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in the begining

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The next few weeks Bernie had done nothing but think about calling of the secondment to the Ukraine so both Bernie and Serena could go and begin the process of going through I.v.f for another baby, after all whatever Serena and their children wanted Bernie would move heaven and earth to make sure they had what they wanted.
8 weeks before the secondment was due to begin Bernie was called into her c.o office, who was about to as he thought deliver some bad news to both Bernie and Serena, but in truth it was wonderful news for the couple.
Bernie's commanding officer began " unfortunately Bernie the secondment to the Ukraine has been scrapped until further notice, the government of Ukraine cannot guarantee yours or your families saftey, so they have put it on ice until further notice.
However we have come up with an idea, how would Serena like to work on a part time basis at the military hospital, obviously it will further her medical knowledge and if she wants we will also give her some time in theatre and she can observe and / or if she so wishes she may be able to assist from time to time, and we would like you to do a P.HD in trauma injuries, trauma surgery and rehabillitation from trauma surgery."
Bernie was gobsmacked to say the very least, but at least they would be able to get the I.V.F process started.
With their meeting finished Bernie's commanding officer told her " go home take a couple of days off think about the offer and if it is what both you and Serena want then we will get the ball rolling.
When Bernie arrived back home, Serena was shocked to see her wife back home so soon,Bernie sat and played with the couple's children until it was time for their afternoon nap, that was when Bernie would tell her wife about Ukraine be cancelled and what the army was offering in place of the secondment.