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I Know You're Out There Somewhere

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Alec’s Cottage Broadchurch, Dorchester South Hampton, September 17, 2014
Roxy worked quite well with Alec and Ellie. Alec had been so proud of her. Alec had had a few pains but hid them well from Roxy and he shouldn’t have. He knew he needed to make a will and make Roxy Executrix of it. A female executor. With the last few episodes they had gotten worse and if he had told Roxy he would be in the hospital. He wanted more time with her, but he wanted it under his own power. He was afraid himself he might die. He sat on the cement dock the girls inside working on the case. He had pain in his left arm. Went for the pills and took two. He prayed it would subside. It did.
“Roxy I’ll be back soon.” He half yelled.
“Ok Darlin’ Be careful, I love you.” She Yelled. He couldn’t just leave her like that. He came into the house. Grabbed her away from the wall and brought her out on the Cement deck.
“What Alec?” She asked.
“I just want you to know how much I love you. How much you mean to me.” He said. She flung her arms around him.
“Oh, I know you, gorgeous hunk of man.” She said embracing him. Giving him a hug, he hugged her and tighter.
“Alec your trembling.” She said feeling the obvious fear in him. “
I mean it. I want you to know that. Since I was 15 years old. There hasn’t been anyone else that had my heart or wanted it for that matter. I want you to know that. I want you to believe that with all your heart Roxy.” He said.
“I do, I have no doubts about you Alec. I know it was at 15 we said it and kissed, and you left our initials. It will always be. Rest your mind on that. You know I love you, too right?” She asked.
“No doubt in my mind Roxy. No doubts at all. I’ll be back there is something I must do.” He said.
“It sounds so serious.” She said trying to read his eyes, but she couldn’t he was crying and at that time he was hard to read.
He kissed her and let her go and disappeared out of the gate. She had to think that was very cryptic to her.
“He’ll be back.” She said.
“Roxy where did Hardy go?” Miller asked. “I don’t know but he’ll be back.” She said and walked back into the house. Hardy walked over to Jocelyne Knight’s and knocked on the door. It startled her.
“What do you want, you scared me. I really should get a lock for that gate.” She said.
“Sorry, Miss Knight I need a will. You’re the only attorney I know here I would trust to do it.” He began. She looked at him and calmly and sweetly said.
“Alright. Sit down DI Hardy.” She said.
“It’s a simple thing, I want my daughter to have a trust and the love of my life to execute it. There is 4.5 million in there provided by Roxy from an insurance policy. If I should die. The insurance is from the man she thought was her father. She gave it to me as for the pain and suffering he caused me.” He said.
“Very generous of her but I am afraid you both earned it over the years. Ok, I’ll write it for you and file it. It will be legal as soon as I get it filed. Most likely today. You look pale.” She said.
“Heart condition remember. I want my daughter to get what I have. Roxy doesn’t need the money. Nor wants the money, might as well leave it too Daisy. Roxy had the idea in the first place. I want her to over see the trust.” He said.
“Don’t worry. I’ll be happy to do it.” She said.
“Thanks.” He said.
“You love Miss Harris very much. It goes both ways. I saw that.” Miss Knight said. “
Yes. What my poor love had to go though for me. Well, no one should have to prove their love that way. I love my daughter very much too. I gave her Roxy’s middle name. She was born on her birthday. In 1998.” He said as Miss Knight kept typing and listening.
“You know you will survive this DI Hardy. You have excellent reasons to stay.” She said.
“This is just in case.” He said.
“Good Man. It’s always good to plan ahead.” She said letting him look it over.
“Yes, just in case.” He said. It took a little while. He signed it and she would file it that day.
“I’ll see this expedited quickly and discreetly. I’ll have it couriered over.” She said. He smiled.
“Good and thank you so much.” He said and left. He walked back to the cottage.
“Miller, I need to go to see Claire.” He said.
“Roxy stay here this time.” She disagreed.
“Roxy, just please do as I ask this time Luv. Miller and I have to do this. On our own. Police business. It’s fine Darlin’.” He said and hugged her gave her a small kiss and let her go and she stood on the cement deck and watched him leave out the gate. He turned around.
“I’ll be back soon, and we’ll get dinner. Go out. Put on something lovely because you are always that to me. Love ya Darlin.” He said. He walked over to her and kissed her again and left out before she could say anything.
“What’s with all the secrecy?” Asked Miller.
“Time to find out for the 100th time what happened the night Pippa died, and Lisa went missing. Then we give her tomorrow to stew in it. Then I stop this once and for all. You’ll need to do a little snooping after I let her go. It has to be done before my pacemaker. So, you can get the information on how she took it. Roxy will not be part of it. She’s not to know. You have to be in court anyway.” He said.
“Yes, but who will sit with Roxy?” She said.
“Daisy will be there. Roxy is much stronger than she looks.” Alec said.
“Yes, I know but we all have our breaking point.” Miler said.
“I know but remember she withstood all that from Beck and came out the other side of it just fine. I admire her, I love her, and I plan on making her my wife again just as soon as the doctor gives his blessing. We already put in for a marriage license.” He said.
“Pacemaker?” She finally said.
“Yes, don’t you remember me telling Miss Knight about my heart condition?” He said.
“I did but I have so much going on what with the trial and the kids it went over my head. I’m sorry.” She said.
“It’s ok Miller. I know your taxed with all that and the stupid defense lawyer saying we had an affair.” He said.
“That is so ludicrous, the woman is grasping at straws. Hardy, I knew nothing of what he was doing. You do believe me.” She said. Alec smiled.
“You had what you believed a good marriage. You were living a dream. You did either not see it or he hid it well.” He said.
“I had hoped that medication would have helped with the heart condition. It didn’t or not enough. This should fix the problem. I have arrhythmia I have the best doctor right now for it so. Nothing really to worry about.” He said.
“But you are. I know it.” Ellie said.
“I canna help it Miller. I have so much to lose now. Before it really just didn’t matter. I had lost Roxy and my daughter. I had lost Tess ages ago if I ever had her at all.” Hardy said.
“Then you have a lot to lose. Just don’t die, hear me. I’d miss you, you, miserable sod. Well you’re not so much anymore. Not since Roxy came back.” She said.
“Oh, I wouldn’t dare die Miller she’d come after me. Then, I’d really get it as she says.” He said chuckling to himself. Miller rolled her eyes. Sounds like something you’d actually want.” She said.
“Might be, Miller Might be.” He said and chuckled again. They got to Claire’s and talked to her again about her new version of what had happened. Hardy got enough of her bull shit and got up and had Miller follow him out.
“Lying again. I wish the Lord would give a lightening strike that made her tell the truth and say where Lisa Newbury is.” He said.
“Yeah, time to cut her loose Hardy.” Miller said.
“Ah yeah, way past time.” Hardy said.
“When will you do it?” She said.
“Later today.” He said.
“So, I go tomorrow to find out how she took it?” She said.
“Yes, let her do your hair or something.” He said.
“Maybe my nails, I am not letting that woman touch my hair.” She said.
“Something though. You’ll need a reason to be there.” He said.
“Yes, I see your point.” She said. Later on that day he called Claire to tell her but not within earshot of Roxy. She had lit a fire under him in Sand Brook. Not only was he stoked he was ravenously so.
He hadn’t felt this way in years about anything. His Roxy was back, the love of his life. She need not be in this until she was really needed. He had found his strength again. Because of her. He only hoped later on he was as influential with her as she had been with him. Miller and Hardy arrived back at the blue cottage right before the sun went down, about an hour. Ricky Gillespie was waiting on them.
“This really your guff?” He asked Hardy.
“Does Roxy know you’re here?” He said.
“Oh, your strawberry blonde pit bull, no I just arrived. I just wanted to say how sorry I was doing that in the restaurant. I embarrassed you in front of your daughter, your wife is it? I didn’t know you were married. However, I was egged on by that DS Tess Henchard. I felt you should know that.” He said.
“Come on and we’ll talk on the dock. Do not bother my wife Roxy, if you know what’s good for you.” Hardy said.
“It’s all good mate.” He said.
“Hardy he’s up to something.” Miller said into his ear.
“Yeah, and if Roxy finds out God knows what will happen. They sat on the cement dock and started to talk. Roxy walked out to Ricky being there and let a gasp out.
“It’s Ok Roxy.” Hardy said quickly. He rushed in and closed the door. Ricky looked back, and Roxy caught a glimpse of him looking the spit of her dead daddy dearest.
“What the fuck is that bastard doing here?” She said a little whiter than usual.
“Police business Roxy, please just stay in here. Miller will call you if your needed right now. I got a lot of strength in Sand Brook. Thanks to you. Let me use it Darlin’. Please.” He asked.
“Ok but he needs to get the hell off our property asap.” She said.
“Yeah well, I don’t like it either my love. Best you stay here right now. I love ya.” He said and kissed her.
“Ok, but please get him out of here quickly. You know why. If you need me to kick his ass…” He stopped her.
“You’ll be the first one after me.” He said.
“Love you too Alec. Just be careful.” She said.
“I will. Don’t worry Luv.” He said and walked out the door on to the cement dock.
They talked a while but not much was given over. Gillespie left.
“Roxy would call this a fishing expedition.” Hardy said.
“Oh yeah.” Miller said.
“He knows way more than he is saying on the subject. Listen, I had better go and see about my wife. She’ll be biting though the bit before too long.” Hardy said.
“Yeah. I really do need to work on the case. Go and talk with her and go take her out. Even if it’s just fish and chips.” Miller said.
“I hate fish Miller, can’t stand it. Roxy doesn’t even know. I need to tell her before there is a salmon fillet in our fridge. I used to like it but developed over time a dislike for it. It wasn’t I wasn’t grateful for the meal you provided me, Miller.” He said about her buying fish and chips for him one time.
“You need to say I hate fish. Instead I just thought you a miserable sod.” She said.
“I was, Miller because my Roxy was gone. I might never see her again. It wasn’t you but the circumstances.” He said.
“Yes, ok go and calm Roxy down so I might have some time with the case. When you get back I’ll let you know what I found. Call Clair. It’s nearly night fall.” She said. He pulled out his phone and did it right then.
“Claire were done. It seems to me your back with Lee Ashworth now. Be out of the cottage in 48 hours.” He said and hung up. He let out a ragged but strong breath. Miller smiled.
“Good man, good riddance to bad rubbish.” She said.
“Seven months I put up with that lying, scheming…” Roxy came out.
“Skank.” She said.
“You heard.” Hardy said.
“Yeah, glad you did that. Come here and give me a kiss. I have Caledonia’s keys. I’m ready.” She said.
“Good Roxy.” He said as she left out the door and rushed into his arms.
“Oh, I am so glad that is over.” He said hugging her tightly.
“I am too.” She said.
“Let’s go and get dinner husband.” She said.
“Just not fish, eh Roxy?” He said.
“Yeah I got that the other night when you only touched the fries.” She said. “You mean chips. Marry a Scot and you still don’t use the right words.” He said.
“Remarry a Scot and finally get it right?” She asked. He grabbed her hand.
“Let’s go before I mess up that lipstick.” He said.
“Be my guest.” She said smiling and winking.
“Yeah you would, wouldn’t you?” He chuckled. Then he pulled her to Caledonia.
“See ya in a bit Miller.” Hardy shouted.
“Right.” She said shaking her head smiling.
“Next time you see Gillespie, Roxy kick his arse.” Hardy said shutting the GTO’s Door.
“You bet Alec.” She said.
Alec and Roxy’s Cottage. September 18, 2014
“Roxy, we have to stop the bacon. I canna have it any more.” He said.
“We’ll get turkey bacon.” She said.
“I doubt if I can.” He said.
“Ellie you ok in there?” Roxy asked. Ellie’s head popped up from the couch.
“What?” She asked.
“Are you ok?” Roxy said popping her head in.
“Yeah, I got some sleep not much.” She said yawning. Roxy went in the kitchen and poured Ellie a cup of coffee. Then she brought it to her holding another for Alec.
“I put just two sugars and a dash of milk like Alec takes it.” She said.
“Thanks mate.” She said. Roxy smiled.
“I’d like to think so Ellie.” She said.
“Yeah, we are now.” Ellie said taking a sip.
“Oh, this is good.” She said. “Thanks, got to get my husband his coffee before…” Alec broke in.
“Roxy!” He bellowed.
“Yeah gotta go. He’s a bear before coffee sometimes.” She said as Ellie giggled.
“We’ll trade stories sometime.” Ellie said.
“ROXY!” He yelled again. Roxy turned and went into the bedroom.
“Keep your panties on you growly bear.” She said.
“Come here ya wee minx.” He said inching his finger at her. She handed his cup to him.
“Thank you.” He said.
“Your welcome.” She said, and he pursed his lips for her to kiss him. She did a peck, but he quickly put down the cup and kissed her a nice long kiss.
“Going Michael Jackson on me?” She said.
“What?” He asked.
“Your gonna be startin’ something there Darlin’ and we have company this morning.” She said.
“Yeah, tomorrow’s the surgery.” He said.
“You ok?” She asked.
“Just want this whole thing over so I can shag my wife proper, live my life as I wish. Make some babies with my wife, first marry her again. You’d better get your dress and sash. Get the broach sent over. I’ll call Sean. Did ya ever call him?” He asked.
“Yeah, yesterday. It’s ok. He knew it was going to be hectic.” She said watching him dress.
“Your looking at me like well ah, like you had pound notes in your hand.” He said.
“I wish I did.” She said.
“Rather me be pulling things off eh?” He said tying his tie.
“If I had my druthers.” She said.
“Your what?” He asked. “Wishes.” She said. He smiled and fixed his collar. She sat on the bed a moment and he turned to face her.
“Breakfast?” He asked. Muffins for you and Ellie. Better go and check them. Banana bread muffins.” She said. Him catching her hand.
“I love you ya wee minx.” He said popping her ass.
“See on sag. Damn, taunt if you ask me.” He said.
“Whoa now, Alec.” She said. A knock on the door facing.
“I’m going for a bit. Mind if I bring Fred with me next time?” She asked.
“No bring him.” Roxy said.
“That way he can get to know his Auntie Roxy.” She said.
“Please, pretty please Alec.” She said.
“Oh ok. I could never tell you no but once. I know you want a baby. He’ll be good practice for you. I’m only staying until noon today. Fred is a good kid. You’ll want to keep him. No ya canna.” He said.
“I know. Plus, tonight is the last time for a week I think. Then you can drive the next.” She said.
“Look out Caledonia, Alec is back!” He said, and they emerged from the bedroom.
“The muffins!” She yelled and ran for the kitchen.
“She’s excited this morning.” Ellie said.
“That’s every morning Miler.” He said cocking his eyebrow at her.
“Ok that’s enough Hardy. I have a mental pic now.” She said.
“Roxy, I need to go to Claire’s today could you see after Fred for me?” She asked.
“Sure. I’ll be done with Alec by noon. Will you need me before then?” She asked.
“No, I’ll be here about 12:30. I’ll be there who knows.” She said.
“Don’t worry, we’ll see after him.” Alec said.
“Maybe go to the carnival, get a Carmel apple. Some cotton candy.” She said.
“Cotton what?” She asked.
“Candy Floss she means.” Alec said.
“Oh yes. Not too much, eh?” She said.
“Ok.” She said. They all left the cottage and got in their cars.
“I noticed she let us have the night.” He said. Yeah the case will be there when you get back.” She said.
“Yeah but it’s closing in on finishing up.” He said.
“So, come and get you at noon.” She said.
“Yeah, although I wanted you to myself, I know how bad you’ve wanted kids all this time and you spent many years not trying with Beck.” He said.
“Yeah until I found out I was home free. Mama, God bless her soul, bought birth control pills for me until I didn’t need them anymore.” She said.
“I know all that was difficult. But you were spared having the man’s bastards. Who knows what would have happened had we had one.” Alec said. Roxy began to cry and pulled over.
“What is it Darlin’?” He asked.
“Beck would have killed our child I know he would of.” She said.
“Best think on the fact it didn’t happen then Luv. Don’t dwell on what didn’t. We still have time to make children thanks to you and his money.” Alec said.
“Yeah, we still have time.” She said.
“Collecting the sperm might take some time and be tricky but I really want to do it not for just you but for me too. I want to see what our children will look like. At any rate I bet they are tall. Or he or she. I don’t care. As long as, your healthy and they are. That’s all I’ll ask for.” He said.
“A boy would be nice though.” She said.
“Yes, it would but really all I want is for you to be ok and the child or children. I am still a nutter for you Roxy as much if be it more.” He said and pulled her into is arms.
“I am for you too.” She said.
“We both should be sectioned then I guess eh?” He asked looking at her and taking his thumbs and getting the mussed up mascara off.
“You should buy that new stuff that doesn’t come off.” He said.
“And miss you doing that, hell no.” She said, and he chuckled, and she giggled. “I’d still rather much more in fact mess up that red lipstick than your mascara.” He said.
“Me too.” She said, and he kissed her.
“Now my Darlin’ get me to the courthouse.” He said. She started the car and got back on the road. Alec thought about what she surmised. His heart sunk when he realized she was right and he was glad they hadn’t had a child. One less thing to worry about. She got him to the court house he kissed her, and he got out of the old ‘71 GTO. People where looking like they always did. You didn’t see an American car that often in Great Britain and not like Caledonia. He got out of the car and hit the door with his hand twice to say go on.
“Love Ya!” He waved.
“Love you too.” She said, and she went off to the cottage. She then thought better of it and stayed in town.
“He’s let Claire go and I am glad. No more of her mooching.” She said. She, listen to the old songs waiting for him. I know you’re out there somewhere came on and she listened to the song. She thought of how the last 18 years unfolded.
“After tomorrow there will be no wasting time. After tomorrow Alec and I are going to live finally.” She said. Then she got on the fact he might not.
“Oh, stop it he will, I was there to help him when he went over finding Pippa.” She said wiping her tears carefully with her hand. She giggled though tears.
“My mascara anti smudger isn’t here. Better get a grip.” She said. She stayed there in Dorset until noon, only 4 hours and he would be back in her arms. Anti-smudging, what she had smudge earlier.
“He’s going to think me so daft.” She said to herself. She rolled in to him walking out and walking faster when he saw Caledonia.
“Hey Babe, going my way?” He said with a smile getting in.
“Always, lover boy.” She said.
“This time he wasn’t annoyed at her calling him lover boy.
“Umm, I like the sound of that.” He said kissing her and spoiling her red lipstick a bit on his mouth.
“Well, you are in fact my lover.” He said.
“Good because it probably will last another 50 or 60 years the relationship not the lipstick.” She said.
“I recon it will last forever if I have any say in it.” He said. “
As Prince, the singer would say, that’s a mighty long time.” She said.
“You mean the purple bloak.” He said.
“Yeah with a white fender Strat.” She said.
“You like that guy?” He asked.
“Yeah, before my time though really. Oh, our time. But he boarders on our generation” She said.

“Let’s go.” He said. “Your wish is my command.” She said.
“I really like that.” He said eyeing her and winking.
“What’s got into you. Alec?” She asked.
“If you must know you have Luv.” He said.
“Not me.” She said.
“Yeah, you did in Sand Brook.” He said.
“It’s like the last 18 years never happened.” She said.
“Darlin’ it did, but it’s what you make of it. I want to be a father again, have control this time of the making of said kid or kids. I want you to talk to Miss Knight about adopting Daisy if you want, so we are all a family. I want you if you want it to be Daisy’s mother for real and the only way that can happen is to adopt her. You said you wanted too, I heard ya. I think it would be wonderful to be rid of Tess forever. We’d have to talk to Daisy and see what she wants.” He said.
“You know I wanted this it’s all up to Daisy now. Tess can be bought.” She said.
“Not cheaply. No.” Alec said.
“I’m glad your thinking about living. The future.” She said.
“It’s what I’ve always wanted. You me and Daisy with wee ones of our own. If you’d been free I would have come to you.” He said.
“But you kept tabs on that.” She said.
“Yes, and I knew you were divorcing the bastard. Then he died. I waited longer. I thought it might be a wait for it moment.” He said.
“Well it was but Alec, I wouldn’t have the money.” She said.
“So, we live on what I make and what you would in graphics. All that education wasted on being his toy.” He said.
“It taught me his business Alec.” She said.
“What horrors did you have to brave for that education. What life did you have to live to get the knowledge? I tell you a half-life like I did. No more of that. I will make our dream come true you, having our kids. I don’t want to leave this world. I have so much to live for. Shagging you every day would be enough to live for but our kids finally. Ours Roxy. Half you, half me.” He said.
“That with Beck was all worth it because you are still breathing Alec. One slip on my part would have ended that. It was so worth it.” She said.
“Stop the car let me drive. Just for a bit, not long.” He said.
“You’re not to drive yet not till…” He interrupted.
“Just let me drive oh to the next village. Please Roxy. I’m dying to drive her.” He said.
“You think now you can do anything.” She said.
“I know I can when you say I can, you’re the only person in my whole life that believed in me completely. You’re the only one who loved me enough to exchange my life for yours. Your happiness for my life. Was it worth all that?” He asked.
“Yes, it was you know that. Without you there would be no life for me. I might as well be dead.” She said. She stopped the car and got out.
“It’s ok then just to the next village.” He said.
“Yeah. You know I can’t say no to you.” She said. Alec got out of the car and hugged her tight.
“Yeah, your mine and I’m yours forever more Roxy. Forever, nothing can stop it. Nothing will anymore. You better get a dress. It’s going to look strange us marrying starkers in an Anglican Priests study.” He said.
“You said you were wearing a kilt this time.” She said.
“Yeah this time I am. First time since I was a teen. I’m not jinxing it this time. Last time was my Granddad’s funeral. I was 17, I’ll have to get new everything.” He said.
“Furry knees at the wedding.” she giggled knowing his knees where.
“Yeah, well let’s go.” He said as she got in and he did letting him drive. He started the car and fixed the seat back a bit.
“Remember those lap sandwiches you made?” He asked.
“Yeah.” She said remembering the good times in that.
“I wish we had some makings now.” He said as he sped off. Him yelling, Yehaw out the window. Him sounding more like her than a Scotsman. While he was driving she though how well things where and didn’t stop him at the next village.
“Your fine Alec, just keep going.” She said. The motor purred on for him. It was if Caledonia knew Alec was driving her again. Alec was always a good driver. The restriction was out on him just in case he blacked out and he had, but right now he was so happy.
Caledonia always made him happy to drive, especially when he was a young man. Now that he was a middle-aged man it was priceless. A beautiful car, a beautiful woman, but she was always that to him. Nothing had changed but the fact she was back in his life. Going into surgery he had someone to lean on for a time. She was always enough for him. More than enough he never saw an end to that and soon all this would be even between the two of them once they were pregnant. Pregnant. A word foreign to him. How many times had they tried to no avail. Not that the practice wasn’t fun. But it had never lead to a child. They knew now that it was not going to be the normal way and 20 odd years since they started trying.
At least also Claire was toast and she didn’t have to be handled with kid gloves. Just where was that necklace taken from Tess’s car. Who had taken it? That in itself almost ruined both Tess and Alec. Not that he really cared that much about his unfaithful ex-wife. He knew full well Roxy would be only his to the day the both of them died. He need not worry about her and infidelity. She had always proved it like she had too. His Roxy. HIS forever, since the day they had met 34 years ago, and she had shared her loney sandwich with him. Her, a girl even. He was happy for the first time in a very long time. Driving the special car named for him, what American girl from Texas would have gone that far for him at such a young age.
“You’re my soul mate Alec. You have always been. No other man would do for me.” She said.
“And no other woman for me, my love.” He said taking her hand and kissing it.
“Never doubt it. I am ALL yours.” He said as he knew he better and to let her drive the rest of the way. He pulled over and relinquished the car to her.
“So soon?” She asked. “
Let’s not push fate.” He said.
“If you wish my love.” She said, and he slid over in the car bench seat for her to take the wheel.
“It’s ok.” He said.
“You only wanted a taste of things to come.” She said.
“Yeah, just a taste to get me though to when I will be driving again on my own power. I have it now. It does not bother me. It can wait for the real time. I want a Triumph frame. I want to build it like I did before. I can start hunting for one now. I’m going to live I just know it. My Roxy says so. So, it will be like always.” He said.
“I am such a lucky man, having such a strong woman. All I need is you believing in me. Because my love I believe in you. Forever and ever Amen. He said. “Like the song says by Randy Travis the country singer. How you found that I have no idea.” She said.
“Darlin’ I have my ways. Shaun told me about it and that I should play it. He was right about most everything.” He said. They got back to the cottage and Ellie was there but not with Fred. “Hi you two. Listen, the child minder wanted to take Fred for the day. You don’t need to be baby sitting in your condition Hardy. You two need today to be together in what ever way you choose. I’ll go talk with Claire. What ever I get will wait until your done with surgery.” She said, and he started to protest.
“No Hardy, it’s appreciated believe me. But you have the love of your life here. Best spend some quality time with her. It’s a nice day, why don’t you go riding on her bike. Take a picnic lunch. Easy to do I bet with Roxy, making those sandwiches you love with the spicy brown mustard. We are so close to breaking the case. But your health and welfare are more important. You have your cheerleader now go and have some fun.” She said.
“More like my keeper.” Hardy wheezed a laugh.
“Yeah with a whip and chair.” Roxy said hugging him, then he put his arm around her.
“Alright, alright you twisted my arm but not too much.” He said giving Roxy a small peck on the lips.
“Your giving me hope it might still happen for me at my age with two kids.” Ellie said getting into her car.
“Good Luck Miller.” Hardy said and shook her hand.
“Thank you, sir.” She said.
“Now go get this over with. Make her wriggle a bit will ya? He asked.
“Oh, I plan too.” Ellie said with a determined look getting in the car. She rolled down the window.
“Sir, good luck tomorrow and God bless you both.” She said and rolled up the window and backed out of his driveway. She cried silently as she drove.
“God Bless them both.” She said to herself.
“Well wife why don’t we get your bike and a picnic basket and have what we had at High Cliff Beach all those years ago.” He said.
“You know that sounds marvelous. Go exploring a little around here. Take a blanket some water and find somewhere no one goes.” She said.
“Oh, I would love to get lost with you in a blanket. After having said lunch.” She said as she took his hand and lead him into the Cottage to make the lunch.
“Don’t forget the dill slices.” Alec said.
“Oh, an extra banana.” She said as he went to get her bike.
“Yo, Alec where do you think your going?” She asked getting out the food from the fridge.
“Yo?” He asked.
“Yeah where are you going?” She asked walking to door where he was half way out.
“Uh, the bike I’m going to get it so it’s ready to put in the picnic basket.” He said pointing to it just outside.
“Uh no, you let me do that. Let’s not tempt fate.” She said.
“I can do it it’s not like I’m asking to ride it.” he said.
“Yeah and you’ll be on it in no time. You love having that bike between your legs just as much as I like you between mine.” She said.
“One thing I love more. Being between yours. Gotcha!” He retorted taking his pointer and tracing the length of her nose.
“We’ll see about a ride.” She smirked.
“How do you mean?” He said.
“Oh, just imagine the different ways.” She smirked and went to finish their lunch.
“Umm, sounds fun.” He said.
“It’s been a long time since I had you in a blanket Alec James Hardy.” She said twitching her butt back to the kitchen. He looked at her walking off with his right eyebrow crocked just so. He blew out a breath.
“I’m one lucky Bastard.” He said, and he went out to get the bike.
“See no ill effects.” He said.
“Good.” She said and took the lunch out to her saddle bags. Their wedding pic still in the saddle bag. He pulled it out.
“Nice looking couple.” He said.
“Couple of what?” She giggled.
“Couple of kids.” He said looking at them. He took the picture inside and put it on display for all to see.
“The original is in a safe deposit box.” She said.
“I still have mine but put up. After a while you became a secrete because of Beck. I mentioned you to no one because of what he might do.” He said.
“Let’s have a good day and not mention him. He’s dead and only the two of us know the truth about that really. I told Shaun of course. He got right on it. I never had to worry about jail. It was self-preservation from the first with him. The judge too.” She said.
“Good. You ready to go now?” He asked.
“After you put on some jeans and a t shirt and I can ogle the shit out of your fine Scottish ass.” She said as he smiled evilly.
“I remember your ogle, Roxy. I’ll be right back and if you come with me there’ll be no ride except the one in the bedroom. I know you my girl.” He said and went to change.
“Take all the fun right out of it.” She said under her breath.
“I heard that.” He said and went inside chuckling and shaking his head.