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I Know You're Out There Somewhere

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June 21, 1980 Broadchurch, Dorset, South Hampton (9 years old)
Nine-year-old Alec Hardy sat stone faced, knees tucked under his chin, on Harbor Cliff beach in Broadchurch, near the big cliff looking out dully at the water. He’d be in Broadchurch 6 weeks for summer holiday from Glasgow, Scotland with his bickering parents in tow. Alec was already bored and felt more awkward here than he did at what passed for home in Glasgow. Six weeks of dodging his parents fights in a strange place the shy little boy was more in hell here than there.
Down the way on the public beach an eight and a half year old strawberry blond little girl with sea green eyes in a navy blue sailor one piece bathing suite with a plated skirt and pig tails was building a sand castle. Her parents back at a rented Caravan on a nooner. She was told not to go into the water. She saw the little boy sitting alone. She frowned and started walking to where he sat. She sat down beside him and smiled then knocked his arm. He looked over then moved over so she did too. She knocked his arm again.
“Hi, I’m Roxy what’s your name little boy.” She asked. Alec just looked at the little girl still stone faced.
“I don’t like girls.” He said put off.
“That’s a funny name.” She giggled.
“Well, I like everybody.” She said as he slid again in the other direction.
“I was building a sand castle and wondered if you wanted to help me. I haven’t found anyone to play with yet.” She said still smiling. “
I don’t play with girls. I don’t play at all.” He said tucking his face down making his Chesnutt hair an auburn.
“Why not?” She asked.
“I just don’t.” He said. his voice muffled a little she could tell he was crying.
“Aww, don’t cry. Look, come and help me with the sand castle and I’ll share my lunch with you.” She offered.
“I am hungry. I left the campsite without taking anything.” He said looking up and at her with big brown eyes.
“You can have half my loney sandwich I have chips and a pickle and a banana. I’ll give you half. Pretty please.” She smiled showing she had lost some teeth.
“Ok.” He said smiling back revealing he had lost some himself.
“What is a loney sandwich?” He asked.
“Well, it’s really a bull-loney sandwich but I think that’s too close to cussing.” She said shaking her head.
“Oh. My name is Alec and your Roxy, right?” He asked.
“Yes. It’s nice to meet you Alec.” She said putting out her hand.

“Uh, well ok. Nice to meet you Roxy.” He shook her hand and then wiped it on his pants.
“Come on let’s finish the sand castle.” She said as she looked at what he was wearing.
“Where’s your swim suit?” She asked. He held it up.
“Go over there and change at the changing huts.” She said as he ran and did just that. He came back with his swimming trunks on. His clothes neatly folded in his arms. He was tall for his age and skinny.
“See that towel and umbrella? That’s mine you can put them there.” She said as he ran off again and put his things with hers. She was tall for age too. About at the boy’s neck. He ran back and started to help with the castle. Both of them worked an hour and it was done.
“Castle Russell.” She exclaimed.
“No, Castle Hardy.” He said. “How about Castle Russell/Hardy.” She said. Alec looked at it and though that’s fair. She did most of the work.
“Yeah ok, but I still don’t like girls.” He said.
“I still like everybody. You want to eat now?” She asked.
“Yeah, I’m starving.” He said. As they walked to the umbrella and sat under its shade. Roxy took out the sandwich and handed half to Alec and then took out the chips the pickle and the banana and halved them with the plastic knife. The chips she sorted.
“Thank you.” Alec said.
“Your welcome, Alec. Here are some chips.” She said.
“Their, not chips their Crisps.” He said a mouth full of sandwich.
“I like the mustard.” Roxy looked at him.
“We call them Chips in Texas. That’s where I’m from. It’s spicy brown mustard.” She said.
“Well, I’m from Scotland and that’s what their called. Just to let you know. Your American then I guess.” He said.
“Yeah, we’re on Vacation.” She said.
“Holiday, we are too.” He said.
“Holiday sounds prettier than vacation.” She said.
“I think so.” he said. “Alec, do you like to skate board?” She asked.
“No, but I like to watch. My dad said I’m too clumsy to try. Usually I don’t talk too much either. Children are to be seen and not heard, my Mum says.” Alec said. Roxy frowned.
“Yeah, I have to find things to do. I’m an only child.” Roxy said as they finished lunch. She handed him a water thermos and gave him a Styrofoam cup. He poured himself some water and drank it down and filled it again.
“Thanks.” He said.
“Your welcome.” She said again.
“Your nice for a girl.” He said.
“I try to be nice to everyone.” She said. “
I have an older brother and sister. They’re in University. I don’t really know them.” Alec said.
“Alec would you like to be friends. I know I’m a girl and you don’t seem to like girls but, my daddy said I was more like a boy in a lot of ways. I like to climb trees and I love Atari and I like sports. I’m on my local soccer team. Daddy calls me a Tom boy.” Roxy said.
“You like Atari? I brought mine. I have Asteroids and few others. Want to come and play?” He asked.
“I’ll have to ask first.” She said.
“Ok. Where are you staying?” He asked.
“At the caravan park. Just over there.” She pointed.
“Ok let’s go.” He said helping her pick up the lunch trash, then helping her with the things she brought at the beach back to the caravan. Roxy knocked first and her mother answered.
“Mama, this is Alec Hardy. He’s from Scotland. He helped me build my sand castle. Can I go to his folks and play Atari?” She asked. Roxy’s mother looked the little boy up and down. How far to where you’re staying?” She asked.
“At the campsite Ma’am.” Alec said.
“How old are you?” She asked. “
I’m 9 years old.” Alec said.
“Well ok but be back when the lights come on.” She said.
“Oh, and Roxy come get dressed.” Her mother said.
“I’m Leena. My husband Ron is out at the moment.” She said. Leena Russell was a beautiful woman with dark hair and blue eyes and light complexion.
“Nice to meet you Mrs. Russell.” Alec said offering his hand. Leena giggled and shook his hand.
“Roxy he’s a young gentleman.” She said. Roxy smiled big and went inside.
“Be back soon Alec.” She said as he waited outside. She came outside with a tank top and pink shorts on. Alec rolled his eyes.
“Girls.” He said under his breath.
“Be careful.” Leena said.
“We will.” They said in unison. With Roxy occupied they were left to have the rest of day to themselves. Leena thought.
“He’s a cute little boy.” They walked on to the campsite and his parents camper.
“Hey wait up.” Roxy said.
“Ok.” Alec said.
“Do you read a lot?” He asked.
“Not really, I have dys-something.(Dyslexia)” She said.
“What’s that?” He asked scrunching up his face.
“I see words bassackards.” She said and he laughed.
“Bass what?” He asked.
“Bassackards.” She said. “Oh backwards?” He said.
“That’s what I said Alec.” She said crossing her arms. “
Oh well, maybe you’d like me to read too you. That dys-something sounds painful. Does it hurt when you read?” He asked.
“Na, I just can’t understand a lot of what the book is trying to say. Yes. I’d like you to read too me. But it might be girl stuff.” She said.
“How about Alice in Wonderland. That would be a compromise.” He said.
“Ok. But I’d rather play Atari first.” She said. When they got to his parent’s camper his folks were gone somewhere.
Alec went inside first to see. Then he had Roxy come in and they started playing Atari. Roxy was really good at Asteroids beating him several times and then letting him win more. They had a good time playing for a while and dinner time came around still no folks. He found some popcorn and soda’s and popped it on the stove. He halved it with her and they ate on the picnic bench outside. Alec had very few friends if at all and she was so much like a boy the only thing reminding him was the pink outfit and the pig tails. He overlooked that for now. At the end of the day he was warming up to this girl. She made him laugh and forget how clumsy his father said he was. He walked her home way before the lights came on.
“Canna see you tomorrow? Maybe show me what you can do on a skate board?” He asked.
“Yeah, come tomorrow afternoon about 1. I have to go to town with my folks.” Roxy said.
“See ya then Roxy.” Alec said.
“See ya Alec.” Roxy said and she went inside and he went back to the camper.
The days passed and into the second week they had finished Alice in Wonderland and were working on Through the looking glass. They had found a place in the park to sit under a Walnut tree and hang out. Him reading to her. They played Marbles for a break, her winning all the aggies. He was also trying to help her with her dys-something by helping her by reading aloud.
“I’m just stupid.” Roxy said.
“You are not, sit here and read it too me. You can do it.” He said. She took a breath and let it out and then read pretty well although making a few mistakes which Alec had learned not to hurt her feelings.
Alec was patient with her for one and always talked in a helpful voice. Roxy was helping him too. Teaching him kindness and not everyone thought he was clumsy. He would take her down and they would get 99’s and eat them on the beach where they had met. Time passed fast for them. Roxy grew on Alec and before she left back to Texas they were best friends. Pushing each other and knocking into each other. He’d watch her climb trees and come down to the lowest branch and hang upside down, her pig tails hanging down which meant he had to pull on them. Him running and her right after him. She’d tag him and he’d run after her. Then the day came they had to say goodbye.
“I never thought I’d say this Roxy but you’re my best friend. I still don’t like girls though.” He said.
“You’re my best friend too Alec. I still like everybody. Here I wrote my address down so you could write me. Daddy said we’ll come back next year.” She said.
“He patted himself and found a scrap of paper. He wrote his address down in Scotland. Then took his polaroid camera from around his shoulder and he took two pictures of them together.
“I’ll miss you Alec. She said.
“I’ll miss you too Roxy, even if you are girl.” He said, and Roxy got into the rented car and they were off for the train station in Dorset. Roxy and Alec both waving goodbye a little sadly.
All during the year they were apart they’d write little notes about what they were doing and during that time the letters stopped from him for a while. He wrote her that he had, had appendicitis and nearly died but he was fine now. He told her he had a really knarly scar from it.
The next summer when they were ten years old. It was just like they left off. But he had glasses now. Aviator shaped and heavy tortoiseshell making him look geeky, but she never noticed. He’d get so hot, sweat kept them on the tip of his nose most of the time.
They’d go to the carnival and to the new arcade. Their parents never worrying too much about them. She agreed his scar from the operation was truly knarly. Their parents pacified them with money to play the games, go to the movies and the carnival. By then end of the second year they were issuing pinky promises for their secrets and him reading to her still. She’d done better this last year in school him working with her just those 6 weeks. By the end of the second summer the leaving would be harder. Him taking another picture of them together with the polaroid camera.
The years went by and by the age of 13 things started to change. Alec told her he liked girls now. Puberty had hit for both of them. Alec almost didn’t recognize her. She was wearing makeup now and couldn’t be mistaken for a boy anymore. Alec had grown tall and had a growth spirt. He’d have another one to get to his adult height around 15.
She still climbed trees but not in the dresses and skirts she wore. He was noticing how pretty she was too. He was far too shy to tell her though that would have to wait until they were 14.
Then at 14 Roxy hit her full adult height at 5 foot 7. He was still working on his lacking an inch at 6 foot. Things began to change with them. They were still best friends but feelings were starting to grow between the two. Roxy got braces that year. But that didn’t matter to Alec. Alec was still gawky and skinny. But he had more confidence especially with her because she had called him “My Alec” and he started calling her “His Roxy”. It was that year they started holding hands and the parents began to worry. They’d run together hand in hand though Broadchurch he’d have her squealing and laughing. They were now sweethearts.
Then in the darkened movie hall in the mezzanine they had both of their very first kiss pulling away giggling. A curfew was placed on Roxy be back by 10pm or grounding would accrue. They never missed it. Until 15 came and that was because they fell asleep at the place they had met at nine, sitting up next to a fire he made.
Their parents agreed it was puppy love, telling them it would pass and be a memory soon enough. But somehow Alec and Roxy knew it was more than that. He’d given her a small 14 carat gold locket taking a picture of them both and putting it in it. It had cost him two months earnings from the paper he threw. Alec got up enough courage to ask Roxy to be his steady even though they were over 4,000 miles apart. At 15 Alec’s voice started to change and he didn’t have a lot of control of it. But Roxy never giggled at it and knew it would pass at some point.
They were falling in love by the time it was time for her to go back at when they were 15. The night before she left they said they loved each other. As her family packed up she and Alec stood under the big Walnut tree at the park and held each other kissing occasionally. There was never any sexual implications because he knew they were too young for what could arise from that but love her he did and she him. Before they left they carved their initials with a heart into the tree. He walked her back. Both sad she was going so soon. It had only been 4 weeks this time and her father had laid down the law to them. Not really having to do so really.
“That boy will never amount to a hill of beans Roxy. You are too young to be saddled with a baby and I’m going to break your plate if you are pregnant.” No matter how hard they protested her father growled louder at Alec. Her father yanked Roxy to the car. Her hand slipping out of his before he could get a good hold. They had taken the polaroid’s before coming to the caravan.
“I love you Roxy!” Alec yelled.
“I love you too Alec. See you next year!” She yelled. He watched as the rented car threw gravel and raced out of the caravan park. Alec would never be the same after that, her father just made him more determined. Her letters came and his the next year at 16 but her family was not coming back to Broadchurch. She had to get a PO box to get his letters. Her dad found out and so she had to close it thus it ended with her telling him. Dear Alec, daddy found out about the PO box, I’m sorry to tell you that under duress I have to stop writing you. This is not the end. Somehow, some way, we will meet again and be together. I will love you with all of my heart forever, Your Roxy.
They cried for months on this separated by 4,000 miles plus. Neither dated. 5 years passed and she still wore the locket. 5 years of pain and loneliness for both of them. It had been innocent on both their parts. She couldn’t wait to turn 18 and when she did her father kept her at home until she learned her lesson on that “Scottish boy” as he called him. She eventually gave up and went to college for graphic arts.
Then one day they were taking applications to live abroad on an exchange program when she was about to turn 20 in October. She was picked to go to the University of London for a year full one year scholarship.

August 1991, London, England (20 Years old)
Roxy walked briskly into the registrar’s office to enroll at the University of London wearing still the locket he had given her. She got her papers and filled them out, a million people there or so she thought. She was waiting in line to enroll when someone knocked into her. She ignored it. A few minutes later it happened again. She ignored it again. Then a man with a deep brogue whispered in her ear.
“Hi, I’m Alec what’s your name little girl.” He asked. She turned around and there was Alec sporting a scraggly half grown beard.
“My he’d gotten more handsome.” She said to herself.
“Oh My God! Oh My God! Alec Hardy as I live and breathe!” She yelled. Alec standing there smiling.
She didn’t wait for enrollment either she flung her arms around him and him her and they kissed there in front of God and everybody. He returned the favor in kind. Everyone stopped and looked. They kept on kissing until the awkward silence made them stop. They released each other.
“That’s a funny name.” He said teasing her with the words she had spoken to him 11 years before as a child.
“Roxy how are ya Darlin’?” He asked.
“I’m fine now Alec but it’s been hell without you not knowing if you…” She began to cry.
“Hush now. We found each other like you predicted.” He said putting his arm around her.
“Are you? I mean do you…” she interrupted.
“No, after you I just did my school work. I read and then I became a tutor after all those years working with you and your dys-something.” He grinned. “Dyslexia.” She said. “Yes, I know now. Do you still see bassackards Luv?” He asked.
“I do. Oh my God after all these years!” She exclaimed.
“Have you a boyfriend?” He asked.
“Na, after you it was plow into school and work at the paper. I’m working on a degree in graphic arts. You?” She said.
“Teaching. I think I’m doing Special Education Reading difficulties. Bet you know where I got that from. Dad is furious I’m wasting his money on something that doesn’t pay anything.” He said as they moved up in line.
“Mum died a few years ago.” He said looking at the locket.
“You’re still wearing that?” He asked smiling. “I’m sorry about your Mama. You got that from teaching me. Yes, I never got over you and me.” She said.
“Mum’s at peace now and away from dad. I did. I found I wanted to help kids though helping you. Well, Roxy I didn’t either. Your even more beautiful now. Talk about Oh my God woman your gorgeous!” he said as they had not let each other go.
“Alec, I saw beauty then in you but your, you’re a hunk now.” She said.
“If you say so, Luv. I always felt less shy with you more of what I was supposed to be. I think I healed up nicely after all that clumsy gawky teenage shit.” He said, and she giggled.
“Weren’t we the pair. Me with those braces and you with those geeky glasses.” She said.
“Ah you mean these.” He said pulling out a new version of the geeky glasses and putting them on.
“Those make you look like Clark Kent.” She said.
“If my best friend says so.” Alec said hugging her again. “
Yeah I never got over that either.” She said hugging him back.
“So, ah do you still love me?” She asked. Alec looked at her.
“Of course, I do Darlin’. Do you still love me?” He asked.
“Yes, Alec I never stopped. There’s been no one else.” She said putting her forehead up to his. “Me either Darlin’. I waited for you. Looks like we waited for each other. When we were 15 we were too young for that besides I giggled just kissing you back then.” He said. “
Yeah I don’t think you got over that either.” Roxy said. “
Roxy, I have a flat to myself here in London. I don’t think this time I’m letting you out of my sight. Is your father still alive?” He asked.
“Yes. So, you want me to come and stay with you?” She asked.
“No, I want you to come and live with me. We’ve been robbed of 5 years, Roxy. I’ll wait not one second more.” He said as the line moved closer to the class registration area.
“I have a dorm room issued.” She said.
“Yes, and you can go there every once in a while to make it look like your living there and the library. You’ll hate it once you get there and see. I spent the first two years there. No privacy at all. Or that was the case in the men’s dorm. My flat isn’t much but I do have hot water and a small fridge and stove. I wonder, can you cook because I canna boil water.” He said.
“I can.” She said.
“Good.” He said as it was Roxy’s turn to register her classes.
“Let me help you. I know a lot of the teachers here. He said as it was hard to let her go to sit and talk with the councilor. He feared she would vanish into thin air that is what it boiled down too. They talked it over with the councilor and killed two birds with one stone. They even managed having a couple of classes together. One Geology and then English Lit 3. They then got in line to pay for the full load each of classes. Roxy used vouchers provided by the University. She got picked for her grades. Him, a check from his dad. It was a warm day in the 80’s. She’s worn Bermuda shorts and a top him jeans and a t shirt and sneakers.
“Have you unpacked yet?” He asked.
“No. Just left my stuff in the room.” She said.
“So how do you feel about living with me Roxy?” He asked as he put his arm around her again as they walked to the dorm.
“Well, we never ah.” She said shyly. Looking at him.
“No, we didn’t. We were 15 years old and had no business doing that then. Now is different. We’re adults now or what is passing for it. I won’t rush you because there are other things at play for you if or when we do. I had plenty of time to research it. That is if you want me. I know where best friends and that could ruin it. I’ll understand if you don’t.” Alec said opening the dorm door for her.
“I canna go up Luv. Do you want me to stay so you can get your things or do you want me to go and come back later? I have a motor bike so If you have a lot I’ll have to get my friends van.” He said.
“Let me go and get my suit case and carry on. I had plans to get the rest of the stuff when I got here. Alec why would I not want you? Why after 5 years of pining would I not. I was in anguish.” She said.
“I was too. I haven’t been the same since your dad said I wouldn’t amount to a hill of beans. I was out to prove him wrong that’s for sure. He made me determined.” He said.
“Go and get your stuff. We’ll figure out the rest later. Nothing has changed for me except that seeing you again, I know that I’m in love with something more than a dream now.” He said hugging her.
“Me too Alec, I’ve actually loved you since I walked up to you at 8 and a half years old. I knew you were unhappy, and I wanted to make it better.” She said.
“You did Luv, because you’re my first love and the love of my life. We’ve had many first together and they’ll be many more.” He said releasing her. She smiled and agreed, and he shooed her upstairs to get her stuff. She got on the elevator and the doors closed. He sat down in a strait chair nervous that she would come back down with or without her suitcase hearing the song “Should I stay or should I go” in his head but he realized he had made that decision a long time ago. If he ever saw her again he would never let her go.
Upstairs the mood was the same. She called her parents and told them she got there just fine. She said nothing about seeing Alec and she wouldn’t. This time belonged to them. She went by her dorm room and the young woman she was to share it with seemed cold and aloof. She didn’t even say hello just her name Margret Sinclair.
“This is your side and this is my side.” She said as she had gotten there first.
“As long as your quite we’ll get along.” She said in an Irish brogue.
“Ok.” Roxy said picking up her suitcase and carry on.
“Where are you going?” Margret asked.
“You don’t need to worry about quiet I’m going to get another dorm room. So, knock yourself out with all the room.” She said.
“Pfft.’ Margret said.
Roxy got her purse and lugged the suitcase to the elevator. When she got down he looked to see who was in the elevator and Roxy was struggling with the large suitcase. Alec got up quickly and helped her.
“What do you have in here bricks?” He asked.
“Yeah and I’m fixin’ to build me a new life with the man I love.” She said as he smiled.
“Roxy I’ll go get the motor bike. A man could pull a muscle or two lugging this.” Alec said.
“We don’t want that do we?” She asked.
“No, it wouldn’t be a good thing, Luv.” He put it down and kissed her quickly and shot out the dorm room doors.
“He always ran like a gazelle being chased by a cheetah.” She said.
Quickly he brought his 1971 Triumph to the driveway of the dorm. He was a little out of breath when he came back in.
“So, you have a motor bike?” He asked.
“Daddy bought a Harley Dealership when I was 16. I have a ’84 Soft tail back in Texas. She said.
“Great! So, we keep having the same interests. We’ve thought alike for many years now even as kids, me pulling those pig tails and chasing you around the caravan park. You do know that meant I liked you, right?” He asked lashing her bags with bungee cord on the back of the bike he had king/queen seats and a bar above the seat.
“Yeah, we’ve been stuck on each other a long time Alec. Can we stop at a drug store?” I forgot to get some things before I left.” She asked.
“Of course, I was going to ask if we could stop, I have some things to get too.” He said as he handed her a helmet and he put on his.
“Hang on Roxy!” He said starting up the motorcycle.
“You got it Darlin’!” She yelled and put her arms around his waist. Both of them, feeling like they could burst at that moment with joy.
He took off, her yelling. “Yehaw!” Alec was so happy and Roxy the same as they road down the streets of London. He could feel the helmet on his back as she had her head on it. He had the most gorgeous woman in the world on the back of his bike. He thought.
They stopped into a drug store down the street from his flat and went in. Her gathering items. Alec knew what he had to get but what kind and how many. He stopped by the condom section right across the feminine hygiene products. She waltzed down the isle looking at him and stopped right by him.
“Ah, Alec what are you doing?” She asked. Him turn a bright shade of pink.
“Shopping?” He said unconvincingly.
“In need of Tampax are you?” She said.
“Oh, I thought you might need some.” He asked the question hanging in the air.
“Their over here and it might be nice if I helped you pick. Although, I really don’t know any more than you do about them. Other than they help prevent babies.” She said as she leaned in.
“I’ll get on the pill just as soon as I can and not have to worry about buying them.” She said as they turned to look. He shrugged his shoulders and said.
“Ok.” Still blushing a bit. They both looked and not a whole lot was available. They settled on the ribbed ones. Him reaching for a three pack and her a 12. His eyes got wide at that.
“Are you expecting a lot of shagging?” He asked.
“Aren’t you?” She asked.
“Um well, Luv don’t you know the first few times for you might not be that great because…” She winked at him.
“Now what was that for?” He asked.
“I took care of that.” She said.
“Huh?” He asked.
“Well maybe not all but hopefully, enough.” She said.
“What?” He asked louder.
“Shush.” She said. She leaned in again. I got me a battery powered Alec.” She said.
“You don’t say?” He exclaimed his face now red, people looking at them.
“Shush!” She said.
“Yeah, I really didn’t want to hurt the first time. I had every intention of finding you. I didn’t want anyone else to do it.” She said. He smiled.
“Yes, I felt the same way. No one else would have been this special Luv. I don’t want to ever give myself to another woman. We’ll be each other’s one and only. Did you see how quickly we picked up where we left off.” He said.
“I don’t want to give myself to another man. Ever. I did Alec.” She said as he took the condoms and she resisted.
“I’ll get them you big Jessie. But you’re my big Jessie.” He rolled his eyes.
“Are ya done?” He asked exasperated.
“Yes, are you?” She asked.
“Yes. I wanted to act responsible. But I’m glad we had the same thought.” He said as they went to pay for the items. Her hugging his arm. The man ringing up the items.
“Afternoon Alec who’s this looker?” Chester asked.
“Chester, this is the love of my life Roxy Russell. Roxy this is Chester Jones he’s the Chemist here.” Alec said.
“Oh, so this is THE Roxy the girl you talk about all the time.” Chester said.
“Yes, we just bumped into each other this morning at university registering.” Alec said.
“Nice to meet you Mr. Jones.” Roxy said holding out her hand and Chester shaking it.
“It’s Chester Luv, any friend of Alec’s is a friend of mine.” He said thinking how lovely she was and how happy Alec was finding her. He saw the condoms and came around the corner and took Alec back to the condom section and helped him choose better. He came back with thinner and spermicide with the ribs in a smaller pack but two separate packs.
“Thanks Chester.” He said as Chester put the 12 pack under the counter to put back.
“Your welcome.” Chester said. She paid for the items and they left.
“You said the love of your life referring to me just now.” She said before getting on the bike.
“Yes, because I believe you are Roxy my Darlin’.” He said holding her by the waist. She began to cry.
“Oh, now why are you cryin’?” He asked. “That is the most beautiful thing anyone has said about me.” She said bawling in the middle of the street. He brought her into him and held her.
“Alec, you’re the love of my life too.” She said her mascara running.
“Now then it’s said Luv. Nothing has changed. Not in all these years. Looks to me like it will never change and we’ll grow old together with a bunch of kids running around maybe a dog or two.” He said kissing the top of her head.
“I was just thinking that.” She said.
“Great minds think alike. Now let’s go to our flat.” He said.
“Ours. Not Russell/Hardy.” She said.
“Ours. You’re going to live there with me. You’ll get a job and we’ll have a good life being poor but rich in love for a while.” He said. She giggled.
“Hold it, you’re looking like a wee raccoon.” He said taking his thumbs and getting the water laden mascara off.
“I’d rather you spoil my lipstick.” She said.
“Um, yeah, I rather think I’d like that a lot better too.” He said smiling and then kissing her. He pulled back.
“Alec, you have my red lipstick all over your face and neck.
“Hum, don’t go taking it off just now. You’ve marked me as yours.” He said.
“I suppose that’s true.” She said. “
Get on the bike and let’s go to our flat.” He said smiling and letting her go. They got on roared off to their flat.