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You are worthy

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Things were slowly improving and Magnus was quickly realising that he felt something for Alec that he had never felt for… anyone before. He wouldn’t call it love exactly but it just felt right thinking of Alec as someone more than a friend. Over two months had passed and both Alec and Magnus had grown immensely close in that time. They had grown comfortable around each other enough so that Magnus was confident in calling Alec a friend, if not something more. But more importantly, Magnus was learning to accept himself as an omega. He wasn’t quite there yet, but he had definitely felt a change in himself since the day Alec had mated with him.

It was a Friday evening, and Alec had called over his siblings and their mates over for a game night. Alec told him that they did this when ever they were all free and Magnus was very excited to see Izzy and Jace again, but also to meet their mates. He had heard good things about them from everyone and he was excited to meet new people.

He helped Alec make the food, which Alec protested about but Magnus pointed out that he needed all the help he could get so Alec agreed, albeit reluctant at first, but after they were done even Alec had to admit they made a pretty good team.

Everyone arrived, just as Alec and Magnus finished setting the table. Alec opened the front door and let everyone in. Izzy kissed her brother on the cheek before coming over and embracing Magnus in a hug. Magnus laughed and hugged her back before greeting Jace. Clary and Simon were stood next to him, and after introductions were made, they all sat down and at the the dining table and ate the home made pizza.

Magnus felt like he was fitting in, he found Clary’s personality fiery and confident. She was like Izzy in much ways. Magnus even liked Simon, who would go on and on about some nerd show, as Alec would call it. After eating they all settled down and decided to play Jenga. Alec explained to Magnus that jenga was like tradition on these game nights. Magnus had never played before but after watching the others, he got the gist of it and started to enjoy it. They had made three teams. Alec and Magnus in one. Izzy and Simon in the other and Clary and Jace in the third.

Weirdly, Magnus turned out to be pretty good at jenga, which the others weren’t too pleased about and Jace pretended to sulk when he accidentally made it fall. For a moment, Magnus felt like Jace was angry at him, but then he felt Alec’s hand slip into his and Magnus felt himself relax. Alec was there. That was all that mattered.

They all settled down to watch a movie, and after a long argument over what movie to watch, they finally decided to watch The Breakfast Club. Alec was sat next to Magnus and slowly, throughout the movie they gradually moved closer to one another, as if they were both magnets. Magnus leaned into Alec’s chest and at first Alec was surprised, but without thinking twice, he put an arm around Magnus’s shoulders and Magnus relaxed and curled into Alec’s arms. Magnus had never felt so safe and cared for than he did in Alec’s arms. He could hear Alec’s heart beating inside his chest, and the steady beats were very soothing. He inhaled his alpha’s scent and he couldn’t help but wonder why Alec’s scent made him feel so… cared for. At first he thought it was because of the mating bite, but Magnus clearly remembered feeling like he could trust Alec before Alec had bit him.

He sighed and decided to let it go.

They continued to watch the movie, and every now and then, Magnus would feel Alec’s hands play with his hair. It felt so nice. So calming. And before Magnus knew what was happening, his eyes fell shut and he fell asleep in Alec’s warm embrace.

In his sleep, Magnus snuggled closer and nuzzled into Alec’s neck. Alec hadn’t realised that Magnus was asleep until he felt Magnus’s warm steady breaths softly tickling his neck. Alec hid his smile in Magnus’s hair and tightened his arms around him. He continued watching the movie and ignoring the knowing looks Izzy was throwing at him.

Magnus slept through the rest of the movie, and woke up when he heard a loud crash. He flinched awake, his eyes wide with fear before he realised he was in Alec’s embrace. “Shh. It’s okay.” Alec murmured into his ear, so only Magnus could hear it. He settled down and saw what had caused the problem. Jace had knocked over a glass cup and it had fallen on to the floor and shattered. Magnus nuzzled into Alec’s neck, his alpha’s scent calming down his racing heart. He sighed when he felt comfortable again and felt Alec smile into his hair, before giving it a small kiss.


Everyone left soon after Magnus woke up. Magnus walked everyone to the door, whilst Alec tidied up the mess. They both settled down onto the sofa and automatically gravitating towards each other. Alec snuggled his head into Magnus’s neck and inhaled his scent. He sighed because Magnus’s scent was just amazing. “Alec?” Magnus whispered and Alec hummed from where he was hidden in Magnus’s neck. “What does my scent smell like?” Magnus asked. Alec gave his neck a small kiss before moving away. “It smells like home.” Alec replied without thinking. Magnus’s eyes grew wide and when Alec realised what he said he blushed, knowing he looked like a tomato. Magnus gave Alec a wobbly smile, but didn’t answer. He didn’t know what to say. He didn’t know whether or not to tell Alec that that was exactly how Alec’s scent smelt like to Magnus.

Alec smiled and tucked a strand of hair behind Magnus’s ear, the gesture making Magnus swoon. “You smell like… sandalwood and… vanilla.” Alec replied. “It’s the most beautiful scent I have ever come across.” Magnus’s eyes widened and he blushed and looked down at his hands, playing with his fingers. “I should er… g – go to bed.” Magnus stammered out. Alec’s eyebrows furrowed at Magnus’s abrupt change of mood but nodded, before swallowing the lump that had formed inside his throat. Magnus walked into his room, feeling confused about Alec’s answer.


Alec stirred but didn’t wake up. “Alec… wake up.” Alec slowly opened his eyes. He looked around and saw Magnus standing by his bedroom door way, shivering from the cold. “Magnus?” Alec whispered, his voice ruff from sleep. Alec cleared his throat and turned the bed side lamp on. Magnus’s scared face came into view. “Magnus? What’s wrong?” Alec asked.
“Can I… C – can I sleep here?” Magnus asked, hesitation written all over his face. Alec’s eyebrows rose in surprise.

“You’re sure…?”
“Yeah. I just wanna sleep next to you. Can I?” He asked again and Alec nodded.
“You don’t have to ask, baby.” He said and Magnus practically ran towards Alec, who shuffled over to make room for Magnus. He climbed into bed and immediately snuggled into Alec.
Alec reached over to turn off the light, before remembering that Magnus didn’t like to sleep in the dark so he turned back round to face his omega. “Shall I leave the light on?” He asked and Magnus shook his head. “You sure?” Alec double checked. Magnus nodded.
“Yeah. I feel safe with you so I’m not scared.” Magnus replied and Alec’s stomach erupted with butterflies. He turned the light off and snuggled into the warm sheets. For a while they just lay there, in silence.

“Did you have a nightmare?” Alec eventually asked the question that was running around in his head. Magnus nuzzled into Alec’s neck and Alec realised he was scenting him. After Magnus was somewhat calm, he nodded his head. “Yeah I… I had a dream about my mother.” Magnus whispered. Alec moved his head so it touched Magnus’s, as they lay side by side. “Tell me about it?” Alec asked.

Magnus slowly nodded. “It was more of a memory… Of… of when I was a kid and my mother killed her self because of me.” He whispered out.
“What?” Alec asked, completely shocked.

Magnus realised he and Alec never talked about his past. He had this sudden urge to let it all out. To tell someone about his life. He had never done this before so Magnus felt a pang of fear rush through him, but Alec’s scent was enveloping him into a sense of calm. In the short time of a month that Magnus had known Alec, he had come to realise that he could trust Alec. Like really trust Alec. Alec had shown in time and time again, that he was safe here. And Magnus knew he was right.
He felt safe here.

He felt himself falling slowly for the alpha.

So he spoke. He told Alec about his mother’s suicide and how his father blamed him and how he had felt. He told Alec how his mother’s death felt like his whole world had been ripped apart. He told him how much it had hurt when the man who had raised him, looked at him like he was a filthy animal who didn’t deserve kindness. All the while Alec’s hand never ceased in its movement on Magnus’s arm. Alec’s soothing touch kept Magnus grounded and stopped him from getting lost in his memories. It kept him in the here and now. It was a reminder that Alec was with him and he was safe.

Magnus’s voice wobbled slightly when he got to the part where he was sold to Valentine. He tried to keep his tears at bay, tired to keep himself from completely falling apart, after all he hadn’t let himself cry for years. Crying is for the weak. His mind reminded him and he forcefully pushed the overpowering feeling to let his tears fall, away. He told Alec about his time with Valentine, and how Valentine used to teach him life lessons. “To love is to destroy and to be loved is to be the one destroyed.” Magnus murmured, quoting Valentine. He told Alec about when at the age of seventeen he was gifted to Johnathon, and how scared he had felt when Johnathon first looked at him. How utterly helpless he felt when he first lost his virginity. Magnus paused and swallowed.

“I – no one had told me that… that it would hurt so badly.” Magnus’s voice was drowning in emotion. “He told me to take my clothes off and I remember being very confused but I did what he asked and when he pushed… in without any warning I tried – tried to get him off me but he held me down and I couldn’t. I just lay there. Feeling pathetic and helpless.”

Magnus felt another urge to let his tears fall and he was going to push the, away again, when he heard Alec’s soft and soothing voice. “It’s okay. To let them fall.” He looked into Magnus’s eyes and the omega knew that Alec was talking about his tears. Magnus shook his head. Crying is for the weak. His mind reminded him.

“No. Crying is not for the weak.” Magnus had realised he had spoken out loud until Alec’s voice interrupted his mind. “Crying is when you have been through so much and you can’t take anymore. It doesn’t make you weak, it makes you strong. It makes you a survivor. It’s a sign that you have been trying too hard to be strong for too long.” Alec ran his hand through Magnus’s hair. “Baby. Let them go.” He whispered and Magnus buried his face in Alec’s neck and for the first time in years, he let his tears fall. He sobbed and sobbed and all the while Alec stroked his hair and whispered sweet nothings into his ear. Alec held on tightly, holding onto the omega as if he was scared to let Magnus go. Magnus in return has his hand fisted, tightly, into Alec’s shirt, scrunching up the material under his hand.

They stayed silent, and after Magnus calmed down, he nuzzled his nose in Alec’s neck. His alpha’s scent reassuring him until he felt somewhat okay. “Magnus.” Alec broke the silence and Magnus hummed from where he was hidden in Alec’s neck. “Look at me.” Alec whispered and Magnus moved his head and looked up at the alpha. “Magnus. You deserve so much better, you are beautiful. I am so sorry that happened to you but I promise you. That I will do my complete best in protecting you and keeping you safe and making sure you never go back to how things used to be.” Alec’s voice was firm, holding no arguments but also gentle and thick with emotion. Magnus felt his heart beat faster and all he could do was stare into Alec’s eyes. He merely nodded, not being able to speak and Alec smiled a soft smile and kissed Magnus on the forehead. “Can I ask you something?” He hesitantly asked after a few beats of silence.

Magnus nodded and Alec took a deep breath before speaking. “When you first met Izzy and Jace… what did you mean, when you said that you’re not in heat yet?” Alec slowly asked.
There was a moment when Magnus’s mind told him to make up an excuse. To lie to Alec and that when he realised he didn’t want to lie to his alpha. He wanted Alec to know.
Magnus took a deep, shaky breath. “With Johnathon… Whenever I was in heat he would call his friends over and they would all… p – play with me. Until I didn’t care enough who was fucking me.” Magnus murmured feeling ashamed. But Alec shook his head and made Magnus look into his eyes and even though it was dark in the room, there was a soft glow from the lights outside. “No. I know what you’re doing. You’re feeling ashamed for something that wasn’t your fault.” Alec said, his voice firm and left no room to argue. “This wasn’t your fault.”
Magnus let out a shaky breath.

“Tell me something about you.” Magnus whispered, changing the topic.
“What do you want to know?” Alec asked and Magnus shrugged.
“Anything. Everything.”

Alec was silent for a few seconds before turning to lay on his back and staring at the ceiling. Magnus moved to lay his head on Alec’s chest and listened to the steady heartbeats. “When I was a kid… I was never good enough.” Alec began. His voice so incredibly low that Magnus almost missed it. “My parents were always drilling into me to be better, to do better. They wanted me to work for their company. The circle… they told me that I was the heir to their legacy and I had to follow in their footsteps.” Magnus, slowly kissed Alec’s chest and then turned to look at him. Without warning, Alec moved and manoeuvred them both, so this time Alec had his head nuzzled into Magnus’s neck. “When I came out as gay… it got worse. They said that being gay was just a faze and I needed to find a female mate to set me on the straight path.

After a while it all became too much. So I decided to do what I want. I built my own empire, at first it was hard. So fucking hard.” Magnus heard Alec’s voice break a little and he felt a pang of hurt for the alpha.
“But slowly it got easier. And even though I was successful in making my own company… I never wanted a mate. At the start it was just something to piss my parents off. But after a while I grew used to being just me. Until… I flew to Indonesia and met you.” Magnus’s heart beat so fast that he was surprised it hadn’t flown out of his chest. Alec moved away from Magnus, slightly and propped himself with his elbow, looking down at Magnus. He had a soft smile on his face and all Magnus wanted to do was to lean forward and crash his lips with Alec’s.

“Your scent pulled me in and I just couldn’t leave you there.” Alec continued.
Magnus was immediately reminded of his discovery he had made earlier.
“Alec… When I asked you about what my scent smelt like… you told me it was sandalwood and vanilla.” Magnus said and Alec nodded. “That’s not what…” he trailed off and inhaled a deep breath before beginning.
“Before I was born, my mother had an affair with someone.” Magnus began, deciding it was best to start from the beginning. Alec’s face changed into an bemused expression, but didn’t speak and let Magnus talk which Magnus was glad about. “That some one was a werewolf.”
Alec’s eyes grew wide in disbelief. “What are you saying?” He asked slowly.

Magnus sat up and turned on the bed side lamp, so he could see Alec’s face. Alec sat up too and leaned against the headboard looking at Magnus, waiting for Magnus to continue. “They do exist…. Or they did.” Magnus said. “My mother had an affair and she became pregnant. With… me.”
He heard Alec gasp and opened his eyes (when did had he closed them?) to look at Alec’s face.
Alec’s face was full of curiosity and… care? But not disgust. He smiled at Magnus and grabbed his hand in comfort. Magnus sighed, the tension leaving his body. “When I was younger I always thought that my step dad was my real father. But… when Valentine bought me, he said something about my scent. He said that it was different from any other omega.” Alec squeezed his hand and Magnus smiled despite the situation. “At first I didn’t pay any attention to what he said, as I was too busy worrying about where I was. But… as I grew older, my scent amplified? I guess that’s the word. And the other alpha’s were sniffing me everywhere I went.” Alec growled, anger being born into his eyes at hearing Magnus’s words. Nonetheless Magnus continued.

“I was confused as to why that was happening. So one day I asked Valentine. At the time I was just a child, and Valentine didn’t beat me as much as he did when I got older. Maybe he had a soft side to kids?” Magnus laughed humourlessly. “He told me about my mother’s affair and about my real father, who apparently had been hunted down by the people of his town and murdered, just after I was born. Valentine told me my mother never told my step dad. Valentine said that the reason behind why my scent made Alpha’s crazy was because I am half werewolf. At first I didn’t believe him, my mother loved her husband, she wouldn’t cheat on him. But as I grew, more alpha’s tried to t-touch me. And I knew I wasn’t a regular omega. I asked Valentine what my scent smelt like, because I wanted to know what all the fuss was about and Valentine said…” Magnus swallowed the lump in his throat.
“He said…it was sort of a spicy scent.” Alec wore a puzzled look and Magnus knew exactly why.

“After Valentine gave me to Johnathon I realised that Johnathon was one of those people who couldn’t smell omega scents and I was so happy when I came to learn this… Because if he did, I knew he would realise I was… different.” Magnus felt a small squeeze on his hand again. “And he would have done much worse things with me.” Alec felt Magnus shudder.

“So back to what I was saying… when I asked you what my scent smelt like… you answered, sandalwood and vanilla. But that isn’t what I smell like to other alphas. Even though my scent is… unique to everyone, to you it’s even more so.”
“So why…?” Alec trailed off as eyes cleared of their confusion as his brain clicked onto what Magnus was hinting at.
“Are you saying… what I think you’re saying?” Alec slowly asked, his eyes wide. Magnus nodded.
“This means that we are… soulmates?” Alec asked, feeling overwhelmed. Magnus nodded once again, albeit shyly.

It wasn’t common but a soul bond between an alpha and omega was heard of. To the alpha, his omega’s scent smelt different from all the other omegas, which indicated that they were bonded by their souls, even before their mating bite.
Alec remained quiet, trying to process everything Magnus had said. When he had first saw Magnus, his scent had hit him in strong waves. To Alec it always smelt like sandalwood and vanilla. Alec had never smelt and omega with a scent so… delicious.
He wasn’t lying when he said that he had never smelt an omega like Magnus.
The conversation with Jace came back into mind.

“Yeah. That would explain why when you asked me to let you claim me, I trusted you.” Magnus replied and Alec smiled, he too feeling shy all of a sudden. “I felt so safe with you, which was weird because I had just met you at the time.
“So… we were like… supposed to meet?” Alec asked, feeling giddy and Magnus laughed and nodded.
“Yeah.” Magnus breathed out.

“That would explain the conversation with Jace.” Alec said, more to himself than Magnus.
Magnus turned his head, slightly to the side, feeling confused. Alec just found his expression adorable. “Jace said you had a spicy scent, and I was confused at the time. Because you smell like sandalwood and vanilla to me.” Alec explained and Magnus giggled.

Comfortable silence settled over them and Magnus moved closer to Alec. He rested his head on his alpha’s chest and inhaled his scent. Above him he felt Alec sigh and put an arm around him. “Thank you.” Magnus whispered. Alec had done so much for him and he felt so incredibly lucky to have found his soulmate. Alec nuzzled into his hair and kissed it. “Thank you.” Alec replied.

Magnus turned his head and looked into Alec’s eyes. His eyes were swimming with emotion, as Magnus was sure his was too. He slowly leaned forward, Alec reciprocating the small hesitant movement. It felt like an eternity, before finally they moved close enough for their lips to be touching. Magnus pressed forward and Alec took his bottom lip in between his own. Their kiss was soft, caressing, loving. Alec’s lips quenched Magnus’s thirst of lack of affection and it was like all of Magnus’s prayers had been answered at once.

The kiss caught on fire, and before either of them knew it, Magnus had straddled Alec’s lap and he had his hands in Alec’s hair, softly tugging on the strands. Alec’s hands wandered around his back, before settling on his butt and when he squeezed, Magnus moaned into Alec’s mouth.

Alec broke the kiss, as the urge to breathe became too strong to ignore. They both panted into each other’s faces, their eyes wide as they stared at one another. Magnus leaned forward and rested his head on Alec’s forehead. “I’ve never been… kissed before. You were my first kiss.” Magnus whispered out. Thinking of the time Alec had kissed him before claiming him.

Alec’s eyes widened. Magnus could see the question in Alec’s eyes. “With Johnathon… it was just sex. We never kissed. I never let him… I always used to get punished for it but after a while when I still didn’t relent, he gave up on trying to kiss me.” Magnus explained and Alec felt his heart beat faster.

“I’ve never been kissed either.” Alec replied, softly and this time it was Magnus’s turn to be surprised.
“What? Really?” He asked and Alec nodded.
“Really really,” Alec replied, gently nuzzling his nose with Magnus’s, causing the omega to giggle.
“But you’re an alpha.” Magnus said and Alec chuckled.
“Remember when I said that I never wanted a mate. Well… it was also because no one wanted me… As a child, I was too shy to ask some one I liked out on a date, let alone kiss them.” Alec explained and Magnus leaned forward and pecked his alpha softly. “I want you.” He whispered, and Alec felt his heart stutter inside his chest. “I want you too.” He replied and Magnus grinned and bit his lip.

After a while, they both laid down and talked about anything and everything, until both of the men felt slumber take over. Alec turned off the bed side lamp and Magnus curled onto his side, with his alpha behind him, and spooning him. He felt Alec’s breath tickle at the back of his neck and he sighed and brought Alec’s arm around himself in a tighter hold. “Goodnight, Alexander.” Magnus mumbled. Alec was momentarily stunned, when he heard Magnus call him by his full name. It was one of the many things they had talked about when they were getting to know each other. Alec found himself liking the way Magnus said his full name. “Goodnight baby.” He replied, and inhaled Magnus’s scent which instantly pulled him into peaceful dreams.

When Magnus woke, his sleepy mind was confused as to why he felt so safe and warm. His body had grown used to the coldness hitting him harshly every morning. But now he felt so cozy, which made Magnus sigh in content. He turned around, only to face his sleeping alpha, which brought back all the memories of the night before. Magnus smiled and moved closer, until his nose was nuzzled into Alec’s neck. Alec’s scent was amazing. His scent always seemed to wrap Magnus in a hug, embracing him in warmth and comfort. Alec’s arms were around Magnus’s waist, and in his sleep Alec unconsciously brought Magnus closer to him and snuggled into Magnus’s hair.

Magnus giggled. Alec was so adorable in the morning. He had never had the opportunity to see Alec like this before, so Magnus decided to appreciate it as he looked up at the sleeping man and admired his beauty. Alec’s eyes moved under his eyelids, and his eyelashes were kissing his cheeks. His lips were slightly parted as he breathed in and out and Magnus blushed when he remembered how the alpha’s lips had felt, the night before.

After a few more minutes of staring shamelessly, Magnus felt Alec stir awake. He blinked his eyes open and immediately smiled at Magnus. “Morning.” He rasped out. Magnus couldn’t help but giggle at Alec’s sleep filled voice. “Good morning.” Magnus replied.

Alec smiled at Magnus and leaned forward to kiss him on the forehead. Magnus was slowly getting used to small pecks on the forehead from Alec. “You missed.” Magnus mumbled. And Alec lifted his eyebrows before smirking. He leaned forward and kissed the omega on his cheek and Magnus shook his head. “You missed again.” Magnus said. Now that he knew that Alec was his soulmate and that Alec wouldn’t do anything to hurt Magnus, the omega felt himself relax enough to joke and not feel scared.
Alec smiled, and without any warning he dived in and took Magnus’s lips in between his own. Magnus's arm flew into Alec’s hair, and gave it a small tug before kissing back. He felt Alec’s tongue asking for entrance, to which Magnus willingly obliged. He opened his mouth and Alec’s tongue walked in and swirled itself around Magnus’s. Alec moaned when he tasted his omega and his grip around Magnus’s waist tightened.

When the need to breathe became too strong, they separated but didn’t go far as their noses still touched. They both panted into each other’s face, their breaths mingling. For a moment or two they just stared into each others eyes, neither blinking. Alec leaned forward until his lips ghosted on Magnus’s. “Did I miss again?” He teased and Magnus shook his head.
“No. You finally got it right.” He replied and Alec smiled into a full grin with his perfect white teeth showing and his eyes shining. Magnus realised that that was how he wanted Alec to look like for the rest of their days. “Come on. Let’s make breakfast.” Alec said, getting out of the bed. Magnus nodded and followed.

They had their breakfast, all the while with their feet playing footsie under the table. Magnus was pretty sure he had a gooey eyed expression on his face, but he was too happy to care. Alec reciprocated his mood as he too had a huge grin on his face throughout their breakfast.

After breakfast, Alec wanted to show Magnus New York, so they walked through the streets of the city, hand in hand. Every now and then Alec would point out something and Magnus’s eyes would sparkled with excitement or awe and every time they did, Alec felt himself falling more and more. Their walk led them to a small children’s park, where they sat and looked around. “So… soulmate,” Magnus teased and Alec shook his head fondly. “What’s your favourite colour?” He asked and Alec threw his head back, laughing. When he somewhat calmed down he grinned at Magnus. “Really? Favourite colour?” He asked and Magnus shrugged. “It used to be blue but it’s changed.” Alec answered. Magnus’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion.
“So what is it now?” He asked and Alec smirked.
“It’s not just one colour. It’s a mixture of gold and green,” Alec replied and Magnus nodded before realising that Alec was looking straight into Magnus’s eyes. “Oh.” He said and felt his cheeks burn. He laughed nervously and looked away from Alec’s intense gaze. The alpha was making Magnus crazy. The things he said, the things he did made Magnus slowly fall for the alpha.

Alec nudged his shoulder with Magnus’s and smiled. Magnus smiled back, albeit shyly. “What about you?” Alec asked.
“Blue.” The omega replied. And Alec nodded and they continued to ask each other more questions. Getting to know each other better.

They were almost home, walking past a small alley way, when they heard it. A soft meow sound. They both heard it at the same time and both stopped walking. “Did you hear that?” Magnus asked and Alec nodded. The noise came again and both men followed the noise to come across a small kitten. His tail seemed to be stuck under a metal rod, and it looked like he was abandoned. His fur was all stuck to his body and filled with dirt. He meowed at the men, asking for help and Alec immediately lifted the rod up and Magnus scooped the cat up. The cat immediately snuggled into Magnus’s arms. Magnus was looking down at the cat but when he heard a small chuckle he looked up at Alec to find him laughing. “What?” Magnus asked.
“Even cats are attracted to your scent… should I be worried that he is going to steal you away from me?” Alec said and Magnus blushed before rolling his eyes, fondly.

They both took the cat to the vet to get him checked and after making sure he was fine, and getting food for the little guy, they returned home. “So what shall we name him?” Alec asked. And Magnus looked away from the cat and at Alec in surprise. “We are keeping him?” He asked, and Alec could see how his eyes lit up with excitement. “Yes. He seems to love you.” Alec replied and Magnus got up from where he sat on the sofa and came to hug the alpha. “Thank you!” He exclaimed making Alec chuckle.

“I am going to name you… Chairman Meow.” Magnus declared, holding the cat up to his face. The Chairman let out a soft meow and Magnus giggled. “You like that name?” He asked and Alec almost cooed out loud upon hearing Magnus talk to the cat.
Alec let out a giggle of his own, when he heard what Magnus had named the cat and when Magnus looked at him with a confused look, Alec decided it was best not to bring up the fact that Magnus had unknowingly named the cat after a communist leader. He just walked towards the omega and kissed him on the forehead, to which Magnus smiled in appreciation.