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There Will Be Justice

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"Your grace, if I may" Tyrion started "There is still an independent house in Westeros, a powerful house too, might I add." Daenerys turned around to face the half-man, her eyes shedding a glimmer of curiosity.
"And what house is that?" She asked him, entirely unaware of any powerful independent houses left in Westeros. Tyrion walked around the massive stone table that had a map carved out into it, dragging his fingers with him and pausing slightly south of Kings Landing.
"This is the Kingswood, your grace." He said "It is currently occupied by Cersei as it was by the many kings before her. The Lannister guards patrol the roads, however..." his index finger moved further south, past Crow's Nest "Over here, that's the Rainswood. In it's center lies Polis, a secluded city ruled by the noble and underestimated house Woods."

Daenerys stood quietly as Tyrion firmly pressed his finger at the Rainswood part on the map. She wondered why she has never heard of house Woods; The Rainswood did vaguely ring a bell though; she knew it existed as she had heard a few drunken Ironmen soldiers mention the location during her travels to Dragonstone. And Viserys, her deceased brother, had also promptly mentioned the Rainswood it in a long ago past, but not much about what precisely has been said seem to have lingered in her memory. She probably didn't deem it very important at the time.
"Why has house Woods not sworn alliance to Cersei?"
"It's quite a sad story, your grace."
"Tell me, my Lord Hand." Daenerys spoke clearly "If I am to sit on the Iron Throne some day, I must know the pleasures as well as the horrors the seven kingdoms have gone through during my absence, would you not agree?"
Tyrion stared deep into Dany's eyes, unsure if he should inform the queen about events of the past, yet her reason was valid. She should know about her kingdoms, and beside that, he could not possibly refuse the queen's command.

"Very well, your grace." The Imp complied. "House Woods has been doing trades with the Martells of Dorne for centuries. However, several years after Robert's Rebellion was over and Robert ascended the throne, my father - whom was king in all but name - demanded of house Woods that these trades should benefit the capital as well, instead of just the Rainswood. But given the circumstances as to what happened to Elia Martell and her children by your brother Rhaegar that died through brutal Lannister forces, the Martells disagreed to say the very least and threatened to stop doing trades all together if house Woods would answer to the demands of my father."
"Understandable." Daenerys nodded.
"And therefore Lady Costia, the head of house Woods at the time, told my father respectfully that this would not be possible, house Woods could not effort losing the Martell trades as they were of high importance for their territory. My father was furious..." Tyrion swallowed harshly "In response, he instructed Sir Gregor Clegane, also known as The Mountain, to ride his army south into the Rainswood and kill every man, woman and child. Among the many victims was also Lady Costia herself. Her young sister-wife, Lady Lexa - only eleven at the time - then ascended the seat of Polis and still sits on it presently. She has been ruling the Rainswood low-profile for many years now."
"I see." Daenerys replied, her eyes narrowing. She suddenly remembered the moment when she witnessed Khal Drogo pour that kettle of molten gold over Viserys head. He deserved it, but he was her brother and - once upon a time - husband-to-be that she loved all the same. Losing a loved one is a horrible thing; The memory had a lump develop into her throat, but she knew to suppress her emotions and moved on with the subject.
"They don't quite come off as a powerful house though. If what you say is true and they were over-thrown in battle with such ease--"
"It wasn't a battle, your grace." Tyrion cut her off, earning himself a raised eye-brow from his queen. "It was a blood bath that's known this very day as 'The Slaughter of the Rainswood'. Lady Costia only lost because she wasn't prepared. The citizen of the realm know this and even sing songs about it."

Daenerys walked around the large table and stared outside for a moment. Her reign would be different, she thought. She would bring peace to the realm and be a just ruler, unlike Cersei, Joffrey or Robert before them, not even like her father. She allowed her eyes to hover over what's left of her fleet floating on the bay of Dragonstone; it pained her not only to know how many ships have been lost, but also how many Ironmen had died fighting for her cause last night, and that Yara, Ellaria and Tyrene had been taken hostage, which she would probably never seen again. However, she knew that war has no winners and that she couldn't possibly protects all of her people.

"Your grace?" Tyrion said hesitantly and approached her, Daenerys tilted her head slightly.
"It doesn't bring back the dead but.... house Woods command a large fleet, which would partly make up for the loss that we suffered." As if he knew what she was thinking that very moment.

"You have convinced me, my Lord Hand. Send a raven to Lady Lexa of house Woods. Tell her the rightful queen of the seven kingdoms invites her to Dragonstone."