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Maruyu was pissed. She kicked over an empty drum, with a clang that echoed in the alleyway between the massive steel-framed buildings.

She was normally a calm and meek girl, but things had changed lately. None of the subs liked Orel runs but everyone knew it was a necessity, so they all did their part. Maruyu was just happy that a little sub like her could be useful. However, ever since that slut Nimu had come to the base, the admiral had let her take Maruyu’s spot in the Orel squadron.

Now she had nothing to do but run even more boring resource expeditions or wander around the base like she was doing now. It wasn’t fair. How could the admiral just give away her spot to some newbie bitch? Oh, meek little Maruyu won’t mind being benched for eternity, will she? Fuck that! Everyone has a breaking point, and this was hers. She kicked at another drum. Unfortunately, this one was filled to the top with fuel and the little sub fell to the ground clutching her stubbed toe.

She grabbed onto the handle of a door next to her to pull herself up and almost fell to the ground again as the handle gave way. It was unlocked. A sign on the door proclaimed “Authorized Personnel Only”. Maruyu looked around her. Not a soul in sight. “Screw you, I’ll do what I want.” She said as rebelliously as she could muster, flung open the door and marched inside.

Maruyu immediately regretted this decision. It was nearly pitch-black inside with the scant few skylights having long since been covered over with dirt and grime. Her resolve failing, she reached for the doorknob only to find an empty hole where the doorknob should have been. Shit! She’d have to find another exit. The tiny sub took a deep breath, gathering her courage while her eyes adjusted to the darkness. It didn’t help at all. All she could see in the dim light were the jagged outlines of heavy machinery towering over her. Then she spotted a tiny line of light in the distance. Daylight was shining in from under a door on the other side of the cavernous building.

No problem, she just had to make it to the other side, right? She began to walk towards the light gawking up at the ominous shapes looking over her. She wasn’t looking where she was going as she wondered what kind of equipment was stored here. Her leg caught on a cable stretched over the floor and she tripped and landed face-first. “Ow!” she cried out and quickly silenced herself as she heard something shift in the distance. Something was moving about in the darkness. Something big.

Her mind raced, what could it be. Surely there wasn’t anything she had to worry about here on the base, right? But then again, this was a restricted area. Maybe it was closed off for a reason? She stayed completely motionless waiting for the sound to stop. As quietly as she could she tiptoed towards the doorway in the distance, making sure to watch her step this time. As she got halfway across the room she heard something move right beside her.

“You do know you’re not supposed to be here, right?” A loud voice boomed from above her. Maruyu gasped as she was suddenly blinded by a light from above.  The little sub’s mouth opened in shock at the figure confronting her. A truly massive woman with brown skin, light hair and piercing red eyes towered over her. The giantess was dressed in nothing but strips of cloth tied around her body in place of undergarments and was so tall that there was no way she could even stand up in a building this size.  She put on a pair of square eyeglasses and leaned down to get a better look at the interloper. Maruyu trembled in fear as the battleship sized her up. “Oh, it’s just some pipsqueak sub. I thought it was actually someone important. Run along little mole.” She said condescendingly.

Something snapped in Maruyu, her indignation and anger suddenly overcoming her fear. “Don’t call me a pipsqueak, and don’t you DARE call me a mole! My name is Maruyu and I am a Type 3 Submarine!” She pointed up at the giantess.

The massive woman leaned back. “Do you have any idea who I am? I’m Battleship Musashi, pride of the fleet. I’ll call you whatever I damn well please, little mole.”

“I don’t care who you are, I’ve had enough! I’m not going to take this from some mothballed derelict like you!” Maruyu roared.

This struck a nerve in Musashi. “You little brat! I’ll teach you some manners!” she roared clenching her fists. She slammed her fist down on top of Maruyu. A loud slam echoed throughout the building as her fist hammered into the concrete floor hard enough to crack it. A worried look came over Musashi’s face. Where did the little sub go? Did she squash her flat? She hadn’t meant to kill the little girl. As she lifted her hand up to look underneath, she noticed Maruyu sitting right behind her fist. “What the-“

“Were you trying to hit me?” Maruyu said incredulously. The giant’s swing was so slow and telegraphed she had no trouble steeping out of the way.

“Yes, goddammit. Now get over here so I can beat your ass!” Musashi took another swing at Maruyu swiping her arm along the ground, but the little girl leaped into the air, dodging effortlessly. Again and again, the battleship swung and missed smashing equipment and cracking the floor but never coming close to touching Maruyu. She heaved and panted, the effort of trying to catch Maruyu had winded her. Am I really this weak? She thought to herself.

“Are you seriously tired already? Are you even trying? The abyssals at Orel are much tougher than you are. I honestly expected better from the pride of the fleet.” Maruyu said smugly.

“You’re fucking dead, kid!” Musashi growled, throwing a punch with all her might.

Maruyu reached behind her back pulling a torpedo out of a rack on her equipment. She flung it at the oncoming fist where it detonated, stopping Musashi dead in her tracks. “Aaaahhh. Shit!” Musashi crumpled to the ground clutching her scorched hand.

The pain was a real shock, as it was the first time Musashi had ever been damaged. As soon as she was assigned to this base, the admiral had balked at her resource consumption and drydocked her indefinitely. She gritted her teeth and got back to her feet. She wasn’t about to give in just yet. Her pride in being the strongest was the only thing she had left. Musashi roared as she threw a punch with her other hand.

Maruyu saw it coming a mile away. She lazily sidestepped and took aim at the battleship with her little pistol. Ping! She fired, hitting the giant woman in the cheek. It wasn’t nearly powerful enough to hurt her, but Musashi was still stunned by the attack. The moments pause was all Maruyu needed. Grabbing a handful of torpedoes, she fired a salvo at Musashi scoring hits in her leg stomach and finally one right on her bust ripping the binding to shreds. With a colossal thud the giant collapsed to the floor, defeated.

Maruyu walked over to her opponent and placed her foot on Musashi’s head. “Had enough yet?”

Musashi mumbled something incoherent.

“I can’t hear you. Would you mind repeating that?” She ground her heel in a bit messing the battleship’s blond hair. “And why don’t you kneel properly while you’re at it.”

“No, stop! Please.” Musashi rolled over and meekly got on her knees, prostrating herself before the tiny sub.

Maruyu grinned from ear to ear. She was drunk with power. “Kiss my feet you worthless hunk of scrap.”

The giant battleship looked up at Maruyu and opened her mouth to retort, but the little sub simply raised a hand as if to strike her. Musashi flinched, the last of her stubborn pride visibly draining from her face. She leaned in and kissed the tiny girl’s feet.

Maruyu’s face flushed. She did it, she actually did it. This big oaf wasn’t even putting up a fight any more. Was she really whipped already? How far could she take this? Caught up in her fantasies of power, she commanded, “Now lick my toes.” and lifted her foot.

Musashi complied. Her face burned at the indignation of this, but she knew she was the mercy of the sub’s vastly greater level of skill.

Maruyu was finding the power intoxicating. In fact, she was getting turned on by this. A giant of a woman completely at her mercy was a like a fantasy she never dreamed would come true. She absentmindedly rubbed herself through her swimsuit. She was already dripping wet. Giving in to her fantasies, she suddenly had a wicked idea. “I think I should punish you for trying to crush me just now. Really, a useless benchwarmer like you trying to hurt a vital part of the supply fleet. Now what would be a suitable punishment for a battleship like yourself?” She mused, grinning at the tanned giantess and spinning her pistol on her index finger.

“Please… I’m sorry… I won’t do it again.” Musashi pleaded with Maruyu, but the devious little sub only grinned wider.

“Stop groveling. Or maybe I should give you something to do with that big mouth of yours to shut you up.” She pulled her swimsuit to one side and gestured to her crotch.

“What?” Musashi looked up at Maruyu incredulously.

“Is your skull as thick as your armor belts? Do I have to spell it out for you? Eat. Me. Out.”

The battleship opened her mouth to protest this outrageous situation, but thought better of it. She didn’t want to provoke Maruyu’s wrath. Instead, she reluctantly brought her face closer, reaching out with her tongue to lick the smaller girl. She tasted of seawater.

“Mmmm.” Maruyu purred in approval. “Come on don’t be shy. You know what to do.”

Musashi resigned herself to her fate. She lapped at the little sub’s snatch, gently grinding her tongue between the smaller girl’s legs. To Maruyu it felt heavenly, she could feel every bump and taste bud on the giantess’s tongue as they rubbed against her clit. Her knees began to buckle and she leaned on Musashi’s nose for support.

“Yes, just like that. Aaaannnhh. Keep going.” Maruyu nearly lost herself in the sensations. So much of her time up until now was spent on expeditions and missions with her fellow subs so she rarely found the time to rub one out. She hadn’t realized just how pent up she was.

Musashi looked down her nose at the tiny girl who was practically humping her tongue. She was trying to focus on the task and hand, ignoring the anger and shame she was desperately trying to hold down and caring only about pleasing the cute tiny sub. It was working. Seeing the sub moan in pleasure as Musashi teased her was bringing out strange feelings she had never experienced before. In this moment, she didn’t mind the situation she found herself it that much, or at least she wouldn’t if it wasn’t for the awkward crouching pose she was holding.

Maruyu felt something shift and saw movement out of the corner of her eye. She realized Musashi was reaching her hands around behind her. She gripped her little pistol and pointed it directly at the battleship’s eye. “What do you think you’re doing?”

Musashi stopped cold, fear gripped her as she looked down the barrel of the miniscule pistol. Surely even a gun that size could injure her at this range. “I… I just wanted to change to a different position. This is starting to hurt my knees.”

Maruyu put away her gun. “Go ahead, but no funny business.” Slipping a hand underneath Maruyu, Musashi lifted her into the air. She sat up and held the girl up to her face. She dove in, eliciting a moan from Maruyu as she resumed her work. Something stirred inside her as she heard the little moans of pleasure her lover made as she pleasured her.

Maruyu noticed her distraction, growling “Don’t you dare stop now.” As the giantess swirled the tip on her tongue against the little sub’s snatch, Maruyu reached up with her free hand to squeeze her nipple through her swimsuit. “Just keep going… Hmmmmmnn… Aahhhnn” She moaned and ground her hips into the battleship’s tongue as she came. She closed her eyes in bliss as she savored the feel of the giant shipgirl’s powerful tongue against her.

Maruyu’s face was flushed and she struggled to catch her breath as Musashi set the little sub down on the floor gingerly. “There, I did what you asked. Just leave me alone and I won’t tell anyone about this.” Musashi’s face burned at the indignity of the act she had just performed. She looked at the floor, unable to look Maruyu in the eye.

Maruyu stood up, collecting herself. She walked over to one of the pieces of machinery that lay in storage there and ran a finger along it. She held up a finger caked with dust to Musashi. “Who would you tell? It’s obvious nobody’s been in here for at least a year. Have you even heard from the admiral since you got sent here? Does he even know you’re still here?”

“Of course, the admiral…must remember me. I am the pride of the fleet. He’s merely saving me for when he needs my strength the most. Right?” Her voice wavered as she tried to reason with herself.

Maruyu gave her a pitying look. “Well, I was thinking of having some more fun with you, but I don’t really feel like kicking you when you’re down.” She started walking towards the door. “If you want me to leave, then sure, I’ll leave, but I’m not coming back.”

Musashi’s heart sank. The indignation she felt was nothing compared to the dread of another year of darkness and loneliness in this forsaken place. Her pride had been the only thing that kept her going, but now even that was gone and the only person she’d spoken to in a year and a half was about to walk out the door and never come back. She heard the door at the far end of the room unlock and Maruyu begin to turn the doorknob. “Wait!” Musashi called out to her, crawling towards the door. “Don’t go. I’ll…” She choked on the words.

Maruyu froze in her tracks, grinning from ear to ear. The overgrown oaf fell for it! The little submarine felt like a master manipulator, with the massive battleship in the palm of her hand. She composed her face to contain her excitement before turning to face Musashi. “You don’t want me to leave now? If I stay, you’re going to have to do whatever I tell you. That’s my condition.”

Musashi swallowed the last scrap of her pride, and kneeled before the tiny sub, bowing her head in submission. “I’ll do whatever you ask of me.”

That cruel smile crept back over Maruyu’s face. “I’ll do whatever you ask, mistress.” She corrected her new servant.

“Yes… mistress.” Musashi said, the words sounding strange coming from her previously proud mouth.

Satisfied, Maruyu nodded. “Why don’t you start by taking off the rest of your clothes.” As Musashi took off her tattered jacket and untied her lower wrappings, Maruyu disconnected her equipment and stripped off her swimsuit. Unsure of what to do next, the battleship sat up on her knees and covered her crotch with a hand. As Maruyu walked between her legs, she ran a tiny hand along the giantess’s smooth brown thighs, causing her to shiver. “Alright, move your hand.” Maruyu said.

Musashi blushed. “But, I can’t. It’s embarrassing…”

“What’s there to be embarrassed about? We’re both girls. I thought you were ‘the pride of the fleet’, you can’t get embarrassed over a little thing like this.”

“Yes, mistress.” Musashi mumbled, and moved her hand away.

Maruyu gasped. It was certainly an impressive sight. Musashi was large, even for a battleship and this place was no exception. Brown lips as tall as Maruyu was dripped with arousal as the little sub approached. She could feel waves of heat radiating from it as she reached out with a slender hand to touch the giantess.

This time it was Musashi’s turn to gasp. She could feel the little hand massaging her most intimate parts. She’d never felt anything like it. She clasped a hand over her mouth to stifle a moan as Maruyu drew her hand to her mouth and licked the clear, sticky fluid from her fingers.

“You seem to be quite into this and I haven’t really done anything yet.” She lifted a foot to show that it was dripping wet from sitting in a puddle of the battleship’s juices. “You’re even making a huge mess on the floor. Could it be that your punishment earlier got you a little bit excited?”

“No, that’s… not it.” Musashi said weakly, her face burning.

“Oh, so you mean while you were eating me out, you weren’t thinking about swallowing me up with some other part your body?” She gently slipped a hand inside the giantess’s slit, all the way to the elbow.

“Aaahh!” Musashi cried out in surprise and her pussy clamped down. It felt like it was trying to pull Maruyu’s arm into her. As if the gaping pink mouth of Musashi’s cunt was trying to gobble up the tiny girl.

Maruyu slowly pushed her arm in up to the shoulder. “Tell the truth now. What were you thinking about?”

“Yes, I admit it. I was thinking about you. Just like this. Please… just…” Musashi pleaded incoherently.

“Just what? Stop?” Maruyu yanked her hand free, leaving Musashi panting and gritting her teeth. “You’re such a pervert. I was punishing you and you were thinking of stuffing me inside your filthy hole.” She teasingly ran a finger along the battleship’s inner lips. “I might consider indulging you, once you’ve earned it, that is.” She stopped and noticed something a little above her head. “Ah, now this… is something interesting.”

Musashi’s breathing became ragged as Maruyu ran a finger along the length of her clit. Even for a battleship such as her it was oversized and out of proportion, as wide as the smaller girl’s fist and twice as long, tapering along its length. When Musashi was fully aroused it stuck out unable to be contained by its hood, straining unpleasantly against her undergarments. But here, free to jut out proudly, it was a perfect target for her little tormentor’s lusts. It visibly throbbed as then sub drew a sticky line of fluid on its underside with her finger.

Maruyu nimbly leaped on top of Musashi’s thigh and placed a hand on the giantess’s muscular abs as if to push her over. “Lay down.”

“What are you planning to do?”

“You’ll see. Just do as I say, and trust me.”

Musashi laid down and tried to relax. She felt the little sub’s wet feet walking over her stomach and down towards her crotch. She looked up just in time to see Maruyu lowering herself onto her waiting clit. “Wait, it’s too-“ She gasped and groaned through clenched teeth as Maruyu lowered her weight onto the pink nub.

“Hmm.” Maruyu reached below Musashi’s clit wetting her hands with her dripping snatch. She gently spread the fluid over the surface of Musashi’s bud. Musashi’s panicked gasps were replaced by gentle moans. “Better?”

“Yes. Thank you, mistress.” Musashi replied sheepishly.

Maruyu positioned her pussy on the tip of the giant girl’s clit. It was big, wider than any dildo she’d ever seen, and it wasn’t exactly shaped right for penetration, but Maruyu was sure she could make it work. She relaxed her arms, letting the weight of her body push the tip inside her. Inch after inch of its smooth length disappeared inside her. It was so thick its throbbing length filled up her tiny pussy completely. Its mass pulsed with every beat of the battleship’s heart, sending waves of pleasure through Maruyu’s entire body.

Musashi gasped and her breathing quickened. “Wait, it’s too much!” She protested.

“Quit whining! You should be able to handle at least this much!” She tried to stand up, but lost her footing and fell, straight down on top of Musashi.

“Aaaaahhhh!” The both screamed in unison. Maruyu had never felt so full. The burning heat of the battleship’s clit spread throughout her body, and every time it throbbed, she thought she would cum on the spot. She’d never be able to go back to her little vibrator after this.

“Please stop moving.” Musashi pleaded with tears in her eyes. This alien sensation was too much for her.

Maruyu looked over her shoulder. “Not a chance.” Planting her hands into Musashi’s vulva, she twisted herself around to face the larger girl, leaving her new favorite toy lodged firmly inside her. “I’m not going to stop until I’m satisfied!” She swung her hips in a circle, grinding herself against the larger girl.

“No, no more. Please stop or I’ll…”

“You’ll what?” Maruyu grinned and slammed her hips down.

“I’ll cum!” It was all too much for Musashi. The sight of the tiny girl impaling herself upon her oversized clit was driving her wild. She wanted more. She needed more. Something was welling up inside her and she couldn’t control it. She reached out and grabbed Maruyu by the shoulders, pushing her down.

“Wait! Don’t-“ Maruyu tried to protest, but Musashi was too far gone to hear. “Hmmmaaahhhhnn.” Maruyu could only moan as she was overwhelmed by Musashi’s lust. She came as the giantess fucked her mercilessly. She was in heaven, as her slender body was pounded by a clit larger than any dick. Her mind almost blanked out from the pleasure as she nearly lost consciousness.

At the last moment, when she swore she couldn’t take any more, she found herself lifted into the air and dropped unceremoniously onto Musashi’s chest. It took a moment before Maruyu could catch her breath. She tried to get to her feet, but her legs were too shaky and slick with sticky fluid to let her stand up. Giving up, she slid down the side of the massive breast that was as large as her entire body, and climbed off Musashi’s body.

The super battleship lay with her eyes closed and a blissful look on her face, but her afterglow was interrupted by a tiny bullet bouncing off of her forehead.

“Ow! Why? Stop!” She cried, trying to shield herself with her hands.

“Who gave you permission to touch me?” The angry little sub yelled up at her.

“I’m sorry, Mistress, I’ll never do it again.”

Maruyu blew on the barrel of her gun before returning it to its holster. “Fine, I’ll overlook it just this once, since I came three or four times.” She said, blushing. “But you need to learn some self-control!”



Maruyu went to put her clothes back on, and Musashi crawled over to her.

“Are you leaving now?”

“I’ve been gone for a while now, I’m sure they’re wondering where I’ve disappeared to.”

“But, you’ll be back tomorrow, right?”

“You want to be my servant that badly, do you?”

“I… I guess.” Musashi said sheepishly.

Maruyu laughed. “Sure, I’ll come back tomorrow. Maybe I’ll even stop by every day. If you serve me well, I might even put in a good word for you with the admiral.”

“You’d do that for me?” Musashi had a hopeful look on her face.

“I’ll think about it.” Maruyu replied with a grin.