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Chat Noir and Ladybug

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"Bridgette Cheng, Oliver Jackson, and Anna Wader, found under piles of rubble," the news reporter said. "Ladybug is M.I.A. we believe she jumped off the scene after."

Chat had just fled the scene with tears falling down his face. He ran to the Agreste mansion. Bridgette was only seventeen like himself, but now she was gone. The akuma had been cleansed, but with the price of her life.

Her little cousin, what was she supposed to hear? They were like sisters, what is she going to do now?

The Dupain-Cheng's House

"Mama! Where's Bridgette? Shouldn't she be home by now?" Marinette asked. She was only thirteen.

"Well Mari this is going to be hard to tell you, but on the way home for the shops," Sabine stopped and took a breath. "The akuma attacked on her way home and there was an earthquake and she died under the rubble."

Let's just say there were lots of screams and tears heard and spilt that night.

The Agreste Mansion

"Bro? Wasn't that the girl that you said was super annoying?" Adrien said walking in the room without knocking. The only surprise is that Chat Noir stood there.

"Oh hey Adrien," Felix said as the transformation wore off. "And yes except she was Ladybug."

"She's dead?" Adrien asked. He got a nod in response. Adrien adored Ladybug, he liked her, a lot.

Adrien then silently walked out of the room.

Two Days Later

"Did you get the earrings?" Fu asked over the phone.

"Yes! Of course I did!" Felix screamed into the phone.

"I'll be there to pick them up soon," Fu said then hung up.

"What is that supposed to me," He shrieked to a dial tone.

A couple hours later Jade Turtle had jumped into his window.

"Felix," Fu said with a nod.

"Fu," He greeted back. "Here take these bad memories." He said then dropped the earrings in his hand.

"Thank you I know this was hard for you," Fu said clasping his hands then jumped out the window.

The Next Morning

Sabine and Tom decided to let Marinette take the rest of the school year off, because there was only like three weeks left.

"Mama I'm going for a walk I'll be back in ten minutes, bye," Marinette said closing the door behind her.

She had walked to the park. She sat and watched the water fountain before walking home. When she was crossing the street an old asian man in a hawaiian red shirt tripped and fell. All the papers he was holding scattered, Marinette being the nice person helped him pick up the papers.

"Have a good rest of your day, sir," Marinette said with a little bow which he responded with a bow. She then scurried off.

"Perfect," he said then left. He would put it in her room the next day.

Marinette ran into the apartment and said. "Mama, Papa, I'm home!"

"Okay Honey," Sabine said then walked up to her and said. "We are having the funeral in a couple days."

"Ok Mama," she responded looking at her feet.

The Next Day

"What's this?" Marinette asked sitting down in her room.

She had just been crying. Her parents told her that they were going to move above their bakery.

She opened the bow to be met with a pink glow. A red bug came out of the pink bubble.

"What are you?!?" Marinette shrieked.

"Please quiet down I can't be caught," she shushed Marinette. "Brigdette?"

Marinette started to cry. Then whales out. "She's dead! I'm her cousin!"

"Oh no no no no!" The littlebug thing said putting her nubs on her head flying around.

"What's the matter?" Marinette asked taking pitty on the little creature.

"Why would Fu do that to me and you?" She asked.

"Are you okay?" Marinette cupping her.

"I'm Tikki and Brigdette, your cousin, was Ladybug. Now Fu has picked you to be Ladybug," the little red creature, Tikki, explained.

"I'll do it!" Marinette explained.

"Well there is somethings you should know," Tikki started.

"I need to catch the akuma. After using Lucky Charm I only have five minutes before I transform back. Don't let anybody know my identity. Plus I have a partner, Chat Noir," Marinette finished.

"Yes, except I need cookies to recharge. It would be ok if in a couple months if you revealed to Chat. He also lost her. Plus you say 'Spots on!' to transform," Tikki explained. "I'm going to need some cookies."

"Ok I'll be back," Marinette said walking down the steps.

"I have to call Master Fu," Tikki said to herself.

She called Wayzz when he picked up she said. "What was Fu thinking giving Bridgette's cousin a miraculous?!?"

"Well they look a like, Tikki, and she has a pure heart," Fu said.

"I know. But still I can't loose another one. She's back I got to go," Tikki said.

"Here you go, freshly made," Marinette said handing her a couple cookies.

"Thank you, Mari," Tikki said eating one.

"Yeah, Tikki I have a question," Marinette said twirling her hair around her finger.

"What's that?" Tikki said in between bites.

"After your done eating can I go out for a swing to get the gist of it?" Marinette asked.

"Of course. We don't want any mishaps in the akuma fight," Tikki agreed. "Maybe you could meet Chat. It would be helpful so people don't suspect anything." She said then took her last bite.

"Tikki, Spots On!" Marinette said then climbed up to the balcony and swung away.

After a couple try's she got the hang of it. She was going run to another roof, but was stopped a black clad figure.

"Chat Noir?" Ladybug asked.

"Yes?" He muttered.

"I'm sorry about your loss. I lost Bridgette--" Ladybug started.

"How do you know her? Don't say her name," Chat said cutting her off.

"Ok, well we were close growing up. Her funeral is in a couple days," Ladybug finished.

"Ok. Wow, you look so much like her," Chat said.

"Tikki said it would look less suspicious," Ladybug said.

"You know everything you need to do?" He said.

"Yeah, I watched everything from the Ladyblog," she explained.

"I'm going to have act the same way when Ladybug was around, aren't I?" He asked.

"Yes, sadly. I saw how much you flirted with her. You know when she talked about you, it was only how you didn't get enough recognition," She explained.

"I can this has been hard on you, because it's been hard me also," Chat said sitting down.

"One of the reasons I'm doing this is because I want to carry on her name," She said sitting a little ways away from him.

"I'm going off to college soon," He said.

"She was too. She wanted to become a photographer," she said.

"I don't think I'll be able to work with you that long," Chat sighed.

"I know the feeling," She responded. She got up saying. "Well tomorrow I have work."

"Are you old enough to work?" He asked standing.

"Oh at my parent business," She responded then bounded off the roof.

"This is going to be hard," Chat muttered to himself as he watched run away. Then he turned and did the same.