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I Know You're Out There Somewhere

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London, 1993 Graduation (22years old)
Roxy called her parents not long before they were to graduate. She was nervous about it. Her father then told her that her mother was sick and couldn’t travel. Although she wasn’t happy about her mother being sick she understood. He did tell her it was time to come home. She then told him she wanted a Masters to go along with her minor business administration. He sounded happy about that. Then she could run the Harley dealership. He said they would talk about it but she really needed to come home once the summer was done. She told him they’d talk about it more later. She was going to take an extra class or two this summer and work. Alec had a LAN line but they didn’t know that. He would switch it over to her name so when she had to “Move” into a flat her parent could call. He would not answer the phone for now they bought an old cassette answering machine with only her voice on it. Alec was getting antsy about her just getting on with it and telling them, she wasn’t going home. She was home.
His father was also not coming with the ceremony so again they propped each other up and supported each other like they always had. When Alec graduated she whistled though her fingers and he did when she graduated. All the time they had been together they had a box camera and the old polaroid still worked. They had taken a lot of pictures through the year and 10 months they’d been together. Her visa was up in August and with them not being able to get married they didn’t know how she’d stay. She’d gotten the extra year with her grades from the college. Alec was chomping at the bit for her to tell her father off and they would get married. She now met the residency requirements and they had 1,000 dollars in the marriage kitty as they called it.
“We canna go on doing this Roxy. Let’s just get married and tell him after.” Alec said.
“Alec that would be really bad right now. You don’t understand.” She said.
“Then enlighten me my Darlin’. Help me understand.” He said.
“My father is not someone to fool with. Most likely he’d annul our marriage and drag me home.” She said.
“But we’re of age how could he stop us?” he asked.
“Lots of ways.” She said.
“How Roxy?” He asked.
“Blackmail, extortion you name it. I don’t know why I ever thought we’d get away with this. He has a plan for me. I’m speculating that he has an investor and I’m to have his snot nosed brats. He’s wanted to expand the Harley dealership for years now. I don’t know how many years I can put him off.” She said.
“Why did you not tell me this?” He asked livid but not at her.
“I didn’t want to spoil what time we had.” She said.
“Roxy, that’s an arrange marriage. You wouldn’t do that you said.” He said.
“Only to save your life Alec. So, if I have too that’s why.” She blurted out.
“Only to save your life. She yelled.
“What the hell do you mean?” He asked.
“If I don’t come home when he tells me too, he’ll most likely come after me and offer me a choice. I know the man well enough. We’re not kids anymore.” She said. “
NO, NO, NO, He wouldn’t do that or at least he wouldn’t get away with it.” Alec said shaking his head and putting his hands on his hips. He looked at her and she was crying. Alec didn’t know what to think. He snapped out of it and pulled out one of the kitchen chairs quickly, sat her in it and put her head between her knees. She looked as if she was going to faint. He was next in the other chair.
“Roxy, what would happen if we got married?” He asked. “Annulment, divorce or…”Alec looked at her. “
You broke your promise.” He said.
“I know I couldn’t help it.” She said.
“It was a silly promise anyway.” He said holding out his hand. She grasped it.
“Alec…” She began, and he stopped her. “Well, I know you love me that’s for sure. You’d risk a life of misery in order to keep me safe. Although I would never allow you too.” He said.
“I hate to say it but the time is coming soon. My mother is sick and if she is, he’s looking for a replacement, not in me but another woman for him. You’ve seen my parents I have my dad’s coloring and my mother’s shape.
“Your mother was a looker back then. Not unlike you now. I thought he loved your mother.” Alec said.
“He loved the sex. He’s probably replaced her by now with a newer younger model about my age.” Roxy said.
“Your dad is a bastard Roxy. I mean that in every, since of the word. To throw his wife away like that and treat you like something he owns. The man has no scruples at all.” Alec said angrily.
“You got that right.” Roxy said.
“So, what do we do?” Alec asked.
“There’s nothing we can do Alec. It’s a wait for it moment and not a good one.” Roxy said.
“I think that death threat is just that Roxy. I think he’s all bull shit.” Alec said.
“I’m not willing to risk it. I just as soon die as to let anything happen to you. Then my life would truly be over. As long as we both are alive there’s a chance. If one of us is dead then…” Alec finished her sentence.
“We might as well both be.” He said as they got up from the table and embraced.
“I’m afraid.” Roxy said. “
I am too. The police won’t help him unless he makes a false statement saying either you or I kidnapped the other or some such shenanigans.” Alec said. “
Now you’re thinking like father.” Roxy said.
“You used to call him daddy I thought.” Alec said. “
That’s before I caught wise. Father to me is the sperm provider. If you think on it that’s about all he did but I don’t regret being born. No, I don’t. Because you love me and I know for the rest of my life if I don’t ever see you again someone in this world loves me.” She said burying her face in his shirt and sobbing.
“Stop it Roxy. I’ll be sobbing too.” He said and then sobbed just like she did.
“I agree Luv. I agree.” He barely got out. He broke the hold.
“We need to be ready.” Alec said taking his glasses off and wiping his eyes on the hem of his shirt.
“Ah, a game plan.” She said as he came and wiped the mascara into a line again.
“There goes that wee raccoon playing havoc with your mascara. I’d much rather mess up that red lipstick of yours.” He said.
“Me too Alec.” Roxy said.
“I’ll call a friend of mine that’s a cop. He just got out of the academy. So, if he tries anything we have a way to fight back. I actually entertained that thought myself at one time, you know being a cop.” He said.
“Na, Alec it would scare me to pieces. The cops over here don’t have guns. I’d be a nervous wreck with you out and vulnerable.” She said.
“Don’t worry, I’ll be in a school and you’ll be at the paper or in your own business. I’ll call Martin Fincher right now and we’ll develop something. Surly it’s against the law to do what he is doing.” Alec said.
“He’s not operating inside the law Alec.” She said.
“I know but if he’s made too by going to jail in a foreign country we might get some help. Are you willing to put the man in his place?” Alec asked.
“Yes, if he’ll leave us alone, but I’m not sure if he will or not. I’m ready to walk away from my inheritance if he will leave us alone.” She said. Alec looked mad.
“Don’t do that.” He said.
“Only if there is no other way, he owes you and me both. Maybe, we’ll sue him. Well if we can.” He said going to the phone. Alec spoke to his friend and he advised the free lawyers at the college. So, they made an appointment and they told him there were several things they could do legally. Press charges for cohesion, kidnapping, breaking and entering, blackmail and the big one, conspiracy to commit murder. They were of age so the law was on their side and note placed with Scotland Yard that they were and working on a new visa for her.
They believed it over. But they had to file paperwork on her for a new visa in her married name and other papers to keep her in the country. They could help with that too. What they didn’t know is the backer, Jacob Hershel Beck 35, was becoming impatient to have a wife to make babies for his Real Estate empire. Her father had just told her to stay and get her Masters to throw her off. He had underestimated the both of them. He would know about Alec and the fact they were living together and had been for almost two years, thus his daughter was now worth a lot less not being a virgin. Damaged goods, he would call her.
So, they went on with their beautiful life be it poor but rich in love. Playing records and dancing in the kitchen. Making meals together and tending the busting container garden they had planted earlier. Alec had found he liked the law a lot but he was set on helping kids with learning disabilities just like he’d done with Roxy all those years ago. Roxy also did some charcoals of Alec. She had many since she started that first Christmas. The day before the anniversary of their second year together Roxy talked with Alec sitting on the couch watching Star Wars on VHS on a top loader he bought from the Bookshop they worked at a year ago. They were cuddled up on the couch.
“Something is coming Alec.” She said.
“Yes, I can feel it too Roxy. We do have things in place to stop him.” Alec said.
“And if we don’t, press charges on him here and I’ll do the same there, in Texas.” She said.
“It’ll not come to that. Don’t say that. You are not going anywhere.” He said enveloping her in his arms.
“I may have no choice. Just promise me you’ll press charges here and I will there.” She said. Alec tried to calm himself for her sake.
“I will my Darlin’. I’ll also promise you if I can I will come for you. Some way, I promise. Look for me in an unexpected place.” He said tears forming then kissing her head.
“You know.” She said about their plan not going to work.
“I know.” He said. They enveloped themselves in each other’s arms.
“Aren’t you the wee minx to think of that. You have some really brilliant ideas.” He said proud of her for being strong enough to put her own father in jail if needed.
“I’m pissed Alec, not at you either.” She said.
“Remind me not to piss you off, I’m glad it’s your father and not me.” He said looking down at her. She was on his chest.
“You’ll give me no reason to ever be pissed at you Alec. Just watch out when I am.” She said.
“No need Luv, I’ll be right by you just as pissed.” He said.
“God help Father then.” She giggled.
“Because he is the only one that might.” Alec said chuckling.
“You’re not watching the movie.” He said.
“Where are ya Luv?” He asked.
“You mean where are we?” She asked.
“Good I’m, included.” He said happily.
“You’ll always be included.” She said.
“Yeah, I know Roxy. So, where are we?” Alec asked.
“Just daydreaming…Ah, nothing Alec, we still have time. My paperwork is turned in now. If we’d only gone sooner.” She said.
“I’ll make you a promise right now that might not be easy to keep but, I want to try.” He said. She sat up and they looked into each other’s eyes.
“Go on Alec.” She said.
“If we are parted, that we make an effort to find one another. No matter how long it takes, no matter what we have to do to find each other. I know how you feel about me. If nothing is truer in this world this is. You love me and I you. It’s been like this between us since we were kids even. You’re my best friend Roxy now and for forever and I know I’m yours.” He said as she crooked her pinky.
“Pinky promise.” She said as she made her vow to him and him her. He locked his pinky around hers.
“Forever.” They both said. Then kissed.


London, Their flat August 25th, 1993 (22years old)
Their second anniversary came around and they were still together. The paperwork had still not come back yet. A few days after that it was early morning they weren’t awake yet curled up together after a night of shagging. They were both naked under the covers not wanting anything between them. First there was a loud BOOM! On the door. It jarred them from their sleep. Them rushing around in half sleep finding their clothes. She put on a robe and him some shorts. Alec told her to put her knickers on too. Then there was another Boom! And a sound of wood breaking. Alec locked the bedroom door and went for the phone but the line had been cut. They heard men’s voices in the living room of their tiny flat.
Roxy and Alec were afraid, but they tried to stay calm. Roxy recognized her father’s voice and she told Alec so. All that noise brought people out of their flats and Mr. Henderson to investigate. The day had finally arrived. Alec told her to stay back as they started on the bedroom door. Alec stood his ground unarmed and with his arms crossed and stoned faced. He had his sneakers on and she had on her house shoes. Her father came in the door.
“And just what the hell do you want Mr. Russell.” Alec asked.
“My daughter.” Russell said. Alec put his arms down and Russell tried to walk past to get her. Alec, taller and younger pushed him back. “
Well you, canna take her.” Alec said. Then 3 men came into the bedroom.
“Son, this is just good business. It doesn’t have anything to do with you. Best now you get out of my way.” He said. “
“No sir. You will’na take her.” Alec said his brogue getting heavier because he was pissed now.
“Ron, you got that gal yet?” Beck asked.
“Her little friend Alec Hardy thinks he can stop me.” Her father yelled over his shoulder. Beck came up to Alec. Looked him over and smiled.
“Looks like you got to her first kid. Ron, she’s damaged goods.” Beck said but he was only 5’ 10” looking up at Alec.
“I’ll have to take some off the loan for that.” Beck said.
“Shut up both of you she doesn’t belong to either of you! Get out of our flat before I call the police!” He yelled growling. A round of laughter filled the room.
“Son I really hate to do this.” Russell said as he pulled a .32 Walther PPK with a silencer on Alec. That’s when Roxy got up pushed Beck aside and stood in front of Alec pushing him back and standing with the gun pointed at her heart.
“I’m not afraid of you father.” She said as Alec looked wildly at where the gun was pointed. Alec tried to get her behind him again and she stopped him.
“We knew this day would come Alec. Father isn’t going to kill me he needs me too much. If I don’t go he’s really going to kill you. I can’t have that. Just keep the promise that we made. I’ll keep my end.” She said looking at her father with disgust.
“NO.” Alec said.
“Yes Alec.” She said putting her hand on the gun barrel and moving it down then taking it from her father. She never raised her voice once. Or took her eyes off her father. She put it in her robe.
“Now we are going to work it this way father. You and your thugs and this weasel you want me to marry get the hell out of our bedroom. I’ll pack and get dressed and go with you if you leave Alec alive and well. You hurt Alec, Then I will kill you in self defense. I swear I will.” She said as she took the gun and pointed it at her father. What Alec didn’t know was she was a crack shot and she was pissed. She was still standing in front of Alec.
“That goes for any of you.” She said to his thugs and Beck. Beck started to say something smart but Russell cracked a smile and said.
“That’s my gal. Your just like me.” He said.
“Let her do as she wants for now. Clear out so she can get dressed and pack.” He said. The men turned and got out of the bedroom. Her father turned again.
“I’ll give you credit Hardy, you have balls. Daughter you have one hour.” He said and closed the door.
“Roxy what was that?” He asked.
“I know how to play him you don’t. It’s going to get you hurt or killed. Let me do what I have too and you keep your promise as much as you can. File charges here. I’ll file charges there and maybe in a few months this mess will clear up. She said going underneath the bed to get her bags. “
Your leaving?” He asked.
“Yes, for now. Someday we’ll be together just like Diana Ross said.” Roxy said.
“I won’t risk you Alec. As long as we are alive there’s hope.” She said.
“Your right.” He said.
“I can’t even protect you.” Roxy turned to him.
“Stop it now Alec. He would have killed you had I not stepped in. This is not the time to start measuring dicks now. I bet though you’s is the biggest.” She smiled, and it made him smile.
“So. We are not over?” He said.
“Far from it. I have the number here and at the bookstore. Give me time to figure out. I know the SOB well enough.” She said.
“Ok Roxy. But I really hate that weasel he wants you to marry and be his brood mare.” Alec said.
“Yeah, looks like he was beat with an ugly stick one too many times. I am never having that man’s kids.” She said.
“No, you’ll be having mine my Darlin’.” He said as she went into the bathroom to get her things.
“Ours, it takes two, baby.” She said. “Ours.” He agreed.
“Alec someday we’ll look back on this and laugh our asses off on how I got the drop on father.” She said.
“You did that and didn’t blink an eye. I’d never seen that look on you. Furthermore, point a gun at someone. I need to take note of that.” Alec said.
“It’s my poker face.” She said.
“You were bluffing?” He asked. “
I was dead serious. I would have killed my father and those ass holes to protect us both.” She said.
“You didn’t grow up with guns, did you?” She asked.
“I did actually but not many not like in Texas. I don’t disapprove of them.” He said.
“Good.” She said taking off her robe.
“There’s no other way is there Luv.” He said looking at her.
“Afraid not my love.” She said slipping on her clothes.
“Damn.” He said.
“That’s a really big Damn Alec. Don’t forget the Moody Blues” She said.
“Nor Etta James.” He said.
“Never forget I love you and it’s for you I’m doing this.” She said.
“I love you too Roxy. I know and I so wish…” She put two fingers to his lips.
“I know Alec, you were so brave to stand there with all that pounding and look at him so furiously. You’re a lover not a fighter and a very good lover at that.” She said.
“About that what are going to do about it with the weasel.” He said.
“Well, what I have too. I’m sorry I have to break that promise but I will have to survive. He’ll never have me Alec. He might take my body but he will never have my love and my soul. You’re the only one that will ever have that. She said latching the suitcase. Then turning to Alec. They embraced.
“This isn’t goodbye.” She said.
“Why does it feel that way then.” Alec said. “
To me it’s see, you soon, my love.” She said.
“Ok See you soon, my love.” He said as they held each other and rocked a little.
“My mother said. God will put you in the right place, even if you don’t know it at the time. When it’s time we’ll be together again.” Alec said.
“How beautiful. I hope he does soon.” She said.
“I hope he does too.” He said and they kissed long and hard until her father came in. Roxy still had the gun stuffed in the back of her jeans. Alec had halved the pictures with her. She still wore the engagement ring and the locket. She broke the kiss with Alec and pointed the gun at her father.
“I should kill you were you stand.” She said.
“You won’t. The gun isn’t loaded if you’d bothered to check.” He said.
“Hardy isn’t worth that. I just wanted him to piss himself. He didn’t, the boy has balls I’ll give him that.” she checked. It wasn’t loaded. She hurled the gun at him. He picked it up and held it buy the barrel.
“Like father like daughter.” He said.
“Now say goodbye to little Alec.” He said.
“We’ve already said goodbye.” She said as he nodded. “Boy haven’t you got anything to say or are you too yellow to do so?” He goaded.
“What kind of a bastard does this to his own daughter making her marry someone she doesn’t want!” Alec asked.
“A good businessman with a deal that needs finalizing.” Russell said.
“She’ll be well looked after and want for nothing. You certainly can’t give her anything, look at this place.” He said.
“Arse.” He said under his breath. “
“Let’s go daughter.” He said and pushed her out the door. Alec went to go with her and one of the thugs named Harold, pistol whipped him knocking him out.
“You’ll wish you were dead!” Roxy yelled as one of the other men put her out with a shot of to knock her out and fireman carried her out of the flat, to a waiting Land Rover. She was dumped in the back restrained with Zip ties for the trip back to Dallas, Texas. Her father knew when she woke up she would be a wildcat. When Alec woke up the back of his head hurt. He put his hand on the back of his head and a little blood was there. His head throbbed unmercifully.
“Bloody Hell!” He yelled as he struggled to get up off the floor using the door jam. He was sprawled out and had landed on his front and side.
“Roxy!” He yelled and cursed silently to himself the throbbing in his head and the bastard that caused it.
“Roxy!” He yelled again. He slid back to the floor to pick up his glasses and got up this time with the throbbing harder in his head.
“They took her.” Mr. Henson said leaning against the front door destroyed by the battering ram.
“I tried to stop them, and I got hit too by that gun butt.” Mr. Henson said.
“Are you alright Son?” He said making his way into the flat, Alec still seeing double.
“There’s two of everything. Oh God they took her.” He said. They heard the wail of sirens coming. Alec stumbled into the living room and Mr. Henderson already made it too the couch. Alec sat down on the couch before he fell down.
“We’re filing charges on them. Especially, her father. His name is Ronald Alvin Russell.” Alec got out. “
Why did they take Roxy? I thought you two were getting married and were of age.” Henderson asked.
“Jesus!” He said holding his head as the Police came in. The EMT’s were right behind them. “She’s still 21 we’re of age. Her father’s treating her as a brood mare to marry some Real Estate mogul named Beck.” Alec said as the police entered their Flat. The EMT’s started working on Alec first off. He had a vicious looking scalp wound. He would be going to the hospital to check for concussion as would Mr. Henson.
He made his statement to the DI and DS in charge. They would get working on the charges and finding Russell and Beck. They’d be back at the hospital when he was issued a room but Alec would not allow them to keep him. He just wanted to go home and hopefully in a few months his Roxy would come back. He had a very good case against her father. The assault alone would get Russell some time.
Alec came home to yellow and black tape on their door, but a door had been put on in place of the other. The usual clean and tidy flat was a mess after they had broken in. The police were done with the flat, the DI said that they took down everything and they would contact Interpol to help find Roxy. The phone rang he didn’t pick up just waited for her drawl laden voice to come on.
“Hi, this is Roxy, leave a message for me and I’ll return your call just as soon as I can. Don’t forget your name and number. Have a nice day! Then the beep. The phone went dead. Alec didn’t know what to do yet. So, he cleaned and cleaned and cleaned until it looked just how it had been before those thugs came in and took her. He had added her father and Beck to the growing list of colossal arseholes. He went into the bedroom and looked at her things strewn about the room. He picked up a shirt she had worn and finally broke. He loved her so much and was unable to protect her.
“No, no she went so they wouldn’t kill me. All this will blow over as soon as they find her or Russell or Beck. Someday, we’ll be together Roxy. I won’t quit until I have you back with me for good. That was day one without Roxy.

Trans-Atlantic flight, private jet Beck International Corp. August 25, 1993 (22 years old.)

Roxy was out, put in one of the bathrooms just in case she turned wildcat on them as her father said she would. She was still zip tied for good reason. She would put up one hell of a fight if they hadn’t. She lay on the floor in the bathroom in and out of consciousness. She dreamed of the life she would have with Alec once all this was over. Them moving to Broadchurch. Him teaching and her working at the paper. Then them married with a baby on the way. Holding their first child and then the door opened and one of the thugs came in and drug her out of the bathroom.
She felt as though on coming off the stuff she was going to be sick. Her head banged as if she’d been hit. Then she remembered Alec had been beamed by one of the thugs, Harold with the butt of a gun.
“Was he even alive?” She thought. She was pissed. She continued to play out until dumped into the back of a van. They were at the airport in Dallas. It was already dark when they got there. They came in at Love Field instead of DFW. It smelled like Dallas and the heat was coming off the tarmac radiating to her body making her sweat. She could also feel the humidity not at all like London. She worked her way out of the zip ties and her hands to where she could use them. She cut her wrists up pretty bad wrangling out of the zip ties but she had a plan to at least fuck up the arseholes as Alec called them that had hurt them. She lay as still as she could, wiggling out of the ties and she did. She lay in wait and got up and as hard as she could roundhouse kicked the son of a bitch who had beamed Alec. Knocking him out and breaking his jaw. After she laid the thug out, (His name Harold Nevins.)
“That’s for my Alec you bastard!” She said and found her purse and ran into the terminal into the bathroom and into a stall locking it. A few minutes later her father, Beck and the other thug Marvin were looking for her. She heard lots of running and scuffling looking for her.
“Alec please be alive.” She said as she cried.
“Please be alive.” She sobbed.

London, Their flat, August 26, 1993 6 hours ahead of Roxy. 22 years old.
Alec lay in their bed alone wondering if Roxy was alright. All he could do was wait until they found her and brought her back. He hadn’t called his dad yet. What could the old man do anyway? Only help him worry. He hadn’t told his father much about them only that he loved her and planned to marry her. His father knew who she was. The pretty little girl with the strawberry curls. He had played with as a child. Alec was so scared and worried. The last he saw was her being injected with something and dropping into one of the thugs arms and then black and waking on the floor between the rooms.
“Please let her be alive. Please let her be safe.” He prayed. He took Roxy’s pillow into his arms and hugged it.
“Shalimar.” He said of the perfume. The phone rang again. He answered it.
“Hello.” He began. DI Williams. Yes, this is he. Transatlantic private plane? Oh, Beck International Corp. In Dallas? Landed about 10pm their time? Where is she?” He asked.
“She broke someone’s jaw? Then ran, yes that’s my Roxy. Dallas Metro has been advised. Your hoping she goes straight to the police. Yes, yes, she would if she could. She will. No, she’s not a British citizen yet but she’s been… Well ok keep me posted. Thanks.” He said putting down the phone.
“Fight, Roxy fight. Come home to me.” He said.

Dallas Texas, Love Field Airport Terminal Ladies Restroom Last stall. August 25th 1993 10:30pm (22 years old.)

Roxy sat in the last stall, the door locked her feet pulled up on the toilet. “Think Roxy. Think.” She said to herself. 15 minutes had passed since she’d broken Harold Nevins’ jaw and two more thugs were still looking for her.
One her father’s slimy Limey’s. Marvin Gates and the other Jake Beck’s body guard Nigel Barrett. Harold had come to throw her into the back of the Van like a sack of potatoes. Her own father willing to treat her like cargo. None of this was legal and she knew it. She was working up a very huge pissed mode now. They had assaulted both her and Alec. They were not going to get away with it.
She narrowed her eyes at the thought of Alec being hurt in the whole ordeal. It was the thought of Alec falling to the floor in her head that gave her the idea and her beyond pissed mode came on like a light bulb coming on after flipping the switch. She got off the toilet took a deep breath unlocked the stall door and walked briskly to the outside seeing a fire box on the outside She remembered not to yell help or rape but yell fire and more people, hopefully the police would come. “FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!” She screamed loud and clear then she hit the fire alarm. That not only alerted the police but Gates and Barrett. What she didn’t know was the police were outside checking Harold Nevins out because they heard the scuffle. Her father driving the van now had peeled out waiting at the front for them to load her up. Gates and Barrett rounded the corner of the Ladies restroom and started kicking at the stall doors Roxy hid while they went through each one she had left the lock off and was ready to come out fighting. And fight she did. Unbenounced to her there was a camera getting everything in the bathroom. More evidence against the bastards. She surprised Gates with a sucker punch when he opened the door. Barrett only down the row from him. The punch so hard it broke his nose flattening him out on the rest room floor but not without before he fell ripping her sleeve as he grasped for something to steady him. She ran past Barrett who had her by the body but not tight enough. She broke free and gave him a blow to the stomach then a blow to by stomping on his foot with the heel of her boot, kicking him in the groin and then turning and a fist to the face knocking him out.
“For Alec and I you fucking bastards!” She yelled and ran toward the door right into the arms of the beat cops. She was prepared to rip the next man to shreds but one of them yelled, “Police Ma’am!” Roxy stopped being grasped at arms length. She blinked and sunk into the Cops arms the other pulling his service revolver, and beginning to check seeing the disheveled, bleeding and her shirt torn Roxy.
“I was kidnapped by my father at gunpoint in my flat I share with my fiancée Alec Hardy, in London. I’m Roxy Russell. My father is Ronald Russell.” She said out of breath and ready to pass out.
“You’re not under arrest Miss Russell, your fiancée has already reported your abduction and his assault he called the Dallas Police several hours ago and reported you missing. We just got the information just a few minutes ago.” The Officer said.
“My father…” She began.
“Will be picked up as soon as we locate him.” He said.
“Oh, and Jacob Beck. He was in on it.” Roxy said.
“Yes, we know Alec Hardy reported him as being part of it. They won’t be going anywhere for a long while. Will you come to the station to talk to the detectives in charge?” He asked as the other one called the ambulance.
“Gladly. Is Alec Hardy alright?” She asked.
“I think so. You’ll be allowed to call him…” Roxy crossed her arms.
“Then let’s go.” She said.
“Times a wastin’.”