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You are worthy

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Alec realised that despite them being together they still hadn’t gone on an actual date. Magnus had been living with him for almost four months now and they hadn’t gone out officially. Sure they had gone out to eat and spent time together non stop. So it still counted as lots of dates but not officially. So that’s what Alec wanted to do that day. Ask Magnus out on a date.

He had started going to work again, after asking Magnus if he was going to be okay at home and alone. At first Magnus was unsure, but after a bit of thinking he knew that Alec will come back home to him, and not leave him so he agreed. It have been three weeks, since he had returned and during those times, Magnus would watch tv or play with Chairman Meow or go out and walk through the city. At first he was reluctant to wander the city on his own, without his alpha. But after some encouragement from Alec he decided to go out.

He decided to go slow, so he would go to the park or the coffee shop, that was down the street from the apartment, and during those times of walking around the city, alone, Magnus had never felt so free. And every time he would return home and tell Alec all about the things he did, to which Alec gladly listened to, nodding along trying to keep up with Magnus’s excitement.

Magnus woke to the smell of coffee. He slowly opened his eyes and reached out for Alec but found his side of the bed empty. Ever since that night when Magnus had had a nightmare about his mother and they had stayed up talking, and realised they were soulmates, Magnus decided he wanted to sleep with Alec beside him as that was the best way to sleep. He had also realised that when he started sleeping, cuddled up with Alec, his nightmares seemed to stop as if Alec’s presence it self scared them away. To which Magnus was very grateful for.

He dragged his half asleep body out of bed and after using the bathroom, he walked into the kitchen to find a shirtless Alec making breakfast. Magnus didn’t even hesitate before walking up to Alec and wrapping his arms around the alpha, from behind. “Good morning.” Alec said, once he felt Magnus’s arms around his torso.
“Morning.” Magnus mumbled into Alec’s skin. He sighed as he let his alpha’s scent envelop him into a bear hug. “You smell amazing.” Magnus mumbled and heard Alec chuckle. In the four months, Magnus was slowly coming out of his shell, which Alec was very proud of.

“I have a question to ask you.” Alec spoke up and Magnus hummed. “Would you like to go out on a date with me?” Alec asked. He had no idea why he felt so nervous all of a sudden. They both had been dating for two months, so his nervousness confused him. Magnus pulled away from Alec and Alec turned around facing the omega. “I would love to.” Magnus replied and leaned up to peck Alec on the lips. “But why are you asking me so… formally?”

Alec looked down at his feet and Magnus saw his cheeks burn red. “I… erm… I wanted to ask you properly. We’ve never really been on an actual date. Like a date date. So I…” Alec trailed off and Magnus smiled, feeling soft butterflies in his belly. “I would love to.” Magnus repeated and Alec looked away from the floor and at Magnus, grinning widely. “Really?” He asked and Magnus nodded. “Really really.” The omega replied, gently nuzzling his nose against Alec’s, making the alpha chuckle.

Alec went to work, but before going he told Magnus to be ready by five, to which Magnus nodded. As soon as Alec left the apartment, Magnus rushed to find his phone and dialled Izzy’s number. She picked up after the third ring. “Izzy. I need your help.” Magnus rushed out and after hearing a reply from Izzy that she would arrive soon, Magnus sighed and ended the call. His friendship with Izzy had grown in the past few months. Magnus liked the fact that she spoke her mind and didn’t let anyone mess with her or her family. He also liked the fact that she teased Alec a lot, causing him to blush which was a beautiful sight to Magnus.

Magnus changed from his night clothes, which consisted of sweatpants and Alec’s shirt, into his jeans and top, so he looked somewhat presentable. Even though he had his own clothes, he really did like wearing Alec’s, especially to sleep or to just lounge around in. They were comfortable and cozy and smelt like Alec so what’s not to love? Plus he had caught Alec, more than once, staring at him for longer when he wore Alec’s clothes, and Magnus suspected that his alpha had a sharing clothes kink, to which always made Magnus smile.

They hadn’t ventured over to the physical part of their relationship and Magnus was grateful that Alec didn’t push for anything more than just a make out session. Alec would always keep his hands in control and would always ask before doing anything new. Magnus wasn’t used to giving his consent, so it was a strange territory for him.

He got changed and just stepped out his and Alec’s bedroom when there was a knock on the door. Magnus walked towards it and without looking through the peephole, thinking it must be Izzy, he opened the door. His eyes grew wide and his heart began to beat rapidly inside his chest as he saw who was at the door.


“Surprise!” Johnathon sneered and Magnus unconsciously took a step back, his hand beginning to shake. No, he can’t be here. Not here. He repeated again and again inside his mind but Johnathon was here. He smirked and took a step into the apartment, backing Magnus up, until he banged his back to the wall on the other side of the room. Magnus’s breaths were coming off in large pants and no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t control his breathing. “Missed me?” Johnathon asked. He lightly swept his hand across Magnus’s cheek and Magnus dug his nails into the inside of his hand, to keep from flinching. “I have missed you.” Johnathon continued. His hand travelled from his cheekbone and past his cheek and to his chin, where it stopped and Johnathon grabbed his chin firmly. "That alpha has been treating you well I see.”

Magnus bit his tongue and stayed quiet, his heart pounding inside his chest and as Johnathon’s breath hit Magnus’s face, the omega felt goosebumps scatter around his skin, making him shiver. Johnathon mistook Magnus’s shiver as a sign of pleasure as his smirk grew and he leaned closer, so their lips were millimetres apart. “You have missed me.” He whispered. “You might not want to but your body disagrees with you.” Magnus dug his nails, deeper into his skin and he bit tongue harder, to stop him from crying out as he felt the sting after his nails cut into his skin. “What would your beloved alpha think of that? Hmmm?” Johnathon taunted. “Where is he now? He left you here alone? I’m not surprised.” His menacing irises bore into Magnus’s and Magnus repressed his shiver again from the intensity of his gaze. “Your kidding yourself if you think he really wants you.” Johnathon grabbed his jaw, keeping him from squirming. “You are nothing. You are a bitch. An omega. Made only to be used for sex and slaving about. Nothing more.” Johnathon spat.

Johnathon opened his mouth to say something else, but stopped when the phone on the coffee table began to ring. Johnathon took his hand away from Magnus’s jaw and stepped back, but not enough as Magnus could still feel his breaths on his face. “Answer it!” Johnathon growled and Magnus slowly moved towards the phone. He looked at the screen and sighed in relief when he saw it was Alec ringing. Unfortunately Johnathon saw the same thing and he stepped closer towards Magnus, with menace in his eyes. “Tell him about my… visit and you will regret it.” Johnathon threatened, his eyes daring him to disobey. Magnus’s hands shook as he slowly picked the phone up from the table and accepted the call.

“Magnus! Magnus what’s wrong? Are you alright? I can feel your fear.” Alec frantically said into the phone. Magnus wanted to scream that no he wasn’t alright. His worst nightmare had come into his safe haven. Magnus wanted to scream at Alec to come and help him. He wanted to tell Alec everything. But Johnathon’s glare stopped him and he didn’t say any of that. “Alec… I am f-fine. I was just… watching a horror film.” Magnus said into the phone. He clearly heard Alec’s sign of relief and Magnus felt a pang of guilt run through him. “Are you sure? Your fear felt… immensely strong. What film is this?” Alec asked and all Magnus wanted to do was scream the truth, but he knew he couldn’t. “It’s… It’s… the title is in another language. I forget what it’s called but yeah it was really scary at one point.” Magnus stuttered as he struggled to think of a convincing reply.

Johnathon tapped his watch, impatiently, and silently telling Magnus to cut the call. Magnus’s heart hadn’t stopped pounding and as he quickly said goodbye to Alec and ended the call, he wondered what he was getting himself into, by not telling Alec the truth. “Such a good boy.” Johnathon sneered and stepped closer to Magnus. He leant in, so their noses were touching. “I suggest you keep your mouth shut. And I seem to recall that the time of your heat is coming up soon.” Magnus froze, his eyes widening and his blood stopping its circulation, all the colour draining from his face. Johnathon threw his head back and laughed upon seeing Magnus’s reaction. “See you soon… bitch… I will be sure to bring my friends. They absolutely love playing with you. And don’t worry about Alec. I’m sure he won’t mind.”

Magnus was frozen in shock and Johnathon just smirked and walked away. The omega only snapped out of his shock once he heard the door close with a bang making him flinch. He sat down and the more he thought about what had just happened the more he convinced himself that telling Alec about this would be a bad idea. Alec will blame me. I opened the door. I should have checked. I lied to him when he asked. Magnus was so into his thoughts, he didn’t see the door opening.

Izzy knew she was running late. She had to meet Magnus at the apartment before they could go and she cursed herself when she saw the time. She walked into the building and ran up the stairs as fast as she could. She was almost there when a blonde man bumped into her. Izzy opened her mouth to give him a snarky comment but stopped when the man spoke up first. “I’m terribly sorry. I didn’t see you there,” the man had a heavy accent but Izzy couldn’t quite place its origin. Izzy smiled and nodded. “It’s fine.” She replied and the man smiled at her before turning away and walking down the stairs.

Izzy continued her way to the apartment and sighed in relief when she saw the door. She walked towards the door and was about to knock when it creaked open, which she thought was odd because she knew how protective her brother was about his omega and leaving the door open was just something he didn’t do. She walked in cautiously but her worry flew away once she saw Magnus.
But her relief was short lived as she saw the worried look on his face and her eyebrows furrowed in concern. “Magnus?” She called but the omega was staring into space, biting his lip. “Magnus!” Izzy repeated louder this time. Magnus flinched and turned his head to look at Izzy. He gave her a weak smile before getting up and walking over to give her hug in greeting. “Hey… Izzy.” Magnus murmured and Izzy raised her eyebrows in question. She knew something was wrong upon watching omega. “What’s wrong?” She asked, wanting to help him out with whatever it was that was bothering him. But Magnus shook his head before forcing a smile.
“Nothing, I am fine.” Magnus replied. “I am just going to go to the bathroom, then we will go shopping.” He walked off in the direction of the bathroom, before Izzy had a chance to reply.
Magnus looked at himself in the bathroom mirror and checked his fake smile. He didn’t want to tell Izzy what had happened as she would tell Alec and he couldn’t have that so he decided that pretending that nothing was wrong was the best solution. After calming his racing heart and pushing his feelings and emotions down where they were locked up before Alec had came along, he let out a soft sigh and opened the door and stepped out of the bathroom. Izzy was sat on the sofa looking down at her phone but looked up at him once he walked in to the living room. “You ready?” She asked and Magnus gave a hesitant nod.

He didn’t really want to go out shopping or out on a date with Alec anymore. All he wanted to do was curl up in bed and cry himself to sleep. Actually he wanted Alec to be here so his scent would calm him down but he knew Alec was busy at work, so going out with Izzy would have to do.

Even though he didn’t want to go out on his date with Alec anymore, because of what had happened. He knew he had to, if he didn’t then he would have to tell Alec why. And he didn’t want to tell Alec about the why so he decided to push the ugly thoughts away and go out. “Come on let’s go.” Magnus said and Izzy nodded and stood up.

They both stepped out of the apartment and took a taxi to the shopping centre. As he shopped he was momentarily distracted from his raging mind, and he managed to let loose. He and Izzy shopped for hours but finally returned home two hours before Alec was due home. “Come on! I can do your make up.” Izzy exclaimed and Magnus nodded, chuckling along with her.

They had both gone into a make up shop and the women at the store was showing Magnus how and where everything is used and Magnus would be lying if he said that it didn’t interest him. He asked Izzy if she would try some of the make up on him when they got back home and she had excitedly agreed. Hence the reason why Magnus was currently being pulled towards the bedroom. Izzy made him sit down on the dressing table stool and got to work. She placed a cloth on top of the mirror so Magnus couldn’t see his reflection till the very end to which Magnus rolled his eyes at.

After what seemed forever, Izzy declared she was done and removed the cloth away from the mirror. Magnus’s eyes widened when he saw his reflection. He looked amazing. “Wow.” Magnus said out loud and Izzy giggled from behind him, clearly proud of her work. Magnus was just about to say something else when he heard the front door open and Alec’s voice call from him. Magnus let out a soft exhale and looked at Izzy. “Do you think he will like it?” He asked. Izzy smiled at him and for a second he felt very small. “Do you like it?” She asked instead of answering and Magnus nodded. “Yeah. I look so good.” Magnus replied, albeit hesitantly. Izzy nodded and smiled.
“Then he will like it.” Izzy replied and Magnus beamed.

Magnus hesitantly stepped out of the bedroom and saw Alec in the living room. While he and Izzy had been talking Alec had taken a shower and was dressed in different clothes. He looked smart and Magnus grinned at him. “Hey – wow.” Alec stuttered out a nice he saw the make up on Magnus’s face. “Magnus… You look… beautiful,” Alec praised and Magnus felt his heart beat increasing. He ducked his head shyly and looked at his shoes. Alec walked closer and gently brought his face back up, with his fingers underneath his chin. “You. Look. Beautiful.” Alec repeated and leaned forward to kiss the omega. To which Magnus happily returned, before remembering what had happened during that day and it felt cold water hitting him when he was perfectly warm. He broke the kiss and stepped away from Alec’s embrace. “We should er… We should get going… I am just going to get my coat.” He stammered out and walked away from Alec.

Izzy walked to Alec and they both watched Magnus’s back as he walked into the bedroom to get his coat. “Told you,” Izzy said and Alec nodded. Earlier Izzy had texted Alec about Magnus’s weird behaviour and now that Alec saw it for himself, he knew that Izzy had been right. Magnus seemed… off.

Alec didn’t want to force Magnus to talk but he also didn’t like the whole “suffering in silence” act. He pondered over how to get Magnus to talk, and decided he would think about it after their date. Magnus walked back into the living room and before saying goodbye to Izzy, the two men set off on their date.


Magnus was quiet all the way to the restaurant Alec had made reservation for. His eyes were distant and he had his head turned towards the window so Alec couldn’t read his face which worried Alec even more. Alec gently interlaced his hand with Magnus’s, making the omega flinch before relaxing and giving Alec a wobbly smile. “You okay?” Alec asked. Magnus was acting like he used to. Back when Alec had just bit him. “Y – yeah I’m fine.” Magnus stammered. “So where are we going?” His swallowed the lump in his throat and tried to give Alec one of his best smiles. Alec squeezed his hand before replying. “It’s a surprise.” Alec smiled but his smile faltered when he saw Magnus visibly flinch.

Hearing Alec say surprise made Magnus think back to when Johnathon had said it, and how helpless he had felt. “Hey.” Alec said. “Are you sure your okay? I know you well enough to know something is wrong.” Magnus calmed down his racing thoughts and squeezed Alec’s hand. “Alexander. I’m fine, really.” Magnus replied but by the look on Alec’s face, Magnus knew the other man wasn’t believing him. But thankfully Alec nodded and decided to let it go.

The rest of the car ride was in silence and when they arrived, Magnus suddenly felt nauseous at seeing so many people. He reached for Alec’s arm before his mind could stop himself and clutched onto the alpha with a heavy grip. Alec noticed but decided not to say anything and led the omega into the restaurant and sat down where the waitress guided them to. They sat down into the booth and when Alec expected Magnus to sit opposite of him in the booth, he frowned when the omega didn’t let go of him and sat next to him instead. “Magnus. Baby.” Alec whispered into Magnus’s ear and the omega shivered. “Please tell me what’s wrong.”

Magnus turned his head and nuzzled his head into Alec’s neck. “I just missed you.” He whispered.
“So you’re being extra clingy because you missed me?” Alec asked, not quite believing Magnus. He felt the omega nod his head before pulling away with wide eyes. “Is… Is that wrong? T – to be clingy?” Magnus whispered, his heart racing. Maybe Johnathon had been right. Alec doesn't really want me I am just a bitch. I am just –
Alec’s eyes grew wide. Magnus had stopped asking questions like these for a while now.
“No. There is nothing wrong with being clingy. You know I love it when you cuddle with me.” Alec interrupted his thoughts. “And baby, I missed you too.” Alec replied and Magnus smiled against his neck, feeling his worries fly away. He breathed in his alpha’s scent and sighed. His scent immediately wrapped him in a warm embrace and he felt himself relax. Even though his mind and heart were at war with each other about telling Alec about what happened, he felt himself relax.

After a while the waitress came and took their order and after their food arrived, Alec noticed Magnus wasn’t really eating properly. Just nibbling on his food. They sat in silence, neither knowing how to break the silence that seemed pregnant around them. Alec kept glancing at Magnus who kept his eyes low and on his food. Magnus had moved to sit opposite him and all Alec wanted to do was reach out to him with his hands but Magnus’s other hand, the one he wasn’t using to eat, was below the table. Alec saw how sad his omega looked and he felt a pang of guilt. He was a supposed to protect Magnus, from anything that could hurt him. Instead he didn’t even know what to do when he was upset. Alec was about to speak up and ask him how his day with Izzy went, when Magnus’s head shot up and his eyes widened when he looked towards the entrance of the restaurant. Alec frowned but for followed his gaze.

Alec’s own eyes widened when he saw the unfortunately familiar face talking to a petite woman beside him.


Alec gritted his teeth and clenched his fists in order to tame his anger. Now everything with Magnus’s strange behaviour made sense. Alec stood up, before he knew what he was doing, he fist collided with Johnathon’s face. The other man let out a surprised grunt before smirking at Alec. “Alec. Nice to see you here.” He sneered and Alec once again felt his anger boil. How dare he show his face here?
Alec walked towards him again and pulled at the collar of his shirt. “Why are you here?” He demanded but Johnathon only threw his head back and laughed. “Your bitch didn’t tell you?” Johnathon asked, attempting at sounding innocent.
Alec saw red. “He is not a bitch.” Alec growled and punched Johnathon again, this time Alec heard the sickening sound of Johnathon’s nose breaking. Johnathon let out a grunt of pain and Alec raised his hand again, to punch the bastard once again but something stopped him.


Alec turned his head and saw his omega sat at their booth watching the scene play out with tears running down his face. Alec could feel his fear through their bond and he immediately pushed Johnathon aside and rushed to Magnus. As he got closer Alec could see Magnus was shaking with fear and how hard he was digging his nails into his palms.
“Magnus,” Alec called gently but got no response from the omega as he was too busy staring at Johnathon, who was now being held back by the restaurant security. Alec slowly moved to sit beside Magnus and gently took both his hands in between his own. Magnus flinched when he felt Alec’s hands but slowly retrieved his nails from his skin. Alec drew small patterns on the back of Magnus’s hands until he felt the omega break out of his trance. “Magnus,” Alec tried again and this time the omega turned his head away from Johnathon and looked towards Alec. “Alec… Can we please go home?” Magnus whimpered and Alec’s heart broke at how small Magnus sounded. Alec nodded and offered his hand out for Magnus to hold.

Both men, after paying for their meal, snuck out of the restaurant through the back door since Johnathon was still stood at the main entrance. They reached the car and Alec opened the door for Magnus who quickly climbed in, Alec following suit.

The drive back home was a quiet one. Alec had questions raging through his mind and every time a new question came into his mind, he would open his mouth to ask something only to close it again. Deciding it wasn’t the best time to ask his questions.

They reached the apartment and Magnus rushed inside and to their bedroom. Alec followed behind, albeit slowly wanting to give Magnus some space. He reached the bedroom and knocked on the now closed door. “Magnus? Can I come in?” He hesitantly asked. When he didn’t get a reply he slowly opened the door to see Magnus curled up in the bed. His face buried in the many pillows and cushions that covered their bed. He cautiously approached the bed and Magnus felt it dip when Alec sat down. “Magnus. Talk to me.” He whispered pleadingly.

After a few minutes of silence, Magnus turned around and faced Alec. Alec was sitting with his back towards the headboard. Magnus sat up and cuddled up against Alec’s side, resting his head on Alec’s stomach. Alec’s hand came around him and into Magnus’s hair, stroking the soft strands gently. “I’m sorry.” Magnus whimpered out. Alec’s hand stilled in Magnus’s hair.
“What? Why are you sorry?” Alec asked, feeling confused. Magnus sat up straight looking at Alec with wide eyes. “Your hands. They’re hurt because of me.” Magnus whispered. Alec shook his head at Magnus’s words. “No. No baby. This wasn’t your fault.” Alec replied.
“It was. He came h – here and he…” Magnus sniffed through his tears, trying to hold them back. “Baby, you’re not making any sense.” Alec tried to look Magnus in the eye but the omega kept his head bowed low, avoiding eye contact.

“Johnathon came here, in the apartment.” He whispered, after a a few moments of silence, his voice so soft and quiet that Alec had to move forward to head properly. Alec’s eyes grew wide as he heard what Magnus said. “What!” Alec growled angrily.

Magnus flinched upon hearing Alec’s raised voice and Alec immediately felt his anger disappear as he saw how Magnus reacted to his raised voice. “What happened?” He asked, in a more calm voice. Magnus kept his head bowed and he was looking down at his hands but when Alec gently brought his chin up he met his alpha’s eyes and felt his tears breaking through. And he let himself break down, knowing Alec would catch him. Alec already had his arms wide open first for Magnus to fall into and he held the omega whilst he cried into his chest. Alec murmured sweet nothings into his ear until the omega was calm enough to tell Alec what had happened before Izzy had arrived. Alec listened and every now and then he would feel his anger rising but tried to calm it down for Magnus’s sake.

Magnus told him about Johnathon’s threat, about him coming when Magnus will be in heat. Magnus told him about why he lied to him on the phone and how helpful he felt, because he knew he was doing g the wrong thing by lying.

After Magnus was done speaking, he held his breath and waited for Alec’s reaction, expecting to see anger towards him. But instead he was surprised when Alec pulled him into a tight hug. “Magnus I’m so sorry. I wasn’t there. I wasn’t there to protect you. I’m so s – sorry,” Alec stuttered out and Magnus’s eyes widened in shock. But he quickly recovered when he felt his alpha’s tears on his neck where Alec’s face was currently nuzzling against. “Magnus I’m so sorry.” Alec repeated and Magnus shook his head before tugging on Alec’s hair gently so he could look into Alec’s eyes. “It’s not your fault.” Magnus whispered but Alec shook his head about to say something but Magnus gently placed his index finger on his lips. “It wasn’t your fault.” Magnus repeated. “And you did protect me at the restaurant. You kept your promise… But Alec. I want…” Magnus trailed off and Alec raised his eyebrows in curiosity. “What is it that your what?” Alec asked and Magnus ducked his head shyly.

“I want to fight him… myself. I don't want to fear him anymore. I want to learn how to fight so when he comes next time, I want to fight him with you.” Magnus said and Alec’s eyes shined with pride for his omega. “Of course. We will fight but him together.” Alec replied and Magnus grinned at the alpha, feeling much better and less scared than he did a few hours ago.

They lay there, in each other’s arms listening to the silence. “Alec?” Magnus whispered, checking to see if the alpha was still awake and sighed in relief when Alec hummed in reply. “Alec… I think…no. I know, I’m falling in love with you.” Magnus whispered so quietly that he wasn’t sure that Alec had heard, until Alec moved them so they lay side by side. Alec’s wide eyes looking into his own. “Magnus.” Alec whispered and gently ran his fingers down Magnus’s cheeks, and Magnus was reminded of how different it felt when Alec did the gesture compared to when Johnathon had done it to him, mere hours ago. “Magnus… I’m falling in love with you too.” He replied, his voice so soft and gentle, that it pulled at Magnus’s heart strings. Magnus grinned at the alpha and shifted forward, Alec reciprocating the movement and they met in the middle and their lips interlaced.