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Dumbshit, Straight A’s, Gangster, President

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He Tian created a chat group.

He Tian invited Red Head, Jian^2, and Puffed into the group.

He Tian renamed the group as Dumbshit, Straight A’s, Gangster, President.


He Tian                   : hey guys

Red Head                : what the fuck is this?!

Jian^2                    : what?! He Tian you lookin for a fite?!

Puffed                     : Um…

Puffed                     : Why is it only He Tian using his real name?

He Tian                   : *laughs*

Jian^2                     : !!!

Jian^2                     : no wonder you’re a straight A student! Noticing the unnoticeable!

Jian^2                     : change it!!

Red Head                : bitch you’d better fucking change it

He Tian changed his nickname to Le President.

Red Head                : wtf?!!

Le President changed his nickname to Red Head’s Hubby.

Red Head                : FUCK YOU!

Red Head’s Hubby  : It will be me fucking you instead

Jian^2                     : Wow, how sweet *pukes*

Jian^2                     : Zhan Xi Xi why not we try this as well

Puffed                     : *pukes*