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Ashley's Inner Circle

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When the E! Network contacted them about doing a special recapping their friendship both Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens jumped at the chance. It was a great opportunity for some exposure, but more importantly it was getting paid to do what they'd do anyway, hangout in their free time and talk. Just because they would have a few scripted things to say, most of which they'd already discussed 1000 times, didn't really matter as at least some of it they would have talked about anyway, and they would have a chance to really talk whenever the cameras were off. Even if that might have to wait until the end of the day.

Ashley had been looking forward to that a lot, but... but Vanessa had been acting really weird all day, and she just couldn't put her finger on it. She... she just, seemed to be looking at her a lot more. Staring really. And smiling. Well, she had always been a smiley person, but something about this was different. Then there were these casual touches she gave her, like putting an arm around her when they were close or placing a hand on her need to emphasise a point, which might have been innocent if it wasn't for the looks and the smiles. They were innocent enough that everyone else dismissed them, but Ashley couldn't stop thinking about them.

She also couldn't stop thinking about something Vanessa had said, so once the cameras were off and everyone had gone home Ashley timidly asked her friend without looking at her, "So, did you mean what you said in the documentary?"

"About what?" Vanessa asked, before smiling and pointing out, "We both said a lot of things."

"About..." Ashley blushed, hesitating for a second before continuing, "About the threesome?"

Vanessa raised an eyebrow, and then smirked, "I meant every word I said in the documentary, especially that."

"Oh." Ashley blushed.

"Why?" Vanessa pushed, "Jealous?"

Ashley scoffed, "Of who? You? Please, I'm not that desperate to kiss James Franco."

"How about Ashley Benson?" Vanessa grinned.

"Erm, no." Ashley said flatly, "I'm not gay."

"You don't have to be gay to kiss a girl Ash." Vanessa pointed out.

"I know. But no, I'm not jealous of you for getting to kiss James or Ashley. The other Ashley." Ashley said, adding the last part because it sounded weird to say her own name, "Or pretending to have sex with them."

"It wasn't all pretend." Vanessa said softly.

"Oh my God!" Ashley exclaimed with a smile on her face, "You had sex with James Franco?"

"No." Vanessa smirked.

It took way longer than it should have for Ashley to figure out what her friend meant, but when she did her little frown turned into a wide-eyed expression of shock, "Oh."

There was long pause and then Vanessa looked apprehensive, "Is that... okay?"

"Huh? Oh, yes. Yes of course it's okay." Ashley said bringing her friend into a hug, "You're my best friend Vanessa. I don't care who you sleep with."

Trying not to be put off by that Vanessa quipped, "There wasn't much sleeping involved."

"I bet." Ashley grinned, pulling back, "Well, tell me all the details."

"Well..." Vanessa grinned wickedly.

"Not the sex you perv!" Ashley quickly added with a giggle, and a blush, "I mean how did you hook up? Was it your idea? Who seduced who?"

"She seduced me." Vanessa admitted, quickly continuing, "It was just before we started shooting, and she thought we should bond. Like, all four of us because we're playing friends, but especially the two of us because we ha such an intimate scene together."

"So you all had sex together?" Ashley teased.

"Not on the first day." Vanessa revealed.

"Oh my God you slut!" Ashley exclaimed, "You fucked all of them?"

"Oh yeah." Vanessa grinned, "But mostly I fucked Ashley since our characters were supposed to be in love. Besides, Rachel was married, and Selena only join the fun when her girlfriend Demi was around."

"Demi! As in Demi Lovato?" Ashley exclaimed, before frowning, "Oh my God... I didn't think they were friends anymore."

"Yeah, but they reconnected big time." Vanessa grinned widely again, this time wiggling her eyebrows, "But like I said, the orgies didn't happen until later. Much later. And at first it really was about PG bonding. Well, kind of romantic PG, but still PG, you know? Like, we went to the beach, hung out, had dinner together and just talked about everything and nothing. I suppose you could say at least she bought me dinner first. Then we went back to her hotel room exchanging secrets and she told me about how she was basically dating her Pretty Little Liars co-star Shay Mitchell but they had an open relationship and they had both basically fucked every girl, and half the guys, on that show."

"Oh my God!" Ashley exclaimed again, wondering just how many times she was going to say that tonight. Then she wondered about someone she'd met in passing, and would even consider a friend, "Even Lucy?"

"Lucy? Girl, she's like the biggest slut on that show. Ashley told me she'd hooked up with the woman playing her Mom, and had done some seriously twisted role-play with her." Vanessa confessed to scandalise her friend, before quickly adding, "Not that she mentioned it when she was seducing me. No, at first she was just talking about Shay and the other leads of Pretty Little Liars, telling me about all naughty things they did together in increasingly graphic detail until she noticed I was getting hot and bothered. Then she went in for the kill, asking if I'd ever thought about being with a girl, and when I said yes she asked if I wanted to hook up. I answered by shoving my tongue down her throat, and then she gave me like the best pussy licking ever. Well, there was this one time she and Selena licked my cunt while Rachel's tongue was up my ass, but trust me, you'll never forget your first time with a girl."

"Wow..." Ashley murmured, so overwhelmed by what her best friend had been telling her that it took a few long seconds for those final words sink in, "Wait, what you mean I'll never forget my first time with a girl?"

Smiling widely, and hopefully softly, Vanessa scooted forward on the hotel bed they had been sitting on, "Ash-"

"Wait, wait, wait!" Ashley scooted back, panicking a little, "Are... are you trying to seduce me?"

"Not if you don't want me too." Vanessa admitted, before quickly adding, "I really, really don't want to make you feel uncomfortable Ash, but I literally spent the past few months moaning your name while another blonde girl went down on me. How could I not think about you, and how much I love you, when the other Ashley was making me feel so good. Sex with a girl is so amazing Ash. Words just can't do it justice, and I just... I just want to show you how amazing it is. But if you are totally against it I understand. I just... I just really want to make you feel good, the exact same way the other Ashley made me feel good."

There was then a long silence, which felt like a lifetime, as Vanessa clearly gave Ashley a chance to think about it while the poor blonde ended up staring like an idiot at her best friend. Vanessa had just revealed so much, which totally overwhelmed Ashley. Which was probably the point. That, and trying to turn her on with all that talk about her fucking other girls. The thing was, it worked. Oh God, did it work, and Ashley was 99% sure that Vanessa knew that. But did she want to really risk her most important friendship just because she was overwhelmed and found a bunch of stories, which might not even be true, appealing?

As if reading her mind Vanessa added, "Obviously I don't want to ruin our friendship, because you're really important to me, but that's also why I'm doing this, and I think our friendship could be even more amazing if it came with sexy benefits."

Ashley let out a deep sigh and then asked, "What if I don't like it?"

"Then we'll stop. I promise." Vanessa said firmly, "But I really think you'd like it Ash."

"How can you be so sure?" Ashley asked softly.

"Because I did, even though I wasn't sure at first." Vanessa said softly, "And you didn't exactly seem grossed out when I was telling you about hooking up with the other Ashley and stuff."

"I wasn't." Ashley admitted.

"Then why not take the chance? Vanessa asked, "What's the worst that can happen? You don't like it, and then things are awkward between us for a few weeks? So what? We'll both get super busy, and next time we see each other it will be like nothing happened. If you don't like it, and I'm pretty sure you will."

"I..." Ashley began.

"And I'm not proposing here." Vanessa continued, "We don't have to treat this is a big deal. Well, it is, but there are no strings here. No commitments. Just two girls having fun."

"I'm..." Ashley tried to start again.

"You don't even have to do anything. I'll do all the work, I promise. Just-" Vanessa was suddenly cut off by a pair of soft lips.

The kiss was brief, but lasted long enough to take both girls breath away, the two of them just staring at each other for a minute or two before Ashley softly smiled, "What happened to us? We used to be Disney girls for God sakes. We made a living being sweet and innocent, And now... now we're talking about having sex."

"Don't Disney girls deserve to grow up? Have some fun?" Vanessa grinned.

In response Ashley smiled bashfully, which Vanessa returned and then kissed her again. This time it lasted not much longer than a minute or two, the entire world falling away and the only thing Ashley was aware of was Vanessa's lips, tongue, and her very feminine body pressed up against hers, which was different for her, and really weird, but also exciting and hot. Then what felt like hours later Vanessa moved her attention to Ashley's neck, and the blonde was amazed to learn that she was now lying on her back with her best friend on top of her, the realisation causing a soft whimper to escape her lips only for the brunette to move back up to kiss her again. Not that it was necessary, because Ashley was suddenly very, very on-board with this.

Vanessa thought that was the case, but she didn't want to take any chances. Not when she was so close to getting something she'd wanted for as long as she could remember. And yeah, she already had more than she thought she would ever have from Ashley, but Vanessa was greedy and wanted to make every last one of her dirty little fantasies about her best friend come true. Both the ones she'd had since pretty much the beginning, and the ones she never knew she wanted until the other Ashley introduced her to the wonderful world of lesbian sex, and turned her lifelong crush on her best friend into a burning need to make her hers.

Fucking all those other girls had given Vanessa the confidence she needed to make her dreams come true, however she had to play it cool. It had been hard to restrict herself and only tell Ashley half-truths, and sometimes flat out lies, as once she started she just wanted to tell her everything. But she had been holding back her whole life, and she would happily do it just a little longer if she could make every little part of Ashley hers. Besides, there was something to be said for taking her time and enjoying her conquest, Vanessa loving the way that Ashley was easy to seduce, and she loved kissing her even more, constantly switching between her friends lips and her neck for the next few minutes before making her way downwards.

To Vanessa's delight Ashley eagerly helped her take off her top and bra so she could have access to her perky little titties. Vanessa took full advantage of that by slowly kissing up one of those titties and then wrapping her mouth around one of Ashley's nipples. Ashley whimpered, gasped and moaned before Vanessa started sucking, and when she did her best friend let out the cutest little cry which made her grin around that nipple and slightly increased the suction. Then Vanessa kissed her way down that breast and up the other so she could repeat the process, soon afterwards going back and forth between Ashley's nipples and beginning to swirl her tongue around them, which got an extra positive sounds from the other girl.

As she continued getting those sounds, and Ashley seemed nice and ready for it, Vanessa did eventually move on. She lingered on the other girl's tits for maybe a little longer than necessary, but again she was just being cautious. Which seemed to pay off, as it seemed Ashley couldn't remove her shoes, socks, pants and panties fast enough. It was almost a shame, because Vanessa kind of wanted to remove Ashley's panties with her teeth, but hopefully there would be time for that later. Besides, it was hard to feel disappointed when Ashley Tisdale was naked in front of her, and unlike all those other times Vanessa didn't have to force herself not to stare and only give her friend the occasional longing glance. No, she got to look at her in all her glory.

Clearly Vanessa overdid it given that Ashley blushed and asked, "What?"

"Nothing." Vanessa murmured, shaking herself out of her thoughts, "It's just that, you're so beautiful."

"Thanks." Ashley blushed even more, "You too."

"Yeah?" Vanessa grinned.

"Yeah." Ashley smiled shyly, again blushing a little as she added, "But It's not exactly fair, you know? Here I am all naked, and you're... not."

"Yeah, that is unfair." Vanessa agreed with a nod, and then grinned, "Let's see what we can do about that shall we?"

Ashley hadn't really thought through her words, and momentarily regretted them when Vanessa pulled away from her. Well, she continued to regret it as she could have been getting her pussy licked right now if she'd have just stayed quiet, but she didn't complain, or indeed say anything, as she was too dumbstruck from watching as her best friend Vanessa Hudgins slowly stripped off her clothes in front of her. Which had happened before, many times, but Ashley had never really been paying attention before, which now seemed like a crime, because although she had always known that her friend was beautiful it felt like she was truly seeing her for the first time, and it literally took her breath away.

"Wow." Ashley murmured softly, then blushed as she hadn't meant to say that out loud.

She was then rewarded for her slip up with a happy smile, quickly followed by a soft kiss and became anything but as Vanessa gently pushed her back down onto the bed. They made out for a few long minutes, and then Vanessa began repeating what she'd done before, namely kissing her way down Ashley's body while lingering on her neck and particularly her boobs. The latter was particularly long, which made Ashley whimper pathetically, because she was more than ready for some attention else where, but she just couldn't say the words. She couldn't even think. Mostly because it was hard to think at all during this overwhelming experience, although she came very close just before Vanessa finally reached her final destination.

If all the previous teasing wasn't bad enough Vanessa pause when she reached that destination and looked up at her with a wicked little smile which for a second Ashley thought might make her cum by itself. Then Vanessa finally pressed her face in between Ashley's thighs, stuck out her tongue and slid it slowly over the blonde's pussy, causing Ashley to let out a cry of pure joy. That first lick was long, slow and travelled all the way from the bottom of her sex up to the top, Vanessa then repeating the process, making Ashley not only cry out but moan, groan, whimper and gasp in pleasure as for the first time in her life another girl went down on her.

Her best friend! Her best friend was going down on her! Her best friend who was a girl! A girl was going down on her! Vanessa! Oh God, her best female friend Vanessa Hudgens, a girl she grew up doing Disney movies with was now licking her pussy and Ashley was loving every second of it. God, she never wanted it to stop. She wanted Vanessa to lick her forever. Yes, regardless of the consequences Ashley desperately wanted her best female friend Vanessa Hudgins to lick her pussy just like this for all eternity. Well, maybe she could show her clit a little more attention, but right now that was a tiny nit-pick, otherwise Ashley felt like she was in heaven.

Vanessa also felt like she was in heaven. She also briefly thought it could be better, like if she and Ashley were in a 69 or the other Ashley was licking her pussy at the same time she worshipped her favourite Ashley's cunt, but that was just a sign that she had been spoilt with all the sex she'd been having lately. To her credit despite how tempting it was to get lost in those fantasies Vanessa was able to concentrate on the task at hand. Although she didn't deserve too much credit for that, as this was one of her biggest fantasies come true. And perhaps the most important one she was going to try to fulfilled tonight, because if she got this right she'd be able to talk Ashley into anything. Or at least that's what Vanessa was hoping.

It certainly helped that Ashley was responding so positively to all the gentle touches that Vanessa was giving her. It wasn't surprising considering her face was between her legs and she was now gently licking Ashley's pussy. And after all that positive reaction to the build-up it would have really hurt Vanessa's feelings if she was forced to stop now. Sadly that was a real possibility, as Ashley could freak out. But so far she had been more open to this than Vanessa had dared to dream back before she had met Ashley Benson. Now though Ashley Tisdale was naked before her and moaning, groaning, gasping and crying out in pure pleasure with every stroke of her tongue.

Which was good, because Vanessa never wanted to pull her face away from between Ashley's legs. Yes, screw her own selfish desires, Vanessa just wanted to spend the rest of her life making her best friend feel good. Well, maybe there was a little selfishness to it. See, ever since the other Ashley introduced her Vanessa had become a little bit addicted to licking pussy, and this was easily the tastiest twat she'd ever sampled. Sure, Vanessa was obviously biased, but hopefully she would be able to talk Ashley into letting her friends sampled this tasty treat for themselves so they could see just how yummy her best friend's pussy was. In the meantime, Vanessa was very much going to enjoy having Ashley all to herself.

Part of that was wrapping her mouth around Ashley's entrance so that she would be able to get every drop of that precious cream which was now flowing out of her friend. Yes, licking up that honey wasn't enough any more, Vanessa needed to make sure it went right down her throat and into her belly were it belonged. Of course the downside to this was she knew it would pushed them closer to the end of this wonderful act. Although that was also an upside, as Vanessa couldn't wait to taste Ashley's cum. Especially as she knew it would somehow be even more yummy than her regular pussy juice, if her experience with other girls was anything to go by. And of course, she was really, really looking forward to hearing Ashley begging her to make her cum.

Ashley was almost overwhelmed by the need for that, but everything she was feeling was so overwhelming she still didn't want it to end. And if that meant enduring some almost painful pleasure she was willing to do it, and more. Although it also meant she had to stare up at the ceiling and desperately try and prevent herself from closing her eyes, which only intensified her feelings of ecstasy, or looking down at her best friend nestled in between her legs which had the same results. Only that was more intense, because Ashley still couldn't believe Vanessa was doing this to her. That she could have done this to her before. That they could have been doing this all along.

It was almost painful to think she could have been experiencing this pleasure but hadn't because she was too afraid to try it, or because Vanessa was too chicken shit to seduce her. Yes, apparently Ashley was easy to seduce, at least for Vanessa, and in that moment Ashley dearly wished her best friend had done it much sooner. And yeah, this was on her too, because apparently Vanessa would have been equally easy to seduce for her. However Ashley hadn't known she liked girls. But now she knew, and she fully intended to make up for lost time. Yes, Ashley didn't care what she had to say or do, she would experience this again. And perhaps more importantly, at least for now, she would convince her best friend to make her cum.

Soon after the pleasure became literally painful Ashley whimpered, "Please Vanessa, make me cum. I need to cum. Please? Fuck me and make me cum. Please, mmmmm, I don't care what you have to do, just do it. Oooooooooh fuck, I'll do anything if you make me cum. Anything! Please Vanessa, I OH GOD! OH FUCK! OHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSS, AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH FUCK ME VANESSA, FUCK ME! FUCK ME! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDD, OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH SHIT!"

Perhaps Ashley should have been worried by the fact that as soon as she promised to do anything Vanessa gave her exactly what she wanted, but honestly she was too busy cumming to care about that or anything else. All that mattered was the incredible climax which shot through her body the second Vanessa slammed her tongue as deep inside her as it would go, Ashley's eyes going wide as she threw her head back to let out the loudest scream of the night. She then continued screaming incoherently as she was rocked by the most powerful orgasm of her life, which was somehow followed by another, and another, and another.

She'd heard women could have multiple orgasms, but Ashley hadn't thought it was actually possible until Vanessa proved it was. For that she would be forever grateful to her best friend, and in the few moments that she could actually think coherently, which were few and far between, Ashley promised herself she really would do anything Vanessa wanted. Because no matter what it was, it would be worth it, and she owed it to her wonderful best friend for making her feel like this. Yes, Ashley was determined to somehow return the favour, which was her last coherent thought for a while as she became completely mindless from the ecstasy she was feeling.

Vanessa was also mindless for a while as finally having Ashley Tisdale's girl cum hit her taste-buds completely overwhelmed her. Luckily she had plenty of experience now and as a result her body switched to autopilot, quickly removing her tongue from Ashley's cunt so she could concentrate on swallowing the heavenly liquid. Not that there was much swallowing required, as Ashley's cum pretty much squirted straight down her throat and into her belly were it belonged, and the only reason Vanessa got a good taste was because there was plenty of it. Then when Ashley's orgasm began to subside Vanessa's tongue pretty much shoved itself right back into Ashley's pussy and actually succeeded in fucking her briefly before repeating the process.

When Vanessa became accustomed to this heaven she smiled with blissful happiness at finally being able to make her best friend Ashley Tisdale cum in her mouth. And that somehow it was better than she'd ever dreamt. Although that wasn't that surprising, as previous experience with girls told her that was true, but still Ashley's responses to everything she was doing was just so positive, which was the best thing about this. No, the best thing about this was it almost guaranteed this wouldn't be a one time thing. That they would do this again. That she would be allowed to tongue fuck her favourite Ashley again. And maybe she would even be able to do anything to her, just like her friend had unwittingly promised.

Desperately wanting to ensure that Vanessa made Ashley cum as hard and as frequently as possible. She wanted to just stick to using her mouth and tongue for that, but they both got tired, and Vanessa knew that she had to pull out all the stops to make sure all her dreams came true. So reluctantly she moved her mouth upwards to wrap tightly around Ashley's clit and then pushed first one and then two fingers inside of her friend's welcoming twat. Vanessa then began switching between fingering and tongue fucking Ashley, getting at least the majority of the heavenly cream in the process, although a good amount ended up on her face, at least some of which she would get later, and would only make what they did next that much more fun.

Maybe Vanessa should have fucked Ashley into unconsciousness and called it a night. It would have been the selfless thing to do, and there was definitely something to be said for not pushing her luck. But Vanessa just couldn't help herself, there was one thing she desperately wanted, and she couldn't help at least try to get it. So when she sensed Ashley was nearing unconsciousness Vanessa slowly, and somewhat reluctantly, bought her friend down from her high and then pulled her way up her body to press her lips to hers. To her delight Ashley didn't hesitate to kiss back, even pushing her tongue into Vanessa's mouth so she could get a really good taste of her own cum and pussy cream. Which was definitely promising for the future, although it had little to do with what Vanessa wanted right now.

Ashley assumed that Vanessa would just want her to return the favour, so it seemed a good idea to test the waters by kissing Vanessa back. Besides, she desperately wanted to thank her for the ecstasy she had just given her, and kissing her seemed like such a small thing, even though it proved difficult given how exhausted she felt right now. The kissing somewhat helped with that, as did tasting herself, which Ashley had never done before but like with everything else she found it bizarrely enjoyable, at least in this context. Especially as Vanessa's equally naked body was pressing down on top of hers, and she could feel just how wet her best friend was from everything they had done, but probably particularly from eating her out, which was an incredibly thrilling thought.

When she finally broke the kiss Vanessa asked huskily, "Did you mean it?"

"Huh?" Ashley frowned, and hoarsely added, "What?"

"Did you mean it when you said you'd do anything?" Vanessa clarified.

"Oh." Ashley blushed slightly, "Yes."

Vanessa hesitated briefly, then asked, "Have you ever tried anal?"

"What? No, gross." Ashley replied automatically, before her eyes went wide, "What? Really?"

"Yeah." Vanessa replied sheepishly.

After a pause Ashley pushed, "With a finger or..."

"With a strap-on." Vanessa clarified, quickly adding when she saw the look on her friend's face, "I know that might sound scary, but nothing made Ashley Benson cum harder then when I fucked her up the butt with a strap-on. Or the other PLLs. And God Ash, have you seen your ass? It's like it was made to be fucked. It's... it's perfect. And like the most fuck-able thing ever. So please Ashley, give me your ass cherry. You didn't think you'd like girl on girl so much, and it totally just made you cum so hard you almost forgot your name. Don't lie, the proof of it is all over my face. And I think... I know I could do the same if you give me your ass. So please, do this for me Ash. I'll do anything if you just give this a try for me."

If she was being truly honest with herself Ashley figured she would always try anal, but it would be with her husband, or someone she was sure was the one. Even then only if they pushed her for it, but now she was genuinely considering doing something she had always considered gross and weird, and they weren't even dating. But this was more than that. This was her best friend, Vanessa. She couldn't imagine loving anyone more, especially after what Vanessa had just done for her, which definitely should be rewarded. And besides, she had promised Vanessa, and more importantly herself, that she would do anything her best friend wanted because of those incredible orgasms.

So against her better judgement Ashley cautiously murmured, "If, if I wanna stop-"

"We'll stop. I promise." Vanessa swore gleefully, "And I'll spend like an hour making sure you're totally ready for it."

Ashley bit her lip and then blushed, "And, and you'll be gentle."

"Absolutely." Vanessa quickly agreed.

"And you won't tell anyone about this." Ashley pushed.

Vanessa hesitated, and then clarified, "If when I'm done with your cute little butt hole, you don't want me to tell anyone, I won't. But, the thing is Ash, I think you will. I think you'll want me to tell my friends all about the fun we had tonight, so they can fuck you too. Ooooooh yeah, when I'm done with you you're going to want to meet my new friends, and you'll want me to tell them all about what we did tonight, so they can do it to you."

Blushing even more at that Ashley admitted, "Maybe. I mean, I... I'd like them to eat my pussy, and maybe I'd even enjoy eating theirs, after some time eating yours. But, up the butt? I can't see myself doing that more than once. But I'd do just about anything for you, especially after making me cum like that."

"Oh Ashley, you don't have to worry, because I'm about to make you cum like that again.." Vanessa promised with a wicked grin, "Oh yeah, I'm going to make you cum so hard when I take your virgin ass that will become a total anal slut, desperate for cock in her tight little butt."

Again blushing Ashley slowly turned over onto all fours, grumbling as she did so, "Yeah, right. You're just lucky I love you."

"I love you too." Vanessa grinned, becoming a mindless statue for a few long seconds as Ashley presented her beautiful bubble butt to her and she became completely lost in the idea that she would finally get to butt fuck her best friend, eventually adding dreamily as she reached down to stroke those amazing cheeks, "And I love this ass."

If it wasn't for how giddily happy this was all making the woman who just made her cum so hard that Ashley would have probably protested. Hell, she would never have even considered giving up her butt cherry. But it did, and suddenly Ashley found herself on all fours, just waiting for her best friend Vanessa to take her anal virginity. God, how was this happening to her? Oh yeah, the incredible lesbian sex. Well, at least Vanessa had promised to take plenty of time to prepare her. Although maybe too much time, because there was a long pause between when she turned over and when Vanessa finally touched her, and when she did it was just to massage her butt cheeks like she was in some weird massage parlour. Then all of a sudden Vanessa leaned down and pressed a kiss to her ass.

"Oh my God!" Ashley exclaimed in surprise, and then giggled as Vanessa began covering both cheeks in kisses. She was just about to tease that her friend was now officially an ass kisser when Vanessa pulled her cheeks apart, pressed her tongue against her taint and then slowly push it upwards, sliding over her most private hole and working its way up her ass crack, before repeating the process, causing Ashley to cry out loudly, "Oh my God! OH GOD! Oh God. Vanessa? Oh fuck! You're licking my ass! I can't believe you're licking my little ass hole!"

"Shhhhhh, relax baby." Vanessa said softly, "Trust me, natural lube is always the best. And more fun."

Then Vanessa pushed her face deep in between her cheeks and then really started to go to town on her butt hole, causing Ashley to cry out and swear again. It certainly wasn't Ashley's idea of fun, at least when it came to giving a rim job. That was definitely something she'd never considered doing, and would have probably said no even if that's what Vanessa had asked for. But receiving one? Well, it wasn't her tongue touching an ass hole. And she had to admit, it felt kind of good. Twisted and really wrong, but good. And Vanessa clearly knew what she was doing, which was a good sign for things to come. But also a bad thing, because Ashley didn't want to be a anal slut, and she was now very worried that Vanessa was going to turn her into one with ease.

Vanessa had wanted that for a very long time, and was determined to get it. But she was also determined to give Ashley the best rim job possible. Partly so Ashley could embrace her destiny as an anal slut, and most importantly her anal slut, but mostly because she just loved eating ass and she wanted to make Ashley feel good. Which was why she slowly began zoning in on that tiny little hole, making her licks smaller and smaller until she was only licking Ashley's ass hole. She then swirled her tongue around that little hole, and wrapped her mouth around it so she could occasionally suck it as well as lick it. Finally, she began trying to push her tongue inside.

Even though Vanessa had doubted that Ashley was telling the truth earlier she was very grateful for confirmation in the form of her she yelling at the tip of her tongue into her best friend's tight little butt hole. It would have broken her heart if someone else had gotten to Ashley's tightest of holes first, and Vanessa was on cloud nine with the knowledge she was about to become the one to pop this precious cherry. But again she was determined to give a thorough rim job, so she let go of the butt cheeks she'd been holding apart throughout so she could spend a few glorious minutes smothering herself in Ashley's ass while getting down to some serious butt munching. As she did that Vanessa brought her hand up to rub Ashley's pussy, partly to increase her friends pleasure, but mostly to prepare her for what she did next.

Namely kind of take Ashley's anal cherry with her finger, both girls crying out as she pushed it into her, the difference being that Vanessa actually spoke some words, "Oh God Ash, you have no idea how long I've waited for this."

Which of course only made Ashley whimper, although as with the other sounds out of her mouth there was pleasure mixed in with the embarrassment, and she never told Vanessa to stop, but even when she started violating her with her finger. In fact she continued moaning in pure pleasure from the beginning of the rim job to the moment Vanessa pushed the tip of her finger into Ashley's ass hole, and even that was mostly pleasure, even when Vanessa pushed her finger up to the knuckle and her friend's tight little ass. Which definitely confirmed it, Ashley was an anal virgin, and Vanessa was about to introduce her to the joys of butt sex.

Of course to do that she had to retrieve her strap-on dildo from its hiding place, and despite her earlier words cover it with a little lube just to make absolutely sure Ashley would enjoy this. But then Vanessa quickly returned to her friend's side and that only reinserted her finger to a positive result but managed to add a second, pushing those fingers this way and that to make sure Ashley was nice and ready to be sodomised. Maybe Vanessa should have added a third, but at that point she just couldn't wait anymore. She physically needed to take Ashley's ass, otherwise she was going to do something she regretted, like shove her dick straight up her best friend's virgin butt the second she pulled her fingers out of her.

Still, Vanessa couldn't help but take advantage of this situation, and make sure she had the best view possible for this, "Ashley, could you do something for me? Spread your cheeks. I, I know how it sounds, but it really will help you relax, and it would be so hot for me. Oh God yes Ash, mmmmmm, show me that pretty little virgin butt. You really are the best friend ever for giving me this precious gift. And I promise, mmmmmm, I'm about to make you feel so good. Even better than I did before. In fact, I'm going to make you love this so much that not only will you be a total anal whore, but you'll want to be my total anal whore. Mmmmmm, that's it baby, relax for me. Relax and give me that sexy little ass of yours."

Ashley blushed but did what she was told, pressing her face down to the bed sheets and slowly reaching back to spread her ass cheeks. She couldn't believe that she was exposing herself in such a lewd way to her best friend. Then again Ashley couldn't believe she had willingly done half the things that she had done with Vanessa tonight. This was definitely on top of the list though, and when Vanessa pulled her fingers out of her butt and replace them with her strap-on dildo Ashley initially flinched in fear. But Vanessa immediately pausing and cooing softly reminded Ashley if she was going to do this with anyone she wanted it to be with her best friend, so she forced herself to relax and stay that way as the other girl began slowly stretching her ass hole.

Feeling something knocking on her back door and then beginning to force it's way inside was scary, but when the time came Ashley had to admit there was a certain thrill to doing something so perverse. That was especially true for when her virgin back hole stretched wide enough for Vanessa's dildo to slide through it and into her before now never violated butt, meaning that her best friend had officially taken her ass cherry. Which of course made her cry out and flinch in pain, but the pain faded surprisingly quickly and left only a perverted thrill behind it, mostly because her awesome best friend stayed perfectly still and allowed Ashley to get used to the feeling of having something in her ass.

The pain returned when Vanessa eventually pushed forward again, but it was nowhere near as strong as before. If anything it was more of a discomfort, which was more or less overwhelmed by the mental pleasure of having the most private hole on her body not only being violated, but by another girl with a strap-on. Her best friend, who she loved dearly, Vanessa Hudgens was stuffing a strap-on cock up her ass, and Ashley started desperately telling herself it was only who this was, and the fact that she was a girl, which was the reason why it was feeling so good. Because that reason was embarrassing enough, but the alternative was unthinkable.

However shortly after the sodomy officially started Ashley would realise the alternative was almost certainly true, which made her whimper and even cry into the bed sheets. Which she would have been mad at Vanessa for not noticing, but as they were drowned out by loud moans of pleasure she supposed it was forgivable. Besides, she was desperately trying to avoid any sound coming out of her mouth, because she feared it would be of enjoyment. Or worse she would beg for more, because her rectum relaxed embarrassingly quickly, which could only mean one thing. She was an up the butt girl. Oh God, she was a girl who actually liked it up the butt, and Ashley had no idea how she was going to live with the shame of that. Especially if she begged for more like she almost certainly would.

Vanessa vividly remembered anally violating Ashley Benson for the first time. For so long it had been her favourite memory, even over butt fucking all those other girls. It was special to her, and always would be. But that had been forever replaced as her favourite memory the second she had started pushing her cock into Ashley Tisdale's perfect ass. She knew it would be, but during the slow invasion, and the wonderful moment she officially took her best friend's butt cherry, Vanessa was terrified that Ashley would freak out and force it to stop, and she was no longer sure she could. No, she had to convince Ashley to let her finish, because she could no longer stand the idea of not literally owning Ashley Tisdale's ass. Simply popping her anal cherry wasn't enough, she needed to make this perfect ass hers, and Ashley her butt slut.

So Vanessa went slow, slower than with any other girl she'd ever anally taken, and perhaps slower than was necessary, and as a result Ashley didn't offer up a word of protest as Vanessa stuffed her rectum full of strap-on cock. Then something weird happened. The moment her thighs came to rest against Ashley's ass cheeks, meaning that she had buried her cock within her best friend's butt and without a shadow of a doubt robbed her of her anal virginity, Ashley let out a little cry of pleasure. Or maybe that was her? Yes, it had to be her. After all, this was the moment she had been waiting for, for months or maybe even her entire life, and the alternative was just absurd.

Then after a long pause Vanessa started slowly pulling her hips back and then pushing them forwards, pumping the dildo in and out of Ashley's ass hole for the first time. Which caused Ashley to whimper in disappointment as the dick left her rectum, and then moan loudly in approval as it was returned to her hot little ass. For a moment Vanessa just blinked in amazement, then she grinned wickedly and slowly repeated the process, officially beginning to give her best friend Ashley Tisdale her first ever butt fucking. Which would have been enough to be an easy highlight of her life, but it was better than she ever imagined because despite an obvious attempt to hide it Ashley started moaning in pleasure right from the beginning.

After their first time together the other Ashley had claimed she had loved anal right from the start, that the moment she lost her back door virginity she knew she was always meant to be a total ass whore. At the time Vanessa had rolled her eyes and laughed, because while it made for an incredibly hot story there could be no way it was true. But her Ashley clearly loved this that much. Her Ashley was a total ass whore! And she was totally going to be her ass whore. Vanessa promised herself that. Well, she had promised herself that before, because again Ashley's ass was made for fucking and should be rightfully hers, but now she was more determined than ever to make her dream of turning her best friend into her personal anal slave come true.

Ashley had actually given up on trying to hide just how much she was enjoying being ass fucked, because it obviously hadn't been working. She tried to tell herself that was just because Vanessa was an amazing ass fucker, however as much as she tried to believe it they both knew it wasn't true. Well, Vanessa was an amazing ass fucker, as proven by the way she effortlessly loosened Ashley's anal walls and had her desperate to beg for more. So Ashley liked to tell herself she had been screwed anyway. But the truth was Vanessa had been right, her butt was made for fucking. Ashley knew that now. There was no other way to explain her enjoying anal sex right from the start.

The reason she was still grinding her teeth and digging her fingernails into her butt cheeks was because she was desperate to cling onto an ounce of her dignity. Ideally by causing Vanessa just lose her patients and give her the deep hard anal pounding that Ashley desperately wanted to receive, and that Vanessa obviously wanted to give her. Although honestly at this point Ashley would just settle for not begging like a total whore for as long as she possibly could. So she held back the urge until it became literally painful, then closed her eyes, tried to make peace with the fact that she really was an ass whore, and then started shamelessly begging for what she so desperately needed.

"Harder! Mmmmmm, please fuck me harder!" Ashley whimpered, before she really got into the begging, desperately trying to tell Vanessa what she thought she wanted to hear, "Fuck my ass! Fuck my tight little ass hole! Ass fuck me hard and make me a little ass whore. Please Vanessa, you promised! Mmmmm, you promised to turn me into a total anal slut, oooooooh, and I think you kind of have , but you need to finish the job. You need to make me cum. Ohhhhhhh fuck, if you make me cum we can totally do this again. Whenever you want! Oh yeah, fuck me hard and make me your little anal slut. Yeahhhhhh, don't just make me an ass whore, make me your ass whore. Please Vanessa, make me your personal ass whore. Fuck me in the ass hard and deep until I need it like need oxygen. Ooooooh, make me crave your cock baby. Make me crave it. Mmmmm, fuck my ass so good that I'm craving it night and day, until I'm nothing but your butt sex loving lesbian slave!"

"My bitch?" Vanessa pushed, "Will you be my bitch?"

"Yes!" Ashley quickly agreed, "I'll be your bitch! I'll so be your bitch! I'll be whatever you want me to be, just make me cum."

"Then prove it. Go on all fours and start riding this dick like the little anal loving bitch you are." Vanessa ordered sternly, and then when Ashley did as she was told grinned wickedly and told her, "Mmmmm yeahhhh, prove to me that you want to be my little lesbian ass whore, mmmmmm, with a butt that was made for fucking. Prove that you want to be my butt slut, my ass whore, anal slave and whatever else I want to call you, because you're just so desperate to cum like a bitch with a nice big dick up your sexy little ass! Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh, that's it Ashley, become mine. Oh Gosh Ash, you have no idea how long I've wanted this, and now I finally have you right where I want you. Now you're finally mine. Now I finally own your fucking ass hole bitch! Ooooooh, and I'm going to use it however, and whenever, and wherever I want! Because you are mine! Ohhhhhhhhh fuck! All mine!

Without hesitation Ashley lifted herself up onto all fours and started thrusting back against Vanessa's big ass taming cock. She had to start off with a slow and steady rhythm, but she quickly worked herself up to something much more powerful than Vanessa had been giving her and soon Ashley could feel her orgasm rushing towards her. It didn't matter that Vanessa was now completely still, or that she had totally humiliated her. All that mattered was she was finally going to cum, Ashley giving up what little was left of her dignity as she moaned, whimpered and gasped in pure pleasure as she got closer and closer to the edge of her climax.

Perhaps ironically the thing that finally triggered it was that Vanessa finally start to ass fucked her again, Ashley letting out her loudest cry so far as her best friend suddenly gave her ass a hard thrust which sent her crashing over the edge of the most powerful climax of her life. As it was raising through her Vanessa started picking up her pace, triggering equally powerful orgasms which introduced Ashley to a mindless animal, slamming herself back against the new owner of her ass hole. Ashley might not have meant her words before, because she was so desperate to cum she would have said anything, but now every word was the gospel truth, and her last coherent thought for a while was that she hoped that Vanessa meant it, and that now her ass belonged to her.

Vanessa had meant every word, because this was the plan all along. To make Ashley's ass hers. To make her inner circle hers. Oh yes, Vanessa thought with a smile, she like that, and planned to tell it to Ashley. She was also ashamed she hadn't thought of it sooner. After all, what better way than to celebrate the end of the filming of Inner Circle them by destroying Ashley's inner circle? Yes, Vanessa bet the camera crew which followed them around today, and the executives at E, would never in a million years think that after that documentary Vanessa Hudgens bent Ashley Tisdale over and popped her anal virginity, violating that tight little circle, ramming her inner depths like never before, and forever turning her best friend into her personal ass whore.

More importantly they wouldn't guess that after today this would be Ashley's life. Constantly bending over whenever Vanessa wanted. Being her little anal slut. Pimping out her most private hole to her friends, co-workers and maybe even her bodyguards just for fun. Oh yes, it might take a little convincing, but Vanessa like the idea of sitting back and watching as one by one her big musclebound bodyguards butt fucked her best friend and filled her rectum full of their cum. Maybe she'd even suck it out of Ashley's ass hole. Or make Ashley shit it out and then drink it. Perhaps that could be a new party trick, before letting her friends use her personal ass whore. Most of all, Vanessa wanted to let her Spring Breakers's co-stars, which had introduced her to this fun in the first place, have they're shot with her bitch's butt.

Before those fantasies could become a reality Vanessa needed to follow the plan through and make sure Ashley came so hard and frequently that there would never be a single doubt in her mind that she was hers. Luckily thanks to Ashley again having an ass which was literally made for fucking, her Spring Breakers's co-stars, and Ashley slamming back against her like a wild animal it was probably the easiest thing she'd ever had to do. The only problem was that all this mental stimulation combined with the stimulator inside the harness bashing against her clit ensured that Vanessa came a lot too, and while it wasn't as much or as hard as Ashley it was still incredibly satisfying, and incredibly draining.

Even though there was nothing Vanessa wanted more than to butt fuck her best friend Ashley Tisdale forever she just didn't have the strength or the stamina for that. No one did, and she had to be satisfied by simply giving a good attempt, and a lot of orgasms along the way. She also had Ashley collapsing faced down in exhaustion, the only thing keeping her lower half in the air being Vanessa holding tightly to her hips, which Vanessa chose to take as a good sign. Plus it meant in that moment Ashley was literally nothing but an ass for Vanessa to fuck, which allowed her to push them both into at least one more climax each before she finally stopped.

Ashley was barely aware of Vanessa stopping and then beginning to pull her dick out of her ass. When more than usual was removed Ashley whimpered as in her delirious state she thought Vanessa was about to deliver an extra powerful thrust. Instead the entire dildo was yanked from her brutalised butt hole, causing her to cry out and then whimper in a mixture of surprise and disappointment that the fun was over. She then whimpered yet again as Vanessa pulled her cheeks apart and exposed her gaped opened back hole. If she had more energy Ashley would have definitely complained, because her ass hole felt like it resembled the Grand Canyon right now and it was embarrassing. Although it had nothing compared to what came next.

"Wow, your butt hole looks so cute when it's gaped! Mmmmm, I knew it would." Vanessa giggled as she let go of her cheeks and shuffled down beside her. Then all of a sudden her face became uncharacteristically stern as she ordered, "Now be a good little ass whore and suck my cock clean."

That woke Ashley up, and she lifted her head out of the bed sheets and exclaimed, "Ewww..."

She was going to say more, about how ass to mouth was gross and disgusting, and she would never ever do something so vile. However that monster ass fucking and the fact that her ass was now gaping open made her feel so submissive and weak, and right now Vanessa looked so strong and dominant, and above all else Ashley desperately wanted to know the joy of having the other girl's big cock in her ass again. So to her disbelief she found herself initially opening her mouth to say something, but after a long pause she just closed it, lowered her gaze, and then lowered her head to Vanessa's crotch. She then screwed up her face, closed her eyes and leaned her head forward so she could wrap her lips around the strap-on cock which had just wrecked her rectum.

What was even more shocking than her actions was the fact that she almost instantly moaned in pure pleasure. She, she actually liked the taste of her own ass. And not just like it, she instantly loved it. Needed it. Craved it. Yes, Ashley instantly wanted more, and after a few long seconds of savouring the flavour began frantically bobbing her head up and down Vanessa's dildo. Which in turn made Vanessa laugh with wicked delight, reached down and started gently stroking Ashley's long blonde hair while giving her the type of verbal encouragement which made Ashley blushed furiously in embarrassment, and yet crave more, and tell Vanessa that by looking up at her lovingly.

"Oh God, you love it! Right from the start? Fuck Ash, you really were made for this. Mmmmmm, and now you're mine. Gosh, I can't believe you're mine. Finally!" Vanessa said, "Oh Gosh Ash, I'm going to take such good care of you. I swear. I'll butt fuck you every single day I can, oh Gosh, even move my schedule around if I have too, just so I can have some of that sweet ass again. And I'll teach you to eat pussy, and ass, mmmmmm, maybe spank you when you're naughty, and most of all just constantly fuck you up the ass. Oooooh yeah, I'm gonna pound your ass all the time, and make you suck my cock clean once I'm done thoroughly gaping you, and oh, pimp you out to all of my friends. Yeahhhhh, Selena has to get a piece of this ass! Mmmmm, Rachel too. Ohhhhh, and who knows, maybe even the other Ashley will strap on one for once just to get a piece of your hot butt. Ooooooohhhhhhh, whatever it takes to make sure you remember you're mine. That you're my personal ass whore and I own your sexy little ass!"

That shouldn't have been appealing, but Ashley was so broken in that moment she found herself hoping that Vanessa meant every word of it. From the look and sound of it she did, which was good, because in that moment Ashley was nothing but her good little ass whore. More importantly her good little ass to mouth whore, something Ashley felt she proved as she shoved more and more of the dildo down her windpipe, eventually deep throating the entire length. Which was impressive, as she never sucked a cock nearly this big before, making her amazed that it had all fit up her butt. Joyfully it was true, which she was reminded of soon afterwards as Vanessa proceeded to ass fuck her over and over again until they became completely unconscious.

Chapter Text

Ashley Tisdale groaned as she slowly returned to consciousness. The first thing she was really aware of was that her ass hurt. Like, a lot. Which was weird, until memories of last night came rushing back to her, her eyes opened wide with shock and a tiny squeak escaped her lips, followed by a whimper. She'd fucked Vanessa last night. Well, more like Vanessa had fucked her. God, her best friend Vanessa Hudgens had seduced her with ease, ate her pussy, popped her anal cherry and then spent the rest of the night relentlessly ramming her ass through orgasm after orgasm. Even now, hours later, Ashley could feel her butt hole hadn't fully closed, and she wasn't sure it ever would.

For a moment she was angry about that, and that her best friend had seduced her into such a twisted and forbidden act, and she was especially mad when she turned over to look at her, even that slight movement making the pain worse. But then she just kept remembering those incredible climaxes, and suddenly she was looking down at the sleeping body of Vanessa, and her breath was taken away. She had always known her best friend was beautiful, but somehow she had never truly known it until this moment. Not even last night could compare, because Vanessa just looked so beautiful when she was sleeping. And ironically innocent, which was almost laughable given what they had done last night.

When they had finally gone to sleep after hours of butt sex Vanessa had spooned her, Ashley remembering feeling so safe and loved in those arms. She missed that feeling now, but Vanessa rolling off her in the middle of the night gave Ashley a chance to do something she'd wanted to do last night, namely return the favour. Not fuck Vanessa's ass. Ashley wasn't sure she had that in her. Maybe someday, but she was pretty sure given just how hard she had cum, and how natural it all felt, that she was a pure bottom. Vanessa had said as much, and had made it very clear she wanted Ashley to be her bitch, which was now something Ashley very much wanted.

Luckily there was another, arguably more obvious, way for Ashley to return the favour, and at least try and make Vanessa feel half as good as she had made her feel last night. Which was of course to go down on her. Which was very scary, as Ashley hadn't done it before, but at the very least she knew from receiving head how to get things started, and wake Vanessa up in the best way possible. From there, she was sure Vanessa would give her some advice on how to proceed. So after a few long minutes of just staring at the other girl's beauty Ashley grinned mischievously and disappeared underneath the bed sheets, only pressing a few gentle kisses to the naked flesh in front of her as she descended Vanessa's body, not wanting to wake her friend up before she found her groove.

Vanessa returned to consciousness with a groan a few minutes later. Initially she smiled as she recognised the sensation she was feeling for what it was, but then Vanessa opened her eyes and saw a pretty blonde head between her legs and automatically concluded that it was Ashley Benson waking her up for yet another round of passionate butt sex. Which actually made Vanessa threw her head back, her close her eyes again and whimper with disappointment. Immediately she regretted it, as she didn't want to make Ashley think she wasn't grateful, but she'd been having this wonderfully vivid dream where she finally seduced Ashley Tisdale. And not only seduced her, but took her anal virginity and then pounded her perfect ass all night long.

Hearing that sound of disappointment Ashley lifted her head and nervously asked, "Is, is everything okay?"

Opening her eyes wide and looking down between her legs to see her dreams come true Vanessa whimpered, "Ashley?"

"Because it's my first time. So if I suck, I could-" Ashley said quickly, although she didn't get very far before Vanessa grabbed her face and pulled her up into a deep kiss.

So as not to pull Ashley to far Vanessa sat up just before shoving her tongue down her best friend's throat, before breaking the kiss and grinning, "I can't believe you're really here. Doing, that."

Even though she blushed Ashley felt more confident now, and even sounded as she teased, "Want me to stop?"

"No!" Vanessa said quickly, before forcing herself to add, "I mean, if you want to... I guess. I mean, we can do something else. I mean-"

"I don't want to do anything else." Ashley confessed with a shy smile.

"Yeah?" Vanessa grinned.

"Yeah." Ashley smiled again, before admitting, "At least not right now. I mean, I'd love you to fuck me again, but right now, this is good. It's just... maybe you could give me some pointers? Being experienced and all."

"I could do that." Vanessa grinned.

There was then a slightly awkward pause before Ashley leaned forward to press her lips against Vanessa's again, this kiss sadly brief, before the blonde lowered her head in between the brunette's legs and started licking her pussy with the same gentle laps as before. That wonderful pleasure, and more importantly the knowledge of who was giving it to her, causing Vanessa to cry out softly in pleasure, grabbed the back of Ashley's head and then slowly lower herself back down so she was lying on her back again. Lying on her back with Ashley Tisdale between her legs and licking her pussy like the eager little first timer she was.

Which was so overwhelming at first that Vanessa completely forgot about Ashley's request to give her some pointers. Then when she did remember Vanessa chose to just stay silent for quite a while, as there was just something so endearing about the cautious and nervous licking that Ashley was giving her. Especially as all other girls she had been with before now had been experienced pussy lickers. Even Rachel had fucked girls before Spring Breakers, leaving Vanessa as the most inexperienced member of the cast when it came to girl on girl fun. Now she was the experienced one, corrupting her innocent friend and hopefully turning her into a cunt craving lesbian slut.

Of course as much as Vanessa was really enjoying what Ashley was doing to her it soon became pretty clear that her friend was becoming worried, or just annoyed at her silence. Which was pretty crazy, considering Vanessa was moaning and whimpering in pure pleasure the entire time. Okay, a lot of that was the mental pleasure of finally having her best friend Ashley Tisdale do this to her, but that didn't mean that her sounds of enjoyment were fake, or even exaggerated, and Vanessa would have happily continued just like this much longer. But at the same time she desperately wanted Ashley to enjoy this, especially as Vanessa hope this will be the first of many times that her best friend would eat her pussy.

Ashley definitely didn't want this to be a one time thing. No, she wanted Vanessa to mean every word she had said last night, and more. She wanted to be Vanessa's bitch, and all those other delightfully nasty things she had said. However she needed advice. After all, she had no idea what she was doing. Well, she had some idea. The equipment certainly wasn't unfamiliar to her, she knew what she liked, and while last night had been a blur of orgasms she did remember at least some of the things Vanessa did, and she tried to do them in return. But she didn't remember enough, and she didn't know what exactly Vanessa liked, and she was just so nervous, and infuriatingly it took ages for Vanessa to finally give her some advice.

"Oh Ash, mmmmmmm ohhhhhhhh, that's so wonderful." Vanessa moaned happily, reaching down to gently stroke the long blonde hair which was between her legs, as a way to further encourage Ashley, "Ooooooooh baby, you're making me feel so good. But not so much pressure on my clit. Mmmmmm, it feels really good, but I don't want to cum yet. No, mmmmm, not with the amazing view of Ashley Tisdale in between my legs and licking my pussy like a good little submissive lesbian slut. Oh God yes Ash, just like that. Oh yeah, give the rest of my pussy plenty of attention. Yeahhhhhh, that's it Ashley, you're doing so well. Ohhhhhh yeahhhhh, you've got so much natural talent baby, but when I'm done with you you're going to be a first class rug muncher."

The words of encouragement were just as much appreciated as the moans, groans, whimpers, gasps and cries that Ashley had been squeezing out of Vanessa since before she was even properly awake. However shortly after she woke those sounds of enjoyment became louder, and more clear once Vanessa started talking, and Ashley was worried that her friend was exaggerating what she was feeling, which was heart-breaking. Considering the amazing pleasure that Vanessa had given her last night Ashley wanted to return the exact amount. Just trying wasn't acceptable anymore, and really that's just something Ashley had told herself to encourage her to do it.

Even though Ashley enjoyed the encouragement it was no longer necessary, as again she was determined to return the favour, and perhaps more importantly she was already addicted to the taste of Vanessa's pussy. It now seemed insane to Ashley that she had been worried she wouldn't enjoy it, but it really was like the yummiest liquid ever. Well, this and her own ass juice. Oh yes, thanks to her best friend Ashley's new favourite flavours were Vanessa's pussy cream and her own butt juice, which sent an incredible thrill straight to her core and unnecessarily gave her more to make Vanessa feel good and lick up some more of the heavenly liquid in front of her.

What Ashley listened to the most though were Vanessa's instructions, which initially she was incredibly relieved to receive, and then disappointed. The disappointment quickly faded as Ashley realised this was her chance to truly repay Vanessa by worshipping the most sensitive part of her body and really make her feel good. It also meant she got more girl cream, and the chance to savour it, which was worth its weight in gold. But as much as Ashley thoroughly enjoyed that she had a growing need to make Vanessa cum, and a few times rebelliously lingered on her friend's clit or increased the pressure and/or speed of her licks to try and encourage the other girl to give her permission to make her cum. And more importantly specific instructions on how to do so.

Vanessa knew exactly what Ashley was trying to do, and she found it rather endearing. It was something the other Ashley often did, although Vanessa was more than fine with ignoring Ashley Benson until she felt like giving the little blonde pussy slut what she wanted. She didn't feel like she had that option with this Ashley, although Vanessa still didn't give her what she wanted right away, partly to find the line between spoiling her and being cruel, but mostly just to make sure her eventual orgasms would be nice and hard. After all, she hadn't exaggerated anything so far, and Vanessa didn't want to start when it came to the end result.

Inevitably though Vanessa found herself whimpering, "More! Mmmmmm, give me more. That's it Ash, ooooooooh, linger on my clit! Lick it nice and slow, mmmmm, now just a little harder. Harder. Harder. Ohhhhhhhh Ashley, you really were born for this. Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh, born to eat pussy. Yes, keep doing that. Lick my clit harder! Lick my pussy, oooooooh, lick my whole pussy harder, ooooooohhhhhhh Ashley. Ashley! God Ashley, I've waited for this for so long. Dreamt of it. Fucked myself too it. Oh yeah, I fingered that little dyke cunt of mine night and daydreaming of my best friend in between my legs, and now finally here you are, worshipping my pussy like your little tongue was designed to please me. Yesssssssss, you please me so good, aaaaaahhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk, now let's see what that mouth can do! Oh yeah, wrap your mouth around my clit and suck it! Suck it! Fuckkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhh, suck it just like that, oh Ashley, oooooooohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk, oooooooohhhhhhhhh Gooooooooddddddd!"

With just a few instructions Ashley had Vanessa practically on the edge of orgasm, and it really wouldn't take much to push her over that edge. But again Vanessa waited, this time just for her own selfish pleasure. Not just so she could enjoy the feeling of being on the edge, but so she had time to stuff a pillow underneath her back so hopefully she could continue enjoying the heavenly view in front of her when she could no longer look down. Then Ashley looked up at her with this beautiful pleading look and Vanessa just couldn't hold back any more, both because she couldn't continued denying Ashley, and because that look was almost enough to finish her off itself.

So Vanessa forced out through her constant moaning, "Mmmmmm fuck, that's so good, yessssssss, lick my clit just like that! Oh Ash! Ashley! Fuck! Ashley please fuck me! Oh my God Ashley, ohhhhhhhhh, fuck me with your tongue. Shove your wonderful little tongue inside my cunt and make me cum! Oooooooooh yeahhhhhhh, shove it in me and fuck me with it! Aaaaaaahhhhhhh fuck, shove your dyke tongue in my lezzie cunt and make me cum! Oh God, oh God, ooooooooohhhhhhhh Goooooooodddddddd aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeeesssssssss, fuck me, fucking tongue fuck my cunt, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeesssssssss!"

If it had been one of her Spring Breakers co-stars they may have pressed their tongues to the entrance of Vanessa's pussy and left it there for a few wonderfully torturous moments, giving Vanessa plenty of chances to make it clear what she wanted. Of course being a first timer Ashley pretty much instantly slid her tongue down to her entrance and then shoved it as deep into her best friend as it would go, causing Vanessa to scream hysterically. She then got a moment to compose herself to say one more thing, either because Ashley was taking pity on her or because she was savouring the sensation of having her tongue inside her, then the tongue fucking began, rendering Vanessa completely incoherent.

The main reason for that was because it was all just too much for her and Vanessa came. She came in her best friend's mouth and all over her face, and despite initially throwing her head back to scream Vanessa spend the rest of the orgasm staring at the sight of her dreams coming true, which made this experience much more intense. It also made it easier for Ashley to push her over the edge of another climax, and another, and another, and another. It might not have been so quick and efficient as particularly the other Ashley, but it was this Ashley she always wanted, and as a result Vanessa's orgasm was way more satisfying than any she'd ever known. Well, all except at taking Ashley's ass, something Vanessa knew she would do again soon, the thought helping to push over the edge of another orgasm.

Ashley had felt a incredible sense of achievement and making Vanessa moan, whimper and cry out just from licking her pussy, but it couldn't compare with how she felt when she made her best friend scream hysterically for her, and seemingly forget how to speak. She had savoured the moment, and the feeling of Vanessa's womanhood wrapped around her tongue. It even squeezed it, which was beyond words of thrilling for Ashley. Then her best friend Vanessa Hudgens came in her mouth, and Ashley thought she was going to explode from that achievement. Or maybe just because of the taste, which was somehow even better than regular pussy cream.

She had instantly loved Vanessa's pussy juice, but her girl cum was on a whole other level, and Ashley found herself automatically pulling her tongue out of Vanessa, wrapping her mouth tightly around her best friend's entrance and desperately trying to swallow every drop of that precious liquid. Unfortunately she couldn't quite do it, but that just made Ashley even more determined to get the entire batch of girl cum that she was going to fuck out of her friend, Ashley slamming her tongue into Vanessa and then thrusting in and out until she got another creamy reward, and then the process was repeated over and over again.

It was like she was no longer herself any more, but a cum junkie who was so addicted she would do anything for her fix. Unfortunately, or should that be fortunately, the more she tried the harder she made Vanessa cum, which resulted in there being too much of that precious liquid to swallow. Which was definitely good for Vanessa, but frustrating for Ashley. And it only got worse, or better depending on the perspective, as Vanessa grabbed hold of her hair and started grinding her cunt into Ashley's face, meaning she failed to swallow even more of that yummy treat. Although it did remind her she was supposed to be returning the favour, so Ashley in turn rubbed her face into Vanessa's cunt to try and make the other girl cum harder.

Given she felt like she was being drowned with cum Ashley thought it was safe to say, or think as the case may be, that she had succeeded. Better yet, she could collect at least the majority of that cum and eat it later. Or better yet make Vanessa lick it off her face, and then kiss her. And best of all, Ashley felt like she was being marked. Or should that be baptised? Either way it was just a further sign of Vanessa making Ashley hers, a thought which made Ashley's heart flutter. Almost as much as when Vanessa pulled her up into a heated kiss, and then sure enough licked some of her own cum off of Ashley's face and then fed it to her.

After several minutes of frantic making out Vanessa broke the kiss and growled in her best friend's ear, "I need to fuck your ass!"

"Vanessa..." Ashley whimpered, and then blushed at the words, then even more as she responded, "I can't. My... my ass is so sore."

"No Ashley, I don't want to fuck your ass, I NEED to fuck your ass!" Vanessa insisted, pulling back to look in Ashley's eyes, "Please baby? I need it so bad. I swear, I'll make you feel so good. Just give me that ass! And I'll totally stretch you first. God yes, I'll stretch you out real good, Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, gonna stretch you out so good you'll be begging me to take that ass!"

"You don't have too." Ashley admitted, blushing even more than before.

"I want too." Vanessa insisted.

"No... I mean, you don't have too." Ashley insisted, blushing red as a stop sign.

Vanessa frowned in confusion for a few long moments, then realisation hit her and she smiled as delight crossed her face. She then moved back, grabbed Ashley and flipped her over onto her front with ease given to her by her lust, and sure enough she saw why she didn't need to stretch Ashley. That she was already stretched. That Ashley Tisdale's ass hole, which had been a tiny virgin rosebud last night, was now a gaping crater. It wasn't that surprising, given her previous experience and just how rigorously and frequently Vanessa had anally pounded Ashley last night, but to see it now made her even more desperate to butt fuck her best friend.

"Oh God Ash, you have to let me fuck this ass now!" Vanessa exclaimed excitedly, spreading open Ashley's cheeks to get the best possible look of her gaping butt hole, "It's all open and ready for me! Mmmmmmm, it's practically begging for me. Yeahhhhhhh, begging for my dick. I can practically hear it! It's saying, please, please feed me your dick Vanessa. I need dick inside me."

"Vanessa..." Ashley whimpered in distress.

Realising she was pushing Ashley to far too soon Vanessa chose to turn things down a little bit, letting go of Ashley's cheeks and gently lying partly on top of her, brushing her hair out of her ear, and then whispering in it while stroking the prize she'd claimed last night, "I'm sorry Ash, this is just what your sexy butt does to me. And I want it to be mine. I want you to be mine."

Cautiously lifting her head and looking over her shoulder at her friend Ashley asked, "The, the things you said last night? You meant them?"

"Every word." Vanessa confessed, before pointing out, "You need to understand Ashley, I wanted you and your amazing ass before Spring Breakers, but after all those months of intense lesbian anal sex I'm addicted to fucking hot girls up the ass, and you have the hottest ass of anyone I know. And it's more than that. Selena owns Demi's ass. Literally! They weren't just girlfriends, it was so much more than that. It IS so much more than that. Selena takes care of Demi. Makes all her decisions for her. Demi is her willing slave, and I want you to be mine. I don't want to scare you Ash, but the truth is I've wanted you for so very long. I want to be more than friends. More than girlfriends. I, I want you to be mine completely!"

There was a long silence and then Ashley admitted, "I want that too."

Vanessa beamed, "You know what that means, right?"

Ashley blushed, "My ass is yours?"

"Damn right it is, and I'm going to fuck it whenever I want, no matter how sore you are." Vanessa growled, before quickly adding, "But even when you're beautifully gaped like this, there are still things I can do to make it easier for you. And I'll do them. Always. You just might have to beg me for it next time."

With that Vanessa started crawling her way down Ashley's body, pressing gentle kisses to her back, but mostly concentrating on her spine as she was eager to get to her destination. Soon she reached that cute little bubble butt, at which point Vanessa slowed her role and started gently kissing all over those still slightly bruised cheeks before spreading them wide again so she could stare deep into Ashley's rectum. Then with a sadistic smile on her face Vanessa stuck her tongue into that gaping crater and started eagerly licking the battered flesh, making Ashley whimper and cry with a mixture of lust and embarrassment, and probably making her blush adorably again too.

"Oh God Vanessa, that feels so good." Ashley moaned softly, "Mmmmm, eat my ass! Get it nice and ready for your big dick! Oooooooh yeah, get me ready to take your girl cock up my ass! Get it ready for you, ohhhhhhh Vanessa, oooooooohhhhhhhhh fuck!"

Only half listening to Ashley's encouraging words Vanessa pressed her face as deep as it would go into her best friend's butt and then started sliding her tongue around the battered walls of Ashley's back passage. Then she started pushing forwards, literally tongue fucking her friend's amazing ass. Of course both of these things made Ashley moan even more, and to Vanessa's delight it also got her more encouraging words. Although she barely acknowledged them, partly because she was so focused on giving her bestie a thorough rim job, but mostly because Vanessa wanted to ass fuck Ashley so bad she could barely think. She had wanted it for so long, and now that ass was hers there was only so long Vanessa could wait.

Finally deciding she had done enough Vanessa pulled her face out of Ashley's ass, making her friend let out a whimper of disappointment. Vanessa was disappointed it was over too, but as much as she loved eating sexy girl ass fucking them was way more fun, and there was a spring in her step as she retrieved her strap-on and a bottle of lube. The lube almost certainly wasn't necessary for a loosened whore hole like Ashley's ass, but Vanessa was feeling generous, and she wanted to make this as easy on her friend as possible. Besides, there was something erotic about rubbing it into a cock, especially when it was strapped around her waist and she was doing it in front of a girl she was about to butt fuck, Vanessa moving directly in front of Ashley so she could put on a show.

While preparing herself Vanessa considered how she wanted to take that ass this time, ultimately deciding, "Flip over. Mmmmm yeah, I wanna be able to see your pretty face as I fuck your sexy little ass."

Ashley quickly did as she was told, rolling onto her back and pulling her legs up to her chest, while holding them far enough apart so Vanessa could still see her boobs. Just like Vanessa had trained her to do last night when she took her ass in every possible position, including a few Ashley hadn't known before. Those vivid memories filled her with lust, although not as much as being able to look at Vanessa's beautiful face as she kneeled down in front of her, pressed the tip of her cock against her still gaping butt hole and then smiled down at her. God, Vanessa always had a beautiful smile, but to see such a wicked version of it was indescribable.

That smile only got wider as Vanessa slowly pushed her strap-on into Ashley's overused back hole and deep into her bottom, making Ashley cry out with a mix of pain and pleasure as her forbidden hole was once again violated. It was one thing when she had her face buried in the bed sheets, but to actually look up to see her best friend doing this to her. That it was her precious Vanessa sodomising her. God, it was so hot. And made Ashley truly feel like what she was now, Vanessa's bitch. Oh yes, she was Vanessa's anal loving bitch, and it's suddenly became really important to Ashley to let her best friend know she realised that.

"Oh my God, fuck me Vanessa! Fuck my ass!" Ashley pleaded, "Fuck my slutty little bitch hole! Fuck the hole you own! Ah fuck, it's yours Vanessa! My ass is yours! You wanted it? You earned it! It's yours now! My slutty little dyke ass is all yours, mmmmmm, and I'm your bitch! I'm your bitch! You made me your bitch, now I'm taking it in the ass for you like the little bitch I am, oh God, fuck me! Fuck your bitch! Oh Vanessa! Oh fuck! Ooooooohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk, aaaaaaahhhhhhhh Goooooooodddddddddd!"

With a delighted giggle Vanessa rewarded Ashley for her words by pushing more of the dildo into the blonde's battered bowels, resulting in Ashley whimpering and crying in pain and pleasure as the sore walls of her rectum were first rubbed and then later stretched as she was invaded deeper and deeper. Then in what felt like no time at all Vanessa's thighs came to rest against her ass cheeks, announcing that every inch of that strap-on cock was buried deep within her butt. Vanessa then gave them both a few long seconds to enjoy that fact before she began sodomising her bitch, and to both her shame and delight Ashley's slutty little ass quickly relaxed and accepted it was Vanessa's fuck hole, meaning every ounce of pain was replaced by pure pleasure.

After a few minutes of that Vanessa softly ordered, "Wrap your legs around me baby. I wanna feel my girl wrapped around me as I make love to her sexy little ass."

As she spoke Vanessa began leaning down, Ashley immediately letting go of her legs so the other girl could rest on top of her. Then she quickly wrapped her legs around Vanessa's waist, and began stroking her hands up and down her back, while Vanessa's hands were either side of her, meaning their faces were inches apart, making the whole thing feel that much more intimate. Vanessa allowed them both to savour that fact for a moment, then with a soft smile she restarted the butt fucking, making Ashley cry out loudly with pure joy. Then Vanessa kissed her, and Ashley was only too happy to kiss back, massaging the invading tongue in her mouth with her own as her ass willingly took every inch of Vanessa's dick.

Vanessa continued kissing Ashley for quite some time, breaking away from her lips only to kiss her beautiful face and neck, nibble on her earlobe and stare lovingly into her eyes. But mostly she kissed her, especially as Ashley's whimpers of need became more noticeable, Vanessa hoping to silence her lover so she could continue ass fucking her this way for a little longer. Of course as the top in the relationship it should be up to Vanessa to decide when she made Ashley cum, but she was so hopelessly in love with her best friend she knew all that Ashley had to do was ask and Vanessa would most likely give her what she wanted.

That was put to the test as after a few minutes Ashley broke the kiss and whimpered, "Harder! Mmmmm, fuck my ass harder!"

There was then a pause in a few more words like that, then a pause, and so on, each pause filled with pleasure from the little butt slut. Despite her initial fear Vanessa was able to ignore them at first, but then Ashley started giving her this puppy dog eyes, and Vanessa just couldn't resist speeding up a little. Of course it wasn't enough, and at that point Vanessa might as well just give Ashley what she wanted. After all, she wanted Ashley to be hers, and while Ashley had promised to be it would be a lot easier holding her to these promises if Vanessa gave her BFF what she wanted when she asked for it. Then again, maybe there was an alternative? Yes, Vanessa thought with an evil smile. She could think of an alternative which would mean they both got what they wanted.

"You wanna get fucked hard?" Vanessa grinned wickedly before suddenly flipping them over, "You do it! Yeahhhhhh, bounce that pretty little dyke ass on my big dick. Just like last night. Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhh, don't pretend you don't remember how to ride dick Ash, because I remember you riding my cock with your pretty little ass hole like a good little anal whore. Yesssssss, that's it, ride me! Ride my dick! Woo hoo, ride it cowgirl! Mmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, ride it with your slutty little butt hole! Oh God, you're so sexy. My sexy little anal loving bitch. Ooooooh fuck yeah, this is what I always wanted. You as my bitch and taking it up the ass! Oh fuck Ash, that's it! That's so hot."

The sudden switching positions clearly took Ashley by surprise. She barely had the presence of mind to unlock her legs from around Vanessa's waist and place them either side of her. Then she just stayed there, sitting in Vanessa's lap with the full length of the dildo resting inside her perfect ass. Which Vanessa certainly didn't mind. She even found the bewildered expression on Ashley's face cute. But what was even more delightful was the happy look which crossed Ashley's face when she realised that Vanessa was giving her what she wanted. Or at least that's what Vanessa allowed her to think, Vanessa thought with an evil smile. That, and Selena would be proud of her for her wickedness.

Surprisingly Ashley didn't drastically increase the pace immediately. In fact she took longer than necessary re-establishing it, making a real show of bouncing herself up and down erotically for Vanessa's enjoyment, her perky little titties jiggling so invitingly in the process. But inevitably she started hammering her little ass hole up and down on that thick shaft, sodomising herself closer and closer to orgasm. Vanessa was very tempted to just let her have it, especially given the look on her face and the sweet sounds of her cries. But she just couldn't. She wasn't ready for this to end so soon. So Vanessa suddenly started smacking Ashley's ass, causing the other girl to yelp in pain, stop her bouncing and look at her with betrayal.

"Vanessa!" Ashley whined.

"What?" Vanessa quickly butted in, "Did I give you permission to cum?"

Looking a little embarrassed Ashley cautiously admitted, "No... sorry..."

"It's okay, you're new to this whole sub thing." Vanessa said knowingly, a little smile breaking out as she added, "You've just got to get used to asking my permission."

"Oh..." Ashley blushed, "So, can I cum?"

"I'll think about it." Vanessa grinned, "For now, turnaround. I want to see that cute little bottom of yours bouncing up and down as you ride my big dick with your slutty little ass hole."

Ashley quickly spun herself around on top of Vanessa's lap, making sure that the dildo didn't fall out of her butt in the process. Inevitably some of it did, but it was no big deal as Ashley soon established a nice steady rhythm again, in the process leaning forward and sticking out her ass to give Vanessa the best possible look at it. She even started twerking, grinding the cock around inside her rectum in the process, which felt far better than it had any right too. Although at least part of that was the happy look on Vanessa's face which in turn made Ashley's submissive heart flutter, and wiggle her ass even more of course.

That was the most important thing to her now. Pleasing Vanessa, and Ashley was willing to do anything to do it, even if that meant denying herself an orgasm over and over again. After all, she was Vanessa's bitch. And as her bitch it was Ashley's job to please Vanessa in any way she wanted. No matter how perverse. And God help her, Ashley loved it up the ass. In a way she also liked the relentless teasing. Mostly because she knew she was pleasing Vanessa, but there was something to be said for the torturous pleasure that Ashley was now receiving, and being so close to an orgasm without actually going over the edge. Of course inevitably she begged for more.

"Please Vanessa, please can I cum?" Ashley whimpered, "Please? Oh please, ohhhhhhhhh, make me cum! I need to cum! I need ooooooooh Goooooooodddddddd!"

"Is that the best you got?" Vanessa giggled.

Desperately trying to think what Vanessa wanted to hear Ashley started shamelessly begging, "Let me cum! Let your bitch cum! Oh Vanessa, I'm your bitch! Oooooohhhhhhh, you made me your bitch, mmmmmm, made me your bitch by fucking me up the ass, aaaaaaahhhhhh fuck, now do it again! Bust that fucking butt! Come on Vanessa, bust that little butt hole of mine. Oh yeah, gape me wide-open! Mmmmmm, wider than I already am. Fucking ruin my ass hole to prove, once again, that I'm nothing but an anal loving bottom, and you're a butt busting top. My butt busting top! Oooooooohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, wreck my bitch hole and put me in my place! Please? Please Vanessa, oh God, make me yours again! Prove I'm yours by fucking me up the ass and making me cum! Yesssssss, remind me who owns that ass! Oooooooohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk yessssssss, fuck me, please fuck me harder, mmmmmmm fuck!"

"I suppose that will do. But only because I love you." Vanessa quipped, before finally telling her girl, "You may cum. Mmmmm, but only if you work for it. Oh yeah, work for it Ash! Work that ass up and down my big dick and make yourself cum! Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, I wanna see my bitch cum with a dick up her ass! My dick! Oh fuck yeah, that's sooooooo hot! Oh fuck!"

Without needing to be told twice Ashley started rapidly bouncing up and down Vanessa's big dick. Which wasn't even painful. Maybe it should have been. Maybe nice normal girls would have whimpered in pain from the rapid change in pace, thus proving once and for all Ashley was a total anal whore, as she felt nothing but overwhelming pleasure from finally being allowed to violently abuse her own butt on that big cock. Then she finally received the climax she had been so desperate for, and Ashley went berserk using every ounce of her energy to bounce herself up and down, pushing herself to orgasm after orgasm in the process.

It wasn't long after that she ran out of steam, but then Vanessa took over, ensuring Ashley's mind melted from the force of the ecstasy she was feeling, leaving her a mindlessly happy little fuck toy. Her last coherent thought was for a while was of course how much she loved Vanessa, and how amazing her best friend was, and hopefully how they would be so much more than just friends now. More than even girlfriends. Oh yes, Ashley wanted to be Vanessa's BBF, Best Bitch Forever. More than anything else in the world Ashley Tisdale wanted to be owned by Vanessa Hudgens, and she was willing to do whatever it took to prove herself worthy of that.

Vanessa had never been this happy before. She now truly believed that Ashley was hers, and more importantly this perfect ass was her property, which made her heart feel like it was going to explode. Or maybe another part of her. In fact, definitely another part of her, as while she had been trained to resist the urge to cum while sodomising another woman hearing Ashley begging for her like a little slut, and then start to rapidly hammer herself up and down was just too much. On the bright side they came together, which was kind of romantic. And then Ashley made her cum over and over again as she continued to anally ride her.

The feeling was so addictive that the second that Ashley ran out of steam Vanessa completely took over. Luckily Vanessa already had a gentle hold of Ashley's waist so she could occasionally thrust up into it to make her girl cum extra hard, so all she had to do was tighten her grip and start really going to work on Ashley's butt, thrusting up into it with every ounce of her strength. As she had just had a nice break from the action she had a lot of strength saved up, so Vanessa was even able to keep Ashley in the air for a little bit, before lowering her down into the spooning position, and then rolling over so Ashley was lying on her front and Vanessa was lying on top of her.

What was wonderful about that position was that Vanessa was not only able to pound as deep into Ashley's butt hole as possible and feel those cheeks jiggling against her thighs even more than before, but she was able to start digging her teeth into Ashley's neck and shoulders, marking her best friend as hers. Hers forever. Oh yes, no matter what it took, Ashley was going to be hers forever. Which was the last coherent thought Vanessa had for quite a while as she became completely lost in this intense anal sex, her mind melting away until she was just an animal frantically pounding into her submissive mate.

Like a good submissive mate Ashley only whimpered and moaned softly, offering up no protest whatsoever as her back hole was used for it's true purpose, pleasing Vanessa. In fact that's all Ashley Tisdale now was, Vanessa Hudgins's favourite fuck hole. Nothing but an orifice for her pleasure. Something which Vanessa made very clear for the next few glorious minutes of butt pounding. Of course there was a limit to everyone's stamina, and while Vanessa easily out did herself she did eventually collapsed down on top of her equally exhausted lover and then the two girls just lay there gasping for breath for a few long minutes.

Then Vanessa started gently pressing kisses to Ashley's neck and shoulders, ending with her purring in the other girl's ear, "What are you?"

"Yours." Ashley moaned in a croaky voice, "I'm your bitch."

"Prove it!" Vanessa pushed, rolling off her bestie, and ordering, "Show me that ass!"

Ashley cried out as she felt the dildo slide out of her ass hole as Vanessa rolled over, leaving her ass feeling horribly empty and unloved, and yet wonderfully stretched and slutty. It was still a very much new sensation that Ashley was getting used too. More accurately she hoped to get use to it, and given what had just happened that was all but guaranteed. Just in case Ashley rushed to obey Vanessa, somehow finding the strength to get onto her hands and knees, turnaround so her butt was facing her friend, and then Ashley reached back to spread her cheeks and give Vanessa the best possible look at her gaping butt hole. Which earned her instant gratification in the form of Vanessa's clear delight.

"Oh fuck yeah, spread those cheeks! Mmmmm fuck Ash, you're already such a well-trained bottom!" Vanessa giggled in delight, "Mmmmm yeahhhh, I got you well-trained. I trained you to be the perfect bitch, and now I'm getting to enjoy the fruits of my labour. Mmmmmm fuck yeah, I'm getting to see just how widely gaped your ass hole is, proving what a great top I am."

"You're an amazing top." Ashley chimed in, shamelessly sucking up to her new top, "Mmmmm, the best!"

"The best, huh?" Vanessa giggled.

"Uh-huh." Ashley insisted, "You're such an awesome top Vanessa. You effortlessly seduced me, and totally made me your bitch. Just look at my ass hole! Last night it was virgin, and now it's a gaping crater because you took it and made my ass yours. You made me yours. You're a total top, and I'm just a little bottom who takes it in her bottom. God Vanessa, do whatever you want to me!"

"Well, you do know what I want now, don't you?" Vanessa grinned.

Simply moaning her agreement Ashley turned around, crawled in between Vanessa's legs and while looking the other girl in the eyes Ashley eagerly wrapped her lips around the head of Vanessa's strap-on cock. The cock which had just been deep inside her butt, which would have disgusted Ashley less than 24 hours ago, and yet now her mouth watered just at the thought of doing this. Hell, she'd even thought of it while being fucked. Then when she finally took the head of that cock into her mouth and started sucking on it Ashley moaned loudly and happily like the little ATM whore that she had become. Or more accurately, that her best friend Vanessa Hudgins had turned her into.

Eager to show just how happy she was about that Ashley continued staring up lovingly at Vanessa as she greedily sucked the tip of the dildo clean, and then started gently bobbing her head up and down the more dominant girl's dick. With every bob of her head Ashley took an additional inch of strap-on into her mouth, until it started tickling the entrance to her throat. Then after a brief pause she started pushing herself down further, taking as much of the ass flavoured cock down her wind-pipe as she could manage before coming up for air and then trying again. It took a lot of choking and gagging, but eventually using this technique Ashley was able to take every last inch of that big dick down her throat and eagerly clean off all of her own ass cream from it.

Of course the entire time Vanessa was encouraging her, "Oh yeah, that's it Ash, suck that cock! Suck my big fucking cock! Yesssss, suck it, suck all your slutty ass juices off of it! Oh that's it, that's so hot! You're such a good cock sucker Ash. Way better than Demi. Maybe even the other Ashley. Yeahhhhhh you are, mmmmmm, I can't wait to show Selena. She is going to be so jealous. Oh yeah, gonna show you off to all my friends, ooooooh, let them see what a great little piece of ass you really are, mmmmmm, and that I own you. Then, maybe if you're really good, I'll share you with them. Oh yeah, you'd like that, huh? Me sharing you with my friends? Letting you lick their pussies? And their ass holes? And let them fuck your bitch hole? Huh? Well, not before I'm done having more fun with you. Ohhhhhh yeahhhhh, I'm not done with you yet Ash, and I'm going to enjoy having you all to myself before I even tell those bitches I finally made you what you were always meant to be, mine!"

Those words pushed Ashley to give an even more passionate blow job, even though all the butt cream was gone, just because she wanted to please Vanessa. In turn this got her even more encouragement in the form of the brunette reaching down to stroke her long blonde locks, Vanessa eventually tightening her grip to guide Ashley up and down and even to stay in place, even if it meant choking and gagging even more on that strap-on. Which was tough, but Ashley happily did it, and was even more encouraged to suck cock, because she meant her earlier words, and hoped that Vanessa did too. Especially about Vanessa sharing her with her friends. Oh yes, Ashley very much liked the sound of that.

Chapter Text

"Hey Ashley." Ashley Benson grinned after she opened her hotel room door to find another pretty blonde with the same name as herself standing there.

"Hey Ashley." Ashley Tisdale sighed, stepping inside once the other Ashley moved out of the way. Then when the doors closed behind her she wondered out loud, "How is this going to work, exactly?"

"Don't worry about it. Your girl Vanessa has it all figured out." Ashley replied reassuringly.

Ashley smiled at Vanessa being referred to as 'her girl', then turned around and clarified, "I mean, with our names. Won't it be confusing when Vanessa calls out Ashley?"

"Oh, that. That's simple. See, tonight I'm Ashley B, or Benson, or simply Ashley Benson. Likewise your Ashley T, or Tisdale, or simply Ashley Tisdale." Ashley B explained.

"It's still confusing if you ask me." Ashley T grumbled, then blushed, "But I'm sure it'll get a lot simpler when, you know, we get going."

"I'm sure." Ashley B agreed with a wicked grin, moving closer, "Besides, we don't need names to have sex."

Ashley T stepped back and held out a hand, "Wait."

"Why?" Ashley B frowned, before guessing, "Don't wanna do anything without your top's permission?"

"Well, yeah." Ashley T blushed, loving Vanessa being referred to as 'her top'.

"Yeah, I get that." Ashley B grinned wickedly, "A bottom doing something she's not supposed to can be bad. Lucky for me, I like punishments."

Just then the door opened again to reveal Vanessa Hudgins, who hurried inside and shut the door behind her and quickly exclaimed, "Ashley! Ashley. So, how long have you been here?"

One Ashley gave the other a raised eyebrow, before turning to her girlfriend, "Just got here actually."

"Yeah, me and your girlfriend barely got a chance to talk. I was really hoping to get to know her better." Ashley B pouted, before teasing, "But you're just in time Hudgens, we were just talking about disobedient bottoms and how they're normally punished. Even if it's the kind of punishment they like."

"Really?" Vanessa glared, "Well, Benzo... since I know how much you loved to be spanked, let's just get right down to business, shall we? And by that, I mean you can eat my ass, while my girl eats my pussy."

"We could do that." Ashley B nodded, before blackmailing her friend with a grin, "But... I've got a secret, I can keep it, but I want your pussy."

There was a brief pause, then Vanessa glared, "You're a pretty little liar. Why would anyone, especially my girlfriend, believe you?"

"Because it wouldn't take much to prove I'm right." Ashley B grinned.

Vanessa kept glaring at her for a few long seconds, and then she smirked, "You know what? I think I do feel like spanking you after all."

"Then I get to eat your pussy, right?" Ashley B asked hopefully.

"Just shut up and bend over my knee." Vanessa grumbled as she sat down on the hotel room bed.

Ashley Tisdale was confused by this exchange, and opened her mouth to ask what was going on, but stopped herself at the last moment because Vanessa didn't seem to be in the mood for it. In fact she seemed angry for some reason, and Ashley didn't want to be snapped at, or receive what the other Ashley was so willingly blackmailing her way into. Although she was very interested in the other Ashley stripping off her clothes and then bending over Vanessa's knee, which did a wonderful job of emphasising her juicy little bubble butt. Which was then forgotten when Vanessa started fondling that ass, Ashley T very jealous at how her girlfriend was blatantly lusting over another woman in front of her.

For the next few minutes, and really for the rest of the night, Ashley T continued to feel that way, despite the spanking Vanessa started to give the other girl. To her surprise this caused Ashley B to cry out in mostly pleasure, especially during the beginning where there was plenty of time in between each strike while Vanessa fondled that well-rounded ass in a way which had to massage some of the pain away. Which again made her jealous, but also intrigued, especially as while she didn't want to be in her place Vanessa looked so sexy and dominant punishing the other Ashley for her sins. It was almost enough for Ashley T to ask to have a turn, despite wincing during a few particularly hard blows.

That thought was quickly forgotten as Vanessa turned up the heat, not only by increasing the force and speed of her blows but by gradually cutting out the butt fondling until she was raining down a series of brutal strikes which had even this pretty little pain slut crying out in agony. It was almost enough to make Ashley T protest, but she had known Vanessa for a long time, and truly believed she wouldn't do anything to someone they didn't want, especially not a lover. Besides, it was noticeable that the other Ashley didn't try and stop her, or offer up any form of complaint. No, the Pretty Little Liars star just have that abuse by the little pain slut she clearly was.

While spanking wasn't really her thing Ashley T had to admit there was an appeal to seeing Ashley B's butt cheeks jiggle with every blow, and slowly turn a bright pink under the force of the assault. Eventually the other Ashley's ass was even kind of red, and yet she offered up no true protest, and while she could have been wrong, Ashley Tisdale could have sworn she saw a smile on the other blonde's face. Then Vanessa abruptly stopped the spanking in favour of butt groping again, and while that made her feel jealous again Ashley T thought it was only right, as it was clearly helping soothe the pain for her fellow bottom. Besides, what came next made it up to them both.

"Get on your knees in front of me." Vanessa very clearly ordered Ashley B, who quickly obeyed, then the brunette turned to her favourable blonde then told her, "Come here."

Vanessa curled her finger in a come-hither motion and gave her girlfriend her best playful smile, which thankfully caused her Ashley to blush, giggle and most importantly come over to her without hesitation. It was clear that the spanking had freaked out her girl, which was why Vanessa initially intended to skip it, but the other Ashley had forced her hand. Which of course had made it more satisfying to spank her, even though they all knew what Vanessa was about to do next wouldn't be much more of a punishment for Ashley B. More importantly though it was almost guaranteed to soothe Ashley T's nerves and make her forget about the spanking.

That move was of course to gently pull her girlfriend into a deep and passionate kiss which initially started out slowly and eventually picked up steam, but made it very clear from the get go how much they loved each other. And of course Ashley Tisdale allowed herself to be pulled into that kiss and instantly melted into it and let Vanessa Hudgens have her way with her, just the way it should be between the two female stars of High School Musical. Just the way it always should have been, as Vanessa once again effortlessly proved, even if it was just with a kiss. And oh, with a making up for lost time now, especially as they were stripping each other naked in between the kissing.

Once they were both naked Vanessa broke the kiss and ordered, "Get down on your knees. I want you to get an up close look at another girl eating my pussy in front of you."

Unable to hide the fact that she had mixed feelings about that Ashley T softly replied, "Yes Vanessa."

After that Ashley Tisdale lowered her head and dropped down to her knees in front of her, the dejected look on her face breaking Vanessa's heart. She very nearly taught her to eat her pussy regardless of what material the other Ashley had on her, or at the very least allow her girlfriend to eat her ass, but if she was going to be a real top she had to prove to certain people she could walk the walk, and she couldn't always bend over backwards to make her Ashley feel comfortable. Also she didn't want to annoy Ashley B to much with long drawn-out foreplay, and she wasn't in the mood for it anyway, as just thinking about what was about to happen had her turned on all day long. Besides, at least it wouldn't be out of place when she then was mean to Ashley Benson.

Who was only happy to give her an excuse by not immediately obeying, prompting Vanessa to glare at her, "What? You want another spanking? Get to it bitch!"

"Actually another spanking sounds fun." Ashley B cheeked, before grinning as she crawled forwards, "But, maybe later. Right now want to taste this yummy pussy of yours. Mmmmm, it's been way too long."

That quip was clearly designed to annoy Vanessa by hurting Ashley T by reminding her that she wasn't the first to taste Vanessa's pussy. Well, it hurt them both, but Vanessa was also struggling to hide the fact she really cared about Tisdale's feelings. Although she didn't share all the blame here, as Vanessa had been more than willing to fuck Ashley Tisdale on the set of the first High School Musical, and they had plenty of chances after that to be each other's first. Vanessa thought she would always regret that fact, but it was hard to when she had everything she wanted right now, including a hot blonde girl named Ashley leaning into lick her pussy.

Ashley Benson actually wasn't trying to be mean, and even kind of felt bad about it afterwards, as she truly hadn't meant to even say that out loud. It was true though, Vanessa had been so busy lately with her precious Ashley T that everyone else had been denied the joy of having sex with her. Although out of the female cast of Spring Breakers Ashley Benson easily had it the best, as she had a near constant access to pussy thanks to her spending most of her time filming Pretty Little Liars, a show fille to the brim with hot women. Many of whom she'd admittedly was closer to then Vanessa, and even preferred the taste of their pussies. But all that could be true and she could still miss this pussy, and she had.

Proving that point Ashley moaned happily when the flavour of Vanessa's pussy hit her taste-buds. She hadn't seen this former co-star in months, but just from that first initial lick it felt so much longer than that. Years, even decades, and Ashley was determined to make up for lost time by immediately following up that first long slow lick with another, and another, and another. The only difference was that first lick touched Vanessa's clit, and even lingered on it, and if Vanessa wanted more of that action she was going to have to beg for it. Or better yet demand it, like the top she apparently now was. Oh yes, Ashley loved the idea of that.

Ever since she'd first been seduced and dominated by one of her on-screen co-stars Ashley Benson had loved being told what to do by women. Sometimes she wondered if all a fan would have to do was look her in the eye and see her for the submissive rug muncher she was an order her down onto her knees and she would do it. Even if it was in public. Thankfully she had a lot of female co-stars happy to give her what she craved, and although it had been a while since Vanessa had been one of them, and previously she hadn't been quite this dominant, Ashley B welcomed the treatment now. Especially as Vanessa did have a yummy little cunt.

For quite a while Ashley B was completely lost in being reunited with that yummy taste, to the point where she forgot there was something she was supposed to be doing, other than licking pussy and swallowing the yummy liquid so easily available to her. Oh yes, she was supposed to be teasing the other Ashley, and she had been doing a lousy job of it so far as the other sub, and the whole world, had fallen away as soon as she started eating pussy. She then focused mainly on that, at first turning her head awkwardly so she could grin wickedly at the other bottom, before settling for brushing her hair out of the way every so often so the other Ashley could have the best possible look at what she was doing. Which from look on Ashley T's face, was more than enough.

Ashley Tisdale had been psyching herself up all day for this. Actually, she had been psyching herself up ever since Vanessa had revealed that she wanted to invite another woman into their bed and not only have sex with them in front of her, like she was doing now, but actually wanted Ashley doing the same. For them to have threesomes, foursomes and straight up orgies filled with women who would either want to get dominated by Vanessa, or dominate Ashley, or maybe even both. Ashley T truly believed she would do anything for her girlfriend, and had promised Vanessa as much multiple times, but to actually witness someone else licking her girlfriend's pussy was a lot different to agreeing to the abstract idea of it.

Obviously and inevitably she was jealous of the other Ashley, especially as they shared the same name and more or less the same body type. Because sure, she would be jealous regardless, but that it was another blonde girl called Ashley made her feel like she was been replaced, Ashley T constantly reminding herself the opposite was true, since Vanessa had confessed to fantasising about her before they got together. Surprisingly though something else she felt was extremely turned on from watching this display of lesbian sex, starring her best friend turned girlfriend. It also made her wonder if she looked like Ashley B when she ate pussy. If she seem that happy doing it. Which she suspected, yes.

Vanessa gave her girlfriend plenty of time to enjoy the show, and then called out, "Eat me Ash! Ooooooh yeahhhhhhh, eat me too! Eat my ass! Mmmmm, fuck yeah, eat my little ass hole! Ohhhhhh, come on Tisdale, get your tongue on my little ass hole. Lick it good, mmmmm, while the other Ashley eats my pussy. Oooooohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, mmmmmm fuck, I want both my holes licked. Ohhhhhhh yessssss, front and back. Yeahhhhhhh, come on Ash, eat me! Mmmmmm, eat my fucking holes you beautiful blonde bitches! Ohhhhhh fuck yeah, make me feel good. But not too good. Not yet. No, I wanna enjoy this. Oh yeah, enjoy began both my holes eaen by my sexy little co-stars, oh fuck yeah!"

Having been listening out for an order like that Ashley T immediately sprang into action, quickly crawling around until she was behind her best friend turned girlfriend and then being to literally pucker up and kiss Vanessa's ass. She then went cheek to cheek to tease the other girl for a little while, but clearly that didn't really impress her top, so inevitably Ashley T spread those cheeks so she could lovingly slide her tongue over that forbidden hole. That caused Vanessa to give up on being coherent was from a while, other than a some swear words, series of cries, moans and whimpers, and the occasional cries of Ashley. Although who knows who she meant.

Even when Vanessa did get somewhat more coherent Ashley T barely paid attention to her as she was far too preoccupied with providing the best rim job possible. Obviously she listened out for a command of more, but other than that she was focused on pleasing her girlfriend. Even if it wasn't through the way that she preferred to be pleasing her right now. Although there was an incredible thrill at being able to pleasure Vanessa while the brunette was being pleasured by somebody else, who was clearly licking Vanessa just as enthusiastically as she was. Only the other Ashley's licks were far more effective. Nevertheless Ashley T gave it her all, and hope she will be rewarded for it later.

Vanessa was in heaven. This was exactly why she had risked her relationship with Ashley Tisdale. It was the most important relationship of her life, and yet Vanessa had taken the risk of losing it for this moment. It was a calculated risk, as her best friend had proven time and time again she would do anything for the privilege of being her girlfriend, but that hasn't stopped Vanessa from being so worried, and even now she was ready to be an exclusive relationship with her Ashley, if it meant keeping her. She would try and talk her into agreeing to continuing this of course, as having her front and back holes was something truly special, especially in this case as it was two Ashleys doing this to her.

Of course it wasn't quite the combination she had been planning, but Ashley B was still an incredible pussy licker, and Ashley T was still involved in the equation, so the experience was still pure heaven. Which was more than satisfying for a very long time, even as the urge to cum reached an uncomfortable level. It was worth it just to prolong this heaven. Of course ultimately Vanessa would have to give in, but Ashley B at least made it easy for her by keeping her licks slow and steady and mostly avoiding her clit, proving she wasn't the only one who wanted this to last. Ashley T didn't quite get the memo though, eating Vanessa's ass with the enthusiasm she'd only known from someone truly in love with her, which made Vanessa's heart flutter, even if it pushed her into begging for more.

"Mmmmmm, more, more, more!" Vanessa moaned, trying to still sound like she was giving orders but ultimately giving up, "Give me more! Yessssssss, lick my clit just like that, oooooooh fuck, just like that, ah God! Yes Ashley, mmmmm, push your face deep into my ass honey. Ohhhhhh, you know how to please me. You both do. Ooooooooh yesssssss, you both know how to please a top. But I want more. Ohhhhhhh, fuck yeah, I want it all. I want you to fuck me. Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, I want both of you to fuck me, ooooooh, fuck me with your tongues, ohhhhhhh, tongue fuck me Ashley, fucking aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk, please give me more, I need it! Please? Oh please, please, please, make me cum, fuck me and make me, oooooooohhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeessssssssss!"

As soon as she crossed the line and started begging Ashley Benson gave her what she wanted, grinning against her cunt the entire time. Probably as a coincidence the other Ashley, her Ashley, did the same, meaning there were two tongue slowly pushing their way inside her, one from the front and one from the rear. The one sliding into her pussy had an easier time of it, and got further, but her Ashley got impressively far considering it had been a while since anything other than that tongue had been back there. Although admittedly Ashley B was Vanessa's main focus right now, especially as she took the time to tease her by slowly inserting that tongue of hers, which kept Vanessa on the edge of orgasm without letting her receive it.

That only lasted until that tongue had been fully buried inside her, and they'd had a few seconds to savour the moment of full penetration, before that tongue began thrusting in and out of Vanessa's pussy. Soon after that she had a truly incredible orgasm, the incredibly talented blondes making sure it was followed by another, and another, and another. Which was only made sweeter with the fact that part of that equation was her Ashley hammering her back door with her tongue, and even though Vanessa wished it was easier to she could still just about look over her shoulder and watch her Ashley do this to her. Which helped her lose the ability to even think for a while as Vanessa just savoured the sensations she was feeling.

Ashley Benson meanwhile was busy doing one of her favourite things in the world, swallowing cum. Which was especially true for girl cum, Ashley B feeling totally justified in blackmailing her friend if it meant she could now have this sweet flavour sliding into her mouth, down her throat and into her belly were it belonged. Then when there was no more cum to swallow she slammed her tongue back inside Vanessa and fucked her with it until she came again, at which point she quickly pulled her tongue out and sealed her mouth around her friend's entrance. Then of course she repeated this process, over and over again, until her former co-star was satisfied.

Sometimes Ashley B was permitted to do this until the other girl asked to return the favour, or better yet fuck her with a toy, but she suspected that this wouldn't be one of those times, as Vanessa seemed felt she had something to prove. Sure enough Vanessa eventually grabbed both of their hands and shoved both Ashley's deeper into her pussy and ass respectively. This made it harder to swallow cum, but Ashley B still got a decent amount by keeping her mouth open, and maybe more importantly she continued pleasing her friend by keeping her tongue out so Vanessa bashed her cunt against it. Which was most likely out of instinct rather than intention, but it still did the trick.

Of course while it was tragic she couldn't swallow the majority of Vanessa's cum Ashley B would still be able to collect some of it from her face. Or better yet the other Ashley could do it for her. Most importantly of all, Ashley B loved the feeling of someone cumming on her face, as it made her feel like a total slut. Maybe even their slut, depending who it was. And oh, did she love being Vanessa's slut. Because it was always more fun when she could guarantee she was going to get ass fucked while having a face full of cum, and that would definitely be the case tonight. So while it wasn't her favourite Ashley B was very satisfied with what they were currently doing, and was sad when it ended.

That sadness didn't last long, as after initially pulling their faces away from her fuck holes Vanessa grinned, stepped aside and then smashed their heads together. Not literally, just to ensure their lips were pressed together so they could share the taste of Vanessa's cum, pussy and ass juices. Which of course both blondes eagerly did for several long minutes, only breaking apart so they could lick each other's faces. Mostly Ashley T licking Ashley B's face, although the star of Pretty Little Liars was happy to return the favour, just to make the other Ashley giggle more than anything else. Then a gentle cough caused them to turn to find Vanessa wearing a strap-on, causing both of them to grin widely and happily.

"So, who wants to get ass fucked?" Vanessa teased.

"Oh, I do." Ashley Tisdale replied.

"I do." Ashley Benson replied, virtually at the same time.

"Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm, that's what I like to hear. Too little butt sluts, desperate for me to fuck them. But how will I ever choose?" Vanessa pretended to think about it for a few seconds, before grinning wickedly, "I know... how about a competition? Yeah, you two anal whore can get into the position you belong, face down and spreading your cheeks, and then start begging to get your asses fucked. Ohhhhh yeahhhhhh, then whoever convinces me she wanted more badly than the other. Sound fair? Good. And don't worry, the runner-up gets ass fucked too, mmmmm, because I can never neglect either one of you,. We're just seeing who I butt fuck first. Now ready, set... go!"

Which was all it took to do as they were told, Ashley Tisdale being the one to get in position first and begin the begging, "Please Vanessa, please fuck my ass! Fuck my slutty little ass like the anal whore I am! Mmmmm, butt fuck me first. Please? I wanted so bad. Mmmmm, I want your dick in my ass sooooo bad, mmmmm, please give it to me. Give me your dick. Please Vanessa, ass fuck me like only you can."

Giving the other Ashley chance to speak as she watched Vanessa slowly strap on a cock and covering it with lube Ashley Benson gave her a knowing grin which pleaded pick me, and then obeyed, "Fuck me, fuck my slutty little ass hole, mmmmm, oh please Vanessa, fuck me! Ass fuck me like the anal whore I am, right in front of your little girlfriend. Show her what a little butt buster you really are. Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, show her by butt fucking another girl in front of her for the very first time. You want that, don't you? It's why you're here, so do it. Ohhhhhhh yessssssss, mmmmm, prove to your little girlfriend you weren't lying, and you have at least one former co-star desperate for the pleasure you can give her when you fuck her ass."

"Mmmmm, tough choice." Vanessa admitted thoughtfully, looking back and forth between them before apologetically saying, "Sorry Ash, you're my girl, and I love you, I really do, but the other Ashley is right. We are here so you can watch me butt fuck this Pretty Little Liar, so spread her cheeks for me so you can get the best possible view of me owning this whore butt."

"Yes Vanessa." Ashley T replied, although she was unable to hide her disappointment.

"Oh don't worry, your next." Vanessa promised.

Vanessa just listened to the little anal slut beg at first, then she grabbed onto Ashley's butt-plug and slowly pulled it out of her ass. Then, because she just couldn't resist teasing her friend a little more, Vanessa pushed the plug back in and then repeated the process, much to Ashley's clear annoyance. A few times she didn't even pull it out all the way, just to the point where the widest part of the plug was stretching Ashley's ass hole and then pushing it back in. Of course it had been way too long since Vanessa had butt fucked this Ashley, or any Ashley for that matter, so she could only tease her for so long before the desire to really abuse that ass became overwhelming.

When it did Vanessa pressed the tip of the butt-plug which had been inside her friend's ass all day against her girlfriend's lips, her Ashley eagerly opening her mouth and allowing the toy to be pushed inside. Then Ashley began greedily sucking it, although Vanessa was barely aware of it as she was too busy grabbing a firm hold of her strap-on dick and ramming it into the other Ashley's ass, that Ashley crying out loudly in pleasure as she was roughly invaded. She then continued crying out in pleasure, and shamelessly begging to be butt fucked, as Vanessa buried her full-length in that extremely frequently used fuck hole, not stopping until her thighs came to rest against those juicy cheeks, announcing every single inch of her dick was in Ashley Benson's butt.

After a series of happy noises Ashley B moaned, "Mmmmmm yessssss, every inch. Every inch of your big dick right up my ass! Oh please, please fuck me! It feels sooooooo goooooooodddddd! So good to have my slutty little ass filled with strap-on cock, but I need more! I need you to fuck me! Please Vanessa, fuck my ass! Oooooooh yessssssss, fuck it right in front of your little girlfriend. Ohhhhhh fuckkkkkkk yessssssss!"

For a few long seconds Vanessa ignored her friend and just savoured the moment of being buried in this beautiful butt again. Also while this Ashley was the biggest anal whore and she'd ever met was proud of the fact that she was sodomised multiple times a day by her PLL co-stars it was still nice to give her slutty ass a chance to recover from what was a hard and fast back door violation even by their standards. Besides, at worst it was a great way to tease her incredibly submissive friend. Not that it was that long before Vanessa started pumping her strap-on in and out of Ashley's slutty little back hole, which of course caused the star of Pretty Little Liars to continue crying out in pleasure and beg for more. Although it quickly became more the former than the latter as the anal whore got what she wanted.

They both did, Vanessa thought with a wicked grin, as thanks to her beautiful girlfriend continuing to spread her friend's butt cheeks she got a great view of her dick pumping in and out of that pretty little forbidden hole, which just made such a perfect fuck hole. Oh yes, all of a sudden it was like they were back on the set of Spring Breakers and having the time of their lives. The only problem was that while she and Ashley Benson were very much getting what they wanted her beloved Ashley Tisdale wasn't, and that broke Vanessa's heart. However if she wanted to be a good top then Vanessa was going to have to remain strong and not wimp out, and as long as her girlfriend didn't freak out that was exactly what she was going to do.

Ashley Tisdale wasn't freaking out, which honestly surprised her given that her face was inches away from where a big dildo was pumping in and out of another girl's ass hole. It was something she could have never imagined herself doing a few months ago, especially not while sucking on a butt-plug which had been inside the other bottom's bottom only a few moments ago. However now she was doing it she thought it was unbelievably hot, and while she was a little jealous that Vanessa was fucking someone else mostly she was jealous of the other Ashley for getting an ass full of cock. But she was confident that her ass would get some dick soon, given just how obsessed Vanessa was with her ass, and the fact that she'd been promised an ass fucking, so her biggest current concern was a lack of butt cream on the plug.

Which was taken care of when Vanessa suddenly pulled the strap-on out of one Ashley's ass and presented it to the other, while simply ordering, "Suck it!"

Quickly spitting out the thoroughly cleaned butt-plug Ashley wrapped her lips around the head of that big cock and moaned as she tasted another girl's ass for the first time in her life. Sure, she had tasted her own countless times, and thoroughly enjoyed rimming Vanessa, but this was the deepest part of another girl's ass and thus was a whole new level of ass to mouth for her. Unsurprisingly she instantly loved it, further cementing her place as an ATM loving bottom, who thankfully had a total top like Vanessa Hudgins to give her what she so desperately needed. Including the things Ashley had no idea that she wanted and/or needed, like tasting a girl's ass on another girl's strap-on.

After savouring the moment and the perverted flavour for a few wonderfully long seconds Ashley began eagerly sucking the head of the toy clean and then began to bob her head up and down the first few inches of the shaft. Soon after that Ashley took the dick even further, pushing it into her throat and choking herself before repeating the process. She mostly kept her eyes closed to concentrate on her breathing, and just forcing herself forwards, but with every little process she made Ashley looked up into the eyes of her beautiful top, who grinned down at her lustfully the entire time, and of course provided her with a little verbal encouragement.

"Mmmmm yeah, that's my girl. Suck my cock! Suck another girl's ass off my cock!" Vanessa encouraged her girlfriend gleefully, "Ooooooooh yeahhhhhhh, mmmmm, big day for you, huh Ash? Your first threesome. First time with another girl, who isn't me. And now, your first time tasting another girl's ass. Oh, I know you've rimmed me, but this is different, isn't it? Yesssssss, it's tasting the deepest part of another girl's butt on a cock! Mmmmmm, a strap-on cock, your girlfriend used to butt fuck another girl. You love it, don't you? Ohhhhhhh yesssssss, you love tasting another girl's ass on my strap-on cock, and watching me sodomising another girl in front of you, because you're filthy little slut! All us Disney girls are filthy little sluts! Oh fuck yeah, suck it! Ooooooohhhhhhh yeeeeeeesssssssss!"

Desperately wanting to please Vanessa, and show of how well she had been trained, Ashley forced herself on even as her eyes teared up and it became virtually impossible to breathe. It was all worth it for the sense of satisfaction she got when she stuffed the entire thing into her windpipe, and more importantly the happy little giggle that Vanessa let out and the proud look on her face. Sadly shortly after that Vanessa returned her dick to the other Ashley's ass, although she only fucked it for a few minutes before Ashley got a freshly coated cock to suck, and then the process was repeated over, and over, over again. And then Ashley got what she really wanted.

"Okay girls, switch places." Vanessa ordered.

"Awww Vanessa, that was just getting good!" Ashley B whined.

"Please, like you don't love every part of this." Vanessa pointed out, causing that Ashley to giggle in agreement, "Besides, my girl has been waiting patiently for her turn while your greedy ass has been getting all the fun. And you know you'll be getting your ass fucked soon again. So quit your whining and do as you're told."

"Well, I am looking forward to tasting that ass." Ashley B giggled in acknowledgement as she and the other Ashley did as they were told.

"And you'll get it." Vanessa murmured dismissively while staring at the beautiful sight in front of her, "When I'm good and ready."

Vanessa was actually surprised there wasn't more whining given what a greedy little anal whore Ashley Benson was. Obviously her friend was trying to be nice, because her girlfriend was still new to this. Or maybe Ashley B was just eager to taste Ashley T's butt. Whatever the case Vanessa wasn't about to spend a long time on it. Not when she was presented with Ashley Tisdale's perfect ass. The perfect ass she had been obsessed with ever since discovering her love for fucking ass, and the one ass she had wanted to fuck above all others. And now it was hers. All hers. And it was being presented to her, Ashley Benson slowly spreading the cheeks of Ashley Tisdale and presenting Vanessa Hudgins with her cute little plugged back door.

For a few long seconds Vanessa just admire the sight, then she grabbed onto the little plug and slowly pulled it out. She briefly considered teasing this Ashley in the same way that she had teased the other, but after all the fun she' just had pumping butt she can't possibly wait another second to violate that cute little butt hole. So she didn't, other than to push the butt-plug into her friend's mouth of course, barely taking a second to enjoy watching that Ashley go to town on that plugged before pressing the tip of her cock against the other Ashley's ass hole and then pushing forwards. To her credit she pushed forward slowly, although admittedly that was as much for her own enjoyment as her girlfriend's comfort.

Thanks to the butt-plug and months of nearly non-stop ass poundings that little ring stretched fairly easily to accept the head of Vanessa's cock inside it, and thanks to both those things and the fact that Vanessa was going slow Ashley T cried out with pure joy as she was anally violated. Well that, and Ashley Tisdale was clearly a natural anal whore with an ass made for fucking, a fact which was once again proven as Vanessa slowly but surely pushed every single inch of her dick into her girlfriend's bowels and Ashley just kept moaning, gasping and whimpering in pure pleasure. Then when Vanessa's thighs came to rest against those cute little butt cheeks Vanessa chose to take a few seconds to savour the moment. Which was a few seconds too long for her little anal whore.

Desperately wanting to be fucked Ashley T cried out, "Fuck me Vanessa, mmmmm, fuck me! Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, I love your cock in my ass baby! I love it! I love your cock in my ass! But I want more! Ooooooo yeahhhhhhh, I wanna be fucked! Ass fuck me Vanessa, ass fuck me in front of Ashley! Mmmmm, the other Ashley. You were, mmmmmm, you were right about me. I'm a filthy little slut, ohhhhhh, who wants to be butt fucked in front of another girl, ooooooh, just like you butt fucked that girl in front of me. Please? Please Vanessa, fuck me in the butt like the filthy little Disney girl slut I am! Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhh, fuck me, fuck me, aaaaaaahhhhhhh, fuck me!"

Chuckling with wicked delight Vanessa paused longer than she intended just to hear her bitch continue pleading and begging, and then while still grinning Vanessa finally started pumping her hips back and forth, causing the dildo to pump in and out of that slutty little shit hole. Which of course caused Ashley T to moan, gasp and whimper again with pure pleasure, her words trailing off as she became distracted by that pleasure. Not that Vanessa minded. No, she was too busy with the perfect sight in front of her, which was being perfectly displayed by Ashley B. Which was why it took so long for her to notice that her friend was looking at her expectantly.

Ashley Benson couldn't blame Vanessa Hudgins for getting so preoccupied with Ashley Tisdale's ass. She knew just how badly her friend had pined for the other Ashley, and now she saw them together she had to admit, they made a good couple. Even better than she thought. Because yeah, Vanessa made a great butt fucker, and Ashley T had a great butt begging to be fucked. That, and how well they gelled, made them perfect for each other. But maybe above all else Ashley couldn't blame Vanessa because she was also finding herself captivated by the other Ashley's ass hole stretching around that big dildo that was pumping in and out of it.

Even before she had lost her anal cherry Ashley Benson had been fascinated by butt sex. She'd watched so much porn frantically masturbated imagine it was her own back door being violated, but in the process she had also developed a love for just watching an ass being stretched like that. When it was someone she knew, and/or famous, giving and/or receiving it made the whole experience that much more enjoyable, for a few long minutes she became lost in just watching the sodomy. Although it was not long before the craving to have her own back hole violated again caused Ashley to fill nothing but jealousy while watching Vanessa butt fuck the girl her dreams, and she looked up at her friend expectantly. And when that didn't work she got her attention.

"Can I suck your cock?" Ashley B pleaded, giving Vanessa the puppy dog eyes, "Please? I want to taste your girlfriend's ass! Mmmmm, I want to taste your girlfriend's ass on your big dick, mmmmm, like she tasted mine on it. Oh yes, come on Vanessa, you know we're both shameless ass to mouth whores who desperately crave the taste of butt, so why let your girlfriend have all the fun? Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, we're supposed to be sharing you. Sharing your big cock. So please, give it to me. Give me your big cock take a fresh from girlfriend's ass and shoving deep down my throat. Throat fuck me if you want, I don't care. I just want to taste Ashley Tisdale's butt!"

"Then do it!" Vanessa grinned, pulling her dick out of her girlfriend's butt and pressing into the other blonde's lips, "Suck it! Ohhhhhhh yesssssss, that's it Benson, clean that cock! Clean it of my girlfriend's butt cream! Ooooooooh yeahhhhhhh, that's so hot! Oh fuck! Suck it! Suck it good! Oooooooohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk!"

As soon as she had that permission Ashley B eagerly wrapped her lips around that cock and begin greedily sucking Ashley T's ass from it. Unlike the other Ashley she had tasted the asses of other girls a lot before this little threesome. She could remember the first time vividly, as of course it had been Lucy Hale, the only member of the PLL cast to be as big an anal whore as she was. Ashley had immediately loved it, almost as much as the taste of her own butt, that very special night filled with her tasting Lucy's ass over, and over, and over again. Her own too. This Ashley's ass wasn't quite as good as her own or Lucy's. Then again she was admittedly biased, and it was still incredibly yummy.

Yummy enough that she was soon shoving it into her throat so she could get every drop. Okay, that was also because she was hoping for some attention to her greedy ass hole, or to just get more of it shortly after Vanessa inevitably rammed her dick back up the other Ashley's butt. Unsurprisingly she was granted the latter first, Vanessa pulling the dildo away from her as soon as it was clean and then shoving it straight into the other blonde's waiting back door, thankfully only giving it half a dozen thrusts before returning it to her hungry mouth. This process was repeated a few times, before finally she got what she really wanted.

"Okay girls, now I want you both face down and spreading your own cheeks for me. Oh yes Benson, mmmmm good girl. That's exactly what I want. Two beautiful girl side by side, just waiting to be sodomised. Two asses side by side, and both greedy for my cock."

Ashley Tisdale was disappointed by this, because not only did it mean that she was only a few seconds away from Vanessa's beautiful cock being taken away from her greedy back hole, but she wouldn't have the consolation of getting to tasting the other Ashley's ass. Or even watch as it stretched for Vanessa's strap-on, which was nowhere near as good as getting her own stretched, or tasting ass, but it was certainly better than nothing. Although nothing was an exaggeration, as she stood still just about look over her shoulder to see the beautiful sight of Vanessa behind her, or the other Ashley, looking so incredibly breath-taking as she took another woman's bottom for her pleasure.

Of course Vanessa was always breath-takingly beautiful, but there was something extra special about watching her while she was taking an ass. She just looked so confident, powerful, and happy, all of which warned Ashley's heart. And the fact that her tits were bouncing back and forth certainly didn't hurt. Occasionally Vanessa would even notice her watching, and give her a little smile or chuckle of delight, which again warmed Ashley's heart, and another part of her. Although this time she turned her head so it didn't intensify the pleasure she was feeling. No, sometimes it made her even more jealous that the other Ashley was receiving what she constantly craved.

As turning her head like that hurt she couldn't keep it up for long, but she didn't have too as she got something else. Namely Ashley B, who it turned out was facing her as soon as she pressed her own face against the bed sheets, Ashley T turning her head to find this was the case. The other Ashley then playfully stuck out her tongue and giggled, before concentrating on the pleasure she was receiving, because unfortunately she had barely got into position when Vanessa pulled her cock out of one butt and pushed it into another. Although equally it was not long before Vanessa returned her cock to her ass hole as the process was repeated over and over again.

Along the way Vanessa ordered, "Kiss! Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, I want to see you two hot bitches kissing while I fuck you. Oh fuck yeah, just like that! Mmmmm, kiss bitches! Fucking kiss! Ooooooooh fuck, mmmmm shit!"

Simultaneously the two bottoms lent forward as best they could and press their lips together, both obviously wanting to impress the top. They both probably wanted too. Ashley T certainly did, and she couldn't think of any reason Ashley B wouldn't, especially considering how eagerly she was kissing her. And especially considering what encouragement this got from Vanessa, not just in the form of verbal encouragement but actually beginning sodomising them a little harder and faster. This in turn made them moaning into each other's mouths, making this very special occasion even more special. After all, Ashley loved kissing girls, tonight had proven that, it was even better when there was a strap-on up her ass while was happening. Then again everything was better with a strap-on up her ass.

Ashley Benson would definitely agree with that especially when both the strap-on fucking her ass was attached to such a beautiful woman who knew exactly what she was doing like Vanessa Hudgins, and the woman kissing her was the gorgeous Ashley Tisdale. It was an addition to the fun which on its own might have made her, and definitely the other Ashley, want to beg for more, but with the added stimulation of Vanessa beginning to sodomise her harder made it increasingly difficult for Ashley to hold back from begging. Luckily she had years of experience at this point, and could just about manage it. But also she could tell the other Ashley wouldn't be so lucky, and she decided since the other two were a couple she'd let the other girl to 'out do' her when it came to holding back.

"Fuck me! Fuck me harder!" Ashley B finally cried out, "Ohhhhhhh yessssssss, pound my ass hole! No, mmmmm, don't just pound it... fucking destroy it! Destroy my ass hole! Gape it wide open to prove to your little girlfriend what an amazing ass wrecker you are! Mmmmm, that you're completely and totally a top. That all your female co-stars lay awake at night thinking of you fucking their asses. Oh please Vanessa, show us both what you can do. Ooooooohhhhhhhh Goooooooodddddddddd, I remember you been good. mmmmmm, but not this good. Yessssssss, you got so much better! But I want to see how much better. I want to see you destroy my butt hole, ooooooh, and so does your little girlfriend. Look at her Vanessa! She wants to be butt fucked as hard as I do, ohhhhhhh, so we can both cum for you. Please Vanessa, make me cum, ohhhhhhhh, make me cum by destroying my little bitch hole! Oh fuck! Ah God! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooodddddddd!"

It was pretty clear that Vanessa saw right through this, and no doubt continued sodomising them both for longer because of it, which was more than fine by both of them. But when she next switched back to her Vanessa pushed her hand away from her cheeks and began rapidly increasing the pace until Ashley B found herself on the edge of climax. Vanessa then kept her there for a few long seconds, before giving her what she so desperately wanted at that point. Which of course was not just one climax, but multiple climaxes, one after the other for a few long moments, making it impossible for Ashley to think coherently.

The next thing she was really aware of was whimpering pathetically as Vanessa pulled her cock out of her ass, shoved it into the other Ashley's butt and repeated the process, albeit by maybe giving that Ashley a more brutal rectum wrecking. Then again it was hard for Ashley to tell just how hard a top fucked her ass when she was cumming, as the pleasure was just a little too overwhelming for her to properly analyse it. Or anything really. But she kind of hoped that this wasn't just Vanessa giving her girlfriend what she so desperately wanted, and she too had received this exact same treatment moment ago from her friend.

Seriously, the sound of flesh smacking off flesh and Ashley Tisdale's squeals of ecstasy was one of the most intoxicating things she'd ever seen. Except maybe when Vanessa had been in that position. Oh yes, Ashley's exhausted mind suddenly remembered their other Spring Breakers co-star Selena Gomez 'putting Vanessa in her place' with a rectum wrecking easily this devastating. Maybe even more so, although it was definitely close. Both girls had similar expressions of blissful submission and enraptured dominance on their faces and cum was squirting out of the submissive one's cunt just as forcefully, although admittedly Ashley Tisdale's booty might have looked a little better jiggling against Vanessa's thighs than Vanessa's butt had looked jiggling against Selena's thighs. But not by much.

Vanessa was also briefly reminded of her admittedly very enjoyable submission to Selena while sodomising her girlfriend. It was something which was always on the back of her mind, as she was determined to be the top a total bottom like Ashley Tisdale deserved, something which was used too during a nice hard butt fucking. Oh yes, at times like this when she had a beautiful girl on all fours and bouncing her cute little booty back against her while using every ounce of her strength to slam the other girl's butt hole Vanessa forgot all about any previous submission and became the total top she so desperately wanted to be. The total butt buster. The total butt busting top which both these beautiful blondes needed right now.

Ironically just before Ashley Benson had started begging Vanessa was vividly recalling an extremely similar night, except she had been the one kissing her Spring Breakers co-star, while another one went back and forth between their butt hole. And another time she had been in that position, except instead of having to wait her turn Miley Cyrus was there as well, making sure both she and the Pretty Little Liar were sodomised at the same time. Then there was a pretty hot one night with the main cast of Pretty Little Liars, but before she could remembered to vividly Ashley Benson started begging, and she just went berserk. And then after she had given her friend what she wanted her girlfriend started pleading for her turn.

"Me too!" Ashley T loudly pleaded over the sound of the other blonde cumming, "Butt fuck me too Vanessa! Wreck my ass in front of your little friend. Oh God, I wanna cum just like this. Cum with your big cock in my ass like a bitch. Mmmmmm, an anal loving little bitch. Your anal loving little bitch! Oh Vanessa, prove I'm nothing but your anal loving little bitch. Prove it to your little friend, at least, by butt fucking me hard and deep in front of her and making me cum just like she is now. Please, please, please, give it to me. Oh please Vanessa, surely it's my turn now? Oh yes, mmmmm, fuck me! Fuck my slutty little ass! Oh fuck, mmmmmm fuckkkkkkkk, ooooooooohhhhhhhh Goooooooodddddddd yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss!"

Honestly it was hard not to immediately switch holes as soon as her precious girlfriend started begging, but Vanessa felt she owed it to her friend to properly finish the job. So she gave her one more hard climax, or maybe two, and then she abruptly switched to Ashley Tisdale's ass hole to give her the same treatment she had been giving Ashley Benson. Thankfully after the intense sodomising she had just been given her, and the nearly non-stop butt fuckings her girlfriend had been joyfully taking, every inch of that dildo was slammed up Ashley's ass with the greatest of ease, and of course she cried out loudly because of it. Although not as much as when Vanessa begun sodomising her, and certainly not to the point she had built up to giving her precious girlfriend everything she had left.

She didn't have nearly as much in the tank as she would have liked, given that the sheer joy of so totally dominating two women at once and the constant bashing against her clit caused Vanessa to cum over, and over, and over again. The first time was shortly after she made Ashley Benson cum for the first time that night with a cock up her ass, and honestly it didn't feel like it really stopped after that. It only got more intense when she switched to her girlfriend's most private hole. Honestly the next thing Vanessa knew was that she was collapsing down on equally exhausted Ashley, the two of them then lying together in a sweaty heap as they tried to regain a scrap of energy.

Then once she had recovered enough Vanessa pressed a few kisses over her girlfriend's shoulders, neck and cheeks and whispered, "God Ash, I love you so much."

Which of course caused Ashley T to grin dreamily in response and moan, "I love you too Vanessa."

"Awww, you guys are so cute." Ashley B beamed, before quickly following it up with, "Now get up and let me clean that cock one more time."

"One more time?" Vanessa grinned, "You think I'm done with you?"

"Well, I hope not." Ashley B grinned, before pointing out, "But you're gonna need a break, right? So the point stands."

"I guess." Vanessa shrugged, before grinning again, "But you two sluts know what I want to see first."

Ashley T cried out with disappointment as Vanessa started pulling her cock out of her ass, but she quickly whimpered obediently, "Yes Vanessa."

The only response Ashley Benson gave was to grin wickedly and immediately turn around, which was more than enough to expose her gaping ass hole. But then she slowly bent over and spread her cheeks, emphasising Vanessa's handiwork, and despite her best efforts Vanessa just couldn't resist looking at it for a few long seconds. Although Vanessa stopped moving her cock, so that when her gaze returned to the other Ashley's butt hole she could enjoy watching inch after inch of her cock sliding out of it, her girlfriend even being a good bitch and remembering to reach back to spread her cheeks so she would get the best possible view of it. And after that, Ashley Tisdale's gaping ass hole.

Again being a good bitch Ashley T stayed where she was so Vanessa could take a few long seconds to enjoy that view, before she positioned herself next to the other Ashley, bending over beside her and also exposing her thoroughly gaped forbidden hole. With practised ease Vanessa grabbed her phone without having to look away from that twisted sight, and then she started taking some photos, mementos of this special occasion. The two blondes even well-trained enough to look behind them for a couple of shots, the difference being that her girlfriend was adorably bashful about it, while her friend was shameless. Then Vanessa gave Ashley B what she wanted. Sort of.

"Good girls. Now, suck my cock..." Vanessa ordered, deliberately keeping her command vague for a few long seconds, before quickly clarifying as her friend made a move, "Both of you! Mmmmm yeahhhhh, I want both Ashley Benson and Ashley Tisdale to suck my cock at the same time. Oh yes, share those butt juices like the well-behaved ATM sluts you are!"

"Awww, no fair." Ashley B pouted, slowly turning around.

"Why?" Ashley T questioned, struggling to do the same, "It sounds fun to me."

"I guess, but I hate sharing." Ashley B grumbled, before correcting herself, "Oh who am I kidding? I love sharing! Mmmmm, I just love being greedy more."

Because of that, and the fact that she had more time to recover, Benson dived forward and wrapped her mouth around the head of Vanessa's ass flavoured dick. This prompted Tisdale to exclaimed an annoyed, 'hey', but it was barely audible over the sound of Benson moaning happily at tasting the other Ashley's ass, and her own. Although to her credit she did this slowly and gently, and then pulled her mouth away from it, allowing the other Ashley to do the same and finished cleaning the head so they both got a decent amount of butt cream. Then Tisdale bobbed her head up and down the dick a little, before moving back and allowing Benson to take over.

This pattern was then repeated a few times while one Ashley began licking the lower half of the dildo, meaning there was very little ass cream by the time she started deep throating the toy cock. Not that it stopped them of course. No, these were two twisted and well-trained bottoms eager to please their top, and Vanessa was very pleased. Especially as she continued taking souvenir photos throughout the ATM fun. Then after a little rest she made good on her words to fuck them again, the threesome lasting most of the night until Ashley Benson had to leave, leaving Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens to snuggle up like the lovebirds they were. All in all it was a very successful night.

Chapter Text

Rachel's frown of confusion turned to delight as she opened her hotel room door to find a former co-star on the outside of it, "Vanessa! Hey girl, it's great to see you."

"Hey." Vanessa smiled nervously, happily embracing her friend and kicking the door closed, then she pulled out of the hug and asked, "So, did you get my text?"

"Yeah, and you don't have to worry. I won't say anything." Rachel promised, then after studying the expression on Vanessa's face added, "Unless you want me too."

"No!" Vanessa exclaimed quickly, before changing her tune, "I don't know. It's just... Selena is going to want her turn with Ashley, but..."

"You're worried what happens when Ashley finds out your Selena's bitch?" Rachel grinned.

"I'm not!" Vanessa exclaimed, before admitting, "Okay, maybe a little, but-"

"A little?" Rachel laughed, "Do you even remember the last time we were all together?"

"Yes." Vanessa whined, blushing a little, "And I remember filming together, and right after it. I remember it all. And I think that's the problem. Every time I see Selena, or even think about her... I'm... I'm..."

"Face down, ass up and losing your anal cherry?" Rachel offered, and then when Vanessa gave her a look she counter offered, "Or one of the many other times she ass fucked you?"

"Yeah. And I hate she has that kind of power over me." Vanessa grumbled, hating to admit that, before pointing out, "But here's the thing, she was a total bottom for years, right? And she became a top? So why can't I? I mean, I'm halfway there already. It's not like I was ever really a bottom. Hello, I was pounding Ashley Benson's butt for weeks before Selena finally talked me into giving up my ass cherry. And I spent most of our time together topping the hell out of Ashley, and since then I actually took an anal cherry! Ashley Tisdale's anal cherry! She was my sweet and innocent best friend, and I took her ass and made it mine! So why even worry about this?"

"Because she took your anal cherry." Rachel shrugged, "Like it or not that gives her power over you."

"I know." Vanessa sighed, then after a brief pause asked, "She has Demi, and maybe Taylor and her entire squad. You'd think that would be enough for her."

"Like Ashley is enough for you?" Rachel scoffed.

"She is." Vanessa said firmly, then when Rachel scoffed again she protested, "She is! Ashley is like the perfect little bottom. She's super submissive, loves eating pussy and ass, and her ass is like beyond perfect. Seriously, if she wanted to, I'd totally be monogamous with her."

"Wow." Rachel murmured, a little startled, before smiling, "I'm happy for you."

"And Selena might ruin everything." Vanessa sighed.

"Maybe not." Rachel offered.

"Really? You think I can reason with Selena?" Vanessa questioned hopefully.

"God no, she is going to ruin your ass hole next time she sees you. Especially since it's been so long since you two were together." Rachel said, "But, if Ashley loves you half as much as you love her maybe she won't care that you like to switch it up sometimes. Maybe she'd even top you."

Vanessa burst out laughing, "Yeah, that's not going to happen."

"I don't know, stranger things have happened." Rachel pointed out.

"Trust me, my Ashley’s a pure bottom through and through." Vanessa said, then there was a knock at the door, "And you're about to find out. Remember, nothing about Selena."

"Got it." Rachel reassured.

Vanessa briefly glared at her friend, before hurrying over to the hotel door and opening it with a wide grin, "Hey babe."

Ashley Tisdale opened her mouth to respond, but before she could she was pulled into the room and kissed passionately by her secret girlfriend. Luckily there hadn't been anyone else in corridor to see this, but Ashley quickly let out a squeak of surprise at the abruptness of the kiss, even if it was something she should be used to by now. After all, Vanessa had been secretly pining after her for years, so it shouldn't have been surprising that she was eager to kiss her, and honestly Ashley hated being apart too, and she always welcome these kisses, even if it did take her a few minutes to adjust to it. Although this one didn't last as long as Vanessa needed to introduce her to her former co-star.

"This is Rachel Korine." Vanessa broke the kiss and pointed to her friend as she explained, "You're going to be eating her pussy while I fuck you in the ass."

"Oh, I like that plan." Ashley beamed, and blushed, as she looked Rachel up and down.

"Me too." Rachel smiled, pulling off her top, "Let's get started, shall we?"

Happily following suit the three women left a trail of clothes heading to the hotel room bed which Rachel got into the centre of. Ashley then crawled on top of her, only stopping with her face inches away from Rachel's pussy, mostly to tease the other women. She was very tempted just to start licking, as Rachel already seemed wet and ready, either out of anticipation or because she and Vanessa were doing who knows what before she arrived, and Ashley really liked the idea of eating the pussy of a woman she had only just met like a minute ago. But she preferred at least a little foreplay, and it was still thrilling to kiss a girl she just met a minute ago. So that's exactly what she did, this stranger welcoming her lips with her own and allowing Ashley to become lost for a few minutes in kissing her third ever woman.

During that kiss Ashley had the opportunity to allow her hands to roam Rachel's body, confirming that she felt as good as she looked, and no doubt would taste just as good. Eager to find out Ashley eventually broke the kiss and trailed kisses down Rachel's body, of course lingering on her neck and particularly her tits, the latter of which were firm, full and wonderful. Although even as she sucked on those tits she wondered where her beloved Vanessa was, as she was expecting her to take over kissing Rachel, but start kissing Ashley's neck and back, and just feel her up. Briefly pausing for breath behind her Ashley was delighted to find that it was even better than that, because Vanessa was already picking out a strap-on to use on her slutty little ass, proving her girlfriend was in that kind of a mood.

Briefly Ashley had wondered whether there was some tension between Vanessa and her former co-star, as after her initial welcoming kiss there had been a few seconds where the other two girls just looked at each other. Which would explain why Vanessa seemed upset about something. Which would be something Ashley was trying to talk to Vanessa about later, but for now she just hoped her girlfriend took her frustrations out on her slutty little butt. Although that wasn't going to happen until Ashley started eating pussy, something she really could do anyway, so she kissed her way down Rachel's stomach and tasted her third ever pussy, which of course she loved. Not as much as the first, but it was still great.

Rachel cried out joyfully as Ashley slid her tongue from the bottom of her pussy all the way up to the top and then repeated the process. No hesitance, no nervousness, no regret, just one very well-trained girl licking another, and then doing it again, and again, and again. Oh yes, Ashley Tisdale quickly established a steady rhythm, the Disney star eating pussy like it was what she was born for. And maybe she was. After all Rachel had lived out many perverted guys dream of being with multiple Disney girls, and each of them had proven very skilled at oral sex, especially with women. Some of which they learned over time, but mostly they were just naturally gifted, suggesting there was just something in the water which made the girls of Disney lesbian sluts.

It was a well earned reputation which only a select few knew about, and Rachel was just lucky enough to be in the right movie which featured two of them who notably started going at it. Between them and Ashley Benson, who was from an equally sexually charged environment, Rachel hadn't stood a chance. Within the first day she was on her back getting her pussy licked, Selena Gomez making her cum so hard that it only seemed right to bend over for a strap-on fucking. Rachel hadn't been an anal virgin, but for the rest of that movie her ass had belonged to Selena, and to a lesser extent Vanessa, and Rachel was only too happy to let them have it considering how well they treated it. She was also only too happy to eat pussy in return, something she had done since the second night of filming.

She hoped she would have the opportunity to taste Ashley Tisdale, but on the other hand Rachel would also be happy if she spent the entire night as a pillow princess given just how wonderfully Ashley was licking her pussy. Well, maybe she could be teasing her clit a little more, but by ignoring it entirely that just meant Ashley was settling down to give her the type of long, drawn-out cunt lapping which Rachel adored. Although actually she might not get the chance, as Vanessa was now tooled up with a cock and kneeling behind her girlfriend with a bottle of lube in hand. Which may not be necessary, given she then pulled quite a large butt-plug out of her girlfriend's ass, but a little extra preparation couldn't hurt.

Just before Vanessa began shoving fingers up Ashley's butt she tossed the plug to Rachel, who just about caught it. Rachel then grinned wickedly, pushed the plug fresh from Ashley's butt into her mouth and then moaned happily at the twisted taste. Ass to mouth had been new to her when she started filming Spring Breakers, but Selena, and to a lesser extent Vanessa, had insisted it was part of her training to be the perfect lesbian slut, and now Rachel loved it. Well, she preferred sucking it from a strap-on, or better yet rimming another girl, but she was sure that she would have the opportunity to do that tonight. For now she just closed her eyes and concentrated on the perverted joy of getting to taste a stranger's ass while that stranger ate her out.

"You ready for me, Ash?" Vanessa grinned wickedly after shoving her fingers up her girlfriend's ass.

Initially Ashley just moaned into Rachel's pussy, but when that didn't seem to be enough she pulled away from it and pleaded, "Yesssssssss, mmmmmm, fuck me! Fuck my butt, ohhhhhhh, please Vanessa, please fuck my slutty ass hole! Use it like the fuck hole it is. Oh Vanessa, it's your fuck hole, ooooooooh, please use it, oooooooohhhhhhhh Gooooooodddddddd!"

Vanessa love to hear Ashley begging her for something, especially an ass fucking, but she just couldn't wait any longer to violate that perfect little bubble butt. Hell, she had meant to enjoy the show of her girlfriend going down on her friend for much longer than that, but she just couldn't resist joining the fun and taking what was always meant to be hers. Oh yes, Vanessa took the perfect little fuck hole which was always meant to be hers, first with her fingers and then after only thrusting in and out for a little bit she pulled them completely out and replaced them with her cock. And yet thanks to relentlessly sodomising her girl since they got together Ashley cried out in mostly pleasure as she was anally penetrated.

That continue to be the case because after sliding the head of her strap-on into that forbidden hole Vanessa barely waited a few long seconds to savour the moment before beginning to push forwards. To do this she of course held firmly onto the dildo with one hand hold it steady while using the other to push one of Ashley's cheeks aside so she could get the best possible view of the anal penetration and butt stuffing. Normally she would have had Ashley spreading her cheeks for her, but she thought it would be kinder on Rachel if she left Ashley with her hands free to properly balance herself. Besides, soon enough Vanessa was moving the hand holding the dildo steady to the other cheek so she could spread them both and truly get the best possible look of inch after inch of strap-on cock sliding into that forbidden hole which she owned.

"Get back to eating my pussy, bitch!" Rachel ordered in a firm tone, especially for her, even going so far as to grab the back of Ashley's head and push her face into her cunt, "I'm not done, mmmmmm yesssssss, I'm not done with your tongue. Oh yes, ohhhhhhhh yessssssss, eat that pussy, oooooooh good girl! That's a very, very good girl! Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeesssssssss!"

Which actually caused Vanessa to pause the ass stuffing, look up just in time to see Rachel grabbed the back of Ashley's head, and then chuckled. It seemed her girl had been so lost in getting her slutty little ass taken, and crying out joyfully because of it, that she had forgotten all about eating pussy. Which should have been obvious thanks to her cries not being muffled. But oh boy, was she making up for it now, clearly giving Rachel's cunt much more attention, much to Rachel's delight. This was enough to have Vanessa just watching them for a few long seconds, especially because she was reminded of being in Ashley's position and sandwiched between Rachel and Selena.

Quickly pushing those submissive memories out of her head Vanessa returned her attention to Ashley's butt hole and grinned wickedly as she slowly started to stuff it again, much to her little anal slut's delight. Which was crystal clear, even if her cries, whimpers and gasps were now somewhat muffled by Rachel's pussy. Which continued to be the case as Vanessa slowly but surely stuffed every inch of that dick into Ashley's tailpipe, and then started to sodomise her girlfriend. Oh yes, she started to slowly move her hips back and forth, causing the cock to slide in and out of Ashley's ass hole, her perfect little butt slut making these wonderful sounds throughout. In fact they got even better, because whatever hint of pain and discomfort there had been was completely replaced by pleasure, meaning all three girls were enjoying this to the fullest.

Rachel couldn't really complain, but she wouldn't say she was enjoying this to the fullest either. After all, she liked getting her pussy licked, what girl didn't, but even though Ashley's licks had got a lot more eager it still wasn't quite enough for her. No, she wanted to cum in that hot little mouth, and all over that beautiful face, and despite years of practice at holding back she wasn't sure how much longer she could last. Not because Ashley was particularly skilled at cunt lapping, although she certainly wasn't bad, but because she was hoping to get a turn taking Vanessa's cock up her ass. Or maybe a turn with Ashley's ass, because unlike some of her previous co-stars she wasn't that fussy. But above all else, she wanted to cum, and it was a struggle not to beg for it already.

The only reason she was able to hold back for so long was she felt she owed it to Vanessa, who was one of the women who had introduced her to the joys of lesbian sex. Oh yes, if it wasn't for Vanessa and her little friends she would probably just be another neglected housewife, but instead a Disney girl was eating her pussy while she was getting to watch that Disney girl getting fucked up the ass by another Disney girl. This was literally the stuff of some people's darkest fantasies, and yet here she was living it. And as this was her first time with this particular figuration of Disney girls it seemed only right to savour this precious moment for as long as she could. Which wasn't up to her usual standard, but Rachel still felt she did herself proud considering the circumstances.

Eventually though Rachel tightened her grip in Ashley's hair, pushed her pretty little face deeper into her pussy and cried out, "Sooooooo gooooooooddddddddd, mmmmmmm, that's so good, ohhhhhhhhh fuck, but I need more. I need you to fuck me Ashley! Fuck me with your tongue! Oooooooooh yessssssssss, fuck me, tongue fuck me and make me cum! Please? Tongue fuck my cunt like the little lezzie slut you are, ohhhhhhh yessssssss, while your girlfriend fucks you up the ass! Oh yes, oh yes, oh yesssssssss, aaaaaahhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk! That's it, ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, fuck me! Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME! OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDD!"

In a rather surprising move considering how submissive she seemed Ashley teased Rachel by pressing her tongue against the entrance to her pussy and leaving it there for a few long seconds. Which just made Rachel beg more loudly and desperately, and press Ashley's face more firmly against her cunt, until she finally got what she wanted in the form of the other girl's soft little tongue entering her twat. Pretty much as soon as she got what she wanted Rachel received a nice hard climax, Ashley swallowing her cum like a good girl and then immediately started work on making her giving her another orgasm. Fortunately this was something which happened quickly.

Deciding to take a more active role in the fun Rachel started grinding herself against Ashley's face. Unfortunately this bought an end to the tongue fucking, but by that point Ashley had already used her tongue to make Rachel cum a few times, and the trade-off of being able to rub her pussy directly in the face of a Disney girl easily made up for it. Especially as Ashley stuck out her tongue like the well-trained pussy pleaser she was, meaning that Rachel was automatically rubbing her cunt, and perhaps more importantly her clit, against it, intensifying the already amazing pleasure. Something she continued doing for the next few minutes, before it became too much and she had to pull away to recover, at which point she just enjoyed the show.

Ashley was overjoyed with this further proof of her liking girls, or more accurately that she was a pussy loving slut. Oh yes, she'd licked that pussy almost as eagerly as she'd licked Vanessa's, which was really saying something, and combined with the fact that she enjoyed it just as much as with Vanessa, or with Ashley Benson, pretty much sealed the deal that she was gay, or at the very least bisexual. Either way she savoured every moment of that tasty treat, especially when her status was cemented by being given the privilege of swallowing girl cum and later having that heavenly liquid covering her face. Which would have been heaven on it's own, yet the entire time she got another treat in the form of Vanessa's cock up her butt.

It had been incredibly distracting, especially during the initial anal penetration, but after a little encouragement Ashley devoted as much attention as she could to Rachel's pussy, just like the other more dominant women wanted. And more importantly, like Vanessa wanted. Oh yes, Vanessa was her top, and therefore Ashley should try to please her in any way possible, even if that meant going down on a woman who wasn't her girlfriend, in front of her girlfriend, while that girlfriend butt fucked her. Oh God, this really was the most perverted thing Ashley had ever done, far more twisted than anything she could have imagined before, and the only thing that could have made it better was if she was being made to cum at the same time as Rachel.

Given Vanessa's previous track record Ashley had no doubt that she would be treated to an orgasm soon enough, but still, it would be nice. Then again she was kind of glad it didn't happen, because it allowed Ashley to swallow every drop of that first climax, which definitely wouldn't have happened if Vanessa been brutally pounding her ass, or even slightly harder than she was now. In fact when Rachel finally pulled away from her Ashley became all too aware of just how gentle Vanessa was being with her whore ass, and if nothing else she wanted that to stop. She needed it to stop. Oh God, Ashley needed her butt pounded good and hard. And yes, ideally to be made to cum like a little bitch with a dick in her ass.

Luckily her mouth was now free, giving Ashley the opportunity to cry out, "Harder! Oh Vanessa, baby fuck me harder! Fuck my ass like the slutty little fuck hole it is! Ooooooooh yessssssss, pound my ass baby! Pound fuck it hard and deep and make me cum like a little bitch. Ohhhhhhhh, a little bitch with a dick in her ass! Yesssssss Vanessa, oh yes, slam my butt and make me cum in front of your girlfriend. Oh yes, mmmmmm, prove to your former co-star that I'm your little lesbian bitch who loves it when you bang her in the booty. Ohhhhhhhh, destroy my ass Vanessa! Fucking wreck it! Ohhhhhhh yessssssss, oh God, ooooooohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, fuck me Vanessa, ruin my ass hole, oh fuck!"

Clearly in a playful mood Vanessa not only left Ashley begging for quite a while, but when she did increase the pace it was only to fuck her hard enough so that the blonde would be beyond words while the brunette continued having her way with her. Or was that a sadistic mood? Maybe, although even at it's worst, Ashley was convinced that Vanessa wasn't doing this to hurt her. No, Vanessa had always loved her, more intensely then she originally knew, and she was confident that this torturous pleasure was serving a purpose which would be mutually beneficial in the end. Sure enough when Vanessa did increase her pace even more it instantly made Ashley cum so wonderfully hard she could no longer think coherently, and of course that was only her first orgasm in a series of them.

Vanessa grinned with sadistic pride at Rachel as she carefully kept Ashley on the edge of orgasm for a torturously long time, and then pounded her perfect little butt through multiple orgasms. She was very clearly silently saying, look, I can be a pure top. Which was something she very nearly said, because even if she was in no proper state to hear it Vanessa didn't even want to hint that she had ever been anything less than a pure top while in the presence of her pure bottom of a girlfriend. Not that it really mattered, because with this kind of performance Vanessa was solidifying the fact that her days of bottoming were long behind her, and she actually had embraced the role of the top.

Did she miss bottoming sometimes? Sure, occasionally. It had been fun, especially the part Ashley was experiencing now, with her cum squirting out of her cunt because her top was making her cum so hard. Cum from getting her most private hole used like a whore's cunt, Vanessa's neglected butt hole quivering with jealousy at the memory of what other women had done to her. But there were plenty of memories she looked back fondly at but didn't want to experience again, and the trade was totally worth it if she could keep Ashley Tisdale in her life the way she had always wanted her. Besides, the inevitable climaxes that she would receive would be more than satisfying.

Holding herself back from those climaxes for as long as she could while still pounding Ashley's ass nice and hard Vanessa still entered a state of euphoria which she could only really received from totally dominating another woman, especially one as submissive as her perfect little girlfriend. And as always the fact that she was doing this to Ashley Tisdale, especially in front of a witness, only made it better. Oh yes, the sound of her thighs smacking against the other girl's butt cheeks, as those cheeks jiggled in front of her, the sight of another woman bent over in front of her, screaming with pure pleasure at the top of her lungs as Vanessa made her cum over and over again, all of it was heaven. An intense heaven, and when combined with the other end of the harness bashing against her clit made holding back impossible in the long run.

Perhaps more than anything else it was just that sheer joy of sodomising the girl she had always loved to climax after climax which ultimately pushed Vanessa over the edge of her own orgasm. Then like the pure top she was she pushed herself through not just that orgasm but several more so she could make her bottom cum as much as possible, and prove what she truly was now. In fact she felt so dominant and powerful that when Selena crept into her mind it wasn't to top her. No, Vanessa imagine bending her friend over and giving her a taste of her own medicine, which made her cum so powerfully she was forced to stop, otherwise she would have collapsed and ruined what was an impressive showing as a top. But that was okay, because the night was young, and she was going to enjoy what happened next almost as much.

Rachel had been frantically masturbating herself pretty much since the hard butt sex began. Normally she needed longer to recover after a series of orgasms like Ashley had just given her, but the way Vanessa fucked her girlfriend's ass just couldn't be denied. Because wow, Vanessa had been good before, regardless of what Selena might have said, but clearly getting to top Ashley Tisdale had made a world of difference, as she had never seemed more confident and in control, as she effortlessly showed off by teasing Ashley first before finally giving her what she so desperately wanted. And then if that wasn't enough the brutal butt busting seemed to last for at least an hour before Vanessa abruptly stopped, and then after a few long seconds fully pulled her dick out of Ashley's ass.

After admiring the sight for a few long seconds Vanessa smacked Ashley's ass and ordered, "Show us my handiwork, sweetie."

"Yes Vanessa." Ashley whimpered before quickly doing as she was told.

Of course Vanessa collapsed down next to Rachel, mostly to take a much needed rest, but hiding it by getting into position so Ashley could more easily show off her gape to the other woman. And oh, what a gape, Rachel gasping just from Ashley turning her back towards them. Her butt hole was stretched so wide that it was unnecessary for her to bend over and spread her cheeks, although doing so emphasise just how well fucked her back door had been. It was easily as wide as any gape Rachel had seen before, at least from one person, and it might have even outdone some of Selena's work. Not that she would dare say that out loud, even when Selena wasn't around.

After a few long seconds of staring at Ashley's gaping ass hole, Vanessa ordered, "Good girl. Now... Rachel, get over here and clean my cock?"

"But Vanessa!" Ashley whined, opening her mouth to say more, but before she could she was cut off.

"Hey, don't be greedy." Vanessa scolded, "You get a taste your butt all the time. Let Rachel have a turn. Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, just relax, and let another girl taste your slutty little ass on my cock. But don't turn around! Ohhhhhhh yessssssss, that's it Ash, just look over your shoulder. Mmmmmmm, fuck yes, just look over your shoulder and watch Rachel tasting your ass on my cock! Oh fuck yeah, mmmmmmm fuck!"

While Vanessa was busy giving her girl instructions Rachel was busy crawling over to where her friend and former co-star was now standing and kneeling down before her. Then right at the end of that little speech she took the cock into her mouth, causing Vanessa to moan, and silencing her for a little while. Rachel also moaned at tasting Ashley's butt on that cock, mostly because it tasted just as good as she thought it would do, but also because it was thrilling giving who Ashley was, and that she was rewarding Vanessa for proving herself as a top. Something she was sure wasn't lost on Vanessa given how loud the other girl was moaning, although of course she wasn't going to say that out loud. She said a lot of other things though, wonderful things which were so very encouraging, stroking Rachel's hair in the process.

"Ooooooooooh yesssssssss, that's it, suck my cock! Suck my girlfriend's ass off of my girl cock you filthy little ATM dyke! Oh fuck!" Vanessa chuckled with wicked delight, "Yessssssss, suck my girlfriend's ass off of my girl cock while my girlfriend watches. Oh yes, I just fucked my girlfriend up the ass in front of another girl, for the second time, and she loved it! And so did you, didn't you Rachel? Yeahhhhhhh, I bet that helped you cum extra hard in my girlfriend's mouth, which again both of you lesbo sluts loved! And now you're desperately trying to get every drop from my cock you nasty whore! Mmmmmm yeah, well, do it! Get every drop of my girlfriend's butt cream like the greedy little ATM bitch you are, ohhhhhhhh yessssssss, or I'm going to let my girl do it!"

That last threat was the encouragement that Rachel needed to push the dildo into her throat. She had never quite been as talented at this as Ashley Benson, or even Vanessa, but Rachel was pretty satisfied with her performance. She was able to get most of the butt cream, get plenty of encouragement from Vanessa, and get most of the attention from the top. True, Vanessa did occasionally look over to Ashley's gaped butt, and perhaps inevitably invited her girlfriend over to join the cock sucking fun, but by that point most of the tasty treat belong to her. Although Ashley wasn't really competitive with her, more concentrating on what was important, namely pleasing this top. Which was definitely something Rachel should be doing. Because after all, Vanessa had more than earned it.