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in the begining

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Serena's head was resting on Bernie's breasts, when she started to apologise to Bernie for wanting another child.
Bernie looked at her and said "what do you mean you are sorry for wanting another child". Serena then went on to explain that she didn't think Bernie would respond in the way she did " what do you mean Serena, Bernie asked".
Serena told her " I never thought that you would want us to make an appointment so soon, I thought you would want to have the medal ceremony, then your regiment receiving the freedom of Holby city, and finally off to Ukraine.
Bernie looked at Serena and asked her " tell me what you want my love, because I have always told you that whatever you and our children want I will try my utmost to make it happen".
Serena looked at Bernie with tears in her eyes and told her " I want another child, but I also want to further my medical career, I want to be tge best vascular surgeon I can be, but I also want to be the best mum to our children, does that make sense to you Bernie?.
Bernie looked at her and told her, " yes it makes perfect sense to me, but at the end of the day it is ultimately your decision, but whatever you decide to do, I will support you with out question.
Serena then had an idea, " what if I had another baby when the secondment to ukraine is completed, and I took a sabbatical until the twins and Edward are at school full time, and the youngest one is at nursery, then I could go back to work, just part time.
Bernie looked at Serena and asked her "is that what you realky want to do then sweetheart?.
Serena replied yes, that is what I want to do, Bernie then replied to her, then that is what we will do then ok.
Once the discussion was finished, Bernie looked at Serena and said " right let's pick up from where we finished, and they began another one of their lovemaking marathon sessions, only to be disturbed by Edward, who was a little grumpy, owing to the fact he was teething.
Once they had got Edward settled, both women got up out of bed and went downstairs into the kitchen, and Serena made them bith a hit drink and some toast.
All 4 children were awake at about 07.00 and both Bernie and Serena bathed them, and fed them their breakfasts and they had their drinks, Serena phoned the hospital to see how Jasmine and her new babies were doing,the nurse told Serena that mum and daughters were doing fine, and they could visit anytime after 10.00am .
While the children were watching some cartoons on t.v., there was a knock on the front door, Bernie went and answered it, and was surprised to see Morven standing in the doorway, Bernie, instantly called her in, and Marcus looked up and saw it was his momma, and he went to her, and she picked him up and gave him a kiss and she asked Serena," has he been a good boy for you".
Serena replied "he has been as good as gold, no trouble at all"..then Bernie asked about Jasmine and their twin daughters,.
Morven began to get upset, Serena went and put her arm around her and asked her "what is the matter is Jasmine ok, is it the babies", Morven looked at both Serena and Bernie, and told them both "everything is ok I am just being silly, but I am so happy, I have a beautiful girlfriend, and 3 healthy children, when Serena told her "we are hoping to have another baby next year, however, Bernie was having thoughts of her own, after all surley they could go to Ukraine another time...................couldn't they.