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The love sick ice cream seller Jin

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Summer is tough for everyone. Everyone except Kim Seokjin. Because Seokjin's peach colored van and his spot on the central park are best combined in the summer's contrast with the delicacy of his homemade ice cream. He won that spot over Jaehwan's hotdog cart. 

"Mister, can I have vanilla ice cream please?" 

Seokjin forgets Jaehwan for a while to find the owner of the voice calling out to him from below his ice cream stall. The girl is short, probably only 5 years old and Seokjin is not heartless enough to charge the young girl 100 extra won because she is short on money, no pun intended. 

The girl waves Seokjin goodbye without even realizing that she just got a generous discount because Seokjin is too tolerant for cuties. 

"Mister, Chocolate chip cookie dough please. In a cone." 

Seokjin almost passed out from cuteness overdose that day. The boy is most probably a grown up, stands only several centimeters shorter than the ice cream barista himself. But every part of the boy is cute. His droopy eyes and chubby cheeks make Seokjin's hand itches. Even his ice cream order is cute. Seokjin scoops the vanilla dough as much as he could in one scoop he even adds additional scrapes on all sides of his cone.

"Here you go, sir." Seokjin gives the boy an extra smile and the boy replies with an eye smile which Seokjin is sure would melt the whole ice cream parlor.

"By the way sir I think you drop this." The chocolate chip cookie dough boy hands Seokjin a crumpled 1000 won bill laying just under Seokjin's van. Once again, Seokjin is sure that this boy is the type of boy who rushes to the nearest police station to hand in bills he found on the street which might be used for free drinks later by the corrupted police. If there's a museum nearby, Seokjin might donate the boy because those kinds of people are endangered.



Seokjin jumps to the thundering sound of something bumping his van. He swears if this is one of Jaehwan's pranks to chase Seokjin off of his spot, he'll definitely let Jjanggu lose in front of his hotdog cart anytime.


But instead of Jaehwan's lazy grin, Seokjin finds a grin that is more lively, with lighter color, and definitely younger than Jaehwan's oldass sneer by approximately 50 years. 

"Sorry. Hehe. I lost balance."

Forget balance, Seokjin almost lost his heart to that face. Because when else in a hundred years that somebody super good looking crashes his van with a skate board and a heart twisting smile on his face?

"Uhm. Ahaha. Yes that’s fine."

That’s fine his ass. Seokjin's van might have a hole and he might have a heart attack he should sue this attractive boy immediately. 

Really, Seokjin should do that before the boy rolls his white oversized sleeves, waggles his shirt out of sweat intolerance, and snatches every ounce of calmness left in Seokjin with his well built biceps and six pack delicacy under the plain white shirt.

"Well sorry again, I'll buy your ice cream then, uncle. 1 cone of rocky road please."



To hell with those innocent smile and cute bucktooth. Baby rabbit needs a spank.




Sometimes Seokjin spots people frequenting his booth, especially eye catchy customers. Like a pair of guys who used to come to the park and spend the day just chatting on the bench and licking Seokjin's ice cream under their hats and sunglasses. Sometimes Seokjin found them secretly holding hands but other times they just sat there without saying anything to each other. Just licking the melting nutty ice cream.

That day especially, only one of them comes and somehow Seokjin's heart tightens.

"Macadamia nut in a cup please."

That's strange. The man with his signature bright smile and chocolate hair usually ordered coned butter pecan for himself and gave the cup of macadamia nut to his companion. But his smile seems lifeless now.

"Macadamia nut in a cup?" Seokjin squeaks, leering his way to see what's under the oversized sunglasses. "Are you sure?"

The man blinks and finally looks Seokjin in the eyes. He stops for a while before wiping the fake smile off of his face. After all the struggle he faced in the real world where he didn't need those hats and sunglasses, the butter pecan man doesn't have to lie to a nameless ice cream seller in a hot summer day at the central park. 

"Yes sir. Please." 

Seokjin retreats to his kitchen, filling the paper cup with two scoops of macadamia nut ice cream and heavy feeling inside, secretly stealing a glance to the man who is wiping silent tears rolling on those honey cheeks.

"Sorry sir, I only order 1 scoop."

"Dont worry. It's his share. I can still see him with you."

And the butter pecan man cries a little harder.


There are bits of grey clouds in the sky. Painting the summer a little bit dimmer than the rest of the season but it doesn't seem that it's gonna rain soon. 

Seokjin can see from afar the figure of a certain man, with the perfect posture, probably taller than Jin himself. His bowl hat hangs loose on his head and without sunglasses, Seokjin can see the man's depression mixing with the overcast sky and it's unbearably suffocating for the weak hearted Kim Seokjin.

The man spends quite some times on the park just sit and read a book. The kind of book Seokjin used to cover his cup ramen with. Too unnecessarily thick. Sometimes the man automatically searched for a hand beside him and cussed when he found nothing. 

Betraying Seokjin's weather forecast, a bullet of rain suddenly drops to the ground prompting the man to hurry to the lonely ice cream van for a cover. 

"Hello, can I have buter--"

"Here a conned butter pecan for you sir." Seokjin shoves the cone before the man could even blink.

"How do you..." the man cancels his question after seeing the look on Seokjin's face. The look of someone who knows something. "Well thanks, but today I wont order two scoops, sir."

"He ordered macadamia nut in a cup yesterday. I also gave him two scoops. Now you two owe me two scoops of ice cream. Pay me when you get back together."

Because Seokjin knows what is real and what is fake. There are things too beautiful to be true but if one chooses to stop believing then possibilities drop to zeros. 

A slight confident smile suddenly crosses macadamia nut guy's face. Seokjin's mood improves ten folds.




"Uh come again?:

"Five. F-I-V-E. Five scoops of blue moon. In a cone."

"You mean five cones of blue moon?"

"No. Five S-C-O-O-P-S of blue moon in a cone."

"In one cone?"


"Maybe you mean in a cup?"

"In a cone. O-N-E C-O-N-E."

"Yes but isn't it easier to put them in a bigger cup?"

"You do know that it takes 10 liters of water to make a piece of A4 paper, right? And you also know that 93% of papers come from trees, right?"


Seokjin does not know and does not really want to know.

"I am saving mother earth."

"Why don’t you just order 5 cones then?"

"I don't like cones it's yyuuck."

Sometimes Seokjin had headaches selling ice cream and that boy should be thankful to his mother and father for giving him such a beautiful face or else Seokjin would already smack him silly. He tries his best not to curse while balancing the 5 storey ice cream stack.

"Here you go sir. Be careful, it’s unstable." Seokjin hands the boy his order and takes the cash away. He might be imagining things when he actually sees sparkles on the boy's eyes when his blue tower comes into sight.

"Actually I saw my cute baby sister playing ice cream tower and I just want to see if it’s actually possible. Thank you sir. OH SHIT IT'S FALLING DOWN!"

God damned it Seokjin's head hurts.


Mint chocolate chip

Green tea

Mint chocolate chip

Greent tea

Seokjin couldn’t decide.

A man is sitting on the park's bench with a book on his hand. Even under the blazing summer heat, he still wears black long sleeved shirt and equally dark trousers.   After writing, the man will set his gaze on something and stays for another 10 minutes before going back to write things on his book. He's probably a novelist or a lyricist.

Seokjin thinks this might be the 3rd day the guy is there already, doing nothing but stare and scratch. Don’t ask why Seokjin knows. It's hard not to notice. The man's hair is fucking green and his skin is alabaster white. His perky nose springs like a button and both of his eyes are dark and very shady even though sometimes they looked really mean.

Just like mint chocolate chip ice cream. It’s decided then, it’s mint chocolate chip. 

Seokjin likes to play game sometimes. Like guessing which flavor a person will buy out of his colorful ice cream buckets or guessing people's personality from their ice cream choice. 

"Oh the mushroom guy is here." A head pops on Seokjin's stall.

"Haaaah.. Lee Jaehwan, it's decided it's mint chocolate chip." Which coincidentally is also his favorite. 

"Who? The mushroom guy?"

"Haaaah... I dont know, Lee Jaehwan, I think I'm in love.."

"Jin, you fell in love like once every 15 minutes. If you're that desperate, you can chew on my hotdog for free." Seokjin flicks Jaehwan's nose. 

"You're disgusting, Ken. Let’s make a bet. If he's a mint chocolate chip, I'll ask him on a date. If he's not, I'll have free hotdog from you. Real life non breathing hotdog okay."

"What kind of bet was that? Anyway I bet he will buy my beacon wrapped hot dog and will never come to buy your diabetes inducing ice cream."

Both men bicker a little bit more until Seokjin snaps out of their own little world seeing the man in black stands on his feet, and takes a walk towards their direction. Out of reflex, Seokjin shoves Jaehwan away to make room for the man to place an order. His heart beat is a mess, he thinks that it's not the right time to pick on his self made promise. Or is it?

"H-hello. Would you like to order?"

Maybe it's the first time Seokjin ever seen the man smiling. He used to have that cold and stern eyes focusing on something with such intensity. Seokjin holds his breath for a second.

"Mint chocolate chip please."

Mr. Mint chocolate chip bae actually has a reaaally good hearing.

“O.. Oh.”

Seokjin owes him a confession.


~ end