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I Know You're Out There Somewhere

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On an Escapade with Alec and Roxy. Broadchurch, Dorset, England. September 18,2014
“Come on Baby let’s get away. Save our troubles for another day. Come go with me we got it made. Let, me take you on an escapade!” Roxy sang as she road with him on the back of her bike.
“I’d say Roxy. Open her up and let’s see what she can still do!” Alec said into her ear. So, she did, yelling and whooping it up, from both of them yelled,
Both were pumped that day. Riding her bike and Alec getting to have his hands on her anyway he could. When he had come out of the house with jeans and a t shirt on. Roxy had whistled and shook her hand looking him over licking her red lip stick lips.
“Mighty Fine Alec. Mighty fine. Nice to see your ass covered in jeans again.
“You have a fine one Darlin’. Make me blush all over.” She said.
He smiled and took hold of her.
“I can’t wait to get you on that bike and put my hands on you.” He said into her ear.
“Be careful now that might wreck us.” She said.
“No, never. I married a bad ass biker chick. I’ll marry one again soon.” He said nibbling on her neck and letting her go. He put on his old Triumph jacket that still fit like a glove and she put on her Harley leathers. They put on their helmets and they were off.
“Where do you want to go?” She asked.
“Oh, I know a nice secluded place not far from here Luv. Just take the highway 5 miles then turn left at Downey Rd. Go down to a rise, then on the property. It had an abandoned dilapidated house on it, they cleared it off a while ago. I haven’t been there in a long time. I want to find out if it’s still for sale. That is if you like it.” He said.
She got going and pulled into the small rise and onto the property. “
Go to the shade tree.” He said, and she did. She stopped the bike and they got off it. Took their helmets off and put them on the bike.
“I’ll get the lunch, you get the blanket.” He said, and they did just that and walked out a little to under the big walnut tree.
“Oh, it’s beautiful out here Alec!” She said twirling around and landing in his arms.
“I thought you might like it.” He said as she took off his sunglasses and he hers. She placed them hanging in the neck if his t shirt. He did the same thing.
“I’m hungry feed me woman of mine.” He said.
“You just beat all Alec. I know I say it every day now but for a long time I couldn’t. I love you now and forever.” She said.
“I know, and I’ll love you just as long.” He said and kissed her. Her arms firmly around his neck.
“We’ve been so busy the last day and had Miller over last night. No time for well, fooling around with my wife. Roxy you were always my wife. Tess had my name only, you had my heart.” He said.
“As you have had mine.” She said. Searing heat had both of them. Making both of them feel like twenty somethings again. It might have been the fresh air too giving them a lift. To feel it on their skin and in their lungs. But no, it wasn’t that. As the kiss deepened. They pulled back from each other.
“Wow, we still have it Roxy. Heat to singe normal people.” He said.
“Yeah and you putting on jeans and showing off that fine backside of yours.” She said taking a handful of it and kneading it.
“Now you’ll be starting somethin’ Mrs. Hardy.” He said. “My goodness Alec do you know how long it’s been since you called me that?” She said.
“Too long my love.” He said his eyes going a deep amber. She knew when he was aroused before anything else happened. Like he knew. Her eyes held fire too. Plus, her scent was working on him already.
“Your putting it out.” He said. She sniffed of his neck and was at intoxication quickly.
“You too.” She said as she stroked the front of his jeans.
“You’ll have me hard in just a moment. You want it. It’s just like it used to be. Maybe with a bit more spice added because it’s been so long since… Well since we have felt this way. I know we said to slow down but the last few days have been busy, and we haven’t had the time. I so wish it was over, so I could kiss you down to the blanket. Take your clothes off and shag you proper. I mean proper.” He said his breath beginning to hitch and his voice a little husky with arousal.
“Alec we can eat later.” She said.
“Much later.” He said as she unzipped him reached in and finished hardening him.
“And me not able to take ya.” He said.
“So, take your clothes off and lay down and let me mount you, you, chestnut stud. Alec you are a stud. Look at me all flushed and my nipples hard. No other man has ever done that to me. Ever. Not like you do even if I do the work for now. It won’t be long now till you can get on top of me and give it a go.” She said.
“Naughty girl.” He wheezed a chuckle. You want to find out how wet I am now?” She asked.
“Oh yes. I do.” He said straining against her hand. They took off their clothes and by the time he lay down, so she could ride him like the cowgirl he knew she was. She lay beside him at first because she wanted him to know how she felt about all this. His fingers at the ready. He took her in his arms and kissed her.
“I want you Roxy. I always have, and I always will.” He said. He was forgetting himself, but she pushed him back on his back.
“Not yet cowboy. Let your cowgirl have the reigns.” She said.
“I need to warm ya up more. I want you as wet as I can make you.” He said, and he started on her.
“Jesus, I don’t know how you do that so quickly.” She said shutting her eyes and started cumming.
“I just know where the buttons are even after well you know. I think your hot for me too. Your skin goes really warm when your turned on. Hot even.” He said as he watched her in a lather.
“Nice to know I can still make you weak in the knees.” He said.
“Alec kiss me.” She said.
“That’s a gimme as you say.” He said as she was working on him too. He stopped her.
“Roxy I’m at desperation.” He said.
“So am I.” She said.
“Then no time like now eh, my love?” He said as she mounted him and with a big oh from both of them she started to ride. His face scrunched in passion.
“Oh, it’s going to be a big one Roxy. You have me so turned on.” He said.
“Me too Darlin’.” She said as he tweaked her nipples.
“Oh, Jesus Roxy this is so good!” He exclaimed.
“Nothing like a fresh air fuck to make things right with the Oh Alec, world.” She said. She put her hands against the tree and shorn up her stance.
“Keep going if ya can.” He said.
“My pleasure.” She said.
“I think we are goin to both get it this time. Your pleasure is getting shared.” He said grasping on to her hips driving her harder still.
“Too fast Alec.” She said.
“Too late.” he grunted and came. He lay there a bit and she had to dismount.
“Oh, I think you got all of me for now.” He said.
“All of me too Alec. Are you ok?” She asked.
“Just ok? Woman I am so sated right now. I just want to lay here with you take a nap and enjoy your skin touching mine. As you say, hot damn that was good!” He yelled and then a Yehaw from him. The local beat cop Bob was within ear shot of that. He turned on the ignition and went to investigate as Alec brought the blanket over them.
“Your feelin your oats.” She said.
“And yours too Roxy, my Darlin’.” He said wrapping her up in his arms. Bob saw the bike and he knew it was Roxy’s. He went no further knowing tomorrow Hardy would be under the knife. He chuckled and shook his head.
“About time Hardy got some. I am not going to bother them.” He said and turned the patrol car around the other way.
Alec looked down at her all that strawberry blond hair arranged just so. Those sea green eyes that still held flame in them and it was him that put it there as she was the one turning his light amber eyes dark.
“You are so beautiful.” He said caressing her face. “How am I to keep my hands off you?” He asked.
“There will be a way we just have to ask, and it might not be that long.” She said.
“I want you with me always Roxy.” He said, and he kissed her.
“I want you always with me too, Alec.” She said.
“But it is getting cold.” He said.
“Far to much so to keep this up.” She said.
“I hate for you to get too far from me Roxy. I could touch you all day.” He said.
“Yeah but we’ll end up popsicles. Me cherry and you, butter scotch. By the way I love butter scotch.” She said.
“I love cherry.” He said.
“Let’s get dressed and eat I am starved.” She said as she started to get up.
“Let me kiss you first.” He said as her red lipstick was a mess on his face. Her getting it off with her fingers. He gently caressed her face and kissed her. Her warmth radiating to him.
“You’re a good woman Roxy, I am blessed.” He said.
“As I am.” She said, and he kissed her again. Her crossing her leg over his hip him feeling her heat that would never go out for him. He couldn’t fathom a time when he wouldn’t be able to have her. Even as an old man he imagined they’d be still be at each other or at least chasing each other just to remember the way it was and would be again, in heaven.
“There had better be shaggin’ in heaven.” He said without thinking.
“I think they will.” She said.
“If I have gone to my reward that would be part of it.” He said.
“Just as long as it’s you I’m shaggin’.” he said. They got up and put on their clothes and ate a late lunch. She looked out at the beauty that surrounded them.
“I could find out if this place is for sale.” She said.
“Yeah, do my dear. We need to walk it to see if we really want it. He said.
“Next time we walk it. You’ll get a week or so before you go back. We’ll get to peruse the place.” She said. Then a walnut shell knocked Alec on the head.
“Ouch.” He said and looked up. “Furry wee beastie.” He said as she giggled.
“Not funny Roxy.” He said as more shell hit him on the head. He looked up again.
“Ah, you better get out of here or I’ll catch your wee furry brown bahookie!” He yelled at the squirrel who was just as adamite with him. Barking at him. Swishing his tail.
“Go now you, furry devil.” He said.
“Bahookie?” She asked.
“A nice way of saying arse. If you must know.” He said.
“He’s pissed at you.” She said.
“Ya, I know but I can make stew out of him. If you can catch him.” He said.
“A snare would work.” She said. “Bring rope next time and a box there are plenty of sticks. I owe that wee beastie an arse kicking. Walnut shells indeed.” He said as more fell on his head, him brushing it off.
“Oh, you will not.” She said.
“I will too.” He said, and he pounced on her rolling a little with her. He laughed with her as the walnut shells once again fell.
“Oh, Roxy I love you so much.” He said.
“I love you too.” She said as the walnut shells fell on her this time.
“Furry bugger!” He retorted.
“Go now!” He said and pointed. The squirrel stood there barking at them.
“Oh, you got him mad.” She giggled in his arms.
“Let’s go then. It’s been a really wonderful afternoon. Things are going back to where they are supposed to be with us. It’s a good sign everything will be ok tomorrow. Besides, you’ll be there, and Daisy will be there. I’ll call tonight make sure they know the time. I’ll call for a roll away tonight. She plans to stay a few days she said.
“I won’t want to stay the whole time.” He said.
“You will if the doc says so. Alec James Hardy, you will.” She said arching a Strawberry blond perfectly manicured eyebrow.
“Ya, I guess I will now. I’m not going against a Doberman not even mine.” He said as more shells came down on him and the squirrel danced in the tree irritated.
“Better go Luv. He’s mad but how did you know it’s a he?” He asked.
“Balls, the squirrel has them, pretty big ones too.” She said as they picked up the picnic basket and the blanket.
“Yep I just saw’em.” He said. “Almost as big as yours.” She giggled.
“Na, mine are bigger. He knows not who he screws with.” Alec snickered.
“You would have to say that. It reminds me of that AC/Dc Song.” She said.
“Is that tape still in the car?” He asked.
“Yeah.” She said.
“I bet it still works.” He said.
“Well I did have a CD player too still do.” She said.
“None of those bloaks ok? I know they are Scottish but damn they are loud. My father would have put me out on my ear had I listened to that noise.” He said.
“Now they have some really good songs. For those about to Rock has cannon fire in it.” She said.
“Aha.” He said.
“They are older guys now.” She said as they put on their helmets.
“Still makin’ noise I’m sure.” He said rolling his eyes. She got on and he did, and she revved the bike.
“Hot damn, Riding with a hot babe on a hot bike. I am one lucky Bastard for sure.” He said as she yelled hold on and away they went.
Roxy called for the roll away bed. Alec called Daisy and they would be there around 8 in the morning him to be there at 7am.
“Alec could I call Paul Coats to come and sit with me?” She asked.
“What for?” He asked, making a face.
“Maybe if we include God, He would help us.” She said. He let out a ragged breath.
“I really don’t want you and Daisy there alone so go on.” He said, and she called.
“Hi Paul, yes this is Roxy Harris. I am so sorry to be asking so late, but Alec goes into the hospital tomorrow. Royal General 7am. Pacemaker. Oh, you will. Thank you so much. See you tomorrow.” She said.
“Even he is better than my Darlin’ and my little Darlin’ going it alone.” He said as they went to bed that night.
“Come here ya wee hottie.” He said.
“You want to kiss me.” She said and put her head on his chest.
“Yeah and that would be it my dear. I’m really tired tonight. I want to hold you till it’s time to go for the procedure. I wish this wasn’t necessary. At all.” He said.
“But it is and if you don’t get it done you’ll die or worse and I don’t want to think about life without you. I have had enough of that.” She said.
“Yeah me too.” He said.
“Your birthday and Daisy’s are coming up, be thinking what ya want.” He said.
“You, breathing.” She said.
“Maybe a little real action too eh?” He said.
“Yeah. If it is ok by then.” She said.
“I think it’s a gimme.” He said.
“We’ll see.” She said.
Royal Hospital Room 103, Dorset, England, September 19, 2014.
Alec sat on his hospital bed with Roxy right beside him. She wasn’t leaving his side before he went in. Their hands clasped holding. Daisy had gotten there, and Tess left until he got out. She wanted to know what happened with it.
Roxy tried very hard not to let her fear show but Paul took one look at her and knew. He would wait until he went in to talk with her. The time came for them to take him into the OR.
“Don’t worry so Darlin’, I’ll be, fine and this won’t take long. Gimme a kiss for luck.” He said as she bent to kiss his lips one more time.
“I’ll see you soon my love. Now and forever you will be my love. I love you with all my heart Roxy.” He said.
“I love you too Alec. Come back to me.” She said.
“I’ll be back before I am missed.” He said, and she watched them wheel him into the surgery area. Paul prayed over the opening to where he was for a moment. He hesitated to put his hands on, Roxy but she needed it having pulled Paul to her and him putting his arm around her.
“It will be ok Roxy.” He said, and Daisy took his hand.
“I’m Daisy his daughter.” She said.
“I’m the Reverend Paul Coats. He will be fine Daisy.” Paul said.
They went out in the waiting room to wait. Roxy got up and went into the chapel. She got down on her knees.
“It’s been a long time since I asked anything from you, but I really need it for not only myself but Alec and Daisy. I know I am a lapsed Presbyterian and my love is too but please don’t take him from us. He is such a good man. Not again.” She said as Paul walked in and sat with her silently.
“Ask and it shall be given.” He said.
“I hope so.” She said.
“Let it work it’s way into your heart Roxy. That small glimmer of hope you feel or have felt. Let him guide you.” He said.
“It’s been over 20 years since I asked anything.” She said.
“Well he wants you and loves you even if you don’t love him. I feel like I talked to you the other day to let you know your faith is still waiting for you. You had it once and so did DI Hardy. You can have it again if you listen. If you reach out for it. Just grasp it and hold on fast. I can help you. I was once lost and now I am found as Amazing Grace says. It’s the truth. The 99 are on the hill already. He is looking for you and DI Hardy.” He said.
“Maybe.” She said and the way she said it was something that made him smile.
“Just think on it. if your need help let me know. I’ll be here until you say I can go.” He said as Daisy came in and sat next to Roxy and held hands with her.
“You’ll be my step mother.” She said with confidence.
“You want me to be?” She asked.
“Roxy it’s fact. Then I want to you to be my mother.” She said.
“You want me to adopt you?” She asked.
“Yes, I want a mother that would love me, and my dad and you love my dad, or you wouldn’t be here. You’re a good lady and dad is lucky he has you. Don’t worry so much. My dad is tough. He lived with Mum a long time, longer than he should of. He loves me too. He saved my life not letting my mother kill me. Yeah, I know. That’s why I want you for my mum. My real Mum never wanted either me or my Dad. But you seem too.” She said.
“Smart girl. But I am sorry you found out.” Roxy said putting her arm around Daisy.
“I see your dad right now in you.” She said.
“Good I don’t want to see any of Mum in me. She is spoiled and selfish. No wonder dad has problems.” Daisy said.
In 2 hours they were done, and he was in recovery. When he was waking it was Roxy who was with him in his sleep not anyone else.
“Come on Darlin’. Come back to me.” She said her beautiful face wet with tears.
“Don’t cry my love, I’m here and I’m fine.” He said and came awake after that.
“I’m alive! Roxy I’m alive and I’ll be just fine my love.” He said.
“Lay back DI Hardy.” The nurse said.
“Canna see my wife?” He asked.
“Soon.” She said.
“Ah good.” He said and put his head back down. Then he realized he already felt better. He had the sensation of something just outside his chest wall. It scared him for a moment, but it was small.
“Your fine DI Hardy.” The nurse said.
“I know. I just want to see my wife. She means everything to me. Her name is…” The nurse interrupted him. “Roxy.” She said.
“Well, go get her. I’m just layin’ here doin’ nothin’. At least you could get her and ease her mind some and that of my daughter.” He said grumpily.
“Please. I can feel her from here.” he said. The nurse let out a long breath.
“Ok.” She said.
“About time.” He said rolling his eyes as she went to get Roxy. “
Mrs. Hardy you husband is asking for you. He’s grumpy so be warned. “She said. Paul asked if he needed to stay and she told him to go but thanked him giving him a hug.
“I was happy to help Roxy, I’ll call you later to see if you need anything.” He said.
“Thanks again Paul. Sorry he didn’t talk much.” She said.
“That’s ok. You, DI Hardy and Daisy take care and I’ll call later. He said. Then he turned and was out the door.
“Dad’s ok or he wouldn’t be asking for you. Go on and get the poop on him.” Daisy said.
“Ok.” Roxy said and went to see Alec. She was so relieved to see him sitting up.
“There’s my beautiful wife.” He said, she bent to kiss him. He kissed her but just a peck. I’m a lot warmer already.” He said.
“Good.” She said.
“I wanted you to see me. Know I’m doin’ fine and tell Daisy I am. You are not to stay the night. You or Daisy either.
“Yeah, no. We stay, you can go tomorrow if you’re a good boy and do as they say you growly bear. You can go back to work next week, as for you and I, it will still be 4 weeks before you are doing the work and try not to rush that please. I’ll let you take the bike if your good.” She said.
“Ok. I thought maybe…” She cut him off. To the letter Alec. I bet you already feel much better.” She said.
“Yeah, I do, I feel a lot warmer.” He said putting his hand on her arm.
“It’s like you never had a problem.” She said.
“Yeah, imagine me keeping you warm again, eh?” He said.
“Yeah. Daisy wants me to adopt her. I though you might like to know. Unfortunately, she knows about her mother trying to abort her somehow. I know you never wanted her to know that. She was so sweet saying that she wants me for her mum.” She said choking back a tear.
“Roxy it should have always been that way. She should have always been our daughter. Tell her to let us handle that. I’m sorry too she found that out. But she knows I always wanted her.” He said.
“I will, she is as smart as a whip. She takes after you a lot.” Roxy said.
“Tess is no slouch either though. Go and make some calls even to Tess. When I can, I will call my Dad and sister. Tell Daisy I love her.” He said.
“I will.” She said. She looked at the monitor now that he had, had the procedure. Regular sinus rhythm. She knew because her mothers, wasn’t. Nice and even now not like this morning.
“I feel like running a marathon.” He said grinning still groggy.
“Alec.” She said.
“What?” He asked teasing her.
“You’re going to be relentless again.” She smirked.
“You got that right babe. When I can, boy are you gonna get it.” He said.
“I look forward to it. You know to me you’re a standing stud.” She said.
“Glad you remember what you like.” He said.
“Remembering becomes reality soon my love.” She said and sat on the side of his bed.
“Yeah?” He asked rubbing her leg.
“Alec just slow down. You were always a fast worker.” She said.
“Faster still.” He said, and he closed in for a kiss and the doctor came around.
“Mrs. Hardy I presume.” The Doctor said.
“Yes.” She said.
“In four weeks DI Hardy not before. You have stiches. They will dissolve on their own. I do understand your reason for getting out and being able. But not for 4 weeks. In a week when the stitches are dissolved your Missus can try it on, still doing the on top.” He said.
“I was hoping…” the doctor shook his head no. We don’t want open wounds, pulled leads and such.” He said.
“No, we don’t.” Roxy said.
“Listen I understand, you have a very beautiful wife. You want to be with her. But it takes time for things to heal. You already feel, better don’t you?” He asked.
“Yes. I’m much warmer than I was.” He said. The doctor checked him out and Roxy got out of the way.
“He will be released tomorrow barring complications. None of that you do for another month. You can drive and go back to work barring a lot of use of your right arm next week. I’ll write a work release for you. Take it easy until then ok DI Hardy?” He said.
“OK, but you have no idea how hard that’s going to be.” Hardy said.
“I bet I do.” He said. He showed Alec a picture of his Missus.
“Blond, built and in the same way, sexy as Roxy. I know what your going though ok?” He said.
“Yeah ya do. Nice looking Missus Doc.” He said.
“Thanks.” He said.
“You’ll be moved to a room soon and tomorrow you go home barring problems tonight.” He said.
The doctor went over some information with them and Roxy needed to get Daisy and her some lunch they were already bringing him something about 4 pm.
“Go get something to eat and feed our daughter.” He said.
“That feels good hearing it.” She said.
“Don’t be surprised if it costs you. Tess will most likely will up the price and want more. Putting a price on my daughter. I don’t like it.” Alec said.
“We’ll see.” Roxy said.
“Come here my Foxy Roxy.” He said smiling.
“Give me a kiss.” He said. She did, and he put her hand on her ass then slapped it.
“See woman, no sag. Your better than you were. More sexy, more mature. Just wait till I get the ok. Boy are you are gonna get it.” He said frisky as a new puppy.
“Alec!” She exclaimed. He still rubbed her ass.
“Well, I haven’t felt this good since before you left. Tess didn’t have me get a test, but I know you would have. If things had been as they were supposed to be there would have been no coitus interruptus.” He said.
“Yes, I get that. I think I am in trouble.” She said.
“Oh, I know you are. Now go. See you in a while you beautiful Fox.” He said. Rubbing her ass again. She started to walk away.
“Roxy come here.” He said.
“What my Adonic Alec?” She asked.
“You remembered.” He said.
“Oh, I did I in a way.” she said looking at him knowingly. He put her hand on him.
“Oh geeze!” She said not letting go as fast as she should have.
“Yeah, and I didn’t have to do anything but think about you, with the recent red thong picture I have in my mind.” He said as she couldn’t believe the warm and hard.
“It’s like your 20 again. Fully functional.” She said.
“Damn close. Don’t ya think? Make me sound like Data, the android.” He said she giggled remembering.
“Next week we can take a test drive.” She said.
“Now that sounds fun. I actually threw in the red thong of you recently and the one 20 odd years ago, to get what you just um experienced for the lack of a better word. “He said.
“Nice to know I am, appreciate.” She said.
“Oh, you’re more than appreciated. Your loved more than you’ll ever know.” He said and let her go reluctantly.
“I’ll be back soon.” She said.
“Take your time my love.” He said pulling her by the hand back to him. He held her close on his left side. He pursed his lips to kiss her.
“Alec.” She said.
“Bloody Hell, Roxy you smell wonderful. I can’t wait to get you alone.” He said into her ear.
“You are warm.” She said and touched his forehead.
“Alec, I had better tell the nurse.
“What is it?” He asked.
“I think you have a fever.” She said then she kissed his forehead.
“Yeah I had better say something.” She said and ran to the nurses station. “I’m Mrs. Hardy, my husband feels like he has a fever.” She said.
“We’ll check.” The nurse said.
“Now. Please.” She said, and the nurse grabbed the ear thermometer and took it. She just wasn’t used to him being so warm again. It was normal, but they would check it through the night.
“Roxy you worry too much.” Alec said. She hit his arm.
“No one’s been looking out for you. That’s what got you here.” She said.
“Your right Darlin’ I know you worry more than Tess ever did about me because you love me.” He said.
“Yeah and I won’t lose you again. Not that way. Not any way.” She said.
“Shush Luv. It’s all good. Go get you and Daisy something to eat. You have to keep your strength up because when I get back it’s a whole new or old Alec.” He said.
“Doesn’t it hurt?” She asked.
“Not really just sore. A little pain but nothing I canna live with.” He said.
“Now, go and get some food for you and our girl.” He said.
“I’m going to be a mother!” She said doing a bit of a fan girl. He chuckled.
“Go now, love of my life.” he said. She kissed him a peck leaving her lipstick. He shook his head.
“I am such a lucky man having such a good woman.” He said.
The night came and went, and Roxy and Daisy came to get Alec and took him home. Daisy would stay for two days and go back Monday and not to tell her mother anything. They would wait until she was 16 to break it to Tess. Mum was the word for now.
The next week was difficult for both of them. They stayed at home her cooking most nights. Him not happy he couldn’t help her. He did exercises to keep his arm and shoulder from freezing up. Alec’s health improved every day with Roxy.
“I loved having Daisy here but not in this place. Your right there is no room or privacy for a 15 year old girl. I’m glad you went and found a rental until we build a house. In a little bit we can scope out that land we shagged on the other day. I think it has beach access.” He said.
“It sure is pretty and or beautiful out there.” She said.
“Yeah but this sight right here is the most beautiful. I don’t know what it is but you grow to look like your mother every day. I know she was a brunette. I suppose it’s your demeanor.” He said.
“Well I can safely say you look like neither of your parents.” She said.
“I look like my grand dad McGill that was my mother’s maiden name. Both in looks and in height. I’ll show ya a picture. When I can find them. Most likely they are in the London Flat Pod.” He said.
“What was his name?” She asked. “David Allen McGill.” He said. “Was he a good man like you?” She asked.
“Yes, he was a fisherman. My mother’s people came from the Isle of Arran.” He said.
“I never knew this.” She said.
“Yeah I didn’t talk much of my family. You know my dad did have a drinking problem like Ron did, but he doesn’t drink any more. Stopped right after Mum died.
Mum drove him nuts though. We really have come along as father and son since then.” He said.
“I’m glad.” She said.
“Me and my sister Ruth are now closer than we once were. You’re an aunt but this late in the game I am not sure how that will work. They were instrumental after you were taken from me and I always refer to that time that way.
You were taken from me. Once I got you back though. Twice, for God’s sake. I was so broken after. I stayed broken until you came back. My anchor was gone. I think you will see a whole new Alec Hardy or more on the old one, maybe the one in Texas. I loved that time in my life. Because I was with you and your husband for real. They may have ended us on paper but never here.” He said pointing to his heart.
“That my love is not ending. Ever.” She said.
“Ah yeah, you can bet your life on that Roxy Darlin’.” He said.
One day they did take Caledonia to the land they were looking at and scoped it out. It was a few days until he went back to work. They took a picnic lunch and ate it under the old walnut tree. For now, Roxy would have to be careful with the right side of his chest until his incision healed but she found the left side just as nice as the right to snuggle too. It had been hard for them to lay off each other for that long but they did it both begrudgingly.
Alec and Roxy were down right desperate for one another by the time the week ended. Ellie had come by to work on the case and tell Hardy the locket that was taken had once belonged or she thought it had belonged to Claire. There was a pic of her wearing it.
“Flushing her out eh?” He had said.
“Yes, I would think so. She did a shitty job on my hair, but I saw the pic in her portfolio.” She said.
“You sure it’s the same necklace?” Hardy asked.
“Yes, I’m sure.” She said.
“Could she have been the one to take it from Tess’s car that night at the hotel?” Roxy said.
“It might have been.” Ellie said taking down the picture of Pippa with the teddy bear.
Alec went and got a magnifier. Ellie looked at it under it and said.
“Yes, it’s the same one. The picture of her was closer up.” She said.
“I bet it was for her beautician’s license.” Roxy said producing hers.
“I know mine is from the state of Texas, but you get the gest.” She said.
“Why did you keep it up? Or do I know the answer to that?” Alec said winking at her and smirking a smile.
“You got that right Alec.” Roxy giggled.
“She cuts my hair.” Alec said proudly.
“Well you need a hair cut Hardy badly.” Miller chided.
“When this case is done she, is don’t worry. I’m shoring up the beard too. I’ll be like I was in Texas, a bit older but in the way, I look.” He said.
“Good, no reason to be untidy. Hardy you’re a nice looking man, might as well look the part.” Ellie said. Alec blushed a bit.
“Well you are.” Roxy said.
“The only woman I want to notice is you my Darlin’. But thanks just the same Miller.” He said.
“Don’t we need Tess?” Miller asked. Maybe but I want to keep her out of this as much as possible. Roxy wants to adopt Daisy. The less she is around the less she is going to snoop, Tess loves that.” Alec said.
“It would be a slippery slope if she did.” Roxy said.
“I hope it works out for you to have her. You are still going to try the invitro?” She asked.
“Yes. but somewhat later. Let everything me wise settle. Miller, I’m already better.” He said.
“Yes, I already knew that. Something has lit a fire under you. I’m so happy for you both. To get another chance to love each other. To have kids and all.” She said.
“You’ll get a chance Ellie.” Roxy said Alec kissing her cheek.
“I really hope so.” Ellie said.