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I Know You're Out There Somewhere

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Alec closed the door after watching Leena walk down the hall, looking so much like his Roxy.
“God bless her. What she’s had to live though and who she had to live without.” He walked toward Roxy who was very despondent.
“No, no Roxy, it’ll be ok. We’ll beat him.” Alec said embracing her.
“My whole world is changed.” Roxy said crying hanging on to Alec.
“Yeah, well they’ll be more from the feel of it. We’ll do it together.” He said then he pulled back. He looked at Roxy in the eyes.
“Look at me Roxy. He won’t get away with this. You need to get properly angry and play this as it is being presented. Stoke it. You and I have every right to be properly angry and use the laws here to do it right, so it will stick. So, we can get on with our life together. I don’t know about you but for me not being your husband is killing me inside.” He said.
“I hear you Alec, I want to be your wife more than anything, but I have so much to be ashamed of now. It’s a wonder…” He stopped her.
“What did I say in front of your mother about that. You’re not to give that another thought. Nothing will ever make me not love you. Ya canna help that. But I will say this, I’m so glad you are here. My life as a kid would have been more hell. So, stop your cryin’ the wee racoon will play havoc with your mascara. I’d rather muss up your lipstick anyway.” He said going to smooth the lines but she wasn’t wearing any. He wiped the tears away with his thumbs.
“Clearly, you don’t need makeup your simply gorgeous my darlin’ without it.” He said and smiled at her.
“My Adonic Alec.” She said.
“If my best friend says so. But now my Foxy Roxy says so.” He said.
“Your woman says so.” She said playfully.
“I’ll not argue the point.” He said giving her two pecks and then one for good measure.
“We’ll be fine.” He said.
“We’ll be unbeatable.” She said.

Dallas, Texas Dallas county court house. September 22, 1993 Judge Walker Eldridge presiding.

Alec had given his testimony for his side of the case against both Russell and Beck. Alec wasn’t scared, he was determined. They had sent for his ER records in London. With the clean-up of his hair and beard he looked like a professional. But he was. He had graduated with honors from college. He had manned up early too. He told them about his ordeal and how they had come into their flat with a gun and threatened his life and she went to save him. That in itself was going to get Russell a lengthy sentence alone. Beck was only charged with accessory. His men where in deep though they took it upon themselves to have guns in a foreign country. They threatened a foreign national, breaking and entering, kidnapping with conspiracy to commit murder.
Russell was charged too. He would spend 20 years in at least with those charges alone. The judge was angry that he was being so flippant saying his daughter needed help that Alec was the one holding her. She was unstable mentally. Depositions from their work and school said Alec and Roxy were telling the truth. They were of age and sound mind and they were very much in love and planned to marry. Even if he was her father he had no right to stop them. Beck did 120 days for his part in the county lock up.
Russell would do 15 years for all the charges including drugging his daughter. They were remanded into custody immediately. That took 6 months to do. They stayed in a safe house until they were remanded and then they rented a house in Richardson, Texas for now to be close to her mother. Russell and the thugs were sent to a maximum security prison. Federal charges pending on them. If Russell ever set foot in England he would be doing time there too. The judge put Leena in charge of his personal money and the business went to Roxy. Roxy would later run the Harley dealership and have the control of all the money he had. Roxy went to the Judge with the hair on the brush from Mike Harris. The Judge had it run to inconclusive evidence because the hair was over twenty years old.
One mystery that might never be solved. Roxy and Alec became good friends with Shaun McMillan and many of the Dallas police though the ordeal. Alec had played with the idea of becoming an American and becoming a cop but he kept that in the back of his mind for now. It seemed their troubles where over. At least for now.

Richardson Texas, The rental off Meandering Way May 22, 1994. (23 years old) early morning.

After Russell and Beck were put away. Alec and Roxy settled into life very well. Alec hated the oven like heat in the summer but where Roxy was he was home. He had extended his visa and began his Master’s program as she had at the University of Texas at Dallas. They had jobs His in his field and her at the Harley Dealership with plans still expanding it. Alec would get his Masters in Education, with Infosys on special ed reading disabilities. School was about to let out for the summer and they had a wedding to plan. Alec woke that Sunday morning. He thought about his mother’s words. “God will put you at the right place, even if you don’t know it at the time.” He thought about all they had to endure, and he wasn’t sorry at all. He looked at the strawberry blonde beauty who had loved him from the time they were 8 and a half and nine years old, holding on to him almost for dear life in her sleep.
“It’s time Miss Russell, I need to make a honest woman of ya. He said quietly.
“Not that you’re not as honest as the day is long. It’s way past time my Darlin’.” He said holding her close.
“Alec are you proposing again?” She asked opening those sea green eyes. “If I have ta.” He said. “Alec why are you always naked when you do propose?” She giggled crossing her leg over his.
“Ah just damned lucky I guess Luv.” He chuckled.
“Or are you thinking you’ll get lucky.” She said. “Ah, I’ve only asked twice, one just now. I’m always lucky with a fine woman such as yourself. Just lucky period. When are ya going to get off those pills and start the rugby team? Or have ya already?” He asked.
“Well, I haven’t got off the pills yet because I wanted you’re ok on that I don’t want to suddenly say Alec we got our first player for the team on the way. You got a long way to fall if you faint.” She said.
“Actually, your wrong on the reaction. I’d be stunned a little but not unhappy. I only asked because you could set a clock on you having your monthly.” He said.
“Yeah, I don’t know why. I probably need to see Dr. Montgomery.” He sat up with her with him. Concern in his eyes.
“You think somethings wrong?” He asked. “No, probably I need to get off them for a year or so.” She said.
“Perfect timing because, really I want to be married to you first. Let’s go to Vegas after term. We’ll have until first of August for a honeymoon.” He said.
“21st of June?” She asked.
“Or somewhere near that you’ll be my June Bride in white me too. Remember John and Yoko?” He said. “
I’m not a…” He stopped her.
“We were at the same time. We are the only ones to have each other so really we still are. Marry me in Vegas, in white, near or on the 21st of June. It was the day you came up to me and changed both our lives with, Hi I’m Roxy what’s your name little boy. Or don’t you remember Luv.” He said turning on his side then nudging her twice like she did him all those years ago.
“Yes, yet again, to my naked man waiting on his morning shag.” She said.
“I’m serious Luv. It’s way past time for you to be my missus.” He said.
“Alec, I just said yes, your preaching to the choir.” She said giggling
. “Maybe Leena will go with us. Be a witness. Did you say you had a car?” He asked. “Maybe on Mama, Yes I have a car and your going to faint when you see her. I put her in storage when I went to England. I call her Cali for Caledonia. She’s a 1971 GTO Black with black interior.” She said. “Caledonia? That’s the old name for Scotland. Well, you never said you did. Why not? That’s so cool!” He said.
“I thought I might have to sell her. I thought we’d be in England and not here. In Geography we studied Scotland. I named her that for you Alec, so my father wouldn’t know.” She said.
“You were thinking of me even then. What else do you have you’re not too keen on telling me?” He asked.
“Yes. Nothing else, we’ll go get her today. We could go right now as soon as we are dressed.” She said. She moved to get up.
“Ah, not so fast Miss Russell.” He said.
“Oh boy I knew it.” She said. “That’s a lot of complanin’ and moaning I’m hearin’ outta ya this mornin’.” He said.
“No, Alec I’m just really gun shy. I know they’re in the whooscow as Mama says but, I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop.” She said as she threw her arms around him and they flopped back on to the bed. She put her leg over his again.
“Yeah me too Roxy. I don’t want to wait until June 21st. Just so ya know. I never want to be without you again. If I am I’m going to be one mad man I won’t stop till you’re back in my arms again.” He said.
“Have you ever thought we might not supposed to be together?” She asked.
“After all that shit? You don’t believe that because I don’t. That’s the what you called gun shy talkin’. Your so-called father did that. Don’t you believe it!” He exclaimed.
“He’s not your father I’m sure of it. It’s the only reason he’d have to be so cruel. To get back at Leena for loving someone else, having his child. Think about it.” He said.
“It does stand to reason but it makes me a…” Alec looked at her sternly.
“Will you stop with that? Your parents loved each other and made you. You’re their greatest work Roxy the world would be such a bleak place without you.” He said tears forming.
“I’m here and not going anywhere Alec. If I’m worth that much to you alone it’s more than enough you’ll always be enough. I know my Mama loves me but that’s different. You love me unconditionally as yours. I never thought I’d belong to anyone else. I always believed it would be you to love me forever and I’m the lucky one. We’ve gone against all odds and here we are in our bed in each other’s arms.” She said.
“You forgot naked.” He said cheekily.
“You, what am I gonna do with you?” She asked. “You’ve been pondering that a long time Luv, have you not figured it out yet?” He chuckled. She shoved his arm.
“That’s going to take the rest of my life.” She said.
“No, Roxy the rest of our life together.” He said kissing her. “Umm, better than morning coffee.” She said smiling at him and running her hand over the two days of beard. She scratched under his chin. He chuckled because it tickled.
“Keep it. The trial’s over. I’m seeing my Alec again.” She said smiling at him.
“My Adonic Alec.” She said.
“If my soon to be wife says so. Alright, Luv. But when it scratches you just remember you said keep it. Next time you cut my hair block it in the back.” He said as she pulled him to her.
“Oye! Roxy what the…” As she had him snuggled against her bosom.
“Who’s complaining now?” She asked.
“No complaints.” He said snuggled in her bosom. She ran her hand though his hair. He let out a long breath.
“I have you Alec, now and forever.” She said.
“And I you.” He said wrapping his arm around her.
“Shalimar. That and your scent alone I would find ya anywhere.” He said.
“Not that I mean to keep spreading it around.” She said.
“You must be really wanting me this morning. That alone tells me so.” He said. She looked at him.
“Don’t you know.” She asked.
“Yes. I do luv and you could be letting me up from the nice pillows I’ve got and…” He began to touch her. “And have a shag before we get the…Oh, you bad boy, ah car.” She said.
“Umm hum.” He said. “Alec…Oh.” He smiled evilly.
“What?” He asked not stopping.
“Never stop.” She asked.
“Well, at some point I’ll get corporal tunnel.” He said. She giggled amidst what he was doing. “
Na No. Never stop loving me.” She said.
“Oh, that’s the easy part I don’t even think death could kill that.” He said as he pulled the sheet over them.
“Let’s not find out.” She said.
“Let’s not.” He said as the sheet moved and giggling started again.
“Roxy?” He said stopping.
“Yes, My Darlin’.” She asked.
“I love you if I haven’t said so today.” He said.
“I love you too Alec.” She said and the giggling started again.
“Stop I have to pee.” She said.
“Then go and hurry up I’m next.” He said smacking her butt with his hand.
“Ow! Geeze I feel for our kids.” She said running to the bathroom.
“And why would that be? He said getting up and walking to the bathroom.
“You have a wicked smack to the butt.” She said.
“Then don’t give me reason or do when your feelin’ Foxy Roxy.” He said as he washed his hands raising his eyebrows then just one. She giggled. “
That’s bawdy Alec. But I love it.” She said.
“You just, make me feel so much all at once Roxy. I became a man at your hands if you think about it and I don’t mean that in the bawdy sense, I meant that reverently. All I’ve learned since came about because of you.” He said. Well Alec I could say the same. I’ll never say again we weren’t meant to be because we are.” She said.
“Good now, you’re driving me bonkers woman. It’s almost 9 am and no morning shag.” He said backing her up back into the bedroom.
“I’m going to get it.” She said.
“Yes, and very presently so either come here or I’ll pull ya back into bed.” He said waiting for her to comply.
“No pulling. Willingly.” She said wickedly.
“I kinda expected that.” he said stepping forward. She took his hand and led him into the bedroom and he shut the door.
Later that morning they were up and dressed after a discussion in the shower about the car. In those days Alec was a bit of a scamp with Roxy. Uninhibited, outgoing and charming. Because Roxy liked damned near everybody he did too. There were some people you were allowed to view with disgust. (Russell and Beck) They went to her mother’s house first to get the keys and borrow her Lincoln. Alec had bought a beat up old ‘74 Maverick and it was on it’s last leg. They rung the doorbell and she answered hugging what she called her kids.
“Mama I’m here to get Cali’s Keys.” She said as Alec closed the door.
“It’s past time for that and your weddin’ gal of mine.” She said winking at Alec. He looked at Leena as if to say
“Way past time.” Leena sat them down before any more was said.
“You’re going to need witnesses. Do you want me to go with as one?” She asked.
“If you’re up to it Leena.” Alec asked.
“If it’s soon I will be. What about that nice young detective Shaun McMillan for your best man?” She asked.
“Well we are friendly, and I do consider him a good friend. That’s a thought but what after?” He asked.
“Shaun and I will come back next day. Leave you two for a few days. It’s a shame Mike isn’t here to see this.” She said.
“It is.” Roxy said. “The test was inconclusive as to my being his. The hair you gave me was degraded.” Leena looked sad.
“Do you have the brush still?” Leena asked. Roxy pulled it from her purse.
“I just got it back.” She said. Roxy I just don’t know if he was your father or Ron was. Things were so different then. But luck was with us. Abortions were still illegal and he couldn’t force me to have one.” Leena said.
“You mean he was going to force you into one?” Alec said. Leena shook her head yes. “I kept Roxy a secrete for 4 months back then you went to butchers to do it. I also told him it could be his. Ron that is. And it could have been. I just don’t want to talk about it Alec. Please don’t…” Alec hugged her.
“No more Leena I know all this is painful. Let’s talk about the wedding. So, you’re coming if we can get it together come June 1st?” He said. “
Alec, the sooner the better son. Don’t worry about money I’ll take care of that.” She said.
“That’s very generous Mama. Thank you.” Roxy said.
“Yes, thank you, Leena.” He said.
“You’re my kids. I want to see the beginning of your happiness together. What about your Dad Alec. Yes I know about your Mama, I’m sorry about that son.” She said.
“She’s at peace. She’ll be there just like Mike will. Dad canna travel. Something about his heart.” Alec said.
“I’m sorry about that too. You should have that checked out from time to time. It could be inherited.” Leena said.
“I will, most likely thou Roxy’ll have me in every year.” Alec said.
“Yeah, Mama we take really good care of each other.” Roxy said smiling at her mother and at Alec.
“I’ll call Shaun and see if he would stand up for me. I know him that well. He’s a good in a pinch mate.” Alec said.
“Now then easy enough. Clothes.” Lenna said.
“We agreed a long time ago we’d both wear white.” Roxy said.
“Good choice you were each other’s first I guess. I don’t care but I know Roxy was adamite about who and when she and you were parted. It seems though you feel the same way.” She said, and Alec smiled.
“There’s been no one for me but Roxy since I met her at nine. It seemed fitting we wait for each other.” He said not at all upset or embarrassed.
“I’m happy you two can say that.” She said.
“White it is.” She said.
“Who to give you away?” Leena asked.
“You Mama. Be my matron of honor and give me away.” Roxy said.
“Oh yes Leena, that’s a lovely idea Roxy.” Alec said.
“Ok then me it is for double duty. Ok enough wedding plans for now. They’ll have a photographer and do the cake and have the place with it. I’ll make those plans and we’ll leave Elvis out of it ok?”” Leena said.
“Ok sounds good.” They both said in unison.
“I’ll take you to the car. That way you’ll not have to come back here. Oh Rings!” She added.
“We have those and have been trying to get married for over two years now. England has tough marriage laws and no common law. We even tried Gibraltar and it was expensive.” Alec said.
“Seems like to me you were waiting for something more than opportunity.” She said.
“We thought you wouldn’t be able to come. But it turns out that it was best. We get to have a sort of real wedding now and we both appreciate it.” Roxy said.
“It is a real wedding. Just because it’s in Vegas does not mean anything bad.” Leena said.
“Let’s go kids. I’m sure Alec will want to check things out. Have you gotten your bike yet?” Leena asked.
“The ‘84. No, it’s still at the dealership. I forgot totally.” Roxy said.
“More?” Alec asked.
“Yeah, I’m sorry with all the things that happened…” Alec stopped her.“
“No worries Luv it’s been hectic.” Alec said. Her mother took them to the storage and they took a compressor just in case the tires were low. Leena waited in the car to see if it would start. Roxy went to pull off the cover to Alec’s fascinated eyes.
“Oh, she’s beautiful!” He said taking the keys from Roxy who had not exactly offered them.
“Ut hum.” She said to Alec who was running his hand over the black glossy body like he would Roxy.
“Am I interrupting something?” She said as he was still in the middle of fondling the car.
“Huh?” He asked. “Do you two want to be alone?” She giggled.
“What? Um no Roxy. You take…” He tried to give the keys back.
“No, start her up.” Roxy coaxed.
“Ya mean It Luv?” He asked.
“Yes, start this baby up so we know she’s gonna run.” Roxy said as he made a mad dash to the left side of the car. She giggled again.
“Right, American.” He said scooting over on the bench seat. He paused to fondled, the steering wheel and column. She bent down.
“I’m jealous all this fondling is making me hot.” She said in his ear. He looked up at her and smiled.
“Don’t be jealous you’ll get your turn.” He said.
“Turn it on Alec.” She said crossing her arms.
“I thought I’d already started something.” he said as he turned the key and the engine roared to life and the cassette tape blared, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap by AC/DC.
“Jesus! What the hell is all that Caterwauling and How Do You Stop…” He began. She turned it down.
“It!” Alec said loudly. She smiled smugly reaching over him to turn it off. He gave a few pushes to the accelerator then he looked at her.
“Please don’t tell me you listen to that shit.” He said.
“Alec, their a Scottish band. Ron hated them.” Roxy said as they waved her mother on and she waved. Leena pulled her burgundy Town Car out and went home.
“Well Ron and I agree on one thing.” Alec said.
“What’s that?” Roxy said.
“Roxy it sounds if they are torturing some poor wee animal.” Alec said teasing her.
“Alec, they’re Scottish?” She said.
“Daft Scotsmen. Rather deaf because I am going to have to check my hearing.” He said tears forming he was trying not to laugh.
“You, what am going to do with you?” She asked hitting his arm.
“Anything you like my Darlin just don’t be going and turning it back on. Take it out.” He said. Heavy on the brogue.
“I’m leaving it in.” She said loud enough for people to hear.
“Take it out now!” Alec said as they were tig tagging over the tape punching in and out of the cassette player. It also played CDs. From where they were sitting it looked as if anything could be happening.
“God woman your just going to leave it in aren’t ya?” He asked.
“I’m not taking it out. Alec it’s fine just where it is.” She said.
“You keep leaving it in there it’s just gonna get all hot and messy.” He said.
“No it won’t maybe it’ll get hard again.” She said as people where listening.
“Leave it in.” She said. “We don’t have time for this Roxy. I won’t drive with it in.” He said and they had no idea what they were saying could be misconstrued.
“Then let me drive because I don’t care about it being in she said trying to get in the drivers seat.
“Roxy, you better take it out it’ll stick in there all hot and messy.” As it looked as if she might be mounting him.
“Hey Roxy give Alec a rest. Take it out and go home. Your steaming up the place. This is no place for the Nasty.” Said the owner.
“In the middle of the freaking day. Damned kids.” Alec and Roxy looked at each other and laughed.
“Yeah Roxy, we could be at this all day with you popping it in and out.” Alec said and started laughing.
“Very funny Alec. Just pop it in and out and no play time.” She one upped him.
“Ohh! I’ve never done that to ya. I’m all action baby. Put on the damned seat belt and let’s ride.” He said wiping his eyes.
“A little less talk and a lot more action baby.” She said as he
“Ut ohed.” Revving the engine as she clicked the seat belt he put it into drive and peeled out of the storage place. Turned right and you could hear YEHAW! As Roxy raised the sun roof her hands in the air. Alec was laughing.
“Talk about bawdy Roxy. Shame on you.” He said.
“Doing the nasty.” She said.
“American for having sex?” He asked.
“Yeah.” She said.
“That guy thought we were..” He stopped.
“Well it sounded like it.” Alec said chuckling. “
Are you having fun?” She said.
“Yeah and not at my Roxy’s expense either. Laugh with me Darlin’. We have a lot of that to catch up on.” Alec said glancing over at her strawberry blond hair blowing in the breeze after the windows had been let down. He stopped at the light and kept looking. She was so beautiful in that little red sundress. Her hair blowing in the wind with her laughing. She looked over at Alec and he forgot the light.
“I love you.” She said. The horn blared behind them as he shook back into reality. He kept glancing.
“Your distracted Alec.” She said looking at him still.
“I love you too. Well with all the accusations of slap and tickle, Roxy and that little red sundress with the spaghetti straps and that strawberry blond hair blowing not to mention those red lips. Umm.” He said.
“I’ll always remember you like this.” He said.
“Am I going somewhere?” She asked.
“No, no my Darlin’ but in my mind I’m going to keep you just like ya are right now. Breathtaking.” He said.
“Oh my goodness Alec, that’s, beautiful.” She said.
“No Luv, you’re the one that’s beautiful.” He said taking her hand and kissing it.
“Thank you, ah your pretty much all that too.” She said.
“I’m glad my soon to be wife thinks so. Also my best girl and my best friend. I get three for one.” He said.
“So do I.” She said.
“Oh?” He asked.
“I have my soon to be husband, my best fella and my best friend.” She said. “Yeah we’re lucky.” He said.
“I love this car.” He said.
“Want to get the Bike?” She asked.
“Yeah might as well if it’s ready. Oh Helmet.” He said.
“On the bike.” She said.
“Good.” He said.
“We’ll have transportation now. Sell the piece of shit Maverick for scrap.” She said.
“I will but that old car gave her all for us ya know.” He said.
“Do you know where you’re going?” She asked.
“Ron’s dealership?” he asked.
“Yes. She said.
“You’ll let me take your bike back all on my own?” He asked.
“Of course. I know where you sleep and who with.” She said.
“I guess then I’d better bring it back. You said it was an ’84 Harley but you didn’t say if it was a dove tail or soft tail.” He asked.
“No, soft tail.” She said.
“Then you shouldn’t be riding it needs to be in museum.” He said.
“What’s the point of having it if you don’t use it.” She said.
“Now that can be said for many things Luv but I get what you’re saying.” He said happily driving the car.
“Alec right side!” She said as he swerved over to the right side.
“Sorry Luv this is taking some time to get used too. I never thought I’d live in America.” Alec said as they drove into the dealership.
“I never thought we’d be here.” Roxy said.
“After we’re married do you want to just go back to the flat for a while?” He asked.
“It had crossed my mind.” She said.
“We need to think about it. Mr. Henson said he put my bike in the flat. Your mother paid a year’s rent on it. We could go back after we’re married and stay until term.” Alec said getting out then opening the door for her.
“Thanks Alec.” She said standing highlighted by the sun. Alec took her hand and looked at her.
“Yes you are beautiful but even more your gorgeous. I’m a lucky man.” He said as they walked into the dealership.
“I’m the lucky one.” Roxy said as he stopped.
“We both are Luv now let’s go get your bike. I’ll take it home for ya. No way can ya ride it in that dress.” He said.
“You’d like me to try though.” She giggled.
“Now I never said that.” He said. “Aha.” She said. They talked to Roy Riding the acting manager. He was happy to meet Roxy and Alec. Roxy was to take over in the fall making transition over the summer. There was no way they could go back to London but for maybe two weeks. Roy had been unhappy the way Ron had run things making shady deals like the one he had with Beck. Although that loan had gone though, and Roxy would oversee the building of it. The extra part that included her was over. He would not get the separate new dealership. Roxy was just as happy. She had a rugby team to make with Alec and she would be busy. Alec and Roxy were going to live their life together in love and in happiness. Or so they prayed. Roy brought the bike to Alec and he looked it over.
“That’s my Roxy. Red with flames.” Alec said.
“How do you like my big bad ass bike? She asked.
“Suites my Bad ass babe.” Alec said smiling at her. He swung his leg over and got on. “How do you ride it?” Alec asked.
“Why is it too big for you?” She asked.
“No, it just seems too big for you.” He said putting on the helmet and turning on the key. It roared to life. See you at home Roxy!” Alec said.
“Ok Darlin’ Be careful.” She said giving him a smooch. He road off on Preston road.
“Does he know how to ride?” Roy asked.
“He does he’s really good too. He rebuilt an old Triumph from the ground up. He still has it in our flat in London.” Roxy said walking with Roy to the car.
“He’s Scottish, isn’t he?” Roy asked.
“From Glasgow. Yes.” Roxy said.
“Nice Fellow. Tall.” Roy said.
“Yes. My Alec is an exceptional man.” Roxy said.
“You think he might consult, we get old Triumphs sometimes.” Roy asked.
“I’ll ask him. We are both working on our Masters. We’re getting married soon.” She said.
“Your daddy was dead set against that and I hated for Y’all. Congratulations.” He said. “Thanks, I’ll tell Alec.” Roxy said getting in the car. He shut the door.
“Roxy be careful you and Alec.” Roy said. “We are.” She said.
“If you need anything call me.” He said.
“Roy do you know something we don’t.” Roxy said.
“I know Ron, I stay to make sure he stays right if you know what I mean.” Roy said.
“Ok, but if you know or suspect something tell us please. Thanks.” She said.
“I will Roxy.” Roy said as she started up the car smiled and pulled out onto
Preston Road. When she got home Alec was waiting for her in the drive way. “Hey Darlin’.” Roxy said out the window of the car.
“Hi Roxy, Get, your shorts on and come ride with me. This bike of yours is cool.” He said.
“Oh now, I lost my car and my bike in the same day.” She said.
“You know I always liked your toys better except the Atari.” Alec said.
“I don’t mind sharing. Everything but the aggies I won from you.” She said. “You mean you stole.” Alec said teasing her.
“I won those fair and square.” She said getting out of the car.
“And just where are they now?” He asked.
“You want a rematch? Marbles at our age?” She asked.
“Maybe.” He said following her in her peeling off the dress looking for her shorts and t shirt. She turned around.
“I’ll settle for this.” He said stopping her in her red thong.
“Alec you wanted to ride.” She said.
“Yeah, I’d like to go riding on that bike but…” Alec began taking the shorts from her and uncovering her breasts.
“But what you, handsome hunk of Scot?” She asked.
“But you didn’t have to do this. You could have just slipped on some shorts. Roxy, your not foolin’ anyone with that red thong. You never cover your ass. Not that I mind. You wear such lovely things.” He said.
“Oh underthings?” She said.
“I canna say I know much about ladies unmentionables.” He said. She giggled.
“Would you like too?” She said.
“Well, we’re green as grass together you know. Sometimes I wonder if…” He began. “Alec, your only 23 and me 22. We’ll learn. Don’t worry.” She said.
“Yeah we will and do that together.” Alec said.
“Now go and get on something you can ride in. This bike promises all kinds of things how long have you had it?” Alec said.
“Since I was 16 same as the car.” She said.
“Story?” He asked.
“Ok you got me there.” She said.
“Thought so. Spill it Luv.” He said.
“Bribery that didn’t work.” Roxy said him throwing the shorts to her.
“You mean he gave you the bike and car to pacify you when you didn’t come back the next year.” Alec said sadly.
“Yeah but look…” She looked over at Alec who was looking down and far off.
“Alec!” She yelled.
“I’m right here Roxy I hear ya.” Alec said looking at her.
“Alec Hardy, we beat him, and it didn’t work. It took a while but we’re together.” She said.
“I know Darlin’. That’s not what I was thinking of.” He said.
“Then what.” She retorted.
“I was thinking about how lonely I was without you and that it wasn’t you that brought that on. That’s one thing I never did, said you were the cause. I put the blame on Ron from the first. I knew exactly how you felt about me even from when we were kids playing Atari and Marbles. I’ve always known.” He said.
“Then NEVER doubt it. You hear me.” She said getting up in his face her sea green eyes flashing that flame again.
“I hear ya. I won’t” He said. she smoothed his hair with her hand and kissed his nose.
“Ya missed ya wee minx.” He said cheekily.
“I did, didn’t I?” She said. “Well?” He asked. She kissed him a peck and started to put on her clothes.
“That was weak.” He said.
“Just a minute.” She said. Starting to put on her clothes. She put on her t shirt and shorts. She then wrapped her long arms around him and gave him a smoldering kiss.
“Now let’s go.” She said leaving him there speechless and him then chasing after her.
“Roxy your shoes.” He caught her about the couch over corrected and lost balance getting a hold of her and took a header over the back taking her with him. Landing both of them sprawled on the couch him on the bottom and her on top of him.
“You meant to do that.” She said giggling.
“No, I’m still a little clumsy but I usually cover it up better than this.” Alec said breath knocked out of him her landing on him.
“Are you ok?” She said.
“Yes. Just fine and you?” He asked.
“I’m ok.” She said.
“You forgot your shoes they went flying when we did.” He said her not moving. “Roxy, you can get up now.” He offered.
“Yes, I know.” She said moving up a bit. In flight he lost his glasses.
“You wanted more out of me in the bedroom than just looking.” She said.
“Actually, I was memorizing you in that red thong. You just looked so gorgeous at that moment. Your hair, then the thong and the red lipstick. I was thinking about messing your lipstick up a bit and yanking that thong off.” He said.
“Then why didn’t you?” She asked.
“I got lost in thought.” He said.
“I think thought is great, it’s nice to know you visualize. By the way it’s given birth to something else. I can just feel it right under me.” She said.
“Well can you blame a man being a bit frisky after he sees the woman he loves in a red thong looking so Foxy. Your lips painted up just so. Could ya?” He asked.
“No, I guess not you being the man in question.” She said getting up. Then sitting beside him. She grabbed his glasses first thing and handed them to him.
“Thanks.” Him reaching for her shoes and handing them to her.
“Thanks Alec.” She said putting them on.
“Alec do you still want to go riding?” She asked.
“In a moment Luv. I need to get my senses about me.” He said looking at her.
“Now that’s going to start this all over I know you.” She said.
“Yeah but it won’t be the first time I’ve had to ignore it.” He said as they got up.
“You mean a boner.” She said.
“Yes. I have to ignore a lot of those with you around. We’d be at it 24/7 if I didn’t.” He said smiling at her.
“Well now.” She said looking at him that smoldering look with the flames coming back.
“Ride with me Gorgeous.” He said holding out his hand.
“Alright Handsome. We need some air.” She said.
“That we do.” He said and pulled her out the door.