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I Know You're Out There Somewhere

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Alec’s cottage. Broadchurch September 5, 2014
Alec woke up first after their nap. Now, he was really hungry. He looked at Roxy so close to him. Her hand in his chest hair like it had been all those years ago.
“Sleeping beauty.” He said as he watched her sleep. She had placed her leg over his. He felt her move a little. Then a small
“Umm.” From her.
“Oh, you’ll be starting this all over with that my Darlin.” He said softly.
“Good.” She said as she slid her hand down from his chest down to the python. “You really want to give it a go so soon?” He asked. She opened those sea green eyes and he saw the flame in them.
“I really want to get this breaking in period over, so I can enjoy my man a lot more.” She said.
“It’s been so long since I saw that flame in your eyes. Roxy you’re the only woman I have ever had that effect on.” He said.
“Now, you don’t have to worry about other women. You’ve got me back. I’m not going anywhere again. No one can make me leave you again. I’d kill the SOB. But let’s not talk about that.” She said now grasping the Python.
“You have no idea how delicious that feels. You always did stoke the fire magnificently.” He said.
“You up for it husband?” She asked.
“If you’re up for it wife. I had almost forgot what it was like for you to touch me. It makes me, barking mad.” He said as he kissed her. “You want to spend the night in my hotel room, so we have real room to do it up right?” She asked.
“Yes, I think so. There are two keys you know the hall key and the key to an outside door.” He said as she stopped, and he put her hand right back.
“Don’t stop Roxy.” He said.
“Alright.” She said as she resumed her ministrations. Then his phone rang. She handed it to him.
“Claire.” He said.
“Who’s she?” Roxy asked.
“Witness protection. I need to answer it.” He said. She stopped. He put her hand back on him again.
“It’ll wait.” He said and kissed her again. He dropped his phone on the floor and rolled too far taking her with him to the floor. The phone buzzing a message. “She’s persistent.” Roxy said.
“A pain in the arse.” He said.
“If you need to take care if it, do so.” Roxy said getting up. He pulled her back down on top of him.
“You first.” He said as another message buzzed.
“Take it.” She said. He kissed her a peck and she got up. He then got up and picked up his phone.
“Pick up.” Is what it said. They sat on the side of the bed. He hit speed dial.
“What?” He said dryly.
“Where have you been.” Claire” asked.
“Busy, what do you want?” He asked even more dryly. Roxy got up and went to the bathroom. He watched her an
“Oh.” Accidently escaping.
“Alec are you with someone?” She asked.
“Clair what do you want?” He asked. again.
“Your shagging.” She said gasping.
“Like it’s your business. I’ll ask again what the hell do you want?” He asked. “Lee’s back in England. He called. He left a message.” She said.
“I’d know if he was. I have a man on him.” He said. “I’ll be there when I can. Something’s come up.” Alec said. Claire giggled.
“I bet it did.” She said.
“I’ll be there as soon as I can.” He said making an exasperate sigh.
“Ok, Ok. Sheesh I guess you’re not shagging. Same old grumpy Alec.” Claire said. Alec hung up as Roxy walked slowly into the living room. His mood changed as soon as he saw her.
“I said it once and I’ll say it again. I’m a lucky man, I have a gorgeous, tall, strawberry blond making her way to my bedroom starker’s.” He said as she walked to him. He grabbed her hand and pulled her into the bedroom and on to the bed. Him falling to where he was pulling her on top of him.
“Oh!” She giggled.
“How’s the neither region?” He asked.
“No worse for wear Darlin.” She said.
“You sure?” He asked.
“I know your worried about hurting me. Nothing is going to stop that. The trip was not planned.” She said.
“Where’s your luggage?” He asked.
“On the bike.” She said.
“We need to go back for it. I’ve missed that bike. Missed its owner more.” He said as she settled on top of him.
“Well get this, Caledonia is on her way as we speak. I’m having her shipped.” She said. He smiled then he cried.
“Caledonia. You didn’t rename her.” He said.
“Beck didn’t know either.” She said.
“Ron and Beck were stupid, evil bastards. Your spot on saying they were drug to hell by little black fuckers.” He said.
“I think your prudeness just went out the window too now.” She said
“And my reserve with it. I think you won’t have to nudge me into other round if your so inclined.” He said lacing his fingers with hers. “Damn, got you spoiled already.” Roxy said.
“You, canna help it. We always did this when we were young. We’re just picking up where we left off.” He said.
“I guess so.” She said.
“Actually, we need to eat I have medicine to take.” He said.
“Ok, I’m hungry to, for food that is. I’ll always be hungry for my Alec.” She said dismounting then sitting up. She looked at him.
“Alec, you need a haircut.” She said as he got a sly grin.
“I do don’t I.” he said his grin growing the more he thought on it.
“You remember.” She said.
“Of course, I do. Your haircuts helped me survive. That and you in that little red sundress. I found it in the bags from being taken from Detroit. They dumped me in the London flat. Wait, you’re wearing the locket. In all the excitement I just noticed it. You still have it.” He said taking the pendant in his hand and opening it. There was the picture of them at 14 and the lock of his hair. He smiled.
“It cost two months wages on my paper route. I picked it out myself. It’s 14 ct. gold.” He said.
“I remember. I took it to a small bank in Howe. That and a few other things, I still have our wedding pictures and my rings. I didn’t want Beck to dispose of them. They are too precious to me.” She said getting up and going to her purse. She took her rings out of her change purse and gave them to him. He shook his head no, he patted the bed by him. Then he took them and took her left hand and they slid on easy.
“This is where they belong now and forever Roxy. You’ve always been my wife. In my mind all my ex was, was a blunder I had to live with. I made a child accidently. It was only supposed to be one night. I don’t see Daisy as a mistake. I love her so much and her name is Daisy Abigail. She was born on your birthday in 1998. She’s 15 years old and I have missed a lot of her growing up now. Tess took her because she wanted to further punish me for making her marry me and not get an abortion.” He said. Roxy started to cry. “I wish you’d taken her and come to me. I would have raised her as my own.” She said. He smiled.
“That’s what your mother said that last time I went to see her.” He said.
“I saw you drive away.” She said.
“I saw you in the rearview mirror.” He said.
“My middle name and my birthday. Someone was adamant we remember each other. She quit dressing for a moment and put her hands on his face. “I want to meet her.” She said.
“As soon as I can arrange it. You’ll have to be careful of Tess and disregard her as much as possible. She’s an insufferable bitch and I’ll not have her messing with your head. She will. She’s messed with mine enough.” He said as they finished dressing.
“I would have raised her as my own. It would have meant we didn’t have to…” He stopped her.
“I know but you can help finish raising her. She has a few more years till University. Thanks to you that’s taken care of.” He said kissing her hand. I was happy to do it Alec. I know you’re a public servant and probably had a little bit but Ron made you his victim too. What better revenge than to give it to you for the pain and suffering he caused you.” She said.
“Makes sense.” He said.
“Why did he always call me Little Alec?” He asked.
“He was an arsehole. That’s why.” She said.
“Agreed.” He said. As they finished getting dressed.
“Roxy, I’ll get Shaun to send my ring back.” He said.
“When did you send it?” She asked.
“I have the paperwork here. What are you getting at.” He asked.
“It might still be in England.” She said. Let’s go get the bike and see if we can find it, track it.” She said.
“Hum, you’d make a fine detective sergeant.” He said.
“One cop in this family is enough Alec come on.” She said pulling him out the door and they walked to get her bike. He was smiling so widely seeing the bike again.
“Still just as beautiful as her owner.” He said as they got on.
“We need to get you one.” She said.
“Why?” He asked.
“Because that heartless bitch made you give up the Triumph.” She said.
“Well, it would be fun having one.” He said as she handed him a helmet.
“Then I’ll buy you one. Or would you rather put one together like you did your old one?” She asked.
“I don’t know, that was 20 odd years ago.” He said.
“Think about it.” She said and started the bike. Alec hadn’t been this thrilled in years. He was on a beautiful bike with a beautiful woman. He held on to her as they road through town. People stared as they rode by. She got checked in and went back outside. He was waiting for her. She took his hand and dragged him in got her suitcase and he got the other bag.
“Alec?” Becca said.
“Come on Darlin.” Roxy said. Becca gasp. Alec shrugged and looked at her.
“Better go, the wife you know.” He said. and they walked up. Becca just stood there mouth open. She looked at the registry. DI and Mrs. Alec Hardy.
“Married?” She mouthed. She used the door key and they walked in. They both laughed.
“Your brilliant!” He said. “You should read the register.” She said.
“Let me guess. Mr. and Mrs. Alec Hardy.” He said.
“Well we are fudging it a bit but as soon as we find your ring we’ll go to Gibraltar and get married.” She said.
“You still feel married to me.” He said.
“For the last 20 years. Had we not been interrupted it would have been June 1st.” She said.
“I know. That time was stolen from us.” He said. “
Yes, just like the 5 years before that. Let’s make the time we have left no matter how long or short that is the best yet.” She said as he picked up the phone.
“Lunch?” He asked.
“Yes, just get what you want.” She said unpacking. He finished ordering and his phone rang.
“Hardy. What? Oh, well Roxy can take me Miller. Yeah, she told me you met. Yes, I know there’s a story there. Sometime ok? Thanks, Bye.” He said.
“Roxy can you take me up to the cottage in the next village? Miler’s child minder is sick.” He said.
“Claire?” She asked.
“Yes, and I know you two are going to be like oil and water. By the way until I get you permission leave the Sgian Dubh here.” He clicked his tongue at her.
“Roxy, you know the laws are different here. You’re not carrying, are you?” He asked.
“Did you see one? Want to frisk me?” She asked raising her eyebrow.
“Ok but you, canna here.” He said.
“I know.” She said getting the knife out of her boot and handing it handle to him. “Good. I’m putting it in your suitcase.” He said opening it up. There was her picture box. The ones she took when she was taken the first time. The pictures that had been in Richardson. He put the Sgian Dubh down and picked up the first one on top. Her in the red sundress.
“I found this dress while cleaning out a storage area. I had forgotten until now.” He said.
“You still have it?” She asked.
“Yeah, it was after Tess and I divorced. You left a lot of clothes. I know you loved t shirts I still have those too. You think you might be able to wear them?” He asked. “The sundress probably not with the two inches I gained the t shirts maybe.” She said him pulling his tie off then his jacket.
“Ready for another shag?” She asked.
“Going to make Becca think so.” He said.
“Oh, I’m game.” She said.
“Good then put the covers at the end of the bed. He knocked off his shoes and unbuttoned his shirt and haphazardly did his buckle. By the time he had done that she was in bed naked.
“Roxy what are you doing?” He asked.
“Setting the scene.” She said.
“That’s not what I’m getting.” He said.
“What?” She said. He came and sat on the bed. “It’s not what your putting out Luv.” He said.
“Sorry, I did get a little excited seeing this nice big king size bed.” She said.
“Well you did get a double.” He said smiling softly. She put her hand on his face and kissed him leaving her red lipstick and she tussled his hair.” Now you look like we’ve been shagging.” She said as there came a knock on the door.
“Alec?” Becca asked.
“Be right there.” He said. He went to the door and she had a tray she handed to him.
“You have a Missus?” She asked.
“Well to be fair she was my Missus and she will be again.” He said.
“I see.” Becca said as Roxy waved from the bed.
“Congratulations?” She asked.
“Very.” He said and closed the door. Alec turned around and Roxy was still sitting there.
“Food Roxy.” He said uncovering the food. She began to eat.
“I feel a little over dressed.” He said.
“Well then get naked and come and eat.” She said.
“What a lovely idea.” He said. Doing just that.
“I feel 20 years old again.” He said.

“I feel 19 and in the condom isle.” She said.
“We don’t need those do we?” He asked.
“Oh no, neither of us has been active for ages. If I got pregnant we’d have a star in the east and have to call him Jesus.” She said.
“From what you told me yes. I’m sorry Roxy. You said invitro.” He said.
“Yes, and I need to confess something I did when I was 33.” She said.
“What’s that?” he asked eating.
“I had my eggs harvested.” She said.
“You did, why?” He asked.
“So, you and I might have a child of our own.” She said. He was shocked at first then smiled.
“It would be a lovely idea but aren’t you past that?” He asked.
“No, I’m healthy, Everything else is fine. I’m not in menopause.” She said. He breathed out.
“Well as everything else but the pager I canna deny you anything. But we are in our 40’s and I’m not in good health.” He said.
“Not now after we’re married and you have the pacemaker.” She said.
“Let’s give it some thought but your brilliant. Always finding a way to get around things.” He said.
“Save one.” She said.
“But you kept yourself pretty safe and I’d say you got him back for both of us the way he died. Really Roxy your brilliant. Plus, your, still coming up with brilliant ideas. I wish we could make this a bed in but we have to go and see about Claire. We might tomorrow. Defiantly tomorrow.” He said finishing his lunch and getting up to take his pills.
“Get dressed Luv. Claire will be calling anytime again. We’ll pick this up tonight. I promise because I want it too. Your right my bed’s too small.” He said.
“I’ll call my broker here in Broadchurch and ask her if there’s a nice rental, just for now. You remember he had men all over the world ready to do his bidding? That’s all it was. Brokers.” She said.
“So, he was bluffing?” Alec said.
“Yeah but I wasn’t sure until a few years ago. I didn’t involve Shaun much, but we met for dinner or lunch. He is a true friend. He never was improper.” She said.
“You know it wouldn’t have been bad if you had ended up with Shaun. You did a lot worse having to marry Beck. But I know what you’re saying. You wanted me. I know why. That one act Roxy, I’m sure you love me.” He said.
“It’s nice to finally say it to you.” She said smiling.
“Oh yes. Nice to hear it too. I love you Roxy. I’ve loved you most of my life. I’ll continue to do so until they call time of death.” He said.
“Me too Alec.” She said. “
So, we go and see the postmaster, then Claire. He said putting on his clothes. “Why did you get out of your clothes?” She asked.

“I felt overdressed, but I used to around you. Some things have changed but that hasn’t.” He said as he walked over to her after finishing dressing. She had finished too. He put his arms around her and kissed her long and steady. When he pulled back she had the flame starting in her eyes.
“Now I know that look. But we have things to do.” He said still embracing her. “God, I missed that.” She said. “Kissing?” He asked.
“Your kisses always mean something. I always know you mean it when you do. Alec, it hasn’t changed.” She said as she hugged him.
“They always will. Thing is you taught me. All that kid shit in the movies and under the tree…the tree! I wonder?” He asked.
“We’ll go check it out.” She said.
“What do you mean I taught you?” She asked.
“Well, seeing you were pretty much the only girl or woman for that matter that wanted to have anything to do with me.” He said.
“Their Loss.” She said as they left the hotel room. They went and put a tracer on the ring. It was in Dorset and it would be held there for them. They were about to take off to see Claire.
“You know where this is and I don’t.” Roxy said.
“I can get you there.” He said.
“You drive.” She said.
“You mean it?” He asked.
“Yes.” She said.
“Roxy I’ll need better shoes.” He said.
“Let’s go get them.” She said.
“Ok. I have some Doc Marten’s.” He said as they got on the bike.
“Great, I bet you kept you license up.” She said.
“I did.” He said and they took off. She had barely stopped the bike as he ran through the gate and into the cottage then pulled on his Doc Marten’s. He took off his tie and left it. He looked at the unmade bed and smiled. He took in a deep breath and ran back out to the bike. She was sitting back against the king Queen seat.
“Ready Alec.” She asked.
“For 18 years.” He said as he started the bike.
“Hold On!” He said as she did and they roared off.
The safe house in the next village. September 5, 2014
Claire heard the Harley and couldn’t believe what she saw. He pulled off, her standing with a very shocked look on her face.
“Well don’t look so shocked Claire, yes I ride. It’s been a long time.” He said with a smile on his face.
“Who’s she?” Claire asked.
“Claire, meet Roxy. Roxy this is Claire.” Alec said not using last names.
“Alec, who is she?” Claire asked.
“My best friend. So, you be nice.” He said.
“Roxy stay here.” He said.
“Well, ok.” She said crossing her arms.
“She’s the shag.” She said.
“What is it Claire?” He asked he took her phone.
“Oye!” She said. He looked at her sternly. Then looked at the phone.
“Phone number’s out of Sand Brook.” He said.
“There’s a message.” She said grabbing her phone from him and playing the message.
“I’m in town I want to see you so tell Hardy he’d better let me see you.” It said, and it was Lee Ashworth.
“Why did you bring your shag with you Alec?” She asked.
“I told you she’s my best friend.” He said.
“Are you staying?” She asked.
“No, not this time.” He said.
“I really have to talk with Craig.” He said to himself.
“What are you going to do about it.” She asked.
“I have to talk with Miller first. Her child minder is out sick. That’s why Roxy offered to take me. She just got into town.” He said. “
I don’t like her.” She said.
“Claire.” He warned.
“All that strawberry blond hair and the Harley shit. She’s a biker chick.” She said.
“Well, your right about that I guess. But you won’t say another word she’s not coming in.” Alec said.
“I’d rather you and Ellie come.” She said.
“Why?” He asked.
“She’s not your type Alec.” She said, and Alec was getting mad.
“Claire, she was my wife. A long time ago. We got torn apart and she’s back now. She stays and if she has to run me out here she has too. It’s all for your benefit. So, shut it.” He said.
“Alec, you have awful taste in women.” She said making a face.
“Claire shut it. I’ll have to check this out with my contact. Miller will be out here tomorrow.” Alec said walking out the door and on to the where Roxy was with the bike. His face set in a scowl.
“That is a real piece of work there.” Roxy said.
“You pegged her.” Alec said.
“Wow what a face! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that one before.” She said. “It’s my she’s a pain in the arse face.” He said. “Well I’m glad it’s not for me.” Roxy said.
“You’ll never get this face from me Darlin. You’ll not give me reason too.” He said and started the bike. “
“Hold on!” He yelled, and then she did.
“Let’s have a rest bit. I need to stretch out.” He said.
“Should you be riding Alec?” She asked.
“Probably not. I was so excited seeing you and the bike and knowing Caledonia is on her way.” Let’s go back to the hotel. Your right the bed is bigger there are two of us now.” He said looking positively ashen.
“Alec your scaring me.” She said as he pitched forward. She steadied him. “Thanks Luv.” He said. You’re doing too much. I’ll send either Seth or Ethan to go get the ring.” She said.
“The Riding boys.” Alec said.
“Yes, they are my pilots and gofers. They got me here on my Jet.” She said. “How old are they now?” He asked.
“30, can you believe it?” She asked. “How’s Ray?” He asked. She got quiet. ‘Ray died last year but lived long enough to help me. He always regretted giving you a pink slip. It wasn’t his idea.” She said. “
I know. How did he die?” He asked.
“Heart attack he was 70.” She said. They put on their helmets and she got back on and he got on behind. Well it was nice while it lasted.” He said. “I’ll get a car tomorrow.” She said.
“It’ll be Monday unless we go to Dorset.” He said.
“Ok” She said.
The Traveler’s Hotel Broadchurch September 5, 2014
They got to the hotel. She helped him up the stairs and into the bed. She took his shoes off and got in bed beside him.
“Come here Alec.” She said, and he scooted over to her and lay his head on her chest. He broke about then. I was wondering when you would do this. You haven’t been taking care of yourself.” She said.
“God Roxy. Oh God!” He yelled crying.
“Shush now. I’m here now. You need help. I was just lucky I did all my work a long time ago. I wanted to be ready to be with you. I still had hope.” She said stretching the truth a little. He held her tighter.
“I’m so tired Roxy.” He said.
“That’s the condition I bet.” She said.
“I probably did too much.” he said.
“Yes, you did. Getting on the bike…” He continued for her.
“You, getting on top of me. I’m not stopping that.” He said.
“Maybe we should.” She said.
“No, I’ll just have to pick and choose until It is fixed.” He said as she wiped his tears away the best she could.
“You might need someone to take Claire off your hands. I know I would, but she’d end up with a busted nose.” Roxy said. Alec smiled and snuggled against her.
“I’ll give you a 100 quid to watch.” He said chuckling.
“I still remember you kicking those thugs arse’s at the airport. I told Daisy about you. The Adventures of Roxy.” Alec said.
“Jesus, Alec make me sound like Indiana Jones. Wait you told her about me?” She asked.
“Your imaginary. However, her mother thinks that too. I told her when she couldn’t understand that you should have been her mother. A cat would be a far better mother than Tess. She made you into an imaginary playmate. She’s an only child like you were. So many, times I just wanted to run with her to you. I had to take paternity leave to care for her. Tess wouldn’t. She didn’t want Daisy. She came to me for money for a damned abortion. That’s why I married her.” Alec said.
“I can’t fault you for being a stand-up guy. It doesn’t hurt me because you did something so many wouldn’t. It makes me love you more.” She said.
“I thought you’d say that. But I did worry.” Alec said.
“Look here, in my eyes Alec.” He did.
“I love you, even if you didn’t love me anymore I would love you.” She said.
“Never worry about that.” He said.
“Good. I wish she was mine too. Is she blond and blue eyed?” She asked.
“Yes, and just like me.” He said.
“I saw her picture. She’s beautiful.” Roxy said.
“Thank you. Just a little red in her hair and she could be yours.” Alec said.
“Water under the bridge.” She said.
“I feel so much better already.” He said nuzzling her.
“You always did love to do that. Usually we are naked.” She said.
“There’s plenty of time for that later. We’re older we have more control over our drives now.” He said and looked up at her.
“Ah, forget that.” He said.
“This is fine for now. You haven’t stopped your case, have you?” She asked.
“Cases, Roxy. No, I haven’t. I can’t talk about that. Taking you over to see Claire is a breach.” He said.
“Who am I going to tell? Like I would anyway.” She asked.
“You have a point.” He said.
“Now get some rest.” She said.
“Are you staying?” He asked.
“I will, but I need to call the twins and tell them I need a car and to get your ring before it’s too late. They’re already in Dorset.” She said.
“Well then, call them.” He said letting her up. Roxy called and Ethan answered. He would get both the ring and the car and bring them to her.
“Done, he’ll call when he’s almost here. Both have a corporate card. We’ll eat in tonight. Not go anywhere.” She said.
“Not unless Miller calls. Her child minder is out sick thou. I guess her sister can take wee Fred.” He said.
“Where’s his Daddy?” Roxy asked.
“It’s part of one case Roxy, I canna tell ya.” He said.
“Go on and tell Ellie where you are at least so she doesn’t go to that postage stamp.” She said. Alec called Miller.
“Miller, I’m going to be at the Traveler’s with Roxy. You thought so? Yes, she is beautiful.” He said looking over at her. You’ll call before you come over? Ok. Thanks, yeah bye.” He said then he put his phone on the bed side table.
“You and I have 18 years to catch up on.” He said putting his arms around her.
“You need rest Alec.” She said putting her arms around him.
“Oh, I just got a big dose of Roxy. I’ll be good for a while.” He said.
“You haven’t changed.” She said smiling.
“I have Roxy, and so have you. Let’s not kid ourselves.” He said.
“But the main thing is we still love each other.” She said.
“Yes. We do. You’re my anchor like I told you all those years ago.” He said.
“Then knowing that should help in getting you better mentally. Something else happened and I bet it is present case related. You’re going to have to spill Alec. Like I said who can I tell? I won’t tell the twins anything that’s for sure. If I talk with Ellie…” He interrupted.
“You, canna do that. There’s more to this than you know my Darlin’.” He said as he let her go and sat on the bed.
“Hey, Alec if you can’t tell me then don’t.” she said sitting beside him.
“I don’t want to ruin our first day together in 18 years Roxy.” He said.
“You’ll tell me when you’re ready.” Roxy said. Alec smiled tentatively.
“You understand.” He said.
“I spent 8 years in therapy. Yes. I understand.” She said.
“So, it was that bad.” He said.
“Yes, it was but I survived.” She said.
“But you have scars from it.” He said.
“Yes, but I earned those. It means he didn’t get my will. I told you. He might take my body. My will is mine. You have my heart and my soul. Always, Alec.” She said.
“I would have taken all that myself Roxy.” He said.
“I know, but it made me stronger. Not having my Mama made me stronger. I didn’t even have Shaun most of the time. I had to rely on myself. I didn’t want to involve Shaun. I was afraid Beck would hurt or kill him too.” Roxy said.
“I figured you would protect him too after their warning. I was alone too except for Daisy. Not a good place to be.” He said.
“But we survived. Individually.” She said.
“By the use of the other if you think on it.” He said.
“Yes, I feel though you made me a mythical Goddess.” She said.
“Well, Daisy needed a roll, model. Tess wasn’t doing it. You should have been her mother as much as we shagged back then. If we’d only know about your problem. We were going later in September do you remember? He asked.
“I had to wait for that. I went when he wasn’t keeping an eye on me as much. I told him it was for my periods. I took birth control until I found out. Mama got those for me.” She said.
“Leena, you have no idea how much I miss her. You look just like her. Actually, your demeanor is just like her now.” He said.
“So, that’s a good thing right?” She asked.
“Of course, Leena helped me so much when you were taken the first time. When we did the Dustin/Kathryn thing.” He said.
“You were her son. She loved you like one.” Roxy said.
“I felt it too believe me. Leena was class all the way. I heard she changed her name to Harris.” He said.
“Oh yeah, she divorced Ron while he was in he was in the whooscow.” She said.
“Now that’s a word I haven’t heard in ages. I actually miss Texas but not the summers.” He said.
“I live in Mama’s house in Richardson.” She said.
“Oh, I remember it. Nice place.” He said.
“When you get well we might take some time and go for a little while. I’ll have to get people in place to run things.” She said.
“When these cases are over. I won’t take any more for a while.” He said.
“Couldn’t you just retire?” She asked.
“I haven’t got in 20 years yet.” He said.
“Alec, you won’t need to work. We’ll have plenty of money.” She said. He put his hand over hers.
“Darlin’, I have to work. Police work gives me so much pride and knowing I help people.” He said.
“Ok just get a desk job. Please.” She said.
“At 20 years and I have four left. We can talk on this later.” He said as her phone rang.
“It’s Ethan.” She said.
“Oh, good tell him to come up.” Alec said. Roxy shook her head yes and answered. “Hi Ethan. Good, come on up when you get here it’s number 5. Sure, Thank you. Oh, you did. I wanted you too. Seth is with you?” She asked.
“Good He’ll be glad to see you both. Ok see you in a few.” She said as he spread back the bed a little.
“Alec their 30 years old they know what’s up.” She said as he straitened, his clothes and put his shoes on.
“I’m not going to be advertising the fact.” Alec said. She shrugged
“Well ok I guess you’re right.” As she put her boots on. A knock on the door.
“Let me answer it Luv.” He said.
“Ok.” She said as he walked to the door and opened it. There stood Ethan and Seth. They both smiled and hugged Alec. He hugged them back.
“Uncle Alec.” They both said together.
“It’s good to see both of you.” Alec said as they let go and walked into the room.
Ethan handed her the packet from the rental car place and the key. Seth handed Alec his ring.
“Thank you. Your good mates.” He said. He looked at the grown men before him.
“So, your pilots. You work for Roxy?” He asked.
“Yes, we do. We got a room in Dorset. We’re here until she says otherwise.” Ethan said.
“It’s so good to see you two again. I heard about your dad. I’m so sorry.” Alec said.
“Thanks, mom remarried though. You know she was a lot younger than dad.” Seth said.
“Oh, well I hope your all happy about it.” Alec said.
“Yes, we are.” Ethan said.
“Are you married?” Alec asked.
“No, not yet. Aunt Roxy keeps us busy. She paid for our school. Gave us jobs in our teens and we owe her a great deal. We love working for her.” Seth said.
“Roxy, you should let these fine lads go back. You won’t need them for a while.” Alec said.
“That’s what we get paid for Uncle Alec. It’s fine.” Ethan said.
“We’re also her personal assistants.” Seth said. Alec smiled and opened the box. Roxy walked over and took the ring from the box. As the young men looked on.
“You have been and will always be my husband Alec Hardy.” She said taking his ring and then his left hand in hers and put the ring back on him. It was a little big on him now. He smiled at her.
“You’ll need a spacer Darlin’. I keep those in my night case. I’ll put it on for you.” She said.
“Don’t worry Roxy I’ll gain the weight back.” He said.
“I know you will. And your health.” She said.
“With you here that’s what you call a shoe in.” Alec said and kissed her a peck.
“We’d better be going. You and Uncle Alec need to catch up.” Seth said.
“Right, yes we do. How are you and your brother getting back to Dorset?” Alec asked.
“Taxi.” Ethan said, and it was here as he was on the phone to the driver. “Thank You so much. Your good lads. You always where.” Alec said and hugged them both.
“Call us when you need us. We’re at your disposal too.” Seth said.
“Really?” He asked.
“Your, my husband Alec.” Roxy said.
“Ok then. Roxy will give me your cell phone numbers.” He said, and the twins and Alec went to the door.
“It was so good to see you again Uncle Alec. Aunt Roxy let us know if you need us.” Ethan said as Roxy smiled and nodded.
“You too. Take care goin’ back.” He said.
“We will.” They said together, and they slipped out the door. Alec shut the door.
“Roxy, I need to make some calls Darlin’. I’ll be back in a few. This is the life of a DI. I’m afraid things are going to be cut short in some cases.” He said.
“You do your job Darlin’. From now on my idle will have to have more patients.” She said.
“I’m sorry Luv.” He said.
“Don’t be sorry. Before you go.” She said getting a spacer out. He put his hand out. She took the ring and put it on for him.
“There now.” She said slipping it on. He smiled then he embraced her and kissed her.
“God, I have really missed this Roxy.” He said cradling her against him. He put his chin on the top of her head.
“Me too. Go and get your stuff done.” She said.
“I’ll be back soon Luv.” He said and kissed her again and left out the door. Roxy sat on the bed.
“Oh, crap the boys don’t know to get us a full bed for that postage stamp bedroom of his. Two tall people in a full. His feet will be hanging off.” She shook her head and dialed. Meanwhile, Alec called Craig and blessed him out royally.
“What’s the point in you Craig!” Alec yelled into the cell phone and hung up. Alec was happy Roxy was back but worried for her safety because Lee Ashworth was back in England and although Alec knew he was in England, he knew he wouldn’t be far from Claire.