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Keeper of the Key

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Two weeks had passed and Sakura's condition had improved drastically. She was now recovering and the doctors said she should be able to return to school within another couple of weeks. Fujitaka had then arranged for after school tutoring sessions for Sakura to attend once she was released to get her up to speed academically. Touya and Yukito had alternated between capturing Clow Cards (one of which had almost interrupted their midterm exams thank you very much), visiting Sakura, and managing their school work. This was harder for Touya than it was for Yukito, because the teen had numerous jobs to get to every single day.

"Good morning To-ya" Yukito called as the dark haired teen neared on his bike.

"Hey Yuki" Touya said with a firm nod "Ready to go?"

"Almost, I was just taking care of a few things in the yard for my grandparents. They're leaving on another trip today."

"Well, get your stuff, we're gonna be late" Touya told him "and I want to get there before Taidou-sensei, she keeps asking me to be in the school play."

"That's going to be a bit difficult seeing as how we're in her class" Yukito reminded him "I really liked the last play she put on."

"That's because you got away with changing your character and" Touya added pointedly "you didn't have to dress like a girl."

"Oh but you were such a pretty Cinderella" Yukito said teasingly.

Touya flushed slightly and turned away.

"It still doesn't change the fact that she wants me to do it again and that's not happening."

"You could always try out for another part" the gray haired teen suggested "it's the Snow Queen, so there are a lot of side characters in it."

"Half of them are still girls" Touya stated with a grimace "and sensei is always set on me playing a girl. I don't have time to be a play with school and looking after Sakura."

"I understand" his friend said with a nod "you always seem so energetic Touya, I forget sometimes that you have so much to do."

"It doesn't help that those cards keep showing up in places where I work."

"At least it makes them easier to find To-ya" Yukito said with an easy smile "and they are less dangerous to everyone else."

Touya hmmm-ed in response and Yukito went to grab his backpack from the front hall. A few minutes later the two of them were riding to school like normal. Except this morning as soon as they reached the gates of Tomoeda High there was another face there to greet them apart from their peers and Toudai-sensei.

Kaho Mizuki smiled pleasantly and waved to the them, causing Touya to nearly crash his bike into on the of the gateposts. Luckily Yukito had seen that he was distracted and put his feet down to slow them before the impact.

"Touya is something wrong?" Yukito questioned. His normally calm expression had turned to one of concern.

"I'll tell you later" Touya whispered.

Kaho walked over to them still smiling. Her smile seemed to brighten more when she looked at Yukito, though Touya was at a loss for why. He knew how beautiful Yukito really was inside and out, but Kaho had left before Yukito moved to Tomoeda. She knew next to nothing about him.

"Good Morning Touya" Kaho said easily "I've come back like I always said I would."

"Sensei" Touya mumbled in greeting as he tried to keep his eyes on the gatepost.

"Hi" Yukito said politely.

"Aren't you going to introduce me to your friend, Touya?" Kaho asked pleasantly as she tried to hide the sudden urge to giggle.

So he did find someone while I was gone she thought I guess what Eriol said was true. We both really have moved on.

"Yuki this is Mizuki-sensei, she was my teacher in middle school" Touya said finally after a moment of silence "Mizuki-sensei this is Yukito."

"It's very nice to meet you, I'm glad Touya has made friends" Kaho said.

Their conversation was interrupted when the bell rang. Touya and Yukito waved a quick good bye before hurrying off, Touya to lock up his bike and Yukito to retrieve his schoolbooks from his locker.

Kaho watched them go with a wistful smile on her face. A part of her had always wondered how her relationship with Touya might have worked out if she had stayed in Japan. Everything was different now and she was happy with Eriol, but a Tomoeda was her home and she had always found herself missing it and the people she knew there while she lived in London. She still cared deeply about Touya even though she no longer had romantic feelings for him and was glad that he had found someone else to love. Even though it was apparent that that person didn't know about his feelings for them.

"Class today we have a new transfer student from England" Toudai-sensei announced when they were all seated "Her name is Akizuki Nakuru and I hope you will do your best to welcome her into our class."

The girl who stood next to Toudai-sensei was short with long flowing brown hair and a small plaited braid in between on her right side. She bowed slightly and smiled at the class. Nakuru immediately zeroed in on Touya and winked impishly at him before taking her seat on the other side of the room.

"Could one of them be a card?" Yukito asked Touya in a whispered tone. Both Kaho and Nakuru had acted strangely upon seeing Touya.

Touya shook his head.

"They're different" he replied "but they aren't Clow Cards."


"Your name is Fly" Touya said firmly as deftly spun the staff on his wrist "Return to the form you were meant to be. I'm requesting a contract with you."

"Requesting?" Fly asked with a confused expression on her face. "Why ask when you can command me to do so, Card Master?"

"After capturing the first two cards I realized that while I want to stop you from causing trouble in Tomoeda, I want to at least give you the chance to turn me down. You can be a part of the deck and I will never call on you. You won't have to call me master if you do not wish to." Touya said at length.

Yukito stood off to the side cleaning up the remnants of what the Clow Card had knocked over when it appeared in the bakery that afternoon. The other employees were still thankfully asleep and didn't know what was happening.

It's lucky that Touya managed to capture the Sleep Card so soon after opening the book Yukito thought these situations would have been very hard to explain if we couldn't knock people out temporarily to keep them unawares.

"I accept your offer" the Fly card informed Touya as it shifted back into its true form. The card left behind was imprinted with Touya's name granting him full mastery of it, changing it to a Touya Card.

Touya sighed and returned his staff to its keychain form.

"It always happens when I'm at work" he grumbled.

"Which is why it's lucky that you have the Sleep Card already on your side" Yukito told him cheerily. "we'd be lost without it."

Touya nodded.

"It's all I can do to keep my father from finding out" he said "though it might get more difficult with strange people suddenly showing up at school."

"Do you know Nakuru like you know Kaho?" Yukito wondered. "They both seemed like they knew you."

"Kaho definitely. Nakuru is something else." Touya replied thoughtfully. "I don't know her, but my intuition tells me she's here about the cards. Not sure why yet."

"We'll have to be careful, especially with Sakura coming home in another couple of weeks" Yukito said. "Are we going to tell her?"

"She'll find out eventually whether I want her to or not, they were supposed to be her cards" Touya said evenly. "I just don't want her to go looking for them and put herself in danger. We'll tell the monster after we've caught almost all of them."

"Okay" Yukito agreed. He would go along with whatever way Touya wanted to handle it.

Eriol watched the two boys from a nearby tree as they cleaned up at the bakery.

"It won't be long now" he said before disappearing as quickly as he had come.

"Why aren't they home yet...I'm so hungry!" Kero shouted to no one in particular.

"There's some cake in the fridge if you want that" Fujitaka said sticking his head in Touya's room.

"Wh-what?" Kero said in confusion "How do you know about me?"

"I saw you raiding the fridge a couple of weeks ago" Fujitaka informed him "You're from that book I brought home a few months ago aren't you? The Book of Clow?"

"Well yeah, but how did you know about the book?" Kero asked "I've been hiding at Yukito's house half the time."

"I had a feeling that something was going on, but I trust my son. That and you slightly resemble the markings on the book's cover." Fujitaka told him calmly "Touya and Sakura have always tried to work out their problems on their own. I'll always be there if they need me, but I won't go against their wishes or try to stop them from growing up."

"So, you don't mind me being here?" Kero wondered aloud.

"No, besides you seem to like my cooking quite a bit and I'd be silly to turn away someone who'll eat whatever I make" Touya's father added jokingly.

"Does that mean I can eat the whole cake?"

"Yes, I'll probably make another one anyway." Fujitaka said thoughtfully.

The words were barely out of his mouth before Kero flew downstairs like his tail was on fire and zeroed in on his the desert of his desire.