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"Look what you made me do boy!"
Adam stared up from the floor at his father, holding his ragged bunny toy in his hands.
"No son of mine is going to play with sissy toys"Robert Parrish wiped the blood on his
already stained shirt and grabbed Mr Bunny from his hands.HE then smirked at Adam before
twisting Mr Bunny's head off.
"I'm doing for your own good boy" he said as he collapsed on his chair
"Now go get me a beer"

Adam struggled to his feet trying not to wince as he walked towards the fridge, not looking
at Mr Bunny, he should not taken Mr Bunny out of the room, he knew his father did not
like him playing with toys, his mother had warned him that they no money to waste on
silly things.As Adam bend to grab the beer he knew he had broken his finger. He winced as he heard
his mother come from behind and then she took the beer from his hands,
"You are too slow, are you trying to make him angry at us? Why do you keep doing this? go to your room"
As he walked across the room, steering clear of HIS line of sight and slowly made it up the stairs.

He never had a toy again.

.......Until now

OPal looked at him, her wide eyes excited as she gave him her favourite teddy bear
"Teddy can sleep with you,he'll make sure you don't have any bad dreams in college"

Adam looked at the bear in his hand and then at the two people in front of him,
" Are you sure about this honey?" he was pretty sure he was going to have an ugly cry in about 5 seconds
Ronan huffed and pointed at the bear "He fucking better not steal my boyfriend"
Opal screeched and jumped on Ronan, while Adam burst out laughing.

This was something he never had, this new feeling that had been growing in him ever
since he first met Gansey and then Ronan, Noah, Blue , Opal and even Henry.
He felt safe, He felt loved.

He was Happy.