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heavy without misery

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When six year old Shouto tells his father he wants to be a boy, he takes it surprisingly well.

A woman could never be a strong enough hero, his father had said to him, and it rubbed him the wrong way, but he hadn't said a thing, We'll shape you up in no time.

Shouto tells his mother sometime later. She only looks surprised, and a bit worried. She doesn't say anything against it, but there is something in her eyes that makes Shouto feel like he has disappointed her.

So he sheds his given name and picks a new one (his sister helped him out). With his new name came new training.

It was brutal. Beating after beating and punishment after punishment and training after training. He vowed never to use his flames.

When he hit puberty his sister bought him his first binder. She bought him his first dose of hormones. She was, by far, the most supportive of his gender identity through every step of the way.

And he is a boy. He is Todoroki Shouto, and he may have strange hair but at least it's short now, and he may be blind in his scarred eye but that doesn't define him.

When Shouto arrives at U.A., no one stands out in particular. When he arrives in Class 1-A, he finds the lot to be strange and crazy and... wild, the only word he could use to describe them. But they were likable (some of them), and as they went through more things together and spent more time together, he found himself engaging with them. He found himself talking more, even smiling more. He was making friends for the very first time.

One of those friends was Midoriya Izuku. He was a friend who never left his thoughts.




Midoriya Izuku is a plain kind of guy. He looks plain, he acts plain, and his life (before All Might, that is) was nothing but plain.

Todoroki Shouto is everything but plain, and as of late he's become a constant occurrence in his life.

Izuku is on the couch, one of his legs thrown over Uraraka's lap, his arm cradling a tub of frozen cookie dough even though he knows he's not supposed to eat it.

"He's just so damn beautiful! " he exclaims tearfully, and Uraraka pats his arm soothingly.

"I understand," she says, but she's a lesbian, and she really doesn't.

Izuku feels his stomach churn from how much dough he's consumed in such a short amount of time, but he doesn't care. His eyes are wet when he says, "His face is just—ugh! And his personality? He's literally one of the sweetest people I've ever met?—besides you, of course, don't look at me like that—and I am literally going to beat up his dad for all the shit he put him through. He's just so damn perfect and then there's me! "

"You're a catch, Deku," Uraraka says, like it's obvious.

Izuku turns his head and looks her dead in the eye. "I would die for Todoroki Shouto."

"I think you almost have," his friend says, biting her lip, "a few times, actually."

"Yeah, well," Izuku mumbles, then promptly shoves the spoon in his mouth.

"Maybe you should, I dunno, ask him out? "

Izuku drops his jaw so wide and so fast the spoon falls out and clatters to the ground. Uraraka follows it with her gaze. 

"Are you crazy? I couldn't do that!" Izuku shouts, his face going red.

Uraraka gives him a look. "Why not?"

"It's not that simple!"

"When I found out I liked Asui I literally went up and asked her out on the spot," she deadpans.

Izuku flusters about even more. "Yeah, but she liked you back! Todoroki sees me only as a friend!"

Uraraka closes her eyes and resists the urge to roast him. She takes a deep breath. "I can't believe you're telling me this right now."

"It's true!"

"You're an absolute fool. Enough of the cookie dough."

"Hey, wha—HEY!"




13:34 ] uraraka ochako: this is it tsu this is where i die


13:35 ] tsuyu asui: o what happen


[ 13:35 ] uraraka ochako: deku is blind

13:36 ] uraraka ochako: this boy is a damn fool and idk how to make him see the light


13:37 ] tsuyu asui: r you talking him and todoroki


13:37 ] uraraka ochako: YES


13:38 ] tsuyu asui: lol don't even tell him

13:38 ] tsuyu asui: let them figure out for themselves


13:40 ] uraraka ochako: there's only so much i can take dear


[ 13:41 ] tsuyu asui: it'll be funny lol


13:43 ] uraraka ochako: god you're right lets just wait it out


13:44 ] tsuyu asui: owo





When the moon rises they gather in the common room. It sounds a lot more dramatic than it actually is—they just gather to watch dumb movies and play silly games. 

Bakugou is absent, which isn't exactly odd, but it seems so random that everyone looks to Kirishima for an explanation.

He looks somewhat embarrassed to be the Official Bakugou Translator, but Kirishima just scratches the back of his neck and says, "Feels sick."

Everyone else assumes Bakugou has some kind of stomach flu, and there's a few cries of He better stay away so I don't catch it! but Izuku has known Bakugou long enough to understand the real reason. Period cramps, most likely.

From the looks of it, Bakugou trusts Kirishima enough to tell him the real reason too. Interesting, Izuku thinks, and stores that information away for later.

Kirishima shifts over to where Mina and Hagakure are sitting next to each other on the couch, and practically flops over into Mina's lap. She giggles and pats his head reassuringly when he whines dejectedly into her shirt. Hagakure looks like she's patting him too, except, it's kind of hard to tell what she's doing sometimes.

Todoroki comes out some time later, and when he does he feels Uraraka's iconic look on him, but he doesn't turn his head to acknowledge it. Todoroki immediately goes to sit by him, as he always does; Izuku isn't sure if it's because he's the one Todoroki knows best, or if he just feels awkward around anyone else.

When he looks over at Izuku he has the hint of a smile, and Izuku feels himself dying on the inside. Todoroki's hair is damp—he must've showered—and his clothes are so light and casual he almost looks out of place. But his face looks pale, and in his eyes Izuku can see a hint of something strange.

He blinks. "Are you okay?"

Todoroki suddenly looks like he's surprised, and—wow Izuku did you really mess up already?—and Izuku flushes. "Ah, sorry!" he says quickly, shaking his hands. He hopes his blush isn't too obvious, but it probably is. "I didn't mean to blurt that out—uh, you just look... kind of sad..."

"'Sad'..." Todoroki repeats quietly, and looks off to the side somewhat. He looks embarrassed. "I'm... not really."

"Oh... well," Izuku starts, and then realizes he has no idea what to say, "if you, uh, wanna talk about it, I'm here." I'm such an idiot. He can feel Uraraka's stare on his back, boring holes into his body. He's working up a sweat just from enduring Todoroki's curious and confused gaze, resisting the urge to turn away and scream into the couch cushion. 

Todoroki's gaze shifts from confused to grateful. There's almost a hint of a smile. Almost. Izuku wonders if he will ever be able to see him grin.

"Thanks," he says earnestly, and his cheeks are a little pink. Is it getting warm in here? Did Todoroki steam up the room? Izuku is sweating even more, and he gulps before nodding. When Todoroki turns away to listen to whatever Mina and Kirishima are talking about, Izuku pulls on his shirt collar and stares at his lap.

His phone buzzes suddenly, and Izuku flinches so hard that the couch he's sitting on jerks with him. No one seems to notice, or care, so Izuku takes a deep breath and pulls his phone out. It's a text from Uraraka, and he has a feeling he already knows what it's going to say.


22:13 ] uraraka ochako: lol is todoroki too hot for u


Izuku's face burns. When he glances over, Uraraka is giving him a mischievous grin, and he leans to the side so Todoroki won't notice him furiously typing on his phone.


22:14 ] midoriya izuku: this is cyber bullying

22:14 ] midoriya izuku: BUT to answer your question, yes

22:15 ] midoriya izuku: how red is my face rn


22:16 ] uraraka ochako: i think you'd rival kirishima's hair by now LOL


Izuku purses his lips, and decides to pocket his phone. He ignores Tsuyu and Uraraka's snickers, and turns to look where Todoroki is staring wide-eyed at Kirishima, Kaminari, and Mina, who are all tangled into and onto each other, and the goal seems to be snatching Kirishima's phone—which is currently being held out desperately from the others' grips.

"C'mon! I'll set you two up!" Mina manages, her voice muffled by both her own laughter and the couch. Her body is on the bottom, trapped underneath Kaminari and Kirishima. Kaminari is trying to strangle Kirishima, but Mina is the closest to touching the phone.

Kirishima's cheeks are red, and he's huffing as he tries to push his friends away. "Would you two leave my gay ass alone?" he all but shouts. Izuku covers his mouth to stifle a snort.

"Why don't you just confess already!"

"Why don't you get off my dick already! "

"Hey, now, we all know that I'm not the one you want on your dick—"


At that moment, Sero walks by the couch, leans over, and grins at the entire exchange.

"Are we teasing Kirishima about his crush again?"

"Yup!" Mina and Kaminari reply in unison, overpowering Kirishima's whine.

"Cool," Sero says, and with that, jumps over the back of the couch and lands right on Kirishima's legs.

Kirishima buries his face into the couch. "Why do my friends hate me soooo... "

Izuku can't help it—he bursts out laughing. Mina eventually manages to grab Kirishima's phone when the latter gives up, and all three of his friends move to just sit on different parts of his body. Somehow the image makes Izuku laugh even harder, and he doesn't even notice Todoroki staring at him until he takes a deep breath and looks over. He suddenly feels embarrassed by laughing so hard, and resists the urge to cover up his face.

"Um..." he stammers, and Todoroki's eyes look glazed over, like he's spacing out and not even paying any attention. When he blinks, he snaps out of it, and quickly darts his eyes away.

"Sorry," Todoroki says quickly, though Izuku isn't quite sure what he's apologizing for. "Lost in thought."

Izuku almost cries. He's so cute.

"You better not be reading through my messages..." Kirishima mumbles halfheartedly into the couch cushion, which snatches Izuku's attention again. Even though he's being crushed by three presumably heavy people, he doesn't seem to be bothered whatsoever.

Mina shakes her head, and then seems to realize that Kirishima, in fact, cannot see her shaking her head. She's holding Kirishima's phone in front of her, sticking out her tongue and pulling Kaminari and Sero closer to her for a photo. 

"I wouldn't do that!" she replies honestly. "None of my business."

"You rant about Bakugou enough in our group chat, anyway," Sero continues. 

"We already know everything," Kaminari finishes.

Kirishima is quiet for a moment. "You're taking dozens of selfies, aren't you."

"Boy, you know me so well," Mina giggles, her thumb pressing rapidly on the screen.

Eventually, Kirishima is let back up. The night goes on for some time, running past midnight and going into the early hours. Some people filter out and leave, going to bed, but the truly wild stay out and chat, or play the violent video games Kirishima and Sero set up.

Izuku is laying on the couch again, but this time a bit more relaxed and stretched out. His eyelids are droopy and his body feels tired. He's so out of it that he doesn't notice when Todoroki's slumped body falls onto his, his head landing on his chest. Izuku flinches in shock, and suddenly feels a lot more awake when he feels warmth spread across his body (no, not that kind, you animals). For a moment, Izuku doesn't move an inch, doesn't even dare to breathe because Todoroki is laying right there. He wonders if his racing heart would be enough to wake him up. But nothing happens, so he just stares in amazement, in awe.

Todoroki truly deserves the title Pretty Boy of Class 1-A. His scar doesn't even make him ugly, or deter from his appearance in any way (in Izuku's opinion, at least). His hair only adds to his charm, makes him that much more mysterious and intriguing. His manner and personality and simple way of being only draws people to him more—and the worst thing, is that Todoroki most likely doesn't even notice his own charm. He doesn't even notice how much he brings other people up, how much he inspires people to get better, to become stronger.

Izuku closes his eyes and runs a hand down his face. I'm so gay, he thinks, and bites back a smile when Todoroki snuggles up against him in his sleep. He's nervous, embarrassed, flustered, and unbelievably happy all at once. His heart races and his side is warm from where Todoroki lies, and the top of his hair tickles his chin but he doesn't care.

"Look at that mutual pining," Kirishima snickers, having paused the game to turn and look back at the two on the couch.

"Like you're one to talk," Tsuyu says from one of the chairs. Uraraka had gone to bed some time ago.

Kirishima scowls at her, his face turning a light shade of red, and he grumbles to himself before turning back to his video game. Sero elbows him once and says something under his breath, but Kirishima curses at him and hits him with a red shell in retaliation. 

Izuku looks up at the clock, and then around the common room. It's around two in the morning, and even though they don't have class tomorrow, he feels like he should've gone to bed earlier. Kirishima and Sero are still playing games, and the only ones really left beside them, Todoroki, and himself are Tsuyu and Tokoyami (and Mina, but she's passed out on the couch with her legs splayed out on the floor). Tokoyami isn't doing much other than texting on his phone, and he hasn't exactly spoken up at all during the night. Izuku can't help but wonder what he's so engrossed in.

Izuku leans his head back against the couch, freezing up when Todoroki shifts against him. He knows he should move, should wake him up so he can go to bed instead of laying down in what looks like an uncomfortable position. But Izuku is selfish, and Todoroki is so warm and so beautiful that he can't help but keep him there. He knows his face is red, and Izuku resists the urge to wrap his arms around Todoroki and snuggle him further.

He turns his head away and decides to watch Kirishima and Sero's seemingly vicious game of Mario Kart. He doesn't even notice when he starts drifting away.





cutieshima: guys look at thsi pic i got

cutieshima: image attached


denki: what the hell is with ur username


cutieshima: kirishima but w/ "cutie"


ser-yo: i think its fitting


cutieshima: thanks




cutieshima: look at ur position tho

cutieshima: that takes talent




cutieshima: mustve been a good dream ig


ser-yo: lmfao


assido: if u must know? yes. probably dreaming about some pretty girl


cutieshima: oh mood but a boy


assido: yes we know. we all know


cutieshima: 0;

cutieshima: i kinda feel bad that we made another chat w/o baku


assido: we have bakusquad groupchat then we have this one

assido: aka the "kirishima is fucking gay" groupchat


cutieshima: I KNOW but....


denki: is bakugou still sleeping


cutieshima: ya he hasnt texted me this morning ):


ser-yo: aww


cutieshima: he was havin bad cramps last night hes probs sleepin in


assido: o i was gonna go wake him up to be an asshole but i wont now


cutieshima: i will literally kill u if u mess with him


assido: I WONT

assido: not any time this week anyway ://


cutieshima: ///::


assido: :///////


denki: smh

denki: did yall see todo and miyo yesterday lol


ser-yo: YES


cutieshima: YES


assido: those 2 are literally gonna make me die


denki: its just so funny to me lol theyre so blind to each others feelings


assido: idk i think its a matter of their self esteem


denki: how do u fiure


cutieshima: fiure


denki: fucc off


assido: im just good with ppl

assido: midoriyas come to me for advice before hes very self conscious of himself


ser-yo: so is it like the "i cant fathom anyone liking me" thing


assido: yea

assido: i feel weird talking abt them like that here 


cutieshima: oh mood 


denki: subject change

denki: so about that game last night


ser-yo: i reign as the mario kart champion







assido: smh




When Izuku wakes up the next morning, he's in his bed. No common room, no couch, and no Todoroki. For a moment he panics, and sits up in his bed.

His phone is lighting up, and he unplugs it from his charger to look at the message.


10:56 ] uraraka ochako: squad movie day u comin or what


Izuku quickly types out a reply, despite the message being sent to him five minutes ago.


10:57 ] midoriya izuku: i just woke up

[ 10:58 ] midoriya izuku: when are we going


Uraraka's reply comes almost immediately.


10:58 ] uraraka ochako: in like an hour 


Izuku looks at the time on his phone. He should be able to shower and get ready by then. He doesn't bother asking what movie they're seeing or who exactly "squad" consists of (considering it's Uraraka announcing it—most likely her, Tsuyu, Iida, and himself). Just as he starts to get out of bed, his phone buzzes again.


10:59 ] uraraka ochako: invite todoroki (:


Oh boy.



Chapter Text

"WHO THE FUCK ATE ALL THE COOKIE DOUGH? " is the resounding shout that echoes through Class 1-A's dorm around eleven in the morning, followed by what is most likely some kind of anger-induced explosion.

Izuku is halfway out the door when he hears it. He pales and doesn't say a word, lifting the hood of his sweatshirt over his head in shame as he makes his way down the hall. Uraraka tells him they're gonna be a bit late—Iida always takes forever to get ready. In his mind he thinks of Uraraka's request (demand), and he wonders how the hell he's going to ask Todoroki to go to the movies with him—or, them. His face is heating up just thinking about it, and he's barely paying attention to where he's going, but—

He suddenly runs into something hard, and he stumbles back in both pain and shock. Izuku rubs his forehead and rips his hood down, groaning and looking up at the cursed object he just ran into—

Oh. Todoroki's bedroom door.

(He can hear Uraraka laughing at him in his head.)

Well, I'll just run away real quick, Izuku thinks, pressing his lips in a thin line as he spins on his heel and moves to walk (sprint) away, except he doesn't have the chance because the bedroom door opens exactly at that moment and a voice questions him.


Fuck. Izuku closes his eyes and takes a deep breath to prepare himself. When he turns around and opens his eyes, his heart drops to his stomach.

Todoroki is standing there, looking adorably sleepy, his hair all a mess. He rubs at one of his eyes and tilts his head. He's only wearing his binder and loose sweatpants, and somehow the entire image itself makes Izuku weak in the knees. It takes all of his strength to keep his body from blushing and falling. 

Todoroki is jacked AF, he thinks, and immediately wants to die once he realizes he just thought out the AF part of it. 

"Uh—" His voice falters. No words come out, and Izuku's face burns. "Um..."

Todoroki looks down at himself and seems to realize his state. He crosses his arms over his chest in what looks like embarrassment, or maybe shame. Izuku fucked up—now Todoroki probably thinks Izuku is uncomfortable with the whole thing. He's definitely not, and he could probably write an essay about it.

"Sorry!" Izuku exclaims quickly, shaking his hands. "I'm not—it's fine! I just accidentally ran into your door." It sounds extremely lame when the words finally leave his mouth, and he impatiently awaits Todoroki's response.

Todoroki blinks, and stares at him for a moment. "You should pay more attention to where you're going," he says and the response is so Todoroki Izuku wants to cry.

Izuku groans and lets his head fall. "I was trying not to invoke the wrath of Bakugou."

There's a silence above him, and for a moment Izuku wonders if Todoroki had stealthily shut the door on him, but when he looks up Todoroki's face is pink and he's hunched over, one hand over his mouth and his face scrunched up like he's holding something in—


Izuku shines. Is he... laughing?

"Sorry—I just," he says, and don't be sorry, your laugh is beautiful, "'invoke the wrath'."

Izuku tries not to let himself look too excited. In truth, he feels elated, and all he wants to do is jump on Todoroki and hug him and kiss him all over just because he's so utterly cute. And he laughed (albeit tiny and barely-noticeable) at Izuku's lame attempt at a joke. He likes bad jokes, Izuku thinks, and he wonders if his happiness is suddenly too obvious. This is truly my dream boy.

"Do you wanna go to the movies with me?" he blurts.

Todoroki immediately halts, and his eyes widen. His cheeks look almost pinker.

"Ah." Izuku's face blossoms red. "I-I mean! With me and some other people!" he corrects quickly, hoping Todoroki won't be too put off. "Um... I don't know what we're watching, but knowing Uraraka... probably a comedy..." He scratches the back of his neck and quickly looks off to the side, suddenly becoming very interested in what looks like a dent in the wall. Did someone punch it? Or bump into it? Looking closer, it almost looks like there's some kind of stain? What—


Izuku's gaze snaps back up. He looks at Todoroki, who glances away and tightens his arms around himself.

"I mean, yes," Todoroki continues, and yeah, his cheeks are definitely pink, "I'd like to go."

For a moment, Izuku and Todoroki are just staring at each other, Izuku wide-eyed and amazed and Todoroki subtly looking flustered. Someone walks by them and snickers, and that eventually breaks Izuku out of his little trance.

He shakes his head and stammers for a moment. "Um—great! Just, uh, meet us in the common room when you're ready?" he suggests, and his voice is way too high.

Todoroki nods once and gives him a soft smile. It's like a shot through the heart and Izuku is found dead in Miami. "Alright," he says softly, and moves to shut the door.

When the door is shut, Izuku stares at the wood of it before sprinting down the hall to clamber down to the first floor.




When he closes the door, and hears the retreating footsteps (they sound unusually quick), Shouto slides down his door to the ground and covers his red face with his hands.

He moans into his palms, literally steaming from his left side. He's such an idiot, and Izuku is so damn cute. For a moment, Shouto wonders if he remembers last night, after he had oh so embarrassingly fell asleep on him—he had woken up some time later to find Midoriya asleep in a strange, uncomfortable-looking position, while Shouto himself was laying across his lap with Midoriya's arm gently resting on his waist. He had shot up immediately, completely red, and carried Midoriya to his room so he could sleep better. He couldn't believe he had fallen asleep on him like that.

From his desk, his phone vibrates, and Shouto reluctantly rises to his feet and moves over to check it.


11:23 ] yaoyorozu momo: Kyoka and I are going out to eat. U wanna go?


Shouto wonders if he should make up an excuse, or tell her the truth. There's pros and cons to each option, so he decides to go for the truth. They'll find out sooner or later anyway, since Uraraka has the tendency to post every little thing on her Snapchat story, and she's somehow managed to add the entirety of Class 1-A (and also cause others who didn't have one to make one—including himself).


11:24 ] todoroki shouto: i can't.

[ 11:24 ] todoroki shouto: i'm going to the movies with midoriya.


11:25 ] yaoyorozu momo: YOU'RE WHAT


11:25 ] todoroki shouto: AND with his friends.


11:26 ] yaoyorozu momo: lol hi this is jirou i stole momos phone 

[ 11:26 ] yaoyorozu momo: forget going w us holy shit

11:27 ] yaoyorozu momo: ITS A DATE


Shouto flushes, and tries to cool himself down with his ice. He knew they'd react like this, even if Yaoyorozu is a bit more subtle in her excitement.


11:28 ] todoroki shouto: it is not a date. his friends will be there.


11:29 ] yaoyorozu momo: HE INVITED U TO THE MOVIES ITS A FUKKIN DATE!!!!!! 

11:30 ] yaoyorozu momo: i stg if u arent makin out w mido in the back of the theater at this date i will kill u

11:31 ] yaoyorozu momo: Sorry about that. Are U sure this isn't a date? Lol


11:32 ] todoroki shouto: i'm sure.

11:33 ] todoroki shouto: oh god what do i even do.

11:33 ] todoroki shouto: what do i wear. i've only ever been to the movies with you guys. how do i act.


11:34 ] yaoyorozu momo: Say no more. We r on our way




Shouto sits on his bed, dressed in what Jirou had picked out for him, after having dug through and practically messed up his closet. Jirou and Yaoyorozu stand across from him, but Jirou is right up in his face, and her determined gaze is somewhat terrifying.

"Now, repeat after me," Jirou starts, pointing a finger at Todoroki's face, "'My name is Todoroki Shouto'."

He furrows his eyebrows in confusion, but decides to play along, "My name is Todoroki Shouto."

"'I am incredibly gay for Midoriya Izuku'."

Shouto doesn't even have to hesitate when he repeats, "I am incredibly gay for Midoriya Izuku." 

"'And I am going to confess on our movie date today'."

"It's not a—"

"Dude just say it."

Shouto's face feels hot, and he frowns. "And I... am going to confess on our movie date today."

Jirou immediately grins. "You have to update us the whole time," she says, then pauses. "Wait! No, you have to focus on your date! Don't even look at your phone, or think about us!" Her arms are waving around excitedly. "Only Midoriya! It's Midoriya-time only! "

Yaoyorozu takes a step forward to put her hands on her girlfriend's shoulders. "Just wait til' you get back," she says, and her eyes are glinting with something mischievous. "Then you can tell us everything."

Shouto drowns, and his friends only smile back at him in return.

"This is going to be a disaster," he says, but is immediately struck in the head by Jirou.

"No negativity!" she shouts, and pulls him to his feet by his forearms. Shoving him towards the door, she opens it and almost throws him outside. "Now go have fun!" And before Shouto can run back inside, she shuts the door and locks it.

Shouto knocks on the door a few times before pausing and narrowing his eyes.

"This is my room, you know!"

"Don't worry!" Jirou calls back from the other side. "We'll keep it safe for you."

Shouto stares at the door for another moment, and suddenly it hits him. He is going to the movies with Midoriya Izuku, granted with the rest of his friends, but Midoriya had invited him. He lifts a hand to make sure his face isn't steaming again, and anxiety creeps up his throat, threatening to suffocate him. He doesn't know how he's going to manage being around him, or how he'll avoid embarrassing himself or everyone else. He wonders if he should reject while he still can, cancel the plans, make up some excuse—

"Alright," comes a muffled voice, and the door in front of him is opening again. Jirou and Yaoyorozu stand there, both sporting worried expressions. "I can hear you overthinking." Jirou takes a step forward and puts her hands on his shoulders, looking him dead in the eyes. "I get you're nervous," she says, "but you're going to be fine. Stop thinking so much and just do it."

Yaoyorozu gently moves Jirou away from him and gives him a soft smile. "What she's trying to say," Yaoyorozu says, giving Jirou a look, "is that you have nothing to worry about."

Shouto looks down at his feet, shuffling awkwardly. It's so out-of-character for him to feel this way. "I don't know what I'm doing."

Jirou shrugs, her arms folded across her chest. "I dunno, man. Even if you embarrass yourself Midoriya's just gonna find it endearing."


"What! It's true!"

Yaoyorozu sighs. She pats Shouto's cheek like a mother would, and her smile is heartwarming. "You'll be fine. You know Midoriya, and you know his friends too. There's nothing to worry about."

Shouto looks up at her and manages to give her the tiniest smile. Maybe she's right.

"You may wanna work on that smoking thing, though," Jirou comments.

"Huh?" And she's pointing to Shouto's left side, where there is smoke escaping from his arm. Shouto flushes and tries to put it out, but his embarrassment only makes it so a tiny flame appears. Jirou laughs, Yaoyorozu tries to get her to quiet down, and Shouto hangs his head.

This is going to be a disaster.




Uraraka and Asui are laughing at something on the latter's phone, and Iida is speaking to Midoriya animatedly about something when Shouto walks into the common room. He nervously puts his hands in his pockets, shifting in place before walking up to them. He keeps his head low, feeling heat spread across his face when Midoriya looks at him and positively beams.

"Hey!" he exclaims, and Shouto resists the urge to kiss him.

"Oh, you did invite him," Uraraka says cheerfully, and waves to him. "Hey! Hope you don't mind cheesy comedy movies."

Shouto doesn't know how to respond, so he just shrugs. "I don't mind."

Uraraka smiles again, and Shouto is once again reminded of how kind and outgoing she is—she's managed to make friends with the majority of the class, a feat only bested by Kirishima. Shouto finds her and her Quirk to be strong and admirable, and for a moment he feels grateful to consider her a friend.

"I wasn't aware that Todoroki-kun was coming!" Iida exclaims, but he doesn't sound put off.

Uraraka grins impishly. "Deku invited him."

Shouto turns to look at Midoriya, but the latter was looking away and blushing? Shouto's eyes widen when Midoriya waves his arms in front of him. "I just—"

"Anyway," Uraraka interrupts, trying and failing to stifle her giggles, and pulls out her phone, "we need to do a selfie all together before we go."

Shouto tenses up when Uraraka grabs him by the arm and pulls him over to get in close with the rest of them. He's eventually shoved up next to Midoriya, and the latter grins and holds up a peace sign, looking entirely normal while Shouto is dying on the inside because his entire right side is pressed up against Midoriya and he is so soft and warm.

Uraraka holds the phone up, standing in front of all of them. Asui is behind her, her arms wrapped around her waist and she's leaning forward so her chin settles on Uraraka's shoulder. Iida is on the right, making some sort of strange pose with his hands. He's smiling, though, so Shouto doesn't think too much of it. He and Midoriya, however, are on the other side of Iida, with Shouto on the very outer edge. One of Midoriya's hands is blocking half of his face with his peace sign, which is a shame, because he has a beautiful face, and the other is—oh.

His other hand is holding onto Shouto's arm with such a gentle grip. 

"Hey, wait!" calls a voice, interrupting Shouto before he could spiral into a flustered mess, and Kirishima is running up behind the group. He's holding what looks like a cupcake, and Shouto glances at it for a moment before looking up to Kirishima's face. "Let me get in on this."

"You're not even going with us!" Uraraka exclaims, but she's smiling.

Kirishima grins, and snuggles up between Iida and Midoriya. "I'll be there in spirit," he refutes. 

Uraraka takes the pic a moment later, adding the caption seein a movie w/ the pals!!!! (ft kirishima) and sends it to all of them, plus to her Story. Shouto immediately opens it so he can screenshot, and once he does Uraraka gives him a knowing look. He tries to fight his blush.

"What's the cupcake for, Kirishima?" he hears Midoriya ask, and turns, because he's curious too.

Kirishima rubs the back of his neck and glances off to the side with a nervous laugh. "It's, uh," he starts, sounding embarrassed, "for Bakugou. It's my hope-you-feel-better cupcake."

Midoriya blinks, and tilts his head to the side. "Kacchan doesn't like sweets, though."

Kirishima grins, but his face is pink. "I know! It's the thought that counts." He then looks down at the cupcake and purses his lips. "Not sure how I could make a cupcake spicy..."

"Hot sauce," Asui pipes up.

Kirishima snaps his fingers. "An experiment for another day." He looks up at them and smiles. "Y'all seein' the one movie—I forgot what it's called—the weird comedy one?"

Uraraka nods. 

"Ochako always picks the strange movies," Asui says teasingly, and Uraraka blushes in response.

"Tell me how it is," Kirishima says and starts walking down to the boys' dorm. "I have a grumpy boy to cheer up."

"Good luck!" Uraraka calls, waving. Midoriya shouts something of the same variety. Kirishima waves in response, then disappears.

"I think they're good for each other," Midoriya comments offhandedly, and the rest of the group quietly mumbles their agreements.

"Alright!" Uraraka exclaims, putting her hands in the air excitedly. "Movie time! I'm driving!"

"Oh God," Midoriya groans.

"What, you want to let Iida drive?"

"Hey! I am a perfectly capable, law-abiding driver—"

"Actually, never mind. Let's go."

Shouto resists the urge to laugh, and follows them out the door.





cutieshima: WHAT IF HE HATES IT

cutieshima: oh wait wrong chat


bakubro: what




cutieshima: nothing

cutieshima: baku open ya door


bakubro: why




bakubro: why are u trying to get IN


cutieshima: open the door b4 i get mina to destroy it for me :/


assido: i would


bakubro: ugh fine hold on


Eijirou smiles at his phone and puts it in his pocket, shifting so he's holding the cupcake in both hands. When the door in front of him unlocks and swings open, his smile only gets brighter.

Bakugou stands there, his hair more of a mess than it usually is, wearing a baggy shirt and sweatpants. He looks irritated, tired, and somewhat sad. Well, Eijirou hopes his cupcake fixes at least one of those things. Bakugou's eyes trail down to the cupcake, and he frowns.

"What the hell is that?"

"It's my special hope-you-feel-better cupcake," Eijirou replies matter-of-factly, and holds out said cupcake. "For you."

Bakugou stares at it for a minute. "I don't like sweets."

Eijirou rolls his eyes. "Next time I'll put hot sauce in it. Would you just take it?"

There's a pause, and for a moment Eijirou is worried his friend is going to shut the door in his face, but then Bakugou takes the cupcake and steps back inside the room. He leaves the door open, so Eijirou takes it as initiative to walk inside.

"Shut the door," Bakugou says quickly, but his voice is muffled by the cupcake—he'd already taken a bite of it. Eijirou beams and does as he says, going over to flop face-down on Bakugou's bed. The latter doesn't say anything, and sits at the chair by his desk. Eijirou lifts his head to look at him; there are crumbs on his face and lips and he licks the corner of them to get them off. The sight is too much for him, and Eijirou buries his red face in the bed.

A mistake. It smells like Bakugou. If Mina was here she'd be laughing at him.

"Did you make this today?" Bakugou suddenly asks, catching his attention again. The cupcake is already gone, and Eijirou tries not to smile too widely.

"Mhm," he says, raising himself on his elbows and kicking his feet in the air, "this morning. I knew you weren't feeling good because of, well, y'know, so I made it for you." He pauses, trying to choose his words carefully. Bakugou absolutely hated talking about his period. He then grins, "Is it working?"

"Whatever," Bakugou says, rolling his eyes, but Eijirou knows that's just Bakugou-talk for Yes.

"How are you feeling?" Eijirou asks quietly, resting his chin on his folded arms. He glances up at Bakugou, and the two stare at each other for a moment.

"Fine," Bakugou spits out, folding his arms over his chest. Eijirou eyes it for a moment, and narrows his eyes.

"How long have you been wearing your binder—"

"Why do you care?" Oh boy. Now he's getting mad.

Eijirou waits a moment. "Well, you are my friend," he says, even if he has doubts that Bakugou sees him the same way sometimes, "and I care about you. You know the consequences of wearing it too long." He purses his lips when Bakugou doesn't say anything. "Are you gonna ruin your body just for this?"

Bakugou remains silent. He's silently fuming, judging from the minuscule explosions coming from his clenched palms. Eijirou eyes him up and down, and lifts himself up to where he's sitting cross-legged on the bed.

"Hey," he says, with no response. "Hey!" he says again, a little louder, and when Bakugou finally looks at him, Eijirou gives him a soft smile. "I'm not gonna force you, but it'd make me feel better if you weren't wearing it." He blinks, and bites on his bottom lip. "Don't want your lungs damaged, right?"

Bakugou almost looks frozen in place, his eyes wide and his eyebrows furrowed. Then suddenly he turns away, mutters a quick Fine, and abruptly makes his way to the bathroom, where he slams the door shut. Eijirou notes that the back of his ears look pink, but he tries not to get his hopes up too much.




Katsuki locks himself in the bathroom, rips off his binder and replaces it with a sports bra, and shoves his shirt back on. He leans against the edge of the sink, and buries his face in his hands. He just hopes he isn't so obvious that his hands start exploding.

What the fuck was that!? He tries not to scream out loud, and it takes all of his willpower to not start punching the walls and trashing the place. Biting his fucking lip like that. I fucking hate him. He knows his face is red, and he doesn't even bother looking at himself in the mirror because it would only make it worse.

He pulls out his phone that had been sitting in his back pocket and opens Google. what does it mean when the boy you like gives you a cupcake, he types. The first result is some weird Urban Dictionary shit, and he groans and gives up.

When he turns, he accidentally makes eye contact with himself in the mirror. Katsuki stares for a moment, and lets his eyes trail down to his chest in the reflection. His chest isn't huge, but it isn't small either, and without his binder it's noticeable. He looks down at himself, without the reflection, and lifts his hands to cup his breasts. He suddenly feels disgusted with himself, and wonders if he can pretend he had taken the binder off.

He stops. No way. Kirishima is too observant for that.

Katsuki clicks his tongue, shakes his head, and fights off the terrible thoughts in his head as he walks back into his room.

Kirishima is still on his bed, humming as he types away on his phone, his legs dangling in the air behind him. Katsuki fights his blush, and very nearly explodes the binder he holds in his hands. That would be bad—he only has a few left. He moves to put it away, and when he turns back around to sit at the desk chair, Kirishima is smiling at him, with a strange look on his face.

Katsuki frowns. "What the fuck is that look?" 

"I'm just happy," Kirishima replies honestly, and he's so blunt with the answer Katsuki swallows and looks away. "We should do something," Kirishima says again. "I ran into Uraraka and her crew in the common room. They're going to see a movie."

"Why should I care?"

"It's like a double date, except Iida is there as a chaperone," Kirishima jokes, laughing to himself.

Katsuki frowns. Last time he checked, Uraraka's Crew consisted of only four people (recently including Asui). Kirishima seems to notice his confusion, and he smirks.

"Todoroki went with them."

Ah. Katsuki's frown deepens.

"What's with the look!" Kirishima laughs, rolling over onto his back and holding his phone above him. "He and Midoriya are so blind, it's almost kind of funny." He doesn't seem to notice the way Katsuki clenches his fists and grits his teeth, but if he does, he doesn't say anything to acknowledge it. He just continues tapping away, and then suddenly laughs so hard he drops his phone on his face.

"What's so funny?" Katsuki asks, harsher than he means to.

"Sero is calling for a Mario Kart match," he replies, "because he wants to kick my ass again."

"I could beat him at that shitty game," Katsuki says without thinking, and then there's a silence. He looks up to see Kirishima giving him a thoughtful, excited look. "What?"

"We should all play Mario Kart!" he gasps, like he's had a revelation. 

Katsuki tenses, and his chest suddenly feels tight. "No—"

"Not with everyone," Kirishima quickly corrects, and his expression is soft when he looks at him. "Just the gang."


"We are the self-proclaimed Bakusquad, " Kirishima replies, grinning. He's still texting. "Name courtesy of Mina and I."

"That's a dumb fucking name."

"It fits though!" Kirishima makes some noises as he texts, sticking his tongue out the corner of this mouth and twisting all around the bed. "Okay, so—everyone can come. Where you wanna have this party at?"

Party? Katsuki wonders, but doesn't say anything about it. "Who's 'everyone'?"

"Mina, Denki, Sero, me, and you," Kirishima replies all in one go.

Katsuki thinks for a moment. If he's being honest, those people really are his "crew". They've stuck with him no matter how hard he's tried to shove them away. He suspects it has something to do with Kirishima and his natural charm.

Natural charm. God, he's so fucking gay.

"I think Denki's room has enough space for all of us," Kirishima continues. "Let's go there."

Katsuki slides down the desk chair and crosses his arms. "Alright," he reluctantly mutters, trying to put on a show.

In reality, he wonders if this is what it's like to have friends who actually care about you, instead of following because of fear and admiration.

Fucking weird.



The thing about Uraraka—it wasn't that she was a bad driver. Shouto couldn't drive at all, so he had no room to talk. It's just... she is a very specific type of driver. She doesn't text or let herself be distracted by her phone while driving (Iida would most likely kick her ass if she ever tried); her phone is always given to whoever is sitting in the front seat (which, of course, is Asui). No, she's the type of driver that will control and defend the radio with her life, and when her song comes on, nobody can stop her. The Solo Performer, Shouto has once heard Midoriya refer to it as, and it's true.

She currently has the radio turned up so loud Shouto can feel the bass vibrating the car. He sits on the left side of the car while Midoriya sits in the middle (being the smallest, unfortunately), while Iida is on the right side lecturing Uraraka on the methods of safe driving and That does not include having the radio turned all the way up, what if we cannot hear something!?

Uraraka only replies by sticking her tongue out at him through the rear-view mirror and turning the volume up. Shouto bites his lip to keep from laughing. Uraraka turns down the volume only to listen to the GPS on her phone telling her which direction to turn, and then replaces the lost volume with her own voice. She's currently screaming the lyrics to some English song that Shouto's never heard before, but it sounds pretty nice, and he makes a mental note to look it up later.

"We're almost to the movie theater," Midoriya speaks up, having to lean over and tap his friend on the shoulder to get her attention. She stares at him for a moment, and then the GPS suddenly says Turn left at the next road, and the next road is right here, and Uraraka turns so suddenly that Midoriya abruptly falls backwards and pretty much falls into Shouto, grabbing onto his pant leg to steady himself. Shouto immediately grabs onto his shoulders to steady him, anxiety spiking, and when the car finally straightens Iida immediately starts to yell again.

"We're fine, aren't we?" Uraraka exclaims, but she's blushing a little in embarrassment. "Look, the movie theater is right up here, don't worry about it."

Midoriya looks a little dizzy from being thrown back suddenly, and when Shouto pushes him up he's still gripping onto his pant leg for dear life, except it's right on his thigh and wow it's really close. Shouto tries not to blush (too obviously) and clears his throat so his voice doesn't crack when he talks or something else horribly embarrassing.

"Um—" he starts, and takes a deep breath, "are you alright?"

"Ah!" Midoriya exclaims, and he suddenly looks sweaty. "Sorry! I didn't mean to, uh..." His voice trails off and he suddenly looks very red. Shouto tries not to read too much into it, or get his hopes up too much. 

Shouto and Midoriya both look at where they're touching the other at the same time—Midoriya gripping Shouto's thigh, and Shouto holding Midoriya's shoulders—and immediately break apart. Avoiding the other's gaze, Shouto mumbles a quick apology and turns to stare out the window. His face feels like it's on fire.

(Little does he know, Midoriya is in a similar state.)

"Hey, we're here!" Uraraka exclaims suddenly, sounding too innocent. Shouto blinks and looks up, and they're sitting in the parking lot, near the entrance of the theater. Shouto suddenly suspects that they've been there a while, and had not said anything because of—well, what happened. It's plausible, but Shouto doesn't say anything of it. He gets out of the car and shoves his hands in his pockets, trying not to be too awkward. 

"You two get our tickets," Uraraka says, shoving her card into Shouto's hands and gesturing to her girlfriend. "We'll go get snacks. You guys want anything?"

"Popcorn," Asui replies.

Shouto pauses. "I'm alright."

Uraraka frowns. "You sure?"

He nods, because in all honesty he doesn't really like popcorn, and he hates the sound of other people eating so much that he doesn't want to bother anyone else with it. Uraraka's face flashes with something unfamiliar, and she shrugs before catching up with Iida and Midoriya at the concession area.

"So," Asui starts when they get the tickets and stand waiting for the others, and somehow Shouto sensed this was coming, "Midoriya, huh?"

He sighs. "Yes." There's no use denying it at this point (and he's sure that he's completely obvious, anyway; it's his first crush after all).

"I think you'd be good together," Asui says, quickly checking her phone and locking it again. "I'm sure everyone says that, though."

"Pretty much." His cheeks feel pink. He sure does blush a lot more.

"You think he feels the same way?"


"Then don't force yourself," Asui says, and it kind of catches Shouto off-guard. He looks over at her with a slightly startled expression. Asui only looks back at him with one that's a little solicitous. "People always tell you, 'They like you! Go for it!' But that's really all nerve-wracking." She taps her chin and sticks her tongue out. "People told me that when I started liking Ochako. I didn't believe them so they only pushed me more. It made me really anxious and I almost rushed things and ruined it." Asui glances over at the group—Iida is holding two giant buckets of popcorn in both of his hands while Midoriya carries the drinks. "Go at nobody's pace but your own. Make moves when you want, and back off when you feel like it. If you don't think he feels the same way, then that's alright." 

"Huh." Shouto suddenly feels extremely touched. Asui has never been one to talk a lot, and here she is giving him a big speech about his crush.

"However," Asui continues, interrupting his train of thought, "don't see yourself as so undesirable that you miss your chance." She smiles a little when she sees the group starting to walk back. "Don't be so dense as to rejecting anything before it even happens."

The group comes back and Asui acts as if like the whole conversation didn't happen. She takes one of the large drinks from Uraraka's hands and beams at her. Shouto feels a little jealous of their relationship, but then he looks over at Midoriya, who is excitedly talking about the preview of the movie they're seeing to Iida. 

I'll be fine, he thinks, and hopes.



The movie is nice. Comedy movies aren't really his things—he prefers deeper movies with a meaning—but he gets to hear Midoriya's beautiful laugh throughout it all, so that make it all right. Of course, he's planted right between Uraraka and Midoriya, and has to deal with conversations constantly being passed across him, but it's not as bad when they immediately include him in them, making sure he isn't forgotten or out of the loop. It's a thoughtful gesture, and it makes Shouto think: he's never had friends before. 

When Midoriya asks Shouto if he wants popcorn, he has a hard time refusing, and ends up succumbing to Midoriya's kind, curious face. The taste is less-than-quality, but he ends up eating more of it, like he always does when Jirou drags him to one of her weird action movies. His and Midoriya's hands end up touching and brushing against each other a few times, and it flusters him to no end, but he doesn't say anything about it, or doesn't try to stop to avoid it.

He thinks of Asui's words, and then of what Jirou and Yaoyorozu told him before he left. When the movie comes to its climax, he isn't paying attention to it anymore, but he's only staring at Midoriya. The lights from the movie reflect on his face, and somehow illuminates him even more. Shouto suddenly remembers he's supposed to confess, but then he stops, because he doesn't think he can without ruining it and making a fool of himself.

There's time, he tells himself. I'll make Midoriya like me.

When he looks back to the movie, he still has no idea what's going on, but he watches nonetheless, hyper-aware of the way Midoriya's knee occasionally bumps against his.




They get back a bit late. Asui is asleep by the time they make it back, and Uraraka ends up carrying her to her room. Iida wanders off someplace else, and then it's just Shouto and Midoriya standing in the hallway at the entrance to Midoriya's room.

"Thank you for inviting me," Shouto says sincerely, and lets his head fall a little. "It was nice."

Midoriya makes a strange choking sound, and Shouto looks up in concern, and sees that the other's face is reddened and he's looking away frantically.

"Y-yes!" he exclaims, and stares at the ground blankly for a moment. "I mean—I'm glad you came," Midoriya tries again, and his smile nearly blinds Shouto (it's not even that big of a smile, he internally grumbles).  "We should, uh, go to another movie sometime, if... you'd like."

Oh jeez. Shouto's left side is steaming, probably. He has to wrap this up quick before he burns his clothes off.

"I-I'd like that," he says, and bites his lip nervously. "Um, goodnight." He nods his head and quickly goes to walk away, trying not to break into a sprint to his dorm room.

"Oh, goodnight!" Midoriya calls after him, and god he's so sweet I'm going to die.

Shouto manages to shut himself in his room, and he lays down on his bed and stares at the ceiling for what seems like hours, but in reality it's probably only a few minutes. His phone buzzes in his pocket, and he plugs it in his charger before opening it and sliding open the notification.


[ 11:48 ] yaoyorozu momo: I heard U come back. How'd it go?

11:49 ] yaoyorozu momo: Did U confess?


This time, Shouto doesn't try to hold back his blush. He gives a shaky, embarrassed smile even though he's alone, and presses his phone against his forehead to try and cool himself down (even though he literally has ice abilities). He flips all around the bed, eventually burying his face in his pillow and wrapping it around his head. 

He then realizes he should probably answer Yaoyorozu, and lifts his head and props his phone up on his bed frame.


11:53 ] todoroki shouto: i didn't confess.

11:53 ] todoroki shouto: but it went great.


He's not lying.


11:54 ] yaoyorozu momo: Wtf does that mean

11:55 ] yaoyorozu momo: Kyoka is asking if you're together


11:56 ] todoroki shouto: no, we're not.

11:57 ] todoroki shouto: i'm not gonna rush things. i'm going at my own pace so i don't mess things up.

11:57 ] todoroki shouto: but i did realize something today.


There's a pause before she finally replies.


11:58 ] yaoyorozu momo: What?


11:58 ] todoroki shouto: i am incredibly gay for midoriya izuku.




Tokoyami: I know nobody has spoken in this chat for quite some time but

Tokoyami: Who the hell is blasting carly rae jepsen at 1 am


assido: lol take a fuckin guess


cutieshima: BABY


denki: TAKE ME


cutieshima: TO THE


denki: FEELING




denki: IN SECRET








Tokoyami: I shouldve known


midoridie: you should've


cutieshima: wow the chat is lit tonight

cutieshima: who up click like


bakubro: go to bed


cutieshima: bakugou come sing w us


bakubro: fuck no


cutieshima: are u just mad cuz mina beat us in mario kart hsjdsbhf


bakubro: no

bakubro: fuck off


assido: :3c


bakubro: pull that face with me again and ill kill you


assido: u wouldnt u love me 2 much


prince zuko: what is even happening here.

prince zuko: wait what.

prince zuko: who changed my name.


cutieshima: it wasn't me


prince zuko: doubtful.


cutieshima: WOW


invisigirl: OH that was me lmfao


prince zuko: why?

prince zuko: i don't even know who "zuko" is.


invisigirl: i'll teach you (:


prince zuko: uh...?


uravity: he's a fictional character lol

uravity: he's kinda similar 2 u cuz he got fire powers


prince zuko: oh.

prince zuko: thanks? maybe? 


bakubro: oh my god are they still playing fucking carly rae jepsen


cutieshima: no u fool now its lady gaga


denki: how did u get the two mixed up


bakubro: idk shit man i dont listen to them


cutieshima: well thats why u should COME OVER


bakubro: no


cutieshima: ): after i made u a cupcake and everything


uravity: u did what


bakubro: whatever


cutieshima: hes gone ))):


prince zuko: that's rough, buddy.






invisigirl: THE PROPHECY


cutieshima: ohgmfdnjf


prince zuko: ?


uravity: the sad thing is that he doesnt even realize


earphone jacc: do yall ever sleep



Chapter Text

When it happens, Eijirou is sitting on the kitchen counter, watching Yaoyorozu dig through the fridge for something, partly trying to get her to make something for him, and partly gossiping about their fellow classmates. He ignores the fact that it's one in the morning, and that they have class tomorrow.

"Okay, so—hypothetically—hear me out," he starts, waving his hands in front of him for emphasis, "if, and this is an if, trust me, you were able to make a lightsaber—"

"I'm not so sure that's possible—"

"Hypothetical!" Eijirou protests, and clears his throat. "Could you make one I could fight with." It's not even a question, more like a statement.

Yaoyorozu pauses, and she's holding a jug of milk she most likely fished from the back of the fridge. She stares at Eijirou for a long moment, then frowns. "I'm not so sure I could manage to make one," she says, unscrewing the cap. "I would have to know what's made out of." And with that, she proceeds to drink straight from the jug. What a mood.

Eijirou huffs and all but pouts, crossing his legs and leaning over the edge of the counter. He stares at Yaoyorozu blankly as she chugs more than half the jug and then wipes her mouth. Eijirou wordlessly hands her a Sharpie and she writes her name on it, before shoving it back in the fridge.

"How are things between you and Jirou?" he asks curiously, running a hand through his hair. It's down, and slightly damp from the shower he took earlier (hey, sue him, midnight showers are a depression mood).

Yaoyorozu suddenly sports a soft, shy smile, her face dusting pink, and Eijirou smiles with her. She's cute. 

"Good," she replies, looking a bit embarrassed. "She's very sweet, and beautiful." Yaoyorozu bites her lips and hesitates before asking, "How about... you?"


"You like Bakugou, correct?"

Eijirou blinks, and his smile falls. "Yeah," he replies, because it's not like he's going to deny it, and he's sure most of the class knows it by now.

(Most of the class meaning everyone but Bakugou himself.)

"Are you trying to..." Yaoyorozu fumbles. "... um... tame him?"

Eijirou snorts, and covers his mouth to keep from laughing too loudly. It is one in the morning, after all. "Tame him? " he repeats incredulously. "Don't need to. He's already my friend, anyway."

"But... you like him. Don't you want to... uh, date him?" She says it as if she cannot fathom the thought of Bakugou dating anyone. Eijirou suddenly feels offended on Bakugou' behalf—sure, he's rude and explosive, but he's slowly improving himself, and he can be kind, and the kindness he's shown Eijirou is one he cherishes.

Eijirou's frown must show on his face, because suddenly Yaoyorozu sports an apologetic look.

"'Course I do," he replies, trying not to sound too irritated—Bakugou isn't even here to be irritated, damn it Eijirou—and says, "but if he isn't into me, he isn't into me." He crosses his arms. "He doesn't need taming. He's just..." Eijirou's voice trails off, and feels himself blush. He groans, biting his lip, and buries his face in his hands. "... very sweet," he continues, "and cute. And hot. And amazing."

Yaoyorozu sounds like she's sneezing. When Eijirou looks up, she's covering her mouth with her knuckles and looking off to the side—she's stifling laughter. Eijirou blushes even harder.

"Sorry—" She cuts herself off with her own giggles. "You're just... very cute. You two would be cute together."

"I know, right!" Eijirou exclaims, his mood suddenly changing. He leans his head back and sighs. "He's so hard to read sometimes. I don't wanna force him to like me but, it'd be, like, nice, y'know?"

"I get what you mean," Yaoyorozu says, her ears pink.

Eijirou throws one arm over his eyes. "No! No! You're in a relationship—don't talk to me like you relate to my struggles!"

Yaoyorozu just rolls her eyes, and stretches her arms above her head. "I'm going to bed," she says, and frowns at him disapprovingly. "You should go soon, too."

"Hey, you were out here first," Eijirou says, shrugging his shoulders.

"Whatever," she laughs, and walks off.

Eijirou is alone in the dimly-lit kitchen, and he raps his fingertips against the counter top for a few moments before groaning and jumping off. He doesn't feel tired—not at all, god, insomnia is such a bitch, and he wonders if any of his friends are awake as he pulls out his phone.

He pauses, and closes his messenger app. If they are awake, he shouldn't keep them up any more than they should be. If they're asleep, he shouldn't accidentally wake them up. Instead, Eijirou wanders into the common room without realizing and opens Snapchat. He clicks on Uraraka's Story—he hasn't checked it all day, and she usually has some pretty interesting and funny snaps. The first is a video of Midoriya dancing to some tune on the television; when he realizes he's being filmed, he only starts dancing harder and laughs, and the camera zooms in on his face before it ends. The next is another followup video, except this time Midoriya has somehow gotten Todoroki to get up and dance with him—it could hardly be called dancing, Midoriya is just kind of swinging his hips and Todoroki is stumbling to catch up with him, almost falling when Midoriya takes his hands and guides him along. It's cute, and Eijirou snorts before taking a screenshot of the exact moment Todoroki looks like he's dying.

The final snap is one taken two hours prior, and it's a selfie this time—Uraraka is only visible from the nose down, but she's smiling, and one of her arms is wrapped around her sleeping girlfriend as she lays on her chest. The photo is captioned only with the word cutie, followed by three varying heart emojis. Eijirou slides up and replies with you guys are so cute!! along with a few red heart emojis. He feels jealous of her for a moment, even though he knows he shouldn't. He shakes it off and goes to checking other Stories, starting to wander back to his room.

Except he doesn't make it there, because that's when it happens.

The front door suddenly closes, except Eijirou hadn't noticed it open. When he turns his head, Bakugou is standing there, drenched from head to toe, his jacket off and being delicately cradled in his hands. He suddenly looks startled when he sees Eijirou, eyes wide, mouth opening and closing like a fish, like he doesn't know what to say or how to explain himself.

Eijirou stares back, because who the hell walks in the pouring rain at one in the morning?

"Uh—" He's interrupted by a loud mewl, one that almost sounds like a scream. Eijirou blinks, furrowing his eyebrows, and a small fluffy head pokes out of the top of the jacket Bakugou is cradling.

"I can explain," Bakugou says all in one breath.

"Is that a—"

"I found it," Bakugou interrupts again, swallowing, and he pushes hair out of his face when it drips down onto the jacket. He's shaking—he'd only been wearing a tank top underneath the jacket—and Eijirou doesn't even have the time to appreciate Bakugou's soaking wet body because he's shivering and there's a fucking animal in his arms.

"Dude," Eijirou says, pocketing his phone, and walking over to him. "Christ, you must be freezing. Here, I'll get you a towel—"

"Wait, uh." Bakugou stops him, looking down towards the ground, and then lifts the jacket up a bit higher. "Can you." He grits his teeth. "Help me?"

"Bro, what did you even do?" Eijirou asks quietly, but steps closer and pulls part of the jacket away to see just what exactly Bakugou has ended up with. It's a kitten, but it's tiny and soaked even more than Bakugou, and Eijirou thinks it can't be older than a few weeks. "Holy shit," he whispers, eyes widening.

"It was alone on the sidewalk," Bakugou says, and wow, his voice is super close. Eijirou looks up at him, and there's something in Bakugou's eyes he can't read. "I think it was gonna, um, die, so I just kind of... brought it here."

Eijirou's heart swells. God, he's so cute. "Well, we need to get it warm," he says, and then eyes Bakugou up and down. "Both of you."

"It's one in the morning, " Bakugou growls, more out of frustration than anger. "What the fuck are we gonna warm it up with?"

Eijirou purses his lips. "I know who can help us."

Bakugou stares, blinking slowly, and Eijirou can practically see the gears turning in his head. When they finally click, Bakugou's face is one of pure rage. "Fuck no."

"Do you want the kitten to live or not?" Bakugou goes silent. Eijirou nods, and turns so he can text said person. "Exactly. I'm sure he's still up."



He is, in fact, and that's exactly why Katsuki and Kirishima find themselves standing in Todoroki's room at 1:30 AM on a Monday morning.

Todoroki is wearing nothing but his binder, his hair all messed up, and he looks somewhat childlike as he sits cross-legged on the bed, gently drying off the wet and shaking kitten with a towel. Another towel sits over Katsuki's shoulders, and he says nothing when Kirishima picks it up to dry off his hair and scold him.

"Going out for a walk in the rain? " Kirishima scoffs, not noticing the way Katsuki's face goes pink. "What the hell were you thinking? Actually, don't answer that."

"Couldn't sleep," is the reply he gives, and it's mostly true, except the reason he couldn't sleep was because of intense dysphoria that made him feel like he was drowning. He figured going outside was the best choice, even if it was raining.

Kirishima wraps the now slightly damp towel around Katsuki's shoulders, patting once and smiling. "Oh, whatever. At least you're safe. I'll bet you'll get sick, though." Now Katsuki's face is red, and Kirishima, the fucker, leans forward and puts the back of his hand on his forehead. God. Fuck. What the fuck. Katsuki tries not to internally combust as Kirishima leans close and stares him down. "Oh, you're really warm, though. Maybe you're already sick."

Katsuki can't take it. He shoves Kirishima's hand away and glares somewhere off to the side. "I'm fine," he spits out, and hears a muffled snicker. He glares at Todoroki, who is giving him a knowing smirk, as if the asshole himself doesn't have the most obvious fucking crush on Deku, anyway. 

Kirishima takes a seat next to Todoroki on the bed, and watches as Todoroki takes a sock from his drawer and gently pushes the mewling kitten into it. 

Katsuki blinks. "A sock? "

Todoroki nods once. "Better insulation," is the reply he gives, and then he's shifting so the kitten is laying against his right arm, its body settling on his right palm. Katsuki watches as Todoroki slowly heats up his hand. After a few minutes, the kitten stops shaking, and it almost looks as if it's asleep. He pauses. Or dead.

"It's fine," Todoroki says quickly, as if reading Katsuki's expression. "I'm sure it's just tired. It was stuck out in the rain, after all." Todoroki looks up and raises an eyebrow. "Why did you bring it here instead of an animal shelter?"

"It's almost two in the fucking morning!" Katsuki shouts, momentarily forgetting that there are other people in the dorm and that most of them are probably sleeping. "None of them would be open!"

"You didn't bring it to a teacher?"

Katsuki scoffs and pointedly crosses his arms, looking away. "Right. As if. They'd tell me to fucking put it back or something." Out of the corner of his eye he sees Kirishima and Todoroki share a look, and it irritates him even further. He feels tiny explosions start on his palms just from sheer anger, but when the kitten in Todoroki's arms makes a small sound and yawns, he immediately clenches his fists and locks his jaw.

"Unless you want me to sleep in your room tonight," Kirishima suddenly starts, rising to his feet and stretching his arms above his head, "I'm going to bed."

Katsuki makes a move to stand when he does out of sheer habit, but Todoroki interrupts him before he does.

"Are you leaving too, Bakugou? Are you going to leave the kitten with me tonight?"

He stops, and sinks further back into his seat.

"Night, Bakugou," Kirishima says softly with a wave, and moves to do the same to Todoroki. Katsuki idly waves back, transfixed on him when he leaves the room, closing the door behind him. When he eventually snaps out of it, realizing he's not alone (he's along with fucking Todoroki, of all people, for fuck's sake), Todoroki is giving him an oddly focused and curious look.

Katsuki's face flushes but he tries to hide it with a snarl. How dare anyone see his embarrassingly and completely obvious lovestruck face. "The fuck are you lookin' at?"

Todoroki shrugs. The kitten in his arms stirs when he does. "It's just strange. I've never seen a look like that on your face before."

Great. As if Katsuki doesn't know how glaringly obvious he is sometimes.

Todoroki's eyes gleam. "You're in love with Kirishima, right?"

Silence. Katsuki is speechless, but there's so many words bubbling up inside him that he wants to say, scream, yell. He can feel heat on his face, and he grits his teeth when he finally has the power in him to move again, grabbing the nearest thing on Todoroki's desk—a book—and chucks it at his head, screaming, "DIE!! "

Todoroki just leans to the side to avoid it, his other arm immediately going to shield the kitten, and suddenly Katsuki is filled with guilt. After taking a moment to make sure he didn't hurt the cat, he huffs and turns his back away from him, making his way towards the door.

"I'm not making fun of you," Todoroki says before he can even touch the handle. "I was just making an observation."

Katsuki scoffs. "You should know when to keep your fucking mouth shut."

"So you are?" Damn him. Katsuki doesn't answer.

Apparently, Todoroki still doesn't know when to keep his fucking mouth shut, because he keeps going. "I apologize if I, um, went too far," he says, which is anything but what Katsuki expected him to say. Katsuki slowly turns around, scowl in place, and sees Todoroki as he looks down at his lap. "Love is a tricky thing, I've realized."

"Yeah, you like that fucking Deku or whatever," Katsuki murmurs under his breath, but it was still loud enough for Todoroki to hear, because the latter's face goes pink and he looks away. It angers Katsuki to no end, and he stomps over to stand right in front of the other. "What-fucking-ever. I'm taking the damn cat and leaving."

Todoroki blinks up at him. "It's not old enough to maintain its own body heat."

"So what!? "

"Just let me keep it warm for a bit longer."

Katsuki resists the urge to blow up his stupid fucking face. He's holding a kitten, so it's the only reason he doesn't do it. Obviously. "Fuck! Fine! Whatever." 

There's a long silence between them. Katsuki can hear the kitten purring. He looks over to stare at it, but ends up looking at Todoroki instead. At his binder. How he's just wearing it in plain view, with nothing over it. He doesn't even care that Katsuki is in the room, and that he's being seen like this.

"How do you do that," the words leave his mouth before he can stop them, and he snaps his mouth shut.

Todoroki looks confused. "Do what?"

"Wear. That. In plain view." Katsuki swallows thickly. Why does he ever open his mouth ever. "Your..."

"Binder?" Todoroki guesses, and Katsuki is astonished as how he can say it so calmly, but he nods nonetheless. Todoroki looks down at himself, and shrugs with one shoulder. "I don't feel as if it's something to hide. It's my identity, after all." He then purses his lips. "My father wanted me to hide it. Thought it was shameful to have a transgender son. I guess at this point I just want to separate myself from him as much as possible."

Katsuki wants to scream again. He makes it sound so fucking easy.

"You're the opposite of me, though," Todoroki continues, and he shifts on the bed. "I wish you didn't have to feel like that."

"Like what? " Katsuki spits. He's angry, so angry his face is red and he feels like he's steaming, but he's also horribly embarrassed and ashamed, because Todoroki knows, and the only reason Todoroki knows is because Todoroki caught him washing bloody boxers in the laundry room one night. All because of a shitty fucking mistake, just like—

"Like it's a shameful, dirty secret you have to hide from everyone."

Katsuki doesn't say anything. Because it is, and he feels exactly like that. What a fucking field day the rest of his peers would have if they found out oh so tough Bakugou Katsuki has tits and a vagina.

(Except they all know Todoroki has them too, and he's never seen any of them make fun of him because of it. But it's because he's popular, and well-liked by everyone. Nobody likes Katsuki. The only idiots brave—or stupid—enough to even approach him are Kirishima and his band of equally-stupid friends. They know, and they don't make fun of him. Katsuki growls internally at his own train of thought.)

"You don't know a fucking thing about me," Katsuki snarls, and moves to take the kitten from Todoroki's grip. This time, the latter doesn't try to stop him, and holds the kitten out so Katsuki can take it. When he does, Katsuki takes a deep breath to keep his hands from exploding (if he accidentally blew up the kitten he might as well jump off the fucking roof), and all but stomps over to the door.

He hears Todoroki sigh when he opens the door.

"You don't have to be alone on this," he says, what a fucking dumbass. "Dysphoria is a bitch sometime."

Katsuki's not sure if he's ever heard Todoroki swear like that before, but he doesn't care. It sure is, he wants to say. It's reassuring to know I'm not alone, is what he's (reluctantly) thinking. Thanks, is what Kirishima would want him to say, thanks for saving the kitten.

"Don't act like we're friends," is what he says instead, and leaves.



Ever since the movie not-date, Shouto and Midoriya had been texting a lot more. In class, too, apparently, judging from the way his phone suddenly vibrates from his bag. He quickly slaps a hand over it before Present Mic notices, and when he turns to face the board again, Shouto slowly takes it out and shields the screen with his desk. He clicks the notification.


09:12 ] midoriya izuku: everyone is dead!!!! omg :0


Shouto stares at the message blankly before looking up, glancing over the sea of sleeping students. Those who aren't asleep are getting there, perching their head on their hand and Kaminari almost falling off his chair. He suppresses a snort. Glancing at Bakugou, he raises an eyebrow when he sees him practically passed out over his desk. It's not often Bakugou would fall asleep in class, but judging from how late he had stayed up last night, with the kitten and all, it was understandable. It was only a miracle that Shouto himself wasn't in the same state. His phone buzzes with another message.

09:13 ] midoriya izuku: ig everyone stayed up rly late last night ??? even kacchan is asleep!!!


Shouto pauses, taking a peek at Present Mic to make sure he isn't looking, and then types his reply.


09:14 ] todoroki shouto: bakugou had a busy night.


09:15 ] midoriya izuku: ehhh?? what crazy shenanigans were u two up 2 last night


09:16 ] todoroki shouto: not sure if i should be the one to spoil it, lol. 

09:17 ] todoroki shouto: it's quite cute, actually. i wasn't aware bakugou was such a softie.


Shouto can hear Midoriya's excited giggle, and he blushes. Midoriya is so cute.


09:18 ] midoriya izuku: now im super curious!! omg u think kacchan would kill me if i asked what was up


09:18 ] todoroki shouto: possibly.

09:19 ] todoroki shouto: i wouldn't risk it. i don't want you to die, after all.


He immediately regrets it when he hits send, and his body flushes with embarrassment. He hears Midoriya's giggling cease, and he only hopes that he's not on fire or his desk isn't covered in frost. Present Mic turns around to ask a question, and he ends up pointing to Kaminari and yelling loudly. The noise makes him snap his head up so quickly that his chair finally tips over and he crashes to the ground. Those who aren't passed out on their desk laugh, but Shouto is resisting the urge to grip his desk and bounce his legs. He tucks his phone between his legs to hide it when Present Mic starts speaking to the class.

Why did he even say that? He could've erased it and said something else, or not even said it at all—except he's an idiot when it comes to love.

The moment Present Mic turns his back again, his phone vibrates, making him nearly jump out of his skin. He blushes a little when he takes it out, and lets his forehead fall onto his desk as he reads it.


09:21 ] midoriya izuku: ur so cute

09:21 ] midoriya izuku: i dont want u to die either


Midoriya's wishes won't come true, because he's going to kill him. Shouto spends the rest of the class hardly paying attention, trying not to freeze or burn down the classroom, his heart beating a million miles a minute. 



That day, when class ends, and the students disperse to their dorms, Shouto hides himself in his room and opens up Google on his phone.

what does it mean when a boy calls you cute, he searches. If Jirou were here, he'd never hear the end of it.



"Ow, what the fuck—"

"Ah, sorry."

"Your elbows are fucking hell, man, Jesus."

"You're the one laying on me!"

Katsuki rolls his eyes. Why does he even hang around these idiots. He's sitting cross-legged on Mina's bed, leaning against the wall and watching said idiots argue over who sits where, who lays on who, and who has the best view of the kitten laying in Katsuki's lap. She's pretty much half-asleep, but every time the bed jolts from one of the idiots trying to get closer, she jumps and curls closer into Katsuki's abdomen.

"It's so cute!" Mina squeals, her entire lower body thrown over Sero. She tries to scoot closer, but Kirishima rolls his eyes and shoves her backwards. "Can we pet it?"

Katsuki scowls. "You're scaring her."

Mina only shouts louder. "You both are so cute!"

The kitten suddenly hisses at Mina and clambers up (rather painfully) so she's sitting on the top of Katsuki's head, snuggling down into his blond hair and gazing down at the other four with cold eyes.

Sero and Kaminari immediately laugh so hard they fall and end up bringing everyone down with them. Mina follows with her own giggling, while Kirishima is only staring in awe. Katsuki feels himself blush, but he pretends like he doesn't notice it.

"What?" he asks, a bit harsher than he meant to.

"Dude, " Kirishima says, and there's even affection in the word dude, goddammit, "that cat acts just like you."

"I just can't believe you haven't gotten caught with it yet," Kaminari says, untangling himself from Sero and Mina and pushing himself up onto the bed. Since he's the biggest idiot of them all, he reaches his hand out towards the kitten, and immediately shouts in pain when the kitten, in retaliation, angrily bites his finger and hisses even louder.

This time, Katsuki lets himself snort. "Even she recognizes you as trash."

Kaminari is cradling his finger, tears threatening to stream down his face. "That dumb kitten is rude and mean like you!" he exclaims. Mina and Sero are patting his head and back in sympathy. 

Mina and Sero both try to reach for the kitten, but it ends similarly to Kaminari. They sit in the far corner of the bed, cradling their hurt fingers and lamenting their so-called "cat whisperer" abilities. Katsuki only scoffs and rolls his eyes at them, reaching up to grab the kitten away from his head and into his hands. He stares into her eyes for a moment, blinking slowly and gazing blankly, and then the kitten mewls and nuzzles into his hands.

"Good with cats, bad with people," Mina says, grinning. "Who woulda thought?"

Katsuki frowns. "You guys are just fucking awful with animals."

Kirishima scoots closer to where he's sitting across from Katsuki. He holds his hands out curiously. "Can I try?"

Katsuki stares, poking his tongue on the inside of his cheek in thought. It's a struggle to get the kitten to let go of him, but as soon as he does, he warily sets her in Kirishima's waiting hands, watching him closely and carefully. He knows Kirishima would never hurt the kitten on purpose, and most likely not even on accident, and when he sees the kitten settle into his hands, tension falls from his shoulders and he lets out a breath he didn't realize he'd been holding.

"No way," Sero says, and he, Mina, and Kaminari are all watching with wide, incredulous eyes as the kitten practically claws herself onto Kirishima's shirt, purring when Kirishima puts his hands on her and strokes her fur gently.

Katsuki furrows his eyebrows. His cat has betrayed him.

"Wow, it really is Bakugou," Kaminari says offhandedly, and a flustered Katsuki reaches over to angrily blow his face up, screaming nonsense. Thankfully, Kirishima didn't hear (or just didn't pay any attention to) what he said, and busies himself with petting the kitten gently, rubbing underneath her chin and grinning at her.

Katsuki suddenly wishes he could take a photo of it, because, and he can't believe he's thinking this, it's so fucking cute—but he thinks taking a photo of someone he likes all of a sudden would freak them out, and it's just not in-character for him. So he saves the image mentally, forcing his blush down with sheer will when Kirishima looks up at him with one of the most beautiful smiles he's ever seen.

"You named her yet?" he asks, and Katsuki blinks, because no, he hadn't, because he hadn't been planning on even keeping her this long. When he shakes his head, a frown settling on his face, Kirishima hums in thought. "You should give her a name if you're plannin' to keep her around here."

"Does this dorm even allow animals?" Mina pipes up suddenly.

"Well, they keep Tokoyami and Ojirou here, don't they?" Sero replies.

Everyone chokes on their own breath.

"Oh, they've been roasted! " Kaminari groans, putting his hands on his face and leaning backwards so his head falls off the edge of the bed. His face is red from trying to muffle his laughter. Mina doesn't even try to hide it, and she ends up falling into Kirishima's lap as she giggles uncontrollably.

Kirishima shakes his head, trying not to laugh too much to disturb the kitten currently purring against his chest. "Y'all don't gotta do 'em like that... damn..."

Katsuki looks away, biting his lip to keep from smiling or, god forbid, laugh. He hates these idiots, obviously. Their jokes and their roasts aren't funny. He hates their company—and it most definitely does not make him happy. Even when he's feeling shitty about himself or angry at someone else, they just make him worse, always. They don't have the mental capacity to know how to cheer someone up, let alone him. They're stupid, because who in their right minds would hang out with Katsuki? They're idiots. He hates them.

(He's lying to himself—he'll never admit it—and his little group of what he might call friends are some of the bravest and kindest people he'll probably ever know.)

"Well," Kirishima says, changing the subject and bringing Katsuki's attention back to him, "if you wanna hide her here, we'll help."

"Yeah!" Mina and Sero exclaim in unison, pumping their fists in the air.

"Can I name her?" Kaminari asks.

"Absolutely fucking not," Katsuki immediately replies.



Katsuki sits alone in his room—well, not completely alone. He's playing tug of war with the kitten with his own finger; the kitten's tiny teeth don't really hurt, compared to the amount of scrapes and injuries he's gotten. The kitten growls at him, as much as a kitten could growl for her size. 

There's suddenly a knock on his door, and Katsuki pulls his finger away and readies himself just in case he needs to hide the kitten under the bed or something.

"It's Todoroki," comes a voice from behind, and Katsuki groans. 

"What the fuck do you want?" he barks back.

"Can I come in?" Todoroki asks, completely not answering the question. When Katsuki doesn't reply, there's a sigh, followed by the door swinging open. Todoroki stands there, holding a bag of... various things. He's wearing a sweatshirt that looks vaguely familiar—where the fuck has he seen it before?—oh, it's fucking Deku's. He rolls his eyes. 

"What the hell are you doing here?" Katsuki demands, ignoring the kitten as she paws at his legs for attention, eventually bringing her claws into it.

"Heard you were keeping the cat," Todoroki replies, and, damn him, walks inside his room and drops the bag on Katsuki's bed. "I brought a present."

"Why would you buy this shit?" Katsuki mutters, but curiosity gets the better of him and he digs through the bag, finding a variety of kitten food and toys. "I could've bought this myself, asshole."

"I wanted to be nice," Todoroki says, but his voice is so monotone Katsuki can't tell if he's being sarcastic or not. He looks down at the kitten, and his eyes soften. "Have you named it yet?"

"Yes," Katsuki mutters without thinking, and then curses at himself.


He's a goddamn fool. Katsuki pointedly looks away to hide the roaring blush on his face. "Ei."

"Isn't that—"

"Yes, shut the fuck up. "

Surprisingly, Todoroki does. There's a silence for a moment, and then Todoroki clears his throat. Katsuki manages to get the heat on his face to die down a little when he turns to look at him.

"Well," Todoroki says, his arms falling behind his back, "that's really all I wanted to do. Give you the, uh... supplies." He's so fucking awkward Katsuki wants to laugh in his face. For whatever reason, he doesn't, and just stares. Todoroki glances to the side. "Sorry—for, um... barging in. I didn't think you would let me in, so I just..."

"Whatever," Katsuki says before he can go off into a ramble. "It's—fine. I guess." It's the closest he can get to a thank you. Katsuki bares his teeth and glares at him. "Well? That's all you wanted, right?"

Todoroki nods. "Ah, yes. Sorry—" He turns on his heel and walks back towards the door. Before leaving completely, he hesitates, and says, "I want us to be friends."

If Katsuki were drinking something, he'd do a spit take. Except he's not drinking anything, so he settles for letting his palms explode in both anger and shock. "What? "

Todoroki shifts from side to side. "Well—we're. Kind of similar. I've never known anyone who was... like me." He looks down at his feet and scratches at his arm. "Plus... I've never had friends before. I'd like to make as many as possible while I have the chance."

Katsuki blinks. While he has the chance? "The fuck do you mean by that? "

"Nothing," Todoroki says too quickly, and shakes his head. "It's—nothing. I'm sorry for asking." He starts to close the door behind him, and Katsuki groans loudly, making him stop in place with a confused look.

"Wait," Katsuki says, scratching the back of his head and picking up the kitten so she stops clawing at his leg. "Uh. Thanks. For the, uh. Stuff." He's so fucking bad at this.

Todoroki stares like he's a deer in the headlights, and it's a funny look on him. Katsuki avoids looking him in the eyes, and his frown only deepens when Todoroki remains speechless.

"Well!? There you go! Get out of here!" Katsuki shouts, suddenly overwhelmed by embarrassment, explosions coming from the palm not holding the cat like fireworks.

Todoroki snaps out of his weird-as-fuck trance and gives a little half-almost-smile... thing. "You're welcome," he says quickly, and finally leaves.

Once the sound of footsteps fades out, Katsuki groans and flops backwards onto his bed, throwing an arm over his face. The kitten stands on his chest, rather painfully, and claws at his collarbone. He ignores her screeching, and groans at himself and his own stupid fucking actions. He doesn't want to be friends with Todoroki—he hates everyone in his class (almost everyone, he begrudgingly reminds himself). 

(He's lying to himself again.)

Katsuki sighs. The Katsuki from a few months ago would be disgusted with himself now.

Kirishima must be getting to him.



assido: two bros


cutieshima: chillin in a hot tub


assido: five feet apart cuz theyre not gay


uravity: why do u insist on this every day

uravity: youre BOTH gay


cutieshima: i think everyone is gay

cutieshima: one way or another


assido: i think we're all just generally not straight


invisigirl: what about mineta


assido: who


invisigirl: understandable have a nice day


denki: hey guys i have a MAGNIFICENT idea

denki: fuck off i know yall are online i can see u


earphone jacc: lol u sure this idea is really magnificent


ser-yo: i vouch for him


earphone jacc: does not help whatsoever


denki: ok i assume everyone is reading

denki: this weekend

denki: beach trip




cutieshima: FUCK YEA


invisigirl: ooo?? all of us??


denki: heck ya

denki: was thinkin abt inviting sum folks from class b too


cutieshima: MY STEEL BRO


denki: this is brotrayal


cutieshima: polybromy 


denki: oh worm


bakubro: stop with the fucking oh worm you fucks spammed the chat with that for weeksd


cutieshima: weeksd


bakubro: im going to fucking kill u


denki: no u wont


assido: no u wont


ser-yo: no u wont


prince zuko: no, you won't.


midoridie: no you wont 


uravity: lol



bakubro: im not going on your fucking beach episode shit


cutieshima: BAKUGOU PLEAE

cutieshima: IT WONT BE THE SAME W/O U


Tokoyami: I'll go


babe magnet: Me too

babe magnet: Who changed my name


earphone jacc: lol


denki: is that momo


babe magnet: Yes


earphone jacc: listne babe the name fits 


babe magnet: Wouldn't it be "babe maker"?


earphone jacc: are you implying you will make hot women from your body


assido: if only



cutieshima: i want red


uravity: red is evil


cutieshima: matches my hair


denki: and bakus eyes


cutieshima: thats true

cutieshima: fam why u got red eyes


bakubro: i dont fucking know ask my parents


cutieshima: good eyes bad source


bakubro: whatever


uravity: im fucking dying can u be any more obvious


frog face: we are suffering


invisigirl: even more obvious than midoriya


uravity: now lets take a step back there


midoridie: why yall gotta expose me like this


prince zuko: ?


midoridie: abort

midoridie: anyway @kaminari i'll go!!!!!


denki: YEET

denki: i'll drive


cutieshima: ABSOLUTELY NOT

cutieshima: I WILL DRIVE


denki: u ruin all the fun


cutieshima: there wont be any fun if we're DEAD from ur driving


denki: my driving is fine 


assido: once you nearly blew the car up because you got so excited about a dog you almost ran into a tree, electrocuting yourself and the car at the same time


denki: we all make mistakes


earphone jacc: me and momo will go


uravity: me too!!


Iida: I suppose a beach outing could be... refreshing.


assido: what hte fuck u never come online


denki: i'll just assume everyone is coming unless they tell me otherwise

denki: we will work out Details later


bakubro: i already said im not fuckin going


cutieshima: if im going ur going 


bakubro: no


cutieshima: ): please


bakubro: i said no


uravity: uh oh


assido: he always says yes to kirishima


cutieshima: he went offline ??


invisigirl: rip


denki: hmmmm

denki: bakusquad i think its investigation time


assido: copy that


ser-yo: affirmative 


SPARKLY SPARKLY: Hey guys~~~~ whats going on


denki: beach day u in


SPARKLY SPARKLY: Oh but of Course~~~ a perfect opportunity to show off my dazzling new swimsuit!!


earphone jacc: can you be anymore obnoxious


SPARKLY SPARKLY: at least im not mineta


earphone jacc: point taken


Tokoyami: What the hell is that noise from Bakugous room


assido: what does it sound like cuz it could be a lot of things


Tokoyami: Screech


ser-yo: does not help us one bit


uravity: is it that fuckin cat i saw him w


denki: SHHHH


uravity: whoops


invisigirl: CAT???????????? WHERE


cutieshima: god fuckign damn it, this was a SECRET,


uravity: i mean. what cat


cutieshima: the screeching isnt even the cat its bakugou


assido: LMFAO

assido: eijirou what are you doing to him


cutieshima: interrogation


assido: i see


bakubro: i fucking hate you



Chapter Text

Shouto has a nightmare.

It starts like this:

He is a child again, staring into a mirror in a dark room. His hair is long. He's in a violet dress. His mother sits beside him, her hand resting on his left shoulder. The top half of her face is gone, marred by black as if she'd been burnt to a crisp. He doesn't change his expression, and just stares. His left hand crackles and flames dance up his fingers. When he tries to control it, he finds he can't move, can't breathe, can't think—like his body's been overtaken by something strange and he's watching from the sidelines. Shouto shakes but he doesn't; he cries but he doesn't. The flames overtake the entire left side of his body, and spread to the hand on his shoulder. His mother is suddenly engulfed in flames, and he can't move, can't do anything about it. He watches his mother burn through a reflection in the mirror. He watches himself kill his mother and he can't move

and then he's in a large training room. He's older—maybe around nine. The dress has been replaced with a blood-stained t-shirt and shorts. His legs and arms are littered with hand-print-shaped bruises and burns.

Endeavor stands before him, his hand raised above him, a furious expression on his face. His hand starts to swipe down and Shouto screams—

Shouto wakes up. He's in his room, sweating up a storm, his blanket either charred or frozen from where his hands are gripping it. He stares at the ceiling above him, eyes wide, seemingly paralyzed in fear and pure shock. He hasn't had a nightmare this bad in months. Shouto throws an arm over his eyes and starts to cry. He only grips his blanket tighter, the ice cracking under his hold. Tears stream down his cheeks and he does nothing to wipe them, feeling too exhausted and drained to even move his body. He sniffles, jolting when his phone suddenly vibrates beside him. Shouto lifts his arm a little, his vision blurry from tears, and stares at the lit-up notification on the screen. He sees Midoriya's name, and suddenly he feels just enough energy in his body to turn over and slide it open.

It's a text. Shouto looks at the time. He should scold Midoriya for being up so late.


03:12 ] midoriya izuku: i know its like 3 am btuive been thinking abotu this all night

[ 03:12 ] midoriya izuku: kacchan but kacchow

03:13 ] midoriya izuku: kacchan is lightning mcqueen...........


Shouto raises his hand to his mouth to stifle a snort, feeling himself smile despite everything. He moves to wipe the tears and snot from his face, and quickly goes to check when his phone buzzes with another message.


03:14 ] midoriya izuku: WHY DOES IT SAY MY MSG IS READ u shdoul be asleep!!!!!!


Shouto decides to be honest.


03:15 ] todoroki shouto: i was.

03:15 ] todoroki shouto: i had a nightmare.


Midoriya's texting demeanor changes instantly. Shouto feels himself blush when the little dots appear, showing Midoriya is typing. He rolls onto his side and tucks his arm under his pillow, taking it out only to wipe at his nose when it starts to run again.


03:16 ] midoriya izuku: are you ok?? 

03:17 ] midoriya izuku: you can tell me abt it if u want!!! no pressure tho. when i get nightmares it helps to talk abt them

[ 03:17 ] midoriya izuku: hjdsfds u dont have to tho!!!


Shouto bites the inside of his cheek, his thumb hovering over the keyboard for a few moments. He isn't sure what to say—debating between letting it all loose or keeping it bottled up. He doesn't want to lie to him, but he doesn't want to describe anything in specific detail. He takes a deep breath and decides to keep it short.


03:19 ] todoroki shouto: it was the usual. fire, endeavor, dysphoria stuff.

03:20 ] todoroki shouto: but i haven't had one this bad in quite a while.


Midoriya's reply comes instantly, and Shouto feels somewhat impressed on how fast he can type.


03:20 ] midoriya izuku: oh man im sorry!! ))): that sounds awful!!! i wish i was there to make u feel better :/ 

03:21 ] midoriya izuku: actually


03:22 ] todoroki shouto: don't.

[ 03:22 ] todoroki shouto: i'd like that, but it's three in the morning, and you're quite far away from my room.


03:24 ] midoriya izuku: damn right as i was gettin on my shoes and ready 2 go :/// 


Shouto stifles a giggle. A giggle. God what is wrong with him.


[ 03:24 ] todoroki shouto: sorry to ruin it. :/

03:25 ] todoroki shouto: you should go to bed. aren't you going to the beach tomorrow with everyone else?


03:26 ] midoriya izuku: not if ur not going


Ohhh my God. Shouto instantly feels like he's going to die. He covers his face with his hands and feels the burning on his face on his palms. He activates his ice in an attempt to cool himself down, but it doesn't work, and he simply accepts he's going to fall head over heels for everything Midoriya says and does. He figures he should actually reply, and quickly turns over to type out his message.


03:27 ] todoroki shouto: well. i am going.


03:28 ] midoriya izuku: (: then im going too!!!!

03:28 ] midoriya izuku: make sure u dont forget sunscreen!!!!


03:29 ] todoroki shouto: is that your way of calling me pasty?


03:29 ] midoriya izuku: lol maybe

03:30 ] midoriya izuku: now go to bed!!! if u dont sleep i wont!!!


03:31 ] todoroki shouto: i'll try.


Midoriya's next and final message is a string of heart, clapping, and sleeping emojis, and even though it doesn't have any words added onto it Shouto still feels himself smile. He knows his face is red again, but he ignores it so he can plug his phone into his charger and snuggle himself back in bed. Almost all traces of his nightmare are gone, and even though the lingering feeling of fear and the tightness in his chest will never completely fade, nearly half an hour of just texting Midoriya can numb the pain a little.

Shouto drags his hands down his face and smiles like an idiot, looking off to the side even though he's the only one in the room.

He loves Midoriya Izuku so much.




cutieshima: fuck ok


earphone jacc: what


cutieshima: idk if i did thsi right i hate this app

cutieshima: i made a gc for beach crew


denki: yeet


assido: oh worm


cutieshima: role call whos going

cutieshima: i already know me and denki are


assido: me


ser-yo: me


earphone jacc: me and momo are going


uravity: me!!


midoridie: me too!!!


frog face: ill go


invisigirl: im glad im added to this chat

invisigirl: im going!


Iida: I'll come.


denki: wont the water mess w ur engines


Iida: Hatsume Mei gave me some upgrades to help with that. Showers have always been especially difficult.


assido: fuckin rip LOL


prince zuko: if midoriya's going, i'm going.


earphone jacc: lol


cutieshima: uhh is that everyone

cutieshima: BAKUGOU


bakubro has left the chat


cutieshima: ughhhhhh

cutieshima: I Understand Why He Doesn't Want To Come But Please,


denki: go talk to him



cutieshima: i thought maybe adding him to this groupchat would help ):


assido: lol sero and i can talk to him


cutieshima: no


assido: lesbophobia


cutieshima: ill go talk to him i hope he comes )):


denki: gay


cutieshima: shut ya bi ass up


denki: wait a damn minute how the fuck r we gonna fit like 14 people in a car



Eijirou closes the app, deciding to let Denki and the others work that out for themselves. He starts to walk over to Bakugou's dorm, but when he hears the muttered angry curses coming from the other side, he hesitates. He doesn't know what he should say, what he should open with. He's sure that something, like, Hey man, I know you're not really, y'know, out about being trans and all, but you should still go? wouldn't sit well with him. And the fact that Eijirou, at the moment, identifies as cis makes things a tad worse (though, if he's being honest, he's been questioning everything about himself for the past three months).

He decides to go for it. As soon as he knocks on the door the angry curses cease, and there's a pause.

"Hey," Eijirou kind of blurts, face flushing. "Um. You left the—"

"I fucking know, " comes the quick reply, and then the door is slamming open, Bakugou's angry (but unfairly beautiful) face pokes out. "And with how stupidly perceptive you are, I'll bet you can guess why. "

Eijirou doesn't say anything for a moment. Bakugou stares him down, and then walks back inside his room, except he leaves the door open. Eijirou takes it as an invitation, and quietly shuts the door behind him when he steps inside. Bakugou is standing near the wall, arms crossed, his back facing him. The little kitten is sleeping on his bed.

"You don't have to go," is what Eijirou decides to say, nervously scratching at his palms and picking at the skin around his nails, "but, um, we'd all really like you to. You're our friend, after all."

"Why? "

Why? Why was he their friend? Why did they want him to go? Eijirou bit his lip nervously, accidentally drawing blood.

"We all care about you," he continues, taking a few steps forward. Bakugou tenses up when he senses him getting near, and Eijirou quickly stops in place. "I know you're not exactly out to the rest of the class, but going to the beach doesn't mean you have to tell or show anyone anything. I'll—um, I mean, we'll help you out with anything. You're our friend, and we care about you, even if you might not feel the same about us." But God does he wish. God does he hope that Bakugou sees him as a friend or maybe something more. If he was just a nuisance, just someone convenient, it would break him. He thinks he'd be fine if he was unaware, if Bakugou never told him, if Bakugou just let him believe he was a close friend.

Bakugou is silent for a while, and it just makes Eijirou more anxious. Then he suddenly sighs, and Eijirou flinches.

"Why the fuck would I hang out with you idiots if I didn't—" He cuts himself off, suddenly whirling around with an embarrassed expression, but Eijirou has already heard enough. "I mean—I hate you."

Eijirou is beaming, and he's sure a flush has engulfed his entire face. "No you don't."

"Shut the fuck up."

"You loooove us."

Bakugou's face is such a cute shade of red, and his palms explode as he whirls around. "Shut up! "

Eijirou laughs, throwing his head back. He's so gone for this boy.

After a minute or two of just him laughing and trying to calm himself down, Bakugou frowns (pouts) and crosses his arms again, turning his head away. "I fucking hate this."

Eijirou blinks. "What?"

"This. " He gestures crudely to himself. "Everything... I am."

Oh. They're doing this now. 

"Why?" Eijirou asks, taking a cautious step forward. Bakugou doesn't move away nor does he move closer. Eijirou decides to take another step. 

"Because I'm not fucking normal, that's why!" Bakugou snaps, his eyes glassy. "I'm a fucking—freak. All this fucking shit wrong with me, hell, my ears don't even fucking work right."

"There's absolutely nothing wrong with you," Eijirou breathes, and lifts his hand. When Bakugou stares at it, Eijirou puts it on Bakugou's bicep and holds it there as a means of grounding him. He feels the tension fall from Bakugou's shoulders. "You're not a freak, you're trans." 

Bakugou looks away. "I hate that word."

"Is there a reason why?"

Silence. Then a deep breath. "Because I want to be a real man."

Eijirou pauses, and suddenly he feels like he's going to cry. He quickly wraps his arms around Bakugou, ignoring his gasp of shock, and pulls him close. He nuzzles into the junction of where his neck and shoulder meet, rubbing circles into his back with his thumbs. Bakugou feels frozen against him, and Eijirou can hear the mini explosions coming from his palms, so he hardens his arms and chest just in case. For a moment he thinks he made a mistake when Bakugou still doesn't move, but then Bakugou falls limp and his forehead drops onto his shoulder. Ohhh my God.

"Hold on," Eijirou says, hoping his face isn't so red and hot that Bakugou can feel it, "I'm gonna borrow one of your lines for a moment." He lifts his head and clears his throat, opens his mouth, and in his best Bakugou voice, says, "I'm going to fucking kill you if you say bad shit about yourself again."

Bakugou stares. And stares. And stares. And then he—

Holy shit.

He's laughing. Not one of his Bakugou laughs, no, but a genuine laugh full of laughter. Okay, that sounds stupid. Eijirou makes a mental note to text Midoriya later so they can cry about their crushes together.

"You're an idiot," Bakugou says fondly, fondly. Eijirou pinches himself.

"How was my impression?" Eijirou asks, smiling, though he's sure his expression betrays all the feelings he's been trying to hide for months now. His heart is racing, and he's still so close to Bakugou he can probably feel it.

"Needs work, dumbass," Bakugou says, trying to hide how much he was laughing with a deadpanned expression, but there's a twitch in the corner of his lip. Eijirou is swooning. If only the rest of the squad could see him now.

"Anyway," Eijirou says, clearing his throat, trying not to sound too lovestruck, "I know you're still pretty apprehensive about going, but—" He cuts himself off, untangling himself from Bakugou when he feels him tense up yet again. "Mina, Denki, Sero, and I really love to hang out with you, and want you to come. You still don't have to, obviously, but..." Eijirou trails off, biting his lip and looking at the other cautiously. "You're part of the squad, y'know. It isn't complete without you."

Bakugou's shoulders fall and he just starts staring again. Eijirou hopes he doesn't laugh this time, because that'd just be really humiliating. 

"I don't fucking get why you all hang out with me," he mutters, mostly to himself, and Eijirou decides not to reply to that (this time, he thinks, because he'll have plenty of opportunities to remind Bakugou of just how much he and the others love him eventually). Bakugou scratches the back of his neck. "I—I, uh. Used to fucking love the beach but now." He stops himself and looks down at his body, grimacing.

"They have swimming binders."

"Well I don't fucking have any."


"Fuck no."

Eijirou rolls his eyes. "He helped you save your cat. And I'm sure he's not going to mind lending you a swimming binder. You're most likely around the same size, anyway."

Bakugou frowns. He clenches and unclenches his fists slowly, and Eijirou can practically see the gears turning in his head.

"If it helps, I'll ask him."

Bakugou sighs, and the back of his ears are red. "Fine," he mutters. "Fine! Whatever!" The redness has spread to his neck. He's a full-body blusher, Eijirou realizes. "But you're buying me ice cream while we're there as payment for making me go through this."

Eijirou grins. "Sure thing, Blasty."




cutieshima has added bakubro to the chat


denki: i fuckin told yall


assido: baku would do anything for eijirou its canon at this point


bakubro: im fucking leaving this chat again


cutieshima: no pls


ser-yo: does this mean ur coming


bakubro: i guess


ser-yo: YEET


uravity: nice!!! cant wait to fucking destroy you at volleyball


earphone jacc: holy


bakubro: youre on uraraka


cutieshima: how come u call her by her name and u call me shitty hair :/


bakubro: she actually has nice hair


uravity: wow thanks


frog face: um excuse me


bakubro: im gay asshole


cutieshima: wow rude

cutieshima: at least denki appreciates me


denki: ofc bro


cutieshima: i love u


denki: love u too :')


bakubro: u both have terrible hair


denki: ur hair is literal spikes


ser-yo: remember when best jeanist






bakubro: DELETE THEM


cutieshima: NO



ser-yo: live and let die


invisigirl: this is wild


frog face: ochako will win


uravity: thanks babe <3


frog face: <3


assido: people in relationships dont interact


earphone jacc: wow bye i guess


assido: im just a lonely lesbian


cutieshima: HE DELETED THE PICS ):


ser-yo: dw i have some


bakubro: HEY


cutieshima: run




Kirishima drives. Fitting everyone into Kaminari's mom's van is a tight squeeze, with all the people and all their stuff combined. People end up sitting on each other's laps, or on the floor. Bags are thrown everywhere. They manage.

They make it to the beach, when the sun is still high and the sounds of distant laughter and waves crashing are the only other sounds besides them. In a world of villains and fighting, and after all the things they've experienced and fought against, they forget there are small things to enjoy in the world. They forget they are jut kids.

One of these such kids is Midoriya Izuku. The last time he'd been at the beach, he was the one to have cleaned it.

When they all get out of the van, most of them are so caught up observing the calm waters and the clear sky to actually pay attention of where their bags are being thrown onto the sand. Izuku jumps ten feet when something hits his leg, and he looks behind him to see Kirishima grinning and giving him a thumbs up. When he looks down, it's his small bag at his feet, that has nothing more than a few towels and sunblock (because despite his skin being dark, he's learnt his lesson about how he can still get sunburnt).

Once all the stuff is unloaded, the group makes their way down to the beach, with Kaminari and Mina getting so excited on the way they start running, tossing their bags in a random pile of sand, and jumping in the water. The others watch them with varying reactions, ranging from amusement to mild annoyance, and move to set their stuff down and make their own little areas with their umbrellas and towels and bags.

Despite the sun (and the temperature) being high, there aren't many people around. There's small families and couples splashing the water but they're a ways out, and the beach has suddenly just got a lot more crowded with a group of fourteen rowdy teenagers.

Izuku immediately flops down on the sand, feeling it burn his skin. He lays there for a moment, hearing his friends' giggles, and flinches when something is thrown on his back. Leaning up, he turns his head back to see a bottle of sunscreen, and when he turns to pick it up it falls into the sand.

"You burn up easily," Uraraka says, the apparent culprit. She's applying some to Asui's back, in the places where she can't reach herself. Suddenly, a shadow overcomes the three, and Uraraka looks up to see Kirishima, Kaminari (soaked from the water), and Sero standing in fighting stances around them. She blinks slowly. "What are you doing?"

"We're the Anti-Mineta Protection Squad," Kaminari replies, like it's obvious.


"Just in case you know who shows up!" Kirishima exclaims. "We have to protect the women."

"Where's Todoroki and Yaoyorozu with the respect women juice?" Sero asks.

At the mention of Todoroki, Izuku lifts his head and peeks over towards the van to see the two aforementioned each carrying a side of a small cooler. They walk over and set it down underneath the umbrella Asui is currently setting up, and Yaoyorozu looks up when the others are staring at her.

"I'm not sure we have any..." She pauses. "... respect women juice. We have pop. And, uh... juice?"

"Respect women juice, " Kirishima, Kaminari, and Sero all say in unison.

Yaoyorozu blinks. "Right."

Todoroki pauses before moving to sit next to Izuku. He does that little almost-smile, and wow, it's not like Izuku can forget how gay he is but he just felt it a little more intensely, then moves to open the cooler and stick his right hand in it, filling it with ice and keeping it cold. He feels Uraraka's piercing gaze on him, and already knows what she would say if they were alone, or if Izuku was even remotely paying any attention to her. Todoroki is just so beautiful, and he's showing more skin than Izuku's ever seen (since the Sports Festival, that is—after Todoroki had burnt one side of his clothes off, his binder hanging together by mere threads), which he probably shouldn't be staring at but wow Todoroki is pretty ripped and he kind of wants to feel his biceps—

"You're so gay," he hears Asui say offhandedly, and to anyone else it could've been directed at her girlfriend, or really, anyone else in their class, but given context, Izuku knows, and his face burns.

"Speaking of gay," Kirishima says, grinning at the others and pointing over at Bakugou, who's sitting far away from the water on a towel, dressed in a large t-shirt and shorts, "I gotta go."

"Go get 'em," Kaminari jokes.

Kirishima winks and then he's gone. Izuku watches him approach, and sees the way Bakugou's angry front deflates a little when Kirishima takes a seat next to him. It's odd, how someone as outgoing and bright can become integrated in Bakugou's life so quickly and easily (but maybe it wasn't easy, Izuku thinks, and wonders just how much Kirishima fought just to be this close to him now). Whatever, he decides. They're a good match.

Izuku changes his gaze to the group in the ocean. He sees Hagakure's floating bikini—it's pretty, decorated with black and white stars—and hears her giggle when Aoyama and Mina both splash her with a wave of water at the same time. Iida is doing something with his arms, yelling about, and it takes Izuku a few moments to realize he's trying to swim in some... odd way. Jirou is running out of the water to catch up with her girlfriend, who meets her halfway. Uraraka and Asui are getting up, hands laced together, and walking over towards the tide to start making what looks like a sandcastle. Kaminari and Sero are doing... strangely romantic things with their juice box, leaning against each other and drinking from the same box.

Then he looks back at Todoroki, who is leaning over and tracing random designs into the sand with his finger. Izuku is mesmerized, and even though it isn't even a very impressive design (it's literally just lines and swirls), Izuku's eyes are locked on his finger and the way it moves around the sand. He suddenly wonders what it would be like to have those fingers on his skin, tracing designs into his back, his arms, his face. What it would be like to have those hands on his body—if Todoroki gets flustered does his Quirk take affect? Maybe if they were holding each other; if Izuku kissed him suddenly would one hand go warm while the other cold? It takes all of Izuku's will to not lean over and confirm or deny all of his suspicions. 

Todoroki notices him staring—of course he does—and retracts his hand quickly as if he'd been doing something wrong. Izuku suddenly feels like holding up a camera and telling him You're doing great sweetie. 

"Sorry," Todoroki blurts, and the tips of his ears are bright red. He looks anywhere but Izuku, and he looks embarrassed. "I've never been to the beach before. Well." He stops himself, and shoots Izuku an almost shy glance. "I've been. But. I've never had the chance to enjoy it."

Izuku feels like dying, but if he dies, he won't get to enjoy Todoroki's presence anymore. So he forces himself to live, no matter how flustered and lovestruck he is in this very moment.

"Now you can," Izuku says, trying not to make it obvious that he's trembling, "with me. Er, us." Good going.

Todoroki just stares at him for a moment, and the seconds tick by like hours. Izuku turns his head away, suddenly going red, and he wonders if he can play it off as just another sunburn (unlikely; Uraraka already drenched him in so much sunscreen he could be white-passing). 

"Yeah," Todoroki says softly, and when Izuku looks over, he's got his knees tucked to his chest, his eyes locked on the ground in front of him, and a small, actual, genuine smile on his face. "I guess I can."

He really is going to die.


Chapter Text

Shouto's seen Midoriya shirtless before. Plenty of times, actually, when he's finished changing in the locker room but Midoriya is too busy talking animatedly to Tokoyami or something to pay attention to the fact that his shirt is only halfway on. With his size, you couldn't tell how ripped he was at first glance, but Shouto knows him enough, has seen enough, and every time he sits next to Midoriya all he can think of is touching his stomach, or his arms.

Shouto loves Midoriya for who he is as a person. But as he stands there, looking over at the ocean with the sun bouncing off his dark, freckled skin (God, he really does have freckles everywhere—), the light almost contouring his muscles, Shouto thinks maybe he's a little weak for how he looks, too.

(A lot weak, actually. Midoriya is one of the most beautiful people he's ever seen.)

Shouto thinks his class is full of beautiful, amazing people. As loud and angry as Bakugou is, Shouto thinks he, too, is beautiful. He has never had a friend before coming to UA. He had never felt a kind touch since his mother went away. But then he fought Midoriya—it's your power!—and his entire life changed. It was full of life and color, of green eyes and black hair, of laughter and jokes and hugs, of playful teasing and touching. He sometimes still feels the burn of his father's punch or kick, of his scalding words and insults, but when his friends tell him a joke or when they compliment him, or when they ask before touching him and give him comfort when he doesn't realize he needs it, the burn hurts a bit less.

But it'll never completely go away, no matter how hard Shouto wishes.

He doesn't realize he's been staring at Midoriya this entire time, lost in thought, until Uraraka sits down next to him and elbows him in the side with a giggle. He flinches, eyes wide, and Uraraka suddenly looks guilty.

"I'm fine," he says quickly. He doesn't want to talk about it.

"You really like him, huh?" Uraraka asks, catching on quickly.

Shouto glances off to the side. It's long since he's tried denying it. He nods once, peeking up to make sure Midoriya has no chance of hearing him. "Yeah. So much I don't know what to do with myself."

Uraraka tilts her head in wonderment, tinged with confusion. "What do you mean?"

Oh yeah. Not everyone had the worst father in existence and was punished and beaten everyday for simply being him, resulting in years of trauma, mental problems, and the inability to comprehend anyone wanting to be his friend or more. Whoops.

Shouto flushes a little in embarrassment. He hopes Uraraka doesn't notice, but she probably does, knowing her. "Um," he says, and feels incredibly lame, "all I've ever known is—well." He stops, his voice going quiet, then picks up again, "What my... father taught me. You know, that I'm... just a tool." He tucks his knees to his chest, watching as Midoriya is thrown into the ocean by both Mina and Sero. "He kind of... changed that, I guess? Which sounds weird, uh, but..." Shouto chews on his bottom lip and looks over at Uraraka, who is sporting glassy eyes and a distressed look. He looks her in the eye, even though it's kind of hard, and he suddenly feels like crying too. "I haven't felt love in a very long time, and Midoriya's made me feel it so much and so hard that it terrifies me."

Now Uraraka is really crying. "You two are so made for each other," she sobs, and wipes away at her tears. "I'm going to fucking kill Endeavor." Uraraka doesn't swear that often, but when she does she really means it, and the sentiment is almost too much for Shouto to handle.

Asui hops over, furrowing her eyebrows. "What happened?" she asks.

Uraraka smiles and waves her off, taking a deep breath and fanning her face. "I had a mini emotional breakdown," she replies. "Todoroki is so precious."

Shouto blushes. "Hey."

Asui nods in full seriousness. "I understand," she says, adjusting her swimsuit and sitting almost in Uraraka's lap. She takes out her phone and opens Snapchat, and oh, oh no, Shouto knows what she's going to do.

"Choose a filter that doesn't make it obvious I'm crying," Uraraka says, sniffling. She looks back towards Shouto and grins. "You better be joining us."

Shouto frowns, and gasps when Uraraka wraps an arm around his neck and brings him close. He stiffens against her, but the filter Asui is using for him makes him snort. She snaps the picture ("Send it to me," Uraraka demands excitedly) and when she adds it to her Story, Shouto feels a small surge of panic. What if he looks weird? What if he—

"Are you coming to swim with us, Todoroki-kun?" Asui asks, tilting her head curiously and making that little kero noise. 

Shouto thinks for a moment. He should—he kind of wants to—but he also kind of doesn't want to. "No thanks," he says, shaking his head, "I'm fine here." He doesn't feel his best self today.

He's content sitting off to the side, watching his friends have fun. It sounds sad when it's put like that, but he honestly doesn't mind. Trauma's got him fucked up, it seems.




Bakugou Katsuki is a man of many talents. He considers himself to have a rather wide range of skills.

Dealing with Kirishima Eijirou, however, is not one of those skills.

Katsuki would describe Kirishima to be the literal sun. Bright as hell and always blocking everything. Or maybe he'd describe him as the moon—because the moon is much prettier and he likes to stare at it. Maybe like the stars—because when Katsuki looks close there are tiny freckles dotting along Kirishima's cheeks, and his eyes shine like the night sky when the clouds are gone and Katsuki can just watch.

He watches. He watches Kirishima when he laughs, when he smiles and when he frowns. He watches him when he talks, when he argues, when he's angry. Katsuki watches Kirishima so much, and so often, that it's difficult to imagine a day without his presence, to imagine his life before meeting him.

(And he is so blinded by Kirishima's light that he is oblivious to his eyes watching him back.)

Katsuki doesn't think he's ever been in love before. Sure he's had crushes here and there, mild attraction to quite a few of his classmates and others, but he's never felt the same tug at his chest as when he looks at Kirishima. He's never felt the flush, the embarrassment, the joy, and the desire of real love before. It would scare him, if he were scared of anything, obviously, but his feelings are intense, just like the rest of him, so they settle into him quite easily, and never quite go away.

After a few minutes of failed attempts to get Katsuki into the water, Kirishima decides to own up to his ice cream deal. They walk over to the other side of the beach, where it's even less populated, and a tiny set of booths stand beside each other. A bored-looking girl serves them when they order, and Katsuki begrudgingly (not really) pays for Kirishima's when the latter realizes he forgot his money all the way back in the van. It's almost like a date, almost, though they've had quite a few almost-dates before.

He should like me, Katsuki thinks, grimacing when Kirishima literally takes a full bite of his ice cream, What isn't there to like about me? I'm amazing. He pauses, eyes Kirishima up and down, sees the way the sun sits behind him, making him glow like an angel. 

Kirishima is an angel, and Katsuki is a boy made to combust. 

I'm a monster, Katsuki then decides, swallowing when he remembers all the scalding words thrown at him by his mother, all the punches and bruises left afterwards. He grimaces, his grip tightening on his cone to the point where it almost breaks. He hides it by eating it so fast it's practically shoved down his throat. What does Kirishima see in him, what does he see that makes him want to be around him like this? Is he not afraid of his explosive personality, of his literal explosions? When Katsuki tells him to fuck off, when he scowls at him, when he insults him, why is he not turned away?

Kirishima is a confusing person. 

(But as much as Katsuki wants him to go away, to get rid of these stupid fucking feelings, at the same time he wants to pull Kirishima close and never let him go, to kiss him all over and tell him just how great Katsuki thinks he is.)

"You alright?" comes Kirishima's voice, and Katsuki blinks out of his daze to see Kirishima staring worriedly at him, and a melted ice-cream cone dripping all over his hands. 

Katsuki curses under his breath and walks back towards the booth to grab a handful of napkins, wiping the sticky ice cream off of his fingers and wrist. He throws the cone and napkins away when he's done, and folds his arms over his chest when Kirishima is still staring at him.

"What!? "

"You spaced out for a while there, dude," Kirishima replies, and of course he bites through his fucking cone with those shark teeth of his. "I'd offer to buy you another ice cream, but, uh." He laughs a little, and he's so beautiful.

"I'm fine," Katsuki bites out, pretending like he just wasn't having both a moral dilemma and a deep thinking session about feelings.

"You look angry."

"I was thinking about my mom."

That shuts Kirishima right up, and Katsuki regrets saying it for a moment. Then Kirishima winces, and downs the rest of his ice cream. "Yikes. Did somethin' happen with her this morning?"

"Yes," he replies, voice tight. His mother screamed at him for being an incompetent daughter son—why can't you just be what I tell you to be!?—and a destructive monster. She almost didn't let him go to the beach today, but Katsuki left regardless, leaving her fuming in the middle of the hall. She may be out of sight, but the sting of her word and occasional smack burn. "I don't want to talk about it."

"Alright," Kirishima says, and lets the subject go. He looks over at the ocean, empty of people and blue for miles, and grins. "Let's go swim."

"I already said no."

"There aren't any people around," Kirishima counters, wiggling his eyebrows. "It'll just be you and me."

Somehow, that makes Katsuki's anxiety even worse, and, to his horror, his face starts to heat up. Kirishima is right, though; all the people they came with are on the complete opposite side of the beach, the only hint of them being there being distant laughter and shrieks. And when Katsuki looks back at Kirishima, he is beaming, and his legs look like they're almost dying to run into the water. 

He doesn't want to deny him. God damn it.

"Fine," Katsuki blurts, and blushes even deeper at the look on Kirishima's face. "But if people come, I'm getting out."

"Awesome!" Kirishima shouts, grabbing Katsuki's hand, and not even giving him time to prepare before he's jumping in. Katsuki manages to get his hand free and skids to a stop just before he falls in, waving his arms around to steady himself.

"Are you crazy?" Katsuki all but screams.

Kirishima's head pops out of the water, his hair falling in his eyes. He grins as he pushes it back, a mouthful of shark teeth. "Yup."

Katsuki doesn't know what to say to that, so he just scowls, and looks down at the water. His tank top and shorts should be fine for swimming, but what if someone comes by and sees—what if someone from school happens to notice, and then they find out, and then everyone finds out, stupid little tomboy Katsuki—

"Hey," and suddenly Kirishima's voice is super close to him, and there's a hand grabbing his, "it's just you and me right now, okay?"

Katsuki finds himself nodding without realizing, and he lets Kirishima slowly pull him into the water. It's cold, and Katsuki shivers when he makes it shoulder-deep. The wet sand feels weird on his feet, and he looks all around at the open ocean, not a single person near, and it really is just him and Kirishima.

He still hasn't let go of his hand. 

"See?" Kirishima asks, his voice a bit shaky, and when Katsuki looks at him, his face is pink. "Wasn't so bad, was it?"

It's not, Katsuki wants to say, but he's stuck staring at him, mouth open like he's looking at something wondrous (in a way, he is). Kirishima blinks at him a few times, confused, and then glances away for a moment in what looks like embarrassment. He looks back at Katsuki a moment, later, and Kirishima's finger's are trailing up Katsuki's arm in a way that makes his skin tickle and itch. 

He could kiss him. He's so close, that Katsuki could just lean forward, grip that stupid (not stupid) hair of his and just kiss the life out of him.

God, he wants to. He doesn't.

Katsuki is so embarrassed by his train of thought that he rips away from Kirishima and splashes him with as much water as he can. Kirishima coughs and splutters when the waves stop, and then he's laughing as loud and beautiful as he can.

"Oh, it is on! "

Katsuki may have never had a real friend before, doesn't know exactly what it's like, but he thinks maybe, just maybe, this is what it feels like.

(And it feels good. He loves Kirishima—he appreciates the rest of the self-proclaimed Bakusquad so much, but it's not like he'll ever admit it.)

And so they stay, in the ocean water, splashing and tackling each other until they run out of air and start coughing. But once they catch their breath, they're back at it again, and eventually they start running up the shore, where it's shallow. Katsuki jumps over and tackles Kirishima into the sand, pinning him to the ground and hovering over him with both of his hands beside his head.

The waves rise around them, but not high enough to drown them or knock them over. Kirishima's hair falls into his eyes.

"I win," Katsuki says breathlessly. When he grins, Kirishima doesn't grin back. Instead, he has a strange, enraptured look on his face, eyes fixed on him and only him, almost as if he's enchanted by something. Katsuki's grin falls, and his cheeks grow pink.

Kirishima still doesn't say anything or look away, but his hands reach up and gently cup Katsuki's jaw. The latter jolts, his eyes going wide in shock, and when Kirishima leans in, he finds himself frozen in anticipation. 

Kirishima plants a quick kiss to his forehead, then jerks away as if he'd been burnt. He sits up, Katsuki moving away, and they stare at each other as if in a daze, the ocean water falling and rising at their sides. 

"I-I—uh," Kirishima stammers, and his face is as red as his hair. Katsuki is sure that his matches. He scrambles out from the ocean, standing uncertainly on the beach. Katsuki moves to follow him. Kirishima bites his lip, and laughs nervously, looking anywhere but him. "Now, uh—I win! And, I'm sure the rest—uh, everyone else are looking for us! We should... go back." He's speaking so fast and in all one breath Katsuki almost doesn't catch it, and then Kirishima is walking (running) away so fast Katsuki can barely catch up.

As they go back to the other side of the beach, Katsuki gently touches his hand to his forehead and blushes. What the hell was that!?

He sees someone out of the corner of his eye, and it's the girl from the ice cream booth, closing up the booth itself due to the lack of people around. She catches him watching her, and she flashes him a toothy grin.

"That was super gay," she says.

God fucking damn it.




When Bakugou and Kirishima come back from wherever they went, Izuku notices their matching red faces and embarrassed looks. He narrows his eyes and makes a mental note to text Kirishima about it later. Kirishima makes a beeline towards Kaminari, Mina, and Sero, while Bakugou scowls at them and goes to sit by himself on a towel. Izuku would go and sit by him, except, well—they're not exactly on good terms, and Izuku is just annoyed with him in general.

He looks at Todoroki, who has been coaxed into the water by Hagakure and Aoyama. They're splashing him with as much water as they can, while Todoroki simply stands there and takes it, not even moving. Izuku can't tell if he's showing any emotion at all. He laughs, and walks over to save Todoroki from a watery fate.

"Leave the poor guy alone," he says as he walks up, looping an arm through Todoroki's. Todoroki gives him a strange look, but Izuku ignores it in favor of chatting with Hagakure, who's exclaiming something about swimming and games.

"Hey, Bakugou!" they hear Uraraka shout distantly, "it's time for me to destroy you at volleyball!"

"You're on!" comes the reply, and most of the group scrambles out of the water to watch the showdown happen. Izuku watches them, keeping his arm looped with Todoroki's.

"You wanna go watch too?" he asks, trying to remain as casual as possible, because he's still holding onto Todoroki how did this happen—

"No," Todoroki replies quickly, then looks off to the side. His ears are pink, and the arm Izuku holds is getting hot. "I'm... fine here."

Izuku blushes, then smiles. "Alright," he says, then quickly jumps away to splash a giant wave of water at him.

Todoroki splutters, waving his hands in front of his face, and gives Izuku a look when the water falls. He's soaking wet, and wipes his hair from his face with a frown. Izuku laughs, holding onto his sides, because Todoroki was just so damn cute.

He doesn't expect Todoroki to splash him back.

Izuku coughs and turns to the side to avoid getting seawater in his eyes, and when the waves stop he hears a little snort, and when he looks at Todoroki he's laughing. He laughs for a few moments, real and happy, and then takes a breath to wipe his face.

There's cheers coming from the beach, which means Uraraka probably got a point, but all Izuku is focused on is Todoroki. The latter seems oblivious, because all he does is splash more water.

I'm so in love with you, Izuku thinks, but I'm going to win this water battle.




The ride back to the school is quiet, with those who aren't asleep staring at the window or down at their phones, at the photos taken from the day or some other app. Music plays softly from the radio, and is turned down even further when a rather loud song starts playing.

Izuku looks at all the sleepy teenagers laying on him or around him, and smiles.

It's been so long since he's had the chance to be a kid again.




02:12 ] midoriya izuku: don't think i didnt see yalls faces today!!!!!!!!


02:13 ] kirishima eijirou: ohmy GOD



02:14 ] midoriya izuku: a bitch just has to know

02:15 ] midoriya izuku: did u guys kiss or smth


02:15 ] kirishima eijirou: uh


02:16 ] midoriya izuku: WAIT DID YOU




02:18 ] midoriya izuku: oh my fuckignfr dgod


02:18 ] kirishima eijirou: SHUTUTIP IT WAS AMISKTAE!!!!! FHDJFBDSFMDHFDF



02:19 ] midoriya izuku: DONT TURN THIS ON ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!


02:20 ] kirishima eijirou: IM TURNIN IT


02:20 ] midoriya izuku: HAGHDHSBFDSF WE'RE SO FUCKUGNG GAY


02:21 ] kirishima eijirou: HFSDJNFDF GOD I KNOWWW



Chapter Text

Bakugou comes to school with a bruise on his face and the sight of it makes Shouto's heart twist, but every attempt at contact with him makes him growl and snarl as a sign to go away. When he asks Midoriya about it, he gets a small, nervous smile and a shaky reply.

"Kacchan's mom has always been..." Midoriya hesitates, glancing behind him to make sure the boy in question is thoroughly occupied by Kirishima or his crew (answer: all of the above), and looks back at Shouto, "... not the greatest person."

Shouto finds himself fixating on Bakugou's bruise all day. It's in the perfect shape of a fist, and Shouto would know. He's had plenty of those before. Rather than cover it with makeup like Shouto used to, Bakugou doesn't care. He lets it show in all its purple glory (or he's too uncomfortable to even think about trying makeup), but whenever someone asks he always gives the telltale reply of I got into a fight, fuck off. Not exactly the truth, but not entirely a lie either.

Shouto understands. He gets it. He doesn't know how to tell Bakugou that, and he's completely confused on why he even wants to try and help him, but the bruise only darkens as the day goes on and when Shouto catches Bakugou gently rubbing over it during lunch and frowning, he knows why. Shouto wonders if there are any bruises, or marks, or scars under his clothes.

From his mother, from the League of Villains, from that slime monster nobody ever talks about anymore.

Aizawa is drawling on about probably something important, judging from the way Yaoyorozu scribbles in her notebook with sonic speed and fierce determination, but Shouto spends his time in class wondering how Bakugou keeps all that trauma and hurt locked inside him.




The next day, Bakugou has a split lip and the beginnings of a black eye. Nobody comes up to question it this time.

Shouto decides he can't help himself.




It starts with Shouto standing in front of Bakugou's dorm room, trying to be quiet as to not get into trouble for being out past curfew. It continues with him leaning forward slightly to listen, curiosity getting the better of him, hearing muffled curses and tiny, quiet mewls. It ends with a knock, and the sounds stop immediately.

Shouto wonders if he should have gotten Kirishima to speak to him instead, but maybe Bakugou doesn't want to hear it from someone who's never been hit by their own parent.

The door unlocks and opens slightly. The glare Bakugou sends Shouto's way is slightly diminished by the kitten in his hands.

"What the fuck do you want?" Bakugou spits, his eyes narrowed and eyebrows furrowed so hard Shouto wonders if it hurts. 

"I want to talk to you," he replies, because it's true, and he can't live with himself if he hadn't tried to help Bakugou in some way, despite everything. Shouto looks at the bruise on his face, slightly faded, and how the black eye is getting darker, and thinks, Nobody deserves this.

"Fuck no," Bakugou says, unsurprisingly, and starts to close the door—except Shouto isn't letting this end that easy, and he sticks his foot in the doorway, wincing when Bakugou's slam hits his toe. Ouch. Bakugou stares at him silently, gears turning in his head, and kitten squirms and meows. He frowns. "What? " he asks now, which is more than Shouto was expecting to get.

Well, he's come this far, hasn't he?

Shouto decides to be straight up, and takes a deep breath. "The bruises on your face," he says, and resists the urge to wince when Bakugou visibly tenses up, "I see them, and I... understand."

"No you fucking don't—"

"I do," Shouto says firmly, clenching his fists and looking down at the ground. "Unfortunately, some scars don't heal."

Bakugou is quiet for a second. He chews on his bottom lip, looking like he's going to explode at any moment. He opens his mouth like he's going to say something, but decides against it, and only steps back into his room. When he leaves the door open, Shouto takes it as an invitation, and shuts the door behind him, twisting his fingers behind his back when he turns to look at Bakugou.

The kitten has settled into his arms now, and he strokes its fur softly. "What the fuck do you want?" he asks, surprisingly softly, and frowns again. "And don't be so fucking loud about it; I don't want... anyone getting the wrong idea."

Shouto almost laughs. Bakugou, telling him to be quiet. But then he sees how Bakugou's head nudges towards the direction of the wall, and realization dawns on him.

"Your room is right next to—"

"Shut up." He sounds embarrassed. Shouto decides to let it go. Bakugou is silent for another moment before he sets the kitten carefully on the ground, and angrily whirls around to face him. "So, what? You here to laugh at me 'cause of some fucking bruises? Some stupid sob story?"

Shouto frowns, resisting the urge to cross his arms over his chest and huff. "Midoriya told me your mother hasn't always been kind," he decides to say.

Bakugou freezes up, as if pondering over what he said, and then laughs bitterly. "Oh really? Stupid fucking Deku." He's somewhat muttering by now, but it's still laced with rage, and directed solely at Shouto. "Was he making fun of me because he happens to have the nicest fucking mom in the world? 'Poor Kacchan, he gets beat up because his parents don't think he's any fucking good'—"

"Stop," Shouto says quickly, daring to take a few steps forward. "He said none of that. We were both worried."

"Worried? " Bakugou spits. "Well, you shouldn't be, dumbass."

"Someone comes to school with bruises and a split lip, and you expect everyone not to question it," Shouto deadpans. 

Bakugou scoffs. "Yeah. We're in fucking hero school. We get beat up all the time."

"By villains, not parents."

"Never said it was my parents."

"You just told me your parents beat you up."

That shuts Bakugou up. He grimaces, turning away and refusing to meet Shouto's eyes. The latter waits patiently for him to decide what he wants to say, picking at his fingers in anticipation. He hopes Bakugou doesn't blow up at him, because so far he's been fine, if just-barely-contained rage and anger could be considered as fine.

When Shouto sees that Bakugou really isn't going to say anything, he steps in and says, "Well. I can... relate. I don't think anyone should have to grow up like that. Even you."

Bakugou scoffs. "The fuck that's supposed to mean?"

"You aren't exactly the easiest person to get along with," Shouto deadpans, but then eyes him up and down, "but now I can see what played a factor in that."

"Shut the fuck up," Bakugou spits suddenly. "Just 'cause your mom or whatever burned your fucking face doesn't mean you can come up to me and act like you know everything."

Shouto looks at the ground silently. Bakugou makes a strange noise. "What?" he asks, looking confused.

"When I said I could relate I didn't mean my mother," he says softly, and clenches his fists. 

Shouto can practically see the gears turning in his head, as he puts together the pieces and solves the puzzle. When he does, it's visible—his eyes widen and he scans Shouto's body like he's looking for clues, for evidence, but jokes on him, because the most visible faded away after a week of living in dorms.

"You mean—"

"My father," Shouto snaps, and blinks, somewhat surprised at his sudden outburst.

"But..." Bakugou furrows his eyebrows. "Endeavor—"

"—is a piece of shit," Shouto finishes, suddenly not caring anymore. "The only reason he had children was to make one of them his perfect creation. Someone that can surpass All Might when he couldn't." And he isn't sure why he's blurting all this out to him, to Bakugou, but maybe it's because he hasn't been able to vent for a while. Maybe it's to prove something.

Or maybe, it's because Bakugou is the first person in a long time he could possibly ever relate to.

"You..." Bakugou has a weird combination of bewilderment and vexation spread across his face, and his fists are clenched together so tightly they tremble. 

"Guess who turned out to be that perfect creation, " Shouto laughs bitterly. I shouldn't be acting like this. "Any mistake or failure ended up being beaten so badly I'd be passed out in my own blood for hours." Why am I acting like this.

Bakugou's face is pale when he looks back at him. Shouto blinks, trying to regain his old self back, but it's almost like some of Bakugou's constant boiling rage infected him, because suddenly it's hard to breathe and he suspects most of it isn't from his binder. 

"I didn't—" And then Bakugou stops himself there, almost like he's too afraid to say any more. "Why did you tell me?" he asks instead, and it's a bad question, because not even Shouto knows himself.

"I'm not sure," Shouto replies honestly, and scratches at his arm. "Maybe it's because you can relate, and I've never spoken to someone who could." He's vented to Midoriya, but he doesn't think he could ever tell anyone the full story, the details of the excruciating pain of being punished over and over, the fear he feels when someone larger than him stands behind him, and the reason why. Midoriya could never truly understand, because his mother is the nicest person he's ever known, and his father is apparently gone, but just maybe, Bakugou could, of all people.

Bakugou looks off to the side, towards the wall, where Kirishima sits on the other side. "I guess... I know how that feels."

Kirishima is one to brag about his siblings and their accomplishments. He has three of them, he says, all younger than him, and all as strong as him, maybe even stronger, Kirishima had said. He has two mothers, which have never harmed him or his siblings in any negative way.

He couldn't understand, and he was the person closest to Bakugou.

Shouto feels strange, because Bakugou didn't see him as anything but an enemy, but the shared scars on their bodies and the bruises that had rested on their faces make them similar. When he looks up to meet Bakugou's gaze, he doesn't see the angry, volatile boy so many people at their school don't dare to cross. 

He sees a broken child, his body scarred by his mother's cruel touch. He sees a child who has seen nothing but rage, and has only copied it.

Bakugou suddenly looks very small. "It's opposite," he blurts suddenly, like he's embarrassed he's even talking at all. "Your dad is... y'know. While mine just doesn't do a fucking thing." He clenches his fists, and tiny explosions spark from his palms. "He's a fucking coward."

Shouto feels light-headed, but he remains standing, struggling to keep his gaze strong with Bakugou. "Why does your mom hit you?"

"Hell if I know."

Shouto frowns. "You must have some kind of idea."

Bakugou shrugs roughly, and turns away, an irritated look scrawled on his face. He scowls, and glares daggers into Shouto's head. "Whatever. She doesn't fucking like it that I'm not her stupid daughter anymore." He crosses his arms tightly. "Thinks I'm a selfish brat who can't do anything right."

Shouto thinks for a moment—thinks about a reality where they have kind parents. Where Bakugou isn't a rude, angry, selfish kid who insults everyone. Where Shouto is normal, where he doesn't flinch at every movement someone makes towards him, where he doesn't fear the touch of his own flames.

It startles him, and it seems unreal.

"That gives her no reason to hit you," Shouto says. 

When Bakugou doesn't reply, and only turns his head away further, that's when it hits him. 

"You," Shouto murmurs, "think you deserve—"

"Get out." Bakugou's voice is tight, almost like he's holding back tears. Shouto takes a step forward, but Bakugou snarls and sends a blast his way. "I said GET OUT! "

So he does, promptly shoved out by Bakugou, with the door slammed at his back. Shouto takes a moment to think over, puts a hand over his chest and takes a deep breath, and suddenly feels like crying.

He somehow never wants to meet Bakugou's mother—because he fears what kind of monster could raise her own son into such a self-destructive brute.

Shouto decides he isn't the right person to calm him down, and takes out his phone.


12:09 ] todoroki shouto: i don't know if you heard any of what went down...

12:09 ] todoroki shouto: but i think bakugou might need some comfort right now.


The reply comes almost instantly, and Shouto's suspicions are confirmed.


12:10 ] kirishima eijirou: one step ahead of ya lol




The next day Bakugou comes to school with bags under his eyes and a slightly-less intimidating aura. Kirishima hovers around him, and warns anyone away when they try to come up.

Shouto wonders if he'd helped at all, and silently goes back to his work.




(Katsuki wouldn't dare admit it, not even to himself, but the relief that soared through him when he learned he wasn't the only one to ever be punished for existing by the very people who made it so was almost heavenly. When Todoroki leaves, and Kirishima replaces him, he wonders just how alone he really is.)





SPARKLY SPARKLY: I was curious about something~~~

SPARKLY SPARKLY: How did you all figure out you weren't straight?


denki: are there straight people in this class


ser-yo: mineta


denki: who


ser-yo: understandable have a nice day


denki: anyway i was like huh girls are cool............ but then i saw sero


ser-yo: you what


denki: im bi as fuck


assido: girls


frog face: ditto


uravity: oh same


invisigirl: my parents preach the whole "gays are bad" thing but jokes on them im not just gay, im attracted to everyone


SPARKLY SPARKLY: Smh I asked how you all found out


assido: why do u ask


SPARKLY SPARKLY: dont eye emoji me


denki: are u gay bro


SPARKLY SPARKLY: ..............Maybe


cutieshima: owo whats this?


SPARKLY SPARKLY: Idk I've never thought about it before but..... theres this boy


cutieshima: WHO


denki: TELL US


earphone jacc: now you gotta tell us


babe magnet: I'd like to know too


bakubro: yall are nosy as fuck


uravity: shut up you wanna know too


bakubro: youre right tell us sparkle fuck


SPARKLY SPARKLY: Oh my god NO Its embarrassing


midoridie: i think

midoridie: i know who




bakubro: thats not fucking fair deku is too perceptive about this shit


cutieshima: hes right midoriya knew my crush before i even did


midoridie: you guys are all just hopelessly obvious


uravity: midoriya aint shit he cant even notice the most obvious one


cutieshima: LMFAO TRUE


midoridie: what


uravity: nothing (:


prince zuko: rip.


midoridie: smh we're getting off track

midoridie: aoyama




Tokoyami: If you have a crush on someone you should just tell them

Tokoyami: Saves you the trouble of wondering and hoping you'll ever get with them just to be turned down

Tokoyami: If they don't like you back, it's easier to get over it if they tell you straight up

Tokoyami: If that makes sense

Tokoyami: Plus, if they do like you back, then there you go

Tokoyami: What I'm trying to say is that you should confess instead of creating false hope


assido: huh


Tokoyami: But I'm also a believer of doing things at your own pace

Tokoyami: Don't be pressured to confess if you don't want to

Tokoyami: Everything should be your decision


cutieshima: thats.................. actually good advice hmm


Tokoyami: I'm sure half of you aren't even going to listen to me with how hopeless you are with your crushes


denki: this is a callout


Tokoyami: And some of you are so oblivious you're practically dating already


assido: lol


SPARKLY SPARKLY: But I'm scared!!~~


uravity: ok but who is it


midoridie: its shinsou




uravity: REALLY


bakubro: ew


uravity: i mean im a lesbian but i still would


frog girl: seconded he seems like a cool dude


assido: mind control dude who looks like he hasn't slept in 5 months

assido: and sparkly dude who is probably a french spy




assido: i think it's a good match




SPARKLY SPARKLY: Please anyone but Kaminari


denki: rude


cutieshima: lmfao dw dude im an EXPERT at romance


assido: oh really


cutieshima: shut thefukc, up


uravity: smh these losers are useless let a lesbian help you

uravity: we know how to get shit done


prince zuko: mlm and wlw solidarity is real.


uravity: im just nice like that

uravity: anyway aoyama u wanna hang out tomorrow we can discuss plans



SPARKLY SPARKLY: hjdfmdfsf thanks honestly I thought you all hated me


bakubro: i do


cutieshima: shush

cutieshima: aoyama nobody hates u lmfao ur like a living meme and its great


SPARKLY SPARKLY: Well. Im glad~~

SPARKLY SPARKLY: I've never had friends before


assido: why not??


midoridie: yeah youre cool!!!!


SPARKLY SPARKLY: People find me obnoxious


bakubro: well


cutieshima: BAKUGOU


bakubro: whatever


cutieshima: thats just how he shows affection

cutieshima: i dont think bakugou really hates anyone


midoridie: well


cutieshima: oh yeah


bakubro: mineta


cutieshima: true


bakubro: he doesnt respect women


uravity: omg


bakubro: all women are queens


denki: is this real


uravity: we're getting off topic anyway aoyama lets meet up at the mall




earphone jacc: i cant wait to see how this turns out lmfao




Eijirou taps the end of his pencil against his temple, biting his lower lip as he stares at the homework question before him. On the other side Bakugou sits, already far ahead in his own homework, and it's moments like these when Eijirou remembers just how gay he is.

Bakugou looks beautiful, but Eijirou thinks one of times he looks the most beautiful is when his face is free of stress, free of tension, and he is relaxed and focused on whatever is in front of him. Bakugou drills his fingers against his knee as he works out the problem in his head, then quickly writes the answer down. Bakugou is so intelligent it's admirable, and Eijirou finds himself wistfully staring at his face, at the way he furrows his eyebrows when he reads the words of the next problem, the way he twirls his pencil between his fingers and spins it. It's somehow so cute, a word Eijirou can't believe he's using to describe him, in such a Bakugou way.

He knows he's in deep, and when Bakugou suddenly turns to glare at him, he only smiles in return.

"What are you looking at?' Bakugou snaps, with less malice than he would use for everyone but Eijirou. "Do your fucking homework." His ears are pink, and Eijirou beams.

"Whatever you say," he sing-songs just to embarrass him further, and goes back to the problem he's stuck on. He remembers Bakugou teaching it to him, he knows he does, if he just digs deep maybe he'll be able to remember just exactly what Bakugou said—

His phone buzzes in his pocket, scaring the shit out of him. Eijirou flinches and quickly takes it out, ignoring Bakugou's glare, and opens the message. It's Mina, and she's sent a message to the private Bakugou Crush chat Eijirou had made ages ago, so it must be something important.


assido: yall how the FUCK do u ask someone out


denki: WAIT WHO


assido: dhfjsdfbdf

assido: tooru


ser-yo: NICE


assido: njdgdmfg shes really sweet and idk.......... im gay


denki: but u dont know what she looks like


assido: dude that doesnt matter

assido: tooru is literally one of the sweetest girls in our class

assido: even if shes shady sometimes


denki: gossip queen


assido: me and tooru are the bitches who know everythng in this school it only makes sense :/


cutieshima: everythng


assido: shut the fuck up eijirou


cutieshima: lol

cutieshima: anyway ask her out


assido: im SCARED what if she says no


ser-yo: think of what tokoyami said


assido: i know but its easier said than done ):


denki: ok tru


assido: im just )))):

assido: im so GAY


cutieshima: mood


assido: hows ur study date going ;;;))))


denki: is baku good


ser-yo: yeah he looked all off yesterday


cutieshima: UhHHhH

cutieshima: hes had a rough few days


assido: yeah i saw his face


denki: yeah....


cutieshima: one of these days im just gonna murder his mom


assido: is he okay?? ): i wanna give him a hug but id probably die


cutieshima: i think

cutieshima: last night todoroki came to talk to him


ser-yo: really??


denki: endeavor remember


ser-yo: oh yeah fuck that guy


assido: did he do something


ser-yo: there's always been something off about endeavor


denki: he just doesnt seem like a good father lmfao


assido: what were they talking about ei


cutieshima: i only accidentally overheard the first part

cutieshima: when i realized what was happening i put in headphones and blasted the shrek 2 soundtrack until i was sure the convo was gone

cutieshima: by that i mean todoroki texted me telling me to go comfort bakugou

cutieshima: i dont really wanna like... reveal or expose what happened then but

cutieshima: it was rough


ser-yo: yeah man i get it


denki: damn u didnt eavesdrop.. i know i wouldve


cutieshima: it was obviously a private and personal convo

cutieshima: eavesdropping isnt manly


denki: ok tru.. now i feel bad


assido: eijirou the world does not deserve you


cutieshima: dhjbfmdsnf


ser-yo: be careful in the world of men, eijirou, they do not deserve you


cutieshima: yall just gonna hit me w that wonder woman shit and make me emotional smh

cutieshima: dhfjbsmndf sorry for derailing the convo anyway mina about hagakure


assido: i wanna ask her out but idk how or where to even ask her out to


denki: hagakure is a god at ddr invite her to the arcade


assido: alright but how do u know this


denki: i saw her at the mall and she destroyed me it wasnt my best moment


ser-yo: i was there i was clapping


assido: alright... got a place... now i just need, the confidence,


cutieshima: mina i say this as both a gay man and your best friend

cutieshima: u thicc asf


assido: thats the nicest thing anyones ever said to me


cutieshima: no but forreal youre super great and beautiful and anyone would be a fool to not date you

cutieshima: im gay but i still would :/


denki: im bi and i definitely would


ser-yo: same


assido: i fuckin love yall

assido: but im still scared


cutieshima: hows this

cutieshima: you ask out hagakure and i ask out bakugou


denki: BET


assido: holy fuck arent you the one who says youll let things work at their own pace since baku isnt always emotionally stable and is kind of traumatized


cutieshima: yes but

cutieshima: listne are we doing this or not


ser-yo: actually

ser-yo: stop me if im being too much here but

ser-yo: i know bakugou isnt like... super nice you know

ser-yo: and after the whole kidnapping thing hes kinda been unstable and... unsure ig

ser-yo: but a relationship might be able to help him feel more secure in who he is, esp if its with kirishima who hes closest to

ser-yo: if that makes sense. wow i sound like tokoyami


denki: spoken like a true god


assido: that kind of makes sense lets go with it


cutieshima: are we doing this


assido: we're doing this. wheres bakugou


cutieshima: literally right beside me


assido: dhgjdnmf i gotta find hagakure


ser-yo: i heard she's making food w uraraka and asui in the kitchen


denki: and shes gone


ser-yo: can confirm. went to the kitchen


cutieshima: oh god

cutieshima: idk if i can do thsi ims haking


denki: take a deep breath

denki: you got this


cutieshima: i absolutely do not got this but here i go anyway


Eijirou puts down his phone, cursing his friends for putting him up to this even though he suggested the idea in the first place. Bakugou is looking off to the side, rolling his pencil in his fingers, seemingly distracted.

"You won't get any fucking homework done if you're on your fucking phone," Bakugou scoffs, rolling his eyes. "What, have you even got one question done yet?"

Eijirou takes a deep breath. He's going to regret this.

"Will you go out with me?"



Chapter Text

"Will you go out with me?"

Eijirou feels like he should regret the words as soon as they come out, but he doesn't. It's almost a relief to finally have said his feelings (kind of ) out loud, even if he is a bit terrified, a bit anxious (okay, a lot anxious), of how Bakugou will respond. All of his hairs are standing on edge, and his face is pink from both embarrassment and the sheer desire he has to kiss Bakugou senseless (patience, Eijirou, patience, he tells himself). 

Yeah, no, Eijirou definitely doesn't regret giving this a try, but he does, maybe, kind of, regret putting Bakugou into this position. His pencil has fallen from his hands and rolls absently on the ground, and Bakugou's empty hands hover hesitantly in the air in front of him. He's staring with dazed eyes at Eijirou as if processing the question, and this continues for a few moments. When he finally processes it, his eyes widen, his eyebrows shoot up into his hairline, and his face turns a pretty shade of red. His secret kitten meows from under the bed, as if reacting to the situation.

He's about to start sputtering angry nonsense, so Eijirou quickly puts his hands up and shakes them, and his face is probably even redder than Bakugou's.

"I mean—sorry! I kind of just—" Eijirou makes an awkward, frantic noise in the back of his throat. "—slipped out! I mean, it's this thing, we're, uh." He stops himself, because really, he isn't sure what he's saying. "B-but I'm not joking! Or—kidding. I'm... a-asking seriously."

That doesn't help at all whatsoever. If anything, Bakugou looks even more freaked out.

"You don't have to say yes, or, uh, reply at all," Eijirou says, his voice turning quiet and shy, he's really fucked this up, hasn't he, "I'm sorry! Forget this ever happened!" Why did he agree to this—Mina's probably having the time of her life right now, there isn't a soul on earth who'd turn her down, and here Eijirou is, and he's just screwed up his friendship with the boy he loves the most. He looks down at his homework and his hands are so sweaty he wonders if he could make explosions from sheer embarrassment.

"I—" Bakugou finally says something, and he immediately clamps his mouth shut and looks furiously at the carpet. "You're not joking?" His voice sounds unusually soft, and it makes Eijirou's heart twist.

"Of course not," Eijirou replies, and he feels he should be a little hurt by the implication he would ever joke about something like that, but he decides to blame it on Bakugou's extreme self-image issues. "I would never joke about that."

"You..." Bakugou's eyebrows furrow. "You like me." He says it like he's making a statement, but it's in disbelief.

I got myself into this situation, Eijirou thinks, I'm the dumb fuck that suggested it. "Yes," he replies.

Bakugou's face goes pink again. He clenches his fists against his jeans, most likely to prevent any unwanted and accidental (maybe) explosions. He shakes a little, and refuses to look anywhere but Eijirou. The latter bites his lip, winces when he accidentally bites too hard, and looks down at his homework again.

"Sorry," he blurts without thinking. 

"Don't be," Bakugou spits, then reels back, like he's surprised by his own words. "It's—" He's struggling, Eijirou can tell, and because of this, Eijirou decides to scoot closer to him and hover his hands over Bakugou's clenched fists.

"It's what?" he prods gently. 

"—fine," Bakugou finally finishes, and looks to the side. "But... I'm. Why do you." He stops his question abruptly, but Eijirou already knows what he's going to ask.

"If you're asking why I like you, then you're in for a big storm, honey," Eijirou says seriously, without missing a beat. Bakugou sputters and his face turns pinker. Eijirou grins, hums a little to himself, and lets his hands fall gently on Bakugou's clenched fists. "Well, I always try to be friends with everyone, you know, 'cause I believe in second chances and the idea that everyone has the power to be even a little good," he starts. "You're a brash, arrogant, rude person"—Eijirou watches for Bakugou's reaction, but there's nothing but a downturn of his lips—"but, I can see how much you're trying to turn that around." That's what finally makes Bakugou look towards him, a confused and also somewhat amazed look in his eyes. 


"You struggle, but you always get back up and refuse to back down without a fight," Eijirou continues, completely ignoring him. "And, yeah, it's a little troublesome sometimes, but it's something I really admire about you."

Bakugou's turning really red, to the point where it spreads down to his collarbones and over his shoulders. Eijirou has to take a deep breath before speaking again, because, fuck, it's so cute. His hands gently pry Bakugou's fists apart, and curl around his open hands. Bakugou's are trembling ever so slightly in his grip. No one has ever touched him as gently as this.

"The fact that your parents haven't treated you kindly makes my blood boil, and I really want to punch them given the right moment," Eijirou says, and Bakugou scowls—he doesn't like talking about that part of his life, but Eijirou feels he needs to say it, so he does, "and no matter what you think, you don't deserve it. You don't deserve all this pain just because they're your parents, and especially just because you're not a girl."

"Kirishima," Bakugou starts warningly, his voice wavering.

"You're beautiful, and you're the hottest guy I've ever seen," Eijirou continues. "And I am a gay man. I would never like you the way I do if you were a girl."

 Bakugou looks like he's going to cry, and it startles Eijirou so bad he lets go of Bakugou's hands and throws his own up in the air as if in surrender.

"I-I'm sorry!" he exclaims, eyes wide. "Did I say something wrong?"

"No," Bakugou replies, wiping his hands on his pants, and looking down. "You're such a fucking idiot."

Eijirou blinks, not sure what to say.

"Yes," Bakugou suddenly says.

Eijirou tilts his head to the side, squinting his eyes in a silent question.

"The—answer to your dumb question," Bakugou rushes out, suddenly very interested in a spot on the wall. 

"Question..." Eijirou repeats softly. Will you go out with me? "Wait! Really!?"

"Didn't you just fucking hear me!?" Bakugou shouts, face red with anger, or, embarrassment. Maybe both.

"Yes but I'm making sure you're sure!"

"Yes I'm fucking sure!"



They sit in awkward silence for a few moments.

"So—" they say at the same time, and flinch. Bakugou quickly gestures for him to talk first, suddenly getting too flustered to say anything.

"We're... dating, right?" Eijirou asks softly, eyes wide in amazement, he can't even believe it.

"Fucker, you're the one who asked me," Bakugou mutters, mostly to himself, then, louder, says, "Y... yeah. Whatever." After another few moments, he looks up at Eijirou more firmly. "But—I've... never done this before."

"We'll take it slow." Eijirou beats him to the punch, and smiles reassuringly at him. "We'll go as slow as you need."

"Won't you get annoyed?" Bakugou murmurs.

"Not if I'm with you," Eijirou replies, already going for the cheesy lines.

Bakugou blushes. Success! Eijirou mentally shouts.

"You're—I hate you."

"No, you don't," Eijirou says gleefully, and reaches over to grab Bakugou's hands again. "You liiiiike me."

"And I have no idea why."

Eijirou rolls his eyes, and laughs. The kitten, whose name Eijirou still doesn't know, jumps out from under the table and claws at Bakugou's leg. The latter groans at it, and picks it up and moves it to the other side of the table. Bakugou looks over at the table, and narrows his eyes, as if gears were turning in his head. Then, he turns to Eijirou, face ablaze with an irritated expression.

"You asshole," he whisper-yells, and then yells for real, "distracting me from fucking tutoring you!"

"Ah! I'm sorry!"





assido: bitch i got a date


denki: AHHH??? AHAHHHH????


assido: its not OFFICIAL... we're going on a DATE... and seeing what happens

assido: i am actually shakng i thought i was going to fucking die

assido: tooru is actually the Uhhh cutest? 


ser-yo: lesbian


assido: no way, id never have guessed

assido: where the fukc is ei is he dead i will,


cutieshima: (:


denki: you didnt


cutieshima: (((:


assido: DID YOU


cutieshima: (((((:


assido: bitcjh if you dont Fuckgn answer me RightNow


cutieshima: i have a boyfriend 


denki: before me?? the fuck

denki: image attached

denki: this is my ideal man


ser-yo: hey


denki: no


ser-yo: im literally the guy in the pic




cutieshima: honestly my mood during the entire situation

cutieshima: we're taking it Slow


assido: i think im more excited than you rn


cutieshima: bakugous still w me im trying to hold it together


assido: have yall kissed yet


cutieshima: no! we're taking it slow!


assido: im actually crying real tears 

assido: after all the times you were crying and ranting about bakugou.... after all the nights on facetime where you just told me something cute bakugou did that day... and then proceeded to cry again...

assido: we've come to this 


cutieshima: i know right it seems like it was just yesterday


ser-yo: it was yesterday


cutieshima: sero why is ur name ser-yo i never understood this


ser-yo: its sero but with "yo"


cutieshima: im such a fucking idiot HFKDSFBDJNSF I NEVER RELAIZED








yo-yo man: i've changed my name, this is my new persona now,


cutieshima: im crying

cutieshima: bakugou is looking at my phone


assido: HI BAKUGOU ((((((((((:


denki: are u havin fun w ur mans


cutieshima: he says hes gonna kill you all


assido: hes so kind





It doesn't take long for the rest of Class 1-A to find out about Bakugou and Kirishima, due to Ashido never being able to keep her mouth shut, and Kirishima's extreme desire to show his love and appreciation for Bakugou every five seconds. They had been inseparable already, but now that Kirishima apparently has no qualms about getting even closer anymore, they're attached by the hip, and the hands, and the shoulders.

Shouto tries his best to be happy for them, but he can't help but feel envious, and jealous, and he hates himself for how and why he feels it. Bakugou, the boy who's made a mess of Midoriya's life and has been cruel and mean to others countless times, has been given praise and gifts and talents and now he gets the affections of the kindest boy in the school—he gets love before anyone else.

Shouto thinks back to what his father says.

He deserves nothing good.




"Remind me why I'm here again," Izuku asks around his straw, greedily slurping his Razzmatazz smoothie.

Uraraka dramatically lowers her sunglasses, and glances at him before returning her gaze to Aoyama. "Moral support. A lesbian cannot fully understand the strife of a gay man just as a gay man can't understand lesbians. You're here to balance things out. Also, you know Shinsou."

Aoyama blushes. "You've really thought this through."

"I want to help!" Uraraka exclaims. "You're figuring out who you are; you shouldn't have to do it alone."

Aoyama looks off to the side. He's a lot more shy and quiet when he's not in a group of people, Izuku observes. He realizes he truly does not know anything about Aoyama—despite how flashy he is (or tries to be)—and he's often overlooked compared to the rest of the class. He deems this unfair, and suddenly feels guilty. Izuku straightens in his chair and furrows his eyebrows, deciding to take this seriously.

Aoyama shuffles in his chair, nervously rubbing his fingers against his cup. "I don't think Shinsou's ever noticed me," he blurts suddenly.

"I don't know anyone who hasn't noticed you," Izuku says honestly. Aoyama looks at him for a moment, picking at the skin on his fingers, and quickly shoving them into his lap when he realizes.

"Well..." Aoyama starts softly, "I try to make myself... as bright as I can. But... every time I see him he doesn't even spare a glance my way." He looks at Uraraka with a despairing smile. "I'm probably just annoying to him."

"I doubt that," Uraraka says.

"The only person Shinsou finds annoying is Kacchan," Izuku tells him bluntly. "If anything, he probably admires you."

"Huh?" Aoyama questions, his ears going pink. "I-I... find that to be impossible." He takes a sip of his smoothie, looking anywhere but the two sitting across from him.

"Okay, so," Uraraka says, smacking her lips, "step one? Actually talk to Shinsou, perhaps."


"Aoyama," Uraraka deadpans, "if you want to get anywhere with him, you have to talk to him. Strike up a conversation, compliment him? At least let him hear your voice directed at him."

Aoyama furrows his eyebrows. He's trying to remain confident and stubborn, but Izuku's always been incredibly observant in the feelings of others—it's a front, to hide the insecurities behind. He's seen it before, and he's put one up himself before.

When Aoyama continues to remain silent, Uraraka sighs softly and slides her glasses so they rest atop her head. She leans forward, not grabbing the other's hands, but coming very close to. "Look, you told me you've never felt like this for anyone before," she says, her voice going quiet, "and you're having a sexuality crisis. I understand that. And I understand having a crush is scary—but if you don't attempt to do anything to solve your problems, they aren't going to fade, they're just going to get worse."

Aoyama blinks at her, and suddenly his cheeks flush with embarrassment. His lashes are wet. "Sorry," he says quietly. "I'm not used to having friends."

"That's awful," Uraraka says seriously. "All of Class 1-A is your friend now."

Izuku can only wonder what goes on in Aoyama's blond head. He tilts his head and says, "I think you and Shinsou would fit well together."

Aoyama blinks. "Really?"

"I'm not, like, um, a Shinsou-expert, " Izuku says, "but your personalities would pair well together. Shinsou isn't like... the mean quiet type. He just doesn't know how to talk to people who aren't calling him an evil villain."

"A villain? " Aoyama seems aghast. It's almost comical.

"They think his Quirk is more suited for evil," Izuku explains, and pauses to take another drink of his smoothie (he frowns when he swallows; it's become too watery). "Shinsou may look scary, but he really isn't. I've gotten to know him lately, and he's a really kind person. He'd like you a lot."

Izuku watches Aoyama's reaction. The latter is fumbling with his hands in his lap, biting his lip and looking somewhat angry—probably at whoever's been calling Shinsou evil.

Izuku resists a grin as he says, "Shinsou's also told me he has a crush on someone in our class."

Aoyama's face makes Uraraka snort. He shoots his head up, eyes wide, and a redness quickly creeps up his neck. "What! Why didn't you start with that!? Who is it!?"

"He wouldn't tell."

"Liar. You know who it is."

Izuku raises his eyebrows, and silently drinks from Uraraka's still-smoothie-like smoothie ("Hey! You have your own!"). He watches the gears turn in Aoyama's head, watches him fumble with his hair and his face, picking at a spot on his neck before smoothing over his skin.

"Oh my God," he whispers, suddenly realizing.

Uraraka reaches over and pats his hand. 

"Be sure to talk to him, no?"

Izuku laughs. 




Shouto has only cried in front of a handful of people:

  1. Midoriya Izuku (on complete accident; he'd been crying silently in the kitchen at 2 AM when Midoriya walked in to get a glass of water, and Midoriya hadn't left until Shouto was done),
  2. Yaoyorozu Momo (they were watching a TV show together, and his father suddenly came up in a commercial; the anxiety attack was so intense that he ended up sleeping in her dorm that night),
  3. Endeavor (obviously),
  4. and his sister and mother.

If anyone else were to see him cry, to see him like this, he wasn't sure he could handle the embarrassment. If it were Kirishima, maybe, or anyone but Bakugou or someone with a big mouth, but for now, he's content leaving it to the handful he has.

It's shameful, even after years of trying to get it out of his mind that crying isn't weakness, Shouto only to be met with don't you cry on me now, Shouto, you're going to become the greatest creation. His mother always held him as he cried, never saying a word, while his sister would hold him firmly by the shoulders and say There's no need to be ashamed of tears, Shouto, they show the greatest courage of all, and you have the courage to feel something. 

Yaoyorozu cries in happiness, when she remembers her friends and girlfriend love and support her. Midoriya cries in sadness, in regret, in joy—and neither of them are weak. Crying does not make them weak. It makes them strong, it makes them human, it makes them heroes, because they have the courage to heal and suffer and feel.

So why am I weak? Shouto thinks. His mind must be flawed, just like his body, just like his face.

He's in his dorm room, sitting on his bed alone, and tears are streaming down his face so quickly and so hard that when they fall onto his blankets they turn into ice and spread across the sheets. He's shaking, and he doesn't know what to do, so he opens his phone and sends a message to the last person he texted that day.


11:24 ] todoroki shouto: are you awake


The answer comes immediately, and Shouto feels himself calming down and simultaneously not.


[ 11:25 ] yaoyorozu momo: Yes. What's wrong


11:25 ] todoroki shouto: bakugou's done so much wrong in his life and i know not all of it is his fault and just a copng mechanism but.

11:26 ] todoroki shouto: he gets the love of probably the kindest person in this school without any hardship and everything he's ever wanted. he always wins.

11:27 ] todoroki shouto: why don't i get that. i forced midoriya to be my friend and care about me when we're supposed to be focused on being heroes. i want him to love me and that's selfish.

11:28 ] todoroki shouto: i'm just a useless kid who couldn't even do what he was born to do. i can't stop having panic attacks when even something remotely related to endeavor comes up. 

[ 11:29 ] todoroki shouto: someone tall stands behind me and i end up freezing them in a block of ice.

11:30 ] todoroki shouto: momo i don't know what to do


11:31 ] yaoyorozu momo: Hang tight


He locks his phone, and tucks his knees to his chest, burying his face in them and letting the tears fall. There's the smell of something burning, but it seems faint, and it drowns in comparison to the pounding in Shouto's chest and the sound of blood rushing in his ears. His chest feels too tight and too large, too big all at once. He wants to rip it off, tear it open, scratch at his skin until there's nothing that could even compare him to being a girl. He feels the phantom silk of a dress, and sniffles. He hears his father's voice, Don't let them know you were born a girl, Shouto, imagine the shame they'll give me. He hears his mother's voice, Why are you burning all your dresses, dear? You look so lovely in them, such a pretty girl.

He hears another voice.


This one is real, he's sure of it, so he lifts his head and faces the worried stare of Yaoyorozu. She's in pajamas, and a wave of guilt washes over Shouto, but he doesn't have the chance to reply before Yaoyorozu is sitting beside him on the bed and pulling him into a gentle hug. She strokes his hair, scratches gently at his back, and when she sniffles Shouto knows she's crying too.

"You're not useless," she whispers. "You're an incredibly talented young man who was stuck in an awful situation he couldn't get out of. You were born to do great things, and those great things will come from your accomplishments, and no one else's." Shouto buries his face in her shoulder to hide his crying face, ashamed. "Bakugou and Kirishima came together by mere chance. Midoriya became your friend because he wanted to be closer to you, and he does love you. We all love you."

Now he's shaking, and he wonders what he's done to deserve someone like Yaoyorozu. He's not sure if he texted anyone else, he'd feel as safe as he does right now. Midoriya would be a close second, but Shouto isn't exactly ready to relay his love problems to the love problem himself.

"They'll say of you, He is far better than his father, " Yaoyorozu says, and suddenly Shouto doesn't feel so ashamed of crying anymore.




(She holds him well into the night, and in the morning she cleans up his face and even lays out his medicine for him.)

(Shouto decides the world does not deserve Yaoyorozu Momo.)


Chapter Text

earphone jacc: midoriya izuku are you awake


midoridie: yes


Tokoyami: Its 2 in the morning?


earphone jacc: why are YOU awake then


Tokoyami: Fair enough continue on


earphone jacc: midoriya this has been keeping me up all night but literally everyone has names for their quirks

earphone jacc: what the Fuck is yours


midoridie: bone hurting juice


earphone jacc: im jumping out the window as we speak


babe magnet: Don't do that


uravity: deku im losing my shit


midoridie: hurts me bones


uravity: STOP


assido: hey not to be a lesbian and ruin the fun but ariana grande? worm


babe magnet: What


earphone jacc: ashido i understand


assido: thank you,


shouji: go to sleep


assido: SHOUJI?????? HELLO????

assido: NO COME BACK


invisigirl: what the hell is going ON


assido: shouji just took 7 years off my life


invisigirl: if you died early i'd be sad


assido: boy you sure know how to sweep a girl off her feet


invisigirl: yeah bet you didnt see that one coming


assido: im going the fuck to bed






"Hey, you know, you never told me," Eijirou starts thoughtfully, "or I guess, I never asked, but."

He and Bakugou are sitting in the latter's dorm, laying down beside each other on the bed, in a peaceful silence. Eijirou had been scrolling through Instagram and Bakugou messing around with Snapchat filters, one of his hands lazily stroking the fur of his secret kitten (really, it was a wonder how he hadn't gotten caught with it yet. When he thinks about it, he wonders if Aizawa somehow caught him with it, and just decided not to worry about it; that was also very possible). They had been relaxing, their shoulders touching and legs tangled together, when a thought suddenly popped up in Eijirou's mind.

"What?" Bakugou grunts, not looking away from his phone when Eijirou doesn't continue.

"What's your cat's name?" It's an innocent, simple question, so Eijirou is very confused when Bakugou's phone falls from his hands and he sits up so fast he wonders if he has to go to the bathroom or something. Eijirou's eyebrows furrow and he leans up, taking in Bakugou's reddening face and the fact that he's looking anywhere but him. "Um... you okay?"

"Yes," Bakugou says too quickly, and turns his head away. "... Ei."

Eijirou's heart feels like it's going to burst out of his chest. "W-what?"

"That's the fucking cat's name, alright!? " Bakugou shouts loud enough for the entire dormitory to hear, and the kitten that sits in his lap hisses and claws at his stomach, as if telling him to shut up. Eijirou is much more taken with Bakugou's expression to even worry about Bakugou being scratched. 

 "It—" Eijirou tries, but finds he's at a loss for words at the moment. He swallows thickly. "Did you name it after me? " He's immediately embarrassed once he says the words, wishing he could take them back, because what if it was just a coincidence? What if he didn't actually, and now Bakugou—his boyfriend—is about to laugh at him for being so foolish?

"No, of course not, shut the fuck up," is Bakugou's reply, but it's said too quickly and too heated that Eijirou knows he's lying. Just to be a little shit, Eijirou grins and scoots closer to his boyfriend.

(Boyfriend. Eijirou loves that word.)

"Baby, you're so cute, " he says, and Bakugou goes pink. He elbows Eijirou in the stomach but not hard enough to really hurt him. Eijirou throws his arms around Bakugou, nuzzling into his shoulder and laughing. "But you don't gotta name a cat after me, when you got the real thing right here."

Bakugou stares at him. "You're an idiot."

Eijirou just laughs, and leans down to scoop the kitten from Bakugou's lap. It hisses, obviously angered at being ripped from its nap, but when Eijirou pets behind its ears it nuzzles into his hand and Bakugou gapes openly at him.

"You're the only one who's been able to hold her," he says, then frowns. "Other than me."

"You jealous?" Eijirou jokes. "I gotta bond with my namesake, after all." Now he's rubbing it in, and they both know it.

"Shut up!" Bakugou pushes him almost off the bed, but Eijirou manages to steady himself. 

"You must have one hell of a crush on me, huh?"


"It's okay," Eijirou interrupts, and lets the cat walk over to Bakugou. When the cat nuzzles into Bakugou's lap again, he shyly looks up at Bakugou's face and smiles. "I do too."




Shouto finds he watches Midoriya, often.

No, scratch that. More like, all the time.

He watches him in class—when Midoriya furiously writes down notes from the lecture in his notebook, or when he dozes off, staring out the window, daydreaming about something.

He watches him during lunch—when Uraraka tells a joke and Midoriya laughs so hard he chokes on his food and he laughs even harder because of it.

He watches him when he works out—when Midoriya is pulling a shirt over his head and Shouto's eyes trail from the veins in his neck to the broadness of his shoulders to the small of his back where there's two small dimples, and Shouto has to turn his gaze away because now Kirishima is laughing, and he feels horrible for even looking in the first place.

He watches him, his eye follows him always (the one he can see out of, anyway), constantly aware of his presence and constantly both dreading and craving it even more. Shouto is often struck with the overwhelming desire to kiss the life out of Midoriya Izuku, and it is getting harder and harder to hide.

Shouto is sure most of the class has figured out by now, and that alone is what gives Shouto the most embarrassment. He wonders if they make fun of him, or if one of them has told Midoriya, and they are all secretly laughing at him behind his back.

(By now, he knows his classmates well enough to know they wouldn't do that, but the worry and anxiety is always there, deep in his gut, only heightening when he hears a whisper behind him or a giggle next to Midoriya.)

It is the morning after Yaoyorozu held him through the night and comforted him at one of his worst moments. Shouto is exhausted, and he feels as if he could take a nap right here, right now. He lays his head down in his arms, trying to block out the disruptive noise of his classmates. He loves them, really, but his head is pounding and he kind of wants to start crying, and he wishes he was back in his nice, comfortable bed with his sound machine and his weighted blanket. He feels Yaoyorozu's worried gaze on him, but she doesn't walk over to him, and Shouto is grateful for it. When he hears Bakugou start yelling, again, something about Kirishima, probably, he tightens his arms around his head so they cover his ears too.

What time is it? he wonders, and thinks about how long it'll be until he'll get out of class and be able to take a nap. But, he rethinks, someone will probably drag him into something, or his friends will want his presence, and he'll feel too pressured and anxious to say no. He probably won't get to his bed until nighttime, and the thought makes him sigh.


Shouto almost doesn't lift his head. He looks up to see Midoriya gazing down at him worriedly. 

"Are you alright?" he asks, voice soft. "You look exhausted. Are you sick?"

Shouto blinks. He suddenly jerks in his chair, and realizes with a start that he was about to jump out of his seat and kiss Midoriya right there, in front of everyone. He feels his face flush with embarrassment, and tries not to let himself linger on Midoriya's lips for too long.

(It's very difficult.)

"Rough night," he manages, and puts a hand to this throat when it comes out weak and scratchy. Maybe his flush isn't from embarrassment, after all.

Midoriya frowns. "You sound sick," he decides.

If he was sick, it wouldn't really surprise him all that much. If he was, it would be a nightmare, because his Quirk isn't the best when he's under the weather. He ends up freezing and burning all kinds of things, and his body temperature fluctuates rapidly from hot to cool so quickly it makes him feel even worse.

"I... probably am," he says. Stress, he decides, must be the cause. Or anxiety. Or both.

"Infirmary?" Midoriya suggests, but the small smile on his face tells Shouto he already knows how he's going to reply.

Nonetheless, Shouto shakes his head, and the movement makes him wince. "I'd rather not have to make things up."

Midoriya purses his lips, and then opens his mouth as if he's going to say something. At the last minute, he shuts it, and Shouto wishes he had said whatever he wanted to say because a moment not hearing Midoriya's voice is a moment wasted, but then Midoriya is leaning forward and there's something cool resting against his forehead.

Shouto's eyes widen, and he vaguely wonders if his left side is on fire, because the back of Midoriya's palm is pressing against his forehead, pausing for a few moments before lifting and feeling another part of it. It's going to backfire, because whatever fever he most certainly has is spiked by the pure red blossoming over his face.

"You feel really warm," Midoriya says, his voice quiet, and wow he's super close.

"Wow, I wonder why!" Shouto hears Kaminari joke from across the room. He curses him silently.

"You should go rest after school," Midoriya continues, removing his hand after a moment of hesitation. He's leaning over his desk, his palms on the flat of it, and he smiles so softly Shouto feels like kissing him again. He has to grab the edge of his chair with one hand to keep himself from jumping up and doing just that. 

"Yeah," Shouto says, but that's a really lame reply, and he's so caught up in staring at Midoriya with what's probably the most embarrassingly-lovestruck look that he almost forgets to continue. "I... I will."

"And, if you want," and Shouto swears Midoriya is smirking, "I can come over and nurse you to better health."

"Huh? " is all he can say.

"If you need anything, just text me, okay?" Midoriya says, back in his chipper, helpful voice, but Shouto is still reeling from before. Midoriya smiles, and—was that a wink?—walks back over to his desk. Uraraka is snickering underneath her hand. Kaminari is wheezing. Yaoyorozu and Jirou are openly staring.

Aizawa walks in, ready to begin class, and Shouto takes to putting his warm forehead on the cool desk. 

He could have sworn Midoriya was flirting with him.




Throughout the rest of the day, Shouto only feels worse and worse. Towards the end of the day, he feels ready to die, and when he's finally released from school he almost starts crying. Nobody really stops him on the way, and he figures it's because the rest of the class figured out just how awful he looks.

He walks into his room and doesn't even bother taking off his uniform before he's flopping face-down on his bed. The coolness of his sheets immediately alleviates his fever some, but only for a few moments. He groans into the sheets, and leans up to start taking off his shoes.

When his uniform is off and he's dressed in comfier, looser clothes, Shouto turns off all the lights, crawls under his weighted blanket, turns on his sound machine, and shoves his head under his pillows.

It's the calmest he's felt all day.




midoridie: my heart was dying 


uravity: you were so smooth i turned straight for like a hot second


midoridie: wow thanks


earphone jacc: my man shouto was SWOONING


midoridie: stop shjfsdf im still embarrassed as fuck


Iida: It's painfully obvious you two like each other.



midoridie: plus uhhh me and todoroki are like two of the most anxious people in the class

midoridie: put us together too early and it just backfires


uravity: ur right tbh

uravity: take it slow...


frog face: todoroki looked really sick though.


earphone jacc: momo is straight up pacing around the room worrying

earphone jacc: even tho my man shouto is literally just sleeping right now


uravity: nows ur chance deku


midoridie: NO


earphone jacc: for what


midoridie: my chance to jump out the window goodbye


uravity: deku bought medicine and snacks for todo


earphone jacc: AW

earphone jacc: GO GIVE IT TO HIM

earphone jacc: the medicine i mean


midoridie: die

midoridie: ok but i have anxiety


uravity: just put it by his bed while he's sleeping


midoridie: im not gonna sneak into his room while hes sleeping?


earphone jacc: momo does it all the time


midoridie: excuse m


earphone jacc: well she kind of just walks in and my man shouto usually expects her to come

earphone jacc: she buys him his favorite snacks when hes upset and helps him remember to take his medicine


midoridie: ): i wanna help him w that too...


earphone jacc: then give him the damn shit 

earphone jacc: a Smooche,

earphone jacc: a Hugge, perhaps,


midoridie: you dont understand how much i Cannot do that


assido: oh hey the shouto crush chat is POPPIN today


midoridie: when did you get here


uravity: i added some people who knew and could possibly help

uravity: tho tbh its always just me, iida, and you who talk here


earphone jacc: i just feel extra talkative today


Iida: I encourage you to give him the medicine and snacks.

Iida: It gives you a chance to get closer to him.

Iida: More conversations.


uravity: what iida said

uravity: thanks my dude


Iida: No problem.


midoridie: hhh


assido: cmonnn


midoridie: hhhhhhhhhh


uravity: dekuuu



midoridie: fine but im literally jumping out his window if he wakes up


earphone jacc: you really have a thing for jumping out windows huh


midoridie: what can i say

midoridie: i like the window pain


earphone jacc: shut theufckup


midoridie: hahahhaha anyway time to go kill Myself,


uravity: midoriya izuku i 100% believe in and support you


midoridie: thanks


assido: im cheering u on my bro



Izuku quietly looks for any nearby windows as he approaches the door to Todoroki's room. When he finds none (nearby, anyway), he sighs and decides there's no going back. He tightens his grip on the small plastic bag of supplies, and his hand automatically goes up to knock on the door. He stops himself, takes a deep breath, and quietly pushes the door open.

The air conditioning is on, and there's a sound machine blasting, which makes it slightly easier to be able to walk around the room without worrying about being too loud.

(Izuku is going to worry anyway.)

Izuku bites his lip and walks inside the dark room, taking note of the fact that Shouto is barely visible, and the only way Izuku can even tell he's there, underneath the fortress of pillows and blankets, is the rise and fall of his chest from under the sheets. 

He sets the bag on the table next to the bed, pushing it down enough to let the contents of it show through. Just as he's about to leave, he pauses, and then picks up the pen that's on the table, writing down his name on the bag in a last-ditch attempt for some kind of contact. Izuku looks back at Shouto's sleeping form, and tries not to giggle at the fact that his nose whistles when he exhales, or that his body is twisted around his blankets and one of his pillows is near his feet. 

Izuku then realizes he's watching him sleep, and that's very creepy, no matter how beautiful Shouto is. He apologizes to him in his head (and it sounds lame when he puts it like that) and quickly leaves.

And he didn't even jump out a window. Jirou is going to be so proud of him.



earphone jacc: im proud 




Shouto wakes up groggily, and it's the first night in a long time he's woken up without a nightmare. He blinks once, twice, his blurry vision soon returning to normal. It's dark in his room, and the only light is the one coming through the door from the hallway. He sits up, rubbing his eyes and wiping his nose. He feels slightly better, but his chest is tight and his headache is swiftly returning. He sniffles, and in the corner of his eye he sees something that was not there when he went to sleep.

Squinting to see better, Shouto slowly leans over and moves his hands against it in an attempt to figure out what it is. He sees a name, Izuku, and his heart promptly stops in his chest.

It's a bag of medicine and some of his favorite snacks. The bag has Midoriya's name on it, his first name.

He turns so red so fast he very nearly passes out. Shouto digs through the bag, picking it up and placing it on his lap so he can see inside better. Shouto suddenly feels like crying, and he holds back his tears lest he start sobbing all over himself. Which would be embarrassing. Crying over a bag of medicine. Shouto takes a deep breath, and re-reads the name on the bag over and over and over. His heart is racing. So, he does what any reasonable teenage boy would do when they get a bag of medicine from their crush.

He screams into his pillow.


Chapter Text

08:12 ] todoroki shouto: momo... it has his first name on it.


[ 08:14 ] yaoyorozu momo: Yes. Youve told me this three times already


08:14 ] todoroki shouto: he bought me medicine and snacks...


[ 08:15 ] yaoyorozu momo: He also went into your room while you were sleeping.

08:15 ] yaoyorozu momo: Which is MY thing


08:16 ] todoroki shouto: i think i'm in love.

08:17 ] todoroki shouto: do you think this means he might... like me back...


08:18 ] yaoyorozu momo: Wait are you actually considering that he might like you back

08:18 ] yaoyorozu momo: When before you would deny any possibility?


08:19 ] todoroki shouto: shut up, okay, i'm depressed and have low self-esteem, i'm not an idiot.


[ 08:20 ] yaoyorozu momo: I know, I know

08:20 ] yaoyorozu momo: I'd say go talk to him but aren't you still sick


08:21 ] todoroki shouto: as fuck.

08:21 ] todoroki shouto: my quirk is so out of control.

08:22 ] todoroki shouto: i've burnt one half of my bed and froze the other.


08:24 ] yaoyorozu momo: Omg


08:24 ] todoroki shouto: "Omg"?

[ 08:25 ] todoroki shouto: jirou has gotten to you.


08:26 ] yaoyorozu momo: in more ways than one (;


08:27 ] todoroki shouto: please give momo back her phone, jirou.


08:28 ] yaoyorozu momo: shes busy!!

08:29 ] yaoyorozu momo: and so are you in a few seconds lmaoooo


08:29 ] todoroki shouto: what.


08:30 ] yaoyorozu momo: a little birdie told me a special someone is going to come knocking at your door


08:31 ] todoroki shouto: what??

08:31 ] todoroki shouto: oh my fucking god.


08:32 ] yaoyorozu momo: LOL HAVE FUN




"Hey, Todoroki!" Midoriya greets when Shouto opens to the door to, sure enough, a special someone. "Are you feeling any better?"

Shouto finds himself rooted to his spot, unable to even speak or move. His tongue feels heavy, thick in his mouth, and he can't tell if it's because he's sick or because he's hopelessly and incredulously left speechless in front of his crush. How embarrassing, he thinks, that his composure is completely wiped away just by a simple question.

"A little," he finally manages to blurt when he realizes he still hasn't given him an answer—c'mon Shouto—and tugs on the hem of his shirt by pure habit. "Thank you for the medicine."

Midoriya's face suddenly turns an adorable shade of pink. "I'm sorry if I was out of line!"

Shouto smiles, and Midoriya makes a weird noise. "It's alright," he says, slowly, raising his eyebrows. 

A beat of silence passes between them, and then Midoriya suddenly slaps his cheeks, his face twisted in determination. Shouto jumps back in surprise, his eyes going wide, and Aoyama passes by them with an amused giggle. 

"Can I come in!?" Midoriya suddenly asks, his voice loud and nervous, and the hand marks on his cheeks slowly fading. When Shouto forgets to say anything, again, he blames his trauma, honestly, Midoriya clenches his fists and says, "Well, you're sick, right? So maybe you're lonely. Or not. I—uh, I just wanted to hang out with you, maybe help make you feel better, keep you company. Like—play Animal Crossing, or, uh, study, or maybe do anything else you wanted to do. If you want I can leave, it's—"

Shouto cuts off his rambling by saying, "Midoriya. You can come in."

He steps to the side and lets the still-mildly-mumbling boy into his dark dorm room, and shuts the door. It isn't until he sees Midoriya squint that he quickly moves to turn on the lights—except when he does, Shouto reflexively winces and shuts his eyes, apparently audible enough for Midoriya to look at him and turn them back off.

Their hands touch.

"You can leave them off," Midoriya says.

Shouto feels like he's dying. 

Midoriya takes his hand off the light and Shouto feels frozen in place. It surely isn't the first time Midoriya has been in his room (and he's been in Midoriya's a handful of times), but Shouto is sick and a lot more emotional and capable of saying things he might regret, and they're in the dark, which is—

Okay. Shouto stops himself, his face turning pink. Okay, let's not go there. Even in the dark, he can make out the shape of Midoriya's muscles, god his arms, and his face burns even hotter. He turns to his bed, fully-prepared to launch himself onto it. 

Midoriya is already sitting on it, cross-legged, his phone opened to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. He notices the bag he brought himself on the table, and raises an eyebrow at the lack of medicine but abundance of food. He gives Shouto a knowing look, "Have you eaten today?"

Shouto stays silent for a moment. They both know the answer to that question, no, but Shouto shrugs and says it anyway. "No."

With a sigh, Midoriya tosses his phone somewhere on the bed behind him and walks over to the bag. He digs through it for a few moments and then pulls out a package of thin crackers. Eyes adjusted to the dark enough, Shouto almost visibly deflates at Midoriya's half-disappointed look. 

"Try to eat something light if you're feeling too sick," Midoriya says, walking up to him and pushing the package into Shouto's open palm. Their hands touch again. "But you need to eat something, at least."

He pulls his hands away. Shouto stares down at the crackers he holds.

"Don't make me feed them to you," Midoriya says a moment later, and Shouto can't tell if he's joking.

As tempting as that sounds, Shouto isn't sure he could even get through it without setting the dorms on fire, so he frowns and sits on his bed, making a show of slowly and dramatically opening the package before reluctantly putting one on his mouth. 

Midoriya doesn't move.

Shouto chews.

Midoriya smiles. He moves back to the bed and lays on his back, his legs dangling over the side. Blindly reaching for his phone, Shouto is hyper-aware of where his body and hands are as he moves around his bed. He hopes the smell of charred fabric isn't too strong—he did change his sheets a while ago, but still—and scoots up to put his back against the pillows, biting his lip and trying not to make the fact that he's staring at Midoriya too obvious. He has his game open again, and Shouto watches his character move around and catch fish.

"Do you have Pocket Camp? " Midoriya suddenly asks, startling Shouto so bad he nearly drops his crackers. 

"Um—" Shouto says, very lamely. "Yes."

"Well, add me!" Midoriya scoffs. "And give my camp kudos, 'cause Kacchan never does."

Shouto doesn't question why he and Bakugou are friends on Animal Crossing. He takes out his phone and opens the app.

(Midoriya's camp is, not to his surprise, very cute. It's full of animals. He gives kudos, and Midoriya's smile is bright enough to blind him the rest of the way.)


denki: reasons why me and sero are the best couple:


uravity: wait are yall actually dating


denki: he always knows which vine im quoting and continues on with it

denki: observe


uravity: he's not even online


denki: and they were roommates


ser-yo: oh my god they were roommates


uravity: what the fuck just happened


frog face: that's love


denki: that's pussy, babe!


bakubro: shut the fuck up


invisigirl: wow


denki: happy crimus


ser-yo: it's crismun


assido: merry crisis


bakubro: merry chrysler 




bakubro: my friends may be annoying but i know a good meme when i see one


assido: wait what


ser-yo: bakugou do you mean it


bakubro: mean what


assido: you called us your friends

assido: i think he died from the sheer realization


denki: bakugouuuuu

denki: he's bakugone


bakubro: shut up i hate all of you youre not my friends


assido: no u cant take it back now

assido: we're having a friends night right now your dorm better be unlocked


bakubro: dont you fucking dare




[ 09:01 ] ashido mina: open your fucking door katsuki

09:10 ] ashido mina: i will stay out here for as long as i must


[ 09:11 ] bakugou katsuki: god fucking fine



assido: bakusquad party everyone come over

assido: everyone means only the bakusquad


uravity: i figured


frog face: ochako and i are at the smoothie place anyway


invisigirl: OHHHH SHIT

invisigirl: get me a raspberry smoothie and i'll pay u back


frog face: deal


assido: tooru snap me back asshole our streak is gonna fucking die


invisigirl: and they say romance is dead



Half an hour passes. Their phones blow up from notifications from Class 1-A's group chat. They ignore it in favor of Animal Crossing.

Shouto had no idea of how addicting it could be. He isn't pleased when he can't find any fucking tiger butterflies and can only catch the fish he doesn't need, but it's still fun. There is no option to make his character truly look like himself, so he gives himself white hair and blue eyes and feels at peace when he looks at them.

Midoriya's character has a duck beak on, for some odd reason, but Midoriya giggles every time he sees it, and his laugh is truly angelic, so Shouto feels oddly thankful for it.

"The market doesn't have any shoes that match my shirt," Midoriya says suddenly, and sometime in the last half an hour, his head has moved closer to Shouto so his hair tickles his legs. Shouto suddenly becomes very aware of this fact, and swallows thickly.

"I'm just wearing the default," Shouto says back, trying to keep his voice steady. He fails. He goes to take a drink of water from the cup Midoriya had oh so graciously gotten for him.

Midoriya doesn't say anything else, so neither does Shouto. The only sounds between them are their mutual breathing and the music coming from Midoriya's phone (Shouto usually keeps his phone on silent, always). 

Then, there's a cough, and Midoriya is saying, "Um. Can I ask you something?" He takes a deep breath and quickly follows up with, "You don't have to answer if you don't want to."


"How... how did you know you were trans?"

Shouto stops immediately, and finds himself frozen for a moment before he closes the app, and locks his phone. It's very obviously an important question, so he swallows down the inevitable anxiety creeping up his throat and ignores the tightness in his chest. It's a valid question, so he shouldn't be so nervous.

(He's nervous. What if his answer isn't enough? Is he not dysphoric enough to be trans? Maybe his reason for being trans isn't enough. Maybe—)

(Stop that, Shouto, a voice that sounds strangely like his sister says, you sound like Dad. )

"I would always feel really wrong when my parents referred to me as their daughter, " Shouto replies thoughtfully, a sickness rising in his throat just from the word daughter. "And I burned all the dresses my mother would put me in."

"Was she mad?" Midoriya asks.

Shouto thinks for a moment. "The first few times. Then she eventually stopped putting me in them." He bites his lip, and realizes that he has never told anyone this story before. Shouto continues, "I told my sister that I didn't want to be like her, like a girl, and I think that's when she realized." He swallows thickly, willing himself not to cry, because his sister has always been his biggest supporter since the beginning. "She told me, you can be whatever you want. Don't listen to Mom and Dad. " Shouto doesn't think his Fuyumi impression is very good, but it gets the point across anyway.

"She sounds nice," Midoriya says, nodding. His phone, Shouto notices, is laying by his side, forgotten. His eyes are focused completely on Shouto.

He gets embarrassed, and clears his throat. "I... I told my father I didn't want to be a girl." He can hear the breath leave Midoriya, and tries his best to ignore the pounding of his heart. "He was... happy. I think. He didn't want his successor to be a girl, but he told me to keep it secret. He thinks surgery and hormones is time-wasting and would make it obvious that his child is transgender." He scowls, deeply. "He doesn't want the world to know that his son was born a different way. The bastard thinks it's shameful."

"Is that why you're so open about it?" 

It's a loaded question. "Part of the reason." He looks down at Midoriya. "I don't think there's anything wrong with me being trans, so I don't try to hide it, but." He pauses and almost breaks into a violent cough. Midoriya's presence has made him forget that he is, in fact, very sick. "It's still hard sometimes."

"I understand." Midoriya's voice is soft, like if he speaks any louder, he'll ruin the odd mood he's put on the room.

"Why did you ask how I knew?" Shouto asks.

Midoriya falls silent. He sits up, and looks anywhere but at his face. Then he hunches his shoulders, and looks down at his lap as if shameful. "I don't know if I'm entirely a boy," he admits quietly.

Shouto isn't sure what to say in response, so for a while he doesn't say anything. He blinks a few times, and waits for Midoriya to get comfortable enough to look up at his face. His cheeks are flushed with embarrassment.

You have no reason to be embarrassed, Shouto wants to say, but he doesn't say that. Instead, he says, "How so?"

Midoriya bites his lip and looks away. "I don't... feel like a boy sometimes, but sometimes I do, and sometimes I feel like I'm something else." He finally looks at Shouto, into his eyes, and he looks scared. "I don't know. It's been freaking me out."

"It's okay to not know what you are," Shouto says quickly. "You don't have to freak out."

"I know I don't have to," Midoriya mumbles, "but I am. "

Shouto thinks about what to say for a moment. "You don't have to define your gender, Midoriya," he says, his voice soft. Somehow, they've gotten closer in the past few minutes. They're facing each other, cross-legged. "You can just be... Midoriya. "

Midoriya doesn't say anything for a long while, and turns his head away. "I don't know if I want to define it." His voice trembles. "I just want to be me. A hero. Midoriya Izuku."

"Then... that's you," Shouto says. "Don't be anyone else but you." Please, he adds in his head, because I like you. I really, really like you.

More silence. It's almost deafening in the darkness of the dorm room. Shouto can feel the heat radiating off of him, and resists the urge to cough into his shoulder. His head is pounding and so is his heart, but he can't tell if it's from illness or from the person sitting across from him. 

All of a sudden, it's difficult to breathe. Shouto exhales shakily. He feels hot and cold at the same time.

"I like you, Todoroki."

Then all the breath is taken out of him.

Shouto's eyes bug out of his head rather embarrassingly. It takes him a few moments to comprehend and take in what Midoriya says, and when he realizes, his face is red. He feels like he's steaming. He's probably steaming.

"You—" Shouto stammers, his voice gone. "Wha—"

Midoriya scoots closer and reaches his hand out. His hand rests just above his cheeks, as if afraid to touch. Shouto reaches up and presses his hands against his face, biting his lip when they touch. Midoriya's thumb goes up to smooth against rough, scarred skin. Half of his world is dark, and that's not even because the lights in his room are turned off, but Midoriya is bright enough to light up both sides, and that's good enough for him.

He kisses him. Shouto is being kissed. Midoriya Izuku is kissing him.

It's a shy, soft, careful peck on the lips. It's over as fast as it began. Midoriya pulls back quickly, his hands on Shouto falling from their place and hanging in the air. They stare at each other, eyes wide and faces red, and Midoriya's mouth opens to say something. For once, it snaps shut, and then they're pulling each other back in and kissing even harder and firmer than before.

Shouto has never kissed anyone. He's not sure if Midoriya has kissed anyone, but from the way they're pressed against each other, Shouto can tell Midoriya is a lot better than he is. As their hands grip hair and necks and touch and their lips slot together and pull apart, Shouto's mind races, his heart pounds, his hands get sweaty and his throat tightens up. He can definitely tell it's from the person in front of him, the person kissing him. 

Midoriya's lips are so soft, and when Shouto accidentally tugs on his hair, Midoriya makes a muffled noise against his mouth and Shouto very nearly combusts. He has always considered himself to be a quick learner, and soon he's pressing back against Midoriya more firmly, even hotter, and tries to push his feelings into the kiss he gives him. 

It's starting to feel really hot, and Shouto is still sick, and he doesn't want to throw up in the middle of a kiss (he would be mortified ), so Shouto reluctantly pulls away (their lips give a wet smack when they pull apart; it makes Shouto shudder) and stares at the person across from him.

In the midst of it, they had gotten to the point where Shouto was very nearly in his lap, his hands gripping his biceps very tightly (god how embarrassing)—while one of Midoriya's hands grips at his waist, his fingers trailing underneath his shirt, and the other hand at the back of his neck, tangling into his hair. It's a compromising position, and Shouto would love nothing more than to keep kissing him, but he's still sick, and he would feel awful if he ended up getting Midoriya sick as well.

"I hope this means you like me too," Midoriya says breathlessly, a smile breaking through the shy flush on his face.

Shouto can't help it—he starts laughing. His throat hurts from his flu and his voice comes out in weird hiccups, but it makes Midoriya beam and hold onto him even tighter.

"Yes," he says once his laughter dies down. "I like you too."

Midoriya grins and surges forward again, but Shouto forces himself to put a hand over his lips and leans back. "I'm still sick," he says, and Midoriya is still pressing against his hand, "remember?"

"I remember," Midoriya all but whines, "but you're so pretty, I wanna kiss you."

Shouto flushes. "You can when I'm healthy again."

Midoriya pouts, and pauses before removing his hand from Shouto's neck and sliding it down his shoulder, to his arm where he grips the wrist of the hand against his mouth and presses his lips against Shouto's pulse. Um. Wow. 

"Date me," Shouto blurts.

His crush, his very possible significant other, smiles again. Shouto will never tire of his smile.

"I thought you'd never ask."



12:34 ] todoroki shouto: i have a significant other.


12:35 ] yaoyorozu momo: BITCH


12:36 ] todoroki shouto: jirou, where's momo.


12:37 ] yaoyorozu momo: No this is Momo lol

12:37 ] yaoyorozu momo: NOW THIS IS JIROU

12:38 ] yaoyorozu momo: YA DONE DID IT


uravity: todoroki care to explain why midoriya is sick all of a sudden


prince zuko: way to call us out in the main group chat.




earphone jacc: my man shouto... i'm so proud


midoridie: oh my god u guys

midoridie: im not even that sick


uravity: youre right youre not THAT sick but shady that you get sick the day after you hang out w todo in his room huh??


midoridie: idk what ur trying to imply here ochako but 


prince zuko: we're dating.


midoridie: well that wasnt even an implication




denki: LORD


ser-yo: god bless


Tokoyami: Oh finally


frog face: i wish you well in your relationship


babe magnet: Good job Todoroki

babe magnet: I forgot my name is still set to this


earphone jacc: lol


shouji: i'm glad you guys are happy


assido: HUH

assido: shouji always comes online at the most random times


Tokoyami: Actually he's always watching the chat

Tokoyami: He just sets himself to invisible


shouji: way to call me out babe


assido: BABE?????


invisigirl: what is happening


cutieshima: so many things coming to light


bakubro: haha fuck you deku i got a boyfriend before you


midoridie: who said that




uravity: snap


bakubro: fuck you


prince zuko: excuse me.


invisigirl: i hate thsi



Katsuki's phone buzzes at nearly three in the goddamn morning, and he has half a mind to blow up both his phone and the face of the person sending him a fucking message when he grabs it from his night stand. He huffs, his face squished against his pillow as he squints at the bright screen. His anger dissipates when he sees it's from Kirishima, but he's still pretty irritated, because it's three in the fucking morning and there's class tomorrow.


03:19 ] kirishima eijirou: sorry if i wake you up w this but i woke up from a pretty shitty nightmare and thinking about you usually helps so i was like. why not send a message i guess. anyway

03:19 ] kirishima eijirou: hh anyway i know we haven't really been dating for long its really been a few weeks but ive liked you for so long so!!! u mean a lot to me and i had a nightmare about you and everyone else and it was really terrifying if i ever lost you id be devastated

03:20 ] kirishima eijirou: i want to come to your dorm and kiss you and hold you but im not going to bc u need to sleep and probably so should i but

[ 03:21 ] kirishima eijirou: anyway yeah ill shut up now goodnight


Katsuki's face flushes red. He buries his face in his pillow. His boyfriend is such a goddamn idiot.



03:30 ] bakugou katsuki: goodnight shitty-hair



The next day, after school, when they work on homework together, Katsuki's mind focuses not on the English homework before him, but the texts his boyfriend sent to him last night. Neither of them have mentioned it, but Katsuki is sure Kirishima is thinking about it too.

Or, at least, did think about it.

i want to come to your dorm and kiss you and hold you, he had sent. At three in the morning, yes, but he still thought about it. Katsuki bites at the end of his pencil, sneaking a glance at the boy beside him. Kirishima is almost comically focused on the paper, his eyes roaming over the sentences he is to translate. Confusion swirls in his eyes, but if there's one school-related thing Kirishima is good at, it's English. To an extent.

Katsuki doesn't realize he's been staring at Kirishima's lips until the latter looks at him and gives him an odd look.

"Is something wrong?" he asks, tilting his head. When Katsuki looks up, he wills his blush away, and decides to not focus on how sharp Kirishima's teeth are or how soft his lips look or the way his hair is half-down, flopping over his eyes. 

"Nothing," he snaps, and turns back to his homework.

The subject is dropped—if only for a moment. A few minutes later, Kirishima's phone chirps from its place on the table, and Kirishima sets down his pencil in favor of picking it up. Katsuki sees the Snapchat notification, and watches Kirishima's fingers move to slide it open and click on it. His eyes travel from his hands, to his arms, back up to his jaw and to his mouth. His lips curl into a smile, then he laughs, showing his sharp, very interesting teeth. 

"Mina's finally on a date with Hagakure," Kirishima says, snapping Katsuki out of his trance. He moves to show his phone screen to him, depicting an elated Mina clasping something invisible. It only takes Katsuki a moment to realize that it is, in fact, most likely Hagakure's hand. Kirishima takes it back and presumably goes to reply, and Katsuki is drawn to his mouth yet again.

He wants to kiss him.

Katsuki doesn't realize he's said that out loud until Kirishima whirls his head around, his face matching his hair. "You want to what? " he asks, his voice unusually high-pitched, and Katsuki's shade of red can rival his.

"Forget it," Katsuki rushes, furiously looking down at his paper. "I didn't say anything."

"No—wait!" Kirishima scoots closer and suddenly grips his face, his hands sliding to Katsuki's jaw. The latter startles, swallowing and watching Kirishima's eyes roam all around his face. "You want to kiss me! You just said that!"


"I want to kiss you too," Kirishima continues, and god, how can he say those things so easily? "Can I kiss you? Please?"

It's hard to say no when Kirishima is looking at him like that, so he doesn't. His boyfriend leans in and pecks his cheek first, then the other, and then the corner of his lips. Katsuki opens his mouth to tell Kirishima to just get on with it, but then Kirishima is kissing him, full on the mouth, warm and wet and firm, and Katsuki finds himself frozen. It's embarrassing, how useless he's rendered just from a simple kiss, but then again he's never kissed anyone before (kissing Deku when they were four doesn't count).

Kirishima pulls away, and he gives a shaky grin. "That was my first kiss," he admits. "I hope it wasn't bad."

Katsuki swallows. Seems they're in the same boat here. "It wasn't bad," he finds is all he can manage saying, and they slowly, reluctantly pull away from each other.

They both end up going back to their homework, respectively, and all is silent in the room for a few moments.

Then, Kirishima peeks over at him and says, "Can I kiss you again?"

This time, Katsuki kisses back.




SPARKLY SPARKLY: how would you all feel if I added Shinsou


midoridie: do it


uravity: did you do it aoyama

uravity: did it happen


SPARKLY SPARKLY: it happened


uravity: YEET


midoridie: you've been yoted


SPARKLY SPARKLY: I certainly have

SPARKLY SPARKLY: Anyway I'm adding him


shinsou: hey


ser-yo: isn't this a class 1-a chat tho


shinsou: i'm mineta's replacement


ser-yo: understandable have a nice day


shinsou: hello everyone

shinsou: i'm shinsou hitoshi

shinsou: aoyama is my sparkling gay boyfriend


SPARKLY SPARKLY: Thats me (((':


shinsou: i'm also very gay

shinsou: i hold my gay power in my hair


midoridie: oh same i hold my bisexual prowess in my Giant Hair


shinsou: we're valid.


midoridie: we sure fuckin are


assido: this is going to be amazing


Chapter Text

denki: um

denki: i need to tell yall something


uravity: ?? whats up


denki: i was gonna do this in person but. i literally died at the idea of it so im just gonna say it here


ser-yo: is it


denki: yeah


cutieshima: you got this 


denki: okay... well

denki: im. trans

denki: im. 90% sure im a girl


invisigirl: 0: !!


ser-yo: im also just a blob of genderfuck

ser-yo: what am i? idk. we'll find out soon enough


bakubro: oh mood

bakubro: why am i still fucking bakubro


cutieshima: LEAVE IT


denki: so... yeah hsndjfsdbhf


uravity: thank u for trusting us enough to come out to us!!


denki: im keeping my name... for now i guess

denki: but using she/her,,,




denki: aghjsfdgsjbfbgdsf


Tokoyami: I apologize in advance if I slip up


Iida: We will do our best to remember!


babe magnet: Thank you for telling us Kaminari


earphone jacc: another girl to join our army against mineta


denki: oh honey ive BEEN in that army long before this


Iida: Who's Mineta?




shinsou: the only purple boy around here is me




ser-yo: also me and denki are dating


milk shouto: wefuckingknow.png




ser-yo: yeah you're right it was really obvious


bakubro: why the FUCK are you "milk shouto"


milk shouto: i like milk


midoridie: thats valid babe


babe magnet: Shouto is sitting beside me right now

babe magnet: You broke him


midoridie: I WHAT???


babe magnet: He is apparently very weak to that petname


midoridie: OH???

midoridie: inch resting....


uravity: as we speak deku is the physical embodiment of the eye emoji




cutieshima: never did i think id see aoyama yuuga say "oh mood"


SPARKLY SPARKLY: Im just full of surprises


invisigirl: yall aint SHIT watch this


assido: NO DONT


invisigirl: @assido hey darling you want to go out later today? :)




cutieshima: is this what we're doing now


bakubro: no


cutieshima: b


denki: rip eijirou, killed before he could even finish


earphone jacc: i implore you to never word a sentence like that again


denki: what

denki: OH


bakubro: SHUT UP


uravity: yall are useless


frog face: isn't it ironic that the lesbians are, in fact, not the useless ones this time?

frog face: except ashido


assido: HEY


frog face: itstrue.png


invisigirl: dont deny it darling




shinsou: sweet


earphone jacc: @denki wanna go shopping later


denki: ALWAYS BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Eijirou prides himself on being one of the most perceptive people he knows. It's nothing compared to Midoriya and Mina, but he still thinks he's pretty okay at reading what others are feeling.

Bakugou is one of the easiest people on earth to read. All of his emotions are painted on his face, except Eijirou can't tell if he knows this or not. Right now, his jaw is clenched, his hands are trembling and white from where they grip his pants legs so tight, and he looks anywhere but his boyfriend's face. Something must be wrong. Something has to be wrong.

He decides to bite the bullet and take the shot, two things that probably should not actually be practiced, not at the same time, at least:

"You okay?" 

The question is loud in the midst of their scribble-filled silence. Bakugou tenses so hard that his knee hits the table and causes Eijirou's pencil to go flying off the surface. He looks to where it lands for a few moments before slowly turning back to look back at his boyfriend. Bakugou is still trembling, but looks a lot more panicked than before. Eijirou quickly reaches across the table when Bakugou moves to stand and gently pushes him back down, holding onto his hands from across the surface. 

"What happened?" Eijirou asks softly, not breaking his gaze from Bakugou's face, even when the boy in question quickly turns away and scowls.

He gives Bakugou a few moments. A few long moments. His hands are sweaty in Eijirou's grip.

"My fucking parents," he starts, and swallows, "found out about. Us."

Oh boy.

"And they want... to meet you."

Oh boy.

Eijirou stares a little more to try and read his feelings on the situation. He knows how his parents are. He's seen the bruises. He's seen how it's affected Bakugou's mood and personality on the daily. But he has not met them, and now he can only wonder how Bakugou's parents found out about him, about them.

And how they reacted.

"They said they don't know how I could've ever—" Bakugou stops himself, furrowing his eyebrows. "How I could date anyone."

"I'll kill them," is Eijirou's automatic response.

Bakugou huffs out a laugh, the first real positive emotion he's shown since their study date began. 

"No, but seriously," Eijirou then goes, only being half-serious about the whole killing-Bakugou's-parents thing, "let's work through this. How did they find out?"

Bakugou's small smile drops instantly. His hands tighten automatically in Eijirou's grip. "Went through my phone." Oh. "Saw our messages."

"They went through your phone? "

"Visited 'em last weekend. Since the whole... well, you know." Kidnapping. Eijirou knows full well.  His hands still burn where Bakugou had grabbed them for dear life. His heart itches with the urge to take down each and every single villain that laid a hand on him. "They felt the fucking need to check my phone just in case I'd be in danger. " Bakugou looks away, his eyes burning with rage. "Like they fucking care. They saw our texts. They want to meet you and know who you are."

Eijirou takes a moment to take everything in. "And how do you feel about it? What do you want to do?"

"They won't get off my ass until they meet you, so." Bakugou looks absolutely downtrodden by the idea, but it would have come eventually, Eijirou supposes. "Fucking—come over. Whenever. I guess."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes I'm fucking sure!" Bakugou blows up, ripping his hands free from Eijirou's grip. "Stop asking me that!"

Eijirou winces, and then frowns. Bakugou folds his arms and leans far away from him, his eyebrow twitching. He must be really pent-up to have blown up like that. Eijirou takes the chance to scoot over into his seat, pressing his side up to his. Bakugou tries to pull away, but Eijirou wraps an arm around his waist and trails his fingers up and down his side soothingly.

"Alright, we'll figure out a day," he says softly. "Now, can you show me how to do number five?"

Bakugou's silent for a long moment. Then he mutters Dumbass and reaches for his pencil to draw out exactly how to do number five.

(Because Eijirou's gay, and very bad at math.)

"I, for one, vote we watch The Winter Soldier. "

"Midoriya, you and I both know you're only saying that because you find Bucky Barnes' metal arm sexy."

"... Maybe so."

Todoroki raises his hand from his place on the end of the couch. "Seconded."

"Todoroki, you're only saying that 'cause that's what Midoriya voted for."

The boy in question just shrugs. Izuku laughs and feels his face getting red despite it all. Moving to his place perched beside his boyfriend, Todoroki immediately leans on him with his head in the crook of Izuku's neck. Izuku reaches up to scratch and pet at his hair—Todoroki hums in response, and curls in closer to him.

"Is there some sort of special occasion?" Izuku jokes.

Todoroki makes a small noise when Izuku's petting comes slower. "No," he mutters, as Kaminari and Bakugou argue over what movie they're going to watch in the background, "I've just been feeling bad today."

Izuku's hand stops in his hair for a moment. Todoroki huffs and presses his head against it to keep it moving again. Izuku leans up a little to look at his boyfriend, his hand gently scratching at the bottom of his hair. "Bad how?" With Todoroki, there are multiple types of bads and bad days. There's anxiety bad, dysphoria bad, depression bad, and—

"Memories bad."

That kind of bad.

"I won't let him hurt you anymore," Izuku says, even though it's somewhat of an empty promise, because even he can't control everything.

Todoroki just closes his eyes and leans against him more. Izuku sees his eyebrows furrow, probably from either the effort of keeping his emotions on his face or a headache (most likely both). Izuku wordlessly shoves his arm underneath his legs and swings them over his lap, then wrapping that arm around his waist to hold him closer to his body. His other hand returns to its job petting at Todoroki's hair, and Izuku sees him sigh a little in content. He never pegged Todoroki as being one so all for affection. He supposes it stems from his desire to be touched and loved.

(Izuku is more than willing to provide that.)

"Why are we watching a fucking Marvel movie?" comes Kacchan's inevitable comment. "I'll bet this was fucking Deku's idea."

"You're just mad they chose my movie instead of yours," Izuku replies cheerfully, flashing him a smile. Kacchan shouts in anger and moves to get up after him, but a quick peck on the cheek from Kirishima quickly humbles him and he eventually succumbs to the warm welcome of Kirishima's arms.

Todoroki gives a little muffled laugh into his chest. "You've been standing up to him more," he murmurs.

"Tired of his shit," Izuku says. "That's all. He's been getting better, though."


"Can't we watch a Barbie movie?" Kaminari all but whines, sitting between Hagakure's legs, the latter weaving her hair into colorful, little ponytails all over her head. "Rapunzel is a classic."

"I agree," Tokoyami says, the last damn person Izuku would have suspected to agree.

"Hey, are you guys watching a—" Mineta starts as he walks into the room, but Yaoyorozu pulls a sword from her arm and quickly stabs him in the chest, kicks open the window, and tosses his corpse out. The class cheers. 

Jirou wipes a tear from her eye. "I love my sword-wielding girlfriend."

"Does this mean I'm officially in Class 1-A now?" Shinsou asks, having randomly appeared in the Class 1-A dorm in Aoyama's grip despite residing in an entirely different dorm. 

Aoyama squeals happily and smooches Shinsou on the cheek. "Yes! Of course!"

Shinsou nods. "Sweet."

"Wow, PDA," Uraraka suddenly jokes from one of the chairs, eyeing Izuku's hand in Todoroki's hair and Todoroki being practically in his lap.

Todoroki opens his eyes slowly, blankly stares at the laughing lesbian, and reaches up to kiss Izuku's cheek, not once breaking eye contact. Izuku burns. Uraraka only laughs harder.

"Weak," she says. "Watch this." She pulls Tsuyu down by her shirt collar and gives her a long smooch on the lips, cradling her head with her other hand. When they pull away, Tsuyu looks a little flustered, as Uraraka gives them a triumphant look. "How's that for useless lesbian, huh?"

"Fools," suddenly comes Yaoyorozu's strangely confident voice, and they all look over just in time to see her twirl Jirou in her arms and dip her low, before kissing her softly. It's a very dramatic and yet fitting display. When they turn upright again, Jirou is so red Izuku wonders if she's going to pass out. Yaoyorozu is smiling. Todoroki laughs.

Soon, the couples of Class 1-A compete in a PDA contest. Bakugou promptly opts out. Kaminari and Sero become too invented in the movie to participate after the second round. The lesbians end up winning. It's a good time.

"Who knew my useless son could manage to get a cute boy like yourself to date him?" Bakugou Mitsuki says, ruffling Bakugou's hair in a manner that seems far too rough. Her words are laced with something harsh but her expression is tied with a smile. Bakugou is the spitting image of her; it's almost terrifying.

"It wasn't that hard," Eijirou says, smiling almost nervously. The Bakugou household has an odd atmosphere that makes him feel as if he's suffocating. He can only imagine how Bakugou must be feeling. When he turns to look at him, he almost gasps at how he looks. His boyfriend is hunched over in his chair, his eyes downcast and blank, his arms folded tightly over his chest and his mouth turned in a sad frown. His mother has barely paid any attention to him this entire time, only turning to him to insult him or something of the same variety.

Bakugou's father is a quiet man, but his form stands tall and he stares at his son with almost a disapproving look. He has not said a word since Eijirou came.

"Oh, I'm sure," Mitsuki drawls sarcastically, and turns back to refill Eijirou's glass of water. "So, how did you two start dating? I wanna know all the details!"


"Shut up! I'm your damn mother, I want to know what the hell is going on in your life!"

"I asked him out," Eijirou quickly interrupts, before the situation can get any worse, "during a, uh, study date."

"Wow!" Mitsuki laughs. "And it worked? I always saw my da—son as someone who couldn't even stand the thought of romance!"

Eijirou notices the slip-up. Bakugou notices it too, for he crosses his arms tighter and scowls deeply.

"Well, he's my fucking boyfriend, so deal with it," Bakugou then says, giving his mother an angry look. Out of the corner of his eye, Eijirou sees Bakugou's father frown.

"You're always so rude," Mitsuki scoffs, moving as if she is about to smack him in the back of the head, but remembers there is a guest in the house. Her hand slowly falls, and she gives her son a frown. "Whatever. I have dealt with it. It's just hard to believe someone like you got someone like him. "

Moments of silence pass. Eijirou jumps from the table suddenly, causing everyone to look to him in surprise. He fumbles over his words for a moment before he goes, "Um, me and Bakugou have a lot of, uh—homework. Yes. That we need to get to." 

And with that, he takes Bakugou's hand and runs into his room.

"Leave the door open, you rascals!" Mitsuki shouts when the door closes. "Fucking kids."

Bakugou, just to spite her, opens the door all the way before slamming it shut with a loud noise. He huffs as he drowns out Mitsuki's screams, and then turns his head to look at the ground. Eijirou steps forward and turns him around, before wrapping his arms around him and pulling him close.

There's a sniffle. Eijirou runs his hands through his boyfriend's hair and kisses his forehead.

"I fucking hate her," Bakugou mutters.

Eijirou feels like crying himself. "I know."


milk shouto: who up click like.


midoridie: honey it's 2 am


milk shouto: did you click like.


midoridie: yes


milk shouto: thank you.

milk shouto: i kin milk


bakubro: god i hate you


milk shouto: i kin milk and ash


denki: more like belongs in the trash


uravity: who's ash


ser-yo: why do u kin milk


milk shouto: why not.


uravity: WHOS ASH


midoridie: ash from pokemon??


milk shouto: for the sake of ease, i'll say yes.


cutieshima: what a mystery


Iida: GO TO BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




earphone jacc: NO IM A LESBIAN


cutieshima: mlmwlwsolidarity.png


earphone jacc: yeah.gif


babe magnet: Going to bed early is a good idea


earphone jacc: ive been thwarted


cutieshima: farewell soldier


assido: goonight sweet prince


invisigirl: goonight


cutieshima: goonight


uravity: goonight


bakubro: goonight




denki: goonight


Tokoyami: goonight


shouji: goonight


Iida: goonight


assido: even iida


Iida: You brought this on yourself.


assido: why does it feel like iida's cornered me in a dark alley and hes wearing a black trenchcoat and hes holding a gun ready to end my life in mere seconds and leave my corpse on the rainy concrete 


ser-yo: are you okay


assido: not really but it just be like that sometimes on this bitch of an earth


invisigirl: do u need cuddles


assido: y

assido: yes


invisigirl: omw with my body and my ariana grande cds


assido: my baby knows me so well



Shinsou gets placed into their class with no questioning.

It's as if Mineta didn't even exist.

("Who's Mineta?" Aizawa asks blankly, when one student brings up the question. "Never heard of him.")


midoridie: who out here on this loving your boyfriend night


cutieshima: me


midoridie: we out here



Things are not always okay.

Todoroki gets sad. Sometimes Izuku doesn't know how to handle it, or how to make him feel better.

And sometimes, Izuku gets sad. And Todoroki gets so flustered about trying to make him feel better that he shuts down. It's messy, but they eventually get through it.

Things are not always okay, but that's fine. They work through it.

And it turns out alright.


milk shouto: m


bakubro: no