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I Know You're Out There Somewhere

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October 19th, 2014 Broadchurch Proper, 3 Weeks after the Pacemaker, 43 years old.
The next weekend they took the bike out to the property. Roxy had found the land was being sold for taxes. She told Alec and they went out to look it over. They walked all over the property and it did have a beach access.
They walked down to the beach which was close to the big cliff they met under so many years ago.
“Oh, this is perfect!” He said as they walked hand in hand. A dog, a small Chocolate Lab, came up to Roxy barking and nuzzling her. He was a bit skinny. She let Alec’s hand go and knelt to pet the dog.
“Roxy that’s Susan Wright’s Dog. The bitch that falsely accused her own son Nige Carter of helping to cover up Danny’s murder, thinking it was his own Dad that did it, you know Mark Latimer.” He said as the dog licked Roxy face.
“Oh, he’s sweet Alec!” She said.
“He has an owner Roxy, and she will be livid we have him. Best to take him back to her. Where is she anyway? She is usually stuck like glue to this animal.” Alec said, and they started walking. Roxy whistled for the dog though her fingers and the dog followed her without a leash. Wagging his tail
“My Roxy, she even has animal magnetism.” He chuckled and shook his head thinking about it.
“Yep I do.” She said smiling and looking at Alec.
“Ah, ya wee minx!” He said, cuddling her with his arm around her.
“Alec.” She asked. He looked down at her.
“What is it Darlin’?” He asked.
“You’ve always been my pet Scot.” She giggled.
“I know. But the most in that is the fact I am loved and your devoted to me. I know you mean no…” He looked ahead, and something didn’t feel right. He stopped. Furrowed his brow and let go of Roxy.
“Darlin’ what’s wrong?” She asked as he stopped dead in his tracks and had that sternness to his face she really hated.
“Roxy do as I say and stay here with the dog. His name is Vince.” He said looking ahead at the caravan Susan Wright stayed in. The storm door was a mess like the dog had done it to get out.
“Alec?” Roxy asked.
“No guff, Roxy stay here until I see what’s up in the caravan. Something is wrong here. Keep the dog here if you can.” He said as Vince came and sat on Roxy’s foot.
“I don’t think that’s going to be a problem.” She said.
“Ok Luv. Be right back.” He said and walked on down to Susan Wright’s caravan. Immediately he smelled it. Decomposition.
“Shit.” He said, then he turned around and got his handkerchief.
“Roxy stay there. Police business now.” He said.
“Ok Alec.” Roxy said. Vince stayed by Roxy the whole time and didn’t offer to move much but to get off her foot and lay down. Alec put his handkerchief to his face and used his Triumph Jacket, to open the door. He went inside and turned left. Then into her kitchen where the smell was getting worse. He got his phone out and went into the living room. Just off the kitchen. There she lay dead. He looked around and saw a lot of blood pooled on the corner of the coffee table and floor. It looked more like she stumbled and fell but he got on the phone and called for back up and the coroner. He looked around again and found a suitcase laying on its side near her. Like she had gotten up got the suite case and was about to go and get the dog’s lead. He touched nothing in the house and made his way back to Roxy and the dog. He saw Vince’s lead on the picnic table and took it.
“I need to call animal services and get the dog away from Roxy. We do not have room for him. But getting him away from Roxy is another story.” He said coming out of the caravan. He walked over to Roxy.
“She’s dead, isn’t she?” She said patting the dog.
“Yes. I need to now call Animal Services and for them to take the dog.” He said. Roxy’s eyes began to tear.
“But Alec he will die if you do. It’s no better over here than in the states. I’m sorry my love but I can’t let you do that.” She said as he handed her Vince’s leash. “Thanks, but he’s a good boy. Yes, I know we can’t keep him. We are not in the new place yet and there is barely room for just you and me there. Alec said.
“Can you think of anyone who would like a dog.” She said.
“Yeah I do. Miller’s son Tom. He used to come here to walk the dog then to play video games with Mark Latimer. I know, why would he do that? I think Latimer was trying to help with the death of Danny and Tom’s problem with coping with what his father had done to Danny. Warped logic at work Luv. Anyway, Tom knows the dog, the dog knows him, and they seem to like each other.” Alec said.
“He really seems the good dog.” Alec said.
“What about Nige Carter her son.” Roxy asked.
“That is the last person I would give that dog too. He was so angry about his mother setting him up and we will talk about that sometime, He took a crossbow and was going to shoot the dog.” Alec said. Roxy gasped.
“No, we don’t give Vince to him.” Roxy said shuddering.
“Go on and call Miller and ask.” Alec said and gave her his phone with her number ready to dial. She took it and pushed the dial button.
“What’s up Hardy?” Ellie asked.
“Hi Ellie, it’s me Roxy.” She said.
“Oh hi, Roxy what can I do for you?” She asked.
“Alec said I could call you. Alec found Susan Wright dead while we were walking a piece of property that lead to the beach and the caravan park. Her dog Vince, will be taken to Animal Services. Would you let Tom have him, if Tom wants him?” Roxy asked.
“Oh, Roxy I so wish I could, but times are tight with money since my husband killed Danny. I’m sorry.” Ellie said.
“How about I provide food and vet care for you. Would that mean Tom could take this really beautiful and good animal?” Roxy asked.
“Yes. It would be a pleasure if you could help with that. Roxy this might mean a lot to not only Tom but me. I can see a lot of bad things happen for him if he doesn’t have something positive in his life just for him. I didn’t really know what to do about it. Thank you so much Roxy you’re a great mate and such a good person, Hardy lucked out meeting you all those years ago. Oh, I got a call. Probably to come and work the Susan Wright death. Can’t say I’m not unhappy to hear it happened she was an old bitch if you ask me.” Ellie said. “
Yeah, you better go. May I come and bring the dog?” Roxy asked.
“Come on Mate of mine.” She said.
“Oops, forgot we took the bike. Be there as soon as we can.” She said.
“Just let the dog off to Tom he’s going to be his responsibility.” She said. Bob got there and so did Brian. More officers arrived.
“Bob, could you take my Missus and the dog to Miller’s house?” Alec asked.
“Sure.” Bob said.
“I can drive now. So, I’ll take the bike home. Ok?” He asked.
“You want me to go get it?” She asked.
“No, I’m goin’ now, Darlin’ see ya soon. I love you.” He said.
“Ok, I love you too.” She said, and he gave her a kiss. Bob and Roxy took off with Vince.
“I’ll be right back.” Alec said.
“Where do you think your going?” Brian asked.
“To get my wife’s bike.” Alec said.
“Wife?” Brian asked.
“Well technically she and I are divorced but…it’s a long story. Were telling it to the paper. Be right back. It’s a 1984 Harley soft tail.” He said.
“Go for it mate. That, lady of yours is looker.” Brian said.
“Yes, she is but don’t get your hopes up. She’s partial to tall, skinny, Scottish cops.” He said and chuckled and walked off.
“Look at him, a 360 in half a minute. But he does have a really good reason. Cliff, he does have a first name, right?” Brian asked.
“Yeah, DI Alec Hardy.” He said.
“Yeah, ok Shit Face doesn’t suite him anymore with her changing his mood.” Brian said.
“I sure wish I had something that fit to change mine.” Cliff said.
“Don’t we all mate. Don’t we all.” Brian said as Alec road up on Roxy’s ’84 Softail. The officers walked up to him and looked at the bike.
“Nice Bike Hardy.” Cliff said.
“Thanks, it’s Roxy’s.” Alec said.
“Roxy Harris?” Brian asked.
“Yes.” He said with pride.
“Rich and beautiful you won the lottery Hardy.” Cliff said.
“I won the lottery 34 years ago on that beach near that rock when she came and introduced herself at 8 and a half. I was 9 years old on holiday. I’ve known her that long. Loved her that long. Now, can we get that dead bitch out of there and into the morgue? I have a fit Strawberry blond waiting for me at home. I don’t want her waiting long” He said.
“Sure Hardy.
“Where has she been all this time though?” Brian asked.
“Busy.” He said and pointed to the caravan.
“Well, tell her nice bike and that we are glad you found her.” Brian said.
“So, I’m no linger shit face?” He asked.
“Hardly with your attitude different with Roxy here.” He said.
“Let’s get moving on the dead bitch. No one is going to miss her. Someone has to tell Nige Carter. She was his birth mother.
“I’ll do that. He’s not going to miss her.” Cliff said.
Meanwhile Roxy went and gave Tom the dog and Ellie was there.
“Miss Harris thank you for the dog and offering to help us keep him.” Tom said and bent down, and the dog licked him proper.
“My pleasure Tom, but I want you and Fred to call me Roxy. I’m fixin’ to get a name change to Roxy Hardy. Alec Hardy and I are about to get married again.” Roxy said.
“Cool! Then DI Hardy will be happy. Not so much of a grump now.” Tom said.
“No, he’s already more like he was a long time ago in Texas when we lived there. He wasn’t a cop then. He was going to teach school. Learning disabilities. He helped me learn to read, I saw bassackards.” She said.
“Backwards, you have dyslexia?” Ellie asked.
“Yes, and he would read some to me and then have me read out loud to him. We’ve known each other since we were kids.” Roxy said.
“I haven’t heard the whole story. Hardy a teacher?” Miller asked.
“Yes, and had his Masters, too in it. He went into police work well to keep tabs on me. Turns out he is a great cop too.” Roxy said.
“Miss Harris, we had better go DS Miller and I need to go and help with the death in the caravan.” Bob said.
“Sure sorry.” Roxy said.
“It’s ok, it’s nice to know DI Hardy has someone looking after him.” Bob said.
“I agree. He is much not the knob any longer. Thank you so much for bringing my son the dog.” Ellie said, and Roxy started with a 20 to help out.
“Tell me what your spending and I’ll double that, Whatever, he needs. Your saving a life.” Roxy said.
“I realize that.” Ellie said as her son was so very happy to have Vince but never asked about his old owner. Ellie hugged Roxy as she left.
“You bring love and light Roxy where ever you go. God Bless.” She said.
“Thank you, Ellie but I get that being with Alec. Without him I am just as a mess as he is without me.” She said.
“Thanks again Roxy.” Tom said.
“Your very welcome Tom. I know he will be in good hands.” She said and let Ellie go and walked out the door.
“Where do I need to take you Miss Harris?” Bob asked.
“DI Hardy’s cottage. Call me Roxy, Bob.” She said.
“Oh, I couldn’t, Ma’am. You’re a very influential lady.” Bob said.
“Right now, I’m just Roxy. It’s ok Bob. I’m not for formality.” She said.
“Very well then, Roxy.” He said and smiled as he took her home. Ellie pulled up to the crime scene and saw Roxy’s bike. Hardy wearing jeans and boots and a triumph Jacket.
“Well aren’t you the biker.” Miller quipped with a cheerful smile for once.
“I used to have an old ’71 Triumph. I rebuilt it and I’ll have one again.” He said.
“You look so different.” She said.
“This is more the real me, Miller.” Hardy said.
“Happy go lucky?” She asked.
“With Roxy always.” He said.
They got Susan Wright into the Coroners van and off to the morgue for an autopsy. Nige Carter could have cared less and asked if there were signs of cancer. That she told him she didn’t have long, and she had lung cancer. Hardy said they would look for cancer in the autopsy.
Alec had ridden down to the Station on the bike having a ball. His super Elaine Jenkins, saw him on the bike with his leathers on. She smiled, and then he did and put on his helmet.
“Good to see, good to see.” She said to herself.
Roxy was asleep when he came home well after midnight. He locked the door and put the curtain up and got out of his clothes. His body still much warmer than it had been since the surgery. He got into bed and spooned her gently. Then kissed her shoulder. She woke for just a bit.
“Hi Darlin’.” He said putting his arm over her.
“Alec, nice warm Alec with just a bit of cold now on your hands and face. It’s nice to have you home Darlin’.” She said turning over to face him.
“Happy to be here my love.” He said kissing her.
“It’s finally getting to be over. Our lives are stabilizing.” She said.
“Yes, they are.” He said snuggling down with her.
“Tom took the dog and I offered to feed and give the dog vet care if they would take him.” She said.
“I had figured you’d do that. It’s your way. Doing the right and honorable thing. Just like I do. I am always so proud of you.” Alec said bringing her closer to him.
“It’s late but you have tomorrow off too or do you?” She asked.
“Miller is taking it. She’s a good partner and friend. Best you cultivate it.” He said.
“How long has the woman been dead or can you tell me?” She asked.
“I’m not supposed too but a few days. It looks like she tripped and lost her balance and hit her head on the coffee table. Looks cut and dry, accidental. Her suitcase was packed. Next to her on it’s side like she might have even tripped on it. Let’s not talk of the bitch ok. No one, liked her. She was a miserable person and let her daughters be molested by her husband.” Alec said.
“Then good riddance to bad rubbish.” Roxy said.
“Yeah. Oh, and I chained the bike up. It’s wicked riding it alone. Boy, was I flyin’! I have ta find a frame and rebuild one. It was hard to envision that in my condition Roxy. But I can now. I love you so, so much. Everything is so much better now that my health is better, and you are finally here with me again. You were always mine. Always.” He said, and he kissed her again. She then rested her head on his chest. But gingerly.
“I’m glad. Settle down now and get some rest and you can tell me tomorrow what the boys said about the bike.
“They think I’m bad ass.” He said.
“I have always known that.” She said.
“Since you first saw my bike I bet.” He said.
“Yes, and you looking like a gazelle who was being chased by a cheetah. You know at the girl’s dorm in London U. I swear you’re doing it again.” She said. He smiled.
“Those were the days my dear, but we get to make new ones. Tomorrow you cut my hair. Now that will be another one for the books.” He said.
“You just want me topless.” She said.
“Well now that would be the incentives, nice incentives at that.” He said chuckling a bit. “Now no touching or fondling just look. I’ll make a mess.” She said.
“Just don’t buzz it off. You know what I like. You know how I want it and you know what pleases me.” He said knowingly.
“Yeah but it’s been a long time.” She said.
“Yes, it has but you never fail to please and delight. 43 years old now and no sag anywhere. Damn woman I’m the luckiest…” She stopped him.
“Man, in the whole UK.” She said shaking her head.
“I was gonna say world, this time, my dear because not only am I lucky I am rich in love and a bright future finally awaits us. Marriage, then wee ones. A house. No telling what riches await us finally. I feel lucky.” He said.
“I’m the lucky one you studly Scot.” She said him, pulling her closer.
“Watch it lover boy. Your gonna be startin’ somethin’.” She said.
“Good! It’s about time I get to start somethin and finish it. Just another few days and we will be home free, to shag and be shagged. Was your birthday to your liking?” He asked.
“Yes. It reminded me of the one’s we had when were, saving money in the marriage kitty. Something of ourselves. I never expected you to take from me and wrap yourself in a big plaid bow.” She said. “Well you did wrap yourself in a big red one years ago. Me being young and impatient and cutting the bow off.” She said.
“Yeah, well I’m lucky you didn’t. You were on the impatient side too.” He said. “I know. Spoon me, and let’s go to sleep it’s been a funky day. I’ll put a bid on the land Monday. We’ll start on moving next week too I want to be in the house, so we can come back home from Richardson, and just enjoy. I am having us moved. Your still post pacemaker. I am not going to chance that hazard.” She said.
“Ok, when you get your mind on something it is too hard to change it. I think your right anyway. Then brace ourselves for the collection for the invitro.” He said, and she giggled the way he said that.
“You really want to do it?” She said.
“You bet. I know it might be a bit dodgy, but I have always wanted to get you up the duff.” He said.
“So, your true feelings, are out now.” She said.
“Oh, that happened early. When we started talking about a family I was ready. But it wasn’t in anyway your fault. There was a reason for it and I think you found it the other day. My God that man Beck was evil if you thought he might of killed a child we already had.” He said.
“I know he would have. Or Ron would have. Remember Ron was just as bad he was going to kill me and threated my mother with it Probably as much as he could. Beck only wanted his blood to live on. That’s why I knew I had to go with him. I had to keep you alive.” She said, and she started to cry.
“Roxy it’s over now. You can look forward to us having children two ways. One is that a young girl will finally have a good mother. One maybe not from you but needs you so, so much to become a good young woman. Someone to take her by the hand tell her about boys, makeup, girl things. I can’t do that, and Tess would rather be a slag and well you know, than look after her daughter. Then theirs our Bairn’s. You are going to be the best mum. Not like mine, no. I think she had mental problems. I never said that out loud I was afraid too. She worried all the time. She got me worrying too. It wasn’t my dad so much but her egging on my dad.” He said.
“Thanks for your vote of confidence in my mothering abilities. Mama was a good Mama even with Ron being an evil ass wipe. They all got what coming to them. Tess will get hers and we won’t have to be around to start it. It’s already started. Think on it. Her daughter wants a stranger to finish raising her.” Roxy said.
“You’re not a stranger Roxy, far from it. I told her from her beginning in the world who you were. What you could do and stories of your adventures. My Indiana Roxy running like a cheetah after a gazelle up that church isle with white cowboy boots yet. I never knew you were Presbyterian. We never talked about that.” He said.
“It was the only place he could buy for the wedding. I’ve never been anything. I wasn’t raised in a church, but I did have some faith. Go to sleep you studly Scot. Let’s do it in the morning.” She said.
“Ok, good night my love.” He said.
“Goodnight my Darlin’.” She said, and he turned out the light.
The results came back as it was a heart attack with Susan Wright. She had been dead 2 days. No sign of cancer. So, she lied to Nige about her going to die. At least that way. The case was closed, and the woman buried in Potter field.
Tom’s demeanor changed dramatically with the addition to Vince. He had a place to focus his energy and taking care of Vince helped him in becoming responsible. The dog slept inside with Tom never leaving his side. Roxy kept her word and they got 200 pounds a month to take care of Vince and more if he needed shots and vet care.
“One more week until they were to shag proper.” Alec said just as happy and excited as the first time they ever made love but confident more in how and all.
“What do you want to do about Daisy?” She asked.
“Talk to Miss Knight first. I trust her. The way she dispelled the false affair between Miller and I was something else.” He said.
“You still want me to buy this place?” She asked.
“I’m not sure, but you see why I came here. We’ve been so busy we haven’t had time to watch the stars.” He said, and he walked over to her and put his arms round her.
“I have missed this so much. This and the fact I couldn’t tell you I loved you within ear shot. There was 7 hours difference. But I would say it every day. I did not love Tess. Just like you did not love Beck.” Alec said.
“Fact for us both.” Roxy said.
“Would you like to have some shots taken of us for the paper? An engagement photo because we couldn’t do it last time?” He said.
“Yes, it might be fun.” She said.
“Not as much fun as that haircut you gave me. You did a wonderful job even with me buggering you.” He said.
“Yes, you were but after all we’ve been though separately and together I let you feel your oats and mine. Sheesh we needed a break with all the worry about you and the pacemaker it was nice to just do what came naturally for once. We never had a problem with that ever. We reconnected fast. Both in 1991 and now.” She said.
“1991 was our first time, Ever. Just a few days to go. Not that I’m complaining but…It’s just been a long time since I was able to like you say, do it up right, with you. You haven’t complained. Well, hardly.” He said.
“Because I get to be with you again. In two days I know, things will be as they are supposed to. Besides we were best friends first. That means more to me than anything. It’s all over. No one to object. We can finally get married and have a family, I know it’s late but better late than never.” Alec, said and hugged her then kissed her.
They made the portrait sitting appointment and actually got their pictures done. Something they had not had time to do the first time. They sat looking at the pictures and smile at them and at each other.
“We look so happy!” She said cheerfully and excited.
“We do, and we are. At least I am. What was taken has returned to me, this time forever.” He said as she put her arms around his neck from the back like one of the pictures.
“This one is my favorite.” She said.
“Yes, mine too, this one should go in the paper. Did you call Maggie Rutledge for the interview?” He asked.
“Yes, and we do it tomorrow.” She said.
“Ok. So, what do we say?” He asked.
“I’m sure she has questions ready. Just answer the questions as honestly and positively as you can. We’ll try and make it more a victory rather than a defeat because we won after 18 years.” Roxy said as he gathered her into his arms.
“Yes, we did my love. Yes. We did.” Alec said, and gave her a kiss.
They had to move the wedding to October 31, 2014 because there was not enough time to get moved into the new place. However, when a month came Alec was biting at the bit. 18 years he had waited to be with her again. Over actually.
He woke up excited that day got up went to the loo and made coffee and let Roxy sleep in a little. He had taken the morning off and it was fine he would go in over the weekend and make it up. They weren’t busy right now with a case plus today they planned to bring over the London Flat stuff from 23 years ago. Now that would be fun and a little bitter sweet too. He poured their coffee and took hers to her.
“Roxy, Luv. Good Mornin’ wife or will be soon.” He said putting his down and handing her hers.
“Good morning husband of mine or will be soon. Yes, I know what today is.” She said as she took a sip of coffee then kissed him.
“Proper shag day.” He said.
“I’ll have to put it down to celebrate each year. October 19, will be Proper Shag Day. Oh, gotta go be right back.” She said getting out of bed and running to the bathroom.
“Geeze it’s colder than a witches’ tit in a brass bra.” She said.
“A what in what?” He asked then chuckled.
“I’m cold!” She yelled. He went half way and yelled.
“Well get yourself back in here so I can warm ya up.” He said and then under his breath said, “In more ways than one this time.” He said smiling wickedly. She walked back into the bedroom.
“Come to me my beautiful wife.” He said.
“With pleasure.” She said, and she dived back into the warm bed.
“Jesus, your freezing!” He said warming her. I’ll be glad to get out of here. Should be by the weekend if we don’t spend all morning in this bed, you, trying out things.” She said.
“We have both waited long enough, Roxy. There now better?” He asked.
“That pacemaker sure did put you back to putting out heat.” She said.
“It did, didn’t it? Lots of things are better.” He said.
“You look much younger too. They’ll be calling me Cougar.” she said.
“Pfft, your mine woman. You look fine and you know the boys at work were envious. Miller called me a biker. I guess I am now that I have things restored to me. I can be myself. Come here, I want another kiss.” He said.
“I know what you want, and I want it too. Just don’t get a head of yourself and overdo.” She said.
“I won’t. Remember Etta James’ I just wanna make love to you?” He asked.
“Yes. I remember it, and At Last.” She said.
“I guess then it’s I just want to make love to you, at last.” He said.
“What are we waiting for then?” She asked.
“I’m a little scared.” He said.
“I know you must be but don’t be we were given the ok last night for today. The doc said it was fine.” She said.
“No Roxy not that. Well I haven’t actually done that much if at all in the last 18 years.” He said.
“Pfft. It’s like riding a bike. I felt like that when we came back here the first time after 18 years with me doing the work. It’s ok. I thought the same thing. Can I please him? Does he still want me? All that B.S.” She said.
“Then you know what I mean?” He asked.
“Yes Darlin’, we had no trouble with that ever. You’ll see it’s just like riding a bike. Everything will come back. It did for me. You’ve been chomping at the bit to also.” He said and kissed him like she meant it. That’s all it took. He kissed her rolling her on to her back.
“You sure?” he asked her.
“I have been since the first Alec. Your mine just as much as I am yours. Nothing has diminished our love, I think it’s stronger than it was. We have to put things behind us to go forward you know that?” She said.
“Then let’s be brave and do this if you want.” She said.
“If I want. I’ve wanted you every day of those 18 years.” He said.
“As I have wanted you.” She said as he kissed her.
“Maybe we should go and do something first. Like go have breakfast.” He said. She brought his face to hers.
“Alec?” She asked.
“Yes dear?” He asked.
“Make love to me. I have missed it so. Sure, we have been doing it but not with you at the helm. I was happy to do it. But now it’s your turn to be the helmsman.” She said He smiled at her.
“That’s all I needed. A go ahead like you said.” He said and kissed her again and began to warm her up. And she him.
“Alec?” She asked.
“Yes?” He asked.
“Please. Darlin I want you.” She said her eyes begging at this point.
That also started something in Alec that hadn’t been there in a long time. He already knew in the back of his mind she wanted him, but he needed to hear her say it with a moan or two attached to it. When he made it between her legs she wrapped her long legs around him and it was Katy bar the door after that. After so many years of solo and mostly none at all, Alec was ravenous. Many things going though his mind as he entered her for the first time himself in 18 years. One was take it slower, you’re not running a race. Then two, fuck that it feels too good to stop. Three, you should have no doubt in your mind you, daft bastard that she not only loves you but wants you. She took the heels of her feet and rubbed his ass and that spurred him on even more. By the time he finished he brought her several times which helped a lot for his ego.
“See now, everything is fine now Alec.” She said. She smiled at him.
“Like it should of always been.” He said.
“Like it will be now and forever.” She said.
“34 years we have known each other, from the first I believe there was love.” He said.
“Yeah, I saw you just sitting there, knees to your chest just looking out into the water. You looked so sad.” She said. As he then kissed her and rolled to his side.
“You have no idea how sad I was and alone I was. But I had no idea what to really say to you. You know how shy I was back then.” He said.
“Seems to me your just as shy but not.” She said.
“I know. and I shouldn’t have been. You’re my wife for God’s sake.” He said shaking his head.
“I know but it will get better and easer. 18 years is a long time to have to fight shit you thought was over. This time it is. I am not going anywhere. Even lovemaking will be easier when we have had some time to practice. So please don’t worry too much about this time huh?” She asked.
“I know it’s not like you remember.” He said.
“I am damn lucky to still have you breathing and on the planet. That means so much more to me than that.” She said.
“I did notice you got two anyway.” He said.
“Yeah so take that as a good thing Alec. There is nothing wrong with the way it just was. My God we’ve both been abused that way. Because someone else had control over us. You think I just took that and carried on? No, I hated every minute of those games. You were right about the black leather shit not being for us. When he burned up in that Camaro, He didn’t burn fast enough. I wanted him dead from the first. He took me away from you and for a long time I didn’t know if you were alive or not. Had I found out they had killed you I would not be in this world because there is no life with out you Alec. I would have taken the Sgian Dubh and ended it right then and there. I was never afraid to die. But to live without you.” She said as she cried, and he pulled her into his arms.
“Shush now, both of us are alive and for the most part well. You sure you don’t need a little more therapy?” He asked.
“I just wanted you too know, your more than adequate Alec my love. You are my first love and you will be and have been my only love.” She said.
“I know that, but you say it as many times as you want. In a week and two days you’ll be my wife again on paper. You have always been in my heart. Let’s stop this now because I can see it hurts you to think I think less of my rusty skills.” He said.
“I did too Alec. But time stood still just now, and I was back in the London Flat you, taking me for the first time. But it was a little different not so much pain. We are both older. We have to take that into consideration, we are 43 years old.” She said.
“He took his hand and curled it around hers and kissed her hand.
“Yes, and you and I will be undertaking parenthood next, at the age of 43. You, carrying said child or children. Your sure you can still do it and it will be completely safe?” He asked.
“Yes, the parts work used for carrying the child, or children. The parts used for carrying the eggs to the uterus are too small. I’m fine otherwise and I gathered those eggs to make sure we had a chance to have children when I was 33 years old. We can either have them sent here or do it in Texas. While we are there. But I want to make sure your ok first that is why we wait a little while before we try. Oh, you want to find your old bike first? You do have the vin numbers, right?” She asked.
“Yes, I do and yes I do want to find it. Might as well have my things restored to me if I can. My woman, was restored to me why not my bike? I can put the numbers into the data base and see what comes up.” He said. She smirked a smile.
“I know what might,” She said.
“Oh, you got that right, Darlin’, soon but not as fast as it was right now.” He said. “Alec, I love you. Take me husband.” She said.
“My pleasure well, and yours too.” He said as they pulled the covers back over them and started round number two.