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Chat Noir and Ladybug

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The first akuma attack was five days after Marinette met Chat Noir they had met up a couple times to talk and get use to each other.

They got through it, barely, the reporters after noticed the height difference and her voice difference.

Two months later on patrol they got talking up and Adrien came up in conversation.

"My brother idolized Bri-- Ladybug. He said he loved her," he said leaning back on his hands.

"I know I won't be her for him, but I will try to live up to his expectations. Saying that I'm only fourteen," Ladybug said in a laugh.

"My brother is fourteen too. I'm seventeen. When I turn eighteen in two months I'm moving to America for college. My miraculous might go to my brother, but I hope Fu won't do that to him, to me," Chat sighed.

"Tikki said it hurt her when Fu gave the miraculous to me," Ladybug sighed putting her elbows on her knees.

"Were you guys close?" Felix asked sitting up.

"Yep we were childhood friends," Ladybug said then got up.

"Wait how old did you say you were?" Chat asked getting up behind her.

"Fourteen almost fifteen. Why do you ask?" Ladybug ask turning to him.

"Are you Bridgette's cousin, Marinette?" Chat Noir asked.

Ladybug gulped then said. "That is why it was hard on Tikki."

"Has Nino been helping you?" Chat asked.

"How do you know him? And yes he has been a big help," Ladybug sniffled.

"I went to school there," Chat said pulling her into a hug.

"Look it's Ladybug and Chat Noir," Adora pointed out. She was recording stuff for the Ladyblog with her little sister, Alya.

Ladybug let out a small wine then pulled away and sat back down on the ledge of the building. Her face red.

"Ladybug, what's the matter" Alya screamed.

She then got up and ran. Chat jumped down in front of them and said. "She lost a person that was like a sister to her." Chat then jumped off.

The next morning Marinette was sitting on the couch watching the news when she saw the clip of what happened last night. Then what Adora said.

"So you guys hear that, wish the best of luck to Ladybug," Adora said closing.

She then shut off the television. When her mom walked in the room. She said. "Have you packed your bags yet? We move next week."

"Yes Mama you asked me two days ago," Marinette said standing up. " I'm going out for a walk."

When she was walking through the park she was looking at her feet and didn't notice two blonde boys in front of her. They had there back to her they were pointing at a cloud or something.

She ran right into them. She ended up on the ground. When she looked up she was met with two blonde halos and bright green eyes, one pair darker then the other.

"Marinette, are you ok?" the taller blonde asked.

"Ya... I mean are you ok?" The shorter blonde asked in a awe tone.

"Ya I'm fine," she said getting up with the hand of the shorter blonde's hand. He then kissed it.

"Thanks. And do I know you guys?" She asked after half a minute later.

"I went to school with..." the tall blonde started.

"No I don't know you," the short blonde. "I'm Adrien and this is my brother Felix!"

"Felix?" Marinette said then paled. "You went to school with Bri?"

"Yep..." Felix said rubbing the back of his neck.

"She really liked you," Marinette said sitting down on a near by bench then patted the seat next to her.

Adrien immediately slid next to her then put an arm around her. She looked over at him.

"Can I... I mean we walk you home? Unless you just want me to walk you home," Adrien said flirtatiously.

"Um... I mean I could go either way," Marinette said with a shrug and a blush.

"Felix don't you have a photo shoot or something to do," Adrien asked.

"Oh ya I forgot Natalie is coming to pick me up for English in a bit. Did you know I'm fluent in English?"

"No that's cool. I have a friend that is leaving in a month for an American College," Marinette said.

"That's what Felix is doing!" Adrien said.

Marinette then looked Felix up and down. Then something clicked. Marinette the stammered out. "Ch... Chat?"

"Yep! Does that mean you are the new Ladybug?" Adrien asked.

"Ya I guess it does," Marinette said.

"Adrien you have no chance with her because the new Chat Noir will have an 85% chance with her and no are not going to be him," Felix said then started to pull him away from her.

"I'm walking her home!" Adrien said breaking away from him. "Run! Mari!"

She grabbed his hand and started to run. They ran out the park and into the bakery.

"Hey Mama, Papa. A brought friend over!" Marinette said.

"Hey honey," Sabine said.

"This is Adrien! He offered to walk me home, he is Felix's brother," Marinette said.

"Hello sir and ma'am ," Adrien said holding out a hand just to be ignored, instead he got a hug.

"Nice to meet you!" Tom said squishing him.

"Papa!" Marinette said.

"Would you like a croissant before you leave," Sabine asked.

"My dietary specialist will have a heart attack but yes please I would love one," Adrien said getting a weird look from her parents. "I'm a teen model, Adrien Agreste."

"That's nice," Sabine said.

'Ring Ring' "Oh it's Natalie I have to run before she kills me. Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Mari's parents," Adrien said taking the croissant. "Thank you!"

"All Marinette's friends call is Sabine and Tom," Tom said.

"Bye!" Adrien said running out the door. He then stopped and turned around ran back in said. "Maybe I'll be in your class next year!" Then he kissed her hand and once again ran out the door.

"Marinette Agreste?" Sabine asked with a smirk.

"MAMA!" Marinette screamed then went into the back to get a rag to wipe down the table.

Agreste Mansion

"You shouldn't have said that Fe," Adrien pouted.

"What? That you are not going to get the Miraculous or the girl? I said that so she wouldn't know it was you if it is you," Felix said.

"So I have a chance with both?" Adrien asked.

"Of course most people have a chance at the Miraculous, and mostly Chat only has a chance at her," Felix said.

"I'm so happy! Doesn't it have to be someone that looks like you? So right now I'm the best candidate!" Adrien exclaimed.

"I guess so," Felix said then Adrien left him alone.