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in the begining

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Wednesday the 4th august is a date that Bernie and serena will never forget,for that was the day they met for the first time Bernie had graduated from Birmingham university and serena had graduated from leeds university.
they had both applied to work at holby city hospital as it was also a training hospital,so they would also gain valuable experience in hoping to become the best that they could be.
Their first rotation was on the womens surgical ward and all the junior doctors were asked to team up with someone else ,serena made a bee line to Bernie,they just worked so well
together,they seemed to know what the other one was thinking ,making diagnosis between themselves and they did not seem to be like junior doctors as everyone commented on their extensive knowledge.
5pm,their first day as junior doctors had just finished,bernie asked serena if she would like to go for a drink at albies bar serena agreed.
At the bar Bernie ordered 2 large glasses of shiraz,serenas favourite drink 3 glasses of shiraz later ,serena asked Bernie if she would like to go for something to eat,so then they called a taxi and arrived at serenas flat,before she knew where she was serena had got Bernie up against the hall wall and kissing her like her life depened on it,then Bernie put her hand up serenas blouse put her hand inside serenas bar and played with her breasts ,sucking her nipples as well as playing with them.
Serena then started to undress Bernie and Bernie then repaid the favour by undressing serena still kissing each other ,then serena told Bernie to get on the bed to which Bernie did ,before she knew it serena had her hand inside her soaking wet pussy she inserted 2 fingers and started to thrust her fingers in and out of Bernie Bernie was moaning with pleasure,serena had never made a woman cum as hard as what Bernie was about to do.
Bernie gushed her juices all over serenas hand,to which serena licked off her hand,she then looked at Bernie lying on the bed with her legs wide open,oh dear said serena I appear to have made a mess of you,so I suppose I had better clean it up.
Without a second glance to Bernie she started to lick her clit and thrusted her tongue in and out of Bernie,she then slowly brought her head back up kissing her stomach and sucking on bernies tits and again she inserted 2 fingers inside Bernie,hoping to make her gush again thrusting faster than before,bernie screaming for serena to hurry up as she was so close to cuming,
Bernie then flicked serena on to her back,right serena now your turn.
Bernie started just by kissing her long neck,working her way down slowly,she stopped kissing serena for a minute,just to marvel at the size of serenas chest,i love big tits Bernie said,serena said glad I could oblige you with mine then,to which Bernie started to suck them and play with her nipples Bernie then carried on kissing the rest of serenas body.
She run her index finger the length of serenas very wet pussy,to which Bernie said I love a really wet pussy with that she inserted 3 fingers inside serena and started to thrust in and out serena moaning with pleasure just like Bernie had done earlier serena gushed over bernies hand to which Bernie licked serenas cum of her hand.
She then got further down the bed lifted serenas legs up and started to lick her very wet pussy.
When Bernie had finished licking serenas pussy,she climbed back up the bed and started to kiss serena,again she inserted 3 fingers back inside serena thrusting harder and faster than she had ever doneserena started to moan please Bernie I am so fucking close to cumming Bernie said ok then she inserted another finger inside serena, put 4 fingers inside me serena and we will cum together,serena did as she was told thrusting her fingers so hard in and out of Bernie.
Fucking hell serena that was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced in my life with that they fell asleep arms wrapped around each other.