his door jolted him, temporarily distracting him from the overwhelming emotions he had on his chest.

“Papa?” Came Jihoon’s soft voice, muffled by the wooden barrier that separated the both of them and right at that instant, upon hearing Jihoon’s voice, Jimin rushes to the door to open it.

“Sorry were you busy papa? I can comeback later.” Jihoon had a paper in hand that looked like it had scribbles on it, and judging by the situation he wanted to ask Jimin about something but of course, being the sweet and understanding child that he is, he did not want to disturb Jimin.

His question was quickly answered when Jimin pulled him into a hug, instantly calming his inner turmoil when he feels Jihoon’s warmth under him, the boy doesn’t hesitate to hug back, instantly worried for his papa.

“What’s wrong?” Jihoon asks softly when Jimin heaves a deep sigh of relief.

“Nothing, little love. Papa was just…nervous for tomorrow’s journey I guess.” He answers before gently carrying Jihoon to the bed, making him sit down and facing him as he laid the paper in between them.

“Oh, we’re leaving tomorrow right!” The innocence in Jihoon’s eyes made Jimin want to protect him from the cruel world and more. If only he kept his, but rulers like him can’t have such luxury.

“Yes baby, tomorrow is the big day so make sure you go to bed early okay?”

“K~” Jihoon answers Jimin with a smile before reaching to place both of his little chubby hands on either side of Jimin’s cheeks.

“I hope you don’t feel nervous again. Me and Papa Yoongi will always be here for you. Oh and Uncle Taehyung and Uncle Jungkook too!” He says with his usual wide smile, making Jimin melt right on the spot. He is really so soft for his adopted son.

“Papa is so lucky to have such a sweet son~” Jimin smiles before glancing at the paper wedged in between them before noticing that Jihoon is still in his silk sleepwear much like he is in his own sleep wear.

“Why aren’t you dressed in your day clothes Jihoon?”

“Why aren’t you dressed in your day clothes papa?” Jihoon redirects the question to Jimin, making the elder laugh while looking down at him.

“You know, you have a sharp tongue just like your papa Yoongi, you even look so much like him.” Jimin sticks his tongue out playfully making the younger imitate him again before placing the paper beside him and crawling so he could settle his small body on Jimin’s frame.

“And you like us boooooth~ Big papa Yoongi and small Jihoonie!” Jihoon exclaims before giggling and looking at Jimin expectantly, never missing the blush that spread across the silver haired male’s cheeks.

“I do, I do~” Jimin admits before nuzzling the younger’s cheeks and kissing the tip of the boy’s nose.

“So now, what do you need help with?” Jimin asks, gesturing at the paper on Jihoon’s side.

“Oh this! I wanted to ask what big sister Freya and big brother Claude liked so I’m making a checklist of what I can bring back for them. It’s still early so I can ask the butler or maybe uncle Taehyung to help me find thingies.” Jihoon explains.

“Oh my, aren’t you so sweet!” Jimin says squishing the younger’s cheeks gently making him squirm and whine.

“Yah papa stooooooop~” Jihoon giggles after.

“They like sweets, just like the ones that you eat a lot, we can just bring a lot of those with us you know?” Jimin suggests and Jihoon nods enthusiastically.


“Now back to why you’re not yet in your day clothes?” Jimin squints his eyes at Jihoon.

“Well…ummmmm… I woke up late hehe~” Jihoon looks at Jimin with guilty eyes.

“Okay, can’t blame you. I actually woke up late as well. “ Jimin answers while grinning.

“I wanna take a nap. Papa’s chambers smell so nice and your bed is so soft and fluffy.” The chubby cheeked boy yawns before plopping his little body unto the bed.”

“I /want/ to take a nap.” Jimin tries to correct the younger’s vocabulary, emphasizing on the specific word, earning a slight whine of disapproval from Jihoon.

“You sound like my tutor!” He accuses the elder male, puffing his cheek out and effectively making Jimin laugh softly.

“We both want what’s best for you.” Jimin says before gently running his fingers through the younger’s chestnut brown locks, plopping right beside him and pulling the younger in his embrace so they could cuddle.

“Mmmm~ so warm.” Jimin’s sighs contently and Jihoon giggles softly.

And just like that, both decides to skip luncheon to nap instead.


“I think that you, leaving tomorrow is the wisest decision you did and on an unmarked ship at that. I can’t help but feel like there’s a spy amongst us. Looking back and forth at the trades this past month and how I keep seeing loopholes, it’s slowly making sense to me now. From the missing funds to the attempted sabotaging. Even the arson in Jihoon’s village.”

Jungkook can be a focused leader whenever he wanted to and Yoongi made sure to praise his little brother for that.

“I’m glad someone is actually as aware as I am. Namjoon couldn’t even pinpoint that. I guess it’s both in our blood to be overly cautious but the missing funds and the coincidences that kept on happening where either me or Jimin need to use of affinities aren’t just strange occurrence. But I can’t even trust my high chancellor because he might as well be the spy.” Yoongi says making Jungkook childishly grin at him as he turns the parchment over to read the content on the back of it.

“Are you sure that’s you talking as a rightful and just king? Not just because you’re still bitter that he left you for a tall, pretty and really strong but delicate looking male who is also smart by the way.”

It took mere moments until Jungkook rose from his metal seat for it had been to hot for him.

“You’re trying to light Valeria’s crown prince on fire!?” Jungkook glares at him quite childishly.

“No, just his ass. Maybe then he will learn the lesson of not meddling with business that he’s not involved in. Also, to answer your question no. I’m speaking as the king. As petty and bitter as I may seem.” He says before picking up two documents that were laying side by side on his desk.

One is the report about the arson in him and Jimin’s adopted son’s village and the second one is the attempted capture of Sindria’s queen and princess. All of which occurred right after Namjoon and Seokjin returned to court.

“These incidents happen when Namjoon and Seokjin came back.”

“And who besides me and you know the most confidential secrets in Valeria? Who else can gain access to everything beside us and Jimin who doesn’t even care for running Valeria. He’s too pre-occupied with his own country’s problems.

“If we’re only basing everything off of that then we might as well accuse King Jimin as well. He came here and the accidents happened. As well as the war.” Jungkook objects. He didn’t mean to. However, he had to be more critical in thinking.

“If we accuse Namjoon like what you’re saying, we need stronger proof. We’re talking about the head of the Kim clan here. And the fact that you were involved with him romantically in the past will play a big part if we ever capture him for trial. They will use that against us and if he’s really guilty then that might as well guarantee his release.”

And he’s right. If they were to accuse Namjoon, his family’s connections will do their best to get him out of the ordeal.

“We’ll keep an eye out for him while you’re gone. In the meantime, don’t die and do your best to protect Jimin while you’re at it. I don’t want Taehyung to be sad because you did a bad job with keeping Jimin out of harm’s way.”

Just like Yoongi, Jungkook is bad at expressing brotherly affection.

Another trait that ran in their blood.

“Have you ever thought that it might be Seokjin?” Jungkook carefully offers but Yoongi only gives him a sharp shake of his head from side to side.

“I don’t think so. He’s too pre-occupied with perfecting their home for their adopted child and of course, his duty as one of the ministers. As ministers, they really have no access to higher information like you, me and Namjoon have.” There might be a bitter tone in Yoongi’s statement but he meant it. As much as he wanted to find fault in Seokjin to maybe make himself feel better every time he saw him and Namjoon laugh together and act like every normal couple who’s very much in love with each other every gathering, he really didn’t see any flaw or anything suspicious. He shifts in his chair before looking at Jungkook who sat on his chair once more after making sure that it’s not hot anymore.

“It might be embarrassing to say, and I will only tell you this because you’re my brother. I’ll never tell Jimin, I don’t eed him to be laughing at me right now. But ever since Namjoon and Seokjin arrived, I had him under surveillance and I’ve never heard of anything suspicious.” Yoongi braces himself for a round of laughter coming from his brother but there was only silence that ensued between the two males.

Before Jungkook breaks it with a simple statement.

“I’ll never tell Jimin. Or Taehyung.”

And that’s all that Yoongi needed to hear from him.

Dusk came and Yoongi still hadn’t caught site of either his silver haired betrothed or the tiny human who’s always trailing after Jimin.

Frankly, after finishing the documents that he needed to take care of for their departure, the Valerian king just felt like he’s ready to drop dead in his chambers but instead, his feet dragged him all the way to the Sindrian king’s chambers right after his mind wandered into the events of a few nights ago right after the feast for the Chalcian princes. When he had slept beside Jimin. The younger’s choice of sleep wear almost made him break his stubborn promise and belief.

They had already ruined all innocence in the engagement five years before so why not play in the shambles especially when it’s finally mutual that Jimin is also pining for him.

Maybe it’s something inside Yoongi that yearned to truly understand what it’s like to love someone who’s just as broken. He’s not sure if both of them are ready but he is wiling to try. And to try meant taking everything slowly despite their natural physical attraction.

Yoongi reached the familiar door right in front of his chambers and proceeds to knock three times. Making sure to not barge in the room despite all the free reign he has over Jimin anyway.

“Jimin?” Even he himself was surprised at how tired his voice when he heard himself.

He tries knocking again when he didn’t hear any response. The raven haired male was fairly certain that Jimin and Jihoon are in the Sindrian king’s chambers since he asked both of their head stewards and both answered the same location.

Exhaustion took over Yoongi so he decides to stop knocking and instead he opens the door with the only duplicate made for the specific door knob. One key that he’s only allowed to possess.  The key that he used during the first day that Jimin arrived. When Yoongi unceremoniously invited himself to Jimin’s bathroom to enrage the later. The memory is now funnier than when it happened that day itself.

“Jimin are you with Ji—” Yoongi trails off at the sight of Jimin and Jihoon laying on the bed, cuddling as they slept peacefully. Both faces are calm and content. Jihoon’s small frame is curled up against Jimin’s larger frame, the silver haired male had his arm around the child to make sure he’s there. Providing warmth. Although Yoongi is sure that Jimin is colder than he is warm. The golden rays of the setting sun casting a glow on both of their sleeping bodies making them glow under it’s radiance.

He chuckles softly to himself when he sees that both are still wearing their sleeping clothes. Meaning they haven’t even left the room since morning. The sight itself alleviated some of Yoongi’s own exhaustion so he decides to leave them alone. Resigning to his chambers to rest after soaking in a warm bath instead.

As he’s turning around, ready to leave Jimin shifts from his slumber.

“Yoongi?” he calls out, voice slightly raspy from sleep and Yoongi freezes, not sure whether he should just walk out of the room or turn back around and after moments of thinking, he decides to turn around and face Jimin.

“I’m tired but I haven’t seen you or Jihoon the whole day.” He says, explaining himself even though he really does not have to.

“Why are you leaving then?” Jimin squints under the golden cast of the sun that didn’t bother him. It was only hard for his eyes to adjust since he just opened them moments ago.

“Because you were sleeping peacefully.” He says, making Jimin smile softly.

“Come here?”

Yoongi looks at him with a guarded expression.

“Please Yoongi? I know you’re tired.” Jimin says, finally coming to his senses. His eyes adjusting to the brightness of the room.

He sees that the elder’s shoulders are hunched over, the bags on his eyes looked more prominent than ever and there’s just a general aura of exhaustion that blanketed over the latter. He could use rest.

Yoongi sighs softly, relenting to the younger’s request.

“The bed is big enough for us three.” Jimin says as he reaches over to pat the space beside Jihoon. If Yoongi lays down, their adopted son would be situated in the middle. Making them seem like a normal family and the thought made something flutter in Jimin’s chest.

“I know you plotted to get Namjoon removed from my study.”

“Shhh Jihoon will wake~”

It was a form of defense in Jimin’s part as he smiles to himself and closed himself to will himself to fall asleep again.

Yoongi on the other hand started relaxing, with the latter’s scent surrounding him and the awfully soft bed that he personally let the Sindrian king indulged in, it wasn’t hard for him to relax his worry and finally give into his exhaustion. A few hours of sleep before preparing again wouldn’t be so bad. The last thing he remembers is wrapping his arm around Jimin and Jihoon to press his body closer towards the warmth of the two. If only the peace and quiet could last a little longer.

It didn’t.

He wakes up a few hours after and by the looks of it, the sun had already went down. The room is now illuminated by the lamps that adorned each corner of Jimin’s room. Yoongi is the last one to awake since he hears Jimin and Jihoon’s animated talking by the bed.

“Don’t be too loud baby, Papa Yoongi is resting.” Jimin says in a hushed voice making Jihoon giggle just a tad bit louder than the elder male.

“So he was sleeping beside us the entire time? It means he likes us, he likes you!”

It was his cue to stir and face the direction of the voices.

“Yeah I like your papa Jimin, a lot.” He said just to encourage the boy further and maybe he secretly enjoyed the way his teasing made Jimin flush scarlet on his cheeks.

“I KNEW IT!” Jihoon exclaims before standing up on the bed and jumping up in down in glee.

“Thank you for letting me rest.” Yoongi mouths towards Jimin before sitting up.

“Join us for dinner and don’t mope. Don’t try to finish documents that you haven’t finished yet. You’re ministers will be here. Jungkook will be here.”

Jimin says with a stern tone, keeping his gaze locked with Yoongi. His expression softening as he reach out to hold the elder’s hand.

“I’ll tell uncle Taehyung the happy news! He needs to know~” Jihoon says before climbing out of the bed. Stopping in his tracks before he could leave the both of them.

“Maybe I’ll take a bath on the way too.” He grins happily before running off.

“You spoil him way too much.” Yoongi says, watching Jihoon’s retreating figure.

“I couldn’t resist. His happy smile lights up my day.”

“How about my happy smile?”

There it is again, the undeniable flush on Jimin’s cheeks.

“Nothing, makes me feel more annoyed because you smiled similarly to me the day you embarrassed me.”

 It’s a lie and Yoongi knows it so he moves in. This time to not pin Jimin on the bed like he usually does and force himself on the latter even though Jimin is more than willing. But this time he reaches out to cup the side of the younger’s cheek with the palm of his hand.

“You need a bath.”

It was almost romantic, the way that Yoongi held Jimin like he’s the most fragile thing in the world. The warmth of his hands feeling strangely nice against Jimin’s cool skin. But what left the elder’s mouth is nothing but his usual annoying smart retorts.

“Bathe with me.” It’s a challenge.

And it seems like Jimin won’t stop until he gets what he wants.

To break Yoongi’s self-made rules to not consummate before the wedding. To hell with rules, they’ve done way more breaking than abiding ever since he stepped foot inside the Valerian castle.

“Alright. I could use some war bath right about now.”

“I wasn’t talking about a hot bath. Fire overlord.” Jimin rolls his eyes before rolling off the bed. He stands beside Yoongi, with his disheveled bed hair and the most unattractive sleep wear that Yoongi has seen him in and still, Jimin still makes the elder king’s heat skip a beat. Yoongi still thinks his ethereal beauty is unparalleled and maybe. Just maybe, Jimin thinks the same for the man who’s laying down in a funny position.

Dark hair sticking up from being disheveled due to sleep and his once noble attire now loosely fit him. But despite all that, all Jimin truly wanted to do at the moment was to go back in bed with Yoongi and let the latter kiss the living lights out of him. As much as admitting to all of it annoyed the silver haired male.

Neither will say it.

“If you want me to bathe with you then we will have to meet half way. No iced bath and no boiling bath. Just. Room temperature.” Yoongi debates and as usual, he speaks like a king to his subjects. Too bad, Jimin is an equal. A king on his own.

“Then we’ll bathe in your chamber’s bathing pool. I kind of like it there.”

“Alright.” Yoongi relents, making Jimin grin triumphantly.

The doors are locked and the servants and guards surrounding the royal floor and area are carefully instructed by Yoongi to not let anyone in the chambers. No matter what until both of them step out.

Yoongi had prepared the bath himself as Jimin sat by the bathing pool’s edge. Watching Yoongi carefully measure the amount of scented oil that he would put in their bath. The scented oil triggering something in his memory.

“Yoongi~” He says before standing up. Only a towel is wrapped around his waist as well as Yoongi’s too. The silver haired male makes his way towards the cabinet where the latter kept a wide array of scented oils for his bath. His fingers unconsciously searched for the particular vial that he had come across that night. The one he used, the one that almost drove him insane with lust and as usual. Jimin was up to no good.

Yoongi saw it coming.

“Don’t touch that one princess, you might regret it.”

But he’s a tad bit late when he sees Jimin holding up the said vial with a questioning look on his face.

“What exactly is this? I might have played with it on accident one night when you were out cold. Right before things got… fun. Rings a bell to you?” Jimin says, twirling the vial in his possession and watching the red oil inside get stirred by the motion.

“I haven’t used that. I was thinking of disposing it.” There’s honesty in Yoongi’s voice and quite frankly, if Jimin decides to use it on them tonight, which is what’s probably on his mind at the moment, he wouldn’t have a choice but to give in to what he’s truly feeling. To let out all the lust and desire he’s been struggling to hold back ever since Jimin appeared in his castle’s doorstep.

“Haven’t used it? Why? Since when?” Jimin asks curiously, taking a step closer to Yoongi. His hand still played with the vial.

“Since Namjoon left.” Comes Yoongi’s silent but honest reply.


“Well .. since I’m here. Why won’t we use it?” Jimin dares to take another step but is caught off guard when Yoongi meets him half way instead, wrapping one arm around his waist and reeling him in with a slow yet passionate kiss. His tensed muscles relax and his defense weaken. Giving Yoongi an opening to snatch the vial in his hand.

Jimin groans against his lips when the vial was snatched away from him. He shoves Yoongi away with an annoyed expression on his face, his plush lips forming a pout and Yoongi couldn’t help but smile with his partial victory.

“Not fair!” Jimin whines, folding his arms over his chest. “You used my weakness against me. You play dirty.”

“I can’t have you use my weakness against me either, princess.” Yoongi winks at Jimin and Jimin only rolls his eyes but smiles anyway because in the end of their little banter, Yoongi still had him figured out.

“Are you telling me, that I’m your weakness?”

“Close.” Yoongi says, evading the question before putting the vial back and this time, locking the cabinet.

“Now come on, before I change my mind and boil the water.” He says, removing the towel that was draped around his waist. His naked behind almost made Jimin salivate and wished that they could do so much more. But he’d settle with what he can have. For now.

He removes the towel around his waist as well so he could join Yoongi, creating a splash when he entered the bathing pool.

“It’s fucking warm.” He hisses as soon as he enters the pool, throwing an accusatory glare at Yoongi who just grinned as steam rose from the water in the bath pool.

“I really can’t take a bath in cold water, sorry princess.” Yoongi hums as Jimin drew closer wih the same annoyed expression in his face but he made no effort to get out of the water even though his pale skin is starting to turn into a soft pink hue where the water had touched it.

“I guess I can make a few adjustments since starting next week it’s you who will be adjusting to new things. And heavens know how long we’ll have to stay there. Not that I’m complaining.” Jimin says, stopping right in front of Yoongi where the water is just below their chests. The steam rising from the water was enough to cover anything waist down, but it’s not like they haven’t seen the other naked before.

Yoongi grumbles.

“I hate the cold.”

“You don’t mind me.” Jimin says, a little cheeky as he loosely wrapped his arms around Yoongi’s neck. The elder king looks at him before mimicking his actions, arms wrapped around the younger’s waist.

“You hate the heat.” He said, scrunching his nose.

“I don’t mind you. You’re a nice warmth.” He said before closing the distance between them so he could kiss Yoongi’s lips. The soft pair felt wonderful as they worked against his.

They took their time, it was a slow and sweet kiss, each of the savoring the other’s feeling against their own. Both felt like there are way too many unspoken words that they tell each other whenever they kiss but neither of them made the extra effort of actually voicing out how much they’re pinning for the other. It was Jimin who broke the kiss. They’re slightly breathless, forehead resting against each other and eyes close.

His voice came like a soft whisper.

“Yoongi?” He asks, cautious.

“What..what are we?”

“Betrothed. About to be wed as soon as we touch Sindrian ground.”

To Jimin, it felt like it was rehearsed speech. Like something that was to be expected from Yoongi every time he gets asked the question.

“No..I mean me as Jimin and you…as Yoongi.”

“Jimin, there’s no such thing as us being just us.” Yoongi pulls away slightly. Hesitant to pour his heart out to the latter, in fear of his emotions being exposed. Leading to a heart break that he can’t bear to deal with at the moment.

“Then what is this? You kissing me, holding me and falling asleep beside me when you don’t have to?” Jimin is taken aback at how the warmth is suddenly taken away just when he’s getting accustomed to it. The temperature dropping once more as Yoongi backed away from him. Leaving him in a confused and slightly hurt state.

“I need to keep my betrothed happy don’t I? It’s what I have been doing since you step foot in Valeria. In case you haven’t noticed.” Yoongi wasn’t looking at him but elsewhere but his cold tone tells it all.

Still Jimin was frozen on where he stood. It was until Yoongi rose from the pool and finished bathing that he is brought back to consciousness of the present.

“Everything? Is to appease me? How about you? Your heart Yoongi, what do you feel?” Jimin wants to dig more. Get answers but it seemed like Yoongi wasn’t going to give him any.

“I’ll see you at dinner, Jimin.”

Yoongi leaves Jimin alone to ponder in his own thoughts and feelings of hurt from the sudden detachment. He didn’t need to repeat the elder’s words to him because the words echoed themselves in his mind.

Jimin did not attend dinner and Yoongi instantly knew that he potentially ruined anything that began to form between the two of them before it could grow. But with the impending war at their doorstep, falling inlove wasn’t really an option. Although he knew that it might have been too late for him at this point.

But Jimin, he could save Jimin the heartache in case he didn’t emerge victorious. He needed the younger king to be prepared so he could rule two countries and not fall apart over Yoongi’s potential death in the hands of a lunatic monarch when the worst comes and he chooses to lay his life on the line if that means he could save Jimin’s.


The next morning it was time to go and Jimin almost did not want to leave Taehyung but his best friend and high chancellor asured him that everything will be alright. They will do their best to not make Valeria crumble in Yoongi’s absence.

Jimin took in as much sunlight as he could, tilting his head back and closing his eyes as he absorbed the warmth from the sun. Sun that he might not live to see again. Never did he imagine that he would miss the heat as he’s coming home. He would miss the colors, the lively banter in the streets as they crossed. There were no royal entourage or announcements of the kings’ departure due to the fear of the inside spy finding out so they had to leave at first light. Only Taehyung and Jungkook were outside to send them off and Jungkook for the first time did not look very strong as he sought his brother’s reassurance with trembling hands when they hugged. Showing brotherly affection for the first time. A rare sight for both Jimin and Taehyung.

Jimin’s heartache from last night led him to not talk of even glance towards Yoongi’s way. He still couldn’t believe how the elder had potentially led him on like that. He’s starting to feel things that he never thought he would feel again whenever he’s in Yoongi’s presence. Emotions that he mistook as lust and want for sex at first but when he starts catching himself having thoughts of Yoongi multiple times in a day, he knew that something is not right. His cold heart might have started beating again.

Only to be crushed and trampled on by Yoongi last night.

“Papa, are you okay?” Jihoon seems to notice Jimin’s sour mood as they rode the carriage to port Dragomir and a deafening silence had engulfed the entire carriage. It was the sleepy child who’s bundled up in the thickest winter clothes he could wear who broke the silence as he looked back and forth in between his adoptive parents.

Jimin gives him a tired smile as he stroked Jihoon’s hair softly.

“Yes little love, I just couldn’t sleep well last night. Ship transportation isn’t papa’s favorite.” A white lie but innocent Jihoon nods, not questioning any further. Instead, he returns to laying his head on Jimin’s lap since it’s still fairly early, the child is still sleepy.

They arrive to the port without much talking, Jimin still refused to look Yoongi in the eye even though the latter’s crimson eyes searched for the younger’s crystal blue ones. He couldn’t bear to look at Yoongi and it made the elder feel ten times worse than it did last night when he didn’t show up for supper.

“We’re boarding a ship owned by a Valerian noble named Yoon Jeonghan, he’s a travelling tradesman known for his silk creations and the first stop is in Chalcia, though we might take a detour to Ida first just to clear us of any suspicion. For our safety.”

Yoongi rambles on anyway and he thought that he might have caught Jimin’s attention for a split second when Jimin glances at him, not holding his gaze for too long before he returns to staring at anywhere but Yoongi.

“And what of the royal Valerian ship that sailed yesterday? Any news?”

“It was destroyed even before it could stop in the first town. All fifty people in the crew perished with the ship’s fall.”

Jimin winces at this, he’s not used to talking about the cost of war, the casualties that they’re bound to have on all sides because of a monarch’s game.

“We’ll have to do everything in our power in order to stop this. In order to stop the deaths on all sides.” Jimin says, setting aside his heartache to speak to Yoongi as a king, as a leader.

“Which is why we are sailing today. To show them just how strong Valeria and Sindria’s alliance is. After the wedding, we will reclaim lands that they have already invaded in Sindria. Chalcia have already cut off their supply and blocked off all possible trading routes, if the war doesn’t last long it means that the innocent people in Aerondei could still be solved. Everything boils down to the solidification of our union.”

 Yoongi says, and this time nothing he said sounded like it was rehearsed. Like it was from some kind of speech that he needed to deliver. He’s speaking from his heart.

“Then we better make sure that we come back alive. For our countries, and this little one.” Jimin smiles softly when he referred to Jihoon by stroking his hair gently. The child has fallen asleep again.


Yoon Jeonghan, the noble travelling tradesman according to Yoongi looked extremely warm and kind when he welcomed all three of them to his ship. Not to mention that he’s extremely good looking. Not Jimin’s type but he’s the kind of good-looking male who’s beauty could easily be mistaken for a female. His long hair didn’t help much either. There’s a kind aura that surrounded him and the pair new right there and then that they could trust the noble.

 It turns out that he’s just a few stations below Namjoon in terms of family’s influence but instead of serving the Valerian court, he chose to pursue what he really wanted in life. Thus explaining the loads of silk that’s been carried off inside the massive ship that will escort them to Sindria.

“Thank you, I know you are not obliged to take us anywhere especially because you have no ties to the court.” Yoongi thanks him after all three of them boarded the deck where they have been escorted inside immediately to ensure that nobody outside would catch a glimpse of them.

“It is still my duty to serve my king so no need to thank me your majesty. My services are free of charge to the royal family. We owe you Valeria back. We will do everything to ensure that you and King Jimin and little Jihoon will be transported to Sindria safely.” The man was pouring with sincerity. Something that Yoongi haven’t seen in a lot of nobles. It’s a shame that he chose trading instead of joining the royal court. He could use more honest officials such as him.

Port Dragomir looked dead in the morning. This particular morning perhaps. As only ships that were docked ashore could be seen. Not a single soul was present except for the crew of the ship that they’re in. Yoongi made deals with the regulars of the port to use the other side of the town in this particular day and so nobody was around. Even this slight move is crucial to their survival. No witnesses meant that whoever the spy was, he wouldn’t be able to source information as nobody would be able to provide it.

“You carefully planned everything all by yourself.” Jimin says softly, although Yoongi couldn’t hear him as his back was turned towards Jimin. He’s starting to doubt the elder’s words from the previous night. The very same words that hurt him if they were even true. Yoongi could be a fool a lot of times. When he thinks that keeping Jimin in the dark would make him hurt less, it only worsened the pain. Having Jimin know that there’s not a lot that he could do to help.

Jimin wasn’t blind. The grand ship which Jeonghan named ‘the dream catcher’ is massive as it could easily fit all the shipments and silk that the crew have been loading on the bottom part of the ship and the second part is where all the cabins are located, one short staircase led to the deck where they stood earlier is located right beside him and Yoongi’s room. They had to share a room and Jihoon, who’s reluctant at first but then eventually agreed to share a room with a child about his age named Seungkwan. Jeonghan’s brother whom he’s taking to travel with him for the first time.

Even the crew seemed surprise to see two powerful monarchs aboard their ship but they welcomed them regardless. Instead of asking questions and throwing them questionable looks. Yoongi decides that he liked the ship already.

“What deal do you have in Chalcia?” Jimin asks, trying to make small talk as all three of them awaited for the crew to finish loading the last batch of silk that was still on the dock.

“This year, they have me become the supplier of the princes’ ball garments for their harvest festival. Just like in Valeria, it’s the equivalent of our summer solstice.”

“Just like Sindria’s winter solstice.” Jeonghan hums in agreement and Jimin is left to wonder in his chambers which is located in the heart of the second level. Where all the cabins were at. There’s a large glass window located on the right of the cabin’s receiving area. Which gave them a view of the capitol and if Jimin looked harder, he could see the Valerian castle sitting on the hill that overlooked the town. It looks just as marvelous as the first time he saw it from this distance and now he’s leaving.

Everything up to this point had been a blur and he’s scared to know what will happen to them once they sail towards the vast seas.

Yoongi stood right beside him, so close that their hands brushed against each other and the younger fought the urge to interlace their fingers as they watch the capitol disappear from their view once the ship moved.

“Until I see you again.”

Yoongi says, bidding farewell to his beloved capitol and country.

“We will definitely be back.”

Jimin didn’t look at Yoongi but his heart betrayed him with how he wanted to reassure the elder that he will do everything in his power to make sure that Yoongi lives to see Valeria again. In the end he mentally scolded himself when it was him who reached out to hold Yoongi’s hand tight. Never letting go despite the elder’s protest when he tried removing his hand from Jimin’s hold.

If Yoongi doesn’t love him yet, then Jimin will make him.

He will make Yoongi fall inlove with him. Not only because they’re fated to wed each other. Not out of duty and responsibility. But because he just does.

Chapter Text


(Chapter would alternate between Yoonmin and Taekook on the same day and same timeline.)


Everything’s pleasant. Until the storm began.

The ship felt like it would topple over at any moment. Flipped by violent waves that were rocking the ship ever so gently just a few hours ago and it kept Jimin wide awake for the most part. Worrying about Jihoon that’s only a few cabins away from his but Jeonghan assured them that the younger would be asleep for the most part of the trip since he had them drink a mild sedative that will keep them asleep for a few hours. Children mostly fuss and worry about storms and the nobleman knew that they’re going to be passing by a particular part of the sea where it’s going to be storming.

Jimin asked how Jeonghan knew and the man looks at him, he seemed to accumulate a lot of knowledge despite the youthful look in his face.

“The clouds on the sky allowed us to foresee.” He says and Jimin thinks it’s impossible at first but now that he’s experiencing the repercussions of him not believing and not taking the sedative due to undesirable past experiences, he suffered.

While Yoongi is fast asleep right beside him, uncaring that they might drown at any moment.

See Jimin did not trust the sea especially when it’s this unstable. He didn’t remember the whole voyage from Sindria to Valeria and he didn’t even know if they encountered a storm as bad as this along the way. The younger male is currently laying in the king-sized bed that they shared, he couldn’t sleep even if he wanted to so he tossed and turned. Trying to find a comfortable position for him but he just couldn’t so he rolls to his side and he’s instantly met with Yoongi’s sleeping figure. He scrunches up his nose in irritation at how utterly handsome the latter was even when he’s asleep. His mouth is slightly agape as he breathes softly. His chest slowly rising and falling.

Somehow watching him sleep calmed Jimin’s inner turmoil and anxiety about the waves drowning out the massive ship that they’re on.

He hates it.

Still remembering what Yoongi told him the night before their departure. That he only acted the way he did and said the words he said was to accommodate Jimin and the younger’s heart ached because he thought that all this time, they’re finally making progress. They might not love each other like how they loved their past lovers who broke their hearts but at least they can genuinely like each other enough for their marriage to be prosperous and not just out of their duty to their countries.

“You’re annoying, selfish and insufferable.” Jimin sighs softly as he reaches to gently trace the length of Yoongi’s nose bridge.

It’s when Yoongi scrunches his nose at the contact that Jimin’s arm froze in mid-caress.

“And you’re disrupting my sleep.” Yoongi drawls out. Voice deep from sleep and there’s a visible frown on his handsome face. He opens his eyes and stares right at Jimin.

Jimin pulls his hand away only to scowl at the elder before turning his back on him once again.

“You should have taken the sedative that Jeonghan offered.” Yoongi continues. As if nothing happened between the two of them. As if he should be talking to Jimin at the very moment.

“Last time I drank a sedative, I was shipped to your country.” He said, his tone cold and Yoongi could tell right away that he’s still thinking about the events that took place in the bath pool the night before.

“Are you still upset about what I said last night?” He asks and Jimin closes his eyes, pretending to sleep so he could drown out Yoongi’s voice in his mind but the ship violently swayed to Jimin’s side this time and his first instinct was to face Yoongi and pull him close. He curses at himself at how dependent their shaky relationship has made him.

“So much for being upset.” Yoongi looks down and it pains him terribly to not wrap his arms around Jimin and inhale his scent. His scent that Yoongi’s starting to love so much.

“Shut your mouth. I’m just scared. I really don’t like voyages.” He says. Voice muffled by how his face is buried on Yoongi’s chest.

To his surprise, the elder didn’t mock him or laugh at him, instead he feels the latter’s warm hand on his back. At first it was only there and he automatically relaxes on Yoongi’s hold. Hating how his body automatically betrayed him as if Yoongi’s arms is where he belonged right at that moment and being enveloped in his embrace.

Yoongi’s hand moves to soothe his back. Moving up and down slowly, almost lazily but Jimin’s tense muscles relax on his hold.

“It’s alright.” Jimin lies. Ofcourse it wasn’t alright. He was led on the entire time that he was in Valeria. He even stooped to the lowest, begging Yoongi to touch him and do more than just kissing or fellatio.

“I’ll be over it. There’s nothing I can really do. Nor do I have a choice to despise you forever.” He replies, closing his eyes and relaxing on Yoongi’s hold. Suddenly he forgets about the crashing waves on the ship and the way it violently rocked back and forth.

“You despise me?” Yoongi’s tone soften and he almost stopped the ministrations on Jimin’s back but Jimin whines, urging him to continue.

“Yes, I do. You’re an insensitive asshole and I bet you’re doing this again to cater to my needs. It’s about time you try thinking about yourself. Your feelings.” Jimin drawls lazily before sleep completely envelopes him, leaving Yoongi awake. Now it’s his turn to watch Jimin doze off.

He’s fully aware that Jimin has been watching him earlier since he had awoken from his light nap the moment that Jimin stirred in the bed. Due to the fact that he refused to take the sedative offered to him, although he pretended that he did. In his mind, he made it his task to watch over Jimin, not really trusting the ocean either. There’s something about the uncertainty of being out there in the middle of nowhere with water surrounding them that made Yoongi decide that he did not want to sleep through the first half of the journey.

It turns out that Jimin didn’t take the sedative as well so he had to pretend that he did not care. That he took it and that he’s fast asleep. But pretending could only go so far when he practically feels how restless Jimin is beside him. He wants to reach out and hold the younger in his arms, assure him that the ship will withstand the storm and Jeonghan wouldn’t bring his brother if he thinks that the voyage is too dangerous.

Having two royals, the leaders of two of the biggest countries in the ship is already danger enough for him to leave his younger brother behind. But that’s beside the point.

The moment Jimin turned to his side though and sought refuge in his arms is when Yoongi knew that no matter how much he tried to suppress whatever’s going on with him and Jimin, he wouldn’t be able to. Not when they slowly grew to be so dependent on one another. In a sense that Jimin would only calm down once Yoongi holds him or how Yoongi liked how easily the latter fit into his embrace and it hasn’t even a full day ever since he lied to Jimin about not really feeling anything for him. 


“It’s hard to not fall for you.” Yoongi mumbles when he is certain that the younger has fallen asleep in his arms. He could almost see what’s going to happen when Jimin awakes. He’s going to brush it off and accuse Yoongi and the elder would let him have his way. He’s going to pretend that he doesn’t care when he’s right there, holding Jimin even though he’s already asleep.

And so Yoongi doesn’t get a wink of sleep until the storm calms. His arms around Jimin gradually loosens as he falls asleep.


Yoongi is dreaming, and in his dream he is not affected by the cold or the snow.

He stands in a clearing where a thin layer of snow covered the grass underneath. There are no trees nearby or any signs of life. It was just him, standing in the middle. He looks up at the blue sky that is void of clouds but he couldn’t find the sun nor the warmth that he’s so used to feeling.

There’s peace in the silence. Not a single living creature made a sound and although some might find it eerie, Yoongi thinks that it’s the first time he felt at peace ever since the war began.

He must be dreaming of being in Sindria since that’s where they’re headed to. But the place he’s in strangely did not remind him of Sindria. Nor did he remember seeing a similar place when he visited the country all those years ago.

“Sol~” Someone calls out and although it wasn’t his name, the raven-haired male turns around, bare foot creating a dent in the abnormally smooth blanket of snow underneath his feet.

He turned around for he knew who the voice belonged to. Yoongi would respond anytime, anywhere.

Standing only a few feet away from him clad in simple cotton long sleeved shirt and black trousers was Jimin. In all his silver haired glory with a soft smile playing on his lips as he called out the name again.

“Sol!” There’s a small pout in Jimin’s lips when Yoongi doesn’t respond to his summon so he opens his arms wide for Yoongi and the raven-haired male thinks that he’s dreaming of Jimin only because of all the pent-up feelings that he’s kept to himself. He might as well be losing his mind at this point but since he’s already in the dream then he might as well not wake up just yet. Not when the younger male in front of him looked so unbelievably welcoming with his soft pout and demanding demeanor. Not very far from the real Jimin.

“Sol hurry! Embrace me.” His tone was almost whining so Yoongi walks towards him with a light chuckle. He wanted to tell him how impatient and needy he is but there was no sound that came out. Yoongi tries again but when he finally stopped right in front of Jimin, the younger spoke first.

“I waited so long for you.” Jimin says, looking up at Yoongi with his bright crystal blue eyes and even before the elder had the chance to wrap his arms around the latter, his dream ended.


Waking up with Jimin’s space next to him empty is a slap of realization that Yoongi is now back to the real world.

“That sedative was really strong huh.”

Jimin is still in the room but he’s sitting In front of the vanity mirror, fixing the new shirt that he had on and he appears to have just finished washing up.

“Swimming somewhere?” Yoongi’s voice is hoarse from sleep and even his vision is still blurry. Eyes still readjusting to the light coming from the lamps in the cabin.

“Change of plans, we need to stop for supplies so we’re stopping over in Ida instead. The captain just told me that we’re arriving at the port in ten minutes so get your arse washed up and put on fresh clothes.” Jimin grabs the nearest towel and throws it towards Yoongi’s direction. His reflexes are still sharp even when he just awoke so instead of hitting him, the raven-haired male caught the towel just in time, lazily standing up so he could head towards the considerably small bathroom that’s attached in their cabin but before he enters, he stops to look back at Jimin who’s still busy fixing his hair. A waste of time because even when he chooses not to fix himself meticulously he would still look beautiful as ever in Yoongi’s eyes.

“Jimin, do you know someone named Sol?” He asks, pertaining to his dream and Jimin spares him a glance before the younger goes back to pretending that he didn’t care.

“No. I don’t know someone named Sol.” There’s no spite in his voice however, he just sounds normal. Honest.

“Alright.” Yoongi replies before closing the door behind him.


It turned out that the Ida, is a small island north of the capitol. It’s the last island that belongs to Valeria right before the approach the Chalcian territory and it is primarily ran by the Kim family. Not Namjoon’s family nor are they related to the Kims of the capitol but Seokjin’s and Yoongi thinks that fate playing with him like this is not funny.

His mood instantly sours.

“Ida? Isn’t this where Kim Seokjin is from?” Jimin asks, rubbing salt to injury when he shouldn’t have and right after the words left his mouth did he only realized that he shouldn’t have said that.


“Nothing to apologize for.” Yoongi’s response is cold and lackluster, only making Jimin frown. His head hung low because to him, their relationship isn’t getting any better.

“Anyway, thank you for not pushing me away earlier. Next time, I’ll just drink the sedative.” Jimin says, intending it to not sound bitter and sad but it still sounded like that when the words came out so he thinks to himself that he really is failing.

“You don’t have to thank me. It’s my duty.”

“Right. As my fiance. King of Valeria, I get it.” Jimin purses his lips before standing up and heading towards the door.

“I’ll check on Jihoon, he should be waking by now.”

And with that, Jimin leaves the room.

Jihoon is awake by the time Jimin enters the smaller cabin. There are two beds on the either side of the room but neither Jihoon nor the boy named Seungkwan are sleep for Jimin sees the two boys on the floor playing with wooden figurines of knights and horses. Jimin watches them from the doorframe at first before eventually clearing his throat and approaching Jihoon who smiles and runs to him as soon as he caught sight of his papa Jimin.

“I have a new friend!” Jihoon sounds so excited and his smile is just as infectious to Jimin learns to forget the ache in his heart even for just a little bit.

The boy introduces another boy who is just a little bit taller than him and Jimin thinks to himself that he has not meet anybody of Jihoon’s age who’s on the same height or shorter, the Sindrian king thinks that itself is quite adorable. Something unique that only his baby can claim as his own.

“Are we there yet?” Jihoon is not impatient, just genuinely curious when he asks but instead of Jimin, it’s Seungkwan who answers him. He’s a very polite boy with chubby cheeks and wide eyes but he timidly answers Jimin. Maybe because he’s trying to be in his best behavior in front of his new found friend’s parent.

“Not yet, big brother said we’re stopping by Ida to replenish supply since we might not be able to drop by Chalcia.” Seungkwan explains and although it might sound complex to anybody in their age group, the boys seemed to understand.

“Oh, alright.” Jihoon shrugs before returning to pick up a wooden knight to ‘attack’ the knight in Seungkwan’s hands.

“We’ll be docking soon so you boys clean up after yourselves and meet us on deck. You better put your outer clothes as well. It’s quite chilly out there.” Jimin never fails to speak like a mother.

Jimin smiles before leaving the two to finish their game as he headed towards the staircase. Jeonghan is already discussing important matters with the captain of the dream catcher when Jimin joins him. He still carried the same confidence as he did when they left port Dragomir but he is now more cautious and his face wore a guarded expression.

“Your majesty, I just received a raven a few minutes prior to you joining us here in the deck and I don’t think that it’s a good idea for you to be seen in Ida.” Jeonghan says with a  steady voice.

Jimin raises an eyebrow.

“And why is that?”

“Because Ida has been captured by Aerondei. Its not affiliated with Valeria nor the capitol now. Not when the head of the noble family who controls Ida have been captured and brought to Aerondei by their King’s general.”

Jimin’s eyes widened as he pieced everything together. Something has been unsettling him ever since the arson in the village and now the events are starting to make sense.

“Then turn around, we might still make it, without them being suspicious.” Jimin says but Jeonghan could only shake his head gently.

“We won’t make it. Plus, my ship is already expected to dock in the port and if we don’t, it will raise even more suspicion in their part. They might send ships out for reconnaissance, the likelihood of this ship surviving an attack is very low because it is not a military ship. It is not designed to withstand even a single cannon blow.”

The man has a point, but the thought of putting Jihoon in danger and Yoongi being captured by Aerondei’s general even before the war started made Jimin nervous. So nervous that he has lost his composure.

“What are we going to do?!” he exclaims, looking at the noble and the ship’s captain with wide eyes. He has been too preoccupied with his thoughts that he did not sense Yoongi’s presence when he comes up from the staircase.

“We’re going to be in disguise and hide within the storage with Jihoon until they are finished with inspection. After that, we would have to leave the ship and seek shelter somewhere until it is safe to board again. If they are doing military inspections then it means that after the first wave of inspection, they will thoroughly inspect the storage so we can’t stay there.” Yoongi’s voice is calm and collect but his eyes shone with unmistakable rage as he glared towards Ida.

“They took a city away from me right under my nose. No wonder the reports coming from Ida became shorter. Ever since….” He pauses, looking at Jimin as if expecting the younger to finish his sentence.

“Ever since Kim Seokjin and Kim Namjoon returned to the capitol.” Jimin finishes for him.



“We need more proof than that vague message that you have Taehyung!” Jungkook speaks, voice just above a whisper as he stared at the piece of parchment that Taehyung is holding with his trembling hands.

It hasn’t even been a day yet and here they are, deciphering a coded message from one of Taehyung’s men in Chalcia. It’s about finding out who the traitor is and with two words in strange scribbles, they made out a name that they’re all too familiar with.

“Kim Seokjin.” Taehyung reads aloud.

Their secret meetings have become less secretive and eventually, Taehyung didn’t feel the need to abide by Valeria’s custom and sneak away into the Crown prince’s room since now he’s been officially summoned for royal business. Nobles in court have started to gossip that their relationship could be more than just what they show in pubic.

“They can’t see this Jungkook, the nobles aren’t allowed to see this evidence. We must hide it.”

Taehyung says sternly, shoving the piece of crumped parchment into Jungkook’s hands and as the Crown prince, it is his duty to take the next steps.

“We need to investigate his behavior.” Jungkook says as he walked towards the fire place. He glances at the parchment one last time before throwing it to the flames. Watching the parchment catch fire and disappear in the orange licks of flame.

“How are we going to do it? All eyes are on you, now that you are acting as Valeria’s ruler. The nobles are like old vultures, waiting for you to commit a mistake so they can swoop in and devour you. They will take every chance they can get to rule Valeria even for just a moment. Your enemies aren’t just outside the castle my prince, the worst snakes are living in court.” Taehyung ever so boldly declares.

But his statement only earns him a grin from the prince. His youthful appearance peaking through the tough mask.

“Who says I’m going to do it?” There’s a glint in Jungkook’s eyes that Taehyung thinks he had already seen somewhere.

“Are you going to throw me to the snake den?” Taehyung is impressed with how fast Jungkook came up with a possible solution but his face doesn’t show it. Instead, he fakes hurt and disappointment. Topping it off with a pout and sad eyes that made Jungkook immediately soften. He walks towards the younger.

“You’re starting to act like King Jimin, did he teach you these antics?” Jungkook saw right through him. Taehyung never backs down on any opportunity to serve his country and his cause so when he pretends that he’s hurt, Jungkook doesn’t believe him. Especially with how many tricks Taehyung had been pulling on him.

“Yeah I think— We spent so much time around each other since childhood that we tend to act a lot like.”

Jungkook cocks an eyebrow, brown eyes staring intently at Taehyung.

“Even the reputation part?” He dares.

“I’m a virgin, prince Jungkook.”

Taehyung says in a normal tone although the beautiful blush in his cheeks told a different story. It’s considered a victory for Jungkook whenever he makes the latter flustered first.

“But back to topic.” Taehyung tries hard to avoid Jungkook’s gaze. Tries hard to hide the uncomfortable sensation that’s settling in his south as he focused on more pressing matters at hand.

“If you appoint me, I’ll pretend like I’m a lost chancellor. I’m sure Seokjin will swoop in and help me because based on my observations, even though he’s a potential spy, he used to have a heart of gold.” Taehyung finishes.

The playful glint in Jungkook’s eyes are gone. Replaced with the expression that he practiced way too many times in hopes that he would come close to Yoongi’s. As long as he intimidates the nobles enough, the monarchy is safe.

“Then I shall appoint you. Kim Taehyung to be Kim Seokjin’s mentee.”

Taehyung grins at this, the new title that is added to his name had a funny ring to it. Considering that it has been way too long since he heard it.

“It’s quite humorous that I am the mentee when I have more experience with political affairs.” He sticks his tongue out, pride overflowing and Jungkook just had to do the same.

“If we succeed in finding proof that Kim Seokjin really is the traitor and spy then we can imprison him and stop the leak of information. From then on, the war will progress and we will be one step closer to victory.” Jungkook is determined to bring Valeria closer to victory. Not only for their country but also for his brother, the king who has been doing everything that he can to raise Valeria up from the ashes ever since his coronation.

“Then I better get going. I should ‘accidentally’ bump into him and engage in casual talk. So that he becomes comfortable in being around me.”

Taehyung quickly turns on his heels to head for the door when he feels Jungkook’s loose grip on his wrist and without a word, he is yanked towards the younger.

“My prince, I have duties to attend to.” The flush on his cheeks was there once again making the younger’s smile brighter than the sun itself.

“You have a duty to me as well.” He says, puckering his lips for Taehyung to laugh at his gesture.

“Just tell me that you would like me to kiss you.” Taehyung states but Jungkook doesn’t utter a word so instead of telling him, he just moves in for a quick kiss that wasn’t chaste nor deep. It was a parting kiss. Holding a promise that he would see him later and it leaves Taehyung slightly breathless with his heart beating faster and faster inside his chest. Making him feel warm on the inside.

When they pull away, Taehyung finally turned on his heel to leave the room without Jungkook pulling him close for another kiss. Instead, Jungkook watches his retreating figure with a fond smile gracing his lips.

He returns to his desk to write a short-coded message that only him and Yoongi understood. The code is important since they only put it to use in an absolutely alarming situation such as this one.

He ties the small roll of parchment to the leg of a raven that has been thoroughly trained to carry on messages from Valeria to Aerondei and Sindria. One that is specifically bred for the king to use. A raven that has a white streak encircling it’s neck. They call it the harbinger.

“Go find my brother and deliver this to him.” He whispers to the raven before he lets it fly outside his room.

Jungkook hopes that it’s not yet too late and that Yoongi, Jimin and Jihoon reached Chalcia safely.



“Why are we hiding?” Jihoon whispers to Jimin and Yoongi as he wiggled in between them. The cramped space and absolute heat in the storage room made Jimin sweat roll down in beads while the heat didn’t seem to bother Yoongi.

“Bad guys are out there. So stay still little love.” Jimin whispers back.

The three of them changed from their elegant wardrobe to that of a normal Valerian citizen. Cotton button down shirt and pants that are tailored from a plain and mildly itchy material. Jimin almost complained but he knew that complaining at this point won’t get them anywhere. The most important thing right now is their survival. For them to arrive to Sindria safely.

The storage room’s door opens with a loud creak and muffled voices of foreign soldiers filled the room as they poked through each and every barrel. Thankfully, there was a hidden door right behind the largest roll of silk situated at the very middle.

Two people could barely fit in the small space so fitting two adults and a child proved to be a challenge to the three of them. It is dark and Yoongi is starting to get agitated. He felt so betrayed. Having to hide in an emergency trapdoor right below the storage room in his own country made him feel pathetic.

“I’m going to kill him. I’ll break every bone off his body and make sure that he dies a painful death.” Yoongi wasn’t able to filter the words that came from his mouth out of frustration and spite towards Aerondei’s king.

Jimin does his best to cover either sides of Jihoon’s ears.

“Hush it Yoongi. Just plot later when we actually get out of here!” Jimin abruptly stops his nagging when they hear the footsteps draw nearer and nearer to where they are.

“Hey. Did you hear that?” One voice that Jimin assumed to be a guard said.

“No, I didn’t. Have you started drinking already? It’s not even afternoon yet!” Another voice exclaims, clearly reprimanding the former.

“Anyway, let’s get out of here fast. I heard the merchant is not even in politics. He may be a noble but he’s only a travelling merchant with no interest in power and it’s games.”

The guards must have been very well versed with Valeria’s nobles for them to know who exactly Jeonghan is as well as his lack of interest in politics.

“There’s nothing here.” The first voice Jimin heard earlier declares and they hear the footsteps retreat to where they came from.

Jimin, Jihoon and Yoongi didn’t leave the small compartment until they were sure that the guards won’t be back so they waited more than they should be staying there to be safe. In the end it was Yoongi who opened the latch of the trapdoor so they could leave, he helps Jihoon up and then Jimin who had been sweating profusely, he brings his sleeve to his forehead to wipe some of the sweat.

“I felt like I was in a pot, getting ready to become stew for supper.” He says huffing before holding unto Jihoon’s small hand that they boy willingly took.

“Now what?”

“Now we blend in. Never look at anybody in the eye. They might not know what we look like but our eyes are the most unusual colors that one person will ever lay their eyes upon. Our eyes are a dead give away of who we are.” Yoongi says before leading the way and as Jimin watched him from where him and Jihoon stood, he vaguely remembers his dream a few nights ago.

It was like having a dejavu and the younger gets a little bit disoriented for some reason, feeling nauseous. His abnormal condition deciding to manifest at the worst timing.

“Jimin? Let’s go. We don’t have all day. The guards are now somewhat lax due to them not seeing anything from the first inspection.” Yoongi tries to explain patiently but he had an internal battle raging on inside of him. An idea that is so reckless it might kill him or worse, get him captured by Aerondei.

“Ah- oh yes. We have to go.” Jimin agrees, nodding and blinking several times before slowly walking towards Yoongi and Jihoon felt like he was the one leading Jimin instead of his papa guiding him.

“I think it’s because it was too hot in the compartment.” Jihoon likes figuring out what’s going on so he takes wild guesses as they walked towards the servants unloading goods that Jeonghan are supposed to trade for supplies that they would need for the next days’ voyage. The servants still regarded them with respect even without their royal garbs.

Ida is much smaller than the capitol in every way Jimin saw it. Even the poplation wouldn’t come close so naturally, everyone knew each other since it was a small community.

And although that was already a given, the younger King couldn’t quite decipher why everyone is acting hostile towards each other. It’s almost as if they are strangers to one another. Nobody looks at each other in the eye and they avoid conversations as much as they can. In their current situation, it works to their advantage but given any other day that Jimin would happen to stumble upon Ida without having to conceal his monarch status, it would definitely bore him greatly.

Another thing that did not help the already somber atmosphere was how the sun glared above them like it has the intent to melt them. Him at least. He hasn’t stopped sweating ever since they set foot outside of the ship. Yoongi is not slow to notice the signs he’s exhibiting and deemed it unnatural for Jimin who never really sweats to release that much bodily fluid.

“Jeonghan’s servant is going to guide us to a safe house until we are ready to set sail again. Just hang in there.” Yoongi says to Jimin together with the action of him reaching out to hold the latter’s hand but Jimin with his pride even when he’s not feeling well refused to hold Yoongi’s so instead he settled on holding their adopted son’s hand instead. Jihoon looks up with a worried expression.

“Papa~” He says, lower lip jutting out quite pitifully and Jimin couldn’t help but send him a small smile hoping to alleviate his worry as they navigated through the small crowd with their heads hung low to avoid any sort of recognition.

 If Yoongi noticed any hostility or pride in Jimin with the younger not taking his hand then he didn’t show it. His face still calm as they kept up with their guide until they arrived at an alley way where the guide stops. There on his right was a dark path leading to a dead end that had a poor excuse of a lamp to illuminate it for them to see.

“This is where my services end sires.” The guide was a young man, almost the age of Jungkook but his face shows that he’s been through a tough life. Given his sun tan and the lines that decorated his face.

“When you reach the entrance just say that Jeonghan sent you there so they will let you in. I pray for your safety to the deities above and may you reunite all the nations once more.” The boy bows before walking away. Leaving the three alone to stand by the alley way. Yoongi leads them this time. Walking first and Jimin almost doesn’t trust how dark it is but the elder king reassures him with a firm nod once he’s stepped foot into the darkness.

The alley way had been situated in between two establishments so the path to the dead end was rather narrow. Jimin walks side by side Jihoon while Yoongi guided them ahead until the arrive in front of a brass door. It was simple, no decorations or mysterious runes that would ake the three of them intrigued and yet Jihoon still seemed rather curious. Boys of his age are always curious with the ways of the world so he goes and inspect what he can inspect with his small stature.

“There’s a peep hole.” He says, pointing upwards and where Jihoon points, Jimin could see a small peep hole the size of a human eye, barely recognizable if one didn’t inspect close enough. He couldn’t tell if they were being watched from behind the door since the peep hole wasn’t two-way so he decided to test the waters and knock.

“I’ll do it.” Yoongi stops him and does the knocking instead. He does it thrice.

Three soft knocks should catch the attention of whoever was inside.

“Who dares enter?” A stern voice calls out shortly.

Just below the peep hole were five air hole shaped out like an asterisk and this is where the trio assumed the voice came from.

“Jeonghan sent us.” Jimin announced, wanting so very bad to get in the shelter. He feels his temperature rising and feels new sweat roll down his forehead and into the side of his face.

He also feels Yoongi’s strong grip on his hand a sign that he wouldn’t take no for an answer this time. Jimin doesn’t shake the latter’s hand off. Not until the door opened and they are greeted by an old woman with a smile on her face.

“You must be young master Jeonghan’s friends? Come in, come in.” She beckons them and once inside the safe house, the woman hurriedly closes the door without seconds thoughts.

The inside of the non-suspicious looking exterior of the safe house is what as expected: nothing special. Save for the tall shelves containing countless books that Jihoon couldn’t help but be drawn towards. Ever since receiving royal tutoring, the child had been eager about reading, finishing and starting new books. Something that Jimin wished he had when he was young. Back then all he did whenever he had the chance was to get out of the stuffy palace and play outside in the snow where nobody would want to bother him for it was way too cold for them.

He watches JIhoon with fond eyes but he couldn’t help but feel feverish.

“You could say that, yes. Jeonghan is a very close acquaintance.” Yoongi says cooly. He did not want to state their identities just yet.

“Well, since you know master Jeonghan then you should be our honored guests until it is time for you to leave. Just don’t venture outside of the house and you’ll be fine.” The old woman speaks before looking at Jimin who’s starting to flush on his cheeks unnaturally.

“And what do we have here? Is your companion sick?” She motions towards the slightly worn out but very comfortable couch situated in the middle of the living room from where they entered. Yoongi quickly guides Jimin to rest. Jimin doesn’t pull away but stays where he’s seated while the kind woman fetches them refreshments and medicine that will help Jimin recuperate.

“It must be because of the storm and the sudden turn of events.” Yoongi says, propping Jimin’s head gently to rest on his lap as he sat on the end of the couch to let the latter lay down. The younger didn’t know how or when he started feeling so feverish in his body but he could certainly feel himself getting sick. An indescribable feeling that he hasn’t encountered before for the younger is a very healthy person even during childhood.

“Yoongi I’ve never felt this sick before.” He croaks and Yoongi is instantly worried.

Jihoon too since the child sits on the floor to watch his papa while holding one of his hands. Jimin smiles softly at the younger.

“Papa will get better soon. It’s just I’m feeling weird at the moment hmmm?” He reassures but even he didn’t know why he suddenly felt ill.

“You must not set sail tonight. Even though the cargo transfer will be completed by then. It’s best that you set sail on the next day.” The woman returns with two glasses of water and a mug of what smelled like herbal tea on a tray.

She sets the rounded tray on the wooden table right in front of the couch and handed out the refreshments to Jihoon and Yoongi. Yoongi refuses to drink just yet and insists that Jimin drinks his tea with what the elder woman explained to be dissolved medicine.

Yoongi doesn’t know if they could fully trust her but this is definitely better than just letting Jimin remain uncomfortable or worse, suffer. So he took it upon himself to help the younger drink the concoction that he tastes first just to test and see if it had any poison In it as precaution.

“You deeply hurt my feelings.” The elderly woman jests but Yoongi just smiles slightly.

“I have to make sure that he’s not poisoned. He’s a very important man.” He says, looking at the younger with such tender eyes. A gaze that Jimin failed to see for he’s more focused than deciphering what he’s feeling at the moment than to focus on what is going on around him.

The liquid had a dark green color to it and fine particles danced around the semi thick substance. Yoongi takes a sip. As a monarch he is to know all the existing poison in the realm for him to decipher when someone is trying to poison him and threaten his life. He takes in the bitter taste, making him wince just a tad bit but there was nothing wrong with it so he proceeds to bring the cup into Jimin’s lips and the younger complies. Pliant under Yoongi’s soft words of encouragement.

“It will make you feel better if you drink all of it.” Yoongi whispers when Jimin wanted to stop drinking but the lady insisted that Jimin drinks all of it. The more he drinks, the faster his recuperation will be.

Jimin grunts but drinks it all anyway before giving the cup back to Yoongi and properly sittin up right after.

Yoongi reaches to wipe the dribble of medicine on the corner of the younger king’s lips but Jimin turns to his side.

“I can do it, thank you Yoongi.”

As if the woman as able to sense the tense atmosphere she breaks the pregnant silence.

“How rude of me for not introducing myself. I am Lady Olenn. I took care of master Jeonghan when he was a little boy and his parents were away for official noble court business.”

“Lady Olenn? The noble who is renowned for also being the greatest herbal physician in Valeria?” Yoongi vaguely remembers tales about a great woman who refused status and honor in royal court to pursue medicine while travelling.

“Last the Kingdom heard you were in Aerondei.”

He looks at her before she gives him a warm knowing smile.

“My king, forgive me for being absent all this time but this old lady was fortunate enough to have escaped right before the power shifted to the wrong hands.” She explains.

Jimin slowly felt the medicine soothe his aching body and soon he no longer feels exhausted and extremely stuffed. It was a small change in his body but he certainly felt better than when they first entered the safe house.

“If you know that we’re monarchs then why treat us like we’re not one?” There’s no judgement in Yoongi’s voice. He simply wanted to know.

Jihoon on the other hand was more interested in the well being of his papa instead of listening in on adult conversation so he asks the Lady Olenn where he could fetch more water for them all since he himself still felt rather thirsty.

“The medicine is effective.” Jimin says before looking at her. This Lady Olenn who Yoongi spoke o with such reverence and respect was dressed in simple Valerian clothing just like them. Her long dark hair was brushed off to one side of her shoulder and is braided with a dark red ribbon that ran until the end, tying her hair together in a bow. It was the only thing that was close to an accessory that she wore. Her face is still beautiful despite the obvious aging and her hands looked rough from work. So such humble and clever nobles existed? The only nobles Jimin knew back home were manipulative and cunning. They would never do anybody a favor without wanting to get something out of it. But Lady Olenn seemed different. With the way she approached them, even now that she smiled knowingly at Jimin. It was as if seeing her grandmother Queen dowager in the noble.

“Thank you very much.” He says, it is the least thing that Jimin could do.

“I only did what is rightful King Jimin of Sindria.” If she knew Yoongi then of course she would know who Jimin is as well.

“I sent a raven to Jeonghan right when I caught wind that you are to sail to Sindria with him to never stop by Ida’s port. I wonder if my raven got intercepted by someone in the capitol.” She speaks and Yoongi knew right away who might have intercepted her raven.

“There’s a spy in court. Ida being in Aerondei’s control is proof itself that it’s who I think it is.” Yoongi spoke clearly. His hands balling into fists once more.

“My king it is not wise to act upon your emotions. At first you need to assess the situation.” Lady Olenn gives Yoongi counsel. Wise counsel.

“Now I know why Jeonghan grew up to be a fine man. It’s not his parents but all thanks to your wise guidance.”

“You flatter me too much my king.” She says bowing her head slightly to show gratitude.

Yoongi decides to get back into topic just like she said. They needed to focus on what is critical at the moment. It is their safety from Aerondei and their arrival to Sindria.

“Why do you say that we shouldn’t set sail tonight and postpone it until tomorrow? The more we stay here, the more we endanger ourselves and you who is taking us in will be severely punished. We might be held captive by the enemy country but you, they will not spare your life.” Yoongi already knows the Lady’s fate if ever she gets captured.

“Lunar eclipse.” Lady Olenn simply stated, a small pause as she looks over at Jimin.

“It is rare. Lunar and Solar eclipses could mean two things. It’s either that a new era is upon us or it could also mean that the great reckoning is already set in motion.” She looks away, eyes seeming to have wandered to some place that is not there in the moment.

“I never pegged you to be the superstitious type my Lady. Forgive me but I thought medicine was your forte.” Yoongi says incredulously. He has never believed in such superstitions even when he himself is a living proof of a myth that a child of fire is destined to rule over Valeria and make the kingdom reach greater heights.

“I once never believed in these kinds of things your highness. Until your birth and until his majesty Jimin’s birth.” She explains as she laces her fingers together and takes a seat in the wooden chair right beside the couch.

The pair watches her closely, waiting for her next words but Jimin cuts in.

“The court seer back in Sindria. Maester Rindt said the same thing. Sindria used to worship the moon greatly until the new era and new world emerged. A world where religion became a superstition and old ways were forgotten.” He says before shaking his head.

“I never believed in him until I read about myself in a book about myths by accident.” He says before looking at Yoongi.

“I thought it was only a funny occurrence that there is a child of fire in contrast to the child of frost.”

Yoongi just shakes his head, even his betrothed seemed to buy the ridiculous story but their reality, their safety was at stake.

“If you’re saying that a Lunar eclipse will happen tonight why shouldn’t we sail? I’ve read enough books to sustain this lifetime. I know that Lunar eclipse doesn’t have any effect on sailing.” Yoongi counters, still not believing that the eclipse could be bad for their voyage. He just wanted to get Jimin and Jihoon to safety the soonest that they can.

“I don’t know for the child of frost. There’s a legend, that the children of frost are tied with the moon. That she is their patron and they descended from her. Legends depict that the power of the children of the frost’s are at the peak, the best of their potential during such a rare phenomenon that hasn’t happen in centuries. The last recorded Lunar eclipse was two hundred years ago and even then there wasn’t any children of the frost. It’s best that he is in land, where he could be contained.” Lady Olenn spoke solemnly but Yoongi cuts in.

“You are no monarch. I decide when we leave or if we stay.” His pride and fear of being captured prevailed over being open minded to such suggestions.

“Yoongi, I think this Lunar eclipse. Whatever it is, is the reason why I suddenly felt like that. I felt nauseous. Like my body was on fire just moments ago. But Lady Olenn had that look on her that she knew exactly what was going on. And she is able to cure me if not temporarily alleviate whatever I was feeling.” He said, hope bubbling in his chest when he could see the conflict in Yoongi’s eyes.

“I know, Valerians never believed in superstition. Your people stashed away any mythological book or any close evidences of unnatural occurrences within your country for millenia. If I know one thing about Valeria for sure is that you people never believed in these.” He says, opening his palm, where a slight gust of wind gathered, as if it was sucking in all the water from the atmosphere and morphing it into ice upon command until there in his hand rested Sindria’s insignia. The six pointed snowflake with a crown atop of it.

“Give me a few hours to think.”

“We could use a few hours. But Jeonghan will be back at dusk to collect the two of you and then you’ll have to decide whether you want to stay or risk sailing without knowing the possible complications of his majesty’s possible power fluctuations.”

Lady Olenn says and Jimin focuses on her, it was as if Maester Rindt spoke through the lady so he simply had to ask.

“Lady Olenn, I don’t doubt you as much as this king right here, but I just want to ask where you might have gotten this extensive knowledge and information you possess regarding this matter?”

The Lady smiles thoughtfully at him.

“An old Maester from Sindria was once my mentor.”

“Is he bald and always complains about how cold it is in Sindria as he go outside to enjoy morning walks on the snow anyway?” Jimin perks up, describing his maester and the Lady just gives a faint smile.

“The very same. Now, I must leave you to recuperate. I apologize if the safe house is not to your liking but rest assured that you are safer here than anywhere in Ida.” She says before leaving towards the small hallway leading to what Jimin assumed to be is the kitchen.

Now that he has a chance to look around, the younger king takes in his surroundings. The building had high ceilings, each wall have some sort of book shelf adorning It like the hanging paintings in Sindria. Only the art work here are the books themselves. Other than that, the surrounding furniture is the color of mahogany down to the worn out table sitting across the plush couch where him and Yoongi sat at.

Jihoon returns after a long time, carrying a tray carefully. The tray had a small platter of what looked like an assortment of home baked cookies and three glasses of water.

“Lady Olenn was nice enough to give us cookies papa, she even said that she’ll start cooking supper for us right away.” He chirps before carefully setting the tray down with much concentration that even his eyebrows furrowed as he struggled to not drop the tray ungracefully on the table. Jimin watched the younger with a proud smile when their son accomplished the task with a triumphant smile on his small lips.

“How kind, our sweet Jihoonie.” Jimin coos and Yoongi couldn’t help but smile a little.

“Are you still feeling weird papa?” Jihoon asks once more before settling down on Jimin’s lap. He insists that if the former is sick then it’s only fair that he suffer with him too. After all, they’re a family and maybe Jimin’s heart melts with how compassionate his little one is.

“I feel fine now thanks to Lady Olenn. Don’t forget to always thank her she’s been doing so much for us hmm?” Jimin says as he absentmindedly stroked Jihoon’s hair.

“Now I know you’re curious about what you can learn about Sindria. There’s an entire bookshelf dedicated to our history right there.” Jimin points on their left where a large ivory painted and crudely detailed shelf is located. There at the very top hung a small sign that read Sindria.

Jihoon’s eyes sparkled as he quickly hopped off his papa’s lap and ran towards the bookshelf rather enthusiastically and when he’s so sure that the child is out of hearing distance, he turns to Yoongi.

“You still don’t believe her don’t you?” He accuses, the soft gaze he had for Jihoon is now gone as he stared at Yoongi apprehensively.

“It’s just not logical Jimin, suddenly there’s a Lunar eclipse and you get sick or whatever you’re feeling and it worries me greatly but I’m also worried about your safety as well as Jihoon’s.”

“Is it because I’m Sindria’s king and if I were to be captured the alliance will practically crumble to dust?” There’s venom in Jimin’s tone and he wished he worded it differently but his pride refused to let him.

Yoongi opens his mouth to respond. Sincerely this time, he could only mask his true intentions for so long. But Jimin interrupts.

“Why did I even ask. Ofcourse it’s how it is with you. Always has, always will.” Jimin says before laying back down on the couch, this time his head is on the plush arm rest instead of Yoongi’s lap and he hears the elder let out a long sigh.

“Why are Valerians against religion or any form of superstition? Nevermind that, how can your people not believe in these kinds of things when you’re a living and breathing proof that what they read in mythological books can be somewhat true if not accurate.” Jimin decides to change the topic while Yoongi looks at him, uncertainty in his eyes.

“If you lived in Valeria some one hundred years ago, you will know why they never believed in gods or any of that superstitious things you and Lady Olenn speak of. Wild fires were too difficult to put out that they rage on for months or years at a time. Famish and drought lasted for almost a decade. Imagine being through that much misfortune. It breaks a whole nation in half Jimin. It breaks people’s will to believe in something or someone that could have been helping them through that crisis.” Yoongi explains but Jimin’s brows are still furrowed, taking in the new knowledge. He has never read any records from Valeria that the country had suffered a tragedy throughout it’s history.

“The famish, the wild fires and seemingly endless droughts have been erased from history along with the superstitions and gods if you’re wondering why you haven’t read about it.” Yoongi offers, making Jimin nod.

“This superstition that you don’t believe in… After tonight I am certain that you might want to start reading the mythology books once we arrive to Sindria.” Jimin is almost sure that whatever was going to happen in the upcoming Lunar eclipse will somehow convince Yoongi.

“If we want to arrive to Sindria as soon as possible then we have to leave. Tonight.” The elder king is stubborn at his decision and Jimin is even more stubborn.

“Yoongi please. You don’t understand me.”

The younger looks like he wants to say something that he has been keeping to himself and the elder king is curious.

“Jimin, why are you so adamant on wanting to stay despite the higher risk of us getting caught the more we stay in this island?” Yoongi says but Jimin avoids him, turning to his side in an attempt to make it look like he’s seeking comfort by shifting to another position but in reality, he’s avoiding the latter.


“Fine, if you don’t wish to speak about it then I will also be adamant in my decision to leave as soon as Jeonghan arrives to fetch us.”

“I hate you.”

“I know.”




“I’d be more than happy to assist you but you’ve been here for a few months already. I think you can manage fine by yourself my Lord.”

Jin places his hands behind his back habitually as him and Taehyung strolled down the hallway of the Valerian castle, on their way to the courtyard to meet up with Namjoon and Jungkook right after morning court.

“I’m still not a native and I only managed to survive because King Jimin was here believe it or not. It was him pulling the strings all along even though he acts that way in public. He’s been a responsible monarch and I am but a lowly assistant.”

“The title high chancellor is anything but lowly, Lord Kim Taehyung.” Jin regards him with a smile before shrugging his shoulders.

“Well if you insist, I most certainly wouldn’t decline. But what I don’t understand is why you would seek mentoring from me when you can be mentored by my husband instead. He’s your Valerian counterpart after all.” Jin says, only making Taehyung’s hunch solidify. That he’s the spy. He’s the inside man that Aerondei planted in their midst.

“Speak of the angels.” Taehyung says, gesturing towards the gentlemen waiting for them in the courtyard. A table was set up with stacks of what Taehyung assumed to be important documents that they all will discuss and come to terms with since Yoongi is absent, the council which consisted of Jungkook, Taehyung and Namjoon will have to put matters in their own hands while he is away. Jungkook who is the current regent still isn’t allowed to make decisions without consulting the council.

“To answer your question, I didn’t approach Lord Namjoon because I know that he already has his hands full with Valerian matter especially now that the king is away. We need all the best men on deck. No offense to you as you are a great man as well.” Taehyung nods towards Namjoon and to Jungkook, holding the crown prince regent’s gaze for a second longer before looking away.

“None taken.” Jin quickly replies.

Jungkook insisted that they take matters outside of his brother’s stuffy work chamber.

“I can’t believe brother dealt with the country’s affair inside of that room. I would have lost my mind if I had to stare at one painting of our ancestors longer than necessary.”

“Now you should be even more grateful for how your brother, King Yoongi is such a good ruler that you only ever need to fill in his position until the war ends and he comes back with King Jimin.” Taehyung jests making the younger snicker.

It wasn’t much actually, the work load that Yoongi left Jungkook and the council were just menial decisions that did not require them to rack their brains out and come up with a solution because it’s matters as trivial as land disputes or simple trading business licensure requests. So the Noon went by fast and in the blink of an eye they had already finished a month’s worth of work according to Namjoon.

“That was fast, for now. We actually have free time to do whatever we wish.” Jin announces as he stacked the last of the papers that Jungkook had signed just moments ago.

Jungkook stares at Taehyung, expecting him to make the move.

“Well Lord Seokjin, since we have free time. Why don’t you start mentoring me? The sooner we start, the sooner we finish. Then I will be off your back so you can finally spend some quality time with your husband.” He says in a playful tone. Playful enough to hide the underlying sarcasm that Jin didn’t quite catch.

“Sure, we could start by me touring you around the city and telling you about Valeria’s trade system? I noticed that it’s quite different with Sindria’s and If we manage to find the best parts of each other’s systems then we could potentially create something that could benefit both countries? Think of it as an exchange of knowledge.” Jin suggests and Taehyung nods with fake enthusiasm.

Jungkook ushers Namjoon away with the alibi that he needed advice in which gifts would suit Taehyung more on top of him asking the older male about the missing funds from the past month.

Taehyung on the other hand led Jin the other way, making the elder male a bit more suspicious of his actions. He would have to take precautions as to not get caught if this is what he thought to be the worst case scenario.

“So, how did you meet Namjoon?” The Sindrian High Chancellor speaks first, breaking the seemingly awkward silence that has enveloped the two of them ever since they left the courtyard and are now on the way to town, Jin had pointed out a few main trading shops that Taehyung feigned knowledge on. Of course he’s already aware of the main trade as well as fluctuations in the Valerian market on his first month in Valeria.

“I met him over a land dispute. It was his family against mine and it was so hard to fight for land and properties when all I could think about was the man in front of me with his smart mouth.” Jin sighs before chuckling a little.

“You know I still won the land and property dispute because it turns out that he’s just as smitten.”

In that moment, the younger male pretends to make a face at what Seokjin had stated but in reality he’s really amused. He only signed up to potentially out the spy and finally stop the inside doings within the castle but now he is being informed on how Seokjin and Namjoon first met. He arches an eyebrow with the prospect that maybe he could use this to accidentally make the elder slip first.

“So you just knew in that moment that you will actually wed this man? This man who tried to fight for your property?”

It sounded nothing like a question one would ask, if anything Taehyung sounded like he’s uniquely curious. Nothing in the large establishments in which he has been to for a few times interested him any more than getting useful information out of the other man.

He looks at Seokjin as they stopped by a non-suspicious looking posh building with a shining name plate by the door that read ‘teapot’ because Seokjin said he needed to pick up a few herbal tea bags for Namjoon.

Seokjin looks amused by the question asked and if he’s suspicious, his face did not show it at all for he only laugh and shook his head.


“Well, I did not think that far enough but I did ask that fine gentleman if he would like to get some tea with me.” Jin says, pushing the wooden doors open revealing low ceilings, antique little lamps on two seater tables with their matching chairs. There’s one counter where one man greets them enthusiastically especially Seokjin.

“And this was a year ago yes?”

“Yes it was a year ago.”

“Master Seokjin! It’s nice to see you back! Master Namjoon’s tea bags will be right out, you may sit down anywhere while you wait.” The shop keeper is a young man who looks like he’s about Taehyung’s age with slim build and average height. What he’s wearing matches the atmosphere of the whole shop. Dark brown cotton button downs and dark pants. Nothing flashy but still gives off a relaxing vibe. Taehyung secretly thinks to himself that tea shop owners must look relaxed to fit the job description.

Seokjin is the first to sit down, having been familiarized with such an environment. He treats the shop like his second home.

“Come sit down, it’s going to take a little bit. Let me also tell you why we stopped by here of all places. It’s not just because Namjoon prefers the tea they sell than the tea served in the castle. It’s part of the lesson.” Seokjin motions to the chair in front of him. Taehyung who’s now really curious because out of the places that Seokjin brought him into, this is the one that he’s never seen nor heard of before.

It’s hard to miss important places when you’re a high chancellor and an ambassador to a country. Especially when Taehyung was quite certain that he already had everything under file. But it seemed like he missed one important detail. The younger male would have to go over his list this evening.

“Did you know that the teapot is not just your ordinary tea shop?” Seokjin says in an almost whisper-like voice and Taehyung wonders why the latter is keeping his voice down when they were literally the only people in the shop. Not even the shop owner is present. The tone gives him an impression that the elder male really is serious about what he just said. It also made Taehyung awfully self conscious as he looked around just to make sure that they’re still alone. All the few guards that they took with them for safety were positioned outside the shop and the shop instantly closed the moment they walked in to give privacy.

Taehyung leans in, all ears to find out every bit of information that he could, eyes focused on Jin as he kept his ears open.

“The teapot is also a secret meeting place to traders who like to ignore country rules and freely trade contraband without going under proper procedure which is why I am a patron here.” Seokjin says and by contraband, Taehyung immediately picks up illegal substances and trinkets. Basically an underground market for savvy traders.

“How did you find out about it?” Taehyung replies in an equally hushed voice.

“Well, I was really just a regular patron who likes to go undercover from the palace ever since Namjoon and I returned to the capital but I accidentally stumbled upon illegal traders when I came here one night because I forgot to pick up Namjoon’s teabags in that afternoon. I never dress for business when I go to town and I suggest you do the same my Lord.” Seokjin pauses when the shop keeper returns, abruptly stopping what little information Taehyung has gathered from the other man.


“My apologies for it took me quite a while gentlemen. But here it is. I counted it so it should be the accurate quantity this time.” The man walks over to Seokjin and both stands up as the elder male received the brown paper container of the teabags. Up to this moment, Taehyung has a hunch that it’s not only teabags that Seokjin had picked up. He must somehow get to the bag and inspect its contents.

“You know we’d be willing to wait. Please don’t apologize.” Seokjin chides. Acting the perfect gentleman that he is. So much so that the shop keeper visibly blushed and Taehyung most definitely catches it without miss.

The young shop keeper waves at them as they exit their shop and once they’re outside, when Taehyung is sure that no one else is listening on them he proceeds to ask the elder male.

“So Seokjin, as your mentee. I think you should show me how to catch illegal traders.” He musters up as much innocence and curiosity in his tone so it could effectively convince the latter because he sort of deciphered that if he gets closer to the elder male, it meant that he could be closer to unravelling the mystery on why he is the spy sent by Aerondei despite the fact that he’s from Valeria and is a noble at that.

What better way than to prove his loyalty to the man?

Then there it is, the momentary glint on the elder’s eyes that was gone as soon as they appeared. As if a bird closing in on a prey, Seokjin’s façade falters just a tad bit as he tried his best to hide a grin that didn’t go unnoticed.

“That’s the spirit. I can’t believe this myself but I think I might just teach you something out of this new mentor and mentee situation. Follow me Taehyung.”

He motions for Taehyung to follow and the younger male does so, eyes trained on the brown container bag on Seokjin’s clutches.





Dusk is approaching and Yoongi just couldn’t wait to leave Ida and be on his way to Sindria with Jimin and Jihoon safely. The sooner they go there and have the ceremony means the sooner he could regroup his army to reclaim Ida. It pained him to see a part of his country be held captive by the enemy. Ida is such a distant part of Valeria that no soul was able to sail from it’s ports without being captured and questioned by Aerondei’s stationed forces.

If he was frustrated by the situation, his face clearly showcased it. Coupled by his constant pacing back and forth that Jimin is getting tired of.

“Yoongi, can you stop it? You’re making my head ache more and my dizziness return.” Jimin turns away from him. He is still laying down on the couch but now with several pillows surrounding him to make him feel comfortable.

Lady Olenn is in the kitchen, currently fixing suffer for the four of them and Jihoon is engrossed in reading books about Sindria. He has completely lost track of time or even the events that are taking place around him and for that, Jimin is glad. He didn’t want his son to worry more than he already is in his pretty little head.

“If we don’t decide sooner, it might be too late by the time you and I agree on something.” Yoongi stopped pacing and faced Jimin instead.

This concept of hiding and being unable to protect those who are valuable to him brings him back to his younger years when he felt what he hated feeling the most. Feeling vulnerable and pathetic.

Jimin sighs, tilting his head to look at where the windows would be in the safe house but instead he is greeted with the solid walls. Making him unable to decipher the time from where he was laying down.

“The reason I’m hesitant to tell you about what happens later when the Lunar eclipse occurs is because you don’t believe in what I might actually think is real. Yoongi, you lack belief and when it happens you will be crestfallen.” His voice is more ominous than it is convincing.

“Try me. I might actually believe.” Yoongi says, desperate to understand a concept that is all too new to him.

“It is believed that when a child of frost’s ability is at peak that a child of the fire will momentarily lose his affinity. And do you know when that rare occurrence happens? Yes you guess right. During Lunar eclipse. When the Moon momentarily covers the sun. I might lose control of my affinity and you might temporarily lose yours.”

Jimin looks at the latter, all hatred gone. Replaced with a look that Yoongi would rather the younger not give him.

He looks at him with pity.

“It’s not going to happen Jimin. These superstitions, there beliefs that you have. They don’t have a logical explanation and even if they did. I still can’t risk us staying here for the night when we’re supposed to be sailing to Sindria.” Yoongi could not believe Jimin, a part of him wants to but if he allows himself to believe what the younger is saying then it means that he would be swallowed by the dark thoughts that had been swirling in his mind ever since they set foot in Ida’s port. Uselessness.

“We’re not staying. I’m not going to risk it. We’ll take Lady Olenn if needed. She can help you sort yourself out if your power fluctuates and if I….”

Yoongi doesn’t finish his sentence when Lady Olenn comes running from the kitchen, breathless and with fear painted all over her previously calm face.

“You have to depart. Soon.”



Seokjin leads Taehyung through a series of alley ways that the younger has never been to before.

“The reason why I kept disappearing these past few months is because I’ve been trying my hardest to catch these large scale illegal traders. Please don’t tell Namjoon. I don’t like it whenever he assumes that I’m unable to take care of myself.” Jin kicks a pebble into the canal. Taehyung follows him anyway. Faking shock despite knowing what the elder is truly doing whenever he was out.

They’re now away from the teashop where they picked up Namjoon’s tea bags as per requested by the elder and Seokjin asked the guards to stand by for they will be back. The more people involved in their pursuit of evidence would only sabotage the operation.

Soon the richer part of the capitol blends with the middle class society that is encompassed in the center of the larger establishments. Spaces between buildings become narrower and the streets become livelier. Taehyung takes this chance to pretend to be even more invested in this case.

“Where did it lead you? Have you gotten anything important from your pursuit?” The Sindrian noble becomes more cautious of each step he took when the elder in front of him slowed down, he might be walking into a trap that the elder had set up for him and one wrong move or he’ll end up getting caught instead of him catching the spy.

Seokjin abruptly stops causing him to do the same.

“Are we near?” His eyes searched that of the latter for signs of lie and panic. In his mind, Taehyung was prepared to run. Or fight. He wasn’t sure how he freely walked in to a potential trap but all e had in mind was to gain Seokjin’s trust enough to expose the elder.

“No we’re not. But that’s the end of the path my leads have given me. Months of chasing and I never came close.” There’s disappointment in his tone and if Taeyung didn’t know who he truly was then he might be convinced that what Seokjin was saying is the truth.

If feigning innocence is the game that the elder chose to play then Taehyung would play along.

He fakes a disappointed sigh, eyes casted downwards as he did so.

“What could we do next? As my mentor I think this is the most valuable lesson you could teach me. Once we get rid of the large scale illegal traders in the capitol then we’re one step closer to ridding it of the filth that has been trying to cripple it.” His words were laced with venom but his faced showed no signs of anger or suspicion. Taehyung purely wanted the elder to show any kind of reaction but it seems that mere words won’t affect him for he didn’t so much as blinked and nodded in agreement to the younger noble’s words.

“If we can’t catch them in their hideout then we will have to catch them where they’re meeting.”

Seokjin smirks and the younger returns it.

“Do I smell a secret operation led by me and you?”

“You’re very sharp. No wonder you’re Sindria’s high chancellor.”

After their brief travel to the middle class area of the capitol’s town, the pair headed back to where they left the guards. Taehyung feels a very unsettling sensation in his stomach. It’s like something is telling him to not go to the secret operation. But he knew better than to turn down a perfect opportunity to maybe catch Seokjin on the act.

With him constantly checking his surroundings and looking back to the path that they previously took, Seokjin is almost sure that Taehyung is on to him. What irked him the most is how the younger managed to pin the suspicion to him when he had the perfect alibi all this time. Wheels start to spin in his mind as he deciphered that maybe, just maybe, the crown prince has something to do with this as well. So he has to get rid of the Sindrian noble even before the crown makes a move against him. He needs get rid of the obstacles. It’s the only way for him to see his family again. The whole sole reason why he took it upon himself to betray the entire country and even his husband.

Before they reach the guards’ station, Seokjin turns around once more.

“Taehyung you are in luck. For tonight, the illegal traders are meeting in the teashop. It’s not just a regular deal. From what I heard, the big names are going to be there. So.” He tries his best to sound realistic when he steps closer to Taehyung as if avoiding any soul who might be listening in on them to hear as he whispers into the latter’s ear.

“If you would like to put a stop to this, meet me in front of the royal garden. I will gather enough guards for a small raid. Namjoon and Jungkook shouldn’t know about it. They already have enough concerns as it is.” He steps back once more and carries on walking, the crown container bag still firm in his hold.

Taehyung’s face showed signs of hesitation, hoping to make him more believable before answering.

“It is going to be very dangerous If we ever get caught but knowing that you’ll be ready with guards, I think we might be able to pull this off.” He bites the inside of his cheek before riding the horse that was on stand by for him.

“So what do you say, my mentee?” Seokjin’s eyes sparkle with mischief all while he smiled mischievously.

“I’m in. Let’s go catch mice, mentor.”


The ride back to the castle was silent and as per usual, Taehyung let Seokjin lead the way. Even when he didn’t have to. He still wanted to make it seem like he’s trying hard to depend on the elder to make his act believable so what he does when they get back is to not rush to Jungkook but instead arrange a meeting with the crown prince regent in front of King Jimin’s room. In which he had permission to use as long as it didn’t mean him and Jungkook canoodling in the middle of the room, a thought that the Sindrian noble fervently pushed out of his mind for more important matters await.

He steps into the room, using the master key that Jimin entrusted to him before their departure for not even the highest servants could enter either Jimin or Yoongi’s room and while Jimin entrusted taehyung the key to his bedroom, Yoongi entrusted his to Jungkook with the same odd condition in which the crown prince regent knew not to do. He very much like his behind to not be singed when his brother comes back.

Inside, the room completely looks like it hasn’t been touched, Jimin’s other option for which suit he is to wear for their departure still laid in his bed, slightly distressed by how Jimin unceremoniously dropped it in his bed when Taehyung suggested that it King Yoongi might like that one on him instead of his usual royal colors. Which made him snort in amusement at the time.

While it hasn’t been a day, the noble is already starting to miss his king and bestfriend. He can’t help but wonder how Jimin is faring with his current situation as he knew that the latter hated sailing and anything that might inconvenience him. But he also knew that Jimin is dutiful beneath all the layers of pretention he made everyone believe all those years ago.

“It’s never been this serious…Jiminie.” He heaves up a sigh before sitting down the soft mattress right beside the rejected suit.

It’s when he almost laid down that Jungkook stepped inside the room, the door slightly creaking as he entered.

“You’re here, my prince.” Taehyung mutters, looking at the younger like he hasn’t seen him wearing his proper crown prince regent clothing earlier. This time Taehyung looked at Jungkook properly. Seeing him in a different light. As the responsible prince that he is, Taehyung smiles softly making the younger tilt his head to the side in slight confusion but returning the smile nonetheless.

“Didn’t I tell you that you can call me by my name when we’re alone?” Jungkook approaches and Taehyung stands up to do an exaggerated bow before meeting Jungkook halfway.

“You should know by now that I like teasing you.”

Jungkook is a few inches taller than Taehyung, taller than both Jimin and Yoongi but with the clothes he’s wearing he seemed especially taller today. His built looked especially nice accentuated with the tight fitted suit. His hair parted and fixed meticulously.

“I do, but it doesn’t hurt to remind you.” Jungkook says, his boyish grin breaking free from the mature image that he’s trying to pull off. The younger reaches for Taehyung’s hand to kiss the back of it and no matter how much act the elder put on, the simple gesture is enough for color to rush into his cheeks every time without a fail.

He clears his throat after pulling his hand away. Deciding that now is not the time to flirt and tease. Before they do something that might sidetrack them from the issue at hand.

“I think Seokjin picked up the sign that I’m watching him closely. Waiting for him to slip up so I tried my best to make him believe that I’m walking straight into his trap.” He summarizes the entirety of their little detour to Jungkook as the couple sat down the chairs adjacent to each other and separated by a round oak table. One of the few pieces of furniture that was on Jimin’s room.

The sole reason of them meeting in there and instead of out in the open was because they could actually fool the whole castle that they’re separated due to King Jimin and King Yoongi’s wing being a restricted area to all. Only the two of them knew that they had the kings blessings to use their rooms as a rendezvous spot when all else fail them.

“You think it might be a trap?” Jungkook takes in all the information after Taehyung elaborated. He lets out a deep sigh.

“It’s dangerous.” He finally says, leaving Taehyung frowning at him in strong disapproval.

“If I don’t do this then I don’t know how else we’re going to catch him on the act. I need to go tonight.” Taehyung thanks Jimin for developing his strong argument skills but Jungkook isn’t backing down either.

“Taehyung you know that I would never potentially put your life in danger so this operation isn’t going to happen if I’m not present.”  If blood won’t prove that Yoongi and Jungkook are brothers then their stubbornness will.

“I didn’t say that you’re to be left behind.” Taehyung grins slightly. His mouth forming an adorable rectangular shape that showcased his pearly whites.

“You’re taking me?!” Jungkook said almost too enthusiastically making the elder chuckle.

“Yes. But listen carefully because we are going to play Jin’s game almost just exactly as how he wanted us to.” Taehyung leans down, planting his elbows on his lap and his chin resting on his palm as he relayed the plan that he formed in his mind while riding on the way back to the Valerian castle earlier.

Jungkook shifts uncomfortably in his seat, it seems like Taehyung would be risking a lot tonight.

“Are you sure of this?” With his lack of experience in dealing with matters of the state, Jungkook’s own emotions rise above his sense of duty as sudden irrational fear hits him but Taehyung stares at him with pure determination in his eyes.

“Jungkook. My king and yours, your brother as well as little Jihoon are out there right now. Risking their lives and they’re way above me in the hierarchy. I am a mere noble. A pawn in this game of power. If this is what it takes to rid Valeria of the spy amongst the highest rank then so be it.”

It was all Jungkook needed for his resolve to come back. He fixes his composure and starts discussing possible alternatives if their plan fails.

They spend hours in Jimin’s room. Plotting and scheming all while figuring out more precautions for Taehyung to take because Jungkook is still worried.

“I will be fine. This operation would not only lead us to Aerondei’s spy. But also end the illegal and unchartered trades that have been taking place in the capitol for so long. It’s killing two birds with one stone.”

The elder male didn’t know how to remove Jungkook’s worries so he stands up from his seat and does something that he never did often. Maybe it’s how the younger looked so trouble with him acting as bait but his nervs started acting up the moment that the crown prince regent showed so much concern. As a normal human being, Taehyung is also afraid. Though his sense of duty still prevails.

“What are you doing?” Jungkook asks him when Taehyung unceremoniously sits on the younger’s lap. Effectively straddling him.

How he hated that he’s finally heeding one of Jimin’s then unneeded advices. If a man refuses to listen to you, make them listen with your body language.

“Helping you relax, my prince.” There it is again, the teasing tone that wonderfully mixed with his low baritone voice. Visibly helping the crown prince regent’s tense shoulders to relax as the Sindrian noble loosely wrapped his arm around Jungkook’s neck. A small smile on his lips.

“How about this. If we succeed tonight, which I sure we will. I’ll fulfill one wish of yours.” Taehyung says, eyes still on the younger.

Jungkook visibly gulps as he finds his arms wrapping around Taehyung’s slim waist to pull him closer. The motivation only pushing him further into reaching their goal.

“Can I finally call you mine if we /do/ succeed?” Jungkook challenges and Taehyung wants to laugh at how adorable the younger looked right at that moment.

‘But I’m already yours.’

Is what Taehyung wanted to say but he settles for a nod instead before standing up and smoothing back his suit as if nothing happened.

“You have much to do before then so I suggest you get going, my prince~” Taehyung gives him another wide smile before the latter walks out first, smile vanishing as he reached the foot of the stairs. Putting his act once more because he knows that he can’t afford to be caught even before the operation.

If Seokjin asked where he is, he has an alibi that he needs to tend to Sindrian matters back in his chambers and it just so happened that Taehyung knew a passage way coming from the royalties’ wing to his without being seen by a lot of servants. Seokjin’s servants specifically.

The Sindrian noble arrives in front of his chamber and nobody who’s suspicious managed to catch him coming from Jimin’s chamber. He was about to heave a deep sigh when he spots a servant waiting in front of his room. Not just a servant but one that is always at Seokijn’s beck and call. It makes him tense once more. Not dropping the act just yet until he’s inside the safety of his bed chambers.

“Servant, what brings you here?” He pretends to not know who the servant is despite knowing full well who has sent him.

“Lord Seokjin wanted me to pass on this message to you with careful instructions that you should read it inside of your room.” The servant procures a small parchment from the inside of his pants’ pocket. The parchment has been folded several times over so it could look as small as possible. Taehyung takes it from the servant before sending him on his way.

“Tell him I’ll meet him there. Don’t inform anyone about the matter. Certainly not Crown Prince Regent Jungkook or Lord Namjoon.” Taehyung watches as the servant boy’s eyes widen for a fraction of a second before returning to normal.

“I will. I swear to guard this secret conversation with my life.” The boy confirms but Taehyung had an inkling that he would somehow slip and that’s what he wants to happen. For Seokjin to sabotage himself and take the fall that he intended for Taehyung to have. 

Years of strict raising by his noble mother and father led Taehyung to be the best High chancellor that Sindria has ever had. Maybe he didn’t posses any of the flowery titles that King Jimin, King Yoongi and even crown prince Jungkook had, but his leverage was his cunning nature and knowledge in plotting. One reason why Sindria sent him along with Jimin. For Queen Daria knew that Taehyung wouldn’t lead Jimin astray.

Taehyung enters his room, plopping down his bed before holding up the folded parchment in the air and reading it aloud.

‘Meet me in front of the royal garden by midnight. Don’t bring anyone, make sure crown prince regent is not aware.

-Your mentor.’

He crumples the piece of parchment with his hands before tossing it aside. A small smile playing on his lips.

“You’re no mentor of mine. You’d have to be better than that to qualify as one.”

Taehyung has had his suspicions before that either Seokjin or Namjoon would be the one that Aerondei sent to spy on them given their positions and the events that took place right after their return to court.

But what him and Jungkook aren’t able to identify up to this day is Seokjin’s motive. Surely it is not solely out of anger towards King Yoongi. If anything he should be grateful that King Yoongi and Namjoon parted ways for he wouldn’t even have the chance to meet Namjoon if the latter didn’t run away, one year ago.

That question still floated inside Taehyung’s mind as he laid down his bed and contemplated about all the given possibilities.

There’s no way that he would be defeated by child’s play however. He sworn his whole life and allegiance to his best friend and king, it means that he would stay alive to see Jimin return. To see Jimin rightfully rule the kingdom that is his by his birthright. Taehyung will help him just like how the then crown prince helped him. So he couldn’t die for an operation just yet.

“But Jungkook---”

Another variable has come to play. Taehyung isn’t used to thinking about anyone else other than Jimin and himself. He could care less about anyone else before Valeria’s current crown prince regent came into his life. Making him curse his nobility for the first time ever since he’s been born.

Surely what they have wouldn’t go anywhere farther than the secret rendezvous that they have in either Jungkook’s chambers or his. The afternoon rides to the forest and the stolen kisses in the hallway. Nobody has ever made Taehyung felt so thrilled, complete and yet not adequate enough ever since his birth. He has never been interested in the matters of heart. But when it did, his interest happens to fall to the wrong person. A crown prince then, who became a crown prince regent. Taehyung knew that in wars, a royal family must utilize marriages wisely so it’s only a matter of time before crown prince Jeon Jungkook is betrothed to a princess or another prince. When the time comes, Taehyung would have to hold back on his selfish wants and carry on with his duty just like nothing has happened.

Just thinking about the future already made Taehyung’s heart ache uncomfortably. He finds himself placing a hand over his heart that’s been beating unsteadily the moment he decided to think about the one man who had the ability to see him come undone.

“Now is not the time.” He speaks to himself, shaking his head fervently before sitting back up and heading to the bathroom that is attached to his chambers. Not requiring the help of a servant to fix himself a simple quick bath. He didn’t stay much either as he hurries to finish, so he could choose an appropriate suit for the hunt that is about to occur in a few hours.

When Taehyung is done dressing, the sun has already gone down. It’s almost time for supper and he didn’t feel like facing Jungkook with all the mixed thoughts swirling in his mind so he orders a servant to bring food into his room instead. This might leave Jungkook suspicious but he had the perfect alibi just in case.

“Give this to Jungkook. No matter what you do, make sure that when you’re giving this to him that he is alone. DO you understand me? I’ll know if you deliver it wrongly and I will have your head for it. Do you understand?” Taehyung asked her twice, with the most threatening tone he could muster until the poor servant girl was shaking in fear. He couldn’t risk anyone finding about their plan to ambush Seokjin’s trap but at the same time, Taehyung did not wish to see Jungkook before the deed maybe because he was afraid.

Afraid that their carefully crafted plans would come undone the moment he sees the latter hesitate once more. Taehyung was afraid that the younger’s bright eyes and worried face would eventually convince him that the plan was all a bad idea.

Losing his appetite was one of the indications that Taehyung is nervous. But for what? Maybe because he knew that he’s not only risking his life tonight but he’s also risking Jeon Jungkook’s life. The crown prince regent of Valeria and the man who currently hold power over his heart. He knew how dangerous it was and he knew the risks that both of them have to take but his life is more insignificant than the younger. He’s a prince. A crown prince who’s also a bachelor.

Times like this, Taehyung wished that he could talk to Jimin. He deeply regretted keeping everything to himself up to this point.  

As if the castle felt the absence of the king, it feels unusually quiet ever since Kings Yoongi and Jimin’s departure. Adding more to the already tense and dreadful feeling inside of the Sindrian high chancellor.

All he had to do now is to make sure that they succeed.



“Just a few hours ago you’re adamant enough to even convince Jimin to stay in Ida for the night because of this Lunar eclipse and now you want us to leave? Not that I’m complaining but why?” Yoongi asks.

It has been long since Jihoon joined Jimin in the couch, the two cuddling as they nap when Jimin reassured Yoongi that whatever he’s feeling won’t be contagious to anybody. He’s very much convinced that it’s the effect of the nearing Lunar eclipse.

Lady Olenn’s loud voice however woke the two up that they’re staring from Lady Olenn’s alarmed expression to Yoongi’s indifferent one.

“That was when there were no complications. Someone must have seen you on your way here. My informant told me that the Aerondei officials were informed that Sindria and Valeria’s king were seen on their way to the market place this morning after master Jeonghan’s ship docked on the port.” She explains, before drawing a long breath and returning to her usual calm composure.

“My apologies. I didn’t mean to scare you but you can’t stay here anymore. When the officials hear about news like this they tend to search every establishment in Ida until they find who they’re looking for and since this is a relatively small island, they will find you even before dawn.” She says and while Jihoon stared at all three adults in confusion, Jimin perfectly understood the point that she was trying to get across.

“We understand. However, despite the risks. Since you are the only one knowledgeable on what might happen tonight, will you do us the honor of leaving to Sindria with us?” He asks politely. Not acting like the stuck up spoiled crown prince that he once was. Not having to put on his fake charade in front of the people who are present in the room in this dire situation.

Yoongi looks at him but there is no signs of disagreement in his face.

“Jimin is right. If this superstition is indeed true, I don’t know what is going to happen to the both of us. If you’re there, you could at least prevent a possible disaster.” Yoongi says, nodding at Jimin before looking back at the woman who only nods solemnly at them.

“There would be no greater honor than to serve my kingdom.” She bows respectfully, showing grace.

Just then, they hear a knock on the same wooden door where they came from hours ago.

“Stay where you are, I will go get it. It’s most likely Master Jeonghan. But in worst case scenario, I hope that you two know how to fight.” She warns them before walking towards the door cautiously.

She uses the peeking hole and stares through the small looking glass before uttering the words: “Who dares enter?”


“Lady Olenn, it is I.” All four of them hear a familiar voice, making the Lady open the door right away.

“Master Jeonghan.” She smiles at him delightfully and he embraces her like a son would to his mother.

“I hate to break this brief reunion but I reckon we have a ship to sail?” Yoongi says, helping Jimin stand up as the younger still felt quite unstable with Jihoon tagging on his side to hold the hand that is not holding Jimin’s






Midnight came and Taehyung is a little early to their arrangement and meeting place. The surprisingly cold bite of the wind when the breeze blew was almost enough to make Taehyung shiver if he wasn’t from Sindria. If he wasn’t accidentally trained to withstand the cold with looking for Jimin whenever the then crown prince went missing in the woods to play with his affinity or cause trouble here and there. Thinking back, all the things they did back in Sindria were child’s play compared to the situations that they are currently faced with.

Only guards roamed the castle corridors and yet nobody questioned why Taehyung would be out and about, roaming the castle at the time. His position is too high to be questioned. For noble like him only lacked the royalty title but their privileges were almost the same.

Valeria’s castle looked somber without the glamour of the lights, or without the celebrations that were frequently held in the massive strong hold. At night, the quiet castle becomes even more quieter and at midnight, nobody’s awake to tell a soul about of the deeds done in the dark and non illuminated parts of the cold structure.

Fifteen minutes, Taehyung mentally counted how long it took Seokjin to meet him there and when he did, he had a handful of guards follow him quietly. It was relatively dark and only the illumination of their torches provided them sight in the dark garden. It was enough for Taehyung to see how Seokjin put on another layer of protection from the ‘cold’ and the Sindrian noble almost chuckled at how weak Valerians were when it came to slight changes in their ever humid temperatures.

“You’re almost late.” Taehyung says, putting on the charade once Seokjin reaches the spot on where he stood.

“I had to quietly take the guards without the castle knowing.” Taehyung looks around to see that Seokjin gathered around ten to fifteen men with him. All armored like they’re ready to go to war when it’s only a raid that they’re partaking in.

‘a trap’. Taehyung mentally corrects himself.

“You didn’t tell anyone about it didn’t you?” Seokjin asks once more as if being cautious.

“Not a soul. I stayed in my room ever since we came back from the town.” Taehyung says, falling into stride once Seokjin led them to the horses prepared on the stable.

“We need to be quiet. Although majority of the castle is already asleep, we can’t afford to wake them up. I came this far Taehyung and we’re this close to catching the mice.” He says, his tone changing slightly from cautious to almost excited and Taehyung reminded himself to be alert at all times from then onwards.

Once they’re in the brick pavements leading to the town and away from the hill in where the castle stood, Seokjin urges his mare to gain speed, Taehyung follows closely, careful not to ride beside the elder but to stay behind him just in case the trap is in the streets and not even on the shop. Taehyung feels the cold hilt of his dagger that was hidden under his silk shirt press against his skin. A constant reminded to be wary at all times.

The town in contrast to the castle is still alive. The occasional night market vendors still have their shop set up and customers and patrons are out and about to enjoy whatever the vendors have to offer. Seeing the crowd, Taehyung would have never guessed that Valeria is in the brink of a war with two nations as their enemies.

“Taehyung, don’t get distracted. This way.” Seokjin leads him away from the busy street, away from the merry cheers and noises surrounding the them until they’re in a familiar path. It was the very same path that him and Seokjin took just this afternoon to the teapot.

However, they didn’t stop right in front of the shop. Seokjin halts a few yards away from the shop and Taehyung is amazed at how different the light of the sun and it’s absence played a part on how the establishment would look like. For right now it looked like what Seokjin told him it was.

A place for business for the largest illegal traders in Valeria.

Both of them hop off their horses.

“Are you ready with your fake name? Sorry I forgot to tell you. You can’t obviously give out your real name. Alright so here’s the drill. I will make the transaction and you will be right beside me, watching out for danger and when something happens, don’t act on it. The guards stationed outside will take care of that.” Seokjin says, sounding more confident than ever and Taehyung couldn’t help but wonder why.

“How did you know that the illegal traders won’t have their personal protectors inside of that establishment?” Taehyung asks in an almost whisper-like voice as they entered the threshold.

“Because there’s no need for them. The teapot is like a haven for illegal traders. So much so that the owner himself is an illegal trader. Who by the way, sells the most delicious tea in the capitol.” Seokjin chirps before they walk in.

Taehyung expected noise and loud chatter coming from traders and their clients but surprisingly, the shop is empty. Except for the same shop keeper who greeted them earlier that afternoon when Seokjin went and picked up the teabags that Namjoon needed him to.

“The traders. Where are the traders?” Taehyung tries to stay in character, letting fake curiosity flow through his nervous words as he looked at Seokjin who had his once focused face turn into a blank expression. Already giving him away.

“Let’s be honest did you really think that there would be illegal traders in Valeria? In the capitol right under King Yoongi’s nose? I thought you’re not the brightest but I never thought you were this stupid.”

Taehyung was taken aback by the duality of the man right in front of him. However, he continues his charade. The more Seokjin believes that he truly knew nothing, the more he could buy Jungkook time and the more evidence he could gather to persecute Seokjin if he ever make it out alive.

“What do you mean? You’re scaring me.” Taehyung says, clasping both his hands together as he glances towards the door, a dead give away that he might run off but Seokjin only laughs at him.

“Don’t even try running away Taehyung. The /guards/ that I brought with me doesn’t belong to Valeria. They’re all my men.” Seokjin proves this by making a dismissing gesture, making the men outside shut the door. Effectively trapping Taehyung inside. Perfect.

It’s when they’re alone with the shop keeper who still disturbingly carried on his chores that Taehyung let on what little he could tell Seokjin.

“Alright. Since I’m already caught in the act. I might as well confess. Yes, I did think you are the spy planted by Aerondei among the high ranks of Valeria. It was either you or Namjoon but Namjoon couldn’t have done it. He’s a loyal officer. Despite his history with the king.”

Seokjin turns to him, eyes flashing with what Taehyung could only guess to be anger.

“And so!? You foolishly followed me thinking that you could be one step ahead of me? Taehyung, I’ve been doing this since way before me and Namjoon got married. Don’t think that I could step out now just because you happen to luckily guess that I’m Aerondei’s informant.” He says, reaching behind him and unsheathing a hidden weapon that turned out to be short sword. Taehyung reaches inside his silk shirt to procure his dagger.

“Yes. I wanted to gain your trust so I could secretly out you to the public as the traitor. As an outsider, I couldn’t accuse you lightly and Jungkook. They wouldn’t hear the crown prince out thinking that the prince has a vendetta against you because you’re the husband of his brother’s ex-lover. So I had to start from the bottom. I didn’t expect that you would murder me on the first day.” Taehyung slowly backs towards the door but Seokjin unceremoniously lifts a stool up and throws it at the younger male’s direction, visibly blinding Taehyung for a moment before he runs to him to plunge the short sword into his flesh. Taehyung gets knocked out by the stool but he uses it to parry Seokjin’s short sword. Pushing him with all his strength and thank heavens for the elder male’s lack of talent with wielding a sword. If he ever had Jungkook’s gifts then Taehyung would have been murdered, the moment Seokjin decided that he had to die.

“We didn’t have to do this Taehyung. If only you decided to not meddle with my business and quietly pretended like you knew nothing, I wouldn’t have to be doing this right now!” Seokjin says, almost hesitating before he lunged for Taehyung. Sharp blade aimed straight at the younger’s throat.

Thanks to arduous training back in Sindria, Taehyung was able to quickly dodge the unpredicted attack. He expected some sort of fighting however he didn’t expect Seokijn to be this desperate to get rid of him once and for all. Aiming to kill right away.

“Why did you betray your country!?” Taehyung says, dodging the next set of advances that was led by Seokijn, backing into the wall until he is trapped and the elder is rapidly advancing in on him.

 There’s a fire and desperation in Seokjin’s eyes and Taehyung knew that if he didn’t advance to defend himself and attack, he would be dead by the time the elder delivered his final blow.

“This country means nothing when my family….you wouldn’t understand!” Seokjin screams before lunging towards Taehyung. Short sword aimed to kill. Taehyung side steps before sweeping the latter off of his feet using his leg. Effectively delivering a kick right after the elder falls to the ground.

Determination wins over reasoning though as Seokjin stands up once more with his sword still in his hand, he advances in on Taehyung who’s still recovering from the previous blows that he has received. He swings his sword only enough to slash at the younger’s left leg, rendering him unable to stand as he cried out in pain.

Blood gushes out from the slash as Taehyung falls down ungracefully, crouching down the floor as more blood freely flowed from where Seokjin tore down his flesh. He feels nauseated and light headed as he lost blood. Taehyung thinks to himself, is this the end? This couldn’t be. He’s still young and his best friend. His best friend didn’t rule Sindria single handedly yet. What about Jungkook? If he dies now, he wouldn’t be able to see the younger’s smiles anymore.

Seokjin looms on top of him, both hands raised above his head as he held the sword tightly.

“If you have to pay the price then so be it. I will see them again. I will.” There it was again. Hesitation laced with fear that abruptly disappeared when he draws one last breath before plunging the sword down.

“Kim Seokjin!!”

The door bursts open when a dead body of one of the fake guards fall with it  just as Seokjin was about to drive the sword through Taehyung’s heart. The person standing before him was enough for him to drop the sword beside the younger male’s bleeding figure.

The sword releasing a loud clang as it dropped on the tiled floor that is now adorned with Taehyung’s crimson red blood. Taehyung takes this chance to kick Seokjin with his good leg and effectively get away from the other man.

Seokjin falls to the ground before hysterically laughing and crying at the same time.

“You’re not supposed to be here Namjoon…y-you’re not supposed to see this.”