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I Know You're Out There Somewhere

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Roxy’s House, Richardson, Texas September 4, 2014 (43 Years old)

Shaun drove over to Roxy’s house in his unmarked car. When he got out of the car she was waiting for him at the door. Shaun had a half smile on his face the other part grim and Roxy knew whatever it was it was bad enough for him to come over and not wait. Roxy ushered him in and they sat down on the sofa. Shaun took her hand.
“Oh God Shaun.” She gasp, her heart in her throat. She knew by the look in Shaun’s eye it was about Alec.
“Roxy, Alec has a heart condition. He’s going into surgery for a pacemaker soon. He’s sending his wedding ring in case…” She interrupted.
“He dies.” She said.
“That is what he said. I know you’re not done with the finalization of the will but I talked to Ed and he said it’s nothing he can’t fax you to sign. Roxy, I know you need to be there with him. He didn’t ask for it but the man is so broken without you. I believe that he is alone. You need to go to him now.” Shaun said. Roxy began to cry.
“I can’t Shaun too much has happened and I’m not his Roxy anymore. I’m ashamed.” She said.
“Roxy, you know I love both of you very much. Listen to what I am saying. The man is alone, going into surgery. If you can’t go as his wife, go as his best friend. You where that way before you were his wife. Go and support him. He misses you to no end and he still loves you. He told me to tell you that. Also, I ask him if it mattered on what you had to do to survive. He said it didn’t and you should know that. So, for God’s sake Roxy go. Now in fact or as soon as you can. I know you keep your passport up and Visa too. Not that you need that with all the money you’re going to get. It might be the spark he needs to survive this.” He said as Roxy broke.
“Your right, but I wanted to have the scars taken off before I saw him.” She said.
“He’ll care but he won’t Roxy. What can I do to get you ready to go.” Shaun said.
“Call Ed and tell him to come over while I pack. Your right we were best friends first and foremost. I’m not going over there expecting it to just be like it was. We are different people now.” She said.
“Oh, I don’t know Roxy, miracles can happen but going over there without expectations is best. Roxy hugged Shaun. I haven’t had Alec all these years but I was fortunate to have you, Shaun. The voice of reason in this barmy mess. Thank you so much.” She said.
“Your welcome Roxy. Now go and get packed.” He said. She let him go and got up off the couch. “I’ll call Ed now. Why do you need him?” He asked. “It’s about Evelina and her son Jacob. They are left with nothing. I want to remedy that. They are Jake’s victims too and I want her to be able to live and raise her son. I’ve wanted to do this for a while now. I need to do this before I leave. Oh, and the plane she said getting out her phone and hitting 2 on speed dial.
“Hi Seth, You and Ethan need to get the plane ready to go to England. Yes, today. A couple of hours sure. We’ll land outside Dorset. Put my Bike in and really put a rush on this. Where going to see Alec, you remember him don’t you?” She asked.
“Yes, Uncle Alec, Chestnut hair scruffy beard. Tall and skinny.” He said.
“Good. I’ll tell you and your brother on the way. See you at Love Field in a couple of hours. I’ll call first before I come. The car I can send over. Oh you will? Thanks Seth.” She said and hung up and raced to her room to pack. Shaun had called Ed Burke. He got there as fast as he could. As she packed. “What can I do for you Roxy?” He asked.
“I want Evelina Gomez to get 10 million dollars and Beck’s house in Highland Park to raise her son in. I want that room made into a tornado shelter. She has nothing. I also want you to help her get her citizenship.” She said.
“Roxy that’s too generous for someone that was going to replace you.” He said. Roxy just looked a him crossed her arms and said. “Ed, Darlin’ just do it and make sure she has transportation. She was one of Jake’s victims too and she has a child to raise. Also I need you to go to the bank and on my ok withdraw the 1.5 Million And put it in a bank draft signed to Alec Hardy. I’ll call right now and give the authorization.” She said.
“I have to say as your lawyer giving all this money away is nuts.” He said.
“Evelina has earned every penny of it. She will have nothing if I don’t do something. I remember having nothing and having Alec, Jake is dead, she has no one here in the US.” She said as she called the bank. She gave the account number. She asked for them to set up a bank draft. Then they told her with interest it was 4.5 million. She sat down and told them to get the bank draft ready. She would pick it up on the way to the airport. “Did I hear right?” Shaun asked.
“Yes, 4.5 million.” She said.
“He won’t take it.” Shaun said.
“Yes, he will. It’s for pain and suffering. It’s Ron’s money from a life insurance policy. I’ll say it’s for his daughter too. As a public servant he probably has a small life insurance policy. God forbid he dies, but then his daughter will get it.” She said. Now fella’s I have to get ready to leave.” She said as the men left her room.
“Roxy you’re doing the right thing. Alec would be so proud of you for helping Evelina.” He said.
“I’m doing this for Evelina and her son.” She said.
“I know. Alec will probably be overwhelmed your actually there. Expect that.” Shaun said.
“I expect so.” She said and smiled at him and shut the door. Ed agreed to contact Evelina. He would get the papers ready to transfer funds and property.
“You’ll get there tomorrow early. Shaun said as she came out in a Red Harley shirt with glitter on the wording. Jeans, her boots the ever present Sgian Dubh in them, and a wind breaker from Harris Harley. Her name written on it. Her strawberry blond hair down as she had always worn it. She already wore the locket. She opened it and showed Shaun. Alec and I at 14. I have the rest of the pictures in my suitcase. I even have the 5x7 of our wedding.” She said.
“Such cute kids. What’s that in the back of the locket?” He asked smiling looking.
“Alec’s hair.” She said as she removed the picture and he saw the hair. He smiled.
“Good luck Roxy. My hopes and prayers go with you and are already with Alec to get through this.” He said.
“Thanks for everything Shaun.” She said and kissed his cheek leaving her signature red lipstick. She went to clean it off. “Na. Leave it.” He said as she giggled. They hugged each other and they both left the house. She got into her car and pulled away. Shaun silently cried when she did.
“Together again.” He said as she pulled away down the street. She stopped at the bank and got the check and then on to the Airport. Seth Riding at the door when she got there.
“We got the bike and the transport company is coming for the car.” He said.
“Hi Aunt Roxy are we going to get to see Uncle Alec?” Ethan asked.
“Well, after I see him of course.” Roxy said.
“Dorset airport, right?” He asked.
“Yes.” She said as Ethan handed her some Champaign.
“Thanks guys. This was quick. Alec has a heart condition and has to have a pacemaker put in. That’s why we are going. He’s alone.” She said. The young men looked over.
“I’m sorry, I really hope he will be ok.” Seth said.
“Ok Aunt Roxy we’re ready to go.” Ethan said.
“Good. I’m coming Alec. You’ll not be alone to face this. Your best friend is on her way. Cheer’s my love.” She said and took a sip. The plane taxied to the runway. Roxy had renamed the company, Harris International Her colors being Black and Orange. Like Harley Davidson. They would get there about an hour before sunrise. The twins having strapped her ’84 Harley in the cargo hold on the plane. Once in the air she called Shaun for his address. Shaun said they had told him it was a little blue cottage by the canal. She could remember where that was. It had been 30 years since she had last seen Broadchurch. She was 15 the last time. Roxy had everything she could think with her. She wore the locket all the time now and had the rings with her and their wedding picture. She only hoped Alec would accept her as a friend. Shaun had told her he needed her. She would have to get rid of her own fear of being somewhat tainted. She never fully got rid of that because of the nature of the crimes against her.
Broadchurch, Dorset, Southampton, England. September 5th, 2014 (43 years old)
Alec woke with a start again. Again with no one there and in the twin bed. He looked at the time it was still dark out. He looked at the small wedding picture of he and Roxy and the wedding party.
“If only you were here Roxy. If I get another chance, after the surgery I’m going to find you. He said and winced. He scrambled for the blister pack on the night stand and took the medication and took a sip of water. “I’m going to find you, even if I have to go to Texas to do it.” He said with reserve. He got dressed and the sun was just now coming up. He walked to High Cliff Beach and sat in their spot, like he did ever day trying to will her there. Meanwhile, the midsized Lear Jet landed at Dorset Field. Seth and Ethan going down after landing the plane to the cargo hold. They unstrapped the motorcycle and wheeled it out for her to ride. Roxy walked down the steps and got on the bike.
“Now guys, go and get some sleep or food if you want I’ll call you when I need you.” She said. “Good Luck Aunt Roxy.” Seth said hugging her and his brother did the same. “Thank you for bringing me on such short notice and it running so smoothly. You’ll get a little extra in your pay for it.” She said. “Thanks Aunt Roxy.” They said as the young men let her go and she started up the bike. Seth kept it in pristine condition. She looked back and smiled and took off in the direction of Broadchurch. The 5x7 in her saddle bag and her luggage strapped just like Alec had shown her to the King/Queen seat. When she got there, she went by his cottage first. No one there. Then to the Police Station. Not there either but she left a note on his desk after looking at the picture of a young girl with blond hair and blue eyes. “Oh, I bet that is his daughter. How beautiful.” She smiled. She had left a note saying she was here and the phone number that was theirs when they lived in Richardson. She went down to a little coffee and sandwich shop near High Cliff beach. She sat down. “Well, I’m here. Where are you Alec.” She asked herself, looking at the now 20 year-old picture. Ellie Miller walked in and made her way into the eating place. She walked down the row where Roxy was sitting looking at the picture. Ellie just happened to glance at it. She gasped and put her hand to her mouth. “
Oh my God, DI Hardy.” She gasped again. Roxy looked up.
“DI Alec Hardy.” Roxy said.
“You know him?” Ellie Miller didn’t even ask she sat down after seeing the picture of him in a Tux and so young. Ellie shrugged it off a moment and smiled.
“Pardon me for being so rude. I’m DS Ellie Miller. Actually, I’m his partner, or was.” She said putting out her hand. Roxy shook it and smiled. Ellie got up and Roxy asked her to sit a minute.
“I’m Roxy Harris um he’d know me buy Russell though and or Hardy since we were married two years back in 1994. It’s a pleasure to meet you DS Miller.” Roxy said.
“Call me Ellie, Roxy, is it?” She asked.
“Yes.” Roxy said.
Ellie gulped and blinked. “Married?” She asked.
“Yes, he never said anything about me?” She asked.
“No, he doesn’t talk about his private life much. He’s really young there.” She said. “He was already 23 and I was 22. We are 6 months apart. We actually met here on the beach near the cliffs when we were 8 and a half and nine.” Roxy said.
“You did? Oh, that’s right he told me about being here before.” She said.
“Don’t be too hard on him from not mentioning you. I get the feeling I don’t know the whole story and I bet you want to know where he is.” Ellie said.
“We were and still are for me that is best friends. He’s got a heart condition and I just found out about it. I flew here overnight to be with him.” She said.
“I’d say he does. He’s on medical leave until he gets it fixed. The stubborn Scot won’t listen. He had an attack on duty and with me. This time of day he goes and sits next to the cliff and looks blankly out into the water. His knees tucked tight to his chest.” She said.
“Just like I found him 34 years ago.” She said.
“Why wouldn’t he be that way as a child Ellie.” She said.
“The man is so miserable.” Ellie said. Roxy looked out the window to see a tall man go down the steps to the beach.
“Go, go Roxy. I’ll take the picture to the station for you.” She said.
“Thanks Ellie.” Roxy said with a smile. Roxy kissed her cheek smiled and left 10 euros. Then she bolted out the door. Ellie looked at the picture. There’s a story there if he didn’t mention her all these years she said smiling at the picture and staying for her breakfast.
Roxy stopped at the foot of the steps to collect herself. Was it indeed him? She looked out and saw the tall thin man sit down and put his head down for a moment. Auburn cast. It had to be him. She walked out slowly. Him paying no attention to the people around him. She circled in back of him and sat down on his left side. She knocked his arm. He scooted over. Then she knocked his arm again. He was about to say something harsh when he got a whiff of her perfume.
“Shalimar.” He mouthed then he looked up and over at her.
“Hi, my name is Roxy what’s your name little boy.” She said as he looked at her.
“Oh God! Is it really you Roxy?” He asked. He threw his arms around her and hers around him. He began to cry and she did too.
“Jesus, God!” He said.
“I’m here now.” She said.
“I’ll not let you go again either.” He said as they stayed in the embrace for a great while. He pulled back a little.
“Oh, you’re so beautiful. You’ve not aged a bit.” He said.
“Oh, I have your just not seeing it. But thank you.” She said.
“You look as handsome as ever.” She said.
“I’m thin and pale. You’re not seeing it either.” He said.
“I know you have a heart problem. Shaun told me.” She said as they hadn’t let go of one another.
“Yes, I do Roxy.” He said.
“We’ll fix it together. You know when we are together there’s nothing we can’t do.” She said. He thought for a moment. He didn’t want her to watch him die.
“Roxy, I canna allow you to watch me die.” He said. Still holding her. “
You won’t die because first of all I know your stubborn. Second of all I say so. So that’s that.” She said as he tried to protest.
“I know your alone. I couldn’t have that. If anything, I am here as your best friend.” She said.
“Now that makes me feel better and worse at the same time Luv. You’re my best friend first and foremost. My best girl second and my wife always and forever Roxy. It was a piece of paper they made us sign at gun point mind you. Oh, I got married again yes, but you’re my wife always. You remember, after our first time together. Soul mates. The only thing that stops that would be, death but you know I think you said we’d find a way around death and love each other forever.” He said.
“Love Eternal cannot be denied.” She said and teared up again.
“You know that wee racoon is going to play havoc with your mascara. This time I’m going to let him. He’ll just have to learn the rules again. I’m trying to say, I know it’s been 18 years since you were taken from me. I know we are not the same people and both of us are damaged. I still love you Darlin’. I always have and will. Don’t say it. It was done too ya and I will’na hear it. You didn’t ask for it. I have issues too. We can work them out.” He said and hugged her hard again.
“So, you still want me after…” She began.
“You really have to ask.” He said. Then he kissed her. Her red lipstick transferring on his lips and neck after he hugged her again.
“My goodness, you missed me.” She said.
“If I wasn’t so much the prude now, we’d go at it on the beach like, oh Deborah Carr and Burt Lancaster in from Here to Eternity. Yes, Roxy I still want you. I haven’t stopped wanting you in all these years. I only married again because well, I got drunk and made a child. I took responsibility for it too. We’ll talk about it. I hope you can forgive…” She put her hand on his lips. “Remember I told you do what you had to too survive. There’s nothing to forgive.” She said.
“I’m not going to ask if you want/love me either your presents says it all.” He said as they kissed again. This time Roxy pulling out his lower lip and then letting it go.
“What does that say to you?” She asked.
“A lot, you’re my Foxy Roxy remember.” He said.
“And you’re my Adonic Alec.” She said.
“Before this get’s out of hand I need to tell you I have restrictions until after the surgery. You’re going to have to do the majority of the work. I mean if it goes any further.” He said.
“Sounds like the old times too me.” She said. “But we’re not 25 anymore.” He said.
“This old grey mare is up to some fun. How about the old grey stallion?” She asked. He chuckled.
“Sounds like we are fixing to get it. It’s been a long time too.” He said.
“You remember that?” She asked.
“Roxy, I remember everything. Most of it help keep me alive. I turned into a miserable sod. I forgot the first rule on this. No matter how long or whatever, someone in this world loves me somewhere. That’s you Roxy.” He said.
“You bet it’s me. It’s been a long time for me too. We might just be virgins again.” She said.
“You didn’t have a battery powered Alec?” He asked.
“Wasn’t allowed one. He controlled everything but he’s a dead mother…” Alec stopped her.
“And your gonna kiss me with that mouth?”
“Sorry. The little black fuckers got him and drug him and Ron to hell. Evil overtook Ron with cancer and Beck well he was crispy crittered.” She said. Him translating in his head.
“I get it I can still translate Texan into English. It was the best time of my life and we can have it again if I live. I’m so glad you’re here Roxy. So, so glad. Shaun said you never had any children.” He said.
“No, my fallopian tubes are too small like my mother’s were. Hers were just wide enough to allow one child. Mine no. We would have had to have invitro to help. Oh, before I forget here.” She said as he put his arm around her and leaned against him. He opened the bank draft.
“Jesus Roxy 4.5 million dollars. In my name?” He asked.
“Yes, Daddy Ron says he’s sorry. I want you to have it for pain and suffering. For 18 years of hell.” She said.
“I canna take it.” He said handing it back to her.
“Then take it for your daughter.” She said shoving it back into his hand.
“Well, then I will. Since this surgery might not work. I don’t have a lot to leave her.” He said putting the check in his suit pocket. He kissed her.
“Yeah and what was that for?” He asked.
“For being my Roxy. I bet your hungry. Let’s go have breakfast and go back to my place.” He said.
“Or we can just get coffee and muffins and go back to my hotel. It’s the Travelers. I haven’t checked in yet.” She said as he winced.
“Yeah, the Traveler’s, Becca Fisher’s place. Right.” He said.
“I sense a story.” She said.
“Last year I was staying there. I got lonely and she has a reputation sort of. She turned me down.” He said.
“Why?” Roxy asked.
“My heart condition was what she said.
“Poor Alec. We’ll show her up.” She said as they got up and walked arm and arm on the beach.
“I have my pacemaker in two weeks.” He said.
“I’ll be there and take you and then I’ll take care of you after. Seriously Alec your skinner than I have ever seen you. I mean I don’t care as far as us sleeping together, but I do care because I love you.” She said.
“From what I remember you’re a good cook, you’ll have me fatter than goose on Christmas day soon enough. He said.
“Now to find the nails.” She said referring to nailing a goose’s feet to the floor to fattening him up. He chuckled.
“You would, I better be careful.” He said stopping and hugging her. “My mother was right. God will put you in the right place even if you don’t know at the time.” He said.
“I agree.” She said as they kissed.
“Fuck the coffee and muffins I have bagels at home and coffee. I’m so hungry for a certain beautiful strawberry blond.” He said as they make their way up the steps.
“I’m hungry for a chestnut stallion.” She said.
“This one you may have to put more effort with.” He said.
“Ah you need pills?” She asked.
“Pills? Those? No. Not those.” He said taking her to a corner. And pressing against her.
“Oh, no you don’t need pills. Sorry I asked but not.” She said.
“This is the first time in a long while I actually let myself get that hard.” He said breathing in her ear like he did before they left for home on their honeymoon. She recognized it too.
“I didn’t allow it either so I’m ripe Alec.” She said as he flattened her to the wall.
“I think my prudeness just took a hike.” He said ducking around the bushes.
“I’ll be easy with you since you didn’t have anything to fix the problem with.
“Do you have a car here?” He asked.
“No, the bike.” She said. He smiled.
“I’m glad you still have it. I had to sell mine. The ex made me before my daughter Daisy was born.” He said.
“I’m sorry you had to sell it. You were about to do something.” She said.
“Yeah, well I might just pop here if I did and I don’t want to do that.” He said going under the wind breaker feeling her back.
“I guess you don’t need a bra. I mean still don’t.” He said.
“They are different from before but no not yet. He looked around. Then palmed one. He smiled. Bigger.” He said smiling.
“Around I wear a 38 D now.” She said.
“No matter.” He said as he pressed harder into her and
“Damn woman you still make me wanna drive steel.” He said into her ear.
“I’ll be driving for a while.” She said.
“God, I hate this.” He said.
“Me doing the work? You used to love it.” She said.
“No, I hate that we are half way too each place.” He said thumbing her nipple though the shirt. I’m hearing should I stay or should I go again like I did waiting for you to come down with your luggage in the dorm.” He said and kissed her again.
“Shit.” He said.
“What?” She asked.
“This is what you want.” He asked. her.
“Yes, this is what I want.” She said.
“Good then.” He said and resumed kissing her.
“Alec whoa!” She said.
“Your lipstick is smeared and so is your mascara.” He said.
“Leave both.” She said. Then she put her arms around him. She held him for a moment. He put his head on her should and hers on his.
“It’s like no time’s passed at all and has Alec.” She said.
“Yeah, but the main thing is Darlin, we accept each other. I was really worried about that.” He said.
“I wasn’t going to come. I was afraid I was too damaged for you.” She said.
“You did that for me Roxy. You did it to save my life. Never think I wouldn’t accept you. Not after you took God knows what to save me. If anything, I’m not worthy of your gift. I screwed myself pretty bad.” He said and looked at the scar above her eyebrow. His face fell.
“How?” He asked.
“Riding crop.” She said.
“It’s deep.” He said.
“You ought to have seen Beck.” She said.
“You got enough.” He said.
“I did and something you gave me cut him a new one. It caused his accident.” She said as she brought up her boot and showed him the Sgian Dubh. He smiled. He reached for it.
“Ut uh. Careful it has an edge on it now.” She said as he took it carefully trying the edge.
“When he started leaving me alone. I learned how to use it on Youtube.” She said.
“Shit, you could castrate a bloke with this now. Did ya?” He asked.
“No, but I must have nicked an artery he was bleeding like a stuck hog when he left. Shaun said I had every right to do what I did. It was the blood dripping that made his hand slick and caused the accident. He had plans to rape me and kill me at the same time.” She said.
“God if he wasn’t dead…” Alec said.
“I know Alec. I took care of it.” She said.
“Didn’t you just.” He said.
“Come on and let’s go to my place.” He said taking her hand and quickly walking to the bridge to the canal. Ellie saw them walking arm in arm. She smiled.
“He’s going to be less of a knob now.” They took the short way around and he led her to the gate then though it.
“Alec Damn.” She said.
“Yeah I know. It’s not much but it’s just me. I don’t get to see my daughter. That’s a long story.” He said unlocking the door.
“Double damn Alec where are we going too…” He interrupted.
“In the bedroom of course. We’ve had worse.” He said.
“No, we haven’t. At least when I moved to your flat you had a full-size bed. “We’ll get one.” She drew back the curtain. Then looked.
“It won’t fit. I bet if you lay on the bed you can put you hand against the door frame.” She said.
“We’ll be fine Luv.” He said as she sat on the twin bed.
“I’ll be on the bottom and you on the top. What did you use to say? Oh yeah. Easy Peasey.” He said sitting next to her. He ran his hand up and down her jeaned leg. He whispered in her ear.
“I think we are both over-dressed. I’ll latch the door. Put the curtains over. Loo is down there. “He pointed. Kitchen is there. Unless you don’t want too.” He said.
“Do you know how close we’ll be sleeping?” She asked.
“Yeah, I do actually.” He said smiling mischievously as they grabbed each other and kissed. His tie went first and her windbreaker. They were undoing each others clothes and peeling them off each other. She lay down first them not having much room. “I was right you haven’t changed a…” He stopped and traced another riding crop scar on her shoulder then another.
“There’s a lot Alec. I didn’t have time to remove them.” She said turning on her back.
“Oh Jesus.” He said.
“It was as I thought. But if you bore them I can, surely take seeing them. I know full well why they are there. It doesn’t diminish my desire for you nor my love. But it does let me know one thing. You love me. I’ll never ask that again. I’ll never question it. I can promise you that. So come here. I want to make love to my wife.” He said and kissed her passionately.
“I missed you so much. I longed for you until I had to push that image out. Give me some new material to work with Luv. You were a fine young woman. You’re a knockout as a mature woman.” He said kissing his way down her. Stopping at her breasts first. “Bigger Roxy. Still palm worthy.” He said resuming his journey down her. “I missed that so much. I used to know exactly when to take you that perfume and you scent. That’s how I knew you were here. I got a small whiff of your perfume. It was almost too much to hope for.” He said gently biting her inner thighs. He stopped right before he got to her mound.
“Roxy if well, if it’s grown back we don’t have to finish today. I’ll be gentle.” He said as she looked down.
“Ok, but let’s see first. Right now All I can think on is your inside me.” She said. “Me too but you know I would never hurt you.” He said.
“I know, that’s what freaked me out at first with…No not going there. I know you once said you’d rather be the one bringing pleasure. When I was with you it was nothing but, pleasure and love. Show me that again Alec. Let me know you again.” She said. “My wedding band I sent to Shaun.” He said. “I know. That’s why I came. There no reason now to not know. The men who kept us apart are dead. Go on. Let me feel like I belong to you again.” She said.
“Where are yours?” He asked.
“In my purse.” She said.
“Roxy, will you marry me?” He asked.
“Sheesh that hasn’t changed. Every time we are both naked.” She said.
“Are you complaining?” He asked.
“No, It’s just your way. I see the 20 year old purposing. You know with the shaggy hair and the scraggly beard. Yes, I’ll marry you. But how? I bet you can’t fly.” She said.
“I’ll have to ask. Your still my wife Roxy. Even though they made us sign that paper. It was under duress. I wonder if we can do anything about it?” He asked.
“Your stalling why?” She asked getting up. I’m a little afraid I’m gonna well too soon since it’s been about 8 years I guess since.” He said.
“Easy fix Alec.” She said.
“Oh no, first I have to see what’s up with the neither region.” He said.
“Lay down.” He said. “Well ok Alec. He slid up beside her. Scoot over a wee bit Luv. I think your right. We’ll get a full bed tomorrow.” He said.
“And fit it where?” She asked.
“We’ll be fine.” He said as he reached between her legs and found her clit.
“Oh Alec.” She said.
“That’s positive. It’s been a long time since a woman called my name like that. Come to think on it you were the last one to do it.” He said. She heard him but she didn’t. She hadn’t been touched in a long time.
“Roxy, you said you were ripe not ravenous.” He said. Her soft cries where further feeding his hunger. She was getting louder as she was building.
“Alec!” She yelled.
“That’s it. Take it Darlin.” He said. He watched her lovely face awash with passion. Then she as the building stopped she let go grasping him and the bottom sheet with her hands.
“That’s it. Just like it was.” He said.
“Better.” She said.
“Eh?” He asked.
“Mature Alec.” She said. Her mind clearing.
“Oh, well I’m out of practice. I wasn’t really that popular with the women.” He said.
“Daft women.” She said.
“Alec how long since you did well…” She asked. “A long time. I just couldn’t without you. I’d get that really hot picture in my head with you in the red thong…umm.” He said thinking about it. Allowing yourself some pleasure now.” She said.
“Oh yeah, Baby you where hot then and hotter now. His breathing had really picked up.
“Jesus your backed up.” She said.
“Yes and when I do cum there’s…” She nodded.
“My, the python hasn’t changed at all.” She said beginning to touch him.
“Oh God Roxy you do that and I’ll turn you over.” He said.
“No, you won’t.” She said. She rolled him carefully on his back and mounted him. “You going ahead?” He asked.
“Yeah, I need to get this done so we can have fun doing this and not be so pensive. You need to cum. God Alec. We both need a good fucking.” She said.
“Shagging, remember.” He said.
“Nope, it’s going to be fucking the first time until we get our fill.” She said.
“I think your right. Well that’s something we’ve not done.” he said.
“Here goes.” She said.
“Don’t do it if it hurts Roxy.” He said.
“Oh!” They both said as she slid in.
“Jesus Roxy, I thought the first time was… Jesus!” He said. His hands on her hips. He couldn’t really tell if it hurt her.
“Not going…” He said. She shook her head and went on.
“Ok.” She said. As she rode he built. Alec got loud sinking his head into the pillow as it didn’t take long.
“Roxy!” He yelled and gripped his hands on her hips. He would leave nail print. He came hard inside her. She slowed her pace and then stopped. His toes curling just a little at the end.
“Jesus.” He said again.
“Is that who you saw?” She asked.
“No. You Roxy. Did it hurt?” He asked.
“Yes but, Alec you finally really popped my cherry. Shit at 42.” She said.
“I’m sorry I hurt you.” He said.
“Had to be done. No lube and all. Baptism by fire. Not the first time.” She said as she climbed off. Him moving a little.

“That’s about I can do right now. I can barely move. God I’m sleepy.” He said. She rested her head on his chest.
“We’ll feel it tomorrow.” She said.
“So, what am I feeling now?” He asked.
“Finally, getting fucked.” She said.
“By the love of my life. After 18 years.” He said.
“I say we need a rest.” She said.
“Yes, and then breakfast. Or will it be lunch by then.” He looked at the clock. “Lunch he said and kissed her forehead.
“Maybe not the best but a first for us.” She said.
“Oh, you did fantastic.” He said.
“Thanks, This, is how it will have to be.” She said.
“Until after the surgery. Then, I’m going to make it up to you.” He said. “What’s to make up we both got something out of this.” She said.
“Until the surgery is over. I’ve convalesced and the doctor ok’s it.” He said.
“Your back in my Arms again.” She said.
“Right by my side.” He said.
“I got him back in my arms again.” She said.
“So satisfied.” He said. They laughed and settled down on the small twin bed in each other’s arms and went to sleep.